Basketball Essay for Students and Children

500+ essay on basketball.

The game of basketball has truly become global in the last few years. The game is currently popular in the United States. Also, it is described by many as an American game because of the fun and competitive element in it. Also, this is one of the games which is played indoors and still caters to billions of fans around the world. This game was Dr. James Naismith from Canada. Initially, he invented the game by using a rectangular pitch which was 6 feet wide and 4 feet high. Additionally, the court includes a free throw line which is 12 feet long. In basketball essay, students will get to know about the different components that make the game of basketball special.

Basketball Essay

It is a team game that has gained immense popularity. Also, the game is played with the help of a ball and the ball is shot into the basket that is positioned horizontally. So, the objective in the game is to shoot the ball and score the maximum points. This game is played by 2 teams that constitute a total of 5 players each. Also, the game is played on a marked rectangular floor that has a basket on both the ends. 

Originally, basketball was played using a soccer ball. Also, it was James Naismith that used a peach basket which ha ad a nonhollow bottom. So, this basket was nailed at a height of 10 ft. above the ground and on an elevated track. If you consider the manual removal of the ball from the basket a drawback then the bottom was removed to and it took the shape of modern-day baskets. Also, dribbling was not part of the game initially. Eventually, it evolved till 1950 by which the balls got better shape due to manufacturing. 

Additionally, the orange ball was evolved from the brown ball. The brown ball was used in the beginning as it was thought that the ball is more visible. By 1996, the peach baskets used were replaced by metal hoops on the backboard. 

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Basketball Game 

At the start of the game, a referee tosses the ball at the center of the court between two players. One player from either team try to get their hands on the ball and the ball is passed on to the teammates. For scoring a point, a team needs to shoot the ball through the basket. If a shot is scored from a distance that is closer to the basket than the 3 point line than it fetches 2 points. Also, if the ball is shot from the distance behind 3 point line, it fetches 3 points. So, the team that has a maximum number of points is declared the winner. 

In case of a draw, there may be additional time allotted to both the teams. In the game, a player is cannot move if he is holding the ball. The player needs to dribble, otherwise, it is considered as a foul. Likewise, when there is a physical contact that affects the other team then it counted as a physical foul. 

Basketball is game played with a maintained and carefully marked court. It is a team sport that is commonly found in many different areas. 

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Essays About Basketball: Top 5 Examples and 7 Prompts

Among the many essays about basketball out there, how can you make yours stand out? See this article for examples and prompts that will aid you in writing.

Basketball is a famous sport that has been around for 131 years. It was invented by a Canadian physical education instructor named James Naismith with two objectives: to keep athletes playing indoors during winters and to have a safer sport compared to football.

Over the years, basketball has grown to be a loved sport worldwide. It’s why it’s not surprising that it’s a great subject to talk about in your essay.

Below are examples to learn more about the game and how you can effectively write essays about basketball:

1. What Basketball Taught Me by Josh of San Diego, California

2. essay on basketball –  a sport of agility and endurance by randhir singh, 3. national basketball association and the woman national basketball association by lewis rios, 4. basketball: then vs. now by jaime moss, 5. essay on the last shot by darcy frey by mamie olson, 1. the most important skills for basketball, 2. what i learned through basketball, 3. why do i like basketball, 4. my unforgettable basketball experience, 5. my life as a basketball player, 6. basketball book or movie review, 7. the negative side of basketball.

“I believe basketball has taught me many valuable life lessons, and perhaps more importantly, played a significant role in developing me into the successful student and employee I am today.”

The author talks about how he fell in love with the basketball game – from watching it on television to participating in competitive basketball. He took the game with him as he grew. 

Through this sport, he learned many lessons, including commitment, responsibility, and teamwork. He expounds on how these values helped him through life through his essay. Finally, he ends his piece by encouraging others to try basketball or any sport to have motivation in life. For more, see these articles about basketball .

“Basketball is a sport of agility and endurance that develops by hand and eye co-ordination… Basketball even overtakes baseball as the unofficial American pastime.”

Singh reviews basketball rules and how they changed over time but with the same principles. He discusses the main rules and scenarios straightforwardly, making his essay short but informative. You may also be interested in these articles about baseball .

“Some of the differences between NBA basketball and WNBA basketball appear to be related to the differences in size or physical capacity of men and women… I think we can all come to the conclusion that no matter what the gender is or what the rules are, that both of them are out on the basketball court to just WIN.”

Rios’ essay focuses on the differences between the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Women’s NBA. Some of the things he mentions are ESPN and their basketball video game, where fewer people spend time on WNBA. Additionally, owners of WNBA significantly make less from their teams, thus having less to invest in or pay their players.

He also talks about some similarities between NBA and WNBA, including their popularity among fans. At the end of his essay, Rios hopes he has shared enough information with his readers about basketball.

“Other changes such as uniform colors, dunking rules, regulation on backboards… some over and over again until they became what they are today… Basketball is a great American sport, and perhaps one that requires the most skill along with a great mental game.”

Moss’ essay consists of James Naismith’s original 13 basketball rules and how these rules evolved. These modifications were done to make the game more efficient and fun. Some significant changes include dribbling, boundary lines, and pointing systems. 

He also mentions the controversy surrounding the three-pointer and how it affected the other game rules. In the future, basketball’s rules will continue to develop.

“I do think basketball is a valid option for most students to escape poverty… Basketball may open a few doors but there’s still no guarantee.”

The author recounts what The Last Shot by Darcy Frey is all about, retelling the story of Russel, Tchaka, Stephon, and Cory, who lived in a dangerous neighborhood and found escape in basketball. She then relays her input of basketball, helping these characters stay out of trouble, but it still isn’t enough to prepare them for the lives they’ll have to endure. 

She further expounds on the events in the book, centering on the direct relation between academics and basketball in the story. You might also be interested in these essays about volleyball .

7 Prompts on Essays About Basketball

After understanding more about the different subtopics of basketball, here are prompts that you can get inspiration from for your essay:

You don’t have to be a basketball player to know what skills are in demand for the game. You can simply be a fan or a casual spectator who knows how the game works. Tell your readers what you are so they can appreciate your essay from your point of view. 

Essays About Basketball: What I learned through basketball

Dedication, commitment, and consistency are only some of the things you develop when you love a sport. If you’re not a player yourself, but a close relative is, you can relay what they told you about basketball.

For example, you can relate to what your father tells you when you watch basketball gameplays with him. He may say he loves a particular team because of their teamwork. He may also say it shows in their gameplay. Then, you can delve into what “teamwork” means.

Like the other prompts in this list, this particular prompt doesn’t need you to be a player. Instead, to give you an idea, you can share your experience with the game, such as watching gameplay and liking how the people cheer for the players.

 You can also narrate how great the game was, not because the players are professionals but because they never give up.

If you’re a basketball player yourself, feel free to recount a scene that played out in one of your games that you will never forget. Describe how you got to that point and why. Include what it made you feel like then and what it makes you feel now. 

If you expect non-players to read your piece, write in a way that non-players will understand by avoiding basketball jargon. Or you can briefly explain what those related terms mean, so every reader will understand why it’s a memory you hold dear.

If no one thing stands out for you during your time as a basketball player, you can still write about it in the general term. For instance, you can share how a day in your life went when you were a player.

There are many books, movies, and literary pieces that you can check out and write an essay about. If you have a favorite piece about basketball, briefly summarize it and list why you’re so fond of it. You can also persuade your readers to check out the book themselves through these prompts.

Are you new to persuasive writing? For help with this topic, read our guide explaining what is persuasive writing ?

You can write about the problems connected to the game to give your essay a different atmosphere, such as the potential injuries for players, bullying within a team, or how few only make it to professional basketball. You can talk about something you want to give attention to and let your readers know your thoughts on it.

On the other hand, you can also share a bad experience related to basketball, like your father preferring to watch basketball on television than play with you and your siblings.

Here’s a great tip: If writing an essay sounds like a lot of work, simplify it. Write a simple 5 paragraph essay instead.

500 word essay on basketball

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Essay on Basketball for Students in English | 500 Words Essay

January 2, 2021 by Sandeep

Essay on Basketball: It is an American sport drawing millions of fans across the world. Dr. James Naismith from Canada first invented the game. It is played by two well-equipped teams consisting of 5 players each. A rectangular floor area with a basket at both the ends marks the field for the game. The team that shoots the maximum number of balls through the basket is declared the winner. A referee carefully monitors the game.

Essay on Basketball 500 Words in English

Below we have provided Basketball Essay in English, suitable for class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

Basketball is a team sport that is played between 2 teams, each consisting of 5 players. The objective of a team is to shoot a basketball through the hoop of the other side, while at the same time, preventing the other team from shooting into theirs. It is played on a rectangular court. Every successful shot earns a team 2 points. If a player is fouled by the other team’s player, then he or she is given one or two free throws. At the completion of the playtime, the team with the highest points on the board wins. If there is a tie, then some overtime is also given.

This game was invented by an American gym teacher and was first played in December, in the year 1891. It originated in Massachusetts, United States. Dr James Naismith created the sport to keep his physical education class active on a very gloomy, dull and rainy day. He initially tied a peach basket to a 10-foot pole and made his class play with a football. It is mostly played in an indoor court, but the usage of outdoor courts is also quite popular now. It is a sport that is also played in the Olympics, the summer Olympics and the Paralympics.

Players generally move the ball by either passing it or dribbling it. There are a number of shots that are presumed in the offensive position including the jump shot, the lay-up shot and the dunk shot. While assuming the defensive position, players can either try to steal the ball from the other team or jump and block their shots. The tallest player generally assumes the centre most playing position. The highest association that governs basketball is FIBA (International Basketball Federation). The NBA (National Basketball Association) is the most significant professional basketball league with respect to salaries, popularity, the talent of players and the level of competitiveness.

Variations of Basketball Game

People have created different types of ways in which they play basketball with alterations in rules and environments.

Recreational Basketball – It is played in schools, colleges and other educational institutions. The focus here is not on winning a game but enjoying oneself and having fun. The students are taught basic skills of basketball, including dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, etc. and are also trained in endurance exercises to stay fit and healthy.

Disabled Basketball – This is played by people who do not qualify to play in the able-bodied sport. It is played by persons who are either deaf or crippled. In deaf basketball, sign language is used to communicate whistle blows for fouls, successful shots, etc. and for communicating with other players. Wheelchair basketball is played by people who have lost the ability to walk and run due to paralysis, amputation, birth defects, or any other cause.

Prison Basketball – It is mostly played in prison and penitentiary institutions in the United States. These prisons have their own leagues, and a lot of betting also takes place. It helps the prisoners to spend their time and remain fit and active. Prison basketball is quite a popular sport among the inmates, and they enjoy being a part of it. Playing the game is equally thrilling as being an audience to it.

Show Basketball – It is played by professional teams that add drama, comedy and athleticism in it and is pre-prepared. It is performed for entertainment like theatre in front of an audience. Celebrities also play in show basketball often for charity events. Midgets or people of smaller stature also become a part of it for entertainment purposes.

Benefits of Playing Basketball

One of my favourite sports to play in school and college was basketball. I enjoyed playing it for several reasons. Basketball helps improve blood circulation in the body and is a fantastic exercise. It helps us to keep fit and also betters oxygen circulation throughout the body.

Basketball - Essay Examples And Topic Ideas For Free

Basketball is a widely popular sport involving two teams of five players each, striving to shoot a ball through the opponent’s hoop to score points. Essays on basketball could delve into its history, the influence it has on communities, the lessons it teaches in teamwork and perseverance, or even the economic aspects concerning professional leagues. The topic also lends itself to discussions about notable players, their contributions to social issues off the court, and how the sport acts as a unifying factor across different cultures and communities. A vast selection of complimentary essay illustrations pertaining to Basketball you can find in Papersowl database. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

Basketball is my Passion

I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of passion. What does passion mean? What can It help create for your future? Why do some people enjoy this passion, but others don’t? Those questions are what people think when choosing a passion. “The stands are packed, the crowds cheering. Sweats roll onto the floor. The air is thin, and the hardwood floor is cold. Your team is down by 2 in the 4th quarter with 4 seconds left. Your coach […]

Basketball Positions

Introduction Bit of History In 1891 a teacher, at a YMCA in Springfield, Massechussets, named James Naismith was tasked to create an indoor sport to keep students active during the winter seasons. Once Naismith came up with his game, he divided his class into two teams with 9 students each (because his class had 18 students). He created his game to be as non-violent as possible unlike rugby and american football. However, he wanted it to be something that his […]

Baseball – National Pastime

Baseball was a sport, developed in the late 1800's, and early 1900's. Baseball is known as the National Pastime. ""The game of baseball evolved along with the United States, for games similar to the modern sport had been played in America since colonial times. In the mid-nineteenth century, New York businessman began forming baseball clubs and establishing the rules of the game"". Alexander Cartwright is the one who first created the rules. The field was shaped like a diamond, and […]

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Assignment Ex-Basketball Player

John Updike was a supremely influential American writer during the latter half of the twentieth century. Widely known for his works on religion, sex, and most saliently, the middle class (Britannica); which hearkens to the theme expressed in his poem titled “Ex-Basketball Player.” Updike describes the life of Flick Webb, a man who used to be praised in his hometown because of his success as a former high school basketball player but ended up working at a gas station within […]

Basketball Diaries

Identify the risk factors for Jim. Please sure to provide the specific individual, family, school/peer and community risk factors. (3 points) There are a number of risk factors for Jim, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and the most apparent of them all, is the environment that he lives in. First of all, Jim lacks a male role model as he is an only child and raised by his single mother. Due to this, Jim hardly has any parental control and can virtually […]

Michael Jordan – Greatest Superstar

Many people have heard of Michael Jordan, he is known to be one of basketball's greatest superstars. Even those who don't follow professional basketball still know who he is. Lots of basketball players made an impact on the lives of others. One of the most famous players is Michael Jordan. His legacy and many great accomplishments will be remembered forever. Michael was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. He was the third son in a family of […]

Exploring the Mathematics of a 3-points Shot in Basketball 

Since the age of 7 when I had my first encounter with the sport of basketball, it has been my passion ever since. Having my feet stamped on the wooden floor, the stinging sensation of leather in my palms and the net above my head, I have been devoting the past ten years for the “splashing” sound of the ball when it hits the basket. It was abnormal, yet satisfying. I was enthralled by how Stephen Curry just instinctively hit […]

Eddie Griffin’s Path to Modern Basketball

Eddie Griffin married at age 16, he married Carla Griffin. He joined the MN Timber Wolves in 2004-2007. When Eddie made it to the NBA, his half-brother died of a heart attack shortly after he made it to the NBA, his half-brother died of a heart attack shortly after he made it to the NBA. Also, Eddie was forced not to finish his senior year in high school because he got in a physical fight with his classmate. Eddie Griffin […]

Success is Achieved by Hard Work not Just Talent

  Success is the ending stage of what you have been building. As an athlete the footsteps to success are paved by the hard work of an individual. The determination, sweat, failure, and hustle define them as an athlete. In addition, athletes who practice their craft, stay after practice, go to the gym, tend to succeed in more ways than one. As it may be hard to comprehend, Michael Jordan, an nba basketball star, was cut from his high school […]

Basketball – Leading the Team to Glory

In the book “Sacred Hoops” by Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty, it talks about different forms of leadership from working as a team to developing new strategies that no other coach would have done. First, I will give a basic summary about the book. Next, the paper will transition into two main topics: the use of innovation and teamwork. Finally, I will conclude the paper by critiquing Phil Jackson’s style of leadership and wrap up the essay by recalling his […]

Syracuse Basketball

There are a variety of sports that I enjoy watching. A few favorites are Snowboarding, College Basketball, and Soccer. The sport that grabs my attention most is College Basketball. Growing up in Central New York, the hometown team to root for was Syracuse Basketball. Syracuse Basketball has become a ritual for most. It does not matter who the person is, or where the person comes from. The minute a person steps foot inside the Carrier Dome, everyone shares the same […]

Lebron James Biography

Basketball has always been a fan favorite sport. Places around the world have different players, teams, and coaches. Every team has a star player and a great coach. Lebron James has been America's favorite basketball player since high school. Everyone knew who he was and how he plays basketball, basketball fans are all amazed by how great he does each game. Everyone loves Lebron because he's a great athlete and he's just a great person overall.(Abbey,2010) Lebron grew up without […]

Duke Basketball

Duke basketball has a lot of impact in men's college basketball. This is because of Mike Krzyzewski. He is the Duke men's head coach. This man has had an impact on Duke men's basketball by coaching the NCAA Championships they won. He also was there to coach the 10 Sweet 16's. This man and his staff have made great athletes into strong men. He and his staff have helped the university in many ways.Coach Mike Krzyzewski is the head coach […]

What is Basketball?

Basketball is a game that requires both physical traits and mentality traits in order to be successful at the game. Physically you need to be in shape to be able to run up and down the court and shoot the ball over and over again when your body is screaming at you to stop because its tired. It requires the mental part because you have to push pass that road block and continue to push through the pain and the […]

My Favourite Sport is Basketball

The luminescent glow of the glossy wood floor resting under my feet, bearing upon it the dreams of many who stood over it. The long days spent on it that turned into long nights. The grind and passion it brings that connect the people who choose to walk on it together. The sweat, blood, and tears that fall on it, creating history with each drop. Ball in my hands, one minute and 47 seconds left on the clock, game tied […]

Why People Love to Play Basketball?

Have you ever wondered why people shoot a basketball different and do better? Well you will learn why people have different shooting positions in the game of basketball. You will also learn other interesting things about basketball. Such as who invented basketball, the different positions of the people in the game of basketball, and why do people not shoot one hundred percent. To find the answer to these questions you will have to keep reading to find out. Basketball is […]

The LeBron James Skills

Some people call LeBron James the GOAT for his great skill on the court. Others say it's his work in the community that really makes him the greatest of all time. Lebron James had many things that contributed to him having an astonishing year. On July 1st, 2018, he agreed to a four-year, $154-million contract with Los Angeles Lakers. He was named 2018 All-Star MVP after his team won the 2018 NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles on Sunday night. […]

The Basketball Seasons

The school year had just began as usual at this time of the year. The leafs were starting to change colors, the end of summer was just a memory. Everyone was just starting to get into the habit of having to wake up early. The kids that played any type of sports activity there main concern was the season. All she can think of sitting in math class on this windy day was a quote her 5th grade teacher once […]

Michael Jordan – Best Basketball Player of all Time

Who is the best basketball player of all time? Well one reason he might be is he scored 69 points in one game. I will tell you about his childhood, and about how he got to be the best. Also his greatest accomplishments. Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, But later moved to North Carolina. He has two older brothers, an older sister and a younger sister. He played football, basketball, and baseball. He was 5 foot 9 […]

Wheelchair Basketball Game while Disabled

Megan Blunk is 24 years old and she is from Gig Harbor, Washington. She plays wheelchair basketball, she is in the wheelchair due to an accident that happened in her past. This particular accident is what led her to get into wheelchair basketball and become a Paralympic Athlete. Up until 2008, Megan played many sports, such as, soccer, fastpitch, track, volleyball, and basketball. Megan was involved in a motorcycle accident and left her paralyzed and it caused her to have […]


Introduction Throughout the years, Basketball has advanced from a classic to an increasingly modernized game. For instance, things changed from perimeter two-point shooting to long-distance 3-point shooting; from straightforward layups to very much well-played alley loops and creative dunking. Basketball is popular to the point that pretty much every nation in Asia, Europe, and the USA plays the game.  Most individuals realize how to play the game. I have seen individuals playing inside and outside so often, yet it is […]

The Story of LeBron James how he Became a Star

“He dribbles up and makes an amazing move to get past the first defender! If Lebron James makes these two points, they will win the world championship! He keeps dribbling and BAM! He slams down the ball and scores the final two winning points! Lebron James is the All-Star MVP once again!”Inner City Poverty   Lebron James is a very rich and famous person, but it wasn’t this way 30 years ago. Lebron was born in 1984. very poor family. Lebron […]

The NCAA Basketball

Imagine being the star actor or actress of an award winning production, obtaining the world wide spotlight, and making millions of dollars. You spend around 40 hours per week preparing for a show that imports millions of dollars to the owner of the show, producers, employees, and you. Everyone gets paid extremely well, especially you, who is the main reason why the show, movie, or production is so successful. Wouldn’t you feel like you fit in, contributed to the success, […]

The Effects of Self-Talk on a Basketball Player’s Performance 

Two different professional basketball players step up to the free-throw line in a tied game with a few seconds left during the fourth quarter. The anxiety caused by the context of the situation stimulates the nervous system; therefore, the brain must be able to process the stimulation and allow these players to evaluate the situation. Athlete one, who consulted with a sports psychologist, was able to handle the pressure and help their team win the game. Athlete two, who did […]

The Basketball Calculator

A jock filled world of basketball players who make million dollars off nothing they learned from a classroom may ironically be evolved by the classroom. It has longed been known that a players past success rate when shooting a basketball can be measured in percentages. However, the use of math to predict the future success of bank shots is an untapped market that may show enough promise to reshape the preparation of a pro basketball player in the future. This […]

Physiological and Nutritional Factors Affecting the Results of Basketball Players

Abstract These studies included relevant information on physiological responses such as adenosine triphosphate, phosphocreatine (PCr), and anaerobic glycolysis which all three are included in the anaerobic pathway (Glaister, 2005). Moreover, with respect to physiological responses, heart rate and lactate threshold were also referred in this review as essential variables for basketball performance (Godwin et al., 2007; Paul and Garg, 2012). On the other hand, there are also nutritional demands for the human body and most specifically for the basketball players […]

Who has been a more Impactful Player on and off the Court Michael Jordan or LeBron James

Who has been a more impactful player on and off the court, Michael Jordan or LeBron James?Sports has become an activity that brings many different people from all over the world together. It is a way to bond, enjoy company with each other, and cheer on specific teams in the sport. The NBA is one of the most popular sport leagues due to the increase in views of basketball games. With 30 teams, the NBA offers fans to choose their […]

Blue Devil Basketball Offensive Philosophy

The Blue Devil Offensive Philosophy is that our best offense is our defense. Players will use strong defense to create primary break opportunities. The EHS basketball program places great importance upon getting the ball into the front court with great urgency. By pushing the ball up the court, we force the defense into numerical disadvantages which can create easy scoring opportunities for our athletes. The emphasis is placed on getting the ball in the paint in order to create scoring […]

Technology in Modern Basketball

With basketball getting more and more popular, more people regret basketball as their favorite sport. But basketball has gone through a long period. The system and the level of coach had changed a lot. This made basketball have more different than nowadays. Today I want to introduce some obvious difference between modern basketball and traditional basketball. Firstly, game style had changed a lot, in the past, the players are more expected to shoot mid-range shoot. And different kinds of mid-range […]

College and African American Male: Basketball Athletes

As a freshman in college, I acknowledge and recognize the fact that college can be a challenging experience. The college experience can become even more challenging when you factor in sororities, clubs, fraternities, sports and other school activities. The article that I have decided to use for my analysis is, “College and the African American Male Athlete by Stephen Brown.” Stephen Brown’s main source comes from the book Closing the Education Achievement Gaps for African American Males by Theodore S. […]

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  • Basketball Essay


Essay on Basketball

Basketball is a widely popular and loved sport that is played all around the world. An essay on basketball would be incomplete without the mention of its smart moves and team-building benefits. Basketball is believed to have originated in Canada and the United States of America in the 19th century. There are several health benefits of playing basketball and it is an extremely fun physical activity. In this informative essay about basketball, the various benefits of playing basketball are discussed.

An Essay on Basketball and its Benefits 

While penning down the short paragraph about basketball this needs to be mentioned that when basketball is played, it is meant to be a source of joy and pleasure among its players. The aim of the play is to pass the ball through the basket which is hung on some height. Basketball can be a game between two individuals or, in the case of professional games, it is played between two opposing teams consisting of five players in each team. The score is determined by hitting the basket of each other’s teams. 

Due to the demand for heavy physicality from its players, basketball is highly favored. In this essay on basketball, the several health benefits of playing this sport are discussed:

Basketball is essential in promoting cardiovascular health among its players. It is immensely helpful for one’s heart health. Due to the game’s constant locomotion, the heart rate shows an increase. Thus, basketball lowers the risk of stroke and other heart diseases. 

Basketball is supremely effective in burning calories. Due to its constant, quick movements of running and jumping, basketball acts as a great way of working out and can drastically burn calories. 

Basketball strengthens the bones of its players. Due to the game’s primary dependence on physical energy, basketball results in bone strength among its players. The players’ muscles and bones get strengthened because of the game’s constant action of working muscles against the bones. 

One of the key health benefits which come from playing basketball is boosted immunity and reduced stress. Due to the busy nature of the game, the levels of stress among the players get reduced quite significantly. And with this decreased level of stress, the immune system gets boosted.

The dedicated practice of basketball develops better coordination among its players and improves their motor skills. The nature of basketball demands its players for excellent hand-eye and full-body coordination. Due to continuous training, the players develop their full-body coordination as well as their hand-eye coordination through the practises of dribbling and rebound shots.

Therefore, the health benefits of playing basketball are evident in the physical and mental fitness of the player. Apart from improving one’s overall health and height, the sport also develops fast-thinking abilities, reflex, and team spirit in youngsters.   

Basketball Experience Essay: Tournaments and Players

Now coming to the top basketball tournaments, an essay on basketball is simply incomplete without the mention of these names:

Basketball World Cup

Basketball at the Olympics

American tournaments like NBA, Argentine League LNB

Italian League

Spanish ACB league

To get a full-on understanding of the game and write down a basketball experience essay, one must watch these tournaments. The pace of the tournaments is such that one will automatically grow an addiction towards them. Then, if he is asked to write a basketball descriptive essay he will be able to write it easily.

Basketball essay writing becomes a cakewalk for someone who has grown up watching legends like Kobe Bryant playing the game with elan. The American sportsman spent his entire career playing for Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association. He breathed his last on 26th January 2020. He took the popularity of the sport to a different level and will be remembered for generations to come. 

Finally, if any of the important basketball essay topics are often left out then it has to be- ‘The Famous Indian Basketball Players.’ This basketball essay in English doesn’t do that. It humbly acknowledges the contribution of the famous Indian basketball players like Sat Prasad Yadav, Akilan Pari, and Prashanti Singh. They have made it really big over the years and continue to inspire millions of basketball players from all across the country. 

An Essay on My Favourite Game - Basketball

Basketball is a widely popular game that is played by several people all across the globe. In this section of basketball essay topics, the topics which will be discussed are the benefits of basketball in a person’s physical and mental health. There are several ways a person can benefit from playing basketball and those benefits are discussed in this basketball introduction essay.

The Basketball Essay in Short

Numerous physical and mental benefits result from playing basketball. Basketball is highly effective in promoting the cardiovascular health of its players. A healthy heart diminishes risks of heart diseases later in one’s life. Basketball’s high physical demand is crucial in burning calories and reducing body fat in its players.

Basketball also strengthens the bones due to the constant friction of muscles against them. It improves the immune system of the body and is effective in increasing players’ self-esteem.

Therefore, this is a complete essay on basketball in English which throws light on the game’s health benefits as well as how it helps to shape the entire personality of a player. 


FAQs on Basketball Essay

1. What is the Highest Governing Body in Basketball?

FIBA ( International Basketball Federation) is the highest governing body in basketball.  

2. Name Some of the Famous Basketball Players in the World. 

Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Late Kobe Bryant are some of the famous basketball players of all time. 

3. Which Court is Considered as the Main Court in Basketball- The Outdoor Court or the Indoor Court?

In basketball, the indoor court is considered as the main court while the game played on the outdoor court is often called street ball. 

4. What are the health benefits of playing basketball? 

Playing basketball results in countless health benefits from burning calories to improving heart health by lowering the risk of getting a stroke. But a great cardiovascular health isn’t the only amazing health benefit playing this sport provides. It also strengthens one’s bones as well as muscles. It also leads to boosting of one’s immune system. And like engaging in almost any other sport or exercise, playing basketball has also shown to reduce the stress levels of its players quite conspicuously. This way, playing basketball also has a positive effect on not only one’s physical health, but their mental health as well.  

5. Who are some of the most famous basketball players? How does this sport shape the personality of its players?

Some of the most famous and highly respected basketball players include LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, Satnam Singh, Amritpal Singh, and Prashanti Singh to name a few. 

Basketball tends to mould and shape the personality of the players just as much as it improves their physical and mental health. There are a lot of values, ethical beliefs, and other such aspects from the game that one can even apply to their everyday life like sportsmanship, teamwork, confidence, etc. 

6. What are some interesting facts about basketball? 

Initially, as the sport started, dribbling was not allowed at all and if a player got the - ball at a point and they compulsorily had to throw it to another player and continue the game like that. 

A physical education teacher, James Naismith, is the one who invented this sport and also wrote down the very first, the official rulebook of basketball.  

Michael Jordan wore his signature Air Jordans, his favorite shoes, by paying a fine as these shoes went against the guidelines of the NBA dress code. 

At the very beginning of it all, basketball was actually played with a soccer ball and a peach basket. 

7. What are some important rules of basketball? 

Some basic yet key rules of the game are: 

Each team is supposed to have 5 players present on the court at all times during the game. 

In order to win, a team has to score more field goals than the opponent team.

A player is not allowed to run with the ball; a player is only supposed to advance the ball by dribbling or passing and if a player stops dribbling, they have to either pass it or shoot it, not resume dribbling. 

There are quite a lot of fouls in the game and elbowing, blocking, tripping or knocking someone off, are some of the most common ones. 

To inbound the ball, the offense only has 5 seconds. 

Defenders are not allowed to interfere with a shot that is on a downward trajectory. In fact, this is considered to be illegal and is known as goaltending as it grants an automatic field goal to the offence then.

Both the ball handler as well as the ball have to remain within the boundaries of the court at all times. 

The defending team is legally allowed to block or steal the ball from the offending team and they can even use defensive tactics to prevent the latter from shooting and/or scoring. 

Each team has only a limited period of time during a given possession to shoot the ball. While in the NBA, this time limit is 24 seconds, in the NCCA, it is about 30 seconds. 

8. How does Vedantu encourage students to study?

One of the most popular and modern features of Vedantu is its one-on-one live interaction amongst the teacher and their students. As it is known, learning and studying by yourself with the help of the internet, and doing that in the presence of a teaching expert are two majorly different things with the latter being way more effective. This live interaction lets students communicate their thoughts and ideas more smoothly and also helps with the doubt-solving more easily. This social structure within Vedantu is one of the main ways through which it pushes students to study and speak their minds out loud. This is why Vedantu is a highly recommended portal for students to brighten their future. 

  • Entertainment
  • Environment
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Social Issues

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Essay Samples on Basketball

Why basketball is the best sport among others.

When it comes to sports, there's a wide array of options to choose from, each with its own unique appeal. However, in my opinion, basketball stands out as the ultimate sport that offers a perfect blend of athleticism, teamwork, excitement, and versatility. In this essay,...

  • Favorite Sport

Why Basketball Is My Favorite Sport: Memorable Moments and Life Lessons

Of all the sports that capture my heart and ignite my passion, basketball stands as the undisputed favorite. Its fast-paced action, camaraderie among teammates, and the thrill of competition combine to create an unparalleled experience that has enchanted me since childhood. This essay delves into...

Was the Reconstruction Era a Success or Failure: A Look Through Sport

The competitive sport of basketball traces its origins to a game known as peach basketball. In 1891, Dr. James Naismith invented basketball at Springfield College, Massachusetts. Initially, peach baskets without openings at the bottom served as goals, requiring the use of ladders to retrieve the...

  • Reconstruction Era of The United States

Glory Road: Analysing the Long-Term Effects of Racial Diversity in Basketball

In the 1966 NCAA championship, El Paso’s Texas Western College Miners, a small southern college, accomplished to win the NCAA championship against the four times NCAA champions, University of Kentucky Wildcats. The Wildcats were known to be the strongest basketball team in the nation. This...

The Overview of the Ground-Breaking Glory Road

Nothing the cast does, be that as it may, is very as moving as the appearance amid the last credits of a portion of the genuine Texas Western players, who reflect, alongside Mr. Haskins. It is a part of Disney’s successful movies which has made...

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The Fundamentals of NBA Betting Practice

Even if you are a novice at basketball betting, more likely than not, you are aware of the fact that the sport ranks among the highest-speed sports which give gambling enthusiasts plenty of twists and turns when it comes to its momentum. Other than that,...

Best topics on Basketball

1. Why Basketball is the Best Sport Among Others

2. Why Basketball Is My Favorite Sport: Memorable Moments and Life Lessons

3. Was the Reconstruction Era a Success or Failure: A Look Through Sport

4. Glory Road: Analysing the Long-Term Effects of Racial Diversity in Basketball

5. The Overview of the Ground-Breaking Glory Road

6. The Fundamentals of NBA Betting Practice

  • Jackie Robinson
  • Mountain Climbing
  • American Football
  • Cheerleading

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Essay Writing Guide

500 Word Essay

Last updated on: Nov 20, 2023

Writing a 500 Word Essay - Easy Guide

By: Nova A.

Reviewed By: Chris H.

Published on: Jan 8, 2019

500 Word Essay

Are you staring at a blank page, trying to write a 500-word essay? Don't worry, you're not alone! 

Many students face this challenge when tasked with writing a concise yet impactful piece. A 500-word essay is a common task often assigned to high school and college students. 

Writing a 500-word essay can be quite difficult as you have to cover all the important points in a few words. However, this is where you can show all your potential. 

Read on to learn how to write a perfect 500-word essay with this step by step guide. You will also get to read some good example essays to help you out. 

Let’s dive into it!

500 Word Essay

On this Page

500 Word Essay Definition

A 500-word essay is a short length academic essay. It provides a writer’s perspective on a particular topic. It is usually assigned to high school and college students to teach them necessary essay writing skills.

Every type of essay can follow the 500-word essay format, including:

  • Persuasive essay
  • Descriptive essay
  • Argumentative essay
  • Expository essay
  • Narrative essay

This means that you can write any type of essay in the 500-word format.

How to Write a 500 Word Essay

A 500-word essay is an opportunity to show and improve your writing skills. Here are the steps you need to follow to write your essay:

Make an Essay Outline

An outline is a roadmap that guides you through the different sections of your essay. It is important to make an outline before you start writing. This ensures a well-structured and coherent piece. 

A 500-word essay is usually composed of five paragraphs. Here’s what you need to create an outline:

  • The main topic of the essay
  • The central thesis statement
  • The main point or topic sentence for each body paragraph
  • Supporting points for body paragraphs

This is what your outline will look like:

Write a Good Introduction

An introduction plays an important role in making an impression on the reader’s mind. The readers decide on the basis of the introduction, whether they want to read the rest of the essay or not. 

Here is how you can compose the introduction paragraph:

  • It should start with a strong hook that grabs the reader’s attention immediately.
  • Provide a little background information that helps the reader understand the topic
  • Conclude the intro with a compelling thesis statement that you will support in the body.

Here is an example:

Compose the Body Paragraphs

The body section is intended to provide a detailed description of the topic. It gives complete information about the essay topic and presents the writer’s point of view in detail. Following are the elements of the body section:.

  • Topic sentence

The first sentence of the body paragraph. It presents the main point that will be discussed in the paragraph.

  • Supporting evidence

It could be any points or evidence that support your main thesis.

  • Transition statement

This statement relates the body paragraph back to the thesis, and also connects it with the subsequent paragraph.

Draft a Compelling Conclusion

The conclusion paragraph summarizes the whole essay and presents the final thoughts on the topic. It is as important as the introduction paragraph. Below are the things you include in the conclusion paragraphs:

  • Restate the thesis statement
  • Summarize the essay
  • Provide final thoughts or a call to action

Want to become a master at writing essays? Check out our essay writing guide to become an excellent writer who can craft all types of essays!

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500 Word Essay Format

Here is how you format a 500 word essay in general:

  • A common font style like Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman
  • 1” margins on both sides
  • Line spacing: double-spaced
  • Alignment: Left 

Remember, these are general guidelines. Always follow the specific page formatting guidelines provided by your instructor. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Writing a 500 Word Essay

Many things come up in your mind when you get to write a 500-word essay. You might want to know the length, outline, time required to write the essay, and many more things.

Below are some common questions that you may ask yourself while writing a short essay.

How Long is a 500 Word Essay?

“How many pages is a 500-word essay?”

An essay length of a 500-word essay is usually 1 to 2 pages. If it is single-spaced, it covers just 1-page. When double-spaced, it covers 2 pages. 

When it comes to spacing, stick to the instructions given by your professor.

How Many Paragraphs is a 500 Word Essay?

The standard 500-word essay template has 5 paragraphs. It has one introduction, three body paragraphs, and one conclusion paragraph. 

The word count is divided into 5 paragraphs evenly. The introduction and conclusion are 100 words long each. While the body paragraphs need to be 300 words long.

How Long Does it Take to Write a 500 Word Essay?

It would take no more than an hour or two to write a complete 500-word essay. Especially if you have enough information about the topic, you can easily write your essay within an hour. 

What is the difference between 500 words essay vs 250 words essay

The word count of an essay plays a significant role in shaping its structure, content, and depth of analysis. A 500-word essay is a bit more detailed and longer than a 250-word essay. A 250-word essay is composed of three paragraphs maximum. Meanwhile a 500-word essay should contain at least five paragraphs.

What is the difference between 500 words essay vs 1000 words essay

Here is a major difference between 500-word essay and a 1000-word essay: 

With a 500-word essay, you have a limited word count, which necessitates a concise and focused approach. You must carefully select your arguments, provide succinct evidence, and present a coherent analysis. 

On the other hand, a 1000-word essay allows for a more extensive exploration of the topic. It provides the opportunity to delve into multiple subtopics and offer more supporting evidence. 

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500 Word Essay Topics

Below are some interesting topics to help you get started on your essay.

  • Should gun ownership be restricted
  • My Favorite Place
  • Should healthcare be free? 
  • The benefits of volunteering in the local community
  • Is hunting for food moral? 
  • The importance of personal responsibility
  • How I spent my summer vacation
  • Describe an ideal personality
  • What is Climate Change?
  • The importance of sports for teenagers

Need more ideas? We’ve got you covered! Check out 100+ amazing essay topics to help you out!

500 Word Essay Example

Now you have a guide for writing a 500-word essay, have a look at the following example to have a more clear understanding.



500 Words Essay on Why I Deserve a Scholarship






With the help of this step by step guide and essay examples, you can easily craft a perfect essay. However, if you need more help, you can contact us anytime. is a legitimate paper writing service that you can rely on to do my essay for me . We offer academic writing help for each category, i.e. research paper, scholarship essay, or any type of academic paper.

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Nova A.

As a Digital Content Strategist, Nova Allison has eight years of experience in writing both technical and scientific content. With a focus on developing online content plans that engage audiences, Nova strives to write pieces that are not only informative but captivating as well.

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Essay On Basketball – 10 Lines, Short And Long Essay For Children

Shaili Contractor

Key Points To Note: Essay On Basketball For Lower Primary Classes

10 lines on basketball for kids, a paragraph on basketball for kids, short essay on basketball in english for children, long essay on ‘my favourite sport is basketball’ for kids, what will your child learn from this essay, interesting facts about basketball for kids.

One of the most popular topics for English composition is an essay on basketball for classes 1, 2 and 3 kids. Writing a basketball essay in English is fun for kids as sports is an interesting subject to write on. We all know sports play an important part in the development and growth of a child. Every child plays one or more kinds of sports in their school and with friends. However, basketball is one sport that most kids play. It can be played between two teams or two kids in a playground, court, or backyard.

Most kids in lower primary classes enjoy playing basketball, but they struggle when it comes to writing an essay on basketball in English. Here are some key points that will help them to write essays on basketball easily:

  • Write in brief about basketball.
  • Explain its rules, terminology, how is it played, etc.
  • Benefits of playing basketball.
  • Write the reasons for liking basketball.

Writing a basketball essay for classes 1 and 2 may be difficult initially. Here are a few lines to help them write an essay on basketball:

  • Basketball is my favourite sport.
  • This popular sport is played across the world.
  • It can be played between two players or two teams.
  • The player has to dribble the ball, run and jump to play this game.
  • We can play it on a basketball court or in our backyard with a net ring.
  • The players must dribble the ball and put the ball through net rings to score.
  • The team that scores the maximum points wins the game.
  • It is a game that boosts team building.
  • Running and jumping makes the players strong.
  • Most kids love this game.

Here, we have a short paragraph about basketball that is easy to remember. This simple paragraph can be used by kids to write an essay on basketball.

Basketball is a world popular sport. It is played in many different countries. The smart moves and physical activity make it a fun sport. It is believed that basketball originated in the USA in the 19th century. Usually, basketball is played between two teams with five players each. However, for a friendly match, the count of the players can vary. For example, it can be played between two players or more than five players in a non-professional setting. There are many variations of the game. The team that scores the most points wins the match. This sport promotes good physical health and team building. Therefore, it’s no wonder it is one of the most popular sports.

Here we have a short essay for classes 1, 2 and 3 on basketball. They can take reference from this to write an essay on basketball:

Basketball is one of the most popular physical sports in the world. In most countries, it is played on a professional level. It is a great sport because of the clever team techniques and fun physical effort. Basketball is said to have originated in the 19th century in the United States. Basketball is usually played between two teams, each with five players. A friendly match, on the other hand, can be played between two players or more than five players. The game can be played with a lot of variations. To score points, each team needs to put the ball in the net ring of the opposite team. The players need to dribble, run, and then jump to put the ball through the net ring. The team with the highest goals or baskets wins the game. The game has several positions, and the team gets divided based on those positions. Basketball is a team game, where the whole team has to play as per rules. Players breaking the rules attract penalty points. This sport encourages physical fitness as well as teamwork. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular sports worldwide.

Class 1 or 2 students are asked to write short essays. However, an essay for class 3 students is longer. Here is a long essay on basketball for kids:

I play many sports, but basketball is my favourite. I have played basketball with my elder brother since I was 3. We had a basketball net ring in our backyard. As I played basketball at home, I could easily make it to the junior basketball team in school. I am one of the youngest players on my school team. Let’s talk about the points like history, types, and benefits that made me a big fan of this game.

History Of Basketball

Basketball is an indoor sport invented by a Massachusetts professor at Springfield College. It was created by James Naismith in December 1891. James Naismith created this game for his students because they were bored during winter. So, he developed a game that everyone could play inside.

Types Of Basketball Games

Basketball can be played in different variations in many environments with a different set of rules. Some types of basketball games are:

  • Recreational Basketball –  This type of basketball is played in schools and colleges. It aims at teaching students basic basketball skills with no winning or losing.
  • Disabled Basketball – This was developed for people who cannot play the general basketball sport.
  • Prison Basketball –  This type of basketball was developed for people in prison or penitentiary institutions.
  • Show Basketball – This type of basketball is aimed at entertaining the audience, like a drama. It is a pre-planned activity, and many celebrities, and professional players, play for charity events.

Benefits Of Playing Basketball For Kids

Playing basketball has numerous health and other benefits for kids. It is a great sports game to stay active and fit. Playing basketball strengthens bones and muscles and boosts immunity, making us strong. We also learn team spirit and team building by playing basketball

How To Play Basket Ball – Terminology And Rules

Basketball is played with a set of rules and terms. It is a two-team game where both teams compete to score the maximum points. Each team has twelve players; where five players play, and seven are seated on the bench. A team can score one, two, or three points by successfully shooting the ball in the hoop. A basketball game is divided into four twelve-minute quarters, for a total game length of forty-eight minutes.

One popular term is draft choice, referring to a player chosen to play for the NBA’s 30 clubs. A free throw means a throw from the end of the line, and a personal foul is when a player makes physical contact with a player from the opposite team.

From an essay about basketball, your child will learn in detail about the sport. As they write the essay, besides the structuring of such essays, they will understand the game and how to play it in depth. They will also see the health benefits of playing basketball.

 Some interesting facts about basketball:

  • Basketball played on an outdoor court is called street ball.
  • The game of basketball was invented by James Naismith in 1891.
  • Initially, in basketball dribbling wasn’t a feature.
  • The farthest basketball shot was made by Joshua Walker in 2022.
  • Earlier, basketball was played with a soccer ball or football.

1. Which Is The Highest Governing Body Of Basketball?

The highest governing body of Basketball is the FIBA (International Basketball Federation).

2. Who Are Some Famous Basketball Players In The World?

Some famous basketball players are Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Lebron James.

3. What Are The Major Tournaments In Basketball?

The major Basketball tournaments are:

  • Basketball World Cup
  • Italian league
  • Spanish ACB league

Basketball is a popular sport worldwide, played both professionally and recreationally. The flexibility of the sport with its fun tactics makes it a favourite sport for millions of kids.

Essay On Kabaddi for Class 1, 2 and 3 Kids Essay On Football for Lower Primary Class Children How to Write An Essay On Kho Kho Game for Classes 1 to 3

  • Essays for Class 1
  • Essays for Class 2
  • Essays for Class 3

Shaili Contractor

5 Recommended Books To Add To Your Child’s Reading List and Why

5 absolute must-watch movies and shows for kids, 15 indoor toys that have multiple uses and benefits, leave a reply cancel reply.

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500 word essay on basketball

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500 word essay on basketball

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500 word essay on basketball

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500 word essay on basketball

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500 word essay on basketball

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500 word essay on basketball

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About Basketball in 100 Words

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Basketball, a beloved sport played and cherished by millions around the world, has a fascinating origin story that dates back to the late 19th century. The invention of basketball can be traced back to a cold, snowy day in [...]

The basketball court is a place I deeply value and appreciate. I literally call this place my second home. Whenever I need to relieve stress or just play for the fun of it, it does it for me. This place varies in looks but [...]

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500 word essay on basketball

Revisit Congress Avenue in 1914, where revelers in cars crowd out horse drawn buggies

500 word essay on basketball

You don't have much time before Father's Day, which falls on June 16 this year, to match the magnificent gift given by a Texas man, originally from Marlin, who came close to immortalizing his father.

Jack Robertson, 81, uncovered a treasure trove of old Texas documents, essays, letters, photos and other ephemera in a box of memorabilia that had belonged to his father, Rupert Robertson (1895-1968).

A University of Texas professor emeritus of accounting, Jack recognized the historical value of Rupert's descriptive essays written for his English classes at UT from 1914 to 1916, as well as the evidence from his military service during World War I, when Rupert was a balloonist.

Since the elder Robertson starred on the Marlin high school track team and earned his track letter at UT in Austin, his son Jack wanted to preserve his father's writing at the university's Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports, a marvelously eccentric museum and archive tucked into the north end of Royal Memorial Stadium.

Terence "Terry" Todd, the late director of the Stark Center, and his wide, Jan Todd, current director, welcomed Rupert's personal papers, many from more than 100 years ago.

"Terry asked me to include a biography of my father, so independent researchers could add the personhood of the author to the context of the stories," Jack says. "Ten months and 62 pages later, I delivered the biography."

You read that right, the dutiful son produced a biography of his father that weighs in at 62 single-spaced pages, which, while short of being a book, is much more than a bio sketch.

I can't pretend to have read every word of this opus, but combined with Rupert's own writing, the world of Texas in the early 20th century became incrementally clearer to me through this gift from Jack Robertson.

A choice essay on Austin from Rupert Robertson

In 1914, Rupert Robertson wrote the following essay about a night on Congress Avenue, one of many he executed for English classes at UT. Note the keen details as Rupert's attention wanders — through various sentence structures — from one sensation to another. This was a time when most of the city's commercial traffic and entertainment venues were concentrated on Congress, but before the Paramount Theatre opened as the Majestic Theatre in 1915.

This particular personal anecdote — and others like it from all over the state — is available digitally to the public at through the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum as part of the "Help Us Tell the Story of Texas" project.

"The rain is coming down slowly, and it wets the street so that it glistens under the big arc lights like a large mirror.

"The red and yellow drays are bespattered with mud. The streetcars, automobiles and other vehicles are rumbling down the street with such a terrible drum that I would think I was by myself if I could not see the throng of people moving up and down the street.

"Some are gazing at the beautifully lighted show windows which contain various shades of the latest styles of clothing; some are on the inside of the store purchasing articles, and some are looking at the red, white and green moving picture signs, and debate with themselves whether to go in or stay outside and parade the street with the "mob."

"The crowd is composed mostly of university students, but they are not in a hurry tonight. This is unusual, because as a general rule, these fellows are restless, and always go with push and vim wherever they are. But the college spirit is here, for every now and then I hear the jolly laugh of some young man at the joke or remark of one of his companions.

"Boys and girls in couples, clad in their grey and brown rainproof garments, are present in great numbers. There is an air of happiness and success among them as they go down one side of the street and come up the other; the thought of the green-back English book and the brown cloth-covered mathematic text is left behind and forgotten.

"The crowd is divided into groups which represent different fraternities, clubs and various other organizations. Each individual bunch has a characteristic of its own. The Rusticusses wearing big hats, the Phi Gamma Deltas grey mackinaws with a blue stripe, the Sigma Nu's ties, and the other organizations have some similar distinction.

"The rest of the crowd is compiled of town girls and boys; brown (Mexican American); Negro men and women; and a great part of the Jewish population. Here and there, and at every corner, I see a policeman watching the crowd as a cowboy on horseback watches a herd of cattle.

"The street is as crowded with vehicles as the sidewalks are with people. Along the curbing are many automobiles with their radiators pointing toward the crowd and the rear ends toward the middle of the street. At intervals are found horses and buggies, but not many because automobiles are rapidly taking their place.

"Then there are the candy vendors in their dingy clothing, selling brown peanut and pecan candies. The popcorn man has his wagon driven close to the curbing, and is selling chewing gum, peanuts and pink popcorn. The whole scene has an atmosphere of relaxation and freedom in spite of the gloominess of the weather."

Rupert Robertson the athlete

"After starting the biography," Jack Robertson writes, "I needed to continue to the end."

Rupert Cook Robertson was born March 31, 1895 in the rural town of Kosse, Texas (pop. 500) in southern Limestone County. His father, Charles Onward "C.O." Robertson was born in Alabama in 1867; his mother Martha Adeline "Mattie" Price Robertson, was born in Blue Ridge in Falls County in 1872.

Rupert was known as a "city boy" in Kosse, where his family owned a general store, but he spent much time on his grandfather's Price's farm in Falls County, where "all activity revolved around the fields and seasons."

Even in the early 20th century, rural Texas remained closer to the rhythms of the 19th century. "His transport was shoe-leather and horse-and-buggy," his son writes. "His water came from a well. His sanitation was the outhouse. His entertainment was outdoors with family and friends."

Socially, this was the "segregated South," with scant interaction between the races, other than the employer-worker relationships, Jack reminds readers.

Rupert was not the only Kosse native to make it big in sports. David E. "Kosse" Johnson Jr. starred as a halfback on the Rice Institute team during the 1950s and was drafted by the Green Bay Packers.

Another nearby exposure to big-time sports: Pro baseball teams — such as White Sox, Cardinals, Reds, Athletics and Giants — held spring training camps in nearby Marlin, which attracted flocks of tourists because its mineral water that promised reputed healing properties.

Rupert attended Marlin High School from 1912 to 1914. He lived in a boarding house operated by his Aunt Clara Belle Price. Even today, one can walk by blocks and blocks of sizable Victorian and farmhouse-style homes in Marlin.

Since his father disapproved of football, Rupert ran track. State high school track meets were held at UT's Clark Field beginning in 1905. The big four regional teams were Belton, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. According to University of Texas Interscholastic League records, Marlin competed strongly from 1910 to 1915, and the school earned the top spot in 1914. As usual, Rupert won individual and team medals. (Jack's documents on these events are startlingly detailed.)

When Rupert entered UT in 1914, Austin was home to about 30,000 people, and 2,300 of those were members of the university's student body. His freshman class, for which he served as secretary-treasurer, counted 674 members.

Rupert said he wanted to study business in order to take over the family general store in Kosse. Jack always imagined that his father was recruited for his track skills, but he also turns up evidence of family and friends who had attended UT, and would have supported Rupert collegiate aspiration. He belonged to that generation of Texans whose families had survived pioneer life in the country and saw brighter horizons for their children in the cities and through higher education.

Rupert joined an athletic fraternity, Sigma Delta Psi, as well as Kappa Alpha, which includes among its brothers athletes who were Rupert's friends. Sports were already big on campus and getting bigger. Folks like Billy Disch, L. Theo Bellmont and Clyde Littlefield led what was becoming a dominant college power in football, basketball, track, tennis, gymnastics, wrestling and soccer — Rupert played wing on the soccer team. In track, he did well in high hurdles, mile relay and other events.

Life in the military and its aftermath

UT sports hollowed out, however, once the U.S. entered World War I on April 6, 1917. Athletes were among the first to enlist and the campus opened military training centers, which were later badly stricken by the flu epidemic in 1918-1919.

Rupert enlisted in the Army on Aug. 5, 1917 in Houston. Much of what he wrote about his first months is fairly anodyne but still illuminating about Austin and San Antonio, where he trained at Camp Travis, during the war. (For instance, Rupert did not pause his habit of dating campus beauties.) After basic training, he was assigned to Fort Omaha, Nebraska, on March, 26 1918 to enter the balloon school. He qualified to be a spherical balloon pilot.

Rupert's family expressed concern whenever the press reported balloon any accidents and explosions, but young man made it through two years in the corps unscathed. He skipped the flu, too, at a time when the military was among the hardest hit sectors in the U.S. by the pandemic. Aug. 30, 1918, Rupert was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Air Service. After a series of service flights, he was honorably discharged on Aug. 11, 1919 with bronze victory button.

The rest of Rupert's young adult life was spent working in real estate, insurance and various other Kosse businesses, as well as farming citrus fruit and working for firms in the Rio Grande Valley, Corpus Christi and California. In the Valley, he met and married widow Lois Lucille Rose Bartlett; they produced Sara Ellen Robertson Moore and Jack Robertson.

Rupert suffered from various medical conditions, including diabetes and depression, some of them traced to his military service. Lois taught school and the family eventually moved to Marlin, where Jack grew up. A good deal of the remaining personal history consists of Jack's childhood memories of his family while growing up there. (We'd need another column or two to do that part justice.)

Rupert died Jan. 10, 1968 at age 72.

Michael Barnes writes about the people, places, culture and history of Austin and Texas. He can be reached at [email protected]. Sign up for the free weekly digital newsletter, Think, Texas, at, or at the newsletter page of your local USA Today Network paper.


Essay on My Favourite Game Basketball

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100 Words Essay on My Favourite Game Basketball

Introduction to basketball.

Basketball is my most loved game. It’s a sport where two teams play against each other, trying to score by throwing a ball into a high hoop. It’s fun and keeps you fit.

Playing the Game

To play, you need a ball and a hoop. You dribble, pass to teammates, and shoot to score points. The game is fast and exciting, with lots of running and jumping.

Why I Love It

I enjoy basketball because it’s thrilling and requires skill. It’s also a great way to make friends and learn about teamwork. Plus, watching professional games is really cool!

In short, basketball is my favourite game. It’s full of action and helps me stay active. I love every moment on the court.

250 Words Essay on My Favourite Game Basketball

Basketball is my favorite game. It’s a sport played with a round ball that bounces and two high hoops on either end of a court. This game is fun and full of energy. It’s not just about throwing the ball into the basket, but also about teamwork, quick thinking, and being active.

The Fun of Playing

When I play basketball, I forget all my worries. Running up and down the court, passing the ball to teammates, and shooting hoops make me happy. It’s exciting when the ball swishes through the net. I love playing with my friends after school. We cheer for each other and learn to play better together.

Rules and Teamwork

In basketball, there are simple rules. You can’t run holding the ball without dribbling, and you have to shoot within a certain time. These rules make the game fair and fun. Playing on a team teaches me to work with others and helps me make new friends.

Health and Fitness

This game is also great for health. It makes me run a lot, which is good exercise. I have become stronger and faster since I started playing basketball. It’s also a good way to stay fit and healthy.

Basketball is a wonderful game that brings people together and keeps them healthy. It’s my favorite because it’s not just a game, it’s a way to learn, stay fit, and have fun with friends. Every time I play, I feel excited and full of life. That’s why basketball is the best game for me.

500 Words Essay on My Favourite Game Basketball

Introduction to my favourite game.

Basketball is my favourite game. It is a fun sport that keeps you active and healthy. It is played with a ball and two hoops on a large court. Two teams try to score points by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s hoop. I love basketball because it is exciting and it helps me make new friends.

The Basics of Basketball

The game has simple rules. Each team has five players. The main aim is to score more points than the other team. You score points by shooting the ball through the hoop. If you shoot from close, you get two points, but if you shoot from far, behind a line on the court, you get three points. When a player is fouled while shooting, they get free throws, which are worth one point each.

Why I Love Playing Basketball

Playing basketball is great for many reasons. It makes me run, jump, and stay active, which is good for my health. I also learn to work with my team, pass the ball, and support each other. It teaches me to be quick and smart on the court. When I play basketball, I feel happy and free.

Learning Life Skills

Basketball is not just about playing with the ball. It teaches important life skills. For example, I learn to be patient and to wait for the right moment to act. I also learn to be strong when I lose and happy when I win, but not too proud. These skills help me in school and at home too.

Basketball Heroes

I admire basketball players who are famous for their skills. They inspire me to get better at the game. Players like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant show that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve great things. They are not just good players; they are also good people who help others.

The Joy of Watching Basketball

Watching basketball games is as fun as playing. I cheer for my favourite teams and feel the excitement of the game. It is thrilling to see the players make amazing moves and score points. Sometimes, games are close and every second counts, which makes it even more exciting.

Basketball is a wonderful game that brings people together. It is my favourite because it is fun, helps me stay healthy, and teaches me about teamwork and life. Whether I play or watch, basketball always gives me joy. I hope to keep playing and enjoying this game for a long time.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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