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    modern love research paper

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    modern love research paper

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    modern love research paper

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    modern love research paper


  1. Love In The Modern Age

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  1. Towards a Comprehensive Theory of Love: The Quadruple Theory

    Scholars across an array of disciplines including social psychologists have been trying to explain the meaning of love for over a century but its polysemous nature has made it difficult to fully understand. In this paper, a quadruple framework of attraction, resonance or connection, trust, and respect are proposed to explain the meaning of love ...

  2. A decade of love: mapping the landscape of romantic love research

    Among them, the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships (400 publications, IF 2021 = 2.681) had the highest number of papers on romantic love research, followed by Personal Relationships (189 ...

  3. Proximate and Ultimate Perspectives on Romantic Love

    There have been a number of books (e.g., Jankowiak, 1995, 2008) and studies that shed light on the cross-cultural nature of romantic love. The sum of research indicates that romantic love is probably universal (although the research is yet to prove this unequivocally) with relatively few psychological differences found between cultures ...

  4. (PDF) The New Psychology of Love

    Behavioral systems and romantic love. 5. being loved, esteemed, and accepted by relationship partners; and optimistic beliefs about one's. ability to cope with stress and manage distress. Bowlby ...

  5. The Research on Love: A Psychological, Scientific Perspective on Love

    It is a systematic and seminal analysis whose major ideas. have probably influenced contemporary work on love more than all subsequent philosophical work combined. However, four major intellectual developments of the 19th and 20th centuries provided key insights that helped shape the agenda for current research and theory of love.

  6. The cultural evolution of love in literary history

    Love is a central value of modern societies 1: finding 'true love' is one of the main goals of individuals 2; long-term relationships, and marriage in particular, are regarded as improper if ...

  7. Regulation of Romantic Love Feelings: Preconceptions, Strategies ...

    Love feelings can be more intense than desired (e.g., after a break-up) or less intense than desired (e.g., in long-term relationships). If only we could control our love feelings! We present the concept of explicit love regulation, which we define as the use of behavioral and cognitive strategies to change the intensity of current feelings of romantic love. We present the first two studies on ...

  8. The Influence of Social Media on Modern Romantic Relationships : A

    The role of social media technology has had a profound influence on modern romantic relationships in the past decade. My research critically reviews sociological literature from the field of new ...

  9. Popular Psychology Through a Scientific Lens: Evaluating Love Languages

    Chapman (2015) argues that there are systematic differences in people's preferred ways of expressing and receiving love, labeled love languages.His ideas are built on three core assumptions, each of which we critically evaluate based on existing research (see Table 1).First, each person has a primary love language that they rely on the most for expressing and feeling love.

  10. Exploring the Similarity of Partners' Love Styles and Their

    Lee (1973) considered love as a multifaceted experience deriving from the different attitudes that people have toward this emotion. He recognized and classified them into six love styles, three primary—Eros, Ludus and Storge—and three secondary—Mania, Pragma and Agape -which have been further described by Hendrick and Hendrick (1986).People who experience Eros style love (passionate ...

  11. Modern Love: Scientific Insights from 21st Century Dating

    Modern Love: Scientific Insights from 21st Century Dating. Ann Conkle February 1, 2010 Tags: Love ... but for now those looking for love can at least take this new research to heart. References and Further Reading. ... Short Paper, ACM Computer-Human Interaction 2005. Fiore, A.T., & Donath, J.S. (2004). ...

  12. 'Historicizing 'Modern' Love and Romance.' In Love and Romance in is a platform for academics to share research papers. 'Historicizing 'Modern' Love and Romance.' In Love and Romance in Britain, 1918-1970. Edited with Alana Harris (Palgrave 2015), pp. 1-19. ... opens with an account of recent research into the neurophysiology of love. This research fails to show a constant, biological basis for ...

  13. Modern Love and Intimacy: A discussion on individualized love and

    This paper aims to discuss the dynamics of romantic relationships with a sociological approach by comparing pre-modern love and modern relationships in the era of individualization. The works of Anthony Giddens, Zygmunt Bauman and Eva Illouz are examined and discussed to better understand the frailty of modern human relationships and what it ...

  14. Well-Being and Romantic Relationships: A Systematic Review in

    1.1. Romantic Relationships and Well-Being in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood. From an evolutionary point of view, adolescence and emerging adulthood (the periods which span the second and third decades of life [14,15]) have been described as being vitally important in terms of the development of romantic relationships [16,17,18].Defined as "mutually acknowledged ongoing voluntary ...

  15. (PDF) The concept of love: an exploratory study with a ...

    PDF | On Jan 1, 2020, Thiago de Almeida and others published The concept of love: an exploratory study with a sample of young Brazilians | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate

  16. Dating Apps: The Uncertainty of Marketised Love

    Abstract. Dating apps promise a 'digital fix' to the 'messy' matter of love by means of datafication and algorithmic matching, realising a platformisation of romance commonly understood through notions of a market's rationality and efficiency. Reflecting on the findings of a small-scale qualitative research on the use of dating apps ...

  17. Scientists find a few surprises in their study of love

    The early phase of love is quite different" from later phases. During the first love-year, serotonin levels gradually return to normal, and the "stupid" and "obsessive" aspects of the condition moderate. That period is followed by increases in the hormone oxytocin, a neurotransmitter associated with a calmer, more mature form of love.

  18. Creating love in the lab: The 36 questions that spark intimacy

    UC Berkeley video by Roxanne Makasdjian and Phil Ebiner. The latest adaptation of the 36-question method brings together two couples who don't know one another. Each of the four participants must answer the questions out loud. This variation was recently filmed on campus for a Valentine's Day segment on NBC's Today Show, and is scheduled ...

  19. The Changing Landscape of Love and Marriage

    The Transformation of Intimacy: Sexuality, Love and Eroticism in Modern Societies. Stanford University Press; 1992. Argues that romantic love is being replaced in modern societies by the ideal of the "pure relationship," in which intimacy is maintained for its own sake and only as long as both parties believe its benefits outweigh its costs.

  20. PDF McAfee s Modern Love Research Report

    19 Summary. In February of 2023, to coincide with Valentine's Day, McAfee published its first Modern Love report, which reveals how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the internet are changing love and relationships. From using a machine to write a love letter to being scammed by somebody using AI tools to appear more convincing, the study ...

  21. Modern Love

    The online home of "Modern Love," featuring a complete archive of columns (since Oct. 2004), animated videos (since Aug. 2013), and information about essay contests and submissions.

  22. The Challenges of Keeping an Intimate Relationship: An Evolutionary

    Maintaining an intimate relationship is challenging. Across different societies, divorce has become increasingly common; for instance, in Western societies, it has been estimated that one in two marriages would end up in divorce (Cherlin, 2009; Raley & Bumpass, 2003; Schoen & Standish, 2001).Recent studies in the Greek cultural context have found that about one in three adult people ...

  23. Modern Love Research Papers

    Lola Nidora always reminds them of traditional values like chivalry, modesty and respect, with the recurring message of patiently waiting for the right time for love.The series is widely watched in the Philippines and has broken the bounds of age, class and gender when it comes to viewership.

  24. The Great Gatsby Research Paper

    The Great Gatsby Research Paper. 1088 Words5 Pages. Alexa Courey 3/20/24 English 10H A Dream's Awakening In his novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald explores themes of love, wealth, illusion, and the American Dream, offering commentary on the complexities of human desire and societal aspirations. Fitzgerald centers the narrative around ...

  25. The Great Gatsby Research Paper

    689 Words3 Pages. Love is the most powerful feeling one can ever feel. Some may think they're feeling love, but they're just drawn to the idea of love itself. Love is seen as complicated, and many believe there's no exact definition of it. Instead, there is just an idea and an expectation that is supposed to be followed.

  26. The Great Gatsby Research Paper

    The Great Gatsby Research Paper. 701 Words3 Pages. Title: Love is the most powerful feeling one can ever feel. Some may feel there is love there, but in reality, it's the idea of love that they love more. Love is hard and complicated and no one really knows what love is. There is just an idea and an expectation that we are supposed to follow.