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Essay on my role model

my father is role model english essay

When you hear the term “father,” what comes to mind? A person who stands solidly for his family, a person who meets his family’s every need, a person who cares for and protects you, loves you, and fulfils all of your childhood wishes. That is, indeed, the father. My father is my role model. My father is a hero to me. He is a generous and caring individual. He is a punctual and diligent individual; his office is located a long distance from our home, and he wakes up early every day to ensure that he arrives on time. It’s a part of his everyday routine for him.

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In my life, my father is a hero, guide and someone I can always look up to. He’s the first person I think of when I’m under any difficulties. All of my significant life decisions have been guided by my father. In reality, I’ve never regretted following his advice because it has always shown to be effective. He is a dedicated and industrious individual. My father enjoys watching classic movies whenever he has free time. In fact, there are occasions when we simply argue over who gets to watch television. But, at our core, we enjoy teasing and playing with one another.

Essay On My Role Model

My father despises wasting time. When dad finds either my sister or me doing nothing and just idling our time during the holidays, he assigns us some chore or another. He is also extremely well-organized and keeps everything in order.

My father is my role model because of his commitment to his career. He puts in a lot of effort to provide for our family. He is always there to support me at my school tournaments. He inspires me to do things I may be afraid of, in an attempt to get over my fear and to emerge victorious. On weekends, we spend hours playing games together. He assists me with my homework, teaches me life lessons such as how to treat others with respect, and takes me to swimming and karate classes. He also encourages me to learn new things every day. He excels in playing music. He sings a lovely tune to me every night before I go to sleep. My father is my dearest buddy, and I am so grateful for him; he is God’s greatest gift to me.

He instructs me to behave nicely, talk politely with elders and friends, help those in need, and never say anything negative about anyone because he wants me to grow wise in the future. My father bestowed onto me the greatest gift somebody could bestow upon another person: his faith in me.

He got me my favourite bike because I enjoy riding it, yet he gets irritated when he sees me driving recklessly on highways with risky traffic. My father loves and cares for us like a farmer loves and cares for his crops. My father has made numerous sacrifices to suit the demands of our entire family. He is a busy man, but he manages to squeeze in time for his friends and family.

When he gets home from work, he inquires about my school activities and informs me about his office activities. They say that girls are a father’s favourite. A father’s relationship with his daughter is of a confidante and her hero, while with his son, he is a close buddy and a best friend. He acts like a child, gives advice like a friend, and guards like a bodyguard.

Photography is one of my father’s hobbies; he takes images of birds, plants, and animals. He is a passionate animal lover. We visited a dog park and a cat cafe to spend time with adorable dogs and kitties. He is always happy when he plays with them. On my father’s birthday, my mother and I gifted him a dog, and our family grew by one.

Many things have been taught to me by my father and I strive to be like him. He tells me not to cry when I make errors because mistakes are how we learn in life. I like his ability to look at life in a positive light. He is my hero, and I strive to instill his principles in my friends and the rest of the world. My father has been encouraging and understanding, and I know that his attempts to help me become a better person will never be in vain.

My father’s importance in my life cannot be overstated. My family’s equilibrium and calm are dependent on his presence. A father often obtains the title of the stricter parent, but fathers are always those who love you immensely and are always on the lookout to protect you from anything that could hurt you. I love my father and I hope I can emulate his traits so that I can grow up to be like him.

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My Role Model is My Father Essay

The importance of the word ‘Father’ and its general worth towards family is limitless. This word generates honor because of symbol good deeds which every head of the family tries to earn.

My Role Model is My Father Essay

My father is the guiding force and leader of our family, bringing our aspirations into reality. He is not just a figurehead, but a role model who foresees the needs of the time and shapes our family through his unwavering responsibility and dedication. I hold immense respect for him due to his extraordinary achievements.

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As my role model, my father accompanies me in all my endeavors, ensuring that I make the right choices. He attentively listens to my problems and imparts valuable lessons to shape my thinking. His primary concern is my future career, and he leverages his maturity, knowledge, and awareness of the modern world to evaluate my interests and decisions, going above and beyond to help me develop and achieve my goals.

Despite his financial limitations, my father fulfills my genuine needs and ensures that I never feel inadequate. He works tirelessly, sweating profusely, to increase his earnings for my sake. He sacrifices his own comfort, willingly eating less, in order to provide for my well-being.

Being educated and possessing a logical vision, my father has evolved into a contemporary and progressive figure. He utilizes his knowledge and embraces modernity to raise me in a manner that equips me to thrive in today’s competitive world. He leaves no gaps in meeting my needs and actively supports my personal growth and career-building process.

As an ideal father, my father spares no effort in fulfilling my necessities. He strives to eliminate any obstacles that could hinder my development and career path, leaving no room for shortcomings.

What sets my role model father apart is his refusal to impose his own career choices on me. He believes that I should pursue a future based on my own passions, suitability, and capabilities. The tradition of following specific family professions is fading away, as doctors no longer insist on their children becoming doctors, professors do not compel their offspring to pursue academia, and army officers do not force their sons into the military. Similarly, my father desires that I have a better future according to my own choices.

My father is a mature and understanding individual who assists me in making important decisions. Like most devoted fathers, he plays a significant role in my life, supporting my career aspirations and helping me overcome daily challenges. When I face difficulties and seek guidance, I instinctively turn to my father. He selflessly puts aside his own priorities to provide the necessary support. He works tirelessly, making countless sacrifices to help me navigate through my problems.

We celebrate Father’s Day every year on 19 June to strengthen the relationship and remind a father of the sacrifices he endured towards his kids when they were in need. Unfortunately, it has become a mere formality for many, lacking genuine emotional connection and appreciation. In today’s times, children often choose to live separately from their fathers, prioritizing their own families and disregarding their responsibilities towards their aging fathers, who cling to hope for support.

It is very important that our fathers should be given deep respect and utmost respect not only because they are fathers, but for their unparalleled fatherhood and incredible sacrifices towards us. We must recognize the value of their presence and the impact they have on our lives. By cherishing our fathers, upholding our duties, and expressing gratitude for their sacrifices, we can truly acknowledge the exceptional role models they are in our lives.

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