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  1. I’ve reviewed 1,000+ good (and bad) resumes. Here are my ...

    So over the past few years, I’ve looked at 1,000+ resumes and analyzed what differentiates a good resume from the bad. And, well, I ended up learning a lot. I’ve been lurking on Reddit for like forever and wanted to give a bit back to the community. So, I created this mega-list of ALL the best resume tips & tricks I’ve learned over the years.

  2. Can anyone recommend a good FREE resume builder? : r/jobs

    481 votes, 231 comments. Finding a good, free resume builder that I can use again in the future would save me a lot of time and hassle. Does anyone….

  3. I'm an ex-recruiter for some of the top companies in the world

    I've screened tens of thousands of resumes, and today I published my preferred resume format, free to download as a Word doc, along with some general resume advice. Resumes/CVs. December 2022 edit: OP here (Colin at Sheets & Giggles ). By popular demand, I made a Google Doc for people without MS Word, and I immortalized this post and free ...

  4. I've reviewed and screened thousands of resumes, and I am ...

    Open navigation. r/resumes. • 6 yr. ago. I've reviewed and screened thousands of resumes, and I am sharing my preferred resume format, free to download as a Word doc (along with my best resume advice). Nearly everyday on Reddit, I address numerous postings for students and professionals who have applied to endless companies with no response.

  5. A great Resume template I used with Success : r/resumes

    A great Resume template I used with Success. Hey all, here is my resume that I have gotten all of my jobs and internships with. I am applying once again, if you see anything I should change or have any overall suggestions, please let me know. Thank you, V. LINK:

  6. Best Resume Advice According to Reddit: Tips That Actually Work

    1. Use a single column layout to pass the ATS. 2. Don't name your resume 'resume.pdf' 3. Keep your job descriptions short. Use bullet points and action verbs. 4. Use numbers to quantify your achievements. 5. Less is more for both word count & job applications per day. 6. Use resume builders to make your life easier.

  7. 40 Best Free Resume Templates to Use and Customize in 2023

    Updated. 8/16/2023. It’s easier to create a stand-out resume when you have a starter template instead of a blank page. The best resume templates are designed to pass through an application tracking system (ATS) and catch the attention of recruiters.

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    Here are three expert-approved sites to get resume templates online. Harvard College bullet point resume. ″ For a simple, no-BS resume that gets the job done, I’d recommend the Harvard...