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Exclusive articles about friendship, how many close friends do most people have the answer is …, how to get over a friendship breakup, dear guy: “my friends and i bond by complaining, but it’s getting me down”.

Robert Puff Ph.D.

The Importance of Friendship

Friendships are a crucial part of living a fulfilling life..

Posted July 26, 2021 | Reviewed by Ekua Hagan

  • Friendship makes life more enjoyable and enriches one's everyday experiences.
  • Finding friends can be challenging but can be often achieved by approaching others with mutual interests.
  • The first criteria one should look for in a partner is someone who is ultimately a good friend to them.

Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash

As we move through life, we find that there are many things out of our control. We can’t choose our parents, our genetics , or control the things that happen in the world around us. One thing that we can control is who our friends are, and this decision can either make our lives so much richer and beautiful, or more stressful and disappointing. Today we’ll focus on how to choose friends who enrich our lives and make them more beautiful.

Why friends are so important

Having solid friendships is important for two main reasons. First, they make life more enjoyable. We get to share the beautiful aspects of life with people who we love, which can enrich our everyday experiences. Second, our friends help us through the difficult times. Having friends to support us through hard times can make unimaginably difficult situations seem more tolerable.

The most beautiful part about pouring our time and energy into friendships is that not only do friends help enrich our lives, but we enrich theirs too! Friendships get us through the tough times in life, make things more fun and enjoyable, and all-around make our lives better. I urge you to take stock of your friendships and ask yourself if your current friends people build you up and support you, or is the friendship more one-sided?

As we explore friendships today, these are also inclusive of our partners. I believe that the foundation for any healthy relationship is friendship. So it’s important to group our romantic partners into this conversation too.

So, where do we find friends? This might sound silly, but finding friends can be challenging! When I first moved to California for my Ph.D., I didn’t have any friends out here. There were quite a few people in my program that I enjoyed spending time with. But, towards the end of school, they became very busy and were no longer able to dedicate time to hang out anymore. Thankfully, through the help of a very good therapist, I learned that it was important to enjoy life instead of striving for excellence all of the time. As a result, I learned how important it was to carve out time in my life for friends.

Unfortunately, the people I had dedicated time to thus far were achievement-oriented and were pouring their time into work and not our friendships. This forced me to seek out other ways to form connections with people. I ended up finding a local hiking group with the hopes of meeting people with similar interests. During one of these hikes, I met Jim, one of my best friends to this day.

We became instant friends. We have continued to support each other over the years, and even more importantly, we always make time for one another. We both view the friendship as one that makes each other’s lives better, therefore it’s always worth the time and energy. The backbone of any successful friendship is one where both sides put in equal effort and support.

Both Jim and I were forced to put in more effort when he moved across the country to the East Coast. Because we already had such a strong foundation, this didn’t impact our friendship. We talk all of the time and see each other several times a year. We make the relationship a priority no matter what coast each other is on. Like anything in life that is valuable to us, we must work at it and put time and effort into it.

When it's time to move on from a friendship

The second part of the friendship discussion can be a difficult one — reassessing your current friendships and potentially moving on from friends who don’t add value to your life.

Two of my best friends from high school went down different paths from me. We still keep in contact, but I don’t spend too much time with them anymore. The supporting, loving part of our relationship wasn’t there anymore, so it was no longer worth putting energy into maintaining a friendship that had changed so much.

This may be a story you can relate to. What I hope you take away from this post is this — friendships take energy, time, and commitment. And if you’re putting your time and energy into someone who isn’t enriching your life and giving you the support you need, it may be time to reevaluate that friendship.

A happy looking cartoon is shown.

If you find yourself in the market for friends (who isn’t?) I recommend you find groups or activities that you genuinely enjoy. This way you’ll have the opportunity to connect with people who have similar interests. And once you’re there, take a risk! Talk to people, exchange contact information, and follow up with them. It may feel scary at first, but the reward outweighs the momentary uncomfortable feeling you may have.

Friendship and dating

In many ways, the most important friendship in our lives is the one we have with our romantic partners. The first criteria we should look for in this partner is someone who is ultimately a good friend to us, meaning that they are kind, positive, loving, and supportive. If we’re dating someone and they’re a jerk, it’s probably safe to assume that they’re not a good friend. To avoid this, I recommend seeking out someone who is a good friend first, i.e. before the romance and sexual stuff gets in the way.

When there are bumps in a friendship or a romantic relationship , it’s important to work through those tough times. The tricky part is that it will take two people to fix that issue. We can only control our actions and hold ourselves accountable, but we cannot control our friend or our partner's reaction. In addition to our own actions, we have control over the friends or partners that we choose in the first place. If we prioritize choosing good people who we can trust will work through issues with us, then we can work through anything.

Friendships are a crucial part of living a fulfilling life. It’s so important that we surround ourselves with people who we have fun with, who support us, and people who make us better. You may already have beautiful friendships in your life, but if you’re still in the market for friends, it’s never too late to cultivate new relationships that will make your life even more magnificent.

Robert Puff Ph.D.

Robert Puff, Ph.D. , is host and producer of the Happiness Podcast, with over 16 million downloads.

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3 Minute Speech on Friendship

Good Morning to one and all present here. I am going to present a speech about friendship. Friendship is one of the treasures that anyone can possess. God gave us the right to choose friends because they will be with us forever. Our parents and siblings are loving us as they are our own blood. But a friend is someone, who is initially a stranger. Then they take their place in our life above all the other relations. Friendship is nothing but true and pure love without expectations in return.

Speech on Friendship

Role of a Friend

True friends always support each other even during the hardest of times. A true friend is one who feels happy for our success, on the other hand, who feel gloomy for our failures. A true friend may criticize also so that we may come out of our weakness.

He may scold us if we do a mistake and guide the right path. That’s why it is being said that true friend is more precious than any gem in our life. Love from your friend will always be unconditional. They may expect nothing from us but shower their love always.

Friendship – A Divine Relationship

Friendship is a divine relationship, which is beyond the definition of blood relations. It is the only relation that is truly priceless. We may acquire all kinds of pleasures by putting our efforts. But even then life may remain dull, without having someone to share our life with some true friends.

It’s natural that human being always tends to find emotional support and social life. In spite of having everything in life, we may remain in a vacuum. It happens only when we have no such good friend to share our small and small happiness in life. Friends are always there to listen to us unconditionally.

Get the Huge List of 100+ Speech Topics here

There is no Second Chance for True Friendship

Friendship will provide us with thousands of fun moments in life which we may memorize in our old age. But side by side, with times this relation may have moments of crisis. A misunderstanding may crop in and this amazing relation may start weakening.

Always be the first one to save the friendship. God forbid, if due to some unfavorable reason distance ever arises within this relation, we must not let our friend go. Hold his or her hand and apologize for any mistake done. There is nothing more pathetic in anyone’s life than losing a true friend.

Friendship is a relationship that is like a newborn baby. Friendship is always pure and like a bundle of joy which only needs more and more nourishment to grow. Never ignore true friends or take them for granted. We may come across various people at different phases of our life. Many may pretend to be our friends but never go by outward glitter.

At last, I wish to say that a good friendship is very difficult to come across. Therefore, we should appreciate this divine relationship having a base on understanding and feelings. We just need friends to live happily. Lasting friendship is a blessing for everyone.

We don`t need to pretend to be someone else when we spend time with our friends. They give us total freedom to be who we are in reality. We should always be grateful to people who make us happy. A true friend is one of the most precious possessions in anyone’s life.

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Friendship Presentation Slides

Friendship is a special bond between individuals, built on trust, mutual understanding, and support. It brings joy, companionship, and a sense of belonging. True friends stand by each other through thick and thin, celebrating victories and providing solace in tough times. This template celebrates the essence of friendship, offering a framework to cherish and nurture these relationships. It provides ideas for activities, communication tips, and reminders to express gratitude, fostering lasting and meaningful connections. If you want to explain more about Friendship , you can use this template.

Features of the templates:

  • 100% customizable slides and easy to download.
  • Slides are available in different nodes & colors.
  • The slide contains 16:9 and 4:3 formats.
  • Easy to change the colors of the slide quickly.
  • Highly compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.
  • Well-crafted template with an instant download facility.
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presentation on friendship

Top 3 friendship presentations


Friends are the family you choose, and friendship is a special kind of relationship with people who are there in good times and bad, who advise you, support you and encourage you to pursue your goals. That’s why today we want to pay tribute to them, to true friends. 

If you also want to show them how much you care about them, check out our top 3 friendship templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides .

Top 3: Golden friendship day

As the name suggests, a good friendship is worth gold , so take the opportunity to tell your best friend how much you love them or thank them for something important they have done for you.

Golden Friendship Day by Slidesgo

This presentation is perfect for any occasion: as a birthday surprise, as a wedding toast, as a relationship workshop…. The slides include a variety of photos of happy friends, which you can replace with your own, for a more personal touch.

Golden Friendship Day by Slidesgo (1)

It has a creative and modern style, with touches of colors that bring brightness to the presentation. In addition, all the resources are editable, so you can choose your favorite colors to give it a special touch.

Golden Friendship Day by Slidesgo (2)

Download the free Golden friendship day template now and easily customize it in Google Slides or PowerPoint.

Top 2: Best friends day activities

Work, studies, commitments… Sometimes, the routine and day-to-day activities leave us little time to enjoy a good friendship, so why not organize a weekend to catch up and enjoy together?

Best Friends Day Activities by Slidesgo

In this premium template you will find different ideas to spend a wonderful day. How about starting with a relaxing session to leave the daily stress behind?

Best Friends Day Activities by Slidesgo (1)

If your friend likes good food, why not surprise them by preparing their favorite meal? You can even make it together. Have you already thought about who will be the chef and who will be the cook?

Best Friends Day Activities by Slidesgo (2)

These and many other ideas await you in the Best friends day activities template. Ready to spend an unforgettable day celebrating friendship?

Top 1: Nice friends IG square posts

Social networks have become the preferred communication channel to communicate with our loved ones, so what better way to show them your affection than posting it on Instagram .

Nice Friends IG Square Post by Slidesgo

In the Nice friends IG square posts template you have at your disposal more than thirty slides in square format, ready to edit to your liking and upload them to the social network.

Nice Friends IG Square Post by Slidesgo (1)

On the other hand, they are also an excellent option if you have a company and want to promote your team or give them special recognition.

Nice Friends IG Square Post by Slidesgo (2)

We have as well included other resources, such as budget slides, timelines, objectives or buyer persona, so this presentation is also an original way to present a proposal to your client.

If you liked our proposals, visit Slidesgo to see more alternatives of friendship templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint , because, you know what they say: “He who has a friend, has a treasure”, so take care of them!

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Friendship presentation

Friendship presentation

Last updated Saturday , 16-03-2024 on 10:55 am

Friendship presentation , contains important information and value on the importance of friendship in the life of each person and  what must be available qualities in the true friend . You will also find an introduction and a conclusion to the subject. All you have to do is to attach the content with illustrations of the friendship using PowerPoint.

There is no doubt that friendship is an important thing in the life of each person. Who has a sincere friend should not overdo it, and here we will give you  friendship presentation ; only Use some pictures of friendship to help you express your thoughts.


Hello, my name is (your name) I will present  today  a topic about friendship, I hope you will be impressed.

If you have any questions you can ask at the end of the topic and I will be happy to answer all the questions.  

There is a lot of social relationships that an individual may have and become part of his life, such as a marital relationship or an individual’s relationship with his family, but friendship is a very different thing.

Talk to your friend as if you are not afraid to complain to him or cry in front of him or express your joy for simple things. This friendship, which lasts forever and does not disappear. 

Friendship must be durable and lasting and permanent. Forgiveness , love , honesty, friendliness and kindness are all qualities of good friend, and  you find your friend wherever you go ,does not go away and does not interrupt the communication between you.

Friendship is a treasure if we want to describe it ,a relationship, if it is true, is not punctuated by lies, doubts, hypocrisy or hatred, is based on truth and never dies.

The true friend is the one who loves you and approaches you without charge or interest.

He just want you to be happy ,and accept your sins if you sin, love you and prevent  you from as much harm as possible.

Friendship is an important relationship in human life.

The true friend who supports you in life do not lose his friendship forever.

The person will not meet a true friendship every day.

Thank you for your kind attention and I hope that the topic has impressed you.

I am ready to answer any question with pleasure.

In this way, we have presented to you a friendship presentation ,and you can read more through the following section:

  •   presentation topics

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Good presentation 🤠🤠

This is a very impresseve presentation

superb presentation

This is a awesome presentation 👏👏👏

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Student Opinion

15 Prompts for Talking and Writing About Friendship

Questions to help students reflect on the meaning of friendship in their lives

presentation on friendship

By Natalie Proulx

Who are your closest friends? How much do you share with them? Do you actually like your friends? What have you learned from them?

Below, we’ve rounded up 15 questions we’ve asked students over the years all about friendship. You can use them as prompts for writing or discussion, inside the classroom or out. We hope they’ll inspire you to reflect on your friendships, consider how you can strengthen the ones you have, and motivate you to reach out and make new ones.

Each prompt includes an excerpt from a related New York Times article, essay or photo; a link to the related piece; and several questions to help you think deeply about it. Many of these questions are still open for comment from students 13 or older.

You can find even more ideas for teaching and learning about friendship in our related lesson plan: How Students Can Cultivate Meaningful Friendships Using The New York Times .

1. Who Are Your Friends?

Do you have a “best friend,” a few close friends or a large group of friends? What interests, experiences, passions and circumstances forge those relationships? What are some of your favorite memories or admirable characteristics you associate with your friends?

Use this Picture Prompt to talk or write about your most important friendships.

2. How Alike Are You and Your Friends?

Did you know there is science behind how we choose our friends? Research has shown that we tend to befriend people who are much like us in a wide array of characteristics, including age, race, religion, even our handgrip strength.

In this prompt , you’ll read more about the things that bond us, and then share what you and your friends have in common.

3. Do You Have Any Unlikely Friendships?

Though we tend to connect with people who are like us, sometimes friendship happens with someone we’d least expect. That was the case for Spencer Sleyon, a 22-year-old rapper and producer from East Harlem, and Rosalind Guttman, an 81-year-old woman living in a retirement community in Florida, who met playing the Words With Friends game.

Do you have any surprising friendships like this one?

4. How Much Do You Share With Your Friends?

Do you often express your innermost thoughts, feelings and struggles to those closest to you? Or do you tend to keep those things to yourself? Being vulnerable can be scary, but research shows it’s important for building connections with others.

Use this prompt to reflect on what it feels like to open up to your friends, and how you might try to do more of it.

5. Do You Have Satisfying Friendships?

Are internet friendships as fulfilling as in-person ones? In a guest essay, a writer argues that “The kind of presence required for deep friendship does not seem cultivated in many online interactions. Presence in friendship requires ‘being with’ and ‘doing for.’”

Do you agree? Can online “friends” be true friends? Share your opinion.

6. Do You Have Any Close Friends?

Do you prefer to have many casual friends or just a few close ones? What makes a person a “best” friend? Do you wish you had more close friendships? This prompt explores these questions and more, as well as shares expert advice for developing deeper friendships.

7. How Do You React When Your Friendships Change?

Have you ever become less close to a friend over time? Have you ever felt jealousy when your friend joined another friend group? Have you ever had a friendship just fizzle out? These kinds of changes happen all the time, but they can be difficult to navigate.

Tell us what you do when you feel a friendship start to shift.

8. Do Social Media and Smartphones Make Your Friendships Stronger?

presentation on friendship

Does being able to stay constantly in touch with your friends via social media, texting and location sharing strengthen your friendships and make them easier to maintain? Or does it do the opposite? Weigh in with your experiences on this prompt .

9. Do You Like Your Friends?

It may sound like a strange question, but a 2016 study found that only about half of perceived friendships are mutual. That means you might not even like someone who thinks of you as a best friend. And vice versa.

Is this is true for any of your relationships?

10. How Often Do You Text Your Friends Just to Say ‘Hi’?

When was the last time you texted, called, emailed or messaged a friend just to say “hello”? Research suggests casual check-ins might mean more than we realize. Do you underestimate how much your friends would like hearing from you?

Read what experts have to say and then share your thoughts.

11. Is It Harder for Men and Boys to Make and Keep Friends?

American men appear to be stuck in a “friendship recession,” according to a recent survey. Less than half of men said they were truly satisfied with the number of friendships they had. The same study also found that men are less likely than women to seek emotional support from or share personal feelings with their friends.

Does this reflect your experience? Weigh in.

12. Do You Have Any Intergenerational Friendships?

“When applying to my job, I had no idea of the friendships I would be making with 70+ year old women. They teach me new things every day while I hear their life stories and things they have done,” Laura from Ellisville wrote in response to this prompt.

Do you have any friends who are significantly younger or older than you? What do you think we can gain from these kinds of intergenerational friendships? Tell us here.

13. Have You Ever Been Left Out?

Imagine it’s a Saturday. All your friends told you they were busy, so you’re sitting at home, alone, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. But then you see a post that stops you in your tracks. It’s a picture of all of your friends hanging out together — without you. This is what happened to Hallie Reed in her first semester at college.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Use this prompt to talk or write about how it felt.

14. What Have Your Friends Taught You About Life?

“My friends taught me different perspectives on life.” “My friends have taught me to not care what other people think.” “My friends have taught me to be myself.”

These are just a few of the responses teenagers had to this prompt. What have your friends taught you?

15. Have You Ever Had a Significant Friendship End?

Few relationships are meant to last forever. In a guest essay, Lauren Mechling writes that “even bonds founded on that rare, deeply felt psychic connection between two people” are “bound to fray.”

Have you experienced this with someone with whom you were once very close? What happened? Share your story.

Students 13 and older in the United States and Britain, and 16 and older elsewhere, are invited to comment. All comments are moderated by the Learning Network staff, but please keep in mind that once your comment is accepted, it will be made public and may appear in print.

Find more Student Opinion questions here. Teachers, check out this guide to learn how you can incorporate these prompts into your classroom.

Natalie Proulx joined The Learning Network as a staff editor in 2017 after working as an English language arts teacher and curriculum writer. More about Natalie Proulx

presentation on friendship

Social Emotional Lessons

presentation on friendship

Individual + Group Counseling

presentation on friendship

School Counseling Programs

presentation on friendship

Behavior + Restorative Practices

presentation on friendship

Teaching Kids About Healthy Friendships and Friendship Boundaries

We spend a lot of time talking to our children and students about the importance of friendship: making and keeping friends. Sometimes, we spend time talking about what to do when there’s a conflict in a friendship. What we don’t always do, at least not explicitly, is spend time teaching kids about what healthy friendships look like and what friendship boundaries are. As grownups though, we know how important this is! It’s also important for children. They usually get the basics (don’t kick, share, be nice) but they need us to help them understand some of the more complex parts of friendship both responsively and proactively.

Teaching kids about healthy friendships and friendship boundaries students standing in the hallway talking

What is a healthy friendship?

Like other skills or ideas, it’s helpful to be really explicit and specific when you teach students about healthy friendships. Depending on your group, there’s a few different elements of friendship you might want to teach about:

  • Encouragement
  • Trustworthiness
  • Fun/Happiness/Togetherness
  • Being Yourself
  • Be a Good Sport

Provide them with definitions and examples of these ideas. Some like “support” might not be super obvious to kiddos. Then give them lots of opportunities to practice figuring out what these ideas actually look like in specific situations. I’ve done this through task cards , slides , and little stories .

flip card scenarios, respect story, support and encouragement, trust

I’ve gone on some exhaustive searches for picture books for 3rd-5th grade students that show positive examples of friendships. There are not very many! I was surprised. Lots of books about friendship problems, or that show friends being kind to one another during one specific event, but not a ton that illustrate more than one specific example of what it means to be a good friend or what a healthy friendship looks like. I ultimately found five that I think are great. They all appear to be for more primary grade students (illustrations, animal characters, etc.) but I think these all have enough meat to them that you can talk more deeply with your “big kids” about them. (the following links are affiliate links)

a sick day for amos mcgee book cover

A Sick Day for Amos McGee : Focuses on ways to be helpful to friends (based on what they need) and shows what a reciprocal friendship is.

splat says thank you book cover

Splat Says Thank You : This story includes several examples of what healthy friends do/say for one another – examples that work just as well for humans even though the characters are critters.

maybe tomorrow by charlott agell book cover

Maybe Tomorrow? : About a character grieving the loss of a friend. Shows several ways the new friend is a good friend (listening, encouraging, sitting with, accepting).

friendshape by amy krouse roenthal book cover

Friendshape : Really simple and illustrations look young, however, each page has a metaphor which opens the door for more upper-level discussions of what they mean. It does also exist as a free video for Amazon Prime members but I haven’t personally watched it yet!

stick and stone by beth ferry and tom lichtenheld book cover

Stick and Stone : Short and simple, about standing up for friends (loyalty!) and spending time together. This is the one you’re most likely to already find in your school’s library.

Healthy Friendships: Reflecting and Reinforcing

While all elements of healthy friendships are important, one way to process these with children is to ask them to identify which of these is most important to them or to rank them by importance. You might also have them reflect on ways in which they show these things in a friendship as well as ways their friends demonstrate these elements.

One way to make some of these ideas stick more is to provide teachers with a way to reinforce them. The simplest option is usually to provide them with something they can incorporate into morning meetings. Here are some of the questions included in my Healthy Friendships Lesson to provide teachers:

  • Tell about a time a friend encouraged you or supported you.
  • What is your favorite thing to do to try and cheer a friend up when they’re sad?
  • Some people think you have to be a good friend to yourself to be a good friend to others. What does it mean to be a good friend to yourself?
  • What is a friendship pair or group from a TV show or movie that looks like they have a happy healthy friendship?
  • Are there any secrets a friend might tell you that you should not keep?

Teaching About Fences, Lines, and Boundaries

The world is talking a lot lately about boundaries; setting them and respecting them. While this is starting to trickle down into work with kids (especially around the idea of consent), there’s more we can do. We can teach them about boundaries within our friendships and how some behaviors can easily cross over from fun to hurtful .

Here is one way to introduce the idea to students:

“What is a boundary? When have you heard the word boundary before? Here’s one definition: A line that divides two things or indicates the limit of something. Such as lines on the road, fences, or the lines on a basketball court.

What about friendships? Do friendships have boundaries? Are there lines in friendships that show in vs. out of friendship boundaries? Today we are going to talk about some friendship boundaries. We will learn about some different ones and then talk about being problem solvers if a friend has crossed a boundary.

Sometimes in friendships, people make mistakes and they cross the line with a behavior that makes others feel disrespected. We can call these lines “friendship boundaries.” The friendship boundaries divide disrespectful or annoying behavior from respectful and fun behavior.”

In my girls’ group , we use a garden theme and talk about our “Friendship Fence lines”, and in my boys’ group , it was “In and Out of Bounds”:

friendship fence lines describing touch joking telling what to do exclusion and chit-chat

I talked about friendship boundaries with individuals and groups really often.  Super often . So often, that I realized these skills needed to be taught universally as part of a tier 1 curriculum. Here are some slides from my guidance lesson on friendship boundaries that give some more examples of how to talk about the boundaries:

BFF's togetherness vs exclusion

Friendship Boundaries: Reflecting and Reinforcing

For the processing piece of friendship boundaries lessons, I ask students to reflect on times that they have crossed a boundary (or which boundary they cross the most). Sometimes, we also talk about if they’ve been on the other side – if they’ve experienced a friend crossing a boundary with them. Like any other time we talk about personal experiences, however, we have to make sure we aren’t using anyone’s names or otherwise talking about other people specifically.

Some reinforcing questions you can give teachers about friendship boundaries:

  • What is one thing you do that might bother your friends?
  • What can you say to a friend that is pressuring you to do something you’re not comfortable with?
  • Why is it better to talk it out with a friend you have a problem with than complain about them to another friend?
  • How do you know if it’s time to end a friendship?
  • What if YOU have crossed a friendship boundary? What can you do?
  • What if you notice your friend being disrespectful to or making fun of someone else?

If you’re looking for books for teaching kids about friendship boundaries and being a respectful friend, look no further than the author Trudy Ludwig because her books are phenomenal. I’ve written specifically about how I’ve used a few before: Sorry! , Just Kidding , Trouble Talk , and Better Than You .

Hope some of these ideas are helpful for you! Let me know if there are other ways you love to teach your kiddos about healthy friendships and friendship boundaries.

Healthy Friendship: Small group Activities

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presentation on friendship

2 Responses

hi! I am loving your work and all the resources you are creating! so relevant to what goes on in the playground! I’ve be a restorative justice fan for years and follow Dominic Barter’s work closely. I’m a little intrigued by your I statements: I feel… when you…… I’m my understanding, the “when you” bit is an I statement when it goes ” when I see you xxx or when I hear you xxxx”. To keep it to my experience and keep blame/shame away. Does that resonate with you?

Hi! I can understand the reasoning behind that. I’ve surprisingly always heard the reverse – that starting with “I” centers the experience and avoids starting off with blame, and that starting with “when you” can sometimes trigger the other person into defensiveness before hearing the emotion being shared.

When you look into affective statements (which is what they’re called in the RP world), starting with “I” is a little more common (see slide 47 of this training: https://www.iirp.edu/images/pdf/Training-of-Trainers-Intro-and-Circles/Introduction_to_Restorative_Practices_Presentation_Slides.pdf )

I don’t personally think one is better than the other – they’re both valuable! I think it’s appropriate to introduce students to both, and even allow them to brainstorm what might be more natural (but still affective) language for them.

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presentation on friendship

Hello, I’m Sara!

With 10 years of experience in elementary school counseling, I get to serve in a different way now – by helping fellow counselors and educators!

I value quality over quantity, effective practices and resources, and meeting the unique needs of all our diverse learners.

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presentation on friendship

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presentation on friendship

The Art of Friendship: How to Befriend Neighbors

Friendships are love stories too. In the Shondaland series The Art of Friendship , we explore and appreciate the beauty and complexities of friendship, as well as what makes it so powerful. From expert tips on how to navigate conflicts and deepen your friendships to uplifting stories of reconnections and advice on making new friends, these stories are reminders of the joy, value, and meaning that companionship brings to our lives.

Danielle Greenly and Taylor Forte met for the first time at Forte’s front door in 2018. “I was like, ‘This girl wants to let us come into her home for no reason,’” recalls Greenly, a 28-year-old occupational therapist. “‘She’s so nice.’”

When Forte heard through a mutual friend that Greenly and her now-husband were looking for a new place to live, the 30-year-old marketing coordinator volunteered to give the home hunters a tour of her and her partner’s apartment and answer any questions. Two months later, the Greenlys moved in. The duo and their husbands became neighbors and — soon after — good friends.

Intermittent dinner invitations turned into frequent game nights, which flourished into random, last-minute texts letting each other know they were stopping by to vent, borrow something, or hang out. “We pretty much always had our doors open,” Greenly reminisces.

The neighbors began spending holidays together, throwing surprise parties, and eventually merged their friend groups. The Fortes fell in love with the Greenlys’ black Labrador, Sadie, and offered to dog-sit whenever they went out of town. “They never wanted us to pay them,” Greenly says. “We’d find other ways and buy them gifts, but they just loved having her.”

After two years of being neighbors, the couples moved in to houses about 15 minutes away from each other. While the “I’m coming over” texts have reverted to occasional dinner invites, the friends are still an important part of each other’s lives. And they’re supporting each other through an entirely new chapter: motherhood.

“Taylor and I were pregnant nine weeks apart from each other,” Greenly says. “We were actually supposed to go to brunch the Sunday morning [Greenly’s son] was born, so I FaceTimed her that morning, like, ‘So, I won’t be needing a ride to brunch.’”

Having a neighbor blossom into a true friend has brought them both joy, and naturally, hardship. Forte lost her dad, and Greenly lost her dog while they were both expecting. “It’s hard,” Forte says. “You’re not right across the street to go over and be comforting.”

While their initial proximity allowed them to quickly build a strong foundation, putting in the effort to be there for each other now that they live farther apart has only made their relationship more meaningful, and it’s taught Greenly a valuable lesson. “Friendships can be easy,” she says. “They can be ‘Come as you are.’ You don’t have to feel like your life is a Pottery Barn catalog just to spend time with people.”

Benefits of knowing your neighbors

There’s something special about being friends with people who can pop over in their pajamas or help out in a pinch — no hosting, table setting, or pressure to be perfect involved. Yet many people shrug off the power of relationships built on proximity and end up feeling physically isolated.

United States Surgeon General Vivek Murthy recently declared loneliness a public health epidemic. His official advisory stated that half of American adults experience loneliness, and that it can be as dangerous as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day and can shorten one’s life span. According to experts, community gatherings can help stave off loneliness and contribute to a well-rounded and healthier life.

Mia Birdsong, the author of How We Show Up and executive director of culture change lab Next River, is an only child who was raised by a single mother. “I grew up with a lot of chosen family,” Birdsong says. “The American dream [can be] a very isolating story for us. So much of what we think of as what makes us successful and happy is about independence, making it, and doing things on our own.”

Humans are social animals who require community in order to survive. “If we think about what we need in our lives and where we live,” Birdsong explains, “there are multiple communities, and one of those communities is neighbors. It’s an important community because it’s the people who you are in proximity with.”

For those who have shifted to working from home, are unemployed, stay-at-home parents, or marginalized in other ways, this sentiment can be even more true. Pals born out of proximity often get a bad rap, but they can actually be some of the most important relationships we have. “Home is meant to be a sanctuary for us,” Birdsong says. “That extends to the area around our home.”

Safety is an enormous benefit when it comes to befriending neighbors. “Knowing who your neighbors are,” Birdsong says, “and being able to call upon them in moments of crisis is critical. … They are the people who can respond most quickly to anything. If there’s a broader disaster, y’all can pull resources and help each other out.”

Daniel Aldrich, a professor at Purdue University, found that in communities struck by disaster, the more social connection there is, the more likely the community is to survive. “It’s not the communities where the first responders arrive earliest or have the most wealth,” Birdsong says. “It is the communities with the most social connection.”

The same goes for personal crises as well. If a home is burglarized or a fire breaks out, neighbors can help and act more immediately before help arrives. This was the case for Birdsong’s neighbor, whose house caught fire with a child inside. Neighbors came to retrieve him, called the fire department, and alerted the residents of the surrounding homes who weren’t around at the time.

“If someone broke into the front of my home, and I call the cops,” Birdsong says, “the cops would arrive and find a dead body. If I call my neighbors and not just one neighbor, but if I text all of them, they actually can do something that might save my life.”

Convenience is also an advantage of establishing bonds with neighbors. “People really want friends whose house they can just walk to,” says Un-Lonely Planet author and connection coach Jillian Richardson. “It’s so nice to have that.” Whether someone needs to borrow a cup of sugar or a weed wacker, a built-in network could exist.

“There’s something joyful about having the people around you be people that you’re in a relationship with,” Birdsong says. “This does not mean you need to be best friends with your neighbors, but it’s having people who you’re in [a] friendly, regular, familiar relationship with, and you don’t have to do the work of getting to each other.”

As children, it may have seemed easier to become BFFs with someone on your block. A simple hello could lead to yearslong friendships involving sleepovers and playing outside. Despite any modern stigmas, our immediate communities as adults can be just as rich a breeding ground for fulfilling friendships, no matter where you reside. Here are ways to befriend your neighbors.

State your intent

It’s not uncommon for people to reject a social offer because they are unsure of the other person’s motive. When getting to know someone, transparency can be refreshing and reassuring. “Tell on yourself,” Birdsong suggests. “Explain why it is that you’re reaching out.”

Whether you’ve showed up at their front step with baked or locally bought cupcakes, printed out your contact information on a piece of paper and taped it to everyone’s door, or dropped off a book or article on community-building with a note on it, including the context surrounding the outreach can have a powerful impact.

“You can say, ‘I read this article’ or ‘I read this book,’ and ‘I feel like we should know each other in our neighborhood or on our floor,’” Birdsong offers. Start there, and be okay with it feeling a bit awkward at first. “If there’s one person who doesn’t reciprocate, cool — look at all the people who did.”

On the way to the store, grabbing the mail, or walking the dog, build in extra time to stop and talk with people. Spending just five to 15 minutes talking not only provides a connection that is good for one’s overall well-being, but it can also inform both parties of similarities and commonalities, whether it’s kids, pets, struggles, or interests.

For example, Birdsong’s artist neighbor uses his work as an opportunity to invite people over. “He had a little open house where you could come over and see his piece of art before it goes off,” she recalls. These connections don’t have to take place inside; standing in a hallway or on the sidewalk can be a great place to start.

Going beyond a smile or a wave, greeting with a few details about yourself can go a long way in allowing someone to feel welcome and open up in return, leading to an even deeper relationship. Don’t wait for others to initiate contact. Introduce yourself and who’s in your household. “There’s a relief we feel when that happens,” Birdsong says. “There’s some exhale that happens when we know the people around us.”

Check with mutual friends

For those who are anxious about approaching new people, they can start where they feel most comfortable: current pals. “Ask your friends if they know anyone who lives in the neighborhood,” Richardson says. “You can specifically say, ‘I just want to meet more people who live in my neighborhood.’”

Not only can this be a safer and more encouraging approach, but it may be an exciting opportunity to merge friend groups or get to know someone your loved ones also adore. “Chances are, if it’s a friend of a friend, you’re going to get along.”

Host and attend events

Birdsong recommends inviting neighbors over for a singular, weekly, or monthly “come as you are” kick-back. “[Neighbors] might come by and hang out in my backyard or chat with me on the porch,” Birdsong says. “People are thrilled that the next-door neighbor is going to have a party and [they] don’t have to go very far.”

For those who aren’t the planning type, a great place to meet people is at events that are already organized. Whether it’s an open-mic night or an art class, see what recurring happenings are in the area. “If I was an artist who wanted to make other artists friends in my neighborhood,” Richardson says, “that’s the kind of thing I could go to a few times a month.”

Seeing the same person continually is an important ingredient when building a new relationship. “It could be a meditation community,” Richardson suggests, “a 12-step group, a group for single moms.” Interest groups are an easy place to start because attendees already share something in common and likely live nearby. “Find one thing that genuinely feels pleasurable for you, and start with that.”

Give and ask for help

“Notice your neighbors,” Birdsong advises. If someone has a baby, consider bringing food for the family. When someone moves in, drop off a list of the best takeout places in the neighborhood. More times than not, people love to lend a hand. In fact, research has proved that aiding others reduces stress, improves mood, and increases self-esteem.

Volunteering or asking neighbors to collect mail or packages, walk a pet, or water plants while away can forge a pathway to a relationship. “There’s this mutuality that we end up experiencing,” Birdsong says, “because we all need little things like that.” Offering specific support in the present is helpful, and so is letting someone know your willingness to help whenever something arises in the future.

“When you’re asking for help,” Birdsong says, “communicate with the collective.” A great way to do this is by creating a neighborhood or apartment building group on a text chain or social media group. It can provide what’s needed in a pinch as well as foster further conversation and dialogue. “It’s just a sweet little moment of neighborly connection.”

Make it a group effort

Join forces with one or two neighbors or other people in your household to make it easier to form new neighborly bonds. “It doesn’t have to be a thing that you’re doing by yourself,” Birdsong suggests. In fact, it can be more joyful with others.

“[Ask] who you see the most and would feel most comfortable with, or somebody who also has a dog,” Birdsong says. This collective can take turns reaching out to an individual or inviting a person to join group gatherings to relieve the pressure of one-on-one interactions.

“Relationships are not something where you meet somebody and you become friends and then you don’t have to do any work,” Birdsong says. “Part of it is about how you are trying to include people over the long term, and just not doing that by yourself.”

Don’t give up

When it comes to relationship-building, don’t become disheartened if there aren’t immediate results. “You really need to extend grace to yourself and other people,” Birdsong says. “We don’t live in a society that creates the conditions for relationships to happen easily.”

Lack of time and low energy are elements on both sides of the fence that can interfere with making a strong connection. “It doesn’t mean that you stop making any effort with the people who are less reciprocal,” Birdsong says. “They just might take some more time.”

When feeling discouraged, remind yourself why building these relationships is important to you, then rest and re-engage. “[Remember] what it is you are looking for,” Birdsong says, “and what it is you need and want in your life. It’s not a destination that we arrive at with community. It is a process.”

Mia Brabham is a staff writer at Shondaland. Follow her on Twitter at @hotmessmia .

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Bonds based on proximity can be among the most powerful relationships in our lives. Here are methods for building genuine connections with neighbors.

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