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What Is Essay Bot? AIs Writing an Essay for You Might Not Be Safe

essay on computer languages

Writing essays isn’t many people’s favorite part of studying for a qualification, but it’s necessary. Or is it? If you’ve ever sat in front of a computer and felt like you didn’t know where to start, you might have been tempted to get Essay Bot to do the work for you. Before you search for it, here is what you should be aware of.

What is Essay Bot?

Essay Bot is just one of many AI services which are on the increase. The Essay Bot website claims to have an inbuilt plagiarism checker, so you might think this is a positive aspect. However, the unlimited search database is basically information already available on the internet. The site states that the bot searches millions of websites and provides the most relevant information. This all sounds good, perhaps too good.

Is Essay Bot Safe?

Essay Bot might be okay if you just want to create a piece of writing which isn’t related to college work, or for some offline material that isn’t going to be published online and get you into trouble. However, it’s too risky for college work. The software just seems to rewrite content that is already online, and it doesn’t always do this well.

Of course, you could rewrite the text in a way that makes more sense to your essay and addresses the points you want to make, but there are several downsides to this.

You could spend more time rewriting than you would if you simply wrote the complete essay yourself. You may also end up plagiarizing someone else’s work during the rewrites. It’s likely that the words Essay Bot provides are a rearrangement of content already available, and in an attempt to make more sense, you accidentally rewrite some of the text it was taken from.

You could invest in high-quality plagiarism software to prevent this, but is it really worth the cost and the extra time of tweaking and rewriting until the essay becomes completely unique?

Probably not.

Can You Get in Trouble for Using Essay Bot?

essay on computer languages

Yes, you could get in trouble for using Essay Bot if your tutor or anyone else at your college found out.

Most colleges will use a plagiarism checker and if your essay fails this, you will put your place at risk. Each college or university will have different rules, but you could fail the essay, be made to redo the module or lose your place on the course. Education is not cheap, so it doesn’t seem worth the risk.

Even if you manage to craft your bot-written essay into something unique that also makes sense, getting someone to write your essay for you is still cheating. The writer being a bot doesn’t change that.

The easy way to determine if something is wrong is if you ask yourself whether you would admit to your tutor how you crafted your essay. If you wouldn’t tell them, you’re probably breaking the rules and could get into serious trouble if found out.


essay on computer languages

Computer Language

  • Computer Language =' LANGUAGES OF COMPUTER

Definition of language A language is defined as the medium of expression of thoughts. All the human beings in this world communicate with each other by a language. Similarly, computer also needs some expression medium to communicate with others

A computer follows the instructions given by the programmer to perform a specific job. To perform a particular task, programmer prepares a sequence of instructions, know as programmed. A program written for a computer is known as Software. The programmed is stored in RAM .The CPU takes one instruction of the programmed at a time from RAM and executes it. The instructions are executed one by one in sequence and finally produce the desired result.

The Journey of computer software machine language to high level languages to modern 4GL / 5GL languages is an interesting one. Let us talk about the same in detail.

1) FIRST GENERATION LANGUAGES 1GLs (Machine language) When the human being stared programming the computer the instruction were given to it in a language that it could easily understand. And that language was machine language. The binary language a language, a language of Is and Os is known as Machine language. Any instruction in this language is given in the form of string of 1s and 0s. Where the symbol I stand for the presence of electrical pulse and 0 stands for the absence of electric pulse. A set of 1s and 0s as 11101101 has a specific meaning to a computer even through it appears as binary number to us.

The writing of programmer in machine language is very cumbersome and complicated and this was accomplished by expert only. All the instruction and imp data are to fed to the computer in numeric form that is binary form.

2) SECOND GENERATION LANGAUAGES 2GLs (Assembly Language) Lots of efforts are made during last 50 years to obviate the difficulties faced for using the machine language. The first language similar to English was developed in 1950 which was known as Assembly Language or Symbolic Programming Languages. After 1960, the High Level Languages were developed which bought the common man very to the computer. And this was the main reason for tremendous growth in computer industry. The high level languages are also known as Procedure Oriented Languages.

3) THIRD GENERATION LANGUAGES (3GLs ) (High Level Languages) The assembly language was easier to use compared with machine la language as it relieved the programmer from a burden of remembering the operation – codes and addresses of memory location. Even though the assembly languages proved to be great help to the programmer, a search was continued for still better languages nearer to the conventional English language. The languages developed which were nearer to the English language, for the use of writing the programmer in 1960 were known as High Level languages. The different high level languages which can be used by the common user are FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, PASCAL, PL-1 and many others. Each high level language was developed to fulfill some basic requirements for particular type of problems. But further developments are made in each language to widen its utility for different purposes.

4) FOURTH GENERATION LANGUAGES (4GLs) The 3GLs are procedural in nature i.e., HOW of the problem get coded i.e., the procedures require the knowledge of how the problem will be solved. Contrary to them, 4GLs are non procedural. That is only WHAT of the problem is coded i.e., only ‘What is required’ is to be specified and rest gets done on its own. Thus a big program of a 3GLs may get replaced by a single statement of a 4GLs. The main aim of 4GLs is to be cut down on developed and maintenance time and making it easier for users.

GUI BASED LANGAUAGES With the invention and popularity of GUI based interfaces. GUI based languages are as follows:

1) Visual basic

2) Visual C++

3) C# (Pronounced as C sharp)

4) Visual basic.NET

5) Visual basic 2005

  • Programming Language

Assembly language is usually called a low-level programming language . we usually think of machine language that is binary instructions, as the lowest –level programming language assembly language is a bit higher than machine language but it is still `low`in the sense that the programmer must spend time thinking of the instructions which the particular computer can excute ,rather than spending all her time in solving her problem. Also, each computer has its own assembly language , so learning the assembly language of one computer may teach you something about assembly language programming . but your programs will not run another make of computer and even thought some modern assemblers allow us to use instructions considered `high-level` there is still essentially a one to one correspondence between on assembly language program and its eqivalent machine instruction. As programming demand grew, people realized that the drawbacks of assembly language programming were limiting the productivity of programmers. The main issues were that – The programmer was forced to think in terms of the macine rather than in terms of her problem. A program written on one computer could not be rum on another model. This meant that, if an organization wanted to change its computer, al the programs would have to be written . thus the use of a program was limited to one particular computer . This led to the development of problem oriented languages, usually called high-level language. The earliest [and still among the most widely used high level language] were Fortran and Cobol ,since then many language have come and gone, but among the more popular now a days are Pascal, PL/I , Basic, RPGZ , LISP , APL, C Ada and Prolog . the more popular high-level languages and their applications are discussed in other.

(1) Low level language (2) High level language

(1) Low level language (a) Machine language (b) Assembly language

(2) High level language (a) Basic (b) Cobol (c) Fortran (d) Pascal

Assembly language :- The idea of problem oriented language is to allow the progammer to thik about a problem in terms familiar to her and relrvent to the problem . so for instance, if she needs to know the large of two quantities a and b , say then she must be able to write. If A>B then let Bigger=A It is unrealistic to think that any large program can be written without any mistakes[called bugs] thus an essential part of any programming activity is the process of debugging [removing mistakes from] a program. It is much easier to debug high level languages than low-level ones .in assembly or machine language . we would have to check things like. Whether a wrong operation code was used . Whether a binary conversion was correct. Whether a certain memory location was referred to consistently . Whether a branch instruction caused a jump to the correct instruction and not say to the one before or after. Whether a register was cleared before being used. A – the compiler B –Interpreters C –translator The compiler— When we have written a program in a high-level language. We are still faced with the now familiar problem

TRANSLATOR Instruction in Instructor -1 Language Language Instructor –1 Assembly language

Problem translated into machine language, a program called a compiler performs this job among other things. As

Japanese AKIRA Johan Jill or English

Fortran program Fortran compiler for apple II program In machine language of apple II

A compiler`s Job is much more varied and difficult than that of an assembler . some

High –level language :-- The two main programming languages fortran and cobol, reflect the main classes of problems solved on computers, fortran [from formula translation] was developed for solving scientific and engineering problems which involved a great deal of numerical computation. On the other hand cobol[common business oriented language] was designed to solve the data-processing problems of the business community . Typical problems are payroll , stock control ,accounts receivable, accountable , general ledger and cheques analysis.

Different language Of instructions Instructor language

Instructor language COMPILER Instructor language High

Instructor language Pascal, Fortran

Fig : structure of high level language of various assembly language

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Computer Programming Language Essay Sample

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Internet , Computers , Vehicles , World , Programming , Information , Linguistics , Language

Published: 03/25/2020


A programming language is an artificial language that has been designed in order to issue commands to a machine. A computer programming language is used to issue instructions to a computer. Programming languages have been in existence since the advent of computers. They have been used in the development of computer information systems that are used in many businesses today. The computer programming language can undergo execution directly while in the form of the manufacturer’s numerical format. At this stage, they are referred to as machine language. They can also be executed in assembly language where the machine language has been substituted to an understandable format. They can also be executed into some higher-level language (Louden, & Lambert, 2011). Assembly and machine languages are referred to as low-level languages because the computer programmer is required to manage all of the computer’s data storage and operation features. On the other hand, high level computer programming languages shield the programmers from managing the features of data operations and storage. Instead, these programming languages provide notations that are easily read and written by computer programmers (Maloney et al., 2010). There are different types of computer programming languages. There are procedural (structured) computer programming languages and unstructured computer programming languages. Structured computer programming languages allows the programmer to give commands to a computer programming language so that they follow some give steps when performing a function. Structured programming languages have logical flows. On the other hand, unstructured computer programming languages do not follow a procedure but follow constraints. Examples of structured computer programming languages include C++, Java, VB, and C while unstructured computer programming languages include Fortran, Assembly language, or the old basic language. Structured programming languages are further sub-divided into object-oriented and procedural. The object oriented programming languages have objects to define some entities while procedural are linear and follow specific steps to accomplish a task (Louden, & Lambert, 2011). Programming languages have evolved so that we now have languages that are used to program the World Wide Web. These languages have been designed so that they follow the current trends that are used by traditional programming languages. These design issues include the object oriented paradigm. There are developments that are being seen in the World Wide Web programming.

Louden, K. C., & Lambert, K. A. (2011). Programming languages: principles and practices. Cengage Learning. Maloney, J., Resnick, M., Rusk, N., Silverman, B., & Eastmond, E. (2010). The scratch programming language and environment. ACM Transactions on Computing Education (TOCE), 10(4), 16.


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Home / Essay Samples / Information Science and Technology / Computer Science / Computer Programming

Comparative Analysis of the Most Popular Programming Languages

Essay details

Information Science and Technology

Computer Science

Computer Programming

  • Words: 2407 (5 pages)

Please note! This essay has been submitted by a student.

Table of Contents

Works cited.

  • Chen, K. (2017). Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages. Medium. https://medium.com/ @kathryn.chen/top-10-most-popular-programming-languages-1aefb3cc9097
  • Deitel, P. J., & Deitel, H. M. (2013). C++ How to Program (9th ed.). Pearson Education.
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  • Sedgewick, R., & Wayne, K. (2011). Introduction to Programming in Java: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Addison-Wesley.
  • Sharma, S. (2018). Java Programming for Beginners. Packt Publishing.
  • W3Schools. (n.d.). JavaScript Tutorial. https://www.w3schools.com/js/DEFAULT.asp

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Free Coding & Programming Essay Examples and Topics

Are you assigned to write a coding or programming essay? But do you understand the difference between the two? Numerous people use these terms interchangeably. Here, our experts have explained what they mean and how they differ:

Coding is the act of translating from human language into machine one. It’s like writing in the computer’s language. Programming is a broader process in which coding plays a role as well. It concerns developing software by basically telling the computer how to complete a task. Besides, programming involves fixing related errors so that programs function as intended.

As an act of translation, coding does not involve using many software tools. A specialist can even use a text editor to write a code. On the contrary, programming consists in using special tools and appropriate devices. Coders should know proper syntax and keywords, while programmers have to learn a lot more information.

In the following sections, we have provided tips on how to write programming and coding essays, as well as appropriate topics. Additionally, under the article, you’ll find free samples that you can look through.

Essay about Programming & Coding: Tips

An essay about programming or coding will have a standard 5-paragraph structure unless specifically required otherwise. In such a paper, you should present a thesis statement that reveals your message. Then, you should provide arguments and examples to explain your position. Here, we will gather tips that will help you in this endeavor.

To successfully write an essay on coding or programming, try the following:

  • Be aware of who you’re writing for. Programming is a complex and specific subject. Thus, you need to understand both the topic and the audience. Include complex terminology for the pros or scale it down for the unprepared reader.
  • Don’t limit your writing. Of course, you should try to stay focused on your topic. However, do not limit yourself if some technology or framework seems relevant to your essay. Include examples from other fields if they support your argumentation.
  • Always do your research. Your essay should have some theoretical framework at its base. So, conduct your research before writing. Strive to build up a robust academic foundation for your argument.
  • Structure your paper beforehand. Whatever topic you are writing about, you should organize your essay in advance. Prepare an outline or the bullet points of your ideas and references. Just make sure you think about the structure beforehand to simplify your writing process.
  • Work on your intro and thesis first. There is no single way to write your first paragraph. Some people prefer to live the actual text of the introduction when they already have the entire essay written. Whatever method you choose, remember to work on your thesis statement before anything else. Our online thesis generator can help you with that.
  • Make sure your body paragraphs serve their purpose. First of all, understand what the goal of your body paragraphs is. The primary purpose of the sections is to support your thesis statement. You can do that by providing information from different sources, illustrating your examples, and explaining ideas.
  • Conclude and restate. Restating your thesis statement in your conclusion is essential. Make sure you do not simply repeat but develop it based on previous paragraphs. Sum up what you’ve discussed in your essay. Your final goal here is to create a lasting image in the reader’s memory.
  • Don’t forget to proofread. You should reread and edit any paper before submitting it. You can carefully read it aloud and search for mistakes. Or you can ask someone to check your grammar, spelling, typos, etc.

17 Programming Essay Topics

You might be asked to write a coding or computer programming essay on a specific topic. However, sometimes you are free to choose the issue by yourself. You can let our topic generator create an idea for your paper. Or you can pick one from this list.

Check these coding and programming essay topics:

  • A comparative analysis of Java and C++ computer programming languages.
  • The use of python programming language in modern technologies.
  • Reasons why I have a passion for programming.
  • The pros and cons of computer-assisted coding.
  • Exploring computer coding as an art.
  • Teaching coding to kids through cartoons.
  • How is computer science used in television and film productions?
  • The benefits of using computer software in schools.
  • The best languages for competitive programming.
  • The importance of linear programming in real life.
  • The use of linear programming in transportation.
  • The application of programming in robotics.
  • Television programming and how it has changed in the last 20 years.
  • Teaching English as a foreign language using linguistic software.
  • A comparison between the human brain and a computer.
  • Will computers replace people at work in the future?
  • The development of web programming and design: why is it important?

Thank you for reading the article! We hope our tips helped you with your programming essay. We’ve included some examples for you to make our topics and tips more useful. See these free programming essays down below.

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The cost of a positive integer.

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How to Become a Videogame Designer

Tools for performance testing: project scope, computer programming and code, is html a programming language, boolean search and how to use it, object-oriented programming. java and c++ programming.

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Optimal Approximate Sampling From Discrete Probability Distributions

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Outsourcing of International Software Development

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Self Assure Company: Quality Systems

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