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  • How Wind Turbines Convert Wind Energy into Electrical Energy? This paper also provides broad explanation on how various parts of the turbine work together in enhancing conversion of wind energy into electrical energy.
  • Renewable Energy Usage: Advantages and Disadvantages This treatise attempts to support the statement that there are both advantages and disadvantages to the use of renewable energy with focus on hydroelectric power.
  • Renewable Energy Sources: Definition, Types and Stocks This research report analyzes the growing interest of the use renewable energy as an alternative to the non-renewable energy.
  • Renewable Energy Sources: Popularity and Benefits Renewable fuels are not as pollutive as fossil fuels; they can be reproduced quickly from domestic resources. They became popular because of the decreasing amount of fossil fuels.
  • Renewable Energy Systems Group and Toyota Company The application of the Lean Six Sigma to the key company processes, creates prerequisites for stellar success, as the examples of Toyota and the Renewable Energy Systems Group have shown.
  • The Use of Renewable Energy: Advantages and Disadvantages Today’s world is dependent on electricity, which is supplied from many different sources such as fossils fuels which emit harmful gases that pollute the environment.
  • Renewable Energy: Economic and Health Benefits The US should consider the adoption of renewable sources of energy, because of the high cost of using fossil fuels and expenses related to health problems due to pollution.
  • Sunburst Renewable Energy Corporation: Business Structuring The proposed Sunburst Renewable Energy Corporation will function on a captivating value statement in product strategy and customer relationships as the core instruments of sustainable operations.
  • Renewable Energy Sources for Saudi Arabia This paper will provide background information on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its energy resources, and how it may become more modern and efficient.
  • Installing Solar Panels to Reduce Energy Costs The purpose of the proposal is to request permission for research to install solar panels to reduce energy costs, which represent a huge part of the company’s expenses.
  • Solar Energy and Its Impact on Environment The purpose of this paper is to determine the impact of solar energy on the environment. The major positive impact is the minimal emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Solar Power as the Best Source of Energy The concepts of environmental conservation and sustainability have forced many countries and organizations to consider the best strategies or processes for generating electricity.
  • Wind Energy as an Alternative Source While energy is a must for our survival, wind energy as a seemingly perpetual source of energy is the potential answer to the energy security of our generations to come.
  • Wind Works Ltd.: Wind Energy Development Methodology Wind Works Ltd, as the company, which provides the alternative energy sources, and makes them available for the wide range of the population needs to resort to a particular assessment strategies.
  • Renewable Energy Programs in Five Countries Energy production is vital for the drive of the economy. The world at large should diversify the sources to reduce the over-usage of fossil energy that is a threat of depletion.
  • Renewable Energy: Why Do We Need It? Renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, or hydropower can bring multiple environmental benefits and tackle the problems of climate change and pollution in several ways.
  • A World With 100% Renewable Energy Large corporations, countries, and separate states have already transferred or put a plan into action to transfer to 100% renewable energy in a couple of decades.
  • Utilization of Solar Energy for Thermal Desalination The following research is set to outline the prospects of utilization of solar energy for thermal desalination technologies.
  • Siemens Energy: Renewable Energy System Renewable energy technologies are methods of energy production that utilize naturally replenishable resources such as solar, wind, geothermal heat, and tides.
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Utilization This paper aims at expounding the effectiveness of renewable energy and the utilization of energy efficiency in regard to climate change.
  • Discussion of Renewable Energy Resources Renewable energy sources have now become a topic for continuous discussion in the contexts of environmental studies, economics, and society.
  • Full Renewable Energy Plan Feasibility: 2030-2040 The paper argues that green energy in its current state will struggle to meet the humanity’s demand and the development of better hybrid, integrated grids is required.
  • Solar Energy in China and Its Influence on Climate Change The influence of solar energy on climate change has impacted production, the advancement of solar energy has impacted climate change in the geography of China.
  • Is Nuclear Power Renewable Energy? Renewable energy is obtained from the naturally-occurring elements, implying that it can be easily accessed, cheaply generated, and conveniently supplied to consumers.
  • Renewable Energy: The Use of Fossil Fuel The paper states that having a combination of renewable energy sources is becoming critical in the global effort to reduce the use of fossil fuels.
  • Profitability of Onshore and Offshore Wind Energy in Australia Undoubtedly, the recent increase in popularity of campaigns to decarbonize the globe proves renewable energy to be a current and future trend globally.
  • Discussion of Realization of Solar Energy Company ABC is interested in creating a “solar” project which will fully install and staff solar panels to ensure the safe transformation of solar energy into electricity.
  • Solar Energy: Advantages and Disadvantages Renewable energy sources are being supported and invested in by governments to instigate a new environment-friendly technology.
  • Full Renewable Energy Plan Feasibility for 2030-2040 This paper argues that green energy in its current state will struggle to meet humanity’s demand and the development of better hybrid, integrated grids is required.
  • Future of 100% Renewable Energy This article explores the future of renewable green energy and a review the topical studies related to 100% renewable energy.
  • The G20 Countries’ Competitiveness in Renewable Energy Resources “Assessing national renewable energy competitiveness of the G20” by Fang et al. presents an assessment of competitiveness in renewable energy resources among G20 countries.
  • The Concept of Sustainability in Energy Plan for 2030-2040 The paper discusses the concept of sustainability takes a central role in the global discussion and presents of environment safety plan.
  • Renewable Energy Technology in Egypt Climate change has made renewable energy a global priority to replace fossil fuel which continues to impact the environment negatively.
  • Renewable Energy in Japan: Clean Energy Transition Renewable energy in Japan became significantly important after the Fukushima Daiichi tsunami that struck Japan in 2011.
  • Solving the Climate Change Crisis by Using Renewable Energy Sources Climate change has caused extreme changes in temperature and weather patterns on planet Earth, thus threatening the lives of living organisms.
  • Environmental Degradation and Renewable Energy The global community relies on the surrounding environment for food production, transport, and economic development.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Australia’s Electricity
  • Accelerating Renewable Energy Electrification and Rural Economic Development With an Innovative Business Model
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Role of Grid Connection
  • Breaking Barriers Towards Investment in Renewable Energy
  • California Dreaming: The Economics of Renewable Energy
  • Marine Renewable Energy Clustering in the Mediterranean Sea: The Case of the PELAGOS Project
  • Differences Between Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energy
  • Addressing the Renewable Energy Financing Gap in Africa to Promote Universal Energy Access: Integrated Renewable Energy Financing in Malawi
  • Causality Between Public Policies and Exports of Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Achieving the Renewable Energy Target for Jamaica
  • Economic Growth and the Transition From Non-renewable to Renewable Energy
  • Between Innovation and Industrial Policy: How Washington Succeeds and Fails at Renewable Energy
  • Increasing Financial Incentive for Renewable Energy in the Third World
  • Does Financial Development Matter for Innovation in Renewable Energy?
  • Financing Rural Renewable Energy: A Comparison Between China and India
  • Alternative Energy for Renewable Energy Sources
  • Low-Carbon Transition: Private Sector Investment in Renewable Energy Projects in Developing Countries
  • Effective Renewable Energy Activities in Bangladesh
  • China’s Renewable Energy Policy: Commitments and Challenges
  • Analyzing the Dynamic Impact of Electricity Futures on Revenue and Risk of Renewable Energy in China
  • Driving Energy: The Enactment and Ambitiousness of State Renewable Energy Policy
  • Carbon Lock-Out: Advancing Renewable Energy Policy in Europe
  • Big Oil vs. Renewable Energy: A Detrimental Conflict With Global Consequences
  • Efficient Feed-In-Tariff Policies for Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Balancing Cost and Risk: The Treatment of Renewable Energy in Western Utility Resource Plans
  • Active and Reactive Power Control for Renewable Energy Generation Engineering
  • Mainstreaming New Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Carbon Pricing and Innovation of Renewable Energy
  • Economic Growth, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Renewable Energy and Globalization
  • Figuring What’s Fair: The Cost of Equity Capital for Renewable Energy in Emerging Markets
  • Distributed Generation: The Definitive Boost for Renewable Energy in Spain
  • Biodiesel From Green Rope and Brown Algae: Future Renewable Energy
  • Electricity Supply Security and the Future Role of Renewable Energy Sources in Brazil
  • Contracting for Biomass: Supply Chain Strategies for Renewable Energy
  • Advanced Education and Training Programs to Support Renewable Energy Investment in Africa
  • Domestic Incentive Measures for Renewable Energy With Possible Trade Implications
  • Affordable and Clean Renewable Energy
  • Catalyzing Investment for Renewable Energy in Developing Countries
  • Better Health, Environment, and Economy With Renewable Energy Sources
  • Afghanistan Renewable Energy Development Issues and Options
  • How Economics Can Change the World With Renewable Energy?
  • Are Green Hopes Too Rosy? Employment and Welfare Impacts of Renewable Energy Promotion
  • Marketing Strategy for Renewable Energy Development in Indonesia Context Today
  • Biomass Residue From Palm Oil Industries is Used as Renewable Energy Fuel in Southeast Asia
  • Assessing Renewable Energy Policies in Palestine
  • Chinese Renewable Energy Technology Exports: The Role of Policy, Innovation, and Markets
  • Business Models for Model Businesses: Lessons From Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries
  • Economic Impacts From the Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies: The German Experience
  • Key Factors and Recommendations for Adopting Renewable Energy Systems by Families and Firms
  • Improving the Investment Climate for Renewable Energy
  • How Will Renewable Energy Play a Role in Future Economies?
  • What Are the Advantages of Renewable Energy?
  • What Is the Term for a Renewable Energy Source That Taps Into Heat Produced Deep Below Ground?
  • What Are the Basic Problems of Renewable Energy?
  • Why Is Solar Energy the Best Resource of Renewable Energy?
  • How Can You Make a Potentially Renewable Energy Resource Sustainable?
  • What Is a Possible Cost of Using Renewable Energy Resources?
  • What Is the Contribution of Renewable Energy Sources to Global Energy Consumption?
  • How Do Renewable Energy Resources Work?
  • What Is the Most Viable Renewable Energy Source for the US to Invest In?
  • Why Isn’t Renewable Energy More Widely Used Than It Is?
  • Is Coal Still a Viable Resource Versus Windpower Being Renewable Energy?
  • What Is the Difference Between Non-renewable and Renewable Energy?
  • Why Is It Necessary to Emphasize Renewable Energy Sources in Order to Achieve a Sustainable Society?
  • Is Aluminum an Example of a Renewable Energy Resource?
  • What Fraction of Our Energy Currently Comes From Renewable Energy Sources?
  • What Are the Disadvantages of Renewable Energy?
  • What Would Have to Happen to Completely Abandon Non-renewable Energy Sources?
  • Why Are Renewable Energy Better Than Fossil Fuels?
  • How Could a Renewable Energy Resource Become Non-renewable?
  • How Have Renewable Energy Resources Replaced a Percentage of Fossil Fuels in Different Countries?
  • How Can Water Be Used as a Renewable Energy Resource?
  • What Is the Most Practical Renewable Energy Source?
  • What Steps Are Necessary to Further the Use of Renewable Energy Resources in THE US?
  • Why Is Renewable Energy Use Growing?
  • What Type of Renewable Energy Should Businesses in Your Region Invest In?
  • How Does Renewable Energy Reduce Climate Change?
  • Can the Development of Renewable Energy Sources Lead To Increased International Tensions?
  • How Do Renewable Energy Resources Affect the Environment?
  • Why Have So Many Governments Decided to Subsidize Renewable Energy Initiatives?
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108 Alternative Energy Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  • Solar Energy as an Alternative Source of Energy It is of essence to note that, with the depletion of fossil fuels, more emphasis is now being put on the use of solar energy as an alternate energy source.
  • The Use of Solar Energy Should be Adopted in All States in the U.S. The emphasis on renewable sources of energy has been enhanced by the fact that the limited world’s resources are increasingly being depleted; thus, the states have adopted the use of solar energy so as to […]
  • Is Solar Energy Good for the State of New Jersey? The state of the New Jersey is second to California in terms of the use of solar energy. As people are waking up to the reality that the limited world’s resources are increasingly being depleted, […]
  • New Techniques for Harnessing Solar Energy Due to the scarcity of fossil fuels and the expenses incurred in the mining of fossil fuels, it is important that we find a new source of energy to fulfill the energy needs of the […]
  • Suppression of Alternative Energy However, the US Department of Energy officials continue to say that this technology is unfeasible; according to them the very idea of cold fusion has no scientific value.
  • Are Alternative Energy Sources an Option? The shift of attention to renewable energy and the resourceful conversion of fossil fuel help to achieve the main goal, which is protecting both the climate and the environment.
  • Evolution of Solar Energy in US The policy of solar energy in the US is established by the federal, public entities and the state that addresses energy issues of production, consumption like the standards on gas mileage.
  • Water Pollution and Wind Energy Chemical pollution of water is one of the leading causes of death of aquatic life. It is thus evident that chemical pollution of water not only has negative effects on health, but it also substantially […]
  • Role of Alternative Energy Resources in Reshaping Global Transportation Infrastructure In this regard, it will emphasize on the invention and use of electric cars to achieve environmental conservation. This is major concern as in the case of purely electric cars.
  • Alternative Sources of Energy: Solar, Wind, and Hydropower Countries, which depend on oil are getting worried because they are not certain of the availability of this source of energy in future, also, the prices of oil has been escalating over the years, and […]
  • Wind Energy: The Use of Wind Turbines One of the most promising is wind energy, specifically the use of wind turbines to produce clean and renewable energy. The only problem is that it is more expensive to build large wind turbines.
  • Wind and Solar Energy as a Sources of Alternative Energy Fthenakis, Mason and Zweibel also examined the economical, geographical and technical viability of solar power to supplement the energy requirements of the U.S.and concluded that it was possible to substitute the current fossil fuel energy […]
  • The Impact of Green Energy on Environment and Sustainable Development Traditional methods of receiving the necessary amount of power for meeting the needs of the developed cites and industries cannot be discussed as efficient according to the threat of the environmental pollution which is the […]
  • Wind Energy as Forms of Sustainable Energy Sources T he only costs to be met in producing wind energy is the cost of equipment for harnessing wind, wind turbines for converting the energy and photovoltaic panels for storing energy.
  • Can a Switch to Renewable Energy Sources Help Combat Global Warming? This paper will argue that since fossil fuels have been the primary contributors to the global warming problem, a switch to renewable energy sources will help to mitigate global warming and possibly even reverse the […]
  • Solving the Climate Change Crisis through Development of Renewable Energy Thus, the threats of the climate change can be overcome with references to resolving the economic crisis with the help of orientation to the new sources of renewable energy, which can be discussed as beneficial […]
  • Ethanol as an Alternative Energy Source The fuel has the backing of some of the influential figures in the automobile industry. Ethanol has the capacity to absorb water in the engine such that one eliminates the need for addition of such […]
  • The Benefits of Renewable and Non-renewable Energy This research paper seeks to describe renewable and non renewable energy sources, their effects on the environment and economic benefits.”Fossils fuels are one of the most widely used sources of energy”.
  • Renewable Energy Co: Engineering Economics and TOP Perspectives of Renewable Energy in Canada The beginning of the twenty-first century reflects the concerns of people about the sources of energy, lack of power supply, and importance of reconsidering values and sources of energy that have been established in the […]
  • Wind Energy, Its Advantages and Disadvantages Reliable sources of energy need to be renewable; they include wind energy, solar energy and hydro-energy; wind energy is a dependable source of energy although it remains the least used among the available renewable sources […]
  • Renewable Energy Sources Summary Solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy and geothermal energy are the main renewable sources of energy. In an analysis of 2005 energy sources, it is evident that nuclear energy was the dominant energy source followed […]
  • Making Solar Energy More Affordable The use of solar energy can be critical for environmental and economic sustainability of many communities that can be located in different regions of the world.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy Another advantage is the fact that most of the turbines that are used in the generation of wind power are located in ranches, and on farms.
  • Renewable Energy Sources Thus, the establishment that the use of fossil fuels adversely affects the environment is important in explaining the shift to the use of renewable energy sources.
  • Climate Change and Renewable Energy Options The existence of various classes of world economies in the rural setting and the rise of the middle class economies has put more pressure on environmental services that are highly demanded and the use of […]
  • Solar Energy in the United Arab Emirates The success of the solar power initiatives in the UAE is largely attributed to the wide range of financial incentives that the UAE government has offered to the companies that are prepared to advance the […]
  • Wind Energy for Environmental Sustainability Production of this energy is important to the survival and enhancement of lives of people in a society. It refers to the role of that business or a corporate towards the society.
  • Abu Dhabi Wind Energy The report covers energy crisis in Abu Dhabi, wind energy as a potential source of renewable energy for Abu Dhabi, and recommendations.
  • Alternative Sources of Energy Essay Consequently, the government has been urged to reduce restrictions impeding the development of renewable sources of energy and increase funding of the same.
  • Solar Energy Business Model Based in Melbourne Competitiveness The concentration of solar energy consultancy industry Industry concentration is a term used to define the measure of the number of organizations as well as the size of the organizations, which are considered predominant […]
  • Science and the Use of Non-renewable Energy Resources It is scientific knowledge that the use of fossil fuels such as oil leads to the pollution of the environment. This is the reason why science can be used to explain the lethal effects of […]
  • Solar Energy in the UAE It is important to note that the nature of the solar field is modular, and that it has a number of parallel solar collector rows.
  • Renewable Energy Sources: Existence, Impacts and Trends It is important to note that about 20% of the world energy sources come from renewable sources. The management and maintenance of renewable energy production may be in the short run or long run.
  • Carbon Footprint and Renewable Energy The consumption of fossil fuels by the energy infrastructure is one of the greatest sources of greenhouse gases which are responsible for recent global warming and climate change concern. This is the increase in the […]
  • Wind-Based Energy Market The energy department in the U.S.has been able to discover and point a number of challenges and problems in the development of wind energy.
  • Usage of Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia Energy system stability for the year 2010 In the Table, the Potential for adopting CSP in the Kingdom for the year 2010 rated 124,560 TWh and has a capacity credit of 90%.
  • Renewable Energy: Wind Generating Plant for the Local Community The financial department will deal with all the financial aspects of the project, while marketing department will handle the marketing of the energy source in the society.
  • Renewable Energy: Geothermal Energy Of all these forms of renewables, geothermal energy is perceived as one of the renowned forms of renewable energy which is generated from the crust of the earth.
  • Economics of Renewable Energy This form of renewable energy has proven to be the best in the industrial sector. This means that the society has to look beyond the use of non renewable energy.
  • Is Renewable Energy a Viable Option? One of the most critical questions that majorities ask and the main hurdle to renewable energy is whether renewable energy can ever efficiently become a viable energy option relative to the traditional, ready available sources […]
  • Solar Energy Houses’ Benefits In the same breadth, another advantage of the solar energy houses is that they reduce the emission of carbon dioxide through other processes.
  • Possible Use of Alternative Energy Sources Research Aim: To identify the factors which are responsible for the threats of dependency on conventional energy sources Research Objective: To demonstrate how the development of alternative energy sources could overcome the rising cost of […]
  • Renewable Energy Policies in Thailand Craddock defines renewable energy policies as “Regulations or incentives that are created to encourage the use of renewable energy, and the main purpose of these policies is to increase the production of renewable energy”.
  • Solar Energy Installation Project Management 0 Pilot solar energy project Managers will run a pilot project to determine the feasibility of the project. A number of resources will be required to complete the project.
  • Green Energy Brand Strategy The utility theory assumes that consumers are the ultimate decision-makers on the consumption of certain products, based on the perceptions of their available income resources and the perceived efficiency of the product.
  • Green Energy Brand Strategy: Chinese E-Car Consumer Behaviour Figure 1 is a bar graph showing the distribution of respondents according to the ownership of the E-car. To determine the level of awareness of BMWi3, the study asked the respondents about the attributes they […]
  • Producing and Transmitting Renewable Energy Complexity in producing and transmitting renewable energy is multifaceted and may be related to many factors, which hinder production and transmission of renewable energy to users.
  • Economic Factors of Renewable Energy Development There has been a consistent increase in the price of a barrel of oil in the world market over the last fifty years.
  • Social Background of Renewable Energy Development According to Craddock, although some people believe that the development of renewable sources of energy is driven by the economic needs, the social force also plays an important role in increasing popularity of this form […]
  • Technological Factors of Renewable Energy Development There are three reasons behind this: Renewable energy resources from a commercial energy standpoint are as of yet an unproven method of reliable energy production The means by which renewable energy is produced requires a […]
  • Environment and Renewable Energy A greater focus on renewable energy development is necessary in this day and age due to the various problems brought about by the use of fossil fueled power plants, which have caused not only an […]
  • Legal and Political Factors of Renewable Energy Development To overcome these barriers the government has put in place various regulations and policies to facilitate the development of renewable energy.
  • The Cost Efficiency of Renewable Energy The mentioned benefits as well as other objectives are the reasons why departments of energy around the globe highlight on the generation of electricity from the renewable sources.
  • Solar & Wind Sources: Hybrid Energy System Of the Australian capital cities, Darwin, Australia is the smallest and is located in the north-most part of the country. The following is the analysis of the factors to be considered.
  • Alternative Energy Sources for Saving Planet However, the most important question when it comes to the different forms of renewable energy that have been devised concerns the sustainability of these forms of energy in terms of the quantity and minimal impacts […]
  • Environmental Issues for Managers: UK’s Current Strategy on Renewable Energy & Technologies The renewable energy strategy of the UK entails escalating the utilization of micro-generation and lessening energy wastage. Barriers to Adoption of Renewable Energy and Technologies The main barriers to adoption of renewable technology in the […]
  • Wind Power as an Alternative Energy Source Wind energy is a renewable source of energy that is an alternative to fossil fuel use, which is necessary for the conservation of the environment.
  • Investment in Renewable Energy Sources Thus, it is possible to say that climate crisis can prove to be a catastrophe that can profoundly influence people living in various regions of the world; more importantly, the existing policies are not sufficient […]
  • Alternative Sources of Energy and Their Use The US government should continue offering such incentives to consumers that turn from petroleum designed products to use devices that use alternative sources of energy as a strategy to motivate more Americans to adapt the […]
  • How Solar Energy Can Save the Environment? Over the past few decades, the level of greenhouse gasses in the environment has been on the rise. The only cost in the production of solar energy is making the solar panels.
  • Ethanol as an Alternative Source of Energy Ethanol is the product of the fermentation of plants, and that is why it can be called a renewable source. That is why it can have a great influence on the issue of energy security.
  • Solar Energy Panels in UAE This report will examine the future of solar energy and the incentive schemes that can be put in place to develop the United Arab Emirates solar energy industry.
  • Solar Energy: Definition and Ways of Usage Observers believe that the energy from the sun has the potential to satisfy the world’s energy requirements. Energy from the solar is free, and we can never deplete solar energy.
  • Google’s Driverless Cars and Renewable Energy Some of the firms are testing the technology with the application of low-powered green energy. The violations of the road regulations are not the only issue with the driverless car technology.
  • Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. at Canada’s Market The company’s mission is to expand the renewable energy production through the development and operation of their high-quality facilities, considering the need to preserve the environment and the necessity to balance the interests of the […]
  • Wind Energy Feasibility in Russia In Russia, feasibility studies have been conducted to establish the viability of wind turbine projects. In conjunction with the problem statement above, the following aims have been formulated: To use the available and relevant data […]
  • Biofuel: Renewable Energy Type The purpose of this essay is to discuss this statement and evaluate its accuracy in accordance to the latest studies, as well as the pros and cons of biofuel in general.
  • Solar Energy Industry in the UAE The UAE International Investors Council insists that the sustainable use of the available financial resources, particularly, FDI, should be viewed as the foundation for enhancing the development of the state industries, especially as far as […]
  • Global Warming and Alternative Energy Awareness Therefore, it is essential for life cycle managers to consider how the design and the development of the database will affect its disposal.
  • Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE Adoption of solar power technologies would be extremely beneficial to Gulf countries, and it will help to address most of the issues related to resource shortages.
  • Solar Energy Power Plant & Utility Supply Contract The first assumption from the case above is that the advisement by SEPP to the US not to provide EEC certificates was made orally and was came after the contract had been signed.
  • Renewable Energy and Politics Relationships The global regimes concerned with energy use and distribution call on states to stick to commerce when dealing with energy matters instead of mixing it with politics, but it seems the pleas are ignored given […]
  • Bismuth Vanadate Photocatalyst for Solar Energy 20 In the scheelite BiVO4, it is possible to find out a hybridized band structure with Bi 6s and O 2p orbitals.
  • Solar Energy and Its Impact on Society He believed that the wheel was the extension of our feet, the hammer was an extension of our hands, and technology is the extension of our mind and mentality.
  • British Petroleum Alternative Energy The company was incorporated in the UK in 2005 and is operating all over the world. After incorporating, British petroleum sold off its derivative businesses to be able to run the current business The company […]
  • Conceptual Chemistry. Wind Turbine vs. Coal Energy The current paper is aimed at considering and comparing traditional coal energy and the newly popular wind turbine energy in the context of their costs and environmental benefits.
  • Solar Energy: Commercial and Industrial Power Source This is made further possible by the inspirational circulars related to the application of more solar energy in the state. This is one of the major participations that came in to the notice.
  • Canadian Renewable Energy Industry The profile of the renewable energy resource industry in Canada is likely to witness a big boost in the coming years.
  • Alternative Energy and Green Improvements The first research question pertaining to the developments being made in the market for using alternative energy for business operations can be targeted with interview based questions asked from project managers of such developmental projects.
  • Greenhunter Energy Inc. Operation and Performance Greenhunter Energy inc.is one of the largest alternative energy company in the US with its headquarters in the US. The company has plants in the 21 states and sales energy and fuel equivalent to $ […]
  • Solar Energy Project: Stakeholder and Governance Analysis The stakeholders on this issue are the central governments of the three countries, the local government bodies the industrial and business groups and the civil society groups interested on the issue.
  • The Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Effect The key difference factor of the solar cells is the material and technology that is used. Photon behavior in a solar cell is defined by the materials used and the construction of the cell itself.
  • Renewable Energy Resources in Qatar The topicality of the problem is evidenced by current trends favoring the use of renewable energy resources and the necessity to avoid further deterioration of the situation in this sphere.
  • Renewable Energy Ethical Question Despite the fact that the power of wind, sun, and water can be transformed into energy the great majority of people argue the importance of the renewable energy system implementation proving that the disadvantages should […]
  • Solar Energy Selling Framework The list of actions to complete the required activity goes in the following sequence: planning actions, sales pitch itself, and reflection. The actions, aimed at doing are the four stages of a sales pitch, that […]
  • Renewable Energy Technologies As for the construction decision and the way of harnessing the wave power, a variety of solutions has been proposed. Cheap and reliable desalinization technology such as one described in the Economist article could be […]
  • Renewable Energy and Transport Fuel Use Patterns The base data is as follows: Table 1 The first segment of this analysis tests for differences between consumption of natural gas and ethanol.
  • Fuel Cell as an Alternative Energy Source For the fuel cell to operate continuously the reactants must flow into the cell, and the products out of the cell and the electrolyte must remain within the cell.
  • Wind Energy for the Citizens of Shikalabuna, Sri Lanka The citizens of Shikalabuna are shot of the possibility to implement the required wind turbines and get a chance to pay less using the natural source available.
  • Solar and Wind Energy in the Empty Quarter Desert However, the main bulk of the report focuses on the proposal to build a stand alone renewable energy source, a combination of a solar power wind turbine system that will provide a stable energy source […]
  • Solar Energy: Review and Analysis Available literature shows that most commercial CSP plants in Spain and the United States using synthetic oil as the transfer fluid and molten salt as the thermal energy storage technology are able to achieve a […]
  • The Sun’s Light and Heat: Solar Energy Issue The figure below provides an overview of the major parts of the solar system, which include the solar core, the radiative zone, the convective zone, the photosphere, the chromosphere, and the corona among others.
  • Electrical Engineering Building Uses Wind Energy The purpose of this fact-finding mission was to determine an appropriate type and rating of the wind turbine based on three factors: the average wind data at UNSW; the peak power demand for the EE […]
  • Artificial Leaf as Cheap and Reliable Source of Alternative Energy When it is receives solar energy, the artificial leaf absorbs the energy and stores it in the bonds of the diatomic Hydrogen molecules liberated when water molecules are split by the silicon cells.
  • Government Subsidies for Solar Energy This approach has enabled solar companies and developers to penetrate the energy market despite the high costs involved in developing solar power.
  • Using Solar (PV) Energy to Generate Hydrogen Gas for Fuel Cells With the current technologies, an electrolyzer working at 100% efficiency needs 39 kWh of electricity to liberate 1 kg of hydrogen.
  • Impacts of Alternative Energy on the Environment The term “alternative energy” refers to energy sources other than fossil fuels, including renewable sources, such as solar and wind energy, as well as nuclear energy.
  • Alternative Energy: Types and Benefits Researchers believe that the way that we are using our natural resources soon we would wind up depleting them and also would damage the earth.
  • Making Solar Energy Affordable Solar energy is a type of energy that is obtained through tapping the sun’s rays radiant and converting it into other energy forms such as heat and electricity.
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy in NYC To provide a deepened assessment of sustainable and renewable energy usage in urban settings with New York City as a principal example.
  • Renewable Energy: Comparison Between Biogas and Solar Energies Again, the research finds that the cost of installation is higher compared to solar energy sources. However, the paper is going to compare solar and biogas energy sources.
  • Efficient Solar Refrigeration: A Technology Platform for Clean Energy and Water Refrigeration cycle capable to be driven by low grade energy, substituting gas-phase ejector used in conventional mechanical compressor.
  • Technology and Wind Energy Efforts by the elite members of the society enlightened the global countries about the benefits of renewable energy sources in conserving the environment prompting the need to consider wind energy.
  • “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act”: Developing Renewable Energy The focus of this bill on the technological aspect of environmental protection is seen in the allocation of funds on loan guarantees, grants for researchers, and the manufacturing of advanced systems.
  • The Speech on the Use of Alternative Energy Sources for Different Audiences The upbringing of children determines the future of a society in which their generation will make decisions, and for this reason, it is necessary to inform them of global issues.
  • Renewable Energy: An International Profile To illustrate the severity of some of the outlined consequences and challenges presented to the national environment, the following graph is presented, illustrating the growth rate of the US fracking industry.
  • Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability at Al Qusais Landfill The figure below presents the overview of the company and the potential solutions to its problems. Furthermore, it is in the best interest of the government to mitigate the negative externalities and promote positive externalities.
  • Barriers to Deploying Renewable Energy in Hotels The main benefit of renewable energy is environmental protection, improving the environmental and social performance of the industry, and reducing utility costs.
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2023, September 26). 108 Alternative Energy Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/alternative-energy-essay-topics/

"108 Alternative Energy Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." IvyPanda , 26 Sept. 2023, ivypanda.com/essays/topic/alternative-energy-essay-topics/.

IvyPanda . (2023) '108 Alternative Energy Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 26 September.

IvyPanda . 2023. "108 Alternative Energy Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." September 26, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/alternative-energy-essay-topics/.

1. IvyPanda . "108 Alternative Energy Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." September 26, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/alternative-energy-essay-topics/.


IvyPanda . "108 Alternative Energy Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." September 26, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/alternative-energy-essay-topics/.

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  • Solar Energy Essay Ideas
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Essays on Renewable Energy

The use of renewable energy sources, research whether renewable energy is really a green energy, made-to-order essay as fast as you need it.

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The Development of Renewable Energy in Africa

Discussion on whether we should switch to renewable energy, the main benefits of renewable energy, review on micro/nano energy generation (mechanical), let us write you an essay from scratch.

  • 450+ experts on 30 subjects ready to help
  • Custom essay delivered in as few as 3 hours

Supporting The Developing Countries to Use Renewable Resources

The most suitable energy source for the u.k, review of energy conservation and its importance, overview of the renewable sources of energy in the us, get a personalized essay in under 3 hours.

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Clean Energy in Developing Countries

Utilization of biogas as a renewable energy, wind generation: clean and renewable energy, investment in the renewable energy in the united states, the potential of renewable energy in america, conserving energy and renewable sources, the measures needed to adapt to an oil-free future, reasons for energy rehabilitation of buildings, hybrid and renewable energy resources in india, the five general types of renewable energy and why they are important, wind farms as one of the most common sources of renewable energy, preparing for the future of renewable resources, relevant topics.

  • Sustainability
  • Solar Energy
  • Fossil Fuels
  • Alternative Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Natural Disasters
  • Fast Fashion
  • Climate Change
  • Waste Management

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title for essay on renewable energy

Renewable Energy Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

  • Solar Energy as an Alternative Energy Source
  • Solar Energy: Its Use Should be Adopted in All the States in the US
  • Is Solar Energy Beneficial to the State of New Jersey?
  • Renewable Energy Adoption
  • New Solar Energy Harvesting Methods
  • The Evolution of Solar Energy in the United States
  • Wind Energy and Water Pollution
  • Wind Energy: The Application of Wind Turbines
  • Wind and Solar Energy as Alternative Energy Sources
  • Wind Energy as a Source of Sustainable Energy
  • Can a Shift to Renewable Energy Sources Aid in the Combat of Global Warming?
  • Solving the Climate Change Crisis Through Renewable Energy Development
  • Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Benefits
  • Renewable Energy Co: Engineering Economics and Top Renewable Energy Prospects in Canada
  • Wind Energy: Its Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Summary of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Increasing the Affordability of Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy’s Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Sources of Renewable Energy
  • Climate Change and Alternative Energy Sources
  • United Arab Emirates Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy as a Means of Environmental Sustainability
  • Wind Energy in Abu Dhabi
  • Melbourne-based Solar Energy Business Model
  • Science and the Exploitation of Nonrenewable Energy Resources

Good Essay Topics On Renewable Energy

  • Solar Energy in the United Arab Emirates
  • Renewable Energy Sources: Existence, Implications, and Future Trends
  • Renewable Energy and Carbon Footprint
  • The Market for Wind Energy
  • Renewable Energy Use in Saudi Arabia
  • Renewable Energy: A Wind Power Plant for the Community
  • Geothermal Energy: Renewable Energy
  • Renewable Energy Economics
  • Is Renewable Energy a Realistic Option?
  • The Advantages of Solar Energy Houses
  • Thailand’s Renewable Energy Policies
  • Project Management for Solar Energy Installation
  • Renewable Energy Generation and Transmission
  • Economic Considerations for Renewable Energy Development
  • The Social Context of Renewable Energy Development
  • Renewable Energy Development Technological Factors
  • Renewable Energy and the Environment
  • Renewable Energy Development Legal and Political Factors
  • Renewable Energy’s Cost Effectiveness
  • Hybrid Energy System Using Solar and Wind Power
  • Environmental Concerns for Managers: The United Kingdom’s Current Renewable Energy and Technology Strategy
  • Wind Power as a Renewable Energy Source
  • Investing in Alternative Energy Sources
  • How Can Solar Energy Help the Environment?
  • Solar Panels in the UAE

Interesting Topics To Write About Renewable Energy

  • Solar Energy: Definition and Applications
  • Google’s Self-Driving Cars and Renewable Energy
  • Canada’s Market: Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.
  • Wind Energy Potential in Russia
  • Biofuel: A Type of Renewable Energy
  • The UAE Solar Energy Industry
  • Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates
  • Contract for a Solar Energy Power Plant and Utility Supply
  • Relationships Between Renewable Energy and Politics
  • Photocatalyst Bismuth Vanadate for Solar Energy
  • The Impact of Solar Energy on Society
  • Conceptual Chemistry: Coal Energy vs. Wind Energy
  • Solar Energy: A Source of Commercial and Industrial Power
  • Renewable Energy Industry in Canada
  • Stakeholder and Governance Analysis for a Solar Energy Project
  • The Photovoltaic Effect and Solar Energy
  • Qatar’s Renewable Energy Resources
  • Ethical Issues in Renewable Energy
  • Framework for Selling Solar Energy
  • Technologies for Renewable Energy
  • Patterns of Renewable Energy and Transportation Fuel Use
  • Wind Energy for Shikalabuna, Sri Lanka Residents
  • Wind and Solar Energy in the Empty Quarter Desert
  • Review and Analysis of Solar Energy
  • The Sun’s Light and Heat: A Problem with Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy Is used in the Electrical Engineering Building.

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Renewable Energy Dissertation Topics

Published by Carmen Troy at January 5th, 2023 , Revised On August 11, 2023

Renewable energy refers to sustainable energy that can be constantly replenished. These energy sources include solar energy, wind energy, and thermal energy, which are naturally replenishing.  In simple words, renewable energy is the energy extracted from natural sources.

Renewable energy has become the need of the hour with potential repercussions on climate. While many used to claim in past that the emergency of climate change is false, the obvious changes today evidently ratify its importance. If not for climate change, renewable energy is essential for increasing the longevity of the earth and thus the species living on it.  Therefore, it is a matter of high significance to make some painstaking efforts and ensure the availability of renewable energy resources among all.

Suppose you are aiming to centralise your dissertation on a renewable energy-related theme. In that case, you can look at some of the current, striking, and potential topics suggested by our PHD scholars at Research Prospect.

You may also want to start your dissertation by requesting a brief research proposal from our writers on any of these topics, which includes an introduction to the problem, research question , aim and objectives, literature review , along with the proposed methodology of research to be conducted. Let us know if you need any help in getting started.

Check our example dissertation to get an idea of how to structure your dissertation .

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2022 Renewable Energy Dissertation Topics

Topic 1: exploring the economic benefits of increasing biomass conversion – a case study of the uk renewable energy industry..

Research Aim: The present study aims to explore the economic benefits of increasing biomass conversion referring to the case study of the UK renewable energy industry.


  • To share a preliminary concept of biomass conversion and its benefits.
  • To describe the economic benefits of increasing biomass conversion based on the context of the UK renewable energy industry
  • To identify challenges in biomass conversion along with figuring out strategies to eradicate these challenges.

Topic 2: Inspecting the advantages of using solar energy and its role as a solution to the global threat i.e. Climate change.

Research Aim: The present study aims to investigate the benefits of using solar energy and the way it is resolving the problem of climate change.

  • To elucidate the benefits of using solar energy and its growing use in different sectors.
  • To explain how solar energy can be a solution for a global threat like climate change.
  • To provide a stringent set of recommendations for the best possible use of solar energy to eradicate the problem of climate change.

Topic 3: Examining the strategy of embracing renewable energy by the UK retail organisations to fulfil the environmental sustainability goals.

Research Aim: The present study aims to evaluate the strategy of using renewable energy in the UK retail sector to fulfil environmental sustainability goals.

  • To express the way renewable energy sources are being relevant in the UK retail industry.
  • To analyse how the retail orgnisations in the UK are using renewable energy to fulfil their environmental sustainability goals.
  • To share effective ideas about how renewable energy sources can be used properly by the UK retail organisations to fulfil environmental sustainability goals.

Topic 4: Critical assessment of growing concern for sustainability in UK construction industry which is driving renewable energy consumption.

Research Aim: The present study aims to assess the growing concern for sustainability in the UK construction industry that drives overall renewable energy consumption.

  • To explain the increasing concern for sustainability in the UK construction industry.
  • To examine how renewable energy consumption is increasing in the UK construction industry along with the growing concern for sustainability.
  • To recommend the organisations in the UK construction industry to improve the use of renewable energy sources aiming to achieve sustainability goals.

Topic 5: Evaluating the impact of solar energy in sustainability practices in the UK agriculture industry.

Research Aim: The present study aims to evaluate the impacts of using solar energy in sustainability practices in the UK agriculture industry.

  • To demonstrate the concept of solar energy consumption and its impacts on sustainability practices.
  • To contextualise the use of solar energy in the UK agriculture industry as a part of sustainability practices.
  • To provide recommendations for improving the use of solar energy thereby gaining its advantageous effects in the UK agriculture industry.

Renewable Energy Research Topics

Topic. 1: renewable energy: prospects and problems today.

Research Aim: The main aim of the research will be to identify the significance of deploying renewable energy to the masses and its implications in the long run. The research will also discuss whether or not the world is facing challenges in ensuring the availability of renewable energy; if yes, what would be the solutions or alternatives.

Topic. 2: Renewable energy for sustainable development in Africa

Research Aim: Africa leads ahead of all other regions of the world regarding the least access to renewable energy. According to one report, around 600 million people do not have access to electricity in Africa, while  900 million lack access to clean water. This research will study and evaluate how providing renewable energy can foster sustainable development in the region by advancing economic development, improving access to energy, and mitigating climate change.

Topic. 3: Implications of COVID-19 on the biofuel market

Research Aim: Covid-19 posed precarious implications for the global markets as it dismantled the buying capacity of people. It was noted that during the pandemic, the prices of biofuel plummeted dramatically as the consumer need was minimal. Keeping that in mind, you can base your research on what shifts are expected to occur in the bio-fuel market when the pandemic ends.

The prime aim of the research will include studying the impact of COVID-9 on the biofuel market and understanding its influences on biofuel policy support by policymakers.

Topic. 4: Geothermal energy; an untapped abundant energy resource

Research Aim: Geothermal energy is usually viewed as a recent and form of alternative energy. It is cheaper than other green energy sources and is clean and sustainable.  It is derived from the earth core and is more eco-friendly than the other fossil fuel sources. In this research, you can explain geothermal energy, its abundance, and how it can be leveraged and supplied to the masses to help escape the energy crisis.

Topic. 5: The Future of Wind Energy

Research Aim: The main aim of the research will be to identify the prospects of wind energy by evaluating the current and prospected policies regarding its utilisation worldwide. The research can also base on modern and future technologies to expand the utilisation and outreach of wind energy.

Topic. 6: Home wind energy: How valuable it is?

Research Aim: Recently more and more people are finding it an excellent idea to install our very own wind turbines and produce clean energy to power homes. But doing that does not come without challenges. The research can discuss the significance of wind energy, check for its practicability, and evaluate its benefits and downsides.

Topic. 7: Economic and environmental benefits of Renewable Energy

Research Aim: All of us are aware that renewable energy has vast benefits, ranging from economic to environmental benefits. The main aim of the research will be to thoroughly discuss the economic and environmental aspects, which are facilitated the most. You can study how countries are thriving economically and structuring workable policies to mitigate climate change and present a model to follow.

How Can Research Prospect Help?

Research Prospect writers can send several custom topic ideas to your email address. Once you have chosen a topic that suits your needs and interests, you can order for our dissertation outline service which will include a brief introduction to the topic, research questions , literature review , methodology , expected results and conclusion . The dissertation outline will enable you to review the quality of our work before placing the order for our full dissertation writing service !

Topic. 8: Why it has become more important than ever to focus on renewable energy

Research Aim: The aim of the research will be to identify the key reasons behind the much-needed attention that must be given to renewable energy. It is prime time to focus on renewable energy to ensure sustainable development and handle climate change quickly.

Today, as the world is swiftly transitioning into a technologically driven lifestyle, there are still a lot of people with no access to drinking water and electricity. Moreover, the consumption of artificial resources is responsible for curtailing the longevity of the earth and thus the species living on it. It is essential to take significant steps to help the earth and the people living on it.

Also Read: Environmental Engineering Dissertation Topics

Topic. 9: Is financing Renewable energy costly?

Research Aim: The pivotal aim of the research will be to examine the costs that it would take to finance renewable energy for the masses. Many countries around the world still have no access to clean drinking water, electricity, and therefore technology. These are the main reasons why the countries are underdeveloped, and their inhabitants are below the poverty line.

Topic. 10: Mitigating climate change; can renewable energy help?

Research Aim: The research will evaluate the impact of renewable energy in helping mitigate climate change. It will analyse all key factors that can impeccably play a role in controlling the biggest problem posed to humans.

As the years pass by, the population of humans is also growing. More people means more land acquisition, more pollution, and more requirement for resources. In such a scenario, what is suffering the most is the climate. If it is not addressed today, it will become such a big problem that it will be impossible to handle it easily.

Topic. 11: Living Green: How many have access to Renewable energy

Research Aim: With time, the energy costs are increasing, so are the effects of global warming. It has become more important than ever to ensure living green: Using renewable energy. The main aim of the research would be to do a quantitative analysis of how many people have access to renewable energy.

Topic. 12: Understanding differences between renewable and alternative energy technology

Research Aim: Many people confuse renewable and alternative energy technology and therefore question if there is such thing as renewable energy technology. The research can explain and evaluate the differences between renewable and alternative technology so that people can use them without any doubt in their minds. Renewable energy can be constantly replenished, while alternative energy is an alternative energy source used instead of fossil fuel.

Also Read: Technology Dissertation Topics

Topic. 13: Is solar energy the way forward

Research Aim: There is a persistent controversy on the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. While some believe that it is of great benefit, it is the other way around for others.

The aim of the research will be to examine solar energy and weigh its pros and cons, and evaluate if it is going to predominate in the future. A qualitative analysis that includes surveying people’s opinions on social energy help clear this ambiguity.

Topic. 14: Approach towards renewable energy in 2030

Research Aim: The research will study the current national and international policies on renewable energy to sketch a draft on the approach towards renewable energy in 2030.  Qualitative discourse analysis can help figure out the key indicators that will prompt or prohibit a change in the upcoming years.

Topic. 15: Cost of solar energy in comparison to other renewable energy

Research Aim: The research will conduct a financial analysis on solar energy and draw a comparison against other renewable energy, i.e. hydro, biomass, tidal, and wind energy. It will evaluate the costs against different parameters and on different levels of technology.

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Topic. 16: Trends in Renewable energy

Research Aim: It is necessary to keep an eye on the current trends to make speculations about the future. The researcher can study the trends in renewable energy in 202o or 2021.  The research can also draw a comparison in the renewable trends in 2020 and 2021.

Topic. 17: Renewable energy and COVID-19

Research Aim: The research will study and explore the impacts of COVID-19 on renewable energy. It will also explain if the pandemic posed any systematic changes to trends and prospects of renewable energy.

Topic. 18: How does Geothermal energy work?

Research Aim: The research will explain a thorough explanation of how geothermal energy works and why it is more eco-friendly, economical, and valuable than fossil fuel. The researcher can describe describe the steps from scratch until it is utilised as alternative energy.

Topic. 19: Effects of renewable vs non-renewable energy

Research Aim: The researcher will empirically study the small and broad long-run effects of using renewable and non-renewable energy to create a comparison between them.

Topic. 20: A review of tidal energy technologies

Research Aim: Tidal energy is among the most efficient energies; however, it is less common as it is harnessed from tides. The aim of the research will be to study the technological advancement and development regarding the usage as an alternative for energy. The research can list different methods, devices, and technologies that are used to harness tidal energy, and which of them can be the most viable to meet our annual needs.

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To find renewable energy dissertation topics:

  • Research recent advancements.
  • Explore environmental concerns.
  • Investigate technology potentials.
  • Analyze policy and economic aspects.
  • Consider global energy needs.
  • Select a specific area of interest for your dissertation.

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Renewable Energy Essay Examples and Topics

Wind power as the main source of energy on the west coast of canada.

Introduction Efficiency is key to success in societies where there is competition for scarce resources. Such is the case for our society, so it is important for us to constantly evaluate the way we complete tasks and live our lives. An urgent and growing problem…

Wind Power and Its Sustainability in South Africa

Introduction South Africa is currently going through an energy crisis. At the moment, the dominant source of power made available to South Africans is generated by burning coal. Coal is a non-renewable resource meaning that it cannot be replaced once it has been diminished. Presently…

Wind Farm: Regulatory and Contractual Hurdles a Wind Farm Must Overcome

In parallel with the huge efforts exerted by regulators worldwide to encourage investors to invest in the deployment of new renewable energy generation stations, it is equally important to devise suitable energy policies to make the proliferation of renewable energy sources as effective as possible…

Wind Farm: the Peculiarities of Establishing a Wind Energy Source

Throughout the years, renewable resources have become an alternative to using fossil fuels. The Industrial Revolution led to society’s use of traditional resources such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Time passed, and these significant resources caused the government to use large scale wind power…

The Significance of Solar Energy

Introduction Solar energy has emerged as a crucial alternative to conventional energy sources, offering a sustainable and renewable solution to the growing global energy demand. As concerns about climate change and resource depletion intensify, the importance of solar energy becomes increasingly evident. This essay explores…

Review of Photovoltaic Technologies, a Renewable Energy Resourse

The confined resources of non-renewable energy like gas, petroleum, along with the increasing resistance to nuclear power, induced by worries regarding to protection disputes and radioactive trash neutralization, have directed to an exceeding requirement of safe, clean and above all considerations, renewable energy sources. Photovoltaic…

Thermodynamics of Home Energy Efficiency

 Plummeting temperatures and the appearance of snow are common signs that winter is approaching. For many homeowners, this means cranking up the thermostat and preparing for the impending cold weather. The change in outside temperatures greatly influences the comfort of our homes because energy is…

Photovoltaic Cells, Their Separation and Description

Generally, photovoltaics can be grouped into first, second and third generation photovoltaics. First generation of photovoltaics are typically made from polycrystalline due to its vast availability and can achieve up to almost 28% of conversion efficiency. Monocrystalline are more effective but also can be more…

An Issue of Deforestation in the Philippines

Deforestation is defined by cutting of tress in a forested area. The deterioration of forest resources and poor economic performance in the Philippines call for a serious rethinking of economic policies addressing both environmental and economic objectives. The recent economic literature suggests the possibility of…

Renewable Energy Source: Wave Energy

ABSTRACT As the technology of human kind progresses the need for energy further increases, with it the search for renewable sources of energy had become the priority of various individuals and research institutes. Part of these renewable sources are the oceans and seas. One kind…

Capacities and Energy Potential of Thermal-Mineral Springs

The challenge of fostering sustainable development cannot be met without the fundamental transformation of global energy systems. Climate change has brought new reasons to challenge the energy policy in order for the environment to be sustained. When sector distribution of GHG emission is taken into…

Production of Biofuels from Agricultural Feed: Banana

Abstract Now a day needs of biofuel is most required because of non-renewable sources are going vanish. Biodiesel is the option for natural fuels for the production of bioethanol the main element is cost of feed-stock. The process carried out by producing biofuels from banana…

How Renewable Energy Can Change the World

Green energy comes from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, water and, biogas. These energy resources are renewable, meaning they’re naturally replenished. They are the safe way to produce energy that will not harm the world and the atmosphere. One of the technology trends making…

Smart Cities with Smart Environment

The Smart City Model is a combination of six factors: smart economy, smart people, smart governance, smart mobility, smart environment and smart living (Vito Albino February 2015). Considering these six factors a smart city is planned to provide the public with a better quality of…

Membrane Distillation for Efficient Utilization of Unconventional Energy Sources to Face Water Deficiencies

In the last few years, global demand for drinkable water has substantially increased, due to population growth. The worldwide demand of fresh water for agricultural, industrial and domestic applications is expected to reach about 6900 billion m3/ day by the year 2030, which would surpass…

Words & Pages

title for essay on renewable energy

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Renewable Energy College Essays Samples For Students

175 samples of this type

Regardless of how high you rate your writing skills, it's always an appropriate idea to check out an expertly written College Essay example, especially when you're handling a sophisticated Renewable Energy topic. This is exactly the case when WowEssays.com catalog of sample College Essays on Renewable Energy will come in useful. Whether you need to think up an original and meaningful Renewable Energy College Essay topic or survey the paper's structure or formatting peculiarities, our samples will provide you with the necessary material.

Another activity area of our write my paper company is providing practical writing assistance to students working on Renewable Energy College Essays. Research help, editing, proofreading, formatting, plagiarism check, or even crafting fully unique model Renewable Energy papers upon your request – we can do that all! Place an order and buy a research paper now.

Good Essay On The Renewable Energy Technology

1. introduction, good essay about renewable energy in the united states, good example of the advantages and disadvantages of green energy essay.

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Free Essay On Green Power

Example of the wind power essay, good example of essay on fossil fuels, good example of essay on advantages and limitations of solar power, free essay on global warming-emission reduction, introduction, essay on renewable energy.

The various disadvantages of relying on non-reliable sources of energy such as coal, oil and natural gas have made identification and exploitation of renewable energy sources popular. Non-renewable sources of the world are depleting, and their use has occasioned more harm to the environment than good, notably the greenhouse effect. This essay reviews the renewable energy sources and their advantages.

Renewable Energy Types

Fracking natural gas essay examples.

Utilitarian ethics and Machiavelli ethics are two distinct approaches on human morality and ethics, which will be debated in this essay within an analysis of two articles focusing on the utilization of various forms of energy by employing more or less healthy and sustainable actions and techniques for extracting coal, natural gas or for producing renewable energy.

Essay On Comparison Of Microeconomics And Macroeconomics Issues

Free essay on firstname lastname, new facts in renewable energy, energy in the world essays example, sample essay on teaching the concept of renewable energy using various media, third grade students, free green movement, solar and wind farms essay example, sample essay on sustainable development in power generation, example of essay on renewable energy.

Renewable energy is energy obtained from resources that are replenished rapidly by natural processes (Kalogirou, 2013). These natural processes wind, sunshine, tides and waves, rain, geothermal power, and biological processes.

Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energy Sources

Essay on compliment and future of renewable energy in 4 countries.

Implementation of renewable energy will work towards strengthening the economy and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. There is need for developing carbon free sources of energy that are friendly to the environment and sustains a viable economy. The types of renewable sources of energy will include: solar energy, wind energy and the use of biomass fuels among others.

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Source: IRENA (2016)

Renewable Energy Capacity Country Data

The primary sources of renewable energy for each of the three countries are indicated as follows; Argentina- hydropower Bolivia- hydropower Chile- hydropower In Bolivia, solid biomass had the greatest increase in the generation capacity compared to the other sources of renewable energy. The capacity increase from 16 in 2006 to 52 in 2015. In Chile, there was significant increase in the generation capacity of almost all the energy sources. However, hydropower showed the largest increase in the energy generation capacity between the year 2006 and 2015. The capacity increased from 5093 to 6320 between the years.

Policies to Support Renewable Energy

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February-March Idea Source: Macpherson, I., & Dunlop, A. (2016). Development of a Systematic Approach to Post-Operation Clean Out at Sellafield. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Preparation for Decommissioning-PREDEC 2016, 47(18), (pp. 465-483). Lyon, France: IAEA.

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Whether Renewable Energies Can Make a Major Contribution to the Global Energy Budget and Further Policies Needed To Achieve This.

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Nowadays the problem of energy generation has been in the center of attention; for centuries, our ancestors in order to provide themselves with enough energy have been using technologies, which can be no longer useful. Using renewable resources is in fact the best way to both protect the environment and generate enough energy for the whole world. In these terms, the topic of renewable energy is very important to be informed about.


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Situation 4 Problem 4 Solution 5 SWOT Analysis 6 Impact on UK’s Policy 8 Conclusion 9

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Current status of energy sources has to be controlled and modified significantly in order to manage the need of energy for global basis. It is important to consider the renewable sources of energy such as wind energy yet to be explored at its highest potentiality. At the same time it is important to note the advantages associated with the move.

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In comparison with 2012 renewable energy grew up to 19% of global final energy consumption in 2013. Modern renewables reached about 10% of its total share level in 2012. Heat energy accounted for an estimated 4.2% of total final energy use; hydropower gained about 3.8%, and about 2% of the estimated energy was provided by power from wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass. (RENEWABLES 2014 GLOBAL STATUS REPORT 13) - What is the current capacity for solar energy by regions/countries around the globe? Figure 1. Global Cumulative PV Installation until 2013 (Photovoltaics Report 13)

Data: from 2000 to 2011: EPIA; from 2012: IHS and Photon. Graph: PSE AG 2014 (2, 13)

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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT: PESTLE ANALYSIS Introduction Various methods could be used to analyze the external factors that affect a business. The paper covers the PESTLE and Porter’s five forces analyses of XYZ Company that deals with oilfield’s services.

Energy Essay Sample

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The world is currently debating on creation of green jobs in an attempt to transit to low carbon economy. The world also aims at reducing reliance on fossil fuels and emission of greenhouse gas (Taylor 2011). 2007/2008 global economic crisis and climate change have necessitated creation of green jobs. Many organizations such as Climate Institute in Australia, Greenpeace & European Renewable Council, and the Australian Geothermal Energy Association & Carnegie Corporation Limited are optimistic that employment will increase significantly by the year 2020 (Cato 2009).

Free Essay On Ethical Analysis Of David Rockefeller

Energy problems in poland, europe and the world: exemplar essay to follow.

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