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Creative Writing  offers training in various approaches and techniques in the writing of fiction, poetry, essay, and drama. These courses are taught by multi-awarded and published writers expert at honing the skills of young writers.

Course Checklists

  • BA Creative Writing (2018 NEW)
  • MA Creative Writing (2006)
  • PhD Creative Writing (2006)
  • List of Prerequisites for all DECL Courses (2023)

Course Offerings  (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Connect with DECL on

  • Phone: 426-3668; 981-8500 local 2118, 2119
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office: Palma Hall Pavilion 1, Room 1120

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creative writing online course philippines

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Master of Arts in Creative Writing

creative writing online course philippines

Other Program Information

Becoming part of the program.

We are a Catholic institution of learning dedicated to advancing the frontiers of knowledge in the theoretical and applied fields through quality graduate education that is comprehensive and responsive to the needs of society.

We are committed to the formation of scholars and high-quality professionals who are ethical, competent, compassionate, and committed to the service of their respective professions, the Church, the nation, and the global community.

We envision a Graduate School that stands for excellence and innovation and that is globally recognized for its distinct degree programs and quality research outputs.

The Graduate School commits itself to develop: 

  • Competent professionals who, inspired by the ideals of St. Antoninus of Florence, promote excellence in the production, advancement, and transmission of specialized knowledge and skills in the sciences, the arts, and community service; 
  • Scholarly researchers and creative thinkers who, kindled by St. Thomas Aquinas’s ardour for truth, aspire to become fonts of intellectual creativity and, in their quest for quality research, are proficient and critical in assessing and communicating information in various fields that impact the professions, the Church, the nation, and the global community; 
  • Professional Christian leaders who, touched by St. Dominic de Guzman’s apostolic fire and warmed by Mary’s motherly care, articulate ethics and truth, high level of moral maturity in resolving issues and promoting social justice and compassion for the poor, and care for the environment; 
  • Globally engaged citizens who, with ardent advocacy for life, promote a deeper understanding of tolerance and justice as well as linguistic, religious, and cultural diversities as a result of precise evaluation of modern problems and inquiries; 
  • Committed scholars who, nurtured by the dogmas of Christian faith and values, are dedicated to the pursuit of truth through the promotion of an intellectual culture that values academic rigor and freedom of scientific investigations; and 
  • Lifelong learners who, empowered by St. Antoninus of Florence’s zeal for learning, are committed to the advancement of a higher culture through a continuous search for intellectual inquiries and new knowledge as well as faithfulness to Catholic intellectual traditions. 

After completing the degree program, the student must be able to: 

  • Demonstrate an updated knowledge of current developments in the discipline of creative writing, as well as a richer and more formal background in literature (particularly Philippine literature, and in the genre in which they work); 
  • Exhibit a higher level of writing, both in terms of craft and of philosophical/socio-political/moral insights, as well as articulate their own poetics. 
  • Epitomize a high level of professionalism as creative writers, as well as take their place as leaders of the literary community, not just in the University but in the larger society; 
  • Write their own books of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and/or drama that effectively communicate their ideas to their intended audience; 
  • Exhibit a deeper and broader understanding of the role of creative writing and literature in the development of a highly cultured society both in the local and global contexts; 
  • Demonstrate a richer and more formal background in literature (particularly Philippine literature, and in the genre in which they work), as well as articulate their own poetics. 

Click here for the  Admission Policies and Procedures  of the Graduate School.

Go to  THIS PAGE and look for the “Graduate School” tab for the tuition fees.

Program Curriculum

GS 500 – St. Thomas and Critical Thinking As the philosophical foundation of Research Methodology, it isa study of the principles of skills in critical thinking according to St. Thomas Aquinas in the three areas of mental cognition: simple apprehension, judgement, and reasoning; and of common fallacies toward the acquisition of the art of argumentation. 

GS 501 – Literary Research (From Concept to Framework) Methodical study and application of the historical, descriptive and textual and textual methods of literary investigation for the retrieval, authentication, interpretation and evaluation of literary texts in view of the goals of literary criticism and appreciation. By the way of framework and background, it involves familiarity with literary theory and Philosophy of Literature as bases for content and direction of research agenda. 

CW 601 – Poetry Writing Workshop 1 (Fundamentals of Poetry Writing)

CW 602 – Fiction Writing Workshop 1 (Fundamentals of Fiction Writing)

CW 603 – Creative Non-fiction Writing Workshop 1 (Fundamentals of Creative Non-fiction Writing)

CW 604 – Theories for Writers (Theories of Literary Criticism)

CW 605 – Poetics for Writers (Philosophy of Writing)

CW 606 – Children’s/Young Adult Literature Writing Workshop

CW 607 – Travel Writing Workshop

CW 608 – Poetry Writing Workshop 2 (Special Problems in Poetry Writing)

CW 609 – Fiction Writing Workshop 2 (Special Problems in Fiction Writing)

CW 610 – Creative Nonfiction Workshop 2 (Special Problems in Creative Nonfiction Writing)

CW 611 – Playwriting Workshop 1 (Fundamental of Playwriting)

CW 612 – Playwriting Workshop 2 (Special Problem in Playwriting)

CW 613 – Special Topics (Food Writing, Science/FantasyFiction, Performance Poetry/Spoken Word, Crime/ Detective Fiction, Film Scriptwriting, etc.)

LIT 609 – Literary Translation 

LIT 904 – Philippine Poetry*

LIT 905 – Philippine Fiction*

LIT 906 – Philippine Creative Nonfiction*

LIT 907 – Philippine Drama*

Anglo-American Literature Latin American Literature   Or any other Literature subject

Other Requirements:

Written Comprehension Examinations (WCE) TW I – Thesis Proposal (3 units) TW II – Research Colloquium (3 units) TW Ill – Thesis Defense (3 units)

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creative writing online course philippines

The University of Santo Tomas is one of the leading private research universities in the Philippines and is consistently ranked among the top 1000 universities in the whole world. With academic degrees and research thrusts in the natural, health, applied, social, and sacred sciences, as well as business and management, the University continuously strives to make a positive impact on the society.

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creative writing online course philippines

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TalkShop is a Civil Service Accredited Learning and Development Institution. Contact Us: (63) 917 877 5588 | (63) 917 790 5588

Best English School in the Philippines | TalkShop


Having the ability to write beautifully and creatively is something you can learn to do. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sure, it may seem like a “talent” that comes naturally to some individuals, but creative writing is a skill you can master, too. You just need to learn how to articulate your thoughts fluidly in written form, then practice by doing creative writing exercises.

This Creative Writing Course will expose you to various writing styles and forms. This includes prose and poetry, as well as formal compositions like articles, essays, and newsletters. In each session, you will be shown inspiring creative writing examples and learn valuable writing tips that you can put into practice

Mobile : (63) 917 790 5588 |   (63 ) 917 877 5588 


Aspiring writers who want to learn the components of correct and effective writing and the styles of creative and meaningful self-expression


  • 1 Rules and application of grammar (parts of speech, phrases, symbols)
  • 2 Principles of composition (diction, words to ideas, transitions, sentences)
  • 3 About writing form (business styles, language format, voice, color)
  • 4 Common errors (word relations, idioms, dialects, figures of speech, jargons)
  • 5 Other styles and exceptions (dual meanings, foreign languages, standards)
  • 6 Other simple strategies (do’s, don’t’s)
  • 1 Master accuracy and fluency in creative writing.
  • 2 Learn to express one’s thoughts and emotions coherently and clearly.
  • 3 Develop a personal style by using one’s sense of connected-ness.
  • 4 Use particular techniques to add color and flavor to a story.
  • 5 Focus on the flow of writing that engages the target audience.
  • 6 Merge logic and creativity in all writing tasks.


TalkShop uses Integrated Language Teaching. This means 30% of the course is comprised of facilitator-based discussions while 70% is dedicated to an interactive learning experience through:

  • 1 Guided Writing Activities
  • 2 Creative Thinking Practice
  • 3 Composition Exercises
  • 4 Crtitical Thinking and Critiquing Session


Course duration:.

I.   The Art of Creation II.  Setting Objectives and Expectations III. Creativity vs. Innovation IV. Techniques for Improved Creativity

  • Unleashing Your Imagination
  • Defying the Boundaries of Logic

V. Creativity Development

  • Free-writing Demonstration
  • Expressing Thoughts and Emotions
  • Demonstrating Writing Devices

VI. Guided Learning

  • Showing, Not Telling
  • Using Literary Devices
  • Adding C.R.E.A.M.

VII. Self-evaluation and Proofreading

  • Avoiding Redundancies and Superfluities
  • Learning the Common Mistakes of Writers
  • Writing Evaluation and Development

VIII. Creative Composition

  • Imaginative Writing
  • Narrative Writing
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Synthesis Writing

IX. Program Writing and Next Steps

  • Individual Recommendations
  • Creating Writing and Dream Journal
  • Action Plan and Implementation

creative writing online course philippines


The best English school in the Philippines, is the leading consultancy and training institute for personal effectiveness, corporate protocol, and management communication.

Learn from the experts in Project Management, Leadership Training, Personality Development, Speech, Writing, and Teaching Programs

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Creative Writing

Creative writing, as a subject, primarily deals with the principles and techniques used in writing non-technical forms of literature such as poems, novels, and essays.


Writing poetry is one of the main forms of creative writing. In taking creative writing classes, you’ll typically be taught the different types of poetry (those that tell stories, those that chronicle complicated adventures, those that explore the poet’s thoughts), standard poetry structures (how many lines should be in each stanza, how many syllables should be at each line, at which part should rhymes be introduced), and the different ways poetry can be used including how to tackle important social issues.


Screenplays contain the dialogues that actors in a movie are required to deliver as well as other miscellaneous instructions that they are required to follow while performing a scene. When making screenplays, students are typically taught how to come up with ideas for a story, how to introduce characters, how to build up tension, and how to effectively end it. Also included are guidelines on how to write acting instructions on the script, factors that need to be considered when working on a script such as budget and time, and how to ensure that your script will sell once it’s done.


People typically see songwriting as something that comes naturally — the result of a sudden stroke of genius that eventually leads to bestselling albums and sold-out concerts. In reality, songwriters typically follow a predetermined process (writing the song, copyrighting it, submitting it to music distributors, promoting it across media platforms) when writing songs. These, as well as industry standards that songwriters are expected to live up to, are some of the things that you may learn in a creative writing class.


Notable People

Max Martin – Max Martin is a songwriter and record producer noted for producing a long string of hit songs from the 90s up to the present time including 58 Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 and 22 Number 1s. Some of his most popular and recent works include Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off,” Ariana Grande’s “Problem,” Jessie J.’s “Domino,” Adele’s “Send My Love to Your New Lover,” Avril Lavigne’s “What the Hell” and Pink’s “So What” among several others.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a hugely successful pop star who is known for either writing or co-writing the songs on her albums. She started writing songs at the age of twelve and won her first Nashville Songwriters Association’s Songwriter of the Year award at the age of eighteen. She eventually collected six more of the same award during the course of her career in addition to 10 Grammy Awards, 19 American Music Awards, 22 Billboard Music Awards, 11 Country Music Association Awards, 8 Academy of Country Music Awards, 10 People’s Choice Awards, and 25 Teen Choice Awards.

James Cameron

James Cameron is a critically-acclaimed screenwriter and director who wrote and directed two of the highest grossing films of all time: Titanic and Avatar. Aside from the two blockbuster movies, he’s also behind other iconic Hollywood films such as the Terminator, Aliens, and Rambo.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is one of the most famous poets and playwrights (people who write the scripts for plays) of all time. Although the exact number of copies his works have sold is not clear, he is often considered to be the one the bestselling writers of all time. His extensive list of works include “38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and a few other verses.”

Juan Miguel Severo

Juan Miguel Severo i s a spoken word artist who became famous after his performance of his poems “Ang Huling Tula na Isusulat Ko Para Sa’Yo” and “Naniniwala Ako” became viral online. Since then, he has branched out to acting in television dramas (as Rico in “On the Wings of Love”) and stageplays (“Hintayan ng Langit”).

Resources for Further Reading

  • How to Electrify Your Writing with Verbs: A Songwriting Lesson with Pat Pattison
  • 10 Ways to Grow as a Songwriter and Write Better Music
  • The Process of Songwriting and Music Industry Standards
  • Poem Structures
  • How to Write a Screenplay
  • Most Common Problems in Screenplay
  • J.K. Rowling’s Writing Process in Her Own Words

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Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU)

Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Creative Writing

  • About this Course

About this course

Things you might need for this course, about the provider.

The Ateneo de Manila University is a private research university in Quezon City, Philippines. Founded in 1859 by the Society of Jesus, the Ateneo is the third-oldest university in the Philippines.

Top 9 Content Writing Courses in the Philippines With Placements

With the age of digitalization and a year of pandemics, the marketing aspect of companies around the world has changed from traditional to digital marketing. the increase in the use of electronic devices in the last few years has led numerous brands, agencies, and companies, small or large, to transform their strategies to reach out to their respective audiences and customer base through an internet-based approach. the most important aspect that drives these digital marketing strategies is content..

Best content writing courses in Philippines

The Philippines is recognized as a developing country and is now becoming a newly industrialized market with a shift from agriculture to the service sector and manufacturing. A lot of companies are moving or setting up their base in the Philippines, and a lot of home-grown companies are expanding.

This, in turn, is going to lead to an increase in the number of job opportunities and hence, an increase in companies hiring content creators to contribute to the digital marketing of their brands around the globe. Whether as a freelance or full-time content writer, the market for content writers in the Philippines is booming.

Before we get into the list of some of the best content writing courses in the Philippines, let’s get a brief idea of what content writing is, what it includes, the salary packages, and the career opportunities available in the Philippines and across the world through work from home facility.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the planning, structuring, writing, editing, and publishing of web content for digital marketing purposes. Content writing includes different writing styles for articles, blogs, flyers, infographics, brochures, book reviews, ebooks, statements of purpose, Google Ads copy, business listing, academic writing, press releases, business writing, video script, product description, and social media posts. The content has to be engaging enough to grasp the attention of the targeted audience, consistently posted, and of high quality.

The average salary of content writers ranges from 2,37,900 PHP (Philippine Peso) – 2,71,870 PHP (Philippine Peso) a year for beginners to 3,39,850 PHP (Philippine Peso) – 5,43,745 PHP (Philippine Peso) a year for someone with a good hands-on experience of 2-5 years. Salaries also vary for freelance writers, full-time writers, and part-time writers for MNCs, educational institutions, startups, and entrepreneurs.

What are the Career Opportunities?

Content writing as a career option can be taken up by anyone – a student, a homemaker, a working professional, or an entrepreneur. The skills that are of paramount importance while learning content writing is a habit of reading, consistency in writing, time management , keeping up with the trends, and willingness to experiment with the different writing styles. Anyone willing to do the above-mentioned can become a successful content writer.

Some of the Content Writing Career Opportunities Available in the Philippines and Abroad are:

–             Content Creator

–             Content Strategists

–             SEO Content Writers

–             Copywriters

–             Proofreaders

–             Content Editors

–             Brand Journalists

–             Blogger

–             Scriptwriter

–             Social Media Content Specialists

–             Curriculum Designer

–             Instructional Designers

–             Academic Writers

–             Technical Writers

–             Subject Matter Experts

–             Video Content/ YouTube Content Creators

–             Resume Writing or Professional Profile Building

The Top 9 Institutes for Content Writing Courses in the Philippines

We have compiled a list of the institutes offering content writing courses in the Philippines for you to select from.

IIM SKILLS is an online teaching institute recognized for its various digital marketing and content writing courses in the Philippines and other parts of Asia. The institute has trained over 2500 students ensuring the quality of education and, after the course, guaranteed placements. The trainers have experience of more than 12 years and have worked with top brands of the world.

IIM SKILLS offers a 4-month Content Writing Course (CWMC), which includes 4 weeks of live Sessions, 3 months of internship with hands-on experience, and another 10+ hours of live sessions during the internship.


Course Fees: 10,195 PHP

Course Highlights:

–             25 Types of writing skills

–             16 hours of lecture

–             10+ Hours of sessions during the internship

–             Free tools worth 23,800 PHP (Philippine Peso)

–             Practical assignments and regular feedback

–             Exams

–             Portfolio development

–             Freelance jobs and guaranteed internship opportunities

–             Lifetime consulting and technical Support

–             Certifications from IIM SKILLS and HubSpot

–             Publishing of the work during the course

IIM SKILLS Alumni’s Work at The alumni of IIM SKILLS gets the opportunity to work at some of the world’s biggest companies.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • Financial Modeling Course
  • Business Accounting And Taxation Course
  • CAT Coaching

Contact: +919580740740,  [email protected]

Download IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Brochure

Find Why 20,000+ People Love IIM SKILLS

Udemy is one of the biggest online learning platforms founded in 2007, with over 200,000 courses varying from self-growth to core education concept building. The courses available on the platform are taught by different teachers from around the globe and have their reach to various sections of society – students, working professionals, budding entrepreneurs, etc.

They Offer a Variety of Content Writing Courses in the Philippines, Namely:

–             Ultimate Web Content Writing Masterclass (4.6/5) (Attended by 1,801 students)

–             Content is King: Writing Killer Content for Web and Marketing (4.3/5) (Attended by 1,211 students)

–             How to write great Web Content (4.6/5) (Attended by 634 students)

–             The complete content writing course in 2021 (4.3/5) (Attended by 506 students)

–             Become a Freelance Content Writer (4.7/5) (Attended by 71 students)

Course Topics:

–             Search Engine Optimization

–             Copywriting

–             How to publish your work

–             Content and Market Research

–             Content Writing of various types

–             Content Marketing

–             Grammar, Sentence Structure, and Vocabulary

–             How to edit content

–             Website Development using WordPress

–             How to keep track of Social Media Trends

Course Fees: Course fees on Udemy varies from one course to another. Students also get discounts on these courses. The fee ranges from 245 PHP to 2380 PHP.

–             Self-Paced Courses

–             Experienced Trainees

–             Pre- Recorded Videos

–             Affordable Fees

–             Assignments and Quizzes

–             Lifetime Content Access to Material

–             Certification on completion

–             Globally Recognized Courses

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creative writing online course philippines

3. Skill Upgrader

Skill Upgrader is a consultant company that helps people in career growth. They provide an innovative learning approach through interactive sessions and on-demand training for several courses with the goal of learning through working on projects. With over 1000+ participants in 4+ countries, they are now providing content writing courses in the Philippines too.

Course Modules:

–             Introduction to Content Writing

–             Web Hosting, Domain, and Website Development

–             Understanding the Writing Process

–             Keyword Research

–             Ways to write Optimized Content

–             Process of Content Creation and Management

–             Content Marketing Basics

–             All about a Call to Action in writing

–             Building the content marketing strategy

–             Lead Generation

–             Email Marketing

–             How to Freelance

Course Fees: The course fee is 10,470 PHP, but currently, it is available at a discount price of 5641 PHP.

–             Demo Class

–             16+ Hours Classes

–             70+ Hours of

–             Tools worth 27,200 PHP

–             Placement Support

–             Freelance Work or Job Portfolio Development

–             3 Months of Guaranteed Internship

–             Lifetime Support

–             Instant Content Writing Course Certification

4. Education & Career Times

The Education & Career Times, or the ECT is a government-recognized training startup founded in 2010, has trained over 1200 students, and is now a part of leading content writing courses in the Philippines.

ECT is determined to change the dynamics of the way education is imparted by dividing the course into two steps: learning the theory and later working on live projects during the internship provided by the institute. The course includes live classes, recorded sessions, assignments and tasks, regular feedback, and mentor-mentee discussions whenever required.

The Course Module:

–             Content Writing Introduction

–             How to build your vocabulary

–             All about grammar

–             Tools, Tips, and Techniques of Writing online

–             Ways to write creative non-fiction content

–             Ways to write creative fiction content

–             Different Aspects of Business Writing

–             Different Aspects of Technical Writing

–             Tips for Building Academic Writing skills

–             Ways to write specific content

–             Basics of Content Marketing, Keyword Research, and Web Development

–             Monetizing your work

–             Publishing your work

Course Fees: The course lasts for the duration of 3 months, and the course fee is 10,200 PHP.

–             Regular Feedback and personalized sessions

–             32 hours of Live Online Interactive Sessions

–             50 Hours of eLearning Videos and Resources

–             Live Projects, Writing Assignments, and Exams

–             Placement Assistance

–             Internship Opportunity

–             Lifetime Access and Dedicated Support

–             Certification from the Government of India

HubSpot is a free online training leader offering courses worldwide with a mission to provide training to everyone, irrespective of their age, for the digital age. They have expanded their courses to now offer online content writing courses in the Philippines.

They have dedicated instructors who teach you all about content writing in their content writing course from the basics to the advanced level. The course is available for marketing professionals, inbound professionals, and content producers. They have trained 250,000 students to date.

–             Power of Storytelling

–             How to create content

–             Content Strategy

–             How to generate content ideas

–             How to write quality blogs

–             Blogging through HubSpot on Google

–             How to repurpose your content value

–             How to create content clusters

–             Video Marketing Strategy

–             Guest Blogging Strategy

–             How to promote your content

–             Analyzing the Content

Course Fees : Well, as we told you earlier, this course is entirely free.

–             The courses are free of cost

–             12 lessons and 11 Videos

–             11 Quizzes

–             Personalized training tailored according to your requirements

–             Globally Recognized Certifications

Recommended Read: Technical Writing Courses in the Philippines

6. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning community from educational videos. With over 35,000 online courses and more than 28 million enrolments, Skillshare now offers complete web and content writing courses in the Philippines taught by a consultant and coach in the field of digital marketing.

–             Intro to Content Writing

–             Methodology of Learning Content Writing

–             How to research, write and edit content and use marketing tools

–             Content Writing Basics

–             Keyword Research and Grammar Rules

–             How to create Headlines

–             How to create sub-headlines

–             Call To Action Ideas

–             How to include an image and sources

–             How to outsource or include external links

Course Fees : An individual can get access to numerous courses with a monthly or yearly subscription. A monthly subscription costs around 410 PHP and a yearly subscription costs around 1570 PHP.

–             Free Registration

–             Self-Paced Classes

–             Unlimited Access to classes

–             Taught by Industry leaders

–             Hands-On class projects

Indian Institute of Digital Education is one of the leading content writing courses in the Philippines and a premiere school for digital marketing education. Founded in 2016, they have trained more than 60,000 students with the help of 70+ trainers on various platforms – online, offline, and on-demand mediums.

Their focus is to impart digital skills to their trainees with keen attention to changing trends in digital marketing and content writing. They work on the formula of learning from the trainers, applying the knowledge in the real world, and then evaluating the results to better understand the course.

IIDE offers a content writing/ copywriting course based on advanced teaching methodology. The course is designed in a way to help you understand the basic concepts of content writing through video lectures spanning more than 3 hours of classes and practice tests and assignments. The course is self-paced with live online sessions and one-on-one discussion sessions with the mentors.

–             Copywriting Basics

–             Copywriting Basics – Digitally

–             Principles of content writing

–             Elements and Formulas for Copywriting

–             Marketing Appeals in Writing

–             The Process of Writing

–             Importance of Art in Writing

–             Content creation for social media

–             Tools and Presentation Techniques

Course Fees : 3060 PHP

–             3+ Online Lectures

–             5+ Practice Assignments and Mock Tests

–             Access to Videos for 30 Days

–             Dedicated Question and Answer Support

IIDE Alumni’s work at IIDE Students gets hired by some of the leading agencies and companies worldwide.

8. Coursera

Coursera is a massive online course providing platform and offers a variety of courses in collaboration with different universities around the world. Coursera has 4000+ free and paid courses and has over 92 million registered learners.

The courses are taught by industry experts and professionals with years of experience in the said field. The courses are self-paced with quizzes after the end of weekly modules and final examinations after the end of all the modules. With an abundance of courses, some of the available content writing courses in the Philippines are:

–             Good with Words: The writing and Editing Program by the University of Michigan includes 4 courses (4.7/5) (Attended by 70k students)

– The content Strategy for Professionals Specialization Program by Northwestern University includes 5 courses (4.6/5) (Attended by 42k students)

–             The Strategy of Content Marketing by University of California (4.5/5) (Attended by 260k students)

–             Word Choice

–             How to Structure and Organize

–             Drafting

–             Editing Content

–             How to Proofread

–             Strategy to Market your content

–             How to engage an audience

–             How to manage content

–             How to expand the content reach

–             How to create an impact through your content

Course Fees : The courses on Coursera can be enrolled in for free or for a 7-day trial period, but one has to pay the fees for gaining a certificate. The fee varies from 1360 PHP to 3400 PHP.

–             Self-Paced Learning

–             Weekly Practice Quizzes

–             Graded Assignments with feedback from peers

–             Lifetime Access to the course

–             Certification by the university after completion

–             Global Acceptance of the courses

9. Henry Harvin

Founded in 2013, Henry Harvin Education is one of the global education technology companies focused on providing online and offline certifications, degrees, and diplomas to students and working professionals around the globe. The company has trained over 3 Lac students and has a range of 200+ courses to choose from.

They offer one of the best content writing courses in the Philippines, with 10 modules in a 1-course program. With 36+ Hours of online live interactive sessions and extensive content writing practice, they help trainees undergo projects in numerous aspects of writing such as research, technical and academic writing to name a few.

Course Module:

–             Basics of English: Grammar, Jargon, etc

–             Skills to research online, create graphics, analyze data, edit, and other internet skills

–             Marketing and Business Writing

–             Content Strategy Building

–             Research and Technical Writing

–             Academic Writing

–             Creative Writing

–             Email Drafting

–             How to Get Projects

–             Soft Skills Development

–             Resume Creation

Course Fees: There are two content writing courses in the Philippines offered by Henry Harvin. One with live classes and the other which is self-paced. The fee is 9175 PHP and 10,195 PHP, respectively.

–             Live Projects

–             Basic Graphic Designing Skills

–             Beginners Web Development Skills

–             Bootcamps

–             Guaranteed Internship

–             Publishing of all your work: Article, E-Book, Press release, etc

–             Access to Competitions and Hackathons

–             100% Placement

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How is a content writing course helpful?

Content writing courses help in innumerable ways:

–             You learn different types of writing

–             The guidance and regular feedback on your writing by the trainers

–             You get to experiment with your writing styles

–             You learn essential web development and graphic designing skills

–             You learn to conduct topic wise and keyword research

–             You learn to publish your work without any publisher

–             You learn to monetize your skills even before starting a job

Q2. What is the benefit of attending online content writing courses in the Philippines?

Online content writing courses are budget-friendly compared to offline courses. They are also accessible from the comfort of our homes, and missed classes can be accessed through the recording, which gives an in-class atmosphere. The resources shared during the sessions are available for a lifetime, and demo sessions make choosing which online course is the most suitable for you much easier.

Q3. What are the qualifications required to become a content writer?

An individual has to just be passionate about writing to become a content creator. All the other course-related skills can be learned later.

Q4. Where can I get placed/hired as a full-time employee once I have finished learning from one of these content writing courses in the Philippines? 

Initially, after finishing your course, you can start your internship with some of the institutes mentioned earlier. Then, you can get hired as a full-time content writer after a year of relevant experience in some of the world’s top brands, such as KPMG, Dell, Amazon, Genpact, Forbes, Johnson & Johnson, to name a few. There are other opportunities with startups, institutes, and various existing businesses available too.

Q5. Are all the available content writing courses in the Philippines mentioned in this article?

Yes, there are other available content writing courses in the Philippines, but we have listed out all the top online content writing courses that are out there in this article.

Q6. How important is content writing for the marketing of a business or company?

Content drives the entire marketing as it is the backbone of all the marketing campaigns rolled out by a company, and it is what separates a successful company from any other company. You might be able to design exceptional graphics, but without content added to them, it would be difficult to reach the audience, and that is where content writers come into play.

We have compiled the list of best content writing courses in this article to provide you with all the necessary information before you decide to register yourself. We hope that you will be able to choose the course that is the most convenient for you.

Content writers are in huge demand right now with various profiles for you to enter, and with the right skill set, you will end up working at the world’s finest companies in either the Philippines or abroad.

Hello, I’ve read an infinitive number of articles about content writing courses in the Philippines, and this is the most informative of them all. I’ve wanted to learn content writing for a long time, but finding a course that I can fit around my academics has proven difficult. This article gathers all of the information I need about the course, such as the course fee, duration, and method, in one location for me. I feel like the writer did all of the work, so I just wanted to express my gratitude

hi, Can you let me know what the typical pay for content writers in Philippines is? I’ve finished my degree and am currently looking for a career. One of the occupations I’m interested in is content writing. however, fantastic essay; well done.

Hi, I am an academician. I was searching for content writing to learn more about it. Your article gave me the clarity on the topic and much more. Thanks for the wonderful explanation in detail and hope to enroll in the course. Soon will contact you in this matter.

Hi, I am Vallerie. I have a home bakery shop. I want to make and promote my business online. On viewing the video I am convinced to join IIM skills. But I want to have a demo online meet to interact first with the mentor.

Hi, I a Kevin. I am Law Practitioner. I want to learn Legal writing. Will this course cover aspects of Legal writing?

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creative writing online course philippines

Schools offering Literature & Writing courses in the Philippines

Results (59), far eastern university.

  • Private University, Manila, Metro Manila
  •  MA in Letters
  •  Ed.D in Literature and Language Education
  •   Master's ₱ 44,000-70,000 per year

"Every coin has 2 sides; the good and the bad. And just like that, all the elements found in FEU were in balance of good and bad. I had awesome and not so awesome professors. The atmosphere was conduci..."

D. V.  studied  ABMASSCOM ,  graduated 2012

Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation

  • Private University, Lucena City, Quezon
  •  AB in Literature
  •   Bachelor's ₱ 44,000-50,000 per year

"Great all of the facilities that you need is provided."

R. S.  studied  ABMASSCOM ,  graduated 2002

De La Salle University

  •  Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
  •  MA in Languange and Literature
  •  PhD in Literature
  •  Doctor of Arts in Language and Literature
  •  Doctor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
  •   Bachelor's ₱ 205,000-225,000 per year
  •  Center of Development in Literature & Writing

"The professors in DLSU are one of the best in the country. Everyone wants to bring out the best in their students. Of course, you cannot escape some who are too lazy to prepare for the day but most of..."

A. L.  studied  ABCOM ,  graduated 2008

University of the Philippines Baguio

  • State University, Baguio City, Benguet
  • Apply to this School via
  •  BA in Language and Literature
  •   Bachelor's ₱ 20,000-30,000 per year
  •   Master's ₱ 6,000-24,000 per year

Included in the Free Tuition Law

"Professors in UP Baguio comprise of variety of personalities who are excellent in their field. They are not only brimming with brilliance but they also make continues effort to update their knowledge ..."

A. L.  studied  AB-LL ,  graduated 2008

University of San Carlos

  • Catholic Private University, Cebu City, Cebu
  •  AB in English Language and Literature
  •  AB in Literary and Cultural Studies (with Creative Writing)
  •  MA in Literature
  •   Bachelor's ₱ 70,000-80,000 per year
  •   Master's ₱ 19,500-35,000 per year

"It has campus is in the middle of downtown and near to Jones Avenue, a main street, where all jeeps ply all the routes in Cebu City. The students came from the middle to upper middle class of the econ..."

A. V.  studied  AB-ENG ,  graduated 2008

University of San Agustin

  • Private University, Iloilo City, Iloilo

"For standards in the nineties, the school was not bad. It even had upgrades in multimedia equipment on my last year there. Things could be better, though, like English proficiency of the teachers. The..."

J. V.  studied  AB-ENG ,  graduated 2001

Cebu Normal University

  • State University, Cebu City, Cebu
  •  BA in English-Literature
  •  Doctor of Arts in Literature and Communication
  •   Bachelor's ₱ 6,000-10,000 per year
  •   Master's ₱ 4,000-10,000 per year

"Cool atmosphere & calibrated professors. It needs more improvement on facilities but the good thing was both students and faculties were able to utilize all available resources to produce quality educ..."

R. J.  studied  AB-ENG ,  graduated 2012

Philippine Normal University

  • State University, Manila, Metro Manila
  •  Bachelor in Literature Education
  •  MA in Education with Specialization in Literature
  •  MA in Education with Specialization in Literature- Filipino Stream
  •  MA in Teaching Literature - Filipino Stream
  •  MA in Teaching Literature - English Stream
  •   Master's ₱ 8,400-17,000 per year

"Most classrooms are air-conditioned and are very conducive to learning. However, there are some classrooms which are dilapidated caused by the previous typhoons. The library, just like the rest of the..."

E. J.  studied  BSED-ENG ,  graduated 2014

Ateneo de Manila University

  • Private University, Quezon City, Metro Manila
  •  AB Literature (English)
  •  Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Creative Writing
  •  MA in English Language and Literature Teaching
  •  PhD in English Language and Literature
  •   Bachelor's ₱ 160,000-180,000 per year
  •   Master's ₱ 50,000-70,000 per year
  •  Center of Excellence in Literature & Writing

"The atmosphere is very professional, with the right faculties, mentors and references available easily. The professors are the best in the field in the Philippines, and the library is one of the best."

D. B.  studied  BFA-CW ,  graduated 2014

University of the Philippines Diliman

  • State University, Quezon City, Metro Manila
  •  BA in Comparative Literature
  •  BA in Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas
  •  BA in Creative Writing
  •  BA in Malikhaing Pagsulat sa Filipino
  •  MA in Creative Writing
  •  MA in English Studies (Anglo-American Literature)
  •  MA in Malikhaing Pagsulat
  •  MA in Comparative Literature
  •  PhD in Malikhaing Pagsulat
  •  PhD in Comparative Literature
  •  PhD Creative Writing
  •  PhD in Hispanic Literature
  •  Certificate in Creative Writing in Filipino
  •   Bachelor's ₱ 40,000-50,000 per year
  •   Master's ₱ 5,400-14,500 per year

"There is no doubt that the College of Mass Communication, and the University of the Philippines as a whole, is the leader in education in the Philippines. What I liked about my University was the atmo..."

J. V.  studied  ABCR ,  graduated 2000

Rizal Technological University

  • State University, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
  •  MA in English major in Literature
  •   Master's ₱ 12,000-18,000 per year

"Professors should always be respected. You may hate some of them but respect should always be there. School atmosphere may not be the best but learn to accept things as they are ans see the beauty in..."

L. A.  studied  BSED-ENG ,  graduated 2010

Bicol University - Main Campus

  • State University, Legazpi City, Albay
  •   Master's ₱ 9,200 per year

"My school has a friendly and fun atmosphere. I was able to mingle with my professors and talk about my problems at in life and studies. They are like our friends in there even during our lectures; I e..."

C. C.  studied  ABJ ,  graduated 2010

University of Southeastern Philippines

  • State University, Davao City, Davao
  •  BA in Literature and Cultural Studies
  •   Bachelor's ₱ 14,000-20,000 per year
  •   Master's ₱ 8,000-14,000 per year

"The campus is very spacious with a big gym and buildings but there is no library. The teachers have masters and doctorate in their own fields. This makes the quality of education better. There were a ..."

N. B.  studied  BSED-ENG ,  graduated 2011

Xavier University

  • Private University, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental
  •  Master in Literature
  •   Bachelor's ₱ 50,000-60,000 per year

"The professors were great. The atmosphere conducive and the facilities in place."

G. M.  studied  ABEL ,  graduated 1997

La Salle University Ozamiz

  • Private University, Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental
  •   Master's ₱ 34,000 per year

"Each professor is required to have at least a Masters degree. That, as we know, is a tough feat. Therefore, we can say that these educators are experts and are in the know of what they shared to us. ..."

L. F.  studied  ABMASSCOM ,  graduated 2008

Philippine Normal University - Agusan Campus

  • State University, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur
  •  MA in Education major in Filipino Literature
  •   Master's ₱ 13,000-18,500 per year

"Among the campuses of Philippine Normal University, One thing that I appreciated most in PNU Agusan was the environment. The place is conducive for learning because the whole campus is surrounded with..."

E. M.  studied  BSED-ENG ,  graduated 2006

Mindanao State University - Main Campus

  • State University, Marawi City, Lanao del Sur
  •  MA in Filipino major in Literature

"Proffesors are very good and excellent. Atmosphere is very cold, not polluted air, peacefull. Facilities are very old, needs repair or new building like two or three story buildings."

F. F.  studied  ABFIL ,  graduated 1989

Mindanao State University - Gensan

  • State University, General Santos City, South Cotabato
  •  AB in English major in Literature
  •   Bachelor's ₱ 2,000-2,400 per year

"MSU is known to be a standard school whichever campus it is. The professors possess a common goal, to provide very competent products. Most graduates from this university are able to pass and top boar..."

J. J.  studied  BSED-ENG ,  graduated 2010

Central Philippine University

  •  MA in English Language and Literature
  •   Master's ₱ 26,000-28,000 per year

"Most of our Departments professors are young, they were all accommodating and very good at their craft. I didn't have anything against them since we considered them as our loving mentors. The school'..."

K. J.  studied  ABMC-BJ ,  graduated 2011

Wesleyan University Philippines

  • Private College, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
  •  BSEd in Literature
  •   Bachelor's ₱ 36,000-38,000 per year

"I just love my alma mater. This was my comfort zone. When I felt bad I just seated on the bench under my favorite tree. All were very friendly to me."

B. R.  studied  ABMASSCOM ,  graduated 2006

University of the Philippines Visayas

  • State University, Miagao, Iloilo
  •  BA in Literature

"It was a great school with very competent professors who knew their fields inside and out. We also have recently upgraded our facilities and have greatly improved the quality of education in our depar..."

T. B.  studied  ABCMS ,  graduated 2013

Bulacan State University - Main Campus

  • State University, Malolos City, Bulacan
  •  AB in Malikhaing Pagsulat
  •   Bachelor's ₱ 12,000-16,000 per year

"With the 35,000 population of the school, a quality ambiance will not always guarantee. When I started to know my Mass Communication professors, I begin to realize the status quo of my knowledge. They..."

M. A.  studied  ABMC-B ,  graduated 2014

University of Luzon

  • Private University, Dagupan City, Pangasinan
  •  Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Professional Education Units
  •  Doctor of Arts

"In terms of the campus, University of Luzon is not that big. Fortunately, majority of the professors are high caliber in academic excellence and mental giants. Most of my professors are authors of aca..."

B. B.  studied  AB-ENG ,  graduated 2008

West Visayas State University

  • State University, Iloilo City, Iloilo
  •  AB in English Language Studies
  •   Bachelor's ₱ 8,000-16,000 per year

"It's the best school in the Philippines. Good atmosphere and facilities"

L.  studied  AB-ENG ,  graduated 2008

Polytechnic University of the Philippines

  •  AB in Literary and Cultural Studies

"A very interesting and eager ambiance for practical learning. You got to learn through your own and produce something out of nothing because our school lack facilities and equipment, but as a student,..."

J. R.  studied  ABMASSCOM ,  graduated 2007

University of St. La Salle

  • Private University, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
  •  MA in Teaching major in Filipino
  •   Master's ₱ 12,000-24,000 per year

"The professors only facilitate the learning, they teach us to be independent. The atmosphere is just fine, there's a diverse kind of personalities in school, from the most powerful and the quiet and s..."

M. G.  studied  ABCOM ,  graduated 2013

Cagayan State University - Carig Campus

  • State University, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan


 studied  ,  graduated 

Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University - Mid La Union Campus

  • State University, San Fernando City, La Union
  •  AB in English Language

University of Bohol

  • Private University, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

STI West Negros University

  • Private College, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

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  • Luton 
  • Mildura 
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  • New Orleans 
  • New Westminster 
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  • George Mason University - INTO USA 
  • University of Missouri - Kansas City 
  • University of Nevada, Reno 
  • Columbia University 
  • University of Tennessee 
  • Oakland University 
  • University of Cincinnati 
  • The University of Queensland 
  • Swinburne University of Technology 
  • University of Waterloo 
  • University of British Columbia 
  • CUNY - Brooklyn College 
  • University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley 
  • Concordia University 
  • University of New Brunswick 
  • University of East London 
  • Texas State University 
  • Texas Tech University 
  • University of Houston 
  • University of Washington 
  • University of South Dakota 
  • University of Colorado - Boulder 
  • University of Notre Dame 
  • Western Kentucky University 
  • Eastern Michigan University 
  • California State University - Long Beach 
  • La Trobe University 
  • University of Guelph 
  • Western University 
  • University of Victoria - Kaplan 
  • Santa Barbara City College 
  • Northern Arizona University 
  • SUNY New Paltz 
  • Florida State University 
  • University of Utah 
  • Western Michigan University 
  • University of Iowa 
  • Syracuse University 
  • Southern Illinois University - Carbondale 
  • SUNY Stony Brook University 
  • Georgia State University 
  • Northern Illinois University 
  • Florida International University 
  • Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis 
  • New Mexico State University 
  • The New School 
  • New York University 
  • Oklahoma State University 
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison 
  • San Jose State University 
  • Southern New Hampshire University 
  • Minnesota State University - Mankato 
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago 
  • Central Washington University 
  • California College of the Arts 
  • Peralta Community College District 
  • Western Washington University - International Study Center (StudyGroup) 
  • Arizona State University - Kaplan International 
  • Hofstra University - INTO USA 
  • Oregon State University - INTO USA 
  • New York Film Academy 
  • Pittsburg State University 
  • Long Island University, Brooklyn - StudyGroup 
  • Northwest Missouri State University 
  • Seattle University 
  • Deakin University 
  • James Cook University 
  • RMIT University 
  • Curtin University 
  • Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning 
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University 
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland 
  • Trinity Western University 
  • University of Regina 
  • Manchester Metropolitan University 
  • University of Wolverhampton 
  • University of Suffolk 
  • California State University, Fresno 
  • Glendale Community College - California 
  • Colorado State University 
  • Old Dominion University 
  • Pratt Institute 
  • University of North Texas 
  • Utah State University 
  • University of California, Riverside 
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
  • University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign 
  • University of North Carolina - Charlotte 
  • Drexel University 
  • University of Massachusetts - Amherst 
  • University of San Francisco 
  • Baylor University 
  • DePaul University 
  • Illinois State University 
  • Ball State University 
  • Brigham Young University - Provo 
  • University of Arizona 
  • University of Maryland - College Park 
  • Wichita State University 
  • Brandeis University 
  • Portland State University 
  • University of California - Santa Cruz 
  • University of Memphis 
  • University of Miami 
  • West Virginia University 
  • Hofstra University 
  • University of Central Florida 
  • Temple University 
  • University of Chicago 
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  • North Carolina State University - Raleigh 
  • Northwestern University 
  • Pennsylvania State University - University Park 
  • Pepperdine University 
  • University of California - Davis 
  • University of California - San Diego 
  • University of Denver 
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  • University of Idaho 
  • University of Maine 
  • University of Montana 
  • University of Nebraska - Lincoln 
  • University of New Mexico 
  • Virginia Tech 
  • Long Island University - Brooklyn 
  • California State University - Northridge 
  • San Diego State University 
  • San Francisco State University 
  • Tennessee Technological University 
  • University of South Alabama 
  • University of North Carolina - Wilmington 
  • California State University - San Bernardino 
  • Shoreline Community College 
  • Colorado State University - INTO USA 
  • Full Sail University 
  • Webster University 
  • Long Island University Brooklyn - INTO 
  • Bradley University 
  • Charles Sturt University 
  • University of Winnipeg 
  • Dalhousie University 
  • Brock University 
  • Algonquin College 
  • York University 
  • Bishop's University 
  • Capilano University 
  • Carleton University 
  • Langara College 
  • OCAD University 
  • Selkirk College 
  • Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning 
  • University of the Fraser Valley 
  • University of Ottawa 
  • University of Saskatchewan 
  • University of Toronto 
  • University of Windsor 
  • Vancouver Island University 
  • Douglas College 
  • Vancouver Film School 
  • University of Kent 
  • University of Warwick 
  • University of Bedfordshire 
  • Falmouth University 
  • SUNY Oswego 
  • University of La Verne 
  • University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth 
  • Saginaw Valley State University 
  • University of Tampa 
  • Kent State University 
  • Loyola University of Chicago 
  • University of Indianapolis 
  • Northern Kentucky University 
  • University of Bridgeport 
  • Washington State University 
  • University of Pennsylvania 
  • University of Pittsburgh 
  • University of Alabama in Huntsville 
  • University of Texas - El Paso 
  • Michigan State University 
  • George Washington University 
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Bachelor of Commerce in Creative and Professional Writing

Bachelor of Commerce in Creative and Professional Writing

Bundoora , Australia

THE world university rank:  251

Course qualification

Bachelor Degree

Entry score

Total course fee

PHP 3,880,227 ? AUD  117,000 Program fees are indicative only. Speak to your IDP study counsellor to get up-to-date course prices.

Bachelor of Science in English and Professional Writing

Bachelor of Science in English and Professional Writing

Bridgeport , United States

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Kent , United States

Masters Degree

PHP 1,821,055 ? USD  35,964 Program fees are indicative only. Speak to your IDP study counsellor to get up-to-date course prices.

Diploma of Teacher Education Preparation (C5383)

Diploma of Teacher Education Preparation (C5383)

Melbourne , Australia

Master of Arts in English - Creative Writing and Language and Literature

Master of Arts in English - Creative Writing and Language and Literature

Windsor , Canada

THE world university rank:  501

PHP 569,136 ? CAD  15,640 Program fees are indicative only. Speak to your IDP study counsellor to get up-to-date course prices.

Master of Writing, Editing and Publishing

Master of Writing, Editing and Publishing

Brisbane , Australia

THE world university rank:  70

Masters Degree (Coursework)

PHP 1,790,874 ? AUD  54,000 Program fees are indicative only. Speak to your IDP study counsellor to get up-to-date course prices.

PHP 1,193,916 ? AUD  36,000 Program fees are indicative only. Speak to your IDP study counsellor to get up-to-date course prices.

Master of Writing and Publishing

Master of Writing and Publishing

PHP 2,610,696 ? AUD  78,720 Program fees are indicative only. Speak to your IDP study counsellor to get up-to-date course prices.

MA Writing

Warwick , United Kingdom

THE world university rank:  106

Masters Degree (Taught)

PHP 1,532,269 ? GBP  24,630 Program fees are indicative only. Speak to your IDP study counsellor to get up-to-date course prices.

Graduate Certificate of Communication

Graduate Certificate of Communication

Not Applicable , Australia

Graduate Certificate

PHP 540,579 ? AUD  16,300 Program fees are indicative only. Speak to your IDP study counsellor to get up-to-date course prices.

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Media Theory is the academic study of how media interacts with people and the theories that offer explanations to the array of ...

Broadcast media abroad image

Broadcast media refers to a wide spectrum of different communication channels. This broad-based education prepares you for a su...

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Creative Writing is the art of capturing the audience's attention and conveys a narrative. A degree in Creative Writing wil...

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creative writing online course philippines

Storywriting Basics: Storytelling is a writing course on narration. Learn about balancing description and action, creating suspense, surprising the reader, using proper phrasing, controlling the pace, leading the reader's emotions, and more.

You'll leave with:

a basic understanding of the 12 basic human reactions that characters and readers go through in a story;

working knowledge on using the 12 basic human reactions to plot out a story;

a method for developing a narrative using the 12 basic human reactions; and

a process that tests a draft using the 12 basic human reactions.

creative writing online course philippines

Our course creator

Storywriting Basics: Storytelling was created by Filipino playwright and author, Dr. Joem Antonio . He holds a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from UP Diliman and is an eight-time Palanca Award winner. Dr. Joem believes that writing is a skill that can be learned by even those who weren't magically "born with the talent." Through his writing courses and workshops, he teaches writing as a science, leaving students with clear methods that allow them to move their writing projects forward.

What you get with each writing course registration


Lectures and writing exercises that give you a step-by-step method for building stories.

creative writing online course philippines

Get feedback from a writing coach within the duration of your course.

Certificate (upon accomplishment of requirements)

Meet the requirements, receive a certificate.

Online Learning

Train to be a writer while experiencing the conditions that most writers work with: specific assignments, lots of reading, even more writing, flexible work hours, and a deadline.

Coursework in each of Storywriting School's online workshops is composed of text lectures and writing exercises , which you will have seven days to finish at your own pace. Our online courses follow the usual workflow of a writer: some reading, lots of writing, and a flexible schedule that ends in a deadline. Finish on time and you get a printable certificate of completion. If you want great value for money, training in the writer's lifestyle, or a workshop that's suited to your schedule and location, this modality is best for you.

Note: Because our online courses require time management, we require students aged 8-12 to have a parent or guardian to assist the child in going through coursework. 

More info on Online Learning

Choose a schedule

November 4-10, 2023 (Saturday-Friday), 12:00AM-11:59PM GMT/UTC+0:00*

November 18-24, 2023 (Saturday-Friday), 12:00AM-11:59PM GMT/UTC+0:00*

Choose a coach

Coach Joem Antonio - course creator, creative writer

Coach Esther Suson - professional editor and writing coach

Face-to-face Classes

We're still figuring out how to best resume face-to-face classes. Stay tuned!

All dates and times follow UTC +0


Join the World's Most Respected

Content writing course by iim skills, top 8 content writing courses in philippines.

by Mehak Dhingra | Oct 2, 2023 | Content Writing , Courses , Institute List | 3 comments

If you are a citizen of the Philippines and looking for content writing courses in the Philippines then this article is for you? In recent times, Filipinos prefer digital channels over traditional marketing, as the digital marketing strategies cater to larger audiences. The economy of the Philippines will constantly expand shortly. Also, digital marketing is growing and expected to rise in the next five years. That’s because the people of the Philippines are actively using the internet and social media platforms. Through content writing in your business, you can put an unbelievable effect on your business

List of best content writing courses in Philippines

With the expanding availability, the number of individuals going on the web is climbing each day. As of 2018, roughly 3.03 billion individuals (which is half of the total population) are on some kind of online networking. Web indexes drive around 93% of all site traffic. 82% of individuals utilize their telephones to make an online inquiry before they settle on the choice to buy from a store half of shoppers are slanted towards a specific brand if the name shows up more than once during their inquiry.

Why Is Content Writing Important for Any Business?

1. Generate Leads- It will help people to know about your business. Through Social media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and organic results on the web. It has enabled an easy connection between the brand and the audience with a satisfied customer base. And the best thing is, it helps to make a connection with the global audience.

2. Targeting the Right Audience-  One of the basic reasons content marketing is a win-win situation is to target the right audience at the right time. The communication done with the target audience is result-oriented.

3. Cost Effective- You can reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable. Independent companies can discover computerized channels that work and don’t require a lot of costs to be spent. Computerized promotion, subsequently turns into a beam of trust in private ventures.

There are many institutions that offer content writing courses in the Philippines. Let’s have a look at the institution list.

What You Will Learn in Content Writing Courses in the Philippines?

  • Growth in Their Respective Field of Career: It improves your performance while learning in a group, and a person tends to sense a competitive spirit. It enhances your resume with credentials and industry expertise, allowing you to stand out from the rest and advance your career to a new/higher level.
  • Getting Opportunities Other Than 9-5 Jobs: Content Writing courses give the liberty to work from any part of the world. It can be in your comfortable cozy sofa seats or while watching Netflix. Many professionals, individuals, and small businesses want to keep a blog up to date, and many of them hire a content writer to do so. You can grab these opportunities or work on yourself by creating a blog for yourself and your friends and alumni of schools, universities, and other organizations.
  • External Knowledge Gain: Even though certification provides value to the portfolio, learning is much more than certifications. If a person chooses the right platform for learning the skills, there are no limits to gaining experiences. Such courses assist Writers in being more knowledgeable. It involves them in content research and development to meet the needs of various projects. It fuels their intellect, as they acquire fresh learning experiences every day.
  • The Content Writing Certification course offers different types of writing techniques and tactics, and after you master your writing talents, your pay scale immediately rises. The pay in this sector varies depending on the type of creative writing you do and the type and size of the company you work for. Moreover, once you begin writing with some experience and continue to improve your talents, the pay scale is virtually limitless.
  • High Paycheck: Freelance writers are as demanded as any other writer. Doing a job of a full-time content writer is validated because the writer is getting paid per word. Initially, the amount can be less, but as experience is gained. Content writers can earn decent money and have a sense of independence.

Writers usually have the liberty to work on their timelines, and as per their comfort zone. It is not necessary to work a fixed number of hours per day. A side business is also an option.

Below Is the list Of Best Courses For Content Writing In Philipines:

1. iim skills.

IIM Skills is one of the best-renowned institutes to offer digital courses like SEO, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, and Technical Writing. They provide expert knowledge and practical learning experience in the Philippines. Students can enroll in this institute.

The content writing course, which is offered by IIM Skills has 4 live interactive sessions with industry experts who will guide you towards your goal. The course is built in a way that students will understand the moving trends in the field of writing and online internet marketing.

The Content Writing Course Modules(CWCM) Curriculum Offers: 

  • Defining content Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Web Development
  • Creative Writing
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose) and Business listing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisations)
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Content
  • Legal Writing
  • Resume Writing

At the end of the course, you will learn more than 25 types of writing in 136+ hours of training. In this way, it will be easy for you to write any kind of content like writing articles, blogs, press releases, product descriptions, infographics, SOP, Resume Writing, e-mail, etc. The institution, IIM Skills offers placement opportunities to its students.

IIM skills guarantee 3 months of internship in content writing which can help to boost the portfolio of students. IIM skills give you the certification after completion of the classes. They also offer the certification of Hubspot. The institute offers many courses along with content writing master’s courses around the world.

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

Udemy is the most renowned platform for learning and gaining knowledge in self-development to basic education concept building. It offers more than 2,00,000 programs that can be accessible by anyone at any time. Online content writing courses in the Philippines are also available.

The Institute Offers Several Programmes in the Philippines:

  • Basic to Advance Content Writing
  • Ultimate Web Content Writing Masterclass
  • Content is King Writing Killer Content for Web and Marketing
  • Content Ninja Writing Course
  • Content Writing Course
  • Writing Tools and Hack
  • Blogging and Content Writing Course

Here is the most genuine guide to – Is IIM SKILLS Fake?

The Curriculum of the Course Offers:

  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Different types of content writing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • How to Publish your Work
  • Content and Market Research

Recommended Read: Digital Marketing Courses in the Philippines

3. Coursera

Coursera is known to provide online educational programs to students. It was founded in 2012 and has partnered with more than 100 universities providing 4000+ varieties of courses. Coursera is a great platform for content writing courses in the Philippines. More than 60 courses of content writing are offered by this platform.

Well, known universities also offer content writing courses here like the University of Michigan, and the University of California. Coursera provides the necessary guidance and enough resources for the program. The certification of the courses will be provided after the completion of the program.

The Curriculum of Course Involves:

  • Introduction to content writing
  • Types of Content Writing
  • Process and principles of writing
  • Key to Understanding the Audience
  • Understand Blogging and E-book
  • SEO Content and Strategies

4. Skill Upgrader

Skill Upgrader is a professional consulting firm that helps people advance in their careers. They offer a new learning technique for numerous courses through interactive meetings and on-demand training to learn through project work. They currently offer content writing courses in the Philippines as well with over 1000 participants in four countries. It will be easy to find content writing courses in the Philippines with over 1000 participants in four countries.

The Module of Course Involves:

  • Website Development through WordPress
  •  Web Hosting and Domain
  • Understanding the tactics and strategies of SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • How to write and optimize content
  • Content Marketing Basics
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • How to add CTA in Writing
  • Email Marketing
  • Freelancing opportunities discussion
  • Lead Generation

Important Features of the Institute

  • Experimental Class
  • Classes lasting 16+ hours
  • 70+ Hours of
  •  Tools with a value of 27,200 PHP
  •  Assistance with placement
  • Portfolio Development for Freelance Work or Job
  • A three-month internship is guaranteed
  •  Support for the rest of your life
  • Content Writing Course Certification in an Instant

5. Education and Career Times

Education and Career Times is a great institution offering content writing courses in the Philippines. The Education and Career Times is a government-recognized institution that has trained more than 1200 students with industry experts who can add value to your portfolio.

The course structure which is adopted by the institute is divided into two parts: Knowledge of theory and then gaining practical knowledge on those institute’s internship programs. The institute offers Live Classes, recorder sessions, projects and activities, and regular feedback.

The Course Curriculum Involves:

  • Content Writing Introduction
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Grammar Tips
  • Strategies, process, and Techniques of Writing Online
  • Way to storytelling
  • Various Aspects of Business Writing
  • Various Aspects of Technical Writing
  • How to write Academic writing
  • How to write a specific piece of content
  • Website creation
  • How to write fiction content
  • Content Marketing
  • Freelancing Work
  • Publishing the Work

The Institute Offers Some Advantages That Are Listed Below:

  • Updated Reviews on assignments
  • Live interactive sessions with the expert
  • E-learning Videos and Resources
  • Live Experiments
  • Written Assignments
  • Guidance with Long Term Plans
  • Assistance with placements and Work
  • Freelancing Opportunities
  • Certification after completion of the course

Recommended Read: Technical Writing Courses in the Philippines

6 . Indian Institute of Digital Education

Indian Institute of Digital Education is a reputable digital marketing training and certification provider, assisting students in transforming their professions and becoming future-ready. They provide personalized programs to meet the needs of all individuals and promote an enjoyable learning environment.

One of the reputed institutes, if people are eager to learn Content Writing Courses in the Philippines. By the end of the course, you will be able to receive a completion certificate. You’ll be able to write content for various digital platforms and apply copywriting ideas to entice customers to buy from you by the end of this in-build online copywriting course.

The certificate from the Indian Institute of Digital Education is proof of your newfound knowledge and abilities. The duration of the program would be 3 Hours with 5 + practice Tests. Students who are enrolled can have access to the recording for 30 days. The cost of the courses is 3813 exclusive Taxes.

The course Curriculum Involves:

  • Basics of copywriting and content writing
  • Principles of Content Writing and Copywriting
  • How to talk with emotions through writing
  • Discovering the need to write compelling headlines
  • Digital campaign

Highlights of the Course

  •  3 Hours of Video Lectures
  • Practice Tests
  • Students can attend lectures from any device
  • Assignments
  • Dedicated team for answering queries and questions

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

Hubspot is an affluent learning platform offering a wide- variety of professional courses . So all your queries about Content writing courses in the Philippines can be resolved this way. HubSpot is a free online training platform that guides people around the world.

It offers courses all over the world intending to prepare everyone, regardless of age, for the digital age in their respective fields. They also provide online content writing courses. They are assigned to professional teachers and market experts with practical learning experiences.

The teacher will go through the concept of writing from basic to advanced in an interactive manner. The course is open to experts in the industry, inbound professionals, and content producers. They have trained approximately 250,000 pupils so far.

Course Curriculum:

  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Content strategy
  • How to write blogs
  • Video Market Strategy
  • Guest Blogging

Recommended Read: Content Writing Courses in Greece

8. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin is an international EdTech Company which is based in the United States of America and India having audiences from 97+ countries. In the world, It has ranked in the top 500 EdTech Companies. The company’s business verticals involve Public programs, College programs, Corporate programs, Capability Growth programs, Books, Consulting providers, and Assessments.

As a professional training provider, the institute provides professionalism and proficiency in its courses. They have online learning classes. It is a great learning platform for content writing courses in the Philippines. Henry Harvin is also regarded as an online university with more than 200 upskilling and reskilling programs.

  • Different types of Content Writing
  • WordPress website building
  • Fiction Writing, ScriptWriting, Poetry Writing, Creative Writing
  • How to inculcate expressions in Master English Expressions
  • SEO strategies
  • Helping with the Portfolio

Some Advantages the Institute Provides Are Listed Below:

  • Writing software application devices, teaching fellowship
  • Assist in the acquisition of practical experience
  • Obtain a Licensed 100% Positioning Warranty qualification.
  • Accessibility to E-Learning
  • Tools and Techniques in Abundance
  • Reviews of video clips on the internet
  • Regular Bootcamps
  • 1-Year Gold Membership and Hackathons & Competitions

Q1. Is content writing a viable career option in the Philippines? 

Yes, content writing is one of the most exciting job choices to have developed globally in the previous several years. There are numerous institutes offering Content Writing Courses. The discipline of content writing has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with both large and small businesses investing in developing informative, shareable, and value-adding content to achieve various business objectives. As more organizations and marketers move their operations online, the demand for online content in the form of blogs, videos, and other forms has risen. If someone thinks they have the creativity and ability to write, then they might do well in this career.

Q2. What exactly is covered in content writing classes? 

Content writing is a method of providing content for online platforms such as blogs, social media, e-commerce sites, and more. People enrolled in content writing courses in the Philippines will learn, you’ll learn the basics, such as how to make your material unique by employing tactics such as SEO. The tactics which work in the market are taught by experts. As a result, these courses assist you in learning the secrets of top editors and content writers, as well as what it is that draws people’s attention to the work.

Q3. How can I start the journey of content writing, if I had no prior experience?

You can start your journey in different ways. However, here are some suggestions that may be useful

  • Create a blog.
  • Became a Guest Blogger
  • Create a Content Portfolio
  • Make a Facebook Page
  • Be open with other Content Writers

Q4. What role does a portfolio play in the journey of Content Writing?

A portfolio holds an important play in the field of content writing. Your portfolio holds your writing skills and experience. The previous work which is reflected in your portfolio gives an idea about the nature of your writing.

We have listed content writing courses in the Philippines. Now, you can choose for yourself according to your preferences and reliability. However, Content writing is a great career option. Overall, working as a news writer is a renowned and well-paid position for a content writer. Students and aspiring writers with professional writing abilities, keen vision, and a large vocabulary have plenty of opportunities to become writers and do well in the field.


Hello there. I’m employed as a technical writer for a company, and I’d like to master content writing in order to advance my position. The course suggested in the article is reasonably priced and well known. but I want to learn content writing without leaving my current job, can you please suggest to me a content writing course based in the Philippines that will allow me to do so?


Hello, I am Kim. I am a food and fitness blogger. I started blogging out of interest but, now I want to do it professionallly. I want to create other blogs and create original, persuasive, engaging and informative contents. Can i expect a call from the mentor of the institute or Counsellor.


Hello, I am Grace. I am willing to take Content Writing as a part-time job in the weekends. For this I need to get involved in a crash course for formal training and certification.

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creative writing online course philippines

Write Things

Creative writing classes for kids, teens & adults,  call us:0945.2273216 .

creative writing online course philippines


Young Writers' Hangout

At a loss for words? Having difficulty turning those ideas into the written word? Then come to the WRITE place.  The Young Writers' Hangout offers individual, hands-on writing sessions specifically designed to cater to your child’s writing needs.

Whether it be for fiction, poetry, essays, writing assignment, or any other writing style or genre, we aim to nurture your child’s talents and writing skills through guided and timed writing sessions, feedback from writing mentors in a supportive, positive and encouraging environment and learning from the works of other writing buddies as well as beloved books and authors, and the freedom and space to allow the writer in your child to sprout wings and flourish. 

No two sessions will be alike as we understand the unique gift for writing waiting to be unleashed within each student. And as those blank pages get filled with your child’s words, there’s no harm having fun while learning and the development of talent take place.  Open to kids and teens ages 8-17 years old.

2023 Schedule

+ Private classes for groups only (minimum of 5 students);  for inquiries email [email protected]


Summer Writefest & July Writefest 2023 

The summer workshop will lead the students to discover the writer in them as we explore and share different forms of writing with one another, using some of our favorite books from the Philippines and other countries as models. 

All for fun, for the sheer enjoyment and love of words, and can it be helped if true learning happens along the way?

A starter book of the student’s writing is the expected end product.  Take our word for it! Let’s write away!

We will have two guest writing mentors.  Online workshop via Zoom. 

 + May 2023 (6 days, MWF)

+ July 2023 (6 days, MWF)

+ 3pm-4:30pm for 8-17 years old

Creative Writing Class

Adult Online Creative Writing Classes 2023

​Fiction & Nonfiction Writing

Participants will be encouraged to write their life stories, drawing from life-changing events in their lives.  For what does one write about if not what one knows best? The facilitator will share her own "unexpected" journey that has led to published books and writing advocacies. The class will engage in writing and critiquing exercises.

Online Classes via Zoom.

+ June 2023 / Saturday / 2pm - 3:30pm

+ October 2023 / Saturday / 2pm - 3:30pm

Other Classes

We also offer private classes for students, teachers and companies.  

+ Group/individual creative writing classes for kids and teens

+ Group/individual creative writing classes for adults

+ Creative Writing for Teachers

+ Business Writing for Companies

+ Creative Writing for Companies + Private Tutorial (SAT, IB, Creative Writing, Writing Therapy and Business Writing)  


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    creative writing online course philippines

  2. Creative Writing Short Course Philippines

    creative writing online course philippines

  3. 5 Best Creative Writing Courses, Classes and Tutorials Online

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  4. Global Filipino Network Hosts a Writing Workshop for Aspiring Writers

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  5. Best Online Creative Writing Course for 2021

    creative writing online course philippines

  6. Creative Writing Online Seminars Weekend Class for Year 2-3 and Year 4

    creative writing online course philippines



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  3. Essay Class 76: Indian Cultural Heritage and Literature. @haldere-academy

  4. WL101| Essay Writing Online Course: Inked Brilliance AVAILABLE NOW!

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  6. Taking part in a Literary Festival! #authortube


  1. Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing

    Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing is a four-year program that is designed to nurture and guide aspiring student writers in the four major genres: poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama. It will also teach them to write in the special forms of creative writing, like writing for children and young adults, scriptwriting for film and television, speculative fiction, literary journalism ...

  2. Writing workshops and online courses from the Philippines

    Award-winning playwright and author, Dr. Joem Antonio, conducts a face-to-face writing workshop. Dr. Antonio is the creator of Storywriting School's courses. All his courses for Storywriting School are now also available online as seven-day, self-paced writing courses.

  3. Creative Writing

    Creative Writing offers training in various approaches and techniques in the writing of fiction, poetry, essay, and drama. These courses are taught by multi-awarded and published writers expert at honing the skills of young writers. Course Checklists. BA Creative Writing (2018 NEW) MA Creative Writing (2006) PhD Creative Writing (2006)

  4. 8 Best Creative Writing Courses in The Philippines

    4 week. IIM SKILLS. IIM SKILLS is one of the top leading institutes that offers one of the best creative writing programs along with many other skill development courses. They are well known for their online training. The creative writing course is one of their very popular programs which is a 4-week-long course.

  5. Master of Arts in Creative Writing

    Thesis Writing III. 3. TOTAL. 42. Master of Arts in Creative Writing Master of Arts in Creative Writing Other Program Information Identity Becoming Part of the Program Identity Mission We are a Catholic institution of learning….

  6. Creative Writing

    BENEFITS: 1 Master accuracy and fluency in creative writing. 2 Learn to express one's thoughts and emotions coherently and clearly. 3 Develop a personal style by using one's sense of connected-ness. 4 Use particular techniques to add color and flavor to a story.

  7. Writing workshops and online courses from the Philippines

    Writing workshops and online courses from the Philippines. Home. About. Courses Contact. More. Courses. Don't let writer's block stop you. ... Take any seven-day online writing course on your preferred schedule. November 4-10, 2023 (Saturday-Friday), 12:00AM-11:59PM GMT/UTC+0:00* ... Coach Joem Antonio - course creator, creative writer. Coach ...

  8. Creative Writing

    William Shakespeare is one of the most famous poets and playwrights (people who write the scripts for plays) of all time. Although the exact number of copies his works have sold is not clear, he is often considered to be the one the bestselling writers of all time. His extensive list of works include "38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative ...

  9. MA in Creative Writing

    The University of the Philippines (UP) is a state university system, founded in 1908. It was established to provide advanced education in Science and Arts, Philosophy, Literature, and Technical training for Filipino students under the Act No. 1870 of the first Philippine Legislature. It has eight constituent universities (Diliman, Los Baños ...

  10. Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Creative Writing

    About this course Creative Writing institutionalizes apprenticeship, the manner by which young writers learn their craft from more experienced writers and the workshop, by which they learn from their peers. ... Philippines 1108 Foreign Students Admission Requirements: Admission Requirements - Foreign Students: A. For International Freshman ...

  11. Top 9 Content Writing Courses in the Philippines With Placements

    7. IIDE. Indian Institute of Digital Education is one of the leading content writing courses in the Philippines and a premiere school for digital marketing education. Founded in 2016, they have trained more than 60,000 students with the help of 70+ trainers on various platforms - online, offline, and on-demand mediums.

  12. Creative Writing Course by TalkShop

    This Creative Writing Course will expose you to various writing styles and forms. This includes prose and poetry, as well as formal compositions like articles, essays, and newsletters. In each session, you will be shown inspiring creative writing examples and learn valuable writing tips that you can put into practice. Who this is for: Aspiring ...

  13. Schools offering Literature & Writing courses in the Philippines

    University of San Carlos. Catholic Private University, Cebu City, Cebu. Apply to this School via AB in English Language and Literature. AB in Literary and Cultural Studies (with Creative Writing) MA in Literature. Bachelor's ₱ 70,000-80,000 per year. Master's ₱ 19,500-35,000 per year.

  14. Creative Writing courses to study abroad| IDP Philippines

    513 Creative Writing courses overseas to study in Australia, USA, Canada, UK & New Zealand. Course fee from PHP 540,579 IELTS requirement. Start from 06 Nov 2023. ... IDP Philippines. Courses. Marketing, Media and Communication Courses. Creative Writing Courses. Creative Writing courses abroad

  15. 8 Best Online Content Writing Courses in Philippines

    3. Udemy: Udemy is an online destination for a number of courses. It is good for learning content writing courses in Philippines online. Udemy is a community comprising students, instructors and others. Udemy has a number of Content Writing courses as per your requirement and skills.

  16. Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

    Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines. 1. IIM SKILLS. IIM SKILLS is a reputable and expert training company for aspiring writers. Their Content Writing Course includes a module on creative writing, including 16 hours of lectures, 60 hours of practical assignments, and free tools worth INR 30,000/.

  17. Writing workshops and online courses from the Philippines

    1. Online coursework (text lectures and writing exercises) 2. Personal coaching (specific to course content and objectives) 3. Certificate of completion in PDF (assuming all coursework is finished by the deadline) 4. Story consultation (2,500 words maximum, submitted within 28 days after the end of the class week)

  18. Writing workshops and online courses from the Philippines

    Storywriting Basics: Storytelling is a writing course on narration. Learn about balancing description and action, creating suspense, surprising the reader, using proper phrasing, controlling the pace, leading the reader's emotions, and more. You'll leave with: a basic understanding of the 12 basic human reactions that characters and readers go ...

  19. Best Creative Writing Courses & Certificates Online [2023]

    In summary, here are 10 of our most popular creative writing courses. Creative Writing: Wesleyan University. Write Your First Novel: Michigan State University. Good with Words: Writing and Editing: University of Michigan. Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop: California Institute of the Arts. Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot: Wesleyan ...

  20. Top Creative Writing Courses Online

    You can take a creative writing class on Udemy, spend a few minutes each day working on writing a novel, attend a writing conference, or join a local writing group. Learn to develop your ideas and bring them to life in written form with creative writing courses taught by real world instructors on Udemy.

  21. Top 8 Content Writing Courses in Philippines

    Below Is the list Of Best Courses For Content Writing In Philipines: 1. IIM Skills. IIM Skills is one of the best-renowned institutes to offer digital courses like SEO, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, and Technical Writing. They provide expert knowledge and practical learning experience in the Philippines.

  22. PhD Creative Writing

    About this course The Ph.D. In Creative Writing is a 48-unit program which provides students with the space and guidance to pursue their creative work and make a scholarly contribution to the field of creative writing in the Philippines. Students take workshop courses as well as courses relevant to their complementary field, which may be Anglo ...

  23. Our Writing Classes

    Creative writing classes and workshops. Based in Manila, Where the Write Things Are offers writing classes for kids, teens and adults. top of page. This site was designed with the .com. website builder. Create your website today. ... Call Us: 0917.2273216 / [email protected] / Manila, Philippines.