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How to Write a Movie Review

Last Updated: October 13, 2023 Fact Checked

wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 177 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 5,415,500 times. Learn more...

Whether a movie is a rotten tomato or a brilliant work of art, if people are watching it, it's worth critiquing. A decent movie review should entertain, persuade and inform, providing an original opinion without giving away too much of the plot. A great movie review can be a work of art in its own right. Read on to learn how to analyze a movie like a professional film critic, come up with an interesting thesis, and write a review as entertaining as your source material.

Sample Movie Reviews

how to write a film review title

Writing an Intro for a Movie Review

Step 1 Start with a compelling fact, quote, or opinion on the movie.

  • Comparison to Relevant Event or Movie: "Every day, our leaders, politicians, and pundits call for "revenge"– against terrorist groups, against international rivals, against other political parties. But few of them understand the cold, destructive, and ultimately hollow thrill of revenge as well as the characters of Blue Ruin. "
  • Review in a nutshell: "Despite a compelling lead performance by Tom Hanks and a great soundtrack, Forrest Gump never gets out of the shadow of its weak plot and questionable premise."
  • Context or Background Information: " Boyhood might be the first movie made where knowing how it was produced–slowly, over 12 years, with the same actors–is just as crucial as the movie itself."

Step 2 Give a clear, well-established opinion early on.

  • Using stars, a score out of 10 or 100, or the simple thumbs-up and thumbs-down is a quick way to give your thoughts. You then write about why you chose that rating.
  • Great Movie: ABC is the rare movie that succeeds on almost every level, where each character, scene, costume, and joke firing on all cylinders to make a film worth repeated viewings."
  • Bad Movie: "It doesn't matter how much you enjoy kung-fu and karate films: with 47 Ronin, you're better off saving your money, your popcorn, and time."
  • Okay Movie: "I loved the wildly uneven Interstellar far more than I should have, but that doesn't mean it is perfect. Ultimately, the utter awe and spectacle of space swept me through the admittedly heavy-handed plotting and dialogue."

Step 3 Support your opinions with evidence from specific scenes.

  • Great: "Michael B. Jordan and Octavia Spencer's chemistry would carry Fruitvale Station even if the script wasn't as good. The mid-movie prison scene in particular, where the camera never leaves their faces, shows how much they can convey with nothing but their eyelids, the flashing tension of neck muscles, and a barely cracking voice."
  • Bad: " Jurassic World's biggest flaw, a complete lack of relatable female characters, is only further underscored by a laughably unrealistic shot of our heroine running away from a dinosaur – in heels."
  • Okay: "At the end of the day, Snowpiercer can't decide what kind of movie it wants to be. The attention to detail in fight scenes, where every weapon, lightbulb, and slick patch of ground is accounted for, doesn't translate to an ending that seems powerful but ultimately says little of substance."

Step 4 Create an original...

  • Does the film reflect on a current event or contemporary issue? It could be the director's way of engaging in a bigger conversation. Look for ways to relate the content of the film to the "real" world.
  • Does the film seem to have a message, or does it attempt to elicit a specific response or emotion from the audience? You could discuss whether or not it achieves its own goals.
  • Does the film connect with you on a personal level? You could write a review stemming from your own feelings and weave in some personal stories to make it interesting for your readers.

Composing Your Review

Step 1 Follow your thesis paragraph with a short plot summary.

  • When you name characters in your plot summary, list the actors' names directly afterward in parenthesis.
  • Find a place to mention the director's name and the full movie title.
  • If you feel you must discuss information that might "spoil" things for readers, warn them first.

Step 2 Start to talk about the film’s technical and artistic choices.

  • Cinematography: " Her is a world drenched in color, using bright, soft reds and oranges alongside calming whites and grays that both build, and slowly strip away, the feelings of love between the protagonists. Every frame feels like a painting worth sitting in."
  • Tone: "Despite the insane loneliness and high stakes of being stuck alone on Mars, The Martian's witty script keeps humor and excitement alive in every scene. Space may be dangerous and scary, but the joy of scientific discovery is intoxicating."
  • Music and Sound: " No Country For Old Men's bold decision to skip music entirely pays off in spades. The eerie silence of the desert, punctuated by the brief spells of violent, up-close-and-personal sound effects of hunter and hunted, keeps you constantly on the edge of your seat."
  • Acting: "While he's fantastic whenever he's on the move, using his cool stoicism to counteract the rampaging bus, Keanu Reeves can't quite match his costar in the quiet moments of Speed, which falter under his expressionless gaze."

Step 3 Move into your...

  • Keep your writing clear and easy to understand. Don't use too much technical filmmaking jargon, and make your language crisp and accessible.
  • Present both the facts and your opinion. For example, you might state something such as, "The Baroque background music was a jarring contrast to the 20th century setting." This is a lot more informative then simply saying, "The music was a strange choice for the movie."

Step 4 Use plenty of examples to back up your points.

  • Great: "In the end, even the characters of Blue Ruin know how pointless their feud is. But revenge, much like every taut minute of this thriller, is far too addictive to give up until the bitter end.""
  • Bad: "Much like the oft-mentioned "box of chocolates", Forest Gump has a couple of good little morsels. But most of the scenes, too sweet by half, should have been in the trash long before this movie was put out."
  • Okay: "Without the novel, even revolutionary concept, Boyhood may not be a great movie. It might not even be "good.” But the power the film finds in the beauty of passing time and little, inconsequential moments – moments that could only be captured over 12 years of shooting – make Linklater's latest an essential film for anyone interested in the art of film."

Polishing Your Piece

Step 1 Edit your review.

  • Ask yourself whether your review stayed true to your thesis. Did your conclusion tie back in with the initial ideas you proposed?
  • Decide whether your review contains enough details about the movie. You may need to go back and add more description here and there to give readers a better sense of what the movie's about.
  • Decide whether your review is interesting enough as a stand-alone piece of writing. Did you contribute something original to this discussion? What will readers gain from reading your review that they couldn't from simply watching the movie?

Step 2 Proofread your review.

Studying Your Source Material

Step 1 Gather basic facts about the movie.

  • The title of the film, and the year it came out.
  • The director's name.
  • The names of the lead actors.

Step 2 Take notes on the movie as you watch it.

  • Make a note every time something sticks out to you, whether it's good or bad. This could be costuming, makeup, set design, music, etc. Think about how this detail relates to the rest of the movie and what it means in the context of your review.
  • Take note of patterns you begin to notice as the movie unfolds.
  • Use the pause button frequently so you make sure not to miss anything, and rewind as necessary.

Step 3 Analyze the mechanics of the movie.

  • Direction: Consider the director and how he or she choose to portray/explain the events in the story. If the movie was slow, or didn't include things you thought were necessary, you can attribute this to the director. If you've seen other movies directed by the same person, compare them and determine which you like the most.
  • Cinematography: What techniques were used to film the movie? What setting and background elements helped to create a certain tone?
  • Writing: Evaluate the script, including dialogue and characterization. Did you feel like the plot was inventive and unpredictable or boring and weak? Did the characters' words seem credible to you?
  • Editing: Was the movie choppy or did it flow smoothly from scene to scene? Did they incorporate a montage to help build the story? And was this obstructive to the narrative or did it help it? Did they use long cuts to help accentuate an actor's acting ability or many reaction shots to show a group's reaction to an event or dialogue? If visual effects were used were the plates well-chosen and were the composited effects part of a seamless experience? (Whether the effects looked realistic or not is not the jurisdiction of an editor, however, they do choose the footage to be sent off to the compositors, so this could still affect the film.)
  • Costume design: Did the clothing choices fit the style of the movie? Did they contribute to the overall tone, rather than digressing from it?
  • Set design: Consider how the setting of the film influenced its other elements. Did it add or subtract from the experience for you? If the movie was filmed in a real place, was this location well-chosen?
  • Score or soundtrack: Did it work with the scenes? Was it over/under-used? Was it suspenseful? Amusing? Irritating? A soundtrack can make or break a movie, especially if the songs have a particular message or meaning to them.

Step 4 Watch it one more time.

Community Q&A

wikiHow Staff Editor

  • If you don't like the movie, don't be abusive and mean. If possible, avoid watching the movies that you would surely hate. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • Understand that just because the movie isn't to your taste, that doesn't mean you should give it a bad review. A good reviewer helps people find movie's they will like. Since you don't have the same taste in movies as everyone else, you need to be able to tell people if they will enjoy the movie, even if you didn't. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • Structure is very important; try categorizing the different parts of the film and commenting on each of those individually. Deciding how good each thing is will help you come to a more accurate conclusion. For example, things like acting, special effects, cinematography, think about how good each of those are. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

how to write a film review title

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To write a movie review, start with a compelling fact or opinion to hook your readers, like "Despite a great performance by Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump never overcomes its weak plot." Then, elaborate on your opinion of the movie right off the bat so readers know where you stand. Once your opinion is clear, provide examples from the movie that prove your point, like specific scenes, dialogue, songs, or camera shots. To learn how to study a film closely before you write a review, scroll down! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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how to write a film review title

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how to write a film review title

Home > Ecommerce and Online Business > Tips on Ecommerce and Online Business > Tips on Giving Titles to Reviews

Tips on Giving Titles to Reviews

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how to write a film review title

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Tips on Giving Titles to Reviews Tips

how to write a film review title

Hey guys this is Brijesh

Certainly, when creating short and genuine titles for reviews, you want them to be concise and easy to understand. Here are some tips for crafting such titles: Focus on core massage, Use clear language, be specific, highlight positive or negative, pose a question, keep it short, use emotions, short authority, be honest, test variations

for example: amazing coffee maker -Game changer

these titles are short and attractive, engaging making them affective in grabbing readers attention. thanks

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how to write a film review title

View more comments

how to write a film review title

The easiest way to decide a title is by using keywords from your review or writings. The title should be interesting so others open your review and read and rate it. The title should be connected to the written content which helps many to understand what they should be expecting from the review. Last but not the least, don't use vulgar, abusive words for titles as that makes you look like a jerk.

how to write a film review title

Hey Guys, Im pranav And have given about 70 reviews in mouthshut speaking about title on any review it must be the same which gives clear direction to the review of any products which you are giving, However on making titles please be sure that the information provided by you should be correct.

Speaking about length of the title, Well the length of the title will depend on how you present your product in the review to some one else some people prefer long reviews while some prefer short review so it will totally depend on your presentation skills.

Always remember Title should be always upto the mark and should be always upto the point and relevant point

how to write a film review title

Hello Friends..I am a Popular mouthshut member and wrote almost 50+ reviews on it so its my genuine advice or tip for you to please mention your title which describes your review because titles are most important thing for your review.

You should give appropriate and suitable title for your reviews so that everyone will see the truth and take decisions accordingly. I must say title helps alot of people and its very crucial as well.

So i advice you all please take it seriously and mention your titles accordingly.


how to write a film review title

I am a long time user of mouthshut and have earned 2800rs till now.

Titles to the reviews play a big part in the approval of your reviews.If your titles are not upto the mark then there is a great change of your review being disapproved.

Your title to the review should be related to the product like product name or product's special qualities.

Just write a impressive title and a genuine description of the product and your review will be approved.

how to write a film review title

Mobile phone has becoming necessity of every human being. Ne can't imagine the life without it. Being a part of today's technological world, chances are quite high that you also own a mobile phone. Just like everything, mobile phones have both positive and negative effects. So, I fistly tell you about the positive effects and than negative.

Positive effects

• Communication Convenience

Mobile is the best phone to communicate. We can contact with everyone who miss him and love him and very far away from him. All thanks to this small size that make them portable.


Life is nothing less than a hell without any entertainment in it. Thanks to mobile phone that let us entertainment all of us while on the go. The mobile phones are now coming with lots of entertainment packets insider them.

Useful in studies

Mobile phones are now a days very useful to us in studies and other study related topics. I personally used mobile phones most of the time while studies to find easy solutions of my problems.

Negative effects

•Bad impacts on studies

The students are addicted to using mobile phones in their study time and it was the major loss of his studies. Students are talking most of the time with their friends on irrelevant topics.

•Accidental health care

Mobile's phones are also cause of various accident. But this was not a fault of Mobile phone. It was a fault of human being but not accept human being it was a nature. They are addicted to mobile phones and not using the mobile phones while driving.

how to write a film review title

Hi friends, I want to give you a advice to be successful in Mouthshut app.Mouthshut is the best earning platform by writing Review on what we Experienced on Mobiles, Laptops, Hotels, Cars or anything and our reviews must attract the people so They check our review and They decide buy it or not. And Our review has genuine matter so They prefer us.I write a 1 review and earn 40ms points.Thank you.

It is important to give appropriate tittle to our text. Because all the people dont have that much time to read all the reviews of all the people. Attraction comes with the tittle only.

Some tips to write reviews

The title name should match with the text

The tittle name should not be too negative .too negativeness will not be good to see and it will be disapproved.

If we write the positive according to the product the title should be good and we can write a line of the text as a review heading.

4 . It is important that what we write as a title so try to choose appropriate titles

how to write a film review title

Hello friends, today I will share some of the most important tips on giving a suitable titles to your review.

Friends, a review is all about your true and real experiences with the products or service and when you share your these experiences with the whole world , the other customares aware anbout the company or product or services before they buy.So in this way we aare also get helped when we read others reviews in need of purchasing any product or either taking any service from the company.

So friends it is bery essential that we should must write a review about its quality so that others could get a help.

It is very important that the title of your review should be attractive and be describing your entire review.These are some of the tips how you can give a better title to your review: -

The title should be a summarised view of the entire review in one line with 20-50 words and not more than that.

The tile of your review should not be copied from other's reviews.

The title of your review should not contain abbusive words.

The title of your review myst not be plaggarised.

The title should be as a whole representing the product quality in accordance with your personal experience.


how to write a film review title

Sometime for those who feel english hard to understand for them writing review is little bit difficult. Thus here I want to share some tips on title for there review.

1) . Catchyness : . According to me the title of review must be neat in presentation this means catchyness because it help for reader to attract his mind. Thus to make the title catchyness there must be style in writing title of review with perfect capital letter in the begining of word and the letter must be in bold letter so that for reader it will be easy to look your review title.

2) . Attractive : After writing many tips and review on mouthshut site I could say that the title of review must be intresting ( attractive) so that reader should feel excited for reading your review. Thus you could make your review attractive by writing meaningful title to your review and adding some rhym or rhythm to your title.

3) . Meaningful : . Always remember to write title meaningful with your review it should not contain any bad word. And also there must be no grammatical mistake too in your title because as the length of title is small as compared to content in review and in that title if there is grammatical mistak then professional could dishonured it . The same case is for meaning to if title and your descriptional review should match otherwise reader may dishonured it.

4) . Spelling : avoid spelling mistake of title and any shortcut of word like some of them write word your as ur which makes presentation of title little downgraded. Because as I said length of title is short as compared to review and if there is shortcut in the spelling then it does not look so much neat in presentation so complete the word in title. Thus it will be helpful to those who writing for first time and for those too who understanding of english is not so much good. Thank u.

how to write a film review title

I'm Shubham, going to share tips on giving titles to review.

First of all, creat an outline for the review, which is very critical as the titles needs to be discriptive of the content of the review as well as it should to reflect main ideas of your review.

It must be highlighted the main ideas of every paragraph after providing an outline. The main ideas will be the guide for a reader, So the titles of the review should to reflect these all sentences.The title should tell the reader that what the Review will be discussing.

these are the main points you have to follow while providing Titles to Review.

Hope, this tips will helpful for us. Thankyou.

how to write a film review title

Title is something which gives the information regarding the whole topic that what might be written on this paragraph just like the head of a family the head of the paragraph is title. It is a thing that attracts the readers which makes the focus of the reader to that particular thing. Each and every person can give a title it is not a big task to deal with giving a title even a small child can give a title to a paragraph but the most important thing that should be kept in our mind while giving thew title is thsat it should be a unique a different from the rest so that it can easily attract the readers.

how to write a film review title

Hello every one gives titles to according to your reviews and so many title on reviews and so best title every one not same titles in every reviews because so many different product in every things in this websites every one find not all product but product not in this websites this websites so many people operate this and earn money to write and invite friend to earn money this is best way to earn money in this websites

how to write a film review title

Whenever you write a review the title is the one which get to the notice of the readers. The title you mentioned for the review should be suitable to the content you write and the title should be very clear and neat so that every one can read and understand. The title should not be long it should be short and attractive. The title should be very energetic to attract the readers. The title for the review should always be positive.

Whenever you read a review. What do you read first .

Exactly that is what we will discuss today. The title for any review is very important. It is as a coverpage for your book.

People would read the title, analyse it and move towards reading the whole review. It should be catchy enough to grab the attention of the reader.

The title should be simple also because if you are using any difficult or uncommon words. People tend to overlook the article and avoid it, which will fail your overall purpose to write a review.

So the best thing to do is, keep the title short, sweet and simple.

how to write a film review title

The first and the out most priority should be given to the title for any reviews. The title mentioned should be very attractive and relevant to the product or thing you are reviewing. The title mentioned should attract the readers and make them to see the review by the title name . Title should be very clear and meaningful so that you can easily grab the readers attention and make them read your review

how to write a film review title

When we write something we know we use a title as we mail to something we add as subject/title or we write paragraph we first wirte the Title and when we review om MouthShut.com we must have add a title must so tilte is very important that other can understand about the message or review that what it have in it.We should give very attractI've title that people will attract to your blog or reviews and the title should not be long its not good look.

Whenever you title your reviews please take a look to your whole message then give a suitable title, title should be short and attractive so users can attract.

how to write a film review title

While writing reviews we should use a perfect title for our review. Title is the first thing by which readers choose to read reviews. Reviews title should be so choosen so, that it should be look so resourceful that it should attract the readers to read the review.

Title of the review should be written in bold or in different size. The title of the review shouldn't be too much long. It should be a small sentence of about 4 to 6 words not more than it. In the title of the review choose title related to your reviews only not on any other topic.

how to write a film review title

Friends, from about past 1 month I am a constant user of mouthshut and here I keep on writing reviews base on my experiences regarding the products.this not only help those ho are in need of those reviews and want to analyse the products through those reviews but also helps me as I can get points by writing those reviews.so if its helping everyone then why not keep on writing reviews and help everyone.


so friends a proper heading is always very important for writing any reviews.and believe me a suitable heading can even convince the review examiner that the rite has the real capability inside him and due to this writer can earn more and more money.

TIPS - a title should always be very catchy as well as it should have the attractive power in it so it can attract the min of readers and as a result the readers will just jump on the reviews to read it.

a title is what which tells everyone about the main message of a review so it should be basically elaborated in the review.

title will look more go if it is taken from sayings or adages it gives a nice and positive impression to the readers.

another thing is that you should avoid giving titles which are not explained in the review or the title hich don't seem to be related to the reviews

so friends these steps should be followed during writing reviews

some of my personal examples are that I have written reviews in mouthshut by the following tips and given title to my reviews.believe this has helped me vey much and can even help you also.

how to write a film review title

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how to write a film review title

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How to Write a Movie Review: 9 Essential Tips

Whether you are an actor, a filmmaker, or a film geek through and through, writing film reviews can help hone your ability to think critically. With experience writing reviews, cinephiles can watch movies with a more thoughtful and intentional perspective. This skill enables viewers to have a response that goes deeper than “That movie was awesome!” And for you future film reviewers out there, it’s never too soon to start.

How to Write a Movie Review

While there’s no perfect approach to writing a movie review, there are definitely best practices that every aspiring reviewer can consider. Here are nine tips on writing a compelling piece.

1. Watch the film at least once.

When writing a film review, once is necessary, but twice is preferable. It’s impossible to capture every detail and thought only after one viewing. Throughout watching the film, taking detailed notes is also a good idea. This will help the writing process and make it easy to refer to your in-the-moment thoughts and reactions.

2. Express your opinions and support your criticism.

Professional reviewers do not shy away from telling their readers whether they thought a movie was good, bad, or indifferent. In fact, readers rely on those reviewers whose tastes reflect their own. Be sure to back up these thoughts with specifics–a disappointing performance, a ridiculous plot, beautiful cinematography, difficult material that leaves you thinking, and so on. Professional reviewers can express why and how they came to their criticism.

3. Consider your audience.

Are you writing for a fan site or a news outlet? Who will read your pieces, and what are their interests? Knowing who your readers are can help you decide what elements of the movie to highlight. You can also adjust your writing style to fit the target audience and the tone they’re used to reading.

4. Talk about the acting.

Many casual filmgoers will be inspired to see a movie if a favorite actor is in it, so you should probably spend a little space talking about the performances. Does the film feature a seasoned actor in a new kind of role or a brilliant performance from a rising star? How was the acting? Feedback about how well the actors handled the script, the dynamics in an ensemble, and so much more can help describe how the actors did in any given film.

5. Call out directors, cinematographers, and special effects.

This is where your film geek can really shine. Tell your readers about the highlights or missteps of directors, cinematographers, costume designers, and CGI. What worked, what surprised you, and what fell short of expectations are all great questions to address in the body of your review. It helps to have some knowledge of filmmaking , as well. That’s why film students with writing experience can actually make great reviewers. At NYFA, for instance, many film students study a range of topics relating to film that can include screenwriting, producing, and much more.

6. No spoilers!

Give your readers some idea of the plot, but be careful not to include any spoilers. Remember, the point of a good review is to get people interested in going to the movie. Don’t get over-excited and ruin it for them!

7. Study the professionals.

As with all writing endeavors, the more you read, the better. And when you read film reviews that you like (or don’t like), think about why. Use your critical eye to consider why one reviewer has a hundred thousand followers and another only has two. Be sure to read the publications where you’d like your writing to appear as a template for your reviews, and don’t forget to read the submission guidelines. A few examples of film review professionals include Rotten Tomatoes , Roger Ebert , and Film Comment . 

8. Reread, rewrite, and edit.

Edit your work. Your opinions will not be taken seriously if you misspell the director’s name or can’t put together a grammatically correct sentence. Take the time to check your spelling and edit your piece for organizational flow.

9. Find your voice.

The best reviewers have a distinct personality that comes across in their writing. This does not happen overnight, so take every opportunity to write as an opportunity to develop your own style and voice that will grab the reader’s attention and keep them coming back for more.

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Movie Review Samples

  • Analysis of the Movies, The Post and Deepwater Horizon Description: Other; Social Sciences; Before Graham rose to a leadership position, she demonstrated the virtue of commitment. She was committed to her job by handling tasks men perceived as challenging. In fact, they thought she could not do such tasks, especially in a male-dominated environment. After moving into the leadership role, Graham... 3 pages/≈825 words | No Sources | Other | Social Sciences | Movie Review |
  • Analysis of Video Lectures: Important Points in Sociology Description: Other; Social Sciences; A few key sociology concepts were emphasized in the two video lectures I viewed. These observations illuminate numerous noteworthy individuals, important institutions within society, as well as fundamental sociological theories. This essay tries to evaluate and explore these crucial ideas, highlighting... 4 pages/≈1100 words | No Sources | Other | Social Sciences | Movie Review |
  • Significance of Developing and Enhancing Essential Capabilities Description: APA; Technology; The video talks about the significance of developing skills and having a growth attitude in the present-day job market. The speaker explains how forms of skills like transferable abilities, tender capabilities, and technical capabilities are vital to constructing a successful profession. Transferable... 3 pages/≈825 words | No Sources | APA | Technology | Movie Review |
  • A Doll House Description: MLA; Social Sciences; Henrik Ibsen’s play, A Doll House, is a powerful example of the complexity and struggles of the human condition. In this work, Ibsen creates an honest and raw portrayal of Nora Helmer’s story and the unraveling of her marriage to Torvald. Therefore, this essay will discuss Nora’s character development and... 1 page/≈275 words | 2 Sources | MLA | Social Sciences | Movie Review |
  • The Freshman – Synopsis, Reflection, and Review Description: Harvard; Social Sciences; The Freshman is a silent comedy directed by Sam Taylor and Fred Newmeyer. The film was released in 1925. Harold Lloyd played the role of the freshman, Jobyna Ralston starred as Peggy, and other significant parts were played by Brooks Benedict, James Anderson, Hazel Keener, Joseph Harrington, and Pat Harmon.... 2 pages/≈550 words | No Sources | Harvard | Social Sciences | Movie Review |
  • Gender and Disaster: The Impact of COVID-19 on Women Description: APA; Social Sciences; The video-documentary shows how women are badly affected by COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic is a disaster that exacerbates the prevailing gender inequalities. The pandemic affects women and men differently and women are disproportionately affected. Women are vulnerable to this pandemic because a high... 1 page/≈550 words | 1 Source | APA | Social Sciences | Movie Review |
  • Analysis of the Vietnam War in the “Forrest Gump” Movie Description: MLA; History; “Forrest Gump” is a 1994 film directed by Robert Zemeckis. It depicts the life story of Forrest, a man who was born disadvantaged, faces many obstacles in his life, and triumphs in the end. Intriguingly, Forrest has various encounters with significant moments in American history as he embarks on his life ... 2 pages/≈550 words | 1 Source | MLA | History | Movie Review |
  • Key Takeaways From Diana Gasper's Video Bigger Than Enron Description: APA; Social Sciences; My significant takeaway from the Diana Gasper video is that some influential organizations and individuals contribute to the unethical behaviors of large corporations. This means that despite the internal stakeholders such as executives and employees, other players play a critical role in the accounting... 3 pages/≈825 words | 2 Sources | APA | Social Sciences | Movie Review |
  • societal aspects in prisoners film Description: MLA; Visual & Performing Arts; Societal aspects portrayed in a film about prisoners can reveal a great deal about the complex relationships between individuals and society as a whole. One of the primary themes that often emerges in such films is the role of institutional structures in shaping the lives of incarcerated individuals.... 9 pages/≈2475 words | 9 Sources | MLA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Pursuit of Happiness Movie Description: APA; Literature & Language; Pursuit of Happiness Movie Literature & Language Movie Review... 6 pages/≈1650 words | No Sources | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Modern technology and love Description: MLA; Literature & Language; Modern technology and love Literature & Language Movie Review... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 1 Source | MLA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Contagion Movie Description: MLA; Biological & Biomedical Sciences; Contagion Movie Biological & Biomedical Sciences Movie Review... 2 pages/≈550 words | 2 Sources | MLA | Biological & Biomedical Sciences | Movie Review |
  • Harry Potter Film Reflection Description: APA; Literature & Language; Harry Potter Film Reflection Literature & Language Movie Review... 3 pages/≈825 words | 2 Sources | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Movie Review: 12 Angry Men Description: MLA; Creative Writing; Movie Review: 12 Angry Men Creative Writing Movie Review... 3 pages/≈825 words | 3 Sources | MLA | Creative Writing | Movie Review |
  • MOVIE REVIEW: 4 LITTLE GIRLS Description: Chicago; History; MOVIE REVIEW: 4 LITTLE GIRLS History Movie Review... 3 pages/≈825 words | 1 Source | Chicago | History | Movie Review |
  • “Little Women” Movie Analysis Description: MLA; Literature & Language; “Little Women” by Greta Gerwig in 2020 examines gender roles during the nineteenth century by focusing on the life experiences of four sisters from childhood to adulthood. Gerwig explores how Amy, Meg, Beth, and Jo have different beliefs and perceptions of marriage. The film depicts a patriarchal society ... 2 pages/≈550 words | 1 Source | MLA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • David Fincher’s Movie: Zodiac Description: APA; Law; David Fincher’s movie Zodiac emerges as a quiet and dialogue-driven movie, based on the Zodiac murders that were largely unresolved in San Francisco in the 1960s. It fits well within the criminal justice genre, although the film appears to deviate from the normal trajectory of serial killers. Whereas... 1 page/≈550 words | No Sources | APA | Law | Movie Review |
  • Critical Review: Er Sur/The South (1988). Dir. Victor Erice Description: MLA; Visual & Performing Arts; Er Sur is a drama film directed by Victor Erice. The screenplay is done by Victor Erice, while the short story is done by Adelaida Garcia Morales. Omeo Antonutti, Sonsoles Aranguren and Iciar Bollain are some of the major stars in the drama film. Estrella’s life is in the north is portrayed throughout the... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 3 Sources | MLA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • The Miserable Life of Cambodians Description: APA; History; Why do the deaths of two million people in Cambodia qualify as a genocide? Do the definitions of genocide and crimes against humanity suit the situation? Several factors tied to the death of two million people in Cambodia have made the incident qualify as a genocide. The word "genocide," coined in 1944 ... 3 pages/≈825 words | 2 Sources | APA | History | Movie Review |
  • Theme of Poverty in "Joy Luck Club" Description: APA; Literature & Language; Poverty is also part of the thematic elements in the film. June explains using her mother's quote, "she was going to Chung Hi to meet the man who was supposed to be her husband" (Wang, 1993 00:12:00-00:13:53). On her journey, she had two twins, which she later abandoned because of her condition. It... 3 pages/≈825 words | 1 Source | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Film Reflection on "I am a Girl" Description: APA; Literature & Language; This documentary is about six girls from Papua New Guinea, the United States, Australia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Cameroon who experience different issues of domestic abuse, family planning, gender inequality, and mental health issues. Some girls are threatened if they attend school, and others are forced... 1 page/≈275 words | 1 Source | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Reflection on the Film "Yellow Earth" by Chen Kaige Description: MLA; Literature & Language; Yellow Earth is a 1984 Chinese drama film directed by Chen Kaige based on a socialist soldier, Gu Qing, sent to the countryside to gather peasant folk songs for the Communalist Revolution. In the village, the soldier settles in a peasant family composed of a taciturn father, a son, and a daughter. The... 2 pages/≈550 words | 3 Sources | MLA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Critical Analysis of the Film "But I'm a Cheerleader" Description: APA; Visual & Performing Arts; Written by Brian Wayne Peterson and directed by Jamie Babbit, the film But I'm a Cheerleader (1999) stands out among those addressing sexuality and sexual identity issues. It features the character Megan Bloomfield as a lesbian high school cheerleader in a society that is overly skeptical about same-sex... 3 pages/≈825 words | 2 Sources | APA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • In Search for Leadership: How Leaders are Created Description: APA; Social Sciences; The ABC series, Designated Survivor, is a great example of a film with an unexpected character emerging as a leader. Tom Kirkman, the protagonist, is just a Ph.D. holder in Architectural and urban development. Kirkman is named the designated survivor after the president and government are attacked... 2 pages/≈550 words | 4 Sources | APA | Social Sciences | Movie Review |
  • Pragmatics in the Movie "A Beautiful Mind" Description: MLA; Visual & Performing Arts; Pragmatics is used extensively in linguistics to put language in a specific context. According to Rismayanti et al. (140), pragmatics gives the speaker the necessary skills to communicate messages efficiently to the listener. As a result, pragmatism is highly utilized in the film industry to add realism to... 2 pages/≈550 words | 2 Sources | MLA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Sociological Film Analysis: Media, Culture, Socialization, and Gender Description: APA; Visual & Performing Arts; The films “Miss Representation” and “The Mask You Live In” are directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom and delve into the various ways that the media, gender, and culture influence the typical lives of individuals. In these films, Newsom highlights the difficulties that young individuals encounter when growing... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 6 Sources | APA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Using the Theory on Social Learning in Analyzing Riley in "Inside Out" Description: APA; Communications & Media; The theory on social learning proposed by Bandura Albert emphasizes the vital role of modeling, observation, and imitation of others' attitudes, mannerism, and emotional reactions. This theory recognizes both the cognitive and environmental factors that influence human behavior and interactive learning.... 4 pages/≈1100 words | No Sources | APA | Communications & Media | Movie Review |
  • Interpersonal Communication in the Movie "Prometheus" Description: APA; Communications & Media; Prometheus is a magnificent science-fiction film that exhibits different interpersonal communication concepts. Elizabeth Shawn is portrayed as the most competent communicator since she can modify her behaviors accordingly after assessing a situation. She is also empathetic and open-minded and considers... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 1 Source | APA | Communications & Media | Movie Review |
  • Interpersonal Communication in the Film 'Prometheus' Description: APA; Communications & Media; Prometheus is a magnificent science-fiction film that exhibits different interpersonal communication concepts. Elizabeth Shawn is portrayed as the most competent communicator since she can modify her behaviors accordingly after assessing a situation. She is also empathetic and open-minded and considers different... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 1 Source | APA | Communications & Media | Movie Review |
  • Criticizing the Plot of the 2019 Movie "Parasite" Description: MLA; Literature & Language; The movie "Parasite 2019" was produced in 2019 and directed by Bong Joon-ho. This Korean black comedy thriller is about a poor family member hired as a highly-skilled individual for a job that needed to be done locally and plotting a wealthy family by actually invading the family. The title can be a bit misleading... 9 pages/≈2475 words | 13 Sources | MLA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Film Study: 12 Angry Men Description: APA; Visual & Performing Arts; 12 Angry Men is a film originally made in 1957 and remade in 1997. This essay looks at the remakes because it is better than the first. Twelve jurors are tasked with deciding whether an accused person is guilty or innocent. The process of decision-making in a group is not easy because of the differing ... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 3 Sources | APA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • America is Racist and Homophobic: Del Toro's Allegoric View in The Shape of Water Description: APA; Visual & Performing Arts; The Shape of Water (2017), directed by Guillermo Del Toro, is a gripping cross-border allegory film that depicts the social difficulties of 1960s America. The plot revolves around the lives of five characters: Elisa (Sally Hawkins), Strickland (Michael Shannon), the Amphibian Man (Doug Jones), Zelda (Octavia... 2 pages/≈550 words | 5 Sources | APA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Leadership Analysis on The Godfather Film Description: Chicago; Visual & Performing Arts; Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather is arguably one of the best crime/drama films ever made. The film follows the Corleone family, led by the intimidating yet admirable Don Corleone, as they try to balance their personal lives and family business as a New York mafia family. Apart from being a highly thrilling... 2 pages/≈550 words | 4 Sources | Chicago | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Journalism in the Community: Spotlight Description: APA; Visual & Performing Arts; Spotlight is an American drama film written by Josh Singer and directed by Tom McCarthy. It was released on 3rd September 2015, in Venice. The film is borrowed from The Boston Globe's "Spotlight" team, one of the oldest newspapers in investigative journalism in the United States that investigate public... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 3 Sources | APA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Pride: Experiences of Minorities with their Rights Description: MLA; Visual & Performing Arts; Pride is a funny film that depicts the daily experiences of minority groups in the hands of the police, fighting for their rights. At face value, one can easily mistake the film to represent the challenges that certain marginalized groups face. However, the film features several themes, with each... 2 pages/≈550 words | 1 Source | MLA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Just Another Girl: Discrimination and Oppositional Gaze Description: APA; History; The term Oppositional gaze has been used to signify how staring at someone in the past was considered rude, frustrating, and violent (Hook pg 115). Based on this concept, the film “just another girl” portrays the inequalities that black Americans face, especially women under the whites. In this film, the... 5 pages/≈1375 words | 4 Sources | APA | History | Movie Review |
  • Movie: The Best Years of Our Lives Description: Chicago; Law; Based on the struggles of war veterans trying to return to normalcy, the movie The Best Years of Our Lives paints the harsh reality of life after the war. The film explores the criticality of financial and economic power and the variations it has on life and life experiences. The movie follows the lives of ... 3 pages/≈825 words | 5 Sources | Chicago | Law | Movie Review |
  • Mental Health Issue in the Film Joker Description: Harvard; Health, Medicine, Nursing; Fictional depictions of mental illness both are common and powerful. Since the early 20th century, whether explicitly or implicitly, mental illness has been incorporated into the movie's plotlines, subplots, and character types (Livingston 2004). The cinematic industry has a long history of portraying mental... 6 pages/≈1650 words | 7 Sources | Harvard | Health, Medicine, Nursing | Movie Review |
  • Mail Fraud, Bribery, and Extortion Crimes in the Movie "The Firm" Description: MLA; Law; The Firm is a 1993 legal thriller movie based on the novel ‘The Firm’ by John Grisham. Sydney Pollack directed it starred movie star Tom Cruise as Mitch McDeere, an ambitious young lawyer about to graduate from law school. The movie depicts an array of instances where the law is continuously broken and bent... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 1 Source | MLA | Law | Movie Review |
  • Elements of the Play "Death of Salesman" by Arthur Miller Description: MLA; Visual & Performing Arts; The play presents the main character Willy Loman- a salesperson who has been living a life of self-denial. When he faces the hard truth, it is hard for him to swallow but rather opt to take his life. When the overseas sales commission cannot support the family bills, Willy decides to take a job near his home... 3 pages/≈825 words | 1 Source | MLA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Comparing Love is Never Silent and A Bridge to Silence Description: APA; Literature & Language; The movie "A bridge to Silence '' is filled with misfortune, sorrow, and at the same time recovery for Peggy, who is the principal character. As the movie begins, Maggy is tragic as her husband gets killed in a road accident where he gets hit by a drunk driver. Lucky enough, Maggy and her daughter survive the... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 2 Sources | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Black 47: Historical Accuracy Assessment Description: APA; Literature & Language; The film Black 47, in general, has been associated with many positive appraisals from both film and history critics, with some citing its portrayal of a challenging subject in the 1840s famine in Ireland, along with its widespread utilization of gritty film styles and use of the Irish language for empathy... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 6 Sources | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • The Avengers and the Concept of Interpersonal Communication Description: APA; Visual & Performing Arts; The movie The Avengers is a movie based on the tragic events that occur in Newyork city after Loki gains access to the unlimited power of the Tesseract, which is disguised as a blue cube. In the bid to curb his ambitious acts, the director of Shield, Nick Fury, seeks to initiate a superhero program directed... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 3 Sources | APA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • The Beliefs of Human Nature in the Film 'Persepolis' Description: APA; Literature & Language; Towards the end of the film Persepolis, Marjane tells viewers that “Freedom always comes at a price.” Marjane arrives in Europe for the second time in early 1990s. At this time, Marjane who was introduced to viewers as a feisty girl is a young woman. She had recently gone through a divorce and was struggling... 3 pages/≈825 words | 1 Source | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Visual Analysis Description: APA; Literature & Language; Visual analysis is simply describing an image in the way you perceive it. Therefore, the features are supposed to symbolize the character’s feelings and the message intended to be shared. The color displayed on the image is a dark grey that symbolizes the mood of the character. Mostly it is associated with ... 1 page/≈275 words | 1 Source | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • The Piano: Analysis Of Cinema Language Based On The Roles Of Women Description: APA; Literature & Language; Gender roles in movies focused on men have been so pervasive in the mainstream that now it has become less controversial contrary to the topic of female specificity that has been highly elusive and very contentious. One of these films that addressees’ genders roles on women's specificity is "The Piano" ... 1 page/≈275 words | 1 Source | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock 1954 Description: Harvard; Visual & Performing Arts; People were always interested in interpreting written stories for the big screen. Books of all genres: comedies, detective stories, romance novels, and thrillers often appear before the public as movies. The film Rear Window, produced by Alfred Hitchcock in 1954, is not an exception. The original short ... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 2 Sources | Harvard | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Love TV Drama:Paige Townsen Description: APA; Social Sciences; Paige Townsen is the main heroine Protagonist in the Famous in Love TV Drama series. During the early life of Paige Townsen, she was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Townsen in California and later on Paige Townsen joined California Metro University in freshman year where she met with Cassandra Perkins and Jake Salt.... 6 pages/≈1650 words | 6 Sources | APA | Social Sciences | Movie Review |
  • Different Movies and their Analysis Description: APA; Literature & Language; The film is based on Sid's real-life story and his girlfriend Nancy, who were both heroin addicts. It all started in the year 1978. Sid is seen being arrested by the police officers in the Chelsea Hotel, a shocking encounter for him and his followers due to Nancy's death, his lover. Upon arrival at the ... 7 pages/≈1925 words | 3 Sources | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • The Shape of Water Description: APA; Visual & Performing Arts; Directed by renowned movie maker Guillermo Del Toro, The Shape of Water is a romantic, bittersweet tale of a blooming love between social misfits. It is the tale of an orphaned mute – but one who can hear – and her love for a part-man-part-amphibian creature. It also follows Zelda’s story, who is a social... 2 pages/≈550 words | 3 Sources | APA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • An Analysis of the Movie: The Minority Report Description: MLA; Visual & Performing Arts; The Minority Report is a movie released in 2002 and directed by one of the most famous directors in Hollywood, Steven Spielberg. The film features Hollywood star Tom Cruise who plays the part of John Anderton, a pre-crime police captain, in the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington DC.... 1 page/≈275 words | 1 Source | MLA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Legally Blonde (2001) Movie Description: MLA; Visual & Performing Arts; Today is the 20th anniversary of Reese Witherspoon's popular comedy, Legally Blonde, which inspired a big-screen sequel and a Theatrical musical. Legally Blonde is an American comedy movie directed by Luketic Robert in his length of directorial ... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 4 Sources | MLA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Global Poverty at a Glance Description: MLA; Life Sciences; I have argued that present methods to global poverty—which are based on utility, human rights, or compassion-are insufficient because they are unable to address some issues that are important to people. Trying to persuade folks to give up even a small amount of money is a desirable goal, and I sympathize wi... 2 pages/≈550 words | No Sources | MLA | Life Sciences | Movie Review |
  • Which Way Home Film: Immigrant Children's Face Huge Challenges and Experienced Depression Description: APA; Social Sciences; The film talks about undocumented kids who travel by train through Mexico merely to arrive in the United States. They believe that this country has solutions for better survival. Considering their tender age, that is 9-17 years, it is hard to believe the challenges that have brought them to decide on going to the United States.... 2 pages/≈550 words | 1 Source | APA | Social Sciences | Movie Review |
  • Power and Politics of Flight of Phoenix Analysis Description: APA; Literature & Language; As the after-crash survivors of the Flight of the Phoenix try to save themselves in the middle of a desert, several disagreements arise mainly because many people are trying to establish dominance and exercise power in deciding on what is to be done and when it is supposed to be done. ... 1 page/≈275 words | 2 Sources | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Crime + Punishment Documentary Review Description: APA; Law; The Sundance Film Festival gave “Crime + Punishment... 3 pages/≈825 words | 4 Sources | APA | Law | Movie Review |
  • Split: A Relation to Freudian and Jungian Theory Description: APA; Health, Medicine, Nursing; Philosophy when it comes to human behavior is complex and broad wherein it is unfathomable for most of us. The extent of the human mind has been measured based on what the experts experienced firsthand, however, most of the beliefs in understanding the deepest part of psychology are based on theories where errors and pitfalls may be encountered.... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 4 Sources | APA | Health, Medicine, Nursing | Movie Review |
  • A Response on Tuesdays with Morrie Description: APA; Literature & Language; Morrie Schwartz, a sociology professor, had Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Morrie was a smart man who had gone through a lot in his life. Morrie, the son of Russian immigrants, had a rough childhood, which included the death of his mother and his brother's sickness with the Poliovirus. Nevertheless,... 3 pages/≈825 words | 2 Sources | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • John Money's Experiment on David and Gender Description: MLA; Literature & Language; The BBC documentary, ... 4 pages/≈1100 words | No Sources | MLA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Evaluating "What's Morally Wrong with Homosexuality" Description: MLA; Social Sciences; In "What's Morally Wrong with Homosexuality," the speaker, John Corvino, seeks to explore and dismantle various arguments that term homosexuality an immoral practice. He tries to provide solid arguments to people who declare homosexual behaviors morally wrong. Corvino argues that a social stigma.... 1 page/≈275 words | 2 Sources | MLA | Social Sciences | Movie Review |
  • “Weapons of Influence” Review Description: MLA; Psychology; Produced and directed by Oregon Public Broadcasting, “Weapons of Influence” is a documentary that offers an insight into different ways the human mind can be influenced and controlled. The information technology revolution has exposed people to a torrent of advertisements displayed on social media platforms.... 1 page/≈275 words | 1 Source | MLA | Psychology | Movie Review |
  • Evaluating "Pariah, Short Film" Description: APA; Literature & Language; The film “Pariah” is about a teenager identified as Alike who stays with her parents, Audrey and Arthur, and her younger sister Sharonda in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood. Alike is a lesbian, and she is portrayed as one who has embraced her identity and is looking for a lover (Archer,2011)... 3 pages/≈825 words | 2 Sources | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • The Advantages of Providing Excellent Customer Service Description: MLA; Social Sciences; Exceptional customer service has been dubbed as one way businesses can create and sustain a competitive advantage over their rivals in the modern business world. An entity that is delivering excellent customer experience is surely guaranteeing its success (Adams). As John Boccuzzi Jr. stated in his TED talk... 1 page/≈275 words | 3 Sources | MLA | Social Sciences | Movie Review |
  • Doritos Goat Commercial in the Super Bowl Game Description: APA; Communications & Media; The video starts with a man walking in a neighborhood when he sees a sign reading “Goat 4 sale”. He buys the goat and leaves with the goat to his house. He learns that the goat he intends to buy shares his love for snack and concludes that he will be a great friend because of the common interest. After he... 1 page/≈275 words | 1 Source | APA | Communications & Media | Movie Review |
  • Race Film Review from A Sociological Perspective Description: APA; Social Sciences; Pick a movie that features sports. View the movie at least twice and identify key themes. Critically and sociologically analyze the portrayal of sport in the film. Connect these ideas to concepts from the readings and class discussion... 3 pages/≈825 words | 2 Sources | APA | Social Sciences | Movie Review |
  • Analysis of Dirt the Movie Description: APA; Literature & Language; Yard waste and food scraps together can make up about 30% of what human beings throw away. Compost is an organic material that can be added to the soil to aid in the growth of plants. Composting is an aerobic process that helps in keeping organic material out of landfills where they occupy space.... 3 pages/≈825 words | No Sources | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Multilevel Marketing and the Ethical Problems Associated with It Description: APA; Business & Marketing; Direct access to a large population of the world via the internet has caught the attention of many opportunistic business people and companies. This access has led to the rise of many marketing strategies by companies to sell their products and services, with the most erupted approach being multilevel ... 1 page/≈275 words | 2 Sources | APA | Business & Marketing | Movie Review |
  • Historical Inaccuracies in the Movie “The Patriot” Description: MLA; History; Hollywood producers have always liked docudramas, which have been a staple of their filmmaking career. While there is nothing wrong with this, Hollywood has courted criticism for spicing up historical films with inaccuracies to make the movies more entertaining. ... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 5 Sources | MLA | History | Movie Review |
  • Studio Bone's "Bungou Stray Dogs" Description: APA; Communications & Media; Bungou Stray Dogs is an animé produced by studio Bones and written by screenwriter, Kafka Asagiri. The characters are namesakes of famous literary authors, their abilities from their corresponding famous works. The story revolves around Nakajima Atsushi and the other members of the Armed Detective Agency... 3 pages/≈825 words | No Sources | APA | Communications & Media | Movie Review |
  • Analyzing a Movie Called Hidden Figures to Determine Instances of Time Wastage Description: Other; Creative Writing; Time management is critical in a success of everything. Crowd of so many tasks at the last stages of a project or failure to perform some tasks are some of the results of poor time management.... 1 page/≈275 words | 1 Source | Other | Creative Writing | Movie Review |
  • Perspectives and Communication in an Organization Description: APA; Communications & Media; Ethics and responsibilities in mass communication include honesty, integrity, respecting and advocating for free speech, respecting everyone despite cultural differences, and obeying every law. Primary objective of code of ethics in mass communication to enhance interpretation and recognize value in field.... 6 pages/≈1650 words | 4 Sources | APA | Communications & Media | Movie Review |
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Cultural Diversity in Sports Description: APA; Visual & Performing Arts; Culturally responsive pedagogy is teaching that recognizes the importance of infusing the student's cultural references and strengths in all of their learning. Teachers have to make sure their students are getting critical knowledge with the material culture into it. Student development in school is through... 3 pages/≈825 words | 4 Sources | APA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Evaluating the Film "Friday Night Lights" Description: APA; Literature & Language; Friday Night Lights is a true story film about a high school football team in Odessa, Texas during the 1988 season. Permian Panthers is the name of the high school. The movie documents the teams season as they attempt to make a run at the Texas state championship. The movie also show much pressure player... 2 pages/≈550 words | 1 Source | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • The Fifth Estate Documentary on Ashley Smith’s Case Description: MLA; Psychology; Ashley Smith was a white, Canadian teen girl who had a normal childhood in Moncton, New Brunswick. She started committing minor offenses and getting into trouble with various authorities (“Ashley Smith: Out of Control (2010) - the Fifth Estate” 00:04:45-00:04:51). Smith’s parents reported that they saw... 2 pages/≈550 words | 1 Source | MLA | Psychology | Movie Review |
  • 12 Angry Men Movie: Movie Review Description: APA; Law; The film “12 Angry Men” depicts various sociological concepts mirroring the state of the society at the time it was produced. The movie features a dozen jurors who are tasked to come up with a verdict concerning a young man accused of murder. The jurors vote in the first round with an overwhelming majority ... 3 pages/≈825 words | 1 Source | APA | Law | Movie Review |
  • Film Analysis of Gran Torino Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review Description: MLA; Visual & Performing Arts; Gran Torino is a 2008 film directed by Clint Eastwood with Nick Schenk credited as the screenwriter. In his younger days, Schenk had a number of jobs including that of a factory worker, which is when he first encountered the Hmong and learned about their connection with the U.S.-supported... 6 pages/≈1650 words | 4 Sources | MLA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Representation of the Alien in the novel Dracula Movie Review Description: APA; Literature & Language; Written by Bram Stoker, Dracula is an 1897 classic gothic horror novel that was established under the conventions of vampirism. The novel introduces the character of Count Dracula to the readers based on nobility and the autocracy of the past centuries. Dracula, as the primary character... 6 pages/≈1650 words | 1 Source | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Stereotypes in Princess and frog Literature & Language Movie Review Description: MLA; Literature & Language; The Princess and the Frog is the first animated movie from Disney which features a black princess. The film reinforces gender and racial stereotypes which foster racism and sexism agendas. Racial stereotypes are not new to American society, and the representation in the movie... 3 pages/≈825 words | 2 Sources | MLA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Gasland Literature & Language Movie Review Research Description: MLA; Literature & Language; The United States of America (USA) played a significant role in the spread of gas wells and drilling firms. In particular, during George Bush’s second term, the vice-president, Dick Cheney, came up with a legislation that exempted gas companies from the Clean Air... 1 page/≈275 words | No Sources | MLA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • HARRIET BEECHER STOWE & MARK TWAIN Literature & Language Movie Review Description: MLA; Literature & Language; Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Stowe and Uncle Tom's cabin by Twain address slavery, among other issues affecting black Americans in the nineteenth-century. However, the predominantly white American retort to each varied rationally. While Stowe's piece significantly impacted social perspectives... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 2 Sources | MLA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • The Underground Railroad History Movie Review Paper Description: APA; History; The clip is titled “Heritage Minutes: Underground Railroad.” It runs for one minute, one second, and captures the joy and uncertainty the escaping slaves from the United States experienced when they finally arrived in Canada. It demonstrates Canada as a welcoming country (Historica Canada, 2016)... 1 page/≈275 words | 2 Sources | APA | History | Movie Review |
  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Visual Arts Movie Review Description: APA; Visual & Performing Arts; From the film, the heroic acts hidden relationship between Joe and Polly visually capture my attention to determine held my attention intellectually while the embrace of the modernity in form of technology to develop the robotic machine captured my visual attention.... 2 pages/≈550 words | No Sources | APA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Film Blog Literature & Language Movie Review Essay Description: APA; Literature & Language; Watching the film “Blind Site” reminded me when I would watch my favorite football team. When things go well, I would be up cheering; when they don’t, I will curse. The movie reminds me of one thing that I find ingrained as a rule in basketball – it is how you play the game that counts.... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 2 Sources | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT IN THE SHAMPOO FILM. Education Movie Review Description: Harvard; Education; In Shampoo film production, the cinematographer employs techniques that set the film making elements into work; there is a convention in most parts of the film, which gives the viewer the basic geographical orientation while putting the themes in their preferred context. ... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 3 Sources | Harvard | Education | Movie Review |
  • The Visual Elements the Raging Bull and Rocky Media Movie Review Description: MLA; Communications & Media; Deconstructing a scene is one of the best ways to understand a movie and movie making. When analyzing a film in a single view, an individual may miss the essential details within the film. Through mise en scene a film is broken down into pieces to find out how these pieces... 7 pages/≈1925 words | 3 Sources | MLA | Communications & Media | Movie Review |
  • Movie Review. The Matrix. Visual & Performing Arts Description: MLA; Visual & Performing Arts; For instance, he works as an employee for a software company during the day, then as a criminal hacker during the night operating under a pseudonym known as “Neo” to make himself more money.... 2 pages/≈550 words | 4 Sources | MLA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • The Movie “Sling Blade” Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review Description: APA; Visual & Performing Arts; Sling Blade is a film that tells the story of a man by the name Karl Childers who had a developmental, mental disability. He has been released from the mental hospital where he has spent the whole of his life in custody since the age of 12 years. He was put in detention for killing her mother... 3 pages/≈825 words | 2 Sources | APA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Leadership analysis of the GodFather Film. Movie Review Description: APA; Literature & Language; The Godfather is an American film that focusses on the Corleone family from the leadership of Vito Corleone to his son Michael Corleone. Its producer, Albert S. Ruddy, based the story on Mario Puzo's novel, The Godfather. It brings out immense leadership traits that are essential.... 2 pages/≈550 words | 5 Sources | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Life of Pi: A Movie Analysis Literature & Language Movie Review Description: APA; Literature & Language; People tend to be astonished by death-defying experiences. This them dumbfounded by the movie, Life of Pi. This film utilizes a circular narrative method where the story goes on, then goes back to where it began, and its conclusion ties the remaining pieces of the story together... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 1 Source | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • Edward Yang: A One And A Two (“Yi Yi”) Visual Arts Movie Review Description: MLA; Visual & Performing Arts; Yi Yi is a movie centered on the lives of a Taiwanese family who reside in Taipei. The movie depicts an affluent and successful family of Jian living in the city of Highrise. The three generations of the family are haunted by missed opportunities lost. Amidst this, the movie manages to capture the struggles... 2 pages/≈550 words | 2 Sources | MLA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
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  • Sicko Analysis and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Movie Review Description: APA; Business & Marketing; Sicko a documentary by Michael Moore explores numerous issues facing the United States health care system. The film was released in 2007 before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) commonly identified as Obamacare was enacted. Moore reports that nearly fifty million Americans lacks medical... 3 pages/≈825 words | 2 Sources | APA | Business & Marketing | Movie Review |
  • The Movie “Sling Blade” Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review Description: MLA; Visual & Performing Arts; Sling Blade is a film that tells the story of a man by the name Karl Childers who had a developmental, mental disability. He has been released from the mental hospital where he has spent the whole of his life in custody since the age of 12 years. He was put in detention for killing her mother and lover ... 3 pages/≈825 words | 2 Sources | MLA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Spotlight Movie Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review Description: MLA; Visual & Performing Arts; Spotlight is one of the movies that received so many awards in the united states including the Academy award for best picture and Best original screenplay in a period of six months in 2015. The movie is based on a true story brought to light by an investigative reporting unit in Boston... 2 pages/≈550 words | 1 Source | MLA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Movie Review: Dead Man Standing. Social Sciences. Movie Review Description: APA; Social Sciences; The death penalty as a punishment for severe crime has always presented an endless debate based on its permissibility. Previously, this punishment method was not considered to be a big deal since criminals were being killed occasionally through crude ways such as hanging.... 3 pages/≈825 words | No Sources | APA | Social Sciences | Movie Review |
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  • The Fourth Estate Documentary Analysis Media Movie Review Description: MLA; Communications & Media; The Fourth Estate is a documentary produced by Liz Garber, Jenny Carchman, and Justin Wilkes. The documentary aims at providing a first-hand perspective of happenings at The New York Times as they covered the first days of the Trump administration. It includes reporters and editors... 5 pages/≈1375 words | No Sources | MLA | Communications & Media | Movie Review |
  • NCIS Television Series Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review Description: MLA; Visual & Performing Arts; The NCIS television program is a film series that features a team of fictional investigators in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) who seek to expose corrupt officers in the American Navy and Marine forces. The title is derived from the NCIS agency that is mandated to offer intelligence... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 3 Sources | MLA | Visual & Performing Arts | Movie Review |
  • Platonic Alcibiades Literature & Language Movie Review Description: APA; Literature & Language; The writings of the first Platonic Alcibiades follows an ancient reception of commentators in a dialogue of multiple disciples in life. Among the various topics discussed, the love of true knowledge stands out as the central theme for their conversation CITATION Ben14 \l 2057 (Jowett, 2014).... 1 page/≈275 words | 2 Sources | APA | Literature & Language | Movie Review |
  • I Am Sam Social Sciences Movie Review Research Paper Description: APA; Social Sciences; The movie selected for this analysis is titled “I Am Sam.” The drama film was initially released in December 2001 under the directorship of Jessie Nelson. The main characters in the drama film include Sean Penn who acts as Sam Dawson, Dakota Fanning who acts as Lucy, Michelle Pfeiffer who acts as Rita... 4 pages/≈1100 words | 7 Sources | APA | Social Sciences | Movie Review |

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how to write a film review title

Quick Guide on How to Write a Movie Review Essay

how to write a film review title

What Is a Movie Review

The internet has revolutionized the realm of film criticism. No matter a movie's level of quality, it is always worth analyzing. Despite the growing number of individuals attempting to write about movies, few are successful. Most people do not provide insightful analysis, instead simply state how much they liked or disliked the film.

A movie criticism, usually composed by a professional in film studies, takes a comprehensive look at the film from a historical, social, political, or theoretical standpoint. This is unlike the opinion or suggestion given in a movie review, which is shorter and more concise.

A remarkable aspect of a good film review is that it doesn't just rate the movie but provides explicit views that form the critique's basis. This form of writing, like crafting essays, research papers, and term papers, should be insightful and draw the reader in quickly. It's important to discuss the reputation of the lead actors and directors and to write about what you expected and if they were met. The reviewer must explain a story's development without recalling major plot points and endings. The review must be concise, engaging, and should involve metaphors, specific words, analogies, etc.

Movie Review Purpose

Most film reviews are intended to guide readers in deciding whether to view, rent, or purchase the film. They should provide the necessary information to aid readers in deciding without divulging any fundamental details, such as the storyline or any surprises. This paper is common in schools because the lecturer wants to evaluate the student's ability to think critically and report the event easily for others to understand.

Movie reviews typically present a brief summary of the film's storyline. They provide readers with an overview of the characters, relationships, and scenarios but do not convey the complete narrative. Perusing the review should be different from seeing the movie. Nonetheless, feel free to highlight the essential moments or pivotal points that make the film worthwhile viewing.

Our college essay writing service has put together some advice on composing a movie review essay like a real critic, so let's explore the article further!

How to Write a Movie Review: Movie Review Outline

The structure is key when it comes to the quality of your paper. Don't neglect the power of a good outline, no matter what paper you're writing. Outlines help you stay on track and make sure your paper flows well.

Taking the time to arrange your ideas before starting to write is an effective way to save time further down the line. With a well-structured plan already in place, you won't have to worry about other elements. This will also make the writing process less stressful. Here is a guide on how to organize your movie review outline:

Writing a Movie Review_ Step-by-Step Guide

How Do You Start a Movie Review Essay: Introduction

The introductory paragraph is the first obvious step in crafting a movie review essay outline. Here, you want to quickly captivate the reader. Deliver your viewpoint instantly and make it unambiguous. Don't leave the audience wondering whether you enjoyed the film. Tell them right off the bat so you have time to justify your assessment throughout the remainder of the process.

In the introduction movie review should also describe your thesis. Develop the main concept for your essay that you can support using your perceptions of the movie's various aspects. The reader should be able to tell from this statement if you thought the film was fantastic, awful, or simply alright. By including a thesis statement, you may move your analysis beyond the plot synopsis phase into the movie critique category, which is considered a separate creative process.

Crafting Your Essay Movie Review Analysis

According to our research paper service , film analysis is similar to building a case. You're attempting to influence the reader to follow your recommendation to watch or disregard the film. So, you must ensure your essay movie review will be convincing. Giving instances that demonstrate the validity of your personal opinion is the only method to do this. If you find any dialogue in the movie that you think best exemplifies whether the work is strong or not, utilize quotes. This also applies to all of the movie's artistic decisions. But, just because a movie's narrative isn't strong or engaging doesn't indicate the rest of the film is worthless. Carefully highlight how some factors might undermine the movie in your explanation.

The movie's plot is only one component and shouldn't dominate the overall piece. The following are the important aspects to include in your movie review structure:

Cinematography - Cinematography covers much more than simply camera angles. It includes how the picture is lit, how it moves, appears, and what lenses are used. Here you can try the following analysis: 'Warm, gentle colors are used throughout the film, combined with soothing whites and grays, to simultaneously create and gradually tear away the characters' romantic sentiments for one another. There is a painting-like quality to each image.'

Editing - The editing is arguably the absolute star of what creates a good movie review example. It affects both the duration and the flow of a movie. Without effective editing, there would be uncomfortable gaps between pictures and many errors.

Costuming - The clothing the characters wear is called a costume, but there are a number of things to consider while evaluating movie costumes. You should be able to decide if the outfits suit the characters and the movie's atmosphere.

Casting and Acting - Finding the ideal performers to bring characters to life is the goal of casting. This sometimes entails seeing performers portray both familiar personas and figures who are entirely at odds with who they are. Casting, therefore, involves more than just finding talented performers. You can assess the acting in the following way: 'Even though he excels while on the go, his stoic behaviorism causes him to fall short of his co-star during calm scenes where he keeps a blank look on his face.'

Once you have finished analyzing the acting, directing, cinematography, setting, etc., wrap up with concise, stimulating wording to sustain readers' attention. Don't forget to provide a few examples to support your statements about the film.

Concluding Your Essay Movie Review

Finalize your review by coming full circle. Close the review by returning to your introductory fact or thesis. Give your readers a refresher on the movie's most intriguing aspects. It's important to remember that before choosing a movie, viewers check reviews. Finish with a statement indicating whether it is worthwhile for them to view. Be specific about who this movie will be more fascinating to and why in your suggestions. Remember that your ending is your last shot at influencing your audience, so use it wisely.

No matter the kind of movie review you have to complete, our professional specialists are willing to help you. Directly forward your needs to our research paper service and get it done quickly.


No matter what type of movie review you want, our qualified specialists are ready to assist you.

Short Movie Review Form

If you are currently working on a new or old movie review, reading our suggestions should be sufficient to help you earn an A. So what if you'll be writing many reviews in the future? In this situation, we advise you to develop a uniform movie review template, which will enable you to save time and complete your upcoming projects successfully.

So, how to write a movie review template, you may ask? Well, our essay helper prepared a simple yet great movie review template you may use as a foundation for your own writing if you need some help getting started:

movie review form

Example Papers

Once you know how to review a movie and learn the most valuable tips to handle this assignment, it is time to look at some movie review examples to get you on the right track.

Check out the following pieces to see which of these movie review essay examples you might want to keep at hand when working on your own assignment:

FAQs on Writing an Essay Movie Review

Here are the most frequently asked questions on how to write a movie review. We provided extra details on movie analysis to simplify writing film reviews.

What are the 6 Important Things to Include in a Film Review?

The following six elements should be present in any film review:

  • A plot summary - Here, you should provide the movie title, its release date, the key members of the cast, the filmmaker or producer, and its subject matter.
  • Your original impression - Here, you should discuss your initial impressions before seeing the movie and contrast them with how you felt afterward.
  • Commentary on the acting - As was previously said, you can evaluate the actors' onscreen performance in the specific movie here. You can also talk about how it stacks up against the movies the actors have appeared in.
  • Analysis of technical elements - You can describe camera methods, lighting, color, editing, sound, and audio, among other things.
  • An evaluation of the film's overall success -Here, you should evaluate if the movie accomplished its goals, whether the messages it was intended to convey were clearly understood, or whether they were lost in translation.
  • Your final recommendation - This summarizes both the critic's last observation and the film's overall message or what we may learn from it. Finally, you should inform the reader if they should watch the movie and what aspects they may or may not enjoy.

How Long Should a Movie Review Be?

Generally, film reviews range from 600 to 1200 words, though there is no particular format that must be followed. Yet, usually, a movie review format includes the following:

  • Introduction
  • Plot Summary
  • Description
  • Conclusion/Evaluation

Before starting your movie review writing, do a lot of research. You might want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the director's, writer's, or actor's body of work before watching the movie, which will take you longer than creating the narrative.

What are the 5 C's in Film?

One may argue that the five C's of cinematography, as described by Joseph V. Mascelli, are fundamental ideas necessary to create a movie. To guarantee the finest possible quality, every idea must be carefully taken into account when creating, filming, and editing a movie.

  • Camera Angles - A scene may be set up for viewers to follow by strategically placing the camera and using visual clues to show how actors relate to one another, their surroundings, and the actions on the screen.
  • Continuity - A realistic visual experience is made possible by fluid internal logic. On the other hand, viewers will struggle to follow the plot if scenes are inconsistent graphically. Moreover, continuity errors can destroy a scene's emotional resonance.
  • Cutting - Sensible trimming may advance the story when it is meticulously planned, with insight and forethought. It is important to connect each shot in a scene and the scenes themselves so that their overall impact, rather than just their separate elements, elicits the intended emotions from the spectator.
  • Close-ups - The addition of close-ups may significantly alter a scenario. Viewers can be encouraged to feel intense feelings together with the characters on screen, even without language.
  • Composition - Lighting, color, space, mood, and tone are some of the components that make up a cinematic scene. This is particularly intriguing because the composition may draw attention to a movie's topic and represent the cinematography style of both the filmmaker and the cinematographer.

Helpful Tips on Writing Movie Reviews

Here are some extra helpful tips to keep in mind when unsure how to write a movie review essay:

Mistakes to Avoid While Making a Movie Review

  • Add Your Own Personal Feel to Your Movie Critique - You might not have much spare time for your pastime of reviewing. You won't be able to write a movie review, though, if you just wing it without reading what others have said. Make a note of the things that intrigued you, alarmed you, made you uncomfortable, or caused you to pause and consider something, and then use that list as the basis for your research.
  • Develop a Distinctive Writing Style - Have an idol—it's good for you. You must be careful not to just paraphrase and duplicate what they say without adding your own original viewpoint. Instead, in order to stand out from the throng, you must discover your own voice. When writing movie reviews, you should also have a distinct writing style.
  • Include Extensive Information -Mention the film's photographer, special effects designer, and director. Your review might be significantly impacted by this. Then you may list all the memorable movie moments that also stuck with you.
  • Voice Your Views and Back Up Your Criticism - Give your own assessment of the film. Make sure you have evidence to support your criticisms. Use the movie's details that most shocked or humiliated you. Review genuine information rather than merely expressing your opinions without supporting details.

Final Thoughts

Composing a good movie review essay sample is easy if you follow this article's main steps and techniques. Furthermore, we strongly believe that this guide will assist you in achieving remarkable outcomes and ease your writing process. The staff at EssayPro is always available to provide a helping hand if you need a little additional push with movie review examples or even if it's simply coming up with a catchy essay title .

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Do You Require a Skilled Professional Writer?

Our writers take extra measures to make sure that your essay is created precisely in accordance with your specifications.

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How to Write a Movie Review and Where to Get Help

The first thing you do after watching a movie is to go online and write a comment about it. Comments about movies are usually posted on social media profiles or public pages, review sites, blogs, among other platforms. You can make the process easier with tools available online.

Writing a movie review is a common assignment that students have to do in high school and college. Even though it may seem simple, movie reviews require time and proper organization. It’s not just about writing what happens on the screen, the review goes deeper than that.

Movie Review Purpose

The main purpose of a movie review is to inform the reader about the film and its ideas. Seems simple, right? Reporting all events that happen and stating one’s opinion about them is a common mistake that many students make. While movie review allows writers to express their opinions about some film or documentary, there is also the need for the unbiased and objective approach. An ideal review combines both.

The review determines whether someone will want to see the movie. Even if the professor (or teacher) assigned a specific title and film to review, one should act like this is the perfect opportunity to introduce the cinematography work to their lecturer. Always assume they haven’t seen it before. As a result, it becomes easier to analyze events that happened on the screen.

Film review should be detailed enough to provide assistance in making an honest decision i.e. whether the reader wants to see it or if they’d like it. Why is this type of paper a common school assignment? Lecturers want to get more insight into a student’s critical thinking skills and the ability to report event (one or more of them) in a manner that others understand easily.

In addition, they want to assess the way you analyze plot and characters. After all, movie reviews also involve the analysis of events that happened in a documentary or “regular” film. Reviews test writing and vocabulary skills, adapting to different genres and events they portray, and your capacity to sum up some major work and report it in a cohesive, logical, and interesting manner.

While reviews entail more responsibility than initially thought, students find them fun and with this guide, you will too.

how to write a film review title

How to Write a Good Movie Review

You have to write a movie review for school and now what? Where to start, how to make it look more “academic”? Today, we have the opportunity to use numerous tools to make every part of our lives easier, and movie review writing isn’t the exception. Throughout this tutorial, you’ll learn how to compose a report about some film and what tools to use to simplify the process.

Step-by-Step Guide to How to Write a Movie Review

Beginnings are always the hardest. This is the point where you set the pace and determine how to approach this assignment in the most efficient manner. Here are some useful tips to kick-start the movie review writing process:

  • Watch the movie or documentary twice and take notes of both major and minor events and characters. It’s a mistake to rely on the power of your memory only, there’s always something we overlook or forget
  • Carry out a thorough research . Watching the movie isn’t enough, research is equally important. Look for details such as the name of filmmaker and his/her motivation to make that film or documentary work, locations, plot, characterization, historic events that served as an inspiration for the movie (if applicable). Basically, your research should serve to collect information that provides more depth to the review
  • Analyze the movie after you watching it . Don’t start working on the review if you aren’t sure you understand the film. Evaluate the movie from beginning to an end. Re-watch it, if necessary, if you find some parts confusing. Only when you understand events that happened on the screen will you find it easier to create the review
  • Draft an outline that you will follow to write the review in a concise and cohesive fashion
  • Include examples for claims you make about the movie. If the plot has holes, then mention an example of a situation or scene when that was evident. Also, if the character(s) is poorly developed or bad casting affected the movie quality, name examples too. Provide examples when commenting dialogues, locations, plot, everything. If you want the reader to agree with you, it’s essential to back up your claims with evidence. You don’t want to make it seem like you’re praising or criticizing the movie without any reason whatsoever
  • Consider and comment a movie’s originality and quality of scenes . Explain how the movie stands out or whether it just uses the same approach that worked for previous works in the industry

How to Organize Your Movie Review

Quality of your paper depends on the level of organization you implement. Never underestimate the importance of well-structured outline, regardless of the type of paper you have to write. Outlines help you focus on the subject and contribute to a logical flow.

In addition, getting things organized before you start writing is a great way to save time later on. Instead of trying to figure out what to include, you’ll have a well-structured plan to follow. It’s needless to mention you won’t be too stressed out. Here’s how to organize your movie review:

  • Introduction (with title, release date, background information)
  • Summary of the story
  • Analysis of the plot elements (rising action, climax)
  • Creative elements (dialogues, characters, use of colors, camera techniques, mood, tone, symbols, costumes or anything that contributes or takes away from the overall plot)
  • Opinion (supported with examples and facts from the story)
  • Conclusion (announcing whether the filmmaker was successful in his/her purpose, re-state your evidence, explain how the motion picture was helpful for providing a deeper understand of course topic)

Movie Review Elements

  • The title of the film/documentary – just because your headline features the name of the movie or documentary it doesn’t mean should skip mentioning it in the text. Always name the feature you’ve watched in the introductory paragraph. This may seem like a stupid thing to point out, but it’s one of the most common mistakes that students make
  • Summary – the whole point of the review is to summarize the documentary or movie for people who haven’t watched it yet. To make this as effective as possible, always assume that your professor hasn’t seen it either (as mentioned above). Why is this important? You won’t leave out some important details thinking he/she watched it already so they won’t bother. As a reviewer, your job is to explain what happened in the film and express whether the filmmaker failed or succeeded. Again, saying you liked or disliked it isn’t a viable comment. Your opinion has to be supported by specific reasons and examples from the feature itself
  • Filmmaker – do a little research on the person who directed the piece. Is that person a controversial figure? Is he/she known for a political stance? Does the filmmaker have a significant background? Devote a paragraph or two to the person behind the movie and their other works in order to establish the significance of the film you are reviewing for the director’s career
  • Significance to your class – How does the content of the documentary or film fit into your course topic? Is it important for historical accuracy? If you are watching the motion picture for history class, make note of over-dramatization. If the motion picture is based on the book you’ve analyzed in English class, you can mention similarities, differences, or some elements that film contains, but book doesn’t and so on
  • Creative elements – filmmakers work hard to include creative elements into their motion pictures. How are these elements important to the plot and movie in general? For example, costumes can either enhance the movie or betray its intent. Colors can be vivid and lift the atmosphere or mood in the movie or they can be dull and make it seem depressing. Good sound effects enrich the viewing experience while bad ones only destroy everything. Moreover, camera movements and angles also add elements to the story. Take notes of symbols in the story, if any.
  • Actors – let’s not forget the casting! Were the actors realistic? Did they portray the role of a specific character successfully? Did they have good acting skills? Do you believe that some particular actor was the right fit for the role?

Checklist / Outline for a Good Movie Review

  • Introduction (title, topic, release date, background information)
  • Accuracy of depiction
  • Use of sources in the documentary
  • Creative elements that enhance or tarnish the overall story (quality of script, visual design, performance, lighting, hair, and makeup, costume, set design, symbolism)
  • Your opinion

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not focusing on the film – while connecting the plot to some specific historical event is a good idea (when applicable), strive to avoid writing about unnecessary details or introducing irrelevant information such as the history of cinematography or that particular genre, snacks, among other things
  • Inserting yourself – you’re the one who’s writing the review. The paper reflects your understanding and opinion of the motion picture you’ve seen and there is no need to write in first person all the time: I noticed this, I saw that I liked this, I disliked that
  • Failing to check facts about movie background and release date, director, casting etc.
  • Giving out your opinion without mentioning any reason why you think that way
  • Talking about irrelevancies
  • Writing a review without a structure
  • Writing generalities such as great acting, cool effects, a good movie, it was bad etc.
  • Writing a review without substance or analysis of the feature

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Movie Review Examples

  • The Hunger Games and the idea of dystopia
  • Mean Girls review: does it exploit stereotypes about high schools or it helps to undermine them?
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  • The Last Jedi review: all the reasons it’s far from the original saga
  • Manchester by the sea and ideas of forgiveness and grief
  • Forrest Gump review
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  • Runaway Bride review and its role in modern understanding of marriage

Movie Review Help

Like other types of writing, movie reviews require patience and time. Being a student isn’t the easiest task in the world and you don’t have enough time to dedicate to one assignment only while neglecting others. There’s no need to despair; you can use the internet to get much-needed assistance with this assignment. Here’s how:

By Markers Expectations / Rubrics

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Opinion – a movie review is about the equilibrium of unbiased report and personal opinion. While it’s okay to say what you think about the movie, you also have to approach certain aspects in an objective manner to help the reader get a better understanding of the motion picture. Finding the balance between subjective and objective writing can be frustrating, which is why professional service comes handy. All you have to do is to provide title, information, your opinion and a pro writer takes it from there

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Movie Review FAQ

Do I have to write a movie review in a certain formatting style? Everything depends on the instructions your teacher gives you. It often happens that a movie review can be free of academic formatting. But don’t exclude the possibility that you will have to complete this paper in MLA or get task writing a paper in APA .

Can I copy an existing movie review? Well, of course, it is important to look at examples of other movie reviews to get to know the structure and ways of ideas expressing better. But if you copy a film review directly from the other source, your curator will detect plagiarism in it.

My major is not moviemaking. Why am I assigned to write a film report? Students are assigned movie report writing, first of all, to broaden their mind and evaluate the way they can analyze material and express their opinion. Don’t feel confused if on the Psychology class your professor asks you to review a movie. It is a common practice for students who are completing their degree in various fields of study.

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how to write a film review title

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How to write a film review

Writing a review is an option in many different English language exams, and films are such an obvious choice for reviews, so knowing how to write a film review is pretty important. It’s a great topic for the classroom too. Everyone watches films and there is a lot of opportunity to teach vocabulary, either film-related vocabulary or film review adjectives. I like to start off a class about films with some chat, or my personal favourite, the Movie Music Quiz , which also now has an excellent Movie Picture Quiz version too.

awesome review

The structure of a film review

Like any writing task, it’s essential to know the structure of a film review before you start writing. A basic film review template shows you how to write a film review using a simple structure. Film reviews for First (FCE) and Advanced (CAE) Cambridge exams, as well as Trinity ISE exams, should all use a 4 paragraph structure. Another thing to remember is that your review should always have a title, and that title should include the name of the film.

  • Introduction – Essential details and mini-summary
  • Summary – A description of the film and some important details
  • Analysis – An evaluation of different elements
  • Conclusion – Your opinion and a recommendation


In the introduction of a film review, it is crucial to mention the film title and the names of the director and the main actors. A brief summary of the film’s plot and background information can also be included, but it should not give away too much detail. The introduction should engage the reader and entice them to continue reading the review. Additionally, it is important to mention the genre and target audience of the film, which will give the reader an idea of what to expect.

In the summary section, the film review should give a comprehensive but concise description of the film, focusing on the plot, characters, and any significant events. The summary should be written in a way that does not give away the ending or spoil the film for the reader. It is important to maintain objectivity and not include personal opinions in this section. This section should provide enough detail for the reader to have a clear understanding of the film without giving too much away.

The analysis section is where the reviewer can showcase their critical skills and provide an in-depth evaluation of the film. The review should examine various elements of the film such as the script, direction, cinematography, acting, and special effects. You could also make a comparison to similar films in the same genre. The analysis should be written in an objective style with the opinion only showing through the language used.

In the conclusion, the reviewer should give their personal opinion of the film, summarising their thoughts on its strengths and weaknesses. They should also consider the target audience and whether they believe the film will appeal to them. Finally, the reviewer should provide a clear recommendation. The conclusion should be concise, leaving the reader with a clear understanding of the reviewer’s overall opinion of the film.

Using adjectives in reviews

Reviews are a great way to show off your language with impressive adjectives. If you read a film review in a newspaper or magazine, you’ll notice that the reviewer rarely, if ever, gives an explicit direct opinion. However, their opinion of the film is always crystal clear. This is through the use of adjectives.

Many adjectives have a clear connotation. They are either perceived as positive or negative. Compare these two examples. Which one is a positive description and which is negative?

  • It’s a first-rate experience with an imaginative plot and a star-studded cast.
  • The second-rate writing combined with weak performances is typical of this director’s work.

When using adjectives in a film review, it is important to choose words that accurately convey the reviewer’s opinion. Adjectives with strong connotations, either positive or negative, can be very effective in expressing the reviewer’s thoughts about the film. However, it is also important to use a variety of adjectives to avoid repetition and keep the review interesting. The use of adjectives can also help to paint a picture of the film, allowing the reader to get a sense of its atmosphere and tone.

The materials

Many exams, such as the Cambridge First (FCE) and Advanced (CAE) exams, as well as Trinity ISE exams, require students to write a film review as part of their writing task. These materials will provide students with a solid understanding of the structure of a film review and help them to develop their writing skills. This will give them the confidence they need to write a review that meets the requirements of the exam and impresses the examiner.

The materials will help you learn how to write an introduction, summary, analysis, and conclusion of a film review. You will also see a range of useful adjectives that you can use to express your opinions in their reviews. Finally, you will get an opportunity to practise writing film reviews, which will help you to develop your skills. Then you can check your answers with the samples provided in the answer key. Whether you’re preparing for an exam or just looking to improve your writing skills, these materials will provide you with everything you need to write a great film review.

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how to write a film review title

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How to Write a Movie Review

Overview of a movie review.

Along with  book reviews  and  article critiques , movie reviews are some of the most common assignments in college.

Note that the term “movie review” is often used synonymously with “essay on a movie”.

Besides the broad skills required when  writing an essay , movie reviews demand addition of distinctive attributes unique to the film review genre.

All this demands expertise on  how to write an essay on a movie .

This brings us to the question, “what is a movie review?”

Generally a movie review can be defined as:

“A well-balanced personal opinion synthesis and critical analysis of a film that incorporates the movie’s thematic and technical content.”

Movie reviews encompass creative work and should therefore adopt creative and critical approaches in their writing process.

This requires an understanding of the different attributes that are necessary when it comes to how to write a movie review essay.

The movie review should be about 1000 words in length.

Elements of a Movie Review

Skills on how to write a movie review essay requires that you appreciate the different elements that make film review stand out.

Besides ensuring that you include these elements, excellent approaches on how to write a good movie review require that these elements be clear and elaborate.

The elements to include are as discussed below.

1.  Title of the Movie

A good movie review should have the title of the movie clearly highlighted.

Mentioning the title of the movie in the heading is not enough. You have to go beyond this and include it in the main text, usually in the introductory part.

As such, the name of the movie should always be mentioned in the first paragraph of the movie review.

You should avoid making the mistake of assuming that the title of the movie is obvious to the reader.

2.  Summary

Also, good skills on how to write a good movie review demand that you include a summary of the movie. This is because the audience might not have watched it yet.

You need to assume that the instructor or professor has not watched the movie.

This assumption is important in ensuring that you do not leave out some of the movie’s key details.

The summary should explain what occurred in the movie.

3.  Filmmaker

It is important to include details about the filmmaker in your movie review.

Such details should be covered in a paragraph or two.

It should cover the director’s other works with the intention of determining the significance of the movie being reviewed on the director’s career.

Questions on the filmmaker to ask when writing the review include:

1. Is the director a controversial person?

2. Does the director have a unique background?

3. Does the director have a particular political stance?

4.  Significance

When it comes to how to write a movie review, you have to consider the significance of the movie to your class.

Some of the questions to ask on this include?

1. How does the movie’s content fit into your course topic?

2. Is the movie important for historical accuracy?

If the movie is based on a course book, you could identify differences, similarities, or elements in the movie not found in the book.

On the other hand, if the movie has a historical significance, you could identify incidences of over-dramatization if present.

5.  Creative Elements

There should be an examination of the importance of creative elements on the movie and its plot.

The creative elements could range widely as indicated by examples below:

1.  Symbolism : symbols in the movie could play an important role in enhancing creativity and conveying the message. Symbols should be noted if present.

2.  Colors : they could be vivid and therefore lift the movie’s mood and atmosphere or could be dull and consequently make the movie depressing.

3.  Costumes : they can enhance the movie or fail its intent.

4.  Sound effects : Good sound effects make the viewing more captivating while poor ones make the movie irritating.

5.  Camera movements : Camera movements and angles add important elements to the movie.

Good approaches on how to write a movie review demand that you explore the characters in the movie.

Questions to ask on the actors include:

1. Are the actors realistic?

2. Was the role of a particular character portrayed accurately?

3. Do the actors have good acting skills?

4. Is a particular actor the right fit for the role they played?

Outline of a Movie Review

One of the most important tools when it comes to how to write a movie essay is a good outline.

The outline encompasses the movie review format to be observed when compiling the different parts of the review.

Such an outline encompasses:

1.  Introduction

This is the first paragraph in a movie review format for students. It comprises important information like:

1. The title of the movie,

2. Movie’s release date, and

3. Background information on the movie.

This is one of the most important parts of a movie review and it should capture the reader’s attention.

2.  Summary of the Story

The summary of the story entails a succinct sum-up of what is going on in the movie. You should in one paragraph or two review the key events, activities, or scenes in the movie.

It is important to narrate activities as they occur in the movie without going into their merits or demerits on the movie.

Analysis is usually done in the subsequent paragraphs/ sections.

3.  Analysis of Plot Elements

This is considered the meat of the film review. It is arguably one of the sections to invest adequate time on when it comes to how to write a movie review.

Some of the key areas to explore when analyzing the plot elements include:

1. Rising action and

4.  Creative Elements

Creative elements need to be meticulously analyzed. For this reason, the creative elements section has to be conspicuous as a key part of the movie review format.

This section should usually take the largest part of a movie review essay. It should be two or more paragraphs depending on the length of the essay.

Some of the creative elements to explore include:

1. Characters

2. Dialogues

3. Camera techniques

4. Use of colors

8. Costumes

5.  Opinion

This encompasses your view about the movie. You should in one paragraph express how you feel about the movie.

The opinion should be critical in nature and should be supported with facts and examples from the movie.

6.  Conclusion

This should feature as the last part in the movie review format for students.

It should be a recap of your evidence on the success or failure of the director in fulfilling the movie’s purpose.

You should also explain the effectiveness of the movie in expounding the course topic.

Steps on How to Write a Movie Review

Steps on how to write a movie review are closely similar to those taken when writing a book review.

They include:

1.  Watching the Movie

Watching the movie is mandatory. When possible, watch it twice.

You should avoid relying on summaries and reviews by other people that are particularly available on the web.

It is advisable to take notes while watching the movie for easier future reference of your thoughts and reactions.

2.  Conducting Research

This is a very important step when it comes to how to write a movie review.

You should conduct extensive research on areas such as:

1. Name of the filmmaker

2. Motivation behind making the movie/ film

3. Locations the movie/ film was shot

4. The plot

5. Characters in the film

6. Historic events that inspired the movie/ film

3.  Developing an Outline

This entails coming with a movie outline like the one illustrated above.

It is an important step as it lays the foundation for your analysis.

When developing the outline, you should look for the appropriate information relevant to the different parts/ sections of the movie outline.

Content in this step should be in the points form.

Importantly, include examples.

4.  Writing the Movie Review

This step is very critical and demands excellent skills on how to write a movie review.

It entails a detailed analysis of the movie, where all the information in the outline is organized in a coherent manner.

Relevant information should be aligned with the provided examples from the movie to create a smooth narrative.

Areas to focus on in this step could include:

1. Explaining plot holes

2. Analyzing poor character development

3. Scrutinizing poor casting

Note that you must provide evidence to support your analysis. Such evidence includes examples form the movie.

Other areas to provide examples on are:

3. Locations

5. Proofreading the Work

This is the last step when it comes to how to write a movie review essay.

It requires you to go through the film review and find out whether all the relevant areas as provided in the movie review outline have been effectively addressed.

As well, in this step you should ensure that the movie review essay is coherent and all grammatical errors have been eliminated.

It is prudent to go through the movie review for at least two times.


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