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Top 100 opinion essay topics in 2020.

August 5, 2020

Opinion Essay Topics

When you need some great opinion essay topics, you just read our list of 100 amazing ideas and pick the opinion essay topic you like. It’s that simple, and it is 100% free. Our seasoned writers are experts at writing opinion essay topics and they can even teach you how to write opinion essay – if you need our help.

Get an A+ With Our Awesome Opinion Essay Topics

Let’s be honest: writing an opinion essay can be so much easier if you have the right topic. Our amazing writers have put together a list of awesome ideas for opinion essays for you. You can use any one of our topics for free and you can even reword them as you see fit. Pick one of the following topics and start writing right away!

Environment Opinion Essay

If you are interested in the environment and have something to prove, you are more than welcome to write your paper on an environmental topic:

  • Is global warming a big lie?
  • The creation of the Panama Canal.
  • Should we chip animals to keep track of them?
  • The Polar Ice Cap is at risk.
  • Polar bears are on the brink of extinction.
  • Will electric cars save our environment?

Opinion Essay Topics 5th Grade

5th grade students will be thrilled to learn that we have some excellent topics that they can use in 2020:

  • Do we really need to eat animals?
  • What is true friendship really?
  • Why you need at least a second language.
  • What is the best TV show right now?
  • Family time is very important.

Best 5-paragraph Opinion Paper Topics

If you want to make sure the topic you choose is perfect for a 5 paragraph essay, just pick one of the topics below:

  • Should we abolish the death penalty in the US?
  • What’s the best place for a summer vacation?
  • Music helps you do your homework quicker.
  • Reasons to ban smoking.
  • Problems of the current United States tax system.
  • We should ban the export of weapons.

IELTS Opinion Essay Topics

Are you preparing for the IELTS test? Take a look at our IELTS opinion essay topics, pick the one you like, and then go ahead and write the best essay you can:

  • Why do you think prevention is better than cure?
  • Information security problems in the 21st century.
  • Single-sex schools vs. co-ed schools.
  • Can children learn by watching TV?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of buying online.

Easy Topics for Writing an Opinion Essay

There are some easy topics that you can write an essay on in a matter of hours. Here are some of the best examples we can think of:

  • We need free Wi-Fi in all public places in the US.
  • Do we really need the death penalty?
  • The Internet should not be censored in any way.
  • I support the 3-day weekend.
  • The benefits of learning history.
  • We should clone people.

Social Media Opinion Topics

Are you interested in writing about social media? Or perhaps you want people to know your option about something related to social media. Here are some topics for you:

  • Censorship on the Internet in the 21st century.
  • Does Twitter act like a political messenger?
  • Is Facebook ruining our social life?
  • Students rely too much on their gadgets.
  • Not using social media for 3 days in a row.
  • Identity theft on social media platforms.

College-level Opinion Writing Topics

College-level opinion essay topics are more complex than high school ones (we have those in our list as well). Here are some examples you can use right now:

  • College education should be free for everyone in the US.
  • College lectures should be made shorter.
  • Children should not be targeted by ads.
  • The disadvantages of e-learning.
  • COVID-19 used to suppress our constitutional rights.

Funny Opinion Paper Topics

Did you know that making your professor laugh is one of the easiest ways to get some bonus points? Just use one of our funny opinion paper topics:

  • KFC is my least favorite restaurant.
  • Drinking wine every day is recommended.
  • The benefits of being a gaming pro.
  • The things your driving instructor didn’t tell you.
  • No, the client is almost never right.
  • Here is what your dog thinks about you.

Political Science Opinion Topics

We have some of the best political science opinion paper topics that you can think of (updated for 2020). Here are some examples:

  • The true face of political leaders.
  • Gun control and the politics behind it.
  • Is socialism better than capitalism?
  • Does the US economy depend on migrants?
  • Why I love the US foreign policy.
  • The media today has no freedom of speech.

Some Unpopular Opinion Topics

You are free to write your opinion about anything you like, including unpopular opinion topics. Give one of these ideas a try right now:

  • Abortion should be made illegal everywhere.
  • Why we need to be able to own guns.
  • Mandatory death penalty offences.
  • The Mexico border wall.
  • Students are getting too much homework. (one of the greatest opinion essay topics)
  • The United States lost the Vietnam War.

Topics About Nursing

Are you interested in writing about nursing? Finding the right topic in nursing has never been easier. Just pick one of our ideas:

  • Should we force people to vaccinate their children?
  • Healthcare and racial problems.
  • The benefits of Obama Care.
  • What causes Autism?
  • Stress in the ER room.

Some Ideas for Opinion Articles

You can find opinion essay examples free of charge on the Internet, but you can’t find excellent topics. Here are some interesting ideas for you:

  • We should tax the rich more.
  • The real number of calories in fast food products.
  • How to dress for success.
  • Legalizing marijuana in the United Kingdom.
  • Why I hate my last name. (one of the best topics for opinion essay papers)
  • We need genetically modified crops.
  • Why are Stem cells so useful?

Opinion Essay Topics About Education

You are more than welcome to write an essay about education, of course. You can find some excellent opinion essay examples on our blog as well.

  • Benefits of non-traditional schools.
  • Should we trust online sources?
  • Ways to fight campus violence.
  • The best alternative to the GPA. (one of the best ideas for opinion writing)
  • Gender schools should not exist in the 21st century.

Good Opinion Topics for High School

Looking for some good opinion essay topics for high school? We are here to help! Choose one of the topics below and start writing right away:

  • Humans will be on Mars by 2030.
  • Herbal practitioners are con artists.
  • The problem with tsunami warning systems.
  • Is remote education any good?
  • Are e-books reliable sources of information?
  • Identifying the generation gap.

History Topics

We have some opinion paper topics related to history that we think you will love. Here are some of the best:

  • The history of the smartphone.
  • The Abolition of Slavery in the US.
  • Discuss symbolism in Ancient Rome.
  • How WW II started.
  • Racial bias in Ancient Egypt.
  • What caused the Pearl Harbor attack?

A Couple of Public Opinion Topics

Looking for some opinion ideas related to public opinion? Stop struggling to find the perfect topic and pick one of the ideas from our list:

  • Gun control enforcement problems.
  • Best way to prevent illegal abortions.
  • Should Obama Care be eliminated?
  • Signs our foreign policy is not working.
  • Does the US have the right to police the world?
  • Bernie Sanders of Donald Trump?
  • Should the US focus on preventing global warming?

Topics About Animals

Read a great opinion essay sample to get an idea about how to write the paper and then pick one of our topics related to animals:

  • Poaching is putting African elephants at risk.
  • Should we train our pets?
  • Pets should be kept only outside.
  • We would perish without bees. (one of the best opinion writing ideas)
  • Exotic animals as pets.
  • Banning the use of animals in circuses.
  • Zoo animals are unhappy.

Writing an Opinion Essay: Tips and Tricks

When writing an opinion essay, you need to know how to start. Before you get to writing the paper, learn how do you start off an opinion essay. Remember that the opening statement in opinion essay is very important. It can make or break your paper.

To learn how to start an opinion essay quickly, you should read a few good opinion essay samples. Our academic writers and editors can help you with some samples or simply show you how to write an opinion essay. And remember, starting with an opinion essay outline is an extremely important step towards an A+!

opinion essay interesting topics

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opinion essay interesting topics

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165 Opinion Essay Topics to Write About

16 Feb 2023

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❓What is An Opinion Essay?

✒️How to Choose Opinion Essay Topic

📑Opinion Essay Topics:

  • 🎒For High School
  • 🎓For College Students
  • 📱 Social Media
  • 🎭Psychology
  • 🤝 Political Science
  • 🎲Thought-Provoking
  • 🪴Environment
  • 📙 Literature

One of the most challenging tasks in writing an opinion essay is choosing the topic. A good opinion essay topic is one that allows the writer to express their views and beliefs on a current event or a controversial issue. It's crucial to opt for a theme that piques your interests and has the scope to allow you to present your opinion.

In this blog post, you will find opinion essay topics on different genres, from education to politics and even sports.

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  • Deadline: July 24, 2023
  • Topic: Declaration of Independence
  • Language: English
  • Length: 1000-5000 words
  • Font size: 11 or 12

Writing essays

What is An Opinion Essay?

Opinion essays are essays in which the author presents and defends their point of view on a particular issue. The opinion presented is supported through relevant evidence and examples.

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Get your paper written by a professional writer

Good Opinion Essay Topic: How to Choose

There are a few things to consider when brainstorming opinion essay topic ideas.

  • Is the topic something you're interested in?
  • Can you come up with a strong personal opinion on the topic?
  • Is the topic something that can be debated?
  • Is the topic something that people will want to read about?

Opinion Essay Topics for High School

There is a variety of opinion writing ideas that high school students can choose from. Some popular opinion topics, for example, include: the significance of staying physically fit, the importance of eating habits, implications of eating disorders, how government control religious practices, etc. The important point to note while selecting an opinion essay topic is to consider your personal beliefs and interests.

  • The benefits of a college education
  • Impact of social media on adolescent growth
  • The pros and cons of standardised testing
  • The importance of physical education
  • The benefits of extracurricular activities
  • The effects of bullying on teen development
  • Why are family bonds important?
  • An opinion essay on the benefits of positive self-esteem
  • The effects of teenage pregnancy on teen development
  • The pros and cons of co-ed schooling
  • The importance of volunteer work
  • The benefits of a healthy diet
  • The effects of teenage drinking and drug use
  • Is time management suitable for students?
  • The importance of a good education

Opinion Essay Topics for College Students

A college student usually navigates through a plethora of different controversial issues and dilemma during his/her education. Students who want to express their thoughts and ideas while also engaging in a meaningful debate can use an opinion essay writing as an opportunity. From campus violence related issues to gun laws, students get the chance to put their views and beliefs ahead. Some good opinion essay topics that are relevant to the experiences are as follows:

  • The impact of social media on the development of teenage social skills
  • The benefits of studying abroad for college students
  • The effects of a college education on future income potential
  • The importance of internships for college students
  • The value of a liberal arts education
  • How to choose the right college for you
  • How to pay for college
  • The role of college athletics in the educational experience
  • How to balance work and school
  • The challenges of returning to school as an adult
  • The impact of technology on the college experience
  • The changing role of the professor in the classroom
  • The benefits of study groups
  • How to stay motivated in college
  • The importance of college graduation

Stuck with finding the right title?

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Personal Opinion Essay Topics

Topics for personal opinion essays can encompass everything from current events to personal experiences. When selecting a topic for an opinion essay, it's crucial to ensure that you have a strong stance and can back it up with solid evidence. Opinion topics provide an opportunity to persuade others and introduce them to a diverse range of perspectives.

  • The impact of social media on personal relationships
  • The dangers of smoking
  • The importance of regular exercise
  • The effects of stress on the body
  • The benefits of getting a good night's sleep
  • The dangers of drinking alcohol
  • The importance of staying safe online
  • The effects of technology on the brain
  • The benefits of meditation
  • The dangers of using too much screen time
  • The benefits of a positive outlook on life
  • The effects of gratitude on happiness
  • The importance of spending time with loved ones
  • The importance of taking time for oneself

Public Opinion Essay Topics

Public opinion refers to the attitudes and views held by a substantial segment of society regarding a specific issue. These opinions are typically impacted by a range of factors, such as government policies, personal experiences, and cultural values. Here are some ideas for public opinion essay topics to consider:

  • How does the media shape public opinion?
  • Are there any benefits to having a public opinion?
  • How much impact do social networking platforms have on us?
  • Does the public have a right to know everything?
  • How can we ensure that the public’s opinion is heard?
  • How does angry parenting affect children
  • The pros and cons of health insurance
  • Modern pop stars and their influence on the youth
  • Does the government have a responsibility to act on the opinion of the public?
  • Is it possible to have a collective opinion?
  • How can we ensure that public opinion is not impacted by fake news?
  • Who should be responsible for shaping the opinion of the common man?
  • Analysing the impact of media coverage on public
  • The effectiveness of military training programs
  • The pros and cons of using medical marijuana

Topics for Social Media Opinion Essays

Online social platforms have become a significant part of our daily existence. They affect various aspects of our lives in various ways. Hence, there is a multitude of potential essay topics to consider. Here are a few examples of opinion essay topics to keep in mind:

  • How have online social platforms changed the way we communicate?
  • Online social platforms shaping the way we think
  • Influence of social media on human behaviour
  • How can we use online social platforms for our benefit?
  • Drawbacks of using digital social platforms
  • Ways how online social platforms impact mental health
  • Is your physical health impacted due to excessive use of online social apps?
  • Influence of social media platforms on relationships.
  • How does excessive use of social media affect our productivity?
  • Is it ethical for parents to have access to social media control tools
  • How are political leaders using online social apps for their benefit?
  • How is social media shaping our societal norms?
  • Unleashing the power of social media platforms and online communication
  • Do online social platforms affect our control over privacy?
  • Navigating the dark side of online social platforms and their threat to our society

Sports Opinion Essay Topics

If you're a sports fan, there are many aspects of sports that make for great opinion essay topics. Whether you choose to write about the impact of sports on youth growth or the evolving nature of the sports world, make sure to present a clear, well-supported opinion backed by relevant research and data. Students also opt for university essays for sale which provide a solution to get high-quality opinion essays Here are some sports related topics you can choose from for your opinion essay:

  • The impact of sports on society
  • An opinion essay on the business of sports
  • Sports and its contribution to national identity
  • The impact of sports on individual development
  • The positive and negative effects of sports on mental health
  • Sports and the media
  • Sports and gender
  • Sports and disability
  • Elite sports and the exploitation of athletes
  • Amateur sports and the benefits for participants
  • Sports and obesity
  • Sports and violence
  • Sports and gambling today and in the past decades
  • The impact of sports on international relations
  • Envisioning the future of sports, trends and predictions

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Topics in Psychology for Opinion Essay

Psychology is a captivating field of study that has sparked numerous opinions and debates for years. If you're seeking thought-provoking topics for your opinion essay within psychology, there are many fascinating options to choose from:

  • How does the human brain process information?
  • How do different cultures perceive mental illness?
  • How does the media affect the way people view mental illness?
  • What are the benefits of therapy?
  • What are the different types of therapy?
  • Assessing the Efficiency of Various Therapeutic Approaches
  • How do family dynamics affect mental health?
  • An opinion essay on stress and its effect on mental health?
  • How does trauma affect mental health?
  • How does poverty affect mental health?
  • How does immigration affect mental health?
  • How does discrimination affect mental health?
  • How does social media affect mental health?
  • Do Internal online platforms affect mental health?
  • Technological advancement in the field of psychology

Political Science Opinion Essay Topics

The study of politics provides numerous opportunities for crafting thought-provoking opinion essays. There is a range of topics to choose from, covering everything from local politics to international governance and political control instrument. Here are some opinion essay topics that you can choose from relevant to the subject of political science:

  • The impact of social media on political participation
  • The impact of campaign finance on the political process
  • The role of the media in shaping public opinion
  • How does the voting system impact the political outcomes
  • The impact of political polarisation on legislative productivity
  • The impact of gerrymandering on electoral outcomes
  • The impact of term limits on the quality of representation
  • The impact of redistricting on political representation
  • Campaign advertising and its effect on voter behaviour
  • Political dynasties and how they shape political competition
  • The role and effect of youth engagement in the political process
  • The impact of women's participation in politics
  • Does ethnic diversity contribute to political outcomes?
  • Religious diversity and how it shapes political outcomes
  • The influence of social media on political division

Thought-Provoking Opinion Writing Topics

A powerful way to communicate and engage your perspective with society is by opinion writing For instance, you can write about artificial intelligence, slavery controversy, global warming, any philosophy essay topics , or modern society. In all cases, a successful opinion essay is one that resonates with you at a personal level. Here are some essay topics to help you with choosing the perfect one:

  • What is the key to academic success?
  • Does Asian culture dominate the business world?
  • Eating disorders- is the media to blame?
  • Vulgar power display and its impact on society - is this a good thing?
  • Is the current drinking age too high?
  • Are angry parents to blame for behavioural problems in children?
  • What are your personal views on domestic violence?
  • Is modern culture based on the ideology of feminism?
  • Do we need to rethink the way we approach education?
  • Is the internet a positive or negative force in our lives?
  • Should we be worried about the rise of artificial intelligence?
  • How do we deal with the challenges of globalisation and economic inequality?
  • What is the future of the human race?
  • Should we be more environmentally conscious and take steps to help with global warming?
  • How can we create a better world?

History Opinion Essay Topics

History is a realm that lets you get a glimpse of the past and understand how events of the past shaped the world of today. There are many opinion essay topics that you can choose from, including the events leading up to World War, civil wars, and colonialism. Here are some opinion essay topics you can choose from if you are interested in history:

  • How has the role of women changed in society over the past few decades?
  • How has modern culture affected the way we view traditional values?
  • How do different cultures view slavery and the slave trade?
  • How does the rest of the world view our country and its politics?
  • How did World War II affect the entire world?
  • How has the internet changed the way we research and learn about history?
  • How do different cultures celebrate holidays and traditions?
  • What are some lesser-known historical facts about your own country?
  • What are some controversial topics in history that are still debated today?
  • How do we remember and commemorate historical events?
  • How do we balance historical accuracy with the artistic license when telling historical stories?
  • What is the future of historical research and scholarship?
  • How do we ensure that the lessons of history are not forgotten?
  • What is the impact of historical revisionism on our understanding of the past?
  • How does history shape our understanding of the present and future?

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Environment Opinion Essay Topics

We cannot deny the fact that the environment is an important part of our planet, and it has a paramount impact on all of us. If you are an environment enthusiast, then you must be searching for an opinion essay topic that translates your beliefs. Here are several opinion essay topics that you can choose from:

  • What is the ecological impact of global warming?
  • What is the negative impact of technological advancement on the environment?
  • What is the ecological impact of mass-produced chicken?
  • What is the impact of ecology education on the environment?
  • What is the impact of environmental awareness on the world?
  • The devastating effects of climate change on our planet.
  • What is the impact of human activity on the environment?
  • Vanishing forests, vanishing future: the consequences of deforestation
  • What is the impact of pollution on the environment?
  • Overpopulation and its impact on the environment: the truth or a hidden agenda
  • What is the impact of capitalism on the environment?
  • What is the impact of consumerism on the environment?
  • What is the impact of globalisation on the environment?
  • The environmental toll of the industrial revolution
  • The environmental footprint of the digital age

Education Opinion Essay Topics

Societies growth and development depend on education. There are several opinion essay topics that can be explored in the field of education. This can include the role of technology in the education system, gender bias faced by students, and unequal access to quality education. Here are some opinion essay topics on education that you can choose from.

  • How can academic writing help students achieve academic success?
  • What are the benefits of distance learning for high school students?
  • Personal skills that students develop in single gender schools.
  • Is sex education necessary in the school curriculum?
  • How effective is home-schooling as an educational option?
  • Is it a challenging task to educate modern children?
  • What are the flaws of the current educational system?
  • How can the school curriculum be improved?
  • What is the impact of age difference on the educational process?
  • How do modern children spend their free time?
  • What are the benefits of challenging tasks for students?
  • How can students balance their academic and personal lives?
  • Is there a way to reduce stress in the educational process?
  • The negative impact that single gender schools can have on students.
  • What are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for students?

Topics for Opinion Essays on Literature

Literature is a landscape that is rich and offers the opportunity to explore the intangible such as human experience and emotions. One of the most common requests by students is " write an essay for me ", as they try to navigate through a plethora of topics to choose from. To make your life easier, here are some opinion essay topics that you can take inspiration from if you are in the field of education.

  • Classic books that everyone should read
  • The different types of literature and their purposes
  • The impact of Martin Luther King's message on literature
  • The representation of women in classic literature
  • The representation of minorities in classic literature
  • The different ways that classic literature has been interpreted
  • How to use literature to explore social issues
  • Why can literature be used to explore personal issues?
  • The political issues tackled in world literature
  • A retrospective of historical issues through literature works
  • How can literature be used to understand philosophical issues?
  • An exploration of religious issues through secular literature
  • How psychological issues are depicted in literature
  • The figure of the artist in literature
  • The ways that literature can be used to explore any other type of issue

Opinion topics are not easy to decide on. But, if you want to write a winning essay, you need to pick a topic that you have a good understanding of. No matter if you're writing about education, politics, or sports, it's important to have solid evidence and examples to back up your opinion. This way, you can write an interesting and convincing essay that will have a lasting impact on your reader.

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opinion essay interesting topics

210 Good Opinion Topics for Essays

An opinion essay requires a student to present a point of view on a chosen subject and back it up with substantial evidence . Like in a debate, the writer has to give their opinion and defend it while using scholarly resources.

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for 13.00 10.40/page

This article will help you find a good opinion essay topic to write about. You’ll be able to choose between opinion writing topics in different fields: sports, history, or culture. And remember: our custom writing service is always there for you in case you need help with any paper.

  • 🔝 Top 10 Topics
  • ☝️ How to Choose an Opinion Topic
  • 📢 Public Opinion
  • 🙋🏻 Personal Opinion
  • 🌎 Environment
  • 🤔 Thought-Provoking
  • 🧒 Elementary

🔎 References

🔝 top 10 opinion essay topics.

  • Can zoos be ethical?
  • Is education overrated?
  • Is homework beneficial?
  • Do we need space exploration?
  • Should we colonize other planets?
  • Why shouldn’t we idolize celebrities?
  • How much money should athletes make?
  • Should there be more electives in schools?
  • Are single-gender schools better for students?
  • Should parents be involved in the educational process?

☝️ Good Opinion Topic: How to Choose

With opinion essays, the challenge comes in finding the right topic, doing the research, and giving it an academic frame. But no need to worry! If you find an interesting topic to write about, the rest will flow. So, how do you find a good topic?

Each person has their opinions on different subjects. Determining the area of personal interest will help narrow down the choice of essay topics. Besides, Purdue University recommends brainstorming as a way to choose and adjust the topic. To do it, you write down all ideas that come into your mind. Somewhere among these ideas you may find your perfect topic, as well as supporting points. You may even use those as keywords to put into an article topic generator .

📢 Public Opinion Essay Topics

Public opinion involves shared beliefs, desires, and reasoning of the majority. It is usually detected by various polls, which can be a useful resource for your future paper. Keep in mind that public opinion is often concerned with politics. And it might change very quickly! Choose a viewpoint that has been consistent over time. Take a look at these public opinion topics:

Public Opinion vs Personal Opinion.

  • News channels can no longer be trusted.
  • The U.S. government has to make health insurance more affordable.
  • Legalizing cannabis does more damage than good.
  • Owning a firearm makes civilians feel safer.
  • Domestic violence is damaging America.
  • Should abortion remain legal?
  • The high cost of education keeps Americans from the “American dream.”
  • The safety of national parks cannot be compromised.
  • Social media encourages division in the U.S .
  • Is the value of family in the U.S. compromised?
  • Should the U.S. adopt the british tradition of a gap year?
  • The U.S. must treat massive depression as a public health issue.
  • Schools should help parents control the screen time of teenagers.
  • America is fed up with fake news .
  • There is a resolution to economic inequality in the U.S.
  • Did the U.S. respond well to the COVID-19 pandemic ?
  • Can Americans trust the voting system ?
  • Does the U.S. need a military policy reform?
  • The public transportation system is inconvenient in most parts of the U.S.
  • The government should not use DNA testing results.
  • Death penalties should be abolished in all states.
  • Not all policemen are corrupt .
  • Will America ever be satisfied with its president ?
  • The government has to react towards the spread of homelessness in the U.S .
  • Is the U.S. middle class getting overpowered by the upper class ?

🙋🏻 Personal Opinion Essay Topics

As you can guess, a personal opinion essay will flow from the writer’s convictions or concerns. Examine yourself and develop a clear position on a chosen issue. The following list is for essay assignment as well as opinion editorial topics.

  • Social media is feeding depression amongst teenagers.
  • Respect is the key to success in life.
  • Should there be room for ethics in close friendships?
  • Self-pity leads to self-damage.
  • When does a romantic relationship end?
  • The education system has to provide healthier meals.
  • Should homework occupy all the free time of college students?
  • Rest is essential for academic success .
  • Traveling widens one’s worldview .
  • Journaling has a positive effect on one’s emotional state.
  • Cultural shock within your own country is real.
  • Students should be allowed to use e-books in class.
  • Is my school a safe place?
  • Bullying is a sign of insecurity.
  • Academic dishonesty can lead to a destructive lifestyle.
  • Modern businesses don’t need an office.
  • Should the driving age be moved to 18 years?
  • Are working women better mothers?
  • Military training positively affects one’s character.
  • Angry parenting is dysfunctional.
  • Is time management suitable for everybody?
  • Energy drinks : pros and cons.
  • Clothes affect one’s mood and performance.
  • Should schools have sports as mandatory?
  • Is a yearbook worth the effort?

Isaac Asimov quote.

📜 Opinion Topics in History

Human history is full of important events and individuals that are worthy of notice. Topics concerning wars, civil riots, political decisions, or specific individuals often split opinion. The opinion essay topics in history might involve questions about morals, reasonability of choices, sacrifice, and heroism. Here are some topic examples.

  • Is it ethical to charge people for visiting museums ?
  • The Sons of Liberty played a crucial role in U.S. history.
  • Gender equality in education stirred up a positive change in society.
  • Did the election of the African American president influence the issue of racism?
  • Can America be called “the land of opportunities”?
  • American initiative made the fight for diversity possible.
  • Americans take the 9/11 tragedy personally.
  • Holocaust was a catastrophe for humanity.
  • History has proven communism to be dysfunctional.
  • The Renaissance art is still influencing us today.
  • Catholic Church has played a vital role in world history.
  • Is there less violence in the world now than it was in the Roman empire ?
  • The U.S. should’ve switched to the metric system long ago.
  • The industrial revolution : pros and cons.
  • World countries teach different stories about World War II .
  • Is Hatshepsut a good female role model?
  • Should Germany be blamed for Hitler’s rise to power?
  • Will humanity ever come to a war-free time?
  • Does Asian culture dominate the world?
  • Dyslexia didn’t get on the way to Da Vinci’s success.
  • Middle age doctors should’ve listened to Hippocrates about abnormal behaviors.
  • Tea has connected cultures throughout the ages.
  • Gorbachev’s governance led to the Soviet Union’s collapse.
  • Can obsessive book reading in past centuries be called an addiction?
  • International trade is an ancient means of cross-cultural connections.

🌎 Environment Opinion Topics to Write About

The environment affects all people, which makes it an important topic. Some people take this subject too lightly; others are taking environmental problems personally. It is an excellent field for the opinion essay because it generates controversial views. One of these topics might seem compelling to you.

  • Is it possible to grow organic food on a polluted planet?
  • Is mass-produced chicken healthy?
  • Will the environmental degradation affect women farmers?
  • Can wildfires be prevented?
  • Can solar-powered batteries solve the problem of air pollution ?
  • Does global warming affect our health?
  • Recycling must be mandatory worldwide.
  • Can deforestation be prevented?
  • The government has to invest in curing the soil.
  • Organic fertilizers should replace chemicals.
  • U.N. countries must resolve the problem of polluted oceans .
  • Abandoned buildings have to be reused.
  • Humanity is to blame for the climate change.
  • Local government must preserve public parks.
  • Does air pollution slow down the advancement of astronomy ?
  • Hydraulic fracturing damages the planet.
  • Can an individual make a difference in the environment?
  • Does air traveling contribute to air pollution?
  • Is the animal exhibition threatening for the environment?
  • Is sustainability a viable aspiration for a community?
  • Light pollution carries massive consequences.
  • Multinational corporations should participate in combating climate change.
  • Radical global change is worth saving the planet.
  • Do modern cemeteries contribute to soil pollution ?
  • Ecology-saving projects must be well-funded.

Douglas Adams quote.

🤔 Thought-Provoking Opinion Writing Topics

If you are looking for a topic that will stir up a range of emotions and thoughts in your reader, this category is for you. At its core, the opinion essay is about sharing one’s standpoint. A good essay can make the audience reconsider their views on the subject. Take a look at the list of thought-provoking topics for intriguing writing.

  • Does social media normalize hateful behavior?
  • Can a woman pursue a career and be a good mother?
  • Will there be iPhone-level inventions in the future?
  • Can suicide rates amongst the elderly be lowered?
  • Should there be cyber police?
  • Is there such a thing as a victimless crime?
  • Should technological progress happen at the expense of people’s health?
  • Is it possible to stop global human trafficking ?
  • Schools must maintain sex education .
  • Can children be allowed to engage in hard labor by free choice?
  • Are zoos ethical?
  • Same-sex couples should be allowed adopting children.
  • Religious beliefs have a positive effect on one’s character.
  • The medicine that causes suicidal ideations should be banned.
  • Movies create a disturbing image of people with psychological abnormalities.
  • What’s the role of a father in parenting?
  • Should parents have mandatory classes on parenting ?
  • Each family has to take care of elderly relatives.
  • Religious education: pros and cons.
  • Will artificial intelligence lead the world into chaos?
  • Can people make free choices in the presence of online ads ?
  • Modern fashion normalizes promiscuous clothing.
  • Can we call pasta an American dish?
  • Should abstract painters be paid millions?
  • Is it ethical to lie to children?

🧒 Good Opinion Writing Topics: Elementary

Opinion writing isn’t just for college, and opinion sharing isn’t for adults only. There are many subjects that students of all ages can write about because they too have personal views. If you are looking for an easy topic for an elementary, middle, or high school assignment, this list is for you.

  • Should a person control their screen time ?
  • Are vegetarians healthier than meat-eaters?
  • Should schools have a uniform ?
  • Does cybersport have benefits?
  • Homework : pros and cons.
  • Should children be required to do chores at home?
  • Does reading books improve academic abilities?
  • Do emojis help people express themselves better?
  • What does it take to be a good cat owner?
  • Group assignments : pros and cons.
  • Social media promotes an unrealistic lifestyle.
  • Prom should be fun, not stressful.
  • Can bullying be prevented?
  • Schools should include road trips in their curriculum.
  • Gestures in cartoons are more important than speech.
  • Should smartphones be allowed in class?
  • Will e-books replace paper books?
  • Daily sport exercise is necessary for health.
  • Classical music has a positive effect on one’s thinking.
  • Can music be taught online?
  • Every child should be allowed to have a pet.
  • Pocket money can teach children about finances.
  • Chocolate is good for brain activity.
  • Long school breaks: pros and cons.
  • Every person has to take painting classes.

⚽ Opinion Essay Topics: Sports

Countless people are into sports. Some are athletes themselves, and some are rooters. The sports industry is almost its own universe. It has its expressions, philosophies, techniques, and even special nutrition. Sport is a deep subject that is often at the center of a debate. Here is a list of sports-related topics for opinion paragraphs that will boost your paper:

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

  • Doping is unethical.
  • Athletic success depends on proper nutrition .
  • Is there life for athletes after retirement?
  • Do serious injuries justify athletic achievements?
  • Should athletes be held to a higher moral standard?
  • Successful coaches build successful teams.
  • Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
  • Do professional athletes get paid too much?
  • Female athletes can take part in traditionally male sports.
  • Do Olympic games bring more unity or strive between countries?
  • Should athletes continue receiving full-ride scholarships?
  • Is animal sport ethical?

Legal hunting licenses.

  • Do sports psychologists contribute to team achievements?
  • Is pausing playing sports a good thing?
  • Quality shoes are essential for quality results in sports.
  • Do queer colors play a psychological role in sports?
  • Should Super Ball winners be considered world champions?
  • College athletes deserve professional coaches.
  • Do athletes have a lower rate of depression?
  • Athletes in gymnastics are at risk of developing eating disorders.
  • Are wealthy people good at golf ?
  • Lifesaving should be included in the Olympics.
  • Quality helmets save lives of winter sports athletes.
  • Are basketball players more vulnerable to racist discrimination?
  • Water sports are no more dangerous than other kinds of sports.

🎨 Opinion Essay Topics on Culture

You may be wondering how to choose a topic on culture. Since this subject involves things such as language, religion, mentality, and art, there are many viewpoints to be shared. Which part of culture do you value the most? Take a look at these opinion piece topic options:

  • Does the internet influence global fashion trends ?
  • Culture should be incorporated in early childhood education.
  • Monuments have a crucial role in preserving the essence of the culture.
  • American patriotism : pros and cons.
  • The movie industry is a storehouse for cultural memories.
  • Europe influenced American society and culture.
  • Can video editing be considered a form of art?
  • The internet makes music worldwide sound the same.
  • Food carries cultural memories throughout the centuries.
  • Language reflects the cultural mindset.
  • Cultural superstitions are the echo of national history.
  • Does religion affect legal systems ?
  • Primary religion directs national values.
  • American inclusiveness : pros and cons.
  • Culture and biology are interconnected.
  • Accent diversity in the U.S. mirrors its individualistic core.
  • Celebrities have the power to influence public opinion .
  • Is drug use becoming a part of the U.S. culture?
  • Physical books cannot die out.
  • Will classical music ever become outdated?
  • Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s I Have a Dream speech will always be influential.
  • America carries out Abraham Lincoln’s legacy to this day.
  • Gender equality changes the global culture.
  • Two political sides in the U.S.: pros and cons.
  • Should America deal with high divorce rates ?

Good luck on your opinion essay! And before you go, don’t forget to check our ultimate guide on opinion essay writing .

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opinion essay interesting topics

Opinion Writing: a Guide to Writing a Successful Essay Easily

opinion essay interesting topics

An opinion essay requires students to write their thoughts regarding a subject matter. Relevant examples and explanations back their point of view. Before starting an opinion paper, it is important to study the definition, topics, requirements, and structure. Referring to examples is also highly useful. Perhaps you need help with our admission essay writing service ? Take a look at this guide from our dissertation writing service to learn how to write an opinion essay like an expert.

What Is an Opinion Essay

A common question among students is: ‘What is an Opinion Essay?' It is an assignment that contains questions that allow students to share their point-of-view on a subject matter. Students should express their thoughts precisely while providing opinions on the issue related to the field within reasonable logic. Some opinion essays type require references to back the writer's claims.

Opinion writing involves using a student's personal point-of-view, which is segregated into a point. It is backed by examples and explanations. The paper addresses the audience directly by stating ‘Dear Readers' or the equivalent. The introduction involves a reference to a speech, book, or play. This is normally followed by a rhetorical question like ‘is the pope Catholic?' or something along those lines.

What Kind of Student Faces an Opinion Essay

Non-native English-speaking students enrolled in the International English Language Testing System by the British Council & Cambridge Assessment English are tasked with learning how to write the opinion essays. This can be high-school or college students. It is designed to enhance the level of English among students. It enables them to express their thoughts and opinions while writing good opinion essay in English.


We will write you a plagiarism-free opinion essay, with a title page, unlimited revisions, and bunch of other cool features included!

What Are the Requirements of an Opinion Essay?

What Are the Requirements of an Opinion Essay

Avoid Going Off-Topic: Always write an opinion essay within relevance to answer the assigned question. This is also known as ‘beating around the bush' and should not be included in any opinion paragraph as it may lower your grade.

Indent the First Paragraph: With most academic papers, opinion writing is not different. Therefore, it contains the rule of indenting the first line of the introduction.

A Well-Thought Thesis: The full thesis statement is a brief description of the opinion essay. It determines the rest of the paper. Include all the information that you wish to include in the body paragraphs

The Use of Formal Languages: Although it is okay to write informally, keep a wide range of professional and formal words. This includes: ‘Furthermore,' ‘As Stated By,' ‘However', & ‘Thus'.

Avoid Internet Slang: In the opinion paper, avoid writing using slang words. Don'tDon't include words like ‘LOL', ‘OMG', ‘LMAO', etc.

The Use of First Person Language (Optional): For the reason of providing personal thought, it is acceptable to write your personal opinion essay in the first person.

Avoid Informal Punctuation: Although the requirements allow custom essay for the first-person language, they do not permit informal punctuation. This includes dashes, exclamation marks, and emojis.

Avoid Including Contradictions: Always make sure all spelling and grammar is correct.

We also recommend reading about types of sentences with examples .

Opinion Essay Topics

Before learning about the structure, choosing from a wide range of opinion essay topics is important. Picking an essay theme is something that can be done very simply. Choosing an excellent opinion essay topic that you are interested in or have a passion for is advisable. Otherwise, you may find the writing process boring. This also ensures that your paper will be both effective and well-written.

  • Do sports differ from ordinary board games?
  • Is using animals in circus performances immoral?
  • Why should we be honest with our peers?
  • Should all humans be entitled to a 4-day workweek?
  • Should all humans become vegetarians?
  • Does a CEO earn too much?
  • Should teens be barred from having sleepovers?
  • Should everyone vote for their leader?
  • The Pros & Cons of Day-Light Saving Hours.
  • What are the most energy-efficient and safest cars of X year?

Opinion Essay Structure

When it comes to opinion paragraphs, students may struggle with the opinion essay format. The standard five-paragraph-essay structure usually works well for opinion essays. Figuring out what one is supposed to include in each section may be difficult for beginners. This is why following the opinion essay structure is something all beginners should do, for their own revision before writing the entire essay.

You might also be interested in getting more information about: 5 PARAGRAPH ESSAY

Opinion Essay Structure

Opinion essay introduction

  • Address the audience directly, and state the subject matter.
  • Reference a speech, poem, book, or play.
  • Include the author's name and date of publication in brackets.
  • 1 or 2 sentences to make up a short description.
  • 1 or 2 summarizing sentences of the entire paper.
  • 1 sentence that links to the first body paragraph.

Body Paragraph 1

  • Supporting arguments
  • Explanation
  • A linking sentence to the second body paragraph.

Body Paragraph 2

  • Supporting argument
  • A linking sentence to the third body paragraph.

Body Paragraph 3

  • A linking sentence to the conclusion.

Conclusion paragraph

  • Summary of the entire paper
  • A conclusive sentence (the bigger picture in conclusion)

If you need some help, leave us a message ' write my essay cheap ' and we'll help.

Opinion Essay Examples

Do you need something for reference? Reading opinion essay examples can expand your knowledge of this style of writing, as you get to see exactly how this form of an essay is written. Take a look at our samples to get an insight into this form of academic writing.

Over the past, American popular culture has been strong in creating racial stereotypes. Images displayed through television, music, and the internet have an impact on how individuals behave and what individuals believe. People find their identities and belief systems from popular culture. Evidently, I believe that American pop culture has created racial stereotypes that predominantly affect other ethnic minorities. Analyzing the history of America reveals that African Americans have always had a problem defining themselves as Americans ever since the era of slavery. AfricanAmericans have always had a hard time being integrated into American culture. The result is that African Americans have been subjected to ridicule and shame. American pop culture has compounded the problem by enhancing the negative stereotypes ofAfrican American. In theatre, film, and music, African Americans have been associated with vices such as murder, theft, and violence.
The family systems theory has a significant revelation on family relations. I firmly agree that to understand a particular family or a member, they should be around other family members. The emotional connection among different family members may create functional or dysfunctional coexistence, which is not easy to identify when an individual is further from the other members. Taking an example of the extended family, the relationship between the mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law may be tense, but once they are outside the family, they can pretend to have a good relationship. Therefore, I agree with the theory that the existing emotional attachment and developed culture in the family is distinctively understood when the family is together.

Opinion writing is a form of academic paper that asks students to include their thoughts on a particular topic. This is then backed by a logical explanation and examples. Becoming more knowledgeable is a practical way to successfully learn how to write an opinion paper. Before writing anything, it is essential to refer to important information. That includes the definition, topics, opinion writing examples, and requirements. This is what turns amateur writers into master writers.

Feeling like you need some assistance with your essay? No matter what kind of writer you need, opinion or persuasive essay writer , our team consists of experts in all fields. Our college essay writing service helps those students who need an extra push when it comes to their assignments.

Need Qualified Essay Help?

Are you struggling with your opinion paper? Hit the button below to get writer's help. All your requests are processed fast.

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How to Write a Discursive Essay with Impact and Authority

50 Argumentative Essay Topics

Illustration by Catherine Song. ThoughtCo. 

  • M.Ed., Education Administration, University of Georgia
  • B.A., History, Armstrong State University

An argumentative essay requires you to decide on a topic and take a position on it. You'll need to back up your viewpoint with well-researched facts and information as well. One of the hardest parts is deciding which topic to write about, but there are plenty of ideas available to get you started.

Choosing a Great Argumentative Essay Topic

Students often find that most of their work on these essays is done before they even start writing. This means that it's best if you have a general interest in your subject, otherwise you might get bored or frustrated while trying to gather information. (You don't need to know everything, though.) Part of what makes this experience rewarding is learning something new.

It's best if you have a general interest in your subject, but the argument you choose doesn't have to be one that you agree with.

The subject you choose may not necessarily be one that you are in full agreement with, either. You may even be asked to write a paper from the opposing point of view. Researching a different viewpoint helps students broaden their perspectives. 

Ideas for Argument Essays

Sometimes, the best ideas are sparked by looking at many different options. Explore this list of possible topics and see if a few pique your interest. Write those down as you come across them, then think about each for a few minutes.

Which would you enjoy researching? Do you have a firm position on a particular subject? Is there a point you would like to make sure to get across? Did the topic give you something new to think about? Can you see why someone else may feel differently?

50 Possible Topics

A number of these topics are rather controversial—that's the point. In an argumentative essay, opinions matter and controversy is based on opinions, which are, hopefully, backed up by facts.   If these topics are a little too controversial or you don't find the right one for you, try browsing through persuasive essay and speech topics  as well.

  • Is global climate change  caused by humans?
  • Is the death penalty effective?
  • Is our election process fair?
  • Is torture ever acceptable?
  • Should men get paternity leave from work?
  • Are school uniforms beneficial?
  • Do we have a fair tax system?
  • Do curfews keep teens out of trouble?
  • Is cheating out of control?
  • Are we too dependent on computers?
  • Should animals be used for research?
  • Should cigarette smoking be banned?
  • Are cell phones dangerous?
  • Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?
  • Do we have a throwaway society?
  • Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago?
  • Should companies market to children?
  • Should the government have a say in our diets?
  • Does access to condoms prevent teen pregnancy?
  • Should members of Congress have term limits?
  • Are actors and professional athletes paid too much?
  • Are CEOs paid too much?
  • Should athletes be held to high moral standards?
  • Do violent video games cause behavior problems?
  • Should creationism be taught in public schools?
  • Are beauty pageants exploitative ?
  • Should English be the official language of the United States?
  • Should the racing industry be forced to use biofuels?
  • Should the alcohol drinking age be increased or decreased?
  • Should everyone be required to recycle?
  • Is it okay for prisoners to vote (as they are in some states)?
  • Is it good that same-sex couples are able to marry?
  • Are there benefits to attending a single-sex school ?
  • Does boredom lead to trouble?
  • Should schools be in session year-round ?
  • Does religion cause war?
  • Should the government provide health care?
  • Should abortion be illegal?
  • Are girls too mean to each other?
  • Is homework harmful or helpful?
  • Is the cost of college too high?
  • Is college admission too competitive?
  • Should euthanasia be illegal?
  • Should the federal government legalize marijuana use nationally ?
  • Should rich people be required to pay more taxes?
  • Should schools require foreign language or physical education?
  • Is affirmative action fair?
  • Is public prayer okay in schools?
  • Are schools and teachers responsible for low test scores?
  • Is greater gun control a good idea?
  • Preparing an Argument Essay: Exploring Both Sides of an Issue
  • Controversial Speech Topics
  • Tips on How to Write an Argumentative Essay
  • Bad Essay Topics for College Admissions
  • 25 Essay Topics for American Government Classes
  • How to Write a Narrative Essay or Speech
  • Topic In Composition and Speech
  • How to Write a Solid Thesis Statement
  • 40 Writing Topics for Argumentative and Persuasive Essays
  • MBA Essay Tips
  • 61 General Expository Essay Topic Ideas to Practice Academic Writing
  • Expository Essay Genre With Suggested Prompts
  • Topical Organization Essay
  • Middle School Debate Topics
  • Supporting Detail in Composition and Speech
  • 5 Steps to Writing a Position Paper

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100 Interesting Opinion Topics To Write In An Essay

opinion essay topics

An opinion essay assignment is a formal piece of writing that provides the reader with your particular point of view on a given subject. You support your opinion by logical reasoning, facts, and examples. An assignment of this type can vary in length with most of them being somewhere between 400 – 800 words.

How to Write an Opinion Essay

How to start an opinion essay, opinion essay topics 5th grade, ideas for opinion essays for middle school, ideas for opinion writing, public opinion topics, unpopular opinion topics, writing opinion essay topics, opinion paper topics, opinion essay topics for college students, opinion ideas on current topics.

  • Select an Interesting Opinion Essay TopicWriting an opinion essay requires you to choose a topic that will be interesting to both you and the reader. Don’t go overboard by selecting something that is too heavy or you may find it difficult to get the job done correctly.
  • Create an Opinion Essay OutlineAfter researching the topic and brainstorming your ideas and arguments, organize your notes in an outline. This exercise will allow you to move from paragraph to paragraph without straying off the course and keeping your content in a logical order.
  • Look at Opinion Essay SamplesBefore you start writing the first draft, you may want to check out a few opinion essay examples for free. You can easily find them on the web, but we recommend you stick with only trusted sources. Find an academic or professional site that specializes in this kind of writing.
  • Write the First Draft QuicklyWriting opinion essay topics is easily accomplished when you get your ideas down on the page as quickly as possible. Just let the words flow naturally and refer to your outline if you feel you are getting off track. What is most important is that you write efficiently.
  • Revise, Edit, and ProofreadLastly, always make sure to set aside your opinion essay for at least a few hours (or days) before you return to it to start your revising. If you have the time, set the assignment aside again before you edit and proofread. This ensures you don’t miss minor mistakes that could lower your grade.

When students ask us how do you start off an opinion essay we give them a simple list of techniques to follow. The opening paragraph serves as a sort of map that guides your reader, so your opening statement in an opinion essay must capture your reader’s attention. Start with a great hook – a single statement that compels the reader to keep going. You can use a quote, a rhetorical question, or an interesting fact. Introduce your topic early and list some ideas you will explore in the essay. Finish the introduction with a strong thesis statement that tells the reader exactly what your opinion is. You can usually find a good opinion essay sample on the web, in writer’s guides, or from your teacher.

Good Opinion Essay Topics

These opinion essay topics are both fun and creative and will be perfect for an assignment in which you get to choose exactly what you want to write about:

  • Do you prefer to stay at home on weekends?
  • Which is the most inspiring sports story?
  • What is the best way to spend a vacation?
  • Do you prefer print or digital books?
  • Should the death penalty be universal?
  • Should people get more sleep?
  • Should energy drinks be banned?
  • Should every child have a pet?
  • How does homework help with test-taking?
  • Is it important to learn tradecraft?

These are good opinion topics for fifth-grade students that are just learning the fundamentals of writing a short but structured assignment:

  • Should sports have winners and losers?
  • Who would you like to visit your school?
  • Which celebrity would you like to meet?
  • Is bullying an important issue at your school?
  • Which sports athlete would you like to meet?
  • Is participation more important than victory?
  • Which is the best team sport to play?
  • Should your teacher reduce homework?
  • Should art be made mandatory in class?
  • What time should you be allowed to sleep?

These opinion writing ideas are a little tougher than the ones above. They will challenge without overwhelming students in middle school:

  • Is the Oxford comma becoming unnecessary?
  • Is it okay to keep the money you find on the street?
  • Should you report suspicious activity to the police?
  • What is the best country to visit?
  • Do you prefer books or movies about the same story?
  • Is it appropriate for zoos to keep animals?
  • Should pets on leashes be allowed in all businesses?
  • Do you think the U.S. should have created Space Force?
  • Do you think pro athletes should be paid for their play?
  • Do you think that sports should be segregated?

These opinion essay examples of topics are ones that were gleaned from the sources of news from around the globe. Let us know what you think:

  • Should smoking in public be made illegal?
  • Should the legal drinking age be lowered?
  • Are drinking and driving penalties too low?
  • Are energy drinks safe for consumption?
  • Are the Bubble plans good ideas to bring sports?
  • Should more U.S. fans support its soccer team?
  • Should schools allow religious clubs on campus?
  • Are vaccines safe for all people?
  • Do you think students should be drug tested?
  • Can kids become addicted to sugar?

This list of opinion writing topics caters to the college undergraduate community of students. The topics apply to issues important to the public:

  • Should employers incorporate web filters?
  • How can cell phones be used as learning tools?
  • Does the national news capture diversity?
  • Should bathrooms be made gender-neutral?
  • Do boys face body issues?
  • Should tackle football be banned in schools?
  • Is the use of military force ever justified?
  • What moral obligations do leaders have?
  • Are people giving children too many children?
  • Should technology be used in medicine?

These topics for writing an opinion essay are great for students looking for a challenge by dealing with issues that are unpopular to the public:

  • What do you think about corporal punishment?
  • Is investing in the U.S. Space Force a good idea?
  • Should drivers be allowed to drive with buckles?
  • Should men have a say over pregnancy choices?
  • Do you think we will find evidence of water on Mars?
  • Should kids be limited to just a few hours of computer use?
  • Should students that plagiarize be expelled?
  • Do you think teachers should be armed?
  • Should schools employ private armed security?
  • Do you think greater restrictions on guns are good?

Here’s another list of the hottest topics being discussed on the web today:

  • Are violent video games negatively influencing teens?
  • What is the best decade in history?
  • Do you believe that we will encounter aliens?
  • Do think the U.S. and Russia know of alien life?
  • Are emojis negatively impacting communication skills?
  • Are drivers less attentive because of auto technology?
  • Should paper and plastic bags be banned from all stores?
  • Is living a simpler life the path to happiness?
  • Is going steady a good thing for teenagers?
  • How do teenage relationships compare to adult ones?

These opinion topics cover a wide range of study areas great for graduate courses:

  • Should fracking be outlawed?
  • Are genetically modified foods healthy for humans?
  • Should religious institutions be made to pay taxes?
  • Should online sports gambling be made legal?
  • Is it important to get a college education?
  • Should doctors be allowed to promote specific medications?
  • Do you think it’s time to make assisted suicide legal?
  • Should all interns be paid?
  • Is it a good idea to make school uniforms mandatory?
  • Should public colleges be free to all?

These ideas for an opinion essay are perfect for college-level through graduate-level students:

  • Has internet used negatively or positively changed communication?
  • Is it ethical to move toward full automation?
  • Should there be laws against using cell phones while driving?
  • Should social media be allowed to gather private information?
  • Do you think prostitution should be made legal?
  • Should governments allow monopolies?
  • Do you think that graffiti is vandalism or art?
  • Should graffiti artists be considered artists?
  • Should books be banned for questionable content?
  • Is censorship a form of government suppression?

This set of topics focuses on current issues in the world. Use them to direct the discussion towards the things that affect people today:

  • Should the U.S. open business amid COVID-19?
  • How important are sports to the economy?
  • Are pro athletes paid fairly?
  • Should women athletes make as much as men?
  • Should the President be impeached?
  • Can the President face criminal charges?
  • Is attending indoor events dangerous because of COVID-19?
  • Should education be free to everyone?
  • Is LeBron James the best athlete in the world?
  • Should big game hunting be made illegal?

More Opinion Essay Assistance

If you need more topics for an opinion essay, our academic writers can help. Our academic writing and editing experts are always up-to-date with the latest ideas for opinion articles. We can also show you how to write an opinion essay on any topic and in any discipline. Just give us a call, send us an email, or chat with one of our friendly support staff.

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Professional essay writing service

100+ Original Opinion Essay Topics

Opinion essay topics and ideas can be a great way to express your thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics. Opinion essays allow you to explore a variety of topics and express your own opinion on them. You can choose to write about current events, social issues, political issues, or any other topic that you feel strongly about. When writing an opinion essay, it is important to be clear and concise in your writing and to provide evidence to support your opinion. Additionally, it is important to consider the opinions of others and to be respectful of their views. By doing so, you can create a well-rounded and thoughtful opinion essay.

How to Select Opinion Essay Topics

How to Select the Best Opinion Essay Topic?

When selecting an opinion essay topic, it is important to consider the purpose and audience of the essay. It is also important to choose a topic that is interesting and engaging to the reader. Consider the topics that you are passionate about and that you have a strong opinion on. It is also important to consider the amount of research that is required for the topic. Once you have narrowed down your list of topics, it is important to research the topic to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the topic. Additionally, it is important to consider the opposing viewpoint and to be prepared to address it in your essay. Finally, it is important to select a topic that is relevant and timely. By following these steps, you can be sure to select the best opinion essay topics.

  • Consider the purpose of your essay. Are you writing to inform, persuade, or entertain? Knowing the purpose of your essay will help you narrow down your topic choices.
  • Think about the audience you are writing for. Are you writing for a general audience or a specific group? Knowing your audience will help you choose a topic that is interesting and relevant. 
  • Consider the scope of your essay. Is your essay going to be short or long? Is it going to focus on a single issue or a range of topics? Knowing the scope of your essay will help you determine which topics are appropriate.
  • Research the topics you are considering. Look for sources that provide reliable information and explore different perspectives on the issue. This will help you make an informed decision about which topic is best for your essay. 
  • Choose a topic that you are passionate about. Writing about something you are passionate about will make the process of writing your essay much easier and more enjoyable. With these tips, you can select the best opinion essay topic for your assignment.

Opinion Topics in History

  • The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Society
  • The Legacy of the American Revolution
  • The Role of Women in Ancient Civilizations
  • The Influence of Religion on Politics
  • The Causes of the French Revolution
  • The Impact of Imperialism on Colonialism
  • The Significance of the Cold War
  • The Legacies of the Civil Rights Movement
  • The Impact of the Scientific Revolution
  • The Role of Technology in Modern Society

Personal Opinion Essay Topics

  • Should parents be allowed to choose their children's education?
  • Should the government impose stricter gun control laws?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Should the voting age be lowered?
  • Should the legal drinking age be lowered?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Should the government provide free healthcare?
  • Should the government provide free college tuition?
  • Should the government increase taxes on the wealthy?
  • Should the government invest more in renewable energy sources?

Environment Opinion Essay Topics

  • What are the most effective ways to reduce air pollution?
  • Should governments impose stricter regulations on companies to reduce their environmental impact?
  • Should the use of plastic be banned?
  • Is nuclear energy a viable alternative to fossil fuels?
  • What are the most effective ways to reduce water pollution?
  • Should governments invest more in renewable energy sources?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of using genetically modified crops?
  • Should the use of pesticides be banned?
  • How can we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels?
  • What are the most effective ways to reduce deforestation?

Nursing Opinion Essay Topics

  • What are the benefits of a career in nursing?
  • What challenges do nurses face in the healthcare system?
  • How can nurses best advocate for their patients?
  • What role does technology play in modern nursing?
  • How can nurses help to reduce medical errors?
  • How can nurses help to improve patient satisfaction?
  • What is the impact of nurse-patient ratios on patient care?
  • How can nurses help to reduce healthcare costs?
  • What ethical considerations are important for nurses to consider?
  • How can nurses help to reduce health disparities?

Social Media Opinion Essay Topics

  • The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health
  • The Role of Social Media in Political Activism
  • The Pros and Cons of Social Media
  • The Impact of Social Media on Relationships
  • The Impact of Social Media on Education
  • The Impact of Social Media on Business
  • The Impact of Social Media on Privacy
  • The Impact of Social Media on Self-Esteem
  • The Impact of Social Media on Youth Culture
  • The Impact of Social Media on News Consumption
  • The Impact of Social Media on Advertising
  • The Impact of Social Media on Social Movements
  • The Impact of Social Media on Social Interaction
  • The Impact of Social Media on Social Change
  • The Impact of Social Media on Society

Literature Opinion Essay Topics

  • Is there a universal classic book that everyone should read?
  • Is there a difference between classic literature and modern literature?
  • How has literature changed over the years?
  • What is the most important element of a successful novel?
  • What is the most important thing a reader should look for in a book?
  • Is there a difference between reading a book and watching a movie based on the book?
  • What is the most important lesson that literature can teach us?
  • What is the most important thing that literature can teach us about life?
  • How has literature influenced society?
  • What is the most important thing that literature can teach us about ourselves?
  • How has literature changed over time?
  • What is the most important thing that literature can teach us about the world?
  • How has literature shaped our culture?
  • What is the most important thing that literature can teach us about justice?
  • How has literature impacted our understanding of history?
  • How has literature shaped our understanding of morality?
  • What is the most important thing that literature can teach us about love?
  • How has literature helped to shape our understanding of gender roles?
  • What is the most important thing that literature can teach us about democracy?
  • How has literature helped to shape our understanding of race and ethnicity?

Opinion Essay Topics for High School Students

  • Should students be allowed to have cellphones in school?
  • Should students have to wear uniforms?
  • Should students be required to take physical education classes?
  • Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?
  • Should students be required to do community service?
  • Should students be allowed to pray in school?
  • Should students be allowed to eat during class?
  • Should students be allowed to listen to music during class?
  • Should students be allowed to use social media in school?
  • Should students be allowed to have part-time jobs?

Education Opinion Essay Topics

  • Should standardized tests be abolished?
  • Should college tuition be free?
  • What is the best way to teach a foreign language?
  • Should the education system be more flexible?
  • Should online education be more widely available?
  • Should schools prioritize STEM education?
  • Should schools provide more vocational training?
  • Should schools have uniforms? Should schools have a longer school day?
  • Should schools have a longer school year?
  • Should schools have more extracurricular activities?
  • Should schools provide more mental health services?
  • Should schools provide more career guidance?
  • Should schools be more culturally inclusive?
  • Should schools provide more financial literacy education?
  • Should schools provide more technology education?
  • Should schools have more parental involvement?
  • Should schools have more community involvement?
  • Should schools have more global awareness education?
  • Should schools have more environmental education?

Psychology Opinion Essay Topics

  • The Role of Genetics in Personality Development
  • The Effects of Childhood Trauma on Adult Mental Health
  • The Impact of Technology on Human Behavior
  • The Relationship Between Stress and Mental Health
  • The Impact of Substance Abuse on Mental Health
  • The Role of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Mental Health
  • The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Mental Health
  • The Role of Attachment Theory in Mental Health
  • The Impact of Culture on Mental Health
  • The Role of Exercise in Mental Health
  • The Impact of Parenting Styles on Mental Health
  • The Role of Nature vs. Nurture in Mental Health
  • The Impact of Social Support on Mental Health
  • The Role of Gender in Mental Health
  • The Impact of Religion on Mental Health
  • The Role of Self-Esteem in Mental Health
  • The Impact of Media on Mental Health
  • The Role of Nutrition in Mental Health
  • The Impact of Trauma on Mental Health

Opinion Essay Topics on Culture;

  • The Impact of Social Media on Culture
  • The Role of Religion in Society
  • The Impact of Technology on Culture
  • The Influence of Music on Culture
  • The Impact of Immigration on Culture
  • The Role of Education in Shaping Culture
  • The Impact of Media on Culture
  • The Influence of Art on Culture
  • The Impact of Language on Culture
  • The Role of Family in Shaping Culture
  • The Impact of Social Class on Culture
  • The Role of Gender in Society
  • The Impact of Globalization on Culture
  • The Influence of Pop Culture on Society
  • The Role of Tradition in Culture

In conclusion, opinion essay topics can be a great way to express your thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics. Whether you are writing about current events, social issues, or personal experiences, opinion essays can be a great way to explore your ideas and share them with others. By researching your topic and writing a well-structured essay, you can make sure that your opinion is heard and respected.

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opinion essay interesting topics


170 Interesting Opinion Essay Topics to Deal With

Table of Contents

Have your teacher asked you to submit an opinion essay on the topic of your choice? Are you hunting for the best opinion essay topics for your assignment? If yes, then this blog post is for you. Especially, to make the essay topic selection process easier, here we have presented a list of 150+ outstanding opinion essay topics on various subjects. Go through the entire list and pick any topic that is easy for you to raise different opinions with valid evidence.

Before moving to the list of ideas, first, let us look at a brief overview of the opinion essay.

What is an Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay is a type of academic essay where you need to express your opinions about a topic and support it with facts, examples, and evidence. It may sound similar to a persuasive essay, but it is not. In an opinion essay, you need not try to convince your readers.

Opinion Essay Topics

Like every other essay, the opinion essay should also be written in a standard structure and format that includes elements like an introduction, body, and paragraph. In an opinion essay, you should formally share whether you agree or disagree with the essay topic and explain your opinions strongly with valid reasons in clear paragraphs.

When you are assigned a task to write an opinion essay, you need to first choose an interesting topic. Be it any type of essay, choosing a perfect topic for writing an essay is always a tough task. Note that, you can easily write an opinion essay if you have a good topic that has a wide scope of argumentation.

If you are asked to write an opinion essay, then always remember to choose an opinion essay topic that is related to experience, personal skills, analysis, reliable sources, and research that reveals reasons for any particular viewpoint.

List of the Top Opinion Essay Topics

To write an opinion essay,  you may very well choose any topic from popular disciplines such as history, political science, environment, social media, nursing, education, culture, literature, etc.

For your convenience, here, we have categorized different disciplines and suggested 150+ excellent opinion essay topics. Explore the complete list and choose any topic matching your interest.

Top Opinion Essay Topics Ideas

Opinion Essay Topics on History

  • Benefits of learning history
  • Advantages of monarchy in modern society
  • Is history in the school curriculum irrelevant for present times?
  • Cause and Effects of Pearl Harbor
  • Is Martin Luther King’s message distorted today?
  • Should World War II archives be available?
  • Bias in Vietnam War Coverage
  • Abolition of the slavery controversy
  • Holocaust Legacy
  • Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?
  • What are the reasons behind World War I?
  • Impact of World War I and World War II?
  • The US’s role in World War I.
  • Child labor during the Puritan era.
  • Religion during the Aztec times.
  • Causes of the Battle of Germantown.
  • The economic impact of the Titanic’s sinking.
  • The economic effect of the Bracero Program.
  • The Era of Good Feeling.
  • A Retrospective of the History of the 1812 War.
  • An Analysis of The Factors That Led to The Fall of The Western Roman Empire.
  • A Glimpse of The Reasons for NATO’s Formation.
  • A Brief Summary of World War I.

Opinion Essay Topics on Political Science

  • The law should be equal for everyone
  • Should a minor be allowed to vote?
  • Is gun control a political control instrument?
  • Should political leaders rely on technology?
  • Pros and Cons of Socialism
  • Should the government control religious practices?
  • There is no freedom of speech in the media
  • Ways to eliminate corruption
  • Are Whistleblowers in politics government-controlled?
  • Are private prisons ethical?
  • The most influential political figure of the 21st century
  • Philosophy of Politics
  • Is civil war a failure of politicians?
  • Ways to combat corruption in your country
  • The American government has extensive plans concerning the closure of Purdue Pharma. But are they acting in the public’s best interest?
  • Pros and cons of raising the number of justices at the Supreme Court.

Nursing Opinion Essay Topics

  • How is the ER room stress management supervised?
  • Should nurses focus more on nursing theorists?
  • Should pharmacists and physicians have closer cooperation?
  • Reasons for medical personnel shortage
  • Should vaccination be forced on people?
  • Should there be global medication control?
  • Are herbal practitioners equal to traditional medicine?
  • Should culture be obligatory in the healthcare curriculum?
  • Racial bias in healthcare
  • Should potentially dangerous medical information be made available?
  • Is euthanasia legal?
  • Should pharmacists allow to exercise full control over the sale of life-saving drugs?
  • Geriatrics in healthcare
  • Are nurses more vulnerable to health risks than doctors?
  • How does the increased number of working hours impact the working of nurses?
  • Is nursing a female-centric profession?

Opinion Essay Topics on Environment

  • Is global warming a hoax?
  • Emissions may control greater penalties
  • Is there enough ecology education in schools?
  • Are rainforests affected by mobile networks?
  • The government hides information about ecological damage
  • Are Polar bears the legacy of the entire world?
  • Are Green Peace activists ethical?
  • Should fishing wars have control at global levels?
  • Flaws of the Tsunami prevention system
  • Benefits of electric cars
  • Is humans the main reason for climate change?
  • Should there be a global earthquake prevention financial fund?
  • Creation of Panama Canal
  • Is the chipping of animals ethical?
  • Hidden dangers of globalization
  • Impact of global warming on mountains
  • Effect of climate change on water bodies

Public Opinion Essay Topics

  • News channels can no longer be trusted.
  • Not all policemen are corrupt.
  • The Atomic bomb changes the world forever.
  • Schools should help parents control the screen time of teenagers.
  • Legalizing Cannabis does more damage than good.
  • The safety of national parks cannot be compromised.
  • The influence of media during the war period
  • Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes
  • Effects of Inflation
  • Importance of public opinion in a democracy.

Opinion Essay Topics on Social Media

  • Should the internet be censored?
  • Do social media promote environmental issues?
  • Do modern students rely too much on technology?
  • Is Twitter a political messenger?
  • Cyberbullying versus physical bullying
  • The influence of smartphones on youth
  • Does Facebook limit the depth of a relationship?
  • Do smartphone applications lead to addiction?
  • Is it necessary to punish piracy at greater depths?
  • Do online media networks result in cultural bias?
  • Is social media responsible for creating and promoting hate culture?
  • Should access to social media need to be restricted for adolescents?

Opinion Essay Topics

Generation Gap Opinion Essay Topics

  • How should one overcome the generation gap?
  • Should parents learn how to communicate online?
  • The role of music in different generations
  • The link between fashion needs and crimes
  • What are the key signs to identify the generation gap?
  • Is the lack of education in a certain subject leading to a generation gap?
  • Should parents have social media control tools?
  • Age difference in the workplace
  • Should there be educational Internet courses for people over 60?
  • Should teenage children’s parents follow the same fashion styles?

Opinion Essay Topics on Culture

  • The replacement of acoustic instruments by computers
  • The internet has ruined record companies
  • Online communication distorts physical relations
  • Modern pop stars are based on a vulgar power display
  • Popular Korean pop music
  • Globalization has damaged traditional fashion elements
  • Is modern culture based on past decades?
  • The rise of YouTube stars
  • Biased attitude in rock music
  • Political strikes & cultural aspect
  • Should the generation gap influence cultural stereotypes and social prejudices?

Opinion Essay Ideas on Education

  • Should smartphones be forbidden at colleges?
  • Are e-books dangerous?
  • Should teachers punish students?
  • Private schooling is shadowing standard education
  • Are online sources reliable for research?
  • Comparison of American education to any other country
  • Should students study only subjects they like?
  • Are non-traditional schools more adjustable to real life?
  • The benefits of distance learning
  • Is campus violence related to video games?
  • Are gender schools still relevant today?
  • Should Latin be studied today?
  • Unintentional plagiarism
  • Should there be an alternative to GPA?
  • Should religion have a place in education?

Read more: Great Theology Research Topics That Will Boost Your Academic Grades

Literature Opinion Essay Prompts

  • Love and death in Shakespearean sonnets
  • Should English language grammar be preserved?
  • Gender bias in the 17 th -century English literature
  • Should English literature be diminished in college?
  • Does reading lead to better spelling?
  • Ways to help modern children read
  • Martin Luther King: African-American people’s voice
  • Will science fiction help advance technology?
  • Will paper books be eliminated soon?
  • Classic books should be made free
  • Critical analysis of the satirical aspect in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
  • Discuss the Symbolism and imagery in William Blake’s poem ‘Ah Sunflower’
  • Comparing iambic pentameter of Ancient Greek and William Shakespeare
  • Describe the significant features of a tragicomedy in postmodernist and metamodernist writings
  • Discuss the primary components of a coming-of-age novel from male and female perspectives
  • Discuss the major elements of modern fantasy novels and stories

Opinion Essay Topics on Psychology

  • Should companies screen future employees for mental issues?
  • Autism-affected people are hidden geniuses
  • Negative effects of violence on the media coverage
  • Could animals help reduce stress?
  • The role of physical education in anxiety reduction
  • Diet& their negative impact
  • The impact of inaccurate sleep patterns
  • Psychological Effects of Meditation
  • Phobias presented by TV propaganda
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder control
  • Impact of Hollywood image on instances of various age marriages
  • The topic for an opinion essay: the usual indicators of millennials
  • Should older adults be able to take educational Internet courses?
  • Parental controls for social media should be available
  • Should parents of teenagers adopt the same dress trends?
  • What minimum size must the generating pattern be?
  • What should the following generation contain?
  • Should young children have access to smartphones?
  • Reading improves spelling, in my opinion, as a topic for an essay.
  • Should college English literature courses be less rigorous?
  • What are the main pros and cons of Instagram for the psychological health of teenagers?
  • Do you think expanding one’s friends circle is necessary?
  • Leaving the comfort zone behind always helps a person achieve success
  • There are several negative outcomes of giving your kids everything they want

Read more: Compelling Race and Ethnicity Essay Topics

Wrapping Up

In this blog post, we have listed only a few opinion essay ideas. There are a lot more opinion essay topics available on various subjects. While you are choosing an opinion essay topic, make sure to pick a topic that you have deep knowledge of and also check whether or not the topic you have selected provides room for raising your opinions. Remember, in order to firmly raise your point of view about a topic, you need to provide relevant pieces of evidence or examples.

If you are confused about picking a good opinion essay topic or if you find it difficult to write an opinion essay, then reach out to us. We have a team of professional assignment writers to help you in writing an impressive opinion essay quickly on a powerful topic.

opinion essay interesting topics

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250 Good Topics for an Opinion Essay

Table of contents


Use our free Readability checker

Opinion essay , like other academic papers, requires writers to express their take on a given subject. Many may confuse this essay type with a persuasive paper, which is wrong. As a writer, you are required to take a side and provide an argument that will support your point of view. Since opinion essays are commonly written across different educational levels, it is important to learn about potential research topics. Students often struggle to identify and work on good opinion essay topics. Are you looking for excellent opinion subjects or means to develop one? Continue reading this blog from our professional writing service to learn the definition of an opinion paper and explore different opinion writing topics that you can use in essays.

What Are Opinion Essay Topics?

Opinion papers rank among the commonly issued assignments in learning institutions. So, what is an opinion essay topic? It is a subject that attracts divergent outlooks and ideas from readers and thus enables writers to develop arguments that support a certain take. It is even much easier to write about an opinion topic if it has many differing sentiments. If the title is controversial, a writer can select and build on broad scopes of argumentation available. Unlike when writing a persuasive essay, students do not need to convince readers about a given stand. Although one can draw discussions from different fields – education, healthcare, social media, technology, government, and music, among others – opinion topics share some common characteristics.

Characteristics of Good Opinion Topics

Although people pick subject matters from a wide array of disciplines, good opinion essay topics share some traits. Some of these attributes are discussed below:

  • A writer can find supportive evidence from reliable research and sources. A quality opinion topic should have examples, facts, and clear evidence that can be used to support a given standpoint.
  • It should have opposite viewpoints. A topic that has different angles is preferred when developing an opinion paper.
  • The topic should accommodate development of a strong thesis statement.

How to Choose an Opinion Topic Idea?

There are many subject areas to pick issues from. To select an exceptional opinion essay topic, you need to follow these steps:

  • Determine a field that you are passionate about. Your topic should be related to your individual experience, personal skills, or a subject you have researched exhaustively.
  • Conduct a brainstorming session to help select and adjust opinions to write about within your preferred discipline.
  • Once you create your potential opinion ideas list, conduct research to ascertain viability of all options. A good topic should have evidence, facts, and examples from reliable sources.
  • You should have a strong opinion on topics you wish to discuss.

If you follow these steps, you will choose a topic that appeals to your personal interests and can be developed comprehensively with good evidence. Feel free to contact StudyCrumb for expert advice and college essay writing help .

List of the Best Opinion Writing Topics

A student should be able to select good topics for opinion writing. Today, you can find numerous opinion subjects online. You just need a smartphone with access to the internet! Although you can find various opinion essay topics online, you should strive to choose the best titles. Below are sample best opinion topics:

  • Is gun control used as a political control tool among Americans?
  • Is global warming a true phenomenon?
  • Does access to social media content and video negatively affect children’s behaviors?
  • Should smartphone usage be accepted in colleges and other higher education institutions?
  • Does watching action films promote violence among children?
  • Role of music in different age groups.
  • Role of government in promoting freedom of speech.
  • Should parents learn to use the internet and communicate online?
  • Are human beings putting adequate effort toward environmental management?
  • What is your take on right to privacy?

Interesting Opinion Essay Topics

You should consider opinion essay topics that would easily capture your target audience’s attention. Lucky for you, there are many different opinion editorials topics to choose from. Examples of such captivating issues include:

  • Is an electric car better than a petrol vehicle?
  • Impact of World War II on the issue of racism in America.
  • Is religion important in school curricula?
  • Gender roles in modern society.
  • Should the COVID-19 jab be mandatory for all?
  • Disparities in services and racial bias in USA's healthcare industry.
  • Impact of gender neutrality and fluidity on modern language.
  • Are virtual classes better than physical sessions?
  • Pop stars influence fashion and present-day societal norms.
  • Role of physical exercise in alleviating the obesity pandemic in the United States.
  • Impact of vegetarianism on human health.
  • Is medical research on human subjects ethical?
  • Impact of World War II on gender roles in Europe and America.
  • Police brutality and its impact on the fight against racism.
  • Ownership of firearms by people improves safety and security of private citizens.

Easy Opinion Paper Topics

Unlike other complex subjects, easy opinion essay topics take writers a shorter period to develop. You also do not need to put too much effort into writing such a paper. Teachers in lower education levels rely on these types of opinion papers topics to train better writing skills. Below is a list of simplest opinion topics that you can use:

  • Effect of the Cold War on the relationship between Russia and the USA.
  • Role of Presidents from your own perspective.
  • Social media platforms do more harm than good.
  • The USA is the best country in the world.
  • Are men and women treated equally in the USA?
  • Are print books better than e-books in this modern era?
  • What is your ethical opinion on caged wild animals?
  • Impact of exercise and physical education on stress.
  • Should children have full access to the internet?
  • Virtual learning and its benefits.
  • Are social media platforms making people less social?
  • Reason why politicians should rely on technology.
  • How can you stay healthy during a lockdown?
  • Can solar power alleviate climate change?
  • Impact of the cancellation culture on public discussions.

Good Topics for Opinion Essays

If people select good opinion writing topics, they can express their point of view on such subjects in a better way. One can find deep and extensive topical knowledge on the issue online. A writer can comfortably defend their belief and inclinations with solid, reliable evidence. Common good op ed ideas include:

  • Should parents take part in their children’s educational journey?
  • What is the overall impact of making marijuana legal?
  • How can gender-based violence issues be resolved in America?
  • Weaknesses of current US immigration policies.
  • Is depression a public health issue in the United States?
  • Gender equity policies and affirmative action in US military departments.
  • Does social media promote depression among teenagers and young adults?
  • Role of government social welfare programs in promoting poverty.
  • Anger management and its relationship with gender-based violence.
  • Office versus virtual working environment.
  • Is there a connection between drug abuse and gender-based violence?
  • Will the world ever attain total peace?
  • Can genetically modified organisms (GMOs) be a solution to world hunger?
  • Are people doing enough to negate climate change effects?
  • Is euthanasia ethical and justified?

Opinion Editorial Topics

Senior authors and editors usually have a section in newspapers, magazines, or any other publication, where they express their viewpoints on a given matter. Good op ed topics attract wide audiences and thus can be used to influence readers. Examples of topics for opinion articles are outlined below:

  • Is the existing gun control legislation adequate in addressing increased mass shootings in America?
  • The future of GMOs and food security.
  • Are we winning the war against global warming?
  • In your opinion, what should be the minimum marrying age in America?
  • Impact of oil spillage on the marine ecosystem.
  • Benefits of physical exercise on physiological and mental health.
  • Can the human race inhabit Mars successfully?
  • Is it viable to replace fossil fuels with alternative clean energy sources in the aviation industry?
  • Should doping be accepted in sports?
  • Sex education should be taught to children by their parents.

Topics and Ideas for Opinion Writing by Subject

People can choose essay topics from various disciplines. With adequate research, you can list and develop arguments on numerous issues within every subject. There is a wide variety of options, which can ensure that you always discuss issues that interest you. As a writer, you can select a topic from various subjects, including political science, history, public opinion, environmental issues, technology, parenting, education, social media, and psychology, among others. Irrespective of the discipline, opinion writing ideas must be written in a specific format and structure. This section discusses common topics for opinion essays from different disciplines.

Opinion Topics in Political Science

Politics ranks among the most discussed subjects worldwide. Besides, people have diverging and contradicting takes on topics related to political science. Furthermore, since these decisions affect almost everyone, Political Science opinion essay topics attract great interest from the public. Below is a list of opinion topics in this discipline:

  • Rule of law and its unbiased application to everyone.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the US electoral system.
  • Terrorism as a political tool.
  • Immigration policy and its effect on minority families.
  • US foreign policies in the Middle Eastern countries.
  • Relationship between politics and climate change initiatives.
  • How politics affect mainstream media.
  • Political conflicts between Israel and Palestine.
  • The collision between federal and state legislation.
  • Should governments regulate religious practices?
  • Should the minimum age for voting be reduced?
  • How can governments address corruption problems?
  • Capitalism is superior to socialism.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the American system of governance.

>> View more: Topics of Political Science

History Opinion Essay Ideas

Historical events influence our current decisions. It is, therefore, no surprise that many people take a keen interest in History opinion essay topics. Issues related to past wars, civil riots, and political decisions have drawn great debates over the years. Check a list of top 15 essay topics on the subject below:

  • Thanksgiving from Native Americans’ historical view.
  • United States’ role in World War I.
  • Industrial Revolution and its effect on population distribution.
  • Contribution of Slavery to current economic and social inequalities in USA.
  • The Holocaust and its role in shaping current world politics.
  • Abolition of slavery in the United States.
  • Did the Election of President Barack Obama influence the issue of racism in America?
  • Impact of the 9/11 tragedy on United States foreign policy.
  • Importance of the American Civil Rights movement in promoting gender and racism equity in America.
  • Was the Vietnam war justified from the American point of view?
  • Martin Luther King’s contribution to the fight against racial discrimination.
  • How did the 19th Amendment empower women in the 1920s?
  • Are history lessons important in present-day school curricula?
  • What was the role of the trade union movement in promoting workers’ rights?
  • Impact of colonialism on current economic inequalities between countries worldwide.

Public Opinion Essay Topics

Public opinion, as a discipline, encompasses common beliefs, ideas, perspectives, and attitudes shared among many members of the community. Information on public opinion essay topics is often collected through polls. In many cases, the public is concerned with topic opinion related to politics. Take a look at examples outlined below:

  • Public transportation systems should be free.
  • The public transportation system in New York is inconvenient.
  • Should abortion be fully legal?
  • The Obamacare program was a disaster.
  • Mainstream media is nowadays a tool for propagating political agendas and narratives.
  • Should COVID-19 vaccine injection be compulsory?
  • Medical and recreational use of marijuana should be legal.
  • Should teachers carry firearms in classrooms?
  • Social media has increased cyberbullying among youths.
  • The US healthcare system is incompetent in dealing with increased mental health and suicide cases.
  • Should military qualification test standards be lowered to accommodate women?
  • Police departments in America have failed in their community outreach programs.
  • Police racism has negatively affected the relationship between law enforcement departments and the public.
  • How can the government deal with the increased homelessness problem in American cities?
  • The COVID-19 vaccine should be offered free of charge.

Environmental Topics for Opinion Essays

With the fight against climate change growing in momentum, people are increasingly reading op-ed topics related to environmental change and management. This subject attracts controversial viewpoints, which makes it very interesting. You can find an issue that resonates with you from the environmental opinion essay topics below:

  • Dangers of large-scale commercial farming to the environment.
  • Overfishing should be regulated globally.
  • Is global warming a real phenomenon?
  • Effect of human activity on flora and fauna.
  • Can solar power alleviate the problem of air pollution?
  • Effect of mass concrete construction on environment.
  • Does excessive consumption of beef have a negative effect on the environment?
  • Alternative clean energy solutions can slow down climate change.
  • Electric cars are better for the environment compared to petrol engine vehicles.
  • Impact of oil spillage on marine and dry-land ecosystems.
  • Tree planting is a viable solution for rapid climate change.
  • Effect of farm inputs on the environment.
  • How can wildfires be prevented?
  • Effect of global warming on human health.
  • The government should introduce legislation to regulate emissions.

Education Opinion Topics to Write About

The existence and continuous growth of the human race rely on education hugely. It is, therefore, only fair for people to express their opinions on topics on the subject. Some of the common education opinion essay topics are outlined in this section:

  • Is distance learning a viable replacement for face-to-face learning in classrooms?
  • How does the expensive cost of education affect learners in the United States?
  • Student loans in tertiary education negatively affect the economic well-being of students after school.
  • How can the government address the issue of mass shootings in schools?
  • How soon should sex education be taught in school?
  • What is the effect of social media on student learning?
  • How can technology improve learning outcomes in schools?
  • Should instructors punish learners in schools?
  • Educational institutions should introduce healthier meals in their cafeteria.
  • Gender equality in education has positively affected economic development.
  • Should religious education be incorporated into school curricula?
  • What are the effects of social and economic classes on student performance?
  • Impact of career choice decisions in school on pay gap between men and women.
  • Are private schools better than public schools?
  • Disparities in the quality of educational facilities across various ethnic communities in the US.

You can browse special education research topics  and get some new ideas for your opinion essay.

Psychology Opinion Based Questions

The increased cases of mental health issues and suicide have made Psychology opinion essay topics very popular. Today, these opinion essay questions are raised among medical professionals, legislators, and even the general public. Below are the top 15 talking points on this subject:

  • What is the impact of physical exercise on mental health?
  • Psychological effects of yoga and meditation.
  • What are the effects of social media on an individual’s mental health?
  • How does an unhealthy work/life balance affect the psychological health of people?
  • Effects of violent films on the mental development of children.
  • How can the healthcare sector better address increased cases of depression?
  • Role of pop stars in shaping the psychological growth and well-being of children.
  • How emotional support pets help in improving mental health.
  • Should parents regulate children’s access to the internet?
  • How can schools better utilize guidance and counseling departments to prevent mass shootings by students?
  • How does bullying affect mental health of students?
  • How does negative stigma toward autistic students affect their performance in school?
  • What teaching methods can be used for students who are mentally disabled?
  • Effect of childhood experience on adults.
  • Effect of divorce and domestic violence on children’s mental development.

Philosophy Opinion Essay Topics

Human beings have, for the longest time, expressed their opinion on different philosophies. Since society and laws are built on various schools of thought, opinion piece topics on this subject are very common. Below are some of the Philosophy opinion paper ideas:

  • Strengths of the utilitarian school of thought.
  • Should capital punishment be abolished?
  • What are the ethical issues linked to abortion?
  • What are the effects of environment and nurture on child development?
  • The difference between determinism and freedom.
  • Benefits of democracy over absolutism.
  • The spread of Confucianism around the world.
  • How does a personal fable lead people to commit life-changing mistakes?
  • What is the true meaning of happiness?
  • Critical evaluation of Puritan culture and beliefs.
  • Effect of the “world revolves around me” fallacy on quality of life.
  • The theory of deontology and consequentialism in America’s correction system.
  • Impact of Confucianism on western culture.
  • Does God Exist?
  • The discordance between free will and determinism.

Social Media Opinion Article Ideas

In the current age of smartphones and the internet, social media is huge. Almost every person has some level of presence on social media platforms. The effect of social media on people’s daily lives has caused a significant interest in op ed topics on the subject. Some of the common opinion article topics on Social Media are listed below:

  • Effect of social media on students’ performance in school.
  • How does social media impact the psychological and behavioral growth of children?
  • Should parents limit children’s access to social media content?
  • How should children be protected from cyberbullying on social media?
  • Evolving roles of social media in online marketing.
  • Social media is a source of depression among some young adults.
  • Has social media normalized hate speech and behaviors?
  • How can social media be used in the current education system?
  • The role of social media in promoting a sedentary lifestyle.
  • How can social media be used to promote environmental management and climate change awareness?
  • Effect of social media on face-to-face relationships.
  • Impact of social media on group mind and social pressure.
  • How can online messaging platforms be used to promote activism and revolution globally?
  • Role of social media on cultural exchange across communities.
  • Effect of social media on individuals’ self-esteem and confidence.

Culture Opinion Essay Topics

This discipline focuses on language, religion, art, and mentality. Since these aspects vary from one community to another, many opinion essays topics attract a great deal of debate. Common opinion piece ideas include:

  • Is present-day culture based on recent decades?
  • The internet has revolutionized the music industry and destroyed record companies.
  • Changes in cultural stereotypes and social prejudice across various age groups.
  • Effect of internet and globalization on traditional fashion styles.
  • The replacement of traditional acoustic instruments by computer programs has changed the music culture globally.
  • The widespread access to the internet has resulted in the rise of social media stars.
  • Stars and popular figures have the potential to influence public opinion.
  • Are high divorce rates an indicator of the changing marriage culture in the US?
  • Is recreational use of drugs part of modern US culture?
  • Will classical music ever grow out of fashion?
  • Development of hybrid culture due to intercultural exchange.
  • Effect of religion and culture on legislation.
  • Should culture be taught in a school setup?
  • Role of movies in propagating cultural information.
  • Effect of diversity on America’s food culture.

Literature Opinion Essay Topics

People have enjoyed literature throughout human history. It is common to find persons discussing and exploring different interpretations of a given literature opinion paragraph topic. Below are some of the good topics for opinion writing in Literature:

  • Do you prefer reading an entire classic book in an e-books format and in hardcopy?
  • Why has the reading culture been reduced recently?
  • Gender bigotry and prejudice in 17th-century English literature.
  • Are books on the verge of elimination due to technological advancement?
  • Themes of love and death in Shakespearean literature .
  • Does reading result in better spelling skills?
  • Difference between Western and Eastern literature.
  • Can reading a book help relieve stress?
  • What can be done to reclaim the lost Native American literature?
  • Challenges of teaching foreign literature.
  • Is there a need to limit English literature in institutions of higher education?
  • Importance of the internet in facilitating the sharing of literature around the world.
  • Classic literature should be made available at no cost.
  • How can English language grammar be preserved?

Sports Opinion Paper Topics

Whether you are an athlete or a sports fan, you must have had a heated sports debate at least once. The emotional aspect of sports makes opinionated essay topics on Sports very common. Examples of opinion topic ideas are presented here:

  • Nutrition is necessary for athletic success.
  • Is bodybuilding a sport?
  • Are professional athletes over or underpaid?
  • Should psychological and mental health be considered in sports training programs?
  • Is doping ethical?
  • Should controlled doping be allowed in some sports?
  • Is animal sport ethical?
  • How vital are sports in school curricula?
  • Why do some athletes struggle after retirement?
  • Importance of statistics in sports analysis and match preparation.
  • How can the gap between male and female sports be reduced?
  • Are injuries indicators of an athlete’s level of physical fitness?
  • How can you reduce the dangers associated with extreme sports and motorsport?
  • Can supplements improve the performance of an athlete?
  • How can you incorporate the LGBTQ+ community into sports?

Ideas for Opinion Essay for Students

Teachers often require students to compose opinion essays. These articles train learners to better express their opinion and build their argument skills. Opinion essay topic ideas vary depending on the student’s education level. Since each education level has different learning objectives and outcomes, the complexity and the research levels required to complete such assignments differ. The format for this academic paper does not, however, vary, irrespective of the level. This section explores op-ed ideas for different education levels, particularly high school and college levels. You may also browse our persuasive essay topics  and find some interesting ideas for your writing.

Opinion Essay Topics for High School

Even high school students have personal views! They are perfectly able to prepare essays on opinionated topics. Opinion essay topics for high school can be derived from a variety of disciplines. Below are titles that learners can discuss:

  • Is social media negatively affecting social interaction?
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of homework?
  • Should parents limit social media usage among high school students?
  • Does cheating count as academic misconduct?
  • Should gym classes be made mandatory in high school?
  • Should students wear uniform attire to school?
  • Should the use of mobile phones be allowed in classrooms?
  • What are the advantages of group tasks?
  • How can bullying be prevented in school?
  • Do reading novels and fictional literature improve academic performance?

Opinion Essay Topics for College

The opinion paragraph topics for college students are a little bit more complex compared to articles written by high schoolers. Other than that, opinion essay topics for college level, just like high school, can be drawn from any subject. Below are some examples:

  • Are traditional family values under threat in the United States?
  • Should the death penalty be considered in capital crime cases?
  • How can the government address the existing economic inequality in the United States?
  • Should unintentional plagiarism be penalized?
  • How can schools reduce depression among college students?
  • How does the virtual education model compare with physical classrooms?
  • How does social media promote cultural bias?
  • Application of technology in college education.
  • Is it ethical for students to develop intimate relationships with students?
  • The weaknesses of the United States immigration policy.

Bottom Line on Opinion Essay Topics

In sum, you can choose opinion story ideas from various disciplines depending on your interest. With adequate research, anybody can write a good opinion article. This type of essay should follow a specific format. Irrespective of the issue, your paper should have a strong thesis statement. The quality of your essay will also depend on the amount of clear supporting evidence you’ve provided. Also, always remember to mention and talk about opposing points of view.


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FAQ About Opinion Essay Topics

1. what are some opinion topics.

Depending on your passion, you can choose opinion topics from your preferred subject. Below are some of the opinion topics:

  • Impact of divorce on child development.
  • What are the potential solutions for human trafficking?
  • How does poor education in low-income communities promote crime?
  • Why has the United States not had a female president so far?

3. How to come up with topics for an opinion essay?

To select good topics for opinion essays, you need to know your passion. You are more likely to write a better paper if you have a great interest in topics. Once you have identified your preferred discipline, select a topic you can develop with adequate evidence. You can also have a brainstorming session to come up with topics.

2. What are intriguing opinion essay topics?

You might find opinion essay topics listed below to be interesting:

  • What measures can be taken to reverse the climate change process?
  • New roles of social media in business operations.
  • The role of technology in improving learning outcomes.
  • Taming wild animals within a restricted zoo area is unethical.

4. What are some examples of opinion writing topics?

Below are some examples of topics for opinion writing:

  • Learning institutions should help parents and guardians in controlling children’s screen time.
  • Does racial profiling negatively affect the relationship between police departments and the American public?
  • Is America’s middle class getting overwhelmed by the high class?
  • Are physical and cyberbullying indications that perpetrators are insecure?


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120 Amazing Topics for Your Opinion Essay

What is an opinion essay.

All students are eventually required to write an opinion essay, where they express their thoughts on a particular subject matter. The writing process of such a paper may seem quite difficult to many individuals. The reason being is that some scholars find it challenging to choose an appropriate theme. To write an essay where you express your views on something, you should pick a topic that is suitable for your interests, experience, and field of knowledge. Of course, everyone may also challenge themselves by choosing a topic that is a bit more arduous. In such instances, scholars are required to conduct in-depth research to collect all necessary information. The latter is crucial because papers of this type require individuals to back up their statements with factual or statistical evidence. Every person may find ESL essays topics . Nevertheless, it goes without saying that not all of them will be appropriate for you. That’s why it’s important to pick a subject suitable for your own experience.

How to Come Up With a Topic For the Opinion Essay?

As aforementioned, for some, coming up with argumentative essay topics may be problematic. Nonetheless, we have a few simple tips and tricks that will help you create an essay plan you’ll be able to stick to throughout the whole writing process. First and foremost, be sure that you have enough reliable sources to collect data from. Also, ensure that you pick a topic you are knowledgeable of. One thing you may do to come up with the best possible theme is to try brainstorming.

Various Opinion Essay Topics Divided by Subject

To save you time and effort, we will present numerous great opinion essay topics for college students that will definitely make the whole paper writing assignment much easier for you. Of course, you may seek professional custom essay help . However, our list is quite extensive, and for your convenience, we have separated the topics into several categories. Below each category, you will find a short description that will help you better understand the notion behind these types of papers. We assure you that here, you will find more than one excellent topic for your academic writing class.

Good Opinion Essay Topics

In the first category of our listing, we will provide you with ten themes ideal for high school and college students. Our ideas are with respect to trending subjects, including social platforms, equality, and so on. Additionally, we’ve added a few more general titles. However, all of them have huge potential. We recommend you collect your data from valuable sources like RefSeek , for instance.

  • Should We Trust Instagram and TikTok Influencers?
  • Should Children Use Smartphones in Their Everyday Life?
  • What Are the Main Pros and Cons of Instagram for Teenagers?
  • Is There A Gender Pay Gap At the Moment?
  • The Benefits Associated with Reading Books
  • Learning the Basics of Sharing with Our Parents
  • The Tremendous Power of People’s Words
  • Is It Possible to Overcome Our Greatest Fears?
  • How to Know If He/She Is The One?
  • How Does Instagram Destroy One’s Self-Esteem?

Easy Opinion Essay Topics

These are a bit more basic, and they don’t ask for a lot of research and previous experience. Each topic is suitable for young people. Even though such themes may be considered a bit more difficult than check compare and contrast essay topics , we assure you that the ones listed here are all uncomplicated.

  • Expanding One’s Friends Circle: Is It Really Necessary?
  • Dream Destination: Where and Why
  • In A Parallel Universe, This Would Be My Superpower
  • Should You Strive to Fit the Society?
  • Are Video Games Good or Bad for Teenagers?
  • Home Schooling: Why Is It Better
  • Leaving Your Comfort Zone Will Help You Achieve Success
  • What Are the Benefits of Traveling?
  • Why Is It Important to Spend Time with Your Family
  • The Idea Behind Using Emojis When Texting

Finding suitable opinion essay topics can be quite a challenge for many students, but with the help of professional essay writers , it is much easier to make the most of your essay assignment.

Strong Opinion Essay Topics

If you don’t want to  buy a custom essay , these themes are ideal for you. On this list, you will be presented with ten splendid examples that are appropriate for people going to college, as well as teenagers. We’ve come up with various questions so that everyone can find a suitable one.

  • Is It Morally Acceptable for Vegans to Wear Leather Shoes?
  • Should Health Care Be Made Free Everywhere in the World?
  • Why Do Scholars Feel Stressed Most of the Time?
  • Can Long Distance Relationships Really Survive?
  • Can A Man and A Woman Be Just Friends?
  • Differences Between Fast and Sustainable Fashion
  • The Negative Effects Sun Has on Your Skin
  • The Significance of Protecting Our Environment At All Cost
  • The Negatives Associated with Giving Your Kids Anything They Want
  • Can Zoos Be Ethical — The Good and the Bad Sides
  • Psychology Opinion Essay Topics

If you are deeply interested in psychology, you should surely have a look at the following list of themes.

  • 10 Habits That Will Boost Your Confidence
  • The Truth about Procrastinating Every Day
  • Why Are Some People More Prone to Depression?
  • How to Escape the Trap of Apathy?
  • The Benefits of Learning Body Language
  • The Relation Between Mental Health and Working Out
  • By Judging Others, You’re Actually Judging Yourself
  • What Is Anxiety and Why Is It So Common Nowadays?
  • The Long-Lasting Effects Associated with Childhood Traumas
  • Being Happy All the Time Is Simply Not Possible

Literature Opinion Essay Topics

This section is the ideal pick for everyone who likes to read. Below, you will find ten different themes associated with literature in some way. To avoid any grammatical mistakes, we recommend you edit your essay online first before sending it to your evaluator.

  • The Lessons The Harry Potter Series Taught Us
  • How Does Today’s Literature Differ from Medieval Literature?
  • Here Is Why Reading Prompts Comfort for Most People
  • Female Characters in 1920 vs Female Characters in 2020
  • Death and Decay in Emily Dickenson’s Works
  • Are All Classical Writing Worth One’s Time
  • The Inspiration Writers Find in Nature
  • How to Pick A Relevant World War II Book
  • Why Is Shakespeare’s Writing So Praised?
  • The Benefits Associated with Reading Fantasy Novels

History Opinion Essay Topics

If you are someone who is deeply fascinated with history, the next listing will surely be of big help to you.

  • Martin Luther King and His Dreams
  • The Truth About Religious Beliefs During the Aztec Era
  • The Effects The Great Depression Had on Working Females
  • Ancient Egypt and the Mystery Behind the Pyramids
  • The Influence Harlem Renaissance Had on the African American Culture
  • Does Slavery Still Exist to Some Extent In the US?
  • The Five Most Influential Historical Figures Who Changed the World
  • Herbs Used As Medicine In the Past
  • Different History Lessons In Every Country
  • The Numerous Benefits Associated with Learning History

Education Opinion Essay Topics

The next list consists of themes that are solely associated with the educational system. One of the best places you may gather information from is the Educational Resources Information Center .

  • Should Elementary Schools Continue Teaching Handwriting?
  • Should Children Be Allowed to Carry Phones At School?
  • What Is Wrong with the US Educational System?
  • The Perks of Taking Part in After-School Activities
  • Should The Graduation Age Be Raised?
  • Is E-Learning As Effective As Traditional One?
  • Is It A Good Idea to Implement Video Games in Lessons?
  • Major Reasons Why Homework Is Absolutely Crucial
  • The Importance of Studying A Foreign Language
  • Your Grades Do Not Define How Smart You Are

Law Opinion Essay Topics

Below, you will find several interesting themes associated with legal systems.

  • Reasons Why Studying Law Is Considered Beneficial
  • Gun Control In the United States
  • The Neglecting of Police Brutality Nowadays
  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized In the US?
  • Are the Wealthiest People Affected by the Law?
  • Death Penalty: Why Do Some People Support Its Legalization?
  • Should Nuclear Weapons Be Banned Completely?
  • All Women Should Be Given the Right to Get An Abortion
  • More Severe Consequences for Cyber Criminals
  • Everyone Should Be Equal Before the Law

Politics Opinion Essay Topics

If you’re wondering what are good essay topics for politics, have a look below.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Socialism
  • Why Is Politics One of the Most Commonly Discussed Themes?
  • Why Do So Many People Want to Become Politicians?
  • The Most Influential Political Figures of All Time
  • How Does the Ideal Political System Look Like?
  • Pros and Cons of Capitalism in the United States
  • The Effect Celebrities Have On Political Campaigns
  • What Makes One A Political Leader
  • The Huge Importance of Female Figures in Governments
  • The Importance of Taxation and Its Economic Effects

Religion Opinion Essay Topics

If you’re required to write a paper in this field, the next bullet list will be quite beneficial to you.

  • Should People Be Defined by Their Religious Beliefs
  • The Things Different Religions Have In Common
  • How Are Non-Believers Perceived by Different Religions
  • Do All Religious People Pray?
  • Religious Affirmation and Its Importance in the Modern World
  • Opinions of Individuals of Different Religions on Same-Sex Marriage
  • The Role of Islam Women Nowadays
  • The Significance of Nature in Buddhism
  • The Main Differences Between Christianity and Buddhism
  • Why Are So Many Teenagers Non-Religious?

Culture Opinion Essay Topics

This specific category allows for many different views to be shared — views about arts, one’s mindset, media, and so on.

  • How Can Art Improve Your Mood In No Time?
  • The Negativity Associated with the Movie Culture Nowadays
  • How Can One Deal with Online Manipulation?
  • How Does the American Culture Influence The Whole World
  • Reasons Why Visiting Museums Should Be Completely Free
  • The Benefits of Visiting Cultural Events Weekly
  • Reasons Why Modern Pop Stars Get Replaced So Swiftly
  • How to Find the Beauty In Everything Around You?
  • How Are We Constantly Influenced by the Music We Listen to
  • The Development of Pop Culture and Its Effects

Public Opinion Essay Topics

And finally, this is the final category of our extremely long list of topics for writing an opinion essay.

  • Is Social Media Damaging Our Personal Relationships?
  • Education Is Way Too Expensive for Most Individuals
  • People Are Constantly Being Presented with Fake News on the TV
  • Being Able to Spend Time Alone Is Absolutely Crucial
  • The Huge Importance of Stoicism Nowadays
  • Should Minors Be Given the Right to Vote?
  • Should Corruption Be Totally Eliminated?
  • Things We Are Not Taught by Our Teachers
  • What Are the Negatives of Online Communication?
  • Buying A House Is Almost Impossible for the Majority of the Population

We hope we’ve answered every question you may have had about essay topics and ideas. Our team advises you to carefully consider all themes listed here. They are diverse, and most of them are perfect for scholars between the ages of 14 and 18, as well as for people studying at university.

On Edusson essay writing service you can find a wide range of opinion essay topics to choose from. Whether your opinion essay is about politics, current events, or a personal opinion, the Edusson essay writing service is the perfect place to get inspired and create an impactful opinion essay. Our professional writers are always available to provide you with the best opinion essay topics and help you craft the perfect essay.

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Psychology Essay Topic: Theories Explaining Human growth and Development

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opinion essay interesting topics


175 Excellent Opinion Essay Topics for Students

Table of Contents

Do you have no idea what topic to pick for writing an opinion essay? If yes, then this blog post will be of great help to you. For your convenience, here, we have suggested 175 strong opinion essay topics and ideas on various themes. In addition to that, we have also explained how to identify a good topic and compose a powerful opinion essay worthy of securing top grades. Continue reading this blog to get more details about opinion essay writing.

Read More – Essay Format Guidelines for Every Student to Learn and Consider

Opinion Essay Topic Selection

Indeed, choosing good opinion essay topics is a challenging task, as this might decide how well you will write it. Also, you need to choose opinion essay topics, which might quickly describe what you will find in the essay. Moreover, selecting good opinion essay topics might relate to personal views, experience, credible sources, analysis, and concrete research. Besides, considering such components might help you to depict reasons for a specific viewpoint that you mention in the essay.

Opinion Essay Topics

The following are some key tips that will help you in identifying an excellent topic for an opinion essay.

  • Always, choose a topic that you have strong knowledge of.
  • Give preference to the topic that allows you to share your opinions.
  • Pick a topic that has valid supporting facts or evidence to prove your opinion.
  • Select a topic that is not addressed frequently.
  • Choose a topic that lets you analyze and present your viewpoints from a different angle.

Opinion Essay Writing

If you want to write good opinion essay topics, perhaps, you will consider the following conditions:

  • Firstly, you ought to brainstorm future opinion essay topics. Mostly, you will have several topics to choose from and check if the course requirement is met or not.
  • Secondly, ensure to use reliable evidence to support your viewpoints. Certainly, you ought to make accurate citations to accomplish your objectives.
  • Thirdly, consider writing a clear prompt as you might want to precisely reveal your take on the issue.
  • Fourthly, don’t forget to present the opposite reasoning for which you have chosen a specific side on the topic.
  • Fifthly, check if there is any other research available on the given topic or not.
  • Sixthly, ensure to write a strong thesis statement in the first paragraph itself that might relate to other paragraphs as well.
  • Lastly, consider running a grammar and spelling check, and make sure to insert appropriate citations as per the marking rubrics.

See Also – Fantastic Cause and Effect Essay Topics for you to Consider

List of Opinion Essay Topics and Ideas

Here, we have presented a list of 150+ powerful opinion essay topics and ideas on different subjects such as political science, history, nursing, education, psychology, and so on. Go through them all and pick a topic that is convenient for you to persuade your readers.

Opinion Essay Topics on Political Science

  • Advantages and disadvantages of socialism.
  • How to eliminate corruption?
  • Is it ethical to have a private prison?
  • Rights for the minor to give vote- What is your viewpoint?
  • What is the role of a president in your opinion?
  • Cold War and its real cause.
  • Why should political leaders depend on technology?
  • Is there freedom of speech in media- What is your viewpoint?
  • Explain gun control as a political control instrument.
  • Why did the relationship between US and Cuba melt?
  • History and its advantages.
  • Ancient Egypt and Symbolism.
  • Monarchy in modern society and its advantages.
  • Cause and effect of Pearl Harbor.
  • Vietnam War coverage and its bias.

Basic Opinion Essay Topics

  • Ghandi- Messenger of Peace.
  • Slavery controversy and its abolition.
  • How is Martin Luther King’s message distorted today?
  • Why is global warming a hoax?
  • Should government control religious practices?
  • Why do the political leaders need to rely on the technology?
  • How to stay healthy and active during the quarantine
  • The future of the virus: vaccines for COVID-19 vs. a strong immune system
  • Should parents stop helping their children at the age of 18? …
  • What are your thoughts on the current drinking age in the United States? …
  • Should there be limits to freedom of speech? …
  • Was the current Covid-19 outbreak handled effectively? …
  • Is social media making us less social?
  • Phobias are demonstrated by TV propaganda.
  • How are polar bears the legacy of the entire world?

Good-Quality Opinion Essay Topics

  • Why is a Green Peace activist not always ethical?
  • Electric cars and their advantages.
  • How emissions may regulate higher penalties?
  • Discuss the impact of rainforests on the mobile network.
  • Autism and its causes.
  • Why should concentrate more on nursing theorists?
  • Should Latin be a subject at the current time?
  • Distance learning and its advantages.
  • How is college only a financial debt?
  • Relevance of religion in education.
  • Importance of gender school in the current time.
  • Significance for the parents to learn how to communicate online.
  • How is campus violence related to video games?
  • Is there a necessity for teachers to punish students?
  • Role of music in generation gap topic.

Top-Notch Opinion Essay Topics

  • Describe age differences in the workplace.
  • Should the government do more to improve accessibility for people with physical disabilities?
  • Social media platform owners should monitor and block comments containing hateful language.
  • Effective ways to decrease depression among our youth.
  • Discuss the negative impact of violence on media coverage.
  • YouTube stars phenomenon topic.
  • Role of physical education in reducing anxiety.
  • School conflicts and negotiation tips.
  • Do the parents need to have access to social media control tools?
  • Smartphone access permission for preschool children.
  • Discuss the impact of Hollywood image on different age marriage cases.
  • Elaborate on the relationship between fashion needs and crime.
  • 17 th century English Literature and gender bias.
  • Love and death in Shakespeare’s sonnets.
  • Is there a need to minimize English Literature in college?

Unique Opinion Essay Ideas

  • PTSD patients and the role of reading.
  • Why classic books should be made free?
  • How to help modern children with reading?
  • Is there a need to eliminate paper books?
  • How has the internet ruined record companies?
  • Role of online communication in distorting physical relationships.
  • How is modern culture based on the past decades?
  • Rock music and biased attitude.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of online streaming.
  • Effectiveness of the policies made to control Covid-19.
  • Compare the immigration policies of two different countries.
  • What is your opinion about being heavy weight?
  • How emotional support animals help in treating mental conditions.
  • YouTube stars phenomenon topic

Informative Opinion Essay Topics

  • Discuss the negative impact of diets.
  • Analyze the impact of improper sleep patterns.
  • How do animals help in stress reduction?
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder Control.
  • The cultural dimension of political strikes.
  • The current anti-war culture is an opinion essay topic.
  • Background and bloggers of Narcissism.
  • Discuss the ways to control privacy.
  • ADHD syndrome children require a special class allocation.
  • Famous Korean pop music.
  • How are modern pop stars based on vulgar power displays?
  • Computers as a substitute for acoustic instruments.
  • How has globalization ruined the customary fashion trend?
  • Abortion rights must be provided to every woman
  • Polio vaccination needs to be mandatory
  • Workplace discrimination should be prohibited
  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Impressive Opinion Essay Ideas

  • Customary cuisine in Thailand and China in the United States.
  • How XX1 century does fashion create eating disorders?
  • Artists as hidden geniuses.
  • Discuss the typical signs of the millennial.
  • Impact of domestic violence on America.
  • How social media promotes division in the United States?
  • National Park and its safety.
  • Why is America fed-up with fake news?
  • Voting system and the trust of the Americans.
  • DNA testing result- Why should the government not use it?
  • Do you think all police officers are corrupt?
  • How is school a safe place?
  • Bullying is an indication of insecurity.
  • Role of role in academic success.
  • The impact of military training on an individual’s character.

Intriguing Opinion Essay Topics

  • Discuss the reality of cultural shock in your own country.
  • Working women as better mothers- What is your viewpoint?
  • Conventional offices don’t need an office.
  • Why should the educational system provide more healthy meals?
  • Is time management suitable for every person?
  • The impact of clothing on mood and performance.
  • Discuss the necessity of sports in the school curriculum.
  • How is angry parenting dysfunctional?
  • Pros and cons of energy drinks.
  • How is the yearbook worth the effort?
  • Why is there a need to reduce the driving age to 18 years?
  • The Americans take the 9/11 tragedy personally- Explain your viewpoint.
  • Discuss the impact of Renaissance art in the current time.
  • Is it ethical for people to visit museums?
  • Relevance of the Son of Liberty in US history.

Outstanding Opinion Essay Topics

  • Why is there a need to preserve English Grammar?
  • Importance of composition essay to establish a successful career.
  • Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain- Discuss the satirical aspect.
  • What should the next generation possess?
  • Relevance of English for engineering students.
  • The high cost of education prevents many Americans from achieving the “American dream.”
  • The security of national parks must not be jeopardized.
  • In the United States, social media promotes division.
  • Is the value of family under threat in the United States?
  • Should the United States adopt the British tradition of taking a gap year?
  • Massive depression must be treated as a public health issue in the United States.
  • Schools should assist parents in limiting their adolescent children’s screen time.
  • There is a solution to economic inequality in the United States.
  • Did the United States respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Is it necessary for the United States to reform its military policy?
  • Is it effective to use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in healthcare?
  • Non-Invasive Fetal DNA Tests – NIPD and NIPT DNA Sampling are effective for analyzing DNA profiles
  • Early cancer detection and screening using protein biomarker analysis can increase the rate of patients’ survival
  • Is neuro-sensor feedback effective to control artificial limbs?
  • Non-invasive remote glucose monitoring can control the severity of diabetes

 Opinion Essay Topics for University Students

  • In most parts of the United States, public transportation is inconvenient.
  • The government should not rely on the results of DNA tests.
  • All states should abolish the death penalty.
  • Will the American people ever be satisfied with their president?
  • The government must respond to the rise in homelessness in the United States.
  • Should the study of culture be required in healthcare education?
  • Should potentially harmful medical data be made public?
  • Making medical marijuana unlawful. Your viewpoint on this issue.
  • Lack of education in particular disciplines is what causes the generational divide.
  • What telltale signals point to a generational gap?
  • Doctors in their middle years ought to have listened to Hippocrates concerning unusual habits.
  • Through the millennia, tea has united various cultures.
  • Should human health suffer as a result of technological advancement?
  • Is it feasible to put an end to human trafficking on a worldwide scale?
  • Is it possible to allow children to choose to perform hard labor?

Latest Opinion Essay Topics

  • How reading results in better learning- What is your viewpoint?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the industrial revolution.
  • Each world country has a different story about World War II.
  • How does Asian culture dominate the world?
  • How has tea connected the culture all throughout the ages?
  • Foreign trade is an ancient source of cross-cultural connection.
  • Discuss how wildfires can be prevented.
  • Why is mass-produced chicken healthy?
  • How to prevent wildfire?
  • Describe the impact of environmental degradation on women farmers.
  • How to reuse abandoned buildings?
  • Why is humanity responsible for the climate change?
  • How does air traveling result in air pollution?
  • Light pollution and its adverse consequences.
  • Organic fertilizers as the substitute to chemicals- What is your viewpoint?

The Bottom Line

If you have reached here, possibly this blog might have driven your interest and you might have got your topics. However, if you still haven’t got your topics, consider calling our Assignment writing help experts, who might guide you on the same. Also, you may seek the help of our experts to modify topics as per your request to them. Moreover, you may talk to your professor, who might suggest topics as per your knowledge and skill level. Furthermore, this blog has 175 opinion essay topics for you, which seems ideally sufficient to meet your interest.

Opinion Essay Topics

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An opinion essay

An opinion essay

Learn how to write an opinion essay.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.



Some people think that some types of criminals should not go to prison. Instead they should do unpaid work in the community. To what extent do you agree?

Owing to the great variety of crimes that can be punishable by prison, some people argue that not all criminals are the same and it would therefore be more appropriate to give certain criminals community service instead. I agree that in some cases, prison may not be the best solution and community service would probably have more benefits.

One justification given for prisons is to keep society safe by removing criminals from the outside world. So the first thing to consider is if someone who has broken the law is a danger to other people. In the case of violent crime, there is an argument to keep the perpetrator away from society. However, burglary or possession of drugs, for example, does not involve violence against other people so the criminal does not present a direct danger to anyone in the community. Keeping these types of criminals in prison is expensive for the taxpayer and does not appear to be an effective punishment as they often commit the same crime again when they come out of prison.

Personally, I also believe punishments should reform people so they do not reoffend. A further reason not to put these people in prison is that they may mix with more dangerous and violent criminals, potentially committing a worse crime when they are released. By keeping them in the community, helping others, they not only learn new skills, but they could also develop more empathy and care towards others. If this occurs, society can only benefit.

Critics of this more rehabilitative approach to crime believe that justice should be harsh in order to deter people from committing similar crimes and that community service could be less likely to have that effect. However, there is very little evidence to suggest that long prison sentences deter criminals.

In conclusion, putting criminals who are not a danger to society in prison is expensive and, in my opinion, ineffective, both as a deterrent and as a form of rehabilitation. Community service for non-violent crimes benefits both society and the offender. That said, it would be useful to have more data to work out whether community service or prison is more likely to stop someone reoffending. I strongly believe that decisions on how best to deal with criminals should be based on evidence of what actually works.

  • Introduce your essay by restating the question in your own words.
  • If the essay asks you to what extent do you agree?,  make your opinion clear throughout. You can either agree, partially agree or disagree with the statement, explaining and justifying your opinion.
  • Introduction
  • The first reason why you agree/disagree
  • The second reason why you agree/disagree
  • The third reason why you agree/disagree (if you have one)
  • Use phrases to organise and link your ideas, e.g. Owing to … , One justification for … , The first thing to consider is … , A further reason … , In conclusion ... .
  • If you do not have solid evidence for your ideas, use modal verbs such as might , may or could  (e.g. they could  develop more empathy and care ) or other tentative phrases (e.g. it does not appear to be an effective punishment ).
  • Conclude by restating your opinion and summarising your two or three main arguments.

Do you agree that community service is better than prison for some crimes?

Language level

In my country it is often debated whether community services are better than prison for certain crimes. I think it's pretty obvious that it should be an option for less important faults. However, sometimes it happens that a judge decides to grant this benefit to some type of powerful criminals who cause more significant damage to society than others who do not have the same possibility, such as financial criminals or corrupt government agents. In my opinion, these types of sentences can have a bad impact on people, since they see that these behaviors are not severely punished and are somehow protected by the law. In conclusion, I agree that certain types of crimes should avoid prison, but I believe that before implementing it, the society must agree on which crimes will be able to enjoy this possibility to ensure that justice is fair for all.

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Normally we delete a comment like this -- and we deleted the other one you made -- but have let this one through so you can see that it works. 

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The subject of how criminals should be punished is complicated, there are a lot of different opinions defending their points of view. There are two main ideas the first is arresting all the offenders, and the second idea is separating those not dangerous to society, and sending them to work in the community. In my opinion, I agree with the second idea, because there are many expenses with the prisons and the prisoners, so if lessen the population in this environment the conditions and the quality could be better than if there were overpopulation, avoiding justice being done right. Furthermore, these people aren't violent and dangerous to others, so with bad company in the prison, they might become bad people too. In this case, it's an awful idea to mix a different kind of person. Therefore, it's an excellent suggestion to oblige these people to do work in society, but with supervision in the right way and strictly.

On account of the differences between several types of crimes, not all criminals should be sent to prison. It is suggested that giving certain offenders community service would be more appropriate than just jailing them.

Honestly, I completely agree that the right way to protect people from harm is to imprison criminals who conduct violent crimes that endanger human physical health. Nevertheless, this penalty may be ineffective with offenders who have administrative guilts or non-violent offenses. Since they often commit the same crime after getting out of prison, this is just a temporary punishment to ensure the security of citizens for a certain period. The nature of the problem is these crimes originate from greed and bad habits which lead to their deviant behaviors but have not yet resulted in such severe consequences that affect human life.

From my perspective, the government would rather reform these types of offenders than deter them as a kind of punishment. It is better to have an alternative that perceptively impacts these people’s awareness which is to make them do community service. Jailing these criminals just increases their hatred and develops antisocial personality. By keeping and controlling them in a community, besides learning new skills, they amend their bad manner as well as develop more empathy and care towards others.

Given these points, the application of punishment should be based on the nature of each specific crime. Prisons should only be used for perpetrators committing directly dangerous crimes to people's lives. Making non-violent criminals do community service is more of a practical way to optimize tax wasted for prisons as well as give them a chance to fix their wrong behaviors.

There are several types of crimes and for each of them, a different sentence is dictated. A paramount question to be considered is whether community servers are more accurate than prisons for some crimes.

To begin with, community servers would help and support criminals through specialized psychologists. Not only would community servers help and support them, but also it would give them jobs to help them give the society back a contribution in return.

In addition, prisons only contribute to worsening the situation owing to the fact that criminals will commit crimes again. The key to excellent behavior is learning. If they learn suitable habits, they will adapt to society and help it.

Furthermore, it is necessary to have empathy with criminals and not judge them because their hate increases when they are condemned in prison. A further reason for this is that hate feeds hate. Nevertheless, some criminals must be in jail due to their danger on the streets. It is difficult to know that a person who kills someone else, is going to change even if he/she receives help from psychologists.

In contrast, most of society believes that all criminals should be in prison. However, prisons must be all comfortable like a hotel in order to bring for the prisoners a place to recover themselves. The reason why they must live in appropriate conditions is due to his mental health. For instance, in Norway, prisons are like hotels because the government considers that criminals need a second chance to live in a community

To conclude, it would be suitable for all criminals to live in accurate prisons in order to recover themselves. Despite the cost that kind of prisons are supposed to take, they are worth paying for them. In my opinion, safety is priceless and is more important than the cost.

There are many things to consider in punishing criminals or law offender, Technically Speaking, Prison sentence varies entirely depending on a Country's legal system.

I partially agree in reinforcing community service to those non violent criminals, whereas harsh punishment for violent criminals who committed felonious crime. This perspective is reflected on my understandings in a community where social injustice is prevalent. In my country misdemeanor crime and felony crime offender are detained in the same prison cell, they only differ in the duration of prison sentence. This is where the serious societal issues of crime rate initially rooted, non violent offenders are mixed up with serious offenders, doing and smuggling drugs all a while in prison.

Further reasons to justify harsh punishment for felonious crime is it can act as deterent for potential criminals, while community service may reinforce less serious offender to reflect on their own actions and give back to the community. Moreover it may help them develop empathy towards others.

In my conclusions punishment should vary on the severity of the crime of the perpetrator, Criminals should be legally convicted and fairness in prosecution of Criminals must be reinforce.

I do agree that people who have done serious crimes have to be locked in prison, but the rest of them it would be better to keep them busy with comunity work, maybe to pick up trash or plant trees, things like that in order to benefit society and also for them to learn new habilities.

It's complicated question. Of course, crime's circumstances mean a lot when we discuss the reasons, but social circumstances mean much more when we discuss the punishment. We might to observe punishment system from very top to down. But we don't have enough time for this and my English doesn't allow to do it:-D Nevertheless, the point is: punishment system is determined by social habits, assumptions and generally by the culture. Judicial system is one of the results of long-lasting complicating process of building society. As a last resort, we might to discuss about certain country, not about whole humanity. Regarding my opinion, I consider that drugs and non-violent crimes shouldn't be punishment with real prison sentences. I think right to keep and bear arms could be one of decision (yes, it would be a lot of accidents for the first time), and drug decriminalization could be another one.

Personally, I think that nobody was born a criminal. Every child comes to this world like an innocent angel, like a white sheet of paper, and only we - adults - are responsible for what was written on this paper. If a child was born in some problem family (alcoholics, drug takers, or criminals) it would have the only way in the future, and this way is not about good education and normal life. Unfortunately, this is how things are. So, in my opinion, and according to my experience in my local and school, most criminals became criminals because of circumstances. And of course, the worth way we can treat them is to put them into prison. Especially if we're talking about young criminals. So yes, I agree with this opinion and we definitely should give non-violence criminals some social works and - this is important - we have to give them the opportunity to get proper education and useful skills so they can find a job and will have a chance to avoid criminal society in future.

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Opinion Essay

Caleb S.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Write an Effective Opinion Essay

17 min read

Published on: Feb 28, 2023

Last updated on: Jul 21, 2023

opinion essay

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Are you looking to express your opinion in a clear and convincing way? Crafting an effective opinion essay is the key to making your thoughts heard.

With this simple guide, you can easily do just that.

Here, we'll take you step-by-step through the process of writing a compelling opinion essay. So you can be confident when putting your thoughts into words.

Let's get started!

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On This Page On This Page

What Exactly is an Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay is a piece of writing that presents and defends an opinion or viewpoint on a particular topic. To make your argument convincing, you must back it up with facts, evidence, and logical reasoning.

What Makes an Opinion Essay Different from Other Types of Essays?

Opinion essays differ from other types of essays, such as argumentative or persuasive essays. It requires the writer to express their own opinion on a given topic.

Here's a table that compares the three types of essays:

How to Structure an Opinion Essay?

When crafting an opinion essay, it’s important to follow a specific essay structure. The basic opinion essay structure is as follows:

  • Introduction: An opinion essay introduction should introduce the topic and provide a clear statement of the author’s opinion. It should also include any background information necessary to understand the argument.
  • Body Paragraphs: Each body paragraph should present a point or argument in favor of the writer’s opinion. It would be followed by evidence or examples to support it. Counter-arguments against the opinion can also be presented and discussed in this section. Although, they should not detract from the main points being made.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion should summarize the main points and arguments made throughout the essay. Also, restate the author’s opinion in a clear, concise way. It may also point out any potential implications of accepting or rejecting their viewpoint.

Struggling to write an opinion essay? Check out this video for some helpful pointers!

Opinion Essay Outline

An opinion essay is a formal piece of writing that presents an argument or point of view on a particular topic. An outline will help organize your thoughts and provide structure for your essay.

Here is an example of what an outline for a great essay might look like:

Here is another example for opinion essay ielts - structure:

By following this basic outline, you can ensure that your opinion essay will be well-structured and organized.

What to Include in an Opinion Essay

To craft a compelling opinion essay, it is important to include the following elements:

Logical Reasoning: Use logical reasoning to connect your evidence to your opinion. Clearly explain how the evidence supports your viewpoint and address any potential counterarguments. Ensure that your reasoning is clear, coherent, and easy for the reader to follow.

Personal Reflection: Share your personal experiences or observations that have influenced your opinion. This adds depth and authenticity to your essay and helps the reader understand the perspective from which you're approaching the topic.

Counter Arguments: Anticipate and address counterarguments to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the issue. Present counterarguments objectively and refute them with well-reasoned responses. This shows that you have considered alternative viewpoints and strengthens your position.

Clear Structure: Organize your essay with a clear introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Each paragraph should focus on a single point or supporting argument. Use topic sentences to introduce each paragraph and provide smooth transitions between ideas.

Use of Persuasive Techniques: Employ persuasive techniques such as rhetorical questions, analogies, or emotional appeals to engage and persuade your readers. However, be cautious not to rely solely on emotional appeals without logical reasoning.

Proper Citations: If you use external sources or references, ensure proper citations and adhere to the appropriate citation style (e.g., MLA, APA). This demonstrates integrity and strengthens the credibility of your essay.

What not To Include

While writing an opinion essay, it is important to be mindful of certain elements that should be avoided. Here are some things you should not include in an opinion essay:

Personal Bias: Avoid basing your arguments solely on personal beliefs or biases. Instead, support your opinion with objective evidence and logical reasoning.

Emotional Appeals without Reasoning: While it is acceptable to evoke emotions in your readers, do not rely solely on emotional appeals without providing solid reasoning and evidence. Emotions should supplement your arguments, not substitute for them.

Sweeping Generalizations: Avoid making broad generalizations without sufficient evidence or support. Ensure that your claims are backed by credible sources and specific examples.

Lack of Counterarguments: Failing to acknowledge or address opposing viewpoints weakens your essay. Engage with counterarguments and provide counter-evidence to demonstrate your ability to consider different perspectives.

Informal Language: Maintain a formal tone throughout your essay. Avoid slang, colloquialisms, or overly casual language. Use appropriate academic language and vocabulary.

How to Write an Opinion Essay?

Writing an opinion essay requires careful organization and evidence in order to make your point convincingly.

Here are the necessary steps to write an opinion essay:

Choose a Topic

The first step is to decide on a topic that appeals to you and that you can research easily. Make sure you are familiar with the subject matter. It would help you to write about it from an informed perspective.

Organize Your Thoughts

Before beginning to write, take some time to organize your thoughts and opinions on the topic. Jot down notes or draw diagrams to visualize how each of your points relates to the main argument.

Find Evidence to Support Your Point of View

After you have taken the time to organize your thoughts, it is important to find evidence that supports your opinion. Research reputable sources and collect quotes, facts, or other information relevant to each point you are making.

Write Essay Conclusion

End with a conclusion that summarizes your main points and reiterates your main argument. Give a final thought about your chosen topic. Keep in mind how it has impacted you and how it could be used to make a difference.

Be sure to reference the evidence that you have gathered throughout your essay as well.

Finally, proofread and edit your work for clarity and accuracy. Reviewing what you have written can help ensure that everything flows logically. Check grammar, punctuation, and spelling while you’re at it!

Do's and Don't of Writing an Opinion Essay 

When it comes to writing an opinion essay, there are certain guidelines that should be followed.

Here are some essential do’s and don’ts of writing an opinion essay:

  • Evidence: In order to make a convincing argument, your essay should include evidence that supports your point of view.
  • Relevant facts and statistics: Use facts and statistics from reliable sources to back up your arguments.
  • Logical flow: Make sure the points you are making logically follow one another in a clear and cohesive manner.
  • Counter-arguments: Address any counter-arguments against your opinion by providing evidence that disproves them.
  • Clear conclusion: The conclusion should restate your opinion clearly. It summarizes the main points made throughout the essay.
  • Unsupportive evidence: Make sure to avoid any irrelevant evidence in your essay that isn’t valid. Do not make claims that you cannot back up with facts or examples.
  • Unrelated information: Stick to the topic at hand and avoid introducing any irrelevant ideas or tangents into your essay.
  • Too much opinion: Although an opinion essay is based on personal beliefs, it should still be supported by evidence-based arguments.
  • Weak conclusion: Avoid summarizing the main points without restating your opinion or taking a stand on the issue you are discussing.
  • Poor grammar and punctuation: Make sure to review your work for any spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes before submitting it.

Examples of Opinion Essays

An opinion essay can be written on any topic that has two or more sides to it.

Here are these opinion essay examples:

Learn how to write with these potential opinion essay examples:

Opinion Essay PDF Example

Opinion 3 Paragraph Essay Example

Short Opinion Essay Examples PDF

Opinion Essay IELTS Example

Opinion Essay IELTS Band 9 Example

Opinion Essay About Internet Example

Opinion Essay Topics 5th Grade

5-paragraph Opinion Essay Examples

Abortion Opinion Essay Example

Climate Change Opinion Essay Example

Opinion Essay Topics

Looking for opinion essay topics? Opinion essays are a great way to express your beliefs and thoughts on various subjects.

Here are some topics to consider when writing an opinion essay:

  • Social media sites create more harm than good, Agree or Disagree?
  • Should the legal drinking age be lowered?
  • Is animal testing necessary?
  • Should the voting age be lowered?
  • Are video games beneficial or harmful to children’s development?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Are beauty pageants beneficial to society?
  • Is it important to consume organic foods?
  • Should nuclear energy be used in place of fossil fuels?
  • What are the positive and negative effects of technology on our lives?

Here are some more opinion essays topics - IELTS:

  • Should governments ban smoking in public places?
  • Should the government fund space exploration?
  • Should students be required to wear school uniforms?
  • Is social media a positive or negative influence on society?
  • Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

If you're looking for advice on expressing your beliefs in an opinion essay without sounding too "preachy". Read this blog for more useful tips!

Opinion Essay Template

Check out the opinion essay template below to help you get started:

Transition Words for an Opinion Essay

Transition words are an essential part of any opinion essay. These words help to link your ideas and provide a logical flow for your paper.

Here are some examples of opinion essay phrases :

  • In my opinion
  • On the whole
  • I strongly believe
  • Besides that
  • To conclude
  • For this reason
  • Most importantly
  • Nevertheless
  • Accordingly
  • As a result
  • In conclusion
  • Without doubt
  • Likewise/similarly
  • On the contrary

Using transition words effectively can help make your opinion essay easier to read and understand.

Tips for Writing an Effective Opinion Essay

Writing an effective opinion essay requires good research skills and an understanding of how to present your argument clearly.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

  • Research: Before writing an opinion essay it is important to do research. Familiarize yourself with different arguments surrounding the topic.
  • Organizing Your Thoughts: Take some time to think about your main points and organize them into a logical order.
  • Gathering Evidence: Find evidence or examples to support each of your points. 
  • Structuring Your Work: Organize the evidence into a clear and logical structure. Make sure each body paragraph is focused on one main point and develops this idea in detail. 
  • Writing the Introduction: Provide a brief overview of the topic and state your opinion clearly. 
  • Writing the Conclusion: Summarize the main points made throughout the essay and restate your opinion. 

Need help with structuring your essay conclusion? Check out this Read and learn how to write an impactful conclusion for any essay!

Follow these tips to make sure your opinion paper is well-written, organized, and persuasive!

To wrap it all up,

Writing an opinion essay is a great way to express your thoughts and opinions on any given topic. With some research, organization, and structure, you can easily convey your point of view. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can write an effective opinion essay and make a strong argument.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 parts of the opinion paragraph.

The 3 parts of the opinion paragraph includes:

  • Introduction: It should provide the reader with an overview.
  • Body Paragraphs: The paragraphs should present information to support your arguments.
  • Conclusion: It should summarize your main points and restate your thesis statement.

What are some examples of opinion writing?

Examples of opinion writing include opinion articles, persuasive essays, editorial pieces, and reviews.

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Your 180 Expository Essay Topics & Writing Tips for 2024

  • by Lesley V.
  • October 17, 2023 November 10, 2023

In this blog post, you’ll find a massive list of expository essay topics for college papers.

They’ll help you choose an A-worthy writing idea for your assignment. Besides, you’ll see how to format explanatory papers. Practical tips on writing them are waiting inside, too.

Keep reading to find an interesting theme for your work. Get a bonus: a ready-made sample from our professional writers.

What Is an Expository Essay?

When you write an expository essay, you need to:

  • Do research and investigate the topic.
  • Examine the evidence you have about it.
  • Explain the issue to inform the audience about it. 

Important: Expository essays are explanatory. You don’t argue, reflect on anything, and don’t provide any counterarguments. (1) Think like a journalist: Your task is to explain the topic.

Types of expository essays

They are five, and each one is about describing and explaining:

  • Definition: Describe and explain the meaning of some concept.
  • Classification: Introduce a subject and then break it into categories, explaining each in detail.
  • Process: Give instructions on how to do something. (Think of it as a problem-solution paper.)
  • Cause and effect: Tell about why something happens and what results it brings.
  • Compare and contrast : Take two or more concepts and describe their similarities and differences.

 Whatever your essay type, teach readers and provide expressive info about the topic.

How to structure an explanatory essay

opinion essay interesting topics

Expository essays are papers with a standard structure (2):

  • Introduction. Start with an opening sentence about your topic, provide some context, and state a position you’d describe in a body.
  • Body paragraphs. Provide the main idea and evidence, explain why you chose it (how it supports your thesis), and add a transition to the next chapter.
  • Conclusion. Overview the ideas you discussed, show the significance of your synthesis , and leave the audience with the food for thought. It can be a question, offered solution, or next steps for them to take.

How to Choose Good Expository Essay Topics

What are good expository essay topics?

They are a bit controversial and thought-provoking. Such topics engage readers and evoke curiosity. Good expository topics inform about interesting concepts in different subjects. It can be in history, culture, philosophy, society, etc.

Choosing a worthy topic is challenging for college students. When they have no specific prompts assigned, doubts and questions appear:

“Is my idea good enough to cover?”

Below are easy tips that help you decide on creative ideas and topics for expository essay.

  • Brainstorm: Take a pen and paper, clock in for 10-15 minutes, and list ALL topic ideas that come to your mind. Now you have something to choose from.
  • Analyze: Read the list and decide which topics have the potential for development.
  • Focus: Think of specific aspects of every topic. Will it be easy to explain it to the audience? Isn’t it too general?
  • Research: Are there enough credible sources to use as evidence in your essay on this topic? What information will you provide to explain it?

Expository writing prompts for middle school students

Expository essay ideas below are for middle school students who practice writing:

These topics cover a range of subjects so you can adjust them to suit your interests. They also offer opportunities for research, critical thinking, and informative writing.

Expository essay topics: high school

Here is the list of high school writing prompts for students who have no idea what to cover in their essays:

They are engaging for older students who grow research and critical thinking skills.

Examples of expository essay topics for college students

These expository essay prompts are for college students with no assigned topics:

They challenge students to do in-depth research and critical analysis of complex subjects.

150 Best Expository Essay Topics by Subject

Social issues, health and wellness, government and politics, finance and economics, environment, technology and innovations, ethical issues.

opinion essay interesting topics

  • Discuss the pros and cons of standardized testing and its role in assessing student performance.
  • Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling and traditional public or private education.
  • Examine the long-term benefits of quality early childhood education in preparing children for future success.
  • Explore the responsibilities of teachers in shaping their students’ educational experiences and outcomes.
  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of inclusive education for students with disabilities.
  • Analyze the relationship between a student’s socioeconomic background and their academic performance.
  • Investigate the growth of online education and its potential to revolutionize traditional classroom-based learning.
  • Examine how access to quality education can either perpetuate or mitigate social inequalities.
  • Discuss the advantages of teaching multiple languages in schools and how it can benefit students in a globalized world.
  • Explore how social media platforms have transformed communication, relationships, and the spread of information in today’s world.
  • Analyze the history, policies, and debates surrounding gun control and its implications for society.
  • Examine the causes, consequences, and potential solutions to the opioid crisis in the United States.
  • Discuss the disparities in the criminal justice system and their impact on minority communities.
  • Investigate the factors contributing to homelessness, the challenges faced by homeless individuals, and potential solutions.
  • Analyze how climate change affects societies, economies, and vulnerable populations.
  • Explore the spread of misinformation and its consequences on public opinion, politics, and society.
  • Discuss the stigma surrounding mental health issues and its effects on individuals seeking help and society as a whole.
  • Examine the causes and consequences of income inequality and its effects on society.
  • Investigate the prevalence of cyberbullying, its impact on young people’s mental health, and strategies to address it.
  • Analyze the relationship between diet and overall health, including the effects of various dietary choices on well-being.
  • Explore the stigma surrounding mental health issues and its impact on individuals seeking treatment.
  • Examine the connection between physical fitness, exercise, and a longer, healthier life.
  • Investigate strategies and lifestyle changes that can help prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
  • Discuss the significance of quality sleep and its effects on physical and mental health.
  • Analyze different stress management strategies and their effectiveness in promoting overall wellness.
  • Explore the role of vaccination in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and protecting public health.
  • Discuss holistic approaches to wellness, including alternative and complementary therapies, and their integration into healthcare.
  • Examine the importance of addressing mental health in educational settings and the impact on student well-being and academic performance.
  • Investigate the challenges and strategies for promoting health and wellness in the elderly population.
  • Explain the steps of the scientific method and its importance in conducting scientific research.
  • Analyze the evidence for climate change, its causes, and the potential consequences for the planet and society.
  • Explore the structure and functions of DNA and how it influences genetic inheritance.
  • Discuss the importance of space exploration, its impact on technology, and potential benefits for humanity.
  • Examine the structure and functions of the human brain, including the latest research in neuroscience.
  • Discuss the search for and discovery of exoplanets outside our solar system and their significance in the study of astrobiology.
  • Explain the theory of evolution by natural selection, its evidence, and its impact on biology and society.
  • Analyze the principles and applications of AI and machine learning in various scientific and technological fields.
  • Explore the world of nanotechnology, its potential uses, and its impact on various industries.
  • Discuss the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics and their relevance to modern physics and technology.

opinion essay interesting topics

  • Explore how language shapes culture and the impact of language preservation and revitalization efforts.
  • Compare and contrast traditional cultural practices with modern popular culture and their influence on society.
  • Discuss the portrayal of cultural stereotypes in media and their effects on public perception and identity.
  • Examine the importance of including diverse cultural perspectives in the curriculum and its impact on students.
  • Analyze the significance of cultural rituals and traditions and their role in maintaining cultural identity.
  • Discuss the influence of globalization on the exchange of cultural ideas, products, and practices.
  • Explore the relationship between food, culture, and identity, including the role of cuisine in cultural preservation.
  • Examine the importance of folklore and mythology in preserving cultural heritage and passing down stories through generations.
  • Investigate cultural taboos, their origins, and how they shape behavior and social norms in different societies.
  • Analyze the factors influencing the outbreak of World War II and its effects on the 20th century.
  • Explore the technological and societal changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution and their impact on the world.
  • Analyze the transformations the Executed Renaissance brought in the 1920s-1930s and its consequences for understanding Ukrainian heritage as an independent culture.
  • Discuss the history, key figures, and achievements of the Civil Rights Movement in America.
  • Examine the factors that contributed to the Russo-Ukrainian war that started in 2014 and ongoing.
  • Analyze the ideas and thinkers of the Enlightenment and their influence on contemporary thought and government.
  • Explore the motivations, discoveries, and consequences of the Age of Exploration in the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • Discuss the history of the women’s suffrage movement and the struggle for women’s rights and equality.
  • Examine the political, economic, and ideological rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War era.
  • Discuss the history of the Holodomor, its horrors, and its legacy in shaping international awareness of human rights.
  • Analyze the functions and responsibilities of government in a democratic system.
  • Discuss the history, purpose, and criticisms of the Electoral College in U.S. presidential elections.
  • Explore the role of political parties in the electoral process and their influence on government policies.
  • Examine the concept of the separation of powers in government and its significance in maintaining a system of checks and balances.
  • Analyze the role of lobbying groups and their influence on government decision-making.
  • Discuss the challenges and potential solutions related to campaign finance in electoral politics.
  • Explore the influence and effectiveness of organizations like the United Nations in shaping global politics.
  • Examine the practice of gerrymandering and its impact on fair representation in elections.
  • Analyze the importance of a free press in a democratic society and the challenges it faces.
  • Discuss the influence of social media platforms on political discourse, campaigning, and public opinion
  • Analyze the causes and consequences of inflation and its effects on purchasing power and economic stability.
  • Discuss the functions and tools of central banks to control money supply and interest rates.
  • Examine the causes and implications of income inequality on economic growth and social well-being.
  • Explore the factors that led to the financial crisis and its subsequent impact on the global economy.
  • Analyze the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and their potential impact on traditional financial systems.
  • Discuss the consequences of trade conflicts and tariffs on international trade and economic growth.
  • Examine the gig economy growth and its impact on the traditional job market.
  • Explore the concept of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria in investment decisions and its influence on finance.
  • Discuss the economic factors contributing to the rising healthcare costs and potential solutions.
  • Analyze the challenges and opportunities for economic growth in developing countries and emerging markets.

opinion essay interesting topics

  • Analyze the science behind climate change, its causes, and the potential ecological and societal impacts.
  • Explore the importance of conserving endangered species and the methods used to protect them.
  • Examine the environmental and economic consequences of deforestation in different regions.
  • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy sources: solar, wind, and hydroelectric power.
  • Examine the environmental challenges of rapid urbanization and strategies for creating sustainable cities.
  • Discuss the global issue of water scarcity, its causes, and potential solutions for sustainable water management.
  • Explore the importance of biodiversity, the threats it faces, and strategies for preserving diverse ecosystems.
  • Analyze the role of government policies and regulations in protecting the environment and mitigating pollution.
  • Discuss the causes and consequences of ocean acidification on marine life and the broader environment.
  • Analyze the development and applications of artificial intelligence and the ethical considerations surrounding it.
  • Explore the growth of IoT and the integration of smart devices in everyday life.
  • Discuss the advancements in 5G technology and how they will affect communication and industries.
  • Analyze the concept of blockchain technology and its role in the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
  • Examine the importance of big data analytics in modern business strategies.
  • Explore the use of robots and automation in industries, their benefits, and potential job displacement.
  • Discuss the importance of cybersecurity and protecting personal data in the digital age.
  • Analyze the biotechnology and genetic engineering advancements, their potential benefits, and ethical concerns.
  • Explore innovations in green technology and their role in addressing environmental challenges.
  • Discuss recent space exploration technologies and their significance for the future.
  • Explain the fundamental principles and methods used in psychological research.
  • Analyze the debate on the relative contributions of genetics and environment to human behavior.
  • Discuss the relationship between stress and mental health, exploring its causes and consequences.
  • Examine the stages of cognitive development in children by Jean Piaget and other theorists.
  • Explore major theories of personality, such as Freud’s psychoanalytic theory and the Big Five personality traits.
  • Analyze different theories and concepts related to human motivation, including intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.
  • Discuss various mental disorders, their symptoms, and treatment options.
  • Examine the influence of social factors on individual behavior, including conformity, obedience, and group dynamics.
  • Explore different learning theories, including classical and operant conditioning, and their real-world applications.
  • Discuss the portrayal of psychological disorders in movies, literature, and media and their impact on public perception and stigma.
  • Analyze the impact of religion on culture, values, and societal norms.
  • Explore the similarities and differences between major world religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.
  • Discuss how religious beliefs have inspired art, architecture, and cultural expression throughout history.
  • Examine efforts to promote tolerance and understanding among different religious groups.
  • Analyze the origins and evolution of sacred texts like the Bible, the Quran, and the Bhagavad Gita.
  • Discuss the rise of religious fundamentalism and its impact on global politics and society.
  • Explore the significance of religious rituals, ceremonies, and worship in different faiths.
  • Analyze the relationship between religious beliefs and moral values, including the role of religion in shaping ethical principles.
  • Examine the characteristics and motivations of new religious movements and cults in contemporary society.
  • Discuss the historical and contemporary interactions between religion and scientific discoveries, including areas of conflict and harmony.
  • Analyze various ethical theories, such as deontology, utilitarianism, and virtue ethics, and their applications to real-life moral dilemmas.
  • Discuss the debate on whether individuals have free will or whether their actions are determined by factors beyond their control.
  • Explore existentialist philosophy and its perspective on human existence, freedom, and the search for meaning.
  • Analyze different theories of mind and consciousness, such as dualism, materialism, and the mind-body problem.
  • Discuss epistemological questions, including the nature of knowledge, belief, and the criteria for justified belief.
  • Examine philosophical arguments for and against the existence of God, as well as the problem of evil and religious experience.
  • Explore ethical considerations related to the environment, including topics like animal rights and environmental conservation.
  • Analyze political philosophy concepts, such as justice, authority, and the role of government in society.
  • Discuss philosophical perspectives on beauty, art, and the nature of aesthetic experiences.
  • Examine the impact of technology on human existence, ethics in technology, and questions about artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

opinion essay interesting topics

  • Analyze the foreshadowing as a literary device in classic and contemporary literature.
  • Choose a classic novel and provide a detailed analysis of its themes, characters, and literary techniques.
  • Explore the hero’s journey as a narrative archetype in literature and its significance in storytelling.
  • Discuss the use of symbols and symbolism in a specific literary work and their deeper meanings.
  • Examine how historical events and societal changes are reflected in literature from different time periods.
  • Analyze how the story setting can impact the plot, characters, and themes of a literary work.
  • Choose a novel and discuss the transformation and growth of a specific character throughout the story.
  • Compare a literary work with its film adaptation, highlighting the differences and similarities in storytelling.
  • Discuss a specific literary movement (e.g., Romanticism, Modernism, Postcolonial literature) and its influence on literature and culture.
  • Analyze difficult ethical decisions healthcare professionals face, such as end-of-life care, organ transplantation, or medical experimentation.
  • Discuss the ethical considerations in AI development, including issues like bias, privacy, and the use of AI in autonomous weapons.
  • Examine the moral questions raised by genetic engineering, including designer babies, gene editing, and cloning.
  • Analyze the ethical challenges in the business world, such as corporate social responsibility, whistleblowing, and ethical decision-making in organizations.
  • Discuss the ethical treatment of animals, including animal testing, factory farming, and wildlife conservation.
  • Explore ethical issues related to environmental protection, resource consumption, and climate change.
  • Examine ethical concerns surrounding data privacy, surveillance, and the impact of technology on personal freedoms.
  • Discuss topics like euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, and the ethical treatment of terminally ill patients.
  • Analyze ethical challenges in the criminal justice system, including the death penalty and criminal profiling.
  • Explore topics related to media ethics, such as journalistic integrity, sensationalism, and fake news.

Expository Writing Tips: How to Improve Your Paper

For your topic to turn into a stellar essay that’s worth a high grade, follow these tips:

  • Read some expository essay examples to understand the structure.
  • Create an essay outline before writing the draft.
  • Write a thesis statement beforehand. It will help you build an engaging narrative .
  • When writing, remember the readability and flow. Use synonyms, avoid cliches, and say no to passive voice and redundant adverbs. Don’t use lengthy and complex phrases to sound smart and make your essay longer . Make every word count.
  • Edit and proofread your explanatory essay before submitting it.

Expository Essay Example

opinion essay interesting topics

Choose Your Topic and Get a High Grade!

I hope this list of 180 expository essay topics will help you choose the best writing idea for your paper. Ensure to stick to the 3 C’s:

  •  Consider the assignment’s requirements.
  •  Choose a topic that fits your prompt but is also interesting to you.
  •  Check if you have evidence to refer to in your essay.

And now, over to you:

What topic from those in this article will you cover in your upcoming expository essay?



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Guest Essay

Jeff Tweedy: I Thought I Hated Pop Music. ‘Dancing Queen’ Changed My Mind.

opinion essay interesting topics

By Jeff Tweedy

Mr. Tweedy is the singer and guitarist of the band Wilco and the author of “World Within a Song: Music That Changed My Life and Life That Changed My Music,” from which this essay is adapted.

It’s important to admit when you’re wrong. And though I once bristled at the notion that there could ever be such a thing as a wrong musical opinion, I have since come to accept that there is, in fact, such a thing. I know because I had one: I was colossally wrong about the song “Dancing Queen” by Abba.

I’m happy I can admit it, maybe even a touch proud of myself for not digging in my heels and hating this song for even a second longer than I had to (unlike some friends I know who are still holding out). To me, looking back, the weirdest part is that I ever felt I had to hate something so clearly irresistible.

In a way, I blame the time and place where I grew up. The mid-1970s, when “Dancing Queen” came out, was a time when there were very strict lines being drawn between cultural camps. As a kid who liked punk rock, this tune was situated deep in enemy territory, at the intersection of pop and disco.

I am, perhaps, a bit skeptical by nature, but scanning the horizons of my memory — seeing what I saw around me from about the mid-70s to the late ’80s — I’d say there was something else going on, too. I was just a kid. And in that particular nanosecond of geological time, kids hated stuff.

In particular, my group of friends and I despised a lot of music and, by extension, the morons who would dare admit that they liked something we hated. Music. Can you believe it? It seems hard to imagine now that a group of preteens could be capable of conjuring vein-bulging fury at the mere mention of the band Styx. But we were. And we did.

Why did we feel this way? Mostly, I think, because hating certain music gave us a way of defining ourselves. Our identities were indistinct, and drawing a line in the sand between what we liked and what we hated made our young hearts feel whole.

Liking punk rock made us unique. (I won’t even get into the subgenres, schisms and sects that created their own punk microtribes.) By the same token, not liking punk rock gave purpose to kids who wore Foreigner T-shirts and carried giant combs in their back pockets.

The divisions we created were embarrassing. I have sometimes even wondered if these youthful skirmishes over musical taste weren’t a childhood version of the current situation our country now finds itself in. Were people of my generation so good at dividing ourselves into factions based on stupid, insignificant differences that we simply never stopped doing it? Someone smarter than me has probably mapped the parallels between Journey fans and X fans and the current binary of political right and left. Or if no one has, someone should.

I’d like to think that I have a more mature perspective now. I’ve worked hard to open my mind and keep it open, but at the time that “Dancing Queen” came out, I was still too young to identify myself as anything, much less something as boldly outlined as “punk rocker.” So this song ended up getting a double-whammy of scorn — the initial provincial disco panic and then the evolved and curatorial hate that guarded the borders of my sense of self from anything that didn’t clear the low, low bar of punk music.

Let’s talk about that first wave of disgust a bit. Initially, hating this song and Abba in general didn’t really feel like a choice. Gagging at the mere mention of this sweet little quartet was just being, you know, normal. And at the time that “Dancing Queen” came out, it wasn’t hard to hate a disco song, anyway; disco was despised by practically everyone I knew (with the exception of the kids who liked to roller skate).

Basically, meaning that to all of the males older than me in my extended family sphere, disco (and, by extension, the culture it was reputed to promote) had taken on the profile of something legitimately wrong. A world-destroying force that we must all unite against. So it was easy at the time to say, “OK, I’m not even going to listen to that music because that music sucks!”

And of course, most of this provincial hand-wringing really revolved around one adjective I’d never heard applied to music: Disco was “gay.” And to 9-year-old boys who didn’t know any better, “gay” meant “bad.”

Add to this the fact that, musically, disco was a technology-embracing reinterpretation of Black American musical forms that, as a movement, seemed to be utterly ignoring the traditional American racial divide, which made some people very uncomfortable, and well, it was just too much ignorance for even the most confident and self-possessed child (which I was not) to sort through and reject.

And so because of all of the societal forces at play and because of my own weakness, I never allowed myself to like it. Even as I got older — and even after disco’s subsequent failure to destroy “our” “way of life” — Abba’s exhilarating pop perfection languished in a roped-off part of my brain.

Other exiled artists were later re-evaluated and accepted — Neil Young comes to mind. Believe it or not, my friends and I once rejected his entire catalog as hippie drivel. But Mr. Young picked the lock on the cage we’d put him in with the single most irresistible force in our young male minds: an electric guitar played at an irresponsible volume. Abba’s status as other, though, felt safely and permanently decided.

Finally, years later, after I’d started trying to write songs, I found myself staring at an overhead speaker in a grocery store aisle (not stoned!) just reeling at this familiar melody and how exuberantly sad it was. “Having the time of your life!” It was a real “come to Jesus” moment. A “come to Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid” moment.

Before that day, I, along with many others, had denied myself an undeniable joy. Countless fantastic records and deep grooves were dismissed and derided out of ignorance. But of course, this song and this music was always going to win eventually. Because it’s just too special to ignore forever.

To this day, whenever I think I dislike a piece of music, I think about “Dancing Queen” and am humbled.

That song taught me that I can’t ever completely trust my negative reactions. I was burned so badly by this one song being withheld from my heart for so long. I try to never listen to music now without first examining my own mind and politely asking whatever blind spots I’m afflicted with to move aside long enough for my gut to be the judge. And even then, if I don’t like something, I make a mental note to try it again in 10 years.

Melodies as pure and evocative as the one in “Dancing Queen” don’t come along every day, and I mourn every single moment I missed loving this song. Playing it again as I write this, making up for lost spins, I feel overcome with gratitude for its existence.

So if you take anything away from this, I hope it will be this recommendation: spend some time looking for a song (or a book or a film or a painting or a person) you might have unfairly maligned.

It feels really good to stop hating something. And music is a good place to start. Because while records don’t change over time, we can and do. Better late than never.

Jeff Tweedy is the singer and guitarist of the band Wilco and the author of “World Within a Song: Music That Changed My Life and Life That Changed My Music,” from which this essay is adapted.

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