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Essays About Growing Up: 5 Examples and 7 Prompts

Essays about growing up help us view and understand various experiences from different perspectives. Check out our top examples and prompts for your writing.

How do you know when you’ve finally grown up? Me, it happened when I was in high school. I realized I matured when I had no qualms about looking for ways to help my family financially. I didn’t think I had a choice, but at the same time, I desperately wanted to aid my parents in ensuring we had food on the table. 

I was a fast food crew member, a librarian, and many other odd jobs I could talk about for hours. Some judge my parents’ poor financial literacy when I tell my stories, but I never did. All of it was a part of my growing up; without these experiences, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. 

Growing up is a unique experience for every person, influenced by our surroundings and influences. With so many variables, each person has their own story about growing up; take a look below to see the best example and prompts to begin writing your own. You might also like these essays about youth .

5 Essay Examples

1. social influences on children’s growing up by anonymous on, 2. growing up in the 626 by katie gee salisbury, 3. growing up in poverty determines the person’s fate by anonymous on, 4. growing up on the streets by writer bernadette, 5. growing up with hearing loss by anonymous on, 1. what does growing up mean, 2. the effect of my environment on my growth, 3. growing up rich or poor, 4. family values and growing up, 5. growing up with siblings, 6. your best memories growing up, 7. changes while growing up.

“Human growth and development is a complicated process which is inevitably impacted upon by socioeconomic circumstances within which an individual is growing up.”

To demonstrate the social influences that can impact a child’s experiences growing up, the essay offers several credible citations from professionals, such as Damon and Lerner, the writer and editor of “ Handbook of Child Psychology .” It looks at how social factors, such as living conditions, access to resources, and others, can affect a child’s overall development as they grow. Ultimately, the writer believes that parents play a huge role in the development of their children. You can also check out these essays about development .

“Something welled up inside my throat. All of a sudden I felt a burning urgency to stake a claim, to assert that I was one of them, that I too belonged in this group. ‘Hey guys, I’m Chinese too,’ I ventured. A classmate who carpooled with my family was quick to counter, ‘Katie, that doesn’t count.'”

Salisbury shares her experiences as an overachieving Asian-American, focusing on her grievances at being biracial, not connecting to her heritage, and people’s assumption of her being white. She talks about her life in 626, the area code for Arcadia, Southern California, where most Asians reside. At the end of her essay, Salisbury offers facts about herself to the reader, recognizing and accepting every part of herself.

Looking for more? Check out these essays about time .

“Economic mobility is the ability of someone or a family to move up from one income group to another. In the United States, it is at an all-time low and is currently decreasing.”

The author shares their opinion on how a family’s financial situation shapes their children’s future. To back up their claim, the essay provides relevant statistics showing the number of children and families in poverty, alongside its dramatic effects on a child’s overall development. The writer mentions that a family’s economic incompetence can pass on to the children, reducing their chances of receiving a proper education.

“As a young black woman growing up on the hardcore streets of North Philadelphia, you have to strive and fight for everything. The negativity and madness can grab and swallow even the most well-behaved kids.”

Bernadette opens her readers’ eyes to the harsh realities of being a young black woman throughout her essay. However, she also expresses her gratitude to her family, who encouraged her to have a positive mindset. Her parents, who also grew up on the streets of North Philly, were determined to give her and her siblings a proper education. 

She knows how individuals’ environments impact their values ​​and choices, so she fought hard to endure her circumstances. She also notes that the lack of exposure to different social norms results in children having limited thinking and prevents them from entertaining new perspectives. You might be interested in these essays about dream jobs .

“The world is not accommodating to people with hearing disabilities: apart from professionals, barely anyone knows and understands sign language. On top of that, many are merely unaware of the fact that they might be hurting and making a deaf person feel disrespected.”

The essay discusses critical issues in children growing up with hearing impairments. It includes situations that show the difference between a child growing up in an all-deaf family and a non-deaf environment. While parental love and support are essential, deaf parents should consider hearing impairment a gift and be aware of their children’s needs. 

If you are interested in learning more, check out our essay writing tips !

7 Prompts for Essays About Growing Up

Growing up is a continuous sequence where we develop and experience significant changes in our bodies and how we think and feel. It’s the transition between being a child and an adult, so define what childhood and adulthood entail in your essay.

Then, describe how an individual grows up and the indications that they progressed physically and intellectually. For a fun addition to your essay, include questions your readers can answer to see if they have matured.

Essays About Growing Up: The effect of my environment on my growth

Many studies show how people’s environments, such as home, community, and school, affect growth. These environments significantly impact an individual’s development through interactions. For this prompt, write about the factors that influence your overall development and explain how you think they affected you. For example, those who studied at a religious school tend to be more conservative.

Money is essential for survival, but only some have easy access. Most people act and make decisions based on how much money they have, which also influences their behavior. In this prompt, cite several situations where money affects parents’ decisions about their children’s needs and wants and how it affects the children as they grow up.

Discuss how financial constraints impact their emotions, perceptions, and choices in life. Choose high, average, and low-income households, then compare and contrast their situations. To create an in-depth analysis, use interview research and statistical data to back up your arguments.

Studies show that children understand rules and have already formed their behaviors and attitudes at seven. Before this age, children are surrounded by relatives who teach them values through experiences within the family. For this prompt, use real-life examples and factual information to discuss the importance of good parenting in instilling good values ​​in children.

Essays About Growing Up: Growing up with siblings

Growing up with siblings is an entirely different experience growing up versus being an only child. Use this prompt to explain how having a brother or sister can impact a child’s progress and discuss its pros and cons. For instance, having siblings means the child has more role models and can get more emotional support. However, it can also mean that a child craves more of their parent’s attention. Discuss these points in your essay, and decide the “better” experience, for a fun argumentative essay.

In this essay, choose the best memories you had from childhood to the current day that has contributed significantly to your principles and outlook. Describe each memory and share how it changed you, for better or worse.

Talk about the changes people expect as they grow up. These physical, emotional, or mental changes lead people to act and think more maturely.  Add studies demonstrating the necessity of these changes and recount instances when you realize that you’ve grown up. For example, if before you didn’t care about your spending, now you’re more frugal and learned to save money. For help with your essay, check our round-up of best essay writing apps .

growing up essay examples

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Childhood and Growing up Essay: Titles & Examples

The picture introduces the main ideas of a growing up essay.

What are the challenges of growing up? This question is thought-provoking and exciting to answer. Each person has their unique experience, and for many the process of growing up is not easy. Some live in poverty, others have complex family relationships. A childhood and growing up essay allows you to discover your new sides and see how well you know yourself.

This article is a writing guide for an essay about growing up. It contains creative essay titles on the topic, together with writing prompts and short essay examples. Get inspired to write your growing up essay with us!

  • 📝 Growing up Writing Prompts
  • 📚 Growing up Essay Topics
  • 📜 Essay Sample #1
  • 📜 Essay Sample #2

📝 What Are the Challenges of Growing Up? Essay Prompts 

Every child is unique, so that everyone can tell a different childhood story.

What is typical for everyone – the process of growing up is a challenge. Although there’re lots of challenges, it’s also an exciting experience.

Growing up essays usually describe hobbies, relationships with siblings, difficulties with parents, etc. Check our essay ideas below.

The picture provides the list of the best themes for a growing up essay.

What Does It Mean to Grow up?

This is not only about aging or changing your looks. Growing up is a physical and a deep psychological process at the same time. Your picture of the world changes, people come and go, and you change too.

Creating a mind map of your childhood can help you understand what exactly growing up was to you.

A reflective childhood & growing up essay can involve such matters:

  • Taking on new responsibilities.
  • Learning from mistakes.
  • Changes in attitude towards people.
  • Childhood dreams and ambitions.
  • Childhood beliefs and values.
  • Independence, confidence, and self-acceptance.
  • Life lessons that shaped one’s personality.
  • People who affected the growing up process.

Growing up in a Small Town Essay

Describe the details of being a child in a small town. You can also describe the pluses and minuses of living in a small town. It can be a general overview, but better try to connect it to your life and experience.

In this kind of a growing up essay, you might write about:

  • Knowing everyone around.
  • Local school.
  • The first summer job.
  • The places that have always been special.

A comparative essay is a good choice in this case. Discuss why life in small towns is different from life in big cities.

Growing up without a Father Essay

How many children in the United States grow up in single-parent families?

Growing up with a single parent is certainly not the only thing that shapes a kid’s personality. However, it is one of the essential factors, for sure.

  • Check the statistics to see how many children grow up with one parent.
  • Tell about the mother’s efforts to raise children alone while working.
  • Include stories about relatives that were of immense help: siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.
  • Describe a person who substitutes father and his role.

Growing up without a Mother Essay

This topic might seem similar to the previous one, but there are several differences.

  • Write about the general psychological effects of growing up without a mother.
  • Compare the scientific facts with personal experience and conclude.
  • Describe how it affects adult life and childhood.
  • Write about the typical leisure time with father.

While describing a relationship with a father, describe daily responsibilities and how they influence a child’s life. What challenges do children growing up with a single parent experience?

Growing up Asian in America Essay

Even though the US is multicultural, there are still issues that people of color face. Including children.

Explain how the childhood of an Asian is different from the experience of white Americans. Describe it if you were a part of an Asian community such as a neighborhood or school you attended. Write about your national traditions that you maintained or abandoned.

In your essay on growing up, describe the challenges you overcame. These might include:

  • The time you faced racism.
  • The stereotypes and misconceptions you faced.
  • The choice between your identity and the one imposed by society.
  • How has the social position of Asians in the United States changed?

Growing up in Poverty Essay

How many young Americans live in families with incomes below the poverty threshold? There are several risks which growing up in poverty possesses.

You can discuss them in your growing-up-poor essay:

  • Malnutrition. Starting from low birth weight, ending with health problems.
  • Psychological damage. Being in need as a child might cause emotional and behavioral issues.
  • Academic failures. Some poor children have to work and attend school at the same time. This interferes with the proper learning process.

Use growing up in poverty topic for a problem-solution essay. Here you can discuss how to deal with poverty and provide equal opportunities for all children.

Growing up in Two Cultures Essay

Adapting to a new culture is a complicated process. It is a massive challenge for children as they can’t identify themselves.

Here is what you can discuss in your essay on growing up:

  • Traditions of your family. They might include cuisine, holidays, religious practices.
  • Transcultural adaptation. Describe the change of behavioral patterns, language, or looks.
  • Your relationships with peers. Tell about the situations you remember: bad experiences such as bullying or good ones such as interest in your culture.

Write a narrative essay about your vision of what it’s like to be a person who belongs to two cultures.

📚 Essay Titles about Growing Up

And here is your selection of essay topics that you can also use as ideas for a speech or discussion.

You can pick your essay title from this list:

  • What country is the best for children to grow up in?
  • Should kids and teenagers work during the summer holidays?
  • Explain how growing up among American children influences children of migrants.
  • What is the most important lesson you learned from your parents?
  • Were you more like your father or mother as a child?
  • What do you think you needed the most as a child?
  • What are the common problems between parents and adolescents?
  • Have you ever been a victim or took part in school bullying?
  • What are the consequences of growing up too fast?
  • Describe a life-changing experience from your childhood.
  • How to motivate children to study based on their early childhood performance?
  • Does having a pet teach children responsibility?
  • Did you have any secrets that you kept from your parents?
  • What is it like growing up in a small town with big ambitions?
  • What tips could you give your parents if you went back in time?
  • What advice would you give yourself if you went back in time?
  • How did your race and ethnicity affect your childhood?
  • Describe your childhood hobby and the achievements in it.
  • How do childhood problems might affect adult life?
  • Is it more challenging to grow up as a girl or a boy?
  • Who was your role model as you were a child?
  • What challenges did you face while growing up, which you think others didn’t?
  • What was the biggest mistake you made in your childhood?
  • What are the psychological effects of family issues on children?
  • How well do you remember your childhood?
  • What are the main reasons for suicide among teenagers?
  • Describe your best childhood friend and your relationship.
  • How does growing up in a low-income family affect one’s attitude to money?
  • Why do children lie to their parents?
  • What is your brightest childhood memory?
  • Why do teenagers tend to be rebellious and sometimes violent?
  • What would you change in your childhood if you had a chance?
  • Describe the moment when you felt you had grown up.
  • How has your music taste changed since you were a kid?
  • How to instill tolerance in children from an early age?
  • Growing up without a father made me a stronger person.
  • What was your dream profession when you were a child?
  • What is the most unforgettable present you received as a kid?
  • Were you popular in middle and high school?
  • What is your earliest childhood memory, and why do you think it’s this one ?
  • What is the best advice you have received as a child?
  • How successful were you academically as a child?
  • How to avoid and prevent bullying at school?
  • What experience in your family affected you the most and why?
  • Did your parents support your dreams and ambitions?
  • How can you describe your relationships with your siblings?
  • What were the common traits of teenagers of your generation ?
  • What is the most valuable object that reminds you of childhood?
  • Describe your first love and what you felt about it?
  • How did your family affect your current values?
  • Videogame Addiction and Its Impact on Children.
  • Can a single parent provide enough attention and care to their children?
  • Who was the closest to you in your family?
  • What are the things your parents have done you are grateful for?
  • What opportunities do you wish you could have as a kid?
  • What were your phobias in childhood or as a teenager ?
  • What were your strong and weak sides when you were a child?
  • What do you want your future family to be like?
  • How to detect and prevent child abuse at early stages?
  • Why do teenagers try smoking , drugs, or alcohol?

📜 Growing Up Essay Example #1

To make it easier for you, our experts prepared a couple of childhood and growing up essays. Check them below!

Everyone defines growing up in their way. It is more than just physical changes that you notice in the mirror. As for me, growing up means accepting responsibilities, being able to take care of somebody, and becoming independent. I remember the first time my parents asked me to babysit my little sister. Rachel was a silent kid, but I was nervous anyway. I wanted my parents to come home as early as possible because I was afraid of the responsibility. I felt as if they entrusted her life and safety to me, just a teenager. Some weeks later, I discovered that it was not terrifying me anymore. We had fun together; I taught her how to play games and enjoyed our time together. Rachel was also the first person I learned to take care of. I helped my sister with her homework, picked her from school, and gave her advice when she asked for it. The feeling that I do it without waiting for something in return taught me a lot. I changed my attitude towards people, learned how to be kind and generous. Now I am sure that I will be able to nurture my kids in the future. Moving to a college dormitory made me independent. I thought I was an adult fully responsible for myself at high school, but I was wrong. Living alone and being in charge of my life motivated me to change a lot. I learned how to spend time alone, value it and take care of my health. I also started managing my time rationally. Independence doesn’t mean you don’t need other people in your life. It means you can rely on yourself in any case. I can’t say that I am a one hundred percent adult at this stage of my life. I am sure that I grew up helping my parents, my sister, and myself. I changed a lot. But many challenges are waiting for me in the future. Taking up more responsibilities and facing difficulties will help me on my way.

📜 Growing Up Essay Example #2

Growing up asian in america.

Asian-American children are a vulnerable group that needs protection. My experience is an excellent example of the difficulties that Asian-Americans might face in their childhood. As an Asian, I faced bullying at school, low expectations regarding my future career, and troubles with self-identification. High school was a hard time for me. 21.7% of Asians report being bullied at school . The rate is the highest among all the ethnic groups. I didn’t report my own experience as I didn’t want to seem weak. I was bullied because I studied harder than many other students and cared about my grades too much. I am sure that I would have been bullied less if I were a white child. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious regardless of your ethnicity. My family and friends didn’t support my aspiration to become a doctor. They said that no one from my family went to college and that it was too hard to be admitted. It was challenging to keep my motivation without support. Even when they knew I had all the chances to receive financial aid, they just didn’t believe it. It was always hard for me to identify myself. I don’t know if I am like children from China as I have never been there. I was born and raised in the United States. But my motherland does not feel like home too. I don’t look like many of my peers, and my family has a different lifestyle and traditions. I don’t think that I belong to any of the communities. In conclusion, my experience shows how a childhood of an Asian-American kid might look like. I feel that further generations will confront similar challenges facing society and themselves. That is why I want to raise attention to the mentioned problems and change people’s attitudes.

We hope that our article clarified what a growing up essay should look like.

We will be glad to learn about your experience of writing such an essay! Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

This is it for today. Good luck and happy writing!

Growing Up Essay: Guide & Examples [2023]

What does it mean to grow up? Essays on this topic might be entertaining yet challenging to write. Growing up is usually associated with something new and exciting. It’s a period of everything new and unknown.

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for 13.00 10.40/page

Now, you’ve been assigned to write a growing up essay. You’re not a kid anymore, but not quite the adult. It would be interesting for your teacher to learn about your childhood memories or read what you think about the experience of growing up.

That’s why:

In this article, we will provide a guide on how to write an essay on growing up. Our team listed some topics to make your writing process more manageable.

  • 📍 How to Write It

🏡 About Your Childhood

🧒 about someone else, 🔗 references, 📍 how to write a growing up essay.

Writing an essay about growing up can seem complicated, but it’s always easier to handle when you have a plan. In this section, we will talk more about how to write an essay on the topic.

  • Reflective essays focus on the author’s attitude towards individual experiences. This type is often required during the college admissions process. For instance, one may write about growing up in poverty and how it shaped his character.
  • Narrative essays focus on a specific event or sequence of events. For example, you might write about the most memorable trip from your childhood.
  • Choose the topic on the familiar subject. It will be easier to reflect on the issue when you have a lot of relevant experience.
  • Choose the topic of interest. Write about something that provokes a strong emotional reaction from you.
  • Show a unique vision on the topic. Try to approach writing college essays about growing up from a different perspective. When writing a narrative essay, you need to remember that your work should tell a story. Your essay topic about growing up needs to agree with the paper’s length and follow the essay structure. Focus on a specific point in your writing.
  • Think about the event in your life that provokes a strong emotional response;
  • Write what you have learned from the experience;
  • Consider writing about experiences with your friends or relatives. What those events taught you?
  • Introduction : Your growing up essay introduction is an opening paragraph of the work. It grabs a reader’s attention and contains a thesis statement.
  • Body Paragraphs : The childhood and growing up essay can contain three body paragraphs. In each one, provide an example of an event or situation that supports the general topic.
  • Conclusion : In your growing up essay, the conclusion is the final paragraph. It summarizes the main points and brings the paper to an end.
  • Revise your draft a couple of days after writing it. That way, you will be able to notice mistakes or typos you missed.
  • Try to avoid passive voice . Rewrite the sentences in an active one, if possible.
  • Read your essay out loud. If it doesn’t meet the set criteria, keep revising it.

👩‍👦‍👦 6 Topics for Essays on Growing Up

You may not know what your essay on growing up should be devoted to. If it’s the case, look at this section. Earlier, we talked about how to write, but here we will tell you what to write about.

See the topics that can navigate an essay about your childhood experience:

  • Your family values and how they have been shaping your personality. Engage in reflective writing to show how certain factors of growing up influenced your character . What do you think were the effects of your growing-up period?
  • What various roles have you had in your family? How and why did they change? As children grow, the family adjusts accordingly. Remember your roles as a child, adolescent, and young adult . How did they change?
  • Your personal changes over the course of growing up . Write an essay describing your personal development . What caused those changes?
  • Sudden adulthood . Write a “growing up too fast” essay. Reflect on your feelings and emotions about growing up so suddenly.
  • Growing up with siblings . Write an essay about your childhood experience in a house where you weren’t the only child. Remember what it was like growing up with blood brothers and sisters? Or, maybe you have step-siblings? How did it influence you?
  • A short memoir . You don’t need to have a dramatic adolescence or an out-of-ordinary story to write about yourself. Share your most exciting stories from childhood.
  • A significant event from my childhood.
  • Personal experience of parenting styles .
  • Describe the events that helped you to learn about life .
  • Tell about the time you tried to challenge gender norms .
  • Analyze your experience of growing up in another culture and the influence it had on your adult life.
  • Most memorable Christmas of my childhood.
  • Discuss how the relationships with your parents influenced your growing up and character formation.
  • Describe the experience of self-disclosure in your childhood and the consequences it had.
  • How I used to cope with stress at high school .
  • Write about your family trips and the effect they had on the relationships within your family.
  • Analyze how the relationships with your peers impacted your growing up and adult life.
  • How I learned to ride a bicycle .
  • Examine how different teaching styles you’ve experienced in childhood influenced your growing up.

In other words, try to focus on something that made your growing up experience memorable and tell about it.

What if you do not feel like talking about your own experience in the essay on growing up? Do not worry. There are many other ways to complete your paper.

What follows next are additional ideas for you:

  • Write essays on growing up based on a work of literature or songs . Choose your favorite piece of literature or a song that talks about growing up. Write several paragraphs about the portrayal of the growing up period in music or literature.
  • Write essays on growing up with a single parent . Write an essay about growing up without a father or mother . What is it like? What impact can it make on a person’s character?
  • Write about growing up without parents . A childhood spent in an orphanage or with distant relatives can have lasting consequences . Think about the effects it can have on a person’s character.
  • Write an essay about growing up in a small town. Think about the advantages and disadvantages of living in a small town . Why do you think it’s good or bad to live in a small town?
  • Write about youth growing up fast. Children become adults quite quickly. Discuss the possible reasons for children to grow up faster.
  • What happens to the mentally challenged children when they grow up?
  • Examine how Nhuong depicted childhood in the book Water Buffalo Days: Growing Up in Vietnam .
  • Discuss the changes digital technology brought into a growing-up process.
  • Childhood’s effect on adulthood: the story of John Wayne Gacy .
  • Explain how the environment influences the growing up and physical development of a child.
  • Describe the relation between difficult childhood and personal development .
  • Description of lost childhood in Night by E. Wiesel.
  • Analyze the consequences being bullied or being a bully in childhood may have in adult life.
  • Frank Conroy’s childhood in his book Stop-Time.
  • Explore how childhood development and growing up shown in Born to Learn video .
  • Examine the stories about coming of age and infantilism in literature.
  • Discuss the peculiarities of growing up in multiracial family .
  • Analyze the authors experience in Country Pride: What I Learned Growing Up in Rural America by Sarah Smarsh .
  • Describe the problem of childhood obesity and the ways it influences children’s life.

Thank you for reading this article! Hopefully, you found the information written here useful. If so, don’t forget to comment and share this article with your friends.

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

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I’m so happy to find your site. I like your posts on writing various papers! Now I’m working on my essay on growing up, and your post on this topic is very helpful for me!

Marvelous tips for writing essays on growing up! Thanks so much for this! I’m a fan of your blog!

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Essay Example On 'A Challenge I Faced Growing Up'

  • Author Writer

          A Challenge I Faced Growing Up

Life events are accompanied by challenges that people must navigate to achieve a fulfilling life. As children grow up, they become accustomed to their society’s cultural values that eventually contribute to their personality. One of the most pressing challenges that people face is the failure to adapt to a different culture that is different from their own. In my experience, moving to a foreign country at the age of five was challenging as I had to learn a new language, which proved a difficult task that I eventually accomplished through making friends, consequently leading to successful adaptation to new ways of doing things.

Growing up in a rural setting in Kenya was fulfilling and beneficial in terms of making friends. Even though children in these settings lack necessary playing facilities, there was no shortage of improvisation, which made my childhood experience fun. Moreover, I managed to make friends that would stand by me through thick and thin while attending to my social needs. According to research, the homogeneity that characterizes rural settings is beneficial to young girls as it enhances not only their political knowledge but also contributes towards the formation of stronger social bonds (Lay 318). As a result, I made friends during my childhood that made my experiences worthwhile to the point whereby I was devastated to learn that my family would be relocating to the United States.

The migration to the United States proved challenging as I had to learn English before enrolling in my new school, which proved a difficult task at first. Since I was young, I was in a better position to learn a new language but was simply reluctant because I felt lonely. I was still reeling from having left my friends and wonderful childhood experiences in Africa that I found it had to concentrate on my English lessons. Indeed, unwillingness to learn new things is one of the factors that could make learning a new language seem so difficult (Durcharme). On my part, this unwillingness arose from feelings of loneliness as it was initially difficult to make new friends and express myself in a foreign language. As a result, I alienated myself further from my classmates as my confidence levels had gone down.

As time went by, I realized that I needed to make new friends in order to learn the English language effectively. I interacted with classmates whom I felt were more accommodating and willing to tolerate me despite the challenges that I was facing. I would communicate using simple phrases, and they would correct me, and with time, my language proficiency grew significantly. The importance of interacting with peers when learning a new dialect is that it enhances the ability to converse hence outlining the importance of friends in language development (McBrien 287). As a result, making friends enhanced my English language conversational skills and helped me learn a valuable lesson that it is essential to step out of the comfort zone if one is to tackle the challenges that one come across in life.

Concisely, making new friends is a prerequisite to efficient learning of a new language in a foreign country. Young children find it hard to adapt to foreign cultures at first because of the language differences and loneliness associated with adapting to new surroundings. The importance of making new friends is that young immigrants can quickly learn how to communicate, further increasing their chances of integrating into new surroundings. Overall, immigrants must strive to conquer their insecurities and make as many friends as possible to effectively learn new languages and cultures.

    Works Cited

Ducharme, Jamie. "Why It's So Hard to Learn Another Language After Childhood.” Time , time, 2 May 2018.

Lay, J. Celeste. "She Was Born in a Small Town: The Advantages and Disadvantages in Political Knowledge and Efficacy for Rural Girls.” Journal of Women, Politics & Policy , vol. 38, no. 3, 2016, pp. 318–334.

McBrien, Jody L. Educational Policies and Practises of English-Speaking Refugee Resettlement Countries . Koninklijke Brill NV, 2019.

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Growing Up Essay Examples and Topics

Growing up without a father.

I chose this topic because it seemed interesting to me because im one of those kids and I don’t think it affected me much but im hoping to find out whether it affects others in some way and if it does I want to find…

What Does It Mean to Truly Grow Up

Introduction Growing up can mean many different things to people. You could have a different perspective on when to ¨grow up¨ than another person. Personally, I’ve had to grow up faster than most people my age because of past experiences that involved me needing to…

School-to-prison-Pipeline Or School-to-prison-Lifetime

Growing up I have always felt comfortable in big crowds. Maybe it was the seven uncles and aunts I had on my mother’s side or maybe the loud and outgoing family members on my father’s side. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a…

Effects of an Absent Father

Without the role of a strong, loving and supportive father figure in the house it can break a family and cause significant damage to the child mentally and cause a lap in many areas of their life. There are very instances where families flourish and…

The Role of Social Structure after Growing Up in a Small Town

In our daily social life, when meeting another person for the first time, the thought of “is this person better than me?” is continually running in our mind whether we are aware of them or not. The beginning of this year my family and I…

A Process of Growing Up in The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Growing up and learning about new aspects of life is one of the most important stages of adulthood — it’s encountered in some time in life times, teenagers especially over other people. And not only does Stephen Chbosky’s novel Perks of Being a Wallflower connect…

Growing Up in a Single Parent Family

Eight years ago a family was traveling to San Francisco with not a worry in sight. The car swerved left to right before losing control and flipping over three times. When all was said and done a father had never returned to his family. It…

How My Parents Influenced Me in Their Own Individual Way

Of all the experiences I’ve had growing up, I feel like most of current decisions and perspective towards things stemmed from my family, and how they influenced me in their own individual way. They all had similar attitudes yet different ways of thinking, and with…

Being a Teenager: Significant Things and Important Stages

Teenage years can be viewed differently from another person’s perspective. Many people say being a teenager is the most fun time of your life. While as other people say, being a teenager is extremely difficult in today’s society. Worst Times for a Teenager The transition…

How Did I Learn to Read and Write

“The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you know, the more places you’ll go” – Dr. Seuss. So, how I learned to read and write? Reading has always been important to me even though it has not always…

The Role of Family Support and Relations in Rise to Success

I was very fortunate growing up because my home environment was one that really supported and encouraged my learning and my success in school. I had three primary caregivers growing up – my mother, my grandmother, and my grandfather, and they were very involved in…

Factor in Human Behaviour: What Was the Environment in Which You Were Raised

Many may argue that the environment we live in and are surrounded by plays a big part in shaping and identifying behaviour. However others may argue that genes and nurture play a bigger part when it comes to determining behaviour and the influence it has…

You Are What You Know: What Was the Environment in Which You Were Raised

If I asked you what your dreams are, what would you tell me? In the book Born A Crime by Trevor Noah, Noah writes about his life in South Africa as a young child. While he was a child, he struggled through poverty under Apartheid…

Growing Up as a Single Parent's Child

For many years, growing up with a single parent children has been viewed as different. Being raised by only one parent seems impossible to many. The problem lies in the difference between children raised by single parents versus children raised by both a mother and…

Consequences of Growing Up with Single Parent

Family is the first and probably the closest connection we all have since we were born. Forming a complete family requires both parents and children to help each other in finances and to be there for each other whenever they are in need. Unfortunately, not…

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growing up essay examples

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Essay about Growing Up

Essay about Growing Up

I remember, as a child opening my eyes to this great big world. As a hopeful child, I was very eager to please my parents and teachers. However, as I grew into adulthood and was thrust into the outside world without any knowledge, I became disillusioned about the world around me. I realized as an adult that you have to come to terms with what life is really like. The real world is full of strife and hardship, but also contains many beautiful things. It’s a series of ups and downs, and you have to take it all in stride.

I remember, as a child opening my eyes to this great big world.

I remember, as a child opening my eyes to this great big world. I was so young and so curious about everything around me. I wanted to know what made things the way they were. I wanted to know why there was good in this world and bad in that one. I asked questions about everything and anything that came into my mind: Why does the sun rise? Why does it set? What are stars made of? Where do rainbows come from? Why can’t we fly like birds or swim like fish?

As a hopeful child, I was very eager to please my parents and teachers.

I did whatever they asked me to do. I studied hard at school and got good grades. Every night before going to sleep, I would pray earnestly for them (my parents) and for our family as well as for all the people around us.

Growing up is also a time when we learn how to make decisions on our own without relying on others’ opinions or advice because we want to be independent individuals who can take care of ourselves in any situation that may arise in our lives.

We learn all these lessons by observing what happens around us: what works out well or not so well; whether or not someone gets hurt because of their decision; whether one should listen more carefully next time before deciding which option will work best in order not have any regrets later on down the road!

As I grew into adulthood, was thrust into the outside world , I became disillusioned

The world can be a harsh place for a child, but it will teach them what they need to know so that when they grow up, they can face reality with confidence. As a child, I was taught how to look at the world in a positive light and allow myself opportunities to explore my surroundings. This led me to have an optimistic view of life as an adult. My parents exposed me to many different cultures and areas of study so that I could understand more about humanity and its struggles throughout history.

I realized as an adult that you have to come to terms with what life is really like

As you grow up, you have to come to terms with what life is really like. As an adult, you must make decisions, take responsibility for your actions, make sacrifices and learn from your mistakes. Those are all things that we take for granted as children but they become much more important as adults. When I was a kid, I would jump from one thing to another without any regard for how it might affect my future or the people around me. Now that I am older and wiser I know better than to act rashly or impulsively because life isn’t always perfect and sometimes we don’t get what we want right away so we have to learn how to wait things out until they work out in our favor instead of forcing our way into situations just because we want them now!

The real world is full of strife and hardship, but also contains many beautiful things

The real world is full of strife and hardship, but also contains many beautiful things. It’s difficult to find beauty in the world, but it is possible if you look hard enough. There are many wonderful places in the world that we should all appreciate because they can make us happy.

It’s a series of ups and downs, and you have to take it all in stride.

You have to remember that life is a series of ups and downs, good times and bad. You can’t let the good times blind you to the fact that there will be hard times too—and sometimes they’ll come one after another. Life has a way of putting you through the ringer, but if you’re prepared and ready for whatever comes your way, it won’t knock you down as much as it would someone who wasn’t expecting it at all.

I know it can be hard to grow up, but I’m glad that I did. The world is full of wonderful things and there’s no better time than now to experience them!

Essay about Growing Up

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growing up essay examples

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Essays About Growing Up

Life event that had the most influence on you: exploring the impact of life, growing up in a small town: the joys and enduring memories, made-to-order essay as fast as you need it.

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The Blessed Curse of Growing Up

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Growing Up in a Single Parent Family

The struggles of growing up in little women by louisa may alcott, the challenges faced by females growing up in gender differences in depression, an article by susan nolan-hoeksema, relevant topics.

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growing up essay examples

Home | Life | Personality | All About Me

All About Me: My Story of Growing Up

  • Updated March 18, 2022
  • Pages 3 (689 words)
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Every year at some point a teacher asks you to describe a role model in your life. Coming up with an answer used to be easy for me, but growing up tends to change your perspective. I could lie to you and tell you I’ve had strong relationships in my life, however, an untruthful story is never fun to tell. I’m not who I used to be five years ago. Then again, who is? I have always been well cared for by my terrific family, who has always given me everything I’ve needed. However, I don’t have a role model nor people who have changed my life. I do have experiences that have molded me into who I am, made me stronger, and guided me to who I want to be. Everyone has different stories along with their own challenges. But, for as long as I can remember, I’ve had two things I can count on to help me through mine.

My dog was the runt of the litter. She was going to be taken to the pound, but I convinced my parents to let us have her. Ever since that day she has been my best friend. You’ll hear stories about a dog and human bond, but I can tell you there isn’t anything like the one I have with Molly. She’s like a shadow that you can’t shake but never want to, always at my heels. I know she is a dog, but she has always made me feel safe. Molly can make the darkness of the bedroom, to the light of a public place feel safer. Whenever I’ve fallen too far into thought over something, I can always count on her to roll in my hair or spin in circles, allowing me to come back to the real world. Molly may just be a dog, but I have always been able to count on her.

Trusting people has been hard for me for a while now. Although, I can always count on my past self. Meaning, I don’t know what the future entails, and the present is always changing. So what I can count on is the fact that the past can’t change, you can only learn from it. Learning from my mistakes, and the mistakes of those who have crossed my path shows me who I want to be. I can put up a good front, but fitting in has never been my strong suit. Throughout each day, my hair tends to be my safety net. When I feel bold enough to push my limits I have an updo, and when I wear my hair down it acts as a safety barrier. I’ll admit I’ve had some pretty risky colors, and through them I learned what fits me. All from your past self, you can learn anything from the people you want to surround yourself with, to people you want to stay away from, to even something as simple as hair colors that need avoiding. Learning from the past helps us to prepare for the future.

authors avatars

While learning a lot throughout my teenage years, as they’re coming to an end I’m hoping to find the place I can feel comfortable in my own skin. I believe that the Military is the place I will find my sense of purpose. The goal of the Armed Forces is to train you to serve and protect our country. I know that I can achieve who I want to become by enlisting and learning about myself altogether.

Overcoming your self-doubts is one of the hardest battles anyone will have to face. Although, having certain things you can count on is what matters. In the time of the past and present, I’ve had Molly and my past self. Looking towards the future, I’m hoping to have the Military in my life. Having this stability will provide me with confidence and dedication for my further endeavors. My experiences make me who I am, while my future shows me who I want to be.

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All About Me: My Story of Growing Up. (2021, Feb 05). Retrieved from

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growing up essay examples

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Essay Example on Growing Up

Growing up can not only help you as a person but it can also benefit others as well. And you get to do all sorts of stuff as adults. One thing you get to do as adults that you cannot do as a chiled is, “ You get to work”. “ This could be a con for most, but I personally love being able to generate an income for myself in which I can spend it on whatever I want.” This is good because by being able to work you can make money. Although you can work as a teenager having  real full job with a really good pay can be very beneficial to all so you can bye a place to live and other things you need like a car, food and things to keep you can your home clean.(Reasons being an adult is way better then being a kid by Kait MacKinnin 1)

As a kid or teenager  some are having to learn how to take care of themselves or others which is equivalent to growing up, “Sometimes, there are kids that are put into situations where they are forced to learn things that most kids their age don’t know. Whether it’s cooking for themselves, at a young age, having to get the groceries, or maybe taking on important tasks around the house. Some of us understand that in order for life to run smoothly, we have to learn how to cope by ourselves and raise ourselves in some aspects of life”. This is important to kids and teens so they can learn at a young age then grow up to be very good at taking care of themselves and others. It’s also a good thing because then the child won’t have to rely on others. (The benefits of growing up fast by Kyma Madyson Herrold 1). 

Another good thing about being an adult is that you no longer have to ask permission to do stuff,“I still ask my mom for her permission but disguise it as me asking for her opinion. But the difference now is that regardless of  whether or not she says yes, I can still do it anyway and face virtually no repercussions, at least from my parents”. This is fun for people such as adults because they no longer have to get the exception from their parents to do something. They also won’t have to feel like their parent has to say yes or has to say no, they no longer have to rely on that parents response.(Reasons being an adult is way better then being a kid by Kait MacKinnin 5 )

Although an adult is really good, being a kid or teen is also very good,“Adam cleaned the apartment when she was too tired, which was often . He cooked supper for them so she could unwind after work. He did the laundry, ran errands, and took care of her physical needs. Adam stopped being a child and became the parent to his mother. Their roles were all of a sudden reversed, and Adam felt the weight of adulthood before he was ready to shoulder it”. This does show how being forced to grow up can really damage a kids spirt and ego because they feel as though they have to grow up inorder to keep you there. This is also very damaging to their social life because if they are always doing grwonup stuff they won’t ever have time for other stuff such as friends and school. ( The role reversal: growing up to soon Dr.Gregory l 8) 

To sum this all up, Being a kid is good and fun but turning into and adult and being able to do more fun stuff and also being able to hold a job and earn money is way better then going to school and going to parties. This all just shows hw much better browning up is for the person and others around them.

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We found 7 free papers on Growing Up

Essay examples, kids in the mall: growing up controlled.

Malls becoming the new baby-sitters William Kowinski has written the article “Kids in the mall: Growing up controlled”, to highlight the ignorance of parents that exposes children to artificial environment of shopping malls. Kowinski argues that this exposure converts children into “pre-programmed consumers” and leads them to a premature adulthood, which affects their emotional development….

Growing Up: All Locked Up

The person’s ability to develop is due to two factors, maturation and learning. Although maturation, or the biological development of genes, is important, it is the learning – the process through which we develop through our experiences, which make us who we are. In pre-modern times, a child was not treated like they are today….

There Are No Children Here by Alex Kotlowitz Rhetorical Analysis 

Alex Kotlowitz’s There Are No Children Here is a heart-felt meticulous analysis of two boys growing up in a Chicago housing project. The book evaluates the impact of poverty, violence, and racism on kids growing up in what Kotlowitz calls “The Other America”: impoverished communities in urban areas. Kotlowitz employs statistics and exemplification in order…

Growing Up Earlier

I started playing basketball with 12 years old in my hometown, I used to watch a lot of basketball before because my cousin is a professional player and I loved to watch him play, but never tried entering on a team before. My first year playing, my coach taught me the basic skills to play,…

Growing up, Growing up

Growing up, Growing up, iit was frequently assumed that I would follow in my father’s footsteps. \He is one of Mumbai’s most eminent Senior Tax Counsel and as a result, the law was a prominent part of my everyday conversation and life. and as a result, the law was a prominent part of my everyday…

Persuasive Piece – Growing Up Asian in Australia

Creating and Presenting – Writing in Context Prompt: ‘To conform to the expectations of others can be destructive to the individual. ’ Statement of intention: This persuasive piece explores the ways in which young adults and even others in work places conform to the expectations of others and highlights the fact that this can be…

Growing Up Female With the Mass Media, Susan

Feminist movement

In her analysis, Douglas explores the impact of mass media on women in the 1950s, particularly teenage girls during the baby boom. She discusses the challenges women faced in reconciling conflicting expectations and the ongoing struggle to define their identities and roles. Douglas examines the mixed messages embedded in the female psyche through media representation….

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An individual can feel isolated and alienated if they don’t feel a sense of belonging to a certain community, place or even themselves. Feeling acceptance is an important aspect of belonging and can intensify an individual’s sense of belonging. Peter Skryznecki’s anthology Immigrant Chronicle, including poems ‘Migrant Hostel’ and ‘Feliks Skryznecki’. These poems explore how […]

Growing Up by Russell Baker is a memoir of his earliest memories in Morrisonville, Virginia until his first professional journalism job as a reporter for the Baltimore Sun in 1937. Throughout much of Baker’s youth women dominated Baker’s life. His mother, his grandmother and his sister Doris all had strong opinions and strong personalities that […]

Growing up in Charlotte, NC presented various challenges for my family and me. As the middle child among three siblings, I encountered difficulties. Unfortunately, we experienced the loss of my younger brother at a young age due to an illness. Initially residing on West Blvd., we eventually relocated to Rosszell ferry Rd. Throughout my childhood, […]

“It is dangerous to be different to the rest of society” The ideas of belonging represent the important and fundamental values over our lives. They most commonly emerge from experiences and notions of identity, relationships, acceptance and understanding. The personal aspect extends the sense of belonging. It is created though various ways in the text […]

Growing up in a household that does not have a father is not only an intriguing experience but also denies you the paternal care. Situations like those makes us vulnerable to many unpleasant conditions, more so, at the face of the friends that we flock with. Life becomes defenseless as one of the key security […]

The demand for hardware with the ability to handle more advanced graphics and powerful gaming engines in modern games is constantly increasing. This leads to faster obsolescence and the need for more frequent replacement of previously top-of-the-line hardware. It is crucial for gamers to regularly update their computers with the latest game developments. By building […]

Because the world is changing rapidly as time moves to introduce a lot of new processes that influence a different way of doing things. The dynamic processes are very first and move in a direction that has far-reaching implications especially in the way of doing business in the simultaneous corporate operations. The world has evolved […]

The manufacturing industry is experiencing a significant impact due to the rapid growth of 3D printing technology. Proto3000, a company that has ventured into 3D printing technology, makes the process easy by adding microscopic layers of materials instead of fabrication or machining. The technology involves treating resin with an ultraviolet laser, which was founded in […]

Group decision making is the process involving a group of individuals that serves to tackle a problem to achieve a solution. In other words, people with divergent views act collectively to analyze the situation and come up with alternative courses of action. In this context, the best alternative adopted as the best solution. Though people […]

With the increasing length of the journey to adulthood, it is crucial to find ways for young individuals to effectively transition from childhood to adulthood. As a result, there is limited knowledge about how the youth can comprehend societal expectations and their own living circumstances. There is limited knowledge about the social, personal, and financial […]

Overview A 15-year-old Canadian girl named Amanda Todd took her own life at her home in Port Coquitlam, Canada. Before her death, a YouTube video was uploaded by Amanda where she shared her ordeal of being coerced into exposing herself on webcam and enduring physical harassment and assault. This video gained rapid attention, leading to […]

In the Kite Runner, Amir is faced by many challenges as he grows up. However, he manages to conquer all, and towards the end of the book, he redeems himself. Towards the end of the story, he learns to stand for himself and face his challenges. Initially, his father had advised him that that a […]

McCormick was founded by Willoughby M. McCormick and three young workers in 1889 (“Historic milestones and passionate flavor discoveries”, 2016). Since then the company has grown, and its brands are currently available in 140 countries (Businesses, 2016). As it seeks to improve the universal experience of eating, the company has inspired home cooks and professional […]

I believe that living with one parent can initiate a lot of emotions. These thoughts can be pretty powerful and they can be bewildering too. A child might feel awfully sad and irritated as a result of the parents’ divorce. Another child might also feel contented that the parents separated and are not fighting to […]

The music industry is experiencing rapid growth and plays an integral role in societies worldwide. Music is essential as it provides entertainment. As a result of technological advancements, the music industry has undergone changes in terms of promoting new and existing music, marketing, and distribution. Upcoming artists are facing difficulties in adapting to these spontaneous […]

Growing up as a child in an alcoholic family can be a troublesome ordeal that can influence children who experience childhood in such situations for the rest of their lives. The presence of liquor abuse tends to influence the conduct of everybody around it, notwithstanding essentially adjusting the conduct of the individual who is routinely […]

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The complexities of growing up often revolve around a dance between self-discovery and the influences of the external world. In Rudolfo Anaya’s seminal novel “Bless Me, Ultima”, this intricacy is heightened against the backdrop of cultural tensions, folklore, and the sacred landscape of New Mexico. Through the eyes of Antonio Márez, a young boy on the cusp of adolescence, the novel intricately weaves a tale that is as much about the Chicano experience as it is about the universal journey of understanding oneself.

Central to Antonio’s journey is the character of Ultima, the elderly curandera (or healer) who comes to live with his family. She embodies the rich tapestry of Chicano folklore and tradition. Ultima is both a spiritual guide and a grandmotherly figure to Antonio, leading him on a path that is grounded in native customs and beliefs. With her, Antonio learns about the healing properties of plants, witnesses the exorcism of a cursed man, and confronts the evil of Tenorio and his three witch daughters. The power of nature, the moon, the river, and the vast llano, or plains, are not just passive settings in the novel but active entities influencing the story’s course.

The novel doesn’t shy away from exploring themes of faith, morality, and destiny either. The Catholic Church, represented by the priest, provides Antonio with some answers, but also more questions. His experiences, both traumatic and enlightening, make him question the existence of a compassionate God. It’s Ultima who introduces him to a more holistic spirituality, one that’s in tune with nature and ancestral spirits. The golden carp, a pagan god, symbolizes an alternative belief system, challenging Antonio’s preconceived notions of sin and punishment.

In conclusion, “Bless Me, Ultima” stands out as a profound narrative that is both personal and universal. While it’s rooted in the Chicano experience of the 1940s, its themes of cultural identity, the loss of innocence, and spiritual awakening are timeless and resonate with readers across different backgrounds. Rudolfo Anaya’s masterful storytelling, rich in regional color and folklore, offers a vivid portrait of a community at the crossroads of change and tradition. Through Antonio’s journey, readers are invited to reflect on their own moments of doubt, discovery, and understanding, making “Bless Me, Ultima” not just a novel, but an experience in itself.

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"Navigating Cultural Crossroads in "Bless Me, Ultima"," , 30-Oct-2023. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 4-Nov-2023] (2023). Navigating Cultural Crossroads in "Bless Me, Ultima" . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 4-Nov-2023]

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    For example, as our employer expectations are high, not all writers can handle the challenge of creating zero-plagiarism essay writing content in a short time frame, so as leading writing services we must keep everything in control. Only a Ph.D. professional can handle such a comprehensive project as a dissertation.

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