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100 Words Essay on Wastage of Water


Water is a precious resource, yet we often waste it. This wastage not only depletes our water supplies but also affects our environment.

Causes of Water Wastage

Water wastage happens in many ways. We leave taps running, overwater plants, and take long showers. Industries also waste water during production processes.

Impacts of Water Wastage

Wasting water leads to scarcity, affecting people and wildlife. It also increases energy use in water treatment plants, contributing to climate change.

We must value water and reduce wastage. Small changes can make a big difference, ensuring water for future generations.

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250 Words Essay on Wastage of Water

Introduction: the value of water.

Water, the elixir of life, forms the lifeblood of our planet. Yet, it is often taken for granted, leading to its rampant wastage. This essay explores the profound implications of water wastage and the need for efficient water management.

The Scale of Water Wastage

The magnitude of water wastage is alarming, with millions of gallons wasted each day through leaks, inefficient appliances, and thoughtless consumption. A significant portion of the population lacks access to clean drinking water, illustrating a stark contrast between wastage and necessity.

Consequences of Water Wastage

The repercussions of water wastage are multidimensional, affecting both humans and the environment. It exacerbates water scarcity, impacts food production, and disrupts ecosystems. Additionally, it contributes to energy wastage, as substantial energy is required to process and deliver water.

The Urgency of Water Conservation

Water conservation is not a choice but a necessity. It is essential to develop and implement efficient water management strategies, such as rainwater harvesting, wastewater treatment, and efficient irrigation practices. Furthermore, individual actions like mindful consumption and regular checks for leaks can make a significant difference.

Conclusion: A Collective Responsibility

Water wastage is a critical issue that demands immediate attention. It is a collective responsibility to ensure the judicious use of water, and every drop saved contributes to a sustainable future. As the African proverb goes, “A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man.” Let’s value it accordingly.

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500 Words Essay on Wastage of Water

The scourge of water wastage.

Water, a resource vital to life on Earth, is being wasted at an alarming rate. Despite its crucial role in sustaining life, we often take its availability for granted. The wastage of water is an issue of global concern that needs immediate attention.

Understanding the Gravity of the Problem

The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 2.2 billion people globally lack access to safely managed drinking water services. Yet, in parts of the world where water is abundant, it is often wasted. This wastage is not only unethical but also exacerbates water scarcity issues in areas already grappling with water shortage.

The Sources of Water Wastage

Water wastage is not confined to any one area of human activity. It permeates through various sectors, including agriculture, industry, and households. Inefficient irrigation systems, leaky pipes, and overuse of water in industry contribute significantly to water wastage. In households, activities like long showers, running taps while brushing, and overuse of washing machines are common examples of water wastage.

The Environmental Impact

Water wastage has far-reaching environmental consequences. It contributes to the depletion of freshwater resources, leading to water scarcity. This scarcity, in turn, threatens biodiversity as freshwater habitats dry up. Furthermore, over-extraction of groundwater to meet excessive water demand can lead to land subsidence and other geological issues.

Addressing the Issue

Addressing water wastage requires a multi-faceted approach. At the individual level, we can adopt water-saving practices in our daily lives. Governments and organizations can implement policies to improve water efficiency in agriculture and industry. Technological innovations can also play a role in reducing water wastage. For instance, the development of water-efficient appliances and the use of AI in predicting and controlling water usage can make a significant difference.

The Role of Education

Education plays a pivotal role in combatting water wastage. By raising awareness about the importance of water conservation and the consequences of wastage, we can foster a culture of responsible water usage. Schools and universities can incorporate water conservation education into their curriculum, and public campaigns can be launched to reach a broader audience.

In conclusion, the issue of water wastage is a pressing concern that needs to be addressed urgently. Through a combination of individual action, policy changes, technological innovation, and education, we can make significant strides in reducing water wastage and ensuring the sustainable use of this vital resource. The future of our planet and generations to come depends on our ability to responsibly manage and conserve water.

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Water Waste Management (Essay Sample)

Water is one of the most essential needs for a person to have a sustainable life. All creatures need water to progress and produce. Without it no one will exist, because our planet consists of mostly water therefore water gives us life. To have a sufficient supply of water we have to conserve. This is not an easy task especially in today’s era. Everything is commercialized and modernized to the point wherein natural conservation has been set aside. Increase in population is also one of the main reasons why water conservation becomes hard. As the number of people grows, the water becomes more polluted.

This is where water waste management comes in, it is the process of recycling water to be used again in a water system or to be disposed in an environmentally-conscious manner. The major problem in the modernized world is that every now and then infrastructures arise which makes it harder to recycle water because the sewage system becomes small. Sewage treatment is one of the major fields in water waste management. All that comes from your toilet, be it showers, baths, sinks etc. is directly generated into sewage systems. The wastewater that comes from industrial facilities is dangerous because it carries harmful pollutants that and if not handled with care, these pollutants turn into toxins that will cause illness or even death for millions of people on a global scale.

Another problem in the modern management is the small capacity of sewage system. Other cities also tend to direct the rain water into the sewage system that causes overflow in it. If the overflow happens, all the contaminants in the sewage will be spread in all parts of the city which is very harmful to the people. Sewage systems consist of pipes and pumps and have three stages of filtration. The first stage is separating solid waste from the water. Second stage is treating the water and removing microorganisms. Third stage is the process called microfiltration. In this stage the water is being treated and chemical additives are added into the water which eventually treats the liquid and transforms them into drinkable or usable water for our daily use.

Recycling water is no easy task; it takes a lot of time, effort, and investment in doing so. Wasted water will affect so many people’s lives. Dirty water is as harmful as poison when consumed by a person. We can aid in recycling water by researching on how to do simple filtration set-ups, conserve water when not in use, and properly segregate and dispose of garbage so as to not provide toxins in water.

There are two types of wastewater that we can recycle on our own. First is the black water that comes from our toilet. If you want to have your own sewage system, this black water can be regulated in a leach field. Second is the grey water, which comes from our sink. Grey water can be used in watering the plants, washing the tires of your car or even washing your garage. This type of waste water can be used in other chores but is not potable.

In doing your own waste water management at you home you can help the environment be clean. It will also lessen the work of sewage systems and it will save the world a lot of water. In order to live a happy and healthy life we should all take charge of our own cleanliness. Let us not take for granted the small things that will make our lives easier and for future generations who will inevitably use them.

essay on water wastage

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essay on water wastage

An Introduction to Global Water Wastage

The globe's use of water has an impact on the environment.

  • By Elizabeth Long
  • Aug 11, 2022

There are many aspects of daily living that have the power to impact the environment negatively. When taking into account every household, business and service, these factors then have the power to increase environmental damage on a momentous, global scale.

Water waste is just one example of a damaging environmental factor, but it's an extremely significant one. It's very important for individuals, households and businesses alike to understand the impact of water waste on the environment so that the world at large can work to a more sustainable future.

What is Water Wastage and How Does It Occur?

When talking about water waste, this can reference a few key areas. The water waste from a community of people is more commonly known as sewage. Household (or other buildings) wastewater can include the waste from toilets or from actions such as draining kitchen sinks.

Simply using too much water can very easily be done by anyone. Running a very long shower, loading your washing machine too regularly or leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth are all examples of how easy it is to waste this valuable resource.

In regard to sewage and wastewater from your pipes, damaging chemicals or cleaning products may be drained through your pipes, you may be using your sewage system too often, or it's always possible that large water treatment companies are not managing wastewater services in the best way to protect the environment.

What is the Impact of Wastewater on the Environment?

When considering the damage wastewater is capable of, the biggest threats to the environment are contamination and pollution. If sewage is not treated appropriately before being disposed of it, it can contaminate water and thereby put wildlife at great risk.

Furthermore, wastewater dispersed through flooding or leaks means that completely untreated water can enter water sources and pollute them.

The process of treating wastewater also requires fossil fuels. This means that wastewater treatment has the potential to increase carbon footprint and air quality.

Global Water Wastage Statistics

When considering the situation of water wastage and the earth's future, it's important to take into account daily water use and habits within other countries around the world. With these statistics, you can better understand how your own country (and therefore your own effort) is faring in comparison to other countries.

These statistics can show a shocking difference between water use statistics based on different countries. his is an important reminder of how all countries across the world need to work cohesively to lower water wastage and help save the environment. We're all living on the same planet, after all.

Below are the statistics of daily water used on average by individuals in liters in each country.

Japan 286.5

Australia 340

New Zealand 250-300

Mexico 5.419

Germany 121

Belgium 7.406

Italy 6,500

Portugal 6,203

Israel 100-230

Belgium is the biggest daily consumer of water on average by individuals, with 7.406 liters. Kenya is the smallest daily consumer, with 50 liters.

You might expect that the country to house the biggest water consumption on a daily basis would be the country to have the largest population: but China, which does have the world's largest population, has a smaller daily water consumption than Belgium.

It just goes to show how each individual's water usage can make a significant difference.

Countries such as Kenya are often struggling with a water crisis, which throws into sharp relief how valuable a commodity like water is. For countries on this list using a high amount of daily water, countries like Kenya, in comparison, are using very little simply because they do not have access to safe water.

It's now more important than ever to preserve the water that the world does have.

Summarizing Points for Global Wastewater Production, Collection, Treatment, and Reuse

Below are some key facts and statistics in regard to wastewater. This is to help you better understand what happens to your wastewater when it leaves your home or business, is collected, and is treated. This entire process has the potential to affect the environment in a significant way.

Approximately 63 percent of globally produced wastewater is collected. Approximately 52 percent of globally produced wastewater is treated. Approximately 84 percent of collected wastewater undergoes a treatment process. The percentage of wastewater reuse is approximately 11 percent of total wastewater. Approximately 22 percent of treated wastewater goes through intentional reuse. Approximately 84 percent is released into the environment. ( View Statistics here.)

There are significant differences in wastewater production, collection, treatment and reuse across different geographical regions. These differences can also be based on the level of economic development.

As you can see, not all wastewater is capable of being treated and reused to reap the benefits. If only 63 percent of globally produced wastewater is collected, the remaining 37 percent percent is failing to be collected, therefore putting the environment at risk.

6 Key Water and Water Waste Facts

  • Only one percent of the world's water is safe for us to consume. This highlights just how precious a resource like water is and what wasting any of this one percent could do.
  • It's possible for five gallons of water to be wasted simply by leaving the tap on when you're brushing your teeth.
  • Twenty-seven percent of a household's water is used for showers and baths. Think how much water can then be wasted by constantly taking baths, having very long showers, or more than one shower a day.
  • Around 3.5 gallons of water is used for a single toilet flush.
  • Washing machines can use around 40 gallons of water per load.
  • Around 9,400 gallons of water can be wasted through water leaks, based on US figures.

Predictions for the Future

When it comes to the future of the environment on a global scale, the future may appear very bleak in terms of global warming and natural pollution if individuals do not try and make a positive difference today.

In terms of water consumption and supply, key predictions for the future can include:

  • A growing world population will significantly increase the demand for water supply.
  • Areas of the world that are already seeing difficulty in freshwater supply may have this situation worsen.
  • An estimated 1.8 billion people will suffer from water shortage in their area by 2025.
  • By 2025, that means two-thirds of the global population will be living in regions of high water stress.
  • The global agriculture market will require another one trillion cubic meters of water annually if the increase in population continues to the estimated one billion more mouths to feed by 2025.
  • The number of nations expected to be water scarce has increased; this is now projected to be 30 nations by 2025, increased by ten since 1990.
  • Global warming will only worsen the water supply situation.
  • If current trends don't see any drastic change, the world will only have 60 percent of its necessary water supply in 2030.

Conservation and Sustainability Efforts

Being more conservative and sustainable with water usage is the key to making a positive difference to the current water situation that is facing the world. While plenty of people are already taking action, word must be spread about the importance of not wasting water to ensure people start taking action.

There are three main types of sustainability efforts. They come in the form of:

  • Rules and regulations set by countries
  • Campaigns to Conserve the Use of Water
  • Government Initiatives and Schemes

Each sustainability effort will approach this in its own way, but knowing the different efforts out there that you could support is crucial.

Wastewater Rules and Regulations Across the World

Counties worldwide are already putting in place effective water solutions. Take a look at the facts below to give you a better idea of who has had the most success so far and what regulations countries must follow.

  • Based on performance ranking , the top five countries in the world which have the most effective wastewater treatment programs are Malta (100 score), Netherlands (99.9 score), Luxembourg (99.76 score), Spain (99.71 score), and Switzerland (99.67 score).
  • Namibia is the only country that uses recycled water for direct potable use.
  • The Council Directive 91/271/EEC, set out in 1991, states the official regulations for all members of the European Union in regard to wastewater management. This directive's aim is to protect the environment, and outlines rules such as monitoring the performance of treatment plants, required secondary water treatment, and the collection of water in populations less than 2000, to name a few.

What You Can Do to Waste Less Water

Protecting the environment starts at home. It's extremely important to make active efforts to change your water waste habits. It may seem like an impossible task or a big responsibility when you're viewing the state of the world, but always remember that even the simplest changes you make at home can make a positive difference — and that's just for one person living alone. A family of 4 which develops the same water improvement habits, for example, can make even more of a difference within the same household. It's also important to support other household members, or people you know, in water-saving habits. Always share any information or tips you have, including the ones listed here.

Some ways you can waste less water include:

Install low-flow systems, such as showerheads

Many people opt for a bathroom overhaul or renovation project, so why not make it one which benefits your water consumption, too? Make your home as eco-friendly as possible when it comes to your plumbing.

Not only do low-flow systems help you to preserve water, but they also mean you can save money on your energy bills.

What low flow means is reduced water pressure in order to save as much water as possible. Low flow is particularly beneficial for busy households which see a lot of bathroom traffic.

Take shorter showers and half-full baths

Be more mindful about why you're taking a long shower. It's easily done, especially during winter months, to take a longer, hotter shower. Some people may even decide to multi-task and try brushing their teeth in the shower! Others may put the shower on to get the water running whilst sorting laundry or attending to other bathroom tasks.

Eliminate this excess water waste by turning the shower on when you're ready to get in and limiting your shower to a few minutes.

In regard to baths, if you're taking a quick bath for basic hygiene, you can avoid a completely full bath. If for relaxation, think about limiting your water level by even just an inch or two.

Avoid laundry loads if they are only half full

Laundry can be very difficult to separate and keep on top of, especially within busy households. There may be certain clothing items you desperately need but for which you haven't got enough corresponding clothes or colors to warrant a full load.

Having better organization with your clothing and laundry system will really help. Try to avoid half-full laundry loads. If there are certain clothing items you know you like to wear often, be more organized ahead of time so that you can put items in a full load rather than last-minute half-load panics!

Another tip is to think about the type of materials and colors you're buying. If you have a few delicate items which cannot be used on a normal wash, you might be risking half-full delicate cycles to wash them. Furthermore, you may have a lot more dark colors than you do light, meaning you're forced to run a half-load for your light items only. Avoid this if you can by sticking to colors and materials which can easily be washed together. Let this build up over time so that you eventually have delicate whites in with other white clothes and delicate blacks with colored clothing, which you can put on delicate washes.

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

There's no reason for your tap to be on when brushing your teeth, and it's a simple fix that can save a significant amount of water. It's important to let your kids know this, too, if you do have younger family members who brush their teeth without you to supervise.

Turn the tap on when you need a quick burst of water for a refresh, but, otherwise, leave the tap off.

Only fill the sink half-full for washing up

Doing the dishes is another daily chore that becomes normality, and you may not realize that you're wasting water. While you do need to fill up your sink to the optimum level for hygiene purposes and an easier clean, you can make small adjustments

to limit water waste.

If you don't have a lot of items to wash, does it warrant a full sink? Or, if you know you're going to need to fill up your sink with fresh water halfway through because of particularly dirty or stubborn items, can you ensure the first load

is shallow if it's going to be replaced?

Collect rainwater

What a Business Can Do to Waste Less Water

Businesses need to try even harder to lower their environmental impact, alongside household habits. Businesses are capable of wasting a significant amount of water, especially those with extremely large premises and lots of employees.

If you're a business manager or owner, here are some things you can do to preserve water:

Have regular water audits conducted

This is essential for preserving water. Being a business leader or owner doesn't mean you'll always know what's best in regard to preserving water. You may not even know the ways in which your business or premises is easily wasting water.

Water audits by professionals can help you to always keep on track and learn about new ways to save on water. This could also help with your business utility bills.

Install water-efficient equipment

This might vary depending on what your business is and what is installed within the premises. Nevertheless, even for the simplest features such as bathroom taps, you can make sure your plumbing and equipment are eco-friendly with water-saving in mind.

This is particularly true of any cafeteria or kitchen equipment you have in the workplace.

Educate employees on water-saving practices

No matter how well-versed the people in charge are in regard to water-saving practices, it can be a large team of employees who have the most negative impact — without knowing it. If you have employees using your premises every day, there is a high amount of potential for water wastage.

It's, therefore, crucial to educate your employees on the importance of an eco-friendly workplace and how they can work to save water on a daily basis. They can then even take these key tips home with them to conduct better practices in their personal life, too. It's much easier for people to develop better water habits when their work life and home life are working hand-in-hand.

Do your research on the best water suppliers

It's always important for businesses to get the best deal when it comes to their water supply, but this is about more than simply the cost. By doing your research on the best water supplier in your area and for your business water demand, you're ensuring you can get the most efficient service with minimal wastage.

Businesses should put a firm focus on good communication for environmental issues, so all employees know what to do within the business premises to preserve water.

If you're not a business leader, but you do work in a business setting, there are good habits you can also adopt as an employee during the working day. Keeping household tips in mind, you can apply the same logic to your work environment.

Is there any way you can collect rainwater on windowsills or outside, which you can then use to water any office plants? Can you ensure you're not overfilling the kettle when making drinks for yourself or the team? If your workplace is one that has an on-site bathroom or changing facility, can you ensure you have short showers?

About the Author

Elizabeth Long is passionate about reducing the negative impact that we have on the environment around us, and learning new ways to sustainably manage our lifestyle. Long favors data-driven articles to help illustrate the scale of the problem for a wider audience.

essay on water wastage

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Essay on Save Water Save Life for Students and Children


500+ Words Essay on Save Water Save Life

Water has become a highly necessary part of human being’s existence on Earth. Thus, the importance of water can be compared to the importance of air. All living organisms whether it is human, animals, or plants. Everyone is completely depending on fresh and potable water. Thus, essay on save water save a life is an insight into some of the unknown and important benefits of water for human beings. 

Essay on Save Water Save Life

Water is perhaps the second most important substance on Earth after the air. Apart from drinking, there are other benefits of water as well. Thus, it includes cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. Water is not a vital part of the human being’s survival. Also, it important for the survival of trees and plants. Additionally, it is a precious element required for the agricultural as well as various other industrial sectors. 

Currently, the biggest problem related to global warming is a huge water depreciation on Earth. This is mainly caused due to misuse of water happening at various places. In the current scenario, it is important to understand the formula for the conversation of water and thereby save water. Because pure water resources are the primary sources for all our necessities. And when it becomes depreciated, it can lead to huge catastrophic conditions for human beings. 

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Need to Save Water

Currently, there are many regions in the world that are facing extreme water scarcity due to deçline of groundwater and scanty rainfalls. Also, in some areas, the groundwater is contaminated or it has been overused. Thus, these factors have to lead to drought situations and in these areas it has lead to water scarcity. Furthermore, urbanization and industrialization have added to the problems where groundwater has been overused to fulfill the increasing demands of the population. 

According to the WHO report, 1 out of people does not have access to safe drinking water. Seeing this, the water crisis in the future does seem inevitable. Also, it calls for an immediate action plan in order to conserve water so that precious resource can be saved for today as well for future generations. 

Save Water Initiative

This initiative can help and promote the conservation of water . Also, it can be spread awareness among the people about the importance of water. Additionally, the save water campaign helps people realize that the sources of fresh and pure water are very limited. So, if it is overused that there are chances that they might not be able to fulfill the increasing demands of the population. Through this campaign, we can create awareness among the people about the benefits and preserving water and using it diligently.


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Save Water (Water Conservation) Essay – 10 Lines, Short & Long Essay For Children

' src=

Key Points To Remember When Writing Essay On Save Water For Lower Primary Classes

10 lines on ‘save water’ for kids, 100-word paragraph on ‘save water’ for children, short essay on ‘save water’ in 200 words for kids, long essay on ‘save water’ in english for children, what will your child learn from this essay.

Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink! The essay on ‘save water’ for classes 1, 2 and 3 is explained in detail. Clean water scarcity is a big problem in the country and affects the lives of many. Water is required for all humans, animals and plants to survive. Out of the 71 per cent covered with water, approximately 3.5 per cent is available for drinking purposes, known as freshwater. Therefore if we do not save these freshwater resources, we will face problems in the future. Polluting rivers by disposing of waste and washing clothes cause water problems. The save water essay in English will help to understand its importance and the necessary action to be taken. Essay writing helps develop critical thinking and creativity in kids, and it also helps to gather information on a lot of topics.

Wondering how to write an essay on saving water? Here are a few points to remember:

  • Explain the importance of water as a natural resource and its uses in our daily lives.
  • Write the examples of water pollution and wastage.
  • Keep the essay simple and short.
  • Make use of pictures or tables wherever necessary.
  • Once the basics are done, encourage your child to write an essay in their own words.

Kids enjoy simple content to read and write. Hence these few lines on saving water will help to write an essay for classes 1 and 2 kids.

  • Water is vital for all living beings to maintain life on earth.
  • It is used for cooking, washing, cleaning, bathing, irrigation, etc.
  • Conserving water is important because we cannot survive without it.
  • Water helps humans to stay hydrated and help fight diseases.
  • Water is used in industries like mining, steel, electricity, food, etc., in large quantities.
  • Lack or shortage of water causes diseases and conditions like drought, hunger, etc.
  • Throwing waste into water causes water pollution and harms fish and other aquatic life.
  • Do not leave the taps open while brushing, shaving, etc.
  • Use water in buckets to conserve water than choosing a shower for bathing.
  • Rainwater harvesting is a good method of preserving water.

A short paragraph on saving water can help children learn the importance and use of water and how important it is to use it carefully.

Water is a natural resource that is essential for living on earth. Without water, the earth would be dry, and plants, animals, and humans would not be able to survive. Additional uses include irrigation, washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, etc. We all know that water is not an unlimited resource, and it is important we do not waste it. Daily practices like leaving the taps open while brushing, shaving, etc., cause water wastage. We should not throw garbage in water bodies because polluted water bodies affect marine life and human health when we consume seafood. Shortage of water causes diseases and damages agriculture too.

A short essay for classes 1, 2 and 3 will help young ones understand the use of water and the importance of conserving it. It will also enhance their writing skills.

Our planet earth is covered with around 71 per cent water. When seen from outer space, it appears blue and is also called the blue planet. Air and water are what make life possible on earth. Plants, animals, and humans need water to survive. Water is necessary for bathing, cooking, irrigation, washing, etc. Industries like mining, petrochemical, electricity, food, etc., rely on large quantities of water for their activities. However, in recent times we use water as it is an unlimited resource. No care is taken to use it judiciously. Discharging industrial and domestic waste in water bodies causes pollution. It affects marine life too. Water scarcity leads to drought and poverty and impacts the nation’s economy badly. Therefore, steps must be taken to conserve water. Rainwater harvesting, reusing water, awareness programs in schools, closing taps after using them, and disposing of wastes in bins are a few steps we can take as responsible citizens to save water. Storing running water in dams, using water cans instead of hosepipes, installing canals on rooftops, and adopting bucket baths instead of showers are small initiatives that significantly save water. Acting responsibly in this matter will benefit the present generations and the generations to come. So, saving water, saving nature, and saving our future generations should be our motto.

The save water essay for class 3 kids seeks to explain the importance of water in our daily lives, why water is essential for the planet and the activities that cause water pollution in recent times. The importance of a water conservation essay is such that children learn about the problems our planet faces and can act towards making the situation better.

What Is Water Conservation?

Water conservation means the practice of using water efficiently wherever possible, thereby minimising its wastage. It includes all steps taken to preserve water bodies, freshwater sources, and our daily requirements without polluting or wasting them.

Necessity And Importance Of Saving Water

Water, as we all know, is a vital resource for the existence of life on earth. Though its supply seems abundant, the percentage of available freshwater is even less. Global warming and constant climate change have led to delayed rains, causing water scarcity. An increase in population, the rapid development of industries and polluted water bodies have further worsened the issue. Without proper conservation efforts, the chances are that we might exhaust it. Saving water has economic and social benefits. Besides, protecting water resources for future efficient use reduces wastage and contributes to energy-efficient operations.

What Are The Different Uses Of Water?

Water is used for a variety of needs, and the major ones are listed below:

  • For daily activities:  Bathing, cleaning, washing, and cooking require water on a daily basis.
  • Industrial uses:  Water is needed in large quantities in mining, food, chemicals, and several other industries.
  • Agricultural needs:  Watering is essential for the survival and growth of plants.
  • Ecosystem balance:  The water cycle is important for rains and the balance of the ecosystem.

Causes And Effects Of Water Shortage

1. Causes of water shortage:  Around 70 per cent of the earth is covered with water, but only 3 per cent of it is available for use. Therefore the availability is limited, and hence careless usage causes a shortage. An increase in population, rapid industrialisation, and climatic changes are major causes of water shortage.

2. Reasons for freshwater storage and how to store it:  The need to keep freshwater stored arises due to careless use in daily activities, pollution of water bodies by dumping sewage, pesticides, chemicals, etc. Rainwater harvesting, installation of canals on rooftops, and utmost care not to waste water during brushing, shaving, and similar activities are a few methods to store it.

3. Effects of water shortage:  Water scarcity causes drought and severely affects agriculture, plants, animals, and human beings. Industrial activities will come to a stop without water and, in the long run, affect the economy as a whole.

What Are The Best Ways To Save Water?

  • Use rainwater for watering plants, laundry, etc.
  • Turn off taps when not in use.
  • Participate in save water save nature programmes.
  • Water plants in the evening to reduce evaporation.
  • Prefer a bucket bath instead of a shower.
  • Check for any leaks in taps.
  • Use washing machines in full loads.
  • Invest in low flush toilets.
  • Be cautious while washing cars.
  • Don’t wash parking areas or garages daily.

The need to save water is at an all-time high, and educating children about its importance contributes a long way. Through this essay, your child will learn how important water is for lives on earth and the problems water shortage can cause. It also introduces them to water conservation and various steps that can be followed to achieve the same. They will learn how to participate in the idea of saving water by taking small steps to conserve water and thereby help preserve the earth.

Water is what makes the earth habitable; therefore, it is our responsibility to use it judiciously. And we should start sensitising our kids about it.

Essay On Importance of Water for Class 1, 2 and 3 Kids Water Pollution Essay for Classes 1, 2 and 3 Children How to Write An Essay On Save the Environment for Lower Primary Classes

  • Essays for Class 1
  • Essays for Class 2
  • Essays for Class 3

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essay on water wastage

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Essay on Save Water | 900+ Words Paragraph on Save Water

900+ words paragraph on save water.

Out of the many essential things that are required for creatures to sustain life on earth, elements such as air and water are very important. In fact, we would have not existed if we didn’t have such factors as water, atmosphere, good temperature, fertile lands, foodstuff, etc. We cannot classify which is important over which as without one or the other we would stop to exist. But no one can deny that water is the most important factor for our living. Without water, nothing is possible. It is not only vital for the survival of humans only but for every other living thing on the earth.

Apart from drinking, water has various other uses for humans and other creatures. It is vital for the survival of human beings and trees too. The importance of water is just too much. Water also conducts helps run natural processes. The water present in the atmosphere absorbs the sun’s heat and keeps it cool. Rain is also due to water, the entire surrounding is reenergized by water. Electricity is also produced from water which is very essential for humans nowadays. The water absorbed by water helps transport minerals from the root to the leaves in plants.

Water is also very necessary for agricultural purposes such as farming and irrigation. The water in the cold regions also freezes and helps control weather.  The day to day activities in our body is also done by water. It carries nutrients to the cells in our body and oxygen in the brain. and helps in flushing out toxins and wastes in our body. The temperature of our body is also maintained by water. It lubricates our muscles and joints and helps us move freely. It prevents us from dehydration and other harmful diseases. The uses and benefits of water do not only end here. We use water for cleaning ourselves, the clothes we wear, and other materials. It is the factor for the creation of life and is a precious resource that we should in no way be wasting.

📌 Another Essay – Essay on Importance of Time

Water is the elixir of life and the growing scarcity of water sources is one of the main problems in the world. Even if our earth is 3/4 th water, the sources from which we can drink clean water is less than 3 % of the total water sources we can find. That is already very low to start with. News of people and other plants and animals suffering or even dying from the lack of water is still prevalent in this modern world. In some places of the world, we can find that underground water is either contaminated or dried up due to overuse. While some countries have plenty of water sources that they can provide their people, other countries have little to no water sources. Human-made factors are the main reason for the creation of scarcity of water.

There are various reasons for the storage of fresh water. The main reason for water storage is the careless wastage of freshwater and not using it for proper uses. Wasting precious water that way creates scarcity in the future.  The unmanaged industrial wastes are also thrown into the lakes and rivers which pollute them. Industrial wastes are in no way consumable and polluted lakes and rivers make freshwater, more scarce. Another reason could be the excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. They pollute any nearby freshwater sources. The sewage is also to blame.

Unmanaged sewage flows into the water sources and then into the sea which pollutes them. Diseases such as cholera, diarrhea may also occur due to its intake. The first reason can be too much wastage of freshwater and careless use of water on daily uses. Second can be the pollution from industries that adds untreated water to the rivers and lakes on a daily basis. The third reason can be pesticides and chemical fertilizers are also polluting the freshwater. Apart from this, sewage waste is also dumped into rivers that pollute water. Urbanization, Industrialization, and rapid use of natural resources also lead to scarcity of water.

📌 Another Essay – Essay on Importance of Education 

Water scarcity creates various natural problems in the world. Lack of water destroys plants and habitats and creates droughts. Humans nor other animals and plants can survive without water. Climate change occurs and there is a disturbance in the ecosystem. This is why it is necessary for everyone to know the importance of water and how limited it is.

We can also recycle water. Example of recycling water includes collecting rainwater and using it for other purposes. Or the water used to wash vegetables and other edibles used for watering plants and irritation. This is done by many would largely impact the dwindling supply of water resources . Watering plants in the evenings or mornings also helps to reduce evaporation. Tiny changes in our habits also save a lot of water. We should close the tap as we wash our face and hands. Even using the washing machine at full capacity helps save water. Everyone should be aware of the save water initiative too. Not only adults but even children should know the importance of water sources.

Eventually, there will one day arise a scarcity of water resources for everyone on the planet if such precious water is wasted on a daily basis by everyone. We should not take anything given to us by nature for granted. Without water, all is lost and this is why we should start saving water from the local initiative.

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Essay on Save Water: In 100 Words, 200 Words, 300 Words

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Essay on Save Water

Water, the essence of life, is indispensable for the sustenance of all living beings on Earth. Its significance cannot be overstated, and as students, it is both our privilege and responsibility to delve into the importance of conserving this precious resource. In this essay, we will embark on a journey to understand the gravity of saving water, with essays of varying lengths that progressively unveil the urgency of the matter, especially within the context of India.

This Blog Includes:

Essay on save water in 100 words, essay on save water in 200 words, essay on save water in 300 words.

Water, the fundamental essence of life, serves as the cornerstone of existence for all living beings. Yet, astonishingly, only a negligible fraction of Earth’s water reservoir is safe for human consumption. As responsible and aware citizens, it becomes our solemn obligation to cherish and conserve this precious resource. By embracing judicious water usage practices, addressing leaks promptly, disseminating knowledge about water conservation, and ingraining water-saving behaviours into our everyday routines, we possess the power to coalesce and shield the prosperity of our forthcoming generations. With each drop saved, we forge a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow for our planet and its inhabitants.

Must Read: The Beginner’s Guide to Writing an Essay

Water scarcity is a pressing concern that holds particularly grave implications for a nation like India. With its variable monsoon patterns and burgeoning population, the country faces an escalating water crisis. To mitigate this looming threat, a unified and collective endeavour from each individual is indispensable.

Amidst the criticality of the situation, the adoption of practical water-saving measures becomes paramount. Rainwater harvesting, for instance, is a strategy that can substantially augment the available water supply. By capturing rainwater and channelling it into storage systems, we can create a sustainable source of water for various purposes. Additionally, the utilization of water-efficient appliances can play a pivotal role in conserving this invaluable resource. Upgrading to appliances designed to minimize water consumption, such as low-flow toilets and efficient washing machines, can significantly curtail wastage.

Curbing water wastage demands a shift in our mindset and behaviours. Simple yet impactful actions like fixing leaky taps, turning off faucets while brushing, and reusing water for secondary purposes can collectively make a significant difference. 

More than just a duty, it is our responsibility to safeguard water resources for the sake of future generations. By implementing these measures, we contribute to a more water-resilient society and a sustainable environment. 

Water scarcity is a significant issue in India. We have a unique perspective as students that can help us understand the problem better and find solutions. Our essays play a crucial role in raising awareness and driving change.

Water scarcity affects various aspects of our lives, including agriculture, economy, and daily routines. When there’s not enough water for crops, it leads to food shortages, impacting everyone, especially those who are already struggling. Even industries rely heavily on water, and its shortage can lead to economic problems.

Our essays act as messengers that can inspire conversations in communities and compel authorities to take action. By highlighting the impact of water scarcity on people’s lives and the environment, we can make everyone realize the urgency of conserving water.

Our current stage in life allows us to see the bigger picture. We understand that our actions today shape our future. Saving water is not just about our generation; it’s about ensuring that upcoming generations have enough resources too. Our collective effort, regardless of our backgrounds, can make a substantial difference.

Through our essays, we can demonstrate our concern and commitment to finding solutions. By using relatable examples and straightforward language, we can help everyone understand the seriousness of the issue. Simple suggestions like using water wisely can lead to meaningful changes. Furthermore, fostering a culture of community-level water conservation initiatives can enhance awareness and cooperation. Schools, colleges, neighbourhoods, and workplaces can initiate campaigns, workshops, and awareness drives to instil the significance of water conservation.

In conclusion, our essays serve a greater purpose than academic assignments. They serve as a call to action for water conservation. Despite our age, our words hold power. Let’s use that power to raise awareness, encourage change, and contribute to a better future for our nation.

Begin with a captivating hook – a quote, fact, or anecdote – to grab the reader’s attention and set the tone for the essay.

While essay lengths may vary, maintaining clarity and conciseness is crucial. Strive to present comprehensive arguments without exceeding the word limit.

Support your claims with evidence such as statistics, expert opinions, or real-life examples. This lends credibility and persuasiveness to your essay.

Summarize your key points, restate your thesis, and offer a closing thought that leaves a lasting impact on the reader.

We hope that this essay blog on Save Water helps. For more amazing daily reads related to essay writing , stay tuned with Leverage Edu .

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Manasvi Kotwal

Manasvi's flair in writing abilities is derived from her past experience of working with bootstrap start-ups, Advertisement and PR agencies as well as freelancing. She's currently working as a Content Marketing Associate at Leverage Edu to be a part of its thriving ecosystem.

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essay on water wastage

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Good Example Of Water Wastage Essay

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Literature , Government , Politics , Economics , Future , Water , Life , Infrastructure

Published: 05/17/2021


In the article “Transferring Water from Agricultural to Urban Use Is Beneficial” Robert Glennon discusses the dilemma faced by the people of US regarding the scarcity of water. The author draws attention towards the reduction of clean water supply in the rivers, and possibly suggests that if this issue is not given attention people would not have clean water. Glennon proposed five options that may help satisfy the increasing water demand. The first option is diversion of water, but the problem with this option is that most water is unendurable. The second option suggests that construction of more dams should become a priority. Through the second option, the people would have water at times of shortage. However, the increase in dams’ construction had a negative impact upon the scenery of the country’s renowned places such as the beautiful canyons of the West.

According to Glennon, the third option of, recycling sewerage water has been made possible because of the improved technology available. Sewerage water is now reusable if it is adequately treated in a water clarification plant. Effluent water is most suitable for farmers as it provides a form of healthy growth of certain crops. The fourth option to conserve water is to levy government regulations and limit the quantity of water consumption by people. Moreover, the author also suggests that water should become a charged commodity, as people are reluctant to waste anything for which they have to pay an additional amount.

Glennon provides a fifth option of water reallocation as a future strategy. Through reallocation of water people would be able to prioritize their water needs; thus, reducing wastage. Even though, the reallocation system may bring about resentment from several parties, but it would help determine the worth of water to specific groups. The author argues that people tend to value thing they possess; therefore, if people have to buy water they would make wise decisions and promote efficiency in the economy. Robert Glennon stresses upon the government to intervene if the fifth option is put into practice. The government must ensure that economic or environmental harm is minimized during the reallocation process so that the benefit gained is maximized.

Charles Fishman in his article “People Must Learn Not to Take Water for Granted” discusses the flaw of the system that has made people believe that water is an abundant resource. The concept that water will never fall short, has contributed towards people being insensitive to the water scarcity dilemma. Fishman has discussed the previous era and the use of water then along with the present scenario and future implications. The author suggests that people need to take their relationship with water seriously, similar to other relationships which exist in their lives. As life without water is almost unimaginable people should give greater importance towards understanding and implementing ways of minimizing the wastage of this scarce resource.

One of the most major sources of water wastage is the leakage of water through several channels. Fishman indicated that 16 percent of water does not reach the final destination because it gets wasted in the process through leakage at some point. Fishman draws attention to the evolved nature of water supply compared to the early twentieth century. Water filtration plants have changed the way people look at water and are the major contributors towards the convenience of water availability. According to the author, because increasingly cities are located near water plants people have begun to take water for granted. Initially, people had to walk miles to get access to clean water, but today this trend has declined significantly.

Charles Fishman has proved that water shortage can be overcome, by showing statistics that suggest that the use of water in US has declined even though the population has increased. As there are efficient production systems in place, the water is rationed efficiently. The major source of water wastage is from households, and people need to realize the importance of water because that is the only way they would use it carefully.

In the article “Water and Poverty, An Issue of Life and Livelihood” it is suggested that water is a core requirement for a healthy life. As populations around the world are increasing, the stress on clean water resources is increasing. People are fighting for clean water as they want to sustain life in their particular economy. Development is increasing but so is population; therefore, the pressure on water availability has also intensified. According to reports, by 2025 people living in rural areas would struggle to get access to clean water resources. Urban areas are exploiting water resources and ensuring their citizens have uninterrupted access to water. On the other hand, third world countries and rural areas are barely meeting their clean water requirements.

Water scarcity is solvable if actions are taken at local, national, and international levels. Countries and territories should keep aside their differences and come together to ensure an uninterrupted supply of water for its people. It would require legislative and political action in order to ensure water supply is fair to all nations. Developmental projects should not over power the water needs of local residents. In other words, governments should learn how to prioritize the water supply because the health of people is most important. There should be no discrimination amongst the poor and rich as far as clean water is concerned. People should have equal access to clean water regardless of their race or financial status. If water is to be made available in the long term, people need to revise their habits and ensure that water wastage is minimized as much as possible.


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Save Water Save Life Essay in English for Children and Students

essay on water wastage

Table of Contents

Save Water Save Life Essay: Water is highly necessary for the existence of life on earth. Water is as much needed for survival as Air in the atmosphere. All living beings, humans, plants, or animals, completely depend on fresh potable Water. In this section, we present five essays on Save Water Save Life in different word limits for you to analyze the importance of Water in our life and solutions to conserve Water for the survival of living beings on the earth.

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Long and Short Essay on Save Water Save Life in English

You can go through these long and short save water save life essays knowing the answers to the following questions such of what is the importance of Water, what is the Importance of Water Conservation, what are Various Steps for Social Awareness, and What Are the Solutions to Conserve Water, how to Save Water Save Life Save World, what is Water Shortage, what is World Water Day, why do we say Water is Life, why do we Need to Save Water, what is Save Water Initiative, How to Save Water and many more. You can select any Essay on Save Water Save Life as per your need:

Essay on Save Water Save Life: Importance of Water – Essay 1 (200 Words)

Water is the second substance after Air to survive on the earth for all living beings. Apart from Water used for drinking, it also has various uses such as washing, cooking, cleaning, etc. Water is not only vital for the living being but also important for plants or trees. This precious element is also needed for the agricultural sector and various industries.

Importance of Water

Water has been so important since the beginning of a life that all the major civilizations have taken place near the river in the world. Rivers play an important role in developing major cities in India as transportation is much easier through rivers. Scientists are talking about life on Mars as they found some frozen water and moisture in Air. Scientists are still exploring life on Mars, but the main point is that due to water availability, we can imagine life; otherwise, there is no possibility of life. Thus, we can also say that ‘Water is life.

Water is important for the earth’s ecological balance, i.e., Water from the Sea evaporates and joins the Air as water vapor and turns into clouds. When cloud transfers from the sea to a plain area and cools down, it converts into rain and fills the river and groundwater again.

Essay on Save Water Save Life: Importance of Saving Water – Essay 2 (300 Words)


‘Save water to save life on earth,’ this rule has become the prime need for all of us. We all know that Water is as essential as Air to live on earth, but the worst part is that fresh Water has been declining daily. Due to the lack of Water, many natural crises are happening worldwide like drought, diseases, environmental pollution, and global warming. Still, most of the world’s population does not understand the importance of water saving.

Importance of Water Conservation

The cycle of nature completely depends on Water. Until the Water evaporates and mixes into the Air, there will be no rain on earth which causes damaged crops and the worst drought situation all over the place. Every living being, whether human, animal, or plant, requires Water to survive here. Drinking water is essential for domestic use like washing, cleaning, mopping, cooking, and even for agriculture and industrial use, including power plants.

In many areas of India, Water is less in quantity. Even fresh Water is about nil. In those places, people have to either charge or go hundreds of miles to get potable Water for daily use. Water is so important constituent for all living beings that if we still do not find a solution for conserving it, survival on earth will be in danger.

Use of Water for Urbanization

Urban areas are generally found on the riverside. Every industry requires Water for different manufacturing types where Water is used for fabricating, processing, washing, diluting, cooling, or transporting a product. One of the significant uses of Water is power plants to produce electricity.

On earth, Water is a limitless natural resource that again forms by recycling, but fresh and potable Water is our prime need, which must be saved for our secure, healthy life. One day, life on earth would not be possible without the effort to save Water.

Essay on Save Water Save Life: Social Awareness – Essay 3 (400 Words)

Water is the precious substance on the earth for all living beings. Nobody can even think of living without Water. It is hard to say, but potable Water is diminishing daily in the world even though the earth is covered with 71% water. To spread awareness about ‘save water save life,’ various countries organize different events and programs.

Various Steps for Social Awareness

Nowadays, people are everywhere talking about the shortage of water resources, depletion of groundwater levels, drought in many parts of the world, implementation of rainwater harvesting, etc. The depletion of water resources has become a global problem for the world now, and the major fact is that this happens when the earth is covered with about 71% water. Useful Water is available only 3.5%; the other is Ocean water that can’t be used.

Social awareness is a must for all to face and solves any such issue. The world is now united to solve such a global issue of water depletion.

  • United Nations (UN) celebrates 22 nd March as “World Water Day” to provide the importance of fresh water and to support the management of freshwater resources.
  • The government of India (GOI) is also taking various steps for the augmentation, conservation, and efficient management of water resources by creating social awareness among people.
  • GOI and state government have prepared several departments to create awareness in people, such as a dedicated minister for “Drinking Water and Sanitation Ministry” to rejuvenate “Ganga and other Rivers.”
  • Central Ground Water Board is also taking steps to regulate groundwater development and promote rainwater harvesting and artificial recharge.
  • Spiritual leader “Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev” has created awareness of the “Rally for Rivers” campaign. In this campaign, he gave the simplest solution to rejuvenate India’s rivers by maintaining a minimum of one kilometer of tree cover on river sides. Forest trees can be planted either on government land or tree-based agriculture brought in on farmland. This will ensure our rivers are fed throughout the year by the moist soil. This will also reduce floods, drought, and soil loss which would also result in terms of increase in farmers’ incomes.

Everyone should understand the importance of Water in our life and the problem faced during the scarcity of Water. Government and NGOs are spreading awareness about the importance of Water and how to save water in day-to-day life. Water is precious, and we should not waste it.

Essay on Conserve Water Save Life – Essay 4 (500 Words)

The biggest problem of global warming is undoubtedly a huge water depreciation on earth which is mainly caused due to misuse of Water all over the planet. In today’s time, it is highly required to understand the formula of “conserve water save the earth.” Pure Water is the prime source of all necessities a living wanting to live a healthy life.

What are the Solutions to Conserve Water?

Better and less use of Water is the requirement of us to prevent the worst situation of drought on earth. In this essay, we will focus on how to Conserve Water to save beauty, greenery atmosphere, and, most importantly, life on earth. If we seriously consider it, we find it is not difficult. First, we need to start with our daily routine life.

Our new generation must understand the formula of “conserve water save the earth.” We can save it every second of our life. A small step can add hundreds of gallons in water savings. Here are some points we need to focus on in our daily life.

Solutions to Conserve Water?

  • A little precaution during routine activities like turning off the tap while brushing, washing hands, and shaving can save a huge quantity, approx 160 Gallons of Water per month.
  • Using a bucket instead of a shower will also do the needful regarding saving Water.
  • Watering plants in the morning and evening instead of the afternoon is always the better solution to save Water. However, planting trees in the spring can also be added to the solution.
  • Without making a delay, it is necessary to repair all leakage in the house to prevent unnecessary water loss.
  • Instead of using a bucket, washing the car with the pipe is always the bad choice for water saving.
  • Using a washing machine and dishwasher always helps save Water with the condition when they are fully loaded.
  • Applying the correct process of water recycling in your house always proves the right decision in conserving Water save a life, for example, recycling rainwater in other household activities.

Conserving Water is something that makes nature and our future safe and secure. We all know that day by day the level of Water on earth is declining and our nature is badly suffering. It should be better to learn and apply how to conserve water and keep its purity for the healthy life of our future generation.

After seeing the current situation of Water available on the planet, every single drop of Water needs to be saved. As we know that 71% of the area of the earth is covered by Water, but only 3.5% is left as helpful to living beings. Thus, our prime need is to understand the importance of Water for the sake of our future generation by maintaining the cycle of natural resources, especially the blue part of the earth, which is ‘water.’

Essay on Save Water, Save Life, and Save the World – Essay 5 (600 Words)

One of the major natural resources on earth is Water, the most important substance for all living beings like humans, animals, plants, etc. Even though we can’t imagine surviving without Water, Water is required for our daily needs. We require Water for everything such as drinking, cooking food, bathing, cleaning, etc., where Water is necessary for living beings; it is also much required in other areas of agriculture, manufacturing companies, different types of chemical industries, power plants, and many more. Unfortunately, the lack of Water on earth has become a big problem.

Save Water, Save Life, Save World

Water is the prime need for living on earth. To make life healthy and safe, all living beings require Water. As the population is increasing daily, water consumption is also growing. Due to urbanization, trees are regularly decreasing, resulting in pollution, drought in various areas, damaged crops, and the worst global warming situation. Thus it is high time for all to make habits to save Water to save lives and the world.

Water Shortage

We always hear news about water scarcity in different parts of the world. Here we define what water scarcity is. It is the huge shortage or absence of freshwater resources worldwide. According to data, one-third of the global population, about 2 billion people, live under water scarcity for 1 month a year. Also, we can say that half a billion people in the world face a water crisis for a whole year. It is now declared that Cape Town, a city in South Africa, is supposed to become the first major city to run out of Water soon.

Water covers about 71% of the space on the earth. Still, there is a huge water shortage in the world. The ocean contains 96.5% water as saline water which human beings can’t use without treatment; only 3.5% of Water is there for the use, which is available in the form of Groundwater, glaciers, Rivers, Lakes, etc. These natural resources of Water are depleting very rapidly due to an increase in consumption because increasing population increases wastage of Water, speedy industrialization, and urbanization. Some parts of India and other countries are facing an acute water shortage, and unfortunately, the government has to arrange Water by road tanker or train for those places. In India, water availability per person has been reduced by 70% between the period of 1951 to 2011 and is expected to reduce again by 22% by 2050.

  • World Water Day

United Nations (UN) has announced 22 nd March as “World Water Day” to inform people of the value of fresh Water and its harmful impact on earth due to its absence. This year’s 2018 theme of world water day was ‘Nature for Water, which means exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21 st century.

Water is a precious natural resource that every person needs to survive. If we say ‘Water is life, ‘ there is nothing wrong with this. Thus we are focusing on saving Water, saving lives, and also saving the world. Potable Water means the Water considered safe for human consumption needs to be saved for our prospects. To protect our natural ecosystem from further damage and to escape the earth from the situation of global warming, we are highly required to conserve water and maintain its quality by not adding chemicals or garbage to it.

Essay on Save Water Save Life – Essay 6 (1000 Words)

As we all know that after Air, Water is one of the most important resources for the existence of life on this planet. It is so important for survival that we can’t even imagine life without Water. We all know that around 71% of the earth’s surface covered by Water, basically in the form of oceans, seas, rivers, glaciers, etc. Still, though we have such a huge amount of water bodies, out of it, only 1% of Water is clean and suitable for human consumption.

Water is essential not only for the survival of the human race but also for other species that exist on earth. From a biological point of view, Water has many properties that allow organic compounds to react and replicate. All the known forms of life are highly dependent on Water. Seeing the scarce quantity of clean Water available on earth and the high dependency of species on Water, it becomes extremely important for us to save Water to save lives.

Water is Life

Water is essential to our life, and our survival depends on it. It is not possible to imagine life without Water, and if we want to save a life, then it is no doubt that we have to start it by saving Water. Apart from consumption, Water is also an integral part of our daily life, ranging from bathing, cooking, washing, and gardening to agriculture and industrial use; Water plays an important role in our daily routine.

Animals and vegetation on earth are also dependent on Water. If there is a shortage of Water, then it will seriously hamper their growth and development, affecting the balance of the ecosystem and breaking the food chain. Hence it is very important to ensure a proper water supply for the survival of all the species on earth.

Need to Save Water

Many regions worldwide face extreme water scarcity due to scanty rainfalls and the decline or depletion of groundwater. In some places, the groundwater contaminated or overused and has not replenished due to scanty rains. These factors have led to drought in those areas leading to water scarcity.

Industrialization and urbanization have also added to the problems by which groundwater has been overused to fulfill the exceptionally high demands of the population. As per the WHO report, 1 out of nine people and around 844 million still do not have safe water access. Seeing the statistics and current situation, the water crisis in the future seems inevitable and calls for an immediate action plan for the conservation of Water so that we can save this precious resource for today and our future generations.

Save Water Initiative

‘Save Water is an initiative that helps promote water conservation by spreading awareness among people regarding the importance of Water and saving it for our better future. The save water campaign shows people that pure and freshwater sources limited. If it overused, then chances are that they might not able to fulfill the high demands of the population in the near future, posing a question about our survival.

Though 71% of the earth covered with Water, this Water unfit for direct consumption, so whatever fresh Water we have on earth should utilized responsibly without wasting a drop of it. It is the responsibility of every global citizen to save Water and conserve it for the future because the population is increasing day by day. Still, the sources of clean Water are the same.

If we want to make a proper availability of fresh water to sustain life in the future, we must start saving Water from today and include water-saving habits in our daily routine. Only then will we be able to conserve water and maintain the water supply in areas deprived of fresh and clean Water.

Save Water Save Life

As we all know, Water is life, and all known forms depend on it. But still, around 21% of communicable diseases in India caused due to the consumption of unsafe Water, and this situation has arisen due to the scarcity of clean drinking water. Around 163 million people in India still lack access to safe drinking water and giving an open invitation to various diseases and epidemics which might sometimes turn out to be fatal.

Looking at the increasing population and high demands for clean Water, we should start conserving Water from today onwards. If every citizen of India saves at least a litre of Water daily, it can make a huge difference. Your one litre of saved clean Water could give life to a child who does not have access to clean Water. The Water saved by you could used in areas deprived of water supply due to high demands. Your small step to save Water could make a huge difference in many people’s lives.

How to Save Water

Water is equivalent to life, and if we want the survival of the human race, then we have to strictly include the habit of saving Water in our daily routine. Following are a few methods that will help you to save Water and utilize it in a better way:

  • Please turn off the tap tightly when not using it, i.e., shaving or brushing teeth.
  • Install a low-flush toilet that uses less Water.
  • Use fewer shower baths and instead bath with a mug and bucket.
  • Use drip irrigation instead of flood irrigation in agriculture.
  • Water your garden in the evening and avoid overwatering.
  • Turn off running taps in public places and immediately report leaks to the authority.
  • Install Rainwater Harvesting System in your building and localities.
  • Re-use the wastewater of RO filters for washing or gardening purposes.
  • Install float valve in overhead tanks to avoid overflow.

Water is the base of life; for example, if you leave a pan with Water for a few days, something will grow out of it. This shows how Water supports all forms of life on earth. Be it humans, animals, plants and trees, or any other living species, their survival is dependent on Water. If they deprived of Water, it becomes difficult for the species to survive, even for a shorter duration. As the most intelligent species on earth, it is our prime responsibility that we must save Water so that all forms of life can flourish on earth and maintain a proper balance of the ecosystem.

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Question: How can we save water?

Answer: This is how you can save water:

Question: Why is water so important for life?

Answer: Water is important for the earth’s ecological balance, i.e., Water from the Sea evaporates and joins the Air as water vapor and turns into clouds. When cloud transfers from the sea to a plain area and cools down, it converts into rain and fills the river and groundwater again.

Question: Why should we save water?

Answer: Water is essential to our life, and our survival depends on it. It is not possible to imagine life without Water, and if we want to save a life, then it is no doubt that we have to start it by saving Water.

Question: Write essay on save water?

Answer: The biggest problem of global warming is undoubtedly a huge water depreciation on earth which is mainly caused due to misuse of Water all over the planet. In today’s time, it is highly required to understand the formula of “save water save the earth.”

Question: What is water conservation?

Answer: Water conservation is the practice of using water efficiently to reduce water waste and minimize the impact on the environment.

Question: What are the ways to conserve water? Answer: Here are some of the ways to conserve water.

  • Turn off the tap while brushing, washing hands, and shaving can save a huge quantity, approx 160 Gallons of Water per month.

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essay on water wastage

Natural Sciences

Environment, water wastage and saving techniques.

This paper has looked at various ways by which water is wasted through misuse especially by large water dependance. The essay also looks at the various strategies and techniques that can be applied in order to avoid the wastage as it is becoming a scarce resource

Table of contents

Preview of the essay: water wastage and saving techniques.

essay on water wastage

Paragraph on Save Water - Check Samples for Various Word Limits

Water is the most essential and life-saving natural resource. It is the most precious gift given by the Earth to humans. Water is important for human beings and necessary for the entire ecosystem. God has gifted us with plenty of water, but only a small part of it is safe drinking water, and that is why we need to spread awareness about saving water.

Table of Contents

Paragraph on save water in 100 words, paragraph on save water in 150 words, paragraph on save water in 200 words, paragraph on save water in 250 words, frequently asked questions on save water.

As humans, we might not realise the importance of water, but pollution and waste have created a severe scarcity of freshwater available to us. Therefore, there have been a lot of awareness campaigns and agitations to save water.

Water is the most important natural resource. It is a necessary component of all life on earth, whether human life, plants, animals, or any living being. No living organism can ever survive without water. Water is also required for agricultural and industrial activities, other than for routine tasks. Today, we are unaware of the dangers posed by water wastage. We make only a feeble attempt to conserve water. Water is wasted in social gatherings, programmes, and celebrations. Every day, we waste water in our homes as well. We have this habit of leaving the tap open while brushing, washing, bathing, etc. So, significant actions must be taken to conserve water.

Water is the most important and valuable resource, and our body contains approximately 70% of water. We require water every day for our personal uses like cooking, washing, bathing, drinking, etc. Our body also requires approximately 4-5 litres of water every day. Water is not only essential for human beings but also for animals, plants, birds, etc. That is why we need to save water. It is as essential to life on Earth as air. Water has become scarce due to overuse and misuse of water. Human beings and other living creatures might face life-and-death situations due to a lack of access to water. Low precipitation and excessive groundwater consumption are causing water scarcity in many parts of the world. The groundwater is either polluted or wasted in some areas. Dry conditions result from the wastage of natural water. High population expansion also plays a crucial role in causing water scarcity. Due to overpopulation, the misuse of water has increased, and according to WHO, approximately 844 million people do not have access to fresh drinking water.

Water is the most basic resource without which no life can exist. Despite the fact that water covers 75% of the earth’s surface, only 2% of it is fresh water. As a result, fresh water is becoming increasingly valuable and should not be wasted. For life on the earth, water is as important as air. Water scarcity has been caused by the misuse and overuse of water in a few locations. People and other living species may face life-or-death situations if water is inaccessible. Freshwater is the resource we utilise the most, yet it is also the resource we waste the most. Another factor that wastes water is industrialization. It pollutes the water by discharging chemical waste into water bodies. When water is mixed with harmful substances, it becomes dangerous to use. The biggest causes of water waste are a lack of awareness among individuals and the thoughtlessness of the authorities. Water is a fundamental resource, and as a result, we must conserve it for future generations as well as ourselves.

For humans and other living beings, water is the most valuable natural gift. It is impossible to imagine a world without water. Freshwater makes up only 2% of the total water on Earth, which humans use every day. This indicates that it is extremely rare and shouldn’t be squandered under any circumstances. Because of human activities, the Earth’s freshwater reserve is rapidly depleting each day. The most important reasons for water usage are contamination and the wastage of water. We can survive without food for longer periods of time than we can go without water. A few plants can’t live without water for more than a day. Water also supports a large number of aquatic organisms. It is now the perfect time to make a full-fledged effort to conserve water. We need to make people more aware of the value of water and the harm we are causing by wasting it. We are making coffins for humanity and all creatures by continuing to waste water. While individuals like us to feign ignorance, the planet continues to get closer to a dry end. We claim that we have control over the situation, but we are not prepared to respond immediately. We don’t admit how dreadful a situation is until we are confronted with all its after-effects. If we don’t want to be accused of making the world dry and lifeless, it’s time to start acting on it. As It is already late to spread awareness, now it is time to take preventive measures.

Why do we need to write about saving water?

How can we stop wasting water and save it for future generations, leave a comment cancel reply.

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essay on water wastage

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