Argumentative Essay: Should Everyone Go To College?

argumentative essay on should everyone go to college

Show More Should Everyone Go To College? Many parents have the mindset that a person who does not go to college will eventually fail in life. That perhaps is the reason why most parents pressure their sons and daughters to get a college degree. It is understandable that a parent would want their children to succeed in life, but is college the best way for everybody to achieve success in life? What about the other people, the ones who does not have an opportunity nor have the right skills to succeed in college? It is true that college education can bring great benefits for many people, not everyone is suitable for attending college. There are many good reasons why most people think that college is the best option for achieving success. Many researches …show more content… Attending college can be very risky for some people because college environment can be very different from their accustomed environment. Each person has different circumstances in life, some of them have financial issues and others have academic issues. That is why not all people can attend college. Sometimes it is better for some people of they decided not to attend college at all. One risky problem about the college education is the passing and failing rates. It was reported by The Irish Times that “80 per cent of students in math-related courses are failing to progress beyond their first-year in college.” (O 'Brien). Additionally, the Institute of Educational Statistics estimated that “40% of attendees at a four-year college drop out before completing their degree” (Hamm). Some students who failed in college does not usually realize that they are not properly prepared for college. This can be a serious problem for the students, as they are spending more money but they are not progressing as they would have expected. Furthermore, there are plenty of students who are having difficulty on adjusting to a college life. According to a report of the Commission on The Future of Undergraduate, about half of incoming freshman in college need to take at least one remedial course, which means they have to take a class which they should have been mastered back from high school (Mitchell). Most College expects most students to have a certain type of educational requirements in order to be accepted. This can also be a problem for other students. Not all students have the same set of knowledge because they came from different kinds of school. As a student who came from a country halfway around the world, most of my education from elementary to high school is different from the average education in this country. Even though I can manage to adjust and adapt in the education

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Informative essay: should students go to college.

On one hand, college helps people get better-paying jobs. From this perspective, college seems like a worthy investment; however, others such as Caplan argue that college is a waste of time because students do not learn what they need for jobs. In words of Caplan, one of his view's main proponents is that "Trying to spread success with education spreads education but not success" (para. 34). According to his view, college does not determine success. In sum, then, the issue is still whether or not students should attend college.…

Argumentative Essay: Why Not Go To College?

Damon Climer Ms. Milliner EES21QH03 9/25/2016 Why Not Go to College? Going to college in this day and age is viewed as a must by a lot of people. Not only teachers, but parents and businesses as well. Even with all this pressure to get a higher education, there still remains a minority who still insist that college education isn’t or shouldn’t be a requirement to make a decent living, myself included.…

Argumentative Essay: Is College Education Worth The Cost

College Education Worth the Cost Whether college education is worth the cost being is a heated discussion topic. Some individuals think that college’s tuition fee is too expensive. Most graduates are not able to find a job with their degrees when they are graduated from university. People also think that college education is not worth the money because some students have to pay back in loans after they graduate.…

Essay On Why People Attend College

In today’s society, many students attend college for a variety of reasons. Some attend because they are passionate about something that interests them and have the desire to extend their education. On the other hand, some students also attend college because they are told to by their parents or relatives. This is a much extended topic due to many different opinions. I do not necessarily believe students who do not want to attend college should attend.…

Is College Worth It Analysis

As many studies show there is more money to be made with a college education, and it is becoming a requirement for new jobs. A college education not only affects the college graduate but also benefits the rest of the economy. It is understandable though the price for college may turn people away from attending a college, but it is important to remember that there are also alterative options like online school. So when the day comes when people ask themselves if a college education is worth it, realize that it is worth it, and it is the right…

Argumentative Essay: Should Everyone Go To College

College is not for everybody, and the person who tells you otherwise is at best, misguided. College is a place where people of all walks of life congregate and generally try to learn to become functioning adults in society. However, the price for this luxury may not be worth the time or debt incurred. As Stephanie Owens and Isabel Sawhill - authors of Should Everyone Go to College? - mentions, “not all college degrees and graduates are equal.” The new economic doctrine that is shoved down the throats of American fails to acknowledge the disparity between certain majors and financial gains.…

Argumentative Essay: Is College Worth The Debt

Lubaski, Luke 20151109 Block#3 Is college worth the debt? How would you like to make twice the amount of money by working half as hard? Believe it or not this is achievable if you are willing to commit to graduating college. Don’t worry about the debt you might occur, it is short term, and can easily be paid off.…

Analysis Of Why College Isn T For Everyone Essay

To tell you the truth I think going to college is really up to us. I am pretty sure everyone wants a good life in their future and I think by going to college it will help them guide themselves to a brighter future. In the article “Actually College Is Very Much Worth It”, paragraph 5 it stated that “College graduates are also more likely to be in jobs with better benefits…” This means that when graduating college can benefit you in your jobs like I have said a few times college guides you to a better future.…

Argumentative Essay: Is College Worth The Cost?

To go to college, or not to go to college, this is the question of life. While this isn’t word for word what Shakespeare said in the 1500s, this is the real question of the 21st century. With college being a large source of debt, sometimes students wonder if college is worth the exorbitant costs that follows the education. The question that many are asking is, is college worth the cost? Education is what makes more money, and a way to get a good education is college.…

Argumentative Essay: Is College Worth The Tuition?

Is College Worth The Tuition? I and many other people think that a college degree is totally worth the cost. But there are also a few other people who think it is not. I think they are totally wrong and this is how I’m going to prove it.…

Should Everyone Go To College Essay

Everyone has heard about how you need to go to college to obtain a successful career. In today’s society, this is a true statement because of how we are advancing. Since our knowledge and understanding of things around us is constantly changing, we are continuously adjusting how we go about our daily lives and our jobs so we need to change the way we prepare to tackle these changes. Three writings that give different perspectives on the issue of the necessity of college are Should Everyone Go to College? by Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill, Measuring ‘Greatness’ of Grads: The Gallup-Purdue Index, funded in part by a $2 million grant, will be the largest national study of college graduates, measuring their material and work successes and well-being by Ronald Roach, and The Magical Elements of College Linked to Long-Term Success in Work and Life by Brandon Busteed. A college education is necessary to be successful today because jobs are becoming harder and are constantly changing with what knowledge is…

The Pros And Cons Of Community College

Anyone can agree that higher education is the definite way to become successful in life. The most obvious fact is that the only jobs available without a college education don 't pay a wage enough to live. But, people still hold the stereotype of community college being the last option. I believe that going to community college outweighs attending a regular university.…

Essay On College Success

Success is one of the most prominent paths that we choose to pursue. But what does it mean to be successful? Success is defined as an accomplishment of a goal, even if it takes years of attaining, every individual thrives to procure a level of success. College sparks a gateway to success, surmounting various obstacles and creating numerous opportunities. Graduating from college creates a sense of accomplishment and clarity.…

Argumentative Essay: Should College Be Free For Everyone?

Free College One of the most common arguments in the political world, is should higher education be free or not. Five places in the United States offers free college: Point Lookout, Missouri; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Glen Cave, New York; New York City; and Haviland, Kansas. There are three reasons why college should be free for everyone. First, not everyone receives scholarships to help pay for tuition. Second, students who graduate will not have loans or debt when they graduate.…

Argumentative Essay: Should Everyone Get A College Degree?

Getting a college degree is very questionable today, however I believe everyone should get a college degree if there is ever a chance, because of the financial benefits after graduation, and the variety of skills learned. There are for sure many positives to attending college, as well as many negatives. Throughout college there are a variety of different skills and experiences to gain, which would never be discovered without going to college. Many people believe that college is not worthwhile to attend due to the outrageous costs, and also because college tends to hold people back with major life decisions.…

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Should Everyone Go To College - Free Essay Examples And Topic Ideas

This topic invites a debate on the universal necessity of higher education. Essays could explore the advantages and disadvantages of attending college, the economic factors involved, alternative pathways like vocational training, and the impact of societal expectations. We’ve gathered an extensive assortment of free essay samples on the topic of Should Everyone Go To College you can find at PapersOwl Website. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

I Believe that Everyone should Go to College

A college degree is a powerful tool that helps us to discover a wide range of opportunities and can open doors for your chosen career field. A college degree can expand your skill set, it can help improve your social skills and help you develop a good work ethic. One of the main reasons I believe that college educations are worthwhile is the higher earnings and job opportunities that comes along with it. College unlocks an incredible amount of chances […]

Why Everyone should Go to a Community College?

Should younger people be encouraged to attend a community college instead of a four-year college? My parents aren’t rich and won’t be rich unless they magically win the lottery because that’s not going to happen. They can’t afford for me to attend a four-year university. Because of this I attended Jackson State Community College to help me and my family out money wise. The only thing we have paid for are my books for this semester. After my two years […]

Everyone should Enjoy a Free College Education

Students should not have to pay for their college education. A college education should be a right as a citizen to any college student. High school graduates have enough pressure as it is, just worrying about school, and how tough studying can be, to have to worry about the cost that comes with school as well. Free college education results in a positive outcome for all. The following paragraphs will discuss the benefits and measure of fairness brought by a […]

Should Everyone Attend College?

For decades there has been an ongoing debate on whether or not everyone should attend College, and if it’ll be beneficial for their overall gross income. On one hand, it is argued that College is a crucial essential path that should indeed be completed in order to reach a designated level of success. While on the other hand, others maintain the belief that it is possible to earn a sufficient income without a College degree. I, however, do believe that […]

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Should everyone go to college

Favorite Quote: sometimes you have to forget whats gone appreciate what still remains and look forward to whats coming next

Some people think it is okay not to go to college. I believe that everyone should attend college. College is an important step in someone's life it helps you get the chance to improve in their education. Also college will later help you get a better job, many jobs require a college degree but some jobs so it will be hard to get a job if you don't go to college. Students should be required to college after graduating because college offers new experiences and you get to meet new people there. All students should go to college after they graduate high school because college offers students many new experiences and opportunities, even outside the classroom. There for college offers students many experiences and opportunities . For example according to Ryan Leslie " The environment really prepared me to be problem solver giving me the critical thinking skills". This proves my point because Ryan Leslie says that in college he was tough to be a problem solver that gave him critical thinking skills. Another reason why students should go to college after graduating high school is because you meet new people there like mentors who can help you around. There for in college you will meet new people, for example according to Ryan Leslie " Seeing the level of passion that many of my classmates had for their special interests encouraged me to follow my own passion for music and entertainment". This proves my point because Ryan Leslie tell us how classmates help you out and encourage you to do your best. However, some students think it's okay not to attend college because the job that they want later in life does not require a college degree. On the other hand if you want to get a better job later and get a better payment you should attend college because it will help you learn more about that job and you will meet new people who will help you around . This is why everyone should attend college even if the job they want later in life does not require a college degree. In conclusion, I believe that all student should attend college or get a chance to attend college. There are some many colleges opened for you, if you have a special talent in something there are colleges that can help you in prove in what your talented in. Some jobs don't require a college degree but that does not stop you from going to college and learning more about that particular subject.

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Favorite Quote: "You are the universe expressing itself as human for a little while." -Eckhart Tolle

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argumentative essay on should everyone go to college


Essay On Should Everyone Go To College

The value and benefits of a college degree.

Going to college has been an ongoing discussion for ages. Some people believe that college is not worth the time and money, and some believe college is. People can benefit from having a college degree. College degrees are worth the time, the hard work, and the money, and there are facts to prove it. Although some people debate this issue, the right answer is to attend college and obtain a degree.

Essay On The Benefits Of College Education

College education is necessary for success because it allow people to have more possibility. The idea of success is that the person got have a stable, place to live, foods to eat, and at the same time is able to pay their bills. At the moment, finding a good job can be competitive. Therefore, someone with a college education has a higher chance of getting hired than someone who does not have one. The benefits of attending college and getting a degree, are networking, having a higher chance of getting hired, and also receiving a better salary.

College Essay: The Benefits Of Attending College

Attending college provides life time benefits. However, the rising prices of tuition is making people second guess if college is worth going to. In the article “Is College Worth it? Clearly, new data say” Leonhardt claims the significance of going to college, and the advantages it holds. Later stating, “The decision not to attend college for fear that it’s a bad deal is among the most economically irrational decisions anybody could make in 2014.” I agree with Leonhardt 's claim, college is a smart choice, and fear or money should ncot stop you from attending. By going to college there are more job options, more opportunities, in the long run it saves you more money, and at the very least you have a degree to fall back on.

Myriad Benefits Of College Essay

One benefit of college is that you will have better self-discipline after you get out of college. This is true because people who don’t go to college only have a high school education in which they babied you to get you through. College allows people to grow and develop into more mature people. Once you have matured from college you realize you have to prioritize your life. Having a higher level of education will make you stand out on an application; if it is you and someone without a college education

College Education Essay

As the former president of Harvard University, Derek Bok wrote “The most obvious purpose of college education is to help students acquire information and knowledge by acquainting them with facts, theories, generalizations, principles, and the like. This purpose scarcely requires justification.” America needs educated citizens to help maintain the level of intelligence we have in society. Students need to be taught to their specific career and the knowledge needed in that career. Though education students are strengthened for their futures as good citizens. College is a more specialized form of the education they have received throughout their entire schooling and will need for their careers. College prepares students for the future by specializing

Essay About The Pros And Cons Of Attending College

In 2013, 19.9 million students were enrolled in colleges and universities (college, 2014). Also in 2013, the unemployment rate for college graduates over 25 was 3.6 percent (college, 2014). Those are both great examples of a pro and a con of attending college. Although, attending college has many pros and cons. Most college graduates make more money, but student loan debt is crippling them. Going to college helps establish great connections and you learn networking skills, however, you can still be equally as successful without a college degree. More and more jobs are requiring a college degree, but you aren’t guaranteed the job in your field with the degree. Last but not least going to college is an amazing experience, however, college doesn't necessarily grow my mind if you don't do it correctly. So you have to ask, yourself do the pros out way the cons?

Why Should Everyone Go To College Essay

One way, college benefits individuals is academically. Individuals can benefit from college in an academic manner because they will have additional opportunities to become more knowledgeable. People will have greater opportunities to learn about life and academic concepts in courses that colleges offer. For example, colleges offer career specific courses. Which prepares

Why College Is Important To College Essay

The idea of going to college has many cons but it also has many pros. It is very important to get a college education. Although college is expensive, risky, and time consuming, the pros of a college education making more money, having increased opportunities, and finding jobs with better benefits over come all of these things. Having a college education Makes a person feel more stable, comfortable, and less dependent on other people. Even though it is expensive scholarships can be offered and a person will

Going To College Essay

As a matter of fact, there are some good benefits by going to college, “In Tyler Cowen view, “the wage differential between college graduates and high school graduates- the college premium- is growing.” In other words, Cowen believes that should help students understand about college degree is massively high paying and in the end, they won’t regret going to college. The more knowledge a person has, the more benefits the person will gain during the workforce experience. One of the good benefit is to stay strong connection to the

The Impact and Benefits of College Education

With a college education, one of the benefits college graduates earn is more money. College graduates have a much higher earning potential than individuals with no college education. A college education could actually earn you a million dollars over your lifetime. In the article it states, “On average, college graduates earn 1.5 time that of adults with high-school diplomas” (Andreas Schleicher). This demonstrates that by earning a college degree, you will earn a lot more money than people who stop their education at high school. As a college graduate, you earn far more over your working lifetime than non-college graduates. The more education you get, the more likely it is for you to always have a job. There are numerous other benefits associated with graduating from college. The benefits of going to college her in the U.S. are valuable than other countries. As a college student, the effects of a college degree will likely affect you and future generations. In the article it states, “While a degree is still a good investment in other countries, nowhere are the benefits quite as good as in the U.S” (Andreas Schleicher). This demonstrates that here in the U.S., there are plenty of benefits of having a college degree. With a college degree, you will have a higher lifetime earnings, you will have

Exploring the Value of College Education

Ever had the thought of going to college? Many people attend college yearly to have a higher chance of becoming successful in life. Everyone has a different view of college, some thinks that college is a waste of time and some thinks that college is very valuable. Most jobs now days requires at least some college, without college people might not be able to get the job that they dream for. College is not a waste of time, it is very valuable and it gives you some benefits in life.

Why College Is Important Essay

Jayson Boyers stated that "having a college education can make big differences in some people 's lives" (The Huffington Post Newspaper, 2012). People who do college education often get high level and high paying jobs. The main reason for why students feel hesitant to attend college after they graduate from high school is because they worry about the price of schooling and they prefer to have a job instead to make fast money. Although, people who graduated from high school often are only able to receive jobs at fast food restaurants, clothing stores, etc. When people are able to earn more than enough money to have a stable life they are able to be less stress-free and enjoy their lives more. People who often work in retail jobs face the risk of not making enough money to buy food and also pay their rent. The money that people earn in retail jobs takes a very long time to save up in order to go to college. Alternatively, the world is very competitive and people, truthfully, do have trouble succeeding and even surviving day to day. The most recommended thing to do is to go to college after high school and take out a student loan if needed and pay it off when a career job is obtained. Working very hard now equals to a better life, job opportunities afterward, and positive friendships

The Benefits Of A College Education: Success And Success

Having a college education is very beneficial for a person’s future. The degree itself is not the most beneficial aspect of a person’s success in the future nor is the type or rank of school attended will be most beneficial. The education received throughout the years in college will be the most beneficial reward in a student’s life. The education a person receives from a college experience is not only the textbook education or the education provided by the professors but also the real-life experiences. The real-life experience benefits are what will truly matter in the future. A few specific benefits from a college education are the life experiences, the commitment to someone/something other than yourself, the skills achieved such as time management and organization, and also the self-sufficiency a person profits. College is also a great time to find yourself through the chaos of balancing life and maintaining passing grades. “Another one of the many benefits of a college education is meeting others from distant places with diverse backgrounds.” (McGuire) In high school, students do not have the wide range of people from different backgrounds. In college, students are introduced to everything new to life and along with that comes other students from different areas of life. Going to college and having the

Persuasive Essay About College Education

College education goes about the way to an effective future for people who are not kidding with it. Currently, a college education has turned in the base necessity in securing a job in different companies and although some people might think college is not worth the debt, in a long run it actually is.

The Pros And Cons Of College Education

There has been some debate as to whether or not college education is worth it. Some people argue that college education is worth and some people do not think college is worth it. College can be expensive, so that why some people have to use student loans to pay for school. When they graduate after college, majority of them will be in debt, because of the student loans. Most jobs do not required you to have a college degree, but you will have to have a least a high school diploma. People who choose to go to college and get their degree will have better opportunities in life. College graduates, also will get paid more than a high school graduates. There are some pros and cons about whether or not college is worth it.

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should everyone go to college?

Linda lee's the case against college.

High school graduation marks the start of young adults’ lives, a time where they are expected to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Many young adults are pressured into attending college, whether they have determined their goal or not, but is it necessary? “The Case Against College,” an article written by Linda Lee, a mother who has questioned the former belief that college equals success, claims that “not everyone needs a higher education.” College, though beneficial to many, is not for everyone and should not determine an individual’s life.

Persuasive Essay On Post Secondary Education

In society today, a college education is often seen as a “the next step” in a young adult’s life. Whether they actually know what they would like to earn a degree in, they feel the need to continue their education as almost everyone around them is pursuing post-secondary education of some sort. It is often argued that a college education is not necessary to get ahead because of the manufacture based workforce that is up and coming in America, however, there are many benefits to having a post-secondary education such as a higher rate of pay and more job opportunities.

Should Everyone Go To College Essay

The choice of whether or not one should attend college has been a great topic of interest over the past few years with the increase of college tuition. This increase of college tuition questions whether attending college will pay off in the future since numerous amounts of students are left with an excessive amount of student loan debt. Stephanie Owen, a former research assistant at Brooking’s Center and current research associate at the Urban Institute, alongside Isabell Sawhill, co-director of the Center on Children and Families and a senior fellow in economic studies at Brookings, wrote Should Everyone Go to College? In an attempt to answer that question. In their report they breakdown the cost and benefits of going to college often relying on logos throughout the

Charles Murray Are Too Many People Going To College Summary

In the essay “Are Too Many People Going to College,” writer Charles Murray explains that not everyone is in need of going to college for three main reasons: a liberal education should be gained in elementary and middle school, many people already have knowledge and skills necessary for a technical career, and many students are in college to “buy an admission ticket-the B.A.” (246) and ensure employers consider their resume. Murray does not argue anything against college itself but more against society and especially the education system. Murray also accuses guidance counselors and parents of “automatically encouraging young people to go to college straight out of high school being thoughtless about the best interests of young people” (249).

Should Everyone Go To College Isabel Sawhill Analysis

The article, “Should Everyone Go to College?” by Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill disputes the widespread idea that attending college before joining the workforce is financially advantageous to everybody. The authors acknowledge that for some the investment of college results in a profit, but stipulate that several factors could result in a college degree costing more to obtain than the future benefits would reciprocate. They demonstrate that differences in factors such as major choice, school selectivity, and future job availability result in an enormous variation in the potential value of higher education. Owen and Sawhill state that the stereotype of an unconditionally lucrative outcome from college is inaccurate, misleading, and likely

Are Too Many People Going For College?

The topic of “Are Too Many People Going to College?” was presented by Charles Murray, the W.H. Brady Scholar at the American Enterprise. In today’s world college is a must due to many employers seeking educated individuals. Murray develops an interesting conversation by demonstrating that many high school graduates who are seeking to go to college do not need a degree depending on their career paths. Murray provides the analogy of a high school graduate who is looking to become an electrician but is not sure if college is the most logical decision. Murray acknowledges the fact that a B.A. does not necessarily led to a higher income than one with a degree. The logical argument of money is brought to attention and is stated “the income for the top people in a wide variety of occupations that do not require a college degree is higher than the average income for many occupations that require a B.A.” (Murray 247). Although this is his main point, he understand that it varies due to the occupation one is leaning towards. There has been individuals without a college degree that are making millions of dollars, but it varies. Murray claims that getting a B.A. is going to be the wrong economic decision for many high school graduates (Murray 246); however not everyone wants to be an electrician or any other hand held jobs that doesn’t necessarily need a degree, but if one wants to be a lawyer, doctor, or anything require a degree, college is the answer. Having a degree in a

In the story " Should Everyone Go to College" , Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill effectively express that college is for some but not for all. Different factors determine its worth, including one's career choice and one's major. The amount of money obtained and "profitable" after college depends on one's future occupation. Thus, college could be "profitable" for some people but not for everyone.

Should Everyone Go To College Summary

The essay ‘Should Everyone Go to College” by Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill reasons whether everyone needs to go to college. Based off of monetary return, graduation percentage, tuition, and selectivity, they decipher the pros and cons of higher education.

Two Years Are Better Than Four

Today many high school students are trying see if college education would good idea for future jobs or careers. Teachers and parents alike think about college being a good investments in for their children or students future. They believe that college is helping people to grow mentally and socially. Furthermore, they believe that getting a college degree is good for students that are trying to start higher paying careers, which will turn into a higher sum of money. On the other hand, there are many naysayers arguing that college is not the only option for education. But there are other options such as self-education, online schooling and vocational schooling. They consider college in being too expensive and requiring to take out loans making

Blue Collar Brilliance By Mike Rose

First, Mike Rose starts making references on how some people can’t afford a college education and through this, they believe that they don’t need to get a degree in order to work or learn something different; those who can’t go to college, look for any possible way of getting an education that could help them discover a different path for their life. Different levels of intelligence and particular talents set people apart and make them unique in their own way which help them to carry on with their life. On the other hand, Charles Murray addresses that now, high school students have a new approach about getting a college education. They now believe that getting a B.A. would guarantee them a job and

Should Every American Go to College Essay

Who decides if we should go to college? We live in this world that convinces people that college is the right thing to do. This society today has painted this clear picture, that if you do not attend college, you would always live a life of struggle. There are those who attend college to have a better life and also to receive that higher education. On the other hand, you have those who are force to attend college that barely made it out of high school. However, you do have does advocates that encourage people to attend college. This point of view promotes that college would allow you to have a better life, a great job, and become financial stable. People who are advocating that college is the right thing does not stress the issue that

Are Too Many People Going To College?

Within the essay “Are Too Many People Going to College?” important topics of misinformation and overgeneralizations are explained. The expectation of the same 4+ year college for every single student out of high school seems unrealistic. There are so many different job paths you can take. Although many jobs require a college degree, there are other options for on the job learning or even studying at a specialized school for your future career.

College Is Not For Everyone

It is a well known fact but there are many people including counselors, parents, teachers, and friends who resist saying it out loud for fear it will sound like discouragement and negativity: college is definitely not for everyone. The pressure on high schools students, especially those that excel, to attend a college or university is enormous. And in the case of a bright, industrious and motivated high school student, attending a college or university is an obvious career choice. For those students, it's only a matter of what university to attend, whether one's SAT score is high enough, and the availability of the money. Then there are the millions of high school students who are not really personally motivated but are being pressured by their counselors, teachers and parents should they attend college if they really don't care? This paper examines those issues.

Personal Statement: Does Everyone Have To Go To College

Does everyone have to go to college? Absolutely, in the modern society of Taiwan, the answer is “Of course, they do.” But, have we pondered this issue? I think the answer to the question is ”No.” Nevertheless, I always ask myself why I decided to go to college and what I can get after graduating from the college by majoring in AFLD for several times. Also, I know that some of my classmates or friends have the same worries as mine. But, if I am confusing whether the courses I take is helpful for my career. I will do some homework to solve my problems such as searching a lot of information or asking advice from my teachers. There are many ways to find the exactly answers what we want to know. Hence, trying to get what you want is better than

Charles Murray Vocational Education Analysis

In the article “On Education: What’s Wrong With Vocational School?” Charles Murray discusses his belief on why only about fifteen percent of students should attend four year colleges and offers his opinion that it is more practical for those with an IQ of about 114 or less to go to a community college. He argues that a two years is enough time to learn an occupational skill whereas four years at a traditional university is entirely too long.

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Should Everyone Go to College Essay

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The Value of College Many Americans miss some key points about college and its value. In recent discussions of college and its worth, a controversial issue has been whether college is for everyone. On one hand, some argue that college is needed in order to move up in the business world. On the other hand, however, others argue that not all fields require a degree and if we tell students that they must go to college, we can be hurting them in the long run. While college is not mandatory to

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Kevin Kevin

Is college worth the debt you are in? Tuitions in colleges is expensive for most students who take a lot of loan to pay for it. Thus, they will have to pay their debts for years. However, higher education is important to the society and every citizen should have the courage to pursue a degree. Colleges and universities have been graduating successful professionals for more than a thousand year. According to Guinness World Records (2017), the first university in the world was founded in 859 AD in Morocco, which is University of Karueein, nevertheless, the university is still graduating students. People have drifted away from college because of the debt they are going to be in by the time they graduate from it. Many have raised concerns on college expenses and how this has affected the effectiveness of colleges. This has become very controversial and some writers argued the worth of a college degree. However, even though college prices are high, it is an investment one must make in order to have a better life, a better career and a better personal development.

argumentative essay on should everyone go to college

New Directions for Student Services

Tara Singer , Aaron Hughey

Career Choices, Return Paths and Social Contributions - The African Alumni Project - Report prepared for The MasterCard Foundation

This study and resulting report have been a collaborative effort of many dedicated researchers, students, and supportive staff from our respective universities. The lead researcher and author, Dr. Robin Marsh at the University of California, Berkeley, was joined by principal researchers Dr. Amy Jamison (Michigan State University — MSU), Dr. Lina di Genova and Professor Andre Costopoulos (McGill University), Suying Hugh (University of Toronto), Dr. Nancy Johnston and Shaheen Nanji (Simon Fraser University — SFU) and Nico Evers (EARTH University). This report comes out at a time of increased global demand for access to quality secondary and higher education that leads to meaningful employment. Demographic change in the 21st century signals a particularly challenging education and job creation environment in Sub-Saharan Africa. The MasterCard Foundation has stepped into this scenario with a commitment to make substantial investments to improve access to quality secondary and tertiary education in Africa, as well as school to employment transition support. As part of this investment, the Scholars Program has partnered with international universities, within and outside Africa, to provide comprehensive undergraduate and Master’s-level scholarships to talented, economically disadvantaged African youth who demonstrate leadership potential and a commitment to “giving back” to their communities. Five of these universities, from the United States (UC Berkeley, Michigan State), Canada (McGill, University of Toronto) and Costa Rica (EARTH), plus Simon Fraser University in Canada, have partnered to conduct this pioneering study on the career and life trajectories of African alumni of their respective universities, with the hope to gain further understanding and insights that may improve outcomes for current and future African scholars. In particular, the study aimed to gather heretofore unavailable evidence of the social contributions of African alumni, and retrospective reflections on the value and challenges of their international education over the course of their lives and careers. The multi-university team adopted a mixed methods approach to analyze four research questions: 1. CAREER TRAJECTORY: What are the post-graduation experiences of African alumni from international universities? 2. RETURN PATHS: What are the factors that have influenced the postgraduation decisions of African alumni to return, or not, to their region/country of origin? 3. SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT: Have African alumni prioritized social and civic engagement with their region/country of origin? If so, what types of engagement with what social change outcomes? 4. VALUE OF AN INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION: How has the international university experience influenced the career choices and social engagement contributions of African alumni? Additionally, participating African alumni were asked to provide insights and advice to current and future African youth studying in international universities, specifically: 1) how to maximize the value of their academic and social experience, and 2) how to prepare for a successful post-graduation transition to further studies or the workforce, especially for those aspiring to return to the African continent. After an extensive data gathering and tracing effort by multiple units in six universities, the study invited 1,575 African alumni to participate in a comprehensive web-based survey that addressed the research questions. Of these, 294 (18.7 %) submitted completed surveys, a reasonable response rate to a web-based survey of international alumni, most of whom were out of touch with their alma mater institutions. To complement the survey with qualitative data and insights, team members conducted 100 in-depth interviews, the majority in-person. Researchers from UC Berkeley, Michigan State, EARTH University and Simon Fraser University made six trips to Africa to conduct interviews. All six partners interviewed alumni living in the diaspora of North America and Costa Rica. The multi-university team developed common codebooks to permit aggregation of data for the mixed methods analysis.

Jillian Kinzie

Sharon Gedye

Trung Nguyễn Nho Minh , Marion Walker

This article explores students' extracurricular activities and, uniquely, their short-and long-term effects on employability. Drawing on the literature, six research questions are identified. A questionnaire and interviews with alumni provide the quantitative and qualitative information needed. The effects of different extracurricular activities and the skills and qualities they promote are demonstrated for early-and later-career jobs, as are the complementary effects for employability of degree schemes and extracurricular activities. Alumni who are now recruiters of staff use their double perspective to explain the role extracurricular activities have played in their lives and now as professional recruiters. This article shows how the alumni of any university could share these insights with undergraduates.

Global Networks

Bonnie Burgett

Kate Purcell , Heike Behle


Mihaela Vancea

Sharon brownie

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sarah machado

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Argumentative Essay: Why Go To College

Argumentative essay: is college worth it.

First of all, college increases one’s annual income and salary. This is because higher paying jobs often require a college degree and only consider applicants who have one. According to the Bureau of labor statistics, workers with a Bachelor's degree earn a median of $1,326 a week meanwhile, workers with only a high school diploma earn an average of $668 a week. This proves that a college degree does make your wallet thicker and almost

Synthesis Essay On Attending College

There is an ample amount of information that leads people to believe that college is a great choice. In Source F, it is shown that, “Adults who graduated from a four-year college believe that, on average, they are earning $20,000 more a year as a result of having gotten that degree. Adults who did not attend college believe that, on average they are earning $20,000 a year less as a result.” Also, provided in Source F, “...55% say it [college] was very useful in helping them prepare for a job or career.” While these statistics are true, the negatives still outweigh the positives.

Argumentative Essay: Is College Worth The Cost?

Is College Worth the Cost? Life’s success is achieved in different ways. (Director, n.d.) A lot of television programs and magazines instills the idea in us that being successful means; having a fulfilling career, having a lot of money and being powerful. Most religious and spiritual organizations, in contrast, claim that success means being at peace with God and finding spiritual happiness.

Argumentative Essay: Is College The Best Option?

First, In terms of college is the best option for people or not, many authors have different opinions it is a good option or not for people to go to college. Some people believe going to college is the beast option because after graduating from college the degree from college will help the get a job. Also, it prepares people or student for life and it teach them more about life. college helps

Argumentative Essay On Why College Is Worth It

At ( it says, “The cost of college has skyrocketed in recent years. Attending a decently ranked university can easily cost upwards of $100,000.” Some People thought of not spending money on college but to go skip and go straight forward into life. But what I’ve seen in the success of college, are things that you earn and get rewarded for and you live life way easier. There is more to it than just getting a great job and getting more money after you graduate from college.

College not only allows you easier access to a steady above minimum wages but also access to more life itself. Imagine yourself as a 80 year old grandparent, you could die pretty much anytime at that at age, but you can spend more time with your future family if you decide to get a Bachelor’s degree. I know this may sound as ludicris as the early 2000’s rapper, but according to the Center of Desease Control (CDC) “Between 1996-2006, the gap in life expectancy at age 25 between those with less than a high school education and those with a bachelor’s degree or higher increased by 1.9 years for men and 2.8 years for women. On average in 2006, 25-year-old men without a high school diploma had a life expectancy 9.3 years less than those with a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Women without a high school diploma had a life expectancy 8.6 years less than those with a bachelor’s degree or higher.”

College Still Pays Off: Article Summary

Just how awful has the student loan strain become? Rhetoric of crisis influences the present popular discourse, while very few voices call for tranquil, noting the average number of student indebtedness is approximately equal to the cost of a new car. concealed by the aspect and attention captured headlines, though, it is a more embarrassing picture exposing that all classes and groups of students will not bear the increasing debt hardship equally: women, students of color, and Low-income household students are more greatly affected by this escalated debt. I have currently revealed the 30,000 dollars is the typical amount of debt that students will acquire after attending college for four years. Though the cost of college is increasing, a variety

Even Cashier Pays Off By David Leonhardt

The importance of a college degree College, the word that you here most about when you go to interview for jobs. In the article Even Cashier Pays Off by David Leonhardt, he states that going to college is a good investment in life. I agree with David Leonhardt’s claim that having a college degree can benefit you through a career. Having a degree pay more than a high school diploma. Families expect their children to have a future with a good paying job and a degree that can last for a life time.

Summary: Is College Worth It?

“Is college worth it?” , was the question asked in the magazine, “Making Money” on August, 26th 2014. There are many different perspectives to this question. Kevin Short, from, says “Who says college isn’t worth?”. He proves his statement buy stating, “Workers with a bachelor’s degree typically earn around $300,000 more over their careers than workers who hold just a high school education”.

Argumentative Essay 'Why College Isn' T For Everyone

Often times it’s not necessarily what you study, but the fact that you studied something at all. As long as you have a college education you can still earn higher job opportunities, maybe not as high as a college graduate, but definitely higher than a person with just a high school education. Above all, attending college is a major commitment of time and money, but it is also a down payment on success. Earning your college degree will help you realize your goals in your career as well as life in general. It requires a lot of hard work, but that work prepares you for a challenging and rewarding career and a more colorful

Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Community College

Although this plan is great for the economy, some might argue that there are certain repercussions that should be taken into consideration. For example, by making community college free, the program would cost $60 billion in the course of 10 years in a cost-sharing program with the states (Butler 1). Although this sounds like it’s a substantial amount of money, it is manageable. In regards to the benefits of the proposal, this is a small price to pay. In the long run it is better for the economy.

Argumentative Essay: Is College Worth The Time And Money

Is College Worth The Time And money Many people go to college for many reasons the main one for most is to get a degree in something they think will give them better job opportunities which in return would allow them to have a better paying job then what they may have now. A lot of time ,effort and money go into college and so it’s understandable to think that once you’re done you’ll have a great job waiting for you . In a lot of cases it really doesn’t turn out that way, but either way college is well worth all the time and money someone puts into it.

Argumentative Essay: Is College Really Worth It?

Is College Really Worth it? Many college graduates are currently unemployed, which has left many parents wondering, is college really worth it? Some parents believe that college prepares students for more than a job or career, and others don’t think it’s worth the cost. Recent studies have shown that new college students are losing ground on wages by the time they graduate, higher education is becoming a risky investment, and most students are better off developing their own “lower-risk” business.

Thesis Statement For College Essay

However, having a college education will give you a much higher chance for you to have that job you have always wanted,(the car,etc.). Therefore, what I am saying is that college is a great tool to become successful and it is better with it than without it.     Although opponents believe that college is not needed because of the amount of money that is involved to pay for college. This idea is not valid because in the future,(if attending college) the amount of money you spend for college will be similar to a investment that can change you life.

Argumentative Essay About Going To College

Although college is stressful and time consuming , having your dream career, is a huge life achievement. Having a job isn’t the same as having a career “I've learned that making a 'living' is not the same thing as 'making a life”(Maya Angelou). If you sell yourself short by not going to college you’ll end up working just to make ends means not because it's what you enjoy doing, it's due to your family counting on it. Those who go to college will end up having a better future than those who don’t. I agree that going to college is more beneficial because my view on the topic states that in order to have a secure and clear future you must go to college.

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Free Argumentative Essays: Should Everyone Go To College?

argumentative essay on should everyone go to college

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Argumentative essay: should college education be free.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, should college education be free? Many students struggle with the cost to attend college due to it being so expensive. Not only the cost of attendance, but also the cost of getting to college, buying books, living, and much more. The cost to go to college is so expensive that college students are constantly struggling. A college education should be free.…

Why Should Everyone Go To College

“According to Census’s calculations, the life-time earnings of an education or arts major working in the service sector are actually lower than the average lifetime earnings of a high school graduate” ( pg.216, par 1). While “the highest paid major is engineering, followed by computers and math” (pg.215, par. 1). The authors of “Should Everyone Go to College?” used graphs to show the earning of someone holding a bachelors’ degree and their occupations compared to the work-life earnings of a high school graduate. Amazingly enough a high school graduate only makes slightly less than someone holding a bachelors’ degree in the education field! The bar graph show people holding a bachelors’ degree in architecture and engineering make close to 3.5 million in their work-life. Meanwhile, someone holding a bachelors’ degree in science make 2.5 million dollars in their work-life. Sawhill and Owen go even further saying “we see that just as not all college degrees are equal, neither are all high school diplomas” (pg.216, par.2). They give an example of someone with only a high school diploma working in a STEM job could make more in their lifetime than a bachelors’ degree holder “working in education, community service and arts, sales and office work, health support, blue collar jobs, or personal services” (pg.217, par.2). The authors also go into details about unemployment rates in different occupations and suggest…

Who Needs College

Linda Lee, an editor and writer for the New York Times, introduces her readers to a range of open questions and ideas about the need of a college education in her brief essay “Who Needs College?” Lee explains her personal ideas about college education as not being for everyone. While getting personal about her son’s decision to become a college student, Lee arguments her ideas with statistics that show a rate of only 27 percent of Americans with bachelor degree or higher, while “two thirds of high school graduates go on to college” (24). Lee describes the path she went through while realizing the truth about “need to go” (24) to college. She describes her son’s college lifestyle as a “pleasure cruise” (25) for which she was paying $1000 not worth in the education equivalent. Lee argues in her article about the importance of a college degree in general, as according to research data mentioned in the article considerable part of graduates end up employed in the field not related to their major. The other parts of graduates’ are left alone with doubts about their career…

Community Colleges Benefits

In discussion of colleges importance, one controversial issue has been on how much it really matters. On the one hand, college supporters argue that college is very important and can help one achieve a prosperous future. On the other hand, college detractors contend that college is a waste of time and not useful in the long run. My own view is that college can be useful when people use it in the right way; to gain a degree, and not just to party.…

Argumentative Essay: Should College Be Free?

Currently, America offers free college tuition, but this is only to those that have served in the military. Not everyone wants to serve in the military and because of this one question that has launched to the forefront of America’s thoughts in the past decade is whether or not college should be free for everyone. The biggest argument for why college should be free is that in its current state it is unaffordable. I believe that this argument is due to financial ignorance and just untrue. Many in America, parents and children alike, do not understand the basics of finance and therefore do not understand how affordable college truly can be.…

Why Do Millionaires Have A College Education

Two out of three American millionaires have unfinished college education. Why are we encouraging our children and our younger generations to get college educations? Various theorist have come to the conclusion that these “get smart” campaigns were actually brought about by our own government so people can be influenced into debt with student loans. What people haven’t caught yet is that these millionaires, are millionaires by pure chance and. that only 1% of Americans are actually millionaires. If only 2/3 of that one percent don’t have a college education that means that only .66% of Americans are actually millionaires without actually getting an education. These very obvious statistics show that to be successful in this day and age, you either have to have a lot of luck or get a college education.…

Many people would agree that college should be free because not everyone has the money to pay for one semester or a whole school year. In my opinion, college shouldn’t be free but at least cheaper than ruining a student’s life. “College graduates from the class of 2014 owe an average of nearly $29,000 in student loan debt.” According to Tyler Kingkade from the Huffington Post in “Average Student Debt Rises For Class Of 2014.” This is one of the top reasons why students decide to skip college and start work right away. I don’t believe college should be free because the average american can be seen as lazy and uncaring when it comes to schooling especially free schooling. It’s given the idea that if it’s free, it isn’t important and it’s taken for granted. With the price on college people are able to take college seriously because they have to pay for it. Not only that if college wasn’t free, taxpayers would have a skyrocketing price to pay for their taxes.…

Attending College Importance

Attending College is a necessary course of action in today’s society. Individuals cannot receive productive, well paying jobs without higher education and a college degree. University attendance increases a graduate’s prospect to an increased variety of career selections. Attending college improves learning by making the brain stronger. One might refute that they could attend a trade school or receive on the job training and make just as much money, learn a variety of lesson and still provide for their living. On the other hand, attending college, and receiving a higher education is a must if an individual desires a broader variety of professions with higher compensation.…

Persuasive Essay On Why College Is Important To The Future

You’re eighteen years old. You feel like you are on top of world, because you’ve finally graduated. Nothing can stop you. Not a single thing can tear you down or get in your way—except for the fact that college is right around the corner. For some, college is the next big step in their lives, and they cannot wait to see what the future holds; however, for others it is the scariest time in their lives. They are uncertain about the choices they have made concerning their college. That is why it so crucial to anyone’s future to make the right choice when it comes to college. Whether someone chooses a community college, a technical school, or a four year university, it is important to make sure you love where you are going, as well as what you are studying. College is the next step after high school for most. That is why picking the right college is crucial to your future.…

life after high school

In recent discussions of "are too many people going to college" A controversial issue has been whether or not students decide to go to college on their own or are they programmed to do so. "More people should be going to college, not fewer"(and I agree).“Universities are not intended to teach the knowledge require to fit man for some special mode of gaining their livelihood,”. According to John Stuart Mill universities do not teach children to make money, instead they are well educated and knowledgeable. On the one hand, some argue that you do not have to go to college to be successful moreover success is an achievement of something desired or planned. There are a lot of successful people who achieve their goal without having to go to college. “Jay-Z” for example made it from rags to riches without a degree or a high school diploma, which means colleges do not teach you how to make money; it prepares you for the real world. From this prospective, I believe that college is a great place for students who are passionate about school work.…

Imagine if you could save thousands of dollars a year and still receive a college education. How nice would that be? As someone who personally struggles with finding money for their higher education, I would love to take advantage of free college. There are many people for and against this cause. Many supporters believe that free education will create a better lifestyle for students by having stability after graduation. With a college degree they can get placed into better jobs with higher paying incomes. This also leads to fewer people using welfare programs. Supporters also believe it will have positive effects on the economy. With college graduates earning higher wages, there would be more money circulating…

Argumentative Essay: Is College A Waste Of Time?

Education is considered by many to be a valuable commodity, so when it comes to pursuing a higher education, one must go for it. There are many strategies for a higher education. It is common that most people only see a basic four-year college plan as an option, but college can be defined as any educational institution or establishment that goes beyond the traditional K-12 educational system. Whether it is a trade school, university, barber school, veterinarian school , community college, or junior college, those are all different ways of furthering your education and they are designed for all different types of people.…

ENG 125 Week 4 DQ 2

There can be no denying the importance of a college education for countless individuals. H...…

Craduation Speech

I grew up in a small and affluent town, tucked away in a sleepy corner of New England, where education at all levels was deemed essential. College was simply viewed as the next logical stepping stone in life after high school. In my seemingly homogeneous community, it sometimes appeared as if you were only as good, or as smart, as the college you went on to attend. Both of my parents were college graduates. My father was a hard working, blue collar, self-employed contractor,…

Importance of Higher Education

College is really about students learning how to apply themselves and what they learned when they enter the real world and begin their career. William Cronon, author of the article, “Only…


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