new business ideas in homework

74 Home Business Ideas In 2024 To Start While Working Full-Time

new business ideas in homework

72 Best Home Business Ideas to Start with $25 even less while working full-time

Several entrepreneurs think they must borrow or spend money to start their own businesses. There are many small businesses you can start with a small fraction of the funds to grow to thousands of dollars in the next few months.

Many people are making thousands of dollars working at home.

Chris makes a case for starting a business for under $ 100, needing to borrow money, no employees, no office, and no need for a long business plan.

Instead, here are 74 easy businesses to start from home by leveraging your skills, computer skills, and connections.

Tips To Start a Successful Home-Based Business

To become a successful entrepreneur is not a science, but most people fear the risks that may be involved. Those who sacrifice and endure get the reward and live a better lifestyle, being their own boss.

Many people interested in becoming business owners or entrepreneurs face many challenges. It may not be easy to know the type of business ideas to start with to get better results.

When starting out, most people ask, “How do I start a business?”; “ how do I quit my day job and start a new business?” Etc.

It may be very challenging to come up with any home business ideas, especially if you are interested in home businesses that require little or no stress.

Many of us fear quitting our day jobs to pursue business without worrying about how we will meet our financial responsibilities and move forward with no immediate profits.

I tell people who want to start a business that they don’t need to quit their day job. They need to test their business and service before quitting their day job.

No matter where you are working or the nature of your work, there must be a time schedule to start your own small investment business from home.

You need to grow your business while keeping your day job to avoid trouble once you’re self-employed.

Before you think of small business ideas to start, there are two things you need to consider: PASSION and IDEAS or your hobby.

Check out the essential tools and resources I used to launch profitable side businesses.

I have conducted in-depth research and compiled this massive list of home-based business ideas you can check to see which will suit you.

This will help you think of profitable business ideas to start.

It will be a little challenging to work as a full-time employee while working on your business.

But remember that some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs struggled with this when they were about to start a business for the first time without quitting their day jobs.

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Below are the best home business ideas you can start while working full-time.

  74 Successful Home Business Ideas 2024

Want to become a boss? Here are 72 unique business ideas you can start without quitting your day job.

1.eCommerce Business

eCommerce is booming, and many people are making money either selling on Amazon FBA or creating stores to sell their products. There are different ways to start an e-commerce business and start making money.

Amazon FBA Business

If you want to build a brand by leveraging the power of Amazon and creating your dream life, the Amazon FBA business is the way to go. There are thousands of people like you who are making from $10,000 to $100,000 per month selling on Amazon .

If you want to start selling on Amazon, you can check one of the best training where you can learn how to create a successful Amazon business.


Dropshipping is another type of e-commerce that requires a store to sell your product. With this model, you don’t need to worry about inventory or an Amazon account.

2. Web Design

It is well-known that the world is moving toward eCommerce, and the number of people creating websites to grow their business is increasing daily. Web design is one of the best home business ideas that can bring thousands of dollars into your pocket every month.

Web designers are amazingly valuable for technology companies. It is just about mastering the art of creating an attractive website.

If web design is your passion, you only need to learn how to build a website in the following areas. HTML, CMS, PHP, etc.

Many companies and individuals are looking for professional web designers to help them build a website. Check the sites below to learn how to design a website.


3. Online Training and Courses

Do you have any experience in your field? If you’re an expert in a specific area, some people would be willing to pay to become an expert in your field like you.

For example, if you know how to train dogs or if you are good with social media, then you can create an  online course  teaching people how to use social media to grow their business.

Everybody knows that we are in a digital era. If you can turn your knowledge and skills into an eBook and share it with people who are seeking these skills, an eBook is a great idea to start your  online business .

Packaging your skills and knowledge into a downloadable PDF that delivers value to those seeking to learn a skill or start their own unique business is a game-changer if you target the right audience.

Suppose you want to start an online business by selling digital books. In that case, you may need to  learn from experts who have successfully built multi-million dollar companies  selling eBooks and other files like online courses, membership training etc.

Although you may have the base skills and rudimentary knowledge, knowing experts within you can speed up your success while learning to become a market professional.

4. Instagram Marketing

Do you know where people are hiding now?

Many people have started spending most of their leisure time using social media. Social media has become one of the best tools to promote your business and brand.

It’s no wonder why big companies like Coca-Cola have spent real money building their Facebook and Instagram pages with millions of followers.

Build up millions of followers on your Instagram account, and you could quickly be approached by major brands, companies, and other business owners that sell products or services related to the type of content you share on your Instagram account.

You can easily charge $300 to $1000 per post or more if you have thousands of followers.

There are some big brands and companies who are killing it with Instagram.

Learn how to make money from Instagram

5, Online Coaching

Online coaching  is a way of helping people achieve their goals by giving them training and helping them learn specific skills from you.

If you have something skilled and passionate about, you can offer your services with  one-on-one online coaching .

For example, if you are passionate about fitness, you can create online coaching for people with busy lives, families or those who do not want to meet with a trainer weekly.

You can implement your system to only work with clients you can help. Online coaching is a good home business idea for people who like creating videos, organizing online seminars, start a mastermind group like the Time To Thrive Challenge .

6.  Podcasting

A podcast is a series of digital audio files a user can set up so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user’s local computer or portable media player.

Podcasting is very popular nowadays, and most businesses and entrepreneurs find it useful to gain more customers by creating a series of podcasts to attract more clients.

It will be a great way to get sponsors if you can produce a regular audience for your podcast on a specific topic or niche.

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Most people pay $75-$200 and even more depending on the audience size per episode.

This is useful if you already have an online audience who listens to your regular podcast, and that has not stopped you from building a successful business on the back of podcasting.

Check out this eBook to learn how to make money podcasting  and improve your podcasting business. Also, if you’re ready to start a podcast business, here is the list of best podcast hosting to help you choose the one that fits your needs. Check the  Podbean podcast hosting review .

7. Amazon Kindle Publishing

Anyone can sell an eBook on Amazon, provided you have good products. You can sell any genre of eBooks on Amazon Kindle, such as business books, fiction books, marketing books, health-related books, and so on.

If you want to step your Amazon Kindle game up, check out this detailed guide to Amazon Kindle publishing. You can learn how to publish your Kindle eBook without spending a dime.

Kindle book publishing is the best home business idea for those without capital, as you don’t need to invest any money before publishing your Kindle book on Amazon.

NOTE: If you want to make thousands of dollars every month with Kindle publishing, I strongly recommend Kindle mystery.No 1 Kindle training.

Click here to learn more about the Kindle publishing mystery.

8. Business Consulting

Do you have consulting skills or any certification in an industry? This may be an opportunity for you to start a consulting business.

Business consultants are among the top home business ideas. They help organizations or individuals improve their performance and efficiency, analyze businesses and create solutions while assisting companies to or people meet their goals.

If you’ve developed a set of skills or qualifications within your industry over the years, consider putting your skills to use by offering your consulting services to business owners in your local area.

Whether you’re a professional marketer, business strategist or social media expert, a local business owner will likely pay you to help them solve specific problems within their company.

Check out Consultant Bible :  Everything You Need to Know to Build a Seven-Figure Consulting Practice.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing  is the process of making a commission by promoting the products of other people or companies. You need to find a product you like, promote it to your network, and earn a profit from each sale.

If you already have a blog with targeted traffic, affiliate marketing is the best way to profit from your blog or website.

There are many affiliate programs and networks you can register with to start promoting their products. Spencer’s training program is the best place to start; he  revealed his 7-figure affiliate commission .

Read the lists of  Best Affiliate Programs  for Bloggers to monetize their blogs. Also, you can learn how to create  sales funnel  to grow your online business.

10. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA), also known as a virtual office assistant, is a self-employed person who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients from a home office. Virtual Assistants work for other small businesses.

If you want to become a virtual assistant, there are many places to find great gigs, such as, Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr etc.

It can be a fantastic way to meet people, and you’ll have the opportunity to start this as a home-based business idea.

11. Become an Online Teacher/Tutor

Teaching and tutoring online is a great way to make a solid income. No matter what your specialisation area is, such as the English language, Mathematics or any other subject.

Many students have problems passing exams such as SAT, ACT or other college exams. Why not start tutoring to help them out?

Most Parents are more than willing to pay $100/hr to the right tutor for their child to get admitted to the college or university of their choice.

Not only that, you can start by helping kids out with their homework and get paid for it.

Here are  5 tips to start an SAT tutoring home business.

12. Social Media Manager

Are you a social media expert? Do you spend more time on  Twitter ,  Pinterest  and  Facebook ? So why not get paid to put your expertise to work?

Many big companies and business owners need social media to boost their brands and businesses.

If you have a solid social media presence, many people and companies need your service to help them grow their brands online through social media.

This is  one of the most lucrative business ideas  as it can help you grow your business while still making money by helping others. You can  make a lot of money as a social media manager .

13. Paid Ad Specialist

If you know about Internet marketing, there are many opportunities to become a Google, Bing, and Facebook ads specialist. Managing a company’s or people’s ads campaign is a great way to make extra income.

You can help clients or companies set up Google, Bing and Facebook Ad Campaigns and gradually start bringing in more clients to your consulting business and growing.

This online business idea requires training to become an expert in paid ad specialization.

  • One Funnel Away Kit

14. Blogging

Blogging is one of my primary sources of online income, so if you think blogging is just a way of creating content for people to read, you better think twice. Many bloggers are making more than $5000 per month.

You have no excuse to start blogging as a full-time job simply because it does not require much time to set up. Learning how to blog is fun and you can get the best out of it without quitting your day job.

The first step is to think about what to blog about. Do you have a passion for something?

You can consider some niches or markets: Food, juice, and health-related niches such as fitness and nutrition, home cooking, travel, lifestyle, and more.

If you want to start a home business that can quickly give you results, I suggest blogging, one of the  best online businesses  that can be set up for less than $25.

If you have skills in writing articles that can drive traffic to your blog post, you are on your way to making thousands of dollars every month.

If you want to speed up the process of starting a blog, here is an article on  how to start a profitable blog  in less than five minutes.

You only need to  register your domain  and  sign up for web hosting.  Read the step-by-step guide to starting your money-making blog.

15. Travel Agent and Consultant

This is another opportunity for those who love travelling. Not only can you become a travel agent, you can also become a travel blogger who writes articles on travelling.

Travel agents and bloggers make 5 figures monthly by providing content that helps people know more about travelling, tickets and more.

You can start with friends who love travelling and show them how to get the cheapest flights, vacations etc. Millions of people seek more in-depth information about travelling, hotels, vacations etc.

There are also many  travel affiliate programs  you can join. When you refer people to them, you get paid.

16. Freelance Copywriter

Copywriting is one of the essential elements of effective online marketing. The art and science of tactically writing words get people to take a specific action. It’s aimed to get people up and to run with the basics of writing excellent copy.

Copywriting is one of the most incredible opportunities as there is a high demand and can often be one of the highest-paid projects for freelance writers. For people looking for the best home business ideas related to the internet or online business, Freelance copywriting is a profitable business.

To become a freelance copywriter, check out this awesome eBook on  How to Become a Copywriter with No Experience.

17. Interior Design and Modeling Consultant

Interior Design is the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building. It’s all about finding creative design solutions for interior environments while supporting people’s health, safety and well-being.

Your friend is remodelling his/her room and needs to know which shade of granite will match best with the flooring. Such people will often be happy to pay you for your advice and service.

If you are looking for small business ideas with low investment and high profit, consider becoming an interior design consultant.

Learn more about  Interior Design and Modeling Consultant .

18. Property Manager

A property manager or estate manager is a person or organization charged with operating a real estate property for a fee when the owner cannot attend to such details or is not interested in doing so.

Many property owners employ property managers to manage their investment properties.

You can easily make money on the side with little work by collecting rental checks, managing repairs and making improvements. A property manager is important for most real estate investors.

Get access to  Be A Successful Property Manager eBook  on

19. Sell Hand Work on Etsy

Business Ideas to Start While Working a Full-Time Job

Thousands of people make money on Etsy by selling handmade materials. If you have talent in crafting or creating other handmade goods, this is an opportunity to make money on Etsy.

You can make and sell a few things, such as phone cases, bracelets, rings, furniture, jewellery, and woodwork.

Etsy is the world’s largest independent marketplace, which is perfect for anyone who is very creative and willing to sell their handmade work.

Selling on  Etsy  can be one of the best home business ideas that can start with little capital and investment.

The Everything Guide to Selling Arts & Crafts Online

20. eBay Seller

This is another easy business to start from home. Selling on eBay is very similar to selling on Amazon. eBay is one of the largest e-commerce sites and is a great place to make money selling anything from electronic items to clothing and household items.

You can sell anything you can think of using the auction selling model, which will often be more rewarding than you expected. Selling on eBay is another unique business idea but requires training to get the best result without wasting time.

Read:  eBay PowerSeller Secrets : Insider Tips from eBay’s Most Successful Sellers (2nd Edition) (v. 2)

21. Selling your skills on Fiverr

Over hundreds of thousands of people are selling their skills and knowledge on It is a great place for people who are just starting as freelancers with little or no experience and want to build up a portfolio of their work.

You can complete many simple tasks from logo design, creating animations, eCover design, written articles and more. Learn more about  making money on Fiverr .

22. Wedding Photographer

A wedding is one of the important aspects of human life. If you know how to hold a camera and make people feel about their past events, you will indeed be paid for it. Many photographers are  getting paid by taking photos .

Imaging capturing is one of a couple’s most important life moments. Many professional photographers charge $2,000 to $8,000 to shoot a wedding and other occasions.

Read  The Best Wedding Photography book  to speed up everything you need to learn how to become a successful wedding photographer.

23. Online Dating Consultant

Are you a male or a female?

I’m sure you understand the  word online dating.  Do you know that millions of people, both male and female, find it difficult to hook up or find someone they love? What if you could help them?

Believe me or not, most people have such a difficult time at dating; they can’t even handle the online aspect of it. If you understand the game better, why not leverage that skill and become a paid matchmaker?

People are ready to pay you any amount if you can help them find their lover.

Learn how to start a dating consultant

24. Writing Erotic Fiction

If you can write erotic fiction, there are chances to make five figures monthly. People love reading fiction books, and some see it as fun. One of the best places to sell your fiction book without spending a dime is Amazon Kindle.

I have seen many people sell thousands of erotic fiction books every month on Amazon’s Kindle. This great home business idea can make you more money than your day job.

25. Catering Business

A catering business is a huge business that has a lot of benefits. It does not require much capital to set up. If you have little catering experience, this is an opportunity to convert your skills into thousands of dollars every month.

Here is How to Start a Home Catering Business

26. App Development

Did I say the word app? Yes, of course. The app business is a multi-billion dollar business.

Thousands of apps are created daily, and people are  making more money by creating apps.

Creating an app is not rocket science; if you have no experience, you can learn it within just three months. You can build an app without any coding knowledge, but it is advisable to learn the skill.

I strongly recommend the app development business if you want a lucrative home business idea. It requires some training and little capital to get started.

You can learn how to build an app in many places, like Udemy. Etc.

Learn how to build app here.

27. Online News Correspondent

If writing is your hobby and you have an idea of how to write news, then you can earn more by writing news for most online news websites. It is not necessary to have a degree in journalism before you can be a reporter these days.

Websites like The Examiner, HuffPost and Forbes will reward contributors based on ad revenue generated per article written.

Learn  how to become an online correspondent

28. Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is a method of buying and selling domain names. Domain flipping has been around for many years, and there is a lot of money to be made. If you can think of a great domain, people would love to pay for it. was sold for 5 million dollars.

You need to be familiar with this type of online business and learn the types of domains people buy.

To get you started, here are some tips from  DNJOURNER.COM , the world’s largest and most famous information on how to sell domain names.

29. Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and Editing  are great ways to earn more money while still working. There are thousands of people who are looking for an editor to help them in one way or the other.

Editing and proofreading give you the chance to read about potentially interesting topics. Freelance proofreading allows you to engage with different types of content in any area within the digital world.

There are many job postings from companies and individuals who are in need of writing, proofreading, and editing services. Ready to start proofreading and editing job?  Click here to learn how to make money with proofreading and editing.

30. Buying and Selling Refurbished Electronics

This is a good business idea if you know how to repair any type of electronics such as phones, cameras, laptops etc. You buy used electronics at cheaper rates, repair them, and then sell them at a higher price.

Some people give up easily on their faulty mobile phones, cameras, laptops etc., without even looking into the cause of their faults.

If you have the expertise to fix them, consider this a side business idea, learn more about it, and  start refurbishing and reselling used electronics.

Increase Revenue by Selling Refurbished Products

31. Data Analysis

If you know how to analyze data, many companies need the service of data analysis, and you can be part of it.

Check Upwork. They are great for freelancers with analytical skills and looking for extra work.

32. Become a Licensed Product Distributor

To become a licensed product distributor, you may need to learn more about it with diligent research on how it works.

Licensing a foreign product for sale domestically is a real and profitable business. Make sure you invest intelligently and only sell a product you believe in, and you will be well on the way to reaping the rewards for years to come.

33. Online Surveys

There is some money to be made by just taking 10 minutes out of your time to fill an online form. The only downside of it is that you can’t make much from the online survey, but it’s worth a try.

Click here to get access to online survey sites

34. Fitness and Nutrition Trainer

If you’re a fitness trainer and you have the skills, working as a part-time fitness trainer can be both physically and financially rewarding.

The first thing is to build up a reputation for yourself, it may seem complicated, but it’s achievable.

You can check out several fitness blog owners making a living online to get details about fitness training and come out on your strategies.

Fitness and Nutrition training is a unique business idea where you can make real money due to the population of people who want to lose weight and improve their health with the help of a nutritionist.

Alternatively, you can  create a fitness and nutrition  blog and provide useful and informative content about fitness. There are many fitness affiliate programs you can promote and get paid.

You can also learn how  Lady Boss generate millions of dollars  from her Fitness course without prior experience. You will get free access to her training, webinars, and all the sales funnels she uses to sell her products and services.

35. Yoga Instructor

The number of people interested in yoga is increasing daily, meaning that yoga instructors are more in demand than ever.

Check out how to  become a successful yoga instructor  with a good business idea and plan.

36.YouTube Channel Business

If you have a camera and know how to use it, then a YouTube channel business is a business to start with a low investment.

If you can create entertaining video content and grow your subscriber base, your videos can start generating substantial income from all the ads displayed.

Many people make thousands of dollars monthly on YouTube by uploading funny videos,  creating videos  about what they like, sharing their skills and more.

You don’t need expensive tools or Cameras to create a video that can go viral. You can use the  video creation tool  to make any video.

37. Translation

If you study languages at university or college, then this may be a source of income for you.

Translating is a great small business for yourself and can be done remotely.

Head to  Flexjob  to access hundreds of freelance, remote translator jobs.

38. Become a Music Instructor

You will know that entertainment has money if you are in the entertainment industry.

There are many opportunities if you can play any musical instruments such as piano, flute etc.

You can start your private music class as an instructor and charge $50-100/hr.

39. Selling Images and Pictures Online

If you love taking pictures of smiling and laughing children or any attractive objects, consider becoming a stock photographer and  selling your pictures to a stock photo company .

Here are the places to sell all your images:  Shutterstock  and  iStockPhoto.

You’ll get royalties any time someone licenses your image. To be on the silver side, you can build your photography website to display your portfolio and get visitors.

40. Teach DIYs.[Do it yourself]

If you are the kind of person who enjoys teaching people how to fish instead of giving them fish, many people need your service.

One of the best ways to make more income is to teach novice learners about their passion, hobby, or craft.

You can create videos to teach people how to make hand jewellery, play the piano, create woodwork and more.

50 Easy DIY Projects to Make and Sell 

41. Freelance Content Marketing

Do you know about marketing? If you have the right skills and experience to back it up, this is one of the best home business ideas that can give you money without investing.  Learn how to make money  from freelance content marketing.

Written quality content is not a science; it just requires some research and knowledge to get started.

Most brands and webmasters will always need high-quality content to attract new customers; your skills will always remain an asset to invest in now and in the future.

If you are interested in the best home business ideas with low start-up costs, then freelancer content marketing is one of the best options.

42. EBook Writing and Publishing

Have you ever thought of publishing your book? This is the time to get started. Book publishing is a profitable online business in the digital era.

EBook publishers are currently earning up to five figures each month. If writing a book is your hobby, you can demand around $500- $1000 per eBook project as a ghostwriter.

EBook writing is a good business idea as it only requires time and little capital to invest.

Most people are scared of the word investing, but the truth of it is that it is one of the fastest ways to increase your income. Investing has many benefits if you invest your money in an investment with a future. You can read my  Product Launch Formula review  to learn from Jeff.

44. Niche Website Creation

A  niche website  is one of the best home business ideas that can be easily set up and run in less than 72 hours. You can build your niche site based on your hobby or what you are passionate about and make money from it.

There is little investment required when setting up a niche website, such as  domain registration ,  web hosting  etc

If your passion is fitness, yoga or even food, you can build a niche website on these topics, writing quality content and monetizing it.

45. Car Washing

Car washing is one of the businesses that is very easy to set up in your local area. Many car owners don’t have enough time to take care of their vehicles personally.

If you can afford simple equipment such as car shampoo, tire polish, sponges, a bucket, and a hose, you can start making a decent income by making cars look fresh in your free time after work and getting more done during the weekend.

46. Caregiving

A caregiver is a person who cares about ageing people and is ready to render assistance in every aspect.

The caregiving business may require licenses, training certificates, business permits, and tax forms. This depends on which state you wish to operate in and the level of care you intend to provide. In most cases, you will need genuine affection for elderly people, a lot of patience, and good knowledge of first aid and elderly care basics, which will be an added advantage.

47. House Cleaning

If you are the type of person who is passionate about cleaning, then make the entire house look neat and clean and get paid for it.

House cleaning services cover the following aspects: windows, walls, roofs, carpets, floors, lawns and garages. For this, you will need a whole range of cleaning tools.

You can handle administrative and customer service aspects and hire someone to clean. Learn more about the House Cleaning job before launching your own cleaning business.

Check out the ultimate guide to starting a cleaning business.

48. Child Care

Many families with kids have very limited time to take care of their kids, and what if they get someone to help them? They will be ready to pay huge amounts of money for people ready to take on their responsibility on their behalf.

If you love kids and have some spare time, looking after children while their parents are away at work can earn you income. Starting a daycare service is a lucrative business idea.

Read this book: Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, 6th Edition

49. Computer and Laptop Repair

If you have good knowledge of computers, you can leverage software and hardware skills by offering computer repair services.

You can provide home service locally and offer remote support through Skype and video calling services. You can create a blog and teach people how to repair their computers or laptops through online training.

Learn how to repair computers and laptop

50. Computer Training and Lessons

Everyone knows that we are in the computer age, and many are interested in gaining more knowledge on how to be a computer techie. Your level of technical know-how will be of help in training people who need the service.

If you’re a computer techie, you can offer lessons and tutorials within your local area and online through the popular  YouTube , Udemy and  Teachable . You can even set up your own website where you offer your service with online payments.

51. Real Estate Sales Consultant

Without exaggeration, everybody knows that there is  money in real estate . Many people are buying and selling properties in many locations across the world.

There are a lot of business opportunities for estate experts and professionals who know about real estate’s legal, financial, and commercial aspects.

52. Human Billboard

If you love parading yourself around in public places and enjoy attracting the attention of people, then working as a human billboard can earn you big money. You can start by holding a placard or wearing a sandwich board.

If you think this is a good business idea for you, you can go all the way and turn it into a full business.

You can render your service on Fiverr. Check out and get more people interested in hiring you as a human billboard.

Read : How to make money from the survey

53. Website Flipping

Website flipping is when you buy and resell a website or update the content and monetize it to generate more revenue.

You can buy and sell websites based on traffic and income. It is an excellent online business if you have experience in blogging.

One of the largest marketplaces for selling and buying websites is .

54. Handmade Jewelry Business

If you are very creative in handmade jewellery, there is an opportunity for you to launch your own hand-made jewellery business. Etsy is one of the best places to sell handmade jewellery and make 3 to 4 figures monthly without quitting your day job.

The number of people showing interest in handmade materials is increasing significantly, with the industry set to shine with an annual growth rate of 5-6%. Many people are moving toward the idea of handmade businesses.

Starting a handmade business can double your income if you’re looking for the best home business ideas with a low investment to get started.

55. Laundry Service

The laundry industry is lucrative,, but many people look down on it. However, thousands of people need the service, including companies.

Home laundry pickup & delivery services are springing up every year.

56 .  Wedding Planning

This is a home-based business idea that has a lot of benefits if you have experience in wedding planning.

Marriages always happen; you can treat weddings as a recurring business opportunity.

Wedding planning includes the following: wedding dresses and coats, food caterers, venue providers, jewellers, photographers, performers, flower shops, souvenir crafts, and a host of others.

Just imagine if you can form a group of networks and provide services, you can offer couples a range of stress-free wedding packages.

This can quickly be done if you are the kind of person who enjoys entertainment and is friendly.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer

57. Event and Party Planning

Like wedding planners, event and party planners leverage their network of service providers to cover weddings and various occasions, such as seminars, birthdays, corporate events, holiday parties, concerts, conferences and other events.

Event Planning – The Art of Planning Your Next Successful Event

58. Pool Cleaning

Most pool owners employ people to do the cleaning for them. If you need additional cash and don’t mind getting physical, pool cleaning is a viable business idea for you.

59. Selling on Amazon

Did you know you can sell Private Labeling Products on Amazon and make 6 to 7 figures monthly?

Amazon is a massive global market where virtually anyone can cash in regarding e-commerce. Take note that a lot of work is involved, and you need to do tons of research (looking for products to sell on Amazon).

To get the best from  Amazon FBA ,  you will need to get training from marketers who are experienced in selling on Amazon. You can also check the  nine University training programs  to learn more about the training.

60. Officiating Sports Games

If you are a sports lover, officiating sports games at college sports fields and in your local area can be an exciting way to earn extra income on weekends.

People love sports and find it interesting to watch all sorts of games, especially during the weekend. You only need to undergo training before you get started.

Learn more on how to become a sports game official.

61. Selling T-Shrts On Teespring

There is money to be made by just selling t-shirts on  Teespring.  Creating an automated side business that makes money while you sleep is possible.

Thousands of entrepreneurs are killing it by selling customized T-shirts.

62. Software Developer Business

Technology has improved all aspects of the business, both online and offline. The software business is not just a business; it is a multi-billion dollar business. Here is one of the  best software business books  to help you get more ideas on the type of software you can start.

If you are a software developer, it won’t take you much time to find a good-paying software development project on the following sites:,, and ProFinder are owned by the popular social network LinkedIn, which has a section for software developers. Check my  Software Secrets review  to get in-depth training from software experts.

63. T-Shirt Printing Business

I talked about how to make money by selling customized  T-shirts on TeeSpring . But what if you can take the business to the next level by manufacturing t-shirts instead of just selling them?

The t-shirt printing business is worth millions of dollars, and it can be quite rewarding. The downside is that you may need capital to start the business; however, it can be done as a small-scale business.

If you want to go into a print-on-demand business, you can check my  print profits review  to start the training on selling a t-shirt to make profits.

64. Yard Work Services

To start a yard work business, you must undergo training, get equipment, and find a network of customers. A full-time landscaping worker gets paid around $23,000, while those working on the side during evenings and weekends earn less.

65. Public Speaking

If you are not the type of person who is afraid of speaking in public, then public speaking is a worthy business to pursue.

Authors, scientists, artisans, medical practitioners, and other experts make extra income by delivering speeches, presentations and seminars. Most motivational speakers earn an average annual salary of around $850,000 through public speaking.

How to make money from public speaking

66. Making Seasonal Decorations

Making seasonal decorations is a good side business idea, but only for a specific time. Many things can be achieved during that period, as many traditional holidays are solid reasons to start a small business selling seasonal decorations.

Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Here is an Amazon eBook on  Halloween Projector Lights 

People and other businesses pay good money for them. According to research, the total sale of Christmas trees in the U.S. alone was worth $1.05 billion in 2025.

What of holiday lights, nativity scenes, baskets, crafted hangings and other decorations to cover? You can rake in thousands of dollars during this period if you plan well for it.

This seasonal home business idea can give you money while still working.

67. Selling Handmade Garments

People are showing more interest in handmade materials such as garments, crafts and clothing, which has prompted a rise of online craft marketplaces like  Etsy .

Those with decent artisanal skills like sewing and woodworking have opened markets to sell their products. If you know how to design and make clothes by hand, why not turn those fashion ideas into money?

68. Dance Instructor

A dance instructor is accountable for training students in dance techniques, dramatic skills and performance. They specialize in various dance types, such as jazz, ballet or tap.

During the course, dance instructors also host a recital where their students show what they’ve learned during the training. If dancing is your hobby, nothing prevents you from getting money with this job.

69. Bicycle Delivery

Bicycle messengers, also known as bike couriers, work for courier companies (messenger companies) carrying and delivering items by bicycle.

They are most often found in the central business districts of metropolitan areas. If bicycle riding is your passion and hobby, why not turn it into a complete small business?

Bike messengers are becoming more popular and making more money than they ever thought. Most eCommerce companies like Amazon are stepping up their efforts to expand same-day delivery.

Most companies will offer you a bicycle if you can’t afford one, and if you have a bike, it’s a fun way of making decent money.

70. Home-Based Make-up Services

A make-up artist is an artist whose medium is the human body, applying make-up and prosthetics for theatrical, fashion, television, filmmaking, magazines and other related productions, including all aspects of the modelling industry.

If your talent is to help people look their best, consider using your beauty skills to create a profitable small business.

With little capital, under $1500, you can start your own make-up artist home business and grow it in a few months.

See also : 19 Genius Ways To Make Money Without A Job: Make $100,000 Per Year

71. Voice-Over Talent

Voice-over is also known as off-stage commentary. This is a production technique where a voice that is not part of the narrative is used in a television or radio production, filmmaking, theatre and other presentations.

Most digital publishers and others like game developers and training video producers pay a huge amount of money for voice talents, so if you have a talented voice, you could earn a fair share of the money.

You can find publishers looking for voice-over artists in many places, such as Freelancer, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour.

Read:  How to start Voice-Over Business

72. Buying and Selling Cars

If you are good at sales and are interested in buying and selling, the car business may be good, but it may require a lot of capital to get started.

At , you can learn the trick to making car deals come to you to minimize the time invested and double your profit.

73. Hairstylist

Hairstylists, or hairdressers, require experience, training and licensing to get the best results.

A hairstylist styles or cuts hair to change or maintain a person’s image. This is achieved using hair cutting, colouring, and hair texturing methods. Some hairdressers are professionally licensed as either hairdressers, barbers or cosmetologists.

Suppose you have your cosmetology training and license plus experience working in a hairstyling salon.

In that case, you’re probably well on your way to building a solid small home business idea that can make you thousands of dollars monthly.

74: Become YouTuber

Another great online business you can start is a YouTube channel and make money. If you’re good at creating videos and sharing your skills and experience, there are many opportunities to start a YouTube business.

Getting started does not require much investment; you can even create a good video with your smartphone.

You can read the step by step on  how to make money on YouTube .To better understand how many YouTube views your video must receive before you can join the YouTube partner program,

Starting a YouTube business is another easy business to start from home with little or no capital.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have over 70 home business ideas that can earn you money without quitting your day job pick any ideas you think you can start and begin working toward them.

NOTE: Blogging is one of the best ways to sell your skill online, no matter which small business ideas you choose. You can start blogging on any of the business ideas mentioned, and it is a great way to let people know about your business.

Here is how to start  a profitable blog in less than 5 minutes.

Starting small and thinking big is the sole of any business.

Kindly let me know from the comments if you have any questions.

I will be happy to hear what you think about the post.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog.


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Oyundoyin Anthony is a blogger and an affiliate marketer that offers helpful contents to people who are looking for different products for their needs. He enjoys helping people to achieve success in their business.

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new business ideas in homework

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  • 3D & Animation
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20 Home Business Ideas to Start in 2024

new business ideas in homework

Are you seeking a home-based business that aligns with your skills and passions?

I’ve outlined 20 home business concepts tailored for 2024, from dropshipping to e-commerce , and freelance services. 

Whether you're a tech whiz or a creative maker, these low-cost concepts powered by remote work trends can facilitate income and flexibility.

Join me as I explore 20 home business ideas to convert your house into an entrepreneurial hub this year.

1. Run an Online Tutoring Business

Starting a tutoring business from home is gaining traction in 2024, especially if you're skilled in subjects like academics, music, or computing.Also, it's a great business idea because it doesn't require upfront investment (provided you already have skills that would be valuable for potential clients).

While formal qualifications aren't necessary, having a degree or teaching experience can boost your appeal to students and parents. 

With the rise of online learning, tutoring from home has become more accessible, allowing you to profit from your expertise in various subjects.

How to Start in Online Tutoring

  • Join Dedicated Online Platforms : Joining tutoring platforms like Teachable , Tutor LMS, and Thinkific, can expand your reach and help you connect with more clients. 

I suggest you try at least a couple of these platforms before finding the best fit.

Home business ideas 2

2. Start a Dropshipping Business with Just $100

Dropshipping is a popular option for home-based entrepreneurs due to its low startup costs. 

With just $100 , you can set up a store and begin selling products from suppliers, earning commissions without inventory.

With minimal financial risk, dropshipping offers a straightforward way to turn spare space into a successful online store. It's also a great stepping stone if you want to become a full-fledged e-commerce business owner in the future.

Key Advantages of Dropshipping

  • No Inventory Needed: Start selling products from suppliers without the need to invest in inventory upfront. You can start from home and sell products from suppliers without the need to invest in inventory upfront.
  • Niche Market Focus: Target specific markets and use platforms like Shopify for efficient operations.
  • Streamlined Operations: With suppliers handling shipping, owners can focus on promotion and business growth.

FplYqArbul7c91n5FQZU1G5033G58 RxjHf7RvBByYjO2gnnvRBN 0LUnmx41GqaxfdqOUQ 9LPGARPHtpV Ppeg4GENBUXJv5p gOUZvN71s3tRobgEG5e88ylnZlKWh I edD1nQyH1t LysYuvrM

3. Freelance Writing Services

Freelance writing is in demand as companies seek writers to create digital content. That is why most businesses seek quality writers, creating opportunities for remote writing careers.

Successful writers master persuasive language, adapt to various topics and clients, and manage time effectively. 

Building a Successful Business With Content Writing

  • Understanding Audiences: Writers who grasp the nuances of diverse audiences can deliver engaging and accurate content.
  • Meeting Demand: Meeting the rising demand for online content enables writers to establish thriving home-based businesses.

Home business ideas 3

4. Start a Blog

Launching a blog allows you to generate income from home while pursuing your interests. Select a niche that excites you, whether it’s travel, food, or parenting, to create engaging content. 

Build your site through user-friendly platforms like WordPress for maximum functionality. Employ SEO best practices to improve visibility. 

Promote new posts through social media and email lists to boost traffic.

Monetization Strategies

  • Advertising: Earn revenue through display ads placed on your blog.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Partner with brands and earn commission for promoting their products or services.
  • Branded Products: Create and sell your own products related to your blog's niche.
  • Virtual Courses: Offer online courses or workshops to share your expertise and generate income.

Reinvest revenue into enhancers like premium themes, stock photography, and freelance writers to save time. 

Delighted readers not only return frequently but also refer others. With consistency and dedication, you can build a successful blogging business.

Home business ideas 4

5. Self-Publishing Books from Home

Authors can now independently publish ebooks online, bypassing traditional publishers, and potentially earn a significant income from home.

All you need are strong writing skills, a compelling book idea, and basic tech knowledge.

Once your manuscript is ready, format it for digital devices and upload it to platforms like Amazon Kindle or Nook Press.

With Americans spending an average of $113 yearly on reading, releasing niche ebooks can tap into this demand and potentially earn you over $1000 per month.

Home business ideas 5

Mikayla Mallek

6. Try Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a type of business that allows you to earn money by promoting products without handling inventory. You promote partners' products on social media, videos, or blogs and earn commissions on sales.

Compensation varies, with some programs offering a percentage of sales and others a fixed rate. Affiliates can also earn for actions like sign-ups or app downloads.

Affiliate marketing websites come in different forms, including product review sites and independent blogs.

The process involves joining an affiliate program, promoting products, and earning commissions regardless of the format.

Home business ideas 6

7. Earn $500+ Monthly with Print-on-Demand

Print-on-demand business lets you customize products like clothing and accessories without holding inventory. 

You can start by tapping into niche markets and targeting specific interests on platforms like Etsy. Themes focused on hobbies and interests best resonate with target buyers. 

Integrations handles order fulfillment, making it a low-cost startup with the potential to earn around $1500 monthly for beginners. However, creative entrepreneurs can scale earnings over time through unique designs.

Home business ideas 7

Elena Mozhvilo

8. Run a Handmade Business from Home

Starting a small business in producing and selling handmade goods from home lets you turn your skills into a source of income. Begin by choosing a craft you enjoy, like jewelry-making or woodworking, then:

  • Set Up an Online Store: Create a website to showcase and sell your products. Use platforms like Shopify or Etsy to reach customers worldwide.
  • Get Materials: Find affordable materials to keep costs down and profits up. Look for suppliers online or at local stores.
  • Price Your Products: Experiment with pricing to find what works best. You want to make a profit while still keeping your products affordable.
  • Take Great Photos: Use good lighting and clear backgrounds to take photos of your products. Show them from different angles so customers can see what they're getting.
  • Write Descriptions: Describe your products in a way that makes people want to buy them. Highlight their features and why they're special.
  • Grow Your Business: Reinvest your earnings to expand your inventory or try new products. Happy customers will recommend you to others, helping your business grow.

Following these steps, you can turn your hobby into a successful business from your home.

Home business ideas 8

9. Start a Home-Based Catering Business

If you are good at cooking, getting into catering should be a no-brainer - it's a great business to start for the home cooks and professional chefs of the world. And you can do it while technically working from home by kickstarting your venture from your licensed home kitchen. 

Start small: offer customizable packages suitable for events of all sizes and budgets. You can prepare some components at home for final touches at the event or handle the entire catering process for drop-off services.

As your new business catches speed, consider providing staffing and decor rentals as supplementary offerings.

Positive feedback and referrals from satisfied clients will serve as valuable marketing tools. 

Use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to display your menu and signature dishes.

Home business ideas 9

Clint Patterson

10. Capitalize on the Childcare Shortage

The shortage of licensed childcare providers presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to make this home-based business idea a reality. 

To start selling these services, secure the necessary state licensing to ensure compliance with regulations, and use platforms like neighborhood Facebook groups to advertise your services to busy parents.

Transform your home into a safe, engaging environment by childproofing every area and providing age-appropriate toys and activities. 

Keep parents informed of their children's progress with daily updates and photos. 

As your reputation grows, consider expanding your services and increasing rates to accommodate more children or hiring assistants.

Home business ideas 9

11. Grow Your Income as a Dog Walker

Starting a dog-walking business allows you to turn your love of dogs into a profitable venture. 

With low startup costs, the ability to set your hours, and unlimited growth potential, dog walking is one of the best small business ideas you can start today. 

Best of all, you can get started right from home. Begin acquiring clients through word-of-mouth, flyers, and social media promotions. 

Offer exceptional service to spur referrals and repeat business. As your client base expands, bring on employees to take on more dogs. 

Home business ideas 10

Matt Nelson

12. Launch Your Own Specialized Fitness Business from Home

Becoming an independent personal trainer lets you blend your passion for fitness with entrepreneurship, creating a unique brand tailored to your expertise. 

  • Begin by obtaining certifications from reputable organizations like NASM and ACE.
  • Stand out by focusing on specific areas such as weight loss, pregnancy fitness, or senior training. 
  • Market your specialty through social media and guest posts on relevant health blogs. 
  • Offer flexible one-on-one or small group sessions with clear goals and results.

Happy clients will refer others, acting as your best promoters. As you become a seasoned small business owner, consider expanding your services with online training programs to increase revenue. 

While success takes time, building a specialized fitness brand can be a rewarding journey toward helping others achieve their health goals.

Home business ideas 11

13. Start a Home Cleaning Business

Starting a home cleaning business can be a profitable venture. Skilled cleaners can attract clients and earn a steady income.

Before launching your business, practice cleaning skills at friends' houses. Like in every business, maintaining consistent quality is crucial for retaining customers and getting referrals. 

Research competitors and customer feedback to identify market needs. Expanding into office cleaning can also be profitable.

Choose a specialty based on your research to guide training and insurance needs for success.

Home business ideas 12

Towfiqu Barbhuiya

14. Start a Bakery Business From Home

Launching a licensed bakery from the comfort of your own home allows you to turn your talent for crafting delectable treats into a profitable and easy-to-start business. 

Register with local health authorities before preparing goods from a home kitchen up to code. Market your customizable cakes, cookies, and artisanal breads through mouthwatering social media posts. 

Offer specialty baked goods like gluten-free and vegan items to stand out. Provide catering trays and gift baskets for special occasions. 

Positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals will serve as your best publicity. Reinvest earnings into high-quality ingredients and new baking equipment to increase output. 

The potential exists to become the city’s next hot bakery.

Home business ideas 13

Yosep Sugiarto

15. Launch a Senior Companion Care Service

The growing elderly population and preference for aging at home create a need for companionship and assistance services.

No certification is necessary for this role, making it open to those who enjoy aiding others.

By conducting thorough background checks and following licensing rules, you can build a dependable business.

Offer services like transportation, household aid, tech support, and meal preparation. 

Building trust through communication and reliable care encourages referrals.

Home business ideas 14

16. Start a YouTube Channel

With billions of hours of content consumed daily, YouTube offers creators a chance to monetize their passions. 

By optimizing your channel and content, you can earn around $18 per 1,000 views. While success requires time and creativity, the potential for six-figure earnings makes YouTube an attractive business option from home.

To stand out:

  • Find a niche and conduct keyword research for discoverability. 
  • Invest in good equipment and editing software, and use social media to grow your audience. 
  • Publish quality videos consistently and consider other revenue streams like merchandise or sponsorships.

While success in YouTube takes effort, the rewards are worth it. With most teens aspiring to be creators, there's vast potential for growth and earnings.

Home business ideas 15

17. Become a Virtual Assistant:

Virtual assistance has become popular in today's remote work setup, enabling individuals to provide essential support services from their homes.

Virtual assistants handle tasks, such as scheduling appointments and sorting emails for businesses and professionals, leveraging technology to make operations more efficient.

The virtual assistance industry is expected to surpass $162 billion in revenue by 2027, presenting a profitable opportunity for those looking for flexible income.

Platforms like Fiverr host numerous virtual assistant jobs, ranging from data entry to social media marketing, making it an appealing option for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Home business ideas 16


18. Start a Web Design Business from Home

The exponential growth in businesses requiring an online presence enables you to launch a lucrative web design firm from home. Start by identifying a niche like e-commerce sites, blogs, or mobile apps. 

Offer specific services like UI/UX design, programming, and SEO optimization. Build a polished online portfolio and corporate website to exhibit your skills. Promote your services through platforms like LinkedIn and relevant industry forums. 

Offer cost-effective packages for diverse budgets. Provide excellent client service and measurable results. Positive word-of-mouth and online reviews will attract new clients. Reinvest profits to expand your service offerings.

Home business ideas 17

19. Start a Social Media Management Business

Starting a social media management and consulting business from home is a way to meet the growing demand for digital marketing services.

Focus on specific social media platforms or industries to establish expertise. Offer essential services like creating social media plans, making engaging posts, managing online communities, and analyzing performance.

Use both free and paid digital channels to find clients. Keep clients satisfied by delivering quality service and showing measurable results. 

As your business expands, consider hiring employees to handle more work. There's significant potential for growth in a specialized social media consultancy.

Home business ideas 18

20. Sell Used Items on Marketplaces

Launching this kind of business at home enables you to generate profits by reselling used items on sites like eBay and Amazon. 

Source inventory for little to no cost from local thrift stores, yard sales, and auction liquidations. Photograph items attractively against clean backdrops. Compose engaging descriptions highlighting conditions and features. 

Conduct competitive research to optimally price items for maximum profit. Leverage promoted listings and site advertising to gain visibility among millions of buyers. 

Respond to customer inquiries promptly and pack orders securely. Reinvest earnings into acquiring more valuable inventory like electronics and collectibles. 

With some time and effort, reselling used goods can produce impressive extra income.

Home business ideas 19

Christian Wiediger

What are the essential steps to starting a home-based business?

To start a home-based business, you should first identify a business idea that matches your skills and interests. Once you have your idea:

  • Create a comprehensive business plan that outlines your goals.
  • Target market.
  • Analyze the competence
  • Plan the marketing strategy and the financial projections.

From there, develop your product or service to meet market standards and customer needs. Choose a suitable business structure, open a business bank account, obtain business insurance, and implement a marketing strategy to promote your business to your target audience effectively.

How can I identify a need for my online business?

To identify a need for your online business, consider your own experiences and those of people around you. 

Additionally, conduct thorough research online to explore existing market opportunities. 

By understanding the pain points and desires of your target audience, you can tailor your product or service to meet their needs effectively.

How do I develop a scalable business model?

To develop a scalable business model, focus on accommodating more customers without raising costs as your business grows. 

Consider options like subscription-based services, selling digital products, franchising, or network marketing. 

These models allow for efficient business expansion while staying profitable.

Summary: Home Business Ideas to Start in 2024

6. Try Affiliate Marketing


Technology now enables entrepreneurs to build global brands from the comfort of home. By minimizing overhead costs, home ventures offer more flexibility and room for creativity. 

Consider compliance rules and competitive forces before diving in. But with vision and grit, future innovators can disrupt industries on their own terms, writing their own playbook along the way.

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new business ideas in homework

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46 Best Startup Ideas for Students

Students working together.

  • Startup Ideas
  • Best Startup Ideas
  • Student Entrepreneurs

Last Updated: January 12, 2024 By TRUiC Team

Whether you’re in high school, community college, or university, it can prove challenging to juggle a 9-to-5 job while finishing school. Launching your own startup company as a student offers the flexibility of creating your work schedule to align with a busy school schedule.

The first step involves selecting the right business idea for you based on your interests, the overall startup costs, and the amount of time you can dedicate to your business. This guide highlights the most unique and innovative startup business ideas for students to help you find the right one for you.

Recommended: Find more inspiration by checking out our list of the best startup ideas and top startups to watch in 2024 !

Startup Business Ideas for Students

Some of the most successful startups in history were created by students. Even if you are only looking for a little side-hustle income while you study, an innovative concept will undoubtedly set you apart from the get-go. Here are some of the best startup ideas for students we've sourced.

1. Tutoring

Are you proficient in a specific subject or do you have a unique skill? If yes, you can help other students by starting your own tutoring business. Any subject in which you excel — like math, English, or science — can provide a potential tutoring opportunity.

Tutoring businesses can charge by the session or the hour. You can easily market this type of business within your school, at the public library, or in community centers. Best of all, this startup idea has virtually no startup costs. 

2. App Development

While it might seem like there’s already an app for everything, the potential to create millions of apps for entertainment purposes or to solve everyday problems still exists. This startup idea can ideally suit tech-savvy students, but anyone can create a popular app with the right support during production and a great idea.

If you don’t currently have an app idea, don’t worry. Start brainstorming ideas by conducting an audit of daily tasks or problems an app could simplify or solve. Many of the most popular apps solve a common problem, making them more likely to have widespread appeal.

3. Freelance Writing

If you’re a skilled or talented writer, freelance writing might provide a great way for you to make money as you pursue your education. Freelance writers of all kinds are in demand by businesses and publications looking for temporary employees to write blog posts, articles, and other content.

One of the biggest benefits of freelance writing at a younger age is that you’ll gain experience that can help you later on as you establish a career. Sites like Upwork® and Writer Access® provide a secure platform for businesses and freelancers to connect.

4. Podcasting

Next up on our list of business ideas for students is podcasting. As the popularity of podcasts continues to grow , it’s an ideal time to start a podcast of your own. In fact, the podcast industry was valued at $18.52 billion in 2022 . The most successful podcasts feature engaging hosts and a specific topic that can attract interested listeners. You also must feel comfortable with interviewing and public speaking before you start a podcast.

Moreover, it’s best to choose a topic for which you have a passion and can see yourself dedicating a good amount of time to researching. For example, if you’re passionate about sustainability, your podcast could focus on interviewing other entrepreneurs who currently work to fight climate change.

Launching your own company? Build your startup website today with GoDaddy !

5. Tech Support

Do you have a knack for solving technical problems? If so, you may want to consider launching a tech support startup. You can run these types of online businesses entirely from your home and market it by posting flyers at schools, coffee shops, and libraries. You just need a phone, a website, and some technical experience. You also can charge by the job, the hour, or the type of device.

In this type of business, customers typically call or email with a technical issue and you, the tech support person, walk them through how to fix that issue. Alternatively, you can request your customers drop their computers off so you can take a first-hand look.

Check out our full list of tech startup ideas .

6. Digital Textbook

Digital textbooks are educational ebooks that provide a much-needed alternative to traditional textbooks in terms of both price and sustainability. With the introduction of ereaders and other devices, the market for digital alternatives to educational materials continues to grow. Whether you plan to write a digital textbook or start a website that’ll house popular digital textbooks, this startup idea can enable you to earn a profit while you provide a service to students and the educational system.

Online learning continued to gain popularity in the past year. Providing additional tools for students — or people who just want to brush up on a subject — by developing an educational technology (edtech) startup can make education more accessible to a larger fraction of society. Startup costs for this business idea can range from $12 to $27,209 , depending on the business model. 

Whether you plan to develop an app, create online courses, or build an online tutoring resource for students, you must first identify your target subject and platform. Additionally, successful edtech startups tend to offer a product that’s both effective and intuitive. Remember to consider those criteria during your product development process.

See our interview below with the co-founders of edtech startup Trashbots !

8. Meal Delivery Service

Faced with fewer dine-in options, people increasingly turned to food delivery services in the past year. In fact, the market is expected to experience a 14.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to 2032. Starting your own meal delivery service can help small local businesses meet delivery demand, enable customers to enjoy their favorite restaurants, and provide a business opportunity that’ll work with your busy schedule.

To compete with the big names in meal delivery, connect with your local restaurant owners. Many popular food delivery apps and websites charge a substantial fee to deliver for restaurants. Your business can gain a competitive edge by offering quick delivery times and lower fees.

Check out our full list of  startup ideas for food lovers .

9. College Care Package Business

Going away to college often represents an exciting adventure. For families and friends seeking to support their favorite college students, a college care package business can take the guesswork out of what to send them with thoughtfully curated packages.

One benefit of starting this type of business is that you can operate it completely online. That’ll reduce your overhead costs and give you more freedom for your busy schedule. Offering a variety of packages for different types of students with customizable options will set your college care package business apart from the competition.

10. Ebook Writing

Today, you can accomplish almost everything virtually — even publishing a book. Ebooks provide an alternative to traditional publishing, making them cheaper for both authors and readers. Moreover, ebooks are far more sustainable than paper books.

To get started, you’ll need writing experience and a topic idea for your ebook. Whether you choose to write a novel or a cookbook, the ebook market offers a huge profit potential while requiring minimal startup and overhead costs. Especially considering that ebooks made up over 10% of book sales in 2022 . That makes this type of business a great choice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

11. Social Media Influencer

A successful social media influencer almost always understands how to create and effectively market a brand. If you think you’re up to the challenge, this can make a lucrative and exciting startup idea. Social media influencers with between 10,000 and 25,000 followers make $100-$250 per post , on average. 

Influencers earn money through brand deals. Because every industry has influencers, you’re more likely to generate a large viewership and build a strong brand if you focus on a specific industry or niche for which you have a passion. In addition, you’ll need to feel comfortable with public speaking and connecting with your audience in order to attract brands that want to work with you.

12. Mobile Coffee Cart

Many students work in coffee shops and cafes while pursuing their education. A mobile coffee cart offers a flexible schedule and the opportunity to network within your community. It also provides a relatively low-cost alternative to opening a brick-and-mortar cafe with many mobile coffee carts costing between $2,000-$5,000 to start. 

Customers typically hire mobile coffee carts to work events like corporate retreats, school events, and even weddings. Make your business stand out by offering a customizable drink menu that can complement customers’ event themes.

Feeling inspired? Learn how to launch your own company with our guide on how to start a startup .

13. YouTube Channel

Launching a YouTube channel is next up on our list of startup business ideas for students. YouTube has billions of subscribers worldwide, which means the platform offers a great opportunity for new channels and video content. Starting your own video channel can represent another form of blogging (called “vlogging”) or provide a space for you to teach a skill or share a hobby. If you have a passion for ceramics, for example, you could start an entire channel about your process from clay to kiln.

Social media platforms focus on making connections, and YouTube is no exception. Every industry or hobby has the potential to connect with thousands of YouTube subscribers, which you could parlay into a lucrative business venture. Especially considering the average YouTuber in the US makes $33 per hour on average. 

14. Review Website

Like most people, you probably search online for reviews before you spend your money at an unfamiliar business. Review websites hold businesses accountable by giving people insights about them so potential customers can make an informed decision.

You can easily start and manage this kind of website with a minimal budget, making it perfect for student entrepreneurs. In order to run a successful review website, you’ll need to gain credibility with customers and differentiate your site from larger review sites like Yelp.

15. Social Media Platform

Many social media users seek new platforms to explore so they can connect with others. Starting your own social media platform can provide a space to foster a sense of community as well as a potentially lucrative business venture. Moreover, it offers a flexible schedule — especially during the initial stages of operating your site.

To entice users to join your social media platform, focus on developing ideas that’ll make your site feel distinct from other platforms. For example, you could opt to cater to a specific demographic like gamers or musicians.

16. Livestreaming

If you already spend a lot of time playing video games, why not make it a business venture? Livestreaming essentially involves broadcasting live footage of your game as you play, using a platform like Twitch or Smashcast. Once you obtain the minimum number of followers (e.g., 500 on TWITCH), you can become a partner of the livestreaming site and begin to make money based on the traffic your streams generate.

17. Graphic Design

Many businesses and organizations need graphic designers to create visual branding for use on everything from signage to marketing materials. Because graphic design is a fairly broad industry, having a multifaceted skill set can prove extremely beneficial. For example, proficiency in logo design as well as typography or web design can help you book more clients and build your portfolio.

18. Dropshipping

If you like the idea of an ecommerce startup but don’t have the room to store items to sell, dropshipping could be the perfect solution. Dropshipping startups simply take customer’s orders online, but instead of filling orders themselves, they are sent to a third-party retailer for fulfillment. Essentially, your startup consists of customer experience management, marketing, and curating items for your dropshipping business. On average, dropshippers make $3,414 per month , according to ZipRecruiter. 

19. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular side hustle , but it can be a profitable business idea if you do it right. Through affiliate marketing, you will earn a commission on sales you drive for brands you partner with. What makes this idea particularly good for college students is that there is a relatively low barrier to entry. Be sure to pick products you're already known for, associated with, and to which you have market access. 

20. Website Development

Building websites can be a great way to make money as a student, particularly if you're studying something related. Almost everyone, from businesses to individual entrepreneurs, needs a website, and if you do a great job on the first few projects, you'll start getting business through word of mouth. This is another space with a pretty low barrier to entry as there are many open source tools available for developers.

21. Virtual Assistant

You don’t have to be in an office to help businesses and fellow entrepreneurs get organized. A virtual assistant startup is a great business idea for organized, task-oriented individuals. If this sounds like you, it is easy to get started by utilizing sites that can help you find work you’re interested in. Get a competitive edge by diversifying your skill set to make yourself eligible for a litany of job opportunities. Plus, this flexible position brings in $24 per hour on average in the US, according to ZipRecruiter.

22. Web Design

Web designers focus predominantly on the user experience aspect of web pages. If your field of study relates to design (or even if this is just a passion for you), a web design startup might be your best bet for a student business. To really hook the clients, pair up with a friend in the development space and offer your services as a package.

23. Handcrafted Products

Handmade, artisanal goods never go out of style. Plus, the market for handmade goods is expected to see moderate growth from 2023 to 2030 at a CAGR of 4.7% . Selling handcrafted products offers you the flexibility of selling your goods online, in established retailers, or at local markets. The first step involves determining the product(s) you’ll make. This could include food products, pet toys, wooden furniture, or many other items. To successfully sell handcrafted products, remember to focus on product quality and cater to the right niche market.

24. Cleaning Services

Next on our list of the best business ideas for students is cleaning services. You can start a successful cleaning startup in several ways. For example, you could start a house-cleaning business, an office-cleaning business, or a graffiti-cleaning business, among others. 

This type of startup has low initial costs and flexible hours. You can schedule as many clients as you can manage based on your availability. Overhead costs for cleaning services include marketing materials, cleaning supplies, and vehicle expenses, which means it'll cost very little to launch your cleaning startup. Notably, in the US, cleaning business owners make $127,973 per year on average , making this a lucrative business for students. 

25. Moving Company

If you ask people if they enjoy moving, most will answer with a firm “no.” That can make a moving company startup a potentially lucrative business idea. Not to mention, the industry has grown by 11.4% in 2022, meaning the demand for moving companies is increasing. You’ll need to hire a team and purchase a vehicle large enough to move furniture so this type of business has higher startup costs than other business ideas. But, that initial investment can pay off once you start booking jobs and generating positive reviews.

26. Planner and Journal Business

The right planner or journal can help even the most disorganized people manage their time more effectively. Journals also can serve multiple purposes, making them a valuable tool for many. Starting a planner and journal business can help fulfill the demand for these products while offering you a potentially lucrative business venture.

Planner and journal businesses can sell their products online or in established retailers like bookstores and novelty shops. To make your products stand out, consider giving them distinctive features like including time-management tips inside your planners or manufacturing your journals from recycled materials.

27. Social Media Marketing

If you're already spending a lot of time on social media platforms and you have a good understanding of the marketing end, why not turn that into a startup? Anyone with a product or service, especially local businesses, to sell today needs to be on social media, and many business people do not have the skills or the time to pull it off well. The multiple free scheduling and design tools available today also make this a pretty low-cost industry to enter.

28. Website Flipping 

Another website-based startup you can try is website flipping. People often allow their websites to go dormant either because they've closed their business or just aren't interested anymore. This is an opportunity for you to purchase this website at a relatively low cost, optimize it, increase the traffic, and flip it at an excellent profit when it is worth far more than it was.  

29. Motivational Apps

Mobile apps are really popular, and if they make you feel good and improve your life, all the better. Apps geared toward motivation do very well in most app stores, and they're relatively simple to build and maintain. You will need to come up with an innovative idea, though, but thankfully, there are many spaces to work within — meditation, mindfulness, inspiration, and productivity, to name a few. If you plan to develop an app of your own, you can also take advantage of university-led incubators or startup accelerators such as Techstars Mobility or Plug and Play Tech Center. 

30. Organization Service

Few people naturally possess strong organizational skills. If you’re one of those few, an organization service may represent the perfect startup idea for you. Professional organizing services not only help customers tidy up cluttered spaces, but also help them develop the organizational skills they need to maintain order going forward. One of the benefits of starting this type of business is you can operate it either in person by visiting customers’ homes and offices or virtually by conducting video consultations.

31. Errand-Running Service

Busy professionals, small businesses, and seniors typically need help running errands they can’t get to themselves. This could involve going to the post office, picking up dry cleaning, or taking a pet to a vet appointment.

To get started, you just need a vehicle, a phone, and some spare time. You can operate your errand-running business from home and market your services on bulletin boards at community centers, senior centers, or anywhere you can post a flier with your information. While this business idea isn’t the most lucrative, on average, errand runners make $15 per hour . If you can manage a fleet of errand runners, the earnings can add up. 

32. Language Learning Startup

If you’ve learned a foreign language, you know it’s difficult, especially for adults. However, knowing a second language is not only a fun pastime, but it opens up job opportunities and helps people connect with other communities. A language learning startup can be any product or service that helps people learn a new language, such as an app, instructional website, or written guides.

To make your startup stand out, focus on making learning a new language fun for users so that they want to reach for your product or resources again and again. If you opt for a tech-related language learning model, consider utilizing an edtech incubator to help develop your idea such as Berkeley SkyDeck, FasterCapital, or ASU Venture Devils. 

33. Virtual Event Planning

With businesses and organizations grappling with social distancing requirements in the last few years, the virtual events space has exploded, and hosting events online has actually become a game-changer for many businesses. As a result, a new critical skill has emerged: the need to plan these events. If you have great digital skills and you're pretty good at organizing people, look into virtual event planning as a startup. Again, there are many open-source tools available that make breaking into this space relatively cheap.

34. Clean Beauty Products

Green or “clean” beauty products are increasing in popularity across the US as we learn more and more about the harmful effects of some ingredients in traditional beauty products. In fact, the global clean beauty market is currently valued at $8.3 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $15.3 billion by 2028 . A green beauty product startup provides a better alternative, whether it’s clean skincare or cosmetics — the key is to create a product that is as effective as traditional products without the same damaging ingredients.

35. Software Startup

A software development startup is responsible for creating, distributing, and maintaining the programs that businesses use every day. This industry is experiencing exciting growth with annual revenue of $238 billion per year and an annual growth rate of 3.9% , which means this startup idea holds a tremendous amount of opportunity for entrepreneurs.

36. Snack Company

Do you have a go-to homemade snack that you know other people would love as well? If so, take your tasty treats to the next level by starting a snack company . Consumers are always looking for delicious new snack options with special ingredients or a twist on a classic snack. Growing your audience can be done by going to farmers' markets or local events and letting people try your delicious new snack!

37. Robotics Startup

It's not uncommon for robotics startups to be founded by students or recent graduates, especially if they are studying in the field at one of the more prestigious colleges with well-backed programs and grants for research. College can be an amazing place to discover new technology and brainstorm with fellow students, but you also want to ensure that you understand the industry you're trying to get into before you get too far ahead of yourself. 

With that said, definitely use the resources at your disposal if you're in a great robotics program and see where it can take you and your startup. Or, consider joining an incubator or accelerator such as AlleyCorp, MARL 5G Accelerator, or Buildit Accelerator to help develop your startup. 

38. Fintech

If you have a good understanding of both the financial and technology spaces, you may want to consider a fintech startup as your niche. Historically, student fintech startups that have focused predominantly on student financial issues have done really well. It's vital to understand your market, after all. When you start to delve into the world of finance, though, you'll need to ensure that you are complying with any state laws that govern the industry. After you've ticked that box, your fintech startup will be ready to go. For a startup idea like this, you may want to consider seed stage venture capital firms such as Precursor Ventures that have a history of deploying capital into promising fintech companies. 

39. Marketplace Website

Become the platform your community uses to sell and exchange goods and services by creating a marketplace website startup. Elevate the startup idea by prioritizing user experience and safety protocols. The key to a successful marketplace website is to create a positive experience for users that makes buying and selling items seamless and safe.

40. Sustainable Clothing Line

Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries on the planet. If you’re thinking about starting a clothing line, consider making it a sustainable one! Plus, the demand for these businesses is growing and is projected to continue that trajectory, forecasted to grow from $7.8 billion in 2023 to $33.05 in 2030 . A sustainable clothing line can make an impact by creating thoughtful garments that are long-lasting and ethically made out of sustainable materials such as linen or hemp.

41. Virtual Meeting Platform

With the virtual events space growing so considerably, the need for virtual meeting services has increased proportionately. This might mean anything from scheduling software for end-to-end management or perhaps even add-on apps that assist large companies with the management of various meetings simultaneously. There are several open-source tools available to help you break into this space.

42. Beverage Startup

If you have a great drink recipe or an idea for a special ingredient or function that will entice customers, start a beverage company ! A competitive edge in this industry is well-designed packaging that is catered to a target demographic and, of course, a delicious beverage inside. If you’re more of a connoisseur of beverages, a beverage distribution company is another lucrative startup idea that can be focused on a specific type of beverage such as beer, soda, or wine. Keep in mind that if you start a beverage company, you may benefit from a founder community such as Foodbevy to connect with other entrepreneurs in the space and grow together. 

43. SEO Services

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) is an essential tool for online marketing. However, to achieve a successful SEO service, you need to dedicate time and effort to creating content and staying on top of changes in search trends. Starting an SEO services startup offers customers an opportunity to cash in on this powerful internet marketing tool without spending too much of their own. To create a successful SEO services startup, you will need a deep understanding of SEO tactics and the software to do effective research. 

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our list of the top startups to watch in 2024 !

44. Online Courses

Online courses are a great way to use your existing knowledge to help college students, professionals, or anyone looking to expand their skill set in a niche market. This startup idea, on average, can bring in roughly $82,500 per year , according to ZipRecruiter. To create an online course, you will likely want to join an online course platform such as Udemy or Skillshare and utilize digital marketing strategies to get the word out about your course. However, a great online course can be one of the less laborious but still profitable business ideas for students.

45. Translation Services

If you speak more than one language, offering translation services can be a great way to leverage your skills to start your own business. A translation services business is often responsible for translating various documents while maintaining client confidentiality. This can be done to either provide grammatical and spelling help or to ensure the content of the translation matches the original document.

46. Become a Reseller

With the rise of apps such as Poshmark, Vinted, and Depop, reselling clothing, shoes, and even home goods has become a popular side hustle for students. While some sellers opt to resell items from their own closets, others choose to upcycle garments or scour local thrift stores for deals on items. This idea involves keeping an eye on trends as well as offering items seasonally to ensure you are selling an item when demand is at its peak. 

How to Choose a Business Idea

Starting your own business as a student can mean additional cash and valuable experience. However, choosing a profitable business idea can be challenging, here's a few tips to find the right business idea for you.

Research Time Dedication

Whether you're in high school or college, school is your number one priority. Therefore, you need to seek business ideas that will be doable with your current school load. Many online business ideas for students provide time flexibility and allow you to work on your entrepreneurial goals during spare moments.

Pull From Your Skill Set

What are you already well versed in? Pulling from your skill set allows you to build a strong foundation early on and capitalize on your existing knowledge. This could mean launching a tutoring business if you're highly educated in one subject or doing freelance work doing strategy for other local businesses getting started on social media platforms.

Follow Your Passion

Above all, when you're starting your own business you should choose business ideas that you're excited and passionate about. If you are passionate about your business idea, there is a higher chance you will dedicate the time and effort necessary to make it a profitable, sustainable startup. 

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40+ Fun And Profitable Unique Business Ideas For School Project

Unique Business Ideas For School Project

Are you a student looking for a unique and engaging school project idea that goes beyond traditional assignments? Exploring innovative business ideas within the field of school projects opens doors to creativity and practical learning. It is an avenue where students merge education with entrepreneurship, encouraging skills and knowledge beyond the classroom. A school project business idea involves conceptualizing, planning, and executing a business venture within the school’s framework, allowing students to gain hands-on experience.

In our blog, we will provide the significance of these ventures, highlighting the advantages considerations when selecting ideas, and presenting a comprehensive list of 40+ unique and profitable business ideas tailored for school projects. We’ll guide you through the steps of idea development, offer success tips, address implementation challenges, and provide strategies to overcome them. 

Stay tuned with us to explore the world of unique business ideas for school project.

What Is A School Project Business Idea?

Table of Contents

A school project business idea is like a special plan students create for their school work that’s all about starting a small business. It’s a way for students to bring their ideas to life, by thinking, planning, and doing something like running a business, but within the school. These projects can be about selling products, offering services, or even organizing events. They’re a chance for students to learn by doing, applying what they’ve learned in class to a real-life situation.

These projects are not just about making money; they’re about learning. Students figure out how a business works, how to manage money, how to talk to customers, and how to solve problems. It’s a fun way for students to be creative and develop skills that can help them in the future, teaching them about responsibility and teamwork along the way.

Benefits Of Starting A Unique Business Ideas For School Project

Here are some benefits of starting a unique business ideas for school project:

1. Hands-on Learning

Starting a unique business idea for a school project provides practical learning experiences. It’s like doing things instead of just reading about them, offering a real taste of how business works, teaching students more than just facts.

2. Skill Development

It’s like a playground for skills. Students learn how to talk to people, work in a team, handle money, and solve problems. These skills aren’t just for the project; they’re important skills for life.

3. Applying Classroom Knowledge

Things learned in class become real in these projects. For example, if they’re studying math, they can use it to manage their project’s money or understand profit and loss.

4. Understanding Business Concepts

Students get a peek into how businesses run. They learn about making products or providing services, advertising, and dealing with customers, which helps them see how real businesses operate.

5. Boosting Confidence

By doing a project and seeing it succeed, students feel confident about their abilities. It’s like a high-five for their hard work, helping them believe in themselves and their skills.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A School Project Business Idea

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a school project business idea:

1. Interest and Passion

Choosing a project idea that students are excited about and love doing is really important. When they’re passionate, it feels less like work and more like fun. It helps them stay motivated and committed to the project.

2. Resources Available

Students need to think about what they have access to—like materials, time, and support. It’s about being realistic and choosing an idea that fits what’s available. For example, if they have limited funds, choosing a costly project might not be the best idea.

3. Target Audience

Knowing who the project is for is vital. Students need to think about who will be interested in what they’re offering. Comprehending the requirements and inclinations of their target audience aids in customizing their project for enhanced success.

4. Feasibility and Scalability

The project idea should be doable within the given time and resources. It’s good to start small, but also to think if the idea could grow bigger if things go well. Starting small helps understand how to expand.

5. Educational Value

The project should not just be about making money; it should teach something. Students need to consider what they can learn from the project and how it aligns with their educational goals.

40+ Fun & Profitable Unique Business Ideas For School Project

In this section we provide 40+ fun and profitable unique business ideas for school project:

1. Pet Sitting Services

Pet sitting services provide a convenient solution for pet owner who need someone to care for their furry friends while they are away. This project requires minimal investment in advertising, basic pet care supplies, and transportation. 

Finance Required

Skills required.

  • Basic knowledge of pet care
  • Responsible and reliable nature
  • Good communication skills

2. Customized T-Shirt Printing

Customized t-shirt printing allows individuals to express their creativity by designing and printing unique t-shirts. This project requires a t-shirt printing machine, blank t-shirts, and various printing supplies.

  • Graphic design skills
  • Knowledge of t-shirt printing techniques
  • Marketing and customer service skills

3. Organic Gardening and Produce Sales

Organic gardening involves growing fruits and vegetables without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Students can sell the organic produce they grow at local farmers’ markets or through a subscription-based service. This project requires gardening tools, seeds, and marketing materials. 

Low to Moderate

  • Gardening and horticulture knowledge
  • Marketing and sales skills
  • Understanding of organic farming practices

4. Event Planning Services

Event planning services involve organizing and coordinating various events, such as birthday celebrations,corporate gatherings and weddings. Students can offer their services by creating customized event packages and coordinating with vendors. This project requires excellent organizational skills and the ability to manage budgets effectively.

Low to Moderate 

  • Strong organizational and time-management skills
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Attention to detail

5. Handmade Jewelry Design and Sales

Handmade jewelry design and sales involve creating unique and artistic jewelry pieces using various materials, such as beads, gemstones, and metals. Students can sell their creations online, at local craft fairs, or through consignment in retail stores. This project requires jewelry-making tools, materials, and marketing materials. 

  • Creativity and design skills
  • Basic knowledge of jewelry-making techniques

6. Mobile App Development

Mobile app development involves creating applications for smartphones and tablets. Students can develop apps for various purposes, such as gaming, productivity, or education. This project requires programming skills, access to a computer or laptop, and software development tools. 

Low to High (depending on app complexity) 

  • Programming skills (such as Java, Swift, or HTML)
  • Problem-solving and analytical thinking
  • User interface design knowledge

7. Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Eco-friendly cleaning products are becoming increasingly popular as people seek environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional cleaning supplies. Students can create and sell their own line of eco-friendly cleaning products, such as all-purpose cleaners, laundry detergents, and dish soaps. This project requires research on eco-friendly ingredients, packaging materials, and marketing efforts. 

  • Knowledge of eco-friendly ingredients and their benefits
  • Basic understanding of chemistry

8. Language Tutoring Services

Language tutoring services involve teaching others to speak and understand different languages. Students can offer one-on-one tutoring sessions or group lessons either in person or online. This project requires proficiency in the chosen language, teaching materials, and marketing efforts. 

  • Fluency in the chosen language
  • Teaching and communication skills
  • Patience and adaptability

9. Local Tour Guide Services

Local tour guide services involve providing guided tours and showcasing the attractions and landmarks in a particular area. Students can create customized tour packages and offer their services to tourists or locals. This project requires in-depth knowledge of the local area, good communication skills, and marketing efforts. 

  • Extensive knowledge of the local area
  • Excellent communication and storytelling skills
  • Ability to manage and coordinate tours

10. Upcycled Furniture Design and Sales

Upcycled furniture design and sales involve transforming old and discarded furniture into unique and stylish pieces. Students can acquire old furniture, refurbish and redesign them, and sell them to customers looking for sustainable and affordable home decor options. This project requires furniture restoration tools, materials, and marketing efforts. 

  • Basic knowledge of furniture restoration techniques

11. Personalized Gift Creation

Personalized gift creation involves designing and creating customized gifts for various occasions, such as birthday parties, weddings, and anniversaries. Students can offer personalized items, such as engraved jewelry, custom-made photo albums, or monogrammed accessories. This project requires crafting materials, design software, and marketing efforts. 

12. Vintage Clothing Resale

Vintage clothing resale involves sourcing and selling vintage and retro clothing items. Students can curate a collection of unique and fashionable vintage pieces and sell them online or through pop-up shops. This project requires sourcing vintage clothing, marketing efforts, and packaging materials. 

  • Knowledge of vintage fashion trends
  • Basic understanding of clothing sizing and alterations

13. Personal Fitness Training

Personal fitness training involves providing customized fitness plans and guidance to individuals looking to achieve their health and fitness goals. Students can offer one-on-one training sessions or group fitness classes. This project requires fitness certifications, fitness equipment, and marketing efforts. 

  • Knowledge of exercise techniques and fitness principles
  • Motivational and coaching skills

14. Virtual Assistance Services

Virtual assistance services involve providing administrative and organizational support to individuals or businesses remotely. Students can offer services such as email management, scheduling, social media management, and data entry. This project requires a computer or laptop, internet access, and marketing efforts. 

  • Excellent communication and computer skills

15. Homemade Soap and Bath Product Creation

Homemade soap and bath product creation involves making natural and luxurious soaps, bath bombs, and body scrubs. Students can create their own unique formulations and sell these products online or at local markets. This project requires soap-making ingredients, molds, and packaging materials. 

  • Knowledge of soap-making techniques and ingredients

16. Online Reselling

Online reselling involves sourcing and selling second-hand or discounted items through online platforms. Students can find items at thrift stores, garage sales, or clearance sales, and resell them at a higher price. This project requires an online selling platform account, packaging materials, and marketing efforts. 

  • Knowledge of market trends and popular items
  • Basic understanding of online selling platforms

18. Photography Services

Photography services involve capturing moments and creating memorable images for various occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, or family portraits. Students can offer their photography skills for hire and provide digital or printed copies of the photographs. This project requires a camera, photography accessories, and marketing efforts.

  • Knowledge of photography techniques and equipment
  • Creativity and an eye for composition

19. Outdoor Adventure Guide Services

Outdoor adventure guide services involve leading and organizing outdoor activities, such as hiking, tracking, or camping trips. Students can create adventure packages and offer their services to adventure enthusiasts. This project requires knowledge of outdoor activities, safety equipment, and marketing efforts.

  Low to Moderate 

  • Extensive knowledge of outdoor activities and safety protocols
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills
  • Ability to manage and coordinate group activities

20. Social Media Management

Social media management involves managing and maintaining social media accounts for individuals or businesses. Students can offer services such as content creation, posting schedules, and interaction with followers. This project requires knowledge of social media platforms, content creation tools, and marketing efforts. 

  • Knowledge of various social media platforms
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Basic understanding of content creation and marketing

21. Handmade Candle Making

Handmade candle making involves creating unique and scented candles using various waxes, fragrances, and molds. Students can sell their handmade candles online, at local markets, or through consignment in retail stores. This project requires candle-making supplies, fragrance oils, and marketing efforts. 

  • Knowledge of candle-making techniques and materials

22. Computer Repair Services

Computer repair services involve diagnosing and fixing hardware or software issues on computers and laptops. Students can offer troubleshooting and repair services to individuals or businesses in need. This project requires knowledge of computer hardware and software, repair tools, and marketing efforts. 

  • Knowledge of computer hardware and software troubleshooting

23. Healthy Meal Prep Services

Healthy meal prep services involve preparing and delivering nutritious and ready-to-eat meals to individuals or families. Students can create customized meal plans based on dietary preferences and deliver the meals on a regular basis. This project requires meal prep containers, cooking equipment, and marketing efforts. 

  • Culinary skills and ability to prepare nutritious meals
  • Time-management and organizational skills

24. Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services involve creating visual content for various purposes, such as logos, brochures, websites, or social media posts. Students can offer their graphic design skills for hire and provide customized designs based on client needs. This project requires graphic design software, a computer or laptop, and marketing efforts. 

  • Proficiency with graphic design programs (like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop)
  • Attention to detailed information and ability to understand client requirements

25. Personalized Stationery Design and Sales

Personalized stationery design and sales involve creating and selling customized stationery items, such as notepads, greeting cards, or planners. Students can offer personalized designs based on client preferences and sell them online or at local markets. This project requires stationery materials, printing equipment, and marketing efforts. 

  • Knowledge of printing techniques and materials

26. Handmade Home Decor

Handmade home decor involves creating unique and artistic home decoration items, such as wall art, pillows, or ceramics. Students can sell their handmade creations online, at local craft fairs, or through consignment in retail stores. This project requires crafting materials, design tools, and marketing efforts. 

  • Basic knowledge of crafting techniques and materials

27. Music Lessons

Music lessons involve teaching individuals to play musical instruments or improve their singing skills. Students can offer one-on-one lessons or group classes either in person or online. This project requires proficiency in the chosen musical instrument or vocal training, teaching materials, and marketing efforts. 

  • Proficiency in the chosen musical instrument or vocal training

28. Freelance Writing Services

Freelance writing services involve providing written content for various purposes, such as articles, blog posts, or website copy. Students can offer their writing skills for hire and provide customized content based on client requirements. This project requires good writing skills, research capabilities, and marketing efforts. 

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Research and information-gathering abilities
  • Marketing and client communication skills

29. Eco-friendly Product Retail

Eco-friendly product retail involves sourcing and selling environmentally friendly products, such as reusable water bottles, sustainable clothing, or zero-waste items. Students can create an online store or sell products through pop-up shops. This project requires sourcing eco-friendly products, marketing efforts, and packaging materials. 

  • Knowledge of eco-friendly products and their benefits
  • Basic understanding of online retail or pop-up shop management

30. Online Fitness Classes

Online fitness classes involve providing workout sessions and fitness guidance through virtual platforms. Students can create customized fitness programs, conduct live or pre-recorded classes, and offer personalized coaching. This project requires fitness certifications, video recording equipment, and marketing efforts. 

  • Ability to create engaging and effective workout programs

31. Social Media Influencer

Social media influencing involves building a following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok and partnering with brands for sponsored content or collaborations. Students can create engaging and relevant content to attract followers and monetize their social media presence. This project requires content creation skills, social media management, and marketing efforts. 

  • Creativity and content creation skills
  • Familiarity with social media platforms and trends
  • Marketing and negotiation skills

32. Online Language Courses 

Online language courses involve creating and teaching language courses through virtual platforms. Students can offer courses for various levels and languages, providing study materials, exercises, and personalized feedback. This project requires fluency in the chosen language, teaching materials, and marketing efforts. 

  • Ability to create engaging and effective language learning materials

33. Arts and Crafts Workshops

Arts and crafts workshops involve organizing and conducting creative workshops for individuals or groups. Students can teach various art techniques, such as painting, pottery, or jewelry making. This project requires art supplies, workshop space, and marketing efforts. 

Finance Required 

 skills required.

  • Proficiency in the chosen art technique
  • Ability to create engaging and educational workshop content

34. Online Coaching and Mentoring

Giving advice and assistance to people looking to advance personally or professionally is the goal of online coaching and mentoring. Students can offer coaching services in areas such as career development, life skills, or academic success. This project requires expertise in the chosen coaching area, coaching materials, and marketing efforts. 

  • Expertise in the chosen coaching area
  • Active listening and communication skills

35. Personalized Home Organization Services

Personalized home organization services involve helping individuals declutter and organize their living spaces. Students can offer organizing services for specific areas, such as closets, kitchens, or home offices. This project requires organizing tools, transportation, and marketing efforts. 

  • Attention to detail and ability to create efficient systems

36. Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital marketing consultancy involves providing expert advice and strategies to businesses looking to enhance their online presence. Students can provide services such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, or content creation. This project requires knowledge of digital marketing strategies, marketing tools, and client communication.

  • Knowledge of digital marketing strategies and tools
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills

37. Eco-tourism Guide Services

Eco-tourism guide services involve leading and organizing environmentally friendly tours in natural or conservation areas. Students can create eco-tourism packages and educate participants about wildlife, ecosystems, and sustainable practices. This project requires knowledge of eco-tourism principles, safety equipment, and marketing efforts. 

  • Extensive knowledge of local ecosystems and wildlife
  • Ability to educate and engage participants in sustainable practices

38. Virtual Reality (VR) Experience Creation 

Virtual reality experience creation involves developing immersive and interactive virtual reality content for entertainment or educational purposes. Students can create virtual reality experiences and offer them for rent or provide on-site experiences at events. This project requires virtual reality equipment, software development skills, and marketing efforts. 

Moderate to High 

  • Knowledge of virtual reality technology and software
  • Programming and software development skills
  • Creativity and storytelling abilities

39. Online Tutoring Services

Online tutoring services involve providing academic support and guidance to students in various subjects. Students can offer one-on-one tutoring sessions or group lessons through virtual platforms. This project requires expertise in the chosen subject, teaching materials, and marketing efforts. 

  • Proficiency in the chosen subject
  • Ability to adapt teaching methods to individual learning styles

40. Custom Cake Design and Baking

Custom cake design and baking involve creating unique and customized cakes for special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries. Students can offer their baking and cake decorating skills and provide personalized designs based on client preferences. This project requires baking supplies, cake decorating tools, and marketing efforts. 

  • Baking and cake decorating skills

41. Online Yoga and Meditation Classes 

Online yoga and meditation classes involve providing virtual sessions for individuals seeking relaxation, mindfulness, and physical well-being. Students can create customized yoga and meditation programs, conduct live or pre-recorded classes, and offer personalized guidance. This project requires yoga certifications, video recording equipment, and marketing efforts.

  • Proficiency in yoga and meditation techniques
  • Ability to create calming and engaging sessions

Steps To Develop A Unique Business Idea

Here are some main steps to develop a unique business idea:

Step 1: Identify Interests and Problems

Step 2: Research and Brainstorm Ideas

Step 3: Define Target Audience and Needs

Step 4: Create a Unique Solution or Product

Step 5: Plan and Test Your Idea

Read More 

  • Business Intelligence Projects For Beginners
  • How To Use Business Intelligence To Make Better Business Decisions

Tips For Successfully Completing The School Project Business

Here are some tips for successfully completing the school project business:

Tip 1: Plan and Organize

Create a plan and keep things organized. Planning helps to know what to do, when to do it, and what materials are needed, while being organized makes the project easier to manage.

Tip 2: Communicate Well

Good communication is essential. Talking to team members and customers helps everyone know what’s going on, preventing misunderstandings and keeping the project on track.

Tip 3: Stay Flexible

Being flexible helps to adapt to changes or problems. Things might not always go as planned, so being open to changes and new ideas is important.

Tip 4: Learn from Mistakes

Mistakes happen, and that’s alright. Learning from them helps to improve. Instead of feeling bad, see mistakes as chances to do better next time.

Tip 5: Celebrate Achievements

Celebrate progress and success. Recognizing accomplishments, big or small, keeps motivation high and shows how much has been achieved.

Challenges While Implementing Unique Business Ideas And How To Overcome Them

Here are some challenges while implementing unique business ideas and how to overcome them: 

1. Limited market acceptance

One of the challenges in implementing unique business ideas is the limited acceptance of new concepts in the market.

How To Overcome: Businesses can conduct market research to understand the target audience’s needs and preferences, and then tailor their unique idea to meet those demands effectively.

2. Lack of funding

Another challenge is the lack of funding to bring unique business ideas to life.

How To Overcome: Individual investors, venture capitalists, crowdsourcing, and even bootstrapping are just a few of the funding possibilities available to entrepreneurs. Additionally, in order to draw in possible investors, they can write an engaging business plan.

3. Resistance to change

Implementing unique business ideas often faces resistance from employees, customers, or even stakeholders who are comfortable with the status quo. 

How To Overcome: Businesses should focus on effective communication and change management strategies. They can involve employees in the decision-making process, provide training and support, and demonstrate the benefits of the new idea to gain buy-in from all stakeholders.

4. Competitive landscape

Unique business ideas may face intense competition from existing players in the market. 

How To Overcome: Businesses should differentiate themselves by emphasizing their unique selling points and value proposition. They can also focus on creating a strong brand identity and building customer loyalty through exceptional service and innovative marketing strategies.

5. Uncertainty And Risk

Implementing unique business ideas involves a certain level of uncertainty and risk.

How To Overcome: Businesses can conduct thorough market research, analyze potential risks, and develop contingency plans. They can also seek advice from industry experts and mentors to gain insights and guidance throughout the implementation process.

After exploring unique business ideas for school project is an engaging path toward practical education . Students discover the significance of hands-on learning, navigating the ropes of entrepreneurship within their educational sphere. Considering passion, resources, and audience, 40+ creative business ideas cater to school projects. 

Understanding how to develop unique ideas and implementing essential success tips equips students with practical skills. Challenges become stepping stones, encouraging adaptability and resilience. These projects foster growth, shaping young minds for future ventures. Embracing creativity and learning from experience, students find inspiration and valuable lessons, laying a solid foundation for their entrepreneurial journey.

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40 Startup Business Ideas to Try in 2024

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Aspiring entrepreneurs are often one brilliant startup business idea away from becoming their own boss. Of course, brilliance is easier said than done when starting a business .

The best startup ideas have business plans that solve a problem, meet an unmet demand or improve upon something already on the market — if not all of the above. Here are 40 ideas to help get your wheels turning as you look to bring a company to life.

new business ideas in homework

40 best startup business ideas

Even startup ideas that seemingly come out of left field can yield incredible success. Read through this list for instant inspiration.

1. Create educational content or activities

Parents are always looking for tools and activities to keep their kids entertained and engaged. Printable activity guides for different age groups, home-school lesson plans or even virtual nature walks or story time could all be viable startup ideas.

2. Offer virtual team-building

Companies need new ways to boost morale and build camaraderie among remote and hybrid teams. Enter the virtual team-builder. Cheesemongers, mixologists, chefs, magicians, artists, historians, master gardeners — almost anyone can create and offer bonding experiences for virtual companies.

3. Start a meal-prep business

The U.S. market for meal kits is expected to grow 14.2% annually between 2023 and 2030, according to market analysis by Grand View Research [0] Grand View Research . Meal Kit Delivery Services Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Offering (Heat & Eat, Cook & Eat), By Service (Single, Multiple), By Platform (Online, Offline), Meal Type (Vegan, Vegetarian), By Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2023 - 2030 . Accessed Feb 21, 2024. View all sources . Tap into that market and start a meal-prep service to make people’s lives easier and cater to specialized diets (keto, vegan, Whole30).

4. Create a food waste solution

Creating a startup focused on reducing food waste could not only earn you some serious funding, but also positively change the food system and help save grocery stores and restaurants money.

5. Capitalize on plant-based foods

The U.S. plant-based market was worth $8 billion in 2022, with sales of plant-based foods projected to climb 44% over three years, according to the most recent annual report from the Good Food Institute [0] Good Food Institute . U.S. retail market insights for the plant-based industry . Accessed Feb 21, 2024. View all sources . Creating a vegan supermarket or making meat-free versions of traditional foods could be the ticket to success for aspiring entrepreneurs.

6. Start a dropshipping business

The e-commerce business model of dropshipping is especially attractive because it doesn’t require you to purchase inventory upfront. Selling higher-end products with low shipping costs could become profitable quickly if you do thorough competition research.

» MORE: 25 low-cost business ideas

7. Curate subscription boxes

Subscription boxes were a $32.9 billion business globally in 2023 (up from $22.7 billion in 2021), and the industry is still set to grow, according to a market research report by the International Market Analysis Research and Consulting Group [0] International Market Analysis Research and Consulting Group . Subscription Box Market Report by Type (Replenishment Subscription, Curation Subscription, Access Subscription), Gender (Male, Female), Application (Clothing and Fashion, Beauty, Food and Beverages, Pet Food, Baby Products, Health and Fitness, and Others), and Region 2024-2032 . Accessed Feb 21, 2024. View all sources . Pick a niche, and then curate a collection of specialized goods to deliver unique experiences to consumers. Some subscription boxes focus on a mix of products, like makeup or dog toys; others focus on a single item or theme, like shaving or sustainability. Find the right starting point for you and run with it.

Ready to get started? Here's what to do next

Open a business bank account.

Start keeping the books.

Build your website.

Protect yourself from liability.

8. Create an airport-centric app

Creating an all-in-one app that allows travelers tonavigate unfamiliar airports with real-time information is a relatively untapped startup idea. Though various travel applications exist, an app that shows amenities, TSA line wait times, ground transportation options and airport maps could be useful to passengers.

9. Become a destination wedding planner

Planning a wedding is stressful; planning a wedding from afar could fray any couple’s nerves. That creates a niche for a destination wedding planner who can advise on venue and vendor selections, as well as manage wedding and travel logistics for the bridal party and guests. If you love exploring, have expertise in a popular wedding locale and are great under pressure, this could be the startup idea for you.

10. Make local guides

Even if you don’t consider yourself a local expert, creating local guides can get you familiar with your surroundings and help tourists enjoy off-the-beaten-path experiences in your area. Make themed guides, highlight attractions and partner with local businesses for advertising opportunities.

» MORE: 25 side business ideas

11. Create a local grocery delivery service

A grocery delivery startup can come with minimal setup costs — you only need a vehicle and a cell phone to get started. Help older people or others who are too busy to shop by offering this community-friendly service. You can even approach grocery stores in your area to see if they're willing to partner with you to get the service off the ground.

12. Start a virtual event planning company

Virtual event planning is a new booming business as in-person gatherings go online or take a hybrid approach. A skilled planner who can ensure all attendees are engaged, regardless of location, will be in high demand for years to come.

» MORE: Best business credit cards for LLCs

13. Sell zero-waste products

Starting a zero-waste company is more than just a trendy thing to do; it can be an ethical, environmentally conscious decision. Selling sustainable products such as reusable bags, bamboo toothbrushes or products with zero-waste packaging could appeal to a growing number of sustainability-focused consumers.

14. Make products for pets

Create innovative pet products to take advantage of the fact that 66% of U.S. households (about 86.9 million households) have at least one animal companion, according to the annual pet ownership survey by the American Pet Products Association [0] American Pet Products Association . Industry Trends and Stats . View all sources . Developing toys, accessories or clothing for furry friends can help you tap into that expansive market. You can also go the service route and offer pet sitting, walking or virtual dog training. Or develop an app or tech solution that makes pet parents’ lives easier.

15. Create custom clothing

Selling custom clothing or offering a tailoring service could be your winning startup idea. The custom clothing industry is gaining popularity and offers room for long-term growth.

» MORE: How to open an Etsy shop

16. Sell vintage clothing online

Demand for sustainable fashion has helped propel second-hand clothing into a $39 billion industry in the U.S. with projections to hit $70 billion by 2027, according to an annual resale report by online consignment company ThredUp [0] ThredUp . ThredUp Resale Report 2023 . View all sources . Consider selling thrifted, vintage or upcycled clothing on social media, an ecommerce platform or an app such as ThredUp or Poshmark.

17. Begin niche blogging

Find a niche (think e-sports or urban farming) and create engaging content around it. You can earn money through advertising, affiliate links and even product sales once you build an audience.

How much do you need?

with Fundera by NerdWallet

We’ll start with a brief questionnaire to better understand the unique needs of your business.

Once we uncover your personalized matches, our team will consult you on the process moving forward.

18. Become an e-book writer

If you’ve got a way with words, consider becoming a self-published author and selling e-books on virtual platforms.

» MORE: 14 profitable e-commerce business ideas

19. Start ghostwriting

Create content for busy professionals who don’t have the time or the skill to write themselves. If you don’t mind not attaching your name to your writing, ghostwriting is a great way to earn money with little to no startup costs attached.

20. Become a resume writer

Everyone needs a resume, but few people are skilled at or enjoy writing their own. If you’ve got writing experience and are looking to launch a startup with no setup costs, creating a resume-writing service could be the path for you.

21. Open a coworking space

Capitalize on the rising popularity of remote work by creating a modern coworking space that addresses pain points of entrepreneurs. Pick a convenient location and build it out with highly sought-after amenities.

» MORE: 35 businesses that every community needs

22. Become an online coach

If you enjoy helping others achieve their goals and are a people person, this startup idea could be fulfilling for yourself and for your clientele. You can provide wellness, business or life coaching.

23. Flip failing websites

Buy an existing website, make improvements on it and sell it for a profit. You’ll need to understand the market well and have some web development skills, but this can be a profitable pursuit.

24. Become a web developer

The need for custom websites isn’t ever going away, and if you know your way around WordPress or know a programming language or two, you can start a profitable website development startup.

25. Start a podcast

If you’re deeply knowledgeable or passionate about a subject, consider getting into podcast production or hosting. Building an audience takes time, but once established, podcasters can earn money through affiliate marketing, donations and sponsorships.

26. Be a social media influencer

Once you find a niche and build a personal brand, amassing a large following on Instagram or YouTube can lead to a solid source of income through influencer marketing.

» MORE: 30 Instagram business ideas

27. Create online courses

Obscure hobbies can lead to lucrative business ideas if you make them easy for others to learn. If you’d like to teach others but aren’t interested in the coaching route, creating an online course could lead to reliable passive income.

28. Become a marketing consultant

If you’ve got digital marketing chops, help small businesses reach their target audiences by providing SEO, social media or copywriting services.

Video preview image

29. Develop an app

If you’ve got a unique idea and the necessary technical skills, creating an app could be your gold mine. It’s also possible to build an app without extensive coding skills, and once it launches, it can bring in passive earnings.

» MORE: 25 tech business ideas

30. Make a smart appliance

Smart accessories and home appliances are all the rage and becoming an important part of daily life for the average consumer. For inspiration, take note of daily tasks at home or at work that would be easier with a smart appliance.

31. Tap into virtual reality experiences

VR is the future, and the future is now. Create virtual reality experiences or accessories to tap into a global industry that’s projected to grow to a $165.91 billion market by 2030, according to a report by Fortune Business Insights [0] Fortune Business Insights . The global virtual reality market size was valued at $19.44 billion in 2022 & is projected to grow from $25.11 billion in 2023 to $165.91 billion by 2030... Read More at:- . View all sources , a market research firm.

32. Make a niche dating site

The stigma around online dating has decreased over the past decade, so take the opportunity to help others find love. With various dating sites targeted to everyone from sea captains to farmers, there is market demand for specialty dating options.

33. Develop a chatbot

Create a chatbot — which uses artificial intelligence to communicate with people — to help businesses improve their communication. Chatbots have become more popular in recent years, and you can create one without knowing how to code.

34. Offer matchmaking skills

This is like creating a dating site but with a personal touch. If you have a knack for knowing what types of people and which personalities get along well, you might be the perfect person to start matchmaking. You can do this online or meet clients in person as well.

35. Be a virtual assistant

Being an online assistant for someone, or starting a company of virtual assistants, can be a huge success. Everyone could use a little extra help, and creating a startup focused around getting people that help for the administrative tasks in their lives, professional or personal, can be a huge moneymaker.

» MORE: Home-business ideas: 40 remote jobs to explore

36. Reinvent exercising

If there's one thing people get bored with, it's doing the same type of exercise day in and day out to stay healthy. Plenty of people have turned the exercise industry on its head, with businesses like CrossFit and Peloton popping up. You can do the same if you have an idea for a new regimen or activity for exercise enthusiasts.

37. Create eco-friendly, health-friendly makeup and beauty products

As people become more aware of the impact their personal choices have on their health and on the environment, they're looking for more health and beauty products that are also eco-friendly. Creating safe and eco-friendly products could be a great startup idea.

38. Open a food truck or restaurant pop-up

Opening a food truck or restaurant pop-up is a great startup idea for entrepreneurs with a knack for cooking. Both options are easier to launch than a full-scale restaurant and allow you to get started with a smaller staff and menu. You can open a food truck that only sells french fries with crazy toppings, for example, or launch a breakfast sandwich pop-up in your neighborhood coffee shop.

39. Start an organization business

Shows like "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" and "The Home Edit" put professional organizing on the map, exposing millions to the magic of a tidy home. If you have a knack for making order out of chaotic spaces, you could start a business offering those services to those who need them. Organizing kitchen pantries, closets, bookshelves and more are all options you could offer customers at your new business.

40. Do interior design for young professionals

Have an eye for decorating? Start an interior design business, offering your services at an hourly rate virtually to young professionals looking for inspiration. It can be as simple as them uploading some images of their new space to your site and you sending back a few links with furniture in their budget and example images of what the room might look like when it's finished.


Start Your Dream Business

How to choose a startup idea

Do your homework before diving headfirst into a startup idea. First, make sure there's demand for the business you want to start, where you want to start it. More than 35% of businesses fail because there isn't a market need for their services or product, according to research from CB Insights [0] CB Insights . The Top 12 Reasons Startups Fail . View all sources .

You also need to write a business plan , which should include your company’s objective, sales plan, market analysis and financial projections. A good business plan can help to keep your business on track. Lenders will also want to see your business plan when considering you for a startup business loan . You should also consider the skills you already have and see how those align with any of the startup business ideas you might go with.

This article originally appeared on JustBusiness, a subsidiary of NerdWallet.

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How to Come Up with an Innovative Business Idea

Aspiring female entrepreneur researching innovative business ideas on a laptop

  • 21 Jul 2020

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond currently controlled resources. By definition, entrepreneurs seek to fill a need in a new way.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, however, generating strong, novel business ideas can be challenging.

If you’re interested in being an entrepreneur , brainstorming ways you can satisfy needs and solve problems is a good place to start.

Remember the golden rule of brainstorming: There are no bad ideas. As your thoughts flow, jot them down so you can later prune the list to focus on your strongest concepts.

Here are some thought-starters for coming up with innovative business ideas and examples of how entrepreneurs have used them to build successful companies.

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How to Come Up with a Business Idea

Is there an easier way.

One place to start brainstorming potential business ideas is by asking yourself, “What task can I make easier?”

A common denominator for successful businesses is their ability to fulfill customer needs . In this case, the need is to create a product or service that makes people’s lives easier.

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The most innovative businesses have flourished from simple ideas. For example, HelloFresh has taught people how to cook and provided tools to prepare meals more efficiently. It started with a need to make meal planning and grocery shopping easier. By preparing meal kits that directly fulfill busy people’s needs, this idea has seen major growth.

Check out our video on how to come up with innovative business ideas below below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more explainer content!

This method of creating a product to fill a need can be viewed through the lens of Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen’s jobs to be done theory , which he presents in the online course Disruptive Strategy .

“A ‘job to be done’ is a problem or opportunity that somebody is trying to solve,” Christensen says. “We call it a ‘job’ because it needs to be done, and we hire people or products to get jobs done.”

Look for these kinds of opportunities in your own life. Every “job” presents an opportunity to create an easier way to get it done.

By centering your business plan on a particular need, you can increase your chances of building a profitable business.

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Can I Make This More Accessible?

There are many useful products and services that aren’t readily available to the entire market, creating an opportunity to produce a similar, more accessible product offering.

The founding of Airbnb by Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia is an example that HBS Professor William Sahlman uses in the online course Entrepreneurship Essentials .

“Chesky and Gebbia observed how hard it was to find housing during big local events,” Sahlman explains. “They decided to list online three air beds in their apartment for people coming to San Francisco for a design conference.”

From there, they added a third member to their founding team, Nathan Blecharczyk, who built the platform for connecting people with spare rooms to travelers needing a place to stay. They called it AirBed and Breakfast, which later became Airbnb .

Chesky and Gebbia noticed hotel rooms weren’t easy to book during large events, recognized a business opportunity, and devised a solution to fulfill a need for accessible, short-term lodging.

There are countless industries and companies whose offerings are inaccessible to certain market segments or during specific periods. Consider how you might fill those needs.

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What Can I Improve About This?

For every successful product offering, there's a multitude of ways to make it better. Think of companies you admire and imagine how you could improve their products. As you do so, consider the following four factors.

Graphic showing four factors to consider to improve a product: delivery process, location, cost, and customer experience

1. Delivery Process

Your business idea doesn’t have to be entirely new—it just has to fill a need. If you can identify a more convenient way of delivering an existing service, it could be an opportunity for your business.

Uber is used as an example in Entrepreneurship Essentials . Taxis have existed for decades, but Uber delivered its services in a new, innovative way by linking drivers in their own cars to customers via an app.

This example also shows there are no limits to what type of business you can create. Your business’ ability to fulfill a need will matter more than whether it’s a brick-and-mortar or online business.

Related: 3 Effective Methods for Assessing Customer Needs

2. Location

One of the simplest improvements to a product or service is bringing it to a new location.

Returning to the Uber example in Entrepreneurship Essentials , ride-sharing company Didi was founded in China—a location Uber hadn’t yet reached. Didi used a similar platform and model as Uber but filled a location gap Uber had left open.

What products, services, or concepts have you experienced in other places that you’d like to bring to your community?

Entrepreneurship Essentials | Succeed in the startup world | Learn More

One improvement that can make a significant impact is cost. Determining how to make a high-quality equivalent to a leading product and offer it for a fraction of the price has great potential.

Home security brand Wyze was founded using this logic. After four ex-Amazon employees discovered they could produce high-quality security cameras and sell them for one-tenth the cost of leading competitors, they sold one million security cameras in their first year as a company.

It takes testing to ensure product quality isn’t sacrificed for a lower price, but finding a way to reduce the cost of an in-demand item could jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey.

4. Customer Experience

Taking an existing offering and improving the customer experience for all or a segment of the market can be a valuable way to fill a need.

One example of an organization that’s done this well is Wanderful , a platform that, similar to Airbnb, connects travelers to locals who can offer lodging and travel advice—with the provision that all users are women.

Beth Santos, founder and CEO of Wanderful, noticed that female solo travelers made up 11 percent of the travel industry , which failed to take into consideration the safety, gender norm, and cultural concerns of women traveling alone.

She improved this experience by creating a network of women that can be tapped into for lodging, travel advice, or just a friendly face in a new location. Wanderful has since expanded its mission to give female and non-binary travelers voices in the travel industry through conferences, communities, and recognition programs.

If there’s an opportunity to improve the experience of a specific group of people, act on it and see where the opportunity leads.

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Is It Time to Pivot?

When starting a business, you may need to pivot from your original idea as new needs arise in the market.

For instance, Jebbit , a tech startup that originally offered a platform to pay students for the advertisements they watched, saw a rising need for privacy and consent in the consumer data space. It pivoted to create a platform for secure, declared customer data.

Another instance in which it makes sense to pivot is during technological evolution.

In Disruptive Strategy , Christensen explains that technological advancements can be either sustaining or disruptive innovations , depending on how they impact your company.

Take Netflix : The service was created to allow people to watch movies without going to the video store and accomplished this by mailing DVDs to customers’ homes with prepaid return envelopes.

When streaming came on the scene in 2007, Netflix implemented the new technology into its business model and has continued to adapt as it’s evolved. Because Netflix was able to adopt new technology to continue serving its customers, streaming was a sustaining innovation.

In the case of video store Blockbuster , streaming was a disruptive innovation that it tried but couldn’t affordably adopt. It ultimately led the business to shut down.

When technological advancements arise, think of how your current business model could shift to use innovation as a sustaining force.

More Examples of Innovative Business Ideas

As you think of ideas for businesses, take inspiration from the world around you. Analyze the foundational needs other businesses have fulfilled for society and how they’ve adapted to what customers want.

Remember: As a future business owner, it’s critical to understand your company’s core mission. Focusing on that can help align your startup ideas and provide a greater chance for success.

To gain even more insight and inspiration, consider the following examples, which show how diverse your business model and mission can be.

Notarize , the first online platform for legally signing and notarizing documents is just one example of an online startup that discovered an overlooked need. For many, it’s a hassle to find a notary public to sign a document in person. This prompted Pat Kinsel, founder and CEO of Notarize, to make this difficult, but necessary, task more convenient.

"It really struck me that notarized documents are often some of the most important things people sign, and yet, we have this system that’s 100 years old," Kinsel said in an interview with Inc .

Kinsel designed the Notarize app to connect people to licensed notary publics via video chat so they can see their documents signed in real time.

This need for notarized documents seemed to be a common, but overlooked, need for many professionals. By thinking outside the box, Notarize seized a business opportunity and brought it to its fullest potential.

The development of Starbucks under former chairman and CEO Howard Schultz is another example that highlights how to efficiently choose locations for your brick-and-mortar.

“Schultz admired the sidewalk coffee shops he’d visited in Italy and decided he would introduce the same basic idea in the United States,” Sahlman says in Entrepreneurship Essentials. “That venture became Starbucks.”

Now, it’s rare to walk a few blocks without seeing a Starbucks on a corner. Strategic locations within high traffic routes created a customer base that’s made Starbucks an essential part of their lives.

Perhaps one of the most well-known companies in the world, Amazon is a prime example of fulfilling people’s need for convenience.

This e-commerce business made it the norm to buy items online—including books, music, movies, housewares, and electronics—and have them quickly and conveniently delivered.

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Think Like an Entrepreneur

Coming up with an innovative business idea isn’t difficult if you’re observant. By asking yourself key brainstorming questions, you can generate a list of business ideas that fill market needs, improve existing products, and make daily life easier and more enjoyable.

Do you want to turn an idea into a viable venture? Explore our four-week Entrepreneurship Essentials course, six-week Disruptive Strategy course, and other online entrepreneurship and innovation courses to discover how you can harness the power of innovation. Download our free course flowchart to determine which best aligns with your goals.

This post was updated on September 19, 2022. It was originally published on July 21, 2020.

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The Best 36 Business Ideas for Students on a Budget 2024


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When you are a high school or college student, you generally have huge batches of free time. There's no better way to spend them than becoming a student entrepreneur...

In the past decade, the world has seen many incredible businesses being started by college students (Facebook, just to name one).

Is it Possible to Start a Business While Being a Student?

The internet has removed many barriers that once prevented students from starting businesses. These days, there are no legal, financial, or knowledge restrictions holding you back from launching a side hustle while in school.

School and university demand many of your hours, but if you stay organized and make the best use of your hours, you will find time to both study and run your startup.

Best 36 Business Ideas for Students

1) sell used books.

Sell Used Books

Difficulty : Low

Investment : Low

Description : You finished your academic year, congratulations! Now check your desk… you have a pile of used books, right? In many cases, they end up in your house’s trash bins. However, there’s something better to do with them: sell them to younger students at a cheaper price than what a new copy is.

You'll probably, at least, make enough money to purchase the books needed for your next semester. The best of this idea is that it doesn’t require either any investment or much time.

Resources : Here’s an article on the 6 best places to re-sell old books and some tips on how to do it.

2) Flip Websites

Difficulty : Medium

Investment : High

Description : You buy websites that are exiting for a low price, grow them in 6 months to 2 years, and sell them at a much higher price for a profit. There are people who work full-time on this and make millions per year with their sites.

The key here is to buy a high-quality website at a low price. There’s a ton of information on what you should consider and check when doing it. At the same time, there are all kinds of free digital marketing courses that you will find useful if growing one of these websites.

Resources : Flippa , Empire Flippers, and Micro Acquire are three website marketplaces. Besides that, you should check out this article on how to find, evaluate and buy websites , as well as this review we've written about Micro Acquisitions course , which goes all about buying, growing, and selling sites.

3) Re-Selling

Investment : Medium

Description : There’s an ethical unresolved issue around re-selling sneakers, tickets, or whatever, but I’ve personally seen many people make loads of money buying items at a low price and selling them at a higher one. Re-selling works best with limited items (such as the mentioned tickets and some exclusive sneakers), as those who haven’t been able to purchase them are willing to pay more than their original price to have them once the item is out of stock.

The key when re-selling is understanding the market and anticipating which items will people be more willing to pay for once they run out. Note that it can be pretty risky; I know of a guy who bought 10 tickets for a concert and couldn’t re-sell them. He ended up inviting all of his friends for free with a huge loss.

Resources : This is a really inspirational article on how to re-sell sneakers and make a profit.

4) Writing Services

Description : Start a website that offers all kinds of writing services to students or businesses. It could be anything from sales & marketing copy, SEO content, essay writing, academic papers, or even simple proofreading.

There are already many trustworthy services online, and before starting out your own writing service, it is a good idea to work as a professional essay writer for a top website. After you have gained some valuable experience doing this, you can move on to creating your own essay-writing service. You could charge per hour or project.

+1 if the website invites other fellow students to offer such writing services and you charge a fee ;)

Resources : This article will help you decide whether you should or should not start freelance writing. If yes, make sure to check this one, which teaches you how to do it.

5) Play Cupid

#5 business idea for students

Description : Set up a website or an app, exclusively for your college campus or local area, to let the singles meet. This will be much appreciated by the community and, with a small fee, the app could kick-off and be the Tinder of your campus or neighbourhood.

The app could, instead, be focused around networking. People could use it to meet other people and make new friends.

Alternatively, the app could also be focused around professional networking.

Resources : This Bubble template is a great and cheap point to start a dating app.

6) Motivational Apps

#6 business idea for college students

Difficulty : Hard

Investment : Medium 

Description : Motivational apps have a broad scope range. They could be for anything from academics to mental health.

Consider academics. The app could show events, seminars, or lectures and let the user log the attendance to these, getting award points in exchange. Such apps encourage improved productivity among students in a positive and fun way.

These rewards could be in the form of vouchers, coupons, or deals for any local service. For the sponsors, this would be a worthwhile advertisement option among the clientele too.

Similar apps could be designed for fitness, gym attendance, and other activities too.

The easiest way to monetize such an idea would be through ads.

Resources : There are many tools out there to build apps cheaply and fastly (even without coding). Check our Tools page .

7) Babysitting

#7 startup idea for students

Description : There will always be demand for babysitters and nannies. With both parents working and maternity and paternity leave shrinking in length, the market for this is only widening. If you have a knack with babies and have a pleasing personality, you are already good to go.

Resources : Here is a detailed article on how to properly set up your babysitting business and make the most of it.

8) Babysitting Network

Babysitting Network Business Idea

‍ Difficulty : Medium

Description : You can create a sort of marketplace for babysitting. Other prospective babysitters could sign up for it and offer their babysitting services. Parents could select between the available babysitters and hire them through the platform. You could keep a commission.

Even if you are not able to do the babysitting job due to lack of time, you'll still make a commission from fellow babysitters who have signed up for the program.

Resources : Here is a long article on how to build and grow a nanny app.

9) Pet Sitting

#9 business to start in college

Description : What’s better than babysitting? Pet sitting! Who doesn’t want to spend the whole day playing with dogs? There are busy workers and families taking holidays who need someone to take care of their loved pets.

There are two main ways to face this business idea. The most common one is to take pets for a one/two-hour walk every day/every two days. The second one would be to take care of pets of people taking holidays, for one to four weeks.

Resources : The Balance Careers has a huge series of resources for pet sitters.

10) Local Reviewer

#10 business for students

Description : Every time we want to buy a product, the first thing we do is to look online for product reviews. Sure enough, all big cities have their own dedicated websites for such reviews from multiple sources. But what about small places or even campuses? There’s a huge opportunity there.

Start a website that reviews the local accommodations. You can make this exclusive for the campus itself or other accommodations in the area that students could rent out. This would work as a credible source rather than just word of mouth. There could also be options added to include listings and discussion forums. You can monetize this through advertising.

Resources : WPBeginner has a long article on how to build a review site using WordPress, which would probably be the cheapest and fastest way to do it.

11) Swap Website

Description : Swap websites are used to swap, sell, and borrow goods and services. For example, if a person needs something but only for a single use, it is best to rent it out rather than buy one.

On campus, there is more than one person who is willing to do that, but it is lacking a way to find that person. Such a website would simplify this while enabling people to save a few bucks.

Call it a new age barter system; especially on campus, there would be a lot of demand for this. Start this locally and then expand it later. There are loads to borrow and exchange from academic services, bikes, books, and even clothes. You can monetize it through advertising.

Resources : Here’s a list of 36 bartering and swapping websites to get some inspiration. We’ve also interviewed the founder of a shutdown swapping site who shared all the mistakes he made throughout his journey.

There are loads to borrow and exchange from academic services, bikes, books, and even clothes. You can monetize it through advertising.

12) Design Services

Description : All kinds of businesses have design tasks. So, you can create a site that offers different types of design services, such as logos, flyers, packaging, or even websites, and niche down to local businesses or even other students starting their own startups. This is a great startup idea for students and you could charge per hour or per project.

When you are a student, it can be hard to get businesses to trust you. There are many ways to achieve it, such as showing them previous high-quality work, offering one free project, and connecting them with your previous clients.

Resources : You may be asking how to build a portfolio if you’re just starting and have never had clients, right? Here’s a tool that generates fake client briefs for you to design and showcase in your site.

13) Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing business dea

‍ Difficulty : Hard

Description : Digital marketing has grown a lot in the last decade, with the emergence of eCommerce and online businesses. The businesses that don’t digitalize themself and ignore working on their internet profile and presence are missing a huge percentage of clients.

There probably are many local businesses looking for help on their digital marketing strategies. You can reach their owners and provide them with a free consultation to show you know about the subject. You could help them with local SEO , social media management , and Google Ads / Facebook Ads campaigns, among other strategies.

Resources : Make sure to check out Acadium , a tool connecting businesses looking for digital marketing work to be done, and students who are willing to learn and do that work. They provide great free digital marketing courses on different topics.

14) Development Services

Description : Having a website is a must for any kind of business, and most local ones tend not to have one. There’s a huge opportunity there.

Learning to code is super accessible for everyone. There are thousands of free development courses, books, articles, and videos, so “I don’t know how to code” is definitely no longer an excuse. And if you don’t want to learn, you can even build a website without coding. This site was built with Webflow , a powerful visual web design tool.

Resources : Google “free web development course” and you will get 3.2B results… I think that’s enough ;) You should also check this complete guide on web development freelancing.

15) Cleaning Services

#15 business ideas for students in university

Description : Publish an online ad offering cleaning services in your neighborhood. Do a great cleaning job and build trust with your clients. Ask your clients for a referral and you will soon be cleaning the houses of all your neighbors.

That’s actually what Kisten Hadeed did and the origins of Student Maid, a really successful cleaning company in Florida. You can charge per hour and keep initial investment really low by asking clients to supply you with the needed equipment. 

Resources : This article from teaches how to get started in this industry.

90% of startups fail. Learn how to not to with our weekly guides and stories. Join 40,000+ founders.

16) Pool Cleaning Services

#16 business ideas for students without investment

Description : Cleaning pools is an alternative to the already mentioned cleaning neighbor’s houses business idea. It’s definitely not as easy, as it requires to be educated on what you’re doing. You might even need legal permissions to work on it, depending on where you are based. On the side, it requires some investment in equipment and products to be able to carry out the job.

Both the difficulty and investment issues come with a big chance of making great money. You can easily get paid $40-60/hour. Note that the business would mainly run during the summer seasons.

Resources : This article provides detailed information on how to set up and grow a pool cleaning business.

17) Moving Service

#17 business ideas for students in school

Description : Both neighbors and students need moving services eventually, whether it's because the academic year has finished and the student is moving back to their homes, or because a neighbor has rented a new house. You can make money (at least $200/moving) if you find it easy to pack items and move boxes.

Resources : Here’s a long article on how to start a moving company, some tips for growing it, and the recommended price you might want to charge.

18) Transcription Services

Transcription services business idea

‍ Difficulty : Low

Description : Transcription services are needed in all kinds of fields, such as law, medicine, and businesses. It also doesn’t require either fixed hours or many skills. On the side, there are many forms of transcription, including video podcasts and recorded lectures, so you will probably be able to select the niche that interests you.

No formal training is needed in order to be able to do transcription services. Good listening abilities, great knowledge of English grammar rules, and fast typing skills would be a perfect combination to get high-quality work done fast.

Resources : Here’s a motivational story on how Benjamin Walker grew a transcription business to +$1M/year.

19) Translation Services

Translation services business idea

‍ Difficulty : High

Description : Offering translation services isn’t as easy as offering transcription ones. You will need to be bilingual in both languages and know the grammar rules of the two of them. Businesses may not be really willing to offer advanced translation work to students, but they might be if it is basic and unimportant translations.

You could start by translating lectures, books, and articles for professors. There’s a ton of high-quality content in other languages - professors might want to share it with their students but they can’t as it isn’t in the student’s native language. That’s where you can help and charge per word translated.

Resources : Here’s a whole content site dedicated to the business of translation.

20) Photography Services

Description : If you love taking photographs, you can take your hobby and talent into a photography freelancing business. Both students and local businesses may need your services whether because they want to update their Tinder profiles or because they are looking to promote their recently-launched products.

In the beginning, you can start offering all kinds of services, but as you grow the business, you will probably realize there’s a ton of competition and you will need to niche and focus on one segment or one specific photography service in order to be different than the rest.

The biggest issue for this kind of business is the cost of the photography equipment, which, if you’re moving from one place to another, can break and make it even more expensive.

Resources : Make sure to check this guide from Bplans on how to start a successful photography business.

21) Photography Portfolios

Description : Good photography skills need to be appreciated before they get lost in that Instagram page. Any campus will have a few fellows with exceptional skills in photography and videography. It would be easy to make a database of students who are interested in and create a platform to sell their work to others.

The platform could charge a fee to either the photographer or the customer. On the side, it could also work hand in hand with a photography club giving more chances and connections to both sellers and buyers by offering more exposure.

Resources : Here’s a no-code template to build such an app.

22) Food Delivery Services

#22 business ideas for students at home

Description : Create a platform to deliver quick eatables, like sandwiches and smoothies, made by local businesses. Start by targeting firms with employees in younger age groups, who often go out to grab a meal during lunch breaks. This is a gold mine, with food deliveries for simple items that don't break their wallet, the business would be exponential. With options to schedule deliveries made earlier to arrive at lunchtime, this could actually be a problem solver for the firms.

Take a step further and make these homemade too. This way, it is not necessary to rely on multiple third-party services. The food will be authentic, tasty, and have a personal touch to the service.

Resources : Steven Long was the founder of Chowdy, a Toronto-based food delivery startup making $110k/month which had to shut down due to some legal issues. Ali Jiwani is the founder of MealSurfers, a Canadian food startup that made an exit when it was making $7k/month. Make sure to check those two stories and learn from both the wins and mistakes of each.

23) Deliver Food Hampers

#23 startup business ideas for college students

Description : How often have you thought about that mac and cheese your mom makes so deliciously. Or even wondered when you are finally going to eat something healthy?

Well, the lack of time or will to go to a grocery store and cook something is in the least probable category. And the parents are well aware of this too. So design an app where parents can make such orders for kids that would be delivered to them. 

This will have the personal touch and love of a package coming from home itself. You could monetize it by taking a shipping fee.

Resources : has a complete article about food hamper businesses. You should check it out!

24) Blogging

#24 small business ideas for students

Description : Is there anything you really enjoy talking about? Are your friends tired of listening to you talk about it? Then start a blog about that topic, build an audience, and monetize it through ads and premium content.

 The startup costs of building a blog are super low nowadays (with a domain and hosting would be enough, so less than $50/year) and the information to grow such a site is free all over the internet.

When we started this site, we had 0 knowledge of how to grow it. Nowadays, it receives +150k users every month from all over the world. Note that it took us 3 years to build such an audience. Consistency is key when blogging.

Resources : GrowandConvert is a content marketing agency that has an amazing blog related to creating and publishing content on the internet. Backlinko is another blog that publishes content-related articles, particularly about the search engine optimization of these. 

25) Video Classes

#25 business ideas for students

Description : Visual media often makes things easier. That is precisely the reason why we are all so hooked up on Youtube, without having a clue why we are watching a cat playing piano at 3 am. The thought is simple, won’t lectures be so easy to understand with such visuals? With a creative mind and some graphic design skills, it could be put to use for this.

The idea is to make a visual representation of any lectures and offer them to tutors and students. It would make studying so much better and more straightforward. You could monetize it by pricing every video or through a monthly subscription.

Resources : Here’s a great guide on how to make videos look professional without investing much money.

26) Class Notes

Description : We all know those students who are pretty lazy to actually take notes or those others who tend to miss classes under any kind of excuse, right? Those students would be your niche market if you set up a class note business.

There are some people who are really great at taking lecture notes, being able to summarize the information in a nice-looking and concise way. If you are that kind of person, you should consider re-selling your notes to other students. You could sell them independently per class or in packages of all the notes related to one exam or to one semester.

Resources : Make sure to check this well-known book , in which Sönke Ahrens shares his unique technique to take smart notes that are easy to study and learn from.

#27 business plan ideas for students

Description : Where there are students, there are tutors. If you stand out in one subject, you can probably teach it to someone else who struggles to understand it. A common trouble-maker subject is Maths, but note that there are many math tutors as well.

Schools and professors tend to be helpful with students starting their tutor businesses. Some schools even have a database of tutor students, so make sure to check if there is one in your school. The monetization model would be per hour; you can charge anything between $10-$100, depending on the subject, the concepts taught (how advanced they are), etc.

Resources : This article is super inspiring for anyone starting a tutoring business. The writer shares how he is making $1,000/week as well as lots of recommendations and mistakes you should avoid.

28) Organize Trips

#28 innovative business ideas for students

Description : It is a known fact that most of the group plans for a trip but never happens. The WhatsApp groups have seen hundreds of failed plans. It is the time that someone takes responsibility and get things done.

Organize trips to various destinations which could be for events, festivals, or even just weekend trips. You can charge a commission or a fixed amount for an all-inclusive deal.

Resources : Here’s a detailed guide from Bplans on how to start a travel agency.

29) Event Organizer

#29 innovative business ideas for students

Description : Lots of students enjoy parties and socializing, so why not capitalize on it? Everyone is willing to spend $10, $30, or even much more on a great party. These can take all forms and shapes, from organizing a small meetup at a nightclub to running Project X 2.

What will you need? Excellent communication skills to convince everyone they can’t miss such a party (social media is a MUST to promote it!) and advanced organization abilities to make sure everything is in the right place at the right time.

Resources : Here’s a long article from Capterra explaining how to turn those small parties/events you have maybe carried out in the past, into a profitable business.

30) Campus Newsletter

#30 business idea for students

Description : This is quite a unique business idea for students. If your campus doesn't have a newsletter already, it is time to start one. The source of money from this could come from advertisements from local businesses or even other student startups.

The newsletter could be sent as emails rather than printed versions or both. As a third party, a student can even make a deal with the college to create brand awareness among potential students using the letter. It could be used for promotional purposes, branding, and lead generations outside the campus too.

Resources : Here’s an article on 7 tips to create a school newsletter.

31) Campus Podcast

#31 ideas for college students

Description : Instead of a campus newsletter, you could do a podcast. It could be an interview podcast, talking with students and professors, or more like a solo podcast, talking about the news, events, and things going on in the campus.

The equipment needed is pretty cheap, with the possibility of recording even with your phone. As for monetization, it could be done through sponsorships from local businesses or premium content for those who love the podcast.

I haven’t personally seen this on many campuses, which makes me think this is one of the most innovative and unique business ideas for students on the list.

Resources : Here’s an article on the 5 steps required to start a school podcast.

32) Language Course

Description : Do you excel in any language? Do you enjoy teaching other people? Then you should set up a Skype language course and sell classes to people from anywhere in the world while staying in your home. You could easily charge $20-$60/hour and work part-time on it.

Growing your client base is all about building an online presence and getting referrals from your existing customers. In the beginning, you could boost your initial customers by providing them with a free 1-hour call.

Resources : Here’s a long guide for beginners on how to make $30/hour teaching languages and 6 places to get your first clients.

33) Bookkeeping

#33 business ideas for students

Description : You don’t need to have a finance degree in order to be able to manage a local business’s bookkeeping records. An online course or even just some Youtube videos would be more than enough to start with. As all businesses require such work to be done, you probably won’t have big issues finding your first customers.

The initial investment costs are super low, as you can ask the business owner to supply you with the needed tools. As for monetization, most bookkeepers charge per hour and the amount depends on the complexity of the tasks ($30-$100 or more).

Resources : Here’s a detailed video on how to start a bookkeeping business in 2021.

34) Jewelry Business

#34 business ideas for college students

Description : This is a great startup idea for students because jewelry making isn’t as hard as it sounds. You can easily learn about it through online courses and Youtube tutorials. You will then need to practice a lot until you start getting great results. Profit margins can be really high when you achieve a nice looking product.

There’s a ton of competition in the jewelry space so you will have to identify a niche. Social media (particularly influencers) are among the most usual strategies carried out by this kind of businesses.

Resources : Shopify has a detailed guide on how to start such businesses. Besides that, a few years ago we interviewed , on this site, the founder of a jewelry business that shut down and then emerged again with a new business model just to start making +10k/month.

35) Baking Business

#35 businesses to start in college

Description : Selling cakes, cookies, bread or other baked goods can be another startup business idea for students. You can easily post an online ad or some leaflets around your campus. Make a client happy, and you will have 3 new ones. The food industry works a lot with word of mouth.

There are two main ways to monetize this. The first would be to prepare the goods based on requests from customers. The second could be to produce 100 cookies, rent a bike, and wander around the campus and neighborhood looking for hungry people. The chosen price for the cookies would be cheaper than if it’s a requested job.

Resources : Here’s a detailed article on how to set up and grow such a business. You should also watch this video from the founder of a “late-night cookie delivery service” in his college city.

36) Youtuber

#3 business ideas for students

Description : Becoming a YouTuber looks like a easy and lucrative career. Many see it as a great business plan idea for students because you make videos on a niche that you enjoy and then make money off them through ads and sponsorships. But the reality is that becoming a well-known YouTuber is not an easy feat. 

Behind every famous one, there is a long, painful journey of hard work. Start by creating content and keep iterating from there with the help of your audience. It won't be an overnight success, but if you keep going for some time, you'll see amazing results.

Resources : Here’s an article about a checklist to become a successful Youtuber.

How Can a Student Start a Business?

Or in other words, how do you become a student entrepreneur?

The list of business plan ideas for college students mentioned above is nonsense if you don’t now take action toward the chosen business.

If you are a Business student, you probably have an idea of what are the steps that involve setting up and launching a business. However, all kinds of students read this article, so here are some common steps that entrepreneurs carry out:

1) Decide on the idea

All of the business ideas for college students on the list are really interesting ways of making money, but you definitely can’t work on them all.

To decide which to focus on, make sure to think about what you enjoy doing in your free time, what you excel in, and what would you be willing to keep doing even if it doesn’t bring money (or it means negative numbers). We have compiled a list of both online business ideas and offline business ideas so you can pick the one that best suit your needs and skills. We hope we came up with some innovative startup business ideas for students that you would have never imagined.

Make sure to also consider your initial investment. Some featured in the list are business ideas for college students without investment or little resources, while some others will require a few hundred or thousands to start.

Note that some of the above are business ideas for students in university (or would work better with them) and others are business ideas for students in school (those that don’t require much money and getting physically involved).

2) Decide on a niche

Nowadays, there are businesses of all sizes and shapes. Building one has become so easy that the internet is full of websites, millions of videos are uploaded to Youtube every second, and thousands of LLCs are formed every day.

This means that there’s a lot of competition in any industry. The best solution for students who don’t have enough resources to invest in research and development and build a unique product or don’t have the capital required to set up a huge factory and win over competitors through economies of scale (= low pricing), is to focus on a niche.

A common niche could be to geographically limit the business so that you just focus on people within your neighborhood or your college campus. Another could be to focus on people with certain interests and likes.

3) Choose a name and a brand style

Here’s a detailed article on how to choose a name for your startup. The key is to brainstorm many, evaluate each option, and ask for feedback from your partners.

As for branding, here’s another article on how to build the brand of a business. There are free tools to do it. Don’t spend much money/time on it, at least at the beginning.

4) Launch the business

It’s now time to push the LIVE button for your business.

This needs to happen as fast as possible so that you quickly validate whether it is worth it to keep pushing towards that business idea or it’s better to move to a new one from the above list of entrepreneurship ideas for students.

There’s a common issue entrepreneurs face when launching new startups that’s called “ paralysis by analysis ”. They keep improving the product, adding features, changing the design, etc, and spend months and months without launching it.

This is exactly what you need to avoid, especially if this is your first business. 90% of startups fail (I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this), so you need to launch fast, validate early, and move to another business if it didn’t work.

5) Market your business

You pushed the LIVE button and you didn't get any sales, right?

The “build it and they will come” phrase is a completely unreal myth . It will take you blood, sweat, and tears to get your first clients.

Do some advertising, go outside your home and deliver leaflets (there actually are some unique business ideas for students at home above, in case you’re too lazy), knock on your neighbor’s doors, send cold messages to potential customers that you found on Facebook groups, etc.

6) Make sure your customer is happy

Many of the college business ideas tend to market themselves by word of mouth and referrals. That is why it’s essential to make sure that each of your clients is happy with the results.

Interact with your customers, ask them what they think you could do better next time, provide them with a discount if any parts of the job were done incorrectly… there are so many ways to make your client happy, even if the price of the service is high or the quality of the work wasn’t the best.

If the business is going well, you will soon find yourself with many tasks under your belt and little time to work on them, along with studies and extracurricular activities.

That’s when you might start considering hiring your first employee. In order to avoid the risks of going into negative numbers during a bad month, you can work on a commission-based wage.

In this stage, the selection of new team members is essential. Remember that word of mouth can be a key way of promotion and marketing. If you hire someone who has zero knowledge of the tasks they are required for, delivers low-quality work, or mistreats clients, you will soon find yourself ceasing operations.

Now It’s Your Turn!

There is no direct and simple answer to the question of how to start a business in college.

As smooth as the above startup ideas for students may sound, they will all inevitably require a lot of dedication and perseverance.

There is an abundance of resources at your fingertips, from valuable classes to school technologies, and access to professors. So make use of them in the best way possible, and if the idea still doesn’t seem feasible, lay the groundwork for it.

You would be getting practical knowledge and work experience before finishing the course. Even if it fails. Remember that college is the time to blossom and experiment, and it is only the beginning of your life journey.

If you have any questions, have other small business ideas for students you think we’re missing, or want us to help you with your new startup, make sure to reach us at [email protected] !

Which Business is Best For Students?

Here are some of the best businesses: flip websites, re-sell sneakers or tickets, baby or pet sitting, deliver writing, design or development services, start a blog, sell your class notes, become a tutor, organize others’ trips, organize parties, and create a campus newsletter or podcast.

What Kind Of Business Can a Student Start?

Students can start all kinds of businesses, but it’s really common that they start a service-based one, such as house cleaning, pool cleaning, food delivery, content writing, content transcription, graphic design, and website development, among others.

First, decide your business idea and choose the segment of the market that you’ll be serving. Then, choose a business name and design your business’ brand. Once it is launched, market your business in your neighborhood or campus. Finally, hire employees and scale it!

How to Hire Developers

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70 Small Business Ideas for Anyone Who Wants to Run Their Own Business

Meg Prater (she/her)

Published: March 19, 2024

A good business idea may seem hard to come by, but with some planning and preparation, you can easily launch a small business to supplement your income — or become your own full-time boss.

Small business ideas symbolically showing the spirit of a small business

Maybe you already have an idea of the business you’d like to start. But while you might feel ready for a new venture and passionate about your idea, you might be looking for some direction.

Download Now: Free Business Startup Kit

To help get you started, here's a list of small business ideas separated into a few sections:

  • What makes a good small business?

Best Small Business Ideas

Best businesses to start with little money, home business ideas.

  • Online Businesses Ideas

Easy Businesses to Start

Business ideas for students, creative small business ideas, how to start a small business at home, starting a small business: faq.

The first step to becoming a successful entrepreneur is finding a business idea that works for you. In this article, you’ll find dozens of small business ideas you can start from home and scale up as your clientele grows. Let’s get started.

What makes a good small business idea?

Not all small business ideas are made equal: Some require more effort and funding than others, while some can be launched with few resources — or resources you already have. As a potential small business owner, you’ll want to save as much money as possible on training, rent, supplies, and other necessities.

Let’s go over what makes a good business idea:

  • Requires little to no training . A good small business idea will ideally leverage your existing field of expertise and require little to no training. That will not only shorten your time-to-launch, but also lessen your expenses, since training courses can cost a significant amount of money. Plus, you’ll be more confident offering services that you feel prepared to deliver.
  • Requires low setup costs. Your business should be cheap to start. Maybe you only need to purchase a website domain or buy a desk for your garage.
  • Requires little hands-on inventory or supply management . A great business idea needs few supplies and little inventory management. If you want to sell physical goods, you can either try drop-shipping and manually make goods in small batches.
  • Is based online . The best small business ideas are based online and can be carried out from your personal computer. This will automatically lower your commuting costs and give you greater flexibility over your personal and work life.
  • Can sustainably be managed by few people . As a small business owner, you won’t have the funds to hire other people to help you run your business — at least not at first. A good business idea should give you the ability to run your business on your own.

new business ideas in homework

Free Business Startup kit

9 templates to help you brainstorm a business name, develop your business plan, and pitch your idea to investors.

  • Business Name Brainstorming Workbook
  • Business Plan Template
  • Business Startup Cost Calculator

You're all set!

Click this link to access this resource at any time.

Airbnb Co-founder, Brian Chesky, said, “If we tried to think of a good idea, we wouldn’t have been able to think of a good idea. You just have to find the solution for a problem in your own life.”

If you’re like Brian and you’ve already thought about a solution for a problem you encounter in your life — or you’re on the path to doing so — then starting a small business may be in your future. It may also be for you if you dream of clocking out of your nine-to-five job for the last time and becoming your own boss.

Below, we include the best ideas for you to start your small business — with resources and examples to help you get started.

1. Handyman

new business ideas in homework

8. Life/Career Coach

If you have experience navigating career, personal, and social transitions successfully, put it to good use as a life or career coach. Many of us are looking for guidance in our careers — and finding someone with the time to mentor us can be tough.

Life/career coaches don’t come cheap, but they are able to offer clients the intense and hands-on training and advice they need to make serious moves in their personal and professional lives. After all, everyone needs some uplifting advice from time to time.

To start your life/career coaching business with confidence, you can look for a certification program (like the Life Coach School’s or Diane Hudson’s ), then apply your skills as you acquire new clients.

new business ideas in homework

A resume writing business is economical, has few overhead costs, and has few educational requirements. We still recommend having an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree and a few resume samples on hand. If you still feel that you need to brush up on your resume writing skills, you can take a course like Coursera’s or LinkedIn Learning’s .

Once you’ve gotten resume writing down, you can expand your business to include cover letter writing and even offer career coaching services in conjunction with these services.

10. Freelance Writer

If you have writing skills , there’s someone out there willing to pay you for them. Write blog posts, magazine articles, and website copy galore — just make sure you have a body of work built up to share with potential clients. Even if you create a few sample pieces to have on hand, they’ll help exhibit your work and attract new business.

To become a freelance writer, it’s essential to choose a specialty. For instance, you might choose to only write for publications in the healthcare industry (maybe because you were previously a healthcare worker) or focus on lifestyle publications. Whatever the case, specializing will help you find your niche market and gain confidence as a new freelancer writer.

There are no educational requirements for freelance writing, but you do need strong writing skills. It also helps to enjoy writing. While certification may be beneficial, getting practice and writing every day is more important. Try these writing prompts to start.

11. Landscaper

Mowing, tree-trimming, and seasonal decor are all neighborhood needs. If you have or can acquire the equipment, a landscaping business can be a lucrative affair. It’s also a great choice if you enjoy doing it for your own home and have a good eye for landscape design.

The good news is that you can start small. For instance, you could offer your neighbors seasonal planting services and start with a few perennial plants, or simply offer mulching services.

To grow your landscaping business, you should consider taking some formal training. The following organizations offer courses:

  • New York Botanical Gardens

After completing a course and getting enough experience, you can apply for a certificate from a landscaping organization. While a certificate isn’t necessary to work in the field, it can build your credentials and help you make industry connections to take your landscaping business to the next level. The Association of Professional Landscape Designers offers one potential certificate you could pursue.

Some states require licensure, especially if you’ll be using pesticides and fertilizers. Be sure to review the requirements for your state.

Learn some of the basics now with this video on landscape design from Lowe’s:

12. Videographer

Video production requires you to have invested in the equipment up front, which can be quite expensive. But that’s also what makes your services so valuable. Make sure you have a reel of your work to share or create a website with several selections of your work available for interested viewers.

There are no educational or licensure requirements for starting a video production business. As with writing and other creative arts, though, it pays to specialize. Real estate videos differ radically from wedding videos, and wedding videos differ radically from in-studio interviews and testimonials. By specializing, you target a highly specific customer who’ll benefit the most from your services, and you can also skill-up more effectively in one shooting style.

While you can find general classes on videography, you should consider taking a class in the type of videography you’d like to do. For instance, you could take The Complete Wedding Videography Course .

Hot tip: If you’re interested in specializing in video marketing, check out The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing and download our starter pack below.

→ Access Now: Video Marketing Starter Pack [Free Kit]

13. Photographer

Start by conducting photo shoots for your family and friends. As you build a body of work, ask for referrals and reviews. Photography businesses often grow by word of mouth, so create a Facebook page where you can tag recent clients. Photos where you tag those clients will show up in their friends’ newsfeeds, where they can view your work. You can also ask them to leave reviews on your Facebook business page.

Like with a video production small business, you’ll want to specialize. Will you do product shoots or portraits? How about wedding or fashion photo shoots? Once you specialize, you’ll be able to create a body of work that most accurately represents your strengths.

There are no educational or licensure requirements for starting a small photography business. Still, we recommend investing in a few photography courses, especially if you haven’t used your camera in a while. Some courses you might start with include:

  • Cornell’s Digital Photography Certificate Program
  • New York Institute of Photography’s Course

From there, seek courses that help you build skills in your chosen specialty.

If you’re not sure where to start with freelance photography, take a look at Erica Clayton’s journey into the business below. Her advice? Give yourself a firm deadline to turn a profit.

14. Bed and Breakfast Owner

new business ideas in homework

Some consulting industries are more competitive than others, so be sure to complete your research before starting a small consulting business. One way to find out how competitive a consulting niche is by doing keyword search . If your target niche is highly searched or is already dominated by big companies, you may have a harder time breaking in. You can use keyword research tools to uncover keyword volume and local demand.

If there’s room for you to enter the market, the next step is to land your first clients. Be sure to participate in local networking events covering your niche and reach out to potential prospects through cold calling and emailing. Investing in dedicated sales software can also help measure and improve your emailing strategy, as well as keep track of worthwhile leads.  

12. Event Planner

An event planning business is an excellent choice if you have great organizational and interpersonal skills, and it’s relatively cheap to start. You might choose to specialize in a specific type of event — like weddings or company meetings — or set yourself up as an event planner of all trades.

The good news is that event planners are always in demand. It’s not an easily automated job, so this small business idea is set to thrive regardless of the digital landscape. To start, you’ll want to look for a platform that will easily allow you to advertise your availability, such as event planner directories like Eventective and WeddingWire .

If you’re highly organized, detail-oriented, and have experience planning large events, it might be time for others to benefit from your skills.

13. Personal Assistant

Personal assistants help business owners and executives take care of administrative tasks. To launch a freelance personal assistant business, you should leverage networking opportunities on LinkedIn and attend small business events at local chambers of commerce. Most local business owners might not even know they need a personal assistant until you market your services to them.

If you’re an organized, highly-detailed person, the life of a personal assistant might be for you. Don’t want to be tied to one office or person all day, every day? Consider becoming a virtual assistant, which allows you a more flexible work environment.

To become an assistant, choose a niche — will you be helping women business owners specifically? Do you have a specific field of expertise, like bookkeeping? A website can also go a long way, and be sure to print business cards for you to hand out during networking events.

14. Consignment Shop Owner

If you have an eye for style but don’t want to invest in the inventory of a brand-new boutique, consider starting a consignment shop. It will allow you to curate a collection of clothing that matches your goals and aesthetic without the overhead of a boutique selling entirely new garments.

The beauty of a small consignment business is that you can now start one online. You can sign up on a platform such as Poshmark , Depop , and even Etsy , then easily start selling your own used fashion from home.

Once you’ve defined your niche — such as vintage clothing, unique locally made art, or colorful shoes — you can begin sourcing new products from your local stores and thrift shops.

15. Caterer

If the personal chef gig is too restrictive for your schedule, consider catering instead. Pick your projects, work on fewer but larger events, and hone in on your time management skills.

Becoming a caterer is a natural step for those who are used to cooking for large events — for instance, you may have already catered your friend’s wedding or brought a 20-person meal to a potluck (that counts, too!).

It’s essential that you have enough temperature-regulated storage for the meals prior to each event, and that you arrange for reliable, temperature-controlled transportation to and from your home kitchen. Alternatively, you can lower your costs by inviting customers to pick up their order at your home.

16. Gym Owner

Kickboxing gyms, yoga studios, CrossFit, oh my! Turn your passion for fitness into a community for others by creating your own gym — start one from the ground up, become an affiliate, or open a franchise location.

Available franchise opportunities include Anytime Fitness, Orangetheory Fitness, Pure Barre, Planet Fitness, Crunch Fitness, and more. Be prepared to take out a loan to finance your franchise — most agreements start with fees upward of $20,000. But the payoff can be tremendous due to brand recognition. You’ll have no trouble recruiting new members as long as you use local marketing strategies .

Alternatively, you can create a local studio, but ideally, it should be for a specific activity instead of general fitness. Yoga, pilates, bootcamp-style gyms, and martial arts perform well as independent fitness studios.

17. Boutique Agency Owner

What’s your specialty? Whether it’s marketing, social media, or PR, it might be time to start your own agency. Many other small businesses need this type of help but don’t have the resources or volume to necessitate a full-time position.

To start an agency, you would ideally have worked in your specialty for a number of years. You should also be prepared to interface directly with clients, fulfill their requirements, and temper their expectations (if they want results in an unreasonably short amount of time).

Consider building a small team and learn from other entrepreneurs who’ve successfully started their own agencies, like Duane Brown of Take Some Risk .

18. Coffee Shop Owner

Turn your caffeine addiction into something a little more lucrative. Opening a franchise or buying an existing shop are lower-risk entry points to the coffee game, but they usually require a little more cash upfront. Starting a shop from scratch requires more planning and work — but it also maximizes your earning potential in the future.

A coffee shop is an excellent fit if you already have a full-time remote job and wish to supplement your income with a small business. You can manage the coffee shop as you work at one of the tables, but be sure to have the budget to hire an experienced barista who can pick up the slack.

If you would like to open a coffee shop and run it full-time on your own, you’ll need to undertake barista training, understand worldwide coffee sources, and have excellent customer service skills.

19. Moving Company

A truck, moving equipment, manpower, and the correct permits and insurance are the building blocks of starting your own moving company . Before you buy your first fleet of trucks, however, start small with a moving van and keep your costs low.

Still sound like too much of an initial investment? Consider offering packing services only, which have a much lower financial barrier to entry. You can partner with moving companies and offer to do their packing, or have them refer clients to you.

You could even take a niche approach to the industry as Astro International has by offering international moving services.

new business ideas in homework

2. Vending Machine Owner

Since 2015, the growth rate for vending machine businesses has increased 1.4%. Even as social distancing restrictions are still in place, this business can still be lucrative if you choose the right locations. High-traffic is key — places like hospitals, schools, and community centers are smart places to start placing your machines to generate enough revenue to cover cost and turn a profit.

3. Social Media Manager

Do you have a knack for social media? As a social media manager, you can use your skills to manage the social media accounts for companies and even individual people. Influencer marketing has become more common and many influencers rely on marketing agencies or employees to help them run their social channels.

new business ideas in homework

Online Business Ideas

If you want a business idea that you can run entirely online, check out the ones below. These ideas are ideal for those looking for a passive income stream. In other words, you shouldn’t need to do too much manual work to launch these businesses from your home or preferred business location.

1. Become an online reseller.

To become an online reseller, all you need is some business savvy and some funds to invest in product stock from manufacturers — or, of course,the willingness to sell your own used items. Generally, this is a low-touch but high-performance way of creating a passive income online business.

Online resellers usually use a platform, such as Facebook Marketplace or Amazon Sellers, to sell either their own or manufacturers’ stock. The benefit of using Facebook Marketplace is that you can begin today with your own Facebook account, and simply list items that you already own.

Interested buyers typically drive directly to your home for pick-up — but if you’re not interested in human interaction, you can leave it outside and have the buyer pay via an online platform.

new business ideas in homework

Blogging is one of the most accessible small businesses to start, and there are countless niches to choose from. That said, because there are many blogs online, you’ll need to learn blog SEO and keyword research to ensure your audience finds you. That way, you actually make money out of your blogging efforts.

The great news is that a small blogging business has a ridiculously low overhead. All you need is a custom domain and your time for writing blog posts. Although finding the right topic ideas and outlining your posts may seem challenging at first, especially if you’re new to writing, you can let a blog ideas generator do most of the grunt work for you.

These tools leverage Artificial Intelligence to help you brainstorm ideas and set up your content structure. That way, you can kickstart your creative juices and begin writing about what you love right away. 

5. Home-Baked Goods Seller

Warehouse-made, store-bought chocolate chip cookies will never compare to a batch made with love in someone’s home. Simple desserts can be easily baked and packaged to sell at local events or around your neighborhood. Use custom labels and watch the word spread about your goods!

You can begin a baked goods business easily by opening a Facebook and Instagram profile. Facebook and Instagram are both excellent platforms to market your goods, show pictures of your previous baked products, and even showcase happy clients.

Build a loyal following slowly, and save on costs by asking clients to drive to your home to pick up their order. Choosing a niche can be helpful here, or baking in a specific style that can’t be found at grocery store bakeries. The overhead can be especially low if you already have most essential baking supplies.

6. Ecommerce Store Owner

Do you create, collect, or curate anything special? Consider starting an ecommerce store and turning your hobby into a full-time job. Whether you need somewhere to sell all that pottery you’ve been making, or an excuse to search for the sports memorabilia you love tracking down, an ecommerce store can make it financially viable for you to pursue your passion.

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Starting an ecommerce store is simple and easy. You can set up a shop using an ecommerce website builder , all of which start at a minimal monthly subscription (some even start at free). Be sure to take good photos of your products and write descriptive product pages .

If you don’t have inventory, you can always own an ecommerce store by using dropshipping . Instead of creating and shipping your products yourself, you’ll instead partner with a dropshipping website and have them mail out the orders directly to your client.

7. House Cleaner

With a low barrier to entry, house cleaning can be a great way to start doing what you love — soon. Consider advertising to homes in your neighborhood and get more bang for your buck by earning a few small businesses as clients as well. They’ll usually bring in a higher paycheck for a similar amount of work.

To become a house cleaner, you should be prepared to invest in cleaning supplies and accessories, or be willing to use your own. If you plan to serve small businesses, you should buy industrial janitorial supplies so you can get work done more effectively.

Need some inspiration? This small business cleaning service grew virtually overnight on Instagram after their content went viral during the pandemic.

new business ideas in homework

Learn more about choosing the right structure for your business from the Small Business Administration.

6. Create a business bank account.

Once you have a legally formed business and have been issued an Employer Identification Number (EIN), open a bank account specifically for your business. Having a business bank account is essential for keeping your personal and business finances separate which can help you gain an accurate picture of your business’s cash flow and financial health.

Additionally, keeping your personal and business finances separate makes bookkeeping and tax preparation easier.

Many banks offer business checking and savings accounts. Business checking accounts typically do not have a limit on the number of transactions that can take place, and issue a debit card that can be used for making business purchases. However, these checking accounts do not accrue interest.

Business savings accounts typically earn interest over time but have a limited number of transactions that can occur each month. When you’re just starting out, look for a business bank account that does not have a minimum balance requirement so you are not penalized for having low funds as you work to build your business.

7. Determine if your business idea works well from home.

Ask yourself whether your business idea will work well from home. Some businesses simply aren’t suited to be based from home. If you want to run a dog boarding center but live in an apartment without a backyard, you might want to consider a dog walking business instead.

8. Set up an office.

If your business idea is well-suited for being run from home, it’s still important you have a designated workspace. While a home office might not be possible, consider setting aside a corner in your living room or putting a desk in your bedroom for a space that inspires you and creates the conditions for success.

Need a more professional space? If you conduct client-facing work requiring you to be on video calls, no one wants to see your rumpled sheets in the background. Check out local coworking spaces for memberships that earn you access to conference rooms, desk space, and more.

9. Get to work!

You’ve put in the hard work, but I’ve got bad news — it’s only going to get harder. But most entrepreneurs will agree that the payoff of being your own boss, making your own hours, and working on projects that you’re passionate about will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

What are the types of small businesses?

The types of small business structures are sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporations.

  • Sole Proprietorship — The simplest type of business structure is a sole proprietorship, which is also the easiest to start. As a sole proprietor, you are personally responsible for the business's liabilities and profits, and you have complete control over your business. If you are a solopreneur, you are automatically considered a sole proprietor.
  • Partnership — A partnership is a business model involving two or more individuals who agree to share the business‘s profits and liabilities. Each partner contributes to the business and shares the risks and rewards. It’s essential to have a partnership agreement that defines each partner's roles and responsibilities to ensure clarity and prevent potential misunderstandings.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) — An LLC, or limited liability company, is a common option for small businesses because it protects its owners by separating personal assets from the company's liabilities. To form an LLC, the business owner must file the required paperwork with the state.
  • Corporation — A corporation is an independent legal entity distinct from its owners. It provides limited liability protection to its shareholders, who are not held personally accountable for the company's debts. Corporations have formal requirements and often raise capital by issuing stocks or shares.

Which business type is best?

The best business type is a limited liability company (LLC). Operating as an LLC means that your personal assets are separate from your business assets. If your business goes bankrupt, your personal holdings won’t be affected. That said, it’s also one of the costlier types, requiring a fee paid to the state.

The easiest business type to start is a sole proprietorship. The main downside is that there’s no differentiation between you and your business.

It's crucial to seek advice from legal or accounting professionals to determine the best business structure based on your unique needs and objectives. Each structure has advantages, legal requirements, tax implications, and flexibility considerations.

How do I create a business idea?

To create a business idea, determine your skill set, work preferences, startup budget, and available resources. It’s important to strike the right balance between what you can feasibly offer and what you can feasibly afford in the short and long term.

We recommend starting with your skill set so that you can easily determine the niche in which you can effectively compete. For instance, if you have ample experience as a writer, you might consider starting a freelance writing business. But if you know you’d prefer to work with clients face-to-face, you might choose to start a ghostwriting business instead. That’s why it’s so important to take your work preferences into account, as well.

After that, take a look at your budget and determine the type of business you can start based on the resources at your disposal. For instance, you might not be able to afford a physical office or location, so a location-based business will likely not be a good fit. In that case, starting an online business is your best option.

What resources or tools can I use to refine and validate my business ideas during the brainstorming process?

Online market research tools like Google Trends, Keyword Planner, and SEMrush can provide insights into market demand, competition, and keyword trends related to your business niche. Industry reports and market analyses from reputable sources such as IBISWorld, Gartner, Statista, and industry-specific publications can offer valuable data and trends to inform your decision-making. Ensure you know the industry risk before embarking on your small business venture.

→ Download Now: Market Research Kit [Free Download]

Additionally, joining entrepreneurial communities, forums, and social media groups can provide opportunities to seek feedback, network with like-minded people, and gain insights from experienced entrepreneurs. Finally, consider conducting surveys or interviews with potential customers to gather feedback and validate your business concept before investing significant time and resources.

What are some of the most successful small businesses?

Every small business has the potential to be successful and profitable, provided it’s backed by a strong product-market fit and a robust business plan . These two elements are essential. Maybe postnatal services are one of the most successful small businesses to launch, but if you live in an area with declining population or a large elderly population, then that small business idea won’t yield a high return on investment.

Think carefully about the market where you’re launching your business, and you’ll be more than likely to see lasting success.

What are the top growing small businesses?

new business ideas in homework

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The first step is to decide what kind of homework help you want to offer. Do you want to focus on a specific subject? Do you want to offer general help? Or do you want to provide resources and materials? Once you’ve decided on your niche, you can start creating your website and marketing your business.

2. Create a website

Your website is where potential customers will learn more about your business. Make sure you include information about the services you offer and how to contact you. You should also create a portfolio of your work to show potential clients.

3. Use online tools

There are several online tools that can help you run your homework business. These include project management software, invoicing software, and online tutoring platforms.

4. Market your business

It’s important to market your business to find new customers. You can use online marketing techniques such as SEO, social media , and paid advertising. You can also use offline marketing techniques such as print advertising and direct mail.

5. Get started today!

The best way to get started is to get started. There’s no need to wait – you can start building your website and marketing your business today.

Homework Business

What kind of Homework tasks I can take

There are numerous types of homework tasks you can take on. It all depends on your niche and what services you want to offer. Here are a few ideas:

1. Tutoring in specific subjects.

If you want to focus on tutoring, you can offer services in various subjects. This can include help with homework, test preparation, and essay writing.

2. Homework help online.

If you want to offer general homework help, you can use online tools like chat rooms or video conferencing. This is an excellent option for students who need assistance with their homework but don’t live near a tutor.

3. Resources and materials.

If you want to focus on providing resources and materials, you can create a website or blog that includes tips, tutorials, and printables. This is an excellent option for students who want to be self-sufficient regarding their homework.

4. Combination of services.

If you want to offer a combination of services, you can provide tutoring and resources. This is a great option for students who need a little bit of everything regarding their homework.

How much can I earn for each homework task?

It all depends on your homework task and the services you offer. However, most tutors charge between $25 and $50 per hour. And most resources and materials providers charge between $5 and $10 per item. So, if you offer a combination of services, you could earn a decent hourly rate.

Do I need any special skills or qualifications to start a homework business?

No, you don’t need any special skills or qualifications to start a homework business. However, it’s important to be knowledgeable about the subjects you’re tutoring and to be able to use online tools effectively.

Tools required to start Homework Business

There are some crucial tools you require to start a homework business.

  • 1. A computer or laptop is necessary to create your website and use online tools.
  • An internet connection is necessary to market your business and communicate with clients.
  • A phone – This is necessary to communicate with clients.
  • A printer – This is necessary to print out resources and materials.
  • A camera – This is necessary to take pictures of your work to include in your portfolio.

Is it ethical to get homework help from 3rd party agencies?

If you’re struggling with your homework, it’s perfectly ethical to seek help from a third-party agency. In fact, it’s often the best option for students who need assistance but don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves.

What are some of the benefits of starting a homework business?

There are numerous benefits of starting a homework business, including the following:

  • You can work from home – This is a great option for stay-at-home parents or people with disabilities.
  • You can set your hours – This is a great option for people who need flexible hours.
  • You can work as much or as little as you want – This is a great option for people who want to earn a supplemental income.
  • You can help students achieve their academic goals – This is a great way to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • You can build your own business – This is a great option for people who want to be their boss.

Homework Business

Starting a homework business is a great way to help students achieve their academic goals while also earning a supplemental income. You can offer many different services, and you can set your own hours.

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29 Easy Entrepreneurship Activities for All Classes As educators, we can cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in our students. By incorporating these 20 easy entrepreneurship activities into our classes, we can inspire creativity, foster problem-solving skills, and prepare...

By Deanna Ritchie • Nov 6, 2023

This story originally appeared on Due

As educators, we can cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in our students. By incorporating these 20 easy entrepreneurship activities into our classes, we can inspire creativity, foster problem-solving skills, and prepare students for success in any career they choose.

Whether it's through hands-on exercises, podcasts, videos, or structured programs, these activities will engage students and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit.

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1. Inventing and Pitching Card Game ( our favorite )

Get ready to ignite your students' imaginations and spark their entrepreneurial spirits with this entrepreneurial card game. Products is a hands-on and engaging way to teach your students about the basics of entrepreneurship.

Skypig, the brains behind this engaging game, cleverly integrates entrepreneurship into their gameplay. By using product and feature cards, players are encouraged to develop unique, marketable products while assuming the role of budding entrepreneurs. The game's core values emphasize the importance of creativity and originality, allowing players to have a great time while testing their ingenuity.

This immersive experience is a fantastic resource for teaching various skills, such as public speaking and creative thinking, and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. Skypig offers not only an original edition of the game but also a teacher's edition, complete with a comprehensive 6-page lesson plan, making it an invaluable tool for educators seeking to instill these skills in their students in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.

2. The Envelope Challenge

envelope challenge

The Envelope Challenge is a simple yet effective activity that encourages students to think creatively and develop problem-solving skills. Provide each student or group with an envelope containing a small amount of fake money. They devise a plan to increase their investment within a specific time frame.

This activity not only enhances collaboration and critical thinking but also demonstrates to students how easy it can be to generate income.

3. Defining Problems Exercise

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers, and being able to define problems clearly is a crucial skill for success in entrepreneurship. Show students pictures that depict various issues and ask them to identify and define the problems they see. Please encourage them to think about the information they need to understand the situation better. By focusing on clearly defining the problem before attempting to solve it, students develop critical thinking abilities and learn to approach challenges strategically.

4. Ready, Set, Design!


The Ready, Set, Design! activity challenges students to think creatively and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems. Divide students into groups and assign each group a challenge, such as designing a new way to drink on the go or a new method of communication. Please provide them with a bag of everyday materials, such as rubber bands, pipe cleaners, and foil, and ask them to design a product that meets the challenge. This activity encourages students to think outside the box and fosters creativity and problem-solving skills.

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5. The StartUp Podcast

The StartUp podcast is a valuable resource for sparking conversations about entrepreneurship in the classroom. It provides insights into the entrepreneurial journey and offers real-life examples of the challenges and successes that entrepreneurs face.

Assign students to listen to an episode of the podcast and facilitate a class discussion on the key takeaways and lessons learned. This activity allows students to gain a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship and encourages them to think critically about the concepts discussed in the podcast.

6. The Business Proposition

Articulating a clear and concise value proposition is essential for any entrepreneur. In this activity, introduce students to a value proposition and provide them with a brief faux business or product idea. Ask students to express the value proposition for the given idea concisely. This exercise challenges students to distill the essence of a business or product and develop effective communication skills.

7. Reverse Brainstorming

problem solving

Reverse brainstorming is an excellent activity for developing problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Start by presenting a problem to the students, such as studying in a noisy library. Instead of brainstorming solutions, ask the students to brainstorm ways to improve the situation.

For each idea they come up with, challenge them to find a solution to the worsened situation. This activity encourages students to think critically and consider alternative perspectives, essential skills for entrepreneurship.

8. Entrepreneurship Videos

Take advantage of the abundance of free, short online videos that discuss various aspects of entrepreneurship. Use these videos as a tool to introduce students to the topic of entrepreneurship or assign them as homework. Some recommended videos include "What is an Entrepreneur?" and "The Best Advice for Entrepreneurs." These videos provide valuable insights and inspire students to think about entrepreneurship in new ways.

9. Entrepreneurial Mindset Cards

blank cards

Entrepreneurial mindset cards are a valuable resource for developing entrepreneurship skills in students. These cards provide definitions and prompts related to entrepreneurial thinking. Distribute the cards to students and have them take turns reading the mindset definitions and answering the associated questions. This activity helps students develop a growth mindset and encourages them to think critically about entrepreneurship.

10. Pitch Challenge Toolkit

The Pitch Challenge Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for teaching entrepreneurship skills. This free toolkit consists of five lessons that cover various aspects of entrepreneurship, including creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and presentation skills. The toolkit provides step-by-step instructions and activities for guiding students through the process of developing and delivering a pitch. Using this toolkit, you can help students develop essential skills for success in entrepreneurship.

11. Free Entrepreneurship Lessons

Take advantage of free entrepreneurship lessons from reputable organizations such as VentureWell. These lessons cover a wide range of entrepreneurship-related topics and provide hands-on activities that engage students and teach them about the entrepreneurial mindset. Incorporate these lessons into your curriculum to give students a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

12. Contemporary Entrepreneurship Program

If you are looking for a ready-to-use entrepreneurship program, consider the Contemporary Entrepreneurship Program. This program is designed to engage students in a two-to-three-week unit focused on entrepreneurship. It covers topics such as generating business ideas , conducting market research, considering legal and financial issues, and writing a business plan. By implementing this program, you can give students a comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneurial process.

13. "Choose Your Own Adventure" Business Building

One engaging activity that introduces students to entrepreneurship is the "choose your own adventure" style series. In this activity, students follow the journey of a character named Jay as he starts his own business. Students make decisions for Jay and experience the real-world challenges and opportunities of business building . The series includes interactive videos that teach entrepreneurship, financial concepts, and economic ideas. This activity not only enhances students' understanding of business but also encourages critical thinking and decision-making skills.

14. Literature and Business Terminology Integration

Integrating literature with entrepreneurial concepts is another effective way to engage students in entrepreneurship education. For instance, students can read a book like "Sweet Potato Pie" and apply business terminology such as profit, loan, and division of labor to interpret the text. After reading, students can discuss the book and reflect on what it takes to own and run a successful business. This activity not only strengthens students' reading comprehension skills but also introduces them to the vocabulary and concepts commonly used in industry.

Here is a list of great entrepreneurship blogs to check out .

15. Mock Job Interviews

job interview

Conducting mock job interviews is a valuable activity that helps students develop job-related skills while fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. In this activity, the teacher sets up mock interviews based on the student's desired career paths. Students can practice interviewing skills with a partner in the classroom, but the activity becomes even more effective when an adult can perform the interview. This activity enhances students' communication skills, professionalism, and confidence, which are crucial qualities for entrepreneurs.

16. Inviting Local Entrepreneurs to the Classroom

Instead of simply teaching about business leaders and entrepreneurs, why not invite local entrepreneurs to share their experiences directly with students? This activity provides students with the opportunity to interact with real entrepreneurs and ask them questions. By preparing questions for the business leaders, students develop critical thinking and interpersonal skills . Additionally, this activity exposes students to different entrepreneurial journeys and helps them understand the practical aspects of starting and running a business .

17. Self-SWOT Analysis

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is a common tool used in business to assess the internal and external factors that affect an organization. In this activity, students apply the SWOT model to analyze themselves and their future goals. By identifying their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, students gain valuable insights into their entrepreneurial skills and areas for growth. This activity encourages self-reflection and helps students align their goals with their strengths and opportunities.

18. Researching Star Entrepreneurs

star entrepreneurs

Researching a star entrepreneur of their choice is an engaging activity that allows students to explore the lives and contributions of successful entrepreneurs. Students are tasked with investigating an entrepreneur using online resources and presenting their findings to the class. During the presentation, students focus on what motivated the entrepreneurs to start their businesses and the impact they have had on society. This activity promotes research skills, public speaking, and critical thinking.

19. Business Plan Shark Tank

In this activity inspired by the popular TV show "Shark Tank," students create their business plans and present them in a simulated entrepreneurial pitch environment. Students write a comprehensive business description, conduct market analysis, develop marketing and sales strategies, determine funding needs, and project financial outcomes. They then present their business ideas to the class, receiving feedback and constructive criticism. This activity enhances students' business planning, communication, and presentation skills.

20. Town Data Review and Business Proposal

Engaging students in a town data review and business proposal activity allows them to think critically about the needs and opportunities in a local community. In this activity, students review data about a town, discuss the data as a group, and propose a new business idea that addresses a specific need in the town. By considering the existing services and products in the town, students can identify gaps and propose innovative business solutions. This activity encourages students to think creatively and develop problem-solving skills.

21. Reverse Brainstorming


Reverse brainstorming is a unique entrepreneurial activity that encourages innovative thinking . Instead of trying to solve a problem, students are challenged to think of ways to make a problem worse. For each new issue they add to the situation, students must then think about how to solve that problem. This activity prompts students to think outside the box, develop creative solutions, and embrace an entrepreneurial mindset.

22. Startup Podcast Listening

Listening to podcasts focused on entrepreneurial learning is an excellent activity that exposes students to real-life stories and insights from successful entrepreneurs.

Students can choose from podcasts covering different aspects of entrepreneurship and the challenges of starting a business.

After listening to an episode, students can discuss the key takeaways, lessons learned, and how they apply to their entrepreneurial aspirations. This activity enhances students' listening skills, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial knowledge.

23. Exploring Different Ways to Make Money

Teaching students different ways to make money is an essential aspect of entrepreneurship education. Students learn the difference between providing a service and selling a physical product.

In small groups, students brainstorm creative ways to make money, considering their unique skills and interests. Through this activity, students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and learn to assess the viability of their ideas.

24. Understanding the Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

In this activity, students explore the characteristics and traits of successful entrepreneurs. The teacher reads questions about entrepreneurship aloud, and students move to different corners of the room based on their answers. At the end of the activity, students count their points to assess their knowledge about entrepreneurship.

This activity fosters critical thinking, self-awareness, and an understanding of the key qualities required for entrepreneurial success.

25. Examining the Benefits and Challenges of Entrepreneurship

Helping students think critically about the benefits and challenges of entrepreneurship is an essential aspect of entrepreneurship education. In this activity, students reflect on the advantages and drawbacks of working for themselves and owning their businesses.

Additionally, students complete an entrepreneur checklist to assess their entrepreneurial skills and identify areas for improvement. This activity promotes self-reflection, awareness of the entrepreneurial journey, and the development of problem-solving skills.

26. Creating a School Garden Business

Engaging students in a hands-on activity like creating a school garden business combines entrepreneurship with environmental education. Students collaborate to design and build a school garden that yields crops that can be sold for profit.

They develop a business plan, consider market demand, plant and maintain the garden, sell the products, and track profits and losses. This activity provides students practical experience in business planning, financial management, and sustainable practices.

27. Promoting Social Entrepreneurship

social entrepreneurship

Exploring the concept of social entrepreneurship is a valuable activity that encourages students to think about using business to create a positive social impact. The teacher presents a set of problems on the board, and students are invited to think about what these problems have in common. Together, the class creates a definition of social entrepreneurship and brainstorms solutions to address social issues. This activity nurtures empathy, creative problem-solving, and a sense of social responsibility among students.

28. The "If I Knew…" Exercise

To continuously improve the course and maintain student engagement, the "If I Knew…" exercise is a valuable tool. At the end of each term, students are asked to reflect on their expectations at the beginning of the class and what they gained from the course. They also share what they would have changed if they had known certain things beforehand. The teacher aggregates the feedback and presents it to the students in the last class, creating a feedback loop for course improvement. This exercise sets the stage for future classes and encourages a culture of continuous learning and feedback.

29. The Get Out of the Building Exercise

The Get Out of the Building exercise emphasizes the importance of customer interaction in entrepreneurship. Students are encouraged to leave the classroom and engage with potential customers to gather feedback and insights. This exercise allows students to validate their ideas, understand customer needs, and make adjustments based on real-world feedback. It helps students develop empathy, communication skills, and the ability to iterate their ideas based on customer feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions: Fostering an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Students

1. what is an entrepreneurial mindset, and why is it important for students.

An entrepreneurial mindset is a set of skills and attitudes that empower individuals to think creatively, take risks, and solve problems effectively. It's essential for students as it equips them with versatile skills that can be applied to various careers and life situations.

2. Are these entrepreneurship activities suitable for all age groups?

Yes, these activities are adaptable and can be tailored to suit students of different age groups, from elementary school to college and beyond.

3. How do these activities promote creativity and problem-solving skills?

These activities encourage students to think outside the box, explore new ideas, and find innovative solutions to real-world challenges. They are designed to stimulate critical thinking and creativity.

4. Can I incorporate these activities into my existing curriculum?

Absolutely! Many of these activities can be seamlessly integrated into existing coursework to complement traditional learning.

5. Do I need any special materials or resources to implement these activities?

Most of the activities can be executed with readily available materials and resources. You won't need anything particularly extravagant to get started.

6. How can I ensure that students stay engaged throughout these activities?

By making the activities interactive and relatable, students are more likely to stay engaged. Incorporating multimedia elements such as podcasts and videos can also enhance their interest.

7. What are some potential outcomes of these entrepreneurship activities for students?

Students who engage in these activities may develop better problem-solving skills, increased self-confidence, enhanced communication abilities, and a more profound sense of adaptability – all essential skills for success in any career.

8. Can these activities be used for remote or online learning?

Yes, many of these activities can be adapted for remote or online learning, making them versatile options for educators in various teaching environments.

The post 29 Easy Entrepreneurship Activities for All Classes appeared first on Due .

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21 Unique Business Ideas for 2024

Brandon Boushy

  • 4 weeks ago

Private chef, photographer, and pet sitter holding a dog with text that reads "Totally unique businesses you can start now" hovering overhead

Unique business ideas across sectors and industries are waiting to be discovered. These businesses might cater to niche markets, invent and sell new products, or offer a traditional service in a new way.

Finding the right unique business idea can be a balancing act. You want to be different enough to stand out from the crowd, but not so different that there’s no market for your product or service. We’ll discuss the unique small business ideas that hit that sweet spot.

Top 21 Unique Business Ideas 2024

Unique service business ideas, unique cleaning business ideas, unique business ideas for small towns, unique online business ideas, unique business ideas for students, unique brick-and-mortar shop ideas, unique business ideas from home, unique business development ideas, finding the right unique small business idea.

  • Dog walking business
  • Fingerprinting business
  • Personal chef
  • Remote cleaning business
  • Ewaste collection and recycling
  • Window cleaning business
  • Flower shop
  • Mobile veterinary services
  • Specialty food store
  • Virtual interior designer
  • Online bakery
  • Voiceover business
  • Transcription business
  • Pet sitting services
  • AI book business
  • Axe throwing business
  • Sensory deprivation tank business
  • Drone photography
  • Furniture restoration business
  • Custom treehouse business

You’ll find more information on each of these small business ideas, along with more unusual business ideas, in the article below.

Smartly dressed young woman using a tablet to search for unique service business ideas

1. Dog Walking

• Average Annual Revenue: $34K+ • Average Profit Margins: 16% • Startup Costs: $500-$5K • Time to Revenue: 3+ months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.7% • Best For: Animal lovers and experts, pet owners, people who like working outdoors

High demand puts a dog walking business among the best small business ideas for animal lovers to start in 2024. As of 2023, 65.1 million households in the U.S. own at least one dog, and many of those need help taking care of them. That’s a lot of potential customers for your new business venture.

Another plus of dog walking is the potentially low startup costs compared to other businesses. You can set up a profile on a site like Rover and start providing services locally right away with a very small budget.

2. Fingerprinting

• Average Annual Revenue: $132K+ • Average Profit Margins: 9.1% • Startup Costs: $500-$250K • Time to Revenue: 6-18 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: -0.6% • Best For: People with high professionalism, a commitment to security, and strong organization skills and attention to detail

Fingerprinting is another unique business idea with a potentially low initial investment.

These services have a broader customer base than many people realize, from criminal investigations to employment background checks and security clearances. If you’re able to attract customers and are skilled at providing customer service, fingerprinting can be a very lucrative business.

Dan Jurkowitsch is an expert in this unique niche market. He teaches people how to use this business model to start successful businesses. Hear his advice in this podcast interview:

3. Personal Chef Services

• Average Annual Revenue: $129K • Average Profit Margins: 51.7% • Startup Costs: $500-$5K • Time to Revenue: 1-6 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 0.9% • Best For: Culinary experts like chefs, cooks, and bakers with strong customer service skills

Being a personal chef is a great business idea for chefs who want to avoid the stress and high startup costs of food trucks and restaurants.

Since you work one-on-one with customers, it’s much less hectic and demanding, and you won’t need a brick-and-mortar space.

Connecting with your target audience is often the trickiest part of starting a personal chef business. Having an online presence for your business, including a website and a strong social media following, can be the best way to grow small businesses in this niche.

You can even expand this online presence into another revenue stream by offering online courses in cooking techniques or connecting your chef services to an online store selling ingredients or cooking supplies.

Cleaning business owner in a plaid button down holding a sponge up in one hand and a bucket of cleaning supplies in the other

4. Remote Cleaning

• Average Annual Revenue: $74K+ • Average Profit Margins: 6.7% • Startup Costs: $500-$30K • Time to Revenue: 1-6 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.2% • Best For: System-driven and organized entrepreneurs who are tech-savvy with strong digital marketing skills

Offering cleaning services may not be a unique business idea on its own, but it is when you run that company completely remotely. You can set up an online booking system, hire remote team members, and run a cleaning business without ever setting foot in a customer’s home.

Neel Parekh launched his cleaning company, MaidThis, in 2013. Today, it brings in an average revenue of $166,000 per month using a 100% remote business model. Learn how Neel started and grew this unique business idea in the interview below:

YouTube player

5. E-Waste Collection and Recycling

• Average Annual Revenue: $5.7M+ • Average Profit Margins: 2.9% • Startup Costs: $100K-$3.5M • Time to Revenue: 6-18 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.9% • Best For: People who like physical work, entrepreneurs passionate about sustainability and the environment

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, has been a growing problem over the past decade. Roughly 6.9 million tons are generated in the United States alone each year, of which only about 17% is properly recycled. Part of the problem is that many people don’t know how to properly dispose of electronics or lack services in their area to do so.

This makes an e-waste recycling service both a unique business idea with potentially high demand and a much-needed service to safeguard our natural resources.

This is another unique small business idea that could be done remotely. Kyle Landwehr started a junk removal business and has turned those systems into six-figure remote trash hauling businesses through the Junk Academy. Find out more in this podcast interview:

6. Window Cleaning

• Average Annual Revenue: $64K • Average Profit Margins: 8.8% • Startup Costs: $200-$5K • Time to Revenue: 3+ months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 0.9% • Best For: Detail-oriented and hands-on entrepreneurs who excel at customer service

One way to stand out with a cleaning services business is to focus on a niche. Window cleaning can be an extremely profitable option because it’s a relatively untapped niche with a potentially wide customer base.

Both residential and commercial customers have a need for window cleaning services. This is also something many people can’t do themselves, particularly for multi-story buildings.

On The Spot Window Cleaning has grown to a $45,000-a-month business since its founding in 1998. Learn how owner Jeremiah Hickey started and grew this small business idea in his podcast interview:

Flower shop owner holding a bouquet next to a sign that reads "Flower shop"

7. Flower Shop

• Average Annual Revenue: $262K+ • Average Profit Margins: 5.4% • Startup Costs: $100,000-$3.5M • Time to Revenue: 6-18 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 2.8% • Best For: Gardeners, florists, and other plant care professionals, creative entrepreneurs with a green thumb

A flower shop is among the best small-town business ideas. People everywhere love getting beautiful, sweet-smelling flower arrangements as a gift, but smaller towns often don’t have local businesses that provide the service.

Small business owners in the floral niche also have several options to add revenue streams. For example, you could sell herbs, potted plants, seeds, bulbs, and gardening supplies. You can also expand your customer base by selling edible flowers to local restaurants or partnering with other small businesses in the gift niche.

It doesn’t take much experience or business savvy to start a flower business. Dylan Capshaw started a flower business online when he was only 16. He’s since expanded it into a unique business, Stemistry, that combines a flower shop with a cafe. Hear his story in this podcast interview:

8. Mobile Veterinary Services

• Average Annual Revenue: $72K • Average Profit Margins: 11.5% • Startup Costs: $1K-$100K • Time to Revenue: 6-18 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.1% • Best For: Veterinarians, dog breeders and trainers, and other animal care experts

Being a veterinarian isn’t necessarily a unique business in its own right, but it is once you put it on wheels!

This is an innovative business idea for a small town or rural area. Pet owners in lower-population areas often have to travel a long distance to access vet care. Mobile services go to them, making transactions more lucrative because you’re giving customers much-needed convenience.

Granted, this unique business idea isn’t for everyone. You’ll need extensive training in animal healthcare. For those who already have this training, though, a mobile business model can be a great way to start a successful business venture.

9. Specialty Food Store

• Average Annual Revenue: $9.3M+ • Average Profit Margins: 1.8% • Startup Costs: $100K-$3.5M • Time to Revenue: 6-18 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 0.8% • Best For: Foodies, cooks, and food service professionals with strong organization and inventory management skills

People who live in small towns still enjoy unique food, but it can be hard to come by outside of large cities. This is why a specialty food store is an excellent small business idea for small-town entrepreneurs.

Successful business owners in the specialty food niche need to be responsive to customer demands. The key is to find out what items are missing from your local markets and fill that gap.

Communicating with locals, both in person and through social media, is a great way to predict which specialty foods will fly off the shelf in your town.

Woman using a smart phone while sitting at a desk with a laptop, boxes ready for shipping, stacks of cash, and a miniature shopping cart

10. Virtual Interior Design

• Average Annual Revenue: $168K+ • Average Profit Margins: 10.6% • Startup Costs: $1K-$100K • Time to Revenue: 1-3 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.2% • Best For: Designers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs, real estate industry and home staging professionals

The expansion of virtual tools has created lots of opportunities for unusual business ideas, one being virtual interior design. Designers in this niche use virtual design software to make furnishing and decoration recommendations completely remotely.

Having a website and a strong social media presence is crucial for success as a virtual designer. You can demonstrate your authority and aesthetic with an online portfolio, virtual design workshops, or online courses that teach interior design basics.

11. Online Bakery Business

• Average Annual Revenue: $1.52M • Average Profit Margins: 5.4% • Startup Costs: $100-$3M • Time to Revenue: 1-6 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.1% • Best For: Cooks, bakers, and food experts who are system-driven, organized, and tech-literate

Similar to a cupcake food truck business or bakery catering service, an online bakery business can be a great way to profit from your baking skills without the expense of a brick-and-mortar space.

Instead of buying products at a bakery, customers order their baked goods through an online interface and then get products delivered, either through the mail or local delivery.

Along with lower expenses, this mode allows the business owner to work at their own pace. It’s also easier to control inventory when you’re preparing baked goods to order rather than trying to anticipate the demands of hungry customers.

12. Voiceover Business

• Average Annual Revenue: $73K+ • Average Profit Margins: 3.7% • Startup Costs: $100-$500 • Time to Revenue: 1-3 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 9.12% • Best For: Actors, singers, and performers who are patient, detail-focused, and excel at time management

If you’ve ever been told that you have a great voice for radio, then a voiceover business should be on your list of top small business ideas.

Voiceover artists take on a range of assignments, from voicing characters in cartoons and video games to reading audiobooks or content for apps like GPS systems. The main skills you’ll need are a clear speaking voice and the ability to read from a script.

The easiest way to start an online business in voice acting is to sign up for a freelance platform focused on the craft. Snap Recordings , Filmless , and Voice123 are among the most popular sites for building a career in this industry.

TranscribeMe! homepage on a laptop

13. Transcription Business

• Average Annual Revenue: $25K+ • Average Profit Margins: 9% • Startup Costs: $0-$5K • Time to Revenue: 1-3 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.9% • Best For: Good listeners with fast typing skills

Students need a business with low startup costs—and it doesn’t get any lower than 0. While some new transcription business owners pay for advertising to attract customers, you can start for free by taking jobs through sites like TranscribeMe or Rev .

If you can type at a speed of at least 60 words per minute, transcription can be a good business idea. You can also find free and low-cost software to make the job easier. Typically, transcriptionists work at their own pace, so this is also an easy business to schedule around your classes and other activities.

14. Pet Sitting Services

• Average Annual Revenue: $34K+ • Average Profit Margins: 16% • Startup Costs: $500-$5K • Time to Revenue: 3+ months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.7% • Best For: Animal lovers, pet owners, people who are patient, organized, and great communicators

Many students need to fit their small business ideas around studying and homework time. This is what can make pet sitting a perfect fit. While you’ll need to feed and care for the animals, a lot of your work is just keeping an eye on them—basically, you can get paid for hanging out with cats and dogs.

Building your client base can be the tricky part of getting started in this niche business. Many small business owners in the pet sitting niche build a client list through websites like Rover , Wag! , and PetSitter . You can also connect with clients through social media sites like Nextdoor.

15. AI Book Business

• Average Annual Revenue: Unknown • Average Profit Margins: 23.3% • Startup Costs: $500-$5K • Time to Revenue: 1-3 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 7.80% • Best For: Strong editors with knowledge of generative AI and digital marketing skills

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has opened up a host of new business ideas. Using AI to generate books is one way to leverage this new technology into a lucrative business opportunity.

The key to success with an AI book business is knowing how to identify your target audience and market to them effectively. That’s how Joe Popelas made over $1M in his first year selling AI-generated books. Hear his story and advice in this podcast interview:

Mature cat cafe cat wearing a scarf and sitting on a bookshelf next to a sign that reads "Cat Cafe"

16. Axe Throwing Business

• Average Annual Revenue: $454K • Average Profit Margins: 9.91% • Startup Costs: $100K-$3.5M • Time to Revenue: 6-18 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.9% • Best For: Outgoing and fun-loving entrepreneurs with strong system-building and marketing skills

If you want to provide your area with a unique entertainment option, starting an axe-throwing establishment can be both a very fun and an extremely profitable business opportunity. Originating in Canada, this is a relatively new industry that’s skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade.

Along with charging customers for axe-throwing sessions, you can expand your revenue streams by hosting tournaments, selling memberships, or having an on-site shop that sells refreshments and merchandise.

17. Sensory Deprivation Tank Business

• Average Annual Revenue: $1.1M+ • Average Profit Margins: 12.07% • Startup Costs: $100K-$3.5M • Time to Revenue: 6-18 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.1% • Best For: Wellness-oriented entrepreneurs with strong customer service and marketing skills

First developed in the 1950s, sensory deprivation tanks (also known as flotation tanks or isolation tanks) have seen substantial growth in popularity in recent years. They can help people unplug from the distractions of modern life, so it’s no surprise that so many of them have popped up across the United States since 2020.

Ryan Duey’s transformative experience in a float tank led him to open his own flotation therapy spa, Capitol Floats. He’s since built on that business by making and selling his own cold plunge tanks and sensory deprivation tanks. Hear how he built his business in this podcast interview:

18. Cat Cafe

• Average Annual Revenue: $865K+ • Average Profit Margins: 5.8% • Startup Cost: $1K-$100K • Time to Revenue: 3+ months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.2% • Best For: Animal lovers, baristas and food service professionals

Some of the top unique businesses are twists on old classics. Cat cafes are one example of this, putting a new spin on the classic coffee shop.

Connecting with other businesses is a critical first step to opening a cat cafe. Primarily, you’ll need an animal partner that can provide well-socialized cats for guests to interact with (and adopt, if they fall in love with a floof during their visit).

Cat cafes can set up multiple revenue streams to increase their odds of success. This can include selling merchandise and pet-friendly snacks in addition to the typical cafe offerings. They can also charge an entrance fee for the cat space.

Woodworker staining a stool in his workshop

19. Drone Photography and Videography

• Average Annual Revenue: $50K • Average Profit Margins: 7.3% • Startup Costs: $1K-$10K • Time to Revenue: 1-6 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 0.3% • Best For: Photographers and visual artists, tech-literate and creative entrepreneurs

Drone photography is a relatively new industry, and that’s part of what makes it a good small business idea. While the market for photography services can be crowded, most photographers can’t take overhead shots. Offering that unique service can help a new small business owner stand out in their local market.

This niche business in the photography industry is often in high demand as a B2B business. For instance, real estate industry professionals use drone photography to sell their properties, while advertising professionals use it in commercials and other marketing materials.

Mile High Productions built a strong customer base of real estate agents, earning an average revenue of $35,000 a month. Learn how it grew in this YouTube interview:

YouTube player

20. Furniture Restoration and Flipping

• Average Annual Revenue: $111K+ • Average Profit Margins: 1.9% • Startup Costs: $100K-$3.5M • Time to Revenue: 6-18 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: 6.55% • Best For: Woodworkers, interior designers, creative entrepreneurs who like working with their hands

Furniture restoration is among the best home business ideas for makers, tinkerers, and other hands-on entrepreneurs. It lets you make a living from breathing new life into old things, which makes it sustainable and eco-friendly, as well.

The best business plan for a furniture restoration business often includes multiple services. You can restore pieces for clients or buy, fix up, and flip old furniture you find at thrift stores, flea markets, and antique stores.

Jennifer Beck started in furniture retail sales, then built on her passion for restoration into her own business with Saved By Design. Learn how she got started in this podcast interview:

21. Custom Treehouse Business

• Average Annual Revenue: $696K+ • Average Profit Margins: 3.4% • Startup Costs: $1K-$100K • Time to Revenue: 1-6 months • Annual Market Growth Rate: -1.3% • Best For: Carpenters, designers, and construction professionals with strong customer service and communication skills

Treehouses aren’t just for kids anymore. From unique Airbnbs to fun home offices and entertainment spaces, there are a variety of reasons people add custom treehouses to their properties.

You don’t have to only build treehouses, either. Often, business owners in this niche market build other backyard spaces for customers, like decks and sheds.

Anthony and Jamie Taylor-Weber and started their innovative business, Outdoor Office, from their home garage. Now, it brings in a revenue of $1.2M a year. See how they did it in this YouTube interview:

YouTube player

Having a unique business concept doesn’t need to mean you’re inventing a completely new thing from scratch. Here are some tips on ways to turn any concept into a unique business idea.

Take Your Business on the Road

Convenience is king in the modern world. Taking your product or service straight to customers can give you a definite leg up on your competition.

Mobile vet services are one example of this, and you can apply the concept to just about any niche. From food trucks to mobile clothing boutiques or hair salons, there’s a way to take just about any type of business on the road.

This approach has benefits for business owners as well as customers. It often costs less to start, for one thing, and has lower overhead expenses compared to brick-and-mortar shops. It also makes any type of business super-scalable—just buy another truck for the fleet, and you’ve effectively doubled your capacity.

Combine Compatible Ideas in New Ways

One of the businesses referenced above is Stemistry, a combination flower shop and coffee shop. By bringing these concepts together, Dylan Capshaw expanded his revenue streams and target audience.

A cat cafe is another example of this. People love cafes, and they love playing with pets—so why not put the two together into one place?

You can take the same approach with other business ideas. This can be a way to put a new spin on a familiar concept, or it can add profitability to a new idea that may take a while to gain traction otherwise.

Share Independent Research and Education Resources

You might think that teaching other people about your industry is counterproductive for growing business revenue. After all, if your customers know how to do things themselves, why would they pay you?

But think about it: most people know how to clean a home, but cleaning businesses are still very profitable.

Providing educational resources, like online courses, white papers, infographics, or how-to videos, establishes your authority in your industry. You can also use these as an additional revenue stream or as marketing materials to attract new customers.

This list of unusual business ideas certainly isn’t comprehensive. There are unique business ideas not yet implemented in every industry. Now it’s time for you to go out and find the right one for you.

What is your favorite unique business idea? Let us know in the comments!


Brandon Boushy

Brandon Boushy lives to improve people’s lives by helping them become successful entrepreneurs. His journey started nearly 30 years ago. He consistently excelled at everything he did, but preferred to make the rules rather than follow him. His exploration of self and knowledge has helped him to get an engineering degree, MBA, and countless certifications. When freelancing and rideshare came onto the scene, he recognized the opportunity to play by his own rules. Since 2017, he has helped businesses across all industries achieve more with his research, writing, and marketing strategies. Since 2021, he has been the Lead Writer for UpFlip where he has published over 170 articles on small business success.

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15 Innovative School Homework Ideas to Make Learning Fun

15 Innovative School Homework Ideas to Make Learning Fun

Aashita Pillai

Aashita is a writer here at Suraasa and has formerly worked as a Teacher Mentor for a couple of years. She wields words like weapons to help readers get clear and concise information.


General tips to keep students hooked to school homework, 15 innovative school homework ideas to engage your students, theme a: arts and crafts, theme b: physical and outside activities, theme c: digital activities, theme d: games, theme e: entrepreneurship.

“Hi teachers! I am your old friend, School Homework. Over time as education changed, so have I— thanks to the endless innovations that happened to me.  Let me take you through my life and the various innovations that made me your best friend- I was born in the 1920s to help students reinforce what they learned in class. Until the 1980s, I was basically just pen-and-paper-based assignments.  The Internet was born in 1983. From there onwards, I made my stride into the ‘digital era’.

Evolution of school homework

Until the beginning of 2020, I was slowly being integrated within online platforms and technology to help students learn better. Then at the onset of 2020, the world plunged into the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools shifted to a ‘remote learning’ mode of education. During this pandemic, you and I became very crucial in ensuring the continuity of our students’ learning. You all embraced creative approaches to keep the students engaged. You leveraged interactive games, virtual simulations, & more to make me engaging. Gone are the days when you, my dear teachers, would limit your homework to worksheets, textbook questions, literature reviews, and reports. Today as we stand here in 2023, there is no limit to innovative and exciting homework formats! Well, that’s from me. See you in the classrooms!”

Unlimited possibilities when school homework and innovation combine

So teachers, we heard from homework about how it has evolved over time. As it said, many innovative ways have come up to reinforce our students' learning. So, are you ready to make your students fall in love with these new school homework ideas? Let’s begin with understanding some general tips to keep your students engaged with their school homework.

1. Make it Relevant and Meaningful 

Connect the school homework to their lives, interests, or current events to make it more meaningful and relatable. For example, if it’s Christmas time, you can ask your students to explore the themes of charity, storytelling, etc.

2. Give Them a Choice

Allow students to have some choice and autonomy in their assignments. Ask them to select the format (e.g. written format in the online medium, oral format in the offline medium) in which they want to submit their homework. When they feel a sense of ownership, they are more likely to be motivated and engaged. This is how you become a 21st-century teacher who uses differentiated learning. 

3. Celebrate Their Achievements

When children get appreciated for their achievements or good behaviour, it boosts their self-confidence. It encourages them to repeat those actions. This creates a positive learning environment. They are more likely to deliver results when appreciated for their actions. Hence, you can celebrate their achievements via small rewards, recognition or a display of their work in class.

Let's move to the next part of this blog, where we will share innovative school homework ideas that will turn mundane homework into engaging learning sessions!  After assigning any of these innovative homework ideas, you might never hear students’ innovative excuses to avoid homework! To give you a quick run-through, these ideas have been grouped under some common themes. Under each theme, you will learn how to use 3 ideas listed alongside relevant examples to comprehend it completely. Come along as we give the ratty old homework a MAKEOVER!

By infusing the joy of arts and crafts into school homework, you can tap into the innate curiosity and imagination of your students. And you never know, you might end up being the person that shaped the next Da Vinci! So, let’s get right into it:

1. Create Your Storybook

Storybooks as creative holiday homework for nursery class

We all have heard stories. We have loved them and adored them. So why not give our students a chance to write one?  After the students submit their storybooks, you can review their stories and give personalised feedback. Such feedback addresses each student’s individual needs, strengths, and areas for improvement. This fosters a student-centric learning environment.  Let's look at a few examples to understand this school homework approach more closely:

2. Make Your Own Board Game

Holiday homework to make your own board game

Do you remember the joy of gathering around a table, rolling a dice, and playing Snakes & Ladders? As kids and even as adults, many of us love spending our time playing board games.  Now, picture becoming the teacher that integrates school homework with a board game! Students can design board games and incorporate artistic elements into their theme, board layout, cards, etc. They can become architects of fun and learning!

Let's look at a few examples to understand this school homework approach more closely:

3. Construct a Birdhouse

Summer vacation holiday homework to create a birdhouse

Now, let’s tap into the sweet nostalgia of DIY(Do it Yourself) Projects. It could be something as simple as bedsheet forts or something a little more complex like a birdhouse 🙂 Won’t it be wonderful to watch your students feel a sense of accomplishment when they build their own handmade creations?  Let’s focus on the idea of constructing a birdhouse. By assigning students this homework, you’ll additionally be encouraging kinesthetic learning . 

Let's look at a few examples to understand this school homework approach more closely: 

Students love spending their time outdoors. Assigning school homework that requires them to be outside is a big plus! It will also help them apply what’s taught in class in real-life situations and promote active learning.

4. Participate in a Scavenger Hunt

new business ideas in homework

Everyone loves a good old mystery! Give your students the chance to be modern-day ‘Sherlock Holmes’ as they set out on scavenger hunts.  Let's look at a few examples to understand this school homework approach more closely:

5. Maintain a Physical Activity Journal

new business ideas in homework

In this digital age, where mobile and laptop screens often dominate, the majority of the students lead sedentary lifestyles. School homework which encourages physical activity, can be a game-changer! And what better than maintaining a physical activity journal that helps with it? Additionally, it will also promote the healthy habit of having an active lifestyle among students.  Getting students to journal can seem tough, but with the right motivation & incentives, it can be done. Additionally, this can also be a fun summer holiday homework, where students can keep track of their activities all summer! Encourage them to document their daily exercise triumphs. Push them to go beyond their own records! Ask them to explore science concepts- BMI, heart and pulse rates, diet, and nutrition! Once you do this, exercise will not just be about breaking a sweat anymore. It will also be something that incorporates learning! Let's look at a few examples to understand this school homework approach more closely:

6. Conduct a Survey at a Local Supermarket

new business ideas in homework

This outdoor activity is an extremely fun option for school homework. Most kids love running through the different aisles in a supermarket. Introducing a concept like surveys here gives them a chance to do some ‘real-life’ work and also provides much-needed relief to their parents!  Let's look at a few examples to understand this school homework approach more closely: 

In the age of tech-savvy students, we often find parents complaining about the excess screen time with their kids. But what if you could harness the untapped potential in technology? Today's kids are already immersed in the digital world, so why not tap into their enthusiasm and merge it with learning?  Let’s look at some innovative methods of assigning digital activities for school homework:

7. Record a Virtual Job Application

Homework for classes 9 to 12 related to career opportunities

This can be a fun homework assignment for students of all grades. One thing that we often forget as teachers is that school is not just about the present; it's also about the future. But often, we don’t discuss the future. This results in students being almost lost when it comes to their future career opportunities.  This is exactly where this school homework activity helps. Assigning school homework related to professions is a great chance for students to explore their career options. This, in turn, will help them be better prepared for life after school.  Let's look at a few examples to understand this school homework approach more closely:

8. Participate in Online Collaborative Projects

Online collaboration projects as holiday homework

Online projects are a catalyst for active learning and student engagement. They can be a tool for you to create a dynamic learning environment that goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries. Additionally, these activities enhance digital literacy and empower students to leverage technology for learning. Working on online collaborative projects will also help students learn how to function together as a team. This is something that also prepares them for life beyond school, where it’s crucial to learn to work together.

9. Virtual Cultural Exchange

Using cultural exchange as holiday homework

Cultural exchange events open doors to new horizons, offering students a unique chance to explore diverse cultures. By immersing them in new traditions, you develop acceptance, and empathy in your students. You give them a chance to have a broad and more inclusive perspective of the world. Let's look at a few examples to understand this school homework approach more closely:

Game-based school homework is one of the best ways to engage your students. Integrating learning within games creates a powerful synergy where education and entertainment merge seamlessly.  It’s time to tap into your students’ natural love for games and leverage it!

10. Use Minecraft as a Learning Tool

Summer vacation holiday homework using games

Ah, Minecraft! A name that brings back memories of endless adventures in pixelated landscapes. It’s a game that is a nostalgic reminder of our childhood.  But did you know that Minecraft can be more than just a game? It can be a powerful learning tool to level up the educational experience of your students.  💡Learn how to leverage Minecraft to make your classrooms more engaging! Let's look at a few examples to understand this school homework approach more closely:

11. Encourage Role-Playing Games

Using roleplay as creative holiday homework idea

Lights, camera, action! Role-playing games(RPGs) let students step into the shoes of a character and bring lessons to life. Even though RPGs are not typically classified as games, their unique blend of learning and fun makes them ideal for educational purposes.  You can assign students to act out roleplays based on a historical event, scientific concept or work of literature. They can develop characters, write dialogues, and present this to the class. Let's look at a few examples to understand this school homework approach more closely:

12. Online Challenges

Online coding as holiday homework design idea

You can introduce online challenges like coding of varying difficulties for different grade levels. Platforms like Scratch or can be helpful for this purpose. Coding challenges offer hands-on experience to students. It allows them to practice coding concepts and algorithms in a practical and engaging manner.  Let's look at a few examples to understand this school homework approach more closely:

In today's competitive world, students who embrace innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset stand out. As a teacher, you can nurture these qualities in your students via thought-provoking school homework. Such assignments can ignite students' passion for problem-solving, creative thinking, and strategic planning. Let’s look at some of the ideas below.

13. Pitch Your Business Idea

Holiday homework idea of practising a business pitch

Have you watched shows like Shark Tank or Billion Dollar Buyer? Have you been completely captivated by the business pitches on these shows? Now, imagine doing the same for your students— unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit. It’s time to bring the hustle of the business world into your classrooms! Encourage students to develop a business idea and create a persuasive pitch. They should research their target market, competitors, and unique selling points. In fact, students can present their pitch using multimedia tools, such as slides or videos, highlighting the problem they're solving and the value their business brings. Let's look at a few examples to understand this school homework approach more closely:

14. Design a Mobile App

School homework idea to design mobile apps

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Think about the countless hours that you spend on your smartphone, exploring different apps that make your life easier. This is a practice growing like fire amongst kids as well and is cause for serious concern! What if they spend time on their phone and learn at the same time? This homework assignment encourages students to apply their creativity and technical skills to develop a concept for a mobile application. Additionally, you can also assign this as a holiday homework assignment and let students go wild with learning during summer! Let's look at a few examples to understand this school homework approach more closely:

*Technologies like designing mobile applications can be too complex for the primary school. Hence, we focus on this idea only for middle and high school students.

15. Set up a Stall at the School Fair

School homework idea of setting up a stall at fair

This homework acts as an Introduction to Business 101 class for students of all grade levels. Students get to decide what stall to put up, then work on the logistics and finally manage the stall and finances on D-Day. This will teach students real-world skills and give them a feeling of ownership. Let's look at a few examples to understand this school homework approach more closely: 

Grade-Specific Tips to follow while Preparing School Homework ‍

1. primary school students ‍.

  • Keep it Interactive and Hands-on Younger children thrive on tactile and interactive experiences. Incorporate more of arts and crafts, storytelling, etc., to make homework enjoyable for them.
  • Use Visuals Vibrant colours will capture their attention and make tasks visually appealing.
  • Keep it Short Primary school students have limited attention spans. Give them small tasks that they can accomplish in a limited timeframe. ‍

2. Middle School students ‍

  • Offer More Choices Middle schoolers are often teenagers already on the precipice of changes beyond their control. They will appreciate having some control over their learning. Allow them to choose topics or formats that align with their interests.
  • Incorporate Technology Middle school students are often technologically savvy. Utilise online resources, interactive platforms, and digital tools to make homework more engaging and relevant to their interests.
  • Encourage Independent Research Foster their curiosity by assigning research-based projects. Encourage them to explore various sources and present their findings in creative ways. ‍

3. High School Students ‍

  • Encourage Critical Thinking and Analysis High schoolers are capable of higher-order thinking skills. Assign tasks that require critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical thinking.
  • Encourage Self-expression Offer creative assignments that allow them to express their thoughts, opinions and ideas. Remember that they are young adults finding their voice in a loud world. Encourage them to write essays, create multimedia presentations, or engage in spirited debates.
  • Push for Practical Application Assign tasks that connect to real-world situations, allowing them to see the relevance and importance of their learning. ‍

How to Improve Your Homework and Other Teaching Strategies?

Do you want to learn about more strategies to improve school homework? What if you could upskill and improve all your teaching strategies- classroom management, assessment, and lesson planning, among many others? Book a call with a mentor to get dedicated teacher counselling on upskilling and improving your teaching strategies.

In a world where school homework is generally met with students’ whining, you can use these approaches to turn it into a gateway for innovation! By infusing ideas such as game-based learning, digital activities, and arts and crafts, you can help students engage with school homework meaningfully. This will foster a lifelong love for learning among your students, ultimately helping them succeed in and beyond the classroom. Want a short compilation of all the amazing school homework ideas? Click the button below

Meet Suraasa, the World’s First Career Growth Platform for Teachers.

new business ideas in homework

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The Dukaan® Blog

The Dukaan® Blog

Start, Run and Grow Your Online Business.

Business ideas in Gujarat

15+ Successful Business Ideas in Gujarat in 2022

Last updated on: August 21, 2022 by Piyush Shah

Are you thinking of starting a business venture in Gujarat? Confused? Here are 15 business ideas in Gujarat to help get a kickstart today.

In many ways, Gujarat is the business hub of India. It is a wealthy state which is home to some of the richest business individuals in the country. It won’t be wrong to say that the people of Gujarat are born with innate business acumen and do not shy away from taking risks.

The government of Gujarat has also taken several steps to support individuals looking to start their own ventures. For instance, there is a special website dedicated to individuals who want to seek government aid for starting their own innovative businesses. As per reports , in 2021, the state saw 34,700 new companies in the previous five years. It is a staggering number that explains how conducive the environment is for starting new ventures.

If you have been thinking of starting a business of your own, here are a few ideas you can explore.

1. Online Brokerage Firm

2. fashion design studio, 3. food delivery, 4. healthy gujarati snacks, 5. textile/clothing material wholesale, 6. manufacturing paper and printing, 7. coaching, 8. pickles, jam, and papad, 9. car wash, 10. art and craft, 11. petroleum jelly business, 12. embroidery business, 13. jewelry manufacturing, 15. preschool, business ideas in gujarat for 2022.


People in Gujarat have sharp financial acumen. They are always keen to find alternate income streams. The stock market is one of their favorite playgrounds to make extra money.

Gujarat has several high-ticket investors who have made immense wealth through their investments in the stock market. Not just that, several smaller investors are looking to make some quick bucks too.

If you have an interest in the stock market, you can set up your own online brokerage firm. The key here is to understand the market and perhaps have some potential clients before starting the business. You will need a stockbroker license from SEBI to enter this field of work.

You can make your name in this market through your research-based predictions. Sharing your knowledge with clients will help you win them over and develop a long-lasting relationship.

boutique business

Gujarat is a vibrant state, and the people sure love their culture. They enjoy their heritage and do not shy away from spending on clothes and jewelry.

Their weddings are nothing less than a spectacle, and the demand for designer wear also peaks around the festivals. Not just in metros, people in tier 2 cities also like dressing up for events and festivals. If you have an interest in fashion, this is an idea that can instantly pick up pace in Gujarat.

You can attend exhibitions to showcase your work and win more clients. Refer this article to start your own online boutique.

Regional business

It won’t be wrong to say that people in Gujarat love their food. No event or a get-together with friends is complete without finger-licking food. People enjoy stepping out now and then to indulge in different cuisines.

In today’s time, people have also become used to the concept of ordering-in food. It is a business that will find demand even in tier 2 cities. Apart from traditional cuisine, you can also experiment with fusion food and international dishes.

The best part is that you can start an online delivery business. You can use social media platforms to build a relationship with customers and spread awareness about your business.

Want to know more about how you can open your store online? Watch this.

  • Success Story of Dukaan Food Delivery Store

gujarati snacks

Khaman dhokla, fafda, gathia, khandvi, jalebi – the list of Gujarati snacks can go on and on. People in the state love gorging over them, and these are an important part of daily snacks served in households.

However, traditional recipes are not the healthiest options for people looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you have a knack for cooking and experimenting with flavors, this is a field that you can explore.

For instance, you can add spinach or beetroot puree to dhokla to increase its nutritional content. Or, you can replace white sugar with sugarless sweet options or jaggery powder to find more customers in this competitive market.

Start Your Online Store on Dukaan

Gujarat is the textile hub of India. The state produces nearly 30% of cotton and 56% denim. Moreover, the state enjoys 38% in the manufacturing of filament fabric and 30% in woven fabric.

These staggering numbers are enough to explain the potential a business owner has in the market.  You can tie up with manufacturers, set up your wholesale business, and sell fabric to other states. Or, you can have your own manufacturing unit.

Handloom textiles are in huge demand these days. Apart from clothing, you can also get into home decor and manufacture fabric for upholstery, cushion covers, rugs, curtains, etc. Read this article if you want to start online clothing store

15+ Successful Business Ideas in Gujarat in 2022 Photocopying Printing Shop

Paper is something that will never go out of demand. Smartphones may have replaced paper in several areas, but it is still needed to print novels, notebooks, textbooks, newspapers, and official work. Moreover, there is a high demand for textured paper.

If you have the capital to manage the expenses of land and a manufacturing unit, you can set up your paper mill in Gujarat. Moreover, you will need to invest in sophisticated machinery, hire staff, promote your business and liaise with transporters. Thus, it is an idea worth exploring if you have the zeal to learn and build a successful business.

15+ Successful Business Ideas in Gujarat in 2022 Coaching class

Children will never stop going to school, and thus, coaching is a venture that will never run out of demand. The key to success as a tutor is not to view your work as a business. Your commitment to the excellence of your students is what will set you apart.

Of course, you can only establish yourself in this field if you are a subject matter expert. If this interests you, there are several areas you can explore – phonics, Vedic mathematics, foreign languages, etc., are some options you can take up if you are academically inclined.

Apart from academics, you can also consider other areas like sports, music, dancing, etc. In these times, parents are willing to spend for the overall growth of their kids. If you have a skill you can impart to the kids, you can definitely consider this option.

Read this article if you want to explore online tuition idea.

Jelly making business

Gujarat is a state where the ladies have engaged themselves in making pickles, jams, and papad at home. However, the times have changed, and most women have stepped out of their homes in the pursuit of a career. However, the love for these homemade delicacies still persists in the hearts of people.

A business that manufactures these food accompaniments can never fail in a state like Gujarat. The best part is that you will easily find the labor to work. You can solely work with women to establish a responsible business. By employing women, you can enable them to enhance their economic status.


Are you looking for a business that requires low investment but can become profitable soon enough? If yes, you can consider a car wash business. The best part is that you can start this business in any city or town in Gujarat.

You can use your entrepreneurial streak to start a mobile car wash to offer this service at your customers’ doorstep. You can start this business initially with 1-2 workers. As the demand grows, you can expand the operations. You can even use technology to make an app to allow slot bookings.

By using quality cleaning supplies and displaying ethical practices, there will be no stopping you in this business.

15+ Successful Business Ideas in Gujarat in 2022 Digital Art

Gujarat has a rich history of art and craft. The handicrafts of the state are not only popular in India – they have an international appeal too. These include lippan art, beadwork, wood crafts, printed and woven clothes, pottery, and tribal art.

Different parts of Gujarat have their own specialties. For instance, Ahmedabad is a center for delicate metal art and sacred art. Surat is the hub of Sadeli or intricate wood carvings. Kutch is home to metalwork, copper, and leather articles.

With a business that promotes the heritage of Gujarat, you can also play a role in safeguarding its history. The best part is that there is a scope for taking your business to international waters due to the exceptionally high demand and value of Indian handmade articles.

15+ Successful Business Ideas in Gujarat in 2022 petroleum jelly 1

Petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline, can be an interesting business venture to explore in Gujarat. It is used in making skincare and lubricants. It is also used in pharmaceutical products, inks, textile, leather, and paints industries.

Setting up a venture in this field can be a sure shot way to success. Gujarat is home to several such manufacturing units due to the availability of natural crude oil in the state.

Start embroidery business online

Kutch embroidery is famous across the country. The exquisite handwork of threads and mirrors is unique to the state. These days, the embroidery patches find their use in making designer clothing and bags. Several big names in the fashion industry source their materials from Kutch. Moreover, these embroidered fabrics are also used in making rugs, cushion covers, and wall hangings.

If you belong to this area, starting a business supplying these intricate materials can be an idea worth exploring. Apart from this, you can also consider getting into the textile business of Ajrakh, Rogan Painting, and Bandhani. These also belong to the state and have a high demand in other states.

Jewellery design business

Surat is the jewelry hub of India. Most big diamond manufacturers belong to this city. Rajkot is another city making its mark in manufacturing silver and gold jewelry. To give a boost to small jewelry manufacturers, the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) has come up with a scheme to support them. The scheme is sponsored by the government of India and focuses on providing new technology for better profits.

Apart from this, fashion jewelry also has a high demand in the Indian market. You can explore any of these business ideas if you are interested in jewelry manufacturing.


Although baking is not traditional in India, bakeries have become quite popular in the country. Gujarat is no different, and the demand is rising for artisanal cakes, pastries, and bread. Apart from this, people are also experimenting with different varieties of cookies, sourdough items, and healthy bakery items.

For individuals who have a keen interest in baking , this is an idea that is worth taking forward. You can pursue your interest in any city in Gujarat. Moreover, bakery items like cookies, baked mathris, and namkeens can also be packaged and sold in other cities.


Education will never go out of business, and if you take a keen interest in the development of future generations, you can consider opening up a preschool. These days, several people are adopting different philosophies of education like the Montessori method, Waldorf method, or the Playway method.

Adopting a school of thought like this indicates your commitment to the development of young toddlers. Parents are also keen on the overall development of their kids and prefer these international standards of teaching.

You can either open your own preschool based on any of these methods or take a franchise of one of the popular chains across the country. Make sure that you offer a play area, extra-curricular activities, and lots of fun in the school to attract more crowds.

Individuals who have a keen interest in doing business have an itch that no job can satisfy. If you are a native of Gujarat and have a keen interest in starting your own venture, you have multiple options you can explore. By finding an idea that is an amalgamation of your interests and margins, there will be no stopping you.

You now have several different areas to contemplate with the ideas given above before starting your venture. Starting an online business is the guaranteed way to take your business to the next level in this digital age. It allows you to connect with customers from other cities and build deeper connections.

Dukaan can help you by making an online selling site with minimal investments. Moreover, it is so quick that you will be left surprised. With Dukaan, you can now start your online business within a day. You can set up your first online store and start catering to clients in no time.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself today!

Dukaan can help you set up your online storefront at an unimaginably low cost.

Do check out other business ideas in different cities:

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About Piyush Shah

Piyush Shah is the Head of SEO at Dukaan. He's committed to helping entrepreneurs start and grow their online stores with the power of SEO.

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Middle Managers Should Drive Your Business Transformation

  • Michael Mankins
  • Patrick Litre

new business ideas in homework

Shift your approach from top-down to middle-out.

Successful transformations harness the collective wisdom of middle managers and teams. To increase your company’s chances, you need to: 1) Enlist your very best middle managers. Transforming a business demands a blend of creativity and ingenuity. By setting this challenge you can also test and nurture the next generation of leaders. 2) Empower the middle to sponsor transformative changes. It’s imperative to actively encourage middle managers to bring forth innovative ideas and to provide adequate support when these managers propose significant changes. 3) Reward bold action and results. Successful transformation demands a fundamental reexamination of every aspect of a business to achieve breakthrough results. To achieve this, rewards must reinforce this need for wholesale change.

The conventional approach to business transformation — top-down directives coupled with bottom-up execution — isn’t working. Today, fewer than one in eight transformations yield lasting results, leaving seven in eight lacking sustained impact. While the traditional top-down method may aid in cost-cutting and efficiency, it fails to produce enduring breakthroughs in business performance.

new business ideas in homework

  • Michael Mankins is a leader in Bain’s Organization and Strategy practices and is a partner based in Austin, Texas. He is a coauthor of Time, Talent, Energy: Overcome Organizational Drag and Unleash Your Team’s Productive Power (Harvard Business Review Press, 2017).
  • PL Patrick Litre leads Bain’s Global Transformation and Change practice and is a partner based in Atlanta.

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Growing Small Businesses

From: Department of Finance Canada


Small- and medium-sized businesses are an integral engine of Canada’s economy, and they employ about 64 per cent of Canadian workers. Entrepreneurs, local small business, start-ups, growing medium-sized businesses—everywhere in Canada, there are people with good ideas, ready to grow their businesses and create good jobs.

Small- and medium-sized businesses are an integral engine of Canada’s economy, and they employ about 64 per cent of Canadian workers. Entrepreneurs, local small business, start-ups, growing medium-sized businesses—everywhere in Canada, there are people with good ideas, ready to grow their businesses and create good jobs. The government is ensuring Canada’s investment climate sets businesses up for success.

For economic growth to reach the pace that is needed, existing businesses need support to stay competitive and scale-up. The government is taking action to help businesses scale-up their technological innovations, and implement productivity-raising technology across the economy. Budget 2024 invests to make it easier for new businesses to start-up and for existing businesses to grow by cutting red tape and providing the tools businesses need to scale-up.

Key Measures in Budget 2024

  • The New Canada Carbon Rebate for Small Businesses to urgently return proceeds from the price on pollution from 2019-20 through 2023-24 to an estimated 600,000 businesses in provinces where the federal backstop applies, with 499 or fewer employees through a new refundable tax credit. This would deliver over $2.5 billion directly to these small- and medium-sized businesses.
  • Empowering Young Entrepreneurs with an investment of $60 million over five years for Futurpreneur Canada, which is a national not-for-profit organization that provides young entrepreneurs with access to financing, mentorship, and other business supports to help them launch and grow their business. By 2029, Futurpreneur Canada estimates this investment will enable an estimated 6,250 additional businesses owned by young Canadians to launch and scale-up their businesses.
  • Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption Increase from the current amount of $1,016,836 in capital gains tax-free on the sale of small business shares and farming and fishing property to $1.25 million, effective June 25, 2024. The Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption will continue to be indexed to inflation thereafter. In 2025, Canadians with eligible capital gains of below $2.25 million will be better off under these changes.
  • A new Canadian Entrepreneurs’ Incentive to reduce the inclusion rate to 33.3 per cent on a lifetime maximum of $2 million in eligible capital gains. When this incentive is fully rolled out, entrepreneurs will have a combined exemption of at least $3.25 million when selling all or part of a business.
  • Investing in Canadian Start-ups with $200 million over two years, starting in 2026-27, on a cash basis, to increase access to venture capital for equity-deserving entrepreneurs, and to invest in underserved communities and outside key metropolitan hubs. 
  • Boosting Government Procurement from Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses, by announcing the government’s intention to propose legislated procurement targets for small- and medium-sized businesses and innovative firms.
  • Supporting Indigenous-owned Businesses by providing $350 million over five years to Indigenous Financial Institutions, including $30 million for Métis Capital Corporations.

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The sun basks apartment buildings in Madrid in warm sunlight.

Golden Visa Programs, Once a Boon, Lose Their Luster

Spain is the latest European country to end its program, which brought in billions of euros from real estate investors seeking residency status but worsened a housing crisis for locals.

Apartments in Madrid. Golden visa programs are being phased out or shut down around Europe. Credit... Emilio Parra Doiztua for The New York Times

Supported by

Liz Alderman

By Liz Alderman

Liz Alderman, who writes about economics, has widely covered Europe’s financial crisis and the aftermath.

  • Published April 21, 2024 Updated April 22, 2024, 6:44 p.m. ET

When Ana Jimena Barba, a young doctor, began working at a hospital in Madrid last year, she moved in with her parents half an hour outside the city until she could save enough to buy her own home. But when she started looking at houses in the same village, almost everything was priced at more than 500,000 euros.

The amount — nearly 20 times more than the average annual salary in Spain — happens to correspond to the cost of the country’s “golden visa,” a program that offers residency to wealthy foreigners who buy real estate there. After a decade, the program has reeled in billions of euros in investments, but it has also helped fuel a wrenching housing crisis for its own citizens.

“There’s nothing I can afford,” said Dr. Barba, an allergist who has been working 100 hours overtime every month to save up a nest egg. “If foreigners inflate the prices for those of us who live here, it’s an injustice,” she said.

Faced with growing pressure to address its housing crunch, Spain said this month that it would scrap its golden visas, the latest in a wider withdrawal from the program by governments around Europe.

Half a dozen eurozone countries offered the visas at the height of Europe’s debt crisis in 2012 to help plug gaping budget deficits. Countries that needed international bailouts — Spain , Ireland , Portugal and Greece among them — were especially desperate for cash to repay creditors, and saw a path to bring in investors while reviving their moribund real estate markets.

People walking down a main street in an upscale neighborhood in Madrid.

Countries reaped a windfall: Spain alone has issued 14,576 visas linked to wealthy buyers making real estate investments of more than €500,000. But the prices that they can afford are squeezing people like Dr. Barba out of a market that had already been highly inflated by the rise of Airbnb and the draw of Wall Street investors.

“Access to housing needs to be a right instead of a speculative business,” Pedro Sánchez, Spain’s prime minister, said in a speech this month as he announced the end of the country’s golden visa program. “Major cities are facing highly stressed markets, and it’s almost impossible to find decent housing for those who already live, work and pay their taxes.”

The visas make it easy for people outside the European Union to buy the right to temporary residency, sometimes without having to live in the country. Investors from China, Russia and the Middle East flocked to buy real estate through them.

In recent years, British nationals have followed suit in the wake of Brexit, snapping up homes in Greece, Portugal and Spain, joined by an increasing number of Americans looking to enjoy a lifestyle they can’t afford in major U.S. cities.

But golden visa programs are now being phased out or shut down around Europe as governments seek to undo the damage to the housing market. And after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, E.U. officials urged governments to end them, warning they could be used for money laundering, tax evasion and even organized crime.

Portugal, which has reaped more than €5.8 billion in investment from the visas, modified its program in October to remove real estate as an investment to reduce speculative buying and cool an overheated housing market. An influx of foreigners has displaced thousands of low-income Portuguese citizens from homes in cities like Lisbon.

The government in Lisbon is trying to fix the affordable housing problem with new rules that would require landlords to rent empty flats to families, capping rents and converting some commercial real estate to housing.

Ireland shut down its program last year, in part to address concerns that Russian nationals were laundering money through it.

Greece , one of the last countries in Europe to offer a golden visa, is raising its foreign investment threshold to €800,000 from €500,000 in the Athens area and on popular islands including Mykonos and Santorini. The country’s prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, acknowledged severe housing shortages and pressure on rental markets, especially around Athens, but he said the government still wanted to draw investors. Greece raised €4.3 billion in investment from the visas from 2021 to 2023 alone.

A report released by the Institute of Labor Economics in March said the visa programs had helped spur economic development in countries offering them. But governments need to strike “a delicate balance between reaping economic benefits and safeguarding against potential risks,” including money laundering and rampant gentrification, the report said.

The pullback is coming as a broader housing crisis grips Europe , after years in which its real estate markets have undergone a profound metamorphosis that has increasingly pushed out modest-income workers, including doctors, teachers and police officers.

Gentrification has spread throughout European cities for decades, but the rise of Airbnb and other short-term rental providers has accelerated the affordability crisis. That was especially the case in countries affected by Europe’s debt crisis, where property owners discovered they could make more by renting to tourists than to locals whose finances had been squeezed by austerity programs.

Golden visa programs compounded the strain. In Greece, which initially granted foreigners a five-year residency visa if they invested €250,000, many apartment and home listings around Athens and on breezy Greek islands suddenly shot up from bargain-basement prices to €250,000, well out of reach for most Greeks.

Laura McDowell, an agent at the Athens-based Mobilia real estate agency, said that short-term rentals had made rents unaffordable in city centers, and the problem was worsened when investors from numerous countries converted homes purchased through golden visa programs to vacation rentals, further squeezing the supply of affordable housing.

The scheme lured Chinese nationals in particular, with many flying to Athens carrying suitcases loaded with cash . Chinese investment companies also bought buildings in low-income neighborhoods and areas with student housing, renovating apartments and reselling them to visa seekers. Today, entire apartment blocks even in once undesirable zones in and around Athens are owned largely by foreigners.

“Prices driven up by golden visas haven’t come down,” Ms. McDowell said. “Greeks have been priced out.”

In Spain, Chinese investors made up nearly half of visa seekers, followed by Russians. Low interest rates set by the European Central Bank compounded the problem in recent years by drawing more real estate investors outside the visa program, said Ernest Urtasun, Spain’s culture minister.

The Spanish government plans to construct 40,000 social housing units for people with limited resources as part of a broader plan to restore affordable lodging.

But it is uncertain that will help people like Dr. Barba quickly. Despite Spain’s recovery from the financial crisis, wages have failed to keep pace with the growth in the real estate market. Nearly a fifth of workers earn the minimum wage of €1,134 a month, while rents in Madrid jumped 15 percent in 2023. A 3.2 percent inflation rate has added to the strain.

Dr. Barba has been saving money for the past three years for a down payment on a home. She rented a room in a shared apartment in Barcelona when she began training as an allergist at a downtown hospital. But her monthly income was consumed by basic living expenses including food, rent and transport.

To save more, she transferred to the hospital in Madrid and now lives with her parents rent-free outside the city, working overtime to bump up her salary to €1,900. But with homes even in her parents’ village priced at half a million euros, she feels hopeless.

“It would take years to save up enough to put down a deposit on a home,” Dr. Barba said. “Buying a home is just a dream.”

Rachel Chaundler contributed reporting from Madrid, and Niki Kitsantonis from Athens.

Liz Alderman is the chief European business correspondent, writing about economic, social and policy developments around Europe. More about Liz Alderman

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Vodafone Idea fetches bids worth $10.6 bln in India's largest-ever follow-on share sale

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A man walks across the LED display board showing the logo of Vodafone-Idea at the ongoing India Mobile Congress 2022, at Pragati Maidan, in New Delhi

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Reporting by Rama Venkat in Bengaluru; Editing by Savio D'Souza

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The Verizon logo is seen on the 375 Pearl Street building in Manhattan, New York City

Business Chevron

Illustration picture of Japanese yen and U.S. dollar banknotes

Firm dollar drags yen down closer to intervention range

A firm U.S. dollar had the yen locked near a fresh 34-year low on Tuesday, keeping investors on heightened intervention watch as they looked ahead to key U.S. inflation report and the Bank of Japan's rate decision this week.

The sun is seen behind a crude oil pump jack in the Permian Basin in Loving County


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