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2 Minute Speech On The Importance Of Learning Through Experience In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on the importance of learning through experience. Without a doubt, experience is a requirement for both learning and mental development. In our daily lives, we frequently observe adults acting more responsibly than children. Compared to the younger ones, they are far more effective at addressing a crisis. The gap in experience is the only thing separating the more mature from the less mature. Well, experience is nothing more than a collection of the effects of life’s blunders.

Man learns best through mistakes. Experience is the act of having made more mathematical errors simply by becoming older. The more mistakes you make, the more knowledge you get about what is good and wrong. When dealing with subsequent scenarios, that info comes in handy. For instance, a youngster who has already burned his hand handling a candle will be more cautious than a baby who has never handled one. The same is true for other circumstances.

Even in classrooms, no matter how smart the teacher is until the students themselves make efforts and blunders in grasping a topic, his intellect won’t help the pupils. Learning happens by doing. And the acting is nothing more than amassing knowledge of errors. Whether you are learning to drive, ride a bicycle, or swim, you must have some experience before you can truly perform the action you are learning. Therefore, the only way to learn is by experience. Thank you. 

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Real Learning Takes Place Through Experience (Essay Sample)

Table of Contents


Formal or academic learning starts at preschool and continues even after college. But mostly, the hardest yet most valuable lessons can be had only through real-life experiences. Learning through experiences shapes us as a person. The idea of having to live with the consequences of one’s decision can be scary and daunting. But the way you will change and evolve is a continuous process that’s worth it.

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Essay on Importance of Learning Through Experience

We oftentimes limit our understanding of learning as everything we process inside a classroom. The different fields or subjects studied in school are applied in real life, both theoretically and practically. Subjects such as science, mathematics, language and literature, and values education are also applicable in everyday life.

Children Sitting Inside Classroom Drawing

Armed with academic know-how, a student can use head knowledge in decision-making and troubleshooting scenarios.

However, people who are textbook-smart are quite different from those who are known to be street-smart. There is a difference between performing in a classroom setting and responding to actual situations.

Learning through experience and in the real world can sometimes be a matter of life or death, compared with theoretical dialogues held within the four walls of a school.

That being said, it is a proven fact that people who are college-educated are known to make wiser decisions as they are able to apply what they have learned in school.

Skills in logic and critical thinking that they gleaned in the process also come in handy.

Knowledge is Power

The more you know in life, the more wisdom you have in terms of making decisions in work or job applications and career development. 

Strategic and organizational thinking also play important roles in the process of learning.

Applying What You Know

True knowledge is wisdom applied, and it must be done in the absence of any neglect or misuse.

Real learning through experience takes stock of previous experiences, gathering lessons, and learning to apply them honorably.

In life, there is always an opportunity to apply theories or theses that we bring with us from our academic education. The real test is not actually in the classroom but in the real world.

The Equally-Good Benefits of Academic Learning

Schools not only offer theories and concepts on how to survive different situations. They arm us with the techniques and skills necessary to be successful in life.

That being said, an academic education gives us an edge over other people who have not attained any degree in universities and colleges.

Happy Women in Academic Dress

Education makes us smarter and tougher than the rest who have not been as fortunate to finish their schooling.

Advantages and Benefits of Life Experiences

Life experiences are treasures to learn from, as many of them are scenarios we don’t usually study about in school. At the same time, most of us make mistakes in life. Through these wrong decisions, we learn to glean lessons that we take with us moving forward.

Good or bad, life experiences can either strengthen and toughen us up or scar us for life.

The Value of Our Response

Some people are wise and humble enough to turn a negative experience into an opportunity to grow and become better. In addition, these experiences become a permanent part of our personal history.

If we respond positively, the changes we experience could help us journey with other people who go through something similar.

Learning Experiences Are Varied

There are many types of learning experiences and some of those may represent failure or weakness, causing us to sometimes be hard on ourselves.

Thoughtful woman writing in notebook at home

But we have the power to change our perspective and choose to move forward with hope and optimism in the face of a bad experience.

Trauma and Becoming Better People

Healing from a traumatic experience can be tough and tedious, but when the inner work is done well, the result always benefits the person and his community.

In this light, harsh experiences are still worth going through just as much as a near-perfect experience.

While we prefer the comfort of growth without pain, pain offers a unique voice in our stories and teaches us hard things.

Learning from Life is a Community Project

Silhouette Photography of Group of People Jumping during Golden Time

Life experiences are not solo journeys. As you learn from experience, others feel the impact. You will either be a bigger blessing to them or a heavier burden, depending on how you respond to the lesson.

Real-life experiences shape and mold us in a way that affirms our identity and purpose. This is why all life experiences outside the classroom are worth keeping and remembering.

Short 1 Minute Speech on the Importance of Learning Through Experience

The learning process of a person happens throughout the course of his life. Most commonly, we think of schools as the best place for this to happen. We don’t often consider the importance of learning through experience.

There is much to be said about how learning occurs in a classroom. You have a community of co-learners and a teacher to help aid your learning curve. But informal learning also offers unexpected benefits.

Active experimentation, reflective observation and self-reflection are three things that can happen when learning through experiences. In this scenario, a person is given the opportunity to connect mind, heart, and hands.

This results in a transforming experience that reading books, while important, may not always offer. With different outcomes to consider, a person is exposed to the consequences of his actions and decisions.

Personal involvement always leads to personal growth. A concrete experience that allows someone to live through the fruits of his decisions always prunes a person.

With each learning experience comes an incredible opportunity to become better people, whether or not the outcome was favorable.

What does it mean to learn through experience?

Learning through experience means opening yourself to the certainty of growth. It also recognizes that good or bad consequences are both valuable in shaping you as a person.

Why is learning through experience important?

Taking an experience and learning from it is so beneficial to our growth as human beings. It increases our resilience and our capacity to relate with others in light of critical situations. It also encourages decision-making, accountability, and ownership.

learning through experience essay


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Short Paragraph on ‘Real Learning through Experience’

Real Learning through Experience

We often hear the phrase, “real learning through experience” but how many of us have learnt the real meaning behind it? We all start learning new things from the time of pre-school, move up the grades, but the hardest lessons of our life are learnt via the experiences we have in real life.

The more we grow in life, the more experiences we have and the more we learn. Let us learn a little as to why real learning through experience is very much important.

  • Real life experiences help build confidence in most of us.
  • We tend to learn facts or lessons that are unforgettable for the rest of our lives.
  • Real learning through experience helps us understand our strengths.
  • People who have faced some experiences are always ready to help others who are facing similar hardships or challenges.
  • Help us build our character.
  • Most of us when we make mistakes and learn from it, we learn life values from every problem or circumstance we are in.

There can be a number of experiences we come across in our lives, but it is up to us to decipher the good and the bad.

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Write a short speech on "Real learning takes place through experience'.

Learning takes place through experience only undoubtedly, the experience is a prerequisite for learning and mental maturity. often in our routine living, we see the grown-ups behaving more maturely as compared to the young ones. their handling of a situation is far more efficient than that of the younger ones. the only difference between the more mature and less mature is the difference in the experience. well, the experience is nothing but the collection of the consequences of mistakes done in one's life. man learns the most by trial and error. what we call experience is the act of having committed more number mistakes by virtue of being more aged. the more number of mistakes committed equips you with more data concerning what is wrong and right. that data comes to the rescue while handling further situations. for example, a boy who has already burnt his hand with the candle will handle it more carefully than the baby who has never touched it. so is the case with other situations. even in classrooms, however intelligent a teacher might be, his intelligence won’t help the students until the students themselves make efforts and mistakes in learning a concept. learning comes by doing. and doing is nothing but an accumulation of knowledge of mistakes. whether you are learning swimming, or cycling, or driving, a certain amount of experience is a must before you can actually do the activity you are learning. so learning is possible only through experience..

Give short notes on asexual reproduction which takes place in rhizopus.

Write a short note on mechanical digestion and chemical digestion. Name the location where both the types take place. [3 MARKS]

Inborn reflex is one which develops during lifetime due to experience or learning.

___________ allow participants to experience history by visiting historical places and learning about them.

Write a short note on the lime water experiment. [3 marks]

Learning Through Work Experience Analytical Essay

The article ‘Learning through work experience’ focus on how learners can maximize learning and work contexts to gain relevant knowledge and skills necessary in the world of labor. The article suggests that learning experiences must be observed from all forms of work in the job market and as the development source for historic, scientific, technical, intellectual, communicative, practical, and identity in individuals.

Such learning processes may be incorporated within vocational education and training forums and in other personnel development programmes. It also discusses about the work experiences and activities those teenage students in countries with well planned schooling systems must obtain.

The article argues that occupational identity and competency needs to be introduced to young people through trainings and the education system in order to facilitate a smooth transition into the job market and also to reinforce their independence as adults (Griffiths & Guile 2000, p. 2-4).

The article further argues that with the heightened impact of globalization in today’s world, there is need for a new learning experience between education and work that will eventually foster lifelong learning to learners (Griffiths & Guile 2000, p. 5). Therefore understanding the everyday changes in the labor world means linking formal programmes to the work sector.

The article emphasizes that North American and EU literature have in the past assumed that students would develop their skills and knowledge while at work place (Griffiths & Guile 2000, p. 8-9). However, the challenge comes with the increased global economic pressures, advanced information and technology.

This further provides the need for any organization that aims at obtaining a competitive edge to link the two contexts in the learning process. More so, the article says that the work context must provide for learning and development of human beings, this is because, practices foster relevant skills and knowledge necessary for production in an organization.

It sums up by saying that analysis of work experience revolves around education and work context, the different strategies applied within these contexts, as well as the kind of influence the context provides to the learners. It states that students need to be supported to link formal and informal learning and be given relevant knowledge for work places.

In relation to this, the study generates five work place models: the experimental model, work process model, the traditional model, and the connectivity model. These models cover the different responses to learners, policies, skills, pedagogy and economic factors (Griffiths & Guile 2000, p.8).

Pedagogical learning approach believes that if a student fails to perform, then the transmitter of the knowledge has also failed. Learning in pedagogical approach focuses on instructional materials, specific outside motivation and the experiences of the teachers. It does not recount that at times children fail because of lack of participation or interest.

Therefore the student is totally dependent on the teachers in the learning process. The students do not have personal initiative in acquiring knowledge and often believe that they have already received ideas, practices and subjects based on what they are taught (Hill, L. 2001, para. 1).

On the other hand, the andragogical approach is oriented towards adult learners. This is because the learning process in adults is often from that of children (Hill, L.2001 para. 2).The article, ‘Learning through work experience’ fits in an andragogical approach of learning because it is advocating for incorporation of education and work contexts while teaching individuals, who will in the end, enter the world of work as adults.

It puts more emphasis on lifelong learning processes. Additionally, it argues that the outcomes of such an approach will lead to independent and self driven individuals (Griffiths & Guile 2000, p. 2-5). In this approach, adults strive to overcome the dependency that was reinforced at their early education.

As described in the article, it recommends incorporation of practical work experiences into the education programmes. The article considers learning through work experience most effective by stating that work and education forms the first context for personnel development (Griffiths & Guile 2000, p. 2-5). It says that in utilizing this new idea of work experience, students can ‘negotiate’ their learning through the work experience.

Additionally, the discussion focuses on an andragogical learning approach when it argues that connectivity model of labor experience provides a continual development of skills and knowledge through the learning and work experience. The students therefore do not end up wholly relying on the educators for their effective performance rather their participation enhances their skills and knowledge (Hill 2001, para. 1).

The work process model is one of the models of training and development that can be applied and used to familiarize students with various contexts of education and work. In this case, learning and development is done through work experience. There is a very big influence of the context of work to learning outcomes and experience.

Therefore, there is need to develop a good curriculum that will give students an opportunity to relate between informal and formal learning. This is because there are cases where formal knowledge is taught to students but it ends up being irrelevant to work experiences (Griffiths & Guile 2000, p.9). The labor process can only be understood through an effective work and knowledge framework.

This means that it will situate work practices to their actual contexts that are supposed to be understood. In the long run, this model prepares apprentices to switch work places and environments more easily. They will also be in a better position to engage in new organizational changes.

In order to design an effective learning and development program, it is important that the system prevents any learning breakdown. The program must also not exclude any learner from the process. This in turn fosters equal opportunities for all the learners.

One barrier that has not been addressed in the above stated model of learning is the nature of human labor enhancement in both the personnel and educators and the context in which it takes place. The trainers must not feel unconfident or uncertain about meeting the various needs of the learners. More so, the content must be within the different learning contexts. This eventually results into a successful training upon the human labor.

To overcome the barrier, the management must provide enabling processes and mechanism that support the diverse needs of learners. The mechanism must be aligned to the different learning needs and in a way that minimizes any kind of barrier in the learning process. The other barrier is language and communication problems in learners and trainers.

This barrier may come from the medium of development and learning. In most formal teaching, the learning processes use a different language from the learner’s first language. If unattended to, the probability of linguistic hurdles is high, meanings that there will be miscommunication in the learning process.

Following linguistic challenges, the learners who use their second languages face segregation and minimal expectations from their peers. In most occasions, educators find it challenging to develop appropriate support programs to deal with the difficulty. To overcome this barrier, trainers should design programs that incorporate both formal and informal learning experiences.

This ensures that learners with language and communication problems also gain knowledge and skills in the learning process. They should also encourage positive work relations hence giving the individuals the opportunity to choose who to share their learning process with. More so is the difficulties that learners with physical impairments face hence a barrier to evenly provide a learning process to the different individuals.

The barrier may be overcome by provision of alternative and augmentative communication in the organization. This ensures that individuals with such challenges are not entirely excluded from the learning process (Noe 2009, p. 29).

Customer model is one of the learning and development models that can be used in an organization to foster skills and knowledge in employees. After aligning the program with the company’s functions, the trainers must ensure that the personnel completely understand what the business aims at providing to its customers.

This is because the employees are in constant contact with the customers who are the main assets of the business. This therefore means that failure to deliver products and services that are in line with customers’ can result in lose of customers. This can be an adverse effect on the performance of the company.

It is therefore important for the employees to understand that customers have a right to choose which business to deal with hence winning their goodwill is essential for continuous functionality of the company.

The structure and content of the program in this training model are aligned to the business group and then the personnel’s attention to the customers. With the customer model, productivity increases because the employees know that their success and the business’ highly depend on the business target market. Implementation of the model can therefore be resourceful for personnel development (Noe 2009, p.29).

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Hill, L., 2001. Pedagogical and andragogical learning . Web.

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learning through experience essay

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Write a short speech on “Real learning takes place through experience.”


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learning through experience essay

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Real Learning Takes Place Through Experiance

Filed Under: Essays Tagged With: Education

“Not all learning takes place in the classroom. ” All knowledge should not obtain from class because subject only taught by a teacher. But some lessons, which are pertaining to life, only will demonstrate by personal experiences. Every person should be learning more from real life than class room. I think real life is the best example for learning and obtaining knowledge. This is supported by various reasons. Learning takes place not only in the classroom but also in our everyday lives.

This is because to learn does not mean just to gain academic knowledge. Rather, learning refers to acquisition of any kind of knowledge that can give us instructions on how we should behave. Information that we get in the classroom is, without any doubt, useful and proven and it can broaden our mind. However, school years are relatively short in terms of a life span, and, therefore, there are a lot more things that can be attained outside classroom and that are equally valuable. First of all, personal experience is essential for obtaining indelible knowledge.

For instance, in an early age the teacher would teach about animals. Is it gives sufficient knowledge for children? No, it does not. When teachers will take them in to the zoo and explain about those animals, they never forget that information. This is one type of personal experience. Which knowledge have gotten by personal experience, it will be never loss. Second, the relationship among the people as well as friendship values is not taught by teachers in the classroom. Those relationships have known only by personal experience.

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Further, the young age person do not realise about money value. The same person should know about money value while he starts earning of money. Finally, sometimes a new technology and new things were discovered by personal experience but not classroom knowledge. For instance, today’s popular phone was discovered by Alexander graham bell. It was discovered by accidently but not part of an educational research. Today, various popular technologies and things also discovered from their real life.

In conclusion, the illiterate persons also can maintain different business successfully using their personal life experience. Unfortunately, an erudite people also will fail in business because lake of experience. So I strongly believe that “Not all learning takes place in the classroom. ” Because, if we have only classroom knowledge; today, we do not have any TV, computers, and other technologies. We surely obtain more knowledge from personal life than classroom knowledge.

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    So learning is possible only through experience. Was this answer helpful? upvote 3.

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