Rules Are Important Essay: Why Rules Are Important In Society

Breaking a social norm essay.

For our group and our shared love of food we figured that a social norm that had something to do with that would be perfect for us. We decided that the norm to drive through a drive thru needed to be tested. Why should cars be the only ones with the fast access to fast food at their convenience? We believed that people should be able to walk through the drive thrus if it is more convenient for them.

2.1 Explain The Benefits Of Actively Promoting Positive Behaviour Analysis

The benefits of applying boundaries and rules for children and young people consistently and fairly are that all children and young people will know what is expected of them. They will understand what is acceptable and what is not. If rules and boundaries are inconsistent or unfair, children will become confused and will not know what is expected of them. They will be unsure whether their actions or comments will get them into trouble. If rules are not applied consistently as staff are not aware of them, children will react to this and comment on this, e.g. you have given X a warning and have not moved their name on the cloud.

Breaking Social Norm Essay

For my second experiential learning assignment, I decided to break a social norm while going out to eat with my family at a restaurant: granted this is something I have a habit of doing but the reaction I got from my dining mates was particularly interesting this time. To give a little bit of background of the setting I was in at the time, I was with my mother, younger brother, and my mother’s friend at a restaurant in DC for my birthday dinner. The restaurant was crowded, but not many people were paying attention to what we were doing. The behavior I decided to break was dipping my fingers in the container caramel was in and then proceeded lick my fingers after doing so. I choose to break this social norm because one, the caramel sauce was really good, and two I was testing to see if my mother would say anything: normally on my birthday she lets me get away with

Culturally Responsive Behavior Case Study

1. Ms. Allegra needs to consider that the rules she set forth are define the behaviors that she wants the children to demonstrate, and that the behavior expectations are general guidelines for children’s expected behavior and apply across all settings. Ms. Allegra need to make sure the rules are age appropriate and culturally responsive. The age appropriate rules, that the teachers must consider typical behaviors of children in the age group with which they are working and what the children can understand.

How Did Hammurabi Laws Control Society

Structure is very important when creating a Country, city, or government. Without structure there would be wide spread chaos. Without laws in place to hold people accountable for their actions, there will be people committing crimes without second thoughts. Just a few issues that needed to be answered in order to have a thriving country. To tackle these issues Laws were put in place to control behavior in society.

Uniqueness In Criminal Justice

Certain rules that individuals who don’t believe in rules may not believe in rules on things such as speed limits and trespassing laws. The laws listed above provide safety and stability to the society, so it is very important to follow these laws. If I were a person that believed that laws didn’t apply to me and choose to break the speed limit I would be putting many people in danger, but most importantly it would be a detriment to the way society works. As mentioned before speed limits add stability and a way of functioning to the society so it isn’t complete anarchy. Not following laws or not believing these laws pertain to you messes up public order.

Unit 1 Case Law Analysis

The rule of law establishes rules for people and business, these rules must be followed to avoid being penalized. Rules are set and laws are made to allow people to understand what is expected of them when conducting business. They also retrain governments and others from infringing on property rights. In every area of business the rule of law provides guidance and direction (Anonymous

Chaos And Savagery In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

Humans are not born with the idea of looking out for the welfare of others, we naturally want to satisfy ourselves. Respect and rules are important, in running an orderly society. Many leaders will demand respect, earning respect far succeeds that of demanding, in ruling a society. Morals give us a sense of right and wrong. This is taught to us as children, and repeated until we understand right from wrong.

Why Dress Codes Are Important In Schools

Dress codes should always be implemented because they focus students and better prepare learners for endeavors later in life. Teenagers tend to get distracted by short-shorts or tight pants. However, a dress code would prevent such distractions from occurring. Also, a dress code teaches children how to properly dress themselves, which will be a necessary ability later in life. Dress codes also make people uncomfortable, which means they are attentive.

Civil Liberty Importance

Many riots would occur without this civil right. This right allows you to petition the government, which is necessary

What Are Social Norms Important

Laws are not enough to keep a society peaceful and conflict free. The two different types of norms that exist until now are formal and informal. Formal norms are what we call laws or rules in our society and informal norms are norms in which there is an agreement among everyone in a society to follow. Norms can be more important than laws because informal norms cover many things in which there can be both agreements and disagreements among people (2001, Huck and Weibull). Violations of these norms can lead to fights and misunderstanding and might escalate to violating laws/rules.

Essay On Cultural Norm

With how society has been evolving with most people living their lives on social media, it 's hard to dictate a cultural norm because we have a two main groups of people. Those who can interact and socialize effectively and those who cannot. It is far too easy nowadays to just be able to hop online and set up a dating profile and just allow a computer to match you with someone else, you don 't have to truly interact and break through awkward first impressions when you already have their bio, picture, and interests all lined up for you. People no longer need to introduce themselves to someone and they can communicate easily via messaging. They can calculate their responses through text and essentially pretend to be someone their

Hammurabi's Code Of Behavior

Similar to society’s code of behavior, schools administer to instruct students to engage in proper behavior. In theory rules create a sense order for society to advance and continue to improve on prior generation 's achievements.

Moral Development Research Paper

Rules are thoughts of as real, unchangeable guidelines. As they grow older they develop more abstract thinking, and become less self-focused. They become more proficient of establishing more flexible rules and apply them selectively for the sake of shared objectives and a desire to co-operate. Developmental psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg states that, the moral development of a child of this age is based on punishment and obedience orientation.

Social Norms Essay

Norms are classified as ‘unwritten’ rules based on social and cultural values that represent an individual’s basic knowledge of how an individual should properly behave (McLeod 2008, Par. 1). Every social group is defined differently when it comes to norms; family, School, Peer groups, or Media all influence our norms. Socialization plays a big role in norms by preparing children to participate in social groups and teaching them general expectations on how to play their expected social roles. No matter what, norms play a huge role in our society. Without norms living together in a society would be complete chaos and individuals wouldn’t have any self-control.

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Why Rules Are Important - Essay Example

Why Rules Are Important

  • Subject: Sociology
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Extract of sample "Why Rules Are Important"

Why Rules Are Important Essay

It is no secret that rules are very important in society. Although many people ask what the rules are and why they are important, it is important to note that a community cannot function without regulations. A society that has social norms may avoid chaos at almost all the levels. People and the globe at large rely on norms to coexist peacefully regardless of the cultural, religious, racial, and other differences. Why rules are important essay will provide you with all the information you need to know about regulations.

A law may be defined as a specific norm that is observed to ensure there is the maintenance of order in a place. This definition is applicable in any activity or field of knowledge. However, although there is a saying that ‘Rules are made to be broken,’ it is important to note that norms may help to inform everyone in the community to know what is expected from them and how to conduct each other. Laws help in regulating community life.

A society with rules can avoid chaos. Most of the regulations available today are as a result of a long formation process. In most countries, parliament is given the responsibility of amending and creating new laws. A country is regarded as civilized or well-developed, depending on its social norms.

Why We Have Rules?

Rules are very important in determining how people organize themselves. The functionality of homes, societies, and countries depend on regulations. The laws help a community to observe an organized flow of all processes.

A system that strictly observes its rules can evade chaos that may mainly be caused by a lack of regulations. Laws help individuals in defining what is proper and what is not. We rely on social norms in almost everything that we do. By following these guidelines, we can perform different processes efficiently. We can interact, work, and participate in global development when we observe the laws.

The application of rules is observed in almost all spheres of life. For instance, in healthcare, we rely on nutrition guidelines to avoid health problems caused by malnutrition or overconsumption of some foods. In religion, people may relate to different religious groups based on their views of life and principle. Even in society, individuals relate with each other depending on the moral standards in that specific community.

Importance of Rules

People can do whatever they want in life. However, it is important to note that some behaviors, although beneficial to some, may cause harm to others. For instance, assume that you wanted to drive, driving on any side of the road would expose you and the other road users to road accidents. In other cases, the interests of one group may contradict the aspirations of others. Rules enable people to determine how they should conduct themselves, thereby avoiding chaos in the community.

Many years ago, there were no written laws as we have today. There were no rules that the individuals could turn to for reference whenever there was chaos. However, that does not mean that people did not coexist. They turned to the wisest persons in the community for conflict resolution. In most cases, the wise man could listen to the involved parties carefully and then give a fair ruling. Given the crucial role that elders played in ensuring the community lived in harmony, they were respected. Therefore, the rules of conduct help individuals in a society to know how they should behave based on specific circumstances.

Rules protect the weak in the community. Whenever laws are broken, there may be those who benefit and those that lose. In cases where the weak are the losers, it is only through fair laws that they can get justice. Laws are made to achieve the desired results. Therefore, when all the people are treated equally before the law, there is progress.

A society with rules is more organized than one without. This does not mean that all societies must have similar laws. The citizens of a given country organize themselves depending on the laws of their land. That is why some things are legal in some countries and illegal in others. People who break specific rules must be ready to face the law.

Peace is one of the most important things in the survival of all people regardless of their views of life. Unfortunately, there can be no peace in life when there are no rules. The lack of laws would mean that individuals are not controlled when exercising their freedom. A community that does not enforce the laws is doomed to fail. It is important to ensure that action is taken on those who break the laws to ensure that there is no conflict.

Rules enable people in society to interact with each other. The way individuals interact with each other depends on the laws of that community. Laws have led to the creation of countries that can coexist peacefully. Even when there may be serious misunderstandings between people, societies, or even countries, guidelines help in providing solution amicably.

Rules help in restricting the way we treat each other. For instance, guidelines enable children to know what is an acceptable behavior and what is not acceptable. They also enable the doctor and the patient to know how they should conduct themselves in front of each other. In the same spirit, parents are expected to treat children in a certain manner. People may live in harmony when every individual knows how to conduct himself or herself.

Every society needs to make sure that their laws are simple. Laws should be reviewed now and then to ensure that there is no particular group that is oppressed by the laws. What was just yesterday may not necessarily be just today, and whatever is just today will not necessarily be so tomorrow. A community that does not change laws regularly risks becoming stagnant. Reviewing laws regularly ensures a community is progressive.

Rules are important because they not only protect lives but also bring a good relationship. People use these guidelines to determine what they should do and to what extent. Societies or countries hire individuals to do ensure that individuals adhere to the specific guidelines. In most places, law enforcement officers are in charge of arresting and prosecuting those who do not adhere to social norms. Therefore, they help in deterring crime and encouraging societies to live in harmony.

For rules to serve their purpose, they should be acceptable in a community. That is the main reason why norms keep changing over time. For instance, there were times when women would not vote. Slavery was also acceptable. However, the laws changed as the community advanced. These changes, however, would not have been possible if some people did not speak against them. Some of the rules we enjoy today came at a hefty cost on those who fought for them. Therefore, laws must keep changing with time and expectations of society to remain relevant.

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community rules essay

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Why Rules Are Important (Essay/Paper Sample)

Table of Contents


Why is it important to follow rules? Many of us turn away when the topic of conversation shifts to this. Whether it’s discomfort, fear, or stress, we need to address our negative connotations of these and remind ourselves that the rules in our life are not there to restrict us or make us miserable.

The custom essay below navigates the tricky topic of following rules and considers the many ways that abiding by them enables us to flourish.

For your own custom essay on this topic, consult with us so we can share with you our essay writing services .

Why Rules Are Important Essay

Rules refer to set guidelines that have been put in place in different countries and communities and have been accepted by all.

Identical small square shaped cubes with RULES title and numbers on white windowsill near window in house in daylight

There are different types of policies, each of which is applied uniquely in the context of that country.  The nuances reflect each culture’s set of beliefs about, policies,  traditions, relationships, and governance.

There are various ways in which breaking these policies are approached, each with corresponding sets of penalties or consequences. Thus, policies are a useful tool in guiding and monitoring the interactions and relationships of humans in society.

Why Should People Obey Rules?

First, rules are important because they tend to protect weaker or more vulnerable populations who might be put at a disadvantage. When these are applied the right way, they provide a stable environment for people to co-exist, which leads to peace and development.

People Walking on Pedestrian Lane during Daytime

The process of establishing policies always identifies the direction in which the society is going. For example, policies in schools or any institution promote trust, fairness, and discipline in a bid to improve their students’ academic performance.

Second, rules are important because it is through them that law and order are maintained in any institution or country. As such, mandates in each country take into consideration the unique culture and heritage of the nation, as well as their revered customs and practices. They ensure that these are honored and respected in the process.

When people fail to follow policies, they need to face the consequences of their actions. While some penalties are minimal such as community service, others mirror the heaviness of the crime, which may include indefinite jail time.

Most people adhere to policies for fear of getting punished, but more importantly, to ensure their own safety. For example, if you don’t want to get hit by a speeding car, you need to follow traffic light regulations and only cross when the pedestrian light turns green. Until then, you have to wait for the countdown to finish.

As a way of maintaining these policies, many countries have decided to turn them into laws because they maintain the safety of their people and promote the well-being of society overall. There are also times when policies are adjusted when they don’t seem to be as effective. Sometimes, people may give feedback when these mandates restrict or interfere with their quality of life. Curfews, for instance, have a good goal in mind. However, to some people, they can seem limiting and mentally challenging.

All rules and regulations have the same purpose, which is to protect the lives of individuals and cultivate a society with good relationships. These mandates guide people by differentiating right from wrong. There are also many ways in which some of these policies are enforced on the people.

A country may employ some individuals to help enforce these policies. For instance, there are policemen who ensure peace in their assigned localities, and lawyers who prosecute rule-breakers and defend victims. In this way, implementing rules and regulations are supported by a network of professionals whose areas of expertise help carry the load.

In addition, apart from institutional rules, one may have his or her own personal policies at home and in life. Of course, people are not legally bound to follow their own rules, but they reflect their core values and convictions in life. To be truly authentic is to make it one’s aim to live by these personal rules. For instance, if you value your performance at work as well as your health, you will make it a point to sleep at a certain time to wake up refreshed.

At the end of the day, I maintain my stance on the importance of rules and regulations. While they don’t need to control or consume our lives, they provide a stable structure for society to function honorably. I just wish, however, that our authorities would always make it a point to review these policies on a regular basis to see if there are any that need to be updated to our present context.

Rules do not curtail people’s freedoms – they facilitate them with boundaries so that these freedoms are enjoyed without compromising other people.

Why Are Rules And Regulations Meant To Promote Discipline

Think about these questions How many devastating accidents happen each day because of breaking rules? How many lives are put at risk every hour because people don’t follow traffic rules? How many serious misunderstandings take place because people disrespect the laws of that particular nation?

These questions are meant to help us reflect on how regulations protect society from self-destructive habits. While we mostly perceive different rules as very negative things that ruin our day, rules are important because they provide a solid foundation and structure to our ways of life.

Imagine if everyone just did whatever they wanted to do without considering how it would affect other people. If we solely focused on our desired results without considering the moral dilemma that may sometimes accompany them, then it would be close to impossible to maintain order.

We need guidelines that we can all agree with to live harmoniously with one another. Policies always have the greater good in mind and that’s why we need them. Without a system in place, society would fail to be a place of growth for its citizens and no person will act in good conduct.

10 reasons why rules are important

  • They make sure that everyone is equal, and no particular group is favored over another.
  • They help society avoid chaos by ensuring that everyone goes through the same standard process to achieve something.
  • They promote ownership and accountability through consequences.
  • They bring together people and get them on a shared consensus despite their differences.
  • They keep the well-being of society as a whole in mind.
  • They don’t fixate on a specific norm but consider various local contexts and the ways a nation’s values and principles can be applied.
  • They encourage a good relationship between the government and its people.
  • They facilitate good and respectful conduct in public spheres.
  • They take into consideration different situations and provide legal ways to address each one.
  • They safeguard the community and its unique heritage and traditions.

Why are rules important for students?

School policies are important because they provide a safe space for students to maximize their education. It also protects the academic community by establishing boundaries for both learners and teachers. It enables educators to care for those under their wing with the utmost care. It allows relationships to form and be well-developed, which enhances the learning environment. It provides a platform for learners to expand their knowledge, which increases their chances of future success. School regulations keep in mind the total growth of the child and establish healthy ways in which it can be nurtured.

community rules essay


Essay Importance of Following Rules

Handmaids tale rules in life.

Most people don’t like following rules. Some people don’t mind following rules. Everyone can relate to the quote in The Handmaid’s Tale “A rat in a maze is free to go anywhere, as long as it stays inside the maze.” (165) We want to be free, but we have these walls around us that won’t let us do what we want. I believe that people are the rat and that the walls are rules. Over time people figure that rules are walls that won’t budge. This is all hard to understand right now, but in the future people will understand what it means.

The Benefits Of Non Conformity Analysis

Rules sometimes set boundaries and make society feel pressured to act a certain way around others. Rules are usually set up for so that society can run smoothly, communities could be safer, and so that everyone is treated fairly. However, some people might oppose this because sometimes rules are the cause for problems in society and they might even cause bias advantages to others. Works of literature such as Animal Farm by George Orwell and articles such as “The benefits of Non-Conformity” by Silvia Bellezza, Francesca Gino, and Anat Keinan all talk about how challenging the rules helps society enforce change but sometimes it can be really dangerous. It is okay to challenge rules if it’s for the greater good and if the rules that are already

Importance of Not Being Late in the Army Essay

In today's army, being on time can be a paramount activity. Consequences for not showing up on time can be disasterous. In a normal job, you get up, go to work, and come home, and that is the limit of the level of involvement. The army is not one of those jobs. In the army, we are constantly training our mind and bodies for a combat environment. In such an environment, the level of involvement must be much higher. It is understood that any mistake, however seemingly small can have extreme consequences. Among those consequences are situations which can lead to soldiers loosing their lives.

Equality 7-2521

Rules are created to control and to manipulate the populace which they do not allow individualism which, if not allowed to do so there would be no will to go on, shackled to the own consciousness. These rules exist to disallow individualism so people would not have the will to fight onward and become how they are. The laws make everyone think that their life is to better their brothers and not themselves Equality 7-2521 says at the end of the book “I owe nothing to my brothers, nor do I gather debts from them. I ask none to live for me, nor do I live for any others. I cover no man’s soul, nor is my soul theirs to covet.” (Rand 96). This is a change of thought from the beginning of the book when he got his life mandate. “We would accept our Life

Ithaka: A Lawless Dystopia in The Odyssey by Homer

A set of laws are a necessity for human society – without them, humans can retrogress back into a state of nature. Homer, in his epic, The Odyssey, shows readers the outcome of a society when rules are not obeyed and, instead, ignored. An unbalance occurs and Homer proves to readers that without laws, a terrible dystopia is born. Rules that are followed are essential in a well-built society, and Homer thinks that when no one is present to enforce these rules, and they are instead ignored, the break-down of society occurs, causing chaos and disorder to roam freely.

Organized Chaos

Society, on the outside, is organized chaos. Take Chicago for instance, if we removed rules and time, it would be in turmoil. Crime, chaos, disorder; the city would not last more than aday. If we add in laws, and enforced them with police, much of that chaos would subside. However, the city would still crumble, and again, would die within the first 24 hours. The fundamental rule which keeps a society together is time. Time holds society together, but in doing so controls what we can and cannot achieve in our short lives.

Benefits Of Codified Laws For The Underprivileged People

Civilization developed with trial and error and there were many historical impacts that changed how humans lived since government formed. Ever since the creation of a ‘civilization’, there were rules society had to follow due to punishments if not followed. Government was formed to hold together a civilization with codified laws. It is true that the establishment of a government with codified laws are necessary to advance into civilization. Without codified laws, there would not have been change for the underprivileged people, Civilizations wouldn’t be able to develop and savagery would be common in everyday life. The question is- how will changing laws for the underprivileged people make it necessary to have them in the first place?

Civilization In Lord Of The Flies: An Analysis

Comedian Bill Cosby once said, “Civilization had too many rules for me, so I did my best to rewrite them.” Coming from such an iconic comedian, this humorous statement, has a unique concept behind it. The idea of creating a civilization with rules and regulations is not an idea created in recent time. Creating a civilization can be dated back to thousands of years ago. Composing a set of laws, is no doubt one of the most difficult tasks to complete, and it requires the utmost leadership skills along with intelligence. In Lord of the Flies, a group of pre-teens have found themselves stranded on an island with absolutely no signs of grownups. Far away from any civilization, the students form a society with rules and regulations, but as the terror

Regulate Or Not To Regulate Essay

Chronic health issues, such as obesity and diabetes, are becoming a global concern. Most of these health issues arise during adulthood, but are developed during childhood based on consumption habits. The portion sizes of junk food should be restricted. Portions should be modified and in some cases be removed. The food industry has increased sizes of their products and ultimately changed the default option we are used to. With limitation of portion sizes comes a debate on whether it is okay for the government to regulate, or not. Many claim it should be a choice on the part of the individual. The thing is that most people lack self control and can’t rely on their will because some many options are available and the urge is hard to resist.

Rules Of Third Essay

Rule of Third was an easy task to complete. In this picture I took, I frame the phone to be on the side but not all the way. I made the phone more interesting by turning on the camera and letting the landscape fill in. My success with this photo is that it brings more attention to what’s going on in the phone and bring a perfect image in my opinion.

The Importance Of Laws And Regulations In Ancient Greece

Laws and regulations are what keep societies in this day in age controlled. Laws help maintain peace so people can live and work together efficiently. Ancient societies had strict laws that they had to adhere to. These strict laws were followed by harsh punishments in many places around the world. Greece, Rome, and Egypt followed legal traditions much like us today. These laws helped maintain the peace, and they helped each Ancient society flourish.

What Ethics Are For More Than 20 Years

My rules that I use in my daily life to guide my moral behavior are the laws, which is a formal public policy, and the rules of the Bible. I mostly follow these two things as my moral compass. A law helps me to know what behavior is right and wrong, and the rules of the Bible tells me what behavior is good or bad to my identity and values. In the lecture, Professor Mun said a law is “the public’s agency for translating morality into explicit social guidelines and practices and for stipulating punishments for offenses.” However, following the guidelines of the law doesn’t always make people moral. For example, cheating on boyfriend or girlfriend is not illegal, but it is obviously bad because

The Importance Of Absolutism In School

Rules are set upon us everywhere, no cell phone allowed, no parking at any time, not dogs allowed. We know why these rules exist, but as human we don’t want them. We

Sociology- Marxism

Social order is the rules and regulations that are in place to steer human behaviour. It is the tool that prevents continuous conflict, violence and instability. A society that has succeeded in creating social order is one in which each member of society has the ability to live, to a degree, a stable life. There are two ways in which the States enforce social order: informal and formal social control.

The Separation Of Legislative And Judicial Powers

Rules and Laws have played a very crucial role throughout human history. More importantly the rules were made and laws implemented by those individuals that wielded power over the masses. These individuals would use their power to put in place laws that benefited them and those they favored. In almost all these cases the poor and the weak were taken advantage of and used by the powerful. This unfortunately is an ongoing problem even in today 's world, and presents the importance of the concept of Rule of Law. Rule of Law is a legally binding principle put in place to govern a nation. Rule of Law can be defined in short as a doctrine that no single individual, however powerful they maybe, should be considered above the law. In principle

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Rules of Community

community rules essay

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Why are Rules Important?

In spite of the saying ‘Rules are made to be broken’, societies do not function without rules. It is true that we often admire people who are mavericks. Perhaps we envy them their willingness to break away from the norm. But rules serve a very useful, indeed essential purpose – they act as guidelines so that we all know what to expect from others, and how to conduct our lives.

Rules set boundaries, something that is essential for children to learn. They have to understand what is acceptable behaviour. But if we demand this of children, we also have to expect that adults continue to follow the rules as much as possible; otherwise we have anarchy. And society cannot function like this. Besides, even the most liberal person would say that some things are unacceptable; without rules, we have an ‘anything goes’ situation where people are going to be hurt and abused.

That said, those rules can change. If they did not, we would still have slavery and women would not have the vote. To a modern eye, it seems inconceivable that it was ever considered acceptable to own another human being and treat them with cruelty. It is thanks to those people who spoke against this abhorrent practice and who were willing to campaign to change the status quo that the law changed. Rules are based on a general consensus, and what the majority find acceptable can change over time. As a society, we have to evolve and improve. So where it was once considered that women did not have equal rights and that people of colour were not equal, now we rightly believe that everyone should have the same rights regardless of their gender or colour.

We also have to consider who makes the rules. Are they fair and realistic? Laws are essentially rules, and they are made by people in positions of power who may act in their own interests more than in the interests of the people they represent. When it comes to the law, people have to be careful that they do not put their liberty at risk. Yet they also have the right to speak out when they consider the laws to be unjust, and lobby for changes. However, laws have to be respected, otherwise there is little point in them existing.

If we wish to change the rules, it is generally better to try to do so in a lawful manner. Other people will not respond if we choose a violent or aggressive path. Indeed, they may become even more deeply entrenched in their opinions. However, if we explain why we feel changes need to be made, and work to persuade people that our opinions are just, then we stand a greater chance of success.

Rules help to organise society. They will vary from one society to another. One country may conduct matters quite differently from another. But the rules of each one help them to function. Those rules may be enshrined in law, or they may be unspoken. They help to protect people. If people choose to break those rules, they should also accept that there may be consequences. But we must always question whether rules are just, and if they need to be changed. What was appropriate for a society 100 years ago may no longer be relevant. If we do not review our rules from time to time, we become stagnant. So although it is important to have rules, they should be subject to change – providing that the vulnerable are protected and nobody else is harmed.

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