Free Project Management Essay Examples & Topics

Writing a project management essay can be a daunting task if you do not understand what to write about and what topic to choose. But it won’t be a problem for you! Our team has prepared this article to see this process clearly. First of all, let us figure out what project management is as a discipline.

Project management is the use of specific tools, methods, skills to complete a project. In its foundation are the efforts to create value through the final result. A project usually has a team, a schedule, a budget, and set goals and expectations. It is a temporary and progressive attempt to reach a specific objective.

On this page, you will also find project management essay examples on specific topics. These samples will reveal critical terminology for completing this assignment. Plus, you’ll see the author’s reflection on the issue. Additionally, our experts have gathered topics and prompts that can give you a direction for a good start.

Project management essays are mainly about planning, management, and organizing. To not miss anything out, start working on your paper with a detailed action plan or outline.

Your structure should include the following aspects:

  • Introduction. Your project management essay should begin with an overview of the project. In your introduction, identify the main goals and finish it with the thesis statement.
  • Thesis . This one sentence should express the main idea of the essay, its message. It also helps to control the pictures in the paper. Our thesis generator can create one for you.
  • Paragraph 1 . Your first body paragraph should relate to the thesis statement the closest. Be mindful that every section should introduce one argument and distinctive thought.
  • Paragraph 2. Your second paragraph should include your strongest argument. Start it by telling your reader what will be inside the section. Provide supportive evidence with quotes. Try a plagiarism checker to see whether you’ve cited correctly.
  • Paragraph 3 . The last section of the body should contain the weakest argument and example. It can also be a natural follow-up to the second paragraph or a counterargument.
  • Conclusion . This last conclusive paragraph should demonstrate your findings. Here, you restate your thesis and include the ideas for further dialogue.

17 Project Management Essay Topics

Still not sure how to start your paper? In this section, you will find ideas to use in your assignment and practice. You can also use our topic generator for this purpose.

Students can use the following topics for this task:

  • The importance of project management software for successful project completion.
  • Organizational culture and effective conflict management.
  • An analysis of project delays in the construction industry.
  • Introduction to agile-scrum in project management theory.
  • Understanding the role of soft skills in project management.
  • Employment background and its correlation with project management success rates.
  • Social media and project management risk.
  • Contemporary approaches to project and chain management.
  • Define possible difficulties and constraints with project scheduling and control during pandemics.
  • How can project management be done sustainably?
  • Critical path method application to project scope.
  • Application of the goal-setting theories in improving the outcomes of the project.
  • An impact of culture on managing expectations for the project.
  • Cross-cultural communication and work ethos in multinational project management.
  • Project management triangle and its variations.
  • How is a project management plan used in the marketing industry?
  • Project lifecycle in project management.

5 Project Management Essay Questions

If you still have difficulties starting your essay, we have a solution for you! These prompts can guide your process. You’ll get the needed motivation and direction for your project management essay.

These questions will provide you with the arguments and essay ideas:

  • What is the relationship between project management and the overall performance of a company ? Project management and overall company performance got to hand in hand. To succeed in today’s world, a company needs to implement proper techniques and tools.
  • What is p roject management in regards to a legal project? In this essay, apply the academic knowledge you’ve acquired to the legal profession and project. Try to ask yourself what methods and tools can be best utilized when handling a legal project.
  • What is the importance of project management organizational structures? In this essay, include all four traditional types of project organizational structures. Give a brief analysis of each one of them. You can also describe how the digital age disrupted old conventional models and systems.
  • How can project management planning help improve a company’s organizational structure? Business owners and project managers cannot overlook the importance of project management. It can help every part of a business to run successfully. In this essay, focus on how it can improve the success of your organization.
  • What are the processes in project management human resource training? Human resources concern project team recruitment, training, and management. It also involves team building and motivation. In your essay, give particular examples of project human resource management in a specific organization.

Thank you for paying attention and staying with us till the end. Now you can read project management paper examples down below.

558 Best Essay Examples on Project Management

Caribana parade project of the toronto sun.

  • Words: 3869

A Tree Planting Project Management Report

  • Words: 4275

Music Festival Project Management

  • Words: 2714

Operations Management: Process Types

Launching a new car: project presentation.

  • Words: 1733

Car Parking Project Planning

  • Words: 2772

The Plan for Hotel Building: Project Management

  • Words: 2384

Furniture Manufacturing in UAE: Project Plan

  • Words: 3413

Project Management in Hyten Corporation

  • Words: 1784

Solar Energy Installation Project Management

  • Words: 3174

Reflection of Consultancy Project

  • Words: 4841

Harvard Business: Digital Project Simulations

  • Words: 1966

The Millennium Dome: Project Management Principles and Strategies

  • Words: 1751

Villa Construction Project Management

  • Words: 2259

Project Charter for Construction of Football Pitch at Coventry University

  • Words: 2180

Socio-Technical Approach to Project Management

Project management: power holding company of nigeria (phcn), its accomplishments, constraints, and current reform in relation to project management in the nigerian power sector.

  • Words: 2585

The Concept and Types of Project Closure

  • Words: 1825

Summer Music Festival: Event Project Management Plan

  • Words: 2448

Apollo Program and Project Management

  • Words: 1387

E-Cloth Online Store’s Project Management

  • Words: 7326

Project Control, Audit, and Termination

Project management methodology, barbata electronics – the knock your socks off project, project management software: uses, advantages and limitations.

  • Words: 1674

Project Management of tree planting

Project management: a critical evaluation.

  • Words: 1370

The Boeing 7E7 Project Management

  • Words: 1217

Personal Post-Project Review

  • Words: 2197

Project Management Failures: West Gate Bridge

  • Words: 1103

Project Management on the Basis of a Real-Life Example

  • Words: 1723

Objectives of Project Management

  • Words: 1241

Western Sydney Airport and Navi Mumbai International Airport

  • Words: 1137

Social and Organisational Issues in Project Management

  • Words: 2082

The London Ambulance Services as a Failed IT Project

  • Words: 1094

Waterloo Regional Police’s Centralised Information System

  • Words: 3169

Park Road Stadium Project: Earned Value Management

  • Words: 1897

Al Maktoum International Airport Project Management

  • Words: 2237

Monitoring and Evaluations in Development

  • Words: 2025

Burj Khalifa Construction and Operation Cycle

  • Words: 2301

Analysis of Internet Forecasting Industry

Systemic vs. traditional project management, human resource motivation in projects management.

  • Words: 2147

The Implementation Process and Design

Computerized accounting system project.

  • Words: 2072

Demo Park Water Administration Project Management

  • Words: 4169

The Importance of Managing the Project Lifecycle to Achieve Successful Project Outputs

  • Words: 2609

Project Management, Leadership and Skills: Planning and Control

  • Words: 3357

Project Management Plan Critique

  • Words: 2145

The Boeing Dreamliner Project Management

  • Words: 1179

Project Management Instructional Design: ADDIE Model

  • Words: 3354

Airplane Boarding System Project Management

  • Words: 5998

Project Management: Constructing a New Airport in the UAE

  • Words: 2241

Dubai Parks and Resorts Project

  • Words: 2777

Heathrow Airport Terminal Five Project Management

Royal liverpool university hospital’s design project.

  • Words: 3115

Hershey Corporation Project Management

  • Words: 2746

The Road Side Service Business Plan Project

  • Words: 3662

Construction of the Empire State Building

  • Words: 4149

Project Initiation Document

  • Words: 1189

Channel Tunnel between England and France

  • Words: 3095

Quality Improvement Project Management Approaches

Eurotunnel project in contractual terms, dubai metro scope management plan.

  • Words: 3578

Networking Technology Project Management

Project management: order processing system.

  • Words: 2055

ABC Company project

Gantt charts and history of their using, agile auditing: benefits and drawbacks.

  • Words: 2336

ABC Ltd.’s Automated Accounting System Project

  • Words: 2571

Saudi Oil & Gas Engineering, Procurement, Construction

  • Words: 5654

Project Life Cycle and Schedule Delay Analysis

  • Words: 2849

Regency Plaza’s Project Management Challenges

Project management: a pillow with a vibrated alarm, project for the design and construction of a bridge across the murray river.

  • Words: 2426

E-Commerce System for a Clothing Company in Abu Dhabi

  • Words: 2836

Project Management: Maturity Models

  • Words: 2784

Importance of business models to the process of project management

  • Words: 2278

Project Plan: Emirates Airline and Fly Dubai

  • Words: 2955

Project Management: Business Products Superiority and Reliability

Small- and large-scale projects management.

  • Words: 1381

Project Risk Analysis and Management

  • Words: 2243

Layout Planning: Operations Management

Defining work and the work breakdown structure, thika road project organizational structure.

  • Words: 2960

WBS for Aerospace Project Management

Simulation in health services management, the telecommunications design project, using agile to minimize cost and timeframe in eiffel tower construction, project management in the simbound game simulation, data analysis package for machine learning.

  • Words: 2146

Designing a Network for a 100-User Firm

Project management: problems and solutions, i.t. management and company overview project summary, literature review of complex and virtual project management.

  • Words: 1240

Monitoring Compliance in Project Management

Navigating the construction of a 100-bed special hospital.

  • Words: 3036

Project Management: The Ethical Standards

Project management questions: evaluation of project, project monitoring and control, culture, communication, and leadership for projects in dynamic environments, heathrow and los angeles airports’ improvement.

  • Words: 2587

Rehabilitation Centre Expansion Project Management

Project management: the interview, project management software as a learning tool, project management of federal aviation administration, delays in delivery of new aircrafts.

  • Words: 2817

Project Management Implementation

  • Words: 1967

Prioritizing Sustainability Improvement Programs

Project management: the earned value, the maven project of the department of defense, fashtec technology company’s design thinking.

  • Words: 1065

Melbourne Royal Show: Project and Event Management

  • Words: 3319

Reducing Project Time and Its Key Advantages

The electronic food processor project management.

  • Words: 2410

Practical Connection Paper: Research Processes & Methodology

  • Words: 832 832

IT Project Management: Good Planning

Project management methodology review: scrum, the nascar video game project management plan, project management meeting user expectations.

University of Portsmouth logo

Project Management MSc

Build on your current business and project management skills with this full-time course. 

Key information


This course is Accredited

  • 1 year full-time
  • September 2024
  • January 2025

Course information

Please select the page of your interest

Showing content for section Overview

If you're ready to build on your business and management experience and excited to start or continue your successful career in project management, this MSc Project Management degree is for you.

On this Master’s programme you’ll explore the principles and practice of project management. You’ll cover topics including strategic and practical approaches in different business environments, and discover the influence of successful project management on any organisation.

You’ll study key project management themes, including budgets and commercial management, as well as people management, and learn to apply your new knowledge in the workplace. 

MSc Project Management is accredited by the Chartered Association for Project Management (APM), the professional body for project management in the UK. During the course you can become a student member of the APM for free and attend APM webinars and events to develop your knowledge and professional network.  

This course is delivered on a block basis, which means you’ll study on campus for short periods of time during the year. Whether you’re a busy working professional or an international student, these study blocks give you the ability to stay on campus for a shorter period of time than many other postgraduate degrees so you can complete your studies around your current commitments.  

You’ll graduate with the tools you need to become an effective project manager in any size or type of organisation.   


This course accepts UK, EU, and international students.

Course highlights

  • Explore topics including strategic and practical approaches in different business environments, budgets and commercial management, and people management and risk
  • Become an effective project manager in any size or type of organisation 
  • Study on a block basis around your current commitments 
  • Become a student APM member for free and attend APM webinars and events
  • Caspar Bartington , Head of Volunteering & Education - Chartered Association of Project Management (APM)
  • Rory Burke , Adjunct Professor of Project Management and Author
  • Dave Corbin , Senior Director - Head of Programme & Project Management (UK)- Gleeds Management Services
  • Jerome Evans , Group Programme Director - UK & Europe - Meggitt
  • Duke Harrison , Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator - Pompey in the Community
  • Willie Vance , Technology Project Management Lead - Howden Technology
  • Jonathan Perkins , Senior Project Manager - Mace

Association of Project Management (APM) logo

Accredited by

This course is fully accredited by the Association for Project Management (APM) .

Business and management studies at the University of Portsmouth is ranked 2nd of the modern universities by research power.

Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021

Read more about our business and management research

Contact Information

Student Recruitment Centre

+44 (0) 23 9284 2991

What you'll study

All modules on this MSc Project Management course are core.

People Management and Risk - 30 credits You'll explore the management of people involved in projects where leadership, team development and change management are key skills in implementing and delivering projects successfully.

What you'll learn.

When you complete this module successfully, you'll be able to: 

Promote and enable the development of an organisational culture conducive to the successful management of projects domestically and globally and develop the organisation and team to attain a project's vision and goals

Critically examine leadership theories for a range of projects

Critically review a sustainable change initiative for projects

Formulate appropriate Risk Management Strategies and develop effective project risk models, mitigation and contingency plans for appropriate action.

Explore this module

Project Environment and Planning - 30 credits We''ll introduce you to the business environment in which projects are situated, and the tools/techniques for planning a project.

Critically review the International/global environment and context in which projects are conceived and realised

Evaluate the employment of project management in introducing change and delivering sustainable benefits

Review and develop project lifecycles and the overall framework and processes of project management

Analyse and review methods for defining the scope/deliverables of a project and project requirements

Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of standard techniques for planning and scheduling a project and critically evaluate the nature and causes of project success and failure

Explain Quality Management requirements and explain quality processes commonly used in the project environment

Managing Programmes and Portfolios - 30 credits You'll explore Programme and Portfolio Management (PPM), which provides a structured framework for delivering large scale, transformational change through a combination of related projects and related activities.

The learning outcomes for this module will be available soon.

Project Management Case Study Investigation - 30 credits You'll independently develop a case-study investigation on a contemporary issue in Project Management, including identifying a suitable case study, analysing and evaluating issues relating to it in a coherent and structured way, drawing conclusions and providing recommendations for future research and practice.

The learning outcomes of this modules will be available soon.

Project Investigation and System Methods - 30 credits You'll explore the development of an investigation of project issues through the use of Project Management literature, a structured case study research methodology and project management system analysis tools.

Select and use appropriate structured project analysis and research approaches to identify, justify, analyse and diagnose a research problem

Evaluate existing literature to appreciate existing results and methods to identify suitable research methods and their effectiveness for investigating a chosen project initiative

Situate a research problem within a wider strategic project management context to demonstrate the significance of the research question

Synthesise project methods and research methods together as a detailed investigation proposal that justifies the choice and significance of a research topic

Budget and Commercial Management - 30 credits More detail about this module will be available soon.

Changes to course content.

We use the best and most current research and professional practice alongside feedback from our students to make sure course content is relevant to your future career or further studies.

Therefore, some course content may change over time to reflect changes in the discipline or industry. If a module doesn't run, we'll let you know as soon as possible and help you choose an alternative module.

Careers and opportunities

The demand for project managers is growing. 

This accredited degree shows employers that you have the skills you need to lead in the workplace and be an effective project manager in the commercial sector when you graduate, in any size or type of organisation. 

You'll graduate with the ability to lead or be part of a team on strategic projects, and have a solid understanding of project management principles and processes. 

During your studies you’ll build your network by attending APM events as a student member, where you'll meet and engage with other APM members and industry professionals.  

After graduating you could go onto roles in:

  • project management
  • consultancy
  • project planning
  • product development

9 reasons to do a Master's

Career planning

During your course you'll have expert career support from our Careers and Employability Centre, your tutors and our Business and Law Career-Ready Programme. This support will continue for 5 years after you graduate.

Female student standing at careers and employability help desk

You'll benefit from:

  • Networking events
  • Regular emails from the Career Ready Programme sharing job opportunities, application tips and events
  • Applied projects with companies such as IBM, Boeing and Hampshire County Council
  • Workshops to enhance your employability skills
  • Recruitment events including the Student and Graduate Opportunities Fair
  • 1-to-1 appointments 
  • CV and cover letter advice
  • Interview preparation and practice
  • Support starting your own business

How you'll spend your time

We recognise that you'll probably be juggling more demands when you do your Master's degree, as you may be working or you may have family responsibilities.

We'll give you as much indication here as we can of how much time you'll need to be on campus and how many hours you can expect to spend in self-directed study, but please note that these indications are always subject to change. You should receive your full timetable several weeks before you start with us.

It is our expectation that all international students will join us here on campus in Portsmouth.

Course structure

This Master's degree will take:

  • 1 year full-time if you start in September
  • 1 year full-time if you start in January

You can expect:

  • to study on campus in study blocks 

Master's study is deeper and more specialised than an undergraduate degree. This means you'll focus on something that really matters to you and your career as you work closely with academics committed to the subject.

You'll spend more time in independent study and research than you did for your undergraduate degree, but the majority of your teaching time will be in-person and face-to-face.

Teaching on this course includes:

  • interactive syndicate work
  • self-directed study

You'll be assessed through:

  • presentations

Teaching staff

These are some of the expert staff who'll teach you on this course:

Ms Katharine Brymer

Senior Teaching Fellow

[email protected]

School of Organisations, Systems, and People

Faculty of Business and Law

September start

The Master's academic year runs from September to the following September. There are breaks at Christmas and Easter. Over the summer you'll be work towards the assessment for your final module.

January start

The January start for the Project Management course runs for 12 months, beginning and ending in January. There are breaks at Christmas, Easter and in the summer. 

See key dates

Joining us as an international student

Graduation Class of 2021

You'll feel at home in our international community and our diverse city. You'll be joining over 5,000 international students from more than 150 countries who are studying with us.

Learn more about international student life and how we can help you with visas, applications, arrival and settling in. 

Information for international students

Supporting you

Master's study is more focused on independent learning than undergraduate study, but you'll get lots of  support via video, phone and face-to-face  from teaching and support staff to enhance your learning experience and help you succeed. You can build your personalised network of support from the following people and services:

Types of support

Personal tutor.

Your personal tutor helps you make the transition to independent study and gives you academic and personal support throughout your time at university.

As well as regular scheduled meetings with your personal tutor, they're also available at set times during the week if you want to chat with them about anything that can't wait until your next meeting.

Student engagement officers

In addition to the support you get from your personal tutor, you'll also have access to our student engagement officers. They can give you confidential, impartial advice on anything to do with your studies and personal wellbeing, and refer you to specialist support services if you need extra help or support.

Maths and statistics support

The Maths Cafe offers free advice and help with maths skills in a friendly, informal environment. You can come to our daily drop-in sessions, develop your maths skills at a workshop, or use our online resources.

Business study support tutors

You'll have help from a team of study support tutors. Based within the Faculty of Business and Law, these tutors are familiar with the specific requirements your assignments and work closely with faculty academics. This means they can give you focused support with the specific study skills you need to be successful on your course. They're available face-to-face, by phone, email, and by video call.

They can help with:

  • academic writing (for example, essays, reports, dissertations, projects and literature reviews)
  • reflective writing skills
  • critical thinking skills
  • delivering presentations (including observing and filming presentations)
  • understanding and using assignment feedback
  • managing your time and workload
  • revision and exam techniques

If you're a mature student, specialist support to help you return to learning is available.

Academic skills support

As well as support from faculty staff and your personal tutor, you can use the University's Academic Skills Unit (ASK).

ASK provides one-to-one support in areas such as:

  • academic writing
  • note taking
  • time management
  • critical thinking
  • presentation skills
  • referencing
  • working in groups
  • revision, memory and exam techniques

Library support

Library staff are available in person or by email, phone, or online chat to help you make the most of the University’s library resources. You can also request one-to-one appointments and get support from a librarian who specialises in your subject area.

The library is open 24 hours a day, every day, in term time.

Wellbeing and mental health support

Our online  Learning Well mini-course will help you plan for managing the challenges of learning and student life, so you can fulfil your potential and have a great student experience.

You can get personal, emotional and mental health support from our Student Wellbeing Service , in person and online. This includes 1–2–1 support as well as courses and workshops that help you better manage stress, anxiety or depression.

Disability advice and additional support

If you require extra support because of a disability or additional learning need our  specialist team  can help you.

They'll help you to

  • discuss and agree on reasonable adjustments
  • liaise with other University services and facilities, such as the library
  • access specialist study skills and strategies tutors, and assistive technology tutors, on a 1-to-1 basis or in groups
  • liaise with external services

Support with English

If English isn't your first language, you can do one of our English language courses  to improve your written and spoken English language skills before starting your degree. Once you're here, you can take part in our free In-Sessional English (ISE) programme  to improve your English further.

​Course costs and funding

Tuition fees (september 2024 / january 2025 start), uk, channel islands, and isle of man students.

  • Full-time : £12,000

EU students

(including Transition Scholarship )

International students

  • Full-time : £17,900

Scholarships for International Students

If you're joining us as an international student, you might be eligible to apply for a scholarship depending on which course you're studying, where you're from and your academic achievement to date. 

Check your eligibility

University of Portsmouth graduates may receive a  20% alumni tuition fee discount . 

Fees are subject to annual increase.  Read our tuition fees terms and conditions .

You'll be able to pay your fees in instalments. Find out  how to pay your tuition fees .

Funding your studies

Explore how to fund your studies, including available  scholarships and bursaries .

If you're a UK student, you may be eligible for a  Government Postgraduate Master's Loan , which you can use to help with course fees and living costs.

If you're a UK student who achieved a first in your undergraduate degree you may be eligible for a  £3,000 University of Portsmouth scholarship.

International student scholarships are available across the University. 

International students can apply for our  January 2024 Faculty scholarship . 

Loans, scholarships and bursaries

Browse funding such as the Government Postgraduate Loan, our scholarships for new and returning students, and subject specific loans.

Female Master's student

Funding for international students

Learn more about sponsorships, scholarships and loans for students applying from outside of the UK.

international business students

Fees and funding for Master's courses

Explore Master's funding options, including loans, scholarships, bursaries and more.

Postgrad students on campus

Additional costs

These course-related costs aren't included in the tuition fees, so you'll need to budget for them when you plan your spending. Additional costs could include:

  • Accommodation:  Accommodation options and costs can be found on our  accommodation pages .
  • Recommended reading:  You can borrow key texts from the library and if you choose to purchase these texts they may cost up to £60 each.
  • General costs:  such photocopying, memory sticks, printing charges, binding and specialist printing. We suggest budgeting £75 per year.
  • Final project transport or accommodation:  where necessary, which related to your research activities. The amount will depend on the project you choose.

Read more about tuition fees and living costs , including what your tuition fees cover.

Entry requirements

September 2024 / january 2025 start, uk qualifications.

  • A second-class honours degree or equivalent, or sufficient evidence of both relevant work experience and academic potential to achieve the award.

Please  get in touch  if you're not sure if your undergraduate subject is relevant to this degree.

Equivalent professional experience and/or qualifications will also be considered, such as previous study, employment, voluntary work and training courses, including courses and qualifications you didn't complete. Learn more about our  Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) .

Non-UK qualifications

If you're applying as an international student with a non-UK degree, you’ll need to show you meet the UK entry requirements listed above.

To find out if your non-UK degree or other qualification is accepted, please visit our page for  your country  and view the UK equivalent of your qualification. 

English language requirements

  • English language proficiency at a minimum of IELTS band 6.5 (or equivalent) with no component score below 6.

You do not need an IELTS or equivalent certification if:

  • you have a UK degree
  • you have a degree from a majority English speaking country (not taught by Distance Learning)
  • you are a national of a majority English speaking country

Degrees taught solely in English from non-majority English speaking countries will be considered on a case by case basis. Find out more about our  English language requirements .

If you do not meet the English language requirements yet, you can achieve the level you need by successfully completing a  pre-sessional English programme  before you start your course.

Unlike undergraduate applications, which go through UCAS, applications for this Master's course are made directly to us.

There's no deadline for applications to this course. We accept applications right up until the start dates in September and January, as long as there are places available. If you wait until your start month to apply, you may find that the course is full. 

If you're applying as an international student, remember that you'll need to leave plenty of time to get your visa organised.

You can find more advice about applying in our  Master's application checklist . International students and current students and recent graduates of the University of Portsmouth also have some different application options, which are detailed below.

Extra information for international students

I'm an international student.

If you're an international student, you can apply directly to us using the same application form as UK students.

You could also get an agent to help with your application. Check  your country  page for details of agents in your region. To find out what to include in your application, head to the  how to apply page of our international students section .

If you don’t meet the  English language requirements  for this course yet, you can achieve the level you need by successfully completing a  pre-sessional English programme  before you start your course.

Ready to apply?

Start this course in september 2024.

Apply now (Full-time 1 year)

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Apply now (Full time 1 year)

I'm a current Portsmouth student, or a recent Portsmouth graduate

If you're currently in your final year of study at Portsmouth, or you graduated since July 2023, you're eligible to make a fast track application. You'll have:

  • a shorter application form to complete
  • access to the 20% Alumni fee discount
  • a guaranteed conditional offer, for most Master's courses 

Learn more about fast track

After you apply

Once we receive your application, we may ask you for further information. We will then either make you an offer or suggest alternatives if your application is unsuccessful.

You'll usually get a decision within 10 working days, so you shouldn't have to wait too long. Some courses have an interview stage – we'll let you know if you need to prepare for one.

Learn more about how we assess your application .

Admissions terms and conditions

When you accept an offer to study at the University of Portsmouth, you also agree to abide by our  Student Contract  (which includes the University's relevant policies, rules and regulations). You should read and consider these before you apply.

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Project Management in the UK

Universal credit project is an important welfare project in in UK. The United Kingdom department of pensions expected to utilize the Universal Credit program existing system in order to enhance efficiency in service delivery to the consumer. The core drive of the development is to encourage the claimant to work and earn more through simplified United Kingdom benefit system. However, the implementation of the project has been extraordinary poor due to the poor project planning and governance. The project failure to develop a comprehensive plan resulted in extensive delay and wastage of public funds. The management of the project has been weak from the project outset. The department has failed to monitor and challenge the process regularly. Therefore, the lack of day to day control and regulation of the project implied a warning sign that the project was likely to fail. The paper provides a comprehensive investigation of the current issue that faced the Universal Credit project. Furthermore, it provides justifiable recommendations that need to be incorporated in order to achieve the project’s objectives.

About Project Management

It is recognized that project management is an efficient tool to handle complex activities. However, organizations and government agencies are losing more than a quarter of their paybacks of their information technology developments because of a failure to coordinate the project throughout its lifecycle (Gunsteren 2012). In the recent years, IT project failures have enticed an abundant deal of consideration in both the boardroom and the media. In an attempt to avoid the problem from progressing, most companies and organization learn from previous experience through initiation of retrospective analysis that includes post implementation analysis. Although each organization’s retrospective story is unique, even more insights can be expanded by investigating several expositions across a wide range of organizations. However, in terms of an in-depth analysis of the failure of IT projects, it is apparent that the failure is attributable to both poor project planning and governance (Lientz 2011). This report will explore the Universal Credit project in the UK that has failed due to the poor planning and governance issues.

Brief Background of the Project (Universal Credit)

Universal Credit (UC) is a new and means tested benefit that the United Kingdom intended to introduce in 2013 for the working population in the country. The system was aimed to replace numerous existing in and out work benefits systems with the establishment of a single payment: income based jobseekers allowance (JSA), income based employment, income support, tax credits and support allowances (Department for Work and Pensions 2010). All the above procedures were united into Universal Credit. Through integrating the in and out work support, the government strives towards a smooth transition from benefits to work for the claimant.

Universal Credit also aims to provide a higher degree of transparency in the provision of benefits, thus enabling claimants to evaluate more easily the financial advantages of the work. Up to a certain level, claimants will be able to recollect their entire Universal Credit award, and the moment allowances are exhausted, Universal Credit will be tampered away at a steady rate. As a result, much of the confusion existing in the system, where claimants witness their benefits withdrawn at different rates and varying points, will be eliminated (Department for Work and Pensions 2010). Furthermore, the Universal Credit project represents a wholesale change of the social security systems. The project has been coupled with a number of planning and governance issues that push the cost of implementation a notch higher than anticipated.

The government flagship project referred as Universal Credit has suffered a serious project management problem. The UC project was intended to merge a number of benefit processing activities that included child tax credits, housing benefits, income support and jobseekers allowance among others. One of the anticipated changes was the system’s ability to operate in actual time in harmony with the human resources revenue and custom systems (Great Britain 2012). However, though such changes’ implementation has sailed through, there are different obstacles with the delivery of the data. The leadership of the project has changed a number of times with the project timetable changing frequently. Furthermore, the efficiency and use of spreadsheets at the job centers is still lacking in the project. In early 2013, the government reset the universal credit because of the serious concerns raised by the Major Projects Authority (MPA) regarding the project implementation (Great Britain 2012). The MPA raised serious concerns because the project lacked a detailed blueprint and transition plans. As a result, the head of MPA was forced to conduct a 13-weeks reset.

Project Planning

The planning of the Universal Credit project has received massive criticism from both the public and media. The project lacks detailed plans of how it is predictable to work or replace the existing systems. According to project planning theory, there is a managerial part and the effector part in the project, with management being tasked with effective planning while effector translate the resultant plan into action. However, management team in the project have to establish a detailed plan that anticipate all the dynamics of the project thus resulting to implementation difficulties. Furthermore, poor control and decision making process continues to undermine the stakeholder’s confidence in the program. This because poor control and decision making have undermined the confidence in the program and has contributed to lack of progress. The department lacks IT expertise and effective leadership, with frequent senior management change. This contributed to the lack of progress since the officials of the project are unable to explain timescales associated with it. Besides, the project lacks adequate measures and progress reporting, thus making it difficult for the key stakeholder to track the progress (Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Work and Pensions Committee 2012). Furthermore, key areas of functionality have reported being missing in the system, thus making impossible to identify fraudulent claims in the system.

A poor project planning made the department delay the rolling out of the Universal Credit project nationally by the end of October 2013 as planned earlier. Instead, six more pathfinders’ sites were expected to be added to the system. Besides, the project proponents considered re-setting the initial dates in order to meet the 2017 deadline. Nonetheless, it implies that the proponents will be needed to move huge data within a relatively short time irrespective of the risk associated with such processes.

Project Governance

In respect to the poor governance, the project approach made it difficult for the establishment of a feasible roll-out date. Governance is the organization outline within which decisions are made in the project (Roberts 2011). Governance forms a critical component of any project because although accountabilities responsibilities are connected with the project operations, the actual activities are outlined the governance structure. According to the theory of project governance, the effective project governance entails measurement of the realization rate of the assignments, investigation of cause of delays and elimination of such delays. However, managers in the project have failed to address issues of transparency and accountability that affects the implementation of the project. The ambitious project table generated pressure on the department to act quickly. As a result, the quick approach to institute processes and systems while formulating the appropriate policy was established. The perspective used both collaborative and iterative management in order to establish the required IT policy (Pareliussen 2012). Nonetheless, the department has never attempted to apply such approach in a project of such scale. As a consequence, the project faced a number of obstacles in the incorporation of the perspective into the existing assurance, governance structures and the contracts.

Furthermore, the project management was forewarned severally for the lack of detailed blueprint for the universal credit project. In mid-2012, the project management could not agree on the security it needed to protect claimant transactions, and it was vague on how Universal Credit would be integrated with other programs. Furthermore, the department has never been able to measure its progress against the time due to the lack of detailed management information. It is also outward that the absence of transparency and accountability challenge the implementation of the project. The department provides the project team with a large degree of autonomy. As a consequence, the team embraced a fortress mentality on the program and a reporting trend that restricted open appraisal of the risk and obstacles facing the Universal Credit Project (Pareliussen 2012). The Universal Credit team possessed little financial control over the supply expenditure. This limited understanding of expenditure related to the project progress, while the insufficient review of the performance contract made it complex to track the project development. Besides, poor control over the financial governance and inadequate appraisal of the contract performance before honoring the contracts played a crucial role to the failure of the project. In addition, the inefficient departmental oversight was further unable to evaluate the project’s outcome against the inputs. As a result, such problems has resulted into continual suspension of the project senior management hence affecting the project (Gillies 2011).

Conclusion and Recommendations

In conclusion, it is apparent that the project has not achieved the value for money irrespective of huge financial resources. The project proponents delayed the rolling out of the project to the claimant; they have had a weak control of the project and have been incapable of assessing the worth of the system that utilized more than 300 million to institute. Such mishaps outlines a major obstacle to the project and raises questions about the ability of the department to handle weak management team, transparency and accountability issues and over-ambitious timescales (Cooke, Tate & Cooke 2011).

Nonetheless, to achieve its objectives, a number of objectives need to be followed. This include:

  • The project management needs to learn from its previous mistakes. As it revises its governance and planning frameworks, the company is required to apply an actual control of the project, improve the adequate in-house competence to direct and manage the IT development, and establish realistic expectation of timescales and scope of Universal Credit.
  • The project manager needs to develop a realistic plan with clear goals and objective linked to the policy design and service. As a result, this will promotes good governance that enhances transparency and accountability.
  • The project proponents need to institute effective senior management and leadership in order to enhance operation efficiency of the project. This because frequent change in the senior leadership significantly impacts on the project.
  • In order to ensure all programs and operations of the project are in accordance to the project plans, it is imperative to establish effective governance processes and structures. The project team and other stakeholders need to be able to challenge the department openly and escalate concerns. Furthermore, the department needs to demonstrate the ability to follow up and implement assurances recommendations.

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Why I Want to Study Project Management in the UK

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In this complex developing fast world, Industrial and business organizations began to grasp the advantages of organizing work for their projects. At that point, individuals have incorporated the concept of project management. It began to be pursued as a serious discipline within the company corporations. This made project managers a prominent role in their company. Now, for my master level of study, I would like to take my chance to enhance my skills in the area of project management.

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I finished my schooling with 83% in 10th class from SSC March 2009 and 73% in 12th class from the State board of Andhra Pradesh, March 2011. After my schooling, broadly, I had to choose between science and the arts. With my natural inclination towards design, I chose Architecture, which strikes the balance between arts and science. I got admission in reputed University Acharya Nagarjuna University where I could cherish my dream of getting into the stream of Architecture & Planning. The college has accredited “A” grade by “NAAC” and awarded Best University using ICT for Teaching Learning Process by “ASSOCHAM”. I have completed my BArch with 68% that is equal to First class in July 2016.

How much ever we are equipped with knowledge, there are some things that can be learned only in real-time. My experience as an intern helped me achieve this. During my internship at G group Architecture and Engineering at Hyderabad, India, I handled both public and private sector projects. Mostly commercial and residential projects. During my graduate study, I was indulged with an organization, MAD (Make a Difference), which helped me know the condition of our society and their living standards. And, the living standards would increase by proper management of sources. As a responsible citizen, I should shoulder the responsibility of development of our country. I have come to appreciate the importance of hard work and also noticing my leadership qualities. I always like to be a part of a team because together we can achieve anything is what I believe.

I always believe classroom learning with real-time learning makes complete. I offered as junior Architect in Buildzyn Architecture and construction. I worked in both commercial and residential projects in the first year of the work. Later I got promoted as one of the team lead and I managed design at office and construction on site. This made me realize that without good management skills the work will be useless. That was my first sign to think about project management as a master major, and how is that important to me and my future career growth to manage complex projects.

And from my research, I see that Project Management is the application of skills, knowledge, and techniques. It deals with managing and organizing resources and people in such a manner that a planned project is completed within the correct way. Therefore, after a good deal of self-evaluation of my own capabilities and of my intent, I’ve decided to pursue graduate studies in project management. I believe I would be a successful project manager.

There are hardly any universities offering good courses in my area of interest in India. I feel getting into an esteemed university here is highly competitive here as demand overweighs the supply. Moreover, the courses in India are not flexible in as in the UK which will confine my scope of knowledge and skills. Practical application of theoretical knowledge is lacking in India as the education here lays more emphasis on theory part which does really help in fulfilling my career goals as I am looking for more practical oriented training.

The UK has become one among the highest destinations to check around the world. With high-class institutions in every corner and much more flexibility than many other countries, the United Kingdom has much to offer international students that other English-speaking countries cannot offer. Degrees and qualifications from UK higher education institutions are known around the world as high quality with advanced practice. The cost of education for international student in the UK is lower compared to the USA and other countries. Many universities offer various scholarships and support students. The UK is known for its multicultural society, with all religions and faiths represented in some way. With a racial, ethnic and spiritual jumble, the United Kingdom is incredibly receptive new traditions and cultures that's a good thing for college students from alternative countries. It has a favorable climate and one coming from India can easily adjust to their climate. Hence, after coming to know about such positive traits of UK, I decided to plan my further studies in the UK.

Northumbria University MSc Project Management with Advanced practice course integrates training which a leading professional qualification in project management is. This MSc course at University is aligned with the requirements of Association of Project Management and also reflects areas of knowledge specified by the Project Management Institute. The university is connected with local and international business, industry and commerce. The course content helps me to develop how to assess project feasibility and manage risks in projects and develop project portfolios and teamwork. Advanced practice of the course offers to work atmosphere experience. This helps to secure work after the completion of course.

The brand is world-wide recognized and respected. But yet, the fees are very affordable, compared to other UK universities. The class hours are in the professional seminar style. The classes are designed to improve student’s presentations skills, group discussion ability, leadership ability, communication skills – these are unique features of the university which are rare at other institution. I would look further to study this course in Northumbria.

Keep in mind: This is only a sample.

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On completion of education, when I return to India with this premier qualification, I will be in demands for a prestigious career at reputed companies. There are wide ranges of international companies investing in our new capital Amravati for health, education, housing, gas, oil, shipping, clothing, and other privatized projects. I am confident I will avail a good position in our capital region as a project lead. It would be a life-changing opportunity indeed.

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