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reaction paper filipino sample

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reaction paper filipino sample

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reaction paper filipino sample

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reaction paper filipino sample

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Reaction paper i am a filipino.

reaction paper filipino sample

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reaction paper filipino sample

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reaction paper filipino sample

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reaction paper filipino sample

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reaction paper filipino sample

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reaction paper filipino sample

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reaction paper filipino sample

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Reaction Paper on the Filipino Is Worth Dying for

Annexed philippines dbq.

“...We govern our children without their consent...Would not the people of the Philippines prefer the just, human, civilizing government of this Republic…” (Doc B, Albert J. Beveridge). I disagree with this black and white view of the world. The Filipinos are grown people capable of making the best decision for themselves. Children are not (due to their undeveloped frontal lobes). They do not need America to save them. They wanted freedom enough to attempt war with Spain, a global power, so they have earned that

Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption

  • 1 Works Cited

Inmates at Shawshank were often beat within an inch of their lives by the administration at Shawshank in order to instill a sense of obedience and to keep enforcing routine. Head Guard Captain Hadley would on occasion hurt the prisoners so much they would die of injury’s they sustained from him. “Black man, white man, red man, yellow man, it doesn’t matter because we’ve got our own brand of equality. In Prison every con’s a nigger and you have to get used to the idea if you intend to survive men like Hadley and Greg Stammas who really would kill you just as soon as look at you. When you’re in stir you belong to the state and if you forget it woe is you. I’ve known men who have lost eyes, men who have lost toes, Men who have lost fingers, I knew a man who lost the tip of his penis and counted himself lucky” (44) this shows the lack of moral judgment

Ronald Takaki Dollar A Day Dime A Dance Summary

Ronald Takaki’s chapter in his sweeping 1989 text, Strangers from a Different Shore, “Dollar a Day, Dime a Dance: The Forgotten Filipinos”, outlines the experiences of primarily male Filipino immigrants to the U.S in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The author did a good job showing what the Filipino went through. Like many immigrants before them, they came seeking work and a better livelihood. They faced backbreaking work, low wages, and at time, extreme racism. However, in many ways the Filipino immigrant experiences were extremely different from other ethnic groups, the Chinese and Japanese immigrants.

The Acquisition Of Philippines By The United States

The acquisition of Philippines by the United States is the topic that is going to be focused upon throughout this paper. The historical context of this topic deserves to analyzed with reference to both the primary and secondary readings assigned. The highlighted issue takes place after the treaty of Paris was signed between the United States and Spain which liberated Spain’s remaining colonies. Towards the end of the 19th century, Americans were influenced by the ideology of imperialism. They believed that advanced industrialized nations like the United States, Great Britain and France needed to acquire colonies in order to provide raw materials to feed their industrial economies. Extensive markets were wanted in order to sell finished products to those colonial masses.

Annexed The Philippines Dbq Essay

There can be no doubt that we had full knowledge that they were fighting for their own independence.” The United States understands that the Filipinos wants their own independence but still annexed the Philippine because they think it was the right thing to do without asking the Filipinos what they want and their

Anti Imperialism Dbq

By showing an example of courage to counter the bravery against the America and their domination which shows that they have no fear and they did not lost their hope in life. Rather, they manage to endure, no matter what comes to their front in the matter of their oppression they still try to fight not just being silent. As the authors pointed out that the league insist about imperialist ideas that “Much as we abhor the war of "criminal aggression" in the Philippines, greatly as we regret that the blood of the Filipinos is on American hands, we more deeply resent the betrayal of American institutions at home.” There is no doubt that the America portrayed a great state but their doing of evil things of killing people is not tolerable to any human history. Also, it hard to find out if the enemy is the own homeland and support the America’s domination as they not only the breaking the trust of the country as they reason for the death of the other

The Rhetorical Analysis Of Mark Twain's War Prayer

According to Aguinaldo, the Philippines had much respect for Americans by treating them well, thinking that they were good people. Filipinos viewed American people as protectors and one who could transform the Philippines island from a land of tyranny to an progressive republic guided by Americans. Aguinaldo imagined that his people would be happy and contented with Americans without sacrificing a single American life, but this was not to be. He urged America to conquer the heart of the Philippine people by being just and leading them with a soft hand instead of dragging them with chains of steel.

Essay about Annexation Of The Phillippines

     First of all I think that the if we would have maybe let some of the well respected citizens in our great nation to speak their opinions and if the government would have listened to the that maybe we could have evaded war and ended our struggle with the Filipinos peacefully. One example of the great citizens that I was talking about would be Mark Twain who said "We have robbed a trusting friend of his land and his liberty; we have debauched America’s honor and blackened her face before the world…" If we would have listened to Mark Twain who knows how things would have ended up!

What Perceptions Of Others Are Reflected Attending Miss Columbia 's School House

1) What perceptions of “others” are reflected attending Miss Columbia’s School House (Document 1)? How does Aguinaldo’s criticism of America’s policies towards the Philippines (Document 2) echo the 1894 political cartoon? What do these two documents suggest about the way America perceived conquered peoples and the likelihood that they would ever be fit for American citizenship and its liberties?

Ghost Soldiers: The Forgotten Epic Story of World War II's Most Dramatic Mission, by Hampton Sides

With everything, I do agree with Hampton Sides in his view of this story even though what he would talk about with each prisoner and their stories would go back and forth, jumping from one story to another making it hard at

Marshall Everett's Exciting Experiences

In his novel Exciting Experiences in Our Wars with Spain and the Filipinos, author Marshall Everett describes his experience with the US soldiers marching through the Filipino jungle. “The Filipinos tried to ambush the Americans several times, the county in the neighborhood being well adapted to these tactics; but the troops stopped for nothing, forcing their way through or over obstacles and firing whenever they could locate the fleeing enemy.” Everett goes on in the novel to describe the state of constant awareness and skepticism when anywhere near a Filipino town or road, and it is the constant distrust of all Filipino settlers that led to extreme racism and prejudice. The rebel soldiers often drew on this fair for military success, and were encouraged to plan surprise attacks and ambush the US troops. As the soldiers were constantly scared that any civilian could be hiding information, tactics, or even soldiers of an insurgent army, the soldiers responded with force and anger towards the entire

How Does Lee Show Justice In To Kill A Mockingbird

Both men that are sworn to uphold the law are bending it for a desperate person. The book shows that there is a kind of justice that goes beyond courts and that sometimes its right not to stick with the

Confucius in the Analects Essay

     Confucius’s complimentary behavior not motivated his disciples but also set forth the example of decency and citizenship within society. “I can try a lawsuit as well as other men, but surely the great thing is to bring about that there be no going to law.” (Confucius p. 70) Confucius stresses not only the importance of bearing down society with avoidable lawsuits, but also that the relationships between neighbors should be above petty differences and disputes. He continues to encourage the importance neighbors by counseling his followers about the perspective in which we view others. “The man of noble mind seeks to achieve the good in others and not their evil. The little-minded man is the reverse of this.” (Confucius p. 70) The goodwill of which Confucius wishes to implant in his followers is evident in his statements as he encourages optimism and

The Spanish Colonization in the Philippines

The Spanish colonization in the Philippines lead to us to make some questions in our mind on how does the Filipino survived? Even though they

Events of the Philippine Island

“Rizal had a burning desire to know exactly the conditions of the Philippines when the Spaniards came ashore to the islands. His theory was the country was economically self-sufficient and prosperous.  Rizal entertained the idea that it had a lively and vigorous community enriched with the collective and sensitive art and culture of the native population. He

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This is a nice example of a weekly reaction paper. It contains a summary of the material and also personal reaction to what is being learned.

reaction paper filipino sample


the four elements of state in the Philippines

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Technology research w200

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2013 ccrpi indicators 10.11.13

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2013 ccrpi indicators 10.11.13

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Purpose of maths student display.pptx

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Purpose of maths student display.pptx

  • 1. Technology integration was the topic of this week’s chapter assignment. The chapter discussed two learning theories for a foundation to integration: Directed models and Constructivist models. The directed theory revolves around behavior and the processing of information. The constructivist theory deals with more of a “hands on” and social aspect approach. I would imagine most students at the early levels of learning are more visual and social learners taking more from experiences than a book. I guess it just depends on your beliefs and how you can best implement a strategy based upon your classroom. I personally feel that the classrooms in Piaget’s day were a lot less diverse than today’s. I think a teacher’s theory should be like a floating floor adjusting to its new room constantly. Integrating technology into a classroom can be very tedious and there are many things that teachers need to take under consideration. The (TIP) or Technology Integration Plan is a model that is used to “help teachers (especially those new to technology) plan for effective classroom uses of technology” (Roblyer & Doering, 2010). I was pretty impressed with the model and how it went into detail with each of its phases. The phases are broken down easy with the teacher in mind. The first stage allows teachers to set learning goals for themselves. The next phase assists the teacher in deciding whether the lesson would be better with or without technology. I mean, it really breaks it down very well with each of its six stages. There is also a lot of information in books and online. I found a pretty cool article that discussed seven different ways teachers could integrate technology into the classroom. Create a clear vision of what a technological classroom looks like, build an on-campus and online learning network, and invest in yourself as a teacher. These are just a few things that will help in integrating technology into the classroom. The chapter discusses vital conditions to be present before and during integrating technology. Just as I have learned to create a clear vision of what a classroom integrated with technology looks like. It is also important to share your vision so that all levels of the school and district can properly plan for what will be needed. Policies have to be put in place to ensure safe and ethical use of the internet. There are so many things that can happen these days with viruses and hackers. You definitely would not want to have a parent file a lawsuit on you or the school for inappropriate matter on the internet. Schools also have to implement technical assistance and skilled personnel that would help mentor, train, coach, and model how the technology works. Unfortunately, that is one area where teachers are at a loss. The training department for teachers is not what it should be. Teachers are constantly taking training courses that are more like daily workshops. Technology should be set up differently because of the many facets that it entails. Finally, teaching strategies are the key to success. Teachers have to find an accurate and efficient way to teach and assess their students. I believe that once a teacher has many of these things in place the classroom will be transformed into a new, more advanced classroom; A classroom that works with the teacher and for the students. It is easy to see how fast technology is growing. It is a decision of the schools to decide what kind of technology program to implement. It is the schools responsibility to stick with the plan and back that plan so that it has the best chance for success. The
  • 2. teacher’s role is a vital one while integrating technology. They are the ones that will be using, teaching, and assessing students. There are several resources available to teachers outside of the school. Teachers who really want a classroom integrated with technology will have to work for it. There is a place for technology in every classroom around the world no matter the size. Resources Cheska, M. S. (2010, April 17). 7 Ways to increase teacher technology integration in the classroom. Retrieved from increase-teacher-technology-integration-in-the-classroom/ Roblyer, M. D., & Doering, A. H. (2010). Integrating educational technology into teaching. New York, NY: Pearson Education Inc. no longer supports Internet Explorer.

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The Indolence of the Filipino: Reaction Paper

by Rojie Bangga

The Indolence of the Filipino was written in response to the claim that Filipinos were lazy and preferred to gamble their money rather than work on the farm. He began the essay with a description of life in the Philippines prior to the arrival of the Spanish. There are numerous references to the islands' abundance and the natives' diplomacy in dealing with foreigners, including Pigafetta, Morga, and many others. After that, Rizal explained how the Spanish conquest of the Philippines had turned the Filipinos into an indolent people.

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Jenny Mituda

Activity 4 - The Indolence of the Filipino

Luwela Amor

'Juan Tamad: Are Filipinos naturally indolent? Examination of Jose Rizal's 'The Indolence of the Filipino'

Ashley Nicole Ulep

Who is behind the indolence of the Filipinos?

Reden James Lagoy

The Indolence of the Filipinos

Amiel Divinagracia

The Filipino Indolence

AnnJellica Marasigan

Angel O . Untal IV

In Rizal’s "The Indolence of the Filipino," he discussed why and how Filipinos became indolent, mostly in the eyes of the Spaniards. He discussed the reasons for it, and most of the reasons are not due to the inherent indolence of the Filipinos but rather brought upon by the Spanish colonizers. The indolence of Filipinos is not caused by an inherent trait but rather by the experiences they had through the oppressions of the Spanish colonizers. It is not because of their backwardness or crudeness. Rizal indicated that indolence exists, and it exists in every one of us and in all races.

Reflection Paper on Jose Rizal's "The Indolence of the Filipino"

Marlon Espedillon

This paper explores the theoretical framework of the essay The Indolence of the Filipinos written by Jose Rizal as his brilliant defense to challenge the prejudicial identification of the natives as indolent subjects for subjugation and colonization, perpetuated through the early recounts of the history. Using social science theories, the term indolence is problematized to determine its raison d'être as expedited by historical, political, social, and economic impetuses. The ontological forces that sustained the practice are examined as essential factors in the production and reproduction of the identity of our ancestors in juxtaposition with how we define indolence at present times. Finally, the theory of practice by Pierre Bourdieu was used as a lens in understanding how a certain predisposition (habitus) was configured out of coercive experiences of subjugation and how this predisposed identity manifested an agency to campaign for education and liberty as the panacea to cure indolence, which may also debilitate the same pathology that cripples the society nowadays.

Theorizing "The Indolence of the Filipinos"

Asher Manangan

Rizal’s The Indolence of the Filipino

Patrisha Nicolle de leon


De Leon, Patrisha Nicolle T. - The Indolence of the Filipino


Fatima Clarin

An examination on the effects of colonialism on Filipino creativity, industriousness, perseverance, and other virtues.

Assessment Paper: The Indolence of the Filipinos by Jose Rizal

Georgette Tengco


luis morales

Jose rizal the indolence of the filipino

Niña Angeline Infante

Activity No.4: Buhay at Mga Sinulat ni Rizal Examine how Rizal keenly observed the effects of colonialism on Filipino creativity, industriousness, perseverance, and other virtues.

"Breaking the Chains of Stereotypes: Reflecting on Rizal's 'The Indolence of the Filipino'"

Camille Angela Zarate

A paper on how Rizal keenly observed the effects of colonialism on Filipino virtues

John Rojell Elizaga

Analysis Paper: Examination of how Rizal keenly observed the effects of colonialism on Filipino values (The Indolence of the Filipino)

Tamad nga ba si Juan?: An Analysis of “The Indolence of the Filipino” by Jose Rizal and its relation to Weweng’s Odyssey  narrated by Gwyneth Marquez

John Russell M . Freyra

A Critical Paper of The First Filipino

jamaica mae rubio

PRe 1 I thank Marina Durano for useful discussions on some points. I take responsibility for any remaining errors and omissions. Rizal's economic ideas are among the least studied aspects of his work. A careful reading of his writing, however, particularly his 1890 essay " On the indolence of the Filipinos, " suggests that Rizal's economic views were in general agreement with those of Enlightenment thinkers regarding the basis of progress, which was to be found in freedom of commerce and a government that was effective in its inherently limited sphere. The apparent absence of specific recommendations or hints of economic policy did not reflect a lacuna in Rizal's thought but a proper concern for the prior and more important issues of specifying the minimal institutional foundations of a functioning economy—namely, the maintenance of peace, security of property rights, and facilitating the free movement of people and goods. Rizal went beyond Smithian minimalism, however, since he viewed the Spanish colonization as having not only severely undermined incentives but also destroyed hitherto promising and sound informal institutions that would have supported material progress among the subject Filipinos. As a result, Rizal viewed the reform of formal institutions as a necessary but insufficient condition for promoting the country's economic progress. This was another important reason for his insistence on the need for mass education.

Indolence, incentives, and institutions

Jennina Mari J . Caaway

Critical Paper for The First Filipino

Jose Michael Inocentes

The First Filipino by Juan Ma. Guerrero is the biography of our national hero, Jose Rizal. It analyzed his existence and influences on the people of his time and now. This essay defines what Rizal represented and how his morals reflect Philippine society today. It examines issues that Rizal experienced and became involved in, comparing them to what these issues stand for now. This paper includes personal opinions and claims with a historical basis, both describing and defining the first Filipino.

(Critical Paper #1) The First Filipino

Aira R. Dela Peña

A Reflection Paper on Renato Constantino`s " The Miseducation of the Filipinos" by Aira R. Dela Peña

A Reflection Paper on Renato Constantino’s "The Miseducation of the Filipinos" by Aira R. Dela Peña

angel indonela

Reflect on Rizal’s struggles, intellectual development, and protests against Spanish colonialism. We, the Filipinos really admire he’s great contribution to our beloved country but to the fact that we actually slowly forgetting him for the reason that he already passed away and we should not dig up his bitter past. If we learn the real truth from the event that he fought for the Filipinos, we will understand the importance of what he did and why he is still recognized by us today. Also, to know his life and works and what he went through in 35 years of life.

Reflection Paper on "The First Filipino" by Juan Ma. Guerrero

Julie Ann Samar

The First Filipino - Reaction Paper

The Philippines: A Century hence was written by Jose Rizal and was published in La Solaridad, a newspaper run by Filipino Illustrados in Spain. This essay was made to supplement his works, especially his two famous works “Noli Me Tangere” and El Filibusterismo” as his works made confusion on what it wants to entail to its readers. Because the readers of his works interpreted it as a means to spread the message of revolution but he do not condone violence and all he wanted is reformation and assimilation to what he called “the mother country” Spain. His work was heavily influenced by the enlightenment ideology spreading in Europe during his time and by the book of Feodor Jagor. His essay talks about the past what was the Philippines like before and the present time (during his time) and used it as a basis to form a hypothesis on what will happen to the Philippines in the future, hence it is not a random prediction. And what he told was did really happen in the Philippines later. His essay contains the miseries Filipinos experienced during the three decades of the Spanish regime, the reasons why the Filipinos awakened their nationalism, how the Spaniards keep the Filipino indolent and submissive, why Spain could not stop the liberal ideologies emergence in the Philippines, how it can lead to revolution, how to prevent the revolution and it is through reformation, what will happen if the Philippines becomes separated to Spain like how can the country keep its liberty from other foreign invaders, and who among the foreign invaders will colonize the Philippines. He forecasted that after many a century, the Philippines will be in the hands of new foreign masters.

Reflection Paper on "The Philippines a Century Hence" by Jose Rizal

Eula Jean Marayan

Rizal and Filipino Naitonalism: A New Approach

Kyla Franchezka Librada

Inferiority complex amongst Filipino can be traced back then. For some reason, Filipino see their selves lesser than other race specifically the “white men”. In this biography, Rizal prove that it only takes one flame to start a fire. This phrase is often used to describe how a single mistake or misstep can have serious consequences. However, in this paper, fire will symbolize revolution, how one Filipino show his countrymen how to fight against someone who all their life thought was bigger than them. The Philippines was simply a divided island and province until the time of José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda. The concept of a nation has never existed. Our past generations' ideals of nationality and patriotism have been awakened by his works. He demonstrated how the power of words, paper, and pen could start a revolution and give indios the strength to defend their country. Is Rizal recognized the first Filipino for this reason?

A Critical Paper on "The First Filipino by Juan Ma. Guerrero" (Written by Kyla Librada)

Angelo Mari Santos

Based on Leon Ma. Guerrero's The First Filipino, this paper is a summary of the life and works of Rizal. Reflection on Rizal’s struggles, intellectual development, and protests against Spanish colonialism.

The First Impression to the First Filipino

Ervin John Cacdac

2021, Ervin John A. Cacdac

The Philippines: A past revisited (critic paper) by Ervin John Cacdac

Angelika G. Paris

A Critical Essay on The Miseducation of the Filipino by Renato Constantino (Written by Angelika G. Paris)

Noelle Escultero

The Miseducation of the Filipino by Renato Constantino - A Critical Paper

Diane Joy Libay

Critical Essay - The Miseducation of the Filipino by Renato Constantino

A reaction on Rizal's on-point prediction of the American occupation in the Philippines and his continued fight for reforms during the Spanish occupation.

Reaction Paper: The Philippines a Century Hence by Jose Rizal

Lara Cagayan

The Philippines a Century Hence

Pacey Dela Paz

2021, Dela Paz, Pacey Franz B.

Leon Ma is the author of The First Filipino. Despite stiff competition, Guerrero was awarded First Prize in the Rizal Biography Contest held under the auspices of the Jose Rizal National Centennial Commission in 1961. Guerrero has brought historical facts to life by depicting Rizal as a real person in this novel. This paper is about Rizal's life and how he helped the Filipinos become more educated and fight against the Spanish colonies to achieve absolute freedom.

Reflection Paper: The First Filipino. By Leon Ma. Guerrero

Wilmer Concepcion

A Critical Essay on The Miseducation of Filipinos by Renato Constantino

Justine jannah Taguibao

Rethink how Rizal almost begged for reforms within the Spanish colonial setup through this paper and predicted correctly that the Americans would invade the country if Spain refuses to institute reform. (The Philippine a Century Hence by Dr. Jose Rizal)

Rizal’s Vision Forecasting the Future of the Philippines- A Critical Analysis of Jose Rizal's "The Philippines a Century Hence"

Guillienne Myckhaylla Perez

2023, A Reflection Paper on Renato Constantino's "The Mis-Education of the Filipinos" by Guillienne Perez

Indeed, education is a powerful weapon which could be used as an instrument for either manipulation or obtaining liberty. As a tactic for colonization where various misconceptions can be implanted in the minds of the people, colonizers can take over their colonies using the psychological strategy where they can manipulate the people’s mind to appease them. But as a tool to secure independence, education is powerful enough to break the illusions and deceptions brought by their colonists, freeing their senses towards the betterment of their lives.

A Reflection Paper on Renato Constantino's "The Mis-Education of the Filipinos" by Guillienne Perez

A paper on how Rizal almost begged for reforms within the Spanish colonial setup through "The Philippines a Century Hence" and predicted correctly that the Americans would invade the country if Spain refuses to institute reform.

José Rizal's The Philippines a Century Hence A Prophetic Plea for Reforms and the Anticipated American Intervention

Christine Anne Mendoza


Twinkle Juliana B . Mente

2023, Twinkle Juliana B. Mente

A Critical Essay on "The Miseducation of the Filipino" by Renato Constantino.

Analyn Jimenez

"The First Filipino," the aptly named book authored by Leon Ma. Guerrero, serves as an invaluable key to unlock a deeper understanding of José Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines. The book sparks contemplation on the significance of Rizal's life and sacrifices, challenging us to question our role in preserving this invaluable heritage. How long will his impact remain if we forget the sacrifices of our national hero? Do we choose to turn a blind eye and remain apathetic even now, or will we embrace the privilege we have to act and confront the injustices in our society? Guerrero's book ignites these questions, compelling us to examine our own place in the ongoing struggle for a better future.

Activity 1: A Critical Paper about: "The First Filipino: A Biography of Jose Rizal"

The socio-political context during the Spanish colonial area in the Philippines was very discriminatory for the Filipinos. During that time the Filipino people are treated like slaves by the Spanish representatives of the Crown and by the friars. They used their power, education, and religion to control the people for three centuries because the Filipinos lack the said leverage and also they do not have a collective consciousness of being one nation. Through these occurrences, the Filipinos, one of them being Rizal, formed a consciousness that the Filipinos are being oppressed and that they must do something about it to stop these discriminant acts towards them.

Reflection Paper on Renato Constantino's "The Philippines: A Past Revisited" (Chapter 4 to Chapter 12)

John Claire Mejica


Jhaelan D S Mampusti

At every well-known historical event in the Philippines, although huge number of people were involved, it may sound a lot but only few to count names of people are to be passed down to the next generations. Whether it was an act of heroism, an act of being a traitor or an act of sacrifice, if not the most famous, at least one of the top people who are known to the Philippine history, there was Jose Rizal.

A Reflection on "The First Filipino"

Maureen Padilla

2023, Maureen L. Padilla

The purpose of this paper is to summarize and evaluate the piece of Leon Ma. Guerrero III, " The First Filipino: A Biography of Jose Rizal."

The First Filipino Critical Paper

Aliyah Faith Malinay

A Critique Paper on: “The Miseducation of the Filipino” by Renato Constantino

Richella San Antonio

2022, Richella San Antonio

Why the Filipinos have been miseducated? This book of Renato Constantino "The Miseducation of the Filipino" published in 1966 by Malaya Books reveals how did Filipinos were miseducated by the Americans. In Constantino's comprehensive analysis of how the Americans were able to subdue and influence the Filipinos, he demonstrated that the introduction of Education among the Filipinos became the reason for the Americans to have control.

The Miseducation of the Filipino- Critical Essay

Robin Art Berja

Critical Paper on The First Filipino- A Biography of Jose Rizal by Leon Ma. Guerrero

Andrea Jhoanna Aranda

A Critical Analysis on The Miseducation of the Filipino by Renato Constantino


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Reaction Paper Stress and Filipino

reaction paper filipino sample

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    republic of the philippines president ramon magsaysay state university zambales telefax address: name: marielle legaspi date: march 12, 2022.

  7. SOLUTION: Reaction paper filipino subject

    REACTION PAPER: STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS (SONA) President Benigno Aquino Jr , Philippines INTRODUCTION: Ang SONA ay isang malaking pagkakataon para sa

  8. SOLUTION: Reaction paper i am a filipino

    Purchase document to see full attachment. User generated content is uploaded by users for the purposes of

  9. Reaction Paper on the Filipino Is Worth Dying for

    ... Filipinos peacefully. One example of the great citizens that I was talking about would be Mark Twain who said "We have robbed a trusting friend of his


    Research paper in filipinoSFYC.

  11. The Indolence of the Filipino: Reaction Paper

    The Spanish government and its officials set a poor example. Spanish officials, according to Dr. Jose Rizal, get up at noon, go to work late, and return home

  12. Reaction Paper Stress and Filipino

    " Filipinos really feel stressed, but they hide it too well. You tend to hide as much as possible. A better example of this from the article is an overseas

  13. The Indolence of the Filipino People Reaction Paper

    Essay Sample: I. BACKGROUND The essay was written by Jose Rizal during the writing of La Solidaridad in 1887 in Berlin.

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    View Essay - OFW. Reaction Paper.docx from GED 105 at Mapúa Institute of Technology. Topic: An Overseas Filipino Worker Article: