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Graduate School Essay & Personal Statement Editing Service

Stand out from the crowd of candidates by submitting a perfect graduate school admission essay.

Few Words About Graduate School Essay Editing

It’s important to understand the specificity of the graduate application essay, as your chances depend on this document. Our experts are true professionals in this field and know every nuance of grad school application essays. We know how it is significant for your future academic path and work to make your personal statement look polished, neat, and professional.

EssayEdge team of the best editors from the Ivy League has years of experience in academic editing. They are ready to share their expertise and will recommend how to highlight your unique personality in the grad school essay. We consider language aspects, structure, formatting, tone of voice, and specific instructions provided by the admission committee (depending on the chosen university and a major subject).

A wide range of legal services, a personalized approach, and highly experienced editors—we have all of these to assist you in crafting your admission masterpiece. EssayEdge experts are ready to be with you right from the moment you start writing the first draft until you finally submit your application. Choose the best fitting offer to make your grad school application essay correspond to all requirements and win the competition!

Graduate Personal Statement

A personal statement for graduate school shows your motivation and highlights the qualities making you the best-fitting candidate for a chosen program. With graduate personal statement editing, your statement will look completely perfect, free of any mistakes, and professional.

How Can Graduate Essay Editing Improve Your Application?

Sometimes, highly talented students have a lot of credentials and skills but do not know how to put them together in the graduate school application essay effectively. Still, it’s not a problem for our editors. EssayEdge service unites a team of the best experts who know how to reinforce your skills, experiences, and qualities. With their help, your essay will be free of mistakes and include a comprehensive overview of your educational background and academic experience.

We are working to provide expert help with grad school essays to make your application noticed by the committee. Our editors have years of experience working with graduate admission docs . So, they will detect all inconsistencies quickly and provide the most working ways to improve the quality of your text.

It’s necessary to mention that not only grammar matters to craft a good essay. Experts in graduate editing pay attention to various language nuances, including tone of voice, appropriate lexis usage, coherence, structure, and formatting. All these do matter and can influence the overall impression of your graduate school application essay. The more clear and concise your essay, the easier it will be perceived by the reader.

Our Expert Graduate Essay Editing and Proofreading Services Help Improve:

  • Lexis. A graduate essay requires appropriate vocabulary. EssayEdge editors focus on word choice and eliminate any possible inconsistencies. You will get professional recommendations about the lexis to improve the quality of the essay without changing its initial context.
  • The Tone of Voice. Some applicants forget about the importance of the style. In this case, colloquial words and expressions can be perceived as inappropriate, unprofessional, and even rude. Professional graduate school essay editing will help to make an impression of a respectful and admirable person.
  • Coherence. It’s crucial to follow the content requirements and include all necessary points. Still, without the coherence between the sentences and paragraphs, reading the essay for graduate school and catching its main message will be hard. Our graduate essay editing gurus provide recommendations to make the text look neat, professional, and logically structured.
  • Grammar Accuracy. Sentence structure affects the clarity of the text. Therefore, the applicant should ensure that his/her essay is error-free and reliable. After a thorough check, you will get the polished text without any grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes.
  • Structure and Formatting. Of course, the content of the graduate essay matters. But it also should be well-structured and formatted according to all instructions. Apart from a standard check, you can get useful advice from our experts on structure and formatting issues.
  • Engaging Narrative. Making your text interesting is one more significant aspect. Admission officers come across hundreds of essays for grad school admission, so your task is to make them engaged right from the first lines of your paper. In our editors’ feedback, you will find valuable tips on dealing with this issue effectively.

Make Your Graduate School Essay Stand Out

Your graduate school essay is a tool to catch the admission committee’s attention. They are searching for the most talented students who fit their studying community perfectly. And unfortunately, even high GPAs and test scores are not enough to impress the officers. Applicants’ main goal is to demonstrate their unique personality apart from academic performance. Thus, you need to focus on the facts from your background that make you stand out from the crowd of competitors.

The grad school essay that works should promote your candidacy from the best side. With EssayEdge grad school essay help, you will know how to highlight your experience, skills, and qualities. Most of our editors are graduates from Ivy League schools, so they are aware of the best working tactics to win the competition for the dream place.

Also, applicants are very nervous and worried about their future. And it can result in missing some important details or, instead, putting a lot of unnecessary or irrelevant data. But professional proofreading helps to detect such issues and avoid any misunderstandings. If you are totally confused with the graduate school essay and have no idea what to write, mentoring and professional assistance from the draft to the final version of the doc will be really useful. With Premier Package , this service (together with a brainstorming session, email interaction, and phone conversation) will be available for you for 14 days.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Graduate School Essay Review Service?

Undoubtedly, a brilliant essay for grad school can boost your chances of getting into the chosen university . With the advice of our editing experts, your paper will perfectly reflect your personality and underline your strong points, making you the best choice for the admission committee.

It will be easier to achieve your goal with the grad school application essay help and professional support. We provide services for those who do not know how to start an essay and the applicants who need just a standard check to ensure that everything is OK. Everything depends on the situation. That’s why we take all your requirements seriously. Thanks to the personalized approach to every client, you will get the most fitting service.

Our graduate school essay editing service offers several pricing options that depend on the type of assistance and customer needs. In every case, our mission is to help you succeed in your application and make your admission dream come true.

Highlight Your Unique Personality to Impress the Admission Committee

A graduate application essay is a powerful tool for creating the best impression of yourself. This paper can make you stand out from the crowd of applicants or spoil everything right from the first lines. Thus, the applicant should take this opportunity seriously.

Apart from grad school essay help, EssayEdge editors from the Ivy League are ready to share their unique experiences. You will get useful recommendations on how to assure the committee that you are the best-fitting candidate. With our expert help, you will be confident that you did your best to impress the officers.

Our team of best professionals also prepared free guides, podcasts, sample graduate school admission essays, and blog articles , where you can find the best recommendations on crafting great documents.

Reasons Why We Are the Best Editing Service for Graduate School Essay

The New York Times calls EssayEdge the “world’s premier essay editing service ”, and here are the main reasons why we are the best graduate school essay editing service:

  • We unite the best team of professional editors with, on average, 12 years of editing and proofreading experience. Most of them are graduates or professors in Ivy League schools;
  • Personalized approach to every client. We consider all the requirements and edit papers depending on the subject, chosen university, and specific instructions;
  • EssayEdge is a legal service in the US and worldwide. We adhere to privacy and academic integrity policies;
  • We provide essay help for grad school and other academic levels to increase your chances for success. The competition is becoming higher from year to year, and the importance of the personal statement is also increasing;
  • Our task is to highlight your uniqueness. Every applicant’s story is sacred to us, and we provide editing and proofreading services without damaging your initial writing style.

EssayEdge > Graduate Essay Editing

Why Choose Us

Grad school application.

Professional help with graduate school essay may be essential, as you need to submit killer admission documents.

You may have a CV that’s overflowing with experiences to include in your graduate school application, but crafting a focused essay can be challenging. Graduate school admission essay editing by EssayEdge can help you tell your story. Our editors will make your writing clear and concise so that you can earn a coveted seat in the class.

Some graduate schools ask for a resume. It shows who you are and what you’ve accomplished. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t transform a resume into your personal statement.

Every graduate school requests letters of recommendation. You can submit either professional or academic LOR. We can help you find out what letters will work best for you.

Always submit additional essays if you have a chance to do so, focusing on your personality or the diversity that you will bring to the school. A well-written admission essay is your chance to stand out.

This essay describes why you want to participate in a particular program or enter a specific school. Professional brainstorming with our experts may help you define your goals and write them down.

This is an essential part of your application package, so make sure to invest enough time in writing it. Our editors will ensure that your letter covers all the information related to the graduate school of your choice.

Write this essay to introduce yourself and show your potential contribution to the community. Graduate school personal statement brainstorming can help communicate your thoughts effectively.

Types of documents

In most graduate schools, applicants are required to submit a personal statement or statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and some optional components.

Be sure to read your grad school instructions carefully and let our editors help you polish each document.

Experienced Graduate School Essay Editors

Our editors have developed expertise in graduate school admission essay editing to help you write a flawless essay.

graduate school essay tutor

"I am experienced editing undergraduate and graduate school application materials, academic papers and theses."

College; Graduate; Law; MBA; Medical School;

Amy A. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"What started out as a part-time job to pay for my college tuition quickly grew into a passion for admissions essay editing and counseling."

College; Graduate; Law; MBA; Medical School; Premier package;

Anastasia M. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"My aim is to ensure your unique skills, experience, and attributes are highlighted and shine through in your essays."

College; Cover Letter; Dental; Graduate; Law; MBA; Medical School; Premier package;

Anna S. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"I perfect a client's writing while also addressing critical areas that need improvement, all while maintaining the client's unique voice."

Ashley R. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"I have a unique perspective on the college admissions process and on the job application process."

Brandon D. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"I am excited to help take your writing to the next level."

College; Education; Graduate; Law; MBA;

Brian Pieragostini - Picture Online Bio 1

" I improve an essay through specific and constructive feedback."

Cynthia C. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"I pride myself on my detail-oriented and conscientious editing skills that I am sure to tailor to the individual needs of each client."

Helen M. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"I can handle most tasks, including resumes and applications for college and graduate studies. "

James C. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"I like to work on essays for graduate programs (Master’s and PhD) in any discipline."

College; Graduate; MBA;

Julia Z. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

I love supporting students with admissions essays, cover letters, academic essays, theses and dissertations.

College; Education; Graduate; Law; MBA; Premier package;

graduate school essay tutor

"My approach focuses on clarity and conciseness"

Kiran S. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

" I am experienced editing admissions essays, recommendation letters, as well as academic papers and theses."

College; Cover Letter; Graduate; Law; Medical School;

Linda R. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"I enjoy getting to know my customers and helping them reach their undergraduate and professional goals."

Lyra D. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"I have a deep love for the written word and have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with high schoolers to strengthen their writing skills."

Mary F. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"I have a great deal of experience assisting those applying to law school and LL.M. programs."

Cover Letter; Graduate; Law; MBA; Medical School;

graduate school essay tutor

"I have supervised undergraduate and graduate students and done more than my share of correcting, advising, and grading papers."

Melissa S. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"I find great joy and satisfaction in crafting precise language, and in helping people tell their stories with honesty and style"

Reid A. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"I am well versed in working with both undergraduate and graduate application essays."

Scott J. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"My goal is to work with customers and help present their ideas in their own words in a professional and grammatically sound manner."

Shauna G.

"I love supporting students so they can achieve more in their academic writing, from theses to admissions materials like personal statements."

Steven G. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

“I enjoy helping people improve non-native writing in which they have demonstrated a great deal of time and effort.”

Susan L. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"I enjoy helping clients tell their particular stories: who they are at heart and how they got to where they are now in their lives."

graduate school essay tutor

"I am looking forward to helping countless new students achieve their academic aspirations."

College; Cover Letter; Graduate; Law; MBA; Medical School;

Valerie S. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"I specialize in editing essays for undergraduate, MBA programs, medical school, graduate programs, and law school."

Yasmine B. - a member of the Team Essay Editors at EssayEdge

"I’m a hands-on writing and editing coach. Let's work together to create an essay that stands out from the pack! "

How it works

Getting started is easy.

Place order

Provide the files you need help with and choose the type of service. Select your editor or let us recommend an expert.

Complete payment

Pay online using our secure payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Track your order

Log in to your personal customer area and track the process of transformation of your essay.

Download the final version of your essay, send it to an educational institution of your choice, enjoy a new chapter in your life.

Choose the Offer That Works Best for You


You did a great job and almost finished your essay, but you still need a final check. Our editor will proofread your work for typos and grammatical errors, providing you with minor constructive suggestions.

0 - 600 words $69

601 - 1,200 words $99

1,201 - 1,800 words $129

1.801 - 2,400 words $159

+2,400 words $12 per + 100 words

24-hour rush +$59

You have a half-finished essay, but you still need proofreading and expert critique to strengthen your writing. Our editor will help improve your style and will provide a detailed review of the essay structure, content, and tone.

0 - 600 words $149

601 - 1,200 words $199

1,201 - 1,800 words $239

1,801 - 2,400 words $279

Second reading +50% of order price

You need a package of documents that are consistent in style and complement each other. Submit 3+ documents in one order, and we will assign one editor to work on them. The editor will polish all your docs and add suggestions on style and tone.

1,800 - 2,400 words $229

2,401 - 3,000 words $289

3,001 - 3,600 words $399

3,601 - 4,200 words $459

4,201 - 4,800 words $519

72-hour rush $119

You need comprehensive assistance to start writing your admission essay. Our editor will guide you through the process, from topic brainstorming to the finished piece. The second reading is included in this package.

0 - 600 words $379

601 - 1,200 words $429

1,201 - 1,800 words $479

1,801 - 2,400 words $529

What Our Customers Say

Using such services as graduate school essay brainstorming, editing and proofreading, our customers have successfully submitted their applications.

Ernest W.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our service and the ways we can help with your school application.

Is it possible to have a rush review if my deadline is on fire?

Do i have an option not only to proofread my essay but to have a brainstorming session with the editor, will my essay become more valuable after the proofread.

Check our FAQ for more detailed information

  • How to start
  • Description

Do you have more questions? We are always here for you.

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Our mission is to prepare you for academic and career success.

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Award-Winning Grad School Personal Statement Tutors

Welcome! Let's match you with the perfect Grad School Personal Statement tutor.

Who needs tutoring?

We look at 100+ variables to create a personalized learning plan to match each student's personal needs and goals.

My son was failing Algebra on all levels. He began working with one of the VT 1-on-1 a month ago. He now has an overall grade of 91%!
Varsity Tutors really helped me understand the concepts during my Calculus 2 class. My tutor has such amazing patience and is open to many questions! Lastly, was always on time and very prompt. Highly suggest Varsity Tutors.

Understanding your timeframe helps us to develop a tailor-made learning plan just for you.


We have a 4.9/5 average customer satisfaction rating.

Found me a great Python, C Programming, and MatLab tutor for a Engineering Computation course.

— Charles C

We've had the BEST experience with VT! Our tutor has helped my middle schoolers math grades come up from a D to an A for our 8th grader. and from a D to a B for my 6th grader. I'm beyond pleased with how she connected with my boys.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed — if for any reason you’re not satisfied after your initial session, we’ll find a better fit. And your next session will be free of charge.

We know every student is unique. And they deserve a tutoring experience as unique as their needs. With thousands of tutors available, we're confident to find the one best for you.

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Private Grad School Personal Statement Tutoring

Our interview process, stringent qualifications, and background screening ensure that only the best Grad School Personal Statement tutors work with Varsity Tutors. To assure a successful experience, you're paired with one of these qualified tutors by an expert director - and we stand behind that match with our money-back guarantee.

Receive personally tailored Grad School Personal Statement lessons from exceptional tutors in a one-on-one setting. We help you connect with the best tutor for your particular needs while offering flexible scheduling to fit your busy life.

As an individual begins to graduate from college, they tend to start thinking about what comes next. While some students may opt to go straight into the workforce, other students opt for more school in the form of pursuing a master's degree or professional degree from a graduate school. Students who are interested in going to graduate school are typically required to write a personal statement as a part of their application process. Writing a great personal statement can be the difference between getting into one's program of choice or not. If you'd like some help writing a personal statement for grad school, then you may want to consider grad school personal statement tutoring. You can contact Varsity Tutors to learn more about finding a grad school personal statement tutor.

When you sign up for grad school personal statement tutoring, you get access to an expert on the personal statement writing process. You and your tutor can work together in a one-on-one setting to go over whatever you'd like help with. For example, your tutor can help you with things like:

  • Picking a topic
  • Writing with the right tone
  • Organizing your personal statement
  • Grammar and syntax

You can go over each of these topics with your tutor through a set of customized lessons that are based on your unique needs, learning style, and academic goals. Your tutor can instruct you with a variety of mediums and methodologies to ensure that you remain engaged and actively participating in each tutoring session. This type of personalization means that depending on your needs, your tutor can spend more time with you on idea generation and less time with grammar and syntax. The same option is available for whatever personal statement topic you've been struggling with.

Varsity Tutors can also help you discover the grad school personal statement tutoring options that fit into your schedule. You can pick when and where you meet with your tutor. This ensures that you won't have to rearrange the other important parts of your life just to get the help you've been searching for. You can even work with your grad school personal statement tutor online through a Live Learning Platform that features many sophisticated academic tools. This flexibility ensures that even the busiest students can get help with everything from working your accomplishments into your writing in a fluid way through the important writing revision process.

If you're ready to start working with a personal statement tutor, then you don't have to waste any more of your time searching online for "grad school personal statement tutoring near me." Instead, you can reach out to Varsity Tutors to be connected quickly and easily with a tutor who fits your needs.

Your Personalized Tutoring Program and Instructor

Identify Needs

Our knowledgeable directors help you choose your tutor with your learning profile and personality in mind.

Customize Learning

Your tutor can customize your lessons and present concepts in engaging easy-to-understand-ways.

Increased Results

You can learn more efficiently and effectively because the teaching style is tailored to you.

Online Convenience

With the flexibility of online tutoring, your tutor can be arranged to meet at a time that suits you.


graduate school essay tutor

Graduate school essay writing services

Seeking to leave a lasting impression on your mentor with a well-crafted essay that meets every requirement? Entrust your paper to our expert graduate school essay writing services, where we'll create a tailor-made masterpiece from scratch and return it to you swiftly.

Trusted by 1,5M+ happy customers


Assembly of skilled professionals

Choose a graduate school essay writer from EssayPro's diverse pool of experts, backed by a decade of experience and a commitment to quality. Trust our top-level professionals from the U.S. and Canada who possess the skills to handle any paper type, study level, or subject matter.

Neat W.

Perks accompanying graduate school essay

We keep it confidential.

Your privacy is our priority at EssayPro. We ensure all communication occurs through secure, encrypted channels and do not share any data with third parties, guaranteeing your complete security.

We've got your back 24/7

Get round-the-clock customer support for all your online writing needs. Contact us anytime, and our team will provide prompt assistance with your questions or urgent orders.

Pay only for perfection

Our graduate essay writing service requires a top-up of funds when placing an order, held in your account until you confirm your satisfaction with the completed work. Rest assured that your investment will only be released once you are pleased with our services.

Originality at its best

Our commitment to originality ensures that every essay is written from scratch and thoroughly checked with plagiarism detection software, providing you with a 100% unique paper every time.

Unfiltered reviews straight from our beloved clients!

Discover how our relentless commitment to exceptional service is making a difference by reading the latest customer reviews and feedback about our hard work.

Our grad school essay writing: subjects we cover

The art of writing: exploring creative writing.

Looking for that creative spark to jumpstart your graduate paper? No problem! Our graduate essay writing service is here to help. Our team of experts will provide you with a paper that not only fulfills your institution's expectations but is full of fresh and innovative concepts that will leave your readers impressed.

The science of health: an overview of health sciences

Our experts are ready to tackle your health sciences tasks, providing specialized knowledge and extensive research to create a custom graduate school paper in no time. Place your order, select the professional most relevant to your task, and let us help you excel in this tricky subject area.

The study of humanity: understanding humanities

Humanities encompass a diverse range of fields, making them a challenging yet fascinating area of study. If you're struggling with a humanities assignment, our service can provide you with expert assistance, regardless of the task's size, difficulty level, or deadline.

Building the future: a look at engineering

Engineering graduate school essays demand a comprehensive grasp of mechanics, mathematics, and state-of-the-art technologies. If comprehending these fields proves challenging, don't fret. Our service specializes in assisting students in crafting top-notch essays. Each time you seek our help, we'll assign the most suitable expert for the task.

Unlocking the secrets of the physical world: discovering physical sciences

Physical sciences encompass diverse and intricate branches. Whether you're enrolled in a general course or pursuing a specialized field, we offer original, high-quality academic services that meet your deadlines. Just provide us with all your specifications, including preferred sources and formatting, and we'll get started on delivering a tailored paper to your satisfaction.

Learn how our grad school essay service works

1. spill the beans on your needs.

Ready, set, succeed! Get a head start on your professional graduate school essay with a quick and easy order form. In just 10 minutes, you'll provide all the necessary details and upload any relevant documents. Don't forget to specify your desired referencing style.

2. Snag your paper guru

Unlock a world of possibilities! Discover a diverse pool of experts in your field, all competing to secure your project. Get an inside look at their profiles to make a confident choice.

3. Grab your paper and seal the deal

Get ready to be amazed! A notification will soon land in your inbox, announcing the completion of your paper. Take a quick peek, download, and double-check for satisfaction. If it's everything you dreamed of, release payment to your expert and seal the deal by closing the order.

graduate school essay tutor

Frequently asked questions

What steps does your graduate school essay writing service take to guarantee the originality of my essay, does your service include revisions in case they are needed, what is the turnaround time for completing the paper, how does the grad school essay help process payments for its services, does your graduate essay writing service maintain confidentiality, expert grad school essay writing service at your service, trusted graduate writing service for all academic fields.

Looking for a top-notch essay that showcases your knowledge, cites reliable sources, and boasts flawless formatting? Look no further! Our team of experts will craft a custom essays just for you, considering all of your specific requirements. Stay connected with your expert through encrypted chat and even request drafts to ensure everything is on track. Our experienced Quality Assurance team is always on hand to ensure the final product meets our high standards. Start your journey to a standout grad school essay NOW!

Improve your academic life with our graduate school essay writing service

Elevate your academic journey with our exceptional services, tailored by a brilliant team of experts on our platform. These masterminds, equipped with advanced degrees and cutting-edge knowledge, possess remarkable skills and the drive to enhance your educational experience.

Delve into the world of history essay writing as an additional service, where professionals of our admission essay writing service , including Masters and PhDs, are rigorously vetted for their education, recent expertise, and research prowess. Trust in our writers for unparalleled quality and consistency in your academic endeavors!

Discover the exceptional features of graduate essay writing services online

At our service, quality is a guarantee. That's why so many students keep coming back to us for their writing needs. Here's what you can expect from us:

  • Expert help on a wide range of subjects
  • Only native-speaking experts
  • Quality assurance checks for uniqueness and accuracy
  • On-time delivery, every time
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Affordable prices for top-notch work
  • 24/7 customer support

Choose us for a stress-free experience whether you need your grad essay or custom research paper writing .


More than 4 million 5-star reviews

65,000 expert tutors in 300+ subjects, find a great match with our good fit guarantee, featured by the nation’s most respected news sources.

New York Times

Tutors from top universities


Get 1:1 help fast

The Best essay Tutoring Online

Find the best essay tutor.

Christal-Joy T. Arlington, TX, available for online & in-person tutoring

Virtual PhD tutor that can meet your analytical & college essay needs

I am a higher education professional and educational consultant who has a passion for not only helping students get into college, but make it through college. I have taught research methodology at the university level and have a PhD in Educational... See Christal-Joy's full profile

Not only did she really have a strong mastery of the material, but she presented and organized the lesson in a way that was very helpful. Lots of people know this stuff, but not everyone can share that knowledge in a way that mak... read the full review - Kristen , 12 lessons with Christal-Joy

Jonathan K. New York, NY, available for online & in-person tutoring

Writing Mentor specializing in College Application Essays

A professional writing mentor, I have worked chiefly with university applicants since 2013; full time the last 5 years. Essay Mentor for Fulbright Commission, 2015-2020, working with extremely promising applicants to help them in applying... See Jonathan's full profile

Jonathan helped our daughter prepare essays for almost 20 schools. He worked with her weekly over several months to generate strategies for how to approach each application (e.g., which supplemental essays to choose if there is a... read the full review - Nahid , 92 lessons with Jonathan

Adrien L. Riverside, CA, available for online & in-person tutoring

Univ Prof Coaching Writing, Research, and Public Speaking

As a Writing Center Director during that time, I have had the joy of working with students (from all fields of study and all skill levels) develop their academic projects as well as their college entrance essays , resumes, graduate research... See Adrien's full profile

I contacted Adrien for help with graduate application essays. She is talented in many areas, such English, Writing, Grammar, Career Development, and Public Speaking. As she has had past experience in journalism and has taught vari... read the full review - Diya , 5 lessons with Adrien

Ben G. Washington, DC, available for online & in-person tutoring

Assists Prospective Students with Application Essay Writing Process

On Wyzant's platform alone, I’ve worked with prospective college, graduate, law school, med school, and vet school students to help them develop their application essays . I assist them with the various aspects of the writing process... See Ben's full profile

Ben has been an amazing college essay help throughout my whole process so far. He is always there to respond to any messages I send, and he even has quick responses to any of my questions. His work ethic is one of the best I have ... read the full review - Rita , 48 lessons with Ben

Barbara L. Arden, NC, available for online tutoring

Essay Proofreading

As a veteran high school teacher and a college consultant, I have been helping students write and refine their essays for almost 20 years. In addition to resolving any grammar and punctuation errors, I can provide meticulous feedback on... See Barbara's full profile

Eitan G. New York, NY, available for online & in-person tutoring

Published Author, NYU MFA in Writing, Personal Statement Specialist

I have assisted students through their college journeys since 2016. Since then, I have run large college essay workshops and have worked privately with individuals applying to top schools such as Stanford University, The University of... See Eitan's full profile

Eitan is so knowledgeable about the structure, grammar, and wording of essays and always gives extremely helpful feedback. He is very patient and is willing to go out of his way to help his students succeed. He not only helps with... read the full review - Elena , 24 lessons with Eitan

Anna C. Charlotte, NC, available for online & in-person tutoring

SAT/ACT Prep Expert. 10 Years Experience. 99th Percentile Scorers

I have also guided students though the college admissions process. I have helped many of them improve their personal statements and application essays to reflect their stunning talent and persistent dedication. When I do have free time, I... See Anna's full profile

My son started working with Anna in advance of the April ACT. They met twice a week, sometimes once a week, and she assigned weekly homework for him to do. I could tell that they hit it off because he never complained about the ... read the full review - Bojan , 10 lessons with Anna

Vindhyaa P. Jacksonville, FL, available for online & in-person tutoring

College Application, Academic, Creative Essay Tutor

About Me: As an enthusiastic tutor of 8 years and counting, I’ve taught students of various ages and diverse backgrounds in a wide variety of subjects: College Essay Writing, Academic Essay Writing, Creative Writing, Chess,... See Vindhyaa's full profile

Vindhyaa has been teaching our daughter for the past 3 years, and we just discovered Wynzant. She has been a HUGE rescue keeping my daughter motivated and ahead of her classes (especially during COVID remote times). She is patient... read the full review - Hoori

Teagan L. Austin, TX, available for online & in-person tutoring

Award-winning Harvard Grad / College Essay and Application Consultant

Throughout my tutoring career, I have helped numerous clients refine and polish academic papers, college essays , and applications. Whether you need assistance with your writing style, grammar, vocabulary, or paper structure, I can use my... See Teagan's full profile

Teagan has been helping my daughter with her college essays and counseling and has been exceptional! He has been patient, always positive and brings out the best in her. He clearly understands what various colleges need and guides... read the full review - Varadan , 8 lessons with Teagan

Nathan Y. Worcester, MA, available for online tutoring

Experienced Editor and Essay Crafter

I specialize in assisting students with essays from start to finish. My writing intensive college coursework, editing experience, and firsthand experience with college and graduate school application essay editing has equipped me... See Nathan's full profile

I first requested Nathan's edits for my Common App Essay. After receiving these edits back, I knew I would be sending him the rest of my college essays. His edits have been extremely helpful to my college essay process. He is able... read the full review - Emily , 4 lessons with Nathan

Annette D. Dunn, NC, available for online & in-person tutoring

Editor of Books and Hundreds of Columns, & Innumerable College Essays

I spent nearly 20 years as a freelance reporter and editor. In addition, I served 14 years as a college instructor, often helping other educators with their resumes and other job promoting documents. I'd love to help you either proofread, or learn... See Annette's full profile

I cannot speak highly enough of Annette's incredible work as a tutor for my daughter. Over the course of a few sessions in English, Annette has proven to be an absolute gem in providing invaluable support and guidance. What makes ... read the full review - Antoinette , 6 lessons with Annette

Abby P. Miami, FL, available for online tutoring

Certified College Counselor; ACT/SAT, English & Reading Expert

My areas of expertise are all things college prep and English: ACT test prep, SAT test prep, college application essays , the Common App, college counseling, general essay writing, literacy, reading comprehension, and writing skills... See Abby's full profile

After each session my daughter has thanked me for finding Abby. She is well prepared and extremely professional. My daughter’s confidence has grown exponentially after two sessions.... read the full review - Lisa , 3 lessons with Abby

Elizabeth H. Washington, DC, available for online & in-person tutoring

All Ages, Passionate Creative Writing & ELA Teacher

For example, I have helped students compose short stories for Youtube and science fiction novels. Additionally, I offer help with schoolwork like homework, essays , assessments, etc. Furthermore, I have experience preparing students for... See Elizabeth's full profile

Lizza helped our son prepare for his creative writing competition. Within a week there was a marked improvement in his understanding of the structure of a story and his confidence. Thank you so much !!... read the full review - Vikram , 13 lessons with Elizabeth

Lev N. Philadelphia, PA, available for online & in-person tutoring

Experienced Ivy university instructor for writing, college apps, GRE

I am also an experienced writing instructor and have taught writing at Princeton and at Swarthmore College. I can assist you with all aspects of literature classes such as essay writing, research, literary analysis, and theory. See Lev's full profile

Patrice R. Oak Lawn, IL, available for online tutoring

Proofreader of Essays and Dissertations

I am a freelance editor and proofreader of dissertations. My many years of grading and evaluating essays , ranging from secondary school to graduate school, helped me develop a keen eye for identifying grammatical errors and or sentence... See Patrice's full profile

Great tutor!! My son Max has had several lessons with Patrice for reading. She is experienced, has great lesson plans and is very patient. We plan to keep working with Ms. Patrice ... read the full review - Shavon , 33 lessons with Patrice

Ari G. Seattle, WA, available for online & in-person tutoring

Experienced English Tutor

In a previous tutoring role, I assisted undergraduates and community college students with essay writing and English. I facilitated understanding of organization, argumentation, citations, and grammar through questioning and dialogue.... See Ari's full profile

Erica F. Winston Salem, NC, available for online & in-person tutoring

Writing Coach & Essay Specialist (College + Grad/Med/Law School)

Over the the last 12 years, I have been honored to help my clients hone their writing skills, pursue their dreams, and achieve their highest potential. I began assisting students with college essays and college applications as an... See Erica's full profile

I began working with Erica in the Spring to begin crafting my primary application for medical school. Erica takes the time to get to know you and your story. She will ask you questions that will allow you to reflect and produce yo... read the full review - Natalie , 18 lessons with Erica

Ben U. Culver City, CA, available for online & in-person tutoring

College Application Essay Specialist with PhD from Berkeley

I’ve been helping university applicants with their college essays since 2016. My clients have been accepted at top-tier universities across the US. Taught academic writing at UC Berkeley for ten years. Directed 30 senior theses primarily... See Ben's full profile

If you’re struggling with a tight deadline and getting your ideas down on paper, book a session with Ben. He knows just the right questions to ask and has an amazing technique for getting your essays done as fast and as well as p... read the full review - Katherine

H S. Los Angeles, CA, available for online & in-person tutoring

Essays & Personal Statements, Grad & MBA Apps|Resumes | Interview Prep

Whether helping clients write standout essays and personal statements for college, graduate school, MBA or ERAS applications, or providing resume, career guidance, and interview preparation support, I enable and empower my clients to define... See H's full profile

This is the tutor you are looking for, believe me. I cannot recommend H.S.'s services enough; his unwavering dedication and individualized support have been instrumental in pulling me from professional stagnation and developing me... read the full review - Tristan , 13 lessons with H

Andrea C. Huntington, NY, available for online & in-person tutoring

Maximize your AP World History and Regents Global History grades!

World History courses require: new ways of thinking, document analysis, comparisons across time and space, close reading, and insightful essay writing. I help students learn how to master content understanding, while improving their... See Andrea's full profile

You need to have Andrea on your student’s AP World History (“APWH”) team if you want your child to dominate the class, not just do well. My son began working with Andrea the summer before starting APWH. She initially helped him f... read the full review - Toni , 184 lessons with Andrea

Lindsay P. Groton, NY, available for online & in-person tutoring

Experienced Ivy League Admissions Professional. Essay Expert.

...process successfully. Whether you would like guidance on building a competitive application portfolio or need help with the essay component, I would love to be a part of your college application team! Successful Outcomes Include Boston University,... See Lindsay's full profile

Leigh W. Woodbridge, VA, available for online tutoring

Experienced Consultant in College Essay Writing

I have worked with students in high school, undergraduate and, post-graduate levels to help craft and polish essays for college admissions through college prep programs at my university, as well as, external (not university-affiliated)... See Leigh's full profile

Eryn C. Glendale, AZ, available for online tutoring

Kind, Patient, and Experienced Writing Tutor for College Students

I can help you with discussion boards, essays , reports, and research papers on a wide range of subjects. In addition, I can teach you the basics of writing: brainstorming, creating an outline, understanding the parts of an essay ,... See Eryn's full profile

Everything Eryn did was amazing. Highly recommend her for essays evaluation. She uses certified resources and carefully applies them. She literally corrects the essay to perfection. ... read the full review - Bogdanka , 2 lessons with Eryn

Gabriel M. Los Angeles, CA, available for online & in-person tutoring

Experienced College Essay Coach with UCLA PhD in English

As a PhD in English who spent nearly a decade teaching at UCLA, I have developed deep professional skills in helping students excel at college essay writing. My background as a writer and professor also gives me insights into what... See Gabriel's full profile

I loved working with Mr. Mehlman. At first, I was nervous about using the help of someone I didn’t know with something so crucial to my life, but Mr. Mehlman’s demeanor and skills helped me build confidence as I wrote more and mor... read the full review - Mook , 19 lessons with Gabriel

Madeline G. Seattle, WA, available for online & in-person tutoring

Experienced Grad-School, Fellowship, and College Essay Tutor

I'm happy to work with you on any stage of the writing process, whether it be last-minute final edits, brainstorming content and outlining, or anything in between! College and graduate school essay coaching has been a focus of mine... See Madeline's full profile

I could write pages on how significant Maddy has been for me throughout my graduate applications process, but I will try to keep it short because I want you to read my entire review. I have been working with Maddy since Summer 20... read the full review - Danielle , 123 lessons with Madeline

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 Graduate School Personal Statement Advising 

Graduate school personal statements online advising.

The graduate school personal statement can seem like the most daunting and difficult part of your application.

Silver lining, though: a well-written essay can:

  • Wake up a bored admissions committee (most essays they'll read are extremely similar)
  • Convey your real personality and make you come alive to your readers
  • Depict your experiences in movie-like clarity and detail
  • Show your best qualities and values
  • Help the reader see why you and their program are such a great fit

Simply put, the essay is not a to-do; it's a powerful tool to help you get accepted!

Lauren Hammond is our grad school essay expert and has been helping people write their graduate school personal statements for several years. Whether you just want some feedback on a draft, or you're staring at a blank Word doc and don't know where to begin, she is happy to help!

Contact Lauren directly at  951 -395-4646 (phone or text), or send us an email .

She works with people online via Zoom and via email / Google Docs.

Lauren specializes in working with people applying to healthcare programs:

  • physician assistant
  • occupational therapy
  • physical therapy
  • PsyD / PhD in psychology
  • speech-language pathology

She is, of course, happy to work with people applying to any type of graduate program.

P.S. We offer GRE prep for people applying to healthcare graduate programs as well as to those applying to business school  and law school !

Lauren Hammond

Lauren Hammond

Lauren:  I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Literature and Writing, with a concentration in Writing, at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) and my Master’s Degree in English and Comparative Literature at San Diego State University (SDSU). I am currently a fourth-year PhD student in English at the University of California Riverside (UCR). 

I have been a writing consultant for over six years now, and I've helped people with  research writing, thesis/dissertation projects, rhetorical and literary analyses, writing in the humanities, grammar/sentence mechanics, and more. 

For Vince Kotchian Test Prep, I specialize in assisting clients throughout their graduate school application process, which includes personal statement and research proposal writing. My one-on-one sessions are designed to help my clients think about their specific goals, timeline, significance, and broader impacts of their prospective research. 

When it comes to personal statement writing, I show my clients how to create a coherent narrative about who they are as a researcher to help them persuade their reviewers that they are a qualified candidate who fulfills the funding agency’s mission, and briefly outlines their career goals. I help students develop their narratives by drawing on personal history, family background, and intellectual development as well as their educational, leadership, and cultural experiences to describe the motivations that drive their research goals and other professional endeavors.

I love hanging out in San Diego during my downtime! My favorite activities are snorkeling and playing volleyball at the beach,  cruising the fun hiking trails , and making my way through all of the local eateries. When I am not at the beach or in the classroom, I am usually napping and cuddling with my dog, Lego.

Working with Lauren is $145 per hour or $675 for a package purchase of 5 hours. You can reach her at  951 -395-4646 (phone or text), or by sending us an email .

Love For Lauren

" Very happy to have worked with Vince on my GRE prep and Lauren on my personal essay writing. Both were integral to my success in getting accepted to my ideal grad school. Vince had a very straightforward and understandable approach toward taking the test which helped remove the test anxiety I definitely would have otherwise felt. I knew exactly what was coming weeks before I sat down to take it and managed to score about 10-15 points higher than I would have without his help. Lauren was equally helpful in editing my essay - both on the finer details as well as big picture ideas and concepts. I wholeheartedly believe their assistance throughout the GRE and grad school application process is what pushed me over the edge and got me accepted into my ideal program at my ideal school. 5 stars, no question."

- Clifford Grant ( see review on Google Maps )

"I worked with Lauren Hammond on my personal statement and she was amazing!! I spent a couple months working with her and it was one of the best decisions that I feel elevated my grad school applications. I came into the first meeting with a draft essay that was basically my resume and was all over the place. Lauren helped me nail down my story and what I am passionate about. I ended up writing an amazing personal statement with great feedback from Lauren that I felt really showed readers who I am. She was super flexible with the times we met and I ended up getting into my TOP choice schools (Johns Hopkins, Brown, etc). I would definitely work with her again!"

- Aster M. ( see review on Google Maps )

"I had about 6 sessions with Lauren Hammond to go over my personal statements for PhD/PsyD Clinical Psychology applications. I had different goals for each of my statements (e.g., trim, content development, brainstorm ideas), and she tailored each session to meet my needs. An hour might seem short, but she was very productive and sometimes went over two short statements in one session. She was also available via text for any brief questions or concerns. I am very happy with her service and recommend it to anyone who wants to craft a stand-out personal statement. I thought my writing skills were already good, but the final product, including her revisions, turned out even better than I expected. "

- Fiona Wang ( see review on Google Maps )

"Lauren Hammond was so incredibly helpful with my personal statements for grad school. I really needed help with organization, staying focused on a coherent narrative and content-building, which she was phenomenal with. She's also a really sweet person and a pleasure to work with! Can't recommend her enough."

- Mira Park  ( see review on Google Maps )

" As I was applying to PhD programs, I was struggling to write my personal statements. I searched online for hours to try and find something or someone that looked worth spending the money on and I came across Lauren Hammond at Vince Kotchian Test Prep. I was only planning on doing maybe one session to help get me started but Lauren was SO good that I continued working with her for weeks. She gave such valuable feedback and felt like she truly cared about making my work the best it can be. I even recommended her to my other colleagues who were applying to grad school and they felt the same way. I currently have 3 interviews for grad school and I couldn't have gotten those without her help!"

- Mikayla Haas ( see review on Google Maps )

"Lauren Hammond was amazing. She provided me with thoughtful feedback that structured and strengthened my graduate school application essays. She was great at asking questions to push me to be a better writer. You can tell she genuinely cares about her students and wants to see you succeed. Additionally she is flexible in scheduling and will make deadlines work with your timeline. I was accepted into my top school choice and appreciate Lauren for her help in the process. If you or someone you know is looking for an essay tutor for graduate applications, Lauren is definitely the best!"

- Renee Begin ( see review on Google Maps )

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I spend writing my personal statement?

We generally recommend about 4-8 weeks - 6 weeks is a good sweet spot. It takes time to come up with ideas and get those ideas onto paper in a compelling form.

Where can I find some good examples of personal statements?

Other than Google, I really like the sample admissions essays in Graduate Admissions Essays by Donald Asher. If you're a DIY kind of person, Asher's advice for the entire graduate admissions process is very good.

graduate school essay tutor

Note:  The above links are Amazon affiliate links and I earn a commission if you purchase things through them. However, any commission I earn comes at no additional cost to you, and you pay nothing extra. My recommendation is based on extensive experience using this book's advice with dozens of people over the years, and I recommend it because it's helpful and useful, not because of the small commission I receive if you choose to buy it.

How can I make my personal statement stand out?

MOST personal statements are BORING! Not because the person writing them is boring, but perhaps because:

  • Their focus is too broad. They try to cover everything they've done, and nothing ends up standing out.
  • They're impersonal. It's a personal statement - the reader needs to get a sense of who you are and what you're actually like - not some sanitized "professional" version of you.
  • They're too safe. Ironically, a statement that takes no risks can be the riskiest thing you can do. We're not applying to a program with the intent of blending in with all the other applicants!

Granted, the above things can be overdone, or done wrong. But most statements make no impact, so it's worth thinking about how yours actually can.

For more personal statement tips, check out Vince's video: 7 Ways to Write a Crappy Graduate School Personal Statement.


Which program are you applying to?

Grad school essay writing, get accepted speak with an admissions expert today.

  • Grad School
  • Graduate School Essay Writing

Your graduate school essays serve as the human dimension in your entire application. The essays hold your application together and truly show the adcom the one thing they want to know: WHO YOU ARE. It is for this reason that your graduate school admissions essays need to be authentic and exceptional.

The following resources will walk you through the process of creating a captivating, thoughtful, and well-written grad school personal statement or statement of purpose:

For something as important as your grad school essay, you're going to want expert input. Put our pros to work to help you write the best grad school personal statement when you choose from our  graduate school essay services .

Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, Penn... See which universities our clients were accepted to.

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5staressays sample pdfs

Graduate Essay Writing Help from Academic Experts

Are you contemplating going to graduate school? It can be an important step that can help you achieve your academic and career goals.

While it can steer your way towards success, the journey and application process are quite intense. It includes writing a graduate essay, getting professors to write recommendation letters, and gathering different test scores and transcripts.

When you decide to apply to grad schools, put in a lot of thought and effort into writing your admission essay. Never make the mistake of starting to pen down your thoughts on the day of submission. You must first be aware of the elements of a graduate essay and the information that the admission committee looks for.

The best practice is to read sample graduate school personal statements and take tips and advice from admissions experts. Lucky for you, 5StarEssays.com houses the best experts available to help graduate school applicants find their way into their dream institute and graduate programs.

What is a Graduate Essay?

A graduate school essay is your chance to show the committee members what qualities you possess. They want to know why you are applying to their program, and your essay needs to communicate that.

The grad school essay is also referred to as a grad school personal statement or statement of purpose. It is the most important document that a prospective graduate student will need to include in his/her application.

Moreover, it is the main thing the admissions officers review. And decide, based on your application essays, whether you are a good fit for their institution or not.

What is the Purpose of Graduate School Essay?

The purpose of the grad school application is to know the student and his personality. This is a short essay that is written to introduce the applicant. And his/her reasons for applying to the particular college and program.

A personal statement gives a more detailed insight into an individual’s life. It provides many personal reasons making it easier for the admissions committee to shortlist students. Metrics such as your GPA, grades, and other test scores do play an important role. But they don’t showcase your individuality.

You can’t assume that just because you have high grades, you will automatically get accepted. There are going to be other students with the same grade as yours or better. But what sets you apart from them is the opportunity in the form of a personal statement to highlight who you truly are.

How Do You Write a Graduate Essay?

Below are the steps that you need to follow for writing a graduate college essay.

Carefully read and understand what the admission committee is looking for. It does not matter how well written your personal statement is if it does not address the requirements mentioned in the prompt.

Begin your essay with something exciting to stand out from the other candidates. Mention the reasons for pursuing your degree and what fascinates you about choosing your subject.

Take time and think about your strengths and what you want to convey to the admission committee. It is important to show what makes you special and different from the other candidates.

Be real with the information that you provide in your essay. Do not exaggerate with an experience important to you. Do not sell yourself, present a real account of who you really are, what you care about. In this way, the admission committee will recognize what you can bring to the table.

Make sure you value the program you are applying for. Admission committee members not only want to get familiar with the candidate but also want those that value the programs and have their individual reasons for applying.

Avoid general statements and use specific and to-the-point examples to pull the reader into your life.

Follow a proper structure to organize your thoughts and ideas clearly. It will also increase your chances of being selected. Generally, a graduate essay includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

  • Introduction - Start your essay with your personal reasons for why you want to pursue your degree. Write about your experience, interest, and qualifications.
  • Body Paragraph - Provide an explanation of how your undergraduate degree will be good for your chosen program. Here you can also mention your academic achievements.
  • Conclusion - Write about your abilities and talent that make you different from other candidates. Explain how these can benefit you as a university-level student.

Check your paper for grammar and spelling mistakes before sending in your application. Proofread and revise your essay 2 to 3 times and make sure there are no incorrect words and wrong punctuations.

What Makes a Graduate Essay Successful?

No set standard applies to all graduate essays or personal statements since it is an individual process. However, certain components can help students to write an outstanding graduate essay.

Since this is the first chance to communicate with the admission committee members, students tend to overboard information. They bombard the reader with personal information and highlight each accomplishment or experience, no matter how big or small.

Remember that it is a personal statement and not an autobiography. Just stick to one or two relevant stories. It should specify your reasons for applying and what defines you as a person.

You need to decide carefully on the aspects of your life and personality that you want to share with them. They should serve the purpose of showcasing why you are applying for the program and what qualifies you for it.

It will discuss how you will benefit from this program and how it will help you with your future academic or career goals.

Often students have a misconception that colleges are looking for students with the perfect track record, accomplishments, etc.

While it is true, most of the time, they don’t want to see a student brag about how good they are. Addressing and being honest about your weaknesses and how you overcame them is equally important.

You must keep in mind the perspective of the person reading your essay. Words can have double meanings, and people can perceive them differently from what you intended. So, make sure that you use the right words.

Some students try to play it safe and copy the existing personal statements with a few tweaks. For instance, students applying to medical school always write how someone close to them who suffered from a serious illness encouraged them to go for this profession.

Don’t make the same mistake; instead, share your personal experiences to cast an impression.

Lastly, your personal statement should be completely error-free. Make sure that you edit and proofread it properly to remove irrelevant information, grammatical and spelling errors.

How Does 5StarEssays.com Help You with Your Graduate Essay?

A graduate essay is different from a typical academic essay or term paper. This means that you can’t adopt the same writing style. Instead, it is personally written to describe the applicant.

To create an impact with your essay, you must use smart and innovative ways to present information. It’s not about your personality, achievements, and aspirations, but how you present these on paper.

This is where our essay experts do their magic and write your essay according to the admissions committee requirements. We incorporate the following elements to make it more interesting.

  • The applicant’s defining qualities.
  • Their skills, abilities, learning attitude, problem-solving, etc
  • What they are passionate about and what drives them
  • Examples of real-world scenarios where they applied their problem-solving skills to come up with a solution
  • Other examples showcasing their abilities as an individual
  • How will you be an asset to the institute?
  • Their aspirations, long term goals, and plans

Benefits of Working with Our Essay Writing Service

Here are the benefits that you when you place your ‘ write my essay ’ request with us:

  • 100% unique and original essay, written keeping you and your personality in mind
  • Personalized and custom help
  • Affordable rates
  • Free revisions within two weeks to ensure your satisfaction
  • Writers are familiar with the demands of the admission officers
  • Proven methods
  • On-time delivery to meet the application deadline
  • 24/7 customer support team

You can also find graduate essay examples on our website that can be used as a guide for writing your essay. Ask us for professional graduate essay editing services to make sure you submit a flawless essay.

Place an Order to Buy a Graduate Essay

Looking for an affordable graduate paper or personal statement help? Reach out to the experts at 5StarEssays.com . We provide the best graduate essay writing services that you will be proud of.

When you buy a custom graduate essay from us, you can be completely sure that it will be written with a long-lasting personal experience.

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How long should a graduate essay be?

Usually, graduate essays are 500-1000 words long. However, the total length may vary from school to school. So, it is important to read and understand the essay prompt before starting the writing process. And make sure to answer the essay question within that word limit.

How do you start a personal statement for graduate school?

Here is how you can start a personal statement for graduate school.

  • Introduce yourself and make sure to grab the reader’s attention from the beginning.
  • Provide a summary of a previous graduate career.
  • Discuss how your recent and current activities relate.
  • Write about your academic interests.

How to answer graduate school admission essay questions?

Here are the elements that you need to keep in mind while answering the graduate essay school questions.

  • Provide a brief introduction
  • Give reasons why you are applying for a specific graduate program
  • Demonstrate your skills and motivation

What format should graduate essays be in?

The format of a graduate essay includes the following elements.

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs

How do you end a grad school essay?

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  • Write about your key qualities
  • Demonstrate your interests
  • A short concluding story about your experience or achievement


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Marisa 4.6 163 hours in postgraduate academic writing €44 /hr, pharmacology - north west university.

At a university level, I've lectured Pharmacology and Research methodology as well as supervised MSc and Ph.D. students for 13 years. At undergraduate and high school level I've lectured numerous science subjects including Biology. My research areas include preclinical and clinical cardiovascular, p... see more

163 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing


Dr Steve 5.0 75 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing €54 /hr

Doctorate - university college london: institute of education; postgraduate in philosophy: birkbeck college, university of london; ma in design: ual central saint martins;.

I have 25 years of experience in tutoring learners to achieve their goals in Academic Research and Writing, Business Studies and Management, Creative Arts and Industries, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Cultural Studies, Drama, Education, English Language and Literature, Essay Writing, Film, Governme... see more

75 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing


Amy 5.0 62 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing €104 /hr

Ba/ma english, drama and education - university of cambridge.

I have tutored GCSE, A-level, Degree and Doctorate-level students on a range of subjects, although my main focus has been Psychology, Sociology, Education, academic writing skills and Qualitative Research Methods. I have written model essays for exam boards, proofread and edited work to be published... see more

62 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing


Dr William James 4.8 23 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing €86 /hr

Medical sciences, anatomy and surgery - university of medical science, keele university school of medicine, queen margaret's university.

Assistant Dean Xavier University School of Medicine My role as an assistant dean and assistant professor of anatomy was to ensure that all areas of education within the basic medical sciences were met. I oversaw course curriculum, examination, assessment as well as admissions. Director of Anat... see more

Dr William James

23 hours in postgraduate academic writing.


Alice 5.0 22 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing €69 /hr

English ba (hons) first class - university of birmingham.

I began tutoring students to fund my PhD in English Literature, and I taught a range of syllabuses (OCR, AQA, CCEA, EDEXCEL) and levels (KS2, KS3, GCSE, A-Level and degree). In 2011, I became a Learning Mentor at a top grammar school in Birmingham - King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls - where ... see more

22 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing


Alice €75 /hr

Comparative literature - harvard university.

I have tutored 1:1 part-time for six years and taught within reputable educational institutions globally (HSYLC, Showa Women's University, Institution St. Jude Business School). I have lead conferences for secondary school students and university-level students in academic and creative writing, Engl... see more

18 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing


Alexandros 4.9 13 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing €75 /hr

Psychology - university college london; university of edinburgh.

I have a total of 300 hours helping undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD and DClinPsy students gain confidence and ace their assignments in: 1. Dissertation and Essay writing (+ detailed comments and feedback ) 2. Statistics (SPSS, JASP) 3. Qualitative Research Methods (IPA, Thematic Analysis, Grounde... see more

13 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing


Ramsay 5.0 10 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing €63 /hr

Medicine and biomedical sciences - university.

I am an enthusiastic and energetic tutor who is passionate about teaching Biological science and empowering students to excel within their own academic studies. I have been working as a professional tutor for over 4 years from GCSE to Postgraduate education. My overall philosophy of teaching is simp... see more

10 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing


Brian 5.0 10 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing €29 /hr

English literature - queen mary college, university of london.

My work as Senior Lecturer at St Mary's University achieved 85% plus rating in the National Student Survey in the last four years. I taught a range of courses including Modernisms, Nineteenth Century Literature, Literature ad Psychoanalysis as well as Renaissance Literature and Critical Theory. I... see more


Dr Georgia 5.0 9 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing €63 /hr

Phd in international relations / history - king's college london.

Welcome to my page! I specialise in particular to University students, MA and PhD studies. I believe empowering students use their own potential is my greatest strength. My students feel optimistic and with a clear understanding on how to proceed with their essays and assignments after our lessons.... see more

9 hours in Postgraduate Academic Writing

Available postgraduate subjects, biochemistry, international relations, academic writing, business management, modern greek, aeronautical engineering, manufacturing engineering, agriculture, american studies, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, aural and oral sciences, biological sciences, business studies, celtic studies, chemical engineering, civil engineering, ancient history, communication, media studies, complementary medicine, computer science, creative writing, east and south asian studies, econometrics, electrical and electronic engineering, food science, forensic science, general engineering, environmental science, history of art, hospitality, leisure, recreation and tourism, iberian languages, land and property management, real estate, librarianship and information management, linguistics, materials technology, mechanical engineering, medical technology, middle eastern and african studies, ophthalmics, pharmacology and pharmacy, quantitative methods, physiotherapy, russian and east european languages, social policy, social work, sports science, theology and religious studies, town and country planning and landscape design, veterinary medicine, research methods, dissertations, programming, human resources.

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