3+ SAMPLE Research Accomplishment Report in PDF

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Research Accomplishment Report Template

Research Accomplishment Report Template

Research Activity Accomplishment Report

Research Activity Accomplishment Report

Research Accomplishment Report Example

Research Accomplishment Report Example

Research Center Accomplishment Report

Research Center Accomplishment Report

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FREE 9+ Research Accomplishment Report Samples in PDF

research accomplishment report

One of the integral steps on a research journey is selecting a question and the right methods to answer it. There is a wide array of relevant topics that will greatly help you in selecting a question and get started on the methods side of your research. If you are a graduate student or a new researcher, you might be experiencing some challenges in your work such as several abstractions, complex language, and concepts. But, don’t worry because in this article, we have some informative guide and downloadable research accomplishment report templates to guide you in carefully managing and keeping track of the progress of your research project. Keep on reading!

Research Accomplishment Report

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research accomplishment report sample

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university research accomplishment report

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printable research accomplishment report

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non academic research accomplishment report

Size: 199 KB

rice research accomplishment report

A research accomplishment report is a fundamental document that demonstrates the overall performance and progress made toward accomplishing the definite goals and objectives in the research project. It is typically used by academic researchers, scientific researchers, and other kinds of researchers exclusively in monitoring the progress of their respective research projects and measuring their research skills and capabilities when it comes to fulfilling different kinds of research activities and other tasks. 

In order to maintain the right structure and processes inside the business firm and your research and development department, you need to write a clear and well-detailed accomplishment report of your research work. If writing a report is not your expertise, don’t worry and cut the mustard because we provide you some easy-to-follow tips that indicate how to write a research accomplishment report : 

First, you need to start your research accomplishment report with a clear and well-detailed summary which comprises your previous and current research project completions. Write your activities, tasks, roles and responsibilities, beneficial skills and competencies, goals, objectives, and many others concerning your research work. 

The second step in your research accomplishment report writing is to add more details for clear interpretation of your previous and current accomplishments in the summary section. Explain each aspect and highlight the significance of your research project, skill, and many more that you have contributed to help the company develop and advance.  

Then, you need to present a comprehensive time period of your research accomplishments by using a bulleted list or visual diagrams as you demonstrate the individual time period of each of your previous and current work accomplishments. 

Lastly, you need to tell about your research performance goals and expectations if you consider applying to a new company. Some examples of performance goals are examining the validity and truth of arguments prior to making conclusions, adopting technologies that assist in providing solutions, searching for different innovative approaches to a situation, and many other goals. While some examples of expectations are manifestations of a positive and respectful attitude, professionalism, etc.

A daily accomplishment report is a record of a particular employee’s performance or activities, and work accomplishments throughout the day. It can be stored and managed digitally and it must be submitted to the team leader or project manager thru email.

An annual accomplishment report is a document that provides a simple and concise summary of the accomplishments for the year. It contains essential information about work achievements that are achieved for the entire year.

When you create a summary of your accomplishments, think about your current and previous accomplishments that you have done. List them according to the dates. Make sure that the work accomplishments must be connected to the duties listed in a specific job advertisement that you want to apply. Then, quantify your work by providing an estimate or range. 

Some ways to describe your achievements are to quantify your achievements by utilizing numbers, percentages, and statistics or you can describe a qualitative achievement, and using your employer’s language. Additionally, you need to consider showcasing the achievements which are significant to the job requirements. 

Although the research work might not be a collaborative effort, you can be certain that conducting your research alone will help you exercise and enhance your creativity. However, if you feel easily overwhelmed by the scientific theory, practice, and execution of your research project, remember that “two heads is better than one” and try your best to involve other researchers. So, here are some of our downloadable and printable samples of accomplishment reports for your research, available in different kinds of formats. Simply click the research accomplishment report templates in this article and start downloading now!

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Action Research Tutorials-CCAR

Action research tutorials, tutorial 11:  writing your report, writing your report - overview.

The purpose of the final report is to share your ideas with others in your community of practice who would value the knowledge you gained. How are you going to share it with them? You will need to decide what to write and to whom to write. Keeping your audience in mind is critical in all forms of writing. One of the strongest acts of leadership can be the quiet act of writing—of sharing with those who choose to read your words. You will reach people whom you may never see. It is a very powerful act. Consider these ideas as you plan your writing. You are making a contribution to the body of knowledge that exists beyond yourself. Research is a conversation of the past with the future-- past research inspires new inquiries. This is your invitation to join the conversation.

Tutorial 11 Video: Sharing your Research with Others

Tutorial 11:  Activities

A. Developing a Brochure to Describe your work B. Putting it all together, writing your first draft of the whole report C. Telling your Story

Tutorial 11:  Resources

Tools to help you to share the work you have done in print, at a conference, or as an e-portfolio on the web, including a listing of journals and an example of a conference. A. Learning from the Work of others B. Creating and Using Rubrics to Guide Writing C. Your Online Portfolio of Action Research  D. Presenting your Work at Conferences E. Writing a Journal Article F. Exhibitions of Learning -- Watch the video stream of an action research conference

Suggestions for Writing the Action Research Report *

Allan Feldman and Tarin Weiss

University of Massachusetts Amherst

There are five structural elements for an action research report. Although these elements will be described in a particular order, they need not be that way in your report. In fact, they do not even need to be separated from one another.

The context  

The first element of the action research report is a description of the context within which the action research took place. Depending on the project that you do, the locus of the context can be your classroom, your school, or your school district. It is possible that the context of the project includes aspects of more than one of these. It is important to remember that the physical description of the setting is important, but that there are other aspects that are important depending on the project. For example, if your project focuses on working with parents or students, a description of these populations should be included. If the project relates to an entire district, salient features of the geographical and political area, as well as important features of the schools are part of the relevant context.

Statement and Origin of your Research Focus

The statement of your research focus should answer one or more of the following questions:

Ä What did you investigate?

Ä What have you accomplished or attempted to accomplish in this study?

Ä What have been your goals?

This element of the report should also address the way in which your starting point developed. That is

How did the idea originate?

How and why did it change through the year?

What impact did your research notebook group have on the development of your starting point?

In addition, this section should include what you learned from reading the research literature that informed your study.

Methods This element of the report focuses on the way in which you investigated your practice situation.

Ä Describe what you did and why.

Ä What sort of data did you collect?

Ä How did you collect the data?

Ä What successes or difficulties did you have in carrying out this action research?

The Findings The fourth element of the report states what it was that you accomplished and/or found out. Remember that all action research projects involve actions so therefore there are effects of those actions. And, every action research project results in the teacher coming to a new understanding of his or her own educational situation. Therefore each report should contain some description of what it was that you learned. Make sure to include any events, circumstances or data that contradict what you had hoped to do or find out.

Implications Although this element is labeled implications , it is not necessary that each project have far reaching effects. These implications could be a statement of how participation in this research has affected the ways in which you look at your teaching, your students, or your school. In other words, do you see the educational world differently now, and how will that affect what it is that you will do next?

Finally, include a paragraph describing the next step of this research.   Is it complete?   Is there another scenario you wish to research?   Explain how you would continue action research following up on this study or developing a new idea.   Consider possible supports (without an action research course) and impediments to your efforts.

Overall, this structure is not dissimilar to what you may be familiar with -- the standard research report. There is a general introduction that places the research within the field, a statement of the problem or hypothesis, the method used, findings of the research, and finally, implications. But it can be significantly different because you may feel free to write in the first person and to use a narrative style -- to tell a validated story. You may also feel free to write in the formal style of scientific research. The choice is yours.

* Based on suggestions made by Peter Posch.


Linking Research to Action: A Simple Guide to Writing an Action Research Report

What Is Action Research, and Why Do We Do It?

Action research is any research into practice undertaken by those involved in that practice, with the primary goal of encouraging continued reflection and making improvement. It can be done in any professional field, including medicine, nursing, social work, psychology, and education. Action research is particularly popular in the field of education. When it comes to teaching, practitioners may be interested in trying out different teaching methods in the classroom, but are unsure of their effectiveness. Action research provides an opportunity to explore the effectiveness of a particular teaching practice, the development of a curriculum, or your students’ learning, hence making continual improvement possible. In other words, the use of an interactive action-and-research process enables practitioners to get an idea of what they and their learners really do inside of the classroom, not merely what they think they can do. By doing this, it is hoped that both the teaching and the learning occurring in the classroom can be better tailored to fit the learners’ needs.

You may be wondering how action research differs from traditional research. The term itself already suggests that it is concerned with both “action” and “research,” as well as the association between the two. Kurt Lewin (1890-1947), a famous psychologist who coined this term, believed that there was “no action without research; no research without action” (Marrow, 1969, p.163). It is certainly possible, and perhaps commonplace, for people to try to have one without the other, but the unique combination of the two is what distinguishes action research from most other forms of enquiry. Traditional research emphasizes the review of prior research, rigorous control of the research design, and generalizable and preferably statistically significant results, all of which help examine the theoretical significance of the issue. Action research, with its emphasis on the insider’s perspective and the practical significance of a current issue, may instead allow less representative sampling, looser procedures, and the presentation of raw data and statistically insignificant results.

What Should We Include in an Action Research Report?

The components put into an action research report largely coincide with the steps used in the action research process. This process usually starts with a question or an observation about a current problem. After identifying the problem area and narrowing it down to make it more manageable for research, the development process continues as you devise an action plan to investigate your question. This will involve gathering data and evidence to support your solution. Common data collection methods include observation of individual or group behavior, taking audio or video recordings, distributing questionnaires or surveys, conducting interviews, asking for peer observations and comments, taking field notes, writing journals, and studying the work samples of your own and your target participants. You may choose to use more than one of these data collection methods. After you have selected your method and are analyzing the data you have collected, you will also reflect upon your entire process of action research. You may have a better solution to your question now, due to the increase of your available evidence. You may also think about the steps you will try next, or decide that the practice needs to be observed again with modifications. If so, the whole action research process starts all over again.

In brief, action research is more like a cyclical process, with the reflection upon your action and research findings affecting changes in your practice, which may lead to extended questions and further action. This brings us back to the essential steps of action research: identifying the problem, devising an action plan, implementing the plan, and finally, observing and reflecting upon the process. Your action research report should comprise all of these essential steps. Feldman and Weiss (n.d.) summarized them as five structural elements, which do not have to be written in a particular order. Your report should:

  • Describe the context where the action research takes place. This could be, for example, the school in which you teach. Both features of the school and the population associated with it (e.g., students and parents) would be illustrated as well.
  • Contain a statement of your research focus. This would explain where your research questions come from, the problem you intend to investigate, and the goals you want to achieve. You may also mention prior research studies you have read that are related to your action research study.
  • Detail the method(s) used. This part includes the procedures you used to collect data, types of data in your report, and justification of your used strategies.
  • Highlight the research findings. This is the part in which you observe and reflect upon your practice. By analyzing the evidence you have gathered, you will come to understand whether the initial problem has been solved or not, and what research you have yet to accomplish.
  • Suggest implications. You may discuss how the findings of your research will affect your future practice, or explain any new research plans you have that have been inspired by this report’s action research.

The overall structure of your paper will actually look more or less the same as what we commonly see in traditional research papers.

What Else Do We Need to Pay Attention to?

We discussed the major differences between action research and traditional research in the beginning of this article. Due to the difference in the focus of an action research report, the language style used may not be the same as what we normally see or use in a standard research report. Although both kinds of research, both action and traditional, can be published in academic journals, action research may also be published and delivered in brief reports or on websites for a broader, non-academic audience. Instead of using the formal style of scientific research, you may find it more suitable to write in the first person and use a narrative style while documenting your details of the research process.

However, this does not forbid using an academic writing style, which undeniably enhances the credibility of a report. According to Johnson (2002), even though personal thoughts and observations are valued and recorded along the way, an action research report should not be written in a highly subjective manner. A personal, reflective writing style does not necessarily mean that descriptions are unfair or dishonest, but statements with value judgments, highly charged language, and emotional buzzwords are best avoided.

Furthermore, documenting every detail used in the process of research does not necessitate writing a lengthy report. The purpose of giving sufficient details is to let other practitioners trace your train of thought, learn from your examples, and possibly be able to duplicate your steps of research. This is why writing a clear report that does not bore or confuse your readers is essential.

Lastly, You May Ask, Why Do We Bother to Even Write an Action Research Report?

It sounds paradoxical that while practitioners tend to have a great deal of knowledge at their disposal, often they do not communicate their insights to others. Take education as an example: It is both regrettable and regressive if every teacher, no matter how professional he or she might be, only teaches in the way they were taught and fails to understand what their peer teachers know about their practice. Writing an action research report provides you with the chance to reflect upon your own practice, make substantiated claims linking research to action, and document action and ideas as they take place. The results can then be kept, both for the sake of your own future reference, and to also make the most of your insights through the act of sharing with your professional peers.

Feldman, A., & Weiss, T. (n.d.). Suggestions for writing the action research report . Retrieved from http://people.umass.edu/~afeldman/ARreadingmaterials/WritingARReport.html

Johnson, A. P. (2002). A short guide to action research . Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.

Marrow, A. J. (1969). The practical theorist: The life and work of Kurt Lewin . New York, NY: Basic Books.

Tiffany Ip is a lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University. She gained a PhD in neurolinguistics after completing her Bachelor’s degree in psychology and linguistics. She strives to utilize her knowledge to translate brain research findings into practical classroom instruction.

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Top 7 Accomplishment Report Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 7 Accomplishment Report Templates with Samples and Examples

Anushka Bansal


Think of an athlete finishing a marathon. They cross the finish line, exhausted but exhilarated, but with every muscle singing the song of dedication and effort. Do they simply shuffle away, achievements unacknowledged? Of course not! They proudly showcase their medal, bask in the cheers, and recount their journey. 

Just like the athlete, your company deserves the same celebratory moment. Accomplishment reports are your victory lap, an important, crucial tool for internal and external recognition. Such reports capture more than the mere moment, it is the celebration of  the sweat and toil that went into the accomplishment. 

What is an Accomplishment Report?

An accomplishment report is a summary of your achievements over a specific period. Think of it as a brag/record sheet highlighting completed tasks, goals reached, and the impact you made. It can be used for work performance reviews, scholarship applications, or even personal reflection. Keep it concise, quantifiable, and focused on results!

In the daily grind, significant achievements can sometimes fade into the background and be forgotten as not enough light was shone on it. The report allows you to step back and appreciate the bigger picture. Did you launch a new product that exceeded expectations? Did you implement a sustainability initiative that made a real difference? 

Highlight these triumphs and let your investors, partners, and even the employees know the impact. Investors and partners look for stability and potential. A well-crafted report showcasing your accomplishments demonstrates trustworthiness and growth trajectory. In an accomplishment report, stakeholders see a company with a proven track record, making them more likely to invest their time and resources.

And for employees recognition is a powerful motivator. Showcasing employee contributions in the report reinforces a sense of purpose and belonging. With the acknowledgement of  individual and team efforts, you foster a culture of appreciation and inspire continued dedication.

While you invest in collecting medals, trophies, and aspire for bigger things, we have content-ready Accomplishment Report Templates. The templates are 100% editable and customizable, , y and can be tailored to your accomplishments and achievements. 

Checkout the complete deck!

Accomplishment Report PPT Template

Download Now!

Explore the slides in the deck below:

Template 1: Project Status Accomplishment Report with Budget Summary PPT Template

Use this PPT Template to summarize your project status in the accomplishment report. Efficiently manage progress through tables recording activity, completion percentage, issues, delivery dates, and ownership. Summarize the project status in the section provided. The budget overview table details items, owners, tracking reports, and additional notes, ensuring comprehensive insight. Download Now!

Project Status Accomplishment Report with Budget Summary PPT Template

Template 2: Project Activities Accomplishment Report with Issues and Action PPT Template

This PPT Slide will enable you to report any issue and plan actions. The first table records all the completed deliverables in the current week. The next table enables you to highlight the achievements alongside an action plan for the upcoming week. List the ongoing long-term projects in the company and the issues that need immediate attention in the section provided. To explore more, download now!

Project Activities Accomplishment Report with Issues and Action PPT Template

Template 3: Project Status Accomplishment Report with Milestone Template 

Compile  foundational data of the project like the reporting period, project title, date of report, project manager, report author, and project sponsor in this PPT Template. In the executive summary column, you can plan schedule, budget and identify any evident issues. Use the color-code boxes to highlight the project status or the level of risk involved. It is crucial to set milestones in your project, this helps in tracking the project as well as keeps the team motivated. Use the table below to list  project milestones and record their status and expected completion date of each. Download Now

Project Status Accomplishment Report with Milestone Template

Template 4: Project Accomplishment Report with Planned Activities Template 

It is  important to track activities that were completed and accomplishments that were planned but are yet to be completed. This template will enable you to segregate  activities based on their completion and priority status. List the planned accomplishments, the planned but not accomplished activities, and the task and targets that need to be achieved in the future. Get access now! 

Project Accomplishment Report with Planned Activities Template

Template 5: Project Summary with Planned Timeline PPT Report

Goals without a plan are just dreams. To turn your vision into reality, use this Timeline template. Start with listing key details of the project like project name, project managers, period covered, project number, date of status entry, and a tentative completion date. In bullet points write the project summary. List the project deliverables in the table alongside the category, status, details, and comments. Plan and plot  tasks on the timeline and ensure that you’re on track. Use the last table to record any potential risks involved. Download Now!

Project Summary with Planned Timeline PPT Report

Template 6: Daily Project Accomplishment Report PPT Template 

It will be beneficial for your company to prepare daily accomplishment reports, to track projects on a day-to-day basis. Maintain a work log that allows you to track description of the work done within the day, the employee that carried out the task, and whether or not the goals were accomplished using this PPT Template. List  other ongoing tasks in the table below and record their status. Download now!

Daily Project Accomplishment Report PPT Template

Template 7: Weekly Accomplishment Report PPT Template  

Use this PPT Template to compile weekly data and form a report. Use the blue column to list  project activity descriptions. You can record the target, the accomplishment, percentage of completion, and any recommendation to  develop or better the project. You can list up to five programs in the given table on the PPT Slide. Get started, download now!

Weekly Accomplishment Report PPT Template

Showcase your medals! 

Remember, an accomplishment report is a testament to your company's journey and a springboard for future triumphs. So, go ahead, celebrate your success! Take that victory lap and share your story with the world.

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sample of accomplishment report in action research

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Accomplishment Report

Accomplishment report generator.

sample of accomplishment report in action research

Making reports can sometimes be a pain, and sometimes can also make a lot of people feel annoyed at having to write something just for the sake of it. But what they don’t see is that there is a reason for writing it. Others may see that and still refuse to write altogether. Which can cause some serious issues, whether the person is an employee at a company or business, a student writing a research paper, or even a civilian working in the community or organization. Writing reports is necessary. No matter how people may want to see it, they are still very useful and important. 

Regardless of the fact that it can sometimes be a burden or a problem or even an issue. What others may not be able to comprehend is that reports have a purpose . Especially when you are tasked with writing an accomplishment report. This kind of report is made especially useful when you’re doing a project, a research or even an update within the community . You are probably wondering what an accomplishment report is and why the need to have one. To get more information and answers that are important as well, you should download any of these 10+ examples of an accomplishment report now. 

What is an Accomplishment Report?

When you think of accomplishments, you think of the achievements that you have done throughout a certain period of time. When you add the word report to it, you may already have an idea as to what an accomplishment report would look like. An accomplishment report is a kind of document that states the summary or the update of a project or work. It can also be a summary of the accomplishments or the achievements you have made. It could be in the form of activities done in the community, a successful research paper or a fruitful project.

Moving on, we have the reason or the purpose as to know why it is important to know or to understand why an accomplishment report has to be written. The purpose of an accomplishment report is to give a first hand account or a summary of the achievements or the accomplishments . Whether it may be in the form of a daily report or a weekly report. All that matters is the fact that when writing the accomplishment report, it is complete and filled with facts .

An Accomplishment Report Format typically follows a structured layout to clearly present the achievements within a specific timeframe. Here’s a standard format:

Accomplishment Report Format

Report Title: Including the term “Accomplishment Report” Timeframe: The period covered by the report (e.g., “January – December 2024”) Prepared for: The name of the organization or department Prepared by: The name(s) of the report’s author(s) Date of Submission: When the report is being submitted

Table of Contents

A list of the report’s main sections and their page numbers for easy navigation.

Executive Summary

A brief overview of the key accomplishments and the impact they’ve had.


Purpose: The reason for the report and its importance. Scope: The specific focus or areas covered by the report.
A list of the goals or targets set for the period in question.


Detailed descriptions of the achievements, organized by category or project. Each accomplishment should include: Description: A clear statement of what was achieved. Impact: The significance or effect of the accomplishment. Evidence: Quantitative or qualitative data supporting the achievement.

Challenges and Solutions

A review of any obstacles encountered and how they were overcome.

Lessons Learned

Insights or learnings that emerged during the period covered by the report.
A summary of the accomplishments and their implications for future work.

Appendices (Optional)

Supporting documents, data, or materials that provide additional context or detail.

Acknowledgements (Optional)

Recognition of individuals or groups that contributed significantly to the achievements.

Accomplishment Report Samples

  • Employee Accomplishment Report
  • Tree Planting Accomplishment Report
  • Accomplishment Report for Summer Job
  • Annual Accomplishment Report
  • IT Accomplishment Report
  • Accomplishment Report for Work
  • Accomplishment Report for Teachers
  • Accomplishment Report for Substitute Teacher
  • Accomplishment Report on Catch Up Friday
  • Accomplishment Report for Remedial classes
  • Accomplishment Report for Intramurals
  • Accomplishment Report in Research and Innovation
  • Accomplishment Report in Athletic and Sports

15+ Accomplishment Report Examples

1. accomplishment report template.

Accomplishment Report Template

2. Weekly Accomplishment Report Template

Weekly Accomplishment Report Template

3. Project Accomplishment Report Template 4. Work Accomplishment Report Template

Work Accomplishment Report Template

5. Monthly Accomplishment Report Template

Monthly Accomplishment Report Template

6. Individual Accomplishment Report

Work from Home Accomplishment Report

7. Annual Accomplishment Report

Annual Accomplishment Report

8. Project Accomplishment Report

Project Accomplishment Report

9. Community Accomplishment Report

Community Accomplishment Report

10. Basic Accomplishment Report

Basic Accomplishment Report

11. Standard Accomplishment Report

Standard Accomplishment Report

12. Research Accomplishment Report

Research Accomplishment Report

13. Printable Accomplishment Report

Printable Accomplishment Report

14. Title Update Accomplishment Report

Title Update Accomplishment Report

15. Accomplishment Report Template

Accomplishment Report Template

16. Organization Accomplishment Report

Organization Accomplishment Report

Types of Accomplishment Report

  • Individual Accomplishment Report: Focuses on the achievements of an individual over a specific period, highlighting personal contributions, goals met, and milestones achieved.
  • Team or Departmental Accomplishment Report: Chronicles the successes and progress of a team or department, detailing collaborative efforts, project completions, and collective milestones.
  • Project-Based Accomplishment Report: Summarizes the outcomes and achievements of a specific project, including objectives met, challenges overcome, and the impact of the project’s results.
  • Annual Accomplishment Report: Provides a comprehensive overview of accomplishments over the year, often used by organizations, companies, or institutions to report progress to stakeholders.
  • Academic Accomplishment Report: Details achievements in an academic setting, such as research findings, publications, awards, and other scholarly activities by students or faculty.
  • Professional Development Accomplishment Report: Highlights an individual’s or group’s learning and growth through professional development activities, including training, certifications, workshops, and conferences attended.
  • Financial Accomplishment Report: Focuses on the financial milestones and successes achieved by an organization, such as revenue growth, cost savings, and budget management.
  • Community Service and Outreach Accomplishment Report: Details the contributions and impact of community service initiatives, volunteer work, and outreach programs.
  • Sports and Athletic Accomplishment Report: Chronicles the achievements, records, and awards in sports and athletics, either for individuals or teams.
  • Innovation and Research Accomplishment Report: Summarizes breakthroughs, innovations, and research outcomes, highlighting advancements made in various fields of study or industry.

How to Write an Accomplishment Report?

To make a good report, one must know what to place and what to avoid. Apart from proofreading your report, there are some elements that make up a good accomplishment report.

1. Keep Your Facts Straight

It goes without saying there are some days that we may want to brag about the accomplishments we did on paper. But this can also be quite dangerous. There are activities or projects that we have not done so we have no claim over it. The dangerous part of not being able to keep your facts straight is we may tend to take someone’s activity and claim it as ours. Avoid that. Keep your own facts .

2. Write a Summary of the Accomplishments

The next thing to do on the list is to write a drafted summary of the accomplishments you have done. A two paragraph summary would be enough, especially if you are told not to make the whole report too long. Most of the time, when writing summaries, you are expected to write only what is important.

3. State the Projects That Was Done

Another thing to take notice of when you are writing your report is to state the projects that were done by you. Of course there are a lot of projects or research or even activities being done, but only write those that you did and not someone else’s. This document is about your accomplishments and not someone else’s.

4.  Make It Personal but Not Too Personal

When writing out the accomplishment letter, make it personal. Avoid being too personal on the account that you may be writing your life story rather than the projects or activities that you have been doing. In addition to that, avoid having to state you had no help, if there was any given to you, write it down as well.

5. Do a Spell Check and Grammar Check

When it comes to writing documents like agreements or reports, it is always best to make sure that you have everything right. So it is not something to be embarrassed about if you have to do a spell check and a grammar check first. It is always best to review your work before handing it half baked.

What is an accomplishment report?

An accomplishment report is a documented report that shows a summary. A summary of activities that you have accomplished through a specific amount of time.

Why is it important to know and how to write one?

It is important to know how to write one in case you are told to do so. It is also a very useful tool and can be used to check whether the following things have already been done with, as to not be able to repeat the same thing over and over.

What is expected in an accomplishment report?

The list of activities being done, the dates and a summary of how you were able to complete your tasks. The person who would be reading these kinds of reports often expect a very detailed summary.

How do you write an accomplishment report?

Start by outlining the period the report covers. List the objectives or goals set at the beginning. Detail the accomplishments achieved, with specific examples and evidence. Include quantitative data where possible. Summarize the impact of these accomplishments and conclude with future goals or plans for continuation. Use clear, concise language and an organized format.

What is a sample of accomplishment?

A sample of accomplishment could be: “Successfully led a team project that resulted in a 20% increase in annual revenue,” or “Implemented a new inventory management system, reducing operational costs by 15%.”

What is the job accomplishment report?

A job accomplishment report is a document that outlines the achievements and progress made by an individual or team in their professional capacity over a specific period. It highlights tasks completed, goals achieved, and the overall impact of these accomplishments on the organization’s objectives.

When we hear of reports, we often associate it with something bad or a form of punishment. When we should see it in a different light. Something that we accomplished by doing for over years of experience. An accomplishment report is nothing short of the same as any kind of report. Only the difference is that we are able to write down what we have accomplished, update any of the documents that have it and to show that writing is not as difficult as we perceive it to be.


Text prompt

  • Instructive
  • Professional

Create an accomplishment report for a student who significantly improved their grades over the semester

Generate an accomplishment report for a school sports team that won a regional championship.

Templates Show

Templates Show

Sample Free Word Excel Templates

11+ Editable Accomplishment Report Samples in MS WORD

' src=

Reports are documents that are used extensively in organizations whether it be a business establishment or any other type of workplace or organization. There are many different types of reports and one such report is an accomplishment report. In this article, we will highlight some main features of an accomplishment report. Moreover, you can also check the accomplishment report samples given here on this page.

What is an Accomplishment Report?

Simply put, an accomplishment report is a type of report written to provide an overview of the progress or achievement of an individual, organization, project, etc. It can also be thought of as a summary of goals and objectives accomplished by an organization or a person within a specific time. An accomplishment report highlights and explains in detail what the person or the organization has actually achieved during a set timeframe.

This type of report is used by different persons or organizations from industries, institutes, and business organizations to students, managers, artists, writers, and team leaders. This type of report provides an in-depth evaluation of the progress and highlights the areas of improvement. This type of report clearly indicates your accurate position at a specific time. For more clear understanding, make sure to check the free accomplishment report samples given here in this article.

FREE Accomplishment Report Samples in MS WORD

Blank student accomplishment report sample.

sample of accomplishment report in action research

File Size: 31 KB

Official Accomplishment Report Sample Doc

sample of accomplishment report in action research

File Size: 37 KB

Community Program Accomplishment Report Sample

sample of accomplishment report in action research

File Size: 138 KB

Research Accomplishment Report Example Word

sample of accomplishment report in action research

File Size: 21 KB

Individual Accomplishment Report Sample

sample of accomplishment report in action research

File Size: 79 KB

Industry’s Monthly Accomplishment Report Sample Word

sample of accomplishment report in action research

Key Elements of an Accomplishment Report

Depending upon the type of project, profession, institute, or organization, the format and structure of an accomplishment report can change. However, here are some key elements that every accomplishment report must have:

1- Introduction:

The introduction includes a brief description of the scope and purpose of the accomplishment report.

2- Objectives:

This includes a list of objectives and targets that were set at the beginning of the reporting period.

3- Activities:

These are the tasks performed or activities done during the period being reported. You can also mention the relevant details like resources used to perform such activities or tasks.

4- Results:

A detailed overview of the results or outcomes that were achieved during the reporting period. This should also include any tools that are used to determine whether the tasks are carried out successfully.

5- Conclusions:

A summary of conclusions that can be drawn from the results and outcomes like what was achieved as a result of the completion of a particular task.

6- Challenges:

An overview of the limitations and challenges that were faced during the reporting period.

7- Recommendations:

This section consists of the writer’s recommendations or suggestions that he/she may provide on the basis of conclusions or results.

8- Appendices:

Any additional material like a chart, graph, or table that supports the accomplishment report.

More Accomplishment Report Templates

Final accomplishment report template ms word.

sample of accomplishment report in action research

File Size: 14 KB

Educational Annual Accomplishment Report Sample

sample of accomplishment report in action research

File Size: 07 KB

Quarterly Accomplishment Report Word Sample

sample of accomplishment report in action research

File Size: 15 KB

Formal Self Accomplishment Report Sample

sample of accomplishment report in action research

File Size: 02 MB

Monthly Accomplishment Report Format Sample

sample of accomplishment report in action research

File Size: 68 KB

Organization’s Annual Accomplishment Report Word Sample

sample of accomplishment report in action research

File Size: 39 KB

Basic Tips for Writing an Accomplishment Report

Here are some basic tips and guidelines for writing an accomplishment report:

  • State the actual purpose of writing the accomplishment report with enough clarity by listing the goals and objectives that were set.
  • Use real and specific data that can effectively explain the results and outcomes of the report.
  • Use a proper report writing structure and format. Write all the details in a properly organized manner. Use simple, clear, and professional language that the readers are able to understand easily.
  • Clearly indicate the key accomplishments and progress of the reporting period.
  • Provide an honest overview of the challenges that you faced during the reporting period.
  • Wherever necessary, don’t forget to use visual aids like charts, bars, graphs, tables, etc. to demonstrate and explain the results effectively.
  • Don’t forget to proofread the report before finalizing it. You should review the report for completeness, accuracy, and inconsistencies.
  • Don’t hesitate to seek feedback from others on your accomplishment report. This will help you ensure that your report is clear, accurate, and effectively communicated.

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Career Sidekick

Sample List of Accomplishments for Resume (35+ Examples)

By Biron Clark

Published: March 1, 2024

Biron Clark

Biron Clark

Writer & Career Coach

Listing accomplishments on your resume can get you more job interviews and get you hired faster.

Yet many job seekers don’t know the right way to list accomplishments and professional achievements on a resume.

Coming up, we’ll look at:

  • 35+ resume accomplishment examples
  • How to brainstorm your own list of achievements to write about
  • Where on your resume to include this information

35+ Professional Achievement and Accomplishment Examples

Below are 35 examples of good accomplishment statements for your resume. Coming up after this, I’ll share more on how to brainstorm a list of your own achievements.

Accomplishment Examples for Students and New Grads:

  • Led class project to research and present financial forecasts for global markets
  • Dean’s List 2019
  • Delivered presentation on diffusion and osmosis as a part of Biology 301 course, earning a 100% grade in the class
  • Active member of university debate club
  • Varsity soccer, 2018-2019

As you can see, you can mix a variety of academic awards, club and sport participation, presentations and projects, and your grades! These are all fair game when writing resume achievements as a student.

When you don’t have any full-time work experience yet, your academic work is your experience, so it’s important to show details beyond the name of your university and the degree you earned! Share more detail and you’ll stand out from other students and entry-level candidates.

Sample Accomplishments for Administrative Assistants:

  • Administrative assistant to 12-person digital marketing team responsible for driving $1.9 million in annual revenue and an average of 180 new business leads per month
  • Administrative assistant to a team of 10 Account Managers, overseeing $109 million in client accounts and growing 19% in 2020
  • Promoted from Administrative Assistant to Senior Administrative Assistant due to consistent above-average performance and recognized as a “rising star” in 2020, an award given to just 2% of new employees
  • Spearheaded a record-keeping process reorganization that led to a 20% time savings across the administrative team in Q4 2020
  • Scheduled and coordinated meetings and travel arrangements for 11 managers and supervisors with 100% accuracy
  • Trained two administrative assistants during a period of company expansion to ensure attention to detail and accuracy of work
  • Implemented new document filing and organizational procedure resulting in a $9,200 annual savings in contracted labor costs

Note that you can vary how you begin each resume bullet. While many of your bullets should begin with verbs like, “Spearheaded,” you can also start others with a job title, like “Administrative Assistant.” You can see this in the first two examples in the list of bullets above.

Having some variety in language makes your resume more interesting to the reader, and using your job title in a few bullets is an effective way of adding some great keywords to your resume to get past any automated application systems the employer is using.

Accomplishments for Customer Service:

  • Achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 98.2% in 2020, 3rd best among customer support team of 100+ employees
  • Addressed an average of 200 inbound customer requests per week while also educating the customer about up-sells and additional ways our company could help them, which led to an additional $188,000 in revenue in 2019
  • Decreased average customer wait time for service requests by 3% company-wide by creating email response templates for the department
  • Managed training and onboarding of new customer service associates, in partnership with Department Head, for all 12 new customer support associates hired in 2020
  • Managed 50+ daily inbound enterprise customer requests via phone and email in support of enterprise division’s 244% year-over-year growth in 2020

As you can see from the examples above, you can mix in achievements that highlight your day-to-day work, but also any projects you led, process improvement actions you implemented to save the department time or money, etc.

You can also mention any leadership skills used, such as training new team members, participating in the interview process when hiring new staff, etc.

These work achievements all show potential employers that you were trusted by your previous company and can bring valuable skills to your next position!

Accomplishments/Achievements for Sales & Marketing:

  • Increased division revenue by 4% by achieving 212% of personal sales quota in 2020
  • Developed cross-selling promotional campaign to bundle 3 top-selling products, increasing department revenue by 12% in 2020
  • Orchestrated new social media marketing campaign resulting in a 309% increase in online leads generated in Q1 2020
  • Achieved third-highest sales total in 2019 among a team of 50+ sales associates
  • Increased sales by 9% through the successful rollout of a new subscription service spearheaded by myself and 3 team members

Sales jobs tend to be some of the easiest in terms of coming up with professional accomplishments on a resume, so I won’t put too many here.

Just remember, always look at the job description and demonstrate skills that are relevant to the jobs you’re applying to now.

And always think about how your duties and responsibilities can be quantified.

Accomplishment Examples for Human Resources:

  • Trained and onboarded 22 new team members in Q4 2020, ensuring an understanding of company policies, goals, and mission
  • Managed 12 contract recruiters and successfully hired 19 new team members in 2020 to help the company grow 22% year-over-year
  • Implemented new onboarding process resulting in 20% less manager time required to onboard new employees through the use of software learning tools
  • Promoted from Human Resources Associate to Human Resources Supervisor position in 2020
  • Facilitated successful move to new office in 2019, coordinating more than 200 employees across 6 different departments to limit downtime and maximize productivity during office transition

Accomplishments for Software Developers:

  • Managed the development of new subscription video platform, which earned the company $3.1 million in the first year after launch
  • Performed code optimization on online customer dashboard, eliminating 2,000+ lines of code and reducing server resource usage by 19%
  • Managed and led 9-person development team building the company’s new mobile apps (iOS and Android), successfully launching both projects in 2020, with an average app store review of 4.6 stars
  • Spearheaded quality assurance project for company’s new Android app, diagnosing and eliminating 104 bugs/errors in the first 3 months after launch, resulting in a 22% increase in average user rating in the following 3 months
  • Interviewed 22 potential new software engineering candidates for our company, ensuring adequate knowledge of software development and computer science, as well as cultural fit

Work Accomplishments for Managers/Directors:

  • Oversaw 12-person marketing team responsible for 22% of the total revenue in the business, while growing the team 108% in 2020
  • Managed 22 staff, overseeing 25+ projects per quarter with total project budgets exceeding $2.5 million
  • Developed new recruiting & hiring plan, helping the department fill average job openings 29% faster compared to prior year
  • Managed 29 staff (11 direct reports; 18 indirect) across 2 office locations and 2 business divisions, including hiring, performance reviews, and day-to-day guidance and oversight
  • Saved business $29,000 in 2019 by implementing new customer service process that reduced refund requests by 9%

Next Steps: What Are Good Accomplishments for Your Resume?

The best accomplishments to put on your resume are work accomplishments, especially those that are relevant to the jobs you’re pursuing now.

Always check the job description when deciding which achievements are best to mention. This will help you stand out from other candidates.

Your work accomplishment examples should demonstrate to a hiring manager that your past work prepared you to step into their job and succeed now.

That’s the main goal of listing achievements on a resume.

Always review the duties and responsibilities from the job description and then think about which of your achievements relate to that type of job. That’s what you should emphasize on your resume.

Also, hiring managers will view your accomplishments and work experience as more relevant/significant if you performed them somewhat recently. So your resume should include more achievements that occurred in your two or three most recent positions.

For example, for your most recent role, you may want to include eight to ten bullet points. For the next role, maybe only six or seven. After that, for older positions, you may want to include even fewer.

Types of Accomplishments to Include on a Resume:

Numbers paint a clearer picture and grab the reader’s attention on your resume, so include numbers and data when possible. Consider including the following:

  • Dollar amounts
  • Percent increases or decreases
  • Number of people (for example, the number of people you supported as an administrative assistant, the number of people you managed or trained as a supervisor, the number of customer requests you handled per day if you’re in customer service)
  • Time periods (for example, saying you helped the company acquire 25 new customers in three months or that you completed a specific project in six weeks and ahead of the deadline)

Of course, you can also include non-numerical achievements, such as:

  • Industry awards
  • Academic achievements (if you’re a recent graduate or student)

You may need to ask colleagues and coworkers for ideas or do some research to quantify everything, but the more you can assign specific numbers and results to specific job tasks on your resume, the better.

This article has examples of good power words and verbs for a resume to help you start brainstorming. It also explains why you never want to start bullets with, “Responsible for…”

List Team and Company Accomplishments Along With Individual Results

You can also name group and company achievements to give context to the impact of your work. For example, if you’re an administrative assistant supporting a certain team, you can talk about how much revenue that team brought in.

Even if you only played a small role, you were a part of that effort!

The bottom line is, don’t feel like you can only include individual resume accomplishments. If you were part of a group, list what your group achieved, too!

Why Do Employers Care About Past Achievements?

Now that we’ve looked at some resume accomplishment examples above, let’s talk about why it’s so important to show specific accomplishments in your resume.

The reason resume accomplishments are so powerful is that they provide proof of your past successes and abilities, and also paint a detailed picture for the employer in terms of what you could do for them.

Sharing a few examples of past successes is the best way to prove that you’ll have strong future performance as well.

For example, if an employer sees that you helped your last company grow a key metric or succeed and grow, they’ll be thinking, “Wow, imagine what this person could do for us now!”

It’s always more convincing and memorable to provide specific proof of what you’ve achieved rather than only listing duties and responsibilities on a resume.

Here’s an example of what a great professional accomplishment on a resume can do for your job search…

Imagine you’re writing your resume and trying to describe your contribution to developing a new product.

If you’re like most people, you might write a bullet point like this:

  • Assisted in the development of new product suite launched in 2020

Now imagine you list this work accomplishment on your resume like this instead:

  • Key member of development team for company’s new product suite in 2020, earning $12 million in the first 10 months after launch

In the second example above, instead of just talking about your basic duties, you’re showing the exact impact your work had on a company’s success. That’s going to set you apart and make recruiters and hiring managers more excited to talk to you.

Final Step: Write Your Own Work Accomplishments

To start writing your own accomplishment list for your job search, it may be helpful to look at past job descriptions of the roles you’ve held. Or, use your memory and begin to write down your typical work in a day, week, and month.

What were your main job duties?

Where did you spend the bulk of your time? What were you responsible for? Most importantly, what did you help the company achieve or improve?

That last part is the most important for impressing a hiring manager and winning interviews.

A list of resume bullets starting with, “Responsible for” is generic and NOT going to win over a hiring manager.

So always think about how your work tasks and duties actually helped the company, and then quantify them as much as possible!

Resume Format: Where to Place Accomplishments on Your Resume

The best place to list accomplishments on your resume is under your work experience, particularly in your bullets. Your resume bullets are the ideal place to list work accomplishments because bullets stand out visually and grab the reader’s attention. They are almost always one of the first places that recruiters and hiring managers look at on a resume.

You can also write a couple of key accomplishments in your resume summary paragraph at the top of the document. But then list even more in your bullets under your employment history.

Those are the two most important places to put this information on your resume.

Should You Include a Separate “Key Achievements” Resume Section?

If you read everything above, you now know that the best place to list key achievements on your resume is in your chronological work experience and your professional summary.

But if you want to provide some additional info, then you can consider adding a dedicated “Key Achievements” section.

This can help you include some additional keywords on your resume and variations of keywords. And if you’ve racked up many professional awards and impressive results across a long career, it allows you to show everything in one place at-a-glance.

However, I recommend keeping the list short (eight to ten bullets or fewer).

As a recruiter , I prefer to see context for where/when you used each skill, which I see in your resume work history. So that’s where most of your time/effort should go in terms of writing your resume.

Anything you include in a “Key Achievements” section should also be listed under your work experience.

For more help structuring your resume and deciding which sections to include and where, read this article about everything to put on a resume.

Bonus Tip: Use LinkedIn to See Real-World Examples of Work Accomplishments

Different positions and industries will have vastly different accomplishments.

So one more way you can write a stand-out list of achievements and separate yourself from most candidates is to look at top talent in your industry on LinkedIn.

Most people list key accomplishments beneath their various jobs on LinkedIn.

So you can gather far more examples there, and see some of the best achievements of your industry peers.

This may remind you of your own work achievements, and will surely give you more examples to take inspiration from.

Or, if you’re an entry-level job seeker, look at other recent graduates and see how people are listing their academic awards and other relevant accomplishments.

If many other people are listing their academic achievements in a certain way and have good jobs now, it’s a sign they’re attracting potential employers.

You’re more likely to get an interview for a position if you list results and accomplishments on your resume, especially if those results are relevant to the employer’s needs.

Don’t think of your resume as just a list of what you were responsible for in past roles. Instead, share achievements and results, and quantify them whenever possible.

There are a variety of achievements you can list, from managing a project, training a new team member, helping to sell more products, creating a new process, or receiving an award.

Find as many accomplishments as you can for your resume, and you’ll stand out from other job seekers.

If you take this approach with your resume, you’ll get more job interviews.

Biron Clark

About the Author

Read more articles by Biron Clark

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2023 Emergency Management Accomplishments Report

EPA’s Emergency Management Program works to ensure the protection of human health and the environment by preparing for, preventing, and responding to natural disasters and environmental emergencies. The following accomplishments highlight national and regional responses and removal actions from October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023. The highlights include inspection data and information about prevention and response regulations and consequence management.  

Emergency Preparedness and Prevention 

National Contingency Plan Subpart J Amendments

In June 2023, EPA finalized amendments to Subpart J of the National Contingency Plan. Subpart J governs the listing and use of dispersants and other chemical and biological agents when responding to oil discharges into waters of the United States and adjoining shorelines. The final rule amends the Subpart J provisions for listing agent products.  The amended and new provisions in the final rule are intended to improve the safety and effectiveness of spill mitigating product use, ensure emergency responders have sufficient information to make better decisions about product use, and better target the use of these products to reduce the risks from oil discharges and response technologies.   

State Emergency Response Commission Survey  

In April 2023, EPA published a report on the first survey conducted of the State Emergency Response Commissions . The purpose of the survey was to learn how the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act is currently implemented at the state and local levels, as required by the 1986 legislation, as well as its amendments of certain provisions in 2018. State Emergency Response Commissions are responsible for implementing the EPCRA provisions in each state and territory. The agency conducted this survey to gather information on current practices, challenges, and gaps, including successes and best practices in implementing EPCRA. Additionally, EPA asked the states to provide information on their Local Emergency Planning Committees and if their planning districts have developed or updated response plans to address potential chemical accidents.  

Note: The agency received responses from 50 states and two territories. A few states omitted responses to some of the questions; however, the report includes an analysis of responses to all 86 questions in the survey.   

Inspections at Chemical and Oil Facilities  

To ensure compliance with EPA prevention and preparedness regulations, the agency trains and provides resources to regional inspectors for oversight of chemical and oil facilities. Inspections and government-initiated unannounced exercises can result in enforcement actions to ensure facilities comply with regulatory requirements and to protect human health and the environment.  

EPA regions have completed 348 Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure inspections to date in Fiscal Year 2023 with a focus on high-risk SPILL PREVENTION, CONTROL, AND countermeasure facilities.  

Completed 175 Facility Response Plan inspections and 47 on-site government-initiated unannounced exercises through August 2023.   

Inspector training: 

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure/FRP Training:   

Inspector “Tank Talk” webinars: Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure/FRP Refresher – December 2022   

Midland College Oil Production Course (Midland, Texas) – February 2023  

Five-day Oil Inspector Training course (San Francisco) – June 2023  

Two-day Advanced Oil Program Inspector Refresher Training for Regions 2 and 3 (Philadelphia) – July 2023  

Nine virtual Oil Inspector Refresher Training sessions throughout FY23  

Four webinars for Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure for Federal Facilities in September 2023  

Risk Management Program Inspector Training:  

Completed five-day RMP Inspector Training course (November 2022)  

Completed three-day RMP Ammonia Refrigeration Systems, Technology, and Safety Training course (June 2023)  

Advancing Environmental Justice Through Oil Spill Prevention and Preparedness Programs  

EPA works with our partners and the regulated community to develop and implement prevention practices that reduce the risk of oil spills into waters and build preparedness capacity for oil spill emergencies. These efforts are especially important in disadvantaged communities who disproportionately bear the burden from these incidents. In 2023, EPA continued conducting environmental justice analyses of oil program inspection data and inspection targeting protocols to better account for vulnerable communities.  

Tribal Training and Outreach  

Environmental emergencies may occur on tribal lands, so it is important for Tribal communities to be prepared and implement necessary prevention measures. Throughout the year, EPA has enhanced outreach, training, inspection targeting, and coordination with tribes to improve implementation of these programs in Indian Country. The agency provided free webinars and inspector training to educate tribes on their responsibilities to prevent and prepare for oil discharges and chemical emergencies, including:  

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure and Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations webinar – 4 sessions from March to September 2023  

Overview of oil spill prevention techniques 4-hour short courses – 3 sessions from   March to September 2023  

EPCRA webinar - 6 sessions from March to May 2023 

Consequence Management

Airborne Spectral Photometric Environmental Collection Technology (ASPECT) aircraft aerial radiological survey 

The EPA’s Airborne Spectral Photometric Environmental Collection Technology aircraft and associated agency team conducted an aerial radiological survey of Erie and Niagara counties throughout October 2023 at the request of EPA Region 2 and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Western New York was a hub for the manufacturing of atomic weapon components during World War II. This aerial survey was performed to assess the extent of potential use and distribution of byproducts and waste material containing radiological material. EPA Region 2 and the NYDEC have ongoing Superfund removal actions of radiological materials in the area which cause an imminent and substantial endangerment to human health and the environment. Additional ASPECT flyovers are planned for later in the year.  

Chemical Warfare Agency Preparedness Training  

In March 2023, EPA facilitated the Chemical Warfare Agent Preparedness Training event in Franklin, Indiana. The goal of the training was to better prepare emergency response personnel to respond to chemical warfare incidents. The comprehensive training provided OSCs and Special Teams with hands-on experience in various areas related to chemical warfare response, including handheld monitors, sampling, decontamination, personnel decontamination, laboratory analysis, waste management, health effects and medical countermeasures, and generating clearance values. The training also featured demonstrations from EPA’s ASPECT aerial detection system, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Indiana National Guard 53rd Civil Support Team, and the U.S. Army Chemical Biological Center.   

The training event was attended by over 60 participants from EPA, other federal agencies, and state, and local emergency responders. This collaborative arrangement helped prepare the nation for the potential impact caused by chemical warfare incidents.  

 Testing Chemical Agent Contamination Response in a Realistic Setting  

EPA is enhancing the nation’s ability to respond to and recover from a potential chemical agent incident through research and response exercises. In October and November 2023, EPA tested its chemical agent contamination response in a realistic setting at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Indiana. This effort to further advance preparedness was called the Operational Testing and Evaluation of Remediation Activities field study.  

 EPA collaborated with other partners to engage in real-world scenario testing of an indoor chemical warfare agent release. The interior of a building was configured to simulate two types of spaces many people frequently find themselves in: an office space and a studio apartment. These rooms included common items that would need to be remediated in the event of a chemical warfare agent incident and provided the participants with different types of materials to work with, including tables, IT equipment, bed, countertops, and kitchen appliances.   

The simulated scenario provided EPA responders and researchers an opportunity to understand the operationally relevant effectiveness of sampling and analytical methods and decontamination approaches. Activities included an initial contamination event, followed by pre-decontamination sampling, decontamination, post-decontamination sampling, with waste management, and data management conducted throughout the exercise.  

The team merged emergency preparedness exercises with cutting edge research to advance chemical warfare agent emergency response. This comprehensive exercise transformed the way we collect and tag samples, minimizing time the responders would be in the field and potentially exposed to the agents. It also streamlined the process for tagging and documenting chains of custody. For more information, see the video on the OTECRA field study.  

Updated Quick Reference Guides for Responders  

EPA works with the National Response Team to prepare and update quick reference guides as tools for the response community on various hazards. These updates help ensure that responders have current information to effectively respond to a wide range of incidents. In FY23, quick reference guide updates were provided for the following chemical warfare agents: Sulfur mustard , Mustard-Lewisite mixture , and Lewisite .  

Women in Leadership and Emergency Response  

Over the past three years, the Women in Leadership and Emergency Response program has very successfully brought together emergency responders to promote diversity in the EPA emergency response community and give an impactful voice to all minority groups within the community. The WiLER program’s mission is to create unique content for OSCs and other emergency response personnel to address issues unique to women in the emergency response community. From organizing a webinar series with inspirational role-model speakers to developing half-day courses on overcoming career and work-life balance issues, the WiLER program is a testament to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility and the spirit of teamwork and excellence. Despite the pandemic challenges, the group was able to develop a unique and inclusive program that has inspired and touched many lives.   

Emergency Response 

Nationally/regionally significant responses and removals  .

Discharges and Spills  

Oil Pollution Act -TC Energy Mill Creek Oil Spill Emergency Response – On December 7, 2022, the 36-inch Keystone pipeline near Washington, Kansas, ruptured , resulting in the discharge of 588,000 gallons of heavy crude oil. The oil flowed overland and into Mill Creek--a perennial stream. The stream was significantly impacted with oil bank-to-bank greater than 3.5 miles from the pipeline rupture location. EPA On-Scene Coordinators deployed to oversee responsible party containment and oil recovery operations.  Numerous traditional and innovative oil recovery techniques were used to combat terrain and extreme weather conditions, including a record low temperature of -13°F on December 23, 2022. On May 11, 2023, oil removal activities within Mill Creek and the surrounding shoreline were deemed complete. Response crews then shifted focus to stream restoration, which continued through the summer.   

 EPA worked more than 6,000 staff hours and had over 83 deployments to the scene during this major oil spill response. EPA offices from all over the country supported the effort, along with staff from the U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Strike Team. In total, more than 54 million gallons of contaminated water were treated and discharged back to Mill Creek during the response. A total of 711,000 gallons of oil were recovered, including product remaining in the pipeline following the rupture. Approximately 200,000 tons of oil-impacted soil, sediment, and debris were excavated and sent for off-site disposal. Stream restoration efforts were completed during the summer and early fall of 2023. On October 13, 2023, water levels were returned to their natural levels in Mill Creek.  

Explosions and Fires 

My Way Trading Warehouse Fire – On April 11, 2023, the My Way Trading warehouse , a former industrial plastic recycling facility, in Richmond, Indiana, caught fire. The Richmond Fire Department established a ½-mile evacuation zone and issued a shelter-in-place order for residents outside the ½-mile limit. The Indiana Department of Emergency Management requested EPA assistance with air monitoring and sampling. EPA integrated into a Unified Command with IDEM, Ohio EPA, the City of Richmond Fire Department, and Wayne County EMA. The agency initially conducted mobile and stationary air monitoring in the community. The intensity of the fire destroyed the My Way Trading warehouse as well as three neighboring warehouses. During the height of the fire, a smoke plume was visible up to thirty miles away and deposited fire debris over ten miles from the scene. The fire lasted for about eight days before being completely extinguished.  

Fire debris sample results confirmed the presence of asbestos-containing material. EPA crews safely removed this debris from the community. EPA prioritized cleanup of schools, daycares, public parks and residences in Indiana and Ohio. The agency cleaned up 351 properties and performed reconnaissance at an additional 512 properties where no evidence of debris was present. In the fall of 2023, the agency initiated an action to remove contaminated debris from the site.  

Vermont Floods – In early July 2023, the state of Vermont experienced extreme rainfall which caused catastrophic flooding across several counties. Due to the damage caused by the flooding, the state of Vermont requested FEMA support. EPA immediately stood up a Regional Emergency Operations Center and established an Incident Management Team. The agency deployed two On-Scene Coordinators and START and ERRS contractors to conduct assessments and response activities. Additional work included the assessment of wastewater treatment facilities.  As the response grew over the following weeks, an additional OSC was deployed to the field, along with two Assistant Safety Officers.  

Assessments were conducted in 10 towns in coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation representatives to determine the operability status of wastewater treatment facilities. After approximately two weeks of assessments, it was determined that no further EPA action was required.   

Additionally, assessments were conducted in 17 towns across six counties to identify any releases or potential releases of oil and hazardous materials due to the flooding, and response actions were conducted as necessary to mitigate any releases. By the end of the response, a total of 202 assessments and 113 removal activities were conducted. EPA collected, separated, packaged and sent approximately 14,000 containers for disposal to a permitted facility. All field teams were demobilized from the incident by mid-September 2023. 

sample of accomplishment report in action research

Typhoon Mawar – On May 24, 2023, Typhoon Mawar made landfall in Guam as a Category 4 typhoon. In less than a week, amid airport and road closures, power outages, and drinking water shortages, two EPA OSCs were deployed to perform damage assessments and set up an Incident Management Team to support operations for this disaster.  

EPA demonstrated outstanding resilience and collaborative teamwork with local and federal agency partners to rapidly stand up and execute to completion the removal of household hazardous wastes following the impacts to the island of Guam from Typhoon Mawar. The underserved communities in Guam have been disproportionally impacted by a slow recovery from the last Super Typhoon that impacted the Western Pacific region of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marina Islands in 2018 and the difficulties encountered to manage and remove hazardous waste on a remote island with complex international logistics considerations.  

The Mawar IMT conducted real-time environmental monitoring, Uncrewed Aerial Systems mapping, thermal and digital imaging activities, and preparation for hazardous waste and electronic waste debris removal. EPA worked closely with Guam EPA, FEMA, the U.S. Coast Guard, Army National Guard, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to conduct the household hazardous waste removal over a four-month period.  

The Mawar team successfully removed over 80 tons of batteries, 4,000 compressed cylinders, 1,800 cubic yards of electronic waste, and 33,000 gallons of flammable liquids. Additionally, the team worked closely with Guam EPA and the USACE to set them up for success in addressing any remaining hazardous waste during the removal of debris. 


East Palestine – On February 3, 2023, a Norfolk Southern Railway train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio , releasing large quantities of hazardous substances, causing a massive fire, and leading to the evacuation of thousands of residents. EPA On-Scene Coordinators responded within hours. During the following months, hundreds of people across the agency supported the response either in the field or virtually. EPA's Airborne Spectral Photometric Environmental Collection Technology aircraft and Portable High-throughput Integrated Laboratory Identification System deployed in support of the response. 

The agency directed and oversaw the collection of more than 100 million air monitoring data points and more than 35,000 environmental samples (air, water, and soil) in and around the community. OSCs and support personnel demonstrated exceptional leadership and collaborative problem-solving skills throughout the East Palestine disaster. Their efforts have ensured the safety and well-being of the community.  

Although some activities at the site are still ongoing, the cleanup effort has resulted in the removal of approximately 175,000 tons of solid waste and almost 40 million gallons of hazardous wastewater (with over 5 million gallons of wastewater treated on site).  

Sandstone Derailment – On March 8, 2023, a CSX train consisting of four locomotives with 109 empty coal cars collided with a boulder that had fallen across the track in Sandstone, West Virginia. The locomotives, holding approximately 11,000 gallons of diesel and 1,600 gallons of lubricating oil derailed with two entering the New River within New River Gorge National Park. EPA, National Park Service, and the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection all responded to the derailment. EPA supplemented sampling from the WV American Water drinking water intake on the New River and coordinated with the facility operator during an 8-hour shutdown of the intake and throughout the response.  

CSX's early response efforts included boom deployment, soil excavation to bedrock at the derailment site, product recovery on the river, air monitoring, and surface water sampling. All response activities were overseen by EPA and WVDEP. Efforts included multiple controlled water flushes and product recovery events at the derailment site and ongoing product recovery and monitoring of the bank. 

Maui Wildfires – On the evening of August 8, 2023, winds from Hurricane Dora helped spread wildfires rapidly across the island of Maui , Hawaii, devastating the communities of Lahaina, Kula, and Olinda. On August 10th, President Biden approved an Expedited Major Disaster Declaration. By August 11th, EPA began the process of conducting the removal and disposal of household hazardous materials to protect public health and safety in impacted communities.  

EPA deployed key members of its Incident Management Team on-island, laying the groundwork for a nationally significant, multi-month disaster response effort. The Maui wildfires resulted in nearly 100 fatalities, 2,170 acres burned, and 1,600 parcels referred to EPA for household hazardous material removal. By the end of fiscal year 2023, EPA completed 65% of its $41 million FEMA Mission Assignment work, including Uncrewed Aircraft Systems surveying, soil stabilizer evaluation and pilot application, and groundbreaking lithium-ion battery deconstruction processes to enable safe collection, transportation and disposal/recycling of fire-damaged power walls and electric vehicles throughout the burn areas.  

The intensive approach to incorporating appropriate cultural resource practices into this EPA disaster response is both precedent setting and contributed to the overall success of the mission. From the beginning of the response, EPA committed to conducting work in a manner that aligns with and respects local culture and the devastation experienced by communities in Lahaina and the Upcountry. The agency worked with traditional practitioners with specialized knowledge of local cultural resources and practices to help achieve cleanup goals in a manner acceptable to communities suffering huge losses. The approach was memorialized in a Cultural Awareness, Resources, and Historic Properties Plan to guide the agency’s staff and contractors and includes cultural resources training as a part of EPA and contractor staff onboarding to the response. EPA worked with Na 'Aikane o Maui Cultural and Research Center and West Maui Community Aid, a collective of Native Hawaiian leaders, to ensure response actions did not further damage cultural resources. Multiple community members provided direct input to EPA’s operational planning; Na 'Aikane and West Maui Community Aid identified local cultural monitors and provided them with the proper health and safety training to accompany the field teams during cleanup operations in Lahaina. This integrated cultural resources approach to disaster response in Maui established the standard for conducting this type of work in the community with FEMA and USACE committing to continue these practices through the next phase of debris removal.  

Additional Responses and Removal Actions 

Columbia Smelting and Refining Works Site – The Columbia Smelting and Refining Works Site is the location of a historic secondary lead smelter which had become a portion of one of Brooklyn, New York’s largest and most popular parks and includes numerous athletic fields used by children. The Red Hook Recreation Area is located across the street from a public housing complex with approximately 6,000 residents. The agency’s sampling identified lead concentrations in soil as high as 8,300 mg/kg attributable to the former smelting operations in two areas of the park, totaling approximately 7.6 acres in size. 

The EPA first worked with the property owner, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (NYC Parks), to temporarily restrict access to the portions of the park where elevated lead levels were identified. The agency compelled NYC Parks to conduct a cleanup of these impacted areas valued at well over $30 million, which led to a full park redevelopment project over more than 58 acres. NYC Parks excavated and properly disposed of soil impacted by the former lead smelter, capped remaining impacted soils with climate- and flood-resilient features and redeveloped the park. With vigilant oversight, review, and input by the EPA Removal Program over the course of five years, NYC Parks fully restored the impacted park areas to synthetic turf fields for the surrounding community to use. The EPA and NYC Parks held numerous public meetings with the community and many diversified groups to update them on the progress and completion of the park construction and restoration. The cleanup compelled the unrelated restoration of the adjacent, lead-contaminated housing complex to follow stringent cleanup and environmental monitoring standards and helped to revitalize a historically underserved and highly diversified community. 

Vo-Toys Site Removal Action – EPA oversaw the removal of a large, historic industrial complex covering a city block within a densely urban, residential area of Harrison, NJ, which was grossly contaminated with elemental mercury from historic manufacturing processes. Air modeling confirmed the potential for a drastic, catastrophic release of mercury vapor reaching as far as New York City in the event of a building fire. Physical tracking of mercury remained a concern for the duration of the work due to its prevalence across the site. 

EPA compelled the responsible party to dismantle and remove the buildings, including utility line relocation, and remove highly contaminated subsurface footers, foundations, piping and soil--over the course of three years--in coordination with local emergency response officials, state partners, many hundreds of residents, and other stakeholders. The cleanup was valued at well over $15 million and advanced the EPA Removal Program’s expertise in mercury contamination and cleanups. This complex and innovative project was critical for the protection of public health and prepared the site for beneficial reuse of an attractive location seated alongside a major commuter line, contributing to the growth of a historically underserved and vibrant community.  

Port Hamilton Refining and Transportation – Port Hamilton Refining & Transportation owns the eastern portion of the approximately 1,500-acre former HOVENSA refinery located on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. HOVENSA declared bankruptcy in 2015, and the refinery was acquired by Limetree Bay Refining in 2016; LBR intended to restart operations. The attempt to start up the refinery in 2020 failed due to a series of releases that impacted the adjacent community, and in June 2021, LBR announced that it was suspending plans to restart the refinery. The refinery remained idled until it was purchased by PHRT in January 2022 and is currently in this state.  

After a large pile of petroleum coke stored on site began to smolder, sending smoke and particulate matter throughout the surrounding community for 23 days, EPA scheduled a General Duty Clause inspection at the refinery in September 2022. Based on the findings of that inspection, on December 5, 2022, PHRT entered into an Order on Consent with EPA which required the removal of three highly hazardous materials: 8,400 gallons of ammonia, 26,700 gallons of liquified petroleum gas, and 327,112 gallons of an enriched amines solution that contained hydrogen sulfide. The removal work, which took place during the spring and summer of 2023, was performed by PHRT and was required due to the corroded condition of the containment vessels, the piping, and the valves. EPA personnel provided oversight during the removal activities and around-the-clock air monitoring, which displayed real-time air monitoring results online.   

Air monitoring focused primarily on the chemicals of concern associated with the removal operations of the ammonia, rich amine solution and LPG, which included sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide. The team, which consisted of OSCs and Emergency Response Team staff members, set up and maintained fixed air monitoring locations strategically located on the facility, on the fence line of the facility, and at locations in the nearby community for a total of 20 air monitoring stations consisting of 55 air monitors. The EPA coordinated extensively with territorial agencies on the air monitoring strategy, action levels, and public communications. To assist in the communications effort, the agency developed an ArcGIS Hub Site, which displayed real-time air monitoring readings, as well as provided information pertaining to the air monitoring and chemical removal operations. The EPA also staffed a 24-hour hotline for receiving public inquiries, as well as providing a means for the public to report odor issues. If an odor complaint was received in an approximate two-mile radius from the facility, the EPA would deploy a roving air monitoring team to investigate the source of the odor. This information was also displayed on the hub site which allowed the public to see where odors were being reported and what actions the EPA took in response.

Looking Ahead 

During FY24, EPA will continue to protect vulnerable communities from chemical accidents and the discharge of hazardous substances through new regulations. As climate change impacts steadily increase the prevalence of natural disasters, the agency is looking for ways to adapt by using new technologies, tools, and resources. Protecting human health and the environment by preparing for, preventing, and responding to natural disasters and environmental emergencies is essential, and EPA is committed to building on its mission.  

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