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  1. Index

    Academic year 2023-2024. All recent doctoral defences in one list. Per faculty. Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies. Institute of Philosophy. Faculty of Canon Law. Faculty of Law. Faculty of Economics and Business. Faculty of Social Sciences.

  2. guidelines public defense

    Please add your commission and a summary of your PhD thesis in your invitation mail. Reimbursement. Doctoral students receive a budget of €1250 from the KU Leuven after the public defence. This budget may be used to reimburse expenses related to the doctoral program. The original receipts and invoices must be submitted.

  3. The defence

    The Dienst Studentenadministratie will then register you as a 'PhD student with defence' ( doctoraat met verdediging) and they will send you the request to pay final course fees at your student email address (about 546 euro). 3. Plagiarism check. Timing: at least 8 weeks before the defence, before midnight.

  4. Doctoral Defense

    The doctoral student must put forward 3 theses which will be communicated to the audience present at the doctoral defense. Those present will be offered the opportunity to ask questions about the theses, the doctoral student is expected to be able to argue for the proposed theses. The additional theses should be of a philosophical nature and ...

  5. Course of a preliminary defence

    In case two members of the examination committee are absent without sending their written advice the chair can decide to postpone the preliminary defence! The preliminary defence will preferably take place at 10:30 a.m., 2:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. (Every jury member will block 2,5 hours for this in his/her diary.)

  6. Doctoraatsverdediging

    Maandag 22 april 2024. Daan Jansen. Faculteit Geneeskunde. The role of the virome in inflammatory bowel disease and hidradenitis suppurativa: enteric virome dynamics during IBD treatment and HS skin virome exploration. E. Maandag 22 april 2024. Koustabh Dolui. Faculteit Ingenieurswetenschappen.

  7. Course of a public defence

    All KU Leuven members of the examination committee are expected to be present at the public defence as well as external jury members that did not participate in the preliminary defence. The secretary collects the folder with documents in advance at the PhD Office (room 00.68, Arenberg Castle) on the day of the public defence.

  8. Can my PhD defence take place online?

    The doctoral researcher and at least the KU Leuven members of the Examination Committee need to attend physically. On motivated request the public defence can take place online or in hybrid form, i.e. the doctoral researcher participates via video conferencing or it is a completely online event. This needs to be discussed well beforehand with ...

  9. Public defence

    After receiving your PhD, you can apply for a reimbursement of costs related to your PhD up to the amount which the executive committee has determined (up to 600€ if the PhD defence is in 2021 or in 2022). At the Faculty of Engineering Technology, this reimbursement is made by your supervisor. Or, in case your supervisor does not belong to ...

  10. PDF Guidelines for online doctoral defenses

    can be held at KU Leuven. This is currently the case until at least the first of July 2020. If the current confinement measures are lifted, 'in vivo' defenses can be organized again on condition that the precautions announced at that moment are taken into account. Even when an 'in vivo' defense is organized, jury members must be given

  11. Practical info regarding online public defences

    The doctoral researcher can use a limited number of KU Leuven locations for this purpose, ... The public PhD defence needs to be open to a wider audience. The PhD researcher needs to make the link to the online session available to family, friends, colleagues (however, be careful to spread the link via social media or internet because we want ...

  12. Information for PhD Researchers

    At the end. After an average period of 4 to 6 years your thesis is ready and you should ask permission to defend it in public. After a successful defence, the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences awards the doctoral degree and you will start a new chapter in your career. More information about further careers of PPW PhD researchers.

  13. Evaluation for Common Mark at PhD Defense

    The Doctoral Regulations state the following about the evaluation of a PhD defense at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies:. After the interaction with the PhD student, the members of the examination committee withdraw for deliberation. They determine a common mark based solely on the public defence, considering both the presentation of the research and the interaction with the ...

  14. step by step econ

    Public defence: submitting the application form for public defense at least 6 weeks before the public defense, archiving the final version of the dissertation in Lirias at least one week before the public defence. Submit a final Research data management plan (DMP) 2 weeks before the public defense. Make sure to consult this webpage for detailed ...

  15. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Leuven)

    The academic degree of Doctor of Philosophy is awarded after the public defense of the dissertation. To be admitted to the public defense the PhD researcher must have successfully completed the Doctoral Programme in Philosophy at KU Leuven and the dissertation must have been unconditionally approved by the examination committee.

  16. Start a PhD

    Find an open position. The easiest way to start a PhD application is to find a vacant PhD position and apply online. In principle, the PhD positions on the KU Leuven jobsite already have financing available (via the supervisor). Please read through the details of the position very carefully and make sure you meet all eligibility criteria!

  17. PhD at the Faculty of Law

    Doing a PHD. at the Faculty of Law and Criminology. If you are interested in scholarly research, you may consider starting a PhD after your initial studies. Doing a PhD offers you the possibility of focussing intensively on one specific scholarly topic during a number of years while you develop your skills and talents in a number of areas.

  18. Roadmap to a PhD

    This tool gives an overview of the milestones which you need to achieve throughout your PhD. Follow the instructions that go along with each milestone and upload the necessary documents. How to upload a document (pdf only - max. 7,5MB - title no more than 50 characters) In case of questions, consult the FAQ or contact the Faculty Administration ...

  19. 2022

    KU Leuven Home. Department of Computer Science About us; Research; Study; Jobs; Partners; ... 2022 PhD defense Thierry Deruyttere October 7, 2022 - Public defense of PhD by Thierry Deruyttere: " Deep Learning based Multimodal Interaction Agent for Real-life Settings with Focus on Autonomous Vehicles " Lees meer. PhD defense Bert Vandenberghe ...

  20. Regulation concerning the attainment of doctoral degrees at KU Leuven

    In that case, KU Leuven will impose the following set of fixed criteria on the PhD researcher university-wide: sign the charter of the PhD researcher and the supervisor (see art. 3 §2); put together a supervisory committee with members from the institutions involved; enrol annually as a PhD researcher at the KU Leuven (see art. 8);

  21. Regulation concerning the attainment of doctoral degrees at ...

    General doctoral degree regulation as from academic year 2022-2023. The regulation concerning the attainment of doctoral degrees at the KU Leuven as approved by the Academic Council goes into effect on the start of academic year 2022-2023. This regulation will be amended with 'Particulars' for a group or faculty.

  22. Doctor of Business Administration (PhD) (Leuven)

    Doctor of Business Administration (PhD) (Leuven) Admission requirements 2024-2025. Admission requirements 2023-2024. Programme. Schedule.

  23. Regulation concerning the attainment of doctoral degrees at ...

    In that case, KU Leuven will impose the following set of fixed criteria on the PhD researcher university-wide: sign the charter of the PhD researcher and the supervisor (see art. 3 §2); put together a supervisory committee with members from the institutions involved; enrol annually as a PhD researcher at the KU Leuven (see art. 8);