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Homeworks Banner

For the most uncompromising home integration projects. Equip yourself and your team of technology craftspeople with the ultimate in design freedom, innovative technology, and reliable quality. Push against the limits of what’s possible with the Lutron HomeWorks home automation system.

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

Design Freedom

Every project is different. Equip your team with the freedom to design, customize, and integrate a solution tailored to the unique demands of each project.

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

Reliable Quality

What’s the opposite of planned obsolescence? That’s what HomeWorks is. Build each system to be a durable part of the home with components that Lutron end-of-line tests and backs with an extensive warranty.

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

Innovative Technology

Innovation is more than new for new’s sake—it has to deliver real value. HomeWorks lets your team enrich and simplify your clients’ lives with Lutron’s most advanced and customizable technology.

Luxury Experience App for Residential

Download the Luxury Experience App

The Lutron Luxury Experience App brings the showroom to your iPad. Guide clients on an immersive, virtual journey where they can interact with Lutron products—and visualize designs in their homes. Available now for iPadOS 16.4 or later.

A residential dining room illuminated by a HomeWorks Home Lighting Control System

Only with HomeWorks. We designed and engineered the Lutron Intelligent Light Portfolio from the ground up, authoring dozens of patents and industry firsts to redefine how light in the home should feel.

A residential studio with automated shades powered by a HomeWorks Control System

Precise, whisper-quiet, natural-light control. Lutron Shading solutions bring low-voltage and battery-powered glare reduction, UV protection, and privacy control to new and existing homes.

A residential dining room illuminated by a HomeWorks Home Lighting Control System

Powerful simplicity. Elevate the home’s design and simplify system interactions with a line of custom-engraved, HomeWorks-exclusive switches, remotes, and keypads.



Security, climate control, A/V, home automation, voice—with Lutron’s LEAP API, third-party integrations have never been more responsive, reliable, or secure.


Lutron Connect

Unified teams equals extraordinary results. Accelerate your business and deliver industry-defining client experiences with a breakthrough platform of cloud-connected hardware and software. Lutron Connect streamlines, synchronizes, and simplifies work, establishing the new foundation for future Lutron innovations. 

Graphic depicting streamlined workflow with Lutron Connect

Streamlined Workflow

Simplify the design, commissioning, and maintenance of a project with cloud-connected tools. 

Graphic depicting quick integration with Lutron Connect

Quick Integration

Save time with responsive, reliable, and secure 3rd-party integrations via the LEAP API.

Graphic depicting cloud synced collaboration with Lutron Connect

Cloud-Synced Collaboration

Work with confidence and keep the whole team in sync with real-time project updates, tracked file versions, and automatic backups.

Graphic depicting over the air updates with Lutron Connect

Over-The-Air Updates

Eliminate downtime for your clients and future-proof connected systems by delivering pain-free system enhancements.

HomeWorks System Options

Alisse keypad control

Keypad, Dimmer, Switch, and Companion


Dimmer, Switch, Fan Control, and Companion


Dynamic spectrum illumination


Static white lighting with warm-dimming option

Lumaris Lighting

High performance tape lighting supporting both warm dimming and white tuning.


HomeWorks Resources

Specification Documents

Installation Guides


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Find a sales rep to help create, design, and deliver a complete solution for your workplace.


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Let us help you choose the right solution for your job.

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HomeWorks QS 36 Pages

HomeWorks QS

Catalog excerpts

HomeWorks QS - 1

Save energy with unparalleled total home control

HomeWorks QS - 2

Transforming light and space To control light is to add atmosphere, warmth, drama and presence. Seeing life in just the right light is better on the eye and the spirit. In 1961, Joel Spira gave light extraordinary shade with the innovation of the solid-state dimmer. As the switch gave way to the control, we were suddenly bringing light ‘up’ or ‘down’. Creating the right mood became as important as providing illumination. And so, good lighting evolved into being as worthy an interior design factor as colour, texture, furnishings and accessories. Lutron has celebrated innovation by filing...

HomeWorks QS - 3

Discover Total Home Control Kitchen HomeWorks® QS provides sophisticated control of your surroundings, every hour of the day, setting the mood for a better life. Lights Favorites Areas We believe total home control can set the mood for a better life. Let us show you how. HomeWorks QS, designed for homes, seamlessly integrates the control of electric light and daylight, as well as integrates with audio visual and HVAC systems. And it does all of that while saving energy. When you choose HomeWorks QS, you’re not only investing in a system that will redefine your way of living – you’re also...

HomeWorks QS - 4

Experience the Benefits Room by Room From the moment you walk in the door to the time you turn in for the night, HomeWorks® QS orchestrates the lights, blinds, HVAC and more for any task or mood. Entrance page 4 Save energy by lowering the light and temperature before you leave for the day. When you come home, brighten exterior lights with a single button touch. Kitchen page 6 Use the “Energy” button on the Dynamic Keypad to dim lights, lower blinds, and adjust temperature. Or adjust lights and blinds to set the mood for a quiet dinner. Living Room page 8 Dim lights to save energy and...

HomeWorks QS - 5

TV Room page 14 Use the “All Off” button to ensure all lights in a room are off after an evening spent with friends. Create a lighting scene for specific events, such as hosting a dinner party. Indoor Pool page 16 Integration with products such as an iPhone®/ iPad® mean you can adjust lights and blinds – and save energy – even when you’re not home. With integration you can also conveniently control audio visual equipment. Bedroom page 18 Turn all of your house lights off with one button press from the comfort of your bed. You can create the ideal light for reading or watching TV, too....

HomeWorks QS - 6

Coming home Walking into a dark house is a thing of the past with HomeWorks® QS. QS When you arrive home in the evening all you’ll need to do is press a single button before you even get out of your car to brighten entrances as well as specific exterior lights.

HomeWorks QS - 7

Use the “Away” button on a keypad to save energy by lowering temperature and adjusting lights and blinds when you won’t be home for a long period of time. You can also save energy with the timeclock, which can automatically dim landscape lighting at night, and turn it off at sunrise. Palladiom keypad in Satin Nickel TM

HomeWorks QS - 8

In your kitchen Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the place where you start your day with an espresso or create your own signature dish. Here, you can brighten recessed ceiling fixtures and under-cabinet lights for cooking, then adjust island lights to a more subdued setting for dining.

HomeWorks QS - 9

Rather than having six switches lined up on a wall, eliminate wall clutter with the Dynamic Keypad. Use it to adjust lights, blinds, HVAC and audio visual equipment from one convenient location. And with one touch of the “Energy” button, you can dim lights, lower blinds, and reduce heating or cooling. Shades Areas Dynamic Keypad in Black

HomeWorks QS - 10

Living room You can keep all the lights bright as you prepare your living room to greet your guests. Then dim the lights slightly to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere as your friends arrive for drinks and nibbles.

HomeWorks QS - 11

Accessories such as receptacles, phone and cable jacks come in a wide range of colours, so it’s easy to complement any room’s aesthetics. Keypads are also available in the same colour palettes. And because you can dim all types of lighting with HomeWorks® QS, including energy-saving LEDs and CFLs, you can create ambiance no matter what types of bulbs you use.

HomeWorks QS - 12

Dining room Lighting levels can highlight those spots where you’ll be putting last minute touches to drinks and food. In contrast, you can make the dining area more sociable and atmospheric by combining electric light with daylight or candlelight.

HomeWorks QS - 13

At the touch of button, change your environment to suit the task or mood. As you prepare drinks, welcome guests or gather everyone to the table. All you need is the ArchitraveTM keypad. Its easyto-read backlit buttons glow softly when room lights are off. Also, it is available in a wide range of styles and colours to complement the design of your room. ENTERTAIN CASUAL RELAX BRIGHT Architrave keypad in White Image courtesy of VBK Lighting www.lutron.com/europe

HomeWorks QS - 14

Family living W hi TV R di Watching TV. Reading to the children. Working on your laptop. Some rooms h hild W ki l S accommodate an endless variety of tasks and moods. HomeWorks® QS controls lights and blinds to make sure the whole family lives in perfect comfort.

HomeWorks QS - 15

You can also have your blinds programmed to adjust their height based on the time of day and position of the sun. Blinds are an effortless way to conserve energy because they help lower cooling costs in summer and heating costs in winter. Blinds also help protect furnishings from harmful UV rays. Our custom-made window treatments are available in a variety of fabrics, woven woods, and styles. Radio Window sensor General Dining Kitchen Terrace International seeTouch® keypad in Satin Nickel

HomeWorks QS - 16

TV room Enjoying a romantic night-in with a DVD. Hosting a party to watch the big match. Or sharing the latest animated blockbuster with the family. Pre-programme the lights to suit each kind of occasion and you never have to re-set them again.

All LUTRON ELECTRONICS catalogs and technical brochures

RA2 Select Main Repeater - technical sheet

4 Pages


38 Pages

Pico Scene Keypads - technical sheet

8 Pages

RA2 Select Lamp Dimmer technical sheet

6 Pages

RF Dimming Module technical sheet

28 Pages


32 Pages

Commercial Specification Guide

64 Pages

Innovative Light Management Solutions

24 Pages

Fluorescent ballast and LED driver

51 Pages

Palladiom Thermostat Brochure

11 Pages

Lutron Accessory Wallplates

2 Pages

myRoom Prime

3 Pages

Total Light Management

20 Pages

The Ivalo® Collection Modernist Light Fixtures

9 Pages


7 Pages

Why Choose Lutron Fixture Solutions?

30 Pages

Lutron hospitality shading solutions

34 Pages

Caseta Wireless

12 Pages

C?L Dimmers

13 Pages

Lighting Controls Guide

72 Pages

HomeWorks QS Consumer Brochure

36 Pages

Quantum Brochure

16 Pages

A Day in the Life Brochure

31 Pages

Lutron High Bay Fixture Solutions Brochure

52 Pages

Volume 3

708 Pages

Volume 2

476 Pages

Volume 1

234 Pages

Wallbox Lighting Controls Guide

Archived catalogs

Spec guide volume 1 with Addendums

294 Pages


48 Pages

Centralised Lighting Control System

66 Pages

International GRAFIK Systems-Introduction

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Welcome to the Lutron Luxury Portfolio

Designer Spotlight

Designer Spotlights

Case Study

Alisse Wall Controls

Inspired by the past. made for each moment..

Alisse Wall Controls

Alisse Controls

Customize alisse.

Select finish and button options.


Extend personalization with custom engraving.

Hand-Crafted Elegance

An uncompromising blend of timeless design and human-centered technology.

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

Milled from solid brass and finished by hand to bare the marks of artisanship and complement interior details.

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

Understated halos of light accent keypad buttons to improve visibility and provide intuitive feedback.​

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

Eleven exclusive polished, brushed, and painted finishes coordinate with a range of interior styles.​

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

Custom engraved text or icons personalize each control and ensure Alisse feels intuitive for homeowners and guests.


Heritage Craftsmanship

Made from authentic materials and hand-crafted with intricate attention to detail, the Alisse wall control delivers a truly bespoke experience.

Custom Configurable

Custom Configurable

Simply powerful or powerfully simple. The Alisse wall control can be configured with up to nine buttons, so control can be as effortless or intricate as desired.

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

Product Specification

  • HomeWorks Wired Alisse Keypad - Specification Submittal

Installation Guides

  • Alisse Wall Controls - Installation Guide
  • Alisse Wall Controls - QS Keypad Base Unit - Installation Guide

Design Files

  • CAD Downloads
  • HomeWorks QSX CAD
  • Revit Downloads
  • Alisse Keypad
  • Specification Tools
  • Bluebeam/CAD Tool Kit
  • Alisse Wall Controls - Sell Sheet
  • Luxury Porfolio Brochure
  • Alisse Wall Control Installation
  • Introducing the Alisse Wall Control
  • Application Notes
  • Application Note #791 - Round Backbox Installation Best Practices

Image Gallery

By room or by product category. Discover inspiring ideas for your residential lighting, shades, and control designs.

Living Room

Dining room.

Lutron New York loft

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Essential Install Magazine

Lutron Launches Powerful HomeWorks QSX Processor

lutron homeworks qsx brochure

Lutron Electronics , has launched the HomeWorks QSX processor , the latest addition to the company’s flagship whole-home solution.

Lutron says it has made the largest ever investment in HomeWorks, with the new QSX processor bringing heightened connectivity and reliability, streamlining the installation and upgrade process for integrators and customers.

The maker says the update comes with a stream of benefits, including the ability to backup and restore project databases from the cloud to avoid project file loss, increased processing power and memory to manage larger, more complex projects.

In short, Lutron says HomeWorks QSX makes the platform easier to design, install, activate, program and service. “The new HomeWorks platform sums up the ‘Lutron Difference.’ It’s a game-changing addition to our international portfolio of products and solutions,” says Nate Hagemeier, Senior Sales Director Europe and Africa at Lutron.

Key system enhancements

  • Increased processing power and memory to manage larger, more complex projects and support future capabilities
  • Compatibility with all existing HomeWorks wired QS and wireless RF devices
  • Always up to date – your customers will have the latest capabilities, device support, and security updates
  • Securely connects to third-party products with built-in Connect Bridge technology
  • Streamlines upgrades from existing HomeWorks QS systems by carrying databases forward
  • Backup and restore project databases from the cloud – helping to ensure you never lose a project file
  • High-wattage LED+ DIN module with RTISS-ICM™ withstands the most severe electrical stresses: LED in-rush, bulb blowout, and short circuit

“We’ve made our largest ever innovation investment in HomeWorks,” says Nate. “Lutron is setting the stage for the next decade of integrator success with this new line-up of products and with a new range of keypads coming soon to Europe. There’s never been a better time to be part of the Lutron family and grow your business with Lutron.

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Moscow Muled

Moscow Muled

Why do moscow mules come in copper mugs.

Why Do Moscow Mules Come in Copper Mugs?

Oct 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered why the Moscow Mule cocktail is served in a copper mug? In this post, we answer that question in detail. As it turns out, the answer is partly based on historical events and partly based on the extra "kick" that copper brings to this classic cocktail. Let's dive in!


Moscow Muled copper mug filled with liquid ice and sliced lime on its rim

A remarkable cocktail is something you notice from across the room, easily identified by the signature drinking vessel it's served in. Few are more distinct than the burnished copper mug of a Moscow Mule. 

Great cocktails aren't just alcohol and mixers––they should be something more, a full sensory experience from beginning to end. It starts as you observe the precise convergence of ingredients in a golden ratio that blossoms into flavors and aromas of citrus and spicy ginger. It is then delivered into an ice-filled copper mug and garnished with fresh mint and a slice of lime.  Finally, it is presented before you, shiny and cold, compelling you to taste.

The copper mule mug not only tells the story of the drink it contains, but also is essentially functional to the full experience. You might already know that the cone-shaped bowl of a long-stemmed Martini glass was designed so that olives would stand perfectly upright, and the elegantly curvaceous welled Margarita glass was designed to add ample salt, sugar and garnishes.

But why are Moscow Mules served in copper mugs?

Inquiring minds want to know, so this article will sum up the science and history of why traditional Moscow Mules come in copper mugs, and other legit benefits of serving cocktails in pure copper mugs. This includes:

A Brief History of the Moscow Mule

The science of using copper mugs.

  • How Copper Mugs Amplify the Taste & Aroma of your Moscow Mule
  • The Enhanced Experience of Drinking from a Pure Copper Mug

The origin of this timeless cocktail is the tale of the American Dream. One fateful day in 1941 , three struggling entrepreneurs had a serendipitous meeting at the Cock 'N Bull bar on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood: A bar owner passionate about his unpopular home-brewed ginger beer, a businessman who took a big chance and purchased Smirnoff vodka, and a Russian immigrant with a cache of copper mugs she couldn't seem to sell. That day, the unlikely trio wisely decided to join forces in a bold venture that would not only save their individual businesses, but also create an iconic American cocktail.

Essentially, the Moscow Mule is the most successful marketing campaign in cocktail history. At a time when most Americans had never even heard of vodka, this cocktail introduced them to the traditional Russian alcohol, and established Smirnoff as a necessity in both bars and homes alike.

Thanks to celebrity endorsement, the Moscow Mule soon took the Hollywood cocktail scene by storm, and quickly became the most beloved mixed drink of the 1950's.

It's popularity understandably waned during the Cold War, and it was briefly re-branded as the Smirnoff Mule to distance itself from communism. However, the recent cocktail renaissance of the 21st century has seen the Moscow Mule come kicking back, as evidenced by lists like Esquire's Top 10 Cocktails of 2019 , and Business Insider's 8th Best-selling Cocktail in the World, 2018 .

But the answer to why Moscow Mules are served in copper mugs goes much further than a conveniently clever alliance between co-founders desperate for a big break. The story of the Moscow Mule is both the struggle of the immigrant searching for success, and the flashy lifestyle of the rich and famous.

It boasts a simple recipe , yet a complex flavor profile, encapsulated in a shiny copper mug. And as delicious and refreshing as the Moscow Mule may be, it's the copper mug that makes the cocktail so extraordinary.  Like the drink itself, the pure copper mule mug is a balance of form and functionality.

copper mug filled with ice cubed placed on black table

The most scientific benefit of the copper mug is its ability to regulate temperature. When a drink is served in a copper mug, it gets cold fast––and stays that way.

Copper is a renowned thermal conductor that will keep your beverage frosty in any weather, and is one of the reasons the traditional Moscow Mule has become synonymous with summer. Add a little ice, and the copper chills drinks instantly, and sustains a refreshingly icy rim with every sip.

Because copper is such an excellent conductor, it can keep your cold beverages colder for longer. The downfall of many ill-fated cocktails on a hot summer day is melting ice. Copper mugs stay brisk, and don't disrupt the recipe's ratio, so the simple yet distinct flavors of the Moscow Mule remain strong till the last drop.

Another important feature of the solid copper Moscow Mule mug is the handle. Much like the stem of a wine glass, the copper mug handle keeps the nearly 100 degree body temperature of your hand from impacting the status of your deliciously frosty cocktail.

How Copper Mugs Amplify the Taste and Aroma of Your Moscow Mule

If you want to know what a Moscow Mule tastes like, purists would insist the only way to experience it is in a 100% copper mug. Aside from being a great American tradition, copper mugs offer some unique enhancements to both the flavor and aroma of the Moscow Mule (or almost any finely-crafted cocktail).

Although subjective, most discerning drinkers would agree that copper mugs imbue cocktails with a superior taste. Experts explain that the copper oxidizes the vodka upon contact, thus enhancing the flavor profile and potency of the aromatics.

The intense cold of the copper also creates more stability in the bubbles of the ginger beer carbonation, and balances the tangy citrus of the lime with the earthy spice of the ginger.

For the skeptics out there, the theory of superior taste is easily verifiable. Simply make or order two Moscow Mules––one served in a plastic cup, and one served in a copper mug. Take a moment to inhale deeply, enjoy a big sip, and let your senses be the judge.

The epiphany should take a matter of moments, and you soon realize why a Moscow Mule is best served in a copper mug, and why any other cup or glass is vastly inferior. The difference can be so vivid, you might even consider drinking all your favorite beverages from copper mugs, even hot tea and coffee!

The Enhanced Experience of Drinking From a Pure Copper Mug

Throwing back shots with reckless disregard is a great way to get hammered, but a terrible way to enjoy something delicious. People order cocktails for the full package––observing its creation, revelling in its presentation, and slowly savoring its captivating story and unique taste.

Not only is a cocktail a well-balanced combination of spirits and mixers, it's also about the aesthetic and function of the vessel it's served in. A cocktail should be an object of inspired beauty, presented thoughtfully in a suitable glass or mug and garnished appropriately. It should take time, because it's made by hand.

Although the copper mug has become the symbol of Moscow Mules, it can also pair exquisitely with many other cocktails. Many people seem drawn to the shine and nostalgia of the metal, and Mixologists seem impressed by the scientific properties of the copper mug. Other drinks prominently featured in copper mugs include Dark 'n Stormy, Mescal, Gin & Tonic, and Cuba Libre.

No matter how frosted a beer glass gets, nothing can keep a mixed drink colder than a copper mug. The sensation when one's lips touch the ice-cold rim with every sip is part of the unique experience.

The flavors are heightened, the aromas amplified, and the balance of vodka, lime juice and ginger beer is never watered-down by melting ice. Provided your Moscow Mule is served in a pure copper mug, the last sip should be just as robust and enjoyable as the first.

The benefits of drinking from copper mugs aren't a newfound discovery. In fact, copper has been the preferred metal for drinking vessels for thousands of years.

Gurus in India have been using copper mugs for hundreds of years, and copper goblets called Escra have been found in ancient Irish ruins. Even American settles in 1645 drank exclusively from a massive tankard made of pure copper, known today as the Virginia Tankard .

The Moscow Mule is a classic drink served in a magnificent copper mug because it tells a compelling story, and enhances your consumption experience. It is an unforgettable drink because it's served in a mug that is both more beautiful than and functionally superior to glass.

Three Reasons Moscow Mules Come in Copper Mugs

The reason your Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug is not a fluke. It is not because it's the latest trendy hipster craze. It's not just a marketing ploy (although it definitely started out as one), nor is it a conspiracy by the lobbyists for Big Copper.

Moscow Mules come in copper mugs for three reasons: taste, temperature, and presentation.

The unique experience of drinking a Moscow Mule is a balanced combination of these three elements. It's also the reason this drink is not only the most recognizable, but also consistently one of the most popular drinks in global cocktail culture history.

Taste: The natural properties of the copper oxidize the alcohol, resulting in powerful aromatics and superior flavors. The bubbles of the ginger beer stay fizzy, and perfectly counter the acidity of the fresh lime juice. It's spicy yet refreshing. Simply put, it's delicious!

Temperature: Copper is an ideal thermal conductor, instantly chilling your beverage upon creation, and maintaining a consistently arctic temperature. This prevents the ice from quickly melting and dulling the cocktail ratio, while keeping the rim refreshingly frosty with every sip. The handle also keeps your hot little fingers from fluctuating the temperature with every touch.

Presentation: A glinting copper mug looks authentic and catches the eye. It is vintage, yet modern, and tells a story of creativity, charm and resilience. It is instantly recognizable, and makes for a fine looking beverage. Yes please!

The Bottom Line

The copper mug is iconic, a great American tradition of nearly 80 years, and is the only proper way to drink a Moscow Mule. Cheers!

Did You Enjoy This Article?

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this article, you might also like the following articles:  How to Clean and Care for Copper Mugs: The Definitive Guide and  Why You Should Only Use Moscow Mule Copper Mugs With Stainless Steel Lining

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Moscow Mule Copper Mug

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19th Edition of Global Conference on Catalysis, Chemical Engineering & Technology

Victor Mukhin

  • Scientific Program

Victor Mukhin, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences

Title : Active carbons as nanoporous materials for solving of environmental problems

However, up to now, the main carriers of catalytic additives have been mineral sorbents: silica gels, alumogels. This is obviously due to the fact that they consist of pure homogeneous components SiO2 and Al2O3, respectively. It is generally known that impurities, especially the ash elements, are catalytic poisons that reduce the effectiveness of the catalyst. Therefore, carbon sorbents with 5-15% by weight of ash elements in their composition are not used in the above mentioned technologies. However, in such an important field as a gas-mask technique, carbon sorbents (active carbons) are carriers of catalytic additives, providing effective protection of a person against any types of potent poisonous substances (PPS). In ESPE “JSC "Neorganika" there has been developed the technology of unique ashless spherical carbon carrier-catalysts by the method of liquid forming of furfural copolymers with subsequent gas-vapor activation, brand PAC. Active carbons PAC have 100% qualitative characteristics of the three main properties of carbon sorbents: strength - 100%, the proportion of sorbing pores in the pore space – 100%, purity - 100% (ash content is close to zero). A particularly outstanding feature of active PAC carbons is their uniquely high mechanical compressive strength of 740 ± 40 MPa, which is 3-7 times larger than that of  such materials as granite, quartzite, electric coal, and is comparable to the value for cast iron - 400-1000 MPa. This allows the PAC to operate under severe conditions in moving and fluidized beds.  Obviously, it is time to actively develop catalysts based on PAC sorbents for oil refining, petrochemicals, gas processing and various technologies of organic synthesis.

Victor M. Mukhin was born in 1946 in the town of Orsk, Russia. In 1970 he graduated the Technological Institute in Leningrad. Victor M. Mukhin was directed to work to the scientific-industrial organization "Neorganika" (Elektrostal, Moscow region) where he is working during 47 years, at present as the head of the laboratory of carbon sorbents.     Victor M. Mukhin defended a Ph. D. thesis and a doctoral thesis at the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (in 1979 and 1997 accordingly). Professor of Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. Scientific interests: production, investigation and application of active carbons, technological and ecological carbon-adsorptive processes, environmental protection, production of ecologically clean food.   

Quick Links

  • Conference Brochure
  • Tentative Program



  1. Lutron Launches HomeWorks QSX Processor and Alisse Controllers

    lutron homeworks qsx brochure


    lutron homeworks qsx brochure

  3. HomeWorks QS Consumer Brochure

    lutron homeworks qsx brochure

  4. Lutron announces its next-gen HomeWorks processor

    lutron homeworks qsx brochure

  5. Meet Your Home Lighting Needs with Lutron HomeWorks QSX

    lutron homeworks qsx brochure

  6. HomeWorks QS

    lutron homeworks qsx brochure


  1. Lutron homework’s centralized lighting system

  2. The Connected Lutron Hospitality Solution

  3. Adding Lutron Pico remotes directly to drywall. #lutron #lighting #diy #obsessedgarage #housetips

  4. HomeWorks processor issue

  5. Lutron Keypad with TruFig system

  6. Homework’s QS 3rd Party PIR's


  1. PDF Lutron HomeWorks QS Brochure

    Today, Joel's Spira's company, Lutron Electronics, is a worldwide leader in lighting controls. We hold thousands of patents and are known for our innovation, quality, and, above all, our service to our customers. HomeWorks QS provides sophisticated control of your surroundings, every hour of the day. HomeWorks QS, designed for exclusive ...

  2. PDF HomeWorks Consumer Brochure

    a system that can adapt to your needs and tastes over time. HomeWorks offers upgrades that keep your system current and ensure that it will continue to deliver the one-of-a- kind experiences you expect in your home. Enhanced features include: advanced dimming technology. voice and audio control. more keypad styles.

  3. PDF HomeWorks QSX Domestic System Architecture

    HomeWorks Dual-Radio Wireless Processor. PoE or PoE+ powered using an IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at or IEEE 802.3bt compliant supply. device — Any system component that requires a single address. The processor reserves a single address on every link. Four addresses are reserved for hybrid repeaters on the wireless link. zone — An output.

  4. Brochures

    For more information, please contact a Customer service representative. You can also call us at +1.888.LUTRON1 (588.7661). Use the drop down menu here to find the brochure for any Lutron light control product or system.

  5. PDF HomeWorks QS

    With HomeWorks QS you can dim all types of lighting, including energy-saving LEDs. From the moment you walk in the door to the time you turn in for the night, HomeWorks. ®QS orchestrates the lights, blinds, HVAC, and more for any task or mood. Experience the Benefits Room by Room. Family Room.

  6. PDF HomeWorks QSX Processor SPEC (3691127)

    The HomeWorks QSX processor is required when using the Clear Connect - Type X Gateway for control of residential Ketra light sources. See Lutron Spec Submittal 3691128 at www.lutron.com for the complete details on Clear Connect - Type X Gateway. The processor is powered from the QSPS-DH-1-75-H power supply.

  7. HomeWorks Home Automation System

    HomeWorks. For the most uncompromising home integration projects. Equip yourself and your team of technology craftspeople with the ultimate in design freedom, innovative technology, and reliable quality. Push against the limits of what's possible with the Lutron HomeWorks home automation system. For Specifiers. Find a Rep.

  8. HomeWorks QS Consumer Brochure

    HomeWorks QS Consumer Brochure. Save Energy with Unparalleled Total Home Control. Discover Total Home Control Ideal for existing homes or new construction, HomeWorks® QS provides sophisticated control of your surroundings, every hour of the day. HomeWorks QS, designed for exclusive homes, seamlessly integrates the control of electric light and ...

  9. HomeWorks QS

    HomeWorks QS. Catalog excerpts. Save energy with unparalleled total home control. Open the catalog to page 1. Transforming light and space To control light is to add atmosphere, warmth, drama and presence. Seeing life in just the right light is better on the eye and the spirit. In 1961, Joel Spira gave light extraordinary shade with the ...

  10. PDF Homeworks consumer EA v23

    Homeworks consumer EA v23. HomeWorks. ®QS. Save energy with unparalleled total home control. Lutron www.lutron.com www.lutron.com Lutron 1. In 1961, Joel Spira gave light extraordinary shade with the innovation of the solid-state dimmer. As the switch gave way to the control, we were suddenly bringing light 'up' or 'down'.

  11. Lutron HomeWorks System App & Integration

    The QSX processor for HomeWorks creates a link between your HomeWorks system and the cloud, enabling control, integration, and monitoring of a HomeWorks system from a smartphone or tablet using the Lutron app. This app allows you to control all your homes from one convenient location, whether they have HomeWorks or RA2 Select.

  12. Lutron HomeWorks System Overview

    When you choose Lutron, you can trust that your system, with its powerful controls, intelligent blinds, and beautiful light, will work as it's supposed to, every time. Because we have the highest confidence in the quality of our products, HomeWorks is backed by an 8-year warranty. Our solutions are also backed by industry-best 24/7 technical ...

  13. Technical Documentation & Support Overview

    Technical Documentation & Support Overview. Here you can find an extensive library of technical resource materials. Search through performance specifications, installation instructions, wiring diagrams, videos, brochures, and much more. To find a specific technical document, use the drop-down menus below.

  14. PDF Lutron App Guide for HomeWorks with QSX Processors Application Note

    The Lutron App for HomeWorks with a QSX processor is an easily configurable app that allows for convenient and intuitive control of lights, shades, and scenes from a mobile device anywhere in the world. The Lutron App also allows for simple editing of keypad buttons. This guide demonstrates how to add the Lutron App to any HomeWorks system with ...

  15. Product Selection Page

    Wallplates & Accessories. For more information, please contact a Customer service representative. You can also call us at +1.888.LUTRON1 (588.7661). Use the drop down menu here to search for any product specification submittal made by Lutron.

  16. How to Design a Lutron Homeworks QSX System // Complete ...

    Every Lutron HomeWorks Project requires an element of Design to ensure a successful installation. In this video, I share how I put together my System Design ...

  17. Forum: HomeWorks QSX

    Discuss HomeWorks QSX, capable of RF as well as wired system communication for new construction and retrofit applications.

  18. Alisse Wall Control for Lighting & Shading

    HomeWorks Wired Alisse Keypad - Specification Submittal; PDF ... HomeWorks QSX CAD; DWG ... For more than 60 years, the same core belief has guided Lutron—that design fueled by innovation and the transformative nature of light has the power to enrich people's lives. The Lutron luxury portfolio is the purest expression of that belief.

  19. Lutron Launches Powerful HomeWorks QSX Processor

    Automation. Lutron Electronics, has launched the HomeWorks QSX processor, the latest addition to the company's flagship whole-home solution. Lutron says it has made the largest ever investment in HomeWorks, with the new QSX processor bringing heightened connectivity and reliability, streamlining the installation and upgrade process for ...

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