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Nature of Academic Texts

Past tense and past perfect tense, 31.3k plays, parts of a paragraph, 3rd -  5th  , cohesive devices.



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Every type of writing has a goal.

Technical writing is intended to communicate to a specific ______________, for a specific ______________.

audience, purpose

product, report

report, message

Concise, clear and _________ are the key components of an effective technical writing.



Limit paragraph, words and sentence length


The importance of correct grammar and mechanics


Avoiding vague, obscure and/or connotative words

Limit and/or define use of abbreviations, acronyms, and jargon

The information provided must be what the users are looking for.

The grammatical structure of your technical document should be free from any kind of ambiguities.

Readers use these documents to learn how to perform certain tasks or gain technical information, so they should be easy to follow and organized in a way that’s easy to refer back to as questions come up.

cause and effect


What is the primary goal in technical writing?

to persuade

to investigate

What sets technical writing apart from other types of writing?

Its primary goal is to tell a story.

Its primary goal is to present an argument.

Its primary goal is to demonstrate critical thinking.

Its primary goal is to instruct others.

written communication that delivers technical information, often in the form of instructions.

creative writing

business writing

technical writing

academic writing

the intended readers, viewers, or listeners of a message.

a set of documents that act as guides or references outlining the functioning of a program


the intention behind the message

audience analysis


It’s okay to use idioms, slang, or colloquial as long as you know that your audience would understand them.

Technical Writing

Creative Writing

It’s important to stick to the facts and to write in a straightforward manner.

You can make use of various figures of speech and various formats –prose, poetry, and others – to get your message across.

A good report

uses difficult language

is short, precise, concise

contains irrelevant factors and information

presents information that is not well organized

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