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HomeWorks QS 36 Pages

HomeWorks QS

Catalog excerpts

HomeWorks QS - 1

Save energy with unparalleled total home control

HomeWorks QS - 2

Transforming light and space To control light is to add atmosphere, warmth, drama and presence. Seeing life in just the right light is better on the eye and the spirit. In 1961, Joel Spira gave light extraordinary shade with the innovation of the solid-state dimmer. As the switch gave way to the control, we were suddenly bringing light ‘up’ or ‘down’. Creating the right mood became as important as providing illumination. And so, good lighting evolved into being as worthy an interior design factor as colour, texture, furnishings and accessories. Lutron has celebrated innovation by filing...

HomeWorks QS - 3

Discover Total Home Control Kitchen HomeWorks® QS provides sophisticated control of your surroundings, every hour of the day, setting the mood for a better life. Lights Favorites Areas We believe total home control can set the mood for a better life. Let us show you how. HomeWorks QS, designed for homes, seamlessly integrates the control of electric light and daylight, as well as integrates with audio visual and HVAC systems. And it does all of that while saving energy. When you choose HomeWorks QS, you’re not only investing in a system that will redefine your way of living – you’re also...

HomeWorks QS - 4

Experience the Benefits Room by Room From the moment you walk in the door to the time you turn in for the night, HomeWorks® QS orchestrates the lights, blinds, HVAC and more for any task or mood. Entrance page 4 Save energy by lowering the light and temperature before you leave for the day. When you come home, brighten exterior lights with a single button touch. Kitchen page 6 Use the “Energy” button on the Dynamic Keypad to dim lights, lower blinds, and adjust temperature. Or adjust lights and blinds to set the mood for a quiet dinner. Living Room page 8 Dim lights to save energy and...

HomeWorks QS - 5

TV Room page 14 Use the “All Off” button to ensure all lights in a room are off after an evening spent with friends. Create a lighting scene for specific events, such as hosting a dinner party. Indoor Pool page 16 Integration with products such as an iPhone®/ iPad® mean you can adjust lights and blinds – and save energy – even when you’re not home. With integration you can also conveniently control audio visual equipment. Bedroom page 18 Turn all of your house lights off with one button press from the comfort of your bed. You can create the ideal light for reading or watching TV, too....

HomeWorks QS - 6

Coming home Walking into a dark house is a thing of the past with HomeWorks® QS. QS When you arrive home in the evening all you’ll need to do is press a single button before you even get out of your car to brighten entrances as well as specific exterior lights.

HomeWorks QS - 7

Use the “Away” button on a keypad to save energy by lowering temperature and adjusting lights and blinds when you won’t be home for a long period of time. You can also save energy with the timeclock, which can automatically dim landscape lighting at night, and turn it off at sunrise. Palladiom keypad in Satin Nickel TM

HomeWorks QS - 8

In your kitchen Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the place where you start your day with an espresso or create your own signature dish. Here, you can brighten recessed ceiling fixtures and under-cabinet lights for cooking, then adjust island lights to a more subdued setting for dining.

HomeWorks QS - 9

Rather than having six switches lined up on a wall, eliminate wall clutter with the Dynamic Keypad. Use it to adjust lights, blinds, HVAC and audio visual equipment from one convenient location. And with one touch of the “Energy” button, you can dim lights, lower blinds, and reduce heating or cooling. Shades Areas Dynamic Keypad in Black

HomeWorks QS - 10

Living room You can keep all the lights bright as you prepare your living room to greet your guests. Then dim the lights slightly to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere as your friends arrive for drinks and nibbles.

HomeWorks QS - 11

Accessories such as receptacles, phone and cable jacks come in a wide range of colours, so it’s easy to complement any room’s aesthetics. Keypads are also available in the same colour palettes. And because you can dim all types of lighting with HomeWorks® QS, including energy-saving LEDs and CFLs, you can create ambiance no matter what types of bulbs you use.

HomeWorks QS - 12

Dining room Lighting levels can highlight those spots where you’ll be putting last minute touches to drinks and food. In contrast, you can make the dining area more sociable and atmospheric by combining electric light with daylight or candlelight.

HomeWorks QS - 13

At the touch of button, change your environment to suit the task or mood. As you prepare drinks, welcome guests or gather everyone to the table. All you need is the ArchitraveTM keypad. Its easyto-read backlit buttons glow softly when room lights are off. Also, it is available in a wide range of styles and colours to complement the design of your room. ENTERTAIN CASUAL RELAX BRIGHT Architrave keypad in White Image courtesy of VBK Lighting www.lutron.com/europe

HomeWorks QS - 14

Family living W hi TV R di Watching TV. Reading to the children. Working on your laptop. Some rooms h hild W ki l S accommodate an endless variety of tasks and moods. HomeWorks® QS controls lights and blinds to make sure the whole family lives in perfect comfort.

HomeWorks QS - 15

You can also have your blinds programmed to adjust their height based on the time of day and position of the sun. Blinds are an effortless way to conserve energy because they help lower cooling costs in summer and heating costs in winter. Blinds also help protect furnishings from harmful UV rays. Our custom-made window treatments are available in a variety of fabrics, woven woods, and styles. Radio Window sensor General Dining Kitchen Terrace International seeTouch® keypad in Satin Nickel

HomeWorks QS - 16

TV room Enjoying a romantic night-in with a DVD. Hosting a party to watch the big match. Or sharing the latest animated blockbuster with the family. Pre-programme the lights to suit each kind of occasion and you never have to re-set them again.

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lutron homeworks qsx brochure

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Lutron Launches Powerful HomeWorks QSX Processor

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

Lutron Electronics , has launched the HomeWorks QSX processor , the latest addition to the company’s flagship whole-home solution.

Lutron says it has made the largest ever investment in HomeWorks, with the new QSX processor bringing heightened connectivity and reliability, streamlining the installation and upgrade process for integrators and customers.

The maker says the update comes with a stream of benefits, including the ability to backup and restore project databases from the cloud to avoid project file loss, increased processing power and memory to manage larger, more complex projects.

In short, Lutron says HomeWorks QSX makes the platform easier to design, install, activate, program and service. “The new HomeWorks platform sums up the ‘Lutron Difference.’ It’s a game-changing addition to our international portfolio of products and solutions,” says Nate Hagemeier, Senior Sales Director Europe and Africa at Lutron.

Key system enhancements

  • Increased processing power and memory to manage larger, more complex projects and support future capabilities
  • Compatibility with all existing HomeWorks wired QS and wireless RF devices
  • Always up to date – your customers will have the latest capabilities, device support, and security updates
  • Securely connects to third-party products with built-in Connect Bridge technology
  • Streamlines upgrades from existing HomeWorks QS systems by carrying databases forward
  • Backup and restore project databases from the cloud – helping to ensure you never lose a project file
  • High-wattage LED+ DIN module with RTISS-ICM™ withstands the most severe electrical stresses: LED in-rush, bulb blowout, and short circuit

“We’ve made our largest ever innovation investment in HomeWorks,” says Nate. “Lutron is setting the stage for the next decade of integrator success with this new line-up of products and with a new range of keypads coming soon to Europe. There’s never been a better time to be part of the Lutron family and grow your business with Lutron.

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Russian Tours and Cruises from Express to Russia

Moscow Travel Guide

  • Guide to Russia
  • Russian Destination Guide

Why travel to Moscow

Contrasts: 12th century monasteries and some of the tallest skyscrapers in Europe can be found side-by-side in this complex and captivating city. The diversity of this mega-city is astounding. Only a few steps away from the solemn red facade of the Kremlin and the sounds of righteous church bells, a buzzing night scene and alternative-fashion boutiques can be found.

Culture: In Moscow only the best goes. Be it a theatre, restaurant or gallery, the standards are certain to be world-class. The Bolshoi ballet company is reputed to be even better than the Mariinsky’s and “MMOMA” (Moscow’s museum of modern art) exhibits works of art as profound as any that could be found in the famed MOMA.

Convenience: Unlike the rest of Russia, it’s easy enough to get by with just English in Moscow and, driving excepted, it is surprisingly safe: the murder rate is lower than in some of America’s major cities.

Top Sights in Moscow


St. Basil’s


Novodevichy Convent


  • Moscow Fact File
  • History of Moscow Russia
  • Arriving in Moscow
  • Getting Around
  • Moscow Museums
  • Nightlife in Moscow
  • Moscow Restaurants
  • Moscow Entertainment
  • Activities in Moscow
  • Outside Moscow


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Why visit Moscow

It would take more than two days to walk around the perimeter of the biggest city in Europe, Moscow. Many of its inhabitants barely know what’s beyond the few blocks around their flat and there are so many attractions that it’s almost impossible to know where to start. If there is such a thing as an antidote to boredom, Moscow City is it. The mind-boggling range and diversity of things to do, places to eat, parks, historical monuments and more means that a vacation in Moscow has a wealth of activities to offer for every type of traveler, from young families to retirees.

Reasons to Vacation in Moscow in 2022

The Bolshoi theatre is familiar to almost everyone as Russia’s grandest theatre, but what people don’t know is that there are many more bolshoi (big) sites in Moscow that are worth travelling all the way to Moscow to see. For more than 100 years, the world’s biggest bell has been hidden behind the Kremlin’s walls and inside Moscow’s main park (which is bigger than some countries!) there is the world’s largest outdoor ice-rink. Travelers that visit Moscow can stay at the Izmailovo, Europe’s biggest hotel, then eat at the largest and most historic McDonald’s in Europe and after that have fun at the largest European indoor theme park!

Ancient Past & Stunning Architecture:

As those who travel to Moscow will see, just because Moscow is a city of record-breaking, glitzy high-rises doesn’t mean that there is no history. On the famous Arbat street, time-worn, wooden storehouses and century-old churches are squashed up against grey, soviet blocks which are then towered over by 21st century office-blocks. Unlike its much younger sibling, St Petersburg, Moscow’s roots stretch way back to the 12th century. Within the walls of the Kremlin, the city’s oldest building the Cathedral of Assumption can be admired in all its 500+ years of age.

Culture & Convenience

For a foreigner who has never visited Russia, Moscow is the perfect stepping stone into this great land of mystery. From the country’s best classical ballet troupes to snow-white troikas trotting through the parks, all the highlights of Russian culture can be had in Moscow without any of the complications that would be expected in other, less developed regions of Russia.

Cheap as Caviar

In Moscow, everything is bargain when with the current foreign exchange rates being what they are. Even caviar doesn’t seem so dear when the exchange rate is at 60rub to the dollar, so go on indulge yourself! Take your 2022 vacation in Moscow and have the best of both worlds, with European luxury at very affordable prices.

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

Lena, our guide in Moscow was excellent. She was very knowledgable and could answer any question we had for her. We liked that she could pick up on our interests and take us places we might not have thought of to go. When we realized that one of the places we had chosen to see would probably not be that interesting to us, she was able to arrange entry to the Diamond Fund and the Armoury for us. Riding the Metro with Lena was a real adventure and a lot of fun. In Saint Petersburg we found Anna well versed in the history of the Tsars and in the Hermitage collection. Arkady in Veliky Novgorod was a very good guide and answered all of our questions with ease. Novgorod was perhaps a long way to go for a day trip, but we did enjoy it. Vasily was a great driver to have and kept us safe with good humour and skill. We enjoyed ourselves so much, my daughter says she is already planning to return. We would both have no hesistation to recommend ExpresstoRussia to anyone we know.

Just wanted to let you know that My grandson Bruno and I couldn´t have been more pleased with our week in Moscow (6/15 - 6/21). We were absolutely enchanted with the whole experience, including getting lost a couple of times in the Metro during our free time. Although both our guides (both Eleanas) were excellent, I would particularly commend the first one (she took us to the Tatiakov, the KGB tour, and to that beautiful cemetery where so many great Russian artists, authors, composers, musicians, militarists, and politicians are buried). Her knowledge is encyclopedic; and her understanding of today´s Russia as a product of its past was, for us, truly enlightening. I will be taking another tour in Russia, with my wife, within the next two or three years. I will be in touch with you when the time comes. Meanwhile, I will refer you to other potential visitors to Russia as I meet them.

We had a great time both in Moscow and St Petersburg. Your travel agency was excellent in coordinating the whole trip. Everything worked like clockwork. The guides assigned to us were very nice and friendly. They had a great knowledge of their subjects. The cars and the drivers were great. The hotels were good and the itinerary was good. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. It was nice dealing with you and your company. Thank you very much for a great Russian experience. Have a great future ahead

  • 31 reviews of Express to Russia Moscow Tours in Moscow

Our travel brands include


Express to Russia

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Moscow's High Rise Bohemia: The International Business District With No Business

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

  • Written by Dario Goodwin
  • Published on March 17, 2015

The Moscow International Business Center (Also known as Moskva-City ) was meant to be Russia ’s ticket into the Western world. First conceived in 1992, the district at the edge of Moscow’s city center is intended to contain up to 300,000 inhabitants, employees and visitors at any given moment and, when completed, will house over 4 million square meters of prime retail, hotel and office space to create what the Russian government desired most from this project: an enormous financial district that could dwarf London’s Canary Wharf and challenge Manhattan . Twenty three years later though, Moscow-based real estate company Blackwood estimates that as much as 45% of this new space is entirely vacant and rents have plummeted far below the average for the rest of Moscow. The only press Moskva-City is attracting is for tenants like the High Level Hostel , a hostel catering to backpackers and other asset-poor tourists on the 43rd floor of the Imperia Tower , with prices starting at $25.50 for a bed in a six-person room. This is not the glittering world of western high finance that was envisioned back in the post-Soviet 90s; but what has it become instead?

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

As one might expect from a project of this sheer ambition, Moskva-City has a troubled past. The economic crash in 2008 hit Russia hard enough to evict the previous Mayor of Moscow , Yuri Luzhkov, who had been a cheerleader for the district, and replace him with the considerably more austere Sergei Sobyanin, who famously declared that the whole idea was an “urban planning mistake.” But as recently as 2013, the Wall Street Journal was triumphantly claiming that Moskva-City had risen from the dead, citing 80% occupancy rates and glowing quotes from industry insiders claiming that Moskva-City was the "place to be." Driven by record highs in oil prices, Moscow looked poised to become the next Dubai .

Instead, Moscow is now in the grip of an economic winter prompted by western sanctions and drops in the price of oil. The large financial groupings that Moskva-City was meant to shelter have been warned off by their inability to issue credit to international markets, for example - but Moskva-City isn’t just an Empire State Building left empty by the Great Depression.

A fundamental problem that is holding Moskva back compared to the rest of Moscow is the simple fact that currently, getting to Moskva-City is nigh-on impossible at peak hours. Moscow has long been plagued with transport problems, ever since the government failed to match the dramatic expansion of the city with a dramatic expansion of the transport system after the Second World War. Despite being only 2.5 miles from the Kremlin , Moskva-City is only just inside the ring road that bounds the city center and which acts as the only real transport link to it (and as a result, is clogged by construction vehicles.) A railway and metro hub has been finished, but so far only runs a one-stop shuttle service to the closest Metro station that is actually integrated with the rest of Moscow Metro. The isolation of the outer districts is a large, negative part of the Moscow psyche, and it’s not surprising that this is driving away the globetrotting financial elite this project was meant to attract.

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

The project is managed by architectural practice No.6, which is a constituent part of the large Moscow based practice Mosproject-2 , which is itself a public corporation headed up by Mikhail Vasilyevich Posokhin, who is apparently the “People’s Architect of Russia.” Despite all this state involvement, the project has still managed to become bogged down in bureaucratic infighting - each lot is managed and developed individually, which has led to developers competing for occupants by slashing rates.

Much has been written about the way modern financial districts and towers that inhabit them can be unwelcoming, forbidding or even hostile by design, but the skyscrapers of Moskva-City seem even less friendly than usual. The site - a former stone quarry, chosen out of necessity as the only place in the city center where a new district could be plausibly constructed - is isolated both physically and visually, leaving the cluster a stark anomaly on the city skyline. Even the names seem more imposing than optimistic now: Imperia, City of Capitals , Steel Peak.

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

The Mercury City Tower , so far the tallest completed building on the site, is officially “a strong reference to Russian constructivism, [which] gives the tower a strong vertical thrust similar to the one found in New York's Chrysler building .” It would be easy to criticize the Mercury City Tower for picking ‘inspirations’ that are so totally opposed to each other - The Chrysler building the defining emblem of American pre-crash confidence and Constructivism created with the express purpose (especially architecturally) of extending the Bolshevik revolution into a social revolution - but the way they smash those two inspirations together is almost beautifully ironic.

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

Even though the High Level Hostel is less an asset to a financial district than it is a PR problem, it’s been a huge success since opening in September, already ranked 27th out of 766 hostels in Moscow by TripAdvisor. According to the management agency for Moskva-City , 58% of the new occupant signings this year have been non-financial, including a number of small to medium size businesses. Other areas of office space have been occupied by a restaurant and a culinary school, while another space has been redeveloped into a 6,000 seat theater.

While Moskva-City is failing to be a financial district that could take on the world, it’s inadvertently becoming a humanized space catering to the very groups that the Russian economic miracle left behind. Taking advantage of rents lower than the rest of Moscow , the world class facilities and the sheer desperation of the developers, the humanization of Moskva-City could well create the world’s first high-rise bohemia.

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

Of course, these are not spaces designed for a community, or even for people: these are spaces designed for money, and there’s little scope for changing something that seems so baked into the design of Moskva-City . The High Level Hostel is trading off of the irony of being a hostel in a banking tower, but it’s perfectly possible that at some point people will no longer find this joke funny (especially in a building that seems hostile to the very idea of humor). The isolation of Moskva, even though it allowed this community to spring up in the first place, is just as detrimental to a humanized district as it is to a financial one: even bohemians need to move around the city, or the district risks becoming a black-spot instead of a hot-spot.

Moskva-City’s isolation won’t last forever. The end of construction will open the roads up to traffic, and plans to properly integrate the spur lines of the Metro in this area into the wider system are well under way. The integration of the district will inevitably push up rents, and the Russian economy will eventually boom once again. When that happens, Moskva-City is prime territory to be reconquered by the giants of international finance, and it seems unlikely that the municipal or national governments would want to step in to protect this accidental district. For now, though, the towers capture perfectly this moment of Russia ’s schizophrenic understanding of its place in the world.

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

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    lutron homeworks qsx brochure

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    lutron homeworks qsx brochure


    lutron homeworks qsx brochure

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    lutron homeworks qsx brochure

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    lutron homeworks qsx brochure

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    lutron homeworks qsx brochure


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  1. PDF Lutron HomeWorks QS Brochure

    Today, Joel's Spira's company, Lutron Electronics, is a worldwide leader in lighting controls. We hold thousands of patents and are known for our innovation, quality, and, above all, our service to our customers. HomeWorks QS provides sophisticated control of your surroundings, every hour of the day. HomeWorks QS, designed for exclusive ...

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    lutron 2-wire loads hqt-grdw 120v~, 50/60 hz grafik t companion device lwt-g-wh 1-gang grafik t faceplate (1 gang us backbox by others) location tbd hqrt-g5answ 120v~, 50/60 hz rf grafik t local switch 5a lighting, 3a fan, 1/3 hp motor hqrt-g5new 120v~, 50/60 hz rf grafik t local dimmer controls inc/hal/elv/mlv/led/ lutron 2-wire loads lwt-g-wh

  3. PDF HomeWorks QSX Domestic System Architecture

    HomeWorks Dual-Radio Wireless Processor. PoE or PoE+ powered using an IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at or IEEE 802.3bt compliant supply. device — Any system component that requires a single address. The processor reserves a single address on every link. Four addresses are reserved for hybrid repeaters on the wireless link. zone — An output.

  4. HomeWorks QS

    Save energy with unparalleled total home control. Open the catalog to page 1. Transforming light and space To control light is to add atmosphere, warmth, drama and presence. Seeing life in just the right light is better on the eye and the spirit. In 1961, Joel Spira gave light extraordinary shade with the innovation of the solid-state dimmer.


    The Lutron HomeWorks QSX Processor (HQP7-2) is a device that integrates wired, wireless, and Ketra lighting control in one system. It supports up to two links of HomeWorks devices, power panels, or dimmers, and communicates with Clear Connect RF technology. It also features PoE power and various regulatory approvals.

  6. Lutron HomeWorks System App & Integration

    The QSX processor for HomeWorks creates a link between your HomeWorks system and the cloud, enabling control, integration, and monitoring of a HomeWorks system from a smartphone or tablet using the Lutron app. This app allows you to control all your homes from one convenient location, whether they have HomeWorks or RA2 Select.

  7. Lutron HomeWorks System Overview

    When you choose Lutron, you can trust that your system, with its powerful controls, intelligent blinds, and beautiful light, will work as it's supposed to, every time. Because we have the highest confidence in the quality of our products, HomeWorks is backed by an 8-year warranty. Our solutions are also backed by industry-best 24/7 technical ...

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    Every Lutron HomeWorks Project requires an element of Design to ensure a successful installation. In this video, I share how I put together my System Design ...

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    HomeWorks QSX CAD; DWG ... HomeWorks - Keypad Design & Style Ordering Brochure; PDF ... For more than 60 years, the same core belief has guided Lutron—that design fueled by innovation and the transformative nature of light has the power to enrich people's lives. The Lutron luxury portfolio is the purest expression of that belief.

  10. PDF Procesador HomeWorks QSX

    HomeWorks QSX Processor SPEC (3691127) El procesador HomeWorks QSX 1 proporciona control y comunicación a los componentes del sistema HomeWorks. Los enlaces de Ethernet permiten la comunicación con el software HomeWorks Designer, la integración con sistemas de terceros y la comunicación entre múltiples procesadores.

  11. Lutron Launches Powerful HomeWorks QSX Processor

    Automation. Lutron Electronics, has launched the HomeWorks QSX processor, the latest addition to the company's flagship whole-home solution. Lutron says it has made the largest ever investment in HomeWorks, with the new QSX processor bringing heightened connectivity and reliability, streamlining the installation and upgrade process for ...

  12. HomeWorks QSX

    Page 2-Discuss HomeWorks QSX, capable of RF as well as wired system communication for new construction and retrofit applications.

  13. Technical Reference Guides

    To find a technical reference guide for a specific product or system, please use the drop-down menus below. For more information, please contact a Customer service representative. You can also call us at +1.888.LUTRON1 (588.7661). Use the drop down menu here to find the technical reference guide for any Lutron light control product or system.

  14. Parks & Facilities

    2023 Summer brochure 3; Park Shelter and Facility Rentals. Whether you are planning a class reunion, a family picnic, a birthday bash, a baby shower, or some other get-together; Moscow Parks and Recreation has an ideal spot for you! For more information click on Facilities and Parks on the Drop down on the left, or please call us at 208-883 ...

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    The diversity of this mega-city is astounding. Only a few steps away from the solemn red facade of the Kremlin and the sounds of righteous church bells, a buzzing night scene and alternative-fashion boutiques can be found. Culture: In Moscow only the best goes. Be it a theatre, restaurant or gallery, the standards are certain to be world-class.

  16. Moscow's High Rise Bohemia: The International Business ...

    The Moscow International Business Center (Also known as Moskva-City) was meant to be Russia 's ticket into the Western world. First conceived in 1992, the district at the edge of Moscow's city ...

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    1: Off-kilter genius at Delicatessen: Brain pâté with kefir butter and young radishes served mezze-style, and the caviar and tartare pizza. Head for Food City. You might think that calling Food City (Фуд Сити), an agriculture depot on the outskirts of Moscow, a "city" would be some kind of hyperbole. It is not.