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LGBT Argumentative Essays Samples For Students

50 samples of this type

Regardless of how high you rate your writing skills, it's always a good idea to check out a competently written Argumentative Essay example, especially when you're handling a sophisticated LGBT topic. This is exactly the case when WowEssays.com collection of sample Argumentative Essays on LGBT will come in useful. Whether you need to brainstorm an original and meaningful LGBT Argumentative Essay topic or survey the paper's structure or formatting peculiarities, our samples will provide you with the necessary data.

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Gay Marriage Argument Essays: Should It Be Legalized

Introduction, good argumentative essay on same sex marriage, good argumentative essay on gay rights in social media.

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Adam And Eve Not Adam And Steve Argumentative Essay Samples

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Table of Contents

Introduction 2

Man and Woman, Woman and Woman or Man and Man 4 Procreation or Not 4 Optimum Environment for Children 5 Gay Relationships are Moral or Immoral 5 Federal Law 6 President Obama 7 Politicians and Media Figures 8 Conclusion 10 Work Cited 10

Norah Vincents Learning Experience In Self-Made Man Argumentative Essay

Gay marriage in america argumentative essay examples.

Same-sex marriage is the legal union between people of the same sex. The debate concerning the marriage rights and benefits to gay couples has been intense since early 1970s. In 1996, the then US president Bill Clinton, signed DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) into law (Pinello 12). This Act gives a legal definition of Marriage as a legal union between one woman and one man. However, this enactment gave the definition of marriage for federal law purposes only and gave authority to the states to make their own rulings concerning the matter.

Example Of Argumentative Essay On Gay Rights In Canada

Argumentative essay on gay marriage.

This thesis aims to highlight the issue of gay marriage that is now being seen in a positive light. It has readily gained acceptance over so many years. People are beginning to see it as an acceptable reality. The roots of its acceptance are also traced through various countries with so many countries beginning to understand how essential it is to allow man with the freedom of anything.

Free Argumentative Essay On Gay Marriages

Marriage is a social union between two people, a union that promotes connection. The definition of marriage often varies depending on individual beliefs, cultural values among others. It can be defined as a union where individual relationships such as intimacy and sex are accepted. Marriage is formalized through a wedding either in a law court or in a church. Marriage was naturally supposed to be between people of different sex but in recent times, marriages between people of the same sex have been a normal scenario. Marriage is however not an institution for companionship alone but also for procreation, something gay couples are unable to do.

Legalizing Gay Marriage Argumentative Essay Examples

Argumentative essay on should homosexuals be able to marry, sample argumentative essay on legalizing same-sex marriage, free why same sex marriage is bad for society argumentative essay sample, judicial activism fosters social change in america argumentative essay sample, argumentative essay on changing tides: same-sex marriage policy and public opinion in the united states, lessons from frederick douglass argumentative essay, same-sex marriage and discrimination, good argumentative essay on same-sex marriage, gay marriage and federal benefits argumentative essays example.

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Example Of Same Sex Marriage Arguments Essay

Argumentative essay on increased incidence of std in older adults.

Unprotected sex among older adults is giving rise to more incidents of sexually transmitted disease in people between the ages of forty-five to seventy. There will always be a reaction to every action, and having sex without protection is the cause of this increase of sexually transmitted disease among older adults. Protecting oneself from sexually transmitted disease requires the practice of safe sex. Safe sex should be worn as an amour against STDs.

Increased Incidence of STD in Older Adults

Sample argumentative essay on professional athletes are not overpaid, free argumentative essay on unnatural objections and corvinos replies, is homosexuality really immoral, good argumentative essay about sexual abuse is an incorrigible crime perpetrated against the innocence of our children, good current events notebook argumentative essay example, argumentative essay on why homosexuals should be able to marry, example of sex discrimination act argumentative essay, romantic period argumentative essay.

1. In William Blake's "Songs of Innocence and of Experience," Blake attempts to dig into the very nature of existence and perception; part of the primary message of the works is that childhood is an innocent time that should be protected, but it is capable of being corrupted by the structures and rules of the adult world. As we get older and move through life, getting more experiences, we lose our innocence and start to become adults because of what the government, the church and the rich do to us.

Argumentative Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Single-Sex Schools

Free argumentative essay on american politics and presidential election, example of euthanasia and assisted suicide arguments pro and con argumentative essay, hate speech is not free speech argumentative essay sample, wong kar wai argumentative essay examples, introduction.

Wong Kar-Wai is a director based from Hong Kong, who is hugely respected as not only a director, but an artist who is constantly mentioned by critics and film enthusiasts alike. Although many of his films did not go on to become big as other major films in the Box Office, Wong Kar-Wai's films have begun to be well known for breaking the contemporary style of Hong Kong cinema.

Gender Bender Argumentative Essay

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Top 5 Examples of LGBT Argumentative Essay Topics

phd student library

The LGBT community is one of the most discussed modern topics. While many people stand for their rights, there are also those that strongly oppose them. Only knowledge and education can finish this conflict. That’s why it is so important to write essays on LGBT in educational facilities. Read our new material for some interesting ideas on LGBT argumentative essay topics. 

Same-sex marriage essay

These are, by far, the most common essays dedicated to the question of LGBT. Usually, a same sex marriage arguments essay tells about the controversy surrounding the question of same-sex marriages. Such works are really interesting because they allow you to explore a truly heated debate. You may review a broad range of subtopics. For example, religious attitudes to the topic or, probably, some real-life stories about same-sex marriage. 

Sometimes, it is very challenging to navigate through all the information on the given question. If you struggle with such an assignment, make sure to use a free essay sample as a source of inspiration. You can find it on the list of  LGBT argumentative essay topics and examples written to help you deliver an excellent paper. Here you will find useful ideas and facts that will definitely help you. 

Book review

There are many books dedicated to the question of LGBT. Many students receive a task to analyze such a book. This literary analysis will help you understand some interesting perspectives on the topic and explore various aspects of LGBT debatable topics. In most cases, an educator will present the most relevant book during the class. Later, you’ll be able to get its printed or digital copy for review. Remember to support your analysis with arguments from other sources. In this case, a library will come in handy. 

Discussion essay on LGBT rights

LGBT rights are one of the most valuable LGBT argumentative topics. It is always surrounded by many controversies. In modern conditions, it goes primarily about measures taken against homophobic actions and hostility. During a sociology course, learners get many opportunities to explore the reasons for such behavior peculiar to some people. If you decide to deliver an essay on LGBT rights, you get a very fruitful field for some extensive research. There are also many sources you can use and many subtopics you may cover. For sure, it is a perfect choice for the most detailed and sophisticated papers. 

Historical comparison essay

The rights and the attitudes towards the question of LGBT have changed over time. A great idea is to discuss these changes in a comparison essay. For example, you may compare the status of the LGBT society in the 19th century to the modern one. Many college students may focus on such an assignment, as it creates great opportunities for historical retrospectives. Such an approach also helps them research social change. There is an opportunity to apply various sociological theories or historical processes to explore the question in more detail. Anyway, the potential for research is almost unlimited in this direction. 

Narrative essay on gay rights and problems

One of the greatest opportunities to explore the LGBT community and its issues is to deliver an excellent narrative on the topic. You are free to choose any subtopic related to this question for writing. For example, a decent idea would be focusing on your experience of interaction with its representatives. Probably, you may describe some personal experiences related to the LGBT community . This will help you explore some real emotions or characters. After all, such a work will be much more engaging to the readers. There are great opportunities to express your personal attitudes to the given question and include a meaningful appeal.

A great benefit of such an assignment is that you’re free to use your creativity. For example, you may suggest what the future of the LGBT community should look like. In this case, you may focus on the rights of such people, their future status, and your expectations of the future of same-sex marriages. This will make your work overlap with an argumentative essay on LGBT marriage. The main difference is that the work will show your ability to anticipate and make up something much better. Probably, even the most demanding university teachers will be satisfied with such an appeal.

Final thoughts

So, these were the most promising topics for an essay on LGBT. Probably, you may come up with your own idea, but make sure to use our topic examples for inspiration. The topic is extremely broad and includes many possible subtopics. So, with the right approach and a decent understanding of the question, you may come up with some great ideas on how to write an excellent LGBT essay. 

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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Essay Samples on LGBTQ

Lgbtq rights: navigating equality and inclusivity.

LGBTQ rights have emerged as a significant social and legal issue, challenging societies worldwide to confront questions of equality, discrimination, and inclusivity. This essay delves into the multifaceted landscape of LGBTQ rights, examining the historical context, legal advancements, challenges, and the ongoing journey towards achieving...

  • Human Rights

LGBTQ Rights: An Argumentative Landscape

The rights of the LGBTQ community have emerged as a crucial and contentious issue in today's society. This essay undertakes an in-depth analysis of the argumentative discourse surrounding LGBTQ rights, scrutinizing the diverse perspectives, presenting evidence, and providing critical commentary on this complex matter. By...

Persuading for Equality: Embracing LGBTQ Rights

LGBTQ rights have become a pivotal social issue, demanding our collective attention and action. This persuasive essay aims to advocate for the full acceptance and legal protection of LGBTQ individuals, emphasizing the importance of equality, the negative consequences of discrimination, and the societal benefits of...

The Complexity of LGBTQ Identities: A Personal Opinion

LGBTQ identities constitute a rich tapestry of human diversity that has gained significant visibility and recognition in recent times. This opinion essay aims to provide a personal perspective on the multifaceted nature of LGBTQ identities, acknowledging their significance, challenges, and the evolving societal attitudes that...

LGBTQ Discrimination: Overcoming Prejudice and Fostering Inclusion

LGBTQ discrimination has been a persistent issue, characterized by inequality, prejudice, and systemic biases. This essay delves into the multifaceted nature of LGBTQ discrimination, exploring its origins, manifestations, impact on individuals and society, as well as the efforts to combat it and foster a more...

  • Discrimination

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The Argumentative Discourse Surrounding LGBTQ

The discourse surrounding LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) rights has been a prominent and contentious topic in contemporary society. This essay aims to delve into the argumentative nature of discussions about LGBTQ issues, examining the diverse perspectives and providing an analysis of the...

The Argument for LGBTQ Community Empowerment

The LGBTQ community has been at the forefront of a societal revolution, advocating for rights, recognition, and acceptance. This argumentative essay delves into the essential reasons behind supporting and empowering the LGBTQ community, exploring the quest for equality, the promotion of diversity, and the imperative...

Accepting the LGBTQ+ Community: Inclusivity and Equality

In today's global society, acceptance and understanding of diverse identities, particularly those of the LGBTQ+ community, are vital to fostering environments where every individual feels valued and safe. Historically, LGBTQ+ individuals have faced prejudice, discrimination, and significant challenges, but a shift towards inclusivity and equality...

Best topics on LGBTQ

1. LGBTQ Rights: Navigating Equality and Inclusivity

2. LGBTQ Rights: An Argumentative Landscape

3. Persuading for Equality: Embracing LGBTQ Rights

4. The Complexity of LGBTQ Identities: A Personal Opinion

5. LGBTQ Discrimination: Overcoming Prejudice and Fostering Inclusion

6. The Argumentative Discourse Surrounding LGBTQ

7. The Argument for LGBTQ Community Empowerment

8. Accepting the LGBTQ+ Community: Inclusivity and Equality

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example of argumentative essay about lgbt

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Writing About LGBTQ Rights

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example of argumentative essay about lgbt

Violation of the rights of sexual minorities is an acute problem in modern society. That is why LGBT essay topics are getting more and more popular nowadays. The issue is that some conservative groups still regard homosexuality as unnatural and harmful phenomenon.

Cultural traditions and values ​​that determine heterosexual behavior as ‘normal’ contribute to the formation of heterosexism and various phobias towards gay people. This attitude leads to the occurrence of social stigma, which turns the lives of sexual minorities into hell. Accordingly, to solve this problem, it is necessary to promote tolerance and acceptance towards LGBTQ people. You will take a little step in this direction when writing a homosexuality research paper.

Basic terminology for essay on homosexuality

‘Sexual minorities’ is a general collective term formed according to the principle of similarity with such notions as ‘national (ethnic) minorities’ (representatives of a nationality or ethnos) and ‘political minorities’ (representatives of the opposition).

It is worth explaining to the readers of your gay rights activist essay that this concept assumes that the sexual orientation is not deviant or pathological, just like national or political minorities.

The concept of ‘sexual minorities’ does not include groups of people whose sexual predilections are defined as deviant or pathological by medicine, or whose sexual actions occur not with the mutual consent of two adult persons: zoophiles, necrophiles, and pedophiles.

Since these parameters may not coincide with each other and can be manifested differently at various stages of life, an unambiguous division of individuals into hetero-, homo- and bisexual groups, as well as their number, is very problematic.

Here are some interesting facts that can be used for gay rights history essay:

  • The term ‘homosexuality’ was first used in 1869 in an anonymously published pamphlet written in German by the Austrian publicist Karl-Maria Kertbeny.
  • Half a century ago, the word ‘gay’ meant ‘cheerful and carefree’ in English. However, now it is no longer used in this meaning. The origin of its use for defining sexual orientation is not entirely clear.
  • In the Provençal dialect, the term ‘gay’ meant the ‘art of poetry and love.’
  • In England in the XVII century, the word ‘gay’ denoted a frivolous person, and then (with regard to women) a prostitute.
  • In the 1930s, it was the most frequently used name among the homosexuals themselves.
  • In the 1960s, this word began to spread to a wider range of speakers. For example, it was used by the psychotherapist Albert Ellis to refer to homosexuals in the popular book The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Man-Hunting (1963).
  • The term ‘lesbianism’ comes from the name of the Greek island of Lesbos. The ancient poet Sappho ran to the island from Athens due to persecution. Her poetry was later perceived as the chanting of same-sex love between women.

Now let’s consider the phenomenon of transsexuality. As you definitely know, transsexuals are people who strive to change their sex to the opposite. The phenomenon of transsexuality existed in all historical periods; nevertheless, for centuries, such people were perceived as deviant ones.

In 1966, the American researcher Harry Benjamin devoted the book to this issue and managed to convince the medical community that the former opinion about the mental state of these people was incorrect. He also introduced the term ‘transsexualism’ and proved that it is a special form of psychosexual disorder: the human body remains healthy enough and possess the characteristics of natural gender, but the psyche (quite healthy from the point of view of psychiatry) belongs to a person of the opposite gender, which is confirmed by their behavior, lifestyle, habits, manners, and clothes.

gay rights essay

Historical overview for gay rights research paper

In order to write a quality sexual orientation discrimination essay, it is worth touching upon the history of the issue under consideration. Homosexuality exists just as long as humanity. It was normal practice for inhabitants of undiscovered America as well as for the black people of the African continent. Moreover, this phenomenon broadly existed in Greek and Roman cultures. Finally, homosexuality in Slavic society was perceived as a normal intimate contact between willing partners.

At various stages of the development of civilizations, the attitude towards sexual minorities was quite ambiguous. The model of behavior depended primarily on the prevailing ideology, culture, and the existence of certain traditions.

Among the aborigines of New Guinea and Melanesia, the ritual of initiation (insemination) was quite popular. It was considered that a boy could become a real man only if he was inseminated by an adult tribesman who conveys the best traits: masculinity and courage. A similar ritual took place among the tribes of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Amazonia.

The Japanese were considered quite tolerant people until the XIX century. They respected the aesthetics of the male body. For example, the samurai homoerotic connection was a typical feudal relationship.

With the establishment of the dominant positions of Christian dogmatism in Europe, ‘sodomites’ were outlawed, and measures were introduced to curb the grave sin. In particular, along with the witches and heretics, the Holy Inquisition tortured homosexuals at the stake.

In an essay on gay rights violation in Russia, you may mention that in pre-Petrine time, serious penalties for ‘sodomites’ were not practiced, unlike in Western Europe. The Russian Orthodox Church condemned the “mortal sin,” but, meantime, monasteries were the source of the spread of same-sex relationships. Peter the Great tried to toughen the policy concerning sexual minorities. In 1706, the death penalty through burning at the stake was introduced for the military for ‘unnatural fornication’ (according to the Swedish model). In 1716, the ruler replaced the burning with corporal punishment and exile. However, these norms did not apply to civilians.

After the October Revolution, the situation changed radically. The acquisition of the governing role by the Bolshevik party drove gays and lesbians into the underground. In 1934, the article of the Criminal Code on imprisonment up to 5 years (up to 8 years in case of physical violence) for sodomy came into force. Although same-sex sexual activity between consenting adults in private was decriminalized in 1993, homosexuality is disapproved of by most Russians, and same-sex couples and households headed by same-sex couples are ineligible for the legal protections available to opposite-sex couples. Since 2006, numerous regions in Russia have enacted varying laws restricting the distribution of materials promoting LGBT relationships to minors; in June 2013, a federal law criminalizing the distribution of materials among minors in support of non-traditional sexual relationships was enacted as an amendment to an existing child protection law. This is a good example for your gay rights cases essay, which should be focused on the serious problems the gay people still have to face.

While homosexuality in the USSR was criminalized, in Europe and in the West, reverse processes progressed. Before Hitler came to power in Germany, there was a struggle between the country’s leadership and the gay community, which advocated the abolition of criminal punishment for people of ‘unnatural’ sexual orientation. Activists have achieved their goal only in 1969, one hundred years after the first attempts.

An important fact to describe in research essay on gay rights is that in Europe, in the 1970s, the activists adopted the official symbol of LGBTQ, the rainbow, as well as developed a concept with basic political requirements, namely the legalization of same-sex relationships and the right to marry. Recently, one more requirement has been added: the right to adopt children.

The first country to legalize the registered love unions of homosexual couples was Denmark (1989). The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and the Scandinavian countries followed the trend. In April 2005, New Zealand also permitted same-sex civil unions. In December 2005, the conservative United Kingdom became the next country to allow the legalization of homosexual relations.

LGBT research paper thesis

Information for development of LGBT rights essay

LGBT movement is a civil society movement that seeks to achieve legislation changes aimed at ensuring and protecting human rights for the LGBT community and promote social adaptation of its representatives in the society.

The opponents of this human rights movement are a variety of political and religious organizations collectively referred to as anti-homosexual unions.

Gay rights in different countries

It is worth describing the legal status of homosexuality in the world in an essay on gay marriages. The attitude towards the LGBT community is rather heterogeneous in different parts of the world. As a rule, in Western countries, homosexuals and heterosexuals have equal rights. In many states of Western Europe (The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Iceland, France, Germany, Finland, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland since 2007), as well as some countries of North and South America and South Africa, same-sex couples may enter into so-called civil partnerships or marriages.

At the same time, discrimination against people of homosexual orientation is also a common phenomenon whose roots go far into history. There is a significant number of states in Africa and Asia in which non-violent homosexual intercourse is perceived as a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment or death, for instance, in modern Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, and Mauritania.

In these countries, there is no open struggle for the rights of sexual and gender minorities since such activities may pose a threat to their freedom and life. However, some political parties lobby for the softening of criminal legislation against homosexuals. The lobbyists are the reformist and moderately liberal forces in the leadership of these states. In particular, former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami expressed his views in favor of softening the laws against homosexuals.

In addition, international pressure is aimed to compel respect for human rights.

Abolition of instructions and provisions defining homosexuality as a medical pathology

The idea of rights equality implies the official recognition of homosexuality as one of the variants of the psychological norm in accordance with modern scientific views and official WHO documents.

In this regard, LGBTQ organizations, professional medical bodies, liberal politicians, and human rights activists fight for the abolition of instructions and provisions that define homosexuality as a mental disorder and adoption of official documents prohibiting them at the level of the state Ministry of Health and national associations of psychiatrists and psychologists.

You may use such LGBT research paper thesis: there should be no ‘treatment for homosexuality’ or ‘correction of sexual orientation’ for healthy people as homosexuality is not a disease. The harm of such influences for patients has already been proven, while there are still no reliable examples of ‘correction of orientation.’

Abolition of prohibitions on professions

In some countries, there have been or still exist bans on certain professions for people who are openly gay. This may be, for example, a ban on army service, work as a teacher at school or as a doctor. LGBTQ organizations seek, and in some cases, have already achieved the abolition of these prohibitions.

Special sociological studies conducted in Western countries revealed that the homosexuality of an officer or soldier does not affect the discipline or internal psychological climate of the military unit. Consequently, there is no reason to deny homosexuals the right to serve in the army.

It was also proved that the homosexuality of the teacher does not lead to any complications in the relations with the students and does not predispose an educator to committing lewd acts against the students. It’s an obvious fact that homosexuality and pedophilia are fundamentally different things. So, there is no reason to prohibit homosexuals from working as teachers at schools.

The idea of ​​repealing the ban on the profession of a teacher for homosexuals is being criticized by conservative people who believe that the very presence of an educator with such sexual orientation in school is a negative example and the promotion of homosexuality. At the same time, supporters of this point view do not have any scientific data proving that there are more homosexual graduates at schools where gay teachers work or that such educators are more likely to commit lewd acts toward students. So this idea is just a prejudice of some groups of society.

Abolition of the ban on donation

In some countries, there is a ban on the donation of blood and organs from members of sexual minorities. LGBTQ organizations are trying to challenge this norm and achieve the elimination of discrimination.

Observance of human rights in relation to LGBT people

The gay rights movement essay should be focused on the fact that, even in countries where criminal and administrative penalties for manifestations of homosexuality were abolished a long time ago, the practice of human rights violations against homosexuals persisted.

LGBTQ organizations struggle not only for the formal abolition of criminal punishment for homosexuality but also for changing the real polices and administrative practices. For example, the notion of ‘disturbance of public order’ should be equally applied (or not applied) to same-sex and heterosexual couples kissing or hugging in public places. Also, LGBTQ activists fight for the right to participate in peaceful demonstrations, including prides, create public organizations, have access to information and medical care, etc.

Anti-discrimination laws

LGBTQ organizations also advocate for the mentioning of sexual minorities members in anti-discrimination laws (or the adoption of separate anti-discrimination laws on sexual minorities). They also seek direct mentioning of sexual orientation and gender importance in relevant articles of the Constitution guaranteeing equal rights to all citizens regardless of gender, age, religion, and nationality.

The right to register a marriage

Writing a gay marriage civil rights essay will be very relevant because, in recent years, there has been a growing movement in support of same-sex unions. The fact of marriage registration assigns the following rights to the homosexual family:

  • joint property;
  • inheritance;
  • social and medical insurance;
  • preferential taxation and lending;
  • the right to a name;
  • the right not to testify in court against the spouse;
  • the right to act as a trustee on behalf of the spouse in the case of his/her incapacity because of health problems;
  • the right to joint parenthood and the upbringing of foster children;
  • other rights of which unregistered couples are deprived.

Advocates of same-sex unions point out that the registration of marriage is a legal action which is independent of the religious norm (in most modern states, legal and church registration of marital relations occur separately) and that the law should follow social changes leading to the elimination of inequality between people as it happened during the last centuries when the existing prohibitions on registration of marriages were gradually abolished, for example, for spouses belonging to different confessions or races.

In a research paper about same-sex marriage countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, and Argentina among others may be listed as those which granted gay couples the full right to marry. Same-sex partnerships alternative to marriage are legal in many states, for example, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Ireland, Colombia, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Slovenia, Uruguay, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Ecuador.

The LGBT movement seeks the right for the adoption of a child of one of the partners by his or her spouse, the possibility of adopting children from orphanages by same-sex families, and the right of equal access to reproductive technologies for gay and heterosexual couples. It should be noted in a same-sex parenting research paper that these issues are considered separately in many countries where LGBTQ people are given broad rights.

In accordance with the legislation of some states, only one partner can adopt a child, becoming a caretaker or foster parent. Laws do not contain references to sexual orientation as grounds for refusal of adoption or guardianship, but gay couples often face failures in practice. Sexual orientation is also not a restriction on access to reproductive technologies, but the same-sex family may have problems with establishing the child’s parenthood. That is why the research paper on gay parenting should touch upon the acute problem.

Social activities

LGBT movement members are engaged in social activities such as the organization of various cultural events, for instance, film festivals, sports competitions, musical concerts, photo exhibitions, theater performances, installations, flash mobs, etc. Their aim is a social adaptation of the LGBT community, development of its cultural potential and building a dialogue with the rest of society. As a rule, most of such events are of the educational nature, which should be described as a positive factor in argumentative essay on gay rights.

In addition, the representatives of the LGBT community release numerous books and magazines and take part in various radio- and television translations. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that they offer special services, namely accessible and high-quality psychological, legal, and medical assistance, hotlines, and self-help groups to the members of their community.

Useful tips on how to write a quality LGBT discrimination essay

An important part of many international exams is essay writing. Preparing this type of academic paper might be a difficult task since it requires excellent knowledge of the subject, creative thinking, and adherence to certain rules. Using our advice, you will create a perfect essay about gay and lesbian rights.


Start to think about human sexuality research paper topics as soon as the assignment has been given to you. The saved time will give you the opportunity to collect as much information as you need to write a persuasive paper.

If you are given the freedom of choice, rely on your own preferences and knowledge about the phenomena under consideration. The topic of homosexuality is much wider and more interesting than it seems at first glance. You can write:

  • research paper on gay adoption;
  • essay about issues that LBTQ community has to face;
  • gay rights court cases essay;
  • paper about the nature of human sexuality;
  • work about homosexuality and domestic violence, etc.

Having completely concentrated on a chosen issue, you will soon notice that the necessary data and facts appear exactly when you need them. A similar effect occurs when learning a new word. It suddenly begins to appear more often than before. Since the brain is tuned for a certain type of information, you will, first of all, pay attention to it.

Try to draw up an approximate gay rights essay outline. Systematize all the material you have. This will help you to determine the future direction of the work. Write down the main questions to be answered. In the process of studying the topic, the outline will be replenished with new and more specific items.

Do not be afraid to start writing the gay and lesbian rights essay

It is said that even experienced writers sometimes feel insecurity and fear before they take on new work. So it is necessary to overcome your concerns regarding your writing skills and start working. You can start with anything. Do not think about style and spelling for now. The main thing is to move from a dead point. Having written the thesis, begin to elaborate on the structure of your gay rights pros and cons essay.

If you are printing a text on the computer, you can rearrange the fragments of an essay as you need. If you keep notes on the paper, leave a few blank lines after each important idea in order to complete it later. Try to adhere to the classical structure, especially if you were instructed to do so: introduction, main part, conclusion.

Introduction for gay rights essay

This part usually provides general information on what you are going to write in a paper and lists the expository essay on gay rights key points if you are writing this type of essay. Specify what questions on the chosen topic you are going to cover. Do not forget that essay is usually considered a short paper, and therefore, only the necessary details should be mentioned.

From a well-written introduction of gay rights expository essay, it becomes clear to a reader that you understand the topic and intend to answer all the questions posed. It is of critical importance to mention the conducted studies related to the point and give reference to respective sources. The ideal size of this part of the essay is no more than 10% of the entire work. For example, if the paper is to be of 2000 characters, the length of the introduction paragraph should not exceed two hundred characters.

At the beginning of the essay, use such phrases as ‘This paper is devoted to...’, ‘This essay will consider...’, etc. Next, you need to repeat or slightly modify the wording of the main question. For instance, if you prepare a should gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples essay, you can write something like ‘This paper considers the preconditions for giving same-sex and gay families equal rights regarding the adoption of children.’ Definitions should be clear, without any ambiguous interpretations.

In the main part of your assignment, you need to present all arguments supported by examples and relevant citations. Based on the logic of the narrative, the text, including the body section, should be divided into paragraphs. Therefore, it is necessary to make up the gay rights movement outline for essay in such a way that the main part can smoothly flow to the conclusion.

You must draw conclusions based on all the ideas presented in the previous sections. This way, you will be able to answer the main question considered in the paper. If this information was already mentioned in the research paper topics about homosexuality, describe the consequences and prospects of the issue under study and suggest different solutions to it. You can surely share your views. However, make sure to support them with reliable arguments.

Below we have listed some helpful tips that can assist you in writing a good conclusion:

  • It is not enough just to sum up and logically complete the paper. You have to tell how the written content is applicable to real life.
  • Restate the theses presented in the introduction of gay rights expository essay in other words in a conclusion paragraph.
  • You need to emphasize the key ideas that were expressed in the body of the text. It will be particularly necessary if the volume of the paper is large enough. The conclusion of a short gay rights pros and cons essay may do without listing the main ideas.
  • You can use a relevant quote or a spectacular question at the end of the paper to encourage the reader to further reflections.

What should you avoid while writing a conclusion?

Many students lower the quality of their work by making commonplace mistakes. If you are interested in writing a top-notch paper, make sure to avoid them. Here are some of the recommendations on how to make your paper engaging:

  • Express your opinion confidently, without apologizing and justifying yourself. Phrases like ‘Of course, I’m not an expert’ are inadmissible.
  • Do not pay too much attention to minor facts.
  • Do not question the arguments given earlier. That means you should not contradict yourself.

Most teachers believe that the final part is the most important one in the essay. Conclusion is an illustration of how well you have learned the material and managed to cover the essence of essay topics about gay rights. If, after writing the concluding paragraph, you notice that some corrections are needed throughout the rest of the paper, make sure to adjust the text accordingly. This will only improve the quality of the writing piece.

Below you can see the approximate proportions of the ideal essay:

  • introduction – up to 10% of the total volume;
  • main body – approximately 70% of writing;
  • conclusion – no more than 15% of the text.

You may not rush to choose a title among all the gay rights movement essay titles. This task can be left for the final stage of work when all thoughts are formulated in the paper, and you can summarize them in a thesis based on which a concise title should be created.

Stylistics of an essay

Do not abuse cumbersome verbal constructions. Refrain from jargon and abbreviations unless you are writing a satirical essay over gay rights. The optimal form of writing presupposes using concise and comprehensible phrases. Sometimes they can be alternated with more voluminous sentences. Your main goal is a simple and apprehensible presentation of the essence of the material. Write in such a way that the reader can easily follow the course of your reasoning without being distracted by unnecessary details.

Sometimes it is worth challenging both sides

If you consider complex persuasive essay topics on gay rights, keep in mind that there are two sides to every coin. That means that each phenomenon has negative and positive aspects. The list of contradicting arguments will help in the development of theses. In addition, arguing on the opposite side of your opinion, you will learn what points should be reviewed in more detail.

For example, you write a gay adoption research paper. In order to substantiate both the pros and cons of adoption by gay couples, it is necessary to consider not only arguments for but also those against the adoption of children by same-sex families. You will have to think of the answers to the questions like ‘Will the parents cope with their responsibilities?’ If you find good answers to these questions, be sure that you will be able to support your point of view.

It is advised to expose your writing to a scrupulous analysis. It is much better than trying to adapt real facts to own goals, present false information to the readers, and mislead them. Perhaps you will be able to convince an inexperienced novice. However, if the teacher who is well-versed in all argumentative essay topics on gay rights will check the paper, you will need a strong argumentation with consideration of solid facts to justify your ideas. Therefore, do your best to make your paper really unique.

Use these instructions, and it will be easy for you to work with any LGBT topics for research papers.

For a long time, gays, lesbians, transsexuals, and bisexuals were forced to live hiding their true nature, silently enduring persecution, contempt, humiliation, blackmail, and even murders. They had to suffer from the common opinion about their ‘inferiority.’ Being victims and objects of ridicule and gossip in all social circles, gay people were rejected by everyone and everywhere.

People governed by stereotypes and prejudices denied the rights of LGBTQ community. But we all need to understand that everyone has the right to respected, regardless of skin color, language, income, culture, religious beliefs, political ideology, or sexual preferences.

As stated in the UNESCO Declaration of Principles on Tolerance (1995), “ Tolerance is harmony in difference. It is not only a moral duty, it is also a political and legal requirement. Tolerance, the virtue that makes peace possible, contributes to the replacement of the culture of war by a culture of peace.” 

We hope that you will be able to convey these important thoughts to readers of your essay on gay rights. Following all the above rules written by our best paper writers, you will get the highest score. Good luck!

example of argumentative essay about lgbt

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example of argumentative essay about lgbt

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Equal Rights for LGBT Community

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example of argumentative essay about lgbt

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example of argumentative essay about lgbt

LGBT Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essay about lgbtq, lgbt argumentative topics, lgbtq argumentative essay topics, lgbtq essay topics, title for lgbt essay, lgbt essay topics.

LGBT Argumentative Essay Topics : LGBT is a very thorny issue that is not accepted in many countries and even some people don’t want to talk about it, even in developed countries like the United States.  No matter how much we try to hide it or shun it away, we must understand the LGBTQ community, as well as acknowledge their existence.

If you are researching and want to write an argumentative essay on LGBT, today we will look at some of the topics you can write about.

Find LGBT discrimination argumentative essay topics, LGBT rights argumentative essay topics, topics on argumentative essays on LGBT, and more.

1. Should the Universal Declaration of Human Rights explicitly include the rights and protection of rights of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) worldwide?

2. Should all companies’ Work cultures be adaptable to the LGBT community?

3. Is intersectionality so important when thinking about LGBT issues?

4. Must we all Become More Accepting of the LGBT Community?

LGBT Argumentative Topics

5. Is there domestic Violence In the LGBT Community?

6. Should governments intervene to lower the Violence Against LGTBQ Community?

7. The United States Healthcare: Are there barriers to LGTB Health?

8. How should The LGTB Community be treated by society?

9. Should the Transgender Community And The LGTB Community be classified in the same category?

10. Did The Stonewall Riots of 1969 Jumpstart the Gay Movement?

11. Should Adolescents gays and lesbians be allowed to join gay movements?

12. Will Same-Sex ever Be Accepted By Everyone?

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1. Do catholic women have a role of Women to play in the LGBT Community?

2. Is the Mental Health of Individuals in the LGBT community the same as that of the rest of society?

3. Is it okay to allow gays in the Military?

4. The LGBT Community: Is there a need for an Anti-Discrimination Bill?

5. In what ways should the LGBT Community Enjoy Equal Rights?

6. Should we have LGBT families On Television?

7. Should the LGBT Community be affected by the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)?

8. Are there cases of Bullying at School for kids from LGBT families?

9. Are there cases of LGBT Hate Crimes?

10. Is there relevant History of LGBT rights in California?

11. Gay marriages should not be illegal.

12. Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal.

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Argumentative Essay About LGBTQ

1. Are there any Marketing ideas to attract the LGBT community?

2. Should  LGBT Themes in Kids’ Video Games be embraced by society?

3. Should LGBT in the Communities be embraced fully?

4. Is it okay for LGBTQ families to hold a wedding in a church?

5. Should LGBT in the Communities be embraced fully?

6. Should LGBT Politicians in the US be allowed to vie for presidential seats?

6. Can LGBT Marriage vows be legally bidding?

7. Are there LGBT Rights on Wall Street?

8. Do LGBT Lobbying groups influence the Local and State Governments?

9. Should gay marriage be legalized all over the world?

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1. Should countries that illegalize same-sex marriage be penalized?

2. Are there any effects of discrimination on mental health among LGBTQ individuals?

3. Should the world athletes committee allow transgender individuals to get involved in the races?

4. Are social media platforms the right place to advocate for LGBTQ rights?

5. Should LGBTQ+ individuals be allowed to adopt children?

6. The effects of STD on the LGBTQ+ community and the need for increased awareness and resources.

7. Should there be ethics of Sexual orientation-based LGBTQ in the Workplace?

8. Are there any Effects Of Television On The Cultural Acceptance Of Homosexuality?

9. The Diversity Of The Young LGBT Community.

10. The Debate Over Gay Rights Movement.

11. The Controversy Of The LGBT Community.

12. The Consuming Habits Of LGBT Individuals.

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lgbtq essay topics

13. The Civil Rights and the LGBT Movements.

14. The Anti-Homosexuality Act Of Uganda.

15. The ACLU of Pennsylvania: Fighting for the Equality of All.

16. Taking a Closer Look at Same-Sex Marriage in the United States.

17. Suicide Prevention Among LGBT Youth.

18. Stonewall riot of 1969: LGBT civil rights.

19. Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Gay.

20. Sociological Perspectives On The Sociological Perspective.

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1. Socialization Analysis: Homosexuality.

2. Sexual Orientation: Stop the Hate.

3. Sexual Orientation And Transgender Community.

4. Sexual Abuse Dependency As Heterosexual Females.

5. School-Related Gender-Based Violence.

6. Same-Sex Adoption: Preference Or Prejudice?

7. Religion and LGBT Rights.

8. Providing Support to Transgender Students On Campus.

9. Progress of LGBT in mass media.

10. Policies Toward LGBT Students in America’s Public Schools.

11. Police brutality and the LGBT community.

12. Perception of the Employed Sexual Minorities on Their Inclusion in the Workplace.

13. Our Age Of Acceptance Of The Lesbian Community.

14. Organizations and Awareness towards LGBT Rights, Equality, and Acceptance.

15. Oppressing the LGBT Communities.

16. Marriage Inequality in America Spotlighting Equal Rights for the LGBT Community.

17. Marriage Equality for the LGBT Community.

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1. LGBT Subculture.

2. LGBT Social Movements.

3. LGBT Rights in India.

4. LGBT Rights in Uganda.

5. LGBT Protecting Your Freedom.

6. LGBT Identity Stages and Career Development.

7. LGBT Hate Crimes and Suicidality Among a Population-Bases Sample of Sexual-Minority Adolescents in Boston.

8. LGBT Employment Discrimination in National and International Law.

9. LGBT Discrimination in religious setup.

10. LGBT Community Within The 21st Century.

11. LGBT community from a sociological perspective.

12. LGBT Bullying in the United States.

13. LGBT and the Religious Right: Opposing Movements, Similar Methods.

14. LGBT and how the three branches of government affect it.

15. LGBT and Gender Equality.

16. LGBT Adoption.

15. Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgendered: Significance.

16. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Society in Jordan.

17. Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage.

1. Homosexuality And Its Impact On Society.

2. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Discrimination.

3. Legalization of LGBT Marriages in Africa.

4. Lebanon Must Pave the Way for LGBT Rights.

5. Lawrence v. Texas and the History of Gay Rights.

6. Is Gay Parenting Bad For Kids?

7. Inclusion Of Lgbt Issues During Post Secondary Health Education.

8. How Does Stress Affect The LGBT Community?

9. How LGBT populations are being impacted by sexual violence in a specific country.

10. Hate Crimes Committed Against Gays.

11. Hate Crimes Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender Individuals.

12. Global Perspectives On Human Rights And Russian LGBTQ Legislation.

13. Gay Marriage and Other Issues Surrounding the LGBTQ Community.

14. Fighting for Same-Sex Marriage.

15. Fight for the LGBT Community Rights.

16. Exploring Heterosexism And Same-Sex Sexualities.

17. Equality in the Workplace: Whose Rights are Right?

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1. Diversity Within The Classroom: LGBTQ Students.

2. Discrimination of the LGBT Community:  Fear and Unnaturalness.

3. Discrimination Against the LGBT Community in Malaysia.

4. Cyberbullying: Direct Victimization in Schools and to Specific Groups.

5. Childhood Physical Abuse, Homophobia, And Experiential, Avoidance Among Lesbians And Gay Men.

6. Bullying and LGBT Youth.

7. Born Different, But Not With Different Freedom.

8. Being LGBT in the past vs. in today’s society.

9. Attitudes and Prejudices against Homosexuals.

10. American History: LGBT Community and California´s Proposition 22.

11. Adult Aging Health Risks Factors Within The LGBT Community.

12. Adoption Is A Big Responsibility.

13. A Journey to Equality: The LGBT Movement.

14. A Brief Note On Gay And Lesbian Families.

15. Common Arguments Against LGBT Rights.

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272 LGBT Essay Topics & Examples

Whenever you need original LGBTQ essay topics, check this list! Our experts have collected good samples for you to consider and title ideas to choose from.

🏆 Best LGBT Essay Examples & Topics

👍 good lgbt essay topics, 📃 interesting lgbtq topics to write about, 🔍 great titles for lgbt essay & research paper, ⭐ simple & easy lgbt essay titles, ✍️ lgbt essay topics for college, ❓ lgbtq essay topics & questions.

  • Gay in the military To do this, an employees’ profile is required, which should have a full image of their workforce and the way diversity has been reflected especially in the main occupations.
  • Gay Marriage Legalization From this paper, it can be authoritatively stated that the denial of marriage rights for same-sex couples is unjustifiable and as such, the government should overturn this discriminative policy.
  • Social Justice and Gay Rights This perception of gays was radically reformed thanks to the efforts of gay rights movements which trace their roots to the 1960s and the Stonewall Riots of 1969 which marked the birth of the gay […]
  • Philadelphia: Prejudice About Homosexuality Philadelphia is the movie that touches upon numerous themes, and one of them is the development of the relations between two men with absolutely different interests and principles: one of them is Andrew Beckett, who […]
  • Gay marriage and homosexuality Much as this form of homosexuality has come out in many civilizations in the course of time, not until in recent times has the term ‘lesbian’ referred to a set of individuals Towards the end […]
  • The Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage Counteracting the argument that prohibition of gay marriage appears similar to discrimination is the idea that marriage, in the traditional understanding of the word, is the union of necessarily different sexes, a man and a […]
  • Why Gay Marriage Should Not Be Legal Therefore, because marriage is a consecrated unification of a male and a female, ready to sacrifice all that is at their disposal for the continuation of the human species and societal values, I believe all […]
  • A Critical Evaluation of Historical & Scientific Standpoints on Homosexuality Religion and heritage are two historical perspectives that have contributed immensely towards the development of a worldview that homosexuals are evaluated in society especially in regard to sexual behaviors.
  • Gay Marriage in the U.S. In this case the Supreme Court judges ruled that States that wished to continue banning gay marriages “must show compelling interest in prohibiting same-sex marriages” thereby shifting the burden of proof to the State and […]
  • Should Homosexuals be Allowed to Legally Marry? Traditionally, the family is made of a man and a woman and children and is the foundation on which any society is based.
  • Must gay marriage to be legal? The importance of legal recognition of marriages is to establish secular means of supporting a culture that relates to support of life like the religious setting.
  • Adopted Children With Gay Parents Have Better Chances of Succeeding Consequently, gay parents taking care of adopted children tend to build a strong attachment with their children and other adoptive and heterosexual parents who are sharing the same experience and vision for their children.
  • Media and Homosexuality Homosexuality has a huge role in the way society defines gender roles and this outlines the framework to this study because it defines the impact homosexuality and the media has on our understanding of gender.
  • Castro Gay Village’ Gentrification in San Francisco However, these days, the process of urban gentrification which, affects the lives of people and enhances the property values, raises fears among the gay leaders concerning the preservation of their gay community.
  • Homosexuals Should Not Be Allowed to Adopt Children Therefore, considering the significance of the traditional marriages in providing children with the necessary developmental support, it is important for societies to ban the concept of homosexuals adopting children.
  • Should We Allow Gay Marriages as Civil Unions? Traditionally, the marriage institution consisted of only heterosexual unions but things have changed and with modernity and civilisation the issue of what constitutes a marriage has been questioned as more people strive to have the […]
  • Gay Marriages: Why Not Legalize Them? The purpose of the essays is to cast light on the essence of the gay marriages and provide evidences that same-sex marriages have right to be legalized.
  • Should Homosexuality be Legalized? This is because homosexuality is inborn and hence cannot be reversed, it is just like any other expression of love and interest and finally, it cannot be discouraged by law.
  • Young Opinion on Homosexuality The Role of Religion: although homosexuality has gained a lot of publicity in the recent past, Young argued that the practice is not new to humanity.
  • Gender Studies: Gays and Lesbians Issues in 1940’s and 1950’s Due to the commotion that had arisen because of the struggle between the police and the gay members who were resisting arrest, other people gathered and helped the gay community in fighting against the police.
  • Position of the Christian Church on Homosexuality The aim of the paper is to prove that the church in general does not have any reason to bar homosexuals from the church since no relevant scriptures oppose the practice.
  • Arguments for Gay Marriages This is also supplemented by the fact that these people have weighed the pros and the cons of their decisions and have come to the conclusion that their decisions are the best.
  • Gay Denied their ‘Rights’ in Australia Therefore, it is extremely correct for the gay couples to be denied the right to marriage because it is illegal and violation of religious rights.
  • Gay Marriage and Decision Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court He insinuates that the acts of crime and chaotic life experienced in today’s world, are a result of broken homes which are largely contributed to by same sex marriages.
  • BEAR Magazine: Lifestyle Entertainment for Gay Men Gay culture of bears was born in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the U.S.as a response to traditional public stereotyping of homosexuals and showing them as effeminate men.”If most gay people felt isolated, […]
  • Reasons of the High Homosexual Marriage Rate On the hand, allowing gay and homosexual marriage is believed to be a major challenge that affects the marriage institution today.”By allowing homosexual marriage, it would do and have noticeable long-term social harm” to the […]
  • Gays in the Military Since it is not the military that introduced the DOD policy, it is the role of the military to ensure that every person who is working in there obeys al the laws that are enacted […]
  • Arguments for and against Homosexuality: A Civil rights & Liberties Perspective In many countries globally, the convention of civil rights and liberties demands that each individual is entitled certain fundamental and inalienable rights and freedoms under the Constitution, such as the right to life, right to […]
  • Gay Couples Should Not to Marry In this argument, “the marriage between a man and woman” is appropriate and the only correct lawful relationship that exists in the human culture to.
  • Gender Studies: Gay Rights The second article, is ‘Gay Rights: A World of Inequality,’ penned by Zoe Williams and published in “The Guardian” on the 13th of September, 2011, uses statistics to show that a greater part of the […]
  • Should Gay Marriages Be Allowed? However, there has been increased advocacy for the definition of marriage to include same-sex unions due to the prevalence of homosexual relationships in the society as well as the overwhelming acceptance of gay relationships in […]
  • Argument for Gay Marriages Enacting laws that recognize gay marriages would be beneficial to the society in the sense that it promotes equal rights among members of the society.
  • Gay Marriage and Parenting Despite these difficulties, same-sex partners deserve the right to get married and legitimize their relationships for the benefit of their children.
  • Gay Marriage as a Civil Rights Issue The gay civil rights movement has been particularly fuelled by the fact that there has been inequality between the property rights of heterosexually married couples and people in gay unions.
  • Why Gay Marriages Should Not Be Legalized? Bush who acknowledged the importance of the traditional marriage institute for the welfare of the children and the stability of society.
  • The Homosexual Lifestyle Issues Many organizations, like the Focus on the Family Canada, uphold high morals for the family and the institution of marriage. However, this should not be done in a manner to destroy the very foundations of […]
  • Suicides Among Male Teen Homosexuals: Harassment, Shame or Stigma? Culling authoritative surveys from the 1970s to the early 1990s about the sexual mores and behavior of teenagers, Braverman and Strasburger report that from five to eight percent of 11th and 12th grade boys and […]
  • Gay Marriages in New York Thus, the passing of the New York legislation that supports marriages between people of the same sex is contrary to the teaching of the bible and wrong.
  • Homosexuality in the Contemporary Society Most of the people receive the news with feelings of abhorrence and indignation and they are not hesitant to express their feelings even if it means beating the hell out of a gay person.
  • Gay Marriage: Culture, Religion, and Society To them, gay marriage is completely out of context and they cannot even imagine that people of the same sex can marry.
  • Concepts of Gay Marriage Gay marriage is an institution of marriage where people of the same sex cohabit together. These benefits are the one that make people to defend gay marriage in a court of law.
  • “The New Gay Teenager” by Ritch Savin Williams He explores how the concept of being gay is slowly changing as a result of pop culture influences brought about by the media which in effect has created a whole new generation of gays completely […]
  • Setting the Parameters for Regarding Homosexuality: To Whose Doors Should One Lay the Blame To? Because of the fact that the opinion of the majority still plays a great part in the life of most people, the life of sexual minorities is shaped according to the principles of the heterosexual […]
  • Relation of Gay Marriage to the Definition of Marriage The authorities should be aware of existence of marriage so that to solve the problems of inheritance in case of uncertainties such as divorce and death of a spouse.
  • Defending Gay Marriage This means that they should be given the same credit and faith that they possessed in the same courts or states that they were created.
  • Homosexuality: Why only some intimacies are labeled as homosexuality This shows how much the majority in society prohibit male homosexuals as compared to those that prohibit female homosexuals. Use of the term homosexuality has been utilized mainly when referring to male homosexuals.
  • Discrimination, Social Exclusion and Violence among the LGBT Community The worst of the discrimination is violence or the gay killings that are found in many cities. Amongst the females, the main forms of violence and discrimination relate to their sexuality where 20% of males […]
  • Gay Couples’ Right to Marriage Normal couples are not discriminated upon in relation to their marital status and this should be extended to gay marriages as a right that they are entitled to.
  • Clinton Homosexual Discrimination Policy In the case of Clinton, when announcing the Executive Order, he had studied the relationship and the situation at the military and opted to have an order that would be of the good to the […]
  • Homosexuality Criticism Rates Society and religion Many people from different society levels have different views on homosexuality with religious leaders and followers arguing that the practice is disrespect to God and immoral assault to the society.
  • Gay Marriage, Same-Sex Parenting, And America’s Children The key concept of this reflective treatise is an explicit analysis of same sex marriage and parenting in order to establish possible reasons for their increasing number in the modern society and how the same […]
  • The Article “Against Gay Marriage” by William J. Bennett The legalization of gay marriage in any society leads to social damage and the destruction of the normal structure of the family.
  • Legalizing Gay Marriage Same sex marriage should not hurt anyone or the society since marriage is a union and a relationship between two people who love each other. If gay marriage is legalized in the society, it will […]
  • Views of Young Australian and Chinese Adults on Homosexuality The study shows that the increasing rate of homosexuality among the young adults in China is attributed to foreign movies and pornographic literature. The results from the interview further reveal that the perception of the […]
  • The Issue of Gay Marriages: Meaning, Importance and Cons Importantly, the definition of marriage is essential in understanding the importance of marriage and why gay people are getting accepted in the world today.
  • Gay Marriages and US Constitution 37 % of voters in the United States of America are of the opinion that gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry legally.
  • Is Homosexuality a Psychological Condition? Romantic attractions as well as sexual acts are usually categorized as heterosexuals or homosexuals and depending on the biological sex of the individual; the person may classified as gay or lesbian.
  • Problems Experienced by Children of Homosexual Parents The study intends to employ descriptive survey technique to collect data that will assist the researcher fulfill the objective of the study, namely to determine the problems and challenges facing children from homosexual family backgrounds.
  • Transgender issues in “The Crying Game” and “M. Butterfly” The acceptance of the phenomenon of transgender status in contrast to widely spread stereotypes on it is one of the central themes and moral messages of the 1992 movie The Crying Game and the 1993 […]
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Sexuality in the Hispanic Culture Men are the breadwinners of the family, a duty that requires men to play the father figure role in the family.
  • Transgender Students on Colleges: Needs and Challenges In order to accommodate all the involved groups of people, there is no attributed definition of transgender due to the diversity of the subject.
  • LGBT Labor and Employment Issues From this perspective, the research paper focuses on comparing experiences of lesbian and gay workers in public versus private sector, and then analyzes the policies of different organizations regarding gay and lesbian workers, both in […]
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Labor and Employment Issues The relevance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered labor and employment issues is conspicuous in contributing to organizational success by considering the evidence of discrimination from the perspectives of sexual and gender orientation of the […]
  • Homosexuals’ Right to Marry From the religious perspective, marriage is the foundation of a family This unit is supposed to bear children and bring them up in the belief that they will adopt the same moral principles as their […]
  • Why Homosexuality Should Be Illegal The decline of the Roman Empire saw more tolerance of the people and the authorities for homosexuality except the church and Visigothic Spain.
  • Homosexuality, Religion and Atheism The debate in this work is whether the act of the same sex marriage and other related sexual orientation is acceptable in the society or not.
  • Gay Marriage: Debating the Ethics, Religion, and Culture Analytical Critics of gay marriages in the United States point out that the practice is morally wrong because the purpose of a marriage is to portray a relationship between a man and a woman and the […]
  • Is homosexuality an Innate or an Acquired Trait? From the biological view of things, any trait in an individual comes because of the interaction of genes and the cells embed in the body.
  • Gay Marriage in The UK The proposed law in UK will permit one to have equal access to civil marriages for same-sex couples instead of civil partnership as is available now.
  • Members of the LGBT Community The momentous variances in type of religious family upbringing and LGBT community are critical in reflecting on the underlying factors that promote the way social beliefs influence how this population is viewed.
  • Gay Marriage’s Social and Religious Debates However, whether one is for or against gay marriages, the paper argues that, depending on the angle from which one would look at same sex marriages, he/she needs to do a careful scrutiny of the […]
  • Globalization and Gay Tourism: Learning to Be Tolerant Comprising the experience of different nations and creating a peculiar fusion of traditions and customs, globalization has touched upon one of the most controversial issues of the XX and XXI century, namely, the question of […]
  • Homosexuality in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley However, at the same time, these breaks from the traditions incited a response reaction in favor of more traditional social roles in other areas, such as the refutation of male sexual relationships to the extent […]
  • Dating Sites: Gay Latino Men and Women in Los Angeles Also, men are interested in the appearance of the women they want to date more than women are when looking for a man.
  • “Gay Marriages” by Michael Nava and Robert Dawidoff The authors assert that the upbringing and socialization of Americans creates the same concept of the reverence and respectability of marriage among both heterosexuals and homosexual.
  • Queer Activism Influences on the Social Development of LGBT The strength of the research question is that it shows a different direction to the queer movement as a social movement and its effect on identity creation of the LGBT community.
  • Xaniths as a Transgender in Omani Culture The Xaniths are the third gender within the Omani social system. The Xaniths represents the transsexuals and homosexuals within the Omani society.
  • The Evolution of the LGBT Rights The paper will focus on the socio-political and religious implications facing the world due to the legalization of the LGBT rights.
  • Legalizing Gay Marriage in the US If anything is to go by, the foundations of gay marriage uphold the belief that couples who have shown the purpose for their commitment should take to the aisle and commit their pledge before the […]
  • Gay and Lesbian Relationships’ Nature This is the case because the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community is opposed to the ideals and norms supported by the contemporary society.
  • Defining Characteristic of LGBTQ Community In addition to this, the LGBTQ is a community since it is made up of a relatively small segment of the society.
  • Homosexuality Issues in the Film “Milk” by Van Sant In its turn, this confirms the validity of the idea that, contrary to what the advocates of political correctness would like people to believe, the notion of gender is not merely a social construct.
  • Relations Between Homosexuality and Indian Culture Lesbianism is a relatively silent practice in India as opposed to gay practice and even the organizations for women do not really advocate for or promote it.
  • Gay Judge’s Ruling Should Be Thrown Out The opponents of single sex marriage must show due respect to the court by not putting the judge in a position that would compromise his integrity.
  • Homosexual Students and Bullying Specifically, the section addresses the prevalence of bullying in schools and the level of bullying in bisexuals, gay males, and lesbians.
  • Homosexual Discrimination in Our Society: Causes and Effects The rejection of homosexuality by different communities portrays that people want to keep their traditions, and they consider homosexuality as a threat to their stability and survival.
  • Korean LGBTQ Films: The King and the Clown and Hello My Love Despite the general critics of the movie saying that The King and the Clown is a ‘gay movie’, it is not typical for the modern Western society.
  • LGBTQ Issues in Korean Film Industry The drama The King and the Clown reflects the relationships to gays in the society. The film is about the connection between the jester and the king.
  • Challenges for Educators: Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Families Most of the class readings have examined the challenges faced by educators and parents in the country. The article by James Sears offers some of the best theories and concepts to address the problems faced […]
  • Parenting: Learning that an Adolescent is Gay or Lesbian On the parents’ end, Saltzburg notes that feelings of shame, loss, guilt, cognitive and emotional dissonance are some of the major forces that have, so far, been reported to regulate the lives of parents in […]
  • Homosexual Marriage: Causes of Debates This question can be discussed with the help of scholarly sources that throw light on various peculiarities of same-sex marriage. On the whole, this research may show that there are no valid reasons to prohibit […]
  • United States v. Windsor – Homosexual Rights The main reason as to why Windsor filed this lawsuit was to compel the government to change the definition of a marriage in order for her to receive the refund of the money paid as […]
  • Sexual Strangers: LGBT Politics in United States By considering the concepts of citizenship and cosmopolitanism, the two works explain why inclusion, participation, and perception of the LGBTQ community in the United States is problematic.
  • Age Bias, Disability, Gay Rights in the Workplace The article emphasises on the importance of paying attention to the language people use in the workplace and the effects that the misuse of language may have on the company.
  • Homosexuals and Heterosexual Brain Structure Differences The brain of a homosexual contains double the number of cells as compared to the heterosexual counterpart in the suprachiasmastic nucleus-an area within the hypothalamus.
  • British vs. Japanese Homosexuality Criminal Laws Nowadays, it is used in most of the countries that want to emphasize the diversity of the issue. It was not until the 1960s that the prominence of liberalisation of sex activity started to be […]
  • Amy Zimmerman: It Ain’t Easy Being Bisexual on TV Some experts also point out the importance of the good evidence that is related to the core thesis of the paper and supports the ideas’ persuasiveness; this criterion was, likewise, included in the list.
  • Homosexuality in Natural Law Theory The aim of this paper is to explore the concept of homosexuality from a philosophical context. According to the conventional natural-law argument on homosexuality, homosexuality involves a misuse of one’s sexual organs.
  • Transgender Inclusivity in Higher Education The individuals and organizations opposing trans inclusion in higher education stress that one of the main purposes of all-female colleges is to ensure the safety of the female students.
  • Transgender People in the USA The statistics are impressive and, no matter how unpleasant it is to some of us, we have to face the reality that quite a large number of people in our society can be classified as […]
  • LGBT Literature: “The Picture of Dorian Gray” The chosen book is Oscar Wilde’s 1891 classic: The Picture of Dorian Gray; a story carefully fashioned to affirm the tilt youths have toward beauty, and the extent most could go to retain that unique […]
  • Gay Marriage and Its Social Acceptance in the US It is due to this greater level of social acceptance as well as government support of gay marriage that Clinton changed his position in 2013 regarding his support of the Defense of Marriage Act by […]
  • Women and Homosexuality in “Pariah” by Dee Rees The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the image of women and homosexuality in modern cinema by analyzing the film titled “Pariah” by Dee Rees and compare it with the standard staples of […]
  • Women in Sports: Policy for Transgender Players Drawing from this elucidation, the proposed policy statement on transgender participation in mixed leagues will not require transgender athletes to prove their gender identity through the testimony of professional experts and psychologists; on the contrary, […]
  • Transgender Bathroom Rights and Needed Policy In both articles, the subject of the study is the right of transgenders to access bathrooms according to the preferences of these people.
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender at Life Stages In general, all people are claimed to be equal in the USA, however, there is a high possibility to lose a job or fail to be applied to it if one is a representative of […]
  • Transgender Issues in Modern Society The legalization of gay marriage in many countries did not lead to the eradication of homophobia, protection of women’s rights did not eliminate sexism and gender inequality present in many aspects of life, and the […]
  • Gay Society and Challenges in “Gay” by Anna Quindlen It explains that they have to accept the profound sexual differences that arise between them and their children. It has also disclosed the fact that men find it difficult to accept their gay children since […]
  • Homosexuality in “Laura” and “Brokeback Mountain” 1 It may seem that the representation of Waldo embodies the features of sexual perversion and decadence, as expressed by the sexual intercourse of the young men with the older man along with the unusual […]
  • Cancer Screening in Lesbians, Gays, Transgenders Moreover, one of the diseases that are the burden of American society as a whole and the LGBT population, in particular, is cancer.
  • The Problem of Discrimination Against the LGBT Community Subsequent stages of work in this direction can include the following steps: Making a presentation on the topic of the equality of people regardless of their religious, racial, and sexual background.
  • Gay and Lesbian Adoption Issues The end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century are prominent in the evolution and empowerment of the LGBTQ movement.
  • Homosexuals and Their Personal Culture Unique culture generally refers to a set of beliefs, values, or generally the way of life of an individual irrespective of the way of life of people in the larger society.
  • Children in Gay and Lesbian Couples These techniques of getting children not only provide gay and lesbian couples with an ethical method to have children, but they also provide them with a chance to raise children for the donors.
  • Gender Issues and Sexuality: Social Perspective and Distinction It is rather interesting to note that society today has such a well-established preconception regarding genders that when presented with alternatives to such established norms the result has been subject to confusion, disdain, at times […]
  • “An Asian Lesbian’s Struggle” by C. Allyson Lee In the end, the author confesses that she has finally come to terms with herself, and she is proud of being an Asian lesbian.
  • Sociological Imagination of Homosexuality This is due to the commonality of problems that we may have as members of a given society. I did not know whether the signs I was exhibiting were that of a homosexual or it […]
  • Homosexual Religious and Legal Rights Another recommendation is that the legal structures that govern the issue of homosexuality should be coherent and considerate. Conclusively, it is evident that legal and religious provisions differ remarkably on their stands regarding the matters […]
  • Gender Studies: Lesbian Sadomasochism She insists critics of sadomasochism only see pain and humiliation yet the people involved consent to it because of the strong connection they feel.
  • Open Homosexuals’ Effects on Military Morale Britton and Williams start by noting that when President Clinton announced his intention to lift the ban that restricted homosexuals from participating in the military service, a debate emerged in which the performance of lesbians […]
  • Indians in the 19th Century vs. Gay’s Struggle Today The plight of American Indians in 19thcentury The present plight of the gay struggle for acceptance Legislations The Dewes Severalty Act of 1887 was passed on February 8th, 1887, with an intention to allot lands to individuals (Nichols 125). It was perceived that by allocating lands to Native Americans, the government would not have to […]
  • Philosophy: “The Gay Science” by Friedrich Nietzsche Darwin gave the world his famous book On the Origin of Species, in which he tried to trace the genealogy of some species and which made a revolution in the world of science.
  • Vladimir Putin’s Government: Controversial Anti-Gay Law The aim of this essay is to analyze the news of the Russian government under Vladimir Putin passing the controversial anti-gay law.
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Subculture The pioneers of such campaigns disagree with the ideas and behaviors associated with the LGBT Subculture. These celebrations “have also made it easier for different members of the subculture to network and exchange their views”.
  • Homosexual Relationships: Ethical Reflection That is why it is useless to hope that the discovery of some genomes, which could be taken as the sign that the preferences of these people are the result of physical development, can improve […]
  • Racism in Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders Instead of supporting one another as members of a minority group, these people arrange internal arguments within the society of LGBT that leads to the increased feeling of depression and psychological pressure on behalf of […]
  • The Discovery of the ‘Biological Marker’ of Homosexuality The discovery of the specific biological cause of homosexuality in one sex, but not the other, will most likely result in the following set of effects on people’s understanding of gender, sex and sexuality: The […]
  • Health Care for Transgender Individuals However, the medicalization of transsexualism made it more difficult to receive the treatment as individuals have to prove that they have such problems, and it is not just a temperate state of their mind that […]
  • Anorexia Nervosa (AN) and LGBTQ Suicide Awareness Concerning the format, the design of the poster is good and the words are readable. The colors and contrasts enhance the readability of the content and stress the key points, such as AN indicators, risk […]
  • Transgender Bathroom Rights and Legal Reforms One of the themes that deserve discussion is the possibility of creating transgender baths and the rights that can be given to this category of the population.
  • Gay Marriage: Societal Suicide While Colson and Morse cannot neglect the need to oppose gay marriage because it destroys human society, the tone, references to the law, and the language chosen for the article help the reader understand the […]
  • Growing Up Transgender: Malisa’s Story on NBC News It is essential to develop a better understanding of the concept of gender in relation to children and their development to ensure the protection of the interests of all people and, thus, improve their lives.
  • Ethical Issues of the Transgender Rights One of the most significant burdens transgender people experience is the recognition of their identity. Therefore, to increase the chances for transgender adults’ health care, it is important to pay thorough attention to any signs […]
  • Durable Inequalities in Relation to the LGBT Community in the United States The purpose of this paper is to discuss the phenomenon of durable inequalities with reference to the LGBT community in the US society to understand how four aspects of this concept are reflected in LGBT […]
  • Feminism: Liberal, Black, Radical, and Lesbian 2 In the 1960s and the 1970s, liberal feminism focused on working women’s issues and the impact of experiences that females of any race could have.
  • Gay Culture’s Influence on Hip Hop Fashion Gay men have the influence of female fashion design due to the fact that most of the designers of female clothes are men and most of them are homosexual.
  • Ethnography of Homosexuals Analysis According to Wikipedia LGBT is an acronym referring collectively to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender/Transsexual people and relates to the diversity of gay culture.
  • Homosexual Stereotypes in Film and TV Homosexuals are feeling more comfortable and open with their sexuality mainly due to the rise of new shows on American television that feature gay individuals and this exposure has resulted in a deep awareness of […]
  • Discrimination Against Gays in the Military This information shows that the problem of gay men and lesbian in the military is a part of politics which supports discrimination and inequalities.
  • Being Gay in Canada: Faced Problems and Difficulties It has encouraged immigration of Canada from all corners of the world and the homosexuals are making plans to move to this part of the globe to secure their rights and enjoy their life in […]
  • Transgender in Jewish Religion Transsexual people identify as or desire to live and be accepted as a member of the gender opposite to that assigned at birth.
  • The Idea of Gay Parenting First of all, there have not been any studies done and proved that children of gay or lesbian parents are disadvantaged in any significant respect relative to children of heterosexual parents.
  • Homophobia in Social Workers: Gay Affirmative Practice Scale The obvious limitation of the study is the extremely low response rate. The sample size is the key strength of the study.
  • Homosexuality: Explanations of Origins and Causes Seen from the perspective of sexual orientation, homosexuality is “a lasting pattern of or inclination to encounter sexual, affectional, or romantic attractions predominantly to people of the same sex; it also relates to an individual’s […]
  • Women Reactions to Bisexual Husbands The paper will rely heavily on sociological perspectives of heterosexuality and bisexuality and the arguments that are likely to guide the women’s reaction to their husband’s bisexual nature.
  • Gay Beaty Contests Question Issue For gays, beauty contests are regarded as celebratory events or ‘happenings’ and are best expressive of what is for many, particularly younger gays, seen to be one of the defining characteristics of gay life, that […]
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Ideation, Correlations With ‘Suicidality’ In addition, experience of verbal ill-treatment and physical assault intensified feeling suicidal for both heterosexual and gay or bisexual men, not just for homosexual men alone as contained in many research findings, and that social […]
  • Homosexuality Aspects in Nazi Germany Dominating such a household would be quite easy for the German authorities because all they had to do was to convert the husband and the rest of the family would follow without question.
  • Harassment of Young Adults Who Are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning According to the professional code of ethics, it is the duty of a social worker to help people in need and with problems.
  • Homosexuality in Renaissance Italy As we begin to read the history of art in Italy one finds some examples of homosexuality among the notables of the time.
  • Gay Marriage: Evaluation Argument The basic theme of the article was to present advocacy of gay marriage and a thorough presentation of arguments in favor of the legalization of gay marriages.
  • Heterosexuality, Homosexuality and the Law In this respect the paper deals with the aspect of sociological research on the problem of heterosexuality and a lack of constructive data as for the sociological survey on the issue.
  • Kant`s View on Homosexuality Kant says that homosexuality is not merely an inclination, which a human feels towards another, but it is the preference for another person’s sexuality.
  • How Views of Homosexuality Have Changed Homosexuality is the attraction and sexual acts performed with people of the same sex, between men and men and women and women.
  • Homosexuality and Conversion Therapy In order for conversion to occur in humans, there has to be a mental approach to facilitate the switch. This is attributed to the lack of a clear definition of sexual orientation.
  • Gay Marriage and Bible: Differences From Heterosexual Practice When respected the bonds of marriage leads to the good not only of the couple and their children, but also to the good of society as a whole.
  • “What Is a Homosexual?” by Andrew Sullivan According to Sullivan’s essay What is a Homosexual, homosexuality is the isolation from the rest of the society and a diversity of human sexuality; however, it is not a factor which people are guided by […]
  • Homosexuality – Nature or Nurture? In a letter to The Wall Street Journal, members of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, a coalition of therapists who argue that they can cure homosexuality, stated that “many of the […]
  • Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality From the context above, it is clear that historical and scientific perspectives on homosexuality contribute immensely to shaping how gay people view themselves.
  • Parental Rejection Effects on Homosexuals Society needs to come to terms that it has to include the homosexuals among and as one of them and attend to their needs as effectively as for the rest of it.
  • Why Homosexuality Among Females Is Overlooked vs. Males?
  • Re-Thinking Homosexual Marriage in Rational and Ethical Fashion
  • The Case Against Gay Marriage
  • Societal Attitudes Toward Homosexuality
  • The Seed That Grew: Homosexuality
  • Democracy: Forms, Requirements and Homosexuality
  • The Debate Over Gay Rights in American Politics
  • ”Refugees From Amerika: A Gay Manifesto” Context Review
  • The Gay Community’s Activism Events
  • Lesbian Motherhood: Identity Issues
  • Sexuality, Marriage, Gay Rights
  • The Opinion of Americans on Whether Gay Marriage Should Be Allowed or Not
  • Bullying of LGBTQ Students in American Schools
  • Social Work With Disabled Representatives of LGBT Community
  • LGBTQ Rights: Sexual Minority Members Discrimination
  • Attitude to the LGBTQ Rights in the Political System
  • Medical and Social Stances on Homosexuality
  • HIV Intervention in Gay Community
  • Homicides Associated With Homosexual Lifestyle
  • The Houston Gay Community’s Health Nursing
  • The Gay Marriages: Ethical and Economic Perspectives
  • Gay Couples as Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness
  • HIV Transmission From Homosexual Men Receiving Cure
  • The Gay Gene: Understanding Human Sexuality
  • Nursing: Caring for a Pregnant Lesbian
  • Kahiu’s Rafiki Movie: Stereotypes Regarding Homosexuality
  • LGBTQ: Personal Characteristics in Health Promotion
  • Abuse in the Queer (LGBTQ) Community
  • Teaching Strategies for LGBTQ (Queer) Community
  • Why LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) Is Becoming Popular
  • Mental Health in Bisexuals: Mental Health Issues
  • Mental Health Problems in Bisexuals
  • The Defense of Marriage Act: LGBTQ + Community
  • LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) in Canada, Japan and China
  • Anti-Transgender and Anti-LGBQ Violence Crisis in the US
  • “Social Attitudes Regarding Same-Sex Marriage and LGBT…” by Hatzenbuehler
  • Queer (LGBTQ) Therapy and Religious Impact
  • Transgender Athletes in Female Sports Teams
  • Gay Marriage Should Be Repealed
  • Challenges Faced by Members of the LGBTQ Community
  • Homosexuality and Feminism in the TV Series
  • The Church’s Attitude Toward Homosexual Marriage
  • COVID-19 and the Mental Well-Being of LGBTQ+ Community
  • Considering Social Acceptability of Transgender and Transracial Identities
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Families’ Issues
  • A Peer Intervention Program to Reduce Smoking Rates Among LGBTQ
  • Raising Queer (LGBTQ) Awareness Through Media
  • Should Gay Couples Have the Same Adoption Rights as Straight Couples?
  • Queer (LGBT) Teenage Bullying at School
  • Walmart: Insufficient Support of LGBTQ
  • Homosexuality as Social Construction
  • The Use of Psychoactive Substances by LGBT Youth
  • Transgender Women Should Be Allowed to Compete in Olympic Sports
  • Aspects of Identity: Transgender Status, Gender Identity
  • Suicidal Thoughts among LGBTQ Youth: Client’s Case Assessment
  • Depression among Homosexual Males
  • Becoming an Ally of the Queer (LGBT) Population
  • LGBTQI+ People: Issues They Face and Advocating for Them
  • Homosexuality From a Christian Viewpoint
  • LGBTQ Co-Culture: The Key Aspects
  • Queer (LGBT) in Roman and Greek Civilizations
  • Protecting Queer People (LGBTQ+) in San Antonio
  • Suicide Risk in the LGBTQ Community
  • Spirituality and Sexuality in Men Who Identify as Gay
  • Transgender Teenagers and Obstacles They Face
  • Transgender Participation in Sports
  • Lesbian and Gay Parenthood: Gender and Language
  • Recognizing Homosexuality as a Personal Identity
  • Transgender Women Take Part in Sports Competitions
  • The Article “The Transgender Threat to Women’s Sports” by Abigail Shrier
  • The Advantages of Transgender Women Are a Barrier to Women’s Sports
  • Transgender Women in Sports: Is the Threat Real?
  • The Issue of Transgender in Sporting Activities
  • Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Analysis
  • An Interest Group: The Rights of the LGBT
  • LGBTQ Members: Discrimination and Stigmatization
  • LGBTQ+ Families: Discrimination and Challenges
  • Nursing: HIV Among Queer (LGBT) Community
  • The Transgender Teens Policy Issues
  • Nurses’ Care of LGBTQ (Queer) Patients
  • Mental Health Equity for Queer (LGBTQ) People
  • LGBTQ (Queer) Community’s Challenges in Healthcare
  • The Perception of the LGBT (Queer) Community
  • The Gay Teen Suicide & Bullying
  • LGBT+ (Queer) Status and Employment Opportunities
  • Transgender Bathroom Policies in Schools
  • What Does LGBT Mean?
  • How LGBT Live in Russia?
  • Why Should the LGBT Community Serve Openly?
  • How LGBT Live in India?
  • How Can I Be More Inclusive With LGBT?
  • Are LGBT People Discriminated Against in the Hiring Process?
  • Why Should the LGBT Community Have Equal Rights?
  • What were Cracker Barrels’ reasons for Firing Their LGBT Employees?
  • How Does LGBT Culture Fall in Our Society Today?
  • How Happy Could LGBT People Be in a Homophobic Society Such as Ours?
  • Why LGBT Color Is Rainbow?
  • Why LGBT Teachers May Make Exceptional School Leaders?
  • How does Stress Affect the LGBT Community?
  • Why Are LGBT Students Committing Suicide More Than Non?
  • Does LGBT Inclusion Promote National Innovative Capacity?
  • How Can I Be Kind to LGBT?
  • Are LGBT People Born This Way?
  • Does LGBT Marriage Threaten the Family?
  • How Are LGBT People Represented on TV?
  • How Virginia Woolf’s Orlando Subverted Censorship and Revolutionized the Politics of LGBT Love in 1928?
  • What Are the Different Flags for LGBT?
  • How LGBT Live in the USA?
  • How Successful Are LGBT People Straight Alliances?
  • Are You Born LGBT Person?
  • Were There LGBT Subcultures From the 1900s to the 1960s?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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213 LGBTQ Research Topics & Title Ideas for Essays

The LGBTQ community has progressed in winning equal rights but still faces significant discrimination, and specific LGBT issues remain unresolved. If interested in this subject, look at our LGBTQ title ideas. You’ll find a list of LGBTQ research topics for your inspiration – feel free to use them for your debate, persuasive papers, and other assignments.

🌈 7 LGBTQ Research Topics – 2024

🏆 best lgbt essay topics, ❓ lgbt research questions, 👍 good lgbt research topics & essay examples, 📝 lgbt argumentative essay topics, 🌶️ catchy lgbtq title ideas for essays, 🎓 most interesting lgbtq topics to write about, 💡 simple lgbt topics for research papers, 🔥 hot lgbtq research paper topics.

  • Theories of Deviant Behavior: Homosexuality
  • Gay Marriage and Ethical Theories
  • Conflict Theories: Gay Marriages and Feminism
  • Should Gay and Lesbian Couples Be Allowed to Adopt?
  • Transgender Women in Sports
  • Gay Marriage Should not be Legal
  • The LGBT Community Theoretical Framework
  • Healthcare Disparities in the LGBT Community Apart from the disparities representatives of the LGBT community face in everyday life, they also deal with some major challenges as to their access to appropriate health care services.
  • Gay and Single-Parent Families: Functionalist View The application of the functionalist perspective helps to resolve some problems by outlining the importance of issues and their contribution to the evolution of communities.
  • For and Against of Gay Marriage Same-sex marriages is a union that takes place between two people who belong to the same social gender or similar biological sex.
  • Argument Against LGBTQ Discrimination LGBTQ discrimination is the unfair treatment of people who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.
  • Homosexual and Heterosexual Families Are the Same Opponents of homosexual parenting advance the argument that children cared for by gay or lesbian partners do not fare as well as those brought up by heterosexual parents.
  • Transgender People and Healthcare Barriers This essay aims to explain the barriers that prevent transgender people from receiving quality care and suggest improvements that can be implemented in current medical institutions.
  • Cultural Satire in John Gay’s Beggar’s Opera The Beggar’s Opera is the first of a new form of opera that was developed by John Gay in the early 1700s as a reaction against the superficiality of the popular Italian opera and its effects upon his culture.
  • The Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement of the 1960s The purpose of this paper is to discuss the gay and lesbian rights movement of the 1960s and indicate its incredible importance.
  • Cultural Immersion Project: Interview with Lesbian The principal challenge of the interviewee’s daily routine is the lack of acceptance by her colleague, which is not directly expressed but still evident.
  • The Issues of Gay Parents Scholars have noted a few differences in the characters of children brought up in same sex- marriages and those brought up in conventional ones.
  • Transgender Children’s Issues in Society The topic of transgender children in society proves to be divisive and is widely discussed by parents, teachers, clinicians, and politicians.
  • Ethical Relativism Regarding Queer (LGBTQ+) Community Ethical relativism does not always support tolerance toward minorities, such as the LGBTQ+ community, since it depends on the either personal or societal approach.
  • Critical Thinking and Transgender Ethics Sexual orientation and preference is a debated and complex topic involving biological aspects, including hormones, which can alter and change people’s behavior and feelings.
  • Transgender Support Group Meeting and Its Importance The transgender support groups allow people to connect and talk about issues that they have faced in their lives.
  • Media Representation of Gay and Lesbian Parented It is alleged that the media often fails to represent the normal privacy and individuality of a heterosexual family.
  • The Perspective on Homosexuality The paper states that the perspective on homosexuality has been skewed by the presence of biases and the lack of tolerance among the general population.
  • Transgender People in the Olympic Games The new guidelines state that transgender athletes may be permitted to compete in the Olympics without undergoing sex reassignment surgery.
  • Family Therapy Related to a Child’s Homosexuality This case study focuses on a 16-year-old African American male who disclosed his homosexuality to his parents, who are religious people and do not accept their son’s sexuality.
  • Transgender Prisoners and How They Are Treated According to international studies, transgender persons are a particularly defenseless population in the correctional structure, with their most necessities often being withheld.
  • The Portrayal of the LGBTQ+ Population in the Media Many scholars have investigated the portrayal of the LGBTQ+ population in the media, noting that it does not always reflect reality.
  • Incorrect Interpretation: Everyone Is Gay on Tiktok The article’s main idea is that becoming pseudo gay — when close bodily contact, kisses, and hugs are shown only on video — is hugely beneficial to increase own popularity.
  • Gay and Lesbian Adoption: Normalizing a Healthy Childhood This research paper will examine the legal framework of same-sex adoption in the US and Europe, review its socioeconomic, health-related and psychological implications.
  • Gay and Poverty Marriage The institution of family and the issues of marriage play a crucial role in society today. Marriage status determines relations between spouses and their relations with the state.
  • Should Homosexuals Have Children? One of the controversies on homosexuality includes the debate on whether same sex couples should be allowed to adopt children or acquire a family.
  • Transgender Women Athletes in Professional Sports The inclusivity and legal recognition suggest that transgender athletes are welcome to participate in competitive sport given they meet the established requirements.
  • Capitalism and Gay Identity by D’Emilio and Berube In this paper, the author will review the link between gay identity and capitalism from the perspective of two essays written by D’Emilio and Berube.
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender in Hospital The paper discusses the cultural competency concept since it appears to be of critical importance for the profound understanding of the problems of the LGBT community.
  • Transgender Issues in Cis- and Trans-Made Movies This paper discusses the implications of transgender and transsexual experience from the outside and from within, particularly how they are represented and how the public sees it.
  • “The Construction of Homosexuality” a Book by David Greenberg The book, The Construction of Homosexuality by David Greenberg presents the reflection of the author on historical timeline of the struggle by homosexuals to get their rights.
  • Barriers to LGBT Health Care Access and Effective Nursing Interventions Globalization and cooperation are significant factors contributing to the advent of a wave of sexual and identity orientation.
  • Transgender People: Prejudice and Discrimination Transgender remains a stereotyped sexual identity, and these individuals face prejudice from critics, religious leaders, and the vast majority of society.
  • How to Get Others to Be More Open-Minded About LGBT People?
  • Which Iconic LGBT TV Character Are You Most Like?
  • How to Respond to Homophobic and Transphobic Attitudes Against LGBT People?
  • How to Respond to Rumors That Someone Is LGBT?
  • Does Bumble Work for LGBT?
  • How to Help LGBT Colleagues?
  • How to Respond to Heterosexual Friends or Coworkers Who Feel Negatively About a Person Who Is LGBT People?
  • What Should Say to Someone Who Is Afraid of Contracting HIV or Aids From LGBT People?
  • Are LGBT People More at Risk From COVID-19?
  • What Is the Difference Between Bisexual and Transgender LGBT People?
  • What Is the Nature of Same-Sex Relationships in an LGBT Family?
  • How Do People Know if They Are LGBT?
  • How Can I Tell if Someone I Know Is LGBT?
  • Why Should Healthcare Professionals Consider LGBT Communities?
  • Can LGBT People Change Their Sexual Orientation?
  • How to Respond to People Who Object to LGBT People for Religious Reasons?
  • What Is the Connection Between Bullying and LGBT Youth?
  • How to Respond When Someone Tells a Homophobic Joke Against LGBT People?
  • Why Are People LGBT?
  • How to Make Your Work More LGBT Friendly?
  • How to Become an LGBT Ally 2022?
  • Can LGBT People Be Good Parents?
  • Why Is It Important to Celebrate LGBT?
  • How Can I Become Myself More Approachable to People Who Are LGBT People?
  • Why We Shouldn’t Compare Transracial and Transgender Identities To compare transracial identity with transgender identity is to reduce both to a set of immutable rules, be it rules of biology or society – and this is a very wrong approach.
  • Suicide Prevention in Teen Gays After They Come Out This proposal will recommend appropriate ways of rescuing LGBT youths from toxic environments that drive them to depression and commit suicide.
  • LGBT Minority in Higher Education This paper has, as its main objective, the need to show that in contemporary American society, the LGBT minority has witnessed increased attention.
  • The Spreading of HIV Across the Gay Men A thorough study of the age distribution of the HIV-positive gay men population would be the first step to determining an effective prevention strategy.
  • Transgender Patients: Challenges & Discrimination in Healthcare It is worth noting that the concept of transgenderism implies a state of internal imbalance between the real and desired gender of an individual.
  • Policies Addressing LGBT (Queer) Healthcare Disparities The paper states that despite the continuous growth of the LGBT community across the globe, they continue to face challenges within the healthcare system.
  • Impact of Sociocultural Factors on the Development of the LGBTQ Identity LGBTQ identity is influenced by different sources, family, peers, culture, and community all play their roles in identity development.
  • The Fight for $15 Movement vs. the Transgender Law Center For an examination of non-profit organizations, it will be convenient to use case studies. The Fight for $15 movement and the Transgender Law Center will be used as comparisons.
  • LGBTQ (Queer) in English Language Learning Classrooms This study addresses the issue of the LGBTQ community’s underrepresentation in English language learning classrooms and in the curriculum.
  • The LGBTQ (Queer) Identity Development The purpose of this paper is to evaluate factors that impact the development of the LGBTQ identity from the position of sociocultural theory.
  • Underrepresentation of the LGBTQ (Queer) Community in English Language Teaching As the dominant culture becomes more and more accepting, the number of LGBTQ individuals who uncover their identity is growing.
  • Health Disparities of Transgender Population The problem is centered around the healthcare inequality experienced by members of the transgender community, where the barriers include financial factors and discrimination.
  • Clinically and Culturally Competent Care for Transgender and Non-Binary People The analyzed review can be considered an essential step toward a better understanding of how to work with such groups.
  • Violence in LGBT (Queer) Couples Violence in LGBT couples is a serious societal problem that can affect the well-being of many citizens. Suicide risk factors are much more common within the LGBT community.
  • Disparity Accessing Health Care Services in LGBTQ+ Adopting legislative changes to enhance the lives of LGBTQ teens is the primary health strategy, including health policies and curriculum changes.
  • The Effects of Discrimination That LGBT Persons Encounter The paper focuses on the effects of discrimination that LGBT persons encounter. They never interfere with the lives of people who do not relate to the LGBT community.
  • Transgender People in Prisons: Rights Violations There are many instances of how transgender rights are violated in jails: from misgendering from the staff and other prisoners to isolation and refusal to provide healthcare.
  • Recognition of Human Rights for LGBT Individuals The paper discusses the importance of studying the issue of LGBTQ people discrimination, including its causes, harmful effects, and current state.
  • Parenting Peculiarities in Queer (LGBT) Families An examination of LGBT marriages has shown that same-sex partners have varied parenting desires, intentions, and child-rearing experiences.
  • Aspects of LGBTQ+ Community Values Acceptance and striving for equality represent the main features of the LGBTQ+ community. Acceptance provides the unifying kernel for marginalized strugglers.
  • Resolving Discrimination Against Queer (LGBTQ) Community The article focuses on practical measures that can be governed to ensure that LGBTQ people are not discriminated against and violated.
  • The Lesbian Family Impact on Canadian Society In this paper, an attempt will be made to explain the advantages of a lesbian family and the potential benefits for Canadian society.
  • Transgender Health Disparities and Solutions People who identify as transgender, intersex, gender non-conforming, or gender diverse have exacerbated health disparities compared to other people.
  • Homosexuality as a Problem in the Conflict Theory The term “sexual behavior” encompasses various actions that people engage in to show their sexuality. Sexual arousal is a part of these behaviors’ biological and cultural aspects.
  • Florida’s Bill ”Don’t Say Gay” The “Don’t Say Gay” bill should not be published because it will put the mental and physical well-being of LGBTQ+ students in danger and normalize censorship in the classroom.
  • Cause and Effect of Queer (LGBTQ+) Discrimination The LGBTQ+ community has continued to experience discrimination in various settings. The results of these factors include social segregation, unemployment, etc.
  • Discussion of LGBT Discrimination in Modern Society Despite the fact that most states of the world and humanity as a whole are actively fighting to protect the rights of the LGBT community, discrimination is still relevant.
  • Queer (LGBT) Hiring Policy’s Purpose and Authority Organizational consulting specialists (policy-makers) try to implement a new hiring policy regarding the LGBT population in the administrative processes of company performance.
  • Gay Marriage Redefines the True Meaning of Family This literature review aims to illustrate how the legalization of gay marriage helped redefine the meaning of family and argues that it transformed the social role of the unit.
  • Changes in Perception on Same-Sex Marriage and LGBTQ+ People The paper states that acceptance of the LGBT community and marriage between people of the same sex is gradually beginning to appear in modern society.
  • Mental Healthcare Services for Transgender Individuals This research paper suggests a range of options to treat mental health and related illnesses among the non-binary populations.
  • Is same-sex marriage morally acceptable?
  • Should same-sex parenting be legal?
  • Should transgender conversion therapy be banned?
  • LGBT media portrayals are vital for normalizing diverse relationships.
  • Should schools introduce gender-neutral bathrooms?
  • Should school anti-bullying policies specifically address homophobia and transphobia?
  • Are LGBT pride parades effective in raising awareness and advocating equal rights?
  • Should schools develop policies to accommodate students’ preferred pronouns?
  • Should countries grant asylum to people persecuted for their sexual orientation?
  • Can businesses turn LGBT individuals away because of religious beliefs?
  • Queer (LGBTQ) Community as a Social Problem in Canada The Canadian government has shown interest in LGBTQ matters in recent years. Canadian queer persons are more likely to be victims of violent crime.
  • Media Coverage of Transgender Policy in Military This paper aims to provide an annotated bibliography for the ten articles related to the topic of media coverage of transgender policy in the military.
  • Homosexuality: History and Theoretical Perspective This paper will discuss the history of homosexuality from the perspective of three theoretical lenses. The first theory to review homosexuality is structural functionalism.
  • The Problem of Violence Against LGBTQ People: Critical Analysis The perspective on psychological problems is most relevant to LGBTQ problems, as their psychological health is typically influenced by society and culture rather than genetics.
  • Homosexuality Perceptions in Mexican Culture The paper identifies the societal reactions and perceptions of homosexuality in Mexican culture and analyzes the social position of homosexual people.
  • Transgender Movement: Overview and Importance Ultimately, policies, guidelines, or steps ensure that the social change that the transgender movement is yearning for can be realized.
  • Transgender Offenders in the Criminal Justice System The transgender population who are incarcerated often faces various unique challenges which expose them to vulnerabilities both physical and mental.
  • Is Being Homosexual a Choice or Inherent? The current essay discusses various perspectives to answer the question of whether homosexuality is a choice or inherent.
  • Global LGBTQ Health and Health Issues Although there has been rapid progress in the inclusion of LGBTQ people, they continue to face many health disparities, hence their poor health outcomes across the world.
  • Transgender Health Care in the USA: Then and Now The change of physical appearance or function through clothing, medical, surgical, or other means often becomes part of the personal gender experience of a transgender person.
  • Suicide Risk Factors in Queer (LGBTQ) Community Stigma and prejudice about a particular group of people may cause adverse consequences for their health and overall quality of life.
  • Analysis of LGBT Integration in Military The study examines integrating LGBT people into the army and identified the main points that influenced the formation of acceptance of gays, lesbians, and transsexuals.
  • LGBT Populations and Health When addressing the health issues where minorities are involved, the LGBT population has been neglected in more than one instance.
  • Conflict Between Transgender Theory, Ethics, and Scientific Community This essay aims to give answers to questions of ethics within the transgender topic and research fraud based on scholarly articles and presentations by Dr. Q Van Meter.
  • The Gay Marriage: Legal Arguments For and Against The Constitution not only legitimizes gay marriage but implies that the government should never have considered a ban and should instead actively pursue legalizing gay marriage.
  • Affordable Care Act for LGBTQ Populations The paper will provide a detailed description of the Affordable Care Act, indicate its supporting and opposing aspects, and analyze its impact on LGBTQ populations.
  • The Problem of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth Suicidality Recently, there was a sharp increase in cases of suicides committed by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth.
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Activism This paper aims at exploring the background of LGBTQ activism, the oppression that its members experience, the measures they take, and the opposition that hinders their progress.
  • Transgender Care: Challenges, Implications In a healthcare setting not putting effort into ensuring diverse patient groups are treated with professional finesse with no regard for their differences is a timely issue.
  • Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People and Primary Healthcare Services The researchers argue that patient reticence about disclosing their homosexuality elevates the risk of incomplete histories being taken.
  • Should Gay Marriage Rights Be a State or Federal Law? If the issue of same-sex marriage is left to the states, some of them would probably recognize it, while others would not.
  • Mental Health Disparities Among LGBT Community LGBT people are at higher risk of suicide, anxiety, substance abuse, and eating disorders. LGBT people are 2 to 3 times more likely to attempt suicide.
  • Gay Marriage: Support of the Legalization Gay marriage remains a controversial topic of public debate and discussion that is often rooted in religious beliefs and various definitions of marriage.
  • Arrest Histories of High-Risk Gay and Bisexual Men in Miami: Article Analysis Arrest history was closely connected to many aspects of the syndemic theory of gay/bisexual men’s health disparities.
  • The Reluctance of Gay, Lesbian Victims to Report Domestic Violence Members of the gay community suffer from domestic violence in almost the same magnitude as members of the heterosexual community.
  • Religious Liberties and LGBTQ Employment Discrimination Reforms The biggest resistance to LGBTQ rights has been religion, with members of society who disapprove of homosexuality.
  • Hate Crimes Against Homosexuals in American Colleges Although hate crime is a setback for many students in college and universities, individuals LGBT are more likely to be exposed to a particularly difficult path.
  • Reproductive Health Care and the LGBTQ Community The purpose of this paper is to outline the competent treatment for those LGBTQ who are seeking reproductive care.
  • Trump Administration and Transgender Discrimination The paper reviews one of the recent issues that caught the public eye and media attention is the Trump administration’s treatment of transgender people’s healthcare rights.
  • Social Prejudice Kills LGBTQ Community Representatives Society must change its attitude and liquidate prejudice among the LGBTQ community members, as the consequences of these attitudes are disastrous.
  • ‘Why Shouldn’t Tommy and Jim Have Sex?’ by J. Corvino: Defense of Homosexuality The article written by John Corvino is a short series of paragraphs defending homosexual relationships. The reason is through an abstract example, which is two men, Tommy and Jim.
  • Canadian LGBT Progress Overview and Analysis The LGBT progress in Canada is particularly relevant to Canadian Studies. One of the primary issues of these studies is exploring the matters of identity.
  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Gays in the Us Military Homosexuals in the military have always had to hide their sexual orientation to prevent discrimination, incrimination, or even discharge from service.
  • Gays in the Military: Current Situation and Problems While much effort is being put in to allow the marriage of persons of the same sex, this has not affected the military, since homosexuals are barred from taking up in the military.
  • Homosexual Rights on a Historical Timeline Homosexuals are people, they have rights and should be able to live without discrimination and prejudice. Heterosexuals or homosexuals should be treated with respect as equals.
  • Gay Rights and ACT UP Struggle ACT UP struggle shows that gay men deprived human rights and have to fight against oppression and discrimination so they should be protected by the state from negative social image.
  • The Issue of the Gay-Marriage Movement in the United States Gay people should have the right to marry because constitution is aimed to protect social and sexual rights of all people and all citizens of the USA.
  • Gay Marriages in the Media: Different Opinions About the Question Gay marriages are rather common affairs in modern world. Many countries began to think about legalization of same-sex marriages.
  • Gay Marriages Legalization: Arguments Against Proponents of same-sex marriages argue that legalization would grant same-sex marriages equal rights and benefits with heterosexual marriages.
  • Controversy on Gay Marriage in the U.S. The paper explores the question of the legalization of gay marriage and provides arguments on the positive sides of that for American society.
  • Gay and Lesbian Literature in the United States The paper is dedicated to the problem of gay and lesbian discrimination within the communities of people living in different countries.
  • Gay Marriages Legality Discussion Gay marriage is a union that is characterized by the joining together between spouses of similar sex and which is acknowledged legally like the vows of a conventional marriage.
  • Gender Non-Conforming or Transgender Children Care The purpose of this paper is to discuss the challenges to be aware of when working with gender non-conforming or transgender children and adolescents.
  • Transgender People’s Challenges Within Healthcare This paper aims to discuss the challenges in healthcare that the transgender community faces and how the challenges affect their overall health outcome.
  • Transgender Care by Healthcare Professionals Transgender patients require healthcare professionals who are conversant with their experiences and who can treat them with utmost respect and dignity.
  • Health Problems of the LGBT Community in the United States It is possible to state with certainty that the health problems of the LGBT community in the United States are various.
  • HIV Among Caucasian, African American, and Latino Homosexual Men Creating awareness at the community level would play a significant role in reducing the number of new HIV infections among Caucasian, African American, and Latino homosexual men.
  • Managing the Problem of HIV Among Gay Men at the Community Level Since there are noticeable disparities in the degree of HIV contraction among gay men belonging to different ethnicities, a detailed analysis of the factors to which the vulnerable groups are exposed must be due.
  • Transgender Bias in News Coverage In the context of increasing LGBTQ activism and recognition, transgenderism faces the greatest controversy and public backlash.
  • The Issue of Transgender Discrimination Despite numerous attempts to eliminate biased attitude, transgender people still face different challenges that deteriorate results of treatment.
  • Gay Community and Heterosexism in Language When speaking of gay people, they were often referred to as homosexual in the past. “Gay” is probably the only identity label that gay individuals reclaimed these days.
  • Transgender Community and Heterosexism in Language The term “transgender” became commonly used only by the end of the 20th century. Not all transgenders commenced using this and preferred to pass as a different gender.
  • Media Shapes History: Gay Liberation Movement By the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the portrayal of gay and queer folk in the US had vastly improved. This, in turn, had a positive effect on the Gay Liberation Movement.
  • Economic Justice: LGBTQ Individuals Economic justice cannot be achieved by using force. Until we learn to understand and accept LGBT people, no punishments of their offenders can secure their economic position.
  • Homosexuality and Adolescence Development This report discusses issues related to transgender disorders and homosexuality and considers social, cognitive, and physical development in adolescence.
  • Gay-Friendly High Schools in Chicago Chicago officials have advocated for the creation of “gay-friendly high schools” for students who feel that schooling with pro-heterosexual students threats their safety.
  • Healthcare System: Transgender Patients Discrimination According to the statistics, almost 1 million Americans identifies themselves as transgender, making it a numerous population subgroup that is likely to expand in the future.
  • Transgender Patients Problem and the Consequences of Discrimination Transgender patients come across different forms of harassment and do not have the same access to services as other people do.
  • Homosexuality as Percieved in American Society This paper will examine the independent variables of religious affiliation, race, and gender that have an impact on the attitude towards same-sex marriage in the US.
  • Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Children This paper discusses the issues a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner should be aware of when interacting with transgender and gender non-conforming children and adolescents.
  • Homosexuality as a Genetic Characteristic The debate about whether homosexuality is an inherent or social parameter can be deemed as one of the most thoroughly discussed issues in the contemporary society.
  • Transgender Patients and Health Care Challenges One of the challenges encountered by transgender patients refers to the lack of adequate access to healthcare services.
  • Transgender Care and Health Care Professionals Despite the adoption of policies aimed at limiting discrimination, transgender people still face daily challenges in the aspects of employment, education, and healthcare access.
  • Transgender Healthcare Barriers in the United States This paper examines central barriers to high-quality health care and includes practices employed to address the issue and some recommendations.
  • LGBT Healthcare Disparity: Theoretical Framework The paper prepares research on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) healthcare disparities and presents a literature review and theoretical framework.
  • LGBT Community Portrayals in Traditional News The research identifies how the LGBT community is portrayed by traditional news and finds out if any signs of discrimination or unfair treatment are demonstrated.
  • Reducing HIV Amongst Gay and Bisexual Men in Florida There are many misconceptions regarding the passage of HIV among men with different sexual preferences.
  • Healthcare Challenges of Transgender Patients Transgender individuals have health problems common for the whole population and frequently face challenges in healthcare settings related to inadequate healthcare.
  • Marriage Equality: LGBT Couples’ Constitutional Issues This essay explores the constitutional issue of marriage equality for married same-sex partners that still face discrimination, as shows the example of the case of Pavan v. Smith.
  • Lesbian and Gay Patients’ Medical Care and Education If all the specialists work jointly, there will be a chance to reduce the indicators of the infection and achieve positive results in fighting against HIV among gay men.
  • LGBT Rights in Canada Canada’s progress toward legal equality of LGBT community testifies to the deep belief of its citizens in the fundamental values of democracy and freedom.
  • Transgender Patients and Challenges in Health Care The community remains predominantly marginalized, with policies and laws denying them recognition of their gender, making accessing health care very challenging.
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Patients’ Therapy The current quality of managing the needs of the representatives of the LGBT community needs a significant improvement.
  • LGBT Community in Chicago Chicago is considered to be a major center for the LGBT community. The city has a long history of the movement, dating back to the early 1920s.
  • Transgender Patients and Nursing Health Management There is a growing recognition today among health care providers and researchers that patients’ transgenderism may become a factor in their care.
  • Challenges to Transgender Patients Despite the recent attention to the issues of transgender people, the level of discrimination against them is still incredibly high.
  • Challenges of Transgender Patients Transgender patients have to face a certain amount of resistance and discrimination in society regularly, this group of people has to deal with certain challenges in the health care arena.
  • Discrimination Faced by Transgender Patients Contemporary hospitals are not designed for transgender people, therefore, they can have many troubles there ranging from the unfriendly environment of a hospital and doctors.
  • Transgender-Associated Stigma in Healthcare Transgender individuals are people who assume a gender definition of identity that differs from gender assigned to them at birth.
  • Transgender Disorders and Homosexuality There is a lot of evidence of both the genetic mechanisms’ and surroundings’ influence on people’s sexual preferences. However, the environment is more responsible for such choice.
  • Epidemics of HIV in Gay Men Given that epidemics of HIV in gay men are on the rise in most countries, it is essential to diagnose the disease early.
  • The Problem of Addressing HIV in Gay Populations The challenges are presented by men’s unawareness of their infection, discrimination and stigma problem, and undiagnosed sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Transgender and Problems with Healthcare Services Transgender individuals find it difficult to approach physicians because it is difficult for them to reach needed treatment.
  • Transgender People in Healthcare Facilities Gender nonconforming and transgender people face discrimination in almost every sphere of human activity. It has a negative impact on the access of these groups to primary care.
  • Transgender, Its History and Development Transgender is not a new concept and people have discussed the issues associated with it since the 19th century.
  • Healthcare Needs of the LGBT Community Pinning down how long the problem of meeting LGBT members’ healthcare needs has been around is rather problematic because of the social controversy around the subject matter.
  • Problems of Transgender Patients in Health Care A number of transgender patients admit cases of discrimination from the health care workers. From 30% to 60% of the representatives of this group face biased attitude.
  • Transgender Discrimination in Health Care This paper investigates the discrimination that transgender persons are subjected to in the health care setting in more detail.
  • Successful Struggle of Canadian LGBT Community The Canadian LGBT community has managed to achieve its ultimate goal: official recognition of their rights, including the right to legal marriage in 2005.
  • Transgender Community’s Treatment in Healthcare This paper discusses the transgender community and the discrimination that affects them every day, especially in healthcare, and how we can help stop it.
  • The Health Problems that LGBT People Face Health Policy and Advocacy is a core nursing essential that most pertain to the issue of LGBTQ health promotion. The essential’s rationale is to advance social justice values.
  • Sidesteps Broad Gay Marriage Ruling The article, “Sidesteps Broad Gay Marriage Ruling,” by Peralta Eyder, explores the controversial 2013 ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) by the US Supreme Court.
  • Addressing HIV Prevalence among Gay Men This discussion outlines the strategic measures at the community level to address increased prevalence of HIV cases among Caucasian, African American and Latino gay men.
  • The Gay Human Rights: Harvey Milk Contributions Harvey Milk and his contribution in the struggle to preserve gay human rights are discussed from a theoretical perspective. This paper provides an in-depth understanding of gay human rights.
  • Morals Metaphysics: Criminal Punishment and Gay Basics It is not wrong to punish a criminal primarily as a means to reform the criminal. Execution is not the only just penalty for murder as two wrongs do not make a right.
  • Homosexuality From a Christian Point of View In the Old Testament, every person knew that homosexuality was an abominable sin, hated and disgusting even to mention.
  • Homosexuality in Canada Homosexuality can be explained in three main dimensions: biological, behavioral and psychodynamic dimensions of homosexual orientations.
  • Supreme Court Justice: Homosexual Marriages The question of homosexual relations and untraditional marriages remains to be open for a long period of time. It is hard to make all people choose the same position and stick to it all the time.
  • Relationships: Different Views on Gay Marriage Gay marriage is a topical issue caused by different perceptions and understanding of human nature and interpersonal relations. The approaches towards gay marriage are liberal and conservative.
  • The effects of coming out experiences on LGBT people’s mental well-being.
  • The root causes of LGBTQ youth homelessness.
  • The role of social media in LGBTQ activism.
  • LGBT parents’ experiences when seeking healthcare for their children.
  • Unique challenges of providing care for LGBT older adults.
  • The impact of conversion therapy on mental health.
  • Suicide risk in LGBT adolescents and protective factors.
  • Patterns of LGBT hate crimes and prevention strategies.
  • Queer art as the intersection of creativity and social activism.
  • The importance of parental support for LGBTQ individuals.

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