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A Detailed Look at English Language Proficiency

Learning a new language is not an easy task, especially a difficult language like English. Use this simple guide to distinguish the levels of English language proficiency.

Beginner and Elementary English Language Proficiency Levels

The first two of the levels of English language proficiency are the beginner level and the elementary level. In the Beginner Level, a person can travel with basic English words, and he or she knows the English pronunciation basics. During the elementary level, a person can give answers to simple questions, to make simple sentences and order food or go shopping without major difficulty. The elementary level also includes writing basic words and speaking clearly about family routines, per Embassy English.

Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate English Language Proficiency Levels

During the pre-intermediate English language proficiency level, a person can speak confidently in English, is able to have a conversation and can read and write simple text. Level A vocabulary answers are provided at this stage of the learning process. The intermediate English language proficiency level includes taking part in conversations that are routine, understanding level B vocabulary answers and making notes for meetings and lectures. A person at the Intermediate level might extract important information from a document that is written, according to Embassy English.

Upper Intermediate English Language Proficiency Level

A person with the upper intermediate level of English language proficiency is able to take part in conversations that are extended, read and write most text to include essays and understand the majority of a typical television program. Upper Intermediate English language proficiency also means that a person would understand the presentation of a lecture and level B vocabulary answers, according to TrackTest.

Advanced Level of English Proficiency

The Advanced level of English proficiency includes taking part in conversations that are lengthy and complicated. A person can complete answers to vocabulary level C and write and understand most text. Advanced learners are also able to easily understand the television, plays, lectures and films along with presentations. Advanced English learners understand both professional and academic documents without hesitation, according to Embassy English

Proficient in the English Language

The final level of English language ability is proficient. When a person is proficient in the English language, he or she is competent in the language and works to increase his or her understanding of the nuances of the language. A proficient person engages in reading that is independent and strives to continue to develop his or her vocabulary. A person at this level of English proficiency is able to function without direction from a teacher, according to Teachers First.


reflective essay on english language

My Portfolio

Andrew duffy.

  • Literacy Narrative
  • Image Analysis Essay
  • Argument Research Essay
  • Other Works About My Writing

Final Reflective Essay

At the beginning of the course, I was new to college writing. My writing skills were not bad, but they needed some fine tuning. A lot of the skills I have translated over easily from high school, but some did not. I was always good at getting information and laying down a foundation. Alongside that, I’ve always found writing easy once I have that base. Filling out the main ideas were simple. However, once I arrived in college it was apparent to myself that I needed more detail, and that it was something I lacked. It needed improving, but it was not a hard fix. Sometimes it is hard for me to understand why some writing needs more detail but others do not. This class has helped me fix that issue a bit, while also strengthening my proficiency in other areas. Throughout the semester, I have completed assignments that have increased my skills, and broadened my sense as a writer in different areas. By taking this class, I have been able to develop rhetorical knowledge, develop critical thinking, reading, and information literacy, develop effective strategies for drafting texts, and develop knowledge of conventions.

This class has helped me develop rhetorical knowledge by analyzing and composing multiple forms of writing to understand how genre conventions shape readers’ and writers’ practices and purposes. This means that I have been able to analyze different types of writing in order to understand how a genre affects how an author writes, and how the reader reads. One assignment that comes to mind that helped me achieve this outcome was our advertisement analysis assignments. In class, we spent time looking at different advertisements, and how they appealed to certain audiences. We all had to bring an advertisement to class, and analyze it ourselves, pointing out what techniques the ads were using, if they were effective or not, and who were they targeting. This assignment helps develop rhetoric as it allowed me to understand how the category of advertisement writing can differ from not only other genres, but other ads as well.

Rhetoric knowledge was also developed by practicing purposeful shifts in structure, content, diction, tone, formality, design, and/or medium in accordance with the rhetorical situation, which means to be able to change your writing to reflect the rhetorical situation at hand. This was not the result of one assignment, but many. During the course we were asked to write different essays that reflected different styles of writing. From storytelling and analyzation, to infographics and research assignments, I have been able to change how I write in order to meet the requirements. For example, in the literacy narrative, I had to write to convey a story. This means using traditional elements of a story, such as a beginning, middle, climax, and resolution, along with elements such as foreshadowing. This style of writing is different from an image analysis essay, where the purpose is mostly informative rather than anecdotal. In this case, elements such as facts, context, and comparison are common, and story like elements would not be appropriate here. I display that I have met this outcome by understanding how to write in those genres and how to keep it appropriate.

Another outcome this class has helped me meet is developing critical thinking, reading, and information literacy by composing and reading for inquiry, learning, critical thinking, and communicating. One such way I have met this outcome is by writing journals almost every class about different things. Every so often we had to write a journal about our thoughts about either our writing skills, how we defined different terms, and our reflections on our assignments. By completing these journals, I was able to look back on certain assignments, and learn how I was able to accomplish what I did. This style of writing is helpful because of its creative nature, and allows myself to become better as a writer.

Two more ways I was able to develop my critical thinking, reading, and information literacy skills was by using outside materials in their own writing through techniques such as interpretation, synthesis, response, critique, and design/redesign, and incorporating outside materials through quotations, paraphrase, and summary. By completing the image analysis essay, I was able to meet the outcome about using outside materials in your own writing. I used two advertisements in the essay, and analyzed how they were done, and who they targeted, in order to compare and contrast them at the end. I appropriately commented on their effectiveness, and how they could have improved. Speaking of using outside materials, my research essay demonstrated the outcome related to using paraphrase due to the nature of the assignment. By using outside sources, I was able to make my argument stronger, and I was able to improve as a writer because my skill to read and take information away improved.

The third outcome this class helped me to achieve was to develop effective strategies for drafting texts by working through multiple drafts of a project and recognizing the role of reflecting, revising, and editing in the process, engaging in the collaborative and social aspects of writing processes, such as learning to give and to act on productive feedback to works in progress, both by and with peers and in one-on-one instructor conferences, and critically reflecting on how they may further develop and apply writing skills in the future. The first outcome was reached simply through the rough drafts of each project. I usually had to brainstorm first, but afterwards, I was able to just write in order to get the information down. It had quite a few flaws to begin with, but during editing, most of them were ironed out easily. The second outcome was achieved through peer review. This was something I had always struggled with because I did not know how to do it. After learning, I saw how important it was. It allowed me to see mistakes my brain would have never saw, and let me see what my most common mistake were, which then allowed me to know what to avoid when writing. By reviewing other’s works, I was able to see common writing errors in general, and thus gave me information about what to avoid. The last outcome was achieved through peer review reflection. This is self-explanatory, but being able to reflect on the advice given is helpful. Mostly because it allows you to take a step back, and go over everything. You can see what you did well, and what you need to avoid in the future. This way, in future endeavors, the same mistakes will hopefully not be made.

The last outcome this class helped me to achieve was to develop knowledge of conventions by demonstrating competence in grammar, punctuation, and spelling, practicing genre conventions for structure, paragraphing, tone and mechanics, and understanding the concepts of intellectual property that motivate documentation conventions through application of recognized citation styles. The first two outcomes are rather similar, in the regard that most of the assignments help reach this outcome. Grammar will never change in writing, so it is important to get it write initially. The only assignment that really tested this was peer review. Being able to recognize sentences that do not make sense is helpful, and will help a writer catch confusing or contradicting statements. As for practicing genre conventions, almost every project helped display that. Writing paragraphs and formatting them correctly is easy, so there is not reason to drag on about this point. Lastly, the assignment that helped reach the outcome about citing intellectual property was the research assignment. It is important to cite your sources so that you do not plagiarize someone’s work, and jeopardize your own academic career. The research assignment helped because you had to find sources for you argument, and as a result, citations would follow.

During the course, I was faced with a few assignments where I had to write day by day, and not just in one day. Writing is not something to do, but rather a process that you have to follow in order to succeed. Many of the different assignments helped improve my skills in rhetoric, critical thinking, drafting, and conventions. While some did not improve much, others did exponentially. The work is not perfect, but for a beginner in college, it shows that I am willing to put in the time and effort to become more than just a beginner. As I progress through school, I hope to not only maintain these skills, but improve them also. Writing is not something that you leave behind after leaving school, so it is important that I take these skills not only with me for the next four years, but for the rest of my life. If I succeed in doing that, then I will always be prepared for any assignment that my field of interest throws at me.

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My Reflection Essay on English Writing Class

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Science , Life

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English Language , Writing Experience

  • Words: 1069 (2 pages)

My Reflection Essay On English Writing Class

Please note! This essay has been submitted by a student.

Works cited

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  • Zinsser, W. (2016). On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction. HarperCollins Publishers.

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Home — Essay Samples — Life — Personal Experience — My English Class: Reflection Essa


My English Class: a Reflection

  • Categories: English Language Personal Experience

About this sample


Table of contents

Reflection paper on what i learned in english class, what i have obtained, works cited, usefullness, writing a research paper, writing a profile paper.

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My English Class: a Reflection  Essay

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reflective essay on english language

Shawn Clark’s English 111 Portfolio

Just Your Standard Blog

  • Annotated Table of Contents
  • Intro to Older Piece of Writing
  • Older Piece of Writing
  • Intro to Remembered Event
  • Revised Remembered Event
  • Intro to Profile Paper
  • Revised Profile Paper
  • Intro to Additional Writings
  • Additional Writings

Reflective Essay

Wow! What a Semester

            Writing is something that has always been an issue in my life. I do enjoy writing as long as it’s not academic such as research papers. If I have to write about an event in my life or tell a story I get interested, as long as the guidelines aren’t too strict I’m up for it.

            I have always had issues with writing due to things like grammar and sentence fragments. But this class has been a big helper to me. We have studied all these different issues and now feel I have improved much on these things but still could use more. My view on writing has changed drastically. I have a new respect for authors and readers alike. I used to feel that English and literature were very un-manly and usually pointless; but now I feel that writing is for everyone. They say “The weakest pencil remembers more than the strongest mind,” and I now see this in a different light. After writing things such as the memoir/remembered event and the profile paper and then coming back to them months later like we did with the portfolio. I now feel it is a great idea to write a paper about yourself, write about the milestones in your life and when you read them years from now you will appreciate that you did.

            I would say that my biggest influence for my new appreciation on writing is Professor Harmon. His dedication to teaching and writing along with the knowledge and ideas I have heard from him has shown me that English and literature can be fun, profound and interesting. I have not read any of his work but would like to that is if they are half as interesting as the topics we have spoke about in class room discussions. Another thing that has influenced me to want to be a well educated writer is just reading some of the terrible example essays from class and meeting some of the uneducated people from the Central Piedmont campus. I want to be well educated and as well rounded as possible for every field of life.

            Of all the essays we did this semester I would have to say I am most proud of the remembered event; I also received the best grade on this essay. This one is the best due to the content, for me I feel it was the most positive and emotional of them all. This paper was a breeze to write. I just had to think back to what happened chop off anything of unimportance and write it on paper. This also was the most enjoyable essay to write.

            The last paper of the semester, the research paper, was my weakest. Growing up in public school the teachers didn’t seem to put too much emphasis on things such as grammar and MLA format and citation. So when it came time to write this paper I had to learn how to write it correctly and really focus on the citation and format, it was too much. Also research is very time consuming and none of that time was enjoyable. I constantly just wanted to put it off another day, until it was due and what I had in front of me was not the quality I was looking for.

            Each writer has their strengths and weaknesses. Usually my strengths are outweighed by my weaknesses. Things I really struggle with are things like grammar and MLA format so when it comes time to write I could have great content that is really interesting but my grade is squashed by sentence fragments and mechanical errors. I thought “Well if I haven’t got it by now I might as well forget about it.” But no, from what I have learned this semester and with a little more practice I could overcome all of those issues and could really develop my writing. In most of my papers I mainly focus on the content. I feel I have had a very interesting life, though I am only twenty years old I feel I have experienced much. I always have an interesting topic as soon as a project is assigned, which could also be one of my flaws. If I sat and thought about the assignment a little longer maybe I could have found better topics or subjects for some of my essays, especially the research paper.

            Me as a writer has definitely developed. Throughout this semester I have felt myself feeling more confident and comfortable as well as much better at seeing and picking up errors. When doing the revisions on the major papers Prof. Harmon’s corrections really helped me see what I did wrong, and keep me from making the error over and over again. Which I feel is a big issue with me, I make about five or ten of the same grammatical errors over and over because I’m not sure what the correct way is. I think after next semester when I take my next English class I will be getting to the point of a good writer.

            Though I have never enjoyed writing I have found there is an easier way to do it, writing as a process. It makes writing so much easier but it is still tough if you are like me a procrastinator. If you do an essay one piece at a time, start with invention work then a first draft, critique it and do a final draft you are guaranteed to have a better paper.

This is my sixth semester here at Central Piedmont. I have been a full time student every semester taking automotive classes. I have done everything from rebuilding engines to dropping transmissions and for me this has definitely been my toughest class. I have always been a hands-on student and with writing there is no side of that, it’s just you and a blank piece of paper. Your mind does all the work. But with practice and good teaching anyone can develop themselves into a great writer.

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