1. PhD Requirements

    PhD Requirements. The Political Science department at UC Berkeley admits students only for the Ph.D. degree. The Ph.D. program has two major phases: coursework and examinations, and dissertation research and writing. The two phases typically take approximately five or six years (three years to candidacy and two or three for dissertation ...

  2. Ph.D. Admissions

    All questions regarding graduate admissions should be directed to [email protected]. The principal goal of the Stanford Ph.D. program in political science is the training of scholars. Most students who receive doctorates in the program do research and teach at colleges or universities. We offer courses and research opportunities in ...

  3. Ph.D. Requirements

    The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Political Science require the completion of all M.A. requirements within two years, M.Phil. requirements within four years, and Ph.D. requirements within seven years. Students who do not complete all requirements for the doctoral degree by the end of the ninth year will no longer be ...

  4. PhD in Political Science

    The MIT PhD in Political Science requires preparation in two of these major fields: American Politics. Comparative Politics. International Relations. Models and Methods. Political Economy. Security Studies. We recommend that you take a broad array of courses across your two major fields. In some cases, a single course may overlap across the ...

  5. PhD Requirements

    Course Requirements. To fulfill the requirements for the Ph.D. in Political Science students must complete 12 courses at the 600-level with a grade of B or better. Of these 12 courses, eight must be graduate-level (600-level) courses taken in the Political Science department. No more than two of these eight courses (600-level) may be ...

  6. Ph.D. Program Requirements

    Summary of Requirements. The Political Science doctoral program requires that a student gain competence in three fields, complete a three-course methodology requirement, sit for the comprehensive written examinations, write and orally defend the dissertation prospectus, and write and orally defend the dissertation.

  7. Political Science, PhD < Johns Hopkins University

    All candidates for the PhD must satisfy the following requirements: Course Requirements. To fulfill the requirements for the PhD in Political Science students must complete 12 courses at the 600-level with a grade of B or better. Of these 12 courses, eight must be graduate-level (600-level) courses taken in the Political Science Department.

  8. Program Requirements

    Overall program requirements: Students are required to pass sixteen term courses by the end of their fourth term in the program, to receive a grade of Honors in at least two Political Science courses, and to maintain an overall High Pass or above average (for purposes of calculating this average, Honors=3, High Pass=2, Pass=1, and Fail=0).

  9. Ph.D. in Political Science

    The Department of Political Science is unable to consider applications until the requirements of the Graduate School have been fulfilled. In addition to the Graduate School materials: The Department of Political Science requires a personal statement, writing sample, and three letters of recommendation.

  10. Ph.D. Requirements

    The Graduate Division of the School of Arts and Sciences also has a set of general policies and procedures on a range of relevant topics (e.g. on registration, incompletes, leaves of absence, etc.). Below is a brief snapshot of the main requirements. To earn the Ph.D. in Political Science each student must: 1.

  11. Doctoral Program Requirements

    Doctoral Program Requirements. Programs of study leading to the Ph.D. degree in Political Science are designed by the student, in consultation with advisors and the Director of Graduate Studies, to serve his or her particular interests as well as to achieve the program requirements. The most current and complete information about degree ...

  12. PhD in Political Science

    The Ph.D. in Political Science program prepares students to be outstanding researchers and scholars at top universities, policy think tanks, consulting firms, and U.S. and international institutions. Working in small classes and with experienced faculty mentors, doctoral students construct a program around a major and minor field of study.

  13. PDF Political Science, PhD

    To fulfill the requirements for the PhD in Political Science students must complete 12 courses at the 600-level with a grade of B or better. Of these 12 courses, eight must be graduate-level (600-level) courses taken in the Political Science Department. No more than two of these eight courses (600-level) may be Independent Studies.

  14. PhD in Political Science

    More information about course requirements can be found here. For more information, please contact the SPA Graduate Admissions Office at 202-885-6230 or [email protected]. The PhD in Political Science at the School of Public Affairs program offers comprehensive training in women and politics, connecting students with top scholars at American ...

  15. Ph.D. in Political Science

    Ph.D. in Political Science. We are ranked as a top-ten research department and our graduate program has an excellent job placement record. Over the past decade, the vast majority of our PhD graduates have gone on to attain tenure-track positions, and many other students have become leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

  16. Ph.D. Program

    Timetable for Completing Ph.D. Requirements. The maximum time limit set by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is 7 years; extensions require a petition. Boston University fully funds students for 5 years. A typical breakdown of a student's work schedule is as follows: Year 1: Complete 8 required courses.

  17. PhD Requirements

    the requirements modified to take appropriate account of their previous graduate work. Political Science Preparation Either an MA thesis or a comprehensive exam in the student's second year is required for the M.A. degree, which will be used in the evaluation of a student's preparation to continue on the Ph.D.

  18. Degree Requirements

    The terminal master's degree can be earned through a non-thesis option requiring 33 credit hours of formal, didactic coursework (including Political Science 8355 and 8356 and at least 27 credit hours of 8000-level courses). Students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 in the 8000-level courses.

  19. Political Science

    Political Science. Our faculty and students profit from the many outstanding institutes, centers and programs at Brown that relate to the study of politics. The Department of Political Science covers the four main subfields in the discipline: American politics focuses on the behavior of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of ...

  20. PhD in Political Science

    One section of 5396 is required of all graduate students, but no more than two are permitted to count toward the PhD requirements. "Teaching Political Science" courses count toward the major and minor. During the third or fourth year of their program, students will have responsibility for at least one course, in most cases a course of the same ...

  21. For Prospective Graduate Students

    The graduate program of the Department of Government is designed to train students for careers in university teaching and advanced research in political science. The department does not offer an independent master's program, the master of arts in political science being reserved for PhD candidates on the way to their final degrees.

  22. FAQ for Prospective Ph.D. Students

    The Ph.D. program is designed to be completed in five years of full-time study. Actual time depends on students' progress, research and travel requirements, and fields of study. The minimum residence requirement for the Ph.D. degree is 135 units of completed coursework, which takes approximately four years.

  23. Political Science, PhD < Washington University in St.Louis

    The requirements for the completion of the dissertation are described in the general degree requirements by the Office of Graduate Studies, Arts & Sciences, which are applicable to all Washington University doctoral candidates. ... Students pursuing a PhD in political science may apply for a tailored AM in statistics. The completion of this ...

  24. PhD Program Description

    The PhD program in Political Science at Stony Brook is small and research-oriented, with concentrations in political economy, American politics, and political psychology/behavior. ... In addition to requirements 1 and 2 above, political psychology students take POL 610, a graduate-level course in experimental design. ...

  25. Program: Political Science, PhD

    Credit Requirement: A minimum of 72 credit hours, including the master's degree, earned from any suitable combination of formal course work, independent study, research, teaching, or dissertation work. Course Requirements: Students must complete at least four graduate seminars from their examination field and at least three graduate seminars from their second field and receive a grade of an ...

  26. Political Science

    Requirements and deadlines for the Political Science graduate program at Purdue - West Lafayette. ... Political Science Graduate Coordinator: Phone: 765-494-4163: Email: [email protected] : Web: Program Website : Address: Graduate Studies Department of Political Science Purdue University 100 North University Street West Lafayette ...

  27. Program: Political Science, B.A.

    To fulfill the upper division requirements for the Political Science major, students are required to complete a minimum of 18 semester hours of upper-level Political Science courses, which also includes the Political Science capstone course PS 3940 .

  28. Graduate Certificate in Political Science : Academic Bulletin

    Graduate Certificate in Political Science Graduate Certificate in Political Science Collaborative Online Degree. This 100 percent online, consortial program is taught by IU South Bend, IU Bloomington, IU East, IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, and IU Southeast.This consortial model allows you to take coursework from several campuses and learn from a wide range of faculty.

  29. Program: Bachelor of Arts with a major in Political Science and a

    Program Overview. The Secondary Teacher Certification concentration combines the Political Science major (at least 30 hours) with the appropriate courses from the College of Education and Human Development (at least 28 hours) for students who wish to teach social studies in Georgia.

  30. Program: Accelerated Dual Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

    Students enrolled in the Accelerated Dual Degree in Political Science/Master of Public Policy may take up to 12 credits of graduate courses as an undergraduate. Students must meet with the Program Coordinator of the MPP program prior to moving on to the graduate portion of the program. Requirements for Graduation: