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Engineering Management Dissertation Topics

Published by Carmen Troy at January 9th, 2023 , Revised On May 13, 2024

Dissertation writing is an extremely important academic task that all students must complete as part of their degree programmes. However, choosing a dissertation topic can be an extremely daunting challenge for most students because they could be unsure about the area of research they should pursue.

The dissertation starts with an idea upon which research is performed. The idea is then transformed into an academic concept by presenting arguments and evidence. It should be noted that a well-written dissertation addresses the research topic at all levels and is written concisely.

The  research methodology chapter  of a dissertation presents complete evidence of the research work performed in the form of data collection/analysis methods employed by the researcher. However, many students do not know where to start.

To help you get started with brainstorming for engineering management topic ideas, we have developed a list of the latest topics that can be used for writing your engineering management dissertation.

These topics have been developed by PhD qualified  writers of our team , so you can trust to use these topics for drafting your dissertation.

You may also want to start your dissertation by requesting  a brief research proposal  from our writers on any of these topics, which includes an  introduction  to the problem,  research questions , aim and objectives , and literature review  along with the proposed  methodology  of research to be conducted.  Let us know  if you need any help in getting started.

Check our  example dissertations  to get an idea of  how to structure your dissertation .

You can review step by step guide on how to write your dissertation  here.

View our free dissertation topics database.

List Of Dissertation Topics On Engineering Management

  • An Analysis on Project Delivery Through Agile Methodologies in the Age of Remote Work
  • What Are The Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence-Driven Decision-Making
  • Strategies for Encouraging Employee Creativity in Engineering Teams
  • An Investigation of The Impact of Big Data Analytics on Project Management
  • A Systematic Analysis of Cybersecurity Challenges in Engineering Project Management
  • How to Develop Skills for a Technology-Driven Workforce
  • Life Cycle Assessment Tools for Environmental Impact Reduction
  • The Role of Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management for Engineering Projects
  • How to Implement Real-Time Project Management Dashboards for Improved Decision-Making
  • Developing a Circular Economy Approach in Engineering Projects
  • The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Effective Engineering Leadership
  • Implementing Digital Twins for Improved Project Efficiency and Maintenance Optimisation
  • The Integration of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) in Engineering Project Management
  • The Role of Design Thinking in Engineering Project Management

Free Engineering Management Dissertation Topics

Topic 1: what are the environmental impacts of water waste treatment in the cement industry in south korea.

Research Aim: This study aims to find the environmental impacts of water waste treatment in the cement industry in South Korea. With the help of a comprehensive survey of the cement manufacturing companies in South Korea, this study will first scrutinise the entire waste treatment process in the cement industry in South Korea. Then it will analyse the impact of each step on the environment. After analysing the environmental effects of the water waste treatment of the cement industry in South Korea, this study will recommend modern ways to reduce the adverse effects.

Topic 2: An investigation of the challenges faced by businesses in leading themselves towards environmental sustainability due to global value chains and how the businesses mitigate such challenges - A case of Nigerian SMEs.

Research Aim: The significant aim of this research study is to uncover the issues and challenges faced by multiple businesses while implementing environmental sustainability and growth as a result of the global value chain. Another objective of this research topic is to investigate the sustainable strategies through which businesses mitigate the identified challenges of the global value chain by targeting Nigerian small and medium companies as a case study.

Topic 3: What are the modern water treatment techniques to minimise the environmental effects of water waste in the Cement Industry? A Cross-Country analysis

Research Aim: This study aims to identify modern water treatment techniques to minimise the environmental effects of water waste in the Cement Industry. A cross-country study will analyze the different water treatment techniques used by the cement industries in different countries. The best way to conduct this analysis is by comparing developed and developing countries. After identifying the best techniques, this study will recommend the optimal methods that can be used around the world in any country.

Topic 4: An innovative strategic evaluation of university knowledge and technology transfer efficacy for students up to date on new engineering tools.

Research Aim: This study aims to analyse the framework that organises total project work based on high levels of creativity in project development, as well as to keep students up to date with the usage of technology, focusing on collecting data from different firms that have utilised the technology to manufacture items and run highly creative initiative in collaboration with the university.

Topic 5: Investigating the strategies used to reduce water pollution caused by the maritime transportation system.

Research Aim: The main goal of this study is to investigate the strategies for reducing water pollution produced by the marine transportation sector/industry.  This study will also analyse the environmental risks posed by water contamination and how marine transportation contributes to the increase in water pollution. Focusing on the economic cost of restoring the damage as a result of marine pollution will also help us learn about the environmental effects of water pollution and understand how to reduce water pollution using different methods and technologies used by management.

COVID-19 Engineering Management Research Topics

Topic 1: impact of covid-19 on engineering institutes.

Research Aim: This study will focus on identifying the impacts of coronavirus on engineering institutes and discuss possible solutions to overcome the challenges.

Topic 2: Role of engineering management during Covid-19

Research Aim: The study will focus on identifying the contribution of engineering management to combat the coronavirus pandemic. It will discuss emergency management to prevent and diagnose COVID-19, including its advantages and disadvantages.

More Engineering Management Dissertation Topics for 2024

Topic 1: developing an integrated water management model to reduce water wastage: a case study of developing countries.

Research Aim: This research will focus on the ecological and environmental influences that can be caused by water wastage while developing an effective model that can be utilised for effective water management to reduce the wastage of water. This research will focus on real-life scenarios of water management occurring in developing nations while recommending major changes in their existing water management system.

Find 100s of dissertation topics for other research areas.

Topic 2: Critical analysis of alternative energy in the least developed countries: The emergence of solar power as a means of providing electricity

Research Aim: The major purpose of this study will be to transform conventional means of energy into solar energy and its importance in the least developed countries. The researcher will carry out a detailed critical analysis of what pros and cons can emerge due to the utilisation of alternative energy solutions and how least developed countries can use solar energy systems instead of traditional energy systems keeping in mind the cost and other benefits.

Topic 3: Assessing the impact of biogas emission on quality of life and health of individuals living in rural areas: A case study of developing countries.

Research Aim: In this study, the main aim of the researcher will be to analyse major health issues and other effects that can be caused by the emission of biogas. The researcher will demonstrate the major risks to the quality of life of individuals living in rural areas of developing nations and what measures can be taken to reduce the effects of biogas emissions on the quality and health of the individuals.

Topic 4: Challenges facing the concept of sustainable and green engineering

Research Aim: This research study will aim to identify challenges facing the concept of sustainable and green engineering. The environment of the world is deteriorating at an alarming pace, primarily because of industrial activities that result in carbon emissions. This project will enable readers to understand the advantages of green engineering over conventional engineering and identify why this concept has not been implemented on a wider scale.

How Can ResearchProspect Help?

ResearchProspect writers can send several custom topic ideas to your email address. Once you have chosen a topic that suits your needs and interests, you can order for our dissertation outline service which will include a brief introduction to the topic, research questions , literature review , methodology , expected results , and conclusion . The dissertation outline will enable you to review the quality of our work before placing the order for our full dissertation writing service!

More Engineering Management Dissertation Topics

Some other interesting engineering management dissertation topics are listed below:

  • Ensuring Smooth Process Improvement by Conducting Management of Chain
  • The Development of a Project Management Methodology for Peace Corps Mauritania
  • Determination of the Critical Activities of a Public-private Intermediary Organization with the Help of Value Chain Analysis
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Investigating the Management of Uncertainty in Product Platform Lifecycles
  • Study of the Performance and Characteristics of U.S. Academic Research Institution Technology Commercialization (ARITC)
  • Examining Health Information Technology Implementations: Case of the Patient-Centered Medical Home
  • Strategic Evaluation of University Knowledge and Technology Transfer Effectiveness
  • Proposing a Strategic Policy Model for International Collaboration in Technology and Science to Bridge the Gap between “Bottom-up” and Top-Down.
  • Use of Multiple Hierarchical and Perspectives Decision Modelling to Assess Solar Photovoltaic Technologies
  • Innovation Intermediaries and the Impact of Social Capital
  • Innovation Measurement: Determining Creativeness of an Organisation through Decision Framework
  • Performance of National Laboratories and the Impact of Knowledge Inflows
  • Proposing a Strategic Policy Choice Framework for Technological Innovation: Case of Chinese Pharmaceuticals
  • Use of Cognitive Map-based Scenarios to Extend Technology Roadmap: The Case of Wind Energy Sector in India
  • Integrating Financial Performance, Green Innovativeness, and Environmental Performance
  • Exploring Capability Maturity Models and Relevant Practices as Solutions Addressing IT Service Offshoring Project Issues
  • Decision Modelling for the Information and Communications Technology Sector and Participation in Technology Standards Development
  • Energy Policies to Employ Renewable Energy Resources; Case of Wind Energy in the UK
  • Technological Forecasting Based on Segmented Rate of Change
  • Sustainability Managing a Project Team
  • Risks Associated with Management of Engineering Projects
  • Supporting Business Strategies through Identification of Process Improvement Plans
  • Motivating Staff through Efficient Supply Chain Management
  • Improving the Efficiency of an Organisation with Leadership

 “Complete this short online form and provide as much information as possible to receive instant quotes from our writers specialising in your area of research.“

Important Notes:

As an engineering management student looking to get good grades, it is essential to develop new ideas and experiment with existing engineering management theories – i.e., to add value and interest to your research topic.

The field of engineering management is vast and interrelated to so many other academic disciplines like civil engineering ,  construction ,  law ,  healthcare , mental health , artificial intelligence , tourism , physiotherapy , sociology , management , marketing , and nursing . That is why it is imperative to create a project management dissertation topic that is articular, sound, and actually solves a practical problem that may be rampant in the field.

We can’t stress how important it is to develop a logical research topic; it is the basis of your entire research. There are several significant downfalls to getting your topic wrong; your supervisor may not be interested in working on it, the topic has no academic creditability, the research may not make logical sense, and there is a possibility that the study is not viable.

This impacts your time and efforts in  writing your dissertation as you may end up in a cycle of rejection at the very initial stage of the dissertation. That is why we recommend reviewing existing research to develop a topic, taking advice from your supervisor, and even asking for help in this particular stage of your dissertation.

While developing a research topic, keeping our advice in mind will allow you to pick one of the best engineering management dissertation topics that fulfils your requirement of writing a research paper and adding to the body of knowledge.

Therefore, it is recommended that when finalising your dissertation topic, you read recently published literature to identify gaps in the research that you may help fill.

Remember- dissertation topics need to be unique, solve an identified problem, be logical, and be practically implemented. Take a look at some of our sample engineering management dissertation topics to get an idea for your own dissertation.

How to Structure Your Engineering Management Dissertation

A well-structured   dissertation can help students   to achieve a high overall academic grade.

  • A Title Page
  • Acknowledgments
  • Declaration
  • Abstract: A summary of the research completed
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction : This chapter includes the project rationale, research background, key research aims and objectives, and the research problems to be addressed. An outline of the structure of a dissertation  can also be added to this chapter.
  • Literature Review :  This chapter presents relevant theories and frameworks by analysing published and unpublished literature available on the chosen research topic, in light of the research questions  to be addressed. The purpose is to highlight and discuss the relative weaknesses and strengths of the selected research area whilst identifying any research gaps. Break down of the topic, and key terms can have a positive impact on your dissertation and your tutor.
  • Methodology:  The  data collection  and  analysis  methods and techniques employed by the researcher are presented in the Methodology chapter which usually includes  research design,  research philosophy, research limitations, code of conduct, ethical consideration, data collection methods and  data analysis strategy .
  • Findings and Analysis:  Findings of the research are analysed in detail under the Findings and Analysis chapter. All key findings/results are outlined in this chapter without interpreting the data or drawing any conclusions. It can be useful to include graphs, charts and tables in this chapter to identify meaningful trends and relationships.
  • Discussion  and  Conclusion: The researcher presents his interpretation of results in this chapter, and states whether the research hypothesis has been verified or not. An essential aspect of this section of the paper is to draw a linkage between the results and evidence from the literature. Recommendations with regard to the implications of the findings and directions for the future may also be provided. Finally, a summary of the overall research, along with final judgments, opinions, and comments, must be included in the form of suggestions for improvement.
  • References:  This should be completed in accordance with your University’s requirements
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices: Any additional information, diagrams, or graphs that were used to  complete the  dissertation  but not part of the dissertation should be included in the Appendices chapter. Essentially, the purpose is to expand the information/data.

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How to find dissertation topics about engineering management.

For Engineering Management dissertation topics:

  • Investigate industry challenges.
  • Explore technology advancements.
  • Analyse project management strategies.
  • Consider sustainability and innovation.
  • Review case studies in the field.
  • Select a topic aligning with your career aspirations.

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Engineering management simply refers to the management of all engineering aspects. It combines technology and organization to optimise engineering and overcome its limitations. Research in this field is crucial for improving engineering's potential. Thus, researchers and students must look for quality engineering management dissertation topics .

Find Out Quali1ty Engineering Dissertation Topics

Premier Dissertations has prepared a list of dissertation topics in engineering management for 2024.  

If you would like to choose any topic from the given list, simply drop us a WhatsApp or an Email .

You may also like to review ;

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Research-Based Engineering Management Thesis Topics

Trending engineering management research topics 2024, prime engineering management dissertation topics, how does it work .

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How to find and shortlist workable dissertation topics for an engineering management dissertation.

Finding good topics for engineering dissertations can be difficult. This is because engineering management courses can be complicated. You might want to look at some examples of engineering management dissertations to get an idea. But the most important thing is to find a good topic before you start.

The important questions that students can ask at the start of this module are;

  • What are the thesis topics for engineering management that I work with?
  • Are there any engineering management thesis topics that my supervisor would be interested in?
  • Do I need any engineering management dissertation help at this stage?

Once you have shortlisted dissertation topics for engineering management, you can share them with your supervisor and they can help you choose the best one.

Importance of Selecting a Good Engineering Management Dissertation Topic

Engineering management combines business and technical skills to manage engineering projects. Graduates take up key managerial roles in the industry with high salaries and benefits. It is one of the top eight highest-paying master's degree programs due to the increased demand for qualified engineering managers. Regardless of the reason for entering this field of study, it is required in both master's and PhD programs to submit an engineering management research proposal to supervisors to be considered for admission.

Review Our Full List of Latest Dissertation Topics

For more engineering management dissertation topics, please keep visiting our website as we keep updating our existing list of topics.

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Theses/Dissertations from 2023 2023

Dissertation: Systemic Risk Analysis of Human Factors in Phishing , Mark Guilford

Dissertation: Human Psychology Factors Influencing Agile Team Autonomy in Post-Pandemic Remote Software Organizations , Ravikiran Kalluri

Dissertation: Reinforcing Digital Trust for Cloud Manufacturing Through Data Provenance Using Ethereum Smart Contracts , Trupti Narayan Rane

Dissertation: Electric Vehicle Routing Problem – Models and Algorithms , Hesamoddin Tahami

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Dissertation: A Systems Theory-Based Framework for Environmental Scanning in Complex System Governance , Dale E. Baugh

Dissertation: Learning Curve Characterization Within Complex Low-Rate Production Environments , Robert J. Gies

Thesis: Acquisition Career Progression Model for Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officers , Andrew John Heckel

Dissertation: Hard-Real-Time Computing Performance in a Cloud Environment , Alvin Cornelius Murphy

Dissertation: A Quality Systems Economic-Risk Design Theoretical Framework , Abdallah S. Thefeid

Dissertation: Predictors of Email Response: Determinants of the Intention of not Following Security Recommendations , Miguel Angel Toro-Jarrin

Dissertation: Complex System Governance Leadership , David C. Walters

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Thesis: Quantifying Cyber Risk by Integrating Attack Graph and Impact Graph , Omer F. Keskin

Dissertation: Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Using Graph Theoretical Anomaly Detection and Machine Learning , Goksel Kucukkaya

Dissertation: Application of a Blockchain Enabled Model in Disaster Aids Supply Network Resilience , Farinaz Sabz Ali Pour

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Dissertation: A Framework for Adaptive Capacity in Complex Systems , Abdulrahman Alfaqiri

Thesis: Engineering Management Competencies: A Framework for Present and Future Engineering Environments , Christopher Vaughn Barrett

Dissertation: DOD Mission Engineering and Integration Explorative-Exploitative Architecture for Technology Innovation , Jose L. Bricio-Neto

Dissertation: A Quest to Identify the Emerging Leadership Skills in VUCA World and Investigation of Their Applications in Various Organizational Levels and Security Environments , Ali Can Kucukozyigit

Dissertation: Cyber-Assets at Risk (CAR): Monetary Impact of Personally Identifiable Information Data Breaches on Companies , Omer Ilker Poyraz

Dissertation: Using Interacting Multiple Model Filters to Indicate Program Risk , Amy Sunshine Smith-Carroll

Dissertation: An Investigation on the Effectiveness of a Problem Structuring Method in a Group Decision-Making Process , Ying Thaviphoke

Dissertation: A Core Reference Hierarchical Primitive Ontology for Electronic Medical Records Semantics Interoperability , Ziniya Zahedi

Dissertation: Human Error in Commercial Fishing Vessel Accidents: An Investigation Using the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System , Peter J. Zohorsky

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Dissertation: Evaluating Stakeholder Bias in Stakeholder Analysis In Social Media , Ahmad A. Bajarwan

Dissertation: An Investigation of General Criteria for Assessing Space Flight Systems of Diverse Mission Concept Designs , Cindy L. Daniels

Dissertation: Knowledge Sharing and Creative Confidence in Promoting Employees’ Creative Behavior , Elnaz Dario

Dissertation: Optimization of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Fleet Size With Incorporation of Battery Management , Ahmed Hamdy

Dissertation: An Exploratory Study of Engineering Identity Development in African American Youth , Coletta Elayne Johnson Bey

Dissertation: Identifying and Quantifying Personnel Skills Gaps , Martin Joseph McKenney

Dissertation: Measuring Risks of Interdependencies in Enterprise Systems: An Application to Ghana’s Salt Enterprise , Yaw Mensah

Dissertation: Quantifying Impact of Cyber Actions on Missions or Business Processes: A Multilayer Propagative Approach , Unal Tatar

Dissertation: Development and Initial Evaluation of a Reinforced Cue Detection Model to Assess Situation Awareness in Commercial Aircraft Cockpits , Aysen K. Taylor

Dissertation: A Comparison of Multi-Attribute Utility Theory, the Analytic Hierarchy Process, the Analytic Network Process, and New Hybrid Approaches for a Case Study Involving Radon , Jesse Ray Toepfer

Dissertation: The Resilient City: A Platform for Informed Decision-Making Process , Jarutpong Vasuthanasub

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Dissertation: A Framework for Executable Systems Modeling , Matthew Amissah

Dissertation: The Influence of Engineers on Public Policy , Sarah Bouazzaoui

Dissertation: Contextual Framework of Communications Functions Supporting Complex System Governance , Charles Wesley Chesterman Jr.

Dissertation: A Representation of Tactical and Strategic Precursors of Supply Network Resilience Using Simulation Based Experiments , Yaneth C. Correa-Martinez

Dissertation: Sequence-Based Simulation-Optimization Framework With Application to Port Operations at Multimodal Container Terminals , Mariam Aladdin Kotachi

Dissertation: Human-Intelligence and Machine-Intelligence Decision Governance Formal Ontology , Faisal Mahmud

Dissertation: Exploring Critical Success Factors of Community Development Projects , Kevin Wanjama Muchiri

Dissertation: A Multi-Level Longitudinal Investigation of Transformational Leadership Influence on Team Members Development in Engineering Project Teams , Nathapon Siangchokyoo

Dissertation: Understanding the Impact of Large-Scale Power Grid Architectures on Performance , Ange-Lionel Toba

Dissertation: Case Study on the Development of Engineering Design Modification Projects for U.S. Nuclear Power Plants: A Knowledge Retention Tool in Support of the Longevity and Resilience of the Nuclear Power Industry , Pamela M. Torres-Jiménez

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Thesis: Role of Requirements Engineering in Software Project’s Success , Sujatha Alla

Dissertation: A Hilbert Space Geometric Representation of Shared Awareness and Joint Decision Making , Mustafa Canan

Dissertation: An Investigation into Perceived Productivity and Its Influence on the Relationship Between Organizational Climate and Affective Commitment , Kaitlynn Marie Castelle

Dissertation: Emergency Diesel-Electric Generator Set Maintenance and Test Periodicity , Stephen John Fehr

Thesis: Initiating Event Analysis of a Lithium Fluoride Thorium Reactor , Nicholas Charles Geraci

Thesis: Impact of a Localized Lean Six Sigma Implementation on Overall Patient Safety and Process Efficiency , Luvianca G. Gil-Moreno

Dissertation: Diversity Team Building: Impact on Virtual Team Performance , Nina C. Magpili-Smith

Dissertation: Implementation of a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) Toolkit to Aid in Ranking Naval Mission Vessel Combinations With Uncertainty , Andrew R. Miller

Dissertation: A Predictor Analysis Framework for Surface Radiation Budget Reprocessing Using Design of Experiments , Patricia Allison Quigley

Dissertation: Analysis of Project Management System Structure Using the Viable System Model (VSM) , Joseph A. Sisti

Dissertation: Planning and Team Shared Mental Models as Predictors of Team Collaborative Processes , Zikai Zhou

Dissertation: Methodology to Perform Cyber Lethality Assessment , Matthew W. Zurasky

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Dissertation: Systems Theory Based Architecture Framework for Complex System Governance , Bry Carter

Dissertation: Profit Based Simulation Model for The Rail Transportation Industry , Mark Patrick Doran

Thesis: Design and Implementation of a Virtual Team Collaboration System , Syed Ehsan

Dissertation: A General Theory of Emergence in Engineered Systems , John J. Johnson IV

Dissertation: Improvement of Work Process Performance with Task Assignments and Mental Workload Balancing , Cansu Kandemir

Dissertation: An Outcome-Based Competency Model for Systems Engineering Trainees , Vanessa J. Pietrzyk

Dissertation: A Hybrid Tabu/Scatter Search Algorithm for Simulation-Based Optimization of Multi-Objective Runway Operations Scheduling , Bulent Soykan

Thesis: Extension of the Gravity Model: A Risk Integrated Approach Towards the Impact Analysis of Mega Sports Events on Inbound Tourist Arrivals , Abdul Sami Stanekzai

Dissertation: A Retrospective Study of Amusement Ride Restraint and Containment Systems: Identifying Design Challenges for Statistically Rare Anthropometric Cases , Paula M. Stenzler

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Dissertation: An Approach for the Development of Complex Systems Archetypes , Walter Lee Akers

Dissertation: Meta-RaPS Hybridization with Machine Learning Algorithms , Fatemah Al-Duoli

Dissertation: Management and Leadership Style: Is Style Influenced by Engineering Education? , Jesse Levi Calloway

Dissertation: Key Factors Driving Personnel Downsizing in Multinational Military Organizations , Ilksen Gorkem

Dissertation: A Framework to Simplify the Choice of Alternative Analysis and Selection Methods , James Paul Lewis Holzgrefe

Dissertation: Systems Theory-Based Construct for Identifying Metasystem Pathologies for Complex System Governance , Polinpapilinho F. Katina

Dissertation: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Military Leaders' Operational Adaptability and Knowledge Transfer , Vahap Kavaker

Thesis: Improving Response Characteristics of Split Ring Resonators Using Experimental Designs , Omer Faruk Keskin

Dissertation: Examining the Relationship Between Leadership Decision Making Styles and Personality Type Within the Department of Defense , Antoine Lamont Prince Sr.

Dissertation: Command and Control in the Information Age: A Case Study of a Representative Air Power Command and Control Node , Marvin Leo Simpson Jr.

Dissertation: The Role of Diversity on Team Effectiveness in a Multinational and Multicultural Military Environment , Mustafa Utoglu

Dissertation: Safety Culture Monitoring: A Management Approach for Assessing Nuclear Safety Culture Health Performance Utilizing Multiple-Criteria Decision Analysis , James Harold Warren Jr.

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Dissertation: A Systems-Based Framework for the Assessment of Performance Measurement System Implementations in R&D Organizations , Kenneth S. Baggett Jr.

Dissertation: Human Capital Management Within the Federal Government Utilizing Generational Stratification With a Focus on Generation Y , Ian Nathaniel Barford

Dissertation: Time-Based Collision Risk Modeling for Air Traffic Management , Alan E. Bell

Dissertation: An Investigation of Business Transformation Disruptors at the Military Strategic Command Level , Thomas Bock

Dissertation: Systems Theory Based Framework for Competency Models , Joseph M. Bradley

Thesis: Emergency Diesel-Electric Generator Set Maintenance and Test Periodicity , Stephen John Fehr

Dissertation: An Instrument to Assess Individual Capacity for System Thinking , Ra'ed M. Jaradat

Thesis: Simulation Modeling and Analysis of Customs-Regulated Container Terminal Operations with Multimodal Transportation , Mariam A. Kotachi

Thesis: Assessing Organizational Effectiveness Through the Competing Values Framework A Data Envelopment Approach , Raghavender Macherla

Dissertation: Assessing the Impact of Electronic Health Record Systems Implementation on Hospital Patient Perceptions of Care , Katherine Sofia Palacio Salgar

Dissertation: Graphical Display of the Effect of Three Cash Flow Elements for Sensitivity Analysis , Kawintorn Pothanun

Dissertation: Self-Regulating Teamwork Behaviors in Low-Volume & High-Complexity Production , Aaron W. Powell

Dissertation: An Investigation into the Analysis of Truncated Standard Normal Distributions Using Heuristic Techniques , John Walter Ralls

Dissertation: A Method to Define Requirements for System of Systems , Randy Gene Walker

Dissertation: The Relationship Among HFACS Levels and Analysis of Human Factors in Unmanned and Manned Air Vehicles , Veysel Yesilbas

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

Dissertation: System Governance Analysis of Complex Systems , Behnido Y. Calida

Dissertation: Shared Leadership in Six Sigma Teams From the North Shore-LIJ Health System , Brian J. Galli

Dissertation: An Expert Based Multi Attribute Group Decision Making (MAGDM) Model for Portfolio Evaluation: Application on Ground Force Units , Metin Gultekin

Dissertation: Approximate Algorithms for the Combined arrival-Departure Aircraft Sequencing and Reactive Scheduling Problems on Multiple Runways , Gulsah Hancerliogullari

Dissertation: The RQ-Tech Methodology: A New Paradigm for Conceptualizing Strategic Enterprise Architectures , Christine Ann Hoyland

Dissertation: Micro to Macro Dynamics of Shared Awareness Emergence in Situations Theory: Towards a General Theory of Shared Awareness , Samuel F. Kavacic

Dissertation: Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division Engagement Systems (G) Department Development of a Plan to Maintain, Expand, and Create Corporate Knowledge , Luis J. Rodriguez

Dissertation: An Epistemological Inquiry into the Incorporation of Emergency Management Concept in the Homeland Security with a Post-Disaster Security Centric Focus , Mehmet Secilmis

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Engineering and Technology Management Dissertations and Theses

Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

Fintech and Entrepreneurship: An Assessment Model to Evaluate Policy Instruments for Fintech Adoption by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) , Deemah Abdullah Alassaf

Organizational Readiness Assessment for Fraud Detection and Prevention: Case of Airlines Sector and Electronic Payment , Sultan Ayed Alghamdi

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Innovation Ecosystems in Facilitating the Adoption of Sustainable Entrepreneurship , Dana Sami Bakry

Assessment of the Omni-Channel Adoption for the Management of Emergence Technologies in Food Retailing During and After the Era of COVID-19 , Esraa Bukhari

A Hierarchical Decision Model to Evaluate Healthcare Organization's Readiness to Implement Clinical Decision Support Systems , Mohammed Oussama Laraichi

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Developing an Assessment Model for Entrepreneurship Ecosystems Using Hierarchical Decision Model: Case Study of Riyadh City , Mustafa Kamal Almuzel

Scenario Acceleration Through Automated Modelling: A Method and System for Creating Traceable Quantitative Future Scenarios Based on FCM System Modeling and Natural Language Processing , Christopher W.H. Davis

An Assessment Model of the Healthcare Entrepreneurship Ecosystem to Foster Solutions for Underserved Communities , Abdalilah Saleh Owaishiz

Maturity Model for Customer-Centric Approach in Enterprise: The Case of E-commerce and Online Retail Industry , Soheil Zarrin

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Assessment of the Blockchain Technology Adoption for the Management of the Electronic Health Record Systems , Saeed Mohammed Alzahrani

Information Security Maturity Model for Healthcare Organizations in the United States , Bridget Joan Barnes Page

Perceived Value of Technology Product Features by Crowdfunding Backers: The Case of 3D Printing Technology on Kickstarter Platform , Nina Chaichi

Technology Management Maturity Assessment Model in Healthcare , Amir Shaygan

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Exploring Policies and Strategies for the Diffusion of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for the Care of Senior Population , Hamad Asri Alanazi

Achieving High Reliability Organizations Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps - the Case of Offshore Oil and Gas , Ahmed A. Alibage

An Assessment of the Decision-Making Units' Efficiency in Service Systems , Maoloud Yakhlif Dabab

Evaluating R&D Projects in Regulated Utilities: the Case of Power Transmission Utilities , Edwin Garces

A Scoring Model to Evaluate Offshore Oil Projects: Case of Eni and Mellitah Oil & Gas , Abdulhakim Giadedi

Determinants of Green Purchase Intentions of Saudi Consumers , Amani Mohammed Kaadoor

A Market Diffusion Potential (MDP) Assessment Model for Residential Energy Efficient (EE) Technologies in the U.S. , Momtaj Khanam

Exploring the Factors Influencing Big Data Technology Acceptance , Mohammad Nayemur Rahman

Determinants of Student Information Technology Adoption , Hans P. VanDerSchaaf

Narrowing the Cognitive Distance Between Engineers and Customers: a Novel Approach, Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping , Byung Sung Yoon

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Development of a Readiness Assessment Model for Evaluating Big Data Projects: Case Study of Smart City in Oregon, USA , Husam Ahmad Barham

Evaluating Project Assessment Techniques for High-Profile Transportation Projects Development and Delivery: Case of State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) in the United States , Rafaa Ibrahim Khalifa

A Scoring Model to Assess Organizations' Technology Transfer Capabilities: the Case of a Power Utility in the Northwest USA , João Ricardo Lavoie

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Achieving Organizational Ambidexterity: an Exploratory Model, Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps , Yasser Alizadeh

Exploring Technology Forecasting and its Implications for Strategic Technology Planning , Yonghee Cho

Assessment of Technology Adoption Potential of Medical Devices: Case of Wearable Sensor Products for Pervasive Care in Neurosurgery and Orthopedics , Liliya Stepanivna Hogaboam

Opportunity Identification for New Product Planning: Ontological Semantic Patent Classification , Farshad Madani

Developing a Mixed-Methods Method to Model Elderly Health Technology Adoption with Fuzzy Cognitive Map, and its Application in Adoption of Remote Health Monitoring Technologies by Elderly Women , Noshad Rahimi

Assessment of Policy Alternatives for Mitigation of Barriers to EV Adoption , Bilgehan Yildiz

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Technology Assessment Model of Developing Geothermal Energy Resources for Supporting Electrical System: the Case for Oregon , Ahmed Shehab Alshareef

Technology Planning for Aligning Emerging Business Models and Regulatory Structures: the Case of Electric Vehicle Charging and the Smart Grid , Kelly R. Cowan

Development of a Technology Transfer Score for Evaluating Research Proposals: Case Study of Demand Response Technologies in the Pacific Northwest , Judith Estep

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Consistency Analysis for Judgment Quantification in Hierarchical Decision Model , Mustafa Sulaiman Abbas

Exploratory Study of the Adoption and Use of the Smartphone Technology in Emerging Regions: Case of Saudi Arabia , Fahad Abdulaziz Aldhaban

A Measurement System for Science and Engineering Research Center Performance Evaluation , Elizabeth Carole Gibson

Developing a Hierarchical Decision Model to Evaluate Nuclear Power Plant Alternative Siting Technologies , Marwan Mossa Lingga

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Technological Forecasting Based on Segmented Rate of Change , Dong-Joon Lim

Network Structure, Network Flows and the Phenomenon of Influence in Online Social Networks: An Exploratory Empirical Study of Twitter Conversations about YouTube Product Categories , Nitin Venkat Mayande

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Evaluation of Energy Policy Instruments for the Adoption of Renewable Energy: Case of Wind Energy in the Pacific Northwest U.S. , Remal Abotah

An Assessment Model for Energy Efficiency Program Planning in Electric Utilities: Case of the Pacific of Northwest U.S.A. , Ibrahim Iskin

Participation in Technology Standards Development: A Decision Model for the Information and Communications Technology Industry , Ramin Neshati

Exploring Capability Maturity Models and Relevant Practices as Solutions Addressing IT Service Offshoring Project Issues , Rosine Hanna Salman

Multi-Perspective Technology Assessment to Improve Decision Making: A Novel Approach Using Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping for a Large-Scale Transmission Line Upgrade , Richard Chad Sperry

Green Index: Integration of Environmental Performance, Green Innovativeness and Financial Performance , Ilknur Mary Joy Nirmala Tekin

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

An Investigation of Fast and Frugal Heuristics for New Product Project Selection , Fatima Mohammed Albar

Extending Technology Roadmap through Fuzzy Cognitive Map-based Scenarios: The Case of the Wind Energy Sector of Pakistan , Muhammad Amer

Developing a Strategic Policy Choice Framework for Technological Innovation: Case of Chinese Pharmaceuticals , Leong Chan

The Impact of Social Capital on Innovation Intermediaries , Songphon Munkongsujarit

Innovation Measurement: a Decision Framework to Determine Innovativeness of a Company , Kenny Phan

The Impact of Knowledge Inflows on the Performance of National Laboratories in Technological Latecomer Countries , Pattravadee Ploykitikoon

Assessment of Solar Photovoltaic Technologies Using Multiple Perspectives and Hierarchical Decision Modeling , Nasir Jamil Sheikh

Bridging the Missing Link between "Top-down" and "Bottom-up": A Strategic Policy Model for International Collaboration in Science and Technology , Pattharaporn Suntharasaj

Strategic Evaluation of University Knowledge and Technology Transfer Effectiveness , Thien Anh Tran

Theses/Dissertations from 2012 2012

Examining Health Information Technology Implementations: Case of the Patient-Centered Medical Home , Nima A. Behkami

Theses/Dissertations from 2011 2011

Study of the Performance and Characteristics of U.S. Academic Research Institution Technology Commercialization (ARITC) , Jisun Kim

Theses/Dissertations from 2009 2009

A Systematic Approach to Developing National Technology Policy and Strategy for Emerging technologies , Pisek Gerdsri

Theses/Dissertations from 2004 2004

Technology Forecasting Using Data Envelopment Analysis , Oliver Lane Inman

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Engineering Dissertation Topics

A dissertation (or a final year project report) is a comprehensive technical report of the research work carried out. A dissertation must present some new, original concepts that lead to further research. The core area of a dissertation consists of a hypothesis (or a research question) upon which an investigation is conducted and, in most cases, inevitably leads to further research. A dissertation must be focused, concise and must address the research topics at every level. Also, along with research, a dissertation is expected to present complete evidence of research work in the form of research methods. Sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start. Herein, many engineering research areas, currently being sought after in the industry and academia, are suggested, including electronics, sensors technology, environmental engineering, supply chain engineering, computer science engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering, to help you start your research.

  • Electronics and Communication Dissertation Topics

Sensors Technology Dissertation Topics

Environmental engineering dissertation topics, supply chain engineering dissertation topics, supply chain management dissertation topics, computer science engineering dissertation topics, electrical engineering dissertation topics, civil engineering dissertation topics, management related engineering dissertation topics, electronics and communications dissertation topics.

Over the past decade the rise of electronic communication has been revolutionised; it is the fastest growing technology. There are numerous areas of research in this field; however, the most demanding ones are highlighted below.

  • Defining the boundaries of electrical signals for current electronics (communication) systems.
  • The limitation of fibre optic communication systems and the possibility of further improving their efficiency.
  • Developing the embedded communication system for the national grid to optimise energy usage.
  • Improvement of inter-symbol interference in optical communications.
  • A study of the various forms of errors and the development of an equalisation technique to reduce the error rates in data.
  • Gaussian pulse analysis and the improvement of this pulse to reduce errors.
  • Realising the potential of RFID in the improvement of supply chain.
  • Radiation in integrated circuits and electronic devices.
  • Design of high speed communication circuits that effectively cut down signal noise.
  • Spectral sensing research for water monitoring applications and frontier science and technology for chemical, biological and radiological defence.
  • Nano-structured membranes for preparative purifications of biopharmaceuticals.

The rise of smart technology has been revolutionising sensor technologies, and there is a high demand to make more efficient and compact sensors. The following topics are a few areas that researchers are currently working in to realise further potentials.

  • Design and development of a pressure sensor for a solar thermal panel.
  • An investigation into wind speed and direction sensors to optimise the operations of wind turbines.
  • Utilising MEMS for profiling airflow around large building structures.
  • Development of micro sensors to measure oil flow rate in tanks.
  • Development and implementation of micro sensors to study pressure of the blood stream.
  • Development of sensors to measure heat generated from solar panels.
  • Sensing and controlling the intensity of light in LEDs.
  • Research and computational simulation of a natural olfactory biosensor.
  • Development of glucose biosensors using nanotechnology.

We are living in the age of technology where the driving force is to reduce the environmental impact of engineering products. Many countries have been undertaking projects supporting the environment and aiming to reduce carbon emissions. The following engineering dissertation topics are of utmost interest for researchers in the industry.

  • Analysing the impact of aviation industry on the environment and the potential ways to reduce it.
  • The environmental cost of the so called green energy, ‘wind energy’.
  • An analysis of factors that hinder the realising of cutting-edge technology for reducing carbon emissions from automobiles.
  • Design and development of a system for measuring the carbon index of an energy intensive company.
  • Process improvement techniques to identify and remove waste in the automotive industry.
  • Process mapping techniques to identify bottle necks for supply chain industry.
  • A study of compressor operations on a forging site and mapping operations to identify and remove energy waste.
  • Improving processes to reduce kWh usage and reduce inefficiencies.
  • Developing a compact device to measure energy use for a household.
  • In the forging industry how can changing burners within furnaces help organisations achieve energy efficiency?
  • How can gas consumption be reduced and efficiency introduced to reduce kWh usage?
  • How can voltage reduction devices help organisations achieve efficiency in electricity usage?
  • What are carbon credits and how can organisations generate them?
  • There are some organisations that use water excessively, with bills totalling more than £25,000. Identify the main reasons for such water usage and investigate better ways to introduce water efficiency and create savings.
  • Identify the ways by which efficient control systems using information systems can be introduced to study the energy usage in a machining factory.
  • A project to set up ways to measure natural gas flow ultrasonically and identify waste areas.
  • How can water conductivity probes help determine water quality and how can water be reused?

Supply chain plays an important role in the manufacturing business sector. It is important that the supply chain is well supported by efficient methods and processes. Your engineering dissertation topics could be about:

  • Highlighting the difference between the supply chain engineering and management for a company to improve output.
  • Analysing the key factors in process planning and optimisation of supply chain for a manufacturing company.
  • Developing a supply chain template for a small but thriving online business.
  • How can organisations achieve success by reducing bottlenecks in supply chain?
  • Just-in-time – is it really valid? Measurement of losses within just-in-time process implementation.
  • How can process efficiency be introduced to reduce waste within the manufacturing process?
  • Supplier relationship is an important factor for the success of just-in-time. How can organisations ensure successful transactions?
  • Research to identify efficient logistics operations within a supply chain.
  • Research to introduce efficiency within information systems and support timely transfer of knowledge and information.
  • The effect of globalisation on supply chain engineering/management for large multi-national companies.
  • Research studying the impact of culture on supply chain industries: identification of factors that generate inefficiencies with the supply chain.

Supply chain management involves the administration, management, control and supervision of the movement of goods and services from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer and to the end consumer. Supply chain management involves coordinating and integrating these elements using an effective and efficient approach and methodology. Supply chain management is important for businesses to ensure there is minimum waste, drive innovation thereby creating integrated value chains. Supply chain management plays an important and central role in the success of a business. Please find a list of topics on supply chain management that may be useful for your engineering dissertation:

  • A detailed investigation into the need and use of dynamic staff to determine and rectify supply chain problems with a specific focus on the construction industry.
  • Research into eco-friendly and sustainable practices in supply chain management.
  • Research to develop a learning organisation and its impact on supply chain management.
  • Research to measure and develop intellectual capital within the supply chain industry.
  • A detailed study of innovative forecasting and demand planning strategies for supply chain management
  • Research study to create measurements to study the impact of learning organisation on performance measurement in supply chain industry
  • Impact of training on knowledge performance index within supply chain industry.
  • The behaviour of Carbon index with the implementation of a learning organisation.
  • Developing a framework for supply chain management in densely populated urban cities
  • Detailed investigation and analysis taking into account supply chain and logistical strategies for perishable goods.
  • The influence and impact of emerging e-commerce technologies on supply chain management.

Computer science engineering focuses on the key elements of computer programming and networking with a focus on gaining knowledge of the design, implementation and management of information systems. Information systems play a major role in computer science engineering and an integral component to the successful operations of organisations. The management of information technology systems is a major element for organisations. The following could be used for an engineering dissertation as well as a computing dissertation:

  • How can organisations ensure that information system is effectively used to maintain process efficiency?
  • How can learning organisations influence the development of information systems?
  • The role of risk management in information technology systems of organisations.
  • Research to identify and reduce e-waste using information technology strategies and systems.
  • Current status and research on E-waste in the United Kingdom
  • Development of measurement systems to measure e-waste.
  • A detailed review of the role of information technology in improving productivity and transforming organisations.
  • An investigation into the use of information technology as a tool for sustained competitive advantage.
  • A high-level investigation and detailed review into best practices for the implementation of information technology in modern day organisations.

Electrical engineering is focused on the design, development, testing, supervision and the manufacturing of electrical equipment. Electrical engineers design the electrical systems of automobiles, aircrafts, power generation equipment, communications systems, radar and navigational systems. The design and development of these electrical components are key and central to modern day life. There are several topics within this area that you could research for your electrical engineering dissertation:

  • Development of a system to study the efficiency of motors in order to reduce kWh usage
  • Setting up of a control system to monitor the process usage of compressors.
  • Develop a scheme to normalise compressor output to kWh.
  • Research to investigate, develop and introduce schemes to ensure efficient energy consumption by electrical machines.
  • Research to study transformer losses and reduce energy loss.
  • Research to study metering techniques to control and improve efficiency.
  • Research to introduce smart metering concepts to ensure efficient use of electricity.
  • Integration of smart metering pulsed outputs with wireless area networks and access real-time data.
  • Developing effective strategies and methodical systems for pay as you go charging for electric vehicles
  • A detailed review and investigation into the key issues and challenges facing rechargeable lithium batteries
  • Trends and challenges in electric vehicles technologies
  • Smart charging of electric vehicles on the motorway

The main emphasis of civil engineering in recent times is focused on sustainable development of quality, durable structures that deliver value for money, maximise the benefits from innovation and meets the specifications of the end users. Construction of sustainable houses has been a top priority within civil engineering. The following research topics are being actively undertaken and may be a good area for you to base your research on your own engineering dissertation:

  • Development of sustainable homes making use of renewable energy sources.
  • The use of sustainable materials for construction: design and delivery methods.
  • The role of environmental assessment tools in sustainable construction
  • The use of warm mix asphalt in road construction
  • Research to study properties of concrete to achieve sustainability.
  • Development of waste reduction strategy to achieve sustainable concepts
  • High-level review of the barriers and drivers for sustainable buildings in developing countries
  • Research to study the impact of sustainability concepts on organisational growth and development.
  • Sustainable technologies for the building construction industry
  • Building Information Modelling in the construction industry
  • Research regarding micromechanics of granular materials.
  • Research to study and develop water treatment processes.
  • Research to set up remote sensing applications to assist in the development of sustainable construction techniques.
  • High-level strategies, best practice guidelines and methodologies for sustainable construction.
  • State of the art practice for recycling in the construction industry.
  • Key factors and risk factors associated with the construction of high rise buildings.
  • An investigation into health and safety in the construction industry.

Engineering management is the application of the practice of management to the practice of engineering. Engineering management integrates problem-solving, engineering, technological developments and advancements in organizational structure, administrative, and planning abilities of management in order to oversee the operational performance of complex engineering driven enterprises. These two topics go hand in hand and support each other quite well. It is important that both sides are well balanced. The following research topics could be useful for your engineering dissertation:

  • Steps to conduct management of change to ensure smooth process improvement.
  • Research to sustainably manage a project team.
  • Research to study the management of engineering projects and various risks involved with them.
  • Research to identify process improvement plans to support business strategies.
  • Efficient supply chain management to ensure and develop key motivational skills within staff members.
  • How leadership can help efficiency within a learning organisation.
  • Developing an integrated approach to strategic management in organisations.
  • Creating and sustaining competitive advantage in engineering organisations.
  • Developing frameworks for sustainable assessments taking into account eco-engineering measures.
  • The role of engineers in managing development in emerging countries.

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Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

Essays in Robust Optimization with Applications to Finance and Renewable Energy , Hao Jiang

Nonconvex optimization for statistical learning with structured sparsity , Chengyu Ke

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Study Of Stochastic Market Clearing Problems In Power Systems With High Renewable Integration , Saumya Sakitha Sashrika Ariyarathne

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The Intersection of Robotic Process Automation and Lean Six Sigma Applied to Unstructured Data , Emily McIntosh

Value-Oriented Business Process Management: Using a Process Reengineering Approach to Identify Productivity Improvement Requirements and Justify Strategic Capital Investment , Laura Vu

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Robust Optimization with Recourse in Portfolio Management: Theory and Applications to Stocks and Projects , Hedieh Ashrafi and Aurelie Thiele

A Methodology For Reliability-Based Selection Of System Of Systems , Justin Brown

Sampling-Based Algorithms for Two-Stage Stochastic Programs and Applications , Siavash Tabrizian

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

A Data-Driven Framework for Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Integrating Markov Decision Processes, Hidden Markov Models and Predictive Modeling , Hossein Kamalzadeh

Blockchain And Its Transformational Impact To Global Business , Mohammed Qaudeer

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Extreme-point Tabu Search Heuristics for Fixed-charge Generalized Network Problems , Angelika Leskovskaya

Cost- and Time- Effective Regional Evacuation Network Design and Operation Under Travel Congestion and Uncertainty , Naderehsadat Mansouri

Big-Data Talent Analytics in the Public Sector: A Promotion and Firing Model of Employees at Federal Agencies , Rabih Neouchi

Process Reengineering and Optimization in Healthcare for Treating the Uninsured , Farnaz Nourbakhsh

Resource Allocation and Task Scheduling Optimization in Cloud-Based Content Delivery Networks with Edge Computing , Yang Peng

Generalized Relay Network Design and Collaborative Dispatching in Truckload Transportation , Amin Ziaeifar

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Modeling Kidney Transplantation Decisions: Regulatory Oversight, Information Sharing, and Post-Transplant Drug Choice , Zahra Gharibi

Designing Smart-grid Telecommunications Systems via Interval Flow Network Optimization , Anthony J. Klinkert

Network Design for In-motion Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles: Models and Algorithms , Mamdouh Mubarak

Maximizing Financial Benefit of Lean Six Sigma Projects Through Optimized Selection Criteria , Colin Wasiloff

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Digital Commons @ USF > College of Engineering > Industrial and Management Systems Engineering > Theses and Dissertations

Industrial and Management Systems Engineering Theses and Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

Knowledge Integration in Domain-Informed Machine Learning and Multi-scale Modeling of Nonlinear Dynamics in Complex Systems , Phat K. Huynh

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Stochastic Models for Resilience Assessment and Improvement , Weimar Ardila Rueda

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Analysis and Modeling of Strategic Interactions in Health Systems to Improve Patient Care Access , Jorge A. Acuña Melo

Optimization and Machine Learning Methods for Solving Combinatorial Problems in Urban Transportation , Aigerim Bogyrbayeva

Maximum Multiplicative Programming: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications , Payman Ghasemi Saghand

Theory and Algorithms for Systems Optimization , Vahid Mahmoodian

Strategies for Achieving the United States Health System's Quadruple Aim by Enhancing the Primary Care Level , Jennifer L. Mendoza-Alonzo

Healthcare Data Analytics for Predicting Health Outcomes of Older Adults and Emergency Responses of Aged Care Facilities , Nazmus Sakib

Heterogeneous Performance Modeling with Applications in Healthcare and Reliability Engineering , Xuxue Sun

Data-Informed Decision Support to Improve Pediatric and Maternal Care Quality Under Medicaid Managed Care Settings , Hasan Symum

Infectious Disease Modeling and Intervention Planning , Shalome Hanisha Anand Tatapudi

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Efficient Neural Architecture Search with Multiobjective Evolutionary Optimization , Maria Gabriela Baldeón Calisto

Some Recent Advances in Design of Bayesian Binomial Reliability Demonstration Tests , Suiyao Chen

The Utilization of Shared Energy Storage in Energy Systems: Design, Modeling and Optimization , Rui Dai

Using Optimization Methods for Solving Problems in Sustainable Urban Mobility and Conservation Planning , Zulqarnain Haider

On the Convergence of Transportation and Power Systems in Smart and Connected Communities , Kevin A. Melendez

Game Theory Approaches for Transportation Problems , Mahdi Takalloo

Identification of Patterns and Disruptions in Ambient Sensor Data from Private Homes , Yan Wang

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Algorithms for Multi-Objective Mixed Integer Programming Problems , Alvaro Miguel Sierra Altamiranda

Dynamic Pricing of Electricity and Demand Response in Smart Communities , Vignesh Subramanian

Routing and Designing Networks for Two Transportation Problems , Liu Su

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Statistical Monitoring of Queuing Networks , Yaren Bilge Kaya

Physical and Social Systems Resilience Assessment and Optimization , Daniel Romero Rodriguez

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Strategies for Reducing Preventable Hospital Readmissions on Medicare Patients , Andres Patricio Garcia-Arce

Improving Service Level of Free-Floating Bike Sharing Systems , Aritra Pal

Analysis of a Potential A(H7N9) Influenza Pandemic Outbreak in the U.S. , Walter A. Silva Sotillo

Decision Support Models for A Few Critical Problems in Transportation System Design and Operations , Ran Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Mining Dynamic Recurrences in Nonlinear and Nonstationary Systems for Feature Extraction, Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis , Yun Chen

Renewable Energy Investment Planning and Policy Design , Alireza Ghalebani

Rule-based Risk Monitoring Systems for Complex Datasets , Mona Haghighi

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Achieving Reliable Generation \& Delivery of Energy Through Robust Optimization , Anna Danandeh

Analysis of Carbon Policies for Electricity Networks with High Penetration of Green Generation , Felipe Feijoo

Modeling Intrastate Air Travel: A Case Study of the State of Florida , Kai Liao

Spatiotemporal Sensing and Informatics for Complex Systems Monitoring, Fault Identification and Root Cause Diagnostics , Gang Liu

Patient Populations, Clinical Associations, and System Efficiency in Healthcare Delivery System , Yazhuo Liu

Informing the Design and Deployment of Health Information Technology to Improve Care Coordination , Diego A. Martinez

Reliable Power System Planning and Operations through Robust Optimization , Wei Yuan

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Reliable Design and Operations of Infrastructure Systems , Yu An

Social Network Analysis of Researchers' Communication and Collaborative Networks Using Self-reported Data , Oguz Cimenler

Automated Localization and Segmentation of Pelvic Floor Structures on MRI to Predict Pelvic Organ Prolapse , Sinan Onal

Antiviral Resistance and Dynamic Treatment and Chemoprophylaxis of Pandemic Influenza , Sandro Paz

Statistical and Prognostic Modeling of Clinical Outcomes with Complex Physiologic Data , Monica A. Puertas

A Decision Support Model for Personalized Cancer Treatment , Florentino Antonio Rico-Fontalvo

Novel Models and Efficient Algorithms for Network-based Optimization in Biomedical Applications , Seyed Javad Sajjadi

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

The Impact of Organizations' Collaboration Strategies and Alliance Network Positions on Invention Performance , Fethullah Caliskan

A Methodology for Scheduling Operating Rooms Under Uncertainty , Marbelly Paola Davila

Location and Capacity Modeling of Network Interchanges , Aldo D. Fabregas

Classification Models in Clinical Decision Making , Eleazar Gil-Herrera

Supply Chain Optimization of Blood Products , Serkan Gunpinar

Predicting the Clinical Outcome in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury using Clinical Pathway Scores , Jennifer Lorena Mendoza Alonzo

Novel Models and Algorithms for Uncertainty Management in Power Systems , Long Zhao

Theses/Dissertations from 2012 2012

Extensions of Multistage Stochastic Optimization with Applications in Energy and Healthcare , Ludwig Charlemagne Kuznia

Non-pharmaceutical Intervention Strategies for Pandemic Influenza Outbreaks , Dayna Lee Martinez

Theses/Dissertations from 2011 2011

The Impact of Pharmacy Work Design on Pharmacist Productivity , Nicholas Allen Coblio

Analytical Methods to Support Risk Identification and Analysis in Healthcare Systems , Laila Nadime Cure Vellojin

Engineering of a Knowledge Management System for Relational Medical Diagnosis , Maria Carolina Herrera-Hernandez

Decision Support Models for Design of Fortified Distribution Networks , Qingwei Li

The Impact of Supply Chain and Network Structure on the Environmental Performance of Sustainability-Focused Companies , Ozan Ozcan

Modeling and Surveillance of Pandemic Influenza Outbreaks , Diana Prieto

Cap-and-Trade Modeling and Analysis for Electric Power Generation Systems , Patricio Rocha

Decision Aid Models for Resource Sharing Strategies During Global Influenza Pandemics , Alfredo Santana Reynoso

Identification of Patient Recovery Patterns after Cardiovascular Surgery Based on Laboratory Tests Results , Alcides Ricardo Santander Mercado

Theses/Dissertations from 2010 2010

Three Essays on Analytical Models to Improve Early Detection of Cancer , Chaitra Gopalappa

Design of a New Suturing and Knot Tying Device for Laparoscopic Surgery , Sinan Onal

A Framework for Determining the Reliability of Nanoscale Metallic Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) Devices , Wilkistar Otieno

Modeling and Analysis of Cooperative Search Systems , Carlos A. Portilla

Optimal Discrete-in-Time Inventory Control of a Single Deteriorating Product with Partial Backlogging , Yang Tan

Analysis of Stochastic Disruptions to Support Design of Capacitated Engineered Networks , Andrés Fernando Uribe-Sánchez

Theses/Dissertations from 2009 2009

Development of a Framework to Identify Patient Pathways through a Segment of the Health Care Cycle , Abhik Bhattacharya

A Computational Kinematics and Evolutionary Approach to Model Molecular Flexibility for Bionanotechnology , Athina N. Brintaki

Nanostructure morphology variation modeling and estimation for nanomanufacturing process yield improvement , Gang Liu

Generation capacity expansion in restructured energy markets , Vishnuteja Nanduri

A framework for resource assignments in skill-based environments , Luis Daniel Otero

Loyalty of online faculty: A work design perspective of the impact of a telecommuting work environment on employee loyalty , Kenneth N. Pereira

Emergency department capacity planning for a pandemic scenario: Nurse allocation , Florentino Antonio Rico

Physical and Statistical Analysis of Functional Process Variables for Process Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing , Xi Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 2008 2008

Manufacturing Process Design and Control Based on Error Equivalence Methodology , Shaoqiang Chen

Fate of Volatile Chemicals during Accretion on Wet-Growing Hail , Ryan A. Michael

Automatic Generation of PLC Code Based on Net Condition Event Systems , Natalia Sandberg

Control of Autonomous Robot Teams in Industrial Applications , Athanasios Tsalatsanis

Discrete Event System Modeling Of Demand Responsive Transportation Systems Operating In Real Time , Daniel Y. Yankov

Theses/Dissertations from 2007 2007

Equilibrium Bidding in Joint Transmission and Energy Markets , Cihan Babayigit

A Dynamic Inventory/Maintenance Model , Jonathan J. Bates

A Comparative Study of Healthcare Procurement Models , Arka Bhattacharya

Organizational Form of Disease Management Programs: A Transaction Cost Analysis , Nahush Chandaver

The Validation of a Methodology for Assessing the Impact of Hybrid Simulation Training in the Minimization of Adverse Outcomes in Surgery , Peter J. Fabri

Investigation into workplace culture for medication error reporting in pharmacy , Tamala Lavelle Gulley

Evaluation of the Supply Chain of Key Industrial Sectors and its Impact on the Electricity Demand for a Regional Distribution Company , Thiago Arruda Mariotoni

Defining service quality in an outpatient clinic with complex constituency , Swati Verma

Error equivalence theory for manufacturing process control , Hui Wang

Theses/Dissertations from 2006 2006

Continuous time disaggregation in hierarchical production planning , Rami Salhab Al-Tamimi

Lean manufacturers transcendence to green manufacturing: Correlating the diffusion of lean and green manufacturing systems , Gary G. Bergmiller

Product design: A conceptual development of product remanufacturing index , Swapnil B. Dixit

Multi-criteria decision making in outpatient scheduling , Jana Iezzi

Access to public transportation: An exploration of the National Household Travel Survey appended data , Edward Maggio

Revenue management techniques applied to the parking industry , Daniel Rojas

An AHP framework for balancing efficiency and equity in the United States liver transplantation system , Vijayachandran M. Veerachandran

Theses/Dissertations from 2005 2005

Strategies for Incident Management in an Urban Street Network , Vikramaditya Bhide

A Generalized Decision Model for Naval Weapon Procurement: Multi-Attribute Decision Making , Jin O. Chang

Flood Forecasting Using Time Series Data Mining , Chaitanya Damle

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110 Engineering Research Topics For Engineering Students!

engineering topics

Getting engineering topics for research or presentation is not an easy task. The reason is that the field of engineering is vast. Engineers seek to use scientific principles in the design and building of machines, structures, bridges, tunnels, etc.

Engineering as a discipline has a broad range of specialized fields such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, and lots more! In all, engineering seeks to apply mathematics or science to solving problems.

110 Engineering Topic Ideas in Different Areas

Genetic engineering topics, mechanical engineering research topics, electrical engineering research topics, software engineering research topics, computer engineering research topics, biomedical engineering research topics, civil engineering topics, chemical engineering research topics, controversial engineering topics, aerospace engineering topics, industrial engineering topics, environmental engineering topics for research.

We understand how difficult and tiring it could be to get engineering research topics; hence this article contains a total of 110 interesting engineering topics covering all aspects of engineering. Ready to explore? Let’s begin right away!

Genetic engineering is the direct manipulation of the gene of an organism using biotechnology. Many controversies are surrounding this engineering field because of the fantastic potential feats it could achieve. Here are some genetic engineering topics that encompass essential areas of this field.

  • Can the human personality be altered through genetic engineering?
  • Genetic engineering: hope for children with intellectual disabilities?
  • Genetic engineering: the problems and perspectives.
  • Genetic engineering and the possibility of human cloning.
  • Genetic Engineering
  • The side effects of altering human personality
  • Immortalizing humans through genetic engineering
  • Addressing human deficiencies through genetic engineering

Mechanical engineering deals with the design and manufacture of physical or automated systems. These systems include power and energy systems, engines, compressors, kinematic chains, robotics, etc. Here are some impressive mechanical engineering topics that double as mechanical engineering thesis topics too.

  • A study of the compressed air technology used in cars.
  • The design of a motorized automatic wheelchair that can serve as a bed.
  • The why and how of designing stronger and lighter automobiles.
  • The design of an electronic-assisted hydraulic braking system.
  • Basics of Electronics Engineering
  • AC and DC motors and operations
  • Design and implementation of wind energy
  • Power lines and electricity distribution
  • Electromagnetic field and its applications
  • Generators and electric motors

Electrical engineering is a trendy and well-sought field that deals with the design and manufacture of different electrical and electronic systems. Electrical engineering encompasses power and electronics. The basic principle of digital technology and electricity are all given birth to in this field. From your lighting to computers and phones, everything runs based on electricity. Although finding topics in electrical engineering could be difficult, we have carefully selected four electrical engineering topics to give you a great head start in your research! or write research paper for me

  • A study on how temperature affects photovoltaic energy conversion.
  • The impact of solar charging stations on the power system.
  • Direct current power transmission and multiphase power transmission
  • Analysis of the power quality of the micro grid-connected power grid.
  • Solar power and inverters
  • Alternator and electric magnetic induction
  • AC to DC converters
  • Operational amplifiers and their circuits.

Software engineering deals with the application of engineering approaches systematically to develop software. This discipline overlaps with computer science and management science and is also a part of overall systems engineering. Here are some software engineering topics for your research!

  • The borderline between hardware and software in cloud computing.
  • Essential computer languages of the future.
  • Latest tendencies in augmented reality and virtual reality.
  • How algorithms improve test automation.
  • Essentials for designing a functional software
  • Software designing and cyber security
  • 5 computer languages that will stand the test of time.
  • Getting software design right
  • Effects of malware on software operation.

Computer engineering integrates essential knowledge from the subfields of computer science, software engineering, and electronic engineering to develop computer hardware and software. Computer engineering applies various concepts to build complex structural models. Besides, we have completed researches in the information technology field and prepare great  it thesis topics for you. Here are some computer engineering topics to help you with your research.

  • Biotechnology, medicine, and computer engineering.
  • Programs for computer-aided design (cad) of drug models.
  • More effective coding and information protection for multinational companies.
  • Why we will need greater ram in modern-day computers.
  • Analysis and computer-aided structure design
  • Pre-stressed concrete structures and variations
  • General computer analysis of structures
  • Machine foundation and structural design
  • Storage and industrial structures.

Biomedical engineering applies principles and design concepts from engineering to medicine and biology for diagnostic or therapeutic healthcare purposes. Here are some suggested biomedical engineering topics to carry out research on!

  • A study on how robots are changing health care.
  • Can human organs be replaced with implantable biomedical devices?
  • The advancement of brain implants.
  • The advancement of cell and tissue engineering for organ replacement.
  • Is planting human organs in machines safe?
  • Is it possible to plant biomedical devices insensitive to human organs?
  • How can biomedicine enhance the functioning of the human brain?
  • The pros and cons of organ replacement.

Civil engineering deals with the construction, design, and implementation of these designs into the physical space. It is also responsible for the preservation and maintenance of these constructions. Civil engineering spans projects like roads, buildings, bridges, airports, and sewage construction. Here are some civil engineering topics for your research!

  • Designing buildings and structures that withstand the impact of seismic waves.
  • Active noise control for buildings in very noisy places.
  • The intricacies of designing a blast-resistant building.
  • A compatible study of the effect of replacing cement with silica fume and fly ash.
  • Comparative study on fiber-reinforced concrete and other methods of concrete reinforcement.
  • Advanced construction techniques
  • Concrete repair and Structural Strengthening
  • Advanced earthquake resistant techniques
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Carbon fiber use in construction
  • Structural dynamics and seismic site characterization
  • Urban construction and design techniques

Chemical engineering transverses the operation and study of chemical compounds and their production. It also deals with the economic methods involved in converting raw chemicals to usable finished compounds. Chemical engineering applies subjects from various fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics. It utilizes technology to carry out large-scale chemical processes. Here are some chemical engineering topics for you!

  • Capable wastewater treatment processes and technology.
  • Enhanced oil recovery with the aid of microorganisms.
  • Designing nanoparticle drug delivery systems for cancer chemotherapy.
  • Efficient extraction of hydrogen from the biomass.
  • Separation processes and thermodynamics
  • Heat, mass, and temperature
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Water splitting for hydrogen production
  • Mining and minerals
  • Hydrocarbon processes and compounds
  • Microfluidics and Nanofluidics.

Not everyone agrees on the same thing. Here are some engineering ethics topics and controversial engineering topics you can explore.

  • Are organic foods better than genetically modified foods?
  • Should genetically modified foods be used to solve hunger crises?
  • Self-driving cars: pros and cons.
  • Is mechanical reproduction ethical?
  • If robots and computers take over tasks, what will humans do?
  • Are electric cars really worth it?
  • Should human genetics be altered?
  • Will artificial intelligence replace humans in reality?

Aerospace engineering deals with the design, formation, and maintenance of aircraft, spacecraft, etc. It studies flight safety, fuel consumption, etc. Here are some aerospace engineering topics for you.

  • How the design of planes can help them weather the storms more efficiently.
  • Current techniques on flight plan optimization.
  • Methods of optimizing commercial aircraft trajectory
  • Application of artificial intelligence to capacity-demand.
  • Desalination of water
  • Designing safe planes
  • Mapping a new airline route
  • Understanding the structural design of planes.

Petroleum engineering encompasses everything hydrocarbon. It is the engineering field related to the activities, methods, processes, and adoptions taken to manufacture hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbon examples include natural gas and crude oil which can be processed to more refined forms to give new petrochemical products.

  • The effect of 3d printing on manufacturing processes.
  • How to make designs that fit resources and budget constraints.
  • The simulation and practice of emergency evacuation.
  • Workers ergonomics in industrial design.
  • Heat transfer process and material science
  • Drilling engineering and well formation
  • Material and energy flow computing
  • Well log analysis and testing
  • Natural gas research and industrial management

Manufacturing engineering is integral for the creation of materials and various tools. It has to do with the design, implementation, construction, and development of all the processes involved in product and material manufacture. Some useful production engineering topics are:

  • Harnessing freshwater as a source of energy
  • The design and development of carbon index measurement systems.
  • Process improvement techniques for the identification and removal of waste in industries.
  • An extensive study of biomedical waste management.
  • Optimization of transportation cost in raw material management
  • Improvement of facility layout using systematic planning
  • Facilities planning and design
  • Functional analysis and material modeling
  • Product design and marketing
  • Principles of metal formation and design.

So here we are! 110 engineering research paper topics in all major fields of engineering! Choose the ones you like best and feel free to contact our thesis writers for help. It’s time to save humanity!

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Top Engineering Management Dissertation Topics to Charm the Readers

Writing a dissertation requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The first step to write a dissertation is choosing a topic which itself is a very tiring task. It could take anyone days to select interesting Engineering Management dissertation topics before starting to write the dissertation.

If you are also struggling to craft some eye-catching Engineering Management dissertation topics then don’t worry. Our professional dissertation experts have crafted a list of charming dissertation topics for you.

Engineering Management Dissertation Ideas by Best Engineers in the UK

Crafting your own Engineering Management dissertation topics can give you an edge while writing your dissertation. To help you do that, we are giving you some open-ended Engineering Management dissertation ideas. You can craft as many dissertation topics as you can using these ideas.

Make sure that the topics you craft or select are within the area of your interests as well as meet the acceptance criteria set by your supervisor.

  • COVID-19 Pandemic: The aim of this dissertation idea is to study the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on engineering management practices. For instance, you can analyze the changes in engineering management practices during the coronavirus outbreak. You can also discuss the impacts of changed strategies on the engineering management industry of the United Kingdom as well. You can also propose some strategies to work as countermeasures during the COVID-19 pandemic for the engineering management firms to imply.
  • Digitalization: The objective of this dissertation topic is to investigate how digitalization has affected engineering management. For example, you can discuss what sort of tasks are now completely dependent on machines and computers instead of employees. You can further evaluate your dissertation by discussing the pros and cons of digitalization in the engineering management industry.

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thesis topics for engineering management

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Engineering Management Dissertation Topics For Distinct Dissertations

Date published July 28 2020 by Stella Carter

A dissertation topic sets the pace for the whole dissertation. How you ask? Because as in your dissertation you are required to gather information, analyse the data and give a conclusion. It is important to take into consideration the materials and resources at your disposal in order to choose a dissertation topic. If for example you choose a dissertation topic for which you cannot find adequate resources, then it is going to create problems for you and prolong the task unnecessarily.

Table of Contents

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Engineering Management Dissertation Topics For An Easy Distinction

To make sure that your dissertation writing journey is smooth and without any hurdles and hinderances, our team of the best academic writers in UK have prepared a free list of the best custom handpicked engineering management dissertation topics and engineering management dissertation ideas that you can find online.

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Academic Level Undergraduate Masters PhD Others

Aims of the study The aim of the study will be “To do an explorative study for understanding microgrid design, control, and performance evaluation for sustainable energy management in engineering manufacturing and management”. Objectives of the study The objectives of the study will be;

  • To understand the designs of a microgrid for the management of sustainable energy in engineering management.
  • To do the systematic review of the energy Management in Microgrids with Renewable Energy Sources.
  • To explore the management of energy in microgrids with non-renewable energy sources.
  • To explore the details about the optimization techniques for the microgrids.
  • To find out the methods of energy management based on metaheuristic methods.
  • To examine the methods of dynamic programming for energy management.
  • To evaluate the performance based on microgrid design using stochastic methods and robust programming.
  • To understand the role of an energy management model for the microgrids that includes the data acquisition system and the monitoring of meteorological variables.
  • To evaluate the differences in the design of microgrids and impacts on the evaluation of performance for management of sustainable energy in the engineering manufacturing system.

Aim of the study The aim of the study will be “To do the critical study on biofuel supply chain restructuring. An investigation of how economically viable and environmentally sustainable second-generation biofuels are”. Objectives of the study The objectives of the study will be;

  • To understand in detail the restructuring of the supply chain of biofuels.
  • To explore the economic value for the adoption of sustainable second-generation biofuels.
  • To examine the utilization of new techniques in the restructuring of biofuels supply chains.
  • To examine the environmental impacts of the utilization of biofuels generation.
  • To address the current challenges involved in the commercial production of biofuels.
  • To review the technologies used for biofuels generation from first to the second generation.
  • To prepare the systematic review on the analysis of the restructuring of the biofuels supply chain and to examine its environmental viability.
  • To evaluate the recent advances in the generation of biofuels, the associated policies, standards, and technologies.
  • To find out the economic impacts of using biofuels produced by using the new engineering technologies.
  • To prepare a review on the utilization of technologies related to biofuel conversion.

Aim of the study The aim of the study will be “To do the critical analysis of the application of computational intelligence for exploring and analysing system architecture and design alternatives”. Objectives of the study The objectives of the study will be;

  • To understand the uses and significance of computational intelligence in different fields.
  • To explore the applications of the utilization of computational intelligence in architecture and design.
  • To find out the role of computational intelligence to explore the design of architecture.
  • To examine the role of computational intelligence for the analysis of system architecture.
  • To prepare a review on finding out the uses of computational intelligence in the field of architecture.
  • To find out the positive and negative impacts of using the techniques of computational intelligence in the field of architecture and design.
  • To explore the financial cost associated with the use of incorporating the techniques of computational intelligence.
  • To find out the economic and environmental benefits associated with the use of the technique of computational intelligence.
  • To find out the changes and innovations in the practices of computational intelligence in the past and present years.
  • To find out the innovations in the architecture design using the techniques of computational intelligence.

Aim of the study The aim of the study will be “To prepare a novel study to quantify restoration costs in the aftermath of an extreme event using system dynamics and dynamic mathematical modeling approaches. A case study for disaster management after tornadoes in the USA”. Objectives of the study The objectives of the study will be;

  • To review the case study of disaster management after the tornadoes in the USA.
  • To do the quantification of restoration costs associated with the events using the system dynamics in the USA.
  • To assess the restoration costs involved after happening of an extreme event of tornadoes using the mathematical modelling approaches in the USA.
  • To evaluate the geographical interdependency in critical infrastructure systems using open source geospatial data to model restoration strategies in the aftermath of a large-scale disaster.
  • To identify the significance of using the modelling and mathematical approaches in disaster management.
  • To examine the effectiveness of using the modelling approaches in the evaluation of financial costs as compared to using traditional approaches.
  • To prepare a systematic review of the procedures involved in the mathematical approaches and modelling of the restoration cost involved in disaster management.

Aim of the study The aim of the study will be “To provide a novel approach towards data-driven decision-making tools for transportation work zone planning in urban areas of UK”. Objectives of the study The objectives of the study will be;

  • To understand the data-driven decision-making tools for transportation work zone planning.
  • To explore the traditional and recent approaches used for the decision making of planning the transportation work.
  • To analyse the use of data-driven decision-making tools associated with transportation planning in the urban areas of the UK.
  • To examine the techniques of data-driven urban management in mapping the landscapes.
  • To identify the risks associated with the driver behavior by the implementation of driver risk management system.
  • To find out the novel approaches used for the increase of work zone safety along with the
  • Physical and behavioral barriers in accident prevention.
  • To prepare a critical review on analyzing the approaches used in the planning of transportation zone planning in the previous and recent years.
  • To explore the uses of traffic simulators to determine driver response to work zone configurations.
  • To identify the significance of using work zone simulator analysis: driver performance and acceptance of alternate merge sign configurations.

Aim of the study The aim of the study will be “To do the critical study on environmental hazard identification, assessment, and control for a sustainable maritime transportation system”. Objectives of the study The objectives of the study will be;

  • To prepare the review on the use of the sustainable approaches related to the maritime transportation system.
  • To identify the environmental hazard associated with the use of the maritime transportation system.
  • To evaluate the level and nature of environmental hazards associated with the use of the maritime transportation system.
  • To identify the approach that can be used for the control of environmental hazards associated with the use of maritime transport.
  • To find out the benefits concerning the uses and economic benefits with the use of the maritime transportation system.
  • To identify the hazard associated with the use of these maritime transportation approaches.
  • To examine the financial costs associated with the hazards generated due to the use of maritime transportation system.
  • To review the past control strategies used for the environmental hazards caused due to the use of maritime transportation and evaluate its effectiveness.

Aim of the study The aim of the study will be “To identify the methods for the reduction of water pollution caused by the maritime transportation system”. Objectives of the study The objectives of the study will be;

  • To identify the hazards for the environment due to water pollution.
  • To explore the ways through which the maritime transportation system cause to increase water pollution.
  • To find out the impacts of water pollution on the environment.
  • To examine the ways through which water pollution can be reduced that is increased due to the use of the maritime transportation system.
  • To compare the methods of control of water pollution in the past years as compared to recent years.
  • To find out the technologies involved in the control of water pollution.
  • To explore the contributory role of using the maritime transportation system in the increase of water pollution.
  • To find out the economic loss involved in the restoration of the environment contaminated due to the maritime transportation system.
  • To find out the impacts of increased water pollution on biodiversity and the ecosystem.
  • To find out the engineering practices that can be used for the reduction of water pollution generated due to the maritime transportation system.
  • To explore the link between the use of the maritime transport system and water pollution.

Aim of the study The aim of the study will be “To analyse the improvement in engineering management after utilizing multi-level evolutionary algorithms for resources allocation”. Objectives of the study The objectives of the study will be;

  • To find out the multi-level evolutionary algorithms resource allocation utilizing model-based systems engineering.
  • To explore the new approaches that can be used for the resource allocation and management of engineering.
  • To do the review on the identification of techniques used for the engineering management after the utilization of algorithms for allocation of resources.
  • To do the comparison of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms and find out the recent advancement in the approaches and future challenges.
  • To do the critical analysis related to the utilization of the algorithms for resource allocation in the improvement of engineering management.
  • To find out the benefits associated with the use of algorithms for the management of resource allocation.
  • To explore the types of models that can be used for the improvement in the techniques of environment management.
  • To explore the applications and significance of evolutionary algorithms in project management.
  • To find out the positive and negative impacts of the utilization of algorithms in the engineering management approaches used for resource allocation.

Aim of the study The aim of the study will be “To prepare a novel approach to narrow down the cognitive distance between engineers and customers. An analysis of using fuzzy cognitive mapping”. Objectives of the study The objectives of the study will be;

  • To find out the importance of cognitive mapping in improving the relationship between engineers and customers.
  • To explore the novel approach that can be used to reduce the cognitive distance between engineers and customers.
  • To review the approaches that have been used in the past years for narrowing of the cognitive distance.
  • To propose a novel method, for the decrease of cognitive distance that allows teams to systematically, holistically, and iteratively assess alternative product concepts and their respective impact on customer value by modeling them as combinations of product design factors.
  • To explore the factors that can lead to a reduction in the association between customers and engineers.
  • To find out the impacts of the proposed novel approach in improving the cognitive association between the engineers and their customers.
  • To examine the practical contribution related to theoretical and methodological improvements.
  • To find out the methodological innovations for the provision of several approaches for measuring cognitive distance based on survey data and Fuzzy Cognitive Maps that can be used for the interpretation of a complex system.

Aim of the study The aim of the study will be “A novel study on technological assessment model for developing geothermal energy resources for supporting electrical system. A case study of Iceland”.

  Objectives of the study The objectives of the study will be;

  • To review the technological assessment model that had been used for the development of resources of geothermal energy.
  • To explore the assessment model of technology that can be used for the resources of geothermal energy to support the electrical system.
  • To review the case study of ice land on the identification and implementation of the technological model for the development of resources of geothermal energy to support the electrical system.
  • To examine the approaches used for the utilization of geothermal energy in Iceland.
  • To compare the past and present approaches for the utilization of geothermal energy resources that have been used for the support of the electrical system.
  • To assess the cultural factors involved in the development of geothermal energy resources for supporting the electrical system.
  • To explore the environmental factors associated with the use of exploration of geothermal energy resources.
  • To find out the economic cost involved in the development of the technology used for developing geothermal energy resources.

Aim of the study The aim of the study will be “An evaluation of technology planning for aligning emerging business models and regulatory infrastructures. A case study of developing a smart grid for electric vehicle charging”. Objectives of the study The objectives of the study will be;

  • To find out the emerging business models for the regulation of infrastructures.
  • To review the case study used for the development of a smart grid system for electric vehicle charging.
  • To explore the processes of technology planning for finding out the association between the business models and regulation of infrastructures.
  • To assess and examine the previous studies on the infrastructure and enabling environment for the electric road transport system in different countries.
  • To find out the impacts of technology planning on the business modeling and regulation of infrastructures.
  • To prepare a systematic review of the past and present research studies used to explore technology innovation.
  • To develop business models for smart grid technologies and to examine the systemic perspectives.
  • To explore the uses and applications of a smart grid for the enhancement of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Aim of the study The aim of the study will be “To develop a novel approach for the decrease of time to market for a medical device and exploration of new methods for the product development process”. Objectives of the study The objectives of the study will be;

  • To prepare a novel approach for reducing the time to market for a medical device.
  • To examine and explore the methods for the product development process.
  • To prepare a critical review on the development of approaches used for reducing the time to market for medical devices and to check the evaluation of these methods for the product development process.
  • To provide the framework for the successful development of products and processes.
  • To examine the complexities in the development of new products and the mechanism behind the employed approaches.
  • To find out the marketing strategies for the promotion of new medical devices and equipment.
  • To compare the past and present methods for the product development processes and to find out the mechanism associated with the product development process.
  • To find out the technologies involved in the development of medical products and to explore the economic cost involved in the processes.

Engineering Management Dissertation Ideas For A Proficient Distinction

If you give an experienced writer a choice of choosing between engineering management dissertation topics and engineering management dissertation ideas. It is highly probable that they will go for engineering management dissertation ideas. Reason being that dissertation ideas gives the writers the independence of manoeuvrability and changing dissertation topics according to their will. For this reason, our market specialist senior writers have also complied a list of the best free dissertation ideas that you can use to custom make engineering management dissertation topics for yourselves.

Aims and Objectives

The integrated water resource management (IWRM) is the process of using water resources in a way that combined and coordinated utilization of resources develop better cumulative impact on quality and quantity with less and adverse impact on other resources. This study aims to understand the process of developing an integrated water management model in stricken countries and to measure a reduction in water wastages (Zisopoulou, et al., 2018). The study focused on experiences and will elaborate a practical logical framework of activities for planning, generation and implementing the overall integrated water resource management model.

The objectives of the study are listed as:

  • To evaluate the development of integrated water resource management in stricken countries.
  • To develop an understanding of how integrated water resource model help in saving the water.
  • To evaluate measures which lead to the success of water integrated resource model in some stricken countries specifically Africa.

The aim of this study has been divided into two folds, first to analyse about alternative energy sources used in stricken countries specifically Africa and also used in developing country to safe electricity. Another aim is to explore the use of solar energy in developing countries as a mean of electricity. The study aimed to establish a legal regime governing and encouraging alternative energy in such countries where there is a lack of electricity (Viteri, et al., 2019). Solar electricity is another form of renewable electricity which is exploring through the research to safe electricity.

The objectives of this study are listed below:

  • To evaluate the use of renewable energy in stricken and developing countries as well.
  • To explore the impact of using solar electricity in developing and stricken countries.
  • To evaluate the factors which contribute to using the alternate source of electricity in different situations.

The purpose of this research is to evaluate the use of biogas emission in South African regions and their overall impact on the quality of life and health of residents who are living in rural areas. This concept of biogas has been started in rural communities where there is no access to electricity (Lansche & Müller, 2017). Furthermore this specific research aimed to generate the conceptual model of biogas emission in rural communities and evaluate how such communities can adopt the model and generate financial returns for renewable technology.

The objectives of this research are enumerated below:

  • To identify factors which will help in generating biogas emission in rural communities.
  • To enhance the process and operation of biogas emission.
  • To evaluate the impact on biogas emission specifically on health and normal living style of rural communities.
  • To evaluate the challenges find in promoting biogas emissions.
  • To identify the potential impact that biogas have for replacing the fossil-derived fuels.
  • To identify the community-based impact of rural areas concerning public health and environmental factors.

This study aimed to find possible ways in achieving the more sustainable green engineering system although by identifying the critical activities that happened in the public-private intermediary organization that will help the value chain analysis. Moreover, the research has been further focused on identifying the need for adapting the value chain analysis in an organization. Thus, the research also enables the importance of circular supply chain which has become the strategic variable in an organization and it may go beyond the environmental aspects (Dolla & Laishram, 2019). There has been an important route which widens the focus of study and considering the social and economic aspect which may affect the various situation. Most of the research is further focus on change towards the sustainable production system that has been developed. It has been necessary to elaborate the new range of specific action which adequately implement the circular economy principles to supply chain.

The objectives of this research are listed below:

  • To identify the concept of value chain analysis and to search about other relevant terms related to supply chain.
  • To identify theories related to strategic management which will apply to the analysis of the value chain system.
  • To overcome challenges identify in adopting the concept of sustainable green and green engineering
  • To explore critical activities in the public and private organization through the process of value chain analysis

The study aimed to develop an understanding by considering the process of managing uncertainty in product platform lifecycle. Whether through start-ups manufacturing as a key concept in the lifecycle model which intended as a not predictable sequence of stages.  The study also enables critical analysis through key activities and resources necessary for supporting the effective transition from stages before the launch of start-up manufacturing (Aagaard, et al., 2020). This paper intends to elaborate on the management of uncertainty management through interpretative framework by start-ups lifecycle from the stages before start-up launch which may favour the analysis, planning and management of prosperous start-up development.

  • To analyse the management of uncertainty in product platform lifecycles through start-up manufacturing project.
  • To identify the interpretative framework which permits the start-ups to explore the friendly eco-system.
  • To provide necessary resources by supporting the realization of key activities that enable the transition from the lifecycle phase to another phase.
  • To identify the interpretative scheme which represents start-up manufacturing model to evaluate management in the uncertainty of product.
  • To evaluate the measure which will help in fostering the development and growth of startups model of manufacturing.

This study aimed to investigate the context which organizes overall work in project-based on high levels of innovation in project development and to keep the university student up to date with the use of technology (de Wit-de Vries, et al., 2019). The study focused on gathering information from various companies who have used the technology for manufacturing the products and manage highly innovative projects with the university. The strategic evaluation held in university based on knowledge and technology to transfer and judge the effectiveness of student to keep them updated with contemporary engineering management tools.

The objectives of the study are listed below:

  • To identify fundamental technological tools which help engineering student to enhance their knowledge in their field.
  • To evaluate the knowledge based on various learning programs organized in university to promote modern engineering tools.

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View different varieties of dissertation topics and samples on multiple subjects for every educational level

Some pointers to make you dissertation topics strong are:

  • It should fill existing literature gap
  • Should focus on a particular problem
  • The wordings should be simple, yet creative
  • It should be researchable

Some of the major formatting rules for dissertation are

  • Paper size = A4
  • Font = Times new roman
  • Font size = 10 to 12
  • 3.5 cm margin from the binding side
  • 2.5 cm margin from the rest of the sides
  • 1.5 line spacing

The length of a dissertation usually depends on

  • The level of degree
  • Type or research
  • Topic’s timeline (if any)

But there is no hard and fast rule. A dissertation can range from

  • 100 to 300 pages or
  • 10000 to 15000 words long
  • Using dry monotonous tone
  • Copy pasting directly
  • Unstructured dissertation
  • Not proof reading or editing

ScholarWorks at WMU

Home > Engineering > Civil and Construction Engineering > Master's Theses

Civil and Construction Engineering Master's Theses

All master’s theses completed through the Graduate College of Western Michigan University since 2012 have been entered into ScholarWorks. Some may be embargoed or restricted by the authors and may be only available from on-campus computers. Print copies from earlier years are available through interlibrary loan. We have a few digital copies of earlier years. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Theses/Dissertations from 2023 2023

Investigating Disparities and Safety Equity in Pedestrian Nighttime Crashes in Michigan , Sia Isaria Mwende

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Evaluating the Impacts of Building Information Modeling on Construction Change Orders in Iraq , Nehad Alshebbany

Numerical Performance Evaluation of the Wooden Frame Structures with Adhesive Applied Connection under Wind and Seismic Loading , Sharthak Bhandary

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Establishing Delay-Based Criteria for Installing Traffic Signals at Two-Lane Roundabouts , Oluwaseun Ayomide Adegbaju

From Architectural Design to Structural Analysis: A Data-Driven Approach to Study Building Information Modeling (BIM) Interoperability , Mohammed Aldegeily

Evaluation of Bike Boxes and Protected Intersections with Bicycle Signal Treatments for Improving Safety and Multimodal Mobility at Urban Signalized Intersections , Odai Al Houz

Enabling Robust Distributed Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Method and Expanding Its Applications in Floating Wind Turbine Systems , Mehmet Cinar

Maintaining Deck Profile in Steel I-Girder Bridges During Deck Placement , Ali Naif Inceefe

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Enhancing Intersection Safety for the Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) Pedestrian Using Device-to-Infrastructure Communication , Mohammad Sayyah Al-Akash

Visualizing the Constructability of a Steel Structure Using Building Information Modeling and Game Simulation , Mohammed Al Dafaay

Evaluation of Swarm Nodes for Proximity Sensing on Construction Sites , Mohamed Ahmed Madi Binalhaj

Implementing Online Updating to Complex Hysteresis Models in Real- Time Hybrid Simulation Using Constrained Unscented Kalman Filter , Bilal Ahmed Mohammed

Economic Impact Analysis of Bridge Construction , Funda Yavuz

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Analysis of Pedestrian and Bicycle Crashes in Michigan , Ahmed Abbas Ghubin Al-zubaidi

Comparison of Safety and Operational Performances for Three Engineering Countermeasures , Ali Hamzah Hussein Alzuhairi

Comprehensive Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Pedestrian Countdown Signals on Road Users in Michigan , Richard Atta Boateng

Safety Benefit Analysis of Alternative Delineation Practices in Michigan , Brenda C. Burdick

Verifying Automated Prestressed Concrete Design Software for MDOT Bridge Design Standards , Hussein Kadhim Abood Khalaf

Improved Methodology for Developing Non-Motorized Safety Perfomance Functions , Keneth Morgan Kwayu

Application of Wavelet Transform in Structural Health Monitoring , Yashodhya Swarna Sri Dhanapala Liyana Kankanamge

Analysis of Transit Accessibility for People with Disabilities , Rostam Khalid Mohammed Ameen Qatra

Developing Standard Procedures for Structural Aspects of Slide-in Bridges in Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) , Ozan Utku Ridvanoglu

An Equivalent Plate Model with Orthotropic Material Properties for Adjacent Box-Beam Bridge Superstructure , Timothy Alexander Schnell

Transportation System and Its Association with Human Health – A Review and Modeling Approach , Fnu Zahed

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Evaluation of the Safety Effectiveness of Clearview Font and Fluorescent Yellow Sheeting on Michigan Freeways and Non-Freeways , Lusanni Mercedes Acosta Rodrieuez

Analysis of Mobility Impact for Implementing Complete Streets , Marino Esteban Calderón Díaz

A Microscopic Simulation Approach to Performance Evaluation of Intelligent Transportation System Corridors: A Case in Michigan , Matthew Levi Clark

Fragility Assessment of High-Rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings , Hezha Sadraddin

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

An Integral Framework for Sustainable Building Design , Bushra Asfari

Economic Analysis of Michigan Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Strategies , Randy José Jorge Díaz

Development of Safety Performance Functions for Non-Motorized Traffic Safety , Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara

Real-Time Hybrid Simulation with Online Model Updating , Adam Mueller

Overtime Traffic Enforcement Evaluation: A Methodology for Selecting Agencies and Enforcement Periods , Dario Enrique Romero Santana

Virtual Analysis and Evaluation of Roundabout Safety and Operational Features , Elisha Jackson Wankogere

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

Spatial Factors Impacting Non-Motorized Exposures and Crash Risks , Farhad Abasahl

Standardized Longitudinal Connection Detail for Decked Precast Prestressed Concrete Girders , Ramzi Muftah Ali Abduallah

Investigating Crash Frequency and Injury Severity at Freeway Fixed Weigh Stations in Michigan , Fathi Salam Mo. Alkhatni

Safety Benefits of Adaptive Traffic Control Systems: A Case Study of Oakland County, MI , Joshua Adam Fink

Evaluation of Point Cloud Data Dispersion with Relation to Point Cloud Density under Field Conditions , Ling Kit Kong

An Automated Approach to Dynamic Site Layout Planning , Duy Huu Nguyen

Cyber-Adaptive Physical Systems for Automated Construction Progress Monitoring and Asset Tracking , Syed Hammad Rasheed

Theses/Dissertations from 2012 2012

The Implementation of a Versatile Pseudodynamic Hybrid Simulation for Seismic Evaluation of Structural Systems , Chelsea Griffith

Regression-Based Prioritization and Data Modeling for Customized Civil Engineering Data Collection , Omar Kanaan

Statistical and Numerical Integrated Approach for Detecting Onset of Prefabricated Bridge Component Connection Deterioration , Cem Mansiz

Structural Health Monitoring of a Bridge Structure Using Wireless Sensor Network , CheeKian Teng

Theses/Dissertations from 2011 2011

Sensor Modeling and Cost Benefit of Using Laser Scanning Technology in AEC , Fahd Saleh Alaswad

Statistical and Visualization Approach for Ranking Factors Affecting NBI Bridge Rating , Saad Aoun Alqahtani

Solar Modeling and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Energy Efficiency Window Arrangements , Wael Muqhim Alruqi

A Comparative Analysis of the Sense of Construction Delays of Experienced and Inexperienced Engineers , Salahedeen A. El Kadeki

Development of a Versatile Hybrid Testing System for Seismic Evaluation of Structural Systems , Griffin Enyart

Selecting an Optimal Construction Alternative through Informed Decision-Making Highway Bridges , Abdul Wahed Mohammed

Theses/Dissertations from 2010 2010

A Computer Model for Sustainable for Life-Cycle Cost Analysis , Sami Ghurmullah Al Ghamdi

Sustainable Universal Design and Zero Energy for Buildings , Ahmad Mohammad Alotaibi

Integration of Sustainability Measure into Highways , Krishna Prasad Dhakal

Investigation of Damage Detection Methods with a Wireless Sensor Network , Mark Joseph Humiecki

Application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) toward Zero Energy High Rise Office Buildings , Moutaz Mohammed Msawealfi

Design Recommendations for High Skew Link Slabs , Michael A. Romkema

Theses/Dissertations from 2009 2009

Optimization Computer Model for Heavy Equipment Selection , Naif Albelwi

Optimal Placement of Traffic Sensors for Traffic Operation and Management , Nahedh M. Alhubail

An Integrated Database Management System and Building Information Modeling for Sustainable Design , Sultan Althobaiti

The Design and Implementation of a Sensor Network System for Concrete Bridge Health Monitoring , Joseph John Barbera

Barrier-Based Evacuation Plan for University Campuses , Asadur Rahman

Highway Construction Staging and Intelligent Traffic Routing: A Cost Optimization Strategy , Richard C. Rhodes

Theses/Dissertations from 2008 2008

Incorporation of Space Syntax Theory in Determining Safe and Efficient Construction Site Layout , Minsuck Cho

Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks , Joshua Thomas Host

Theses/Dissertations from 2007 2007

Data Fusion Technique for Measuring Intersection Delay Using GPS-Enabled Probe Vehicles , Byung-Hee Han

Development of Knowledge Base of Concrete Bridge Maintenance System , Bahre Karam

Health Monitoring of Concrete Bridges Utilizing Sensor Technology , Ammar Zalt

Theses/Dissertations from 2006 2006

Repair, Inspection and Maintenance Methods of Steel Bridges , Deepak Koirala

Computer Model to Select Leed Certification for Building Projects , Ruba Mirghani Mohammed

Simulation Based Evaluation of Parking Facilities , Niru Tiwari

Theses/Dissertations from 2005 2005

Alkali Silica Reaction in Virgin and Recycles Aggregates: State of the Art and Experimental Investigation using ASTM C 1260 and the Staining Method , Shadi Sami Bajjali

Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Self-Consolidating Concrete , Bhusan Basnet

Decision Support System for Bridge Maintenance , Imran Fazal

Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete , Sajjad Ali Khan

The Detection of Common Concrete Bridge Deck Defects Using the Thermography, Impact Echo, and Ground Penetrating Radar , Saleh Z. Nabulsi

Theses/Dissertations from 2004 2004

Oxidation of Titanium in Alpha-Calf Serum Solution , Ali Stait Ismailoglu

Theses/Dissertations from 2003 2003

Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of NI-SIC NANO Composite Coatings on 2024-T3 Aluminum , Amit Jain

Development of a Redesign Plan for Moore Hall using Architectural Principles of Green Building and Sustainable Design , Alkhaziam Saad

Future Housing in the United States: Senior’s Housing Demand , Sandeep Singh

Innovative Contracting Prequalification/Selecion Model using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) , Saad J. Zidan

Theses/Dissertations from 2002 2002

An Imaging System for Concrete Bridge Inspection , Mohammed Talal Al-Bataineh

A Model for Optimizing the Selection of Project Delivery Systems Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) , Arosha De Silva

Metastable Phases of Mgo-TiO 2 Solid Solutions , Liang-Chieh Ma

Building Deconstruction Guidelines: Tools for Recovering Building Materials , Ali Ayedh Merzen

Management Commitment to Construction Safety , Areen M. Shaar

Adaptation of Project Finance to Small Contractor Financing , Ragunathan Venkateswaran

Theses/Dissertations from 2001 2001

Structural Studies of Metastable Nanocrystalline Magnesium Titanate Ceramics , Renmei Xu

Theses/Dissertations from 2000 2000

Texture and Young’s Modulus of Nickel/Gamma-Alumina Composites , Abdulaziz Alamr

CFMMS – Computerized Facilities Maintenance Management System , Prawit Rotsawatsuk

Learning Reinforced Concreyte Design Principles Using a Java-VRML based Design Studio , Amarneethi Vamadevan

Theses/Dissertations from 1999 1999

Quantitative, Non-Destructive Calibration of Scanned Probe Microscope Cantilevers , John Hazel

Development of Mechanical Properties Micromapping for Composite Polymer Systems , Zheng Huang

Intellicrances – A Neural Network-Based Crane Selection System , André T. Mund

Conform- A Computerized Job-Built Concrete Construction Formwork Design , Kajpong Pongponrat


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The aim of the Master of Science Program in Engineering Management (with thesis) is to train engineers who have gained knowledge and skills in the field of management and can work in managerial positions in the industry.

Scope of Engineering Management: It is a discipline for making and applying the most appropriate decisions in the management of enterprises specialized in engineering, developing technologies and all related systems. It deals with issues at both strategic and operational levels and provides the necessary background for problem solving techniques, interdisciplinary teamwork, and analysis of engineering management problems.

thesis topics for engineering management

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The courses offered by the program form the foundation for the following disciplines, which are the application fields of Engineering Management:

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  • Quality Engineering and Management
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  • Design and Operation of Man-Machine Systems
  • System Simulation and Computer Aided Design
  • Financial Engineering and Cost Management
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • Risk Engineering and Management
  • Reliability, Maintenance and Safety Engineering
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In the Engineering Management Graduate Program, students are offered the compulsory courses they must take in order to learn basic management knowledge and elective courses for the field they want to work. These courses include Operations Management, Statistical Analysis for Engineers, Engineering Project Management, Quality Engineering Management, Optimization Methods, Industrial Data Analytics, System Simulation, Decision Making Methods and Supply Chain Management. The list of all courses can be viewed from the relevant link.

thesis topics for engineering management

  • What are the Working Areas for Graduates of Master of Science Program in Engineering Management?

Since Engineering Management is a graduate program designed to train engineers to become managers in the future, engineers graduating from this program can work in management positions in various sectors such as private companies and government institutions. Areas such as R&D project manager, human resources, strategy development, product development, logistics are some of them. In addition, candidates who receive a master's degree in this field with thesis have the opportunity to do a doctorate in the same or a similar fields.

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In order to apply to the program, it is sufficient to have a bachelor's degree in any engineering branch.

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  • Nikit Gautam
  • Jul 3, 2023

Top 8 ideas about construction engineering and management thesis topic that is relevant in 2023?

Updated: Apr 22

thesis topics for engineering management

by Nikit Gautam

There are numerous relevant and timely thesis topics in the field of construction engineering and management that you can consider. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Sustainable Construction Practices

Investigate the implementation and impact of sustainable construction practices, such as green building materials, energy-efficient designs, waste management strategies, and the adoption of renewable energy sources in construction projects.

Designing buildings within Planetary Boundaries

Get Inspired

thesis topics for engineering management

A Structural Review: The Shard | London designed by WSP:

The Shard, one of the most ambitious projects of the London South Bank regeneration, has become one of London's most iconic skyscrapers since its opening in July 2012 and with a height of 309.6 metres (1,016 feet), it is among the 100 highest structures in the world.

Key Details of the Project

Construction period: 2009 – 2012

Height: 309.6 m (1,016 ft)

Floor count: 95

Floor area: 110,000 m2 (1,200,000 sq ft)

Architect: Renzo Piano

Developer: Sellar Property Group

Main contractor: Mace

Main designer: WSP

Owner: State of Qatar (95%), Sellar Property Group (5%)

Contract cost: £435 million

2. Building Information Modeling (BIM) Implementation

Study the challenges and benefits of BIM implementation in construction projects, including the integration of BIM into project management processes, collaboration among stakeholders, and the use of BIM for improved project visualization, coordination, and data management.

What are BIM 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D Dimensions?

3. Construction Safety Management

Explore innovative approaches to enhance construction site safety, such as the use of wearable technologies, real-time monitoring systems, and safety training programs. Assess their effectiveness in reducing accidents and improving worker safety.

4. Construction Productivity Improvement

Investigate strategies to enhance construction productivity, such as lean construction principles, prefabrication and modular construction techniques, automation, and robotics. Assess the impact of these approaches on project timelines, cost savings, and quality.

5. Risk Management in Construction Projects

Analyze the identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks in construction projects. Focus on risk management strategies, contract provisions, insurance mechanisms, and the use of technology for effective risk analysis and decision-making.

6. Project Management Practices in Mega Projects

Study the unique challenges associated with mega construction projects, including project governance, stakeholder management , coordination among multiple contractors, risk allocation, and the use of project management frameworks tailored for mega projects.

7. Construction Supply Chain Management

Examine strategies for optimizing the construction supply chain, including procurement practices, logistics management, inventory control, supplier selection, and the use of information systems to improve supply chain visibility and coordination.

8. Construction Technology Adoption

Investigate the adoption and impact of emerging construction technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, drones, 3D printing , and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, on project delivery, cost, quality, and sustainability.

AI in Civil Engineering

Remember to choose a topic that aligns with your interests, has sufficient research potential, and addresses a current problem or gap in the field. Consult with your academic advisor or faculty members to further refine and finalize your thesis topic.

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    Robust Optimization with Recourse in Portfolio Management: Theory and Applications to Stocks and Projects, Hedieh Ashrafi and Aurelie Thiele. PDF. A Methodology For Reliability-Based Selection Of System Of Systems, Justin Brown. PDF. Sampling-Based Algorithms for Two-Stage Stochastic Programs and Applications, Siavash Tabrizian

  11. Engineering Management Masters Thesis Topics You Should Know ...

    Here are the List Of Engineering Management Masters Thesis Topics You Should Know About. 1. Field Drilling Data Cleaning and Preparation for Data Analytics Applications. 2. Field Performance and ...

  12. Industrial and Management Systems Engineering Theses and Dissertations

    Engineering of a Knowledge Management System for Relational Medical Diagnosis, Maria Carolina Herrera-Hernandez. PDF. Decision Support Models for Design of Fortified Distribution Networks, Qingwei Li. PDF. The Impact of Supply Chain and Network Structure on the Environmental Performance of Sustainability-Focused Companies, Ozan Ozcan. PDF

  13. Excellent 110+ Engineering Research Topics

    Here are some impressive mechanical engineering topics that double as mechanical engineering thesis topics too. A study of the compressed air technology used in cars. ... Natural gas research and industrial management; Environmental Engineering Topics for Research. Manufacturing engineering is integral for the creation of materials and various ...

  14. PDF Engineering Management Dissertation Topics

    been signed by your THESIS TOPICS OF ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT MSC. WebFACULTY OF ENGINEERING Department of Engineering management and Enterprises H-4002 Debrecen, Ótemető street. 2-4. Phone.: 52/415-155/77730 THESIS TOPICS OF ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT MSC. ISTVÁN BUDAI ([email protected]) - Life Cycle

  15. Engineering Management Dissertation Topics and Ideas

    Top Engineering Management Dissertation Topics to Charm the Readers. Writing a dissertation requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The first step to write a dissertation is choosing a topic which itself is a very tiring task. It could take anyone days to select interesting Engineering Management dissertation topics before starting to write ...

  16. Best Engineering Management Dissertation Topics and Ideas

    Engineering Management Dissertation Topics For Distinct Dissertations. Get Instant 50% Discount on Live Chat! Looking for the latest Engineering management dissertation topics? Get a list of trending research ideas and select the best one for your project.

  17. Civil and Construction Engineering Master's Theses

    Optimal Placement of Traffic Sensors for Traffic Operation and Management, Nahedh M. Alhubail. PDF. An Integrated Database Management System and Building Information Modeling for Sustainable Design, Sultan Althobaiti. PDF. The Design and Implementation of a Sensor Network System for Concrete Bridge Health Monitoring, Joseph John Barbera. PDF

  18. What is a good research topic for construction management thesis?

    2. Applicability of Green Engineering Solution; 3. Green Technology application in construction, 4. Green Tech Knowledge of Construction Workforce and Empowerment of knowledge in Construction ...

  19. Engineering Management (Thesis) Master's Degree

    The aim of the Master of Science Program in Engineering Management (with thesis) is to train engineers who have gained knowledge and skills in the field of management and can work in managerial positions in the industry. Scope of Engineering Management: It is a discipline for making and applying the most appropriate decisions in the management ...

  20. FEBE

    ETD- UJhb Thesis & Dissertation Database. This database provides information on approximately 170 000 South African current and completed research projects including theses and dissertations. This source now provides information on all fields of science since 1919.

  21. Top 8 ideas about construction engineering and management thesis topic

    There are numerous relevant and timely thesis topics in the field of construction engineering and management that you can consider. Here are a few suggestions: 1. Sustainable Construction Practices. Investigate the implementation and impact of sustainable construction practices, such as green building materials, energy-efficient designs, waste ...