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    personal statement university of portsmouth

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  1. How to write a UCAS personal statement

    UCAS personal statement word limit. Your personal statement length can be up to 4,000 characters long. This may sound a lot, but it's a word limit of around 550-1000 words with spaces and only about 1 side of typed A4 paper. You need to keep it concise and make sure it's clear and easy to read.

  2. Writing a personal statement for your Master's

    It should be about 1,000 words, or one side of A4. In your personal statement, you should demonstrate your enthusiasm for the course and highlight the skills you've gained from your academic studies and your work or life experience. If you're not currently studying you should include information about if you've taken a year out, and why, and ...

  3. How to write a strong personal statement

    When writing your personal statement for a University of Portsmouth online course, you need to adhere to a word limit of 1,000. In terms of the different topics you should cover, w e suggest you include the following: An introduction to yourself . Sharing some information about yourself can provide context to the rest of your personal statement.

  4. Application process

    Find more tips on writing your personal statement on the main University of Portsmouth website. Before you submit, it's a good idea to get feedback on your personal statement from one of our course advisers to ensure you've covered all the necessary information. You can call them on +44(0)23 9431 1545, or email [email protected]

  5. Writing a Personal Statement with University of Portsmouth

    Jenny Hyde, Senior Global Officer (Sub-Saharan Africa) from the University of Portsmouth presents a session on applying for a Bachelor's degree in the UK, an...

  6. Writing a Postgraduate Personal Statement

    Your personal statement should convey your views and be written in your style. To be successful, make sure you're clear, concise and factual. Don't get someone else to write it for you. Write about relevant previous academic study, achievements and projects. Focus on academic skills you've developed and wish to develop further.

  7. CV writing toolkit

    CareerSet. CareerSet is our online CV tool, where you can upload your CV for instant feedback and in-depth analysis. It is available to use 24/7, and is free for you to use as a University of Portsmouth student or graduate. You can also use CareerSet to help you with targeting your CV, as it has a 'Target CV' function where you can upload your ...

  8. Writing a Personal Statement

    This is your personal statement and it should convey your views and be written in<br />. your style but make sure that you are clear, concise and factual. Do not be tempted to get<br />. someone else to write it for you.<br />. Write about relevant previous academic study, achievements and projects, and academic<br />.

  9. University of Portsmouth

    Returning to uni? All the information you need to take your education to the next level. Explore postgraduate options

  10. Application Forms

    Filling in your application form. Answering questions. Writing a personal statement. Speculative applications. Disability disclosure. Once you've completed all sections of an application form, make sure you check everything before submitting. We can provide advice and feedback on your draft application or help you get started.

  11. University of Portsmouth Personal Statements

    These UCAS personal statements have been kindly provided by students applying to University of Portsmouth. You can click on one of the links below to view the entire statement and find out if the applicant was offered a place. You can also view our entire collection of personal statements or view personal statements for application at other universities.

  12. How To Write Your Undergraduate Personal Statement

    Just start by showing your enthusiasm for the subject, showcasing your knowledge and understanding, and sharing your ambitions of what you want to achieve. Avoid cliches! Remember, this opening part is simply about introducing yourself, so let the admissions tutor reading your personal statement get to know you. Keep it relevant and simple.

  13. Personal statement for Masters course

    Accepted personal statement for Education, Management and Leadership course. I was offered an unconditional place on the course. This course if aimed at. Skip to document ... Portsmouth university has a gold teaching excellence framework and a knowledge exchange framework which has inspired me to apply and hopefully make Portsmouth University ...

  14. Extenuating circumstances

    Students' Union Advice Service. The University of Portsmouth Students' Union have an advice service that can help you with extenuating circumstances and appeals. You can fill in a support request form on their website or call them on +44 (0)2392 843478 between 10.00am - 4.00pm, Monday - Friday.

  15. How to Write a UCAS Personal Statement

    Find going select to blueprint, start & write a UCAS current Personal Statement. Including questions at guide you & a suggested structure to exercise so you don't miss anything out. How to Write a UCAS Personal Statement | Structure, Length and Tips | University of Portsmouth - Section 8 of the AMCAS® Application: Essays | Students & Residents

  16. How to Write a Personal Statement

    Insert a quote from a well-known person. Challenge the reader with a common misconception. Use an anecdote, which is a short story that can be true or imaginary. Credibility is crucial when writing a personal statement as part of your college application process. If you choose a statistic, quote, or misconception for your hook, make sure it ...

  17. Writing a Cover Letter

    Tell the employer how their company will benefit from employing you. Make sure the paragraphs are short and clearly themed. Use no more than one side of A4. Wherever possible, address the cover letter to a named person - you may have to ring the employer to find the name of the person you should be writing to.

  18. Applying to Uni

    Getting Started series. Join our interactive webinar series on topics from writing a great personal statement, to completing a UCAS application, to the different ways you'll learn at university - and more. Get tips on using university ranking & league tables, understanding the different types of university degrees, preparing for a ...

  19. CVs and Applications

    The following pages in this section provide information and advice on how to get started applying for jobs in the UK. You can get help directly from our experienced staff in the Careers and Employability Service, including tips and advice on writing CVs, cover letters and application forms. You can even organise a mock interview.