How to Post Your Restaurant’s Menu Online

With so much competition, you need your restaurant to stand out in as many ways as possible. In today’s digital world, that means having an online presence, even if it’s just your food menu. When someone is deciding where to eat, they usually pull out their phones and do a quick Internet search to see what’s in the area, and what those restaurants serve. Having your menu available to these searchers means drawing in more customers. Here’s how you can post your restaurant’s menu online:

First of all, if you don’t already have a website for your restaurant, you need to create one as soon as possible so that anyone who searches for you or searches for places to eat in your area finds you. It doesn’t have to be too fancy — even a single page will do — as long as you have an online presence. Just make sure your site is mobile-friendly so that anyone who accesses it via their phone or tablet doesn’t have to wait for it to load, or it doesn’t look distorted when they view it.

Add a User-Friendly Menu to Your Website

No matter what else you post on your website, after your contact information, you need to add a menu that’s also user-friendly. That means you don’t want to upload a PDF file — the menu should be listed directly on the page. It also means adding enticing photos, descriptive language and any kind of background on your ingredients or cooking styles, such as whether you use locally sourced produce or your chef studied French cooking in Paris. Use a readable font, add prices and use a simple, easy-to-read design. Again, make sure it’s mobile-friendly.

Create Social Media Accounts

If your restaurant doesn’t have a presence on social media accounts, like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, it’s time to get started. They’re free to sign up for, and not only do they provide you with an additional place to post your website and menu, they allow you to interact with customers, listen to opinions and concerns and post daily specials and other upcoming events. Facebook even allows restaurants to post their menus directly on their page.

Upload Your Menu to Third-Party Sites

Another side effect of living in such a digital world is that there are dozens of places beyond your own website and social media accounts where you can post your menu, and you should take advantage of as many of them as you can to gain exposure. You have food delivery services, like GrubHub and Ubereats, as well as business review sites, like Yelp and OpenTable. Allmenus is a directory just for posting restaurant menus.

Create a Google Presence

Google also offers tools that can help you post your menu online and keep it front and center when people search for food in your area. The Google My Business tool not only allows you to link your menu to your listing, but you can also add contact info, wait time information and other important details, like your hours and customer reviews.

Take Advantage of Menu Creation Tools

If you aren’t sure how to make a menu for your website, there are numerous tools out there that not only help you create an attractive menu, but they’ll distribute them to various online sources for you. For example, at SinglePlatform you can upload your menu, edit and add designs to it, and part of the website’s services include distributing your finalized menu to sites like UrbanSpoon and YellowPages. Locu and MenuPages are some other great options.

Stay Active and Updated

Finally, a word on what to do once your menu is online: Keep it updated. If you offer weekly specials, switch to seasonal dishes or if you change your prices, make sure every menu you post online reflects the new information. An outdated menu is a turnoff to customers and can leave them frustrated and uninterested in doing business with you again.

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30+ Good Restaurant Review Examples to Copy & Paste

Having good restaurant reviews is crucial these days. It is not just making our decision to pick one easier, it is also helping the restaurant be more successful. You can quickly copy and paste these good restaurant review examples, publish them on Facebook , Yelp or other rating platform and help the restaurant get higher ratings and more customers.

good restaurant review examples

When the online review system was introduced, restaurants and other businesses as well improved their quality and service in order to gain more positive feedbacks from guests. Restaurant owners are now going an extra mile to satisfy their clients. By adding free dessert, “on the house” drink, and extra politeness are some of the new features that are helping them get good reviews for their restaurant. We always try our best not to forget to write review, especially when we are satisfied from the service and food in a small family owned restaurant , but sometimes can be a pressure. So, we decided to make this list with good restaurant review examples that you can copy and paste to help you speed up the process and help their business.

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Good Restaurant Review Examples

LEGEND for Good restaurant review examples: – Restaurant name – ( RN ) – City name – ( CN ) – Food name – ( FN )

1. This cozy restaurant has left the best impressions! Hospitable hosts, delicious dishes, beautiful presentation, wide wine list and wonderful dessert. I recommend to everyone! I would like to come back here again and again.

2 . First time in ( RN ) and YOU have to go! It’s the cutest little spot with amazing food. The ( FN ) is to die for. IT WAS FIRE!! The service we received was so amazing and we will definitely be back again. They made us feel welcomed and gave us an amazing experience.

3 . It’s a great experience. The ambiance is very welcoming and charming. Amazing wines, food and service. Staff are extremely knowledgeable and make great recommendations.

4 . This place is great! Atmosphere is chill and cool but the staff is also really friendly. They know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about, and you can tell making the customers happy is their main priority. Food is pretty good, some italian classics and some twists, and for their prices it’s 100% worth it.

5 . Do yourself a favor and visit this lovely restaurant in ( CN ). The service is unmatched. The staff truly cares about your experience. The food is absolutely amazing – everything we tasted melted in other mouths. Absolutely the best meal we had while in ( CN ). Highly recommend!

6 . When we think about celebrations, ( RN ) is always our first option and it never disappoints. From the starter to the dessert the quality and tastes of everything was outstanding, my ( FN ), ( FN ), ( FN ) might have been the best meal I have ever been served. Service was delightful and very professional. 10/10

7 . I have to say, I enjoyed every single bite of the meal in ( RN ). I had a 3 course meal, with a couple of beers. Considering the quality, the price is reasonable. Ideal for those who want a romantic night out. There was also plenty of room for bigger groups.

8 . Excellent food. Menu is extensive and seasonal to a particularly high standard. Definitely fine dining. It can be expensive but worth it and they do different deals on different nights so it’s worth checking them out before you book. Highly recommended.

9 . This is my absolute favorite restaurant in ( CN ). The food is always fantastic and no matter what I order I am always delighted with my meal! Servers are also great and always efficient, happy and polite. Can’t wait to return and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for somewhere to eat in ( CN )

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A restaurant review

A restaurant review

Learn how to write a restaurant review.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.



Vega, New York

Reviewed yesterday

Great mains, pity about the chips

Came for lunch with my sister. We loved our Thai-style mains which were amazing with lots of flavour, very impressive for a vegetarian restaurant.

But the service was below average and the chips were too terrible to finish.

When we arrived at 1.40, we had to wait 20 minutes while they got our table ready. OK, so we didn't have a reservation, but the restaurant was only half full. There was no reason to make us wait at all.

We ordered the chips as a side dish and they looked delicious. But, when we tasted them, they were overcooked and swimming in oil so we left most of them. We expected a lot more for $10!

When the waiter asked if everything was ok, we said we really didn't like the chips and he said 'That's funny, I love them' and that was it. He didn't offer us anything else or take them off our bill. Also, when we didn't leave a tip, he looked annoyed.

I was really excited about visiting Vega, and the mains were just fantastic, but the rest of the experience was really disappointing.

  • Use an informal or semi-formal style.
  • In the title, give the main idea or opinion.
  • Write about the important parts of the experience, not every detail.
  • Organise your ideas into paragraphs.
  • Write about the good and the bad.

Have you ever had a bad meal in a restaurant?

Language level

The last week I tried a cute coffee shop near my house. I think is my favorite place to get a coffee and peace time. First, the place was very nice with fall decorations. Second, the service was kind and fast, they explained me so clear somethings about the menu. Also, the food arrived really fast and the Chef walked to my table to give my food (I felt so special). Finally when I check the bill, I was in shock because was cheap. It was best bacon Sandwich I have ever eaten!

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A good recommendation doesn't become a good meal! I can't say I have had a bad meal in any restaurant but I had a bad experience in a one Michelin Star Restaurant recommended by a good friend. That day, enjoying a walk around where the restaurant were located, my husband and I decided to ask for a reservation that night, but the chef told us it where all fully booked. Well, hours later, when we where going home, we saw the restaurant almost empty and we came in to ask why he told us they were all booked. The chef, invited us very annoyingly to leave the restaurant without any explanation. Next day in restaurant's web we leave a review saying what happend. The chef answered us in the same arrogant attitude, without any acceptable explanation.

I went with my sister, my mom, and my uncle to an ice cream place; it was great inside, Mario and Luigi drew and a lot of decorations, so we sat, but we needed to wait for 30 minutes there without any attention, so we decided to left the site, the person that was working there asked us why we were leaving the place, but we didn´t say anything and we went off that place without a word.

Mexico restaurant, Fukuoka

The interior design is great, the food and service are terrible. When I visited Fukuoka city with my girlfriend for the first time, we tried Mexican food for the first time in our lives. We both thought the restaurant looked great and its dishes must be delicious. So we ordered 4 dishes, and all looked so cheap even though they were expensive. I think they use instant food, instead of cooking real dishes. They also took table fees and service fees too. I don't think it is reasonable to take such a fee.

Yes,I had a very bad meal when I and my family went to a near restaurant and we ordered pizza and fajita, unfortunately the meal was too bad ,so we couldn't complete the meal.

Yes, I had a horrible meal one of the restaurants. I have never encountered like that before since I am a kind of person who enjoys every foods. Even though the service is good, the meals were not delicious at all so I am afraid to recommend you.

Have you ever had a bad meal in a restaurant? That was well, But pay attention ingredients :) I usually invite myself to the restaurant as a reward when I have advanced my to-do list according to my schedule in 1 to 2 months. Since I love pizza, I usually order pizza. Also, I love hot green pepper and add it to all of my food. two weeks ago, I dined out and I ordered pizza as usual. of course, one which I hadn't eaten before( with the name of shicago). It was well but when I ordered, I didn't pay enough attention that there weren't any vegetables as ingredients and It was an experience that proved me I really preferred to have vegetables in my food. the environment was calm with light music with a view to the highway.

Sumathi Restaurant - Belize City This restaurant has bad customer service. Owners allow in-laws to disrespect and mistreat customers while consumption. In-laws go as far as verbally abusing you and threathening you and calling police while spending your money there. These are very crazy scenarios you may want to avoid.

Sarku, Bogotá ★★★★★ Delectable mains, excellent sushi and delicious dessert

I went to this restaurant whit my girlfriend, I had something like Peruvian food in mind but Asian food sounds fine to me, I am open to new dishes.

I have seen a sort of burrito in a large menu at the entrance, but when we were already inside the normal menu didn’t have neither this “burrito” nor another type of hamburger but with rice instead of bread.

We ordered as a main one order of Ikigai which was new for us, a kind of ball shaped crab palm tempura very juicy and overall delicious. Then the main dish arrives we order ceviche sushi and sushi with crab palm and coconut milk, we interchange half of each dish to try both. It was a great idea because both tasted very well, but for me a little better the ceviche sushi.

In the end we ordered a chocolate volcano that was like a chocolate cake with liquid chocolate inside accompanied by ice cream for dessert. I am really a chocolate lover, so the taste was perfect for me.

We will definitely return to this restaurant.

I loved the food, the service was great, the dishes were just delicious, I'll recommend it.

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our Reviews restaurant

Beautiful food, lovely service and surroundings

Lovely food, lovely wine, fantastic company, love you Chez Vous!

Fabulous food and excellent service - so lovely to spend an evening at Chez Vous!

Awesome food, fab staff, fab wine!

Lovely food, my congratulations to the Chef and the rest of the staff!

Very enjoyable meal, friendly & helpful staff.

I wish to thank everyone involved in the preparation and presentation of our meal on Thursday evening. It was exceptional in every way and added so much to our enjoyment of what was a double birthday celebration.

Please pass on my special thanks to all concerned.

We will certainly be coming again and we will have no hesitation in recommending you to all our friends

My son Andrew and I had a lovely time at Chez Vous yesterday evening. We were looked after very well by Ludovic and the young waitresses and it was nice to have a chat with Laurent. I told him how pleased I was to see that you now have a separate vegetarian menu with a lovely selection of starters and main courses.

The meal was lovely and we had a lovely time, thank you for making us so welcome.

Yum Yum, love this place - You are all so lovely :) Thanks!

Fabulous food and so well presented, thank you all the way from Australia!

1st visit, really enjoyed this, food and service excellent!

We travelled all the way from Canada for this fantastic food and definately worth the trip!

This has been the best meal ever, the presentation was superb, cooked to perfection. Why go to London with this on your doorstep. Thank you for a wonderful lunch and excellent wine - we shall return!

Been here many times but special occasion today as my sister from Australia has joined us - lovely meal as usual!

I loved your wine selection, the dessert and the ambience!

The only sufficient word I can use to describe our dining experience is 'magnifique'!

Just to let you know, last night was absolutely fantastic. The food and service were great, with really well thought out menu choices. Please pass on our thanks to Martin and team! Many thanks

To Ludovic and all staff - Thank you for a very good birthday lunch last Saturday, all my guests said the food was really great and you made it a very special day for my wife and me thanks again

I came to your restaurant yesterday with my family after recommendation from friends. We all had an amazing time. The tasting menu was delicious and the staff so attentive and friendly. The gentleman who was front of house was a very jolly character and made the dining experience more enjoyable. I just wanted to say thank you! It's not all the time people get praised, the quality of the service and food was excellent. I also liked how you cater for vegetarians and adapt your menu with no fuss. It's nice to know there are such places local to us. We will definitely be coming again! Many thanks again

Just a note to thank you and your staff for a very lovely evening – the food was exceptional and the service was excellent. All of us thoroughly enjoyed it and there wasn’t a single complaint. We will make sure we plan our next “do” there again.

Laurent, just to let you know what a fantastic time we all had on Saturday night for my wife's 50th birthday celebrations. Everyone commented on the wonderful food, one friend phoned earlier to say it is now her No.1 Restaurant and I must admit both Maxine and myself feel the same too!

Thank you both for a magnificent luncheon on Friday, everything surpassed our wildest hopes. The food was truly magnificent. We had so many people complimenting us afterwards on all your hard work. When we first met the pair of you, we realised that we need have no fear. We came away from the meeting totally confident that all would be well, but we did not realise how perfect it would actually turn out to be. Ludovic, you and your team were perfection – so kind and helpful and so efficient.

Having visited chez vous last night, I just wanted to comment that we found all dishes of the taster menu of very high quality and extremely good wines to match. We also found the service to be excellent. Our compliments to you all.

Martin, Laurent & Team We came to dinner last night, for your 5 course 'Tasting' menu.Our first time at your restaurant. We had heard many good things from friends but naturally wanted to see and taste for ourselves. One word-'Exceptional!' Your food is outstanding & service excellent. What a delight to have such an establishment so near to us. We will return!




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