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mit sloan mba video statement

Just as MIT Sloan eschews the M7 convention throughout its MBA application process  (requiring a cover letter and org chart in lieu of traditional written essays), its MIT Sloan video component is unlike the others.

Instead of seeing how you’ll field a series of randomly selected questions, MIT Sloan wants a one-take video statement in which you “introduce yourself to your future classmates.” And the kicker is that you get just 60 seconds to deliver a response that’s meaningful, memorable, and coherent.

A growing number of business schools have introduced a video component of the MBA application in recent years, including INSEAD, Kellogg, Yale, Rotman, and MIT Sloan. In addition to seeing you in action, the video component allows MBA admissions to assess your confidence, presentation style, language skills, and ability to think on your feet. My Fortuna Admissions colleagues have offered great advice on acing the MBA video essay , including tips on set-up, presentation, and fielding sample questions. Each of those great insights are still valuable and applicable to MIT Sloan.

One of my clients delivered a 60-second MIT Sloan video statement  that knocked it out of the park.

The secret to his success was to focus on just one story from his life, which revealed a distinctive aspect of his personality. Frankly, it was an anecdote that might easily be overlooked, if it weren’t for the artful way he used his story to illuminate the personal values and attributes that made him a great fit for the MIT Sloan MBA program .

His MIT Sloan video statement didn’t showcase any remarkable technical skill, nor attempt to deliver his elevator pitch. He appeared to be sitting at his desk in a small, tidy corner that might have been a bedroom or office. Then he launched straight into a story that evoked a specific moment in time, and suddenly I could picture the scene. I felt myself get curious and attentive. What he achieved was a winsome glimpse into what made him unique, and it exuded warmth, sincerity, and authenticity. He even managed to convey a personal “ah-ha” that was both profound and relevant. And what he chose to omit was so intentional and well-tuned that you couldn’t watch his video statement without wanting to meet him. Slam dunk.

While the content is your own, there are several key characteristics you can take to heart in creating your standout video.

Here are six top tips to keep in mind for your MIT Sloan video statement .

1. Consider elaborating on one, specific experience. A single story that conveys something meaningful allows you to offer more depth about who you are beyond a shimmering track record of management and professional  excellence. Think of something that won’t be found in the rest of your application – what will add value to your overall narrative?

2. Avoid a monologue of your professional accomplishments. This means sidestepping what my Fortuna colleague Karla Cohen refers to as the “resume to prose” essay (and while a video isn’t prose, this translates to scripting a story of successes and achievements). “It’s a common mistake, and it robs your story of the potential for making an emotional connection,” says Karla in her recent article on what HBS really wants . “When you take the risk to be vulnerable, it inspires a human connection, and it’s so much more appealing.”

3. Take the risk to reveal something personal . Focusing too heavily on work-work-work makes you seem less human. Or like you’re trying to give the admissions team what you think they want to hear. The best MIT MBA video statement is about giving them a genuine glimpse of who you are.

4. Emphasize quality over quantity. A minute can feel impossibly short, and there isn’t a lot of room for sharing. Dig deep to explore a specific story that says a lot about you, and allows you to make a connection to the values that MIT holds dear.

5. Connect your values to those of MIT Sloan. MIT’s MBA program  is looking for brilliant, imaginative doers who are having an impact in the communities in which they exist. Think about anecdotes and stories that show when you’ve gone beyond yourself, demonstrated leadership and/or created a positive impact.

6. Strike a tone that’s humble yet confident. The applicant pool at any M7 business school is teeming with overachieving students. So, while you’ll want to convey your poise and authenticity, be sure to release any shred of entitlement or arrogance. (This isn’t politics, and boasting won’t win you favors.) Being likable is a huge part of admissions success.

To cite an enduring maxim from the late author and poet Maya Angelou:

“ At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel. ”

The MIT Sloan video essay is an opportunity to make the admissions committee feel something powerful. And, ultimately, leave them feeling a desire to interview and meet you in person.

Want more advice?

For more insider information, check out our related articles on MIT Sloan below. You can also view Fortuna’s Business School Profile on MIT Sloan or request a copy of our Insider Tips Report  on MIT Sloan.

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Fortuna Admissions Expert Coach Brittany Maschal  is a former member of admissions teams at Wharton, Princeton & Johns Hopkins. For a candid assessment of your chances of admission success at a top MBA program, sign up for  a free consultation .

  • Posted on September 18, 2020
  • By Brittany Maschal

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MIT Sloan Video Statement: Overview, Advice, & Common Mistakes

Learn all about the MIT Sloan video statement, including valuable advice and tips to help you stand out.

Posted January 10, 2024

mit sloan mba video statement

Applying to the Chicago Booth Scholars Program

Thursday, february 22.

10:00 PM UTC · 45 minutes

The MIT Sloan Video Statement is an integral part of the application process for prospective MBA students. In this article, we provide an overview of the video statement, offer advice on how to prepare and succeed, and highlight common mistakes to avoid. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career, this article will help you navigate the video statement with confidence .

MIT Sloan Application and the Role of the Video Statement

The MIT Sloan application is highly competitive, and the Video Statement is an opportunity for applicants to showcase their communication skills, interpersonal abilities, and overall fit with the program . While traditional written essays provide insights into your achievements and aspirations, the video statement allows the admissions committee to assess your poise, confidence, and presence in a dynamic and interactive format.

Beyond assessing your communication abilities, the video statement also offers a glimpse into your personality, values, and how you handle pressure. It is a chance to differentiate yourself from other applicants and leave a lasting impression on the admissions committee.

mit sloan mba video statement

When creating your video statement, it is important to carefully consider the content and delivery. This is your chance to tell your story in a compelling and engaging way . Think about what sets you apart from other applicants and how you can effectively convey that through your video.

One strategy to consider is to start by introducing yourself and providing a brief background on your academic and professional experiences. This will give the admissions committee a sense of your qualifications and achievements. From there, you can delve into specific examples and anecdotes that highlight your skills and accomplishments.

It is also important to showcase your passion and enthusiasm for the program. Share why you are specifically interested in MIT Sloan and how it aligns with your career goals. This will demonstrate your commitment and dedication to the program, which is something the admissions committee will be looking for.

Furthermore, the video statement is an opportunity to showcase your creativity and presentation skills . Consider incorporating visuals, such as graphs or charts, to support your points and make your video visually appealing. However, be mindful not to overwhelm the video with too many visuals, as the focus should still be on your message and delivery.

Lastly, practice, practice, practice! Rehearse your video statement multiple times to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in your delivery. Pay attention to your body language, tone of voice, and overall presence. Remember, the admissions committee is not only evaluating what you say, but also how you say it.

MIT Sloan Video Statement Instructions (2023-2024)

Before diving into the creation of your video statement, it's crucial to understand the specific instructions provided by MIT Sloan for the upcoming application cycle.

On its website, MIT Sloan outlines the video statement with the following:

Introduce yourself to your future classmates. Here’s your chance to put a face with a name, let your personality shine through, be conversational, be yourself. We can’t wait to meet you!

  • Length: Your video statement should be no longer than one minute.
  • Content: Address the prompt above: "Introduce yourself to your future classmates."
  • Technical Specifications: The video should be recorded in one continuous take using a neutral background. You can use any recording device, including a smartphone or computer webcam (we recommend the latter). Do not include background music or subtitles.

Creating a compelling video statement is an opportunity for you to showcase your personality, experiences, and aspirations to the admissions committee at MIT Sloan. While the instructions may seem straightforward, it's essential to approach this task with careful consideration and planning.

When crafting your video statement, think about how you can effectively introduce yourself to your future classmates. Consider highlighting aspects of your personal and professional life that have shaped you into the individual you are today. This could include discussing your upbringing, cultural background, or any significant life events that have influenced your values and goals.

Remember, the video statement is an opportunity for the admissions committee to get to know you beyond your written application. Use this platform to showcase your unique qualities, experiences, and aspirations that make you a strong candidate for MIT Sloan.

Expert Tips for the MIT Sloan Video Statement

Preparing for the MIT Sloan Video Statement can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. To help you navigate this process, we have compiled a list of expert tips to ensure you make the most of this opportunity:

  • Plan and Rehearse: Take the time to plan your content and rehearse your delivery. Structure your thoughts, emphasizing key points without sounding scripted.
  • Show Authenticity: Be yourself and let your genuine personality shine. Admissions committees value authenticity, so avoid trying to portray an image that isn't true to who you are.
  • Convey Passion: Share your enthusiasm for your goals, experiences, and aspirations. Demonstrate your motivation and commitment to making a difference in your chosen field.
  • Be Concise: Given the time limit, be mindful of being concise and impactful in your communication. Avoid rambling or providing unnecessary details.
  • Practice Non-Verbal Communication: Pay attention to non-verbal cues such as body language, eye contact, and facial expressions. They can greatly enhance your message and overall impression.
  • Seek Feedback: Record yourself and seek feedback from trusted individuals, such as mentors, family, or friends. They can offer valuable insights and help refine your presentation.

How to Write Compelling MBA Essays

While the MIT Sloan Video Statement provides a unique opportunity to showcase your abilities, it's important to remember that it should complement your overall application. Your written essays play a crucial role in highlighting your achievements, experiences, and motivations. Here are a few tips to write compelling essays:

  • Reflect on Your Experiences: Dive deep into your personal and professional experiences to identify key moments that have shaped your journey and fueled your aspirations.
  • Show Impact: Demonstrate how your experiences have had a positive impact on others, your community, or your organization. Admissions committees value applicants who make a difference.
  • Connect with MIT Sloan: Research the program thoroughly and tailor your essays to highlight how your goals align with MIT Sloan's mission, values, and resources. Connect your aspirations to specific offerings within the program.
  • Seek Feedback: Share your essays with trusted advisors, mentors, or friends, and incorporate their feedback to refine your writing. Multiple perspectives can help you craft stronger narratives.
  • Show Growth and Learning: Admissions committees are interested in your ability to learn from challenges and adapt. Highlight instances where you have overcome obstacles and grown both personally and professionally.

MIT Sloan Video Statement FAQs

1. What is the MIT Sloan Video Statement?

The MIT Sloan Video Statement is a short video submission required as part of the MBA application. It gives candidates the opportunity to introduce themselves to the admissions committee in a more personal and dynamic way than written essays.

2. How long should the MIT Sloan video statement be?

The video statement should typically be around one minute long. It's important to adhere strictly to the time limit specified by MIT Sloan in the application instructions.

3. What content should be included in the video statement?

The video should include a brief introduction of yourself, your background, and why you are interested in MIT Sloan. Focus on aspects that might not be evident from your written application, like your personality and enthusiasm.

4. What technical quality is expected for the video?

While the video doesn’t have to be professionally produced, ensure good quality in terms of clear audio and visual. Record in a well-lit, quiet environment and test your equipment beforehand.

5. Should I follow a script for the video?

It’s advisable to outline key points you want to cover, but avoid a rigid script. The video should come across as natural and conversational. Practice enough to be comfortable but maintain a spontaneous feel.

6. How can I make my video statement stand out?

Be authentic and let your personality shine through. Use the video to share stories or insights that add a new dimension to your application. Creativity is welcome, but keep it relevant and professional.

7. What are common mistakes to avoid in the video statement?

Common mistakes include exceeding the time limit, poor audio or video quality, being too scripted or rehearsed, lack of focus on relevant content, and failing to convey enthusiasm for the program.

8. Can I include other people in my video?

The video should primarily focus on you. If including others adds value to what you’re conveying (for instance, a brief clip showing team interaction), it can be considered, but ensure the primary focus remains on your own contributions and story.

9. How important is the video statement in the overall application?

The video statement is a critical component of your application. It provides the admissions committee with insights into your communication skills, personality, and fit with Sloan’s culture.

10. Should I get feedback on my video before submitting?

Yes, getting feedback can be very beneficial. Show your video to trusted friends, mentors, or professionals who can give you honest feedback on the content, delivery, and overall impression.

With these insights and tips, you can approach the MIT Sloan Video Statement with confidence and make a compelling impression on the admissions committee. Take the opportunity to showcase your personality, passion, and readiness to contribute to the MIT Sloan community. Good luck!

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We can improve your MBA profile and boost your candidacy. Gain insight into the review process and eliminate weaknesses from your MBA application.

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Tuesday Tips: MIT Sloan Cover Letter and Video Advice for 2023-2024

MIT Sloan cover letter

Are you targeting the MIT  Sloan School of Management  this application season? Today, we’re sharing our tips for the MIT Sloan cover letter and personal video statement to help you create a positive impression through your application materials.

The MIT Sloan MBA admissions committee has put together a set of useful video tips on their YouTube channel, including a “ day in the life” of a Sloan student. In watching the videos, you can see what Sloan values to highlight in your MIT Sloan cover letter.

One of the former  MIT Admissions Officers  on the SBC team shared that MIT seeks applicants who can navigate, “problems of progressive complexity, ability to adapt to ambiguous situations, independence of thought, humility/consideration for others.”

Students at MIT Sloan are engaged, creative, and think outside the typical MBA frameworks. A study group profiled in the videos includes engineering and design students. For example, a student in the video just returned from a trip to Africa. Also, the video describes vibrant social events and life in Cambridge and Boston. With the cover letter essay, your task is to convince the admissions committee that you are MIT Sloan MBA material.

Curious about your chances of getting into a top B-school like MIT Sloan? Contact us  to talk strategy with a free 15-minute advising session with an SBC Principal Consultant. 

mit sloan mba video statement

MIT Sloan Cover Letter

Mit sloan seeks students whose personal characteristics demonstrate that they will make the most of the incredible opportunities at mit, both academic and non-academic. we are on a quest to find those whose presence will enhance the experience of other students., we seek thoughtful leaders with exceptional intellectual abilities and the drive and determination to put their stamp on the world. we welcome people who are independent, authentic, and fearlessly creative — true doers. we want people who can redefine solutions to conventional problems, and strive to preempt unconventional dilemmas with cutting-edge ideas. we demand integrity and respect passion., taking the above into consideration, please submit a cover letter seeking a place in the mit sloan mba program. your letter should conform to a standard business correspondence, include one or more professional examples that illustrate why you meet the desired criteria above, and be addressed to the admissions committee (300 words or fewer, excluding address and salutation)..

The MIT Sloan cover letter format has been used for many years to select candidates. In some ways, this structure reflects the MIT goal to admit candidates with practical (though innovative) ideas and experience. Also, the cover letter is a way to describe your key accomplishments and use them to prove that you embody the outlined criteria for admission. Those criteria are: independent, authentic, and fearlessly creative — true doers.

Take the MIT Sloan cover letter idea literally and approach this essay as if you were applying for a demanding new job. Can you highlight essential stories in your background to prove you take an innovative approach? How can you tell stories that will show you have integrity and passion?

Specifically, use one or more concise illustrations. For example, you could discuss a time when you have approached a business problem and provided a creative solution. Have you innovated a process at work? Or, perhaps you have suggested a new approach to a customer problem. Also, think about times when you have been able to provide a fresh perspective at work. Finally, for each story, describe what you did in those situations to demonstrate problem-solving skills and passion.

While showcasing your skills and talents is crucial, don’t forget to demonstrate your ability to work with others and support them. Also, note that MIT Sloan is on a quest to find those whose presence will enhance the experience of other students. Therefore, you want to demonstrate that you will be an asset to the community and will embody a collaborative approach.

MIT Sloan cover letter

Video Statement

Introduce yourself to your future classmates. here’s your chance to put a face with a name, let your personality shine through, be conversational, be yourself. we can’t wait to meet you videos should adhere to the following guidelines:.

  • No more than 1 minute (60 seconds) in length
  • Single take (no editing)
  • Speaking directly to the camera
  • Do not include background music or subtitles

As the MIT admissions committee advises in a  short video , this format is all about getting to know you better. Areas evaluated include your presence, passions, and interests. Because you will need to record the video in one take, we suggest preparing for this video statement like an interview. Therefore, write down the stories you might tell about yourself—ideally personal, engaging, and revealing of who you are.

First, brainstorm stories that reveal the real you. For example, you might be passionate about travel and experiencing new cultures. Have you made several exciting trips in your life? Each has likely given you a new perspective. Maybe you developed a passion for Thai cuisine after a trip. Or, you collected Brazilian art from your travels to that country.

Second, think of a few discrete examples. Third, put the stories and the introduction together. Make sure to practice until you are comfortable before you start recording.

Finally, when recording the video essay response, speak slowly and clearly to the camera. Though it will feel awkward to speak to a camera, try to be natural. The most important goal is to convey your personality. Remember, the admissions committee wants you to be authentic and have fun!

To talk to Stacy Blackman Consulting about your MIT Sloan cover letter, don’t hesitate to contact us!     We offer multiple services to meet your MBA application needs, from our  All-In Partnership  to hourly help reviewing your MBA resume.   Contact SBC today for a  free 15-minute advising session  to talk strategy with a Principal SBC consultant. Meanwhile, here’s a snapshot of the caliber of expertise on  our SBC team . 

mit sloan mba video statement

With deadlines around the corner, you may be interested in the world-famous SBC Flight Test . Once a full set of application materials for your initial school have been drafted, but not finalized, the application will be sent to a former admissions committee member for a one-time review, adcomm style. You’ll have the benefit of a true admissions committee review while still having the ability to tinker and change.  You will receive written feedback within two business days after submitting.

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