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  • Employee Task Assignment Form

An employee task assignment is a form used by employers to request employee and worker information, assign tasks, and review work progress. Distribute work and track employee progress with an online Employee Task Assignment Form! Employees can fill out the form on their own time, submit their progress, and get your feedback instantly. It’s a great way to reach your employees even when you’re not in the office, and much easier than constantly emailing to check in.

Get started with an Employee Task Assignment Form by customizing the questions to match what you need. If you’d like to turn answers into downloadable reports or send submissions to your other accounts, do it automatically with Jotform’s 100+ integrations. You can even customize the form to match your business with your company logo, background images, and more. We make it easy to get the information you need with a free Employee Task Assignment Form.

More templates like this

Employee Information Form Template

Employee Information Form

The employee Information form is being used by many companies to record and catalog their employees' information and help to collect the details needed for their database. The Template contains different sections where employee contact and personal information, all necessary information related to their job and position, emergency contact information can be collected. With many more customizable tools and widgets, build your own form using this one as your basis.If you’re looking to get more out of your employee info, add your logo or add a background image to brand the form. Or, edit the field layout, add form widgets, and add statistics to each description to track your company’s progress. And if you’ve got a lot of employees, use Jotform’s bulk editor to update fields, save time, and avoid mistakes. Collect all the employee data you need with a free employee information form.

Artist Information Registration Form Template

Artist Information Registration Form

Want that artistic gig? Screen the next participant that will put their talent out there with our form!Allows for modification to fit band members.Perfect for recruiters.PayPal integrated payment for donations.

Screening Checklist For Visitors And Employees Form Template

Screening Checklist For Visitors And Employees

A screening checklist for visitors and employees is used to track the contact details and symptoms of every visitor or employee who has entered an establishment during the coronavirus crisis. Whether you work for a hospital, doctor’s office, or other essential organization that needs to stay open, reduce the spread of COVID-19 by running checks on visitors and employees using our free online Screening Checklist for Visitors and Employees — easy to fill in on any device. By keeping track of the symptoms of everyone who enters your building, you can take steps to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.This online form already has fields for names, symptoms, and temperature checks, but use our drag-and-drop Form Builder to add other fields that are essential for your needs. Add your company logo, rearrange the layout, or include an e-signature field to let people officially sign off on their coronavirus checks. If you need to transfer the information to your other accounts — such as Salesforce (also available on Salesforce AppExchange), HubSpot, Zoho, Airtable, Trello, Slack, and more — use our free form integrations to do it automatically. And you can even protect submissions with sensitive health information using Jotform’s HIPAA compliance option. Keep everyone safe and reduce the spread of the coronavirus with a free Screening Checklist for Visitors and Employees.

  • Form Templates /
  • Human Resources Forms /
  • Employee Information Forms /

Employee Information Forms

An Employee Information Form is a form template designed to help companies record and catalog essential employee details for their database

Want that artistic gig? Screen the next participant that will put their talent out there with our form! Allows for modification to fit band members.Perfect for recruiters. PayPal integrated payment for donations.

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 with a free Screening Checklist for Visitors and Employees. Ideal for hospitals or other organizations staying open during the crisis.

Employee End Of Day Report Form Template

Employee End Of Day Report

An Employee End of Day Report is a form template designed to track employee progress and keep a record of daily accomplishments

New Employee Details Form Template

New Employee Details Form

Accelerate and improve your new recruiting process with the new employee details form that provides all the necessary information. No code required!

Time Off Request Form Template

Time Off Request Form

The Time Off Request Form allows to track employee time off requests on a daily basis, where employees enter their contact information, start and end date of their leave, time interval information and further comments if any.

Medical Employment Information Form Template

Medical Employment Information Form

Here is an Employee Medical History Form that can be used to create an employee medical information database which provides employee contact information along with emergency contact information and medical insurance details.

Sickness Leave Form Template

Sickness Leave Form

Apply for a sickness leave to your employer by using this Sickness Leave Form. This form should be approved by your supervisor so that the payroll will use your remaining leave credits.

Feature Artist Registration Form Template

Feature Artist Registration Form

Want to know the artist info? These templates are for Music and media industry. fill out this template in order to know them better and let them registered on entry for the Invitation.

Employee Travel Authorization Form Template

Employee Travel Authorization Form

Get authorization from your company to travel and attend a conference, seminar, auditing, or inspection by using this Employee Travel Authorization Form. This form can be embedded on ay webpage using the embed code.

Personal Data Sheet Form Template

Personal Data Sheet

A Personal Data Sheet is a form template designed to collect details about a person from an organization.

Employee Availability Form Template

Employee Availability Form

An Employee Availability Form is a form template designed to log and collect information about an employee's availability

Recruitment Requisition Form Template

Recruitment Requisition Form

A Recruitment Requisition Form is a document used to create a record of the desired requisition for open job positions in an organization, business, or private sector.

Employee Registration Form Template

Employee Registration Form

An employee registration form is used by companies to recruit new employees. Inspire the next generation of talent with your company by recruiting with a free Employee Registration Form.

Travel Expense Reimbursement Form Template

Travel Expense Reimbursement Form

A travel expense reimbursement form is used by organizations to reimburse employees for travel-related expenses.

Work Permit Application Form Template

Work Permit Application Form

A Work Permit Application Form is a document that is used when applying for permission to work.

Employee Emergency Contact Form Template

Employee Emergency Contact Form

Gather emergency contact information for employees. Free online form for HR. Easy to customize and embed. Integrate with 100+ apps. No coding.

Military Leave Form Template

Military Leave Form

Make it easier for the employee to file and request for leave by using this Military Leave Form. It is important for this form to be completed properly in order to prevent delays and confusion.

Employee Change Form Template

Employee Change Form

Change the employment status of an employee smoothly by using this Employee Change Form. This form template contains all necessary information when updating or changing the status of an employee.

Employee Attendance Form Template

Employee Attendance Form

An Employee Attendance Form is a form template designed to streamline the process of monitoring attendance within organizations.

Coronavirus Measures Checklist Form Template

Coronavirus Measures Checklist

Check up on your employees with a free Coronavirus Measures Checklist. Collect responses online. View symptoms, temperatures, and more.

Work Release Form Template

Work Release Form

Generate work release forms online. Gather e-signatures. Customize with no coding. Download, print, or share with employers as a PDF. Great for medical professionals.

Security Guard Job Application Form Template

Security Guard Job Application Form

A security guard job application form is used by security agencies to collect details from applicants and review them before assigning them to a position. Easy to use. No coding.

Employee Payroll Change Form Template

Employee Payroll Change Form

An employee payroll change form is a document, often used by human resources personnel, which details a change made to an employee's pay rate. No coding!

About Employee Information Forms

Streamline your employee intake process and seamlessly onboard new employees with Jotform. Simply choose an Employee Information Form Template below to securely collect employee information like contact details, medical history, and emergency contact information. Our easy-to-use Form Builder lets you customize form fields, change fonts and colors, or add your company logo to make an employee information form that perfectly matches your business. Why not integrate with Google Sheets or Airtable to create detailed spreadsheets of all employee info? Say goodbye to messy paperwork — our Employee Information Form Templates automate your employee intake process, organizing your HR database in no time at all.

Your account is currently limited to {formLimit} forms.

Go to My Forms and delete an existing form or upgrade your account to increase your form limit.


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Top 10 Task Assignment Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 10 Task Assignment Templates with Samples and Examples

Simran Shekhawat


A leader’s task is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.   - Former US secretary of Henry Kissinger

Kissinger’s vision of leadership has stood the test of time, and human endeavors. His thoughts on leadership reflect the importance of delegating or task assignment in a group setting, be it politics or business.

The importance of task allocation, management, and delegation of work to reach a pre-defined role cannot be overstated.

If you are large-scale business or a firm, it is tedious or troublesome to conduct meetings, design project outcomes, comprehend the project progress, and manage the nitty gritty of business. To ensure the owner or the management use their energies wisely, it is a better strategy to have a structured plan in place for task assignments across each level of your business establishment.

We, at SlideTeam, present to you our contemporary model of managing and delegating tasks that resolves this major pain point of businesses. It also helps you make efficient use of your time by following a schedule. Use our must-have business task templates to keep track of your business cycles.

Determine the schedule of your day with some of the daily task templates check out now!

The PPT Templates from SlideTeam comprehend your needs and give you both the outcome and the answer. Creating and adhering to a daily routine is essential for all aspects of life. Use these 100% editable and customizable templates with samples and examples to understand the significance of these. We promise to make your professional life easier, as they offer to organize, manage, and track down your project progress and streamline your business processes.

You must keep a record of updates on due dates and status. Check out some of weekly task templates. Click here !

Let’s dive into the task of work management with task assignment templates

Template 1 task assignment powerpoint ppt template bundles.

Delegating and accounting tasks is essential for proper functioning of an organization. To enable that, we have created one of our best task assignment PowerPoint Slides to help businesses distribute their work, use resources optimally, and enhance the working of their team members such that their contribution and expertise help the firm achieve their objectives. Bring in the power of this template to feature quality output, facilitate clear communication, strategic project planning, task budgeting monitoring, and evaluation of team and task performance against the milestones.

Task Assignment

Download Now!

Template 2 Project Task Assignment Management Sheet with Related Issues 

Use this template as a primary project management document that summarizes work assignments and related problems. Use the slide to reflect changes in task status, issues resolved, and real-time project progress. Encourage team members to contribute to the issue log to foster a collaborative environment that facilitates open communication and efficient problem-solving. Through the integration of linked issues, this template seeks to facilitate the administration of project task assignments and promote a proactive approach to resolution of the issue and project success.

Project Task Assignment Management Sheet with Related Issues

Template 3 Employee Onboarding Process Task Assignment Chart 

To ensure that every stage of the onboarding process is planned correctly and allocated, we welcome you with the PPT Template that lists employee onboarding process with task assignments. This slide is attractive as it visually represents tasks assigned and their status and a column for additional notes. With this, businesses can streamline their onboarding process by establishing project managing techniques of tracking and collaborations. Use the content in this template to help you finish your assignment on time or ahead of schedule. Download it to know more!

Employee Onboarding Process Task Assignment Chart

Template 4 Employee Weekly Task Assignment Schedule with Workload Status 

Creating a schedule demands foresight in that one needs to be prepared for unforeseen events. Make sure your work tasks and processes align with the necessary tasks to be completed. Use our professionally-designed employee task schedule template to facilitate task management. Determine the status of your work schedule, while listing it in workload categories to ensure timely project progress. Use this pre-made employee workload status template to help employees understand the gist of the work needed to be done to reach their goals and to help them provide suggestions on how to lighten their burden for the upcoming week.

Employee weekly task assignment schedule with workload status

Template 5 Task Assignment and Evaluation Matrix PPT PowerPoint Presentation Summary

Establish control over your project by making every team member or firm aware of the roles and responsibilities when performing activities. Ensure that everyone on a project team knows their function and how it fits into the larger picture; this task and assessment template aims to identify the roles and responsibilities of each member. This PowerPoint Template contains information you need. You can implement your daily tasks and present your data in a way that engages and informs.

Task Assignment & Evaluation

Template 6 Weekly Task Assignment List with Status and Hours Budgeted 

This weekly job assignment PowerPoint Slide balances the action and budget hour and the relevant workload status. This comprehensive solution offers a one-stop shop for all your needs related to recording weekly activities. Use this slide to create easily navigable graphics that enhance staff productivity. Lay out your weekly and daily tasks along with those with features to explain project progress.

Weekly Task Assignment List with Status and Hours Budgeted

Template 7 – Task Assignment Tracker with Due Date and Budget Allocation 

This task assignment tracker facilitates the management and monitoring of project tasks by combining task assignment data, deadlines, and budget allocations in an organized manner. Construct an adequate representation of tasks assigned to employees and the time and budget required for completion. To maintain financial control, check the budget summary. Give every task its unique identification. Give a brief description of the assignment. Use this slide to depict how to set aside money for the project’s budget. Arrange the projected  cost and the actual cost incurred in a tabular format to learn the deviations and get better at budgeting. Change the task's state (Not Started, In Progress, or Completed). Tailor it to the listed requirements and match it to the intricacy of your undertaking.

Task Assignment Tracker with Due Date and Budget Allocation

Template 8 – Project Task Assignment Management Sheet with Related Issues

This template offers a thorough overview of project tasks, their assignments, and any associated problems hindering the project's advancement. Modify the template to fit requirements and the scope of your project. List out the task details with due date priority, last check-in, status, related issues, and additional notes if any. This template provides a comprehensive list of task assignments as well.

Project Task Assignment Management Sheet with Related Issues

Template 9 – Task Assignment Schedule with Course Details

For instructional programs, training sessions, or any learning-related projects, arrange your course in a manageable way with this PPT Template. The assignment schedule provides a layout for project details that encompass listing out course details from the day of starting till the progress to date. Adapt the template based on the difficulty of the course. Update the schedule frequently to account for modifications to the dates, subjects, or assignments. Use this timetable to help you plan and monitor the course's progress.

Task Assignment Schedule with Course Details

Template 10 One-Pager Format of Project Task Assignment Sheet Infographic

Use this PPT Template to assess a software application's functionality. Consequently, determine if the generated program satisfies the requirements. This slide depicts project objectives, progress, and challenges. Provide space to include the project's name and basic details. Enlist to segregate tasks with phases, task details, and due dates. Illustrate phases in the project along with project closure. Use this PowerPoint Presentation to highlight the four-week project timetable and current accomplishments. This will enable you to run the programs to help identify software issues.

One Page Format of Project Task Assignment Sheet with Timeline

Create your task with us!

Design and create your business task with SlideTeam’s task assignment PPT Templates. These templates are created professionally to let your business organise and structure their assignments. Provide a comprehensive guide for individuals and team while helping them to track, prioritize, track project progress and manage activities and processes.

Do check out some of your best business task list templates. Click here to know more!

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employee assignment template

Top 10 Recruitment Timeline Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 5 Sprint Metrics Examples with Templates and Samples

Top 5 Sprint Metrics Examples with Templates and Samples

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Business Strategic Planning Template For Organizations Powerpoint Presentation Slides

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Future plan powerpoint template slide


Project Management Team Powerpoint Presentation Slides

Brand marketing powerpoint presentation slides

Brand marketing powerpoint presentation slides

Launching a new service powerpoint presentation with slides go to market

Launching a new service powerpoint presentation with slides go to market


Agenda powerpoint slide show

Four key metrics donut chart with percentage

Four key metrics donut chart with percentage

Engineering and technology ppt inspiration example introduction continuous process improvement

Engineering and technology ppt inspiration example introduction continuous process improvement

Meet our team representing in circular format

Meet our team representing in circular format

Google Reviews

Human Resources | Templates

Free Employee Schedule Templates & Instructions

Published December 13, 2023

Published Dec 13, 2023

Heather Landau

REVIEWED BY: Heather Landau

Jennifer Soper

WRITTEN BY: Jennifer Soper

  • 1. Daily Schedule Template
  • 2. Weekly Schedule Template
  • 3. 24/7 Schedule Template
  • 4. Shift Schedule Template
  • Template Checklist
  • Sharing Your Schedule

Alternatives to an Employee Scheduling Template

Bottom line.

Showing a graphic of businessman setting up schedules.

Using a free employee schedule template will save you the time of having to manually create one. You can choose from the employee schedule templates below, depending on your business hours and scheduling pattern (such as daily, weekly, 24/7, and shift), and download them for Excel or Google Sheets.

Daily Schedule Template


schedule spreadsheet template with column and rows.

Thank you for downloading!

Have one business location and need FREE daily employee scheduling software? Visit Homebase

Weekly Schedule Template

weekly schedule template in excel.

Have one business location and need FREE weekly employee scheduling software? Visit Homebase

24/7 Schedule Template

Employee schedule template with drop down menus.

Have one business location and need FREE 24/7 employee scheduling software? Visit Homebase

Shift Schedule Template

Shift schedule template in excel.

Have one business location and need FREE employee shift scheduling software? Visit Homebase

If you’re looking to make employee scheduling easier, we recommend using top-rated scheduling software like Homebase. Its templates help you avoid scheduling overtime and make it easy to see your team’s availability, time off, and scheduling preferences. Also, once you create your schedule, you can replicate it weekly. Homebase offers a free plan for businesses with only one location (and up to 20 employees).

Visit Homebase

Continue reading for more detailed information on each of our free templates or view our video instructions.

1. Daily Schedule Template for Scheduling Employees

Use this daily schedule when you need to schedule employees day by day, with specific information that they’ll need for each hour or shift. This one-day schedule is great for service businesses that assign employees to specific kinds of work throughout the day and want to specify breaks and lunchtimes. What this daily schedule lacks is a way to show employees which days they’re scheduled to work for the entire week; however, you can add a separate tab in your spreadsheet for each day.

Download Daily Employee Schedule Template

Modifying the Daily Employee Schedule Template

Once you download the template, fill out your daily schedule as follows:

  • Column B: Input the names of your employees.
  • Column C : Indicate what role or work they’ll be doing.
  • Column D : Input their start time.
  • Columns E & F: Add in break times and lunch times, if applicable.
  • Column G : Input each employee’s end time.
  • Column H: Input the total hours scheduled for the day for each employee.

The template will then automatically calculate the number of hours scheduled for all employees based on the values you enter in the final column. Our free template allows you to input up to twelve employees, however, if you have additional employees you can add rows to the bottom.

2. Weekly Schedule Template for Standard Work Weeks

Use this weekly Google Sheets or Excel employee schedule template if your staff works standard business hours (e.g., a retail or service shop that’s open five to seven days a week). If your business is open on Saturday or Sunday, there’s room to input those hours (Otherwise, you can delete the weekend columns).

This template is a bit more complex than the daily employee schedules template, as it allows you to input each person’s start and end times for an entire week. You’ll be able to see at a glance the total number of hours for which employees are scheduled to work.

Download Weekly Employee Schedule Template

Modifying the Weekly Employee Schedule Template

The weekly employee schedule template allows you to track your employees’ hours , which helps avoid overtime and ensures that you don’t overschedule or under-schedule your part-time workers. Modify the weekly employee schedule template for work as shown below.

  • Column A : Input role names. You may have several workers with the same job title (or role).
  • Column B : Add the employee’s name under their corresponding job role.
  • Columns C & D (et al) : Input the start and end times under each day of the week.
  • Column E (et al) : Input the total number of hours scheduled after each day of the week.
  • Column X: The final column will automatically calculate the total number of hours scheduled per employee for the entire week.

3. 24/7 Schedule Template for Businesses Operating Round-the-Clock

This 24/7 employee schedule can help service businesses like senior care providers, security agencies, or manufacturing firms that operate multiple shifts by keeping track of employees throughout an entire seven-day workweek. It can also ensure that workers aren’t overscheduled and that you have coverage at all times of the day.

Download 24/7 Employee Schedule Template

Modifying the 24/7 Employee Schedule Template

This template adds the ability to schedule employees around the clock. It contains a week’s schedule on one spreadsheet. This 24/7 employee schedule template provides you with the ability to indicate the job role of each worker using a drop-down menu. Like the other templates, you can add rows and columns to customize it to your operation.

  • Column A: Input the employee’s name for each day of the week they are scheduled.
  • Column B (et al) : Use the dropdown to list the job role for each individual during the time they are scheduled to work.
  • Column AA: Input the total number of hours scheduled per day.

Because this template is a bit more complex, we’ve provided the four steps you’d need to follow in Google Sheets to customize your job roles:

Steps 1 & 2: Select the range of cells you’d like to change. Then right-click and select “Data validation.”

Schedule template with arrow guides.

Steps 3 & 4: Criteria should be on “List of Items.” Add the name of each position to the list (separated by a comma). Then, click Save.

Data validation box with arrow guides.

4. Shift Schedule Template for Restaurants & Retail

Most retail and foodservice businesses schedule employees around specific times of the day, or shifts. For example, your restaurant is likely to need more staff during lunch and dinner than midafternoon. Likewise, a small tourist shop may be busier in the middle of the day.

This schedule accommodates those shifts easily and allows you to add more people at the times of the day when your business is busier. In addition, you can add details for each employee shift, such as job role or assigned workstation.

Download Weekly Shift Schedule Template

Modifying the Shift Schedule Template

You can change the names of the job roles by typing in each cell, or you can modify the names of your shifts by replacing the Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner text. You can also customize your colors, add rows for additional employees, and add columns for additional shifts—for instance, scheduling only four hours per shift.

To modify the shift schedule template follow the below:

  • Column A: Input the role or job title.
  • Column B : Input the employee name.
  • Column C (et al) : List the start to end times during the shift (or timeframe) the employee will be working.
  • Column F (et al): Input the total number of hours scheduled per day.
  • Column AE: The final column automatically calculates the total number of hours scheduled per employee for the entire week.

Employee Scheduling Template Checklist

At a minimum, your Google Sheets or Excel employee schedule template should have information on when your workers are scheduled and what position they’ll be working.

Your template for employee schedule should include:

  • Timeframe: Your schedule should match your workweek. For example, a Monday through Saturday retail operation will likely use a six-day scheduling template.
  • Shifts: Workdays are typically divided into shifts, such as the morning shift for a restaurant or opening shift for a retail store.
  • Hours: Include the start and end times of each employee’s shift.
  • Worker Names: Include the name of each employee on the schedule.
  • Location: Indicate where each employee will be working. For example, you may have one worker on the register and another who will work in the warehouse.
  • Roles: Indicate the role that each worker will be assigned to if work duties change (e.g., an employee who normally works in electronics doing sales but will be scheduled for a four-hour trade show booth).

If you include the information above, you’ll have an employee schedule template that can accommodate the needs of your small businesses in one location with a small team. Once your team grows or needs to schedule workers across multiple locations, you may need scheduling software, such as Homebase—which ranks number one in our best employee scheduling software guide .

Sharing Your Employee Schedule With Staff

Once you have created your schedules, it’s important to share them with your employees so they know when to report to work. Here’s how to share a work schedule using Google Sheets:

  • Click Share in the upper right corner.
  • Add the names/email addresses of your employees and managers.
  • For each individual person, you can set the permissions to Editor, Viewer, or Commentor. An editor will be able to make changes within the schedule. A viewer (recommended for employees) will only be able to view the document and make no changes. A commenter can view the document and make comments but cannot make changes.
  • Add an expiration date. If you choose to add this the date you select will be the last date the individuals can view the document.
  • Leave a message, if needed. You can use this to notify editors of the timeframe to submit any changes.
  • Click Send.

Sharing schedule box with arrow guides.

By sharing access to your employee schedule, your team may be happier with their work hours while you maintain control over the final schedule. You’ll do this without the clutter and confusion of printouts, emails, or post-its, and everyone will have access to the schedule from any desktop, tablet, or smartphone. You can also make the schedule editable, allowing your employees to add their names to the shifts they want.

Employee scheduling software and apps are a great alternative to using manual employee scheduling templates. In addition, many have free plans:

  • Free Employee Scheduling Software
  • Low-cost Employee Scheduling Software

Learn more about these software and each one’s features in our guide to the best employee scheduling software .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does excel have an employee schedule template.

Yes. Excel is an excellent resource for creating an employee schedule template. To save from having to create one from scratch, we recommend you download one of our free Excel employee schedule templates above.

How do I create a work schedule for my employees?

First start by deciding what days and times you need workers—is your business open 24/7 or seven days a week? You’ll also need to decide how many workers you need at each time—do you need two staff members covering the morning shift and five covering the evening? From there, you should download one of our free employee schedule templates and fill in the required information to create your schedules.

Employee scheduling is an essential part of running a small business. Our free work schedule templates will save you the time you’d spend building your schedule from scratch. A well-communicated schedule is likely to help you reduce turnover and absenteeism and improve team productivity.

To make your life easier and take your employee scheduling to the next level, enlist the help of scheduling software like Homebase. It allows you to schedule employees, lets employees clock in, and tracks time on the go with a handy mobile app. If you only have one location, your small business will qualify for the free plan.

About the Author

Jennifer Soper

Find Jennifer On LinkedIn

Jennifer Soper

Jennifer Soper has 25+ years of writing and content design experience, working with small businesses and Fortune 100 companies. For over a decade, Jennifer worked as an HR generalist, providing expertise in accounting, payroll, and HR by implementing payroll and benefits best practices and creating onboarding and employee-relations documentation.

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  • Published : March 17, 2023

Employee Task List Templates: Download & Print for Free!

Track and manage your teams work with free employee task list templates.

When properly utilized, employee task lists can increase productivity, communication, accountability and more. 

Here, we’ve provided three useful employee task lists templates that can be downloaded and customized to your team’s needs. We’ve also included answers to common questions about task lists to help you achieve the benefits that come with using them effectively.  

Employee Task List Template

Daily employee task list template, project task list template.

Employee Task List Template

This employee task list template includes space for project managers to assign tasks, add task descriptions, set completion dates, approve work, and more. 

Download a digital copy for easy sharing, or print and fill in. Available in Word, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Excel, and PDF.

Employee Task List Template PDF

Google Sheet

Daily Employee Task List Template

Daily task list templates are best used for employees who work on various projects or tasks throughout their workday. Here, employers can assign tasks and set their priority status, and employees can log task completion and the amount of time spent on each task.

Download and customize your daily task list template here. Choose from Word, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Excel, and PDF formats.

Daily Employee Task List Template PDF

Easily manage all parts of your project with this project task list template. This task list includes space for filling in task descriptions and categories, start and end dates, completion status, and more.

Download your free template here. Available in Word, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Excel, and PDF.

Project Task List Template PDF

Easily Schedule & Track Employee Tasks With Workyard

Ditch the paper. Save time, money & headaches with mobile task scheduling software by Workyard.

  • Increase Crew Efficiency
  • Understand Your Job Costs
  • Ensure Payroll Is Correct

employee assignment template

Quick & Easy Mobile Task Management

Workyard’s employee task list software makes it easy to schedule the right employee, at the right times, with our simple calendar based organizer. Organize daily or weekly schedules by employee and/or job. Communicate exactly what needs to be done with notes, checklists, and attachments that your employee's can access from our mobile app.

employee assignment template

Track Project Labor Costs 

Workyard’s construction job costing software makes it easy for your crew to tag their hours to projects and tasks, providing you with real-time data you need to increase the accuracy of client invoices and improve profitability on every project.

employee assignment template

GPS Time Tracker That Ensures Accuracy

Eliminate excessive payroll expenses caused by inaccurate time cards. Workyard’s construction time sheet app provides employee arrival times, departure times, and precise addresses using the most accurate GPS technology in construction. To make auditing timesheets even easier, Workyard uses smart alerts to surface potential time card mistakes.

Top Questions About Employee Task Lists

What is an employee task list, and why is it important, how do i prioritize tasks on an employee task list, how can i share an employee task list with my team, what tools or software can i use to manage employee task lists, how do i make sure employees are completing their tasks on time.

Employee task lists are forms that are used to inform employees of which tasks they are responsible for completing over a certain period of time. In the construction industry, task lists are often created at the start of a project, or throughout various stages of larger-scale projects.

Task lists are important because they provide workers with a clear outline of what is expected of them. This can help them know how they should be utilizing their time at work to finish projects and tasks more efficiently. Task lists also help employers stay on top of managing time and resources. They can see who is occupied with tasks, and who is able to take on additional work as they complete items on their lists.

Effectively prioritizing employee tasks can make all the difference in improving efficiency and ensuring deadlines are met. When prioritizing tasks, managers should assess:

Total tasks that need to be completed: The first step in prioritizing tasks is creating a list of all tasks that must be completed for a project. This makes checking off work that has been completed easier, and lets managers see a full overview of the tasks that need to be assigned.

Which tasks are most important: There’s no question that certain tasks need to be completed before others. For example, a building construction project will need to prioritize site work tasks well before internal building tasks. Managers must also consider factors like safety and local laws when prioritizing certain tasks.

Tasks with upcoming deadlines: When multiple projects or tasks are being worked on simultaneously, managers must be aware of deadlines. If a deadline is approaching for one project, management may switch the priority of other projects to “low” so that they can allocate more time to completing the project.

With traditional task lists, managers will typically provide a printed or digital copy to their teams. Employees can then view the tasks that they have been assigned, and fill in the required fields. 

While manual task lists are easily accessible, they can be difficult to manage. For example with printed forms, employees must bring them to and from job sites, which often results in them being lost. Digital copies of manual task lists also have their downsides. As anyone with access can make edits, there exists the possibility of fields being accidentally deleted or tampered with. 

One great alternative to traditional methods is digital task lists . Not only are they more secure, they also provide a more accurate overview of project progress and employee tasks. Through platforms that offer digital task lists, project managers can assign tasks, set priority statuses, and more in just a few clicks. These lists are then shared with employees where they can share updates on the completion of their tasks instantaneously.

Today, there are many great tools and software available for managing employee task lists . Depending on the nature of your business however, you will get more use out of some tools than others.

For small businesses in industries like food and beverage service, hospitality, or retail, manual task lists are likely to satisfy employers needs. In creative, finance, and tech industries, there are also many popular solutions that help teams manage tasks digitally. 

For construction, home services, or property maintenance businesses, solutions that cater specifically to these industries are likely to be the best fit. Workforce management apps like Workyard , for example, let employers manage all components of employee task lists.

Making sure employees complete all of their tasks on time is an important duty for project managers. Failure to complete tasks before their deadlines can lead to project delays, lower productivity, and a damaged company reputation.

To ensure employees are completing tasks on time, employers should:

Clearly communicate expectations: Ensure employees are aware of their responsibility to complete tasks by a specific date and time.

Offer support: If an employee is consistently late on delivering work, they may require additional training or support from other team members. 

Utilize management tools: Task management tools such as digital task lists can help employees keep track of what tasks need to be worked on, and when they need to be completed by.

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Get Things Done With An Employee Task List App Built For The Field

More on this, construction daily report templates: download & print for free .

Accurately capture what happens on the job site every day with our professional and easy to use construction daily report templates.

Employee Attendance Sheets: Download & Print for Free!

Track attendance accurately with our free employee attendance sheets available in many formats and variations. Download, customize, and print for free.

Time Log Templates: Download & Print for Free!

Log time accurately with our free time log templates available in daily and weekly formats. Download, customize, and print pdf, doc, and excel sheet formats.

Workyard provides leading workforce management solutions to construction, service, and property maintenance companies of all sizes.

employee assignment template

Employee Task List Template

Keep track of your tasks and be on top of your workload, document and schedule all tasks of your organization and employees to keep track of progress and to manage everyone’s daily routines seamlessly..

  • Assign tasks and responsibilities to employees
  • Track task status and share workspaces with colleagues for feedback
  • 1,000 plus templates and shapes to get you started immediately

Employee Task List Template

Organize and Structure Your Workload Effectively

Tables with customizable options to create extensive to-do lists complete with task, ownership, due date and progress columns to act as a task tracker.

Sticky notes to add quick explanatory notes, questions, and other information to clarify issues or specifics regarding the assigned work.

Customisable cards with tags to prioritize daily tasks, add other tasks and categorize work to easily arrange and organize workloads of respective projects and departments.

Import data from CSV, Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to integrate all work related information in one place to provide the required facts, figures and guidance to perform the assigned work.

Folders and workspaces to organize tasks and to-do lists by project, employee or department to keep things organized and track progress effectively.

Visually Track Your Work and Report Progress

Visually Track Your Work and Report Progress

Templates and shapes including checkboxes to get you quickly set up to track your workload, tasks and progress.

Gantt charts, roadmaps and timelines to visualize the workload, work progress and resource allocations and usage including budgets and costs of tasks.

Custom databases to bring data from multiple sources to one workspace to connect work related information for easy access.

Export as PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG to present, print, and share as hardcopies for employees and line managers for documentation.

Assign and Track Tasks to Manage Work Effectively

Assign and Track Tasks to Manage Work Effectively

Notes and data panel to assign tasks to employees, provide information on roles and responsibilities, set due dates and add important notes.

Notifications to notify employees of assigned work or any changes to their tasks.

Multiple access and role levels to manage, share, and review the assigned work before finalizing.

In-line commenting to add feedback and to provide input for the work carried out.


What is an Employee Task List Template?

An employee task list is a document that details or lists out the duties that employees of a particular organization or project must complete. This is usually prepared and provided by the line manager. Task checklist templates, back in the day, were provided in printed form that were susceptible to getting lost and being damaged.

The task list template usually includes the tasks that need to be done, why it should be done and how it will be completed. The overall goal of the employee task list is to ensure that employees are on top of their work without any lags and are able to manage their daily routines efficiently.

Consider including the following when creating an employee task list:

  • An itemized to-do list including tasks and activities (this could be divided as daily, weekly and monthly).
  • Status tracking information (not started, ongoing, completed etc.)
  • Due dates and assign task owners
  • Budgets and costs of tasks

How to Create an Employee Task List Template?

Discuss and identify the organizational needs, goals and relevant tasks to be completed.

Use Creately’s templates, shapes library and powerful formatting capabilities to create templates including templates for daily tasks.

Use the powerful documentation capabilities that includes dynamic text formatting, color themes, tables and Kanban boards to customize the template and information according to your preference.

Drag and drop documents, and data sources including budget information to integrate to the employee task lists.

Share the workspace with colleagues and peers to provide inputs and feedback.

Free Schedule Templates

Free schedule templates you can use to organize your tasks, assignments, and other activities.

Word • PDF • Excel

Schedule Templates

Schedule Templates

Schedule templates are designed to help you plan your time better — your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks and activities.

We divided these templates into Work and Non-work schedule templates. Therefore, you can track both your job tasks and the activities outside your work hours.

In case you want to share these templates with your colleagues, your partner, or friends, you can use the Google Sheets and Google Docs versions of the schedules.

On the other hand, if you'd like to download these templates to your computer, feel free to use the Word and Excel versions.

Finally, if you prefer paper to online formats, bear in mind that you can download each of these schedules as a PDF, and then print them out.


  • 01. Work from home schedule template
  • 02. Weekly work from home schedule template
  • 03. Daily work from home schedule template
  • 04. Weekly assignments schedule template
  • 05. Daily assignments schedule template
  • 06. Yearly time off schedule template
  • 07. Weekly meetings schedule


  • 08. Monthly household chores template
  • 09. Weekly household chores schedule template
  • 10. Monthly workout schedule template
  • 11. Weekly workout schedule template
  • 12. Monthly budget schedule template
  • 13. Weekly meal planning schedule template
  • 14. Daily meal planning schedule template
  • 15. Travel schedule template

Work schedule templates

We created these free work schedule templates to help you be more productive and efficient with your work tasks.

You'll notice that some templates cover your daily, weekly, and monthly assignments, while other templates only provide you with one type of assignment.

That's because some types of schedules demand more details, such as the Work from home template — which is why this one has both the daily and weekly versions.

Work from home schedule template

When working from home, you often have to deal with many distractions, either coming from your neighborhood, from the people you live with, or your pets.

One of the best ways to avoid all these interruptions and get back on track with your work is to follow your schedule .

Here are two Work from home schedule templates you can use to organize your workday — or workweek, if that suits you better.

Weekly work from home schedule template

The Weekly work from home schedule template breaks down each day into three sections: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.

Furthermore, there's a Weekly work checklist, and Meetings/calls section.

If you enjoy having an overview of your weekly tasks, this template will suit you, especially if you have flexible working hours . In this case, you'll be able to choose the time of day for your job assignments, then figure out when you'll fit in your home chores or meal preps.

Of course, even if you have fixed working hours, this template will help you make an 8-hour workday schedule that suits your needs.

To use it properly, you should fill this template out either on Sunday afternoon/Monday morning or note down new tasks every day.

Start by choosing the time of the day for each assignment during the week.

To ensure you'll get the most out of every workday, keep in mind your circadian rhythm — leave the most complex tasks for the time of the day when you're most alert. Then, be sure to add all your significant weekly tasks to the Weekly work checklist, as well as jot down all your weekly meetings and calls.

We hope that the Work from home weekly schedule template will help you finish your job tasks on time.

Once again, remember to take frequent breaks in between assignments.

⬇️ GET Weekly work from home schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Weekly work from home schedule template (Google Docs)

Weekly work from home schedule template

Daily work from home schedule template

The Daily work from home schedule template ensures you stay on track with all your daily tasks. This template breaks down your day into hourly segments. In addition, there's a valuable section called the Daily work checklist, where you can input all the most crucial activities/tasks of the day. Moreover, there's a To-do list for tomorrow, which you can fill out at the end of each day.

Anyone working from home can surely benefit from using this template. We suggest opening this template first thing in the morning.

Make sure to note down your most vital tasks and activities in the Daily work checklist section. Next, write down your meetings of the day. Once you do that, you'll have a better idea of when you'll be free to deal with your significant assignments. Don't forget to include breaks throughout the day, too.

Finally, to avoid working overtime, you should note down all the tasks for tomorrow in the To-do list for tomorrow.

⬇️ GET Daily work from home schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Daily work from home schedule template (Google Docs)

Daily Work From Home Schedule

Assignments schedule template

We created two types of templates that allow you to keep track of your assignments:

  • Weekly assignments schedule, and
  • Daily assignments schedule.

Weekly assignments schedule template

The Weekly assignments schedule is quite straightforward — there's a simple table where you can add tasks for each day of the week. In addition, we included the Task deadlines section and Reminders.

If you're looking for an easy way to keep a record of all your weekly assignments, this template will fit your needs.

We suggest filling it out at the beginning of a week.

Of course, if there are any unexpected tasks throughout the week, be sure to add them to the Weekly assignments schedule.

Now, this template also ensures that you complete all your tasks before the deadline, which is why we encourage you to enter your tasks' deadlines in the middle section.

Furthermore, there's the Reminders section, where you can add any important reminders or notes for your weekly assignments.

⬇️ GET Weekly assignments schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Weekly assignments schedule template (Google Docs)

Weekly Assignments Schedule Template

Daily assignments schedule template

The Daily assignments schedule is a template that helps you figure out your top 3 priorities of the day. Moreover, since this template contains The Eisenhower Matrix technique section, it allows you to distinguish between important/not important, and urgent/not urgent assignments.

This template is practical because it ensures that you deal with your tasks according to their urgency and importance.

Once you fill out the Eisenhower Matrix technique section, simply scroll down to the hourly table and choose time blocks for these assignments.

Finally, don't forget to enter some vital tasks for tomorrow.

⬇️ GET Daily assignments schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Daily assignments schedule template (Google Docs)

Daily Assignments Schedule Template

Yearly time off schedule template

The Yearly time off schedule template allows you to keep track of your time off throughout the year. In this template, we covered several vital categories of time off, such as paid vacation, sick leave, earned days, and others.

Also, there are three important sections for each type of time off: Consumed days, Available days, and Balance.

So, how to use the Yearly time off template?

It couldn't be simpler.

First, enter the balance for each type of time off. For particular types, such as sick leave, you may not have a balance, but for paid vacation, you definitely will.

Then, whenever you receive approval to take time off for any reason, just enter the number of days in the proper row (the type of time off) and in the right column (the current month).

Next, the template will automatically calculate the number of Consumed days (for each type of time off) and the number of Available days left.

Thus, you'll have a better idea of how many days off you've used so far and how many there are left by the end of the year.

⬇️ GET Yearly time off schedule template (Google Sheets)

Yearly Time Off Schedule

Weekly meetings schedule

The Weekly meetings schedule is suitable for those of you who have meetings every day. With this template, you'll be able to keep track of all your meetings. In addition, you can add any significant details, such as meeting agenda, topic, and start and end time.

The Weekly meetings schedule covers five days of the week. To make the most of this template, you should open it at the beginning of the week and enter all your weekly meetings. Be sure to include details such as where meetings take place or the links to online calls.

To ensure that you're fully prepared for any meeting, add its topic and agenda, if needed.

Then, once the meeting starts, you can follow its agenda, but also write notes in the Important notes section.

⬇️ GET Weekly meetings schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Weekly meetings schedule template (Google Docs)

Weekly Meetings Schedule

Non-work schedule templates

Apart from templates for organizing your job tasks, meetings, and time off, we created some non-work schedules you can use for free, too.

Here's the list of the templates you can use for planning your time outside of work:

  • Household chores schedule,
  • Workout schedule,
  • Budget schedule,
  • Travel schedule, and
  • Meal prep schedule.

Household chores schedule template

We made two types of household chores templates:

  • Monthly household chores, and
  • Weekly household chores schedule template.

Monthly household chores template

The Monthly household chores template helps you deal with all your errands around the house. This template covers a weekly breakdown of chores, but also some additional ones that you do once a month.

You can add your typical weekly chores.

Plus, you can add the names of the people in charge of these errands, which comes in handy if you share your household chores with your partner, roommate, or family members.

There's a column called Additional monthly chores, where you can enter some of the errands you deal with every month. For example, cleaning/vacuuming furniture or cleaning windows.

Moreover, we included another section for all the outdoor chores, which comes in handy if you live in a house. To make sure you won't forget any outside-the-house monthly errands, be sure to add them to this list.

⬇️ GET Monthly household chores schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Monthly household chores schedule template (Google Docs)

Monthly Household Chores Schedule

Weekly household chores schedule template

The Weekly household chores schedule template allows you to keep an eye on all your household chores during the week. We included a separate schedule for each day, along with Before work and After work columns, so that you can plan your errands accordingly.

In addition, we added the Who's in charge column to this template, too.

Since this template covers seven days, you can enter all your weekly errands at the beginning of the week.

Then, simply add the name of the person in charge of every chore.

Once you or your family members finish a specific errand, just put a checkmark next to it.

Also, during the workweek, you can decide whether you'll deal with these chores before or after work.

And, on weekends, you can choose whether you'll complete your errands in the morning or afternoon.

We didn't include evenings on weekends, because you should have some time to relax on Saturdays and Sundays.

Finally, this template contains the Shopping list — so, whenever you remember you need to buy milk or anything else, note it down here.

⬇️ GET Weekly household chores schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Weekly household chores schedule template (Google Docs)

Weekly Household Chores Schedule

Workout schedule template

The Workout schedule template allows you to organize your exercise routine.

No matter whether you prefer working out in a gym or from home, you'll surely find our monthly and weekly workout templates useful.

Monthly workout schedule template

The Monthly workout schedule template ensures you stay consistent with your monthly workout targets. Setting such long-term goals is vital because it gives you a clearer picture of what you want to achieve. Thus, when you have a monthly target, you'll be able to make weekly plans. This will also help you plan your days accordingly.

That's why the Monthly workout schedule template contains the Overall goal field. So, your goal can be losing weight, improving your physical condition, or anything else. Just remember that goals should be challenging enough, you don't want objectives that are too easy or too difficult to achieve.

Now, how can you use this template?

Once you adopt your monthly objectives, you should decide what types of exercises will get you closer to your goal.

Then, choose how frequently you'll do such types of workouts.

Also, whether you'll do your exercises with or without equipment is up to you, and you can add these details to your schedule, too.

If you haven't been working out before, or you've taken a longer break, please make sure you consult your fitness instructor first. This way, you'll be sure your workout plan is suitable for you, and you'll avoid any injuries.

⬇️ GET Monthly workout schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Monthly workout schedule template (Google Docs)

Monthly Workout Schedule

Weekly workout schedule template

Apart from the Monthly workout schedule template, we also created the one for your weekly plans. First, you can plan your monthly routine, then use the Weekly workout schedule template to add more details.

As you can see, the Weekly workout schedule template covers several workout categories:

  • HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and
  • Yoga/stretching.

Depending on your monthly goals, you should choose the frequency of each category. Of course, you don't have to include all these categories in your workout plans, just the ones that will help you move towards your monthly objective.

Next, think of the best days for each type of exercise, as well as the time of the day.

Then, decide on the duration of your workout sessions.

This template also allows you to add links for workout videos you'd like to try, but also links for playlists. There's no doubt that music can help us stay motivated — so be sure to add your favorite tunes to this column.

Finally, remember that rest days are just as important as the days you exercise. Therefore, note down the days you'll spend resting.

⬇️ GET Weekly workout schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Weekly workout schedule template (Google Docs)

Weekly Workout Schedule

Monthly budget schedule template

The Monthly budget schedule template is designed to help you keep an eye on your expenses . In addition, this template includes a Savings column — to remind you to save some money for rainy days.

To make the most of our Monthly budget template, make sure you add the Starting budget.

Then, write down all the expenses you have during a month, such as rent, utilities, and other similar costs.

To ensure you'll pay all these expenses on time, there's the Due date column, too.

The template automatically calculates the total sum of your monthly costs, which can be pretty convenient.

Furthermore, to ensure that you'll put aside some part of your monthly income into your savings account, we included the Savings column. Thus, you can note down the amount you'd like to save from each paycheck.

⬇️ GET Monthly budget schedule template (Google Sheets)

Meal planning schedule template

Monthly Budget Template

Meal planning can be such a bummer, especially on days when you have too much work to do. Instead of figuring out what you'll have for each meal of the day, try organizing your meals for an entire week. Then, simply follow this routine throughout the week.

To make your life easier, we created two meal planning schedule templates:

Weekly meal planning schedule template

Daily meal planning schedule template.

The Weekly meal planning schedule template allows you to create a healthy meal plan for an entire week. You can write down your ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

As you can see, the Weekly meal planning schedule template covers seven days and four meals for each day. We suggest filling this template out on weekends, so that you'll have enough time for shopping.

If you're usually swamped with work during a workweek, you can make a couple of meals on weekends and store them in a freezer.

Another practical option this template offers is the Ingredients to buy list, where you can note down everything you need for meal prep.

⬇️ GET Weekly meal planning schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Weekly meal planning schedule template (Google Docs)

Weekly Meal Planning Schedule

Our Daily meal planning schedule template is more detailed than the weekly one. The Daily meal planning schedule template covers categories such as Preparation time, Ingredients, and Recipes.

This template helps you have a clearer understanding of how long each meal preparation will take. Therefore, you can easily adjust your meal preps with your work and other daily activities.

Moreover, with this template, you'll be able to write down all the ingredients of your meals, as well as add recipes.

⬇️ GET Daily meal planning schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Daily meal planning schedule template (Google Docs)

Daily Meal Planning Schedule

Travel schedule template

Do you enjoy traveling?

If so, our Travel schedule template will help you keep all the valuable information about your trip in one place.

This template covers categories such as Places to see, Tickets to buy, and Don't forget to pack.

Thus, you can write down all the attractions and spots you'd like to visit during your stay.

If you need to buy tickets for museums, galleries, monuments, or simply public transportation for that destination, be sure to add all the details to this template.

And, if you can make an online purchase, just add the link next to your list.

Finally, this template reminds you to pack the most crucial things, like money, passport, and medications. So, make sure you go through this list before your trip.

Of course, you don't have to plan everything ahead, leave some days open for any activity that comes your way. After all, this is how you make the best memories.

⬇️ GET Travel schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Travel schedule template (Google Docs)

Travel Schedule Template

Schedule projects and teams with Clockify

Aside from our Schedule templates, you can also use Clockify to schedule your projects and employees . This feature especially comes in handy for managers because they need to effectively schedule employee work time to ensure that all team members meet their deadlines.

The scheduling option in Clockify allows you to plan both projects and teams.

Here's how you can use Project scheduling with this Clockify option:

  • Add a new project by clicking on the button on the left corner. Clockify will automatically load that project and show you all the tasks under that project name. You can add a milestone by clicking anywhere on the timeline. You can easily edit your milestones, drag-and-drop them, or change their names.
  • You can add more team members to the project and create new assignments. To make sure nobody's swamped with work, Clockify will show users who are over their capacity.

In addition, you can zoom in and out to take a better look at assignments. Moreover, you can have an overview of the total hours assigned for each project.

Project scheduling in Clockify

When it comes to team schedules, Clockify also helps you see who's overbooked and who's available.

With Team scheduling, you can:

  • Add new members. Clockify will then automatically load all the assignments of these users.
  • Edit user's capacity by clicking on the three dots next to the user's name. This will give you a clue whether users are at their maximum capacity (Full), or they have several hours available for new tasks (Xh open), or if users are over their capacity for the day (Xh over).

This way, managers are able to assign new tasks to the right people and ensure that everyone has an equal amount of work during the week.

Employee scheduling in Clockify

Start tracking time with Clockify

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Free Daily Schedule Templates

By Kate Eby | May 12, 2016

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Use daily work schedule schedule templates to help get organized and manage your time. Use these templates to plan your day, make a to-do list, or make sure the kid’s homework is getting done. 

Included on this page, you’ll find a daily work schedule template , a blank daily planner template , a daily to-do list template , a daily task list template , and many more.

Daily Work Schedule Template

Daily Work Schedule

Download Daily Work Schedule Template

Excel | PDF |  Smartsheet

This daily work schedule template allows you to plan a single day by the hour, view a week at a glance, and add important notes. Keep your work day organized and plan ahead for important meetings, events and deadlines. Use the note section to keep track of priority tasks and important reminders. You can also share this template with employees or colleagues so they know your schedule and are able to work around it.

See how Smartsheet can help you be more effective

employee assignment template

Watch the demo to see how you can more effectively manage your team, projects, and processes with real-time work management in Smartsheet.

Watch a free demo

Daily Log Template

Daily Log Template

Download Daily Log Schedule Template

Keep track of important appointments, meetings, and events with this daily log template. The template is designed in a simple format that’s easy to read, and you can schedule tasks by the half-hour. This log template is useful for planning ahead or creating a record of the day’s events.

Daily Schedule Template

Daily Schedule Template

Download Daily Schedule Template

This simple, blank schedule template allows you to plan each day to the half-hour as well as plan ahead for the week. Set the starting time and then organize your daily schedule with whatever activities you choose to include. This daily schedule template is appropriate for work, school, family activities or personal goals.

Printable Daily Planner Template

Printable Daily Planner Template

Download Printable Planner Template

This printable template has sections for appointments, important events, notes, and prioritized tasks to help you stay organized throughout a busy day — but don’t forget to schedule free time to make sure you get a break. Create your own planner and customize it to match your needs.

Daily To-Do List Template

Daily To Do List Template

Download Daily To-Do List Template

This daily to-do list template lets you assign a priority to each task. It also allows you to track progress for ongoing projects and assign due dates. The template is simple to use, straightforward, and offers flexibility. This is a to-do list with enough functionality to actually keep you organized, while still being easy to use.

Blank Daily Planner Template

Daily Planner Template

Download Blank Daily Planner Template

With sections for prioritized tasks, appointments, important events, and notes, this daily planner template can help you stay organized throughout a busy day. Plus, if you schedule free time for yourself, you will be sure to actually get a break during your day. This free, printable template allows you to create your own planner and customize it to match your needs.

Daily Task List Template

Daily Task List Template

Download Daily Task List Template

Plan your daily and weekly tasks with this free Excel template. Create a list of pending tasks and mark off those that have been completed. A visual calendar facilitates planning at a glance, and you can easily print the template for reference.

Daily Employee Schedule Template

Employee Schedule Template for Excel

Download Employee Schedule Template

Excel  |  Smartsheet

Create a detailed schedule for your employees while tracking work hours and labor costs. This employee schedule template shows each day of the week, so you can see an employee’s daily shifts while also reviewing the weekly schedule. Include vacation time and holidays for a comprehensive schedule. Both employees and business owners can benefit from this template.

Daily Shift Schedule Template

Shift Schedule Template

Download Shift Schedule Template

If your business involves daily employee rotation between different workstations, this shift schedule template can help keep everyone organized. Enter the tasks or work area to be assigned and then match the associated code with an employee. Each day is broken down hourly to make it clear when work assignments change mid-day. The template also tracks the number of hours worked for each employee and allows you to plan shifts for an entire week.

Daily Sales Report Template

Daily Sales Report Template Updated

Download Daily Sales Report Template - Excel

This free template is suitable for retail, restaurants, and other businesses that need to keep track of daily sales. This sales report template allows you to track inventory, view the total daily sales, and look up individual items that were sold. With this data on hand you can identify trends and monitor daily sales goals. 

Project Schedule Template

Project Schedule Template

Download Project Schedule Template

Excel | PDF

Keep track of each phase of a project, mark milestones, and get a visual overview to share with others. This project schedule template would work well for a presentation and is suitable for any project timeline, whether for business or school. Project managers can use it to keep their team on task and create progress reports. This is a simple schedule template with an eye-catching design.

Daily Agenda Template

Daily Meeting Agenda Template

Download Daily Agenda Schedule Template

Plan your daily meetings with this simple template, which includes room to list members in attendance, outline a meeting agenda, take meeting notes, and track ongoing action items. This agenda template is a simple yet powerful tool for meeting planning and facilitation as well as communicating with attendees.

Daily Inspection Report Template

Daily Inspection Report Template

Download Daily Inspection Report Template

This daily inspection report template is intended for construction contractors. The template offers a straightforward layout and includes numerous important details, including weather conditions, the number and type of workers on site, delays, safety concerns, material shortages, and more. If you need to inspect additional factors, you can edit the template to meet your needs. There is also space for daily progress notes and a signature to verify the inspection.

Daily Hourly Schedule Template

Daily Hourly Schedule Template

Download Daily Hourly Schedule Template

Excel | Word | PDF | Smartsheet

Print or fill out this daily schedule, which is broken down into hourly blocks. Use it to manage your day and mark when each task is complete. Create one for each day of the week, or just for those extra-busy days.

Daily Checklist Template

Daily Checklist Template

Download Daily Checklist Template

Stay on top of your daily and weekly tasks with this checklist template. This template provides easy organization, and allows you to mark off items from the list as you complete the. Planning your to-dos for the week can help ensure you don’t take on too many tasks in one day, and that you keep your agenda manageable.

Class Schedule Template

Class Schedule Template

Download Class Schedule Template

Students can keep track of their class schedule and other school activities with this free template. Once you add time to study or work on projects, the class schedule also works as a time management tool. If you’re a new college student, you’ll feel less overwhelmed knowing exactly when and where your classes occur on each day of the week.

Homework Schedule Template

Homework Schedule Template

Download Homework Schedule Template

Organize your homework assignments and study time for each class with this homework schedule template. Enter the start date, add your class names, and assign blocks of time for each homework-related activity. You can manage your daily homework while planning for the week and keeping track of deadlines.

Daily School Schedule Template

Daily School Schedule Template

Download Daily School Schedule Template

Track your day-to-day class schedule, whether you are going to class or learning at home. The template includes sections to list to-dos, what to bring to class, and homework assignments, so you can keep organized and prepared.

House Cleaning Schedule Template

House Cleaning Schedule Template

Download House Cleaning Schedule Template

Use this template to create a schedule to manage your housecleaning. Once you’ve assigned cleaning tasks for each day, print out and hang the schedule for reference. Some tasks may happen daily while others only need to be done once a month. This template can help you stay on schedule with housecleaning without trying to do too much in a single day.

How to Make a Daily Schedule

Once you’ve chosen the template that best suits your needs, you can adjust the design by changing colors and fonts or adding a logo, alter the format by removing unwanted sections or adding new ones, and save a blank copy for future use. If you’re creating an employee schedule, sales report, or other detailed report, you’ll need any relevant data on hand to fill in the template. You can also choose a simple checklist or calendar template to print and fill out by hand. 

Improve Daily Scheduling with Real-Time Work Management in Smartsheet

Empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to match the needs of your team — and adapt as those needs change. 

The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed. 

When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time.  Try Smartsheet for free, today.

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Key Assignment Form for Employee

  • Assignment Form

The Key Assignment Form for Employee is used to assign or allocate specific keys to employees for access to certain areas or equipment within a company or organization. This form helps keep track of key distribution and ensures accountability.

The HR department or the designated personnel typically files the Key Assignment Form for an employee.

Q: What is a key assignment form?A: A key assignment form is a document that is used to track the issuance of keys to employees.

Q: Why is a key assignment form important?A: A key assignment form is important because it helps to ensure the security of a workplace by keeping track of who has access to certain areas.

Q: What information is typically included in a key assignment form?A: A key assignment form typically includes the employee's name, the type of key being issued, the date of issuance, and a signature to acknowledge receipt of the key.

Q: Who is responsible for maintaining a key assignment form?A: Typically, the Human Resources department or a designated person in the organization is responsible for maintaining a key assignment form.

Q: Can an employee be held accountable for lost or stolen keys?A: Yes, an employee can be held accountable for lost or stolen keys, as they are responsible for their safekeeping as stated in most key assignment forms.

Download Key Assignment Form for Employee

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Employee Invention Assignment Agreement


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What is an employee invention assignment agreement.

An employee invention assignment agreement is a contract between an employer and employee that grants the employer certain rights to a worker's inventions. In other words, while an individual is employed with the company, they agree to relinquish their natural rights to their intellectual property and inventions to their employers. This type of agreement is only in effect while the individual is actively employed with the contracted company.

Employees need not worry about the safety of their previous inventions when signing this agreement. This is because there is typically a portion of the contract where prior inventions are listed, so they can be excluded from the contract terms.

Common Sections in Employee Invention Assignment Agreements

Below is a list of common sections included in Employee Invention Assignment Agreements. These sections are linked to the below sample agreement for you to explore.

Employee Invention Assignment Agreement Sample

Reference : Security Exchange Commission - Edgar Database, EX-10.5 4 dex105.htm EMPLOYEE INVENTIONS ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENT AND RESTRICTIVE OBLIGATIONS AGREEMENT , Viewed September 15, 2022, View Source on SEC .

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David W. on ContractsCounsel

The Law Office of David Watson, LLC provides comprehensive and individualized estate-planning services for all stages and phases of life. I listen to your goals and priorities and offer a range of estate-planning services, including trusts, wills, living wills, durable powers of attorney, and other plans to meet your goals. And for convenience and transparency, many estate-planning services are provided at a flat rate.

Samuel R. on ContractsCounsel

My career interests are to practice Transactional Corporate Law, including Business Start Up, and Mergers and Acquisitions, as well as Real Estate Law, Estate Planning Law, Tax, and Intellectual Property Law. I am currently licensed in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Utah, after having moved to Phoenix from Philadelphia in September 2019. I currently serve as General Counsel for a bioengineering company. I handle everything from their Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Placement Memorandums, and Corporate Structures to Intellectual Property Assignments, to Employment Law and Beach of Contract settlements. Responsibilities include writing and executing agreements, drafting court pleadings, court appearances, mergers and acquisitions, transactional documents, managing expert specialized legal counsel, legal research and anticipating unique legal issues that could impact the Company. Conducted an acquisition of an entire line of intellectual property from a competitor. In regards to other clients, I am primarily focused on transactional law for clients in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, real estate investment, property management, and e-commerce. Work is primarily centered around entity formation and corporate structure, corporate governance agreements, PPMs, opportunity zone tax incentives, and all kinds of business to business agreements. I have also recently gained experience with Estate Planning law, drafting numerous Estate Planning documents for people such as Wills, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, and Trusts. I was selected to the 2024 Super Lawyers Southwest Rising Stars list. Each year no more than 2.5% of the attorneys in Arizona and New Mexico are selected to the Rising Stars. I am looking to further gain legal experience in these fields of law as well as expand my legal experience assisting business start ups, mergers and acquisitions and also trademark registration and licensing.

Atilla B. on ContractsCounsel

Atilla Z. Baksay is a Colorado-based attorney practicing corporate and securities attorney. Atilla represents clients in the negotiation and drafting of transactional (e.g. master service, purchase and sale, license, IP, and SaaS agreements) and corporate (e.g. restricted stock transfers, stock options plans, convertible notes/SAFE/SAFT agreements, bylaws/operating agreements, loan agreements, personal guarantees, and security agreements) contracts, in-house documents (e.g. employment policies, separation agreements, employment/independent contractor/consultant agreements, NDAs, brokerage relationship policies, and office policy memoranda), and digital policies (e.g. terms of service, privacy policies, CCPA notices, and GDPR notices). Atilla also reviews, and issues legal opinions concerning, the security status of digital currencies and assets. Following law school, Atilla practiced international trade law at the Executive Office of the President, Office of the United States Trade Representative, where his practice spanned economic sanctions enacted against goods originating in the People’s Republic of China valued at $500 billion. Afterwards, Atilla joined a Colorado law firm practicing civil litigation, where the majority of his practice comprised of construction defect suits. Today, Atilla's practice spans all corporate matters for clients in Colorado and the District of Columbia.

Gregory B. on ContractsCounsel

I love contracts - and especially technology-related contracts written in PLAIN ENGLISH! I've worked extensively with intellectual property contracts, and specifically with IT contracts (SaaS, Master Subscriptions Agreements, Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, License Agreements, etc.), and I have built my own technology solutions that help to quickly and thoroughly draft, review and customize complex contracts.

Jordan M. on ContractsCounsel

I am a software developer turned lawyer with 7+ years of experience drafting, reviewing, and negotiating SaaS agreements, as well as other technology agreements. I am a partner at Freeman Lovell PLLC, where I lead commercial contracts practice group. I work with startups, growing companies, and the Fortune 500 to make sure your legal go-to-market strategy works for you.

Clara D. on ContractsCounsel

After graduating from The University of Chicago Law School in 2002, Clara spent eight years in private practice representing clients in complex commercial real estate, merger and acquisition, branding, and other transactional matters. Clara then worked as in-house counsel to a large financial services company, handling intellectual property, vendor contracts, technology, privacy, cybersecurity, licensing, marketing, and otherwise supporting general operations. She opened her own practice in September of 2017 and represents hedge funds, financial services companies, and technology companies in a range of transactional matters.

Grant P. on ContractsCounsel

Founder and owner of Grant Phillips Law.. Practicing and licensed in NY, NJ & Fl with focus on small businesses across the country that are stuck in predatory commercial loans. The firm specializes in representing business owners with Merchant Cash Advances or Factoring Arrangments they can no longer afford. The firms clients include restaurants, truckers, contractors, for profit schools, doctors and corner supermarkets to name a few. GRANT PHILLIPS LAW, PLLC. is at the cutting edge of bringing affordable and expert legal representation on behalf of Merchants stuck with predatory loans or other financial instruments that drain the companies revenues. Grant Phillips Law will defend small businesses with Merchant Cash Advances they can no longer afford. Whether you have been sued, a UCC lien filed against your receivables or your bank account is levied or frozen, we have your back. See more at www.grantphillipslaw.com

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Employee Reassignment Letter

Employee Reassignment Letter in Word, Google Docs

Download this Employee Reassignment Letter Design in Word, Google Docs Format. Easily Editable, Printable, Downloadable.

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    Step-by-step instructions for writing your own locker policy. 1. Identify the purpose of the policy: Clearly state the purpose of the policy and the goals it aims to achieve. 2. Define locker assignments: Outline the procedure for assigning lockers to employees, including how lockers are assigned, who is responsible for assigning them, and how ...

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    Employee Invention Assignment Agreement Sample. Exhibit 10.5. EMPLOYEE INVENTIONS ASSIGNMENT. AND RESTRICTIVE OBLIGATIONS AGREEMENT. As an employee of Red Hat, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the " Company ") and in consideration of the offer of employment made to me by the Company, I agree to the following: 1.

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    Easily Editable, Printable, Downloadable. The Employee Reassignment Letter is a versatile, customizable document available in MS Word, Google Docs, and Apple Pages formats, ensuring seamless editing and adaptation to various needs. This letter template facilitates the efficient communication of employee reassignments within your organization.