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Dissertation Proofreading Service

Your dissertation is the culmination of your academic career so it needs to be great. You’ve done all the hard work – now it’s time to polish it with Proofed’s professional dissertation proofreading service.

Library Proofreading And Editing

Your Dissertation Deserves Dedication

Proofed’s dissertation proofreading service helps you:

  • Correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors
  • Follow any specified university style guide
  • Leave helpful comments on recurring stylistic issues

Editor - Jayne L

Expert Editor

Editor - Samira M

Dissertation Editing Specialists

We’ve helped thousands of students produce clear, error-free, well-written dissertations. Why does our service produce such great results? Because we only work with experienced, highly trained academic editors. As such, our academic proofreading team can bring the best out of any dissertation.

Make sure your writing is the best it can be with our expert English proofreading and editing

Dissertation Proofreading Example (After Editing)

Our dissertation proofreading service focuses on helping you to express your ideas and arguments clearly. As part of this, we will:

  • Maintain a formal, academic writing style throughout
  • Look for issues with document structure or readability
  • Check your referencing is clear, complete and consistent

We will even provide two copies of your edited dissertation when we’re done:

  • A ‘Clean’ copy in the original file format
  • An MS Word Track Changes  copy

This is so you can review and approve every change we make. And if your  chosen file format  doesn’t support Track Changes, we will adapt our process to match.

Lightning-Fast Delivery

You’ll never miss a deadline with our speedy services: our Next-Day Guarantee means we’ll return any document up to 10,000 words long within 24 hours

And if you need a faster turnaround, simply select your desired delivery speed when you submit your document. We have three options:

We can also meet custom deadlines! Just let us know what you need.

*For documents up to 8,000 words 

**For documents up to 3,000 words

How We Work With Students

You’ll never miss a deadline with our speedy services: our Next-Day Guarantee means we’ll return any document up to 8,000 words long within 24 hours.

We can also meet custom deadlines! Just let us know what you need. 

* For documents up to 8,000 words

** For documents up to 3,000 words

Great Pricing

Our pricing is affordable and transparent – the cost is based on the exact length of your document. Check out our pricing calculator for an instant quote, and rest assured that you’ll receive the highest quality proofreading and editing for the best value on the market.

Referencing Expertise

Our editors are experts in various referencing styles, including but not limited to APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, and IEEE. No matter what style you’re using, they’ll make sure your citations and references are correct and let you know if any information is missing. Visit our referencing page to learn more.

Subject-Matter Experts

Our team includes over 750 professional editors with expertise in thousands of topics. This means we can always match you with the best proofreader for your writing, whether you need help with a dissertation in medicine or an essay on economics.

24-Hour Support

Our support team is available around the clock to address any concerns or questions you have about your order. This means you’ll never be left in the dark, no matter where you are or what time it is.

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Dissertation Editing Service: Ensure Academic Success Fast, Affordable, Professional

Get dissertation editing services from an academic editor with years of experience editing dissertations, theses, and academic papers. Our dedicated Dissertation Editing service ensures top-notch editing, style refinement, and adherence to guidelines, enhancing the professionalism of your academic writing. With a focus on swift turnaround times, meet your trusted partner for the best dissertation editing services.

Try before you buy.

Get an instant quote. Services are available 24/7.

  • Dissertation Editing Service: Ensure Academic Success

Need Dissertation Editing Services?

Dissertation Editing Before

When it comes to your dissertation, every word and sentence matters. That's where our Dissertation Editing services come into play. Our team of seasoned editors understands the significance of a well-crafted thesis . With years of academic editing experience, they are able to meticulously review your document, ensuring it adheres to your university's guidelines.

Our editing service for dissertations focuses on enhancing the English proficiency of your work. Go beyond basic editing services to ensure your dissertation truly shines . Whether you're a PhD candidate or a university student, we tailor our editing services for dissertations to meet your specific instructions. Transform your dissertation into the best dissertation it can be.

Our commitment to providing top-notch Dissertation Editing services extends beyond surface-level corrections. We understand that the perfect thesis requires more than just editing; it demands a keen eye for detail and an understanding of the nuances of academic writing.

Why Should I Get Dissertation Editing Services?

Transform your dissertation into the best possible version it can be with a polished thesis statement and a strong structure. 

When it comes to your dissertation, every word and sentence matters, and that's precisely where our Dissertation Editing services excel. Our team of seasoned editors, well-versed in academic writing and with years of experience in editing dissertations, can ensure your dissertation is error-free and adheres to your university's guidelines. 

Our editing services for dissertations offer rapid turnaround times , ensuring that your edited document, with its improved thesis statement and precise word count, is returned to you promptly. Your academic work deserves nothing less than the expertise of our editors who specialize in dissertation and thesis editing services, making sure your university paper is edited to perfection.

Why Choose Scribendi's Dissertation Editing Services?

Our dedication to providing the best thesis editing and Dissertation Proofreading sets us apart. We understand the importance of a clear and compelling thesis statement. Our editors work diligently to refine your document, focusing on word count, style, and overall quality. Ensure that your academic writing meets the highest standards so that your dissertation is a testament to your years of hard work.

With swift turnaround times, you can trust us to meet your deadlines, ensuring a stress-free editing process. Whether you're looking to i mprove your PhD thesis or need assistance with a dissertation, our Dissertation Editing services are your pathway to success. 

Get top-notch Dissertation Editing services and thesis proofreading. Our team of experienced editors can refine your document diligently, paying meticulous attention to word count, style, and overall quality. Don't compromise on the quality of your academic achievements; choose unparalleled editing that elevates your dissertation to the pinnacle of excellence.

Can I get a discount on Dissertation Editing services?

Enhancing your academic work has never been more affordable with our exclusive student discount for Dissertation Editing services.

Our team of expert editors is ready to take your thesis to the next level. Whether you're a PhD student or pursuing a master's degree, we understand the importance of a well-crafted dissertation. With our 10% student discount , you can enjoy substantial savings while receiving top-notch editing services for your dissertation. 

Our experienced dissertation editors are well-versed in academic writing and can help you refine your work, focusing on aspects like style, English proficiency, and adherence to university guidelines. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to improve the quality of your thesis while saving on Dissertation Editing services.

Simply use the coupon code on our Student Discount page to start improving your writing today. Our editing service for dissertations is dedicated to helping students like you succeed in their academic journey. Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your thesis or dissertation to its highest potential with our discounted Dissertation Editing services.

What will you receive with Dissertation Editing services? 

  • An edited document in which misspellings, grammar errors, and typos have been corrected
  • Changes and suggestions to help improve clarity, flow, structure, and readability
  • Formatting of your citations and references to the style guide of your choice, if desired
  • Tracked revisions so that you can see and review all the changes that have been made
  • In-depth critical commentary on your paper 
  • A short summary of the work that has been done and any major concerns

What types of documents can you use Dissertation Editing services for?

  • Dissertations
  • Thesis and dissertation proposals

Generative AI has become increasingly relevant in academia and can impact academic services at Scribendi; click here to see Scribendi’s policy on generative AI .

Rest assured, whether you're handling commercially sensitive data or conducting groundbreaking scholarly analysis, as part of our Dissertation Editing services, your manuscript's confidentiality is our top priority. 

We ensure the utmost privacy for your work. All uploads and downloads to our secure server are encrypted , and our stringent privacy policies are in place to safeguard your academic research and personal data. 

Dissertation editing services are just a click away . We are committed to ensuring the highest level of security and quality for your academic work. Obtain an instant quote below, and order now .

  Get an Instant Quote and Place Your Order

Dissertation editing services faq, how much do dissertation editing services cost.

The cost of dissertation editing services can vary depending on factors like word count, turnaround time, and the level of editing needed. At Scribendi, you can use our instant quote widget to select the cost and turnaround time that best suit the needs of your document, including your word count, and your deadline. Our experienced editors have years of experience editing and proofreading dissertations and theses. We offer competitive prices for our editing services, ensuring your work is polished to perfection. 

Should I get editing services for my dissertation?

Absolutely! Getting professional editing services for your dissertation is crucial for academic success. Just as Personal Statement Editing ensures your application is ready to go, dissertation editing ensures your thesis is polished to perfection. We offer top-notch editing services tailored to your university's requirements, enhancing your document's style, English, and overall quality. With years of experience, our editors are able to meticulously review your work to meet the highest academic standards. Don't underestimate the importance of proofreading and editing!

Is it ethical to pursue dissertation editing services?

Yes, seeking dissertation editing services is not only ethical but highly advisable. Ethical editing services help you improve the style, English, and overall quality of your work. It's a responsible choice to invest in professional editing to elevate your academic writing as good dissertation editing services focus on integrity and academic excellence.

How do I choose an editing service for my dissertation?

Choosing the right editing service for your dissertation is crucial. Look for experienced editors with a strong background in academic writing and a focus on thesis and dissertation editing. Consider factors such as word count, turnaround time, and expertise in your field. Read reviews and ask about their years of experience editing dissertations. Ultimately, select a service that aligns with your needs and values, ensuring your work becomes the best dissertation it can be.


Dissertation Editing Services: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re unsure about the quality of your dissertation writing, it’s best to get it reviewed by an expert editor. But you may have lots of questions about how this works. Do you need professional dissertation editing services? What process do they follow? What are the best dissertation proofreading services and how can you choose the right one for yourself?

In this article, we’ve answered all these questions and more. From checks to find out if a company is legit to your expected dissertation editing costs, we’ve covered it all. So without further ado, let’s get into it.  

What Are Dissertation Editing Services?

Dissertation editing services are professional services that help students refine their dissertations before submitting them. Companies that provide these services for students and researchers are also called “dissertation editing services”. Depending on the type of review, they check your thesis for coherence, clarity, syntax, grammar, and word choice.

While understanding professional editing services for dissertations, you may wonder how they work. These companies employ hundreds of academic editors from diverse fields. They use advanced software and a skilled team to assign each dissertation to an expert from the field. This way, you don’t have to waste your time hunting for a dissertation editor and you still get expert feedback.

But are dissertation proofreading and editing services really that important? Could you do without them?

Why Choose Dissertation Editing Services?

You should choose dissertation editing services because your dissertation is the most important academic text you’ll ever work on. It’s your responsibility to ensure that it’s written and formatted as perfectly as possible, and you will lose marks if there are errors in the document!

Plus, your dissertation is your original contribution to your field of study. It has to be the best reflection of your research, or it’ll undermine all your hard work. Due diligence in editing and proofreading your dissertation elevates its quality and conveys your sincerity to your work.

But why not edit your dissertation yourself? Well, there are several disadvantages of self-editing. There are even more advantages of dissertation editing services. So, what do dissertation editing services offer?

Dissertation editing services:

  • Catch the most minute errors you’ll likely miss, even with several reviews.
  • Improve the clarity and coherence of your writing.
  • Ensure accuracy in research methods, argument logic, and use of technical terms.
  • Offer expert feedback to improve your document further.
  • Elevate the overall impact and quality of your dissertation, helping you score higher.

But how does this process work? A dissertation is a lengthy document, so dissertation proofreading services take a layered approach.

Dissertation Editing Process

The dissertation editing process moves from macro-level edits to micro-level edits. So, document-spanning issues such as coherence and argument clarity are considered first. More specific issues such as grammar and spelling mistakes are fixed at the end to avoid repeated work. 

Depending on the scope of the editing step and the issues looked at, there are four major types of editing. They’re undertaken in a specific order, but various services may offer them in different formats.

Types of Dissertation Editing

The four types of dissertation editing are substantive or developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, and proofreading. Does your dissertation need all four steps? Let’s take a look.

1. Substantive Editing

Substantive editing, also known as content editing or developmental editing, focuses on the content of your dissertation. It improves the structure and flow of the entire document, examining its clarity and coherence. 

A substantive editor:

  • Examines the logical development of your argument.
  • Ensures that your writing is clear and has a smooth flow.
  • Checks the validity of your methodology and data points.
  • Removes any ambiguous, redundant, or repetitive sections.
  • Ensures that your dissertation aligns with your research objectives.

The substantive editor will leave comments on the document, highlighting problematic areas and suggesting improvements. Since you’re the writer, you decide which comments to work on and which ones to ignore, if any. 

2. Line Editing

Line editing is a line-by-line edit that improves the clarity, flow, and effectiveness of your academic sentences. This is a more stylistic review, focusing on meaning, tone, and word choice than grammar or punctuation. So if you want to ensure that your dissertation is engaging, coherent, and well-written, you need a line editor.

A line editor checks your dissertation for the following:

  • Clear expression of the intended meaning
  • Word choice and sentence structure
  • Smooth flow between sentences and paragraphs
  • Consistency in tone and style
  • Pacing (sentence length, density of data, etc.)
  • Overt language errors (not the main focus)

This step is crucial for ESL students and researchers as well as anyone who’s unsure of their writing abilities. However, providers of dissertation editing services often combine line editing with copy editing, since both these steps address overlapping concerns.

3. Copy Editing

Copy editing for a dissertation is a meticulous process that focuses on the mechanical aspects of writing such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation. In its pure form, copy editing doesn’t pay much attention to stylistic or technical aspects of your writing. So, a copy editor will fix the language errors in a sentence but not inconsistencies in writing style or pacing.

Just because dissertation copy editing is mechanical doesn’t mean it has a narrow scope, though. A copy editor checks not only writing but also graphic elements, formatting style, and referencing. A copy editor undertakes the following tasks:

  • Correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence construction.
  • Ensuring proper sentence structure with subject-verb agreement.
  • Making the text clear and readable.
  • Checking the use of technical terms, abbreviations, and acronyms.
  • Reviewing the labeling, formatting, relevance, and overall fitness of tables, figures, and images.
  • Ensuring that the dissertation follows the prescribed style guidelines (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).
  • Reviewing in-text citations and entries on the reference list; cross-checking them for accuracy and missing details.
  • Checking for overall consistency in the document (formatting, word choice, and style).
  • Undertaking a basic review of the page layout.

As you can see, a copy editor plays a crucial role in removing several kinds of errors from your dissertation. Compared to this, a line editor’s review seems smaller in scope. So, most dissertation copy editing service providers combine it with line editing. They correct language errors and add comments for stylistic improvements.

4. Proofreading

Dissertation proofreading is the final review that highlights any errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. It looks only for surface-level mistakes, such as typographical or language-related errors. So, it’s like copy editing in a sense but with a smaller scope.

Proofreading removes any lingering errors that may distract readers or undermine your hard work. It may seem like a minor step, but it’s an essential quality check and your last defense against any superficial errors. You should proofread your dissertation once all other editing steps are complete to avoid rework.

Proofreading highlights the following errors in your dissertation:

  • Spelling mistakes and typos
  • Punctuation errors
  • Any obvious grammar errors
  • Incorrect abbreviations and acronyms
  • Errors in labeling or formatting tables and figures
  • Referencing errors
  • Problems with page formatting (such as improper margins and missing headers)

Since a dissertation proofreader has to catch such minute errors, proofreading is a painstaking and detail-oriented task. Dissertation proofreading services hire trained experts to undertake this step, saving you time and effort.

What Is Dissertation Referencing?

Dissertation referencing is the process of adding references to your dissertation. While researching, you’re bound to use information from a variety of sources, all of which you must credit in your thesis. Whether you follow the MLA style or APA format, you must add and correctly format your in-text citations and reference list entries.

Professional dissertation editors and proofreaders don’t usually undertake this step for you. They may fix one or two incorrect or missing citations, but they don’t write your reference list for you. If any APA dissertation editing services undertake this task, they may charge an additional price.

What Is Dissertation Formatting?

Dissertation formatting is the process of formatting your pages and text according to the style guidelines prescribed by your university. This is usually the MLA format for humanities students, APA format for STEM students, and Chicago style for students of business and history. Incorrect formatting in your dissertation may result in a lower score.

Like referencing, an editor does not undertake dissertation formatting for you unless as a separate task. Some companies do offer dissertation referencing and formatting services in addition to editing and proofreading.

Choosing an Editing Service: What to Look For

Now that you know what dissertation editing is, why it’s important, and how it works, it’s time to find out how to choose an editing service. There are several dissertation review services out there, old and new. Older firms have experience but are often more expensive, while newer companies are more affordable but aren’t well-known. So what signs should you look for?

1. Reviews and Recommendations

Personal recommendations from your peers or seniors are the best method when choosing an editing service. If a company has worked for them, it probably understands the requirements of your subject or university. Some universities also have tie-ups with doctoral dissertation editing services, so you should check if yours has one.

The next step is to check the company’s online reviews. Even a quick look at the reviews will give you a good idea of a company’s strengths and weaknesses. You can then make a more informed choice based on these testimonials.

Shortlist a few editing services from this initial check and refine that list as you find out more about them.

2. A Helpful but Realistic Support Team

All good editing firms have a support team that communicates your requirements to the editing team. The support staff also helps you place your order and guides you through the editing process. Ideally, the person communicating with you should be friendly, confident, and knowledgeable, but not pushy.

If you’re being rushed into placing an order or being offered dubious discounts, you should proceed with caution. So, make sure that the support team knows what they’re doing and can be relied upon. You should also remember to be very clear about your requirements and priorities in your document. This will help them target those issues in your dissertation and you won’t have to ask for any revisions.

3. Transparency and Confidentiality

Dissertation editing services must be transparent about their editing process and measures to ensure document confidentiality. At the end of your first call with the company, you should have clarity about the people who will work on your document and the process they’ll follow. If you can’t be sure of this, ask the support team for clarification. If you don’t get a satisfying answer, it’s probably best to avoid working with that particular service.

Another important aspect of dissertation editing is confidentiality. Almost all editing services have their editors sign NDAs at the time of joining, so you shouldn’t worry about that. One thing to look for, however, is the security measures the company undertakes to protect your document from outside threats. This includes 192-bit or 256-bit encryption methods, which are popularly used by dissertation editing companies.

4. Free Work Sample

Always ask for a sample edit. Editing companies don’t usually offer a sample edit unless you approach them with a major document. Since a dissertation qualifies as such, any firm worth its name should be good to offer you a one-page or 300-word free edit.

This sample edit will tell you a lot about a company’s work ethic, quality of edits, and professionalism. If you’ve shortlisted a few companies, the sample edit is probably the most reliable metric to base your final decision on. However, company policies keep changing and some established firms may have stopped offering sample edits. In this case, you’ll have to decide based on the three factors listed above.

5. A Good Offer

The final consideration is one for your pocket. Getting dissertation editing help can get expensive, and most companies understand the financial constraints on students. So, you’re likely to find big discounts during the dissertation season. If waiting that long isn’t an option for you, don’t hesitate to ask the support staff!

Once you have a quote from a few companies, compare their pros and cons and you’ll be able to choose the best dissertation editing service for you.

Be sure to enquire about the company’s revision policy. If you’re unhappy with the edit, you should be able to receive a partial or full refund. Most editing services offer one or two free revisions, so make sure to use those and get the best version of your document!

Now that we know how to choose a dissertation editing service, what are some well-known firms that fit the bill? Let’s take a look.

The Top Dissertation Editing Services of 2024

Of the many premium dissertation editing services out there, some stand out as the best of the best. In this list, we’ve considered quality of services, pricing, turnaround time, and editorial team. So, here are the best dissertation editing services of 2024:

An established name in academic editing, Scribbr is particularly popular among college students due to its online tools and resources. Their expertise and experience don’t come cheap, but you can rest assured that your dissertation will be well-edited. The best thing is that you can ask them to focus on certain aspects of your document.

If you know that your writing isn’t clear or that your structure needs to be refined, you can opt for the relevant checks. These come with a hike in price but may be helpful for those who have received targeted feedback from professors before. After all, structure, cohesion, and clarity are important factors that affect your overall grade.

Scribbr can return your edited dissertation in 12 hours to 7 days. At around $835 for a 15,000-word dissertation, however, dissertation editing with Scribbr will cost you a pretty penny.

2. Cambridge Proofreading

Cambridge Proofreading has been offering dissertation editing services for over 11 years. They employ more than 300 academic editors, all of whom are native speakers from the US and UK. Their system deletes all documents after 15 days of closing an order, which helps keep your dissertation confidential.

Cambridge Proofreading has expertise in editing dissertations from diverse fields, from astrophysics to philosophy. Recently they’ve also launched a service where they humanize AI-generated text. This is an additional boost for many students, helping them get more work done in less time.

Their dissertation editing process is fairly straightforward, but they stand out in terms of pricing. They charge dissertation editing rates of $28.90 per 1,000 words for a 24-hour delivery and $25.90 per 1,000 words for a 48-hour delivery. In terms of both the cost and turnaround time, this is excellent!

3. Scribendi

Scribendi was established in 1997, making it one of the oldest top dissertation editing companies. They have a separate approach to ESL writers, paying more attention to those documents. With 287 editors working at the firm, they should be able to pair you with an expert from your field.

Sribendi has ISO certification and prioritizes customer satisfaction. They can deliver your document in as little time as four hours! This isn’t feasible for longer documents like dissertations, however. For example, they can deliver a 15,000-word dissertation in 48 hours to 7 days. Their price range for this is $558–$615, putting them on the slightly expensive side of things.

You can use their dissertation editing service to refine not only complete theses but also dissertation and thesis proposals.

4. TrueEditors

Although a relatively newer company, TrueEditors is a robust and affordable dissertation editing service. They have more than 155 academic experts onboard from a diverse range of academic disciplines. The best thing is that their edit also includes dissertation referencing, dissertation formatting, and a plagiarism check!

TrueEditors offers five prices depending on the time duration. They can deliver your edited dissertation in 48 hours, but the price will be higher. If you opt for a delivery time of ten days, however, the price will be much lower.

Aside from editing and proofreading a dissertation, TrueEditors also offers:

  • Paraphrasing & Rewriting
  • Content Writing
  • Translation

These additional services are especially useful to ESL students, who may struggle to express their ideas as eloquently in English.

Enago employs highly qualified editors and proofreaders to work on your dissertation. They offer dissertation editing services in two packages: Thesis Essentials and Thesis Pro. The Thesis Essentials package is limited to grammar, punctuation, academic style,  and expert commentary. You can get thesis formatting, reference formatting, plagiarism check, and one revision with this package as add-ons.

The Thesis Pro package includes everything in Essentials but adds a clarity check, structure check, and advanced commentary. Reference formatting and one revision round are free with this package. If you’re not sure about editing with Enago, you can get their sample edit of 200 words. They only offer this if your dissertation is over 10,000 words.

This overview of the best dissertation editing services must have given you an idea about the process and pricing. But let’s take a closer look at the average dissertation proofreading cost.

How Much Does it Cost to Edit a Dissertation?

It can cost between $400–$850 to edit a dissertation of 15,000 words. However, the cost of dissertation editing varies based on document length, complexity, and your requirements. Undergraduate and master’s dissertations, for instance, will be about 8,000–15,000 words long. PhD dissertations, on the other hand, can reach about 80,000–100,000 words in length, which hikes up the price dramatically.

Similarly, a specialized structure and quality check is likely to add a few hundred dollars to the editing cost. If you want the editing service to handle referencing and formatting on top of that, the cost will increase. The cost of dissertation editing is directly proportional to the amount of work the editor undertakes.

It’s always best to edit and proofread your dissertation a few times yourself and get an initial review from your instructor. You can then look for PhD dissertation editing services based on their feedback. If you know exactly what you need an editor to do, you’ll have to pay only for the essentials.

How Can I Get a Dissertation Editing Quote?

You can get a dissertation editing quote by visiting a company’s website. Most online dissertation editing services have their pricing readily available on their web pages. You can simply type the word count of your dissertation and get a tentative figure. Some companies ask you to upload your dissertation before offering a quote.

If you’d like to know more about a company and their style of work, you can reach out to their support team. These days, most companies have chatbots on their website and you can use them to get in touch with the team. This is a better way to get a quote since you can tell them your requirements and obtain a much better offer.

Can I Get a Discount on Dissertation Editing Services?

Yes, you can definitely get a discount on dissertation editing services. Almost every editing company will offer you a 5% to 10% discount on your first order. Some also have student discounts of up to 15%. Plus, most companies have offers going on throughout the year, such as Black Friday, Holiday Season, and Easter discounts.

If you’ve been working on your dissertation in advance, you’re likely to have a document ready when one of the big offers comes around. If you’re in a time crunch, though, you’ll probably have to make do with a 10% discount.

How Long Does it Take to Proofread a Dissertation?

It may take anywhere from 12 hours to 7 days to proofread a dissertation. If you pay for a premium dissertation editing service, they may even deliver the proofread document in a few hours! But less turnaround time usually means more expensive services. So, the time it takes to proofread a dissertation largely depends on your editing budget!

Do Dissertation Editing Services Offer Error-Free Dissertations?

Yes, dissertation editing services offer error-free dissertations—that’s their purpose! This doesn’t mean that no error can bypass an editor; such a claim would be impossible to live up to. However, dissertation editing and proofreading services undertake several reviews to find and remove as many errors as they can. This, in turn, almost always leaves your document completely error-free!

Is it Safe to Send a Dissertation for Editing Services?

Yes, it’s completely safe to send a dissertation to editing services! It is not only academically ethical but expected that you get your dissertation professionally edited. Editing companies undertake several measures to protect your document, from encryption methods to NDAs. Rest assured, your dissertation is safe in your editors’ hands!

What Types of Documents Can You Use Dissertation Editing Services For?

You can use dissertation editing services for complete theses and dissertations as well as partial drafts. Some services also consider thesis and dissertation proposals under dissertation editing services.

Who Will Be Editing My Dissertation?

An editor with expertise in your subject who matches your editing requirements will edit your dissertation. Since dissertation editing services are legally obligated to protect the identities of their editors, you can’t interact with them firsthand. You can, however, request the support staff to pair you up with a specific type of editor.

-Isabell S.


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Grad Coach

Your Writing, Expertly Edited

Get your work meticulously edited and proofread by PhD-qualified academic writing specialists, who know exactly what markers want .

Grad Coach awards

Your All-In-One Solution

While many providers charge for editing and proofreading separately, our service includes both . This means we’ll take care of the following:

  • Fix typos, misspellings, punctuation issues and ensure consistency of your spelling format (e.g., UK or US English).
  • Undertake light rewriting of poorly presented sentences, to improve readability and ease of understanding. If substantial rewriting is needed, we’ll provide suggestions.
  • Highlight areas where clarification and additional explanation are needed.
  • Ensure that your in-text references are in the correct style, formatted correctly and are included in the end-text reference list.
  • Ensure that your reference list is correctly formatted.
  • Highlight areas where additional references are needed (e.g., sweeping statements, unfounded arguments, etc.).
  • Generate the table of contents page, lists of figures and tables.
  • Ensure consistent style for figure and table captions.
  • Insert captions where we are able to, or highlight areas where captions are needed.
  • Ensure consistency of heading levels and styles.
  • Ensure correct page numbering (e.g., roman numerals for pre-matter).
  • Ensure that your format/page layout is in line with your institute’s requirements.

What exactly you get  

Every editing and proofreading project includes the following key deliverables:

dissertation copy editor

A perfectly edited document

You’ll receive a clean, finalised version of your document, fully edited and proofread. You’ll also receive a second version with all changes tracked , as well as our comments and suggestions to improve your writing further.

Research proposal topic refinement

A detailed plagiarism report

If you’d like, we can run a comprehensive plagiarism scan on your document and provide you with a detailed report that outlines potential plagiarism issues and provides a similarity index. This is included free of charge.

Research proposal topic refinement

A polished conceptual framework

If your document includes a conceptual framework, we’ll polish your design into a high-quality visual to give your work a professional look. Again, this service is provided completely free of charge. 

Research proposal topic refinement

A certificate of editing

If your university requires a formal certificate of editing or confirmation letter, we’ll draft this according to your institution’s specific requirements. We can also provide copies of invoices and receipts if required by your sponsor. 

The Grad Coach Difference  

Editors are a dime a dozen  and there’s always someone who can do it cheaper. Here’s what makes Grad Coach’s editing and proofreading service different.

Academic editing experts

Academic Writing Specialists

Our PhD-qualified editors specialise in academic writing, so they know exactly what markers want.

Dissertation and thesis supervisors

Combined Editing & Proofreading

Our service includes both editing and proofreading, while others charge separately for each.

Plagiarism report free

Full Plagiarism Reporting

In addition to editing and proofreading, we can also provide a  plagiarism report , completely free of charge.

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Awards and accreditations

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most popular editing-related questions we receive.

Editing & Proofreading

How do you edit and proofread.

Our editing and proofreading process is 100% manual - in other words, it's handled by a team of highly qualified human editors, not machines . We don't use any automation software or tools, as nothing can beat the quality and accuracy of human editing.

Our editing team consists of a diverse mix of Doctoral and Master's-qualified language specialists . The team is managed by Dr Eunice Rautenbach , who holds both a Master's and Doctoral degree in language practice. All team members have extensive academic editing experience, are native English speakers (from the US, UK and SA) and have worked on numerous dissertations, theses and research projects.

Can I see an example/sample of your editing?

Certainly . You can download a sample editing and proofreading project here .

Will you sort out my references and citations?

Yes . As part of the editing process, we will ensure that your references and citations are in the correct format (e.g., Harvard, APA, etc) as per your university's requirements (you'll need to advise us what these are).

However, keep in mind that we can't fill in incomplete references or find the relevant sources for you (as it's impossible for us to know which sources you've referenced). We also cannot check whether the references you have are accurate or suitable for the arguments you make in your writing.

Can you fix/build my table of contents?

Yes , we can create a table of contents based on the headings and subheadings throughout your dissertation or thesis. This table of contents will include the respective page number for each heading or subheading.

Can you lower my word count?

Yes - as part of the editing process, we will edit your work for concision. However, we cannot guarantee a specific word count or percentage reduction, as this would risk cutting out important content.

Can you check my work for plagiarism?

Yes - we can provide a detailed plagiarism report with every editing and proofreading project. However, please keep in mind that universities use a variety of plagiarism-checking services. Therefore, if your university provides you with a plagiarism-checking facility (as they often do), you should double-check your score on that system.

How long does the editing and proofreading process take?

It depends on the length of the document, the overall quality of the writing (i.e., the number of issues to be resolved) and our project load at the time of submission.

Generally speaking, we can complete a standard dissertation/thesis of 20,000 words within 2-3 days , but this varies depending on the factors above. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you pre-book your editing with us for a specific date. For pre-booked projects, we can provide a guaranteed timeline, which is generally shorter than that of "walk-in" projects. Please email us to pre-book your project.

Can you provide a certificate of editing?

Yes , certainly. We can issue a certificate according to your university's requirements. We can also sign any paperwork required by your university as proof of editing.

Will my document be treated as confidential?

Yes , absolutely. Your work will be treated as strictly confidential and will never be shared or published. We will gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you if you wish.

How much does editing cost?

Our fee is based on the total word count of the document. This includes the body content and the reference list (as we need to review this). You can also include the appendices if you wish, but it's generally not required.

Click here to view our pricing or book a free consultation to discuss your project.

When should I submit my document to you?

Generally, editing and proofreading should be the very last step in your writing process. This ensures that you don't "undo" any editing work, or introduce new typos or grammar issues.

However, if your supervisor has specifically instructed you to get your work edited before submitting it to them for final review, you should follow their instructions. If you're unsure which approach to take, get in touch with us.

Can you edit my dissertation/thesis as I complete each chapter?

We can, but we don't recommend it . By editing chapter by chapter, consistency is reduced and there is a strong chance that there will be conflicts between document versions in terms of references, page, table and figure numbers, and so on. As a result, a lot of the work will be "undone" and you'll need to spend a lot of time revising and checking each section.

How much time should I factor in post-edit to make corrections?

We recommend that you factor in a day or two to make your final corrections after receiving your document back from us. This is not essential (as you can just accept all our edits "as is"), but it is a good idea to have a buffer in case you want to make any additions or revisions. You might also need to fix issues highlighted by the edit, e.g., regarding clarity of meaning or problems flagged with your referencing.

Can you do a second review of my document after the first edit?

We can review your document as many times as you need , but each review is charged separately. In other words, we cannot provide a second review (after we've edited and proofread) free of charge.

Can you check that my Conclusions and Recommendations represent all my findings?

This is beyond the scope of language editing, as it involves data analysis and interpretation. If you would like assistance with this, we can assist with 1-on-1 coaching , where we review your work critically and provide in-depth feedback (you can view a sample of this here ).

Can you write my abstract (or exec summary) for me?

No , we can't. As part of the editing process, we will improve the quality of your writing, but we cannot write any section for you. Having any section written for you would constitute academic misconduct.

Can you rephrase text to reduce my plagiarism score?

No , we can’t. While we may undertake some very light rewriting of poorly constructed sentences to improve readability and ease of understanding, we cannot revise content to reduce plagiarism, as we are not familiar with the articles/sources being referenced.

Can you arrange the separate sections of my document?

No , we cannot arrange (or rearrange) sections of content on your behalf, as this may impact the core meaning and/or the thread of argument.

That said, if we feel that a section could be structured better for clarity, we will comment on this and make suggestions. Additionally, we will check that your headings and subheadings are numbered sequentially and are consistent in style.

I still have questions…

No problem. Feel free to email us or book an initial consultation to discuss.

Still have a question?  No problem – feel free to  email us  or  book a consultation .

What our clients say

We've worked 1:1 with 3000+ students . Here's what some of them have to say:

David's depth of knowledge in research methodology was truly impressive. He demonstrated a profound understanding of the nuances and complexities of my research area, offering insights that I hadn't even considered. His ability to synthesize information, identify key research gaps, and suggest research topics was truly inspiring. I felt like I had a true expert by my side, guiding me through the complexities of the proposal.

Cyntia Sacani (US)

I had been struggling with the first 3 chapters of my dissertation for over a year. I finally decided to give GradCoach a try and it made a huge difference. Alexandra provided helpful suggestions along with edits that transformed my paper. My advisor was very impressed.

Tracy Shelton (US)

Working with Kerryn has been brilliant. She has guided me through that pesky academic language that makes us all scratch our heads. I can't recommend Grad Coach highly enough; they are very professional, humble, and fun to work with. If like me, you know your subject matter but you're getting lost in the academic language, look no further, give them a go.

Tony Fogarty (UK)

So helpful! Amy assisted me with an outline for my literature review and with organizing the results for my MBA applied research project. Having a road map helped enormously and saved a lot of time. Definitely worth it.

Jennifer Hagedorn (Canada)

Everything about my experience was great, from Dr. Shaeffer’s expertise, to her patience and flexibility. I reached out to GradCoach after receiving a 78 on a midterm paper. Not only did I get a 100 on my final paper in the same class, but I haven’t received a mark less than A+ since. I recommend GradCoach for everyone who needs help with academic research.

Antonia Singleton (Qatar)

I started using Grad Coach for my dissertation and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for them, I would have really struggled. I would strongly recommend them – worth every penny!

Richard Egenreider (South Africa)

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The highest quality editing service for any written document

Our editors are all PhDs, authors, and native English speakers. W e’ve edited 1.2 billion words since 1999 with 99% customer satisfaction.

The editing service trusted by

dissertation copy editor

We provide editing services for any text document

Our 75 PhD’s possess diverse skillsets for editing any document. Whatever the discipline, subject, genre, format, or voice, we have the perfect editor for your project.

Book editing

Unleash your book’s true power by ensuring that every sentence shines and all its imperfections have been removed. Our PhD editors are world-class impresarios of prose, masters of the art of line-by-line editing.

Dissertation editing

A PhD editor who specializes in dissertation editing within your discipline will provide expert editing in whatever style your college or university requires.

Academic editing

Whether you’re a scholar or a student, we’ve got you covered by editing articles for publication in scholarly journals, as well papers, theses, and Capstone projects for graduate students.

Copy editing

Journal editing, article editing, newsletter editing, ebook editing – there’s no copy our editors haven’t edited. We have an editor for every project and document imaginable.

ESL (English as a second language) editing

Is English not your first language? Are you an international scholar or student? We can turn your text into perfectly written, native-level English.

AI / ChatGPT quality improvement editing

Breathe life and vitality into your  AI-written copy. We inject personality, tone, and human experience, through the authentic knowledge of a doctoral-educated lover of writing, not an algorithm.

What our customers say

We’ve received hundreds of reviews on verified third-party review sites–such as Trust Pilot, the BBB, and Google–in addition to thousands of testimonials directly from customers who are now PhDs, published authors, and improved writers.

We cherish our customers’ success stories and thank you’s, and we showcase them on our testimonials page .

dissertation copy editor

“Edit911 has always been my go-to editing service. Marc and his team have consistently managed to edit myriad papers, articles, manuscripts, and other projects in both a timely and affordable manner. Turnaround times, specifically, have been remarkably quick, efficient, and effective. I recommend them without hesitation.”

dissertation copy editor

“Edit 911 was an excellent experience. They corrected numerous grammar and spelling errors in my academic documents, as well as gave me advice on how to use certain expressions to appeal to my audience. They provided me with high-quality support and guidance in a timely manner. Dr. Baldwin and his staff are excellent professionals. Outstanding!”

“I’ve been impressed with quick turnaround and detailed edits provided by Edit911. Marc is a great conduit and very responsive. I’ve now had three different editors and they all have really helped my manuscripts. Beyond the technical edits which they do well, I’ve most enjoyed the stylistic and redundancy editing to help streamline and prepare manuscripts for submission. Will continue to highly recommend.”

dissertation copy editor

Demetri Morgan

“I was extremely pleased with Edit911 and received great feedback. I was provided an edited version, clean copy and commentary. I thank the editors for their work with my Section I dissertation and will use them again for the remainder of the paper. Turnaround time was great too – 3 days!!”

dissertation copy editor

Megan Ashworth

Editing you can trust.

We’re the editing service trusted by MIT, Homeland Security, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Hong Kong, Toyota, Hanson Robotics, Cambridge College, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of Phoenix, the Stockholm School of Economics, and thousands more universities, institutions, corporations, journals, scholars, and authors across the world.

Since 1999, we have edited more than 75,000 dissertations, scholarly papers, books, and various other documents for more than 220,000 clients.

Editing samples

Have a look at what we do by reviewing real samples of our work on the editing samples page .

Published clients

See the long list of Edit911 clients who have been published on our published clients page .

100% guarantee

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You are protected by numerous verifications, such as our A+ Better Business Bureau rating, our Privacy Policy and our Terms.

Who are we?

Founded in 1999 by Dr. Marc Baldwin, a college English Professor and published author, Edit911 was one of the first online editing services. From day one, we’ve had the most rigorous editor requirements and hiring exam to find only the most exceptional editors in the world. All PhDs, all published authors. Our longevity has been due to thousands of repeat customers, returning to use the same editor they know and trust. During our 24 years, we’ve never compromised on quality, staying relatively small in order to insure the absolute best editing in the world.

Writing & editing advice

dissertation copy editor

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Dissertation Editing and Proofreading Services

Find your perfect dissertation editor.

Select your dissertation editor from our extensive network of professionals, matching their expertise to your unique research needs and academic goals.

Dissertation Editing and Proofreading Services

How It Works

Have your dissertation edited in three steps.

Explore profiles of experienced dissertation editors.

Send your files and provide any details regarding your dissertation.

Receive your edited dissertation before your due date.

Refine every aspect of your dissertation

Maximize Your Ph.D. Potential

Refine every aspect of your dissertation.

Starting with the fundamentals, our editors will address spelling, grammar, and syntax. But this is just the beginning. Our focus extends to include comprehensive analysis and insightful feedback aimed at improving the overall clarity and flow of your dissertation. We refine word choice and organization, ensure adherence to academic language and diction, and present your arguments clearly to effectively showcase your research.

Rigorous dissertation style guide compliance

Ensuring Adherence to Academic Standards

Rigorous dissertation style guide compliance.

Our dissertation editors are experts in various academic style guides, such as APA, MLA, AMA, and Chicago. We format citations, references, and the overall structure of your dissertation to align with the standards of academic institutions. Our detailed attention to formatting ensures your dissertation meets your institution's specific requirements, presenting your work with the utmost professionalism and academic integrity.

Discipline experts tailored to your field

Dissertation Subject Expertise

Discipline experts tailored to your field.

Our platform is comprised of editors with advanced degrees and expertise across various academic disciplines. It is easy to find an editor on ServiceScape who has in-depth knowledge of your research area, ensuring technically accurate and contextually relevant revisions. Our editors' deep understanding of your field's nuances ensures that your dissertation is edited with an eye for both detail and the larger academic context, enhancing its overall impact.

Seamless collaboration with your editor

Dissertation Editor Engagement

Seamless collaboration with your editor.

At ServiceScape, we firmly believe that effective communication forms the bedrock of a successful editing relationship. Whether through messages or teleconference call, communicating with your editor ensures that your unique voice, perspective, and academic intentions are thoroughly understood and reflected in your edited dissertation. Through open dialogue, you can clarify your ideas, answer questions, and provide essential context, allowing the editor to accurately fine-tune your work.

Timely delivery of your dissertation

Adapting to Your Deadline

Timely delivery of your dissertation.

We recognize the critical role deadlines play in academic research. Our editors are adept at accommodating various timelines, swiftly managing urgent edits as well as handling extended projects. We prioritize delivering your edited dissertation on time while upholding the highest quality standards. Attuned to the demands of academic schedules, our service is crafted for maximum responsiveness and efficiency, guaranteeing the timely receipt of your edited dissertation.

Our dissertation editing guarantee

Commitment to Satisfaction

Our dissertation editing guarantee.

At ServiceScape, your satisfaction is our priority. We're committed to delivering exceptional editing that meets your expectations. Our quality-focused approach means that every aspect of your dissertation receives the attention it deserves, from the smallest grammatical detail to the overall argument and presentation. If you're not completely satisfied, we're dedicated to addressing your concerns, ensuring your dissertation is of the highest academic standard.

Our Editor Marketplace

Choose your own dissertation editor.

Rather than being assigned an editor at random, ServiceScape gives you the ability to choose your own dissertation editor from our network of highly qualified professionals.

Many of our dissertation editors:

  • Hold Ph.D. or Master's degrees
  • Offer decades of rich academic editing experience
  • Have hundreds of client ratings and reviews
  • Are experts across various academic fields


M.A. in Linguistics from the University of South Carolina


Professor at Cincinnati State University


M.A. in English from the University of Louisiana


Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology from Duke University


M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University


Ph.D. in Music History from the University of Chicago


Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Pathology from the University of California


M.A. in Asian Studies from UC Berkeley


Editor at Georgetown University Press


Copy Editor at Intergroup Japan


Copy Editor at McGraw-Hill Publishing


Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Illinois


Professor at Marylhurst University


J.D. from the University of Maine School of Law


Ph.D. in English from the University of Nebraska


Editor at Elsevier Inc.


Director of Marketing at Alternative Balance


Director at Aetna


Ph.D. in History from the University of Virginia


Writer at PBS

Our Testimonials and Experience

What we bring to the table.

ServiceScape is built on 24 years worth of experience, working on over 341,000 projects with over 98,000 clients. Join the thousands of people who have chosen ServiceScape to find the best and brightest talent.

Alessia Moretti

"My freelancer's attention to detail and commitment to quality exceeded my expectations. Every aspect of the project was handled with utmost professionalism."

Jasper van der Meer

"I was amazed by the promptness and efficiency of the person I hired. The project was completed well ahead of the deadline, without compromising on quality."

Emily Johnson

"The level of creativity and innovation in his approach was outstanding. He truly transformed my ideas into something extraordinary!"

Olivia Brown

"Exceptional service! The professional was incredibly responsive and attentive to all my requirements, making the entire process seamless and enjoyable."

Sarah Miller

"I highly recommend her services. The professionalism and expertise displayed by the freelancer were top-notch, and the results were simply superb."

Jean Kabila

"The quality of work delivered was impeccable. Every detail was carefully considered and executed to perfection. Absolutely thrilled with the service!"

Anke Verbeek

"Her ability to understand and adapt to my specific needs was remarkable. The final product was exactly what I was hoping for, and more."

Eduardo Ramirez

"Prompt, professional, and passionate about her work. She went above and beyond to ensure the project's success."

Lukas Schmidt

"The service was outstanding from start to finish. Communication was clear and frequent, keeping me in the loop at every stage."

Jingwei Zhang

"Truly impressed by the quick turnaround time. This professional managed to deliver a high-quality result in a remarkably short period."

Aditi Verma

"His commitment is evident in his work. He made sure I was completely happy with the final outcome."

Felix Weber

"A blend of professionalism, skill, and creativity. This individual brought a fresh perspective to the project that was both inspiring and effective."

Ryan Fletcher

"The freelancer's expertise in his field is unmatched. He provided invaluable insights and suggestions that greatly enhanced the project."

Elif Deniz Yılmaz

"I appreciated his attention to detail and dedication to delivering a product that not only met, but exceeded my expectations."

Irfan Hisham Kamarul

"Her approach to the project was both thorough and innovative. She managed to capture the essence of my vision perfectly. Thank you so much!"

Bram Visser

"Remarkable service! The quality of work was consistently high, and her ability to meet tight deadlines was impressive."

Learn More About Our Editing Services

The servicescape advantage.

Editing and Proofreading Video

Your Questions, Answered

At ServiceScape, our dissertation editing services are specifically tailored to elevate your dissertation to the highest academic standards:

  • Detailed Language and Grammar Precision: Meticulous attention to language, grammar, and sentence structure for academic excellence.
  • Spelling and Punctuation Perfection: Comprehensive correction of spelling errors and punctuation for scholarly accuracy.
  • Strict Adherence to Dissertation Style Guides: Conforming to dissertation formatting styles such as APA, MLA, AMA, and CMS, encompassing citations, references, and layout.
  • Clarity and Argument Enhancement: Focused improvements on clarity and argumentation to strengthen your dissertation’s impact.
  • Coherent Structure and Flow: Organizing content for logical coherence and effective presentation of research.
  • Technical Term Accuracy: Ensuring precision in technical terminology and data pertinent to your research area.
  • Academic Tone and Style Refinement: Refining the tone and style to match the demands of academic rigor.
  • Advanced Vocabulary Optimization: Elevating language use for academic distinction and clarity.
  • Conciseness and Redundancy Elimination: Streamlining content for succinctness and focus.
  • Consistent Tense Usage: Maintaining tense uniformity throughout the dissertation.
  • Specialized Editing for Your Research Field: Editing by experts in your specific area of study.
  • Ethical and Neutral Language Review: Upholding standards of ethical and unbiased language.
  • Cross-Reference Validation: Accurate formatting of all internal references.
  • Indexing and Structuring Assistance: Help with creating comprehensive indexes and organizing content.
  • Adherence to Research Ethics: Ensuring compliance with ethical standards in academic writing.
  • Reviewer Comment Addressing: Assistance in responding to and incorporating reviewer feedback.
  • Content Critique and Enhancement: Offering in-depth feedback for argumentation and evidence improvement.
  • Localization of Academic Text: Adapting content for specific cultural or regional academic contexts.

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that your dissertation not only meets these academic standards but also stands out for its scholarly excellence and impact.

Our dissertation editing services include rigorous compliance with academic style guide standards, focusing on:

  • Comprehensive Formatting Adjustments: Precise formatting of headers, page numbers, margins, line spacing, paragraph indentation, typeface, and font size to align with dissertation guidelines.
  • Citation and Reference Standardization: Ensuring citations and references are formatted correctly according to academic styles such as APA, MLA, AMA, and Chicago.
  • Tables and Figures Presentation: Proper formatting of tables and figures, including component alignment, labeling, titles, and color usage.
  • Abstract and Summary Compliance: Aligning abstracts and summaries with specific style guide criteria regarding length and content.
  • Detailed Cross-Referencing: Accurate cross-referencing within the text, including figures, tables, and sections, for coherence and clarity.
  • Effective List Organization: Proper structuring of bullet points and numbered lists for readability and impact.
  • Title Page and Running Head Precision: Formatting the title page and running head in accordance with style guide specifications.
  • Uniform Terminology and Units: Ensuring consistency in terminology and units of measurement throughout your dissertation.
  • Inclusive and Unbiased Language: Adhering to guidelines for non-discriminatory and inclusive language in academic writing.

Our dedication to style guide standards ensures that your dissertation is not only professionally presented but also meets the stringent requirements of academic institutions and scholarly writing.

ServiceScape clients have successfully published their research in a wide range of reputable and influential journals across various disciplines. Some of the popular journals where our clients' work has appeared include:

  • Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
  • New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)
  • British Medical Journal (BMJ)
  • Journal of Clinical Investigation
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)
  • Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • American Journal of Psychiatry
  • Journal of Neuroscience
  • American Economic Review
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • Journal of Finance
  • Marketing Science
  • Journal of Consumer Research
  • Physical Review Letters
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Journal of Applied Physics
  • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  • Chemical Reviews
  • Angewandte Chemie
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • Organic Letters
  • Environmental Science & Technology
  • Journal of Environmental Management
  • Journal of Cleaner Production
  • Social Science Research

You can hire an editor by just browsing our marketplace of editors , clicking on the "View Profile" button of an editor you want to hire, and clicking on the "Hire Me" button. After your payment method has been processed, your editor will get to work and will deliver the edited version before your due date.

A list of prices and due dates can be found within each editor's profile. Just find your editor and click on the "View Profile" button.

Our fastest delivery option is one hour using our Express Delivery service.

Sure! Many ServiceScape editors provide free samples. You can submit a free sample request by just browsing our marketplace of editors , clicking on the "View Profile" button of an editor you want to request a free sample from, and clicking on the "Free Sample" button. If the editor accepts your free sample request, you will receive the sample edited version within a couple of days.

You can send a message to an editor by just browsing our marketplace of editors , clicking on the "View Profile" button of an editor you want to contact, and clicking on the "Send Message" button. We will email you a notification as soon as your editor replies to your message.

You can schedule a teleconference call by just browsing our marketplace of editors , clicking on the "View Profile" button of an editor you want to contact, and clicking on the "Teleconference" button. We will contact you right away about availability and set up the teleconference for all parties involved.

You can find ratings and reviews from past clients within most editor profiles. Just find your editor and click on the "View Profile" button to see them. You can also read thousands of ServiceScape ratings and reviews on eKomi .

In addition, ServiceScape has been featured in several publications and websites, including The Wall Street Journal , Los Angeles Times , UpWork , HuffPost , Indeed , and The Ladders .

Many editors have portfolios which feature their editing. Just find your editor and click on the "View Profile" button to view these edited versions.

Yes, we provide editing certifications. Simply request the document when you hire an editor. When your project is delivered, you can download the editing certification by clicking on your project and clicking on the "Certification" button. These signed declarations certify that a document has been professionally edited by a ServiceScape editor.

Browse Rated and Reviewed Editors

Are you ready for the right dissertation editor, right now.


Thesis Editing Service

Reliable l Hassle-free l Expert Guided Struggling to draft your thesis with a solid logical foundation and clarity? Our team of experts is standing by to help you succeed!

Thesis Editing Service

Meet your Ph.D. & Master's expert thesis editors

We find the best thesis editing expert that matches your needs based on your field of study, choice of service, and preferences. The expert will work on your thesis and send you the edited thesis ready for submission. If our expert has queries or suggestions, they will let you know so you can implement them before submission.


Areas of Expertise


Our Services

You have put in years of hard work toward your Master’s or Ph.D.; the last thing you need is to have your work critiqued due to imperfect language and structure. Our editing experts help you eliminate grammar and language mistakes and enhance the overall presentation of your thesis.  Choose either Thesis Essentials or Thesis Pro service based on your unique requirements.

Make your thesis error-free and  submission-ready

Make your thesis error-free and submission-ready

Get a thorough copy editing and proofreading service that checks and corrects grammatical and vocabulary errors, improves punctuation and technical terms, and sharpens your thesis writing. Your editor will also provide a summary report and a rate card on your writing style.

  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Academic Style
  • Expert Commentary USP


Strengthen your thesis with language enhancements

Get smooth transitions, crisp sentences, precise verbiage, and clarity refinements. Your editing experts will also provide an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses in your writing. Get personalized feedback to improve your thesis narrative.

Other Services

  • Clarity Check USP
  • Structure Check USP
  • Advanced Commentary USP

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100% Reassurance of Quality

  • High quality editors
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Error free theses
  • Free Q&A service

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Thesis Editing

Our experienced editors will ensure proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and academic style while improving clarity, concision, and transitions in your writing. Your edited thesis/dissertation will have good readability and a proper academic tone, allowing your examiners to assess your research and studies easily.

Thesis Formatting

We will format your thesis according to your submission guidelines or designated style guide. This includes template application and implementation of page layout, heading, and numbering styles. We can also format your end-list references and check your cross-referencing.

Expert Comments

Our editors will insert comments with suggestions for enhancements and request clarifications at appropriate instances. They will also assess your strengths and weaknesses in the Thesis Rating Card and Thesis Expert Summary to help you sharpen your academic writing skills.


Client Testimonials for Thesis Editing

Our Commitment to Clients

We provide full support to ensure that you don't miss a beat when submitting your thesis!

Guaranteed Timely Delivery

24/7 email & chat support, data security with 256-bit ssl encryption, knowledge base.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should i choose thesis pro or thesis essentials +.

Thesis Essentials provides a thorough grammar and language revision, so you won't have to worry about basic language mistakes. It is suitable for students who are confident in their writing and/or under close guidance from their research advisers. Thesis Pro gives you more holistic editing that not only ensures your manuscript is free of error but also enhances its content presentation.

How is Thesis Editing different from other Enago editing services? +

Enago offers 3 academic editing services- Top Impact Scientific Editing ,  Substantive Editing , and  Copy Editing - targeting authors who wish to publish their research in international journals. Two to three editors edit each manuscript in the same research field for precise adherence to academic publishing conventions. These services also provide additional support for journal submission, including revision against peer reviewers' comments.

Will your experts fix issues in the content and structure of my thesis? +

Our thesis services may be equated to proofreading (Thesis Essentials) and copy editing (Thesis Pro). Neither of these services offers content edits or structural reviews. However, our experts will point out the issues they notice in Thesis Pro.

Can you format my thesis as per the required referencing style? Are your editors familiar with citation styles? +

Even though there are many distinct citation/reference formats, they all generally adhere to one of three basic principles: parenthetical, numerical, or note citations. Our thesis editors are well-versed with your institution's regulations and have over 10 years of experience in thesis editing & formatting.

Is there a thesis editing discount? I am a student. +

We offer a flat 15% off on our thesis editing services regardless of the word count of your paper, our thesis editing rates start at 18 cents/word because we understand that students are on a tight budget.

Can I get a Thesis Editing Samples? +

Yes, if your thesis is more than 10,000 words, you will receive a sample of about 200 words. This example edit gives you an idea of the editor's editing approach as well as an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. Alternatively, you can check our editing sample here .  How does the sample edit work? After placing your order via the free trial form , you will receive the sample edit within 24 hours. You will then have 24 hours to let us know if you are satisfied with the sample or if there is anything you would like the editor to change.  

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"Editor World has many editors of diversified backgrounds. The rates are affordable and the turnaround time can be as short as a few hours, or days or weeks - you get to choose. The editors have been extremely supportive, efficient, and fast. Thank you, editors, for all your support, expertise, and commitment in delivering to me a well-polished piece!"  -Diane, Los Angeles, California

The Top 10 Thesis Editing Services in 2024

If you’re a graduate student trying to find academic editing services for your thesis, the process of finding a thesis editor can be overwhelming. Purchasing editing services can help you easily finalize your thesis, increasing your chances of completing your degree and publishing your research. Choosing the best thesis editing service for you depends on your needs, goals, and budget. We list the  top 10 thesis editing services in 2024  to give an overview of a few options for finding a professional  thesis editor .

The Top 10 Thesis Editing Services with Prices

1. editor world.

Founded in 2010,  Editor World is an American company with a panel of editors, many of whom are experts in thesis editing services. All editors are native English speakers from the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom. You select the thesis editor who works on your thesis and can communicate directly with that editor throughout the editing process. The academic editors at Editor World have passed a stringent editing test and have decades of experience editing theses for academic clients from more than 60 countries around the globe. The cost to edit a thesis with 60,000 words is $1,200 at Editor World, with the edited thesis returned in about 2 weeks. Some  offer a discount of up to 20% off the price of thesis editing services.

Scribbr provides thesis proofreading and editing services as well as PhD dissertation proofreading and editing services. The company assigns your academic manuscript to one of its academic editors. Scribbr was acquired by Course Hero in 2022.  As of 2024, the cost to edit a 60,000-word thesis is $2,000 at Scribbr, with a 7-day turnaround.

Enago provides scientific editing services. The online company also provides plagiarism checks for an added fee. To obtain the price for editing a thesis with 60,000 words, you must submit your thesis document for a free sample of 300 words to receive a customized quote.

4. Scribendi

Scribendi is based in Canada and its academic editors are based around the world. The cost to edit a 60,000-word thesis (included in dissertation editing services) is $1,701, with the document returned in 2 weeks. Scribendi offers a free sample edit to help you decide if their thesis editing services are right for you. 

5. Oxford Editing

Oxford Editing has been providing thesis editing services since 2007. The chief contact at Oxford assigns your thesis manuscript to one of the company’s editors when you submit it for editing. The online editing company offers an approximate cost for new clients, but you are required to submit your document to receive an exact price. The cost for editing a 60,000-word thesis ranges starts at $2,100 and increases with heavier edits or editing by more senior editors.

Editage provides professional thesis editing services for academic clients and also provides dissertation and thesis editing services. For a thesis with a word count of 50,001 words or above, the price for editing services starts at $2,040. The price for thesis editing services increases as the word count increases.

Wordy has its headquarters in the United Kingdom and provides thesis copy-editing services. The cost to edit a 60,000-word thesis is $1,980 at Wordy. The turnaround time for editing a thesis with this word count is unclear.

8. Wordvice

Started in 2013, Wordvice lists information on select members of its editing panel on its site. The cost to edit a PhD thesis with 60,000 words is $2,590 at Wordvice, with a turnaround of 2 weeks. The price for thesis editing services increases to $3,010 for a 5-day turnaround.

9. Proofed Proofreading & Editing

Proofed Proofreading and Editing is based in South Africa and assigns your thesis manuscript to one of its editors. The company uses Knowadays to hire its academic editors who provide thesis proofreading services. The cost to edit a thesis with 60,000 words is $3,300 for a 6-day turnaround at Proofed.

10. Taylor & Francis Editing

Taylor & Francis Editing provides editing services to support T & F authors, and the editing company also provides editing services for those writing research manuscripts such as PhD dissertations. The cost to edit a 60,000-word thesis or dissertation would require obtaining a customized quote at Taylor & Francis. Taylor & Francis Editing provides a guarantee if no significant changes are made to the document prior to submission.


Everything You Need to Know About Editing Services for Your Dissertation

Are you looking to make your dissertation stand out? Perhaps you’re a PhD candidate or nearing the completion of your master’s degree. You understand that editing services are the most effective way to ensure your research gets the credit it deserves–But how can you ensure that you choose the right service and make the most of the available dissertation editing assistance?

In this post, we will cover everything you need about dissertation editing services and guide you on selecting the best professional editor for your needs.

Understanding Editing Services for Dissertations

First and foremost, it is important to recognize that editing a thesis or dissertation differs from editing other writing forms. A dissertation is not a piece of artistic or technical writing; it is academic writing with distinct characteristics:

  • Based on research: Your thesis represents years of comprehensive research in your field. It should include references, citations, and appendices for the reader to understand your study and its associated findings. An academic text needs to contain some fundamental components. Qualified dissertation editors will fully understand these needs.
  • Formal tone: Your thesis aims to present information and shed light on a specific topic. While it should be presented in an interesting manner, its purpose is not to entertain or engage the reader. Therefore, a formal style should be employed.
  • Knowledgeable audience: Your thesis is typically read by a limited group of individuals, such as your dissertation committee and supervisor. Even if you publish your thesis, the number of readers may be small. Therefore, writing for specialists in the field and using technical language is acceptable.

These distinctions are important because different types of writing require different types of editing . Your thesis should not be edited in the same way a corporate document would be. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right editing service provided by qualified native-English experts who understand technical and academic writing.

This is not to say that you should not hire a versatile editor. However, you should ensure that your editor is proficient in thesis proofreading and has prior experience in this area. In fact, versatile editors often make excellent thesis editors due to their deeper understanding of writing.

Types of Editing: Substantive Editing and Proofreading

There are two main types of editing that can enhance your dissertation, and it is important to understand them when considering dissertation editing services:

  • Substantive editing: This process involves meticulously reviewing your writing line by line to ensure that every sentence is well-written and fits within the context of the text.
  • Proofreading: Proofreading involves carefully reviewing your writing to ensure accuracy and coherence.

Which type of editing do you need for your dissertation? The answer depends on your writing skills and the level of excellence you want to achieve with your dissertation.

Copy editing includes:

dissertation copy editor

  • Punctuation and grammar
  • Sentence structure
  • Word choice
  • Consistency

Proofreading includes:

dissertation copy editor

Ideally, both copy editing and proofreading should be part of the writing process. While you can edit your dissertation independently, having at least a second pair of eyes proofread it is advisable.

However, unless you are proficient in writing and a native English speaker, seeking external substantive editing services for your dissertation is recommended.

The Cost of Dissertation Editing Services

The cost of hiring a professional editor to proofread your dissertation will vary depending on the word count of your paper and the turnaround time required. For example, editing a 15,000-word dissertation within a two-week timeframe can range from $450 to $1,200 USD.

Different charging methods for dissertation editing services include:

  • Per page: Some editing services charge based on the number of pages in your dissertation. However, this may not be the most accurate option, as the length of a page can vary depending on the style and font size used.
  • Per word: Charging per word is generally considered the best pricing strategy. It allows you to pay for the actual editing done, and it takes into account the specific length of your dissertation. Be cautious of companies that charge too little, as they may provide subpar service to justify the low cost.
  • Per hour: Some editing services charge by the hour, but this method comes with the risk of the editing process taking longer than necessary. Choosing a provider that bills per page or word is advisable to ensure transparency and avoid potential delays.

When considering the cost of editing services, it’s important to find a balance between quality and affordability. While it may be tempting to opt for a low-cost company, they may make fewer adjustments and not provide adequate assistance for specific concerns. Entrusting your dissertation to professionals ensures a significant improvement in the final version. Take a look at our guide to finding the best dissertation proofreader for more insights.

Choosing an Editing Service: What to Look For

Numerous online companies that offer dissertation editing and proofreading services. As such, sorting the wheat from the chaff. can be challenging.

If you want to work with the top dissertation editing service , look for a provider that offers the following:

  • Specializes in your field and has experience editing dissertations.
  • Assists with the formatting of your thesis.
  • Employs native-English editors who are university graduates.
  • Provides a free sample edit for your consideration.
  • Offers a satisfaction guarantee with a refund policy.
  • Offers a free revision service.
  • Has extensive experience editing theses and dissertations, particularly doctoral theses.
  • Has a track record of delivering high-quality work to numerous clients.
  • Responds promptly to emails (within 24 hours) and is receptive to feedback.

Dissertation Editing Services vs. Editing for Other Types of Writing

Editing a thesis is different from editing other types of documents, such as books or corporate documents. Editing a dissertation requires familiarity with the formal style used in academic writing. Most other writing styles are neutral or informal.

In academic writing, style and flow are important, but clarity of subject and language takes precedence. A dissertation editor should focus on the clarity and accuracy of the language to make your research shine. Clarity is crucial in the academic world.

Top dissertation editing services go beyond simply editing and offer assistance in strengthening your academic writing. Companies like Vappingo can provide you with an edited dissertation within 24 hours and offer guidance on improving your academic writing and ensuring you meet style requirements; for instance, APA formatting .

It is worth noting that editors are experts in language, former scholars, and possess extensive knowledge of the writing process. As they edit your work, they can identify areas of weakness and provide advice on how to strengthen those areas. They will also point out any inconsistencies in your argument.

Advantages of Dissertation Editing Services

Dissertation editing services offer several advantages over editing services for other types of writing. Generally, you can expect more affordable pricing and quicker turnaround times compared to other writing projects. For example, editing a 5,000-word document within two weeks would likely cost less than $1,000 USD.

In contrast, editing a book with 100,000 words could cost up to $5,000 USD and take several months to complete. This is because editing a dissertation usually takes less time than editing other types of writing, such as novels or articles, as dissertations are typically well-organized and have a defined structure. Consequently, dissertation editors identify and rectify mistakes relatively rapidly.

Additionally, dissertation editing services often provide a more personalized experience. These services are familiar with the specific requirements and expectations of academic writing, allowing the editor to identify and fix flaws more efficiently. For instance, an editor experienced in the MLA style will be adept at spotting and correcting errors in a dissertation following that style guide.

Using Vappingo’s Editing Services for Your Dissertation

At Vappingo, we understand the positive impact that a dissertation editing service can have on your academic outcomes. That’s why we offer reasonably priced editing services without compromising on quality. We take pride in reading and proofreading academic papers, books, and other publications for a living.

Through Vappingo, you can quickly and easily connect with a dedicated copy editor or online proofreader who will treat your subject and paper with the utmost respect. You have done the research, written the first draft, and now let us take the burden of editing off your shoulders.

In addition to polishing your words, your editor will assist you with formatting your paper according to your university’s guidelines, ensuring that the presentation doesn’t hinder you from achieving the best possible grade. If desired, your editor can also provide feedback on your paper and point any issues with your overall argument.

Why Customers Choose Vappingo

Vappingo has extensive experience collaborating with academic staff and students from universities worldwide. Our clients come from various countries, including Australia, the United States, the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia. They appreciate the clarity they gain when they see their edited work.

With thousands of hours of collective editing experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, including PhD candidates and faculty members, we are equipped to handle your editing needs. Vappingo is the ideal choice for PhD students seeking an exceptional editor.

Our editing services include: the following

  • Detailed line-by-line examination of your work
  • Formatting according to your university’s guidelines
  • Prompt responses from your editor within 24 hours
  • PhD-level recommendations for your thesis
  • Free revisions
  • Qualified native-English experts
  • Editing of grammar and punctuation
  • Sentence structure editing
  • Word choice editing
  • Consistency checking
  • Style editing
  • Spelling correction
  • Tone adjustment
  • Free comments and feedback
  • A team of knowledgeable editors
  • Direct communication with your editor
  • Secure copies of your edited and finalized thesis

A checklist to help you find the best dissertation proofreader

We also guarantee your satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with our editing services for your thesis, we will make it right or provide a refund.

The Editing Process at Vappingo

  • You upload your document and provide details of your requirements.
  • We assign an editor from our experienced team.
  • Your editor reviews and makes modifications to your document.
  • The updated document is returned to you with tracked changes.
  • You have the opportunity to review and make further changes before approving the modifications.

We follow a thorough process to ensure your satisfaction with the editing work we provide.

If you have any questions regarding our editing services for dissertations, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to answer any inquiries you may have.

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Professional Editing by PhD-Editors

Improve your work by hiring one of our phd-educated professional editors who have extensive experience and expertise in writing and editing research proposals, dissertations, journal articles and academic books ..

 Contact Us   Submit Documents for a Quote  

Dr. Marquita Hockaday, Senior Academic Consultant

Meet Our Team

Our Editing Services

D|e offers four levels of editing services:,           proofreading, copy editing, line editing and heavy           developmental editing., all our editing services automatically come with our formatting service ., if you are uncertain about how to proceed, contact us and we’ll help you to work out the editing service you require., ready to get started.

Submit Documents for a Quote

or email us @ [email protected]

How the process works, get a quote by submitting your document(s) to d|e., if you have advisor or committee feedback, and university formatting guidelines, send us those too., after carefully reviewing your documents, we will send you a quote and a turnaround time., we guarantee our quote price will reflect the work your document requires; nothing more, nothing less., turnaround time for a full dissertation is typically 10–12 business days; for a chapter or two it typically takes ~5 business days. we offer expedited services for an additional fee., we offer discounted editing packages if you want to work with us long-term..

See Our Prices

Dr. Lauren Saunders, Vice President of Editing and Research

We Offer a Wide-Range of Editing Services


With our proofreading service, our professional editors will correct typos, spelling mistakes, and objective grammatical errors ($0.02/word–$0.25/word) .

This service is ideal for projects that have already been edited and need one final review to ensure 100% accuracy. Proofreading is frequently combined with our formatting services for the final presentation of a completed thesis.

Copy Editing

With our copy editing service, our professional editors will correct typos, spelling mistakes, and objective errors, as well as “stylistic” or “rhetorical” errors in academic style, voice, clarity, diction, and sentence-level flow ($0.25/word–$0.35/word) .

This service does not include a critical review of the document and constructive feedback that our line editing service offers. This service is ideal for individuals who have well-written papers that require minimal changes.

Line Editing

With line editing, our professional editors will correct for all typos, spelling mistakes, and all objective errors, as well as “stylistic” or “rhetorical” errors in academic style, voice, clarity, diction, and sentence-level flow. They will also critically review your document and provide constructive feedback on argumentation and the structure/organization of your work. While our copy editing service focuses on your work at the sentence level, our line editing service takes into account larger structural issues at the paragraph, section, and chapter levels ($0.035/word–$0.05/word) .

Line editing, our most commonly requested editorial service, takes full advantage of the doctoral-level expertise all of our editors have to offer. Our editors are equipped to assist scholars and academics with a variety of projects in need of developmental feedback, including early-stage doctoral proposals, dissertation chapters, or an article in development for publication. 

Heavy Developmental Editing

With heavy developmental editing, our professional editors will correct for all typos, spelling mistakes, and all objective errors, as well as “stylistic” or “rhetorical” errors in academic style, voice, clarity, diction, and sentence-level flow. They will also critically review your document and provide constructive feedback on argumentation and the structure/organization of your work. Our heavy developmental editing services is designed for those who either really struggle with writing and/or those who have lots of feedback from reviewers, committee members, or supervisors that they need help addressing fast ($0.055/word–$0.07/word) . 

We use this service to take a deep dive into your writing!

Developmental Review

Our Developmental Review service is ideal for students who are in the early stages of the dissertation process. We will take a deep dive into your writing and any feedback you have received from your faculty to help you organize your ideas and strengthen your argument. We'll be sure to point out where something is missing, areas that need to be further fleshed out, and any repetition we encounter. Importantly, we will not edit your document in any way, or make any changes to your writing at the line level. We will, however, provide extensive feedback in the form of in-text comments, and a one-page letter from your editor that addresses the larger global issues with your document. All our developmental review services are paired with a follow up one hour coaching call via Zoom to go over your feedback with you and to help you develop a plan to move your project forward ( $200 + $0.03–$0.04/word).

Use our Coaching and Consultation service to speak directly with one of our PhD-educated editors to receive one-to-one coaching on your academic writing or research. A coach can help you to refine ideas, develop a research plan, or to discuss supervisor feedback on a dissertation draft. Our clients often pair our consultation services with our other editing services to discuss the written feedback provided by, e.g., a line-editing order.

Sessions are conducted via Zoom. The first session costs $130/hour. Each subsequent session costs $110/hour, with discounts also available: 5 consultations = $100/hour ($500); 10 consultations = $90 per hour ($900) .

Click here to learn more

Samples of each of our editing services

From initial consultation to completion of my dissertation, the team members at Dissertation Editor exceeded my expectations in every regard. Their expertise, professionalism, compassion, and commitment to helping me succeed were exemplary. They helped me refine my dissertation to the highest level of excellence possible. The amount of time they saved me was also incalculable, due in no small part to their always on-point guidance and ability to provide statistical and dissertation editing on an expedited basis. Looking back, engaging Dissertation Editor was one of the smartest decisions I made during my Ph.D. candidacy, and I will be grateful forever that I discovered them when I did.

More Testimonials

Dissertation Editor

+1 857-600-2241 info@dissertation-editor.com 1 Mifflin Place, Suite 400, Cambridge, MA 02138

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University Writing Center

Hire an Editor

How to hire a freelance copyeditor, where to start.

  • If you’re a student, ask your professor or faculty supervisors for their permission to hire a copy-editor.  UT has no official policies against hiring editors, but individual faculty members may object to this practice.  Sec. 11-402. Academic Dishonesty  of UT’s Institutional Rules does not mention copy-editing as a prohibited conduct. However, if your supervisor tells you not to use an editor and you hire one anyway, then this would be a violation of “failing to comply with instructions” (11-402(c)(2)). So, the best practice is to make sure your supervisor is OK with you hiring a copy-editor.
  • Read Wendy Laura Belcher’s overview ,  How to Hire and Work with an Academic Copyeditor .
  • Send query emails early in your writing process , even before your project is ready to review. Ask editors about rates, time frames, and options for reviewing your chapters one at a time.

Standard Editorial Rates

“Rates vary considerably depending on the nature of the work, the time frame of the assignment, the degree of special expertise required, and other factors. The industry standard for a manuscript page… is 250 words.” ( source )

  • Basic copyediting: 5-10 ms pgs/hr, $30-40/hr
  • Heavy copyediting: 2–5 ms pgs/hr, $40–50/hr
  • Developmental editing: 1–5 pgs/hr, $45–55/hr
  • Substantive or line editing: 1–6 ms pgs/hr, $40–60/hr
  • Proofreading: 9-13 ms pgs/hr, $30-35/hr
  • Translating: 300-500 wds/hr, $40-50/hr
  • “The average rate at which copyeditors edit is 4 pages (or 1,000 words) per hour.”
  • “First, review the manuscript… If your footnotes have never been spell-checked, spell-check them. If your references are not standardized, fix them…. Once you have fixed what you can, identify exactly how many pages are in your manuscript (don’t guess, divide the total electronic word count by 250 words). Divide this figure by 4 (pages an hour) to arrive at the likely total cost of copyediting.”
  • 200-page dissertation = 50 hours x $30 = $1500.

Freelance Editors

Note:  We only feature editors who have worked at the UWC in the past. These editors are not currently affiliated with the UWC.

Lynn Cowles

Former UWC Consultant

Email:   [email protected]

PhD and MA in English, UT Austin; BA in English, Virginia Commonwealth University

Experience :

Fifteen years of writing coaching and thousands of pages edited for diverse writers and projects! I specialize in:

  • Academics: scholarly publications, dissertations, curricula;
  • Businesses: internal and external communications; web/social media content;
  • Professionals: books, industry pieces; and
  • Nonprofits: grants, reports, etc.

Experience includes working for academic journals, web development offices, and popular and academic publishers. Writing partnerships are unique—let’s see what ours looks like together! Please email with project details for pricing.

Melanie Haupt

Phone:  (512) 293-2853

Email:   [email protected]

Website:  drhediting.com

PhD in English, UT Austin; MA in English, University of Colorado Boulder; BA in English, UT Austin

I earned my PhD in English at the University of Texas at Austin, where I taught literature and rhetoric and writing classes from 2005–2012. I have taught rhetoric and composition, American Studies, and Capstone at St. Edward’s University. I have extensive experience with proofreading, copyediting, and project editing and can help you get your college application letter, thesis, dissertation, monograph, and manuscript ready for submission.

Sara Saylor

Email:   [email protected]

Website:   https://www.sarasaylor.com

PhD in English, UT Austin; MA in English, UT Austin; BA in English, University of South Carolina

I have 15 years of experience supporting academic writers as a consultant, editor, and teacher. I specialize in editing journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, and thesis projects in the social sciences, humanities, and education. I offer substantive feedback to improve your manuscript’s clarity, flow, and argumentation, as well as one-on-one consultations to support your work at any stage of the writing process.


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    DissertationProofreading Service. Our dissertation proofreading service focuses on helping you to express your ideas and arguments clearly. As part of this, we will: We will even provide two copies of your edited dissertation when we're done: This is so you can review and approve every change we make. And if your chosen file format doesn't ...

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    English editing services by PhD editors. Expert book, thesis, dissertation, academic, and AI content improvement editors. 100% satisfaction guarantee. ... Journal editing, article editing, newsletter editing, ebook editing - there's no copy our editors haven't edited. We have an editor for every project and document imaginable. Learn more.

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    We also apply the correct in-text citation format with a complete list of references to ensure a consistent writing style. 100% Reassurance of Quality. Enago's Thesis Editing service assures you that your thesis will not be rejected on grounds of language, grammar, style, and consistency. High quality editors. 24x7 customer support.

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    Technical Copy Editing is your final edit after completing all revisions, correcting your grammar, spelling and punctuation while improving the organization, style, readability and tone of your manuscript. Your Technical Copy Editor provides you with valuable academic and editorial remarks, suggestions, and explanations throughout.

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    Overuse of passive voice. Subjective or inflated language. For a more comprehensive edit, you can add one or multiple add-on editing services that fit your needs. ⏰ Deadline. Within 12 hours. 📄 Texts. Papers, essays, dissertations, manuscripts. ⭐️ Rating. 4.6 based on 12,523 reviews.

  14. Professional Thesis Editing Services

    Thesis Editing. Our experienced editors will ensure proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and academic style while improving clarity, concision, and transitions in your writing. Your edited thesis/dissertation will have good readability and a proper academic tone, allowing your examiners to assess your research and studies easily. 02.

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    For a thesis with a word count of 50,001 words or above, the price for editing services starts at $2,040. The price for thesis editing services increases as the word count increases. 7. Wordy Wordy has its headquarters in the United Kingdom and provides thesis copy-editing services. The cost to edit a 60,000-word thesis is $1,980 at Wordy. The ...

  16. Everything You Need to Know About Editing Services for Your Dissertation

    Dissertation editing services offer several advantages over editing services for other types of writing. Generally, you can expect more affordable pricing and quicker turnaround times compared to other writing projects. For example, editing a 5,000-word document within two weeks would likely cost less than $1,000 USD.

  17. Top 10 Online Dissertation Editing Services of 2024

    Pricing: It costs $61 to edit and proofread a 1000-word document. 3. Scribendi. Scribendi provides expert dissertation editing, proposal editing, and thesis editing services. They correct any misspellings, or typographical errors and briefly summarize the work done along with listing down major concerns.

  18. Scribbr's Proofreading Rates

    We have editors available to check your thesis 365 days per year, including weekends and holidays. 24 Hours. 72 Hours. 1 Week. ... It can only be selected in combination with editing. Copy editing Focus on grammar, syntax, style, tone and the conventions of the field. The editor also considers the internal logic of the text and flags any ...

  19. Editing : Dissertation Editor

    Copy Editing. With our copy editing service, our professional editors will correct typos, spelling mistakes, and objective errors, as well as "stylistic" or "rhetorical" errors in academic style, voice, clarity, diction, and sentence-level flow ($0.25/word-$0.35/word). Read more

  20. Hire an Editor

    If you're a student, ask your professor or faculty supervisors for their permission to hire a copy-editor. UT has no official policies against hiring editors, but individual faculty members may object to this practice. Sec. 11-402. Academic Dishonesty of UT's Institutional Rules does not mention copy-editing as a prohibited conduct. However ...