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  • how to create tracking systems in your sales/business

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business planning workshop valuetainment

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business planning workshop valuetainment

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business planning workshop valuetainment


  • 9+ Hours of content
  • 3 interviews + A keynote on how to raise capital
  • Wide range of topics on business from scaling, hiring, strategy, marketing and more


The event agenda, april 24th, 2023​.

  • 3:00pm - 7:00pm Registration
  • 4:00pm - 7:00pm Networking Area with Food/Drinks
  • 6:00pm - 9:00pm Mastermind Session (CEO Session)

April 25th, 2023

  • 6:30am - 7:50am Breakfast Attendee’s
  • 8:00am - 12:00pm SLS -Session I
  • 12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch
  • 1:00pm - 3:00pm SLS - Session II
  • 3:00pm - 3:15pm Break
  • 3:15pm - 5:00pm SLS - Session III
  • 6:00pm - 9:00pm Private Dinner Off-Site (CEO & Founder)

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Business Planning Workshop Recording

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business planning workshop valuetainment


The blueprint to craft your path to success in 2024. Are you ready to make 2024 your breakthrough year in business?

In this power-packed 6-hour recording, Patrick Bet-David, renowned entrepreneur, will guide you through every essential aspect of business planning, ensuring you're armed with the insights and strategies necessary to conquer your goals and ambitions.

Over the past twenty years, Patrick Bet-David has demonstrated an exceptional business track record, marked by:

  • Successfully orchestrating a multi-nine figure exit subsequent to the founding and strategic development of a prominent financial services firm.
  • Spearheading the expansion efforts to encompass a network of 400 locations, overseeing the growth of a dedicated team of 50,000 agents.
  • Attaining the position of minority ownership within the esteemed franchise of the New York Yankees.
  • Pioneering the creation and establishment of Valuetainment Media, renowned for hosting the premier podcast catering to the interests of business professionals and entrepreneurs – the PBD Podcast.
  • Earning accolades, including the status of New York Times Best Selling author for "Your Next Five Moves," alongside achieving the distinction of Amazon #1 Best Seller within the domain of business literature for "Choose Your Enemies Wisely."

Here's what’s included in the Business Planning Workshop Recording: 6 Hours of Expert Insights, covering essential topics to make 2024 your biggest year yet:

  • Meticulously Crafted Chapters : Reviewing the 12 building blocks of a business plan, striking the perfect balance between logic and emotion.
  • Combatting Enemies & Distractions : Tackle 14 types of enemies while honing in on distractions that could derail your success.
  • Mastering Essential Skills: Learn the skills you need to master to craft an effective business plan and thrive in the world of business.
  • Crafting Your Business Plan : Step-by-step guidance on creating a business plan tailored to your vision and goals.
  • Strategic Hiring : Discover the skills you need to hire and align your team for success.
  • Future Focus : Stay ahead of the curve with insights into topics and trends to watch closely in 2024.
  • Overcoming Mental Roadblocks : Combat negative thoughts and conflicts, understanding the cost of conflict in your business journey.
  • Time Management Strategies : Learn proven strategies to buy back time and calculate the true value of your time.
  • Setting Annual Goals : Craft ambitious yet achievable goals to drive your business forward.
  • Establishing Systems & Protocols : Implement effective systems and formulas to streamline your operations.
  • PBD's Business Principles : Gain insights into Patrick Bet-David's acclaimed business principles and make them stick.
  • Building Company Culture : Cultivate a winning culture and find the perfect running mate for your business journey.
  • Accountability & Differentiation : Hold yourself and others accountable while determining your unique differentiators.
  • Perfecting Your Pitch : Craft an elevator pitch, build your pitch deck, and make your business plan more effective

Invest in your success today and start building the business of your dreams!

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business planning workshop valuetainment

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Online courses for entrepreneurs, the art of public speaking, learn how to master the art of public speaking, advanced business strategy, a 10 hour course with 15 chapters of premium content from patrick bet-david's 20 year career building a financial service empire, winning over billionaire investors, strategically navigating changing times and organically growing an emerging media empire., learn how to crack the code to entrepreneurship, join the community of 10+ million entrepreneurs, executive & sales professionals, pbd sales system, a 2+ hour course with patrick's complete sales mentality as he built a nationwide company from scratch. unlock your sales systems, skills and potential with this course., thousands of satisfied students, just amazing, sanmaya biswal.

Can't express what this training is all about it is pure 100% value and everything you need in your life to succeed. Just can't describe how great it is .....

Domenic Prochilo

Very informative and technical... I love where you are going with this course

Simpley prefect

Dear Patrick I am speechless about this course. I am not in sales industry but, I found that this material can be applied to any aspects of my life. I am tr...

Dear Patrick I am speechless about this course. I am not in sales industry but, I found that this material can be applied to any aspects of my life. I am trying to find if I can afford to attend to your 3 days course. If I manage to make it I certainly come and say hi to you. Omg, I feel like I have a lot to do in 2020 after this short course and your other recent videos e.g. How to Plan Your Next 15 Moves as an Entrepreneur, The Science of Asking Questions and 2020 Strategic Business Planning. I feel that I have not been asking questions from myself and that is why I feel a bit lost in life!! I like to thanks you for your hard work and changing people’s life across the world. I am looking forward to meeting you in person if I can. Best Regards Raham Fard, Windsor, UK

Value-packed sales system

Joanne bhaloo.

Amazing value in a good compact course. It brought a lot of awareness of my strengths and the areas I have to improve - selling is a lifetime of learning and...

Amazing value in a good compact course. It brought a lot of awareness of my strengths and the areas I have to improve - selling is a lifetime of learning and I am excited to keep going in my journey.

Time to implement the amazing content from Bangladesh

Abrar sayem.

I have been following all the videos of Pat and now this course, its time to work them out now. It was brilliantly put to grab

Will give you the inspiration to want greater for yoursel...

Gio jaramillo.

BEST COURSE EVER!!!! it helped give me the inspiration to want greater things for myself and it helped me with the practical steps to get better at sales. ...

BEST COURSE EVER!!!! it helped give me the inspiration to want greater things for myself and it helped me with the practical steps to get better at sales. BEST COURSE EVER!!!!

Mind-blowing course

Ray jackson.

This course was a real mind-blower, I've learned so much. But still need to go over it again

Best I have Ever Seen

Mansoor alzayer.

This is original. It is hard to find unique content. There is no hype here. It's the real deal.

Patrick Bet-David

How to Write a One-Page Business Plan

  • By Patrick Bet-David

For the longest time I didn’t like writing business plans. Here’s why. Because every time it came time to write a business plan, it was almost as if my school teacher from Jr. high school would say, “Patrick, go do your homework. Write up a business plan.” I said, “Wait a minute.” First of all, I didn’t know how to write business plans and secondly, didn’t think they worked. That changed once I realized how to write up a business plan that worked for me.

From there on, I couldn’t wait to write up my business plan for the following year.

So today we’re going to talk about two different types of business plans. One type is dissecting and spending six or more hours getting every single detail of a business plan in place, and then reading it once a month. Then from there you gather all the information and create a one-page business plan. You look at the one-page business plan multiple times a day.

What’s More Important Than Writing a Business Plan

Before you write up a business plan, let me tell you what's even more important than writing a business plan for 2017. Many times we will go through a past relationship. And the relationship didn't work. And then you go to the next relationship, which also didn’t work. This happens again and again. Four years goes by, and you ask yourself, “Why don’t I have a steady relationship? Why aren’t any of these relationships working out?”

This keeps happening to you because every time one of them doesn’t work out, you fail to ask yourself what you could have done differently. What will you change about the next one? Is there a trend that isn’t working for you?

It’s the Same with Business Plans

People do the exact same thing with business plans. All you think about is the next year, when the most important data is the year that just passed you by. In order to predict the future, you have to study history. What happened this year for you? What went right?

I gauge my year based on the percentage of goals that I wrote down a year ago became a reality. If less than 50% of my goals became a reality, that tells me something. It tells me that I either didn’t give my best effort or that I didn’t have the best strategy in place. And by the way, most of the time it’s the first thing, lack of effort.

Sometimes people blame their lack of success on the market or other factors beyond their control. Great. One percent of the time you’re forgiven for that. But 99% of the time you need to focus on what you can control and you can control most of it.

The Impact of Relationships on Business

Imagine trying to grow a business when you’re arguing night and day with your girlfriend. It’s hard to get into a sales presentation when you and your girl just got into a text fight. They won’t want to do business with you because they’ll feel something is wrong with you.

Everything That’s Connected to Business

So I started looking at my business with everything that’s connected to it. Personal relationships impact business. Financial issues impact business because I’m stressed out if my finances aren’t in order.

Poor health impacts business. If you’ve gained 40 pounds, you’ll have lower energy and get tired earlier. If you get a lot of headaches, you may need glasses. These physical things impact your business.

For those of you that are spiritual, that, too, is connected to your business.

So gauge how you did in all these different areas in the past year. Look at the good, bad and ugly. What would you have done differently? What didn’t work? Are there things that you can control and change?

The Good, Bad, and Ugly

With health you can look at what you could do differently. Did you eat too much bread? Too many sweets? Did you become lethargic? Maybe you used to walk, but you don’t any more. Why now?

Let’s say that you found all the mistakes you made. You said you were going to give up some things and make sacrifices, and you didn’t. You still watch a lot of T.V. Look at trends, and what you said you would do and didn’t.

This is facing the truth. It hurts. It sucks, and it isn’t fun. But facing it is what will help you have a better year next year. If you can get through this, heaven’s around the corner for you in business. But you have to go through hell first.

Do Your Research and Write Things Down for Each Category

Now you need to start writing things down. For instance, in the area of finances, let’s hypothetically say that you’re going to start saving $3,000 a month. Or you want to save $50,000 or $100,000. Whatever the number is, write it down.

With family, if you’re single, consider if you want to get married. If you’re married, consider if you want to have kids. When I assessed my 2006, I asked if I even wanted to get married. A lot of my friends were getting married and having kids. Some were happy and others were miserable. I studied it and made a decision. I do want to have kids. I'm the only Bet-David left in our lineage that can continue the family, so I do want to have  family. The book, 101 Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged by Norman Wright helped me figure out what I wanted in a wife and helped me to determine the right person to marry. But I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my family.

What Needs to Change?

Next you need to look at what needs to change in the different areas. For example, in business you may need better systems. You may need to hire new people. Write those things down. How much do you need to expand your business? Write it down.

How Are You Going to Do It?

Next, you need to look at how you’re going to accomplish those things. This is the part where you write the long business plan. You need to create a mathematical formula. If I do x times y plus z, I will make a million dollars. So you give yourself a formula to hit that number.

The One-Page Business Plan

Once you’ve written out your detailed business plan, the next step is to write a one page business plan that you can laminate and look at every day.

Give Your Business Plan a Title

Every year is a new campaign. What will the coming year be for you? Here’s one of my favorite ones: 2017: The Year of Recreating Myself!

That’s a phenomenal start for anyone. But yours may be the year of explosion, the year of growth, the year of expansion, etc. You figure out your word, and give it a title. What will the new year represent to you?

Next, you’ll write down three habits and three goals for each of the six areas. For example, in ‘02, I created a habit of running my credit score, once a month. I also tracked every single one of my financial accounts - mutual funds, stocks, investments, etc. on the 19th of every month.

Three goals could be things like weighing 190 pounds, 13% body fat, and bench pressing 300 pounds.

Listen in here for more examples and the detailed explanation of what to put on your one-page business plan.

Daily Review and Sacrifices

The thing that this one sheeter does for you is it allows you to review it daily. You can use it to drive your initiatives. It’s in your face and reminds you of your habits and goals.

With this one pager, you have to make some sacrifices. What will you give up this year? T.V.? Drinking or smoking? Sleeping in? Everyone’s got a vice. What are you going to give up this year? Because that’s the effort and the strategy. And the more time you spend on the strategy the better one-pager you can write.

Your One-Pager

You may be saying, “Man, I wish I had this format.” I got it for you. All you need to do to get it is fill out the form below and we’ll email it to you.

Then you can print it, fill it out, laminate it, and review it every day. You’ll be amazed what a difference this will make in just a few weeks. You won’t be able to keep yourself from thinking about it, and somehow, some way, you’ll start hitting it. We have the strategy, and if you put in the time, this time next year you’ll say, “Oh my gosh. This is so exciting. I hit 80% of my goals.”

Book Recommendation

People ask me for book recommendations for this. And while it may sound like I’m self-promoting, I can tell you that I highly recommend reading this book I wrote called 25 Laws for Doing the Impossible . In it, I wrote out the exact formula I used to recreate myself. I tell you from pure experience how this cat went from having  a 1.8 GPA in high school, and being someone no one expected to do anything to being who I am today.

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, about this video, comment on the bottom. And if you haven’t yet subscribed to my YouTube channel, click on the button below to subscribe.

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