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Important Urdu Essays guess 2023 for 2nd year

2nd year important urdu essays 2023.

2nd year urdu important essays 2023

Important Urdu Essay 2023

2nd year Urdu important essays 2023 topics

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aaj ik aur baras biit gayā us ke baġhair

jis ke hote hue hote the zamāne mere

urdu essays

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Editor : Syed Zaheeruddin Madni

Publisher : writers emporium, mumbai, origin : mumbai, india, year of publication : 1957, language : urdu, categories : essays & profiles, sub categories : essays, pages : 228, contributor : darul musannefin shibli academy, azamgarh.

urdu essays

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Urdu Notes

سائنس کے کرشمے

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خدا تمام جہانوں کا خالق, مالک اور معبود ہے. اس نے انسان کو اس دنیا میں اپنا خلیفہ اور نائب بنا کر بھیجا ہے اور اسے اتنی فہم وذکا سے نوازا کہ وہ اپنے روزمرہ ضروریات کو پورا کرنے کے لیے مختلف ایجادات کرسکے. قرآن پاک میں کائنات کو مسخر کرنے اور اس پر تدبر و تفکر کرنے پر زور دیا گیا ہے۔اب تک ترقی کے جو آسمان فتح کئے ہیں، سب سائنس کا کرشمہ ہے۔

سیاروں پر کمندیں

خدا نے انسان کو اشرف المخلوقات بنایا ہے۔انسان کو اللہ تعالی نے لاتعداد ذہنی خوبیاں بخشی ہیں۔انسان نے اپنی ذہنی خوبیوں اور صلاحیتوں کو بروئے کار لاتے ہوئے چھوٹی بڑی ایجادات کے ذریعے اس دنیا کو طلسماتی دنیا میں بدل دیا ہے۔پرانے زمانے کا انسان دوبارہ اس دنیا میں آ کر دیکھ لیں کہ انسان ہواؤں میں اڑ رہا ہے، سمندروں کا سینہ چاک کر رہا ہے اور زمین سے معدنیات کے خزینے نکال رہا ہے تو تھوڑی دیر اس کی عقل ماؤف ہو جائے گی ہو جائے گی۔انسان چاند کو تسخیر کرچکا ہے، اب وہ مریخ اور دیگر سیاروں تک پہنچنے کا آرزو مند ہے۔

ریل گاڑی اور کار

قدیم زمانے میں انسان کا ایک مقام سے دوسرے مقام تک پہنچنا مشکل تھا۔کو کاف کے سفر یعنی سمندروں اور پہاڑوں کو عبور کرنے کا ذکر شہزادوں کی کہانیوں ہی میں ملتا تھا۔گھوڑوں اور اونٹوں پر بھی سفر کیے جاتے تھے۔لیکن یہ سفر سردی، گرمی اور جنگلی درندوں سے بچنے کی کوئی ضمانت نہیں دے سکتے تھے۔انسان نے اپنی عقل سے پہیہ اور ریل گاڑی انجن تیار کرلیا۔وہ سفر جو برسوں اور مہینوں میں ہوتا تھا اور جس طرح انسان امراض اور اموات کو دعوت دے کر ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ منتقل ہوتا تھا،وہی سفر گھنٹوں میں اور حفاظت سے ہونے لگا ہے۔ریل گاڑی نے انسان کا قیمتی وقت بچایا اور اسے سفر کرتے ہوۓ یوں محسوس ہوا، جیسے وہ اپنے گھر کے کسی کمرے میں بیٹھا ہو۔

سائنسی ایجادات میں کار بھی بڑی زبردست ایجاد ہے۔ریل گاڑی تو مخصوص مقامات تک پہنچ سکتی ہے اور ہر جگہ لائن بچھانا بھی ناممکن ہے۔اسی ضرورت کے پیش نظر کار ایجاد کر لی گئی۔جدید دور میں کار ہر گھر کی ضرورت بنتی جا رہی ہے۔ترقی یافتہ ممالک میں اگرچہ ہر انسان کار خرید سکتا ہے لیکن وہاں ریل گاڑیوں اور بسوں کی اتنی زبردست سہولت موجود ہے کہ لوگ ریل گاڑی کے سفر کو ترجیح دیتے ہیں۔

ہواؤں اور سمندروں پر حکومت

آج کے انسان نے ہواؤں اور سمندروں پر حکومت قائم کرلی ہے۔کسی زمانے میں قدرت حق سے حضرت سلیمان علیہ السلام کا تخت اڑا کرتا تھا۔شروع شروع میں انسان کو پرندوں کو دیکھ کر ہی ہوا میں اڑنے کا شوق پیدا ہوا ہوگا۔بہرحال اس نے اپنی عقل سے رہنمائی حاصل کی اور وہ ہوائی جہاز کی ایجاد کے ذریعے ہوا کے کندھوں پر سوار ہو گیا۔ہوائی جہاز کے ذریعے پوری دنیا کے فاصلے سمٹ کر رہ گئے۔اسی طرح بحری جہاز کی ایجاد بھی سائنس کا بہت بڑا کرشمہ ہے۔دور دراز کے ممالک سے جو خام مال مشینری اور دفاعی سازوسامان درآمد کیا جاتا ہے، وہ بحری جہازوں کے ذریعے ہی منگوایا جاتا ہے۔اگر بحری جہاز ایجاد نہ کیا جاتا تو انسان کاروبار کے لحاظ سے حیرت انگیز ترقی نہیں کرسکتا تھا۔ابوی دنیا ایک گلوبل ویلیج کا روپ دھار چکی ہے۔

پیغام رسانی کا ذرائع

کبھی وہ زمانہ تھا کہ گھڑ سوار ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ پیغام لے جایا کرتے تھے اور پیغام پہنچنے کا پھر بھی یقین نہیں ہوتا تھا۔اب انسان کو ٹیلیفون، ٹیلیگراف، ٹیلیکس اور فیکس جیسی سہولیات میسر ہیں۔آپ کا پیغام ایک آن میں ہزاروں میل دور پہنچ جاتا ہے۔یہی وجہ ہے کہ دوریوں کی تمیز مٹ گئی ہے اور انسان دور رہتے ہوئے بھی ایک دوسرے کے بہت قریب ہو گیا ہے۔اسی طرح ریڈیو اور ٹیلی وژن نے پوری دنیا کے فاصلوں کو ختم کرکے آپس میں جوڑ رکھا ہے۔ہل خبر دنیا کے ایک کونے سے دوسرے کونے تک فورا پہنچ جاتی ہے۔

طبی دنیا میں انقلاب

سائنسی ایجادات نے طبی دنیا میں ہلچل مچادی ہے۔ایکسرے، الٹراساؤنڈ اور کمپیوٹر وغیرہ کی مدد سے بیماری کی تشخیص آسان ہو گئی ہے۔ادویات اور انجکشن وغیرہ تو قصہ پارینہ بن چکے ہیں۔اب تو سرجری کے ذریعے انسانی اعضاء کی پیوندکاری کا دور شروع ہو چکا ہے۔ایک شخص دوسرے کو اور ایک کا دل اور گردے دوسرے کو لگائے جا رہے ہیں۔ت سائنسی کرشمات نے بیماری کو مات دے دی ہے کیونکہ اندھوں کو بصارتیں مل رہیں ہیں۔بہروں کو سماعت نصیب ہورہی ہیں اور لنگڑوں کو چلنے پھرنے کے قابل بنایا جا رہا ہے۔

بجلی انسان کی غلام ہے

کسی زمانے میں سورج ہی روشنی حاصل کرنے کا واحد ذریعہ تھا۔آج آپ دیکھیں کہ انسان نے دریاؤں اور سمندروں کے آگے بند باندھ دیے ہیں۔اور اس پانی کو بلندی سے گر اگر بجلی پیدا کرلی ہے۔بجلی ہماری زندگی کا حصہ بن چکی ہے۔یہ گرمیوں میں ٹھنڈک اور سردیوں میں گرمی پہنچاتی ہے۔صرف ایک بٹن دبانے سے آپ کا گھر بقعہ نور بن جاتا ہے۔اسی طرح ایئر کنڈیشنز سے آپ کا گھر ٹھنڈا ہو جاتا ہے بل کہ بجلی نے آپ کے گھر کا ہر کام آسان کر دیا ہے۔

پہلے پہل انسان غاروں میں رہتا تھا۔آج کا انسان اپنے علم کی وجہ سے عروج و ارتقاء کی منزلیں طے کر رہا ہے۔وہ خوب سے خوب تر تلاش میں ہے۔خواب حقیقت میں بدل گئے ہیں۔کہانیاں ںسچی ہوگئی ہیں۔سائنس نے انسانی زندگی کے سفر کو آسان بنا دیا ہے اور ثابت کردیا ہے کہ انسان دوسری مخلوقات سے افضل ہے۔

سائنس کے منفی اثرات

سائنس نے جہاں انسان کو آسائش فراہم کی ہیں، جس کی وجہ سے انسان کے لئے کچھ قباحتیں بھی پیدا ہوگئی ہیں۔مثال کے طور پر ہر ملک اسلحہ کی دوڑ میں شامل ہو گیا ہے۔ایک ملک دوسرے پر روعب ڈالنے کی خاطر ایٹم بم کا دھماکہ کر رہا ہے۔اب تو ہائیڈروجن بم اور اس سے بھی خطرناک بم تیار کرلیے گئے ہیں۔آج کا انسان پہلی کی نسبت زیادہ تعلیم یافتہ اور مہذب ہے لیکن دفعہ کی آڑ میں انسان دوسرے انسان کے لیے موت کا سامان کر رہا ہے۔اگر انسان ایک دوسرے سے محبت کرے اور ایک دوسرے کا احترام کرے تو بغیر ہتھیاروں کے بھی زندگی گزاری جا سکتی ہے۔

سائنس کی ایجاد نے انسان کو اتنا مصروف بنا دیا ہے کہ وہ بھی ایک مشین بن کر رہ گیا ہے۔سائنسی ایجادات نے جہاں انسان کو سہولت فراہم کی ہیں وہاں اسکا سوکھ چین برباد کر دیا ہے۔فیکٹریوں کے دھوئیں اور شور کی آلودگی انسانی صحت پر اثر انداز ہو رہی ہے۔انسان تازہ ہوا اور خوراک سے دور ہوتا جا رہا ہے۔بھاگ دوڑ اور افراتفری کے نتیجے میں مادہ پرستی کی طرف بھی مائل ہو گیا ہے۔

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new essay urdu

ABC 13 Houston

ABC 13 Houston

New warrant uncovers inner workings of drug smuggling into Harris County Jail

Posted: November 24, 2023 | Last updated: November 24, 2023

New allegations are coming to light amid the wide-ranging investigation into drug smuggling at the Harris County Jail.

The ABC13 newsroom obtained a search warrant Wednesday night showing the extent of the investigation. It reveals the Harris County Sheriff's Office is accusing another criminal defense attorney of handing out drugged papers to a client. She has not been charged yet, so ABC13 is not naming her.

"You work hard to go through law school and to take the bar exam," Murray Newman, president of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, said. "It is something you literally are throwing away, not to mention, depending on how aggressively they charge these cases, you can be looking at a felony murder charge."

ABC13 reported earlier this week that 77-year-old attorney Ronald Lewis, seen on jail surveillance using a cane, was charged with providing inmates drug-laced papers since July.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Houston attorney charged for allegedly sneaking paperwork laced with drugs into Harris Co. Jail

He was arrested last Friday during a visit to the jail and found to have 11 sheets of paper believed to be soaked in drugs, according to Lt. J. Wheeler with the Harris County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations and Security Division. Wheeler added that those papers would be tested to confirm.

In July, authorities said they received information from sources in the jail that Lewis was bringing in papers soaked in K2, PCP, and "Spice" when he visited inmates. From July to November, he visited 14 inmates who were not his clients.

According to Assistant District Attorney Kimberly Smith, who is assigned to Lewis' case, inmates were selling them inside the jail, and others were smoking them. She said that makes it difficult to trace who took the drugs and where they originated from.

"We found that out through jail calls, through videos of attorneys coming to visit their clients and then passing papers on video to their client, something that they know well that they're not supposed to be doing," Smith said.

Last week, three inmates died within a matter of five days. Smith said they were all related to drug overdoses. The medical examiner has not decided on the causes of death. Still, if they are determined to have originated from Lewis, then Smith said his charges could be upgraded to murder.

The sheriff's office said it was investigating more lawyers smuggling drugs into the jail in a similar way.

According to the warrant, investigators were listening in on a call between current and former inmates, and it became apparent there was a drug pipeline going into the jail.

Investigators confronted the former inmate, who became an approved confidential informant, according to the documents. The informant told investigators the primary way drugs were getting inside the jail was through attorneys.

"They probably said, 'We got you on these phone calls, and you can help us,' and it looks like that former inmate did help them," Newman said. "That former inmate put them in touch with who the supplier was and also who the attorney they were allegedly using to get the drugs into the jail."

Brianna Scott is the woman accused of supplying the laced papers to the second attorney. Scott has been charged with conspiracy to deliver a simulated controlled substance and is out on a $40,000 bond. Scott purchased 30 drug-laced papers from an undercover deputy for $250 each, according to the warrant.

PREVIOUS REPORT: Numerous attorneys believed to be smuggling drugs into jail, Harris Co. Sheriff's Office says

The specific type of drug on the paper was not agreed upon, but the only request was to "make sure they are strong."

According to the warrant, the attorney would then smuggle drugs into the jail by setting up visits with inmates and then passing sheets of paper to clients through the document slot. Those slots have since been blocked off, and the sheriff's office is moving to digital.

However, the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association president said they are not on board with this new system, worried about documents being screened.

"We are very much against it because attorneys have a duty of confidentiality to our clients, and it is something that can cost us our law license if we don't protect it wholeheartedly," Newman said.

It does not appear this new case is connected to Lewis' case, but investigators continue to dig deeper into the drug-smuggling operation.

For updates on this story, follow Brooke Taylor on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .

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When I recently turned 60, I realized with alarm that I was starting to see unmistakable signs from friends and colleagues that I was becoming—there’s no easy way to put this—boring. It was almost as if the same stories I had told a hundred times were no longer interesting to them. But what else was I supposed to talk about? It wasn’t like I had anything new and exciting to tell them.

That’s when it hit me: I didn’t have anything new and exciting to tell them. My life had gotten entrenched in routine. Calcified, if you will. I had stopped evolving, and I think we all know what happens then—like the dodo, you stop flying, get fat and Dutch sailors eat you on their voyage home.

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The Harvard Gazette

Hope for progress survives terror and war, new study finds wide gap in sat/act test scores between wealthy, lower-income kids.

TPanelists Tarek Masoud (from left), Amaney Jamal, David Makovsky, Khalil Shikaki, and Shai Feldman at Klarman Hall.

National & World Affairs

Panelists Tarek Masoud (from left), Amaney Jamal, David Makovsky, Khalil Shikaki, and Shai Feldman at Klarman Hall.

Photos by Niles Singer/Harvard Staff Photographer

Can the Israelis and Palestinians find peace? Scholars discuss — and debate — long history of conflict, prospects for a durable accord

By Christina Pazzanese Harvard Staff Writer

Date November 22, 2023 November 22, 2023

Committee to review request to dename Winthrop House

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So what exactly makes Taylor Swift so great?

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‘Glass ceiling’ is problem, but so are ‘broken rungs’

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What shapes your dog’s personality

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‘When you’re with a patient … their suffering counts more than your suffering’

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Scholars revisited the long history of Israel-Palestine conflict leading up to the Oct. 7 terror attack by Hamas and weighed potential steps toward peace before hundreds of Harvard community members at Klarman Hall on Monday.

“We’re here because of dead civilians, Jewish and Arab,” said moderator Tarek Masoud, faculty chair of the Middle East Initiative and Ford Foundation Professor of Democracy and Governance at Harvard Kennedy School , which co-hosted the event with Harvard Business School .

The third such gathering convened by the Middle East Initiative in recent weeks, the event, which unfolded as Israel and Hamas negotiated a cease fire and hostage deal, was an attempt to share scholarly expertise with students so they can make better sense of the crisis and perhaps contribute to a solution, Masoud said. Srikant Datar, dean of the Business School, urged attendees to approach the talk “with open-mindedness and a commitment to empathy and learning.”

Amaney Jamal talking.

"If violence were going to solve this conflict, it would have already," said Amaney Jamal (center), dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.

It’s important to separate the terror unleashed by Hamas from the plight of Palestinians in Gaza, said David Makovsky, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy who served as senior adviser to the State Department’s Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations from 2013 to 2014.

“This was a deliberate decision by the Hamas leadership to do [these] atrocities,” he said. “The people of Gaza did not commit these atrocities.”

Hamas chose to attack at a moment when its leadership believed Israel had been weakened by internal strife over the overhaul of Israel’s judiciary by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Makovsky. Another key factor was the worry that a normalization pact between Saudi Arabia and Israel would be “game over” for the terror group, leaving Hamas isolated from the other Arab nations that had struck accords with Israel.

Panelists agreed that Hamas members are terrorists, not freedom fighters. They also agreed that Netanyahu has used Hamas in the past to help thwart peace efforts.

“The current Israeli government, led by Netanyahu, is the same government that has been trying for most of the last 16 years to create conditions, or to support conditions, that have essentially prevented any progress in that direction,” said Khalil Shikaki, director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah. “Hamas was very instrumental in providing that kind of environment.”

At times, Masoud politely refereed passionate disagreements among the scholars over who did what during the decades that precipitated this crisis, further underscoring the enormous challenge facing those who wish to engage in reasoned debate on the subject.

On what the way forward looks like, the panelists were uncertain.

For Netanyahu, success in the short term would be to eliminate Hamas’ fighting and governing capacity and to free the hostages held in Gaza, said Shai Feldman, a professor of Israeli politics and society at Brandeis University. But eventually, the Israeli people will force a “major reckoning” internally about the policies and strategies the prime minister and his allies adopted.

Asked what role the international community can play to facilitate peace, Feldman said that if Hamas is defeated, perhaps a regional coalition made up Egypt, Jordan, and/or Saudi Arabia could temporarily take control in Gaza and make an effort to rejuvenate the Palestinian Authority, which was pursuing a two-state solution with Israel before Hamas rose to power in 2006.

“If violence were going to solve this conflict, it would have already,” said Amaney Jamal, dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and a daughter of Palestinian immigrants. “I would rather see our policies and efforts and the Palestinian Authority … make the message of peace and reconciliation far more attractive than any other message.”

She added: “This starts with people seeing tangible changes on the ground, but also political leaders to step up and sanction their leaders when they’re espousing violence and vitriol and hatred and the dehumanization of the other. We have been victims of this conflict since we were born. We would love to turn the page and be able to live with peace and dignity as Israelis, as Palestinians.”

Test with pencil.

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Guest Essay

There Are Better Ways to Talk With Your Kids About Santa

An illustration of a young child tugging on Santa Claus’s beard and inspecting it with a magnifying glass.

By Candice Mills and Thalia R. Goldstein

Dr. Mills is a professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Goldstein is an associate professor of psychology at George Mason University.

As the holiday season approaches, many parents find themselves facing a tricky problem: how to talk about Santa Claus with their young children, especially as those children begin to develop doubts about Santa’s existence. When does a fun, fanciful tradition risk becoming harmful deception? How can parents — who typically play a large and active role in fostering a belief in Santa Claus — ease the transition to disbelief?

As developmental psychologists, we’ve long been interested in such questions, in part because they raise larger issues about the role of imaginative play in the life of a child and how parents might best engage with it. This month we published research from our labs that we believe sheds some light on the matter. While we’re agnostic about whether people should include Santa in their holiday traditions — that’s for each family to decide — our empirically informed view is that learning the truth about Santa Claus does not have to be a distressing experience and can even be a positive one.

Our research consisted of two studies. In the first, we spoke with 48 children, ages 6 to 15, who had learned of Santa’s nonexistence within the previous three years, asking them to characterize the experience. In the second, we surveyed 383 adults, ages 18 to 76, asking them to reflect on their childhood experiences around Santa Claus, including how they felt when they discovered he was fictional.

One of our major findings was that even when the truth about Santa came as a disappointment, it was typically not a lasting one. Although roughly half of the children and adults we spoke with reported feeling some negative emotions, like sadness or anger, those feelings tended to be short-lived, and children often shifted their focus to other aspects of the holiday season that they enjoyed, like gift-giving and family traditions.

Moreover, contrary to what you might expect, about half the children and about 20 percent of adults reported feeling good about discovering the truth about Santa. Some said they were relieved that they finally had resolution to some of their nagging questions. Others reported pride, as if they’d solved a complicated puzzle. Indeed, our research found that people’s emotional responses were less negative upon learning the truth if they felt they figured things out themselves.

Some children figured out that Santa wasn’t real through logical reasoning, such as recognizing the impossibility of traveling by sleigh to millions of homes in one night. Others reported learning through observation, like recognizing that the wrapping paper on Santa’s gifts was also in their parents’ closet. The adults who recalled figuring out the truth more gradually through logical reasoning or observation were less likely to report negative emotional associations with the discovery than were those who learned the truth abruptly or primarily through being told directly, for instance by a schoolmate or an older sibling.

Although we don’t have enough evidence to lay down rules that will guarantee that children take the truth about Santa in stride, we feel comfortable making three recommendations:

First, respect your child’s growing independence of mind. The older your child gets, the trickier it becomes to engage in Santa talk. Children tend to discover the truth about Santa when they are around 7 or 8, although the age varies considerably. In our research, we found that children who were on the older side (closer to 11 or 12) when they discovered the truth were more likely to feel only negative emotions around it.

Second, listen to your child’s questions and make sure you know what question your child is actually asking before you start answering. For example, if your child asks you how Santa fits down narrow chimneys, don’t assume that your choice is either to lie or to give up the game. Consider answering by asking your child what she thinks, talking about what “some people” believe or simply acknowledging that she has asked an interesting question.

Third, even if your child has a negative experience learning the truth about Santa, all is not lost. Some children may well be more sensitive than others to being lied to about Santa. A small subset of the adults we surveyed (about 6 percent) reported negative emotions that lasted more than a year after learning the truth. One explained: “I felt very betrayed by my parents. I didn’t understand how they taught us not to lie, but they’d been doing it for all these years. I thought they were hypocrites and I was angry about that.”

In such cases, parents can soften the blow by acknowledging their child’s feelings and talking about why they have included Santa in their holiday traditions. Some parents invite children to help continue the Santa tradition with others. It may be comforting to learn that, in our research, a vast majority of both the children and the adults — even those who reported some negative emotions upon discovering the truth about Santa — celebrated or planned to celebrate Santa with their own children.

There are lessons here beyond Santa Claus. These same principles apply when parents are trying to figure out how to navigate the wide array of magical thinking prevalent during the early childhood years. Yes, your child may have imaginary friends and believe in the Tooth Fairy — that’s OK. Blurring the line between fantasy and reality is a normal part of being a young kid. But with Santa as with so much else, following your children’s lead, using their questions as the starting point for discussion and being aware of their individual sensitivities can all help to propel a creative and joyful exploration of the world.

Candice Mills ( @CandiceMMills ) is a professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Dallas. Thalia R. Goldstein ( @ThaliaGoldstein ) is an associate professor of psychology at George Mason University.

The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. We’d like to hear what you think about this or any of our articles. Here are some tips . And here’s our email: [email protected] .

Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook , Twitter (@NYTopinion) and Instagram .


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