Essay on Time Management for Students and Children


500+ Words Essay on Time Management

Essay on time management-In today’s scenario people are so busy in their lives that they are not getting time for themselves. Due to which time management has become the need of the hour. Time management is playing a vital role in mankind . Time management creates discipline or vice versa. If you want to be successful in life then you need to manage your time. As a result, various billionaires teach about time management.

Essay on time management

The Meaning of Time Management

In our daily life, we have got only twenty-four hours in a day. Therefore we cannot do everything in one day. This creates limitations in our everyday work. In order to manage work, social life and sleep, division of time is important. In a particular way division of time is the need. This will help the person to complete all his tasks. You should write your tasks in a schedule.

Designing has to be in a way that each task gets enough time. Your work should have the highest priority. The second priority should sleep. And the last but not the least your social life. Your social life includes family and friends.

In order to live a happy and peaceful life socializing is important. Too much workload can make a person ill. So, give your mind a little rest. Spending time with family can help you with this. Moreover, the main purpose to work is to fulfill the needs of the family. Since the fulfillment of needs is important. Which makes a person happy.

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Importance of Time Management for Students

Though adults are working, the students are not spared with work. The students today have many studies to do. Because of this, they are not getting time to enjoy their childhood. Time management for students has become a crucial need. Education has become vast. Therefore proper scheduling of time is important.

time management essay for class 6

A good student knows the importance of studies . But he should also know time never comes back. Thus a student should take out time for personal development too. Since personal development is important for their proper growth. Moreover, personality development is also important for a student. They should at least take out one hour for sports. Sports teach student teamwork. Since it is enjoyable it lessens the stress of the day.

The daily routine is School or college, and then coaching. This leaves with no time of self-studies. Self-study is an important aspect of education. The student should not neglect this. As the day ends, they get too tired. Due to which there is no energy left. This degrades the performance of the student.

There is a difference between a topper and an average student. That difference is proper time management. A topper student schedules his time. While an average student does not do that. And because he never manages time, he gets no time for self-study. Which in turn leaves him behind.

How to Manage Time?

A person should eliminate unnecessary activities from their daily schedule. On weekends you should do it. Especially should socialize on weekends. Also, include traveling time in the schedule. This ensures accuracy.

Most Noteworthy, make a time table on paper. In which you should write your daily activities. This will create discipline in your life. Moreover, you should complete the task daily. However, there will be some changes in the schedule with time.

Finally, your schedule needs to be practical. You cannot make a schedule unless you know your daily timings. Each persons’ schedule is unique if you copy you won’t progress in life.

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Paragraph on Time Management – Long and Short Paragraphs

time management essay for class 6

Table of Contents

Time management refers to the efficient use of time . We all have the same twenty-four hrs every day at our disposal. If we use our time productively and effectively we can make the most of the time available to us, and succeed. We need to do this in a stress-free and relaxed manner so that it is our best that comes out. By overworking we stress ourselves, and that is neither judicious nor sustainable. We need to strike a balance between work and rest , and use our physical, mental and intellectual resources in the best way and wisely manage our time .

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Long and Short Paragraphs on Time Management

You will find here below a number of short paragraphs on Time Management of varying word lengths.

We hope these paragraphs on Time Management will help students in completing their school assignments.

These will also help children write and read out paragraphs in simple words and with small sentences.

Students can select any Time Management paragraph according to their particular requirement.

Time Management Paragraph 100 words

We need to manage our time effectively. We do many different activities each day. Some of these are routine activities that we do every day. For instance, getting ready in the morning or going for a morning walk or jog are activities that we do each morning. Similarly, we go to school in the morning each working day at the same time, taking the school bus or going by walk. By managing our time effectively we can be punctual and do our activities without stress. For this we need to plan our day well and follow a practicable time table .

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Time Management Paragraph 150 words

By time management we mean the proper managing of our day so that we can be successful in completing all the tasks and activities we need to do in the most efficient and best possible way. By drawing a practicable time table we can accommodate our activities for each day in a proper way so that each activity gets the duration of time it deserves.

If we waste time on useless activities we will have less time for useful and important activities because the time we have in a day is fixed. If we waste our time, we get stressed out doing the important and necessary activities for the day. We also need time to relax and sleep so that we may be refreshed and rejuvenated otherwise we will not be able to work at our optimal and most productive level. Therefore it is important to manage our time well.

Time Management Paragraph 200 words

We all have the same number of hours at our disposal each day. If we spend the twenty-fours that we have in a day in an efficient way we can be successful in completing the tasks and achieving our goals for the day. If we waste our time on vain activities we either get stressed out doing the tasks we need to do or fail to do what needs to be done. If we wish to succeed in achieving our short term and long term goals we need to manage our time effectively. It is best to draw a time table for ourselves. The time table must be practicable so that we can actually follow it.

Otherwise we will get disillusioned and stressed out by being unable to follow the time table. We must accommodate leisure activities as also rest and relaxation in our daily routine so that we feel refreshed to be able to work efficiently. We must also have an exercise regimen that can keep us physically fit and healthy. By maintaining a discipline and a schedule we can accomplish our activities and targets rather than by doing our tasks in a haphazard or in an erratic manner.

Time Management Paragraph 250 words

We do many different activities each day, and we need to do them on time. We have a fixed time to go to school each morning. We need to take the bus or go by bike or by foot and reach the school on time. If we are not punctual we lose out on completing all the activities we need to.

If we manage our time effectively we can accomplish all the activities and tasks we wish to. This requires drawing up a practicable time table. If we can stick to the time table we can then succeed in achieving our goals whether they are in the short term or long term. It is important that we draw up a time table that we can adopt practically. If it is impracticable we get disappointed and dejected and discard it completely. Therefore, a time table must be one that we can go by.

We also need to prioritize our activities. If we give attention to the most important tasks we can achieve our long term goals easily. On the other hand, if we spend time on unimportant tasks or on useless activities we reduce the productive time available for the important activities.

We also need to figure out the time of the day when we are most productive and complete important tasks at that time. For instance, the mind is the most refreshed after a good night’s sleep, and that is when we can devote our time to doing our studies.

Time Management Paragraph 300 words

Time management refers to the managing of our time effectively so that we may be able to complete all the tasks and activities that we need to. This requires proper apportioning of our time according to the particular activities. In other words, we need to prioritize our activities and tasks so we may be able to complete our important tasks, and not waste time on useless or unnecessary activities. So we need to draw up a time table.

We need to be practical while doing so. Otherwise we will draw up a time table that we will not be able to stick to, and as a consequence feel dejected and disappointed. If we are to feel confident and follow the time table it should be a clear and practicable one. Every effort that we make that helps us succeed in accomplishing our tasks successfully will give us the impetus to be more time-conscious and punctual. This requires a discipline that we must follow.

Time management, discipline and prioritization

Time management and discipline go hand in hand. If there is no discipline we cannot be punctual, and we cannot succeed in completing our tasks well. Time management requires prioritization of our activities, and discipline to follow a practical time table that we draw up for ourselves.

We can prioritize our activities best by setting our goals. Our goals are both in the short term and in the long term. We need to discover the best way in which we can reach these goals through a proper utilization of the resources we have of time and energy. Discipline requires that we do the tasks we need to do and not waste time and energy on useless and wasteful activities. At the same time, we must have sufficient time for sleep and relaxation, and leisure and fun activities.

Time Management Paragraph 350 words

When we manage our time effectively we can be productive and achieve our goals. Time management refers to the proper apportioning of our time for all the tasks and activities that we need to accomplish.

Time management can help us be punctual. Being on time is a very important quality that we must possess. When we are late we cannot make the most of the time available. We either cannot complete the task at hand or lag behind. It comes to us a demerit to be late. If we are late we also show ourselves in poor light. If we are late where it is a group that is involved, we lose out on the group activities and learnings. Being late also shows disrespect for our own as also the other person’s time.

Time management is necessary so that we can be in time for every activity. For instance, if we need to catch the school bus at a fixed hour every day we need to wake up on time and get ready so that we can be at the school bus stop at the right time. Similarly, since school begins each day at the same time every day we need to be at school at the right time. Therefore, we need to have the discipline of waking up at the right time each morning.

Time management through discipline of a time table

Time management therefore hinges on discipline. We need to make a time table for ourselves and follow it. The time table must hence be a practicable one. If we have the discipline to follow the time table, we can be on time for every activity and task.

Putting the time available to good use also requires seeing how best to do an activity in the most efficient way. We need to be creative, and see how we can spend our resources of time and energy in the most optimal way so that we are successful in achieving our goals within set time frames.

Time management requires giving due attention to the activities we need to complete. For this it is important to prioritize our activities.

Time Management Paragraph 400 words

We set many goals for ourselves to achieve. We set goals in the short term and in the long term. One of our goals in the short term is to go to school at the right time. For this we need to get up on time and get ready and leave home well in time so that we may reach school on time. If we fail to go to school on time we suffer. Likewise, we have goals in the long term such as a course we wish to do or a profession we want to follow. This requires hard and concerted work over a long time. This is therefore a long term goal.

Our goals determine the path we follow. And to attain our goals we need to use the resources we have optimally. We need to use our physical, mental, intellectual and emotional strength judiciously. Similarly, we must use our time well. If we waste our strength and our time on flippant and wasteful activities we accordingly get lesser of these resources to use on tasks that are of importance in realizing our goals.

Time management – wise and judicious use of time

Time management is all about the wise and judicious use of time, and apportioning the available time for the activities required to be done. If we manage our time well we can make the most of it. We need to therefore draw up a time table for ourselves according to our daily activities, and the goals we wish to achieve, whether it is in the short term or long term. The time table should be a practicable one so that we can actually follow it.

Being impractical in drawing up a time table will leave us disillusioned and disappointed as we would not be able to follow it. And the purpose may be defeated. While we need to work hard, we need to give sufficient time to rest and relaxation too as also to leisure and fun activities, for all work and no play makes us unproductive.

Discipline and focus improve productivity

Following a time table requires being disciplined and serious about our purpose. This requires clarity of mind and purpose, and an ability to focus our mind on the activity at hand. For this we need to develop our mind’s strength by paying attention to the task at hand at any point in time. Practices such as meditation can help in this so that we become more productive.

Frequently Asked Question on Time Management

Why time is very powerful.

Time is powerful because it's constant and irreversible. Once passed, moments can't be retrieved, making every decision and action impactful.

Why time is very precious?

Time is precious because it's limited. Every second counts, and once gone, it can never be regained, emphasizing the importance of using it wisely.

Is time management key to success?

Yes, time management is vital for success. Efficiently using time allows individuals to accomplish more, meet goals, and achieve a balanced life.

How to manage life?

Manage life by setting clear goals, prioritizing tasks, practicing time management, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and seeking support when needed.

What is time management skills?

Time management skills involve organizing and using one's time effectively to achieve tasks within deadlines and balance personal and professional life.

How to have more time?

To have more time, prioritize tasks, eliminate unnecessary activities, delegate when possible, and practice efficient time management techniques.

What is the time management process?

The time management process involves setting goals, prioritizing tasks, planning, allocating time appropriately, and regularly reviewing and adjusting as needed.

Why is time management important?

Time management is crucial because it helps improve productivity, reduces stress, allows for better decision-making, and ensures a balanced and fulfilling life.

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Essay on Time Management

We all know the importance of managing things. Proper management always gives profitable results. When talking about management, the most valuable thing in our lives that we need to manage properly is time. When it’s gone, there’s no way to get it back again. Therefore, managing time is very important if we want to live a happy, successful, and peaceful life. So, people of all ages need to manage their time effectively.

Short and Long Time Management Essay in English

To know more about time management, today we will discuss Time Management in detail. Here, we are presenting short and long essays on Time Management in English for students under word limits of 100 – 150 Words, 200 – 250 words, and 500 – 600 words. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in English. These provided essays on Time Management will help you to write effective essays, paragraphs, and speeches on this topic.

Time Management Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Time management is a way to plan and organize time so that most work can be done.

2) Good time management enables you to work smarter rather than harder.

3) Managing time helps us set a schedule and get closer to our goals.

4) Time management will lead to increased productivity and saves time.

5) We can avoid physical and mental stress if we are good at managing our time.

6) It will help you to be more creative, happy, and successful in the future.

7) By managing time effectively, one can have more control over day-to-day activities.

8) Time management helps us to increase our confidence.

9) Proper time management is necessary for people of all ages.

10) People should adopt proper time management right from the beginning.

Short Essay on Time Management (250 – 300 Words)


Today, people are so busy with their lives that they don’t have time for themselves. Because of this, managing time is now more important than ever. Time management is the process of planning and completing tasks in a way that helps you get the most out of your time.

Why Time Management is Important?

Time management not only helps us to get more work done and feel less stressed, but it also helps us find a good balance between school, work, and our personal lives. When we set our priorities in a well-organized way, we can avoid stress. The only way to have a successful life is to use our time wisely and work hard.

Benefits of Time Management

Managing our time well helps us in a lot of ways. Some of them are:

1. Increased Productivity: By managing your time better, you can work on one task at a time and get it done faster.

2. Stress Reduction: Time management can help reduce stress. When you plan your day and set goals, you can complete work on time.

3. Decision-Making Power: You will be able to make better decisions if you schedule your duties in advance according to the available time.

Time management is one of the most important factors determining success. Nothing good comes from being lazy. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to understand how to manage their time effectively. Whether you are a student, a parent, a business owner, or a professional worker, if you can manage your time well, you won’t be far from your goals.

Long Essay on Time Management (500 Words)

Even though everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, some people use their time better than others. This is one of the reasons why some people succeed in their careers while others fail. Almost anything can be done in life if you know how to use your time well. Time management is necessary for everyday life. It is one of the most difficult things that people have to deal with.

What is Time Management?

The practice of organizing and planning how to spend time to various activities is referred to as time management. It helps you make the most of your time, allowing you to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time by prioritizing tasks and balancing competing demands. Time needs to be managed properly to balance work, friends, and sleep. People say that the first step to success is to know how to use your time well.

Importance of Time Management

Time Management is important because it helps us make the most of our day and achieve our goals on time. When you manage your time and work more efficiently, you can learn more and gain experience more quickly. It allows us to focus on tasks, make sure everything is done on time, and handle any unexpected circumstances that may arise.

It is one of the most important skills for success in life and work. Managing your time makes you more productive, improves the quality of your work, and helps you feel less stressed. When we manage our time, we can make the most of our abilities and reach our goals.

Effective Tips for Time Management

Time management can be done effectively by adopting the following habits:

  • Stick to a Routine: Establish a routine and stick to it. This will help you manage your time efficiently.
  • Draft a List: Get a pen and paper every morning and write down all the things you need to do that day.
  • Give Your Tasks a Time Frame: Give each task on your list a certain amount of time and make sure you finish them in that time.
  • Prioritizing Tasks: Figure out what is most important and prioritize those tasks over anything else. It will help you to deliver all the work before the deadline.
  • Setting Goals: Set both short-term and long-term goals to stay productive and make the most of your time.
  • Check: Always double-check the tasks as you finish them. This makes you feel good about what you’ve done.
  • Take Breaks: Make sure to take breaks throughout your day to stay energized and focused.

Time management is a great tool for getting ahead in life. It might seem easy, but being able to manage your time well takes a lot of skill. Even though it is hard to manage time, you can do it if you put in some efforts. By setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and sticking to a routine, we can manage our time more effectively and have more control over our daily activities.

I hope the above provided essay on Time management will be helpful in understanding the importance and benefits of managing time effectively.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Time Management

Ans. Frederick Winslow Taylor came up with the idea of time management.

Ans. In the 1950s and 1960s, the term “time management” emerged as a tool that helped managers make better use of their time.

Ans. Covey’s Matrix is a box with four sections, or “quadrants,” that show how your work time is split up based on how important and urgent each task is.

Ans. Establishing a routine that allows you to prioritize tasks and set aside time for self-care can help you manage your time more effectively.

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Essay On Time Management – 10 Lines, Short and Long Essay For Children

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Key Points To Remember When Writing An Essay On Time Management For Lower Primary Classes

10 lines on time management for kids, a paragraph on time management for children, essay on time management in 200 words for kids, long essay on time management for children, what will your child learn from the essay.

To help children write an essay on time management in English, one needs to give them the guidance of a proper structure to articulate their essay. The topic needs proper attention as children will need that technique to organise their ideas in a readable format. It is vital to give them leads that will convey the message precisely. An essay on time management for classes 1, 2 and 3 is not as difficult as one would imagine if the subject is thoroughly explored. Children need to understand time management, as it will help them have a productive day as they need to do multiple activities in a day, like homework, playtime, school time, project time, etc. Parents and teachers should set an example by showing kids the importance of time and routine through actions and results. Everyone needs to realise the importance of making the best use of time.

Every person should learn to manage their time well at all levels and in all aspects of life, especially students, as they need to value time to achieve their goal to lead fulfilled and happy lives. A few key points to remember when training children on how to write an essay on time management are listed below:

  • Write an introduction on time management and the value it has in everybody’s life.
  • Mention ways to manage time and plan one’s schedule.
  • Do not use too much jargon, and keep it simple.
  • Conclude the essay by summarising how one should try to manage time and how integral it is to be productive in life.

Kids asked to write an essay for classes 1 and 2 on the topic of time management should first try to craft a few lines on time management. It will allow them to explore the topic in a broader light, and they will understand the nuances of sentence construction. Below is a template that would help them get a jump start:

  • Time management is all about using time productively.
  • With time management, one can expect to be very productive.
  • Time management improves the quality of work.
  • To help manage time, one can use different techniques and stick to one that works for them.
  • One can make good use of time by writing to-do lists, setting alarms, and creating grids.
  • Time management tricks can help increase productivity, reduce stress and give a lot of free time for leisure.
  • It is essential to stay focused on the technique you prefer to make time management a habit.
  • Time management can also have a positive effect on people around us as the results are apparent and make an impact.
  • Time management is important for everyone – students, homemakers, working professionals, etc.
  • Time management is vital for people to realise their goals.

An essay in 100 words can also be expected of kids in the lower primary classes as they can express themselves better in short sentences, simple vocabulary. Given is a paragraph on time management for the reference of the kids, which they can use to draft their composition . 

Time management is all about efficiently using time to make it beneficial for oneself. Although it seems easy, it is a challenging task. Many distractions constantly surround us, and one must tackle them to utilise their time effectively. From mobile phones and traffic to other interruptions, several roadblocks need to be managed when working towards our daily tasks and chores. One of the best ways is to chalk a timetable and allocate time for every job we have to do in a day. For example, a student could list the activities they must do in a day, such as sports, studies, watching television, etc., and allocate time for each. If one can maintain focus and complete each task per the schedule, they could emerge as winners in every field. Time management can be beneficial in being productive, reducing stress, and having spare time on hand to pursue leisure activities.

Time management is a skill that needs to be mastered for a successful and productive life. Kids can incorporate this idea into their compositions. An essay for classes 1, 2 and 3 on ‘Time Management’ could also be near 200 words long. Below is a template that is slightly longer than a short paragraph:

‘Time and tide wait for none.’ This age-old saying could not be more accurate in today’s time. Managing time is the key to success. Most successful people stress the effective use of time and execute work according to available time and routine. Nature is the best tutor for learning time management. If flowers wither away in winter, they bloom in spring and stay in summer. The cycle continues, and it is fantastic how nature works with clockwise precision. That is all we need when we manage time ourselves. List down tasks that need to be done and the amount of time you would want to dedicate so that we can accomplish more and be more productive. Success belongs to those who are organised and manage their time well. Being organised is an offshoot of time management. When we allocate time for a task, we start to prioritise and organise our actions. This eventually leads to a cut down on delay and enhances the quality of work. Time management is a habit that will grow and ultimately make us addicted to it. By striving toward incorporating time management techniques in our lives, we will be making an effort to help others too. It has a domino effect and works effectively for people who surround us.

Essay for Class 3 on any topic will be expected to be longer and in a paragraph format. Kids should learn to divide an essay into sub-heads, each elaborated on appropriately. Below is a guide that can be followed for writing a time management essay:

Time Management is a skill that everyone needs to learn. Irrespective of one’s profession or status, time management is essential to be productive and improve the quality of work and life. There are several aspects to time management, starting from what it is all about, the importance and benefits, and ways to manage one’s time.

What Is Time Management

Time Management is all about managing one’s time and life appropriately to make the most of it. It helps one to achieve life goals and establish ways to accomplish impossible tasks and unfulfilled desires. Time management helps reduce stress levels, improve focus and concentration, enhance productivity, and complete goals to achieve success. Time is an indispensable and irreplaceable source. An asset, time, can be valued when it is managed effectively. Once lost, it cannot be gained, but once worked, it can do wonders to one’s life.

Importance Of Time Management

The benefits of time management can never be undermined or disputed.

1. Increases Productivity: Productivity shoots in any task as you waste less time. You move from one job to another in stages and finish it effectively.

2. Rises Motivation Level: Setting goals and prioritising help to improve motivation levels. A target improves one’s attention to detail and the time allocated to achieve success.

3. Better Decision Making: You make better decisions when you manage time. You evaluate the pros and cons and use the ‘STAR’ ( Solution, Task, Action, and Result) technique to manage workload.

4. Improves Focus: With better focus and concentration, your quality of work improves automatically.

5. Reduces Stress: Time management reduces stress to a large extent as you know you have a certain amount of time to finish a task, and it saves you from panicking.

Ways To Manage Time

There are several ways to manage time. The below tips and techniques will certainly help to manage time:

1. Consume a Balanced Diet: Eat healthily and take adequate rest to think right.

2. Focussed Thinking: Once you think right, you can envision your goals. Once your goals are set, you can entail the tasks involved.

3. Make A List: Make a list of things or work you want to do and write them as per the priority. Keep an eye on the list and keep ticking off the jobs as you finish them.

4. Rest Time: Keeping some time of the day for rest as it boosts stamina and focus.

5. Think Long Term: Don’t plan short term while making a list of things. Think ahead, analyse the coming obstacles before, and figure out how to solve them.

An essay on time management is the best way for children to learn about managing time and its importance. It is a skill that can be realised when young and will significantly help in the future.

Time management is a skill that needs to be imbibed into everyone’s life, and one should make a conscious effort to learn it. An essay on time management would be a good start for children to work towards it.

Essay On Time is Money in English for Children Moral Values Essay for Lower Primary Classes 10 Lines, Short and Long Essay On Value of Time for Kids

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  • Essays for Class 2
  • Essays for Class 3

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  • Essay on Time Management


Time Management Essay

We have always considered time to be one of the most essential and precious things of our life. Our parents and grandparents always told us that time once gone will never come back. So it is better not to think about the time that has already passed but it is important to focus on the present, considering this time to be good and blissful. 

In the modern era, when everyone is leading a very busy life, and everyone has different kinds of things to put together, instead of finding out the fastest and easiest way to solve our problems to get the maximum benefits, we should always try to plan to work hard towards completing whatever we have in hand today, that is the most important or urgent task of the day and execute them, keeping our goals in view. We know there is no comparison to hard work. 

However, Urgent work may not always be very important, but they seem to be very critical. By doing and finishing the most critical task of the day, we feel energetic and our brain continuously feels very active.  

However, setting our priorities before working is a conventional method of time management. In this modern era, we should implement Covey’s Time Management Matrix 

According to Covey, each task can be broken down according to its urgency and importance. All in all, we have 4 categories of tasks.

Quadrant 1: Important and Urgent - Necessity 

To avoid serious consequences in future, in this quadrant we have to deal with the unforeseen events and pressing problems, immediately. Most of the time, some issues are unexpected and hence proper planning may not happen. Therefore, sometimes, it’s just enough to work on them proactively— before they have become urgent. 

Quadrant 2: Important but Not Urgent - Extraordinary Productivity

Tasks in this quadrant are not that urgent. We can keep them aside for some time, but this is a mistake.  Ideally, this is the quadrant where one should spend most of one’s time- working on strategic and high-impact tasks. They will bring more value to your studies, work or business. This is one way to help grow professionally and personally. 

Quadrant 3: Not Important but Urgent - Distraction

Since we have to constantly keep ourselves busy, in this quadrant we have to deal with the less urgent tasks. They might distract an individual from the main goals, but as Dwight Eisenhower puts it, ‘What is urgent is seldom important.

There are times when we can avoid these petty issues entirely, but the burden automatically reduces if this task gets delegated to someone else in the team or in class. If the delegation of this assignment is not possible then the same task can be completed by including small batches. The better the job, the more hours can be allocated for particular tasks thereby making the work easy. 

Quadrant 4: Not Important and Not Urgent - Waste 

These tasks are neither important nor urgent. Small amounts of trivial activities help us relax. Yet we tend to waste a lot of time in this quadrant, so it is always advised to be careful because we may be losing the present moment. 

Therefore, time management skills and following these quadrants during studies or at the workplace becomes essential to handle every project with diligence in future. In other words, as Lord Chesterfield had mentioned, “Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.”

How to Make the Most of Your Time

You must examine a few factors that will assist us throughout our life in order to make the most of our time. Setting objectives, establishing to-do lists, prioritizing work, getting adequate sleep, and so on are all examples of this.

Set long-term and short-term goals to help you stay productive while striving to maximize your time. Furthermore, they will act as a motivator to keep you going. This will also motivate you to accomplish something in your life.

At first, it will appear to be a tedious task, but as you perform it on a regular basis, you will discover that it only serves to increase your productivity. As a result, you will be compelled to achieve more in life in the end.

Prioritizing tasks is an excellent way to keep track of your time. As a result, you will have a better understanding of the importance of various tasks and jobs. Aside from that, you will be more productive if you join a group and participate in a similar activity at the same time. As a consequence, it will help you achieve greater life success.

Being productive does not mean that you are always working on a variety of projects. Getting proper sleep and exercising are also important parts of being productive. Furthermore, regular exercise and sleep aid in the maintenance of a good body-mind balance, which is essential for productivity and efficiency.


FAQs on Essay on Time Management

1. What is time?

In life, the most valuable asset is time. Everyone must appreciate and understand the importance of time since time can create both positive and bad outcomes. Some people understand the importance and meaning of existence. We can maintain a healthy habit of arranging and managing our everyday tasks by using time. Nobody is immune to the passage of time. We are all prone to age and death. In our life, time is really important. We may gain experience and build talents through time if we better understand the time worth. Time possesses the ability to cure things, whether they are external wounds or inside sentiments. We can not quantify time since it is the ultimate thing. When tasks are completed on time, they are very beneficial and produce excellent outcomes. A person's reference point in time can also be referred to as time.

2. What are the benefits of effective time management?

Many advantages are there when you know how to successfully manage your time. These are some of them:

Productivity and efficiency will increase.

There will be less tension.

A more positive professional image.

Possibilities for progress have improved.

More chances to fulfill your life and career objectives.

Overall, you begin to feel more in charge, with the assurance that you can make the greatest use of your time.

You will be in a great position to assist others to attain their goals, too, since you will be happier, calmer, and better equipped to think.

3. How powerful is Time?

In the past, several rulers considered themselves to be the rulers of their era and the whole globe. They do, however, neglect the reality that they only have a limited period of time. Time is the only thing in the world that has no bounds. Time may transform you into a king or a beggar in a couple of seconds.

Finally, we might declare that God's greatest gift is time. "Time will waste you if you waste Time," as the proverb goes. This remark alone shows the significance and value of Time.

4. Why should we place so much importance on time?

The majority of people are unaware of how important time is until it is taken away from them. Furthermore, there are those in the world who place a higher value on money than on time since time has no meaning for them. They are, however, ignorant that Time has presented them with the opportunity to make money. Aside from that, time provides us happiness and success, but it may also bring us sorrow and despair. As a result, it is critical that we appreciate Time and make effective use of it.

5. Where can I find an essay on time management?

Vedantu provides students with essays on time management.  This essay contains topics such as what is time, the importance of time and time management, how to manage time, and much more. Teachers who are experts in their subjects develop the content of Vedantu. Furthermore, the data is structured in such a way that students will have an easier time learning and remembering the concepts. Vedantu also provides students in grades 1 through 12 with study materials and a range of competitive exams. Notes, important topics and questions, revision notes, and other materials are included in the content. On Vedantu, you may utilize all of these materials for free. Students must first register on the Vedantu website in order to access any of these items. You may also use the Vedantu smartphone app to sign up.

time management essay for class 6

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Essay On Time Management For Students In Easy Words – Read Here


Time management is a big problem for many students, and it is also a big problem for many other professionals as well. She/He/It is a problem that can be solved through a lot of things, from good work to good time management. However, the best way to increase your time management skills is by reading a lot of books. So, here are a few books that will help you learn how to take control of your time.

When we were kids, we were taught that it is important to learn to manage our time. But nowadays, almost every student is in the same situation. It is not enough to take classes in our curriculum, but we also have to study in addition to that. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to manage time well.

The concept of Time Management is something that is used in all aspects of life. The way in which we use our time is significant in producing our output in school, work, school, sports, hobbies, relationships, families, and other areas. If you are interested in learning more about time management, or are just starting to explore the concept, here are some helpful suggestions.. Read more about time management essay 2000 words and let us know what you think.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most popular careers in the modern world. It has become incredibly popular because of the opportunities it offers. Entrepreneurs are not just in charge of one company, but an entire group of people, which is why they are known as CEOs. Their job is to bring in new ideas, and then execute them. When you see the word “entrepreneur”, you should associate it with the word “risk”.. Read more about time management essay with references and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is time management why is it important for students essay.

Time management is the process of planning and allocating time for activities. It is important for students because it helps them to be more productive with their time.

What is time management as a student?

Time management is the process of planning and executing activities in order to meet personal, professional, and organizational goals.

What is time management in simple words?

Time management is the process of planning, organizing, and executing activities in order to meet personal or organizational goals.

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time management essay for class 6

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Essay on Time Management

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  • Updated on  
  • Aug 27, 2022

Essay on Time Management (1)

“Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing”- Mile Davis.

Time management is a prestigious topic for budding subconscious minds. It is one of the most crucial skills that you must inculcate from early on. This skill has vital importance when you move into a professional setting. It is extremely important to manage time efficiently as not managing time can create many problems in your day-to-day life. It is also a common essay topic in the school curriculum and various academic and competitive exams like IELTS , TOEFL , SAT , UPSC , etc. This blog brings you samples of essays on time management with tips & tricks on how to write an essay.

Essay on Time Management in 200 words

Time stops for none and is equal for all. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day but some people make better use of time than others. This is one of the most important reasons some people are experts in what they do. Therefore, time management plays a vital role in both personal as well as professional lives.

Time management is basically an effort made consciously to spend a certain amount of time performing a task efficiently. Furthermore, it is estimated that to have better results, one needs to do productive work. Thus, productivity is the key focus here. Moreover, maintaining a careful balance between professional life, social life, and any other hobbies or activities is a great example of efficient time management.

Time management is also crucial for students from an academic perspective as students require to cover many subjects. Thus, efficiently managing time is an important skill in everyone’s life.  Around the world, there are two views for time management – linear time view and multi-active time view. The linear time view is predominant in America, Germany and England, and it aims at completing one task at a time. Whereas a multi-active view aims at completing a number at once and is predominant in India and Spain. Nevertheless, time management is one of the important traits of a successful individual, students are advised to follow whichever is convenient for them.

Essay on Time Management in 300 Words

Time Management is a key skill for job opportunities as employers recruit candidates who have this efficient skill. Thus, it is advised to initiate inculcating this vital skill as soon as possible. In the academic setting, time management plays a vital role and helps in the accomplishment of tasks efficiently and effectively.

Time management is the process of planning and performing pre-scheduled activities with the aim of increasing productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. Different cultures hold different views on Time Management. However, a multi-active time view and a linear time view are the two predominant views. In a linear time view, the aim is set to complete one particular task at a time whereas, in a multi-active view, the focus is on completing a greater number of tasks at once. Emphasis is given on productivity and effectiveness, but students are free to choose their own view of time management.

Time management is crucial as it is helpful in setting a timeline for achieving a particular goal. Moreover, it also increases the efficiency of the tasks at hand. It becomes necessary for working professionals as they need to balance their personal and professional life. Thus, they do not have time to dwell on each and every detail in every task. In such cases, a multi-active view is one of the helpful methods. Time management works best when a goal or target is set. For instance, a student becomes far more effective at learning when they decide to assign 2 hours for learning a particular concept. This is effectively a method of benchmarking progress. So, every time the activity is performed, one can measure themselves and improve upon various aspects of their tasks.The clear conclusion is that time management is a crucial skill for students and working professionals. Thus, everyone must practise time management to improve productivity and efficiency of tasks.

Tips for Writing an Essay on Time Management

To write an impactful and scoring essay here are some tips on how to manage time and write a good essay:

  • The initial step is to write an introduction or background information about the topic
  • You are required to use the formal style of writing and avoid using slang language.
  • To make an essay more impactful, write dates, quotations, and names to provide a better understanding
  • You can use jargon wherever it is necessary as it sometimes makes an essay complicated
  • To make an essay more creative you can also add information in bulleted points wherever possible
  • Always remember to add a conclusion where you need to summarise crucial points
  • Once you are done read through the lines and check spelling and grammar mistakes before submission

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Lastly, we hope this blog has helped you in structuring a terrific essay on time management. Planning to ace your IELTS, get expert tips from coaches at Leverage Live by Leverage Edu .

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time management essay for class 6

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Time Management Essay

Read time management essay in English for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Know more about short essay on time management in English 300 words. Also know the importance of time management essay.

Time Management Essay

Time Management Essay 300 Words

In today’s modern era, people are so busy earning their livelihood that they cannot get time to nurture themselves. So here comes the role of time management wherein people need to manage time so that they can make time for everything important in their life. Time management plays a significant role in the life of a human being as it helps create discipline and also helps in making a man successful in his life.

Every day we get only 24 hours to complete our chores, however, sometimes we run out of time and are not able to do everything we have planned. This is because of lack of time management which results in the delay of tasks and consequently leads to an unsuccessful life. So in order to manage everything, be it your work, sleep, or rejuvenation, you need to schedule everything according to time. After a few days of following proper time management schedule, you will see the results and probably you will be able to attain big things in life.

You need to prioritize everything so that every task is done efficiently without any backlogs. The foremost priority is your work, and then comes your health and finally your social life. Obviously, you can’t do work all day long ignoring your health and personal life. So time management is necessary to keep everything on its place so as to live a healthy and happy life.

The only key to a successful and satisfying life is time management. So from the very beginning of your life, you must learn to manage time and work efficiently in order to become a successful person in the long run. Time management is not only important for adults, but it also plays a vital role in a student’s life as well. In fact, every human being needs to realize the importance of time management and the role it plays in making our lives better and balanced.

Time is one of the most valuable things in life and we cannot waste it unnecessarily as it never comes back once gone. Since our childhood, we have been doing things according to certain rules and time. Each and everything in this world is scheduled according to time and thus time is the most important entity of our life. Therefore, it is essential to realize its significance in order to lead a happy and successful life.

It is important to manage time so as to get the most out of it. Wise planning and implementation of various tasks is referred to as time management. We only get 24 hours to complete our daily tasks and if we don’t schedule things according to time, we may not be able to accomplish all the tasks and thus lag behind in various aspects of life. People are quite busy these days and if they do not come up with a proper strategy and time management, they will definitely lose in life and will never become successful.

Time management is the key to one’s success, it yields positive results, makes us productive, and gives us a feeling of self-satisfaction and delight. If we have planned everything according to time, we can accomplish anything without getting much stressed. Time management also helps us maintain a balance between a personal and professional life. This further leads to healthy and happy living.

Time management plays a significant role in everyone’s life, be it a student, a businessman, a worker or anyone. So if you want to become successful in life, the only thing you need to focus is on time management. So you should prepare a time table of your tasks so that you could complete your daily activities in time without any hassle. This will help you do your work easily and also makes you satisfied and happy.

Too Much Time At Work Affects Personal Life

Essay on Internet Boon or Bane

Time Management Essay

Time Management Essay: One thing we can all improve in our lives is time management.

Here I am talking about Time Management Essay, a complete collection of 100,150,250,500 words .

This article is for every students who are looking for an essay on time management, class 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 .

In this Time Management Essay , I will be talking about some of the things I learned in class and how it helped me change my life today.

Time Management Essay 100 Words

Here is the short essay on time management within 100 words specially for class 3,4,5 .

Time management is a skill that can be learned. Perhaps it was difficult to see the connection between time and time management initially, but in reality, time is extremely important to the ability of any person to manage their life. Thereby, time management must become a priority for anyone who wants to live an effective life.

Cut down all the projects in half, prioritize and then complete them one by one. It helps to save energy if you concentrate on few tasks at a time. Start with the most important or urgent task first and devote all attention, time, and effort while completing it.

Time Management Essay 150 Words

This is about Time Management Essay in 150 words for class 6,7,8 , 9 .

Many students who are weak in time management and efficient use of time to complete their academic tasks always find it hard to manage their time.

This is one of the biggest challenges facing students nowadays and particularly at university levels. Time management is a skill that can be learned like any other skill, therefore it needs to be practiced constantly and mastered carefully.

Students should always learn about time management strategies in order to master them. Part of mastering time management is knowing yourself so you know what activities you are gifted at doing and which ones take more time for you to accomplish.

A well time management can give you well establishment in your life. So should always use our time most effectively.

We can just start time management by doing notes and a small step-by-step formula. Using notes for everyday routine the most important works have been done first.

Thus we can easily manage our valuable times everyday.

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Time management essay 250 words.

And here is the 250 w ords

Life is a very unstructured system. Though we like to live in a careful, orderly fashion, our daily lives are a lot of happy accidents that require us to have some control over chaos. We need to be prepared for things that we cannot anticipate. That is why time management is such an important skill.

Time is a very limited resource and how you use it determines what you get out of it. We are all familiar with the common saying, “Time is money.”

Time is the most valuable thing. It never comes back once it slips away; it can’t be collected or redeemed, there is no refund, and we don’t get a second chance to use it once it is gone.

Time management skills can help to organize our activities so that we are more productive and less stressed.

Time has become premium nowadays due to the rapid changes in technology , social media among others. Many of us waste time on unimportant tasks while neglecting some very important aspects of our lives.

Effective time management can help you accomplish your goals within the expected timeline.

A time management essay can help you to get a good score too. Maybe, it’s necessary to attend to your assignments in time. This would help you manage to accomplish all the tasks within a limited time only. It helps you to make your schedule or daily routine very much busy that would lead to a better performance in tasks and assignments too.

Related- Essay on Self Help»

Time management essay 500 words.

If you are a college student or preparing for competitive exams then this long descriptive essay is for you. This essay is written about 500 words long.

Time management is the ability or skill that an individual exhibits to handle and manage their time. The more a person is able to manage their time, the more they tend to succeed in all aspects of life.

Time management is important in reaching one’s goals, as it helps an individual become better at doing whatever it is they are trying to do.


Time is a resource that we are all given and unfortunately, none of us have more of it. Time is limited and we have to make the most of it.

Time management skills are essential for every individual. Professionals devote certain time to work, family, friends, rest, and so on; this makes us more efficient and enables us to spend quality time.

Related- Essay on Aim in Life»

It’s importance:.

Time is like money, we all know it. Time management is often treated as a type of study, which is very important to our daily life. In fact, we are under much pressure in daily life and the study of time management becomes the key factor for our success.

If you don’t have good time management skills, then you will not be able to manage your life as well as your job or any other part of your life such as school or a club. We all have the same amount of time in our lives and what we do with it is what makes us different than everyone else.

Time is a relative term. To a child, a day could seem like an eternity; to a septuagenarian, it could seem to fly by in minutes.

Related- Importance of Education»


This can be because time seems to pass faster when you do things that make you happy since your mind doesn’t have time to properly process.

The consequences of what would happen if you don’t complete your tasks. But sometimes we are in situations wherein we must accomplish specific objectives within a fixed period of time.

Ideas include studying at the optimum part of the day, prioritizing, setting goals and planning ahead, managing your energy level, avoiding procrastination, staying focused on your work, and setting limits for yourself.

All these things only could be done with step by step formula. That simply means you have to set a specific goal and then you have to prepare your steps towards the goal.

But always remember important things have to be done first and then other necessary things. And you will see a good result about managing your time.

Making notes is the best practice to use this step by step formula. Because while you make notes it got a special value of the task. And therefore your intension will more be increased through that note to do that step ahed.

Related- Importance of Books»


Time is the most precious thing to humankind. Every one of us wishes to save it for the importance things.

Somehow, a number of our schedules are packed with petty tasks and this results in the deficiency of time which is unproductive. It is very difficult to manage time in our daily activities without which we cannot do any work efficiently.

To manage your time well is to be a successful person. Although the clock rules our lives, there are many things and issues we should do according to time. Time management is an important factor to success and satisfaction in our life. I hope this Time Management Essay will help you a lot in your life.

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