Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay About A Place

Caleb S.

Writing a Descriptive Essay About A Place - Guide With Examples

Published on: Jan 25, 2023

Last updated on: Oct 16, 2023

Descriptive Essay About A Place

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Are you writing an essay about a place and need to know where to start?

The beauty of the world lies in its diversity, and every place has something unique to offer. A descriptive essay can bring these places alive for readers. But the question is, how do you write one?

Don't worry! We've got the right answer for you!

With a few examples and some tips on crafting your own essay, you can write it easily.

So read on to find good samples and tips to follow!

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What is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is a type of writing that aims to describe and portray an object, person, or place. The essay typically includes sensory details to help the reader imagine its contents more vividly. 

A descriptive essay about a place should provide enough details for the reader to build a mental image of it. To do this, you need to include vivid descriptions and relevant information that could paint a picture in their minds.

Let's read some examples to see what a good descriptive essay looks like.

Examples of Descriptive Essay About Any Place

Here are some examples of descriptive essays about a place

Example of a Descriptive Essay About a Place

Descriptive Essay About a Place You Visited

Descriptive Essay About a Place Called Home

Descriptive Essay About a Place You Loved as a Child

Descriptive Essay About a Place of Interest I Visited

Do you need more sample essays? Check out more descriptive essay examples to get inspired.

Tips for Writing an Excellent Descriptive Essay About A Place

Now that you've read some examples of descriptive essays about places, it's time to learn how to write one yourself. Here are some tips on writing a great essay:

Choose The Right Topic

The topic of your essay should be something that you have a strong connection to or feeling about. It could be a place you've visited recently or a place from your childhood. Moreover, make sure that it's something that you can write about in enough detail to make your essay interesting.

Check out our other blog to check out 100+ descriptive essay topics to get your creative juices flowing.

Gather Information

Gather as much information as possible about the topic of your essay. This will help you craft vivid descriptions and portray an accurate picture for your readers. Gather your observations, research online, and talk to people who have visited the place you're writing about.

Make sure to research the topic thoroughly so you can provide accurate and detailed descriptions. Read up as much as you can about the history of the place, and any interesting facts or stories about it.

Structure Your Essay

Outline your essay before beginning to write so all points flow logically from one to another throughout the entire piece.

Make sure to include a strong introduction and conclusion, as well as several body paragraphs that help support your main points.

Include Sensory Details

Use sensory language by including details such as sights, smells, tastes, sounds, etc. This helps to engage readers and transport them into the setting of your essay.

When writing a descriptive essay, make sure to include vivid descriptions that involve all five senses. This will help create a more engaging and immersive experience for your readers.

Use Vivid Language

Make sure to use strong and powerful words when describing the place you're writing about. Use metaphors and similes to bring your descriptions to life and make them more interesting for readers.

Proofread Your Essay

Proofreading is an important step in any writing process, especially when it comes to descriptive essays. Make sure to check for any typos or spelling errors that may have slipped through in your writing.

You also need to make sure that the flow of your essay is logical and coherent. Check if you've used a consistent point of view throughout, and make sure that all ideas are well-supported with evidence. You can also take help from a professional descriptive essay writer in proofreading.

Follow these tips and examples, and you'll be well on your way to writing a great descriptive essay.

Don't stress if you still want a professional writer to do it for you. We've got the best solution for you. offers the best custom essay writing service to help you write a great descriptive essay. Our experienced writers are here to provide high-quality and error-free work to help you get the grade you deserve. With our essay writing service, you are guaranteed a 100% original essay.

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Caleb S. (Marketing, Literature)

Caleb S. has been providing writing services for over five years and has a Masters degree from Oxford University. He is an expert in his craft and takes great pride in helping students achieve their academic goals. Caleb is a dedicated professional who always puts his clients first.

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Descriptive Essay About A Place

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Descriptive writing piece - The most beautiful place in the world - an ocean

10darkfire10 1 / 1   Nov 15, 2012   #1 For a school assignment we have to write a descriptive writing piece, I have finished this but I would love it if you all could help me improve it, thanks. Descriptive Writing Piece - The most beautiful place in the world - an ocean The horizon stretches across my entire field of view in the most spectacular fashion. A massive expanse of crystal clear water is all I can see ahead of me with a miniature sail boat proudly sailing along with its small white sails catching the little sea breeze. This same breeze caresses my skin, keeping it pleasantly warm in spite of the slowing fading sun, making me feel like it is hugging me warmly. The beautiful colour which seems to be a mix of orange and pink fills the dark blue sky and colours the puffy white clouds. The calm ocean reflects this most amazing colour in the way which only it can. The waves gently lull on the sandy shore, slowly breaking then receding, always gracefully touching my toes. The smell which these waves conjure is not fishy and disgusting as it sometimes is but rather soft and a little salty which just so luscious. The sea gulls circle in the air, occasionally landing near me. One sea gull dives from the air only to lift itself up again as it nears the water, making a small V in the water behind it. I find myself thinking that perhaps this is the most beautiful place in the entire cosmos. Now, as the sun is setting, the sky is becoming a pleasant purple colour and the first few stars start to become visible, in a way which seems as though they are peeking around a corner, appearing slowly at first then slowly becoming brighter, a beacon of hope and happiness. The sea gulls are starting to fly towards the last rays of the sun, off into the ocean. The waves are progressively creeping up onto the shore now and they reach out to graze my shins. The warmth from the air is starting to be replaced by a chill. I put on my spare coat I brought in an attempt to fight off the cold; thankfully the coat has fur on the inside which helps keep my warm. As time passes, the sky progressively becomes a black, seeming to look like a void. The sea gulls are all but gone and now their cries are barely just a whisper. The wind is picking up strength and the deathly chill it brings seems to replace my spine with a large chunk of ice, freezing my entire body, my fur coat has given up in the fight having been outmatched by the ferocity of the wind. The waves are much larger now and they are now desperately reaching for waist. The water feels colder than liquid nitrogen and wherever it makes contact with me its cold fingers seem to leech the very life from my soul and replace it with numbness and terror. The wind blows harder, edging the furious waves on, making them even larger. I stumble back in sheer horror. The waves seem to be yelling at me, telling me that resistance is futile. I freeze on the spot as an amazingly large wave charges towards me. I stumble due to another wave just as the large one breaks right over my head making my vision go black. The ocean refuses my desperate attempts to stand up and I continue to go flying around where ever and whenever the angry ocean pleases. I look up into the void that is the sky and I see the stunning bright stars which are now cruelly taunting me instead of offering me the feeling of hope. I surrender myself to the dark abyss and the last of my oxygen leaves my body in the form of two small bubbles. I slowly descend into the chasm which is the ocean and my last thought is "perhaps this isn't the most beautiful place in the cosmos after all". Written by Matthew Hill year 9 Leap English Word count = 655

akharper2868 2 / 5   Nov 15, 2012   #2 "A massive expanse of crystal clear water is all I can see ahead of me with a miniature sail boat proudly sailing along with its small white sails catching the little sea breeze. " This is a little awkward. I'm not sure if you're on the boat, or watching it pass by Try- A miniature sail boat proudly glides along the glass-like water. It's white sails perk as it catches the slightest bit of a breeze. "The smell which these waves conjure is not fishy and disgusting as it sometimes is but rather soft and a little salty which just so luscious." Good use of imagery, but again it's a bit awkward. Maybe- The smell of these waves isn't pungent or fishy, but instead gives off a luscious, soft, salty scent. "The warmth from the air is starting to be replaced by a chill. I put on my spare coat I brought in an attempt to fight off the cold; thankfully the coat has fur on the inside which helps keep my warm." That comment about the fuzzy inside of your coat is kinda off. It's unneeded information. "reaching for waist" Reaching for "my" waist. Other than that, I thought this was a brilliant descriptive essay. I can feel the warm breeze you described, and imagine the vastness of the ocean. It wasn't just pleasant to read, but also exciting. I went through a nice, calm stage while reading the first paragraph. I then shifted to a much darker place. The way you made the transition and change in tone really made the essay stand out from a simple essay about a pretty place to a compelling, exciting story. Good job!

OP 10darkfire10 1 / 1   Nov 17, 2012   #3 Thanks so much! I have read through all of your suggestions and I thought that you where correct about all of them, once again, thanks!

descriptive essay about a nice place

Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay Examples

Last updated on: May 26, 2023

Descriptive Essay Examples - 8 Examples To Help You Write Better

By: Cathy A.

10 min read

Reviewed By: Rylee W.

Published on: Dec 31, 2019

Descriptive Essay Examples

Do you need some good descriptive essay samples to understand how these essays work? We are here to help you write a descriptive essay with remarkable success!

So stay with us to learn the basics with the help of some great descriptive essay examples.

Descriptive Essay Examples

On this Page

What is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay describes and gives sensory details about a person, place, event, or thing in an in-depth and detailed manner. It is different from writing a narrative essay.

The aim of descriptive essay writing is to make the reader feel and see a certain thing, place, or person from your perspective. Your readers may have different points of view about the topic, your job is to make them see what you feel and believe.

These types of descriptions are often found in the literature; novels and dramas, where the writer constricts the whole scene through his or her words. 

Ever noticed how you feel like actually seeing the character from a novel in your mind? Or a place? This is the power of a descriptive narrative.

What is the Aim of Descriptive Writing? 

The sole aim of a descriptive essay writer is to draw a realistic and actual picture in front of the reader. These essays are a part of high school and college level and students. 

Teachers give this type of descriptive writing task to students for developing the students’ skills of describing and explaining something in a detailed manner.

This skill is quite helpful in professional life as the students will know how to analyze something in detail and by considering its different angles.

While writing a descriptive essay can be a fun and enriching experience. Describing your emotions and feelings and dealing with a sensitive topic can be a challenging and daunting task. However, with practice, you can do it successfully.

Good Descriptive Essay Examples

It is not an easy task to write a descriptive essay at first attempt. This is why many students turn to the examples of a descriptive essay to understand its structure and content.

Samples and examples are great to help the students understand how to write certain types of essays. Every essay and assignment is different and, therefore, to score well, you need to be mindful of the content that you add to them.

Effective descriptive essay writing is more about describing different aspects and traits of the chosen subject and the type of feelings they inspire. Commonly, these types of essays describe a particular person, an event, a place, or an emotion with the aim to make the reader feel your way.

Descriptive essay example for grade 6

Descriptive essay example college

Descriptive essay example for university

Don’t give up! Continue reading to explore more amazing examples

Descriptive Essay Example about a Person

Writing about a person is probably the first choice of many students. They like to describe their parents, especially siblings, best friends, and teachers in their essays. However, when you choose to write about a person, it is better that you write about someone who you know.

Descriptive Essay Example about a Person (PDF)

Descriptive Essay Example about an Event

As humans, we come across a number of events and happenings. From casual friends get together to very formal weddings and parties, each one of us has something to talk about.

The descriptive essays about events describe the event, how the writer felt about it along the surrounding details.

Just like we say, a descriptive essay ‘describes’ the topic. In the case of descriptive essay examples about an event, the details will include the kind of event, the level of excitement of the writer, the surroundings, and an overall feeling.

Descriptive Essay Example about an Event (PDF)

Descriptive Essay Example About a Place

Describing a place that you visited in your summer holidays is quite an enjoyable experience. It is like you are visiting the same place again and having the same feelings.

When describing your favorite place in an essay, use vivid language. You can describe the details like the weather of the place, the main place that you visited, the kind of feeling you had.

Descriptive Essay Example about a Place (PDF)

Descriptive Essay Example about Emotions

Describing emotions and feelings is difficult.

Memories, emotions, and feelings are abstract and, therefore, explaining them is not easy. They cannot be explained independently, as you can explain a place or event.

A descriptive essay about emotions includes an event and the feelings associated with it. These could be feelings of sadness, anxiousness, confusion, surprise, and happiness.

Whatever emotions you describe, you can use related adjectives and adverbs to describe them.

Descriptive Essay Example about Emotions (PDF)

Descriptive Essay Example About a Visit

A visit to a doctor, a visit to a zoo, and your first visit to a museum, all make excellent descriptive essay topics.

If you go somewhere for the first time, it is natural to have a plethora of feelings and emotions. These could be feelings of joy and even fear.

Descriptive Essay Example about a Visit (PDF)

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Descriptive Essay Outline

Like every essay sample, a descriptive essay has an outline and format. The essay follows the traditional essay structure and includes:

1. An Introductory Paragraph

The first paragraph of an essay is the introduction and it usually sets the mood for the entire essay.

A good descriptive essay has a strong opening. It introduces the reader to the main topic and what the essay will be about. However, these details are brief and introduce the main topic only.

Some students think that adding more details in this section will add value to their work. Wrong. It will only minimize their chances of expanding the topic in the main paragraphs and leave them with fewer details.

2. Thesis Statement

A thesis statement tells the reader about the thesis question, based on the topic, and the writer’s claim and main argument. It is written after the introduction and before the main paragraphs.

A thesis statement is written at the end of the introduction, it is mainly a single sentence that describes the essay objective.

3. Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs take more than half of the entire essay and include all the main claims and arguments of the essay. Generally, it has three paragraphs but depends on the topic and its scope. Some topics may not have much to write about while others may have a wide scope and material.

However, if you feel that your topic does not have much room for expansion, do not try to drag it. It will only ruin its essence and overall feel.

4. Conclusion

A solid closing means a solid essay.

Some students think that because it is a closing paragraph, it requires less focus and is less important. But it is not the case. A clumsy conclusion will leave a bad impression and all your hard work may go to waste.

But, a conclusion is also not a place for new ideas. Stay brief and to the point.

To learn more about descriptive essay structure, you can watch this helpful video

Now that you know the basic outline, you can learn how to write a descriptive essay by visiting our blog and working with those tips and tricks.

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Descriptive Essay Topics 

Got inspired by the examples and looking to write your own essay? So select the topic of your choice from the list below and write a tempting essay…

  • The street I love to walk around  in
  •  Exploring the beauty of nature
  • The pleasing sounds of rain 
  • The most meaningful experience I had in college
  • Exploring a hidden gem in my hometown 
  • My favorite book character 
  • A day spent in my dream destination 
  • Memories of various festivals I have celebrated  
  • My favorite food that always brings back memories
  • These are some
  • The beauty of the rising sun in winter

Choosing a Topic for your Essay

Choosing a topic for your descriptive essay can be difficult and challenging. The reason is there are so many things to write about like

  • Relationships
  • Favorite place
  • Experiences
  • Things 
  • Scenarios and many more.

All of these subjects make great descriptive essay topics. Some quick tips to help you choose a great descriptive essay topic include:

  • Choose a topic that interests you
  • Choose a topic with a good scope
  • Choose something that inspires you emotionally
  • Choose a topic that appeals to all five or at least one to two senses
  • Choose the topic according to your audience
  • Choose a topic that is interesting and will keep your readers glued and engaged

For interesting essay topics and ideas, visit our blog and get 100+ descriptive essay topics to choose from.

Tough Essay Due? Hire Tough Writers!

Elements of a Great Descriptive Essay

Great essays are based on elements relevant to the main topic and explain it in detail. Just like other types of essays, descriptive essays are specifically based on describing the main topic. You can do this by using figurative language and words that appeal to the five senses like touch, taste, sight, etc. of the readers.

Some core elements include:

  • Choosing a specific subject:

Choosing the right and appealing subject is essential for a good descriptive essay. Research and make a list of the topics that interest you and see which one you could use for your essay. make sure that you know how to work on that topic before finalizing it.

  • Select the Details:

You cannot write about everything. No matter how many details there are, you have to choose the most dominant ones and stick to them closely.

  • Organize the Details:

Once you have chosen the details and organize them in chronological order. This step is especially important if you are talking about an event because then you have to add details related to the event.

  • Use Descriptive Language:

Descriptive and figurative language is a must if you want to draw a clear picture in front of your readers. Adjectives and adverbs, similes and metaphors, and comparisons are some techniques that you could use to compose your descriptive essay.

  • Use Appropriate Language:

Relevant language will help you in presenting the information in a coherent and simple manner. The topic of your essay will decide the kind of language that you will use in your essay.

  • Do Not Drag the Essay:

Dragging the essay will do no good for your essay. Writing an engaging essay is essential for successful descriptive essay writing. Coherent, relevant, and engaging facts will add credibility and a natural flair to your essay.

Professional Essay Writing Help

Not sure if you could write an impressive and engaging descriptive essay? is here to help you write an essay. is here to help you write an essay . With us, you get high-quality, affordable, and timely help. Our quality assurance is rigid and we make sure all the spelling and grammar checking is done before final submission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many paragraphs are in a descriptive essay.

Like any other essay, a descriptive essay also must have at least five paragraphs. The number of paragraphs could increase, based on the scope and need of the topic.

How can I write a good descriptive essay?

Writing a good descriptive essay requires vivid and detailed descriptions, creating an experience for the reader. To do this, it’s important to use clear language that creates images in the reader’s mind. 

Additionally, using sensory details can help engage the reader and make them feel as if they are partaking in the experience described. 

What are some examples of things you could describe in a descriptive essay?

Examples of things you could describe in a descriptive essay include a location, person, object, or event. Each of these should be explored in detail to help the reader form an accurate mental image.

Cathy A.

Finance Essay, Education

Cathy has been been working as an author on our platform for over five years now. She has a Masters degree in mass communication and is well-versed in the art of writing. Cathy is a professional who takes her work seriously and is widely appreciated by clients for her excellent writing skills.

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Descriptive Essay Examples

  • How To Write An Impactful Descriptive Essay?

Descriptive Essay Examples

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