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18 Free Food, Restaurant, & Menu PowerPoint Template Downloads 2024

Andrew Childress

This article shows you some options for free restaurant PowerPoint templates. But you'll also see professional options for restaurant menu PowerPoint templates . These food menu PowerPoint templates are a significant advantage, and you'll see why in this five-course tutorial.

10 Top Premium Restaurant Menu PowerPoint Templates

It's almost impossible to imagine how many PowerPoint templates are included in the Envato Elements library. There's truly a template for every occasion.

Let's check out five of the best premium food menu PowerPoint templates that would work well for your restaurant launch:

1. Delicate - Healthy Food and Beverages M enu PowerPoint Template

Delicate Menu Template PowerPoint

Delicate is a premium download that's nicer than most free restaurant PowerPoint templates. Part of that is down to the stylish and minimal layout design. These are its highlights:

  • KEY, PPTX, and Google Slides files
  • 1920(w) × 1080(h) px
  • free support
  • documentation included

 Finding food and beverage PPT templates that are free and look like this is a tough task.

2. Japanese Food - Restaurant Menu PowerPoint Template

Japanese Restaurant PowerPoint Menu Template

Sushi, yakitori, udon noodles, and more. Japanese cuisine has an incredible variety of foods included under one umbrella. And with this premium food menu PowerPoint template, you've got perfect slide designs to feature food from the Land of the Rising Sun: 

  • PPT and PPTX files
  • 30 unique slides
  • 1920x1080 format

You can showcase your Japanese restaurant menu in a PowerPoint template!

3. Food - PowerPoint Menu Template

Restaurant PowerPoint Presentation templates

Images should be the focus of a restaurant menu. Food PowerPoint presentations should help your potential diner imagine the food on their plate. This menu template for PowerPoint also has features that are hard to find in free options:

  • 150 total slides
  • 5 premade color variations
  • widescreen format
  • handcrafted infographics
  • pixel-perfect illustrations

4.  Restaurant Presentation PPT

Red fast food PowerPoint presentation PPT template

Promote your restaurant with the help of this premium food menu PowerPoint template. For high-caliber restaurants, you need a detailed design like this one where the best dishes each have a page of their own. Plus, check out the features in this menu PowerPoint template:

  • PPTX and PPT files
  • 16:9 widescreen ratio
  • free web fonts

It's the perfect choice for luxury dining or as a fast food PowerPoint presentation template.

5. Manise Cullinary Menu Presentation PowerPoint Template

Manise Food Menu PowerPoint Template

Manise is one of the more fun food menu PowerPoint templates. Each PowerPoint menu slide follows an interesting design language that's customizable. Use Manise's features to showcase your menu design ideas in a presentation, or as a pitch deck for financing:

  • HD resolution
  • drag and drop editing
  • slide transitions
  • product showcase and features

It's a top alternative a PowerPoint restaurant menu template that's free.

6. Gindera - Restaurant PowerPoint Presentation Example  

Gindera - Food Presentation Template

Help your restaurant presentation jump out of the screen and delight your audience with the Gindera food template. The clean, minimalist base with bright pops of color will serve your food project on a plate for everyone to eat up. Fill your tummy with the features in this restaurant PowerPoint presentation example:

  • PPTX, KEY, and Google Slides files
  • 30+ total slides
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • based on Master Slides
  • vector icons

Your restaurant will look extra tasty with this menu PowerPoint template.

7. Food Menu Restaurant PowerPoint Template

Food PowerPoint Presentation Template

This restaurant presentation PPT is just as delicious as your food. Its creative shapes and smart use of space will give your photos and text an appetizing look and feel. Its features let you know that you can use this template for more than just a menu:

  • fully editable graphics and design
  • documentation file

It's a premium menu restaurant PowerPoint template that's more feature-rich than free options.

8. Daun - Restaurant Presentation PPT Template

Daun - Food PowerPoint Template

Have you ever seen anything more scrumptious? Sink your teeth into the Daun restaurant presentation PPT template.

This template is versatile enough that you can use it for food, snacks, desserts, restaurants, cafes, franchises, bistros, cook shops, and much more. Thanks to its full set of features, you can create a yummy presentation:

  • 30 total slides
  • fully and easily editable
  • content placeholders
  • documentation

9. La Pasta Minimalist Restaurant Menu PowerPoint Template

La Pasta Minimalist Food Talking Powerpoint

Dark and moody, this restaurant menu PowerPoint template is perfect for an exciting, elegant, and elevated dining experience. It's easy to show your new menu design ideas with this restaurant presentation PPT template and the features it offers:

  • 1920x1080 px resolution
  • fast support

10. Auth Organic Food PowerPoint Restaurant Menu Template

Auth Organic Food PowerPoint Presentation Template

Rounding out our premium selections of restaurant PowerPoint templates is this one. It's just what the doctor ordered: a healthy balance of substance, cleanliness, and creativity.

What's better, is that with this organic PowerPoint restaurant menu template, you'll also get:

  • 1920×1080 px resolution

Instead of menu PowerPoint templates for free download with food themes, go for this premium choice.

18 Free Restaurant PowerPoint Templates for Download in 2024

Your first search might be for "free restaurant PowerPoint templates." Everyone is on a budget. But a menu might be one of the most essential visuals, and using a premium option is a significant advantage.

But maybe you've exhausted your budget before you're ready to launch. When that's the case, you might need menu PowerPoint templates with free downloads for food designs.

Envato Elements Free Files

Before looking for a PowerPoint restaurant menu templates that are free on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always restaurant templates) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files. That includes fonts, presentations, videos, and more. Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

If Envato Elements isn't featuring food presentation templates that are free this month, don't worry. There are still alternatives around. We've found usable options. Let's check out these PowerPoint restaurant menu templates available for free below:

1.  Food - PowerPoint Restaurant Menu Template for Free  

Food PowerPoint presentation template free

Creating amazing dishes is a journey. Document it with this PowerPoint restaurant menu template for free. Plenty of room is included for photos and descriptive text in this menu template for PowerPoint.

2.  Free Menu Restaurant PowerPoint Template

Food presentation templates that are free aren’t as robust as premium alternatives. But this menu restaurant PowerPoint presentation template is an option for a basic introduction. Simply drop in your own words and images, and you’ll be good to go.

3.  Savory R estaurant PPT Template Free Download

Savory PowerPoint Restaurant Menu Template Free

With many slide layouts and various color palettes, the Savory restaurant PPT template free download can be used to roll out your vision. Text placeholders are included for you in this free PPT template about food. 

4.  Aumerle Free M enu Design PowerPoint

This one is a simple and lighthearted free restaurant PowerPoint template. Creative control is yours, and you can quickly make edits for this menu design PowerPoint template with its built-in tools. In total, you’ll find 25 slides included in this PowerPoint template free download for food.

5.  Free Coffee Industry PowerPoint Menu Template Free

It seems that coffee shops are everywhere, so it pays to stand out. This food menu presentation template is free and geared towards coffee sellers. Add in your specifics with just a few clicks.

6.  Geneva Kitchen PowerPoint Restaurant Menu Template for Free

Powerpoint Templates Free Download Food

A bright food theme is used in this PowerPoint restaurant menu template for free . Three color schemes are included to change up the style. It's one of the PowerPoint templates available for free download about food you should try in a short budget.

7. Pizza Delivery PowerPoint Menu Template for Free

If you’re in the business of pizza delivery, a restaurant menu PowerPoint template can help you get the message out to the people. Use it to share specials, prices, hours, and more. It's a great option for a PowerPoint menu template for free.

8.  Food PowerPoint Presentation Template Free

Free restaurant PowerPoint template

It's colorful and packed with photo placeholders. This food menu presentation in PowerPoint lets you showcase the critical offerings of your restaurant. Several PowerPoint menu slides are included with an array of layouts. Mix and match them as you go.

9.  Free Gourmet R estaurant PowerPoint Presentation Example

This free restaurant PowerPoint presentation example features a blue backdrop and a variety of breakfast dishes. Master PowerPoint menu slide designs are included to enable bulk edits. 

10. Food Presentation - Restaurant M enu Template for PowerPoint

This food and beverage menu template for PowerPoint is visually driven. Image placeholders are used liberally in this free PPT template for food. They also provide room to illustrate your dishes and dining room alike.

11.  Restaurant Menu PPT Templates

Food PowerPoint restaurant menu template free

A wooden backdrop accents this free food menu PowerPoint template. Add in your text boxes to show specials, appetizers, desserts, and more. Pair this menu PPT with custom imagery to complete the effect.

12. Dinner R estaurant PPT Template F ree Download

Prepared a new dish and eager to show it off? Editable in a hurry, this free PowerPoint template fast food theme is an available option. Green backdrops convey a fresh and bright mood.

13.  Food and Beverage Restaurant Presentation PPT Template - Free

This food presentation template is free and uses the minimalist aesthetic in its styling. Many slides are included in the download pack. Extra layouts are available with PowerPoint’s default options. 

14.  Free Cookery Menu Presentation PowerPoint Template

Food and beverage PowerPoint presentation

Opening with a selection of fresh vegetables, this menu presentation PowerPoint template is ready to support your organic or vegan eatery. Be sure to add plenty of images of your own in this free PPT template for food, too.

15.  Chef PowerPoint Menu Template for Free

This fast food PowerPoint menu template for free is adaptable to any restaurant, bakery, or caterer. Three master layouts are included. Add your extra restaurant presentation PPT slides from there.

16.  Free Cooking Menu Template for PowerPoint

With scenes from the kitchen, this free menu template for PowerPoint sets the stage for any culinary discussion. This free PPT template for food is flexible. Use it for intros, menus, and more.

17.  Fork and Spoon Menu Design PowerPoint Templates

Restaurant PowerPoint Presentation template

Abstract styling accents your food, restaurant, or menu design in this PowerPoint template. It’s available in high-resolution versions that you can print or comfortably share on larger displays. Plus, every slide is completely customizable inside PowerPoint.

18.  Mosom Kitchen Re staurant PPT Template for Free Download

Mosom has a host of slide designs, including maps, infographics, and mockups. Choose slides that fit your needs and use them to build your presentation with this restaurant PPT template for free download . 

How to Build Restaurant Menu PowerPoints With Premium Templates

When you're ready to design a food menu, you might start by searching the web for free restaurant PowerPoint templates. And while it's true that you'll find free menu templates for PowerPoint on some websites, you might be selling yourself short.

You owe it to your diners to show your best dishes in style with food menu PowerPoint templates. On Envato Elements, balance cost with excellence with premium restaurant menu PowerPoint templates .

Best Menu PPT Templates!

Food menu PowerPoint template on Envato Elements

Envato Elements is the most cost-effective option. Not only do you unlock unlimited PPTX files, (including restaurant menu PowerPoint templates) but you'll also have access to:

  • stock photos in case you don't have time to snap pictures of your own
  • illustrations that complement your menu designs
  • website templates that help you launch your restaurant at an easy-to-find URL

Save yourself time and money with Envato Elements. It's the best way to bring professionalism to your menu design ideas presentation without creating a layout all on your own.

How to Quickly Make Great Restaurant (Food-Themes) Presentations

Templates are a great way to start your menu design. But it's natural to want to customize the menu to match your food and cuisine. You might be wondering if it's easy to edit these restaurant and fast food PowerPoint presentation templates. The answer is yes!

In this section, learn how to customize three key slides from one of our restaurant PowerPoint presentation PPT templates. We'll work with the premium Japanese Food PowerPoint Template we highlighted earlier in this tutorial.

Japanese food menu template

Let's customize three slides from this menu template PowerPoint, each in three steps:

1. Message From Chef

Message from chef - before

Many diners choose to dine at locations that feature famous chefs. Slide 5 in our template can feature a popular chef. All it needs are a few tweaks to the PPT menu design ideas in the presentation template:

  • Replace the image . Right click on the yellow circle and choose  Change Picture,  then browse to a new file to show your chef.
  • Update the message . Type over the built-in text with a personalized message.
  • Change text size . Since my slide opted for less text, I increased the text size to make better use of the slide real estate.

Message from chef after

2. Our Menu Preview

Our menu before

Before you dive into showing the entire menu, you should build a quick preview that creates excitement. Let's customize slide 17 to do that:

  • Update "our facilities" . Change this to something like "our menu" to match the slide to the purpose.
  • Update color scheme . Click on the red box and use  Format > Shape Fill to select a new color.
  • Replace images . For each of the image placeholders, right-click, and choose   Change Picture  to select your food photo of choice.

Our menu after

3. What We Do

What we do before

Many restaurants have a mission statement. It defines how they source ingredients, prepare dishes, and take part in the community. It's a great idea to build a slide that does that, and let's use slide 9 in our template:

  • Replace the text . Type over the text placeholders to list your fundamental principles.
  • Add your images . Again, just right click on the placeholder and choose Change Picture  to select something new.
  • Adjust the text size . Increase the text size so that it's easier to read.

What we do after

5 Quick PowerPoint Restaurant & Food Slide Presentation Design Tips

Customizing your food PowerPoint template is just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to creating a great restaurant-themed presentation, there's a lot you can do. Here are five quick tips that'll help you take your menu design ideas and presentation to the next level:

1. Let Your Images Shine

Visuals are an important part of every presentation. This is even more true when it comes to restaurant-themed or food presentations. Let your images shine and take the center stage of your presentation.

Taste Food PowerPoint Template

2. White Space Matters

Make sure to include plenty of white space around different elements on your slides. This will make your content stand out and your presentation will be easier to follow. 

3. Get Creative With Slide Layouts

Your slides don’t have to follow a strict format of text slides followed by image slides. Get creative and experiment using text and photos next to each other. The best premium menu template PowerPoints will have slides that will allow you to use both.

Asians Food PowerPoint Template

4. Don’t Forget Crucial Information

Make sure your restaurant presentation PPT includes important information about your meals. Easily present ingredients lists and nutritional values with charts. Illustrate them with custom food icons.   

5. Play With Contrasting and Complementary Colors

Adding color to your presentation is a good way to reinforce your brand. But it’s also a good way to make your presentation photos stand out. Why not use color to create contrast around your food images? Or use complementary colors to create a harmonious and visually appealing presentation.

Geral Food PowerPoint Template

5 Restaurant PowerPoint Trends

You want your menu PowerPoint (PPT) to look good. One way to do that is to pay attention the latest trends. While looking for a menu PPT template, keep these design trends in mind:

1. Muted Colors

This restaurant PowerPoint template has a muted color scheme.

Vibrant colors were previously a trend, but now muted colors are in trend. Muted colors give a relaxing tone to your menu PPT. These colors also aren’t distracting from the text and images because they’re better at blending into the background than vibrant colors.

2. Animation

FoodFest Creative Festival Presentation Template

Animation is a great way to make your food PowerPoint template more interesting. Adding little visual elements such as animation can keep your audience engaged. Animation can make transitioning through slides interesting.

3. Nature Inspired

Deville - Organic Food & Vegetables Powerpoint

Taking inspiration from nature is really trendy now. This can mean adding floral or plants to your menu PPT template or using colors from nature in your menu PPT template. This trend is great because it can fit any style or format that you want.

4. Geometric Shapes

Opiet Food PowerPoint Presentation Template

Geometric shapes are simple but add interest to the design of your slide. Adding geometric shapes to your menu PowerPoint template adds depth and texture to the design. Depending on the design, geometric shapes can give your menu PowerPoint template look retro or modern.

This template is a minimal restaurant PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.

Minimal PowerPoint presentations have been a trend for a long time. Using a minimal restaurant PowerPoint template means that less is more. Minimal templates feature less text and images on a slide. This style template can be less distracting for audiences because you won’t overcrowd slides.

Discover More Great PowerPoint Templates With Stylish Designs

We've only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to professional premium PowerPoint templates. Here are three more guides with top templates:

new restaurant presentation

Benefits of Using Professional Food PPT Templates

By now, you might be wondering what’s the benefit of using a premium food PowerPoint template to jumpstart your presentation design. 

Here are five reasons that you should use a great food PPT template for your next presentation in 2024:

  • You’ll save time . Premium restaurant PowerPoint templates have much of the content and design already built. So, you won’t have to start from a complete scratch. All you've got to do is replace the dummy content with your own. 
  • You’ll end up with a professional-looking presentation. You might be the greatest chef in the world, but that doesn’t mean you’re a great designer. And let’s face it: d esign is best left to the professionals. Using premium menu PowerPoint templates means that your finished slides will have a polished look. 
  • You don’t have to wonder about what to include in your presentation. Pro menu PPT templates come with plenty of ideas built into the slides. 
  • Tons of customization options . Just because the majority of the design work is done, that doesn’t mean you can’t customize the food or restaurant PowerPoint template further. You’re free to change colors, fonts, add your own photos, change the layout, and more. 
  • The slides stand out. Most presentations will use the Microsoft built-in presentation templates. These templates are sure to stand out because it's unlikely that your peers will use custom PPT designs.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is a unique marketplace. It offers thousands of great PPT templates for a single, flat-rate subscription price.

Food PPT templates on Envato Elements

Join Envato Elements today. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. Choose from web themes to  food presentation templates , and more—all for one low price. 

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you've got questions about PowerPoint and restaurant PowerPoint template, it’s okay. Here are some common questions and answers that can help:

1. Can I Customize My Premium Template?

Yes. Customizing your template is important and can make your presentation more meaningful to the audience. There are many ways to customize your template.

For example, customize your template by changing the color scheme to match your company’s color scheme. To learn more about customizing your template review: 

new restaurant presentation

2. What's the Best Way to Present Some Data?

Infographics are the best way to present data. Infographics are charts and graphs that display data. This can help your audience to see patterns or trends in data. Study this tutorial to learn more:

new restaurant presentation

3. What Font Is Best to Use When Customizing My Presentation?

The right font can make or break your presentation. You want the font to be readable to every person in the room. You also need your font to be the right size, or it can be hard to read. Learn all about fonts and PowerPoint in the tutorial below:

new restaurant presentation

4. I’m Worried That My Slides Are Too Boring. What Can I Do?

There are many ways that you can make your slides more interesting. One way is through the slide design. You can change the slide colors, use images, and more. The following tutorial offers several tips to help you liven up your menu PowerPoint:

new restaurant presentation

5. How Do I Add Animation to My Slides?

PowerPoint makes it easy to add animations to your slides. Animations can add some visual interest to your presentation. This can engage your audience more. Here's more info on how to add animations to your presentation: 

new restaurant presentation

Learn More About Working With PowerPoint

The hardest part when you're learning something new is getting started. As you learn how to customize a food PowerPoint template, it helps to have learning resources. 

Start strong with our powerful guide, How to Learn PowerPoint Quickly (Complete Beginner's Guide.)    Then, check out three more of our favorite PowerPoint resources:

new restaurant presentation

Start Using Food PowerPoint Templates Today

Before you cut the ribbon and open the doors to your new restaurant, make sure you've got a menu design that you love. A well-designed menu is the best way to show your favorite dishes and make your diners salivate.

While you saw free restaurant PowerPoint templates, it's important to remember the value of premium options. Restaurant menu PowerPoint templates with unlimited downloads on Elements give you options. Or learn restaurant menu design in our free InDesign course.

Don't delay—start designing your restaurant menu today! 

Editorial Note : This post has been updated with contributions from Brenda Barron , Sarah Joy , Nathan Umoh , and Dacia Egurrola . Brenda, Sarah, and Nathan are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+. Dacia is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

Andrew Childress

How to Build a Restaurant Pitch Deck (with Examples)

By Katherine Pendrill

A young man with laptop and coffee working indoors, home office concept.

Launching a new restaurant is exciting, but it’s also expensive! If you don’t plan to fund the venture yourself, you’ll want to bring financial backers on board. This means you’ll need a compelling restaurant pitch deck to sell your idea. 

Having a concept deck or pitch deck for a restaurant is critical to sharing your vision in a way that gets others invested in it (pun intended). The right pitch deck can make or break your ability to raise the funding you need to get your business off the ground. But don’t worry – creating a pitch deck doesn’t have to be daunting. In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What a restaurant pitch deck is
  • When you need a pitch deck
  • 11 slides your pitch deck should include
  • 3 tips for your pitch deck design
  • 3 restaurant pitch deck examples

You’ll be a success story in no time! Suit up, entrepreneur – let’s get started.

What is a Restaurant Pitch Deck?

If you’re new to the startup world or have yet to partner with investors to fund a restaurant venture, you may be wondering what the term “pitch deck” means. Essentially, it’s a sales presentation tool.

If that sounds a little dry, rest assured that a pitch deck is anything but boring. It’s more like the Robin to your Batman – a visual aid to support you as you deliver a compelling presentation to potential investors. Your pitch is your shot to show them why your restaurant is worth taking a chance on, and your pitch deck plays an integral role in the process.

“A pitch deck is a collection of slides, typically arranged in Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. Its purpose is to present a startup business idea or thesis, or to document an existing business and project the outcome of venture investment,” according to Alejandro Cremades , serial entrepreneur and the best-selling author of The Art of Startup Fundraising.

Companies across a variety of industries use pitch decks. And while they’re especially common in the tech world, pitch decks can be a valuable asset for restaurateurs, too. In the restaurant industry specifically, a pitch deck should communicate why a venture is a sound financial investment. It should also focus heavily on your concept, location, and customers .

Restaurant Business Plan Template

Download this customizable restaurant business plan template to create a professional business plan for your new venture.

When Do You Need a Pitch Deck?

Now that you’re familiar with the idea of a pitch deck for a restaurant, let’s talk about when you might want to use one.

You need a restaurant pitch deck whenever you want to sell your vision and get buy-in for your business – for example, when you want to secure restaurant investors , or bring someone onto your team like a new business partner.

You may choose to seek investors if you’re looking for financial support and expertise to launch a new restaurant or expand an existing one. Working with investors will not only bring vital funding to the table, but also a business-savvy perspective that can help guide the future of your restaurant. 

As long as you’re not concerned with losing some control over the business (and some of the profits), this can be a great option. And it’s precisely when you’ll need a stellar pitch deck.

Portrait smile beautiful business asian woman in pink suit working in office desk virtual computer. Small business owner people employee freelance online sme marketing e-commerce telemarketing concept

How to Build a Restaurant Pitch Deck

We’ve covered the basics – now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and learn how to build a pitch deck for your restaurant that will bring in the cash you need.

11 Slides Your Pitch Deck Should Include

Here are the most important slides to include in your restaurant pitch deck:

1. Vision and Value Proposition

This slide is where you introduce your big idea at a high level. What do you envision for the future of your restaurant, and what value will it bring to the market? 

For example, you may want to bring the first farm-to-table fine dining concept to your town that will help promote a culture of appreciation for fresh food supplied by local producers.

2. The Problem

Your restaurant should address a consumer need. So, what problem will your restaurant solve? 

This slide of your pitch deck might be fairly cut and dry if you’re proposing a concept that doesn’t yet exist in your city or town. On the other hand, if you’re planning to open a pizza restaurant in a crowded market, you’ll need to clearly illustrate the gap (or problem) that persists, despite the existence of your competitors.

3. Target Market and Opportunity

As is often said in the marketing industry, if your brand is for everyone, it’s for no one. This is why you need to specify which kind of customers you’re looking to attract to your restaurant.

For example, you may want to open a wine and tapas bar that caters to couples and young professionals. The opportunity could be your location’s proximity to downtown residential buildings and office towers, combined with a lack of similar bars in the area.

4. The Solution

This slide of your pitch deck is where to get to show off your big idea some more. What, specifically, will you offer at your restaurant, and how will it solve the problem you outlined previously for your chosen target market?

Let your passion for your concept and food shine through here. You should be excited about your restaurant to get others feeling the same way!

5. Revenue Model or Business Model

Now we’re getting down to brass tacks. This is your moment to show investors that you’ve given careful thought to how your restaurant will earn revenue.

For example, perhaps you’re looking to open a brewery that will sell food, beer (in-house, wholesale, and retail), and merchandise like hats and sweatshirts. This is all important information to include in your pitch deck.

6. Traction and Validation

What makes you so sure your idea is viable? Present your market research and assure investors that your market wants what you’re proposing. If you have competitors, this is a good time to nod to their success. 

7. Marketing and Sales Strategy

How will you get the word out about your restaurant and drive sales? The marketing and sales tactics you plan to use, like advertising, email marketing, loyalty programs, gift cards, specials, and more should all be outlined on this slide.

This slide of your pitch deck, and the next two, are the ones investors tend to spend the most time viewing , so it pays to get the content right.

You’re not going on this wild ride alone, so who will be helping you get your restaurant off the ground? Investors want to know who you’re bringing on and what kind of experience each team member has.

9. Financials

Have you secured any funding for your restaurant to date? If you’re able to show that others have backed you, it could inspire confidence in future investors. 

Be sure to also include financial projections of future performance (and records of past performance, if you’re pitching an existing restaurant or concept to new investors).

10. Competition

Investors want to know what else in the market they’d be going up against if they were to support you. Even if you don’t have any direct competitors, where else might your target market choose to spend their time and money dining out?

11. Investment and Use of Funds

It’s time to make it clear what you’re looking for. What level of investment are you seeking, and how do you plan to use the funds? For example, you may want to earmark the funds to purchase kitchen equipment, or to pay for a major marketing campaign.

Tips for Your Pitch Deck Design

Don’t forget about the aesthetics of your pitch deck! You might have the most innovative restaurant concept to hit the market in years, but without the right visual presentation, it could fall flat. Here are 3 tips to consider when crafting your concept deck.

Include Visuals

Don’t leave the details of your restaurant up to interpretation. Instead, wow your potential investors with striking visuals of your food and venue. This is a key part of presenting your restaurant concept well, so investors can see how it will fill a gap in your market.

If your restaurant hasn’t been built yet, you can use commercial renderings to give your investors a clear picture of what the finished product will look like. This can help answer questions and even expedite the permitting process , which is a plus in investors’ minds.

Keep Things Consistent

Show your investors that you bring more than a passion for food to the table. Creating a pitch deck with a cohesive look and feel that matches your restaurant branding can go a long way in putting your best face forward during your pitch. It will give investors confidence that you’ve got a marketing mindset, which is a crucial element of business success.

Remember, inconsistency in the fonts and colors throughout your presentation can distract and detract from your message, and that’s the last thing you want when you’re trying to raise the big bucks! Make it easy for investors to see how awesome your idea is.

Less is More

Your pitch deck shouldn’t contain your full restaurant business plan . Considering that investors spent 24% less time reviewing pitch decks in 2022 than in 2021 , your pitch deck needs to make a good first impression, fast, to get their attention.

“On average, you have just under three minutes to convince [investors] to take a meeting with you,” reports TechCrunch . “In fact, for decks that fail to raise funding, investors give up in just two minutes and 13 seconds. That’s not a lot of time…so you’ve got to make it count.”

One way to make sure the most important information shines through on your pitch deck is to keep the text on your slides to a minimum. While you’re at it, keep the slides to a minimum, too. Some entrepreneurs argue you should have no more than 10 slides , but don’t worry too much if you go over – Uber’s first pitch deck contained 20+ slides, and they secured more than enough funding right out the gate.

Female coworker making presentation during business meeting in office. Group of creative designers discussing new marketing ideas together in boardroom.

3 Restaurant Pitch Deck Examples

Now that you know how to build a pitch deck, let’s explore some real-world restaurant pitch deck examples to give you inspiration for your own.

new restaurant presentation

Image Source

1. Odd Burger

The Odd Burger brand consists of both a vegan fast food chain, as well as a plant-based food manufacturing company. Odd Burger’s pitch deck plays into the brand’s ‘industry disruptor’ persona by starting off with a thought-provoking hook: “You can create a better world by eating fast food. Doesn’t that seem odd?”

In addition to its bold vision, Odd Burger’s pitch deck also contains valuable information about the company’s smart kitchens, automation technology, distribution partnerships, expansion plans, and customer reviews. The deck also provides solid financial and market data. However, at 35 slides, this pitch deck is a bit long.

new restaurant presentation

Freshii leans on its mission of making healthy food convenient and affordable, as well as several impressive growth statistics in this pitch deck. The deck showcases Freshii’s unique market position, innovative menu, and strong financial performance.

Franchise information is another key part of Freshii’s pitch deck. The brand outlines its current global franchise network and plans for growth, which is great inspiration if you’re wondering how to franchise a restaurant yourself.

A slide from Barrio's restaurant pitch deck outlining what makes the restaurant different.

Barrio’s pitch deck is highly visual, with striking images of the restaurant’s food as well as its design concept. The deck uses text sparingly on the slides, and the text that is included speaks to what makes the restaurant unique.

Another highlight of Barrio’s pitch deck is the focus on the team behind the vision, which you now know is an important feature for investors.

With all of these tips and examples in hand, we hope you’re feeling confident to get out there and pitch your restaurant. We can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

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How To Create A Restaurant Pitch Deck (Examples Included)

Elana Kroon

Struggling to create a restaurant pitch deck that attracts investors?

This straightforward guide unpacks the key components your pitch deck demands, from defining your restaurant’s vision and business approach to presenting actionable financials.

With this article, you’ll draft a no-nonsense pitch that captures your venture’s essence and demonstrates why it deserves investment.

Key Takeaways

A pitch deck is important for securing funding, conveying your restaurant’s vision, unique features, and the experience you promise, and it must compellingly represent your business plan in a concise format.

Key elements of an effective pitch deck include a clear concept, target market, customer profile, and a unique selling proposition that makes your restaurant stand out, supported by both storytelling and strong visual design.

Financial projections, detailed growth strategies, marketing and brand positioning plans, and a prepared response to potential investor questions and objections are essential components to illustrate your restaurant’s potential for profitability and investor returns.

The essence of a restaurant pitch deck

A restaurant interior with stylish decor and ambient lighting

A restaurant pitch deck is:

A visual feast

A storytelling journey

An introduction to your restaurant concept for potential investors

More than just a collection of slides

A window into the soul of your restaurant

Showcasing the vision, potential, and unique features of your venture

An opportunity to share your passion for food and service

Conveying your restaurant’s vibe and experience in a compelling way

A well-designed pitch deck can be the tipping point in securing the necessary funding to launch or expand your restaurant.

Your pitch deck should aim to pique investor interest in your concept. It must convincingly outline your restaurant’s potential for growth and why it’s a sound investment.

Your pitch deck should be a concise version of your business plan, a roadmap that guides potential investors on a tour of your restaurant’s vision.

It’s not just about serving quality meals; it’s about crafting a unique dining experience, a brand positioning that makes your restaurant unique.

Key ingredients for a winning pitch deck

A colorful and vibrant outdoor food market

A winning pitch deck, much like a signature dish, requires a blend of key ingredients. It begins with a clear concept and vision, a well-defined target market and customer profile, and a unique selling proposition that sets your restaurant apart.

These components serve as the main courses of your pitch deck, providing potential investors with a taste of what’s to come.

We’ll now delve into these important elements and their role in shaping an impressive restaurant pitch deck.

Concept and vision

Your pitch deck commences with your concept and vision. It’s the foundation upon which your restaurant stands, the driving force behind your journey.

Your concept introduces the theme of your restaurant, whether it’s a cozy vegan café or a high-end steakhouse. Your vision and mission statement communicate your restaurant’s overarching goals and purpose, painting a picture of the future you strive to create.

The charm is in the details. Here are some ways to improve your restaurant’s appeal:

Highlight your menu’s star dishes

Showcase any sustainable practices or innovative features

Create a well-crafted brand identity using a select color palette

Outline community engagement strategies that align with your restaurant’s commitment to building patron relationships

After all, a restaurant is more than just a place to eat; it’s a hub for community interaction and memorable experiences in the restaurant industry, especially at local restaurants.

Target market and customer profile

Following this, we focus on your target market and customer profile. Understanding who your customers are and what they value is essential in tailoring your restaurant experience to their tastes.

A clear understanding of your target market, backed by solid market research, helps you craft a menu, pricing, and concept that resonate with your audience.

Your pitch deck should include a detailed analysis of demographic details such as age, gender, income, education, and location, as well as psychographic factors such as values, interests, and attitudes.

This detailed profile of your target audience allows you to tap into their preferences and build a brand that truly speaks to them. Remember, specifically stating the target market and the opportunity in the pitch deck, including the unique location and scarcity of similar establishments, is vital.

Unique selling proposition (USP)

Let’s transition to your pitch deck’s secret weapon - the Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your USP is the primary reason your restaurant stands out from the crowd, the unique benefits, and solutions you offer that your competitors don’t. It’s the magic ingredient that makes your restaurant memorable to investors.

To showcase your USP in a pitch deck, you need to clearly communicate what makes your restaurant unique and worth investing in. Perhaps it’s your innovative menu, your sustainable practices, or your technological innovations.

Further reading

  • The Most Overlooked Profitable Menu Items for Restaurants

Whatever it is, make sure your USP aligns with market gaps or emerging trends, and don’t be afraid to use evocative language and specific examples to convey your restaurant’s unique value proposition.

The art of pitch deck storytelling

Pitch decks are more than just facts and figures; they’re stories waiting to be told. The art of pitch deck storytelling revolves around creating a relatable character and a story that builds tension before presenting the solution.

This narrative technique can make your pitch deck presentation more memorable, engaging, and 22 times more likely to stick in an investor’s mind during a pitch meeting.

Your passion and pride for your restaurant should shine through your pitch deck. Personal stories and anecdotes can pique interest and build loyalty, emphasizing the whole experience rather than just the business aspect. Address investor concerns about scalability and the problem being solved, presenting a clear and logically structured narrative.

Keep in mind that your compelling restaurant pitch deck is more than a mere presentation; it’s an inspiring narrative that can fuel a desire to join your restaurant’s journey, much like an effective elevator pitch.

Designing a visually appealing pitch deck

A well-designed and visually appealing pitch deck on a tablet

An excellent pitch deck isn’t just about the information it contains; it’s also about how that information is presented.

Design and visuals significantly enhance the overall experience of a pitch deck, making it more appealing and memorable.

The ideal design focuses on key points, ensures elements are not cluttered, and uses charts and diagrams for data visualization.

We’ll delve into these facets in the subsequent subsections.

Choosing the right visuals

The right visuals can bring your pitch deck to life. They set the mood, engage the audience, and help tell your restaurant’s story.

Using original photography and stock photos that accurately reflect your brand is key to creating a visually appealing pitch deck.

These images, whether they’re of your mouthwatering dishes or your cozy dining space, can immediately capture investors’ attention.

Visualizing data with charts, graphs, and clear layouts aids in emphasizing key figures and making complex information easier to digest.

Differentiating sections with compelling images and strategic use of white space can improve the pitch deck’s visual appeal and maintain professionalism.

Keep in mind that your visuals are more than just images; they serve as potent storytelling tools that can forge a bond with investors.

Creating a consistent design

Consistency in design not only exhibits professionalism but also signals to investors the meticulous attention to detail that your business applies in all of its operations.

Maintaining a uniform color scheme, typography, and visual elements across your pitch deck is essential to reinforce your brand identity and convey a professional narrative.

A cohesive design strategy not only makes your pitch deck more engaging and easier to follow but also showcases your team’s attention to detail and project dedication.

Using templates that incorporate brand themes and employing whitespace effectively can save time while achieving a consistent look. Remember, your pitch deck’s design should cater to your audience’s preferences, with templates and visuals adapted to suit their expectations and tastes.

  • 12 Restaurant Email Marketing Templates to Boost Revenue

Presenting your team and expertise

A diverse team of professionals discussing business strategies in a modern office

Behind every successful restaurant is a dedicated team of professionals.

Presenting your team and their expertise in your pitch deck is an opportunity to highlight their skills, their passion, and their commitment to your restaurant’s vision.

Here are some tips for showcasing your key team members:

Include professional headshots of each team member

Provide a brief bio for each team member, highlighting their experience and qualifications

Use real human images to establish authenticity and build trust with investors

By compellingly showcasing your team, you can demonstrate the strength and potential of your restaurant to investors.

Each key member’s role, expertise, and notable successes should be featured, emphasizing their ability to execute the vision and their relevance to the restaurant’s success.

Logos from well-known former employers or educational institutions can immediately convey high standards of professionalism and achievement. A thoughtful team presentation bolsters credibility, brings a human touch to the business, showcases domain expertise, strengthens commitment, and builds investor confidence.

  • Case Study: Putting Your Staff First

Financial projections and growth strategy

Numbers speak volumes in a pitch deck. Your financial projections and growth strategy provide concrete evidence of your restaurant’s potential for profitability and expansion.

Here are the key financial documents that should be included in your pitch deck:

Revenue projections

Expense forecasts

Cash flow statements

Profit and loss projections

Operational metrics

These projections need to convey financial viability through strong revenue growth and manageable costs, backed by reasonable and credible assumptions.

But it’s not just about the numbers. Your growth strategy should detail:

Market expansion


Unique growth opportunities

Sustainability during growth

Alignment with your restaurant’s vision

It should also tie into your marketing strategy and future plans. Investors are interested in not only your current position but also your future direction and your strategies to reach there.

  • The Best Restaurant Management Software in 2024

Showcasing marketing and brand positioning

Marketing and brand positioning are key ingredients in your pitch deck. Demonstrating an understanding of the competitive landscape and specifying marketing and outreach initiatives planned to promote your restaurant are crucial components of your pitch deck.

Your marketing and sales strategy should be clearly outlined, showing tactics like:


email marketing

loyalty programs

This will illustrate how your business model plans to attract and retain customers.

Visual representation of competitive analysis, such as an XY graph, can help position your restaurant uniquely in the market, conveying your brand’s competitive advantage to investors.

Your brand positioning should illustrate not only your uniqueness but also your superior offerings. It should highlight the unique benefits and solutions that your restaurant offers, setting you apart from your competitors.

Preparing for investor questions and objections

Investors are likely to have questions and objections about your restaurant venture. Preparing for these questions not only highlights your strengths but also addresses concerns and builds rapport with potential investors.

During a pitch, objections can be used as opportunities to engage further and clarify points with investors, through confidence and sincerity, without becoming defensive.

Practicing the pitch extensively and being prepared with answers helps mitigate the common mistake of failing to anticipate questions or feedback from investors. Encouraging investors to ask questions can lead to a more productive dialogue and allow you to demonstrate adaptability.

Even if an investor doesn’t commit immediately, making a positive impression with useful information can pave the way for future consideration.

Restaurant pitch deck examples for inspiration

A chef preparing a signature dish in a restaurant kitchen

Looking at successful restaurant pitch deck examples can provide valuable insights and inspiration. Whether it’s a farm-to-table concept that emphasizes sustainable and local sourcing or an authentic Japanese sushi bar that offers a unique cultural dining experience , these pitch decks can serve as a blueprint for your own.

The use of high-quality images depicting mouthwatering dishes can immediately capture investors’ attention. Incorporating design elements that reflect your restaurant’s theme, such as rustic imagery for a country-style eatery, can help your pitch deck tell the visual story of your restaurant.

But perhaps the most compelling element of these successful pitch decks is the narrative, such as:

the story of a chef’s personal journey to opening their dream restaurant

the inspiration behind the restaurant concept

the unique selling points of the menu and dining experience

the potential for growth and profitability

Including a well-crafted narrative in your pitch deck can help investors connect with your vision and increase the likelihood of securing funding for your restaurant.

  • Top Free Restaurant Menu Makers

Fine-tuning your pitch deck: best practices and common mistakes

Fine-tuning your pitch deck is a crucial step in the process.

A perfect pitch deck should:

Be no more than 10-15 pages or slides

Have a clean, professional design that organizes content and presents visuals in a compelling way

Integrate storytelling to create an emotional connection and make it more memorable

Increase investment potential

The final slide of your pitch deck should leave a strong impact. Instead of ending with a generic ‘Questions?’ slide, consider summarizing your key points or emphasizing the opportunity.

Your pitch deck represents an opportunity to create a lasting impression and inspire potential investors with your vision and passion. Don’t let this opportunity slide away. To make it even more professional, consider using Google Slides for creating your pitch deck.

In the bustling world of the restaurant industry, a compelling pitch deck can make all the difference.

It’s not just a presentation; it’s a storytelling journey that introduces your restaurant concept to potential investors. It’s a snapshot of your vision, a preview of the gastronomic experience you’re about to bring to the table.

From defining your concept and vision, understanding your target market, and articulating your unique selling proposition, to integrating storytelling, designing visually appealing slides, and preparing for investor questions, every aspect of your pitch deck contributes to making your restaurant venture a success.

But remember, a pitch deck is just the beginning. It’s the first step in a journey filled with passion, dedication, and hard work.

With a well-crafted pitch deck, you can not only secure funding but also inspire others with your vision. So, get out there, start crafting your pitch deck, and let’s bring your dream restaurant to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a restaurant pitch deck.

A restaurant pitch deck is a visual presentation used to introduce a restaurant concept to potential investors, showcasing the vision, potential, and uniqueness of the venture in order to secure funding.

What are the key ingredients for a winning pitch deck?

The key ingredients for a winning pitch deck are a clear concept and vision, a well-defined target market and customer profile, and a unique selling proposition that sets the business apart. These elements are crucial for making a compelling pitch to potential investors and stakeholders.

How can I make my pitch deck visually appealing?

To make your pitch deck visually appealing, focus on key points, avoid cluttered design elements, use charts and diagrams for data visualization, and maintain a uniform color scheme and typography. This will reinforce your brand identity and convey a professional narrative.

How can I prepare for investor questions and objections?

To prepare for investor questions and objections, make sure to address potential concerns in your pitch deck, practice your pitch thoroughly, and encourage investors to ask questions during the meeting. This will help you provide further clarification and build confidence in your pitch.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when crafting a pitch deck?

Avoid making your pitch deck too long, failing to integrate storytelling, having a cluttered design, and not leaving a strong impact with the final slide. These are common mistakes to steer clear of when crafting your pitch deck.

new restaurant presentation

Senior Content Manager at Eat App

Elana Kroon used to work in restaurants before becoming a journalist and expert restaurant industry content creator at Eat App.


Reviewed by

Nezar Kadhem

Co-founder and CEO of Eat App

He is a regular speaker and panelist at industry events, contributing on topics such as digital transformation in the hospitality industry, revenue channel optimization and dine-in experience.

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Restaurant business plans outline the progression and development of your restaurant from concept to multi-year strategy. Not only does it make your plans clear to potential partners, but it also gives you a roadmap to follow once things get started. Each restaurant business plan example will look a little different, but is the must-have information for every plan. Your business plan must include – The Overall Concept, Sample Menu, The Team, Target Customers, Market Analysis, Financials.

Restaurant interior design is another key consideration as well. If you have thoughts on what your space will look like, or the design elements you plan to deploy, don’t be afraid to include visuals. Business plans are text-heavy, so break things up with relevant images anywhere that you can.

Planning is a crucial activity for any startup or growing restaurant moving toward growth and expansion. The business plan for restaurant PowerPoint template is a remarkable presentation tool of 6 useful slides. It is an impressive business planning template with great visuals that contains comprehensive elements to present your restaurant’s profile.

The restaurant business plan template is a good way to present your restaurant’s profile to investors, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders. It includes slides to describe important sets of information that would certainly appeal to each stakeholder effectively.

The first slides present the head chef in the company and highlight the health rating, revenue and custom review rating of the restaurant. The presenter can show the restaurant’s key workers with the second slide, and use the chart in the third slide to show the sales forecast for a business year. Subsequent slides can be used to present infographics on the restaurant’s winning food, mobile app download, and how the restaurant ranks for good food and place.

The slides of this template can be used by startups when preparing their business plan for opening a restaurant. This template has all the tools you need to create a professional presentation. For example, you can present your team of famous chefs in detail, prepare information about the main dishes of your restaurant. This template allows you to present your financial plan for the coming year.

Also, this template can be used when compiling ratings of the best restaurants. For example, you can prepare basic information about each restaurant – chef, restaurant menu, restaurant design and number of visitors. You can use the slides from this template when preparing your marketing materials. For example, you can prepare information about a restaurant and send a presentation by mail, or make an animated presentation and save the presentation in video format and then post it on YouTube. You can also use the slides from this template when describing your main meals. For example, you can include an image of your product, including its price, main ingredients, and a short description.

This template will be useful for startups that are planning to open new restaurants or large holiday complexes. For example, you can use this template when preparing a business plan for a hotel that will include several restaurants. You can describe the main meals that will generate income and show the revenue stream for different food categories. The slides in this template allow you to present information using several types of graphs and charts.

Popular among restaurant owners because it is useful for presenting restaurant’s profile. This incredible business plan for restaurant template can certainly help to save time in delivering an exceptional presentation on any restaurant business. The colors and placeholders for text and photos are 100% editable and customizable. The template can be modified to suit your preference. Business Plan for Restaurant template will organically complement your old presentations and will be a worthy addition to your professional business presentations.

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3 Year Financial Projection

new restaurant presentation

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Restaurant Business Plan Template

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new restaurant presentation

How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan?

The process of taking an idea that's been percolating in your head for a while to an actual, sustainable business isn't easy. Execution is never a linear path and imposter syndrome is a real phenomenon. Fortunately, some resources can point you in the right direction; we recommend starting by writing a business plan as it brings clarity to your vision. In this article, we'll try to unearth the practical steps for writing a business plan for a new restaurant.

If you're reading this, it's likely that you're interested in operating and managing your own eatery. We'll take you through some of the finer points behind this endeavor and how you can prime yourself for success. Conceptualizing a well-crafted plan is an excellent idea, especially when you consider that 60 percent of restaurants fail in their first year.


Plainly speaking, a business plan represents the vision of your proposed company. Not all founders are interested in creating the new Amazon or Facebook. Many people want to pursue something where their passion and interests are closely aligned; for restaurants, this may translate into how a love for Thai food became a new venture. If you are unsatisfied with the culinary experiences in your city, then it's possible that you may want to show others how it's done. This represents a neat juxtaposition behind your passion (food, in this instance) and the problem it solves (lack of quality establishments).

A business plan can be written in a variety of formats but what's more important is the areas it covers. It's necessary to have a rough outline of your target market which includes demographics, incumbents, and its overall size. After giving a high-level overview, you also want to include your go-to-market strategy and a detailed financial breakdown which lists your likely capital and operational expenditure, headcount, and when you project to break even.


Let's discuss the modalities of this strategy and what a typical structure looks like.

The introductory part of your plan will outline clearly the mission statement you see for your restaurant. Perhaps it is to create a culinary experience like no other. It's important to elucidate this mission clearly to all your employees and keep refreshing it at regular intervals so that everyone's aligned. The next few slides should talk about your competitors and the strengths of the founding team.

Market Summary

We alluded to this earlier as the 'high-level overview.' In a nutshell, this should encapsulate each and every dynamic of the market that you're trying to enter. So, if you aim to build a fast-food restaurant in New York, then you need to talk about the market share of existing players, how that's changed over time, and their current pricing. In the latter part, strive to identify potential gaps in the market which you can meet.

Business Concept

Now you're getting to the part that discusses your proposed vision in minute detail. How will your restaurant set itself apart from others? What are your key goals and objectives within a specific timeframe? Try to break these down into quarterly and annual goals so that you can keep track of what's working and what isn't.

Financial Plan

No business can operate without a healthy amount of initial and working capital. In this part of your strategy, you need to envision how much seed financing your venture will require. Some things to consider are the costs of interior designing, furniture, cutlery, and hiring staff. Your menu, pricing, and projected visitors should also be factored in. Of course, you're in the business for the long run so try to estimate how much you will grow year-on-year in terms of revenue.

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How to write a restaurant business plan

new restaurant presentation

A small restaurant business plan is the roadmap you use to open a successful spot. As a first step to creating yours, ask your friends and colleagues to share restaurant business plan examples. Their restaurant business plan samples can inspire yours.

Once you’ve studied those examples, it’s time to start writing your own. No matter how much thought you’ve put into your concept or how many trusted colleagues have assured you of its greatness, you must write a restaurant business plan. It will prove the viability of your concept to potential investors and provide them with a clear and engaging answer to the question: “Why does the world need this restaurant?”

“The point of a business plan is to show that you’ve done your homework,” says Charles Bililies, owner of Souvla , a fine casual Greek restaurant in San Francisco that has received national acclaim since opening in the spring of 2014.

“You have to show any potential investor that you have an actual plan, you know what you’re talking about, it looks professional, and you’re not just screwing around.”

Quick links Branded cover Table of contents Concept Sample menu Service Management team Design Target market Location Market overview Marketing and publicity Specialists and consultants Business structure Financials

1. Branded cover

Include your logo (even if it’s not finalized), the date, and your name.

2. Table of contents

A table of contents in a restaurant business plan provides an organized overview of the document’s structure and content. It typically appears at the beginning of the plan and lists the major sections and subsections with their corresponding page numbers.

The table of contents is important for several reasons. Firstly, it allows readers to quickly navigate through the plan, enabling easy access to specific sections of interest. Secondly, it helps in presenting a professional and well-structured document, showing that you have carefully organized your thoughts and ideas. It also improves readability and comprehension, as readers can easily locate and refer back to relevant information

Image depicts a restaurant worker in a new restaurant.

3. Restaurant concept

Describe your restaurant concept and get the reader excited about your idea. Specify whether the restaurant will be fine dining or more casual. Include an executive summary and go into detail about the food you’ll be serving, inspiration behind your concept, and an overview of service style.

Define clearly what will be unique about your restaurant and include your mission statement. This section should include a market analysis that shows how your restaurant will be similar and different from competing restaurants.

4. Sample menu

The menu is the most important touchpoint of any restaurant’s brand, so this should be more than just a simple list of items. Incorporate your logo and mock up a formatted menu design (tap a designer for help if needed).

Your sample menu should also include prices that are based on a detailed cost analysis. This will:

  • Give investors a clear understanding of your targeted price point
  • Provide the info needed to estimate check averages
  • Show the numbers used create financial projections for starting costs
  • Show investors that you’ve done the homework
  • Prove you can stay within a budget

This section is most relevant for:

  • Fine-dining concepts
  • Concepts that have a unique service style
  • Owners who have particularly strong feelings about what role service will play in their restaurant.

It can be a powerful way of conveying your approach to hospitality to investors by explaining the details of the guest’s service experience.

Will your restaurant have counter service and restaurant hostess software designed to get guests on their way as quickly as possible, or will it look more like a theater, with captains putting plates in front of guests simultaneously?

If an extensive wine program is an integral part of what you’re doing, will you have a sommelier? If you don’t feel that service is a noteworthy component of your operation, address it briefly in the concept section.

Image depicts two restaurant workers discussing finances.

6. Management team

Write a brief overview of yourself and the team you have established so far. You want to show that your experience has provided you with the necessary skills to run a successful restaurant and act as a restaurant business owner.

Ideally, once you have described the strong suit of every member of your team, you’ll be presenting a full pitch deck. Most independent restaurant investors are in this for more than just money, so giving some indication of what you value and who you are outside of work may also be helpful.

Incorporate some visuals. Create a mood board that shows images related to the design and feeling of your restaurant.

Whether you’re planning to cook in a wood-burning oven or are designing an eclectic front-of-house, be sure to include those ideas. Photos of materials and snippets of other restaurants that you love that are similar to the brand you’re building are also helpful.

8. Target market

Who is going to eat at your restaurant? What do they do for a living, how old are they, and what’s their average income? Once you’ve described them in detail, reiterate why your specific concept will appeal to them.

Image depicts two restaurant workers having a discussion.

9. Location

There should be a natural and very clear connection between the information you present in the “Target Market” section and this one. You probably won’t have a specific site identified at this point in the process, but you should talk about viable neighborhoods.

Don’t assume that potential investors will be familiar with the areas you’re discussing and who works or lives there—make the connections clear. You want readers to be confident that your restaurant’s “ideal” diner intersects with the neighborhood(s) you’re proposing as often as possible.

If you don’t have a site , this is a good place to discuss what you’re looking for in terms of square footage, foot traffic, parking, freeway accessibility, outdoor seating , and other important details.

10. Market overview

Address the micro and macro market conditions in your area and how they relate to licenses and permits. At a macro level, what are the local and regional economic conditions?

If restaurants are doing poorly, explain why yours won’t; if restaurants are doing well, explain how you’ll be able to compete in an already booming restaurant climate. At a micro level, discuss who your direct competitors are. Talk about what types of restaurants share your target market and how you’ll differentiate yourself.

11. Marketing and publicity

The restaurant landscape is only getting more competitive. Discuss your pre- and post-opening marketing plans to show investors how you plan to gain traction leading up to opening day, as well as how you’ll keep the momentum going.

If you’re going to retain a PR/marketing company, introduce them and explain why you’ve chosen them over other companies (including some of their best-known clients helps). If not, convey that you have a solid plan in place to generate attention on your own through social media, your website , and media connections.

Image depicts two restaurant workers having a discussion over a tablet.

12. Specialists and consultants

List any outside contractors you plan to retain, such as:

  • General contractor
  • PR and marketing

Briefly explain the services they’ll be providing for you, why you chose them, and any notable accomplishments.

13. Business structure

This section should be short and sweet. What type of business structure have you set up and why did you make that specific decision? You will need to work with an attorney to help you determine what business structure is best for you.

“Step one: write a business plan. Step two: hire a good attorney. In addition to helping me build a smart, sustainable business structure, my attorney was also a great resource for reviewing my business plan because she’s read thousands of them. She was a very helpful, experienced outside perspective for more than just legal matters,” says Charles Bililies.

14. Financial projections

Let your accountant guide you through this portion of your business plan. It is crucial that whoever you hire to help you with your finances has a wealth of restaurant experience (not just one or two places). They should be familiar with the financial specifics of starting a restaurant and know what questions to ask you.

Before creating realistic financial projections, your accountant will want to know:

  • How many seats the restaurant will have
  • What your average check will be
  • How many covers per day you plan to do

Being conservative in these estimations is key. These three data points will be used as the basis for figuring out whether your concept is financially feasible.

Lou Guerrero, Principal at Kross, Baumgarten, Kniss & Guerrero, emphasizes, “You’ll get a lot of accountants that tell you that they’ve done a couple of restaurants, but you have to choose someone that has a deep expertise in what you’re doing. There’s nothing to gain from going with someone that doesn’t have a very restaurant-centric practice.”

A well-vetted accountant with restaurant experience will know exactly what you’ll need to have prepared to show investors.

The key projections you can expect to work on are:

  • Pro forma profit and loss statement for the first three to five years of operation
  • Break even analysis
  • Capital requirements budget

Writing a comprehensive restaurant business plan is a crucial step towards opening a successful establishment. By seeking inspiration from examples, demonstrating your expertise, and addressing all the essential components, you can prove the viability of your concept to potential investors.

Remember, a well-prepared business plan demonstrates professionalism and a clear understanding of your goals, increasing your chances of achieving long-term success in the competitive restaurant industry.

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Home PowerPoint Templates Business PowerPoint Templates Restaurant Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Restaurant Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Restaurant Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template is a business presentation template for restaurant owners, entrepreneurs and managers that will help to pitch a restaurant idea to investors. The Restaurant presentation template can be used as a perfect sales pitch for a winning presentation. This slide deck assists people to prepare investors’ pitch with information about opportunities for a restaurant business. You can present the key features of business such as dine-in, bookings, and home deliveries.

A food business that requires large capital may approach investors with a business proposal. The proposal presentation includes an investment company overview, profitable opportunities, market size, and feasibility of the business. The PowerPoint pitch deck for restaurants is a 12-slide template that covers these components of a sales pitch.

The Restaurant Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template tells a story of ideas, teams, and services. The inspiring PowerPoint theme of eatery businesses is a collection of creative clipart, diagrams, and images. 12 slides of PowerPoint restaurant help the presenter structure a convincing pitch presentation. The Red PowerPoint theme for restaurants is linked to increasing appetites. The graphics and clipart icons of this pitch deck feature food and eatery concepts that are reusable for more presentations.

A pitch deck for restaurant businesses summarizes the company via an executive summary ; its plan, and its startup vision. The Slides of the restaurant consist of creative visual content alongside the topics of presentation. These slides can be used to score meetings with investors or present on stage. The agenda slide of the restaurant pitch deck gives an overview of points of discussion. The slides of About us, mission, and vision explain introduce the business, its history, and future objectives. The Template also includes a slide of critics’ feedback in 4 segments.

The restaurant PowerPoint template contains slides for business operations including SWOT analysis , break sessions, and timeline. The marketing slide for restaurant shows scales to measure the sales KPIs performance. You can use the pricing slide to present different menus of restaurant. Alternatively, you can download other restaurant business presentation templates, proposal presentations or company profile templates .

Template of Restaurant Pitch Deck Food Clipart

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Restaurant Marketing Plan

It seems that you like this template, restaurant marketing plan presentation, premium google slides theme, powerpoint template, and canva presentation template.

If you want your restaurant to be ranked on the top positions of the best places to eat on your area, a marketing plan can be a great start to boost your business. Slidesgo has cooked this minimalist presentation that will make your business stand out. A template with mouth-watering food pictures and modern slide designs that will help your marketing team to persuade your target audience. Bon appetit!

As an appetizer to this presentation template, we introduce a clean composition with soft colors. Find elements like straight lines and lifestyles photographs over a flat gray background. These instagrammable pictures will reinforce the idea of modernity. As the main course, we’ve prepared the best graphic resources in town to make you feel like in a real restaurant. If you are not completely satisfied, you can always change the slides to your needs. Remember that our PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations are easy to edit and customize. As a side dish, look at the typography. We’ve selected a sans-serif font to highlight the design itself and the message. Leave room for dessert because you’ll find a selection of different infographics, timelines, and graphics to complete your presentation in the best possible way. From Slidesgo we hope you have a successful and tasty Marketing Plan!

Features of this template

  • 100% editable and easy to modify
  • 22 different slides
  • Available in five colors: purple, bordeaux, pink, green, and red
  • Contains easy-to-edit graphics and maps
  • Includes 1000+ vector icons divided into 11 different themes for customizing your slides
  • Designed to be used in Google Slides, Canva, and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 16:9 widescreen format suitable for all types of screens
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Mobile Restaurant Marketing Plan presentation template

Premium template

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Vietnamese Restaurant Business Plan presentation template

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Free Restaurant Presentation Template

Free ppt template for restaurant business presentations.

Free Restaurant Presentation Template is a presentation design and slide deck that you can use to prepare awesome presentations for a restaurant business. Are you a restaurant owner or thinking to launch a new restaurant in town? This restaurant PowerPoint template is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to prepare a restaurant business plan and present it to potential customers, investors or stakeholders.

The restaurant slide deck template contains the following sections:

  • A restaurant business cover slide
  • About Us slide
  • Our Achievements slide
  • Photo slide with Chef information
  • A slide with Best Chefs
  • A restaurant menu slide
  • A slide to showcase products and prices
  • A 4-step Infographics diagram to use as a timeline
  • A thank you slide

This restaurant PowerPoint template can be used to impress your audience and prepare a compelling restaurant presentation in PowerPoint or Google Slides. With this free presentation template , you can prepare a restaurant near me PowerPoint presentation or showcase the best chefs or awesome food business PPT presentations to launch your next restaurant venture. The template can also be useful to guide entrepreneur chefs on how to build a business plan for restaurants through the restaurant PPT presentation slides or preparing a catering business plan presentation or a restaurant proposal around Food & Beverage Business. Alternatively, you may check other restaurant PowerPoint templates designed and brought to you by FPPT.

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Home >> #realtalk Blog >> Manage a business >> Restaurant Business …

Restaurant Business Plan Template: Grow Your Business the Right Way

By Homebase Team

new restaurant presentation

Planning the best way forward for your new restaurant can be a daunting task. Whether you’re living the dream of opening your own restaurant or reworking your existing concept, a restaurant business plan template takes a ton of stress out of writing a business plan.

In this article, we walk you through how to create a restaurant business plan so you’re not stranded in a quagmire of confusing priorities and too many ideas. Even better, we’ve created a free restaurant business plan template to form the operational foundation as you put one together! As you follow through our guide, feel free to download, customize, and reference our template to help you put your restaurant on the path to success.

To start, let’s go through all the ways a written business plan helps shape your restaurant, and why it boosts your business’s chance of success.

What is a restaurant business plan?

A restaurant business plan is a written document that lays out an overview of a restaurant, its objectives, and its plans for achieving its goals.

A business plan is a necessary tool for restaurants of all kinds and sizes. It can be a handful of pages long or much more detailed. A well-written restaurant business plan not only helps you organize your ideas, it’s also a key part of getting investor funding .

Why you need a business plan. 

Creatively, opening a new restaurant can be incredibly exciting. But it’s also super complicated. From licenses to equipment to building a team, each phase needs a lot of attention to detail.

Before you jump in, it’s important to shape your plan of attack, organizing your business ideas into a clear, concise narrative that an outsider could easily understand. A business plan is an essential part of this, as it  helps you:

Set short- and long-term goals.

A restaurant business plan not only shows how your business will operate in its early stages—it also shows what steps it’ll need to follow as time goes by. Setting both your short and long-term goals at the outset makes you more likely to achieve them. Short-term goals may include meeting current staffing needs, while long-term goals may include five-year growth forecasts and the steps involved to get there.

Understand your resource needs.

Going through the exercise of writing a restaurant business plan is as important as having the finished document in front of you. As you organize your thoughts, your resource needs—from the amount of capital you need to raise all the way down to the equipment you need to find—will take shape. 

Reduce potential risks.

Sadly, some 60% of restaurants fail within the first year of opening. One of the main reasons? A failure to plan. Your business plan will help you plan for most challenges at your restaurant before they come up, keeping you on the right side of that number.

Some of the risks your restaurant faces might include:

  • Crowded market.  One key component of your business plan is conducting market research. How will you ensure your restaurant stands out?
  • Supply chain issues.  Especially if your eye is toward growth, you need to know how to affordably, reliably, and sustainably keep your restaurant stocked—long-term. Why not track supply strategies as part of your business plan?
  • Health and safety.  Are you compliant with health regulations? How will you know? Your business plan is one great place to outline compliance protocols, keeping you and your team informed.

Develop a marketing strategy.

As you do your market analysis and figure out your ideal customer, the ways you’ll promote your business will get clearer. The more specific you are with your market research, the easier and more effective your marketing efforts will be.

Build your team.

Your business plan helps you see who you’ll need on your team and which roles you’ll need to fill first . For investors, your business plan is a document showcasing everyone’s collective experience, personalizing your restaurant in their eyes and packing a professional punch. This can include everyone from your head chef to your star hostess. Make it clear how you’re filling your hospitality niche!

Share your vision.

Whether you’re using your business plan to secure startup funding or need additional capital after you’ve already opened, your restaurant business plan shows an investor or lender exactly why they should get behind you. Your business plan should detail where you began (or hope to begin), where you are now, and where you intend to go—as well as how.

The 9 elements of a strong restaurant business plan.

Your restaurant business plan will be unique to your restaurant’s vision. But all good business plans hit standard points, and whoever reads yours will expect to see certain elements. As you develop and finalize your ideas, here are nine key elements your business plan should include. 

1. Executive summary

A strong restaurant business plan begins with a strong executive summary. This is a sharp, concise overview of your restaurant—and your  best opportunity to grab people’s attention.

Here’s where you communicate, in a nutshell, what kind of restaurant you want to run. Which demographic will you be targeting? Why is your business something the community wants or needs? Especially if you’re asking for financing, include a snapshot of your financial information and growth plan as well. 

Your executive summary should briefly lay out:

  • Your mission statement. Why are you starting this restaurant now, in this location? 
  • Your idea. What’s the concept of this restaurant?
  • Your plan of execution. What are your key steps to making this concept work?
  • Your potential costs. What are your expected expenses?
  • Your anticipated ROI. How much do you expect your restaurant to make?

Many investors will make a split-second decision off of the executive summary alone. It might be all they’re going to read, so make every word count.

2. Company description

Now it’s time to let your creativity out and give your restaurant concept life. Give a more detailed description of your concept that lets your passion for what you’re creating come through. 

Flesh out all the other details of your proposed restaurant, including your restaurant’s:

  • Style of cuisine
  • Any unique selling points or differentiators that will make customers choose you—for instance, aesthetic or celebrity chef
  • Service style
  • Restaurant name (or at least ideas)
  • Size, seating style, and capacity
  • Location ideas— or the location you’ve scouted or secured
  • Ambiance ideas, including décor, lighting, and music
  • Operating hours
  • Other service offerings, like whether you’ll offer delivery or takeout, delivery guarantees, catering, and any retail products you plan to sell
  • Legal structure (e.g., sole proprietorship, LLC) 
  • Existing management and their roles, including yours
  • Experts or advisors you’ve brought on board

3. Market analysis

Present the research you’ve done on your target market. Make a couple of buyer personas to represent your future customers, explaining:

  • Where your target customers live
  • Their income levels
  • Their dining-out and/or ordering-in pain points (e.g., lack of late opening hours, lack of family friendliness)
  • How often they dine out or order in

Go through which other restaurants already have a customer base in your area, then explain why people will choose your restaurant over others. 

4. Sample menu

Even at the business plan stage, menu engineering is crucial. The specific menu items you’re likely to serve—the biggest thing that will set you apart—should shine through with descriptions that are short, clear, and evocative. If you have an executive chef already, this is a great area for them to add input.

Use language that will get people excited about trying your offerings. Hire a designer or use an online program to create your own mockup using the same colors, fonts, and design elements as the rest of your branding. 

5. Business structure

Dive deeper into your business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, etc.) and organizational management. Show what your different employee positions will be (co-founders, managers, servers) to give a sense of your team’s makeup. An organizational chart can be helpful here.

Investors won’t expect you to have your entire team on board at this stage, but you should have at least a couple of people firmed up. For the roles that are already filled, including your own, summarize your collective experience and achievements. Bullet points work well, or some people choose to go into more detail with full resumes for the executive team or critical team members.

6. Restaurant design and location

Long before you sign a lease, make sure that your new offering will outshine existing ones nearby. In this section of your business plan, explain why your chosen location, or the ones you’re narrowing down, are going to be an effective space for your target market.

Consider things like:

  • Neighborhood demographics
  • Foot traffic
  • Labor costs
  • Accessibility

Hand in hand with location, your restaurant’s interior design—both in its floor plan and its ambiance—is also crucial to your business’s viability. Come up with a captivating restaurant design that communicates your theme and matches your cuisine, creating a memorable customer experience. Decide how many tables you’ll be serving, and plan out any outdoor seating.

Touch on things like:

  • Team uniforms
  • Flatware and glassware

7. Marketing strategy

How do you plan to market your restaurant? Your plan for grabbing customers’ attention is vital to getting diners through the door, especially at the beginning before word-of-mouth advertising has taken off.

What kind of offers will you provide? Will you have promotional events, direct mail, or a social media strategy ? Go through your planned marketing campaigns and explain how each of them will help secure your target market. 

Overwhelmed by the thought of marketing your restaurant? Check out our top 9 .

8. Takeout and delivery options

If you’ve decided to have takeout and delivery at your restaurant—pretty important for most target markets—decide whether you’ll use your own drivers or a professional fleet like Uber Eats or DoorDash.

Show how you’ll provide the smooth digital experience your customers will expect. Decide if and how your website will come into play, bearing in mind that in 2023, 40% of consumers preferred to order directly from the restaurant website .

9. Financial projections

Your restaurant’s projected budget need to be solid, especially if you’re using your business plan to get startup funds. Without a budget, investors have no way of knowing if your business is a good investment or when it will become profitable.

One way to make sure your projections are rock solid is to hire an experienced accountant with expertise in running restaurants. Make sure you’re keeping track of market research, planned costs , and projected income. Show how investor funds will be used and whether you’ll be putting up collateral to get a loan. You’ll also score bonus points with a sales forecast for the next five years. Make sure to include a break-even analysis!

One free restaurant business plan template, coming up. 

As the team behind Homebase , we know how much there is to consider when you’re starting a new restaurant. We’re proud to be an all-in-one partner for thousands of restaurants large and small—helping make everything from staffing, to scheduling, to team communication easier for business owners.

And we know that your restaurant business plan is a high-stakes document. That’s why we created our free restaurant business plan template to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

Check out our free, downloadable template to get your ideas into shape, get started on your restaurant journey—and get investors excited to jump on board with you. 

Download your restaurant business plan template for free: Restaurant business plan + free template PDF

Stop chasing down phone numbers with our built-in team communication tool. Message teammates, share updates, and swap shifts — all from the Homebase app.

Restaurant business plan template FAQs

What is the basic planning document for a successful restaurant.

The basic planning document for successful restaurants is a restaurant business plan. A restaurant business plan lays out a restaurant’s long and short-term goals and its plans for achieving those goals. Restaurant planners use it both to finetune their ideas and to secure investor funding.

How to write a restaurant business plan.

When writing a restaurant business plan, include an executive summary, a detailed restaurant description, market analysis research, a sample menu, a breakdown of your business structure, the design and location of your restaurant, your planned takeout and delivery options, your marketing strategy, and your financial projections.

What makes a business plan template for restaurants different from a standard business plan?

A restaurant business plan template differs from a standard business plan by including things like menu engineering, interior design, kitchen operations, front-of-house management, takeout and delivery offerings, and location analysis, which are unique to the food service industry.

Remember:  This is not legal advice. If you have questions about your particular situation, please consult a lawyer, CPA, or other appropriate professional advisor or agency.

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Plant-based menus: the leading restaurant trend of 2024.

plant-based menus vegan diners

Article contributed by Ben Davis , Plant Based World Expo

Plant-based menus are taking center stage as the number one restaurant trend in 2024, as highlighted by a recent UpMenu article.

The emergence as the top restaurant trend in 2024 reflects a continued shift in dining preferences towards healthier, sustainable, and innovative culinary experiences.

This article summarizes the trend and explores how it relates to other consumer preferences currently impacting the restaurant landscape.

Plant-based foodservice opportunities will also be discussed at the upcoming Plant Based World Expo North America event, taking place at the Javits Center on September 11 and 12, 2024.  

Global Ingredients and Flavors

Chefs are leveraging the vast potential of plant ingredients, creating diverse, flavorful dishes that extend well beyond traditional offerings to include plant-based burgers, pizzas, and culturally diverse dishes.

These plant-based menus not only utilize high-quality protein sources like legumes and tofu but also embrace global culinary traditions, offering a taste of international cuisines through a plant-based lens.

Sourcing and Presentation

Restaurants are prioritizing locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, enhancing both the freshness and sustainability of their dishes. Customization options allow diners to tailor meals to their dietary preferences, enhancing personalization in dining experiences.

High-end restaurants are particularly notable for their artful presentations and innovative approaches, which elevate plant-based dining to a gourmet level.

Education and Community Building

Educational initiatives enhance diner awareness of the health and environmental benefits of plant-based eating, while collaborations with local farms and producers ensure the highest quality of ingredients.

The visually appealing nature of these dishes also makes them popular on social media, further boosting their visibility and popularity.

Incorporating these suggestions allows for a holistic approach to designing plant-based menus that is reshaping the restaurant industry, positioning plant-based dining at the forefront of the culinary scene.

Further bolstering the trend, “Menu Personalization”, “Sustainable Practices”, “Community Engagement” and “Health and Wellness” also made UpMenu’s top 10 trends list, underscoring a broader movement toward customized dining experiences that cater to personal values and desire for community.

Restaurants adopting plant-based menus are not only appealing to vegetarians and vegans. They are also attracting mainstream diners looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diets while connecting with others on a similar mission for better health or a smaller ecological footprint.

This convergence of health, personalization, and sustainability is driving restaurants to innovate and expand their offerings, ensuring that plant-based dining is not just a niche market but a central component of the culinary mainstream in 2024 and beyond.

If you would like to learn more about plant-based dining, discover innovative ingredients and network with your industry , register to attend Plant Based World Expo this coming fall. Taking place in New York City on September 11-12, buyers can attend for free. Learn more at Plant Based World Expo’s website . 

Ben Davis programs the world’s first and only fully plant-based trade expo and accompanying news site and newsletter. He developed the original concept of Plant Based World Conference and Expo for trade show management company JD Events, inspired by his own personal plant-based journey.

The event launched successfully in 2019 in the U.S. at the Javits Convention Center in New York City and is currently onto the 2024 Edition. Ben’s mission is to make delicious, natural foods accessible to everyone. He believes that diet and lifestyle are the keys to a balanced and prosperous future for all beings on Earth.

Outside of his work in food, Ben is a music producer and performer under the stage name Vibe Street. His greatest joy is making people smile, dance and come alive to the magic of the present moment. Ben is determined to spend his life building community and celebrating this mysterious human experience to the fullest .


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Restaurant Business Plan Presentation

Mahadi Hasan

To be hired to assist the supervisor.  Chefs: 2 experienced chefs to be hired to develop menu items and oversee food preparation.  Wait Staff: Initially plan to hire 6 wait staff to handle lunch and dinner shifts.  Host/Cashier: 1 host/cashier to greet customers and handle payments.  Janitorial: Contract cleaning services.  Accountant: Part-time accountant for bookkeeping and financial reporting. Marketing Plan  Website Development  Social Media Marketing  Print Advertising Read less

new restaurant presentation

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What's hot, what's hot ( 20 ), viewers also liked, viewers also liked ( 19 ), similar to restaurant business plan presentation, similar to restaurant business plan presentation ( 20 ), recently uploaded, recently uploaded ( 20 ).

  • 1. Business Plan
  • 2. Mission Statement  The mission will be to exceed the customers’ expectations in every sense by providing ambiance for every sensory perception. The atmosphere and food will please the customers hearing, taste, smell, touch and sight, and provide an exciting creative environment. The employees will be trained with exceptional customer service and will be empowered to make decisions based on the business philosophies. 3/26/2013
  • 3. OVERALL Strategy FINANCIAL How should we appear to our stakeholders? • Broaden revenue max • Improve operating efficiency • Improve enterprise financial health BUSINESS PROCESS CUSTOMER What business processes must we How should we appear to our excel at? customers? • Develop new products STRATEGY •Service excellence • Understand customer segments •Trusted business partner • Reduce cycle time • Provide rapid response • Cross sell the product line LEARNING & GROWTH How can we sustain our ability to change and improve? • Hire Key Technical talent • Implement cross training • Align personal goals
  • 4. BUSINESS EXCELLENCE MODEL People Management People Satisfaction Leadership Policy & Strategy process Customer Satisfaction Business Result Resources Impact of Society
  • 6. SWOT analysis Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat
  • 7. Market Summary  The people of Dhanmondi are mostly aristocrat who are willing to pay enough for good food.  Dhanmondi is also considered as a great place to raise family and there is a sizable portion of population are school age children. The population is approximately 5,00,000.  People of Dhanmondi are mostly educated who like to spend more for quality product.  The per capita income of people in our country is increasing gradually which is an indicator of increasing spending power.  Dhanmondi is a leisure place with a lake which increase the potentiality of the restaurant. 3/26/2013
  • 8. Strengths & Opportunities  We will provide reasonable customer satisfaction.  We will provide tasty and hygienic food in a clean and neat dining room with washing and toilet facility.  With a reasonable rate & quantity.  All the members of management team are properly qualified for this sector.  We have adequate knowledge about renowned restaurant services all over the world. 3/26/2013
  • 9. Weakness & Threats  Lack of Ambiance  The restaurant is new and not established  Loan burden  We have limited owners capital funds  Space for low profit margin  High competition 3/26/2013
  • 10. Competition  Direct completion will come from Abacus, Boomers, Xinxian, Korai Gost, Voot, Baburchi etc.  Though no competitors offer the fun and relaxing atmosphere that our organization plans to establish. 3/26/2013
  • 11. Goals & Objectives  Ensure customer satisfaction and build a repeat-customer base.  Improve our position in the local market and strengthen our brand.  It also allows us to interact with people on a daily basis.  A developed marketing program  Promoted through radio and newspaper advertising, posters, and the yellow pages.  Coupons will be issued for the family dining section to encourage immediate sales.  A person who is active in the community can promote the restaurant through his affiliation with many groups and organizations.  10% discount will be applied to seniors to attract that market. 3/26/2013
  • 12. Food & Beverages plan Cuisine Chinese Italian Sub continental Cosine based:  Starters  Appetizers  Deserts  Beverages Menu type:  Set menu  Ingredients menu
  • 13. Research & Development Around 5% of the gross profit in R&D sector. The R&D sector cost will be made in the following way-  Different ideas from different professionals.  Promoting new recipes.  Experienced Chefs.  Other possible sources. 3/26/2013
  • 14. Required manpower  Chefs (Permanent & Part-Time)  Waiters  Hosts  Bussing 3/26/2013
  • 15. Financial Plan It is reasonable to assume that given the location, size of operation, and unique concept of this restaurant, that it will produce sales in excess of the existing operation. The projections set out in this plan, however, are based on a more conservative estimate. Sales Vs. Expense - 3 years 30000000 30250000 30500000 25000000 23000000 21500000 1ST YEAR 2ND YEAR 3RD YEAR Sales Cost 3/26/2013
  • 16. Financial Pro Forma In addition to the 1,20,00,000 of entrepreneurs investment(60%), Hungry 24/7 is seeking 80,00,000 BDT in long-term loans(40%) for providing 1,80,00,000 BDT in investment for renovations, furniture, kitchen equipment, liquor license, food & restaurant supplies, legal fees, working capital, marketing and personnel.
  • 17. Economy Slow Economic Recovery. We anticipate a slow-growth economy, recovering from an economic recession. Business Growth Annual Growth Rate Percentage: We anticipate modest growth over the coming years. The financials account for the following growth projections: Year 2: 6% Year 4: 4% Year 3: 5% Year 5: 4%
  • 18. Weekly Sales Variance  Friday will typically be our best sales for the week. The sales volume for all other days is represented as a percentage relative to Saturday.  Therefore our weekly sales will vary as follows: Monday: 55%, Tuesday: 60%, Wednesday: 75%, Thursday: 95%, Friday: 100%, Saturday: 90%
  • 19. Six-Month Start-Up Stage As a new restaurant entry to the Midtown market, the ramp- up in customer draw is expected to extend over 6 months. This is reflected in a higher than average monthly sales variance shown as follows (Worst-case / Expected-case):  Month 1: 32% / 51% Month 4: 64% / 75%  Month 2: 41% / 58% Month 5: 80% / 90%  Month 3: 52% / 66% Month 6: 90% / 92%
  • 20. Pricing & Cost Control  Competitive Pricing Model. Revenue calculations are based upon competitive price comparisons and established menu values in the current marketplace. The following are baseline assumptions on Average Check Totals, and Average Seat Turns:  Daily average for lunch spending is 300 BDT per person, dinner at 400 BDT per person.  With a focus on Cost Control, we anticipate 6 months to fine tune the restaurant operations and manage our costs within the defined tolerance range between 18-31%.
  • 21. Resource Requirements  Management: Whole management bodies are responsible for overall management, operations and training.  Restaurant Supervisor: To be hired responsible for service staff (waiters, hosts, etc.), scheduling of front-end operations and inventory, and training in conjunction with management.  Kitchen Supervisor: To be hired responsible for kitchen staff, scheduling of kitchen operations, kitchen inventory and training in conjunction with management. 3/26/2013
  • 22. Market Promotion  Online Advertising.  Radio & Newspaper Advertise.  Posters.  Yellow Pages.  Affiliation.
  • 23. Customer Attraction  Coupons  Sponsorship  Discount  Membership Cards  Decoration
  • 24. THANK YOU! 3/26/2013

Saffron Social

Photo of Saffron Social - Peoria, IL, US. a plate of food on a table

Popular dishes

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Miso Glazed Halibut

Miso Glazed Halibut


Pork Belly Sliders

Lobster Bisque

Lobster Bisque

Minnow Seafood Tower

Minnow Seafood Tower

Duck Fat Steak

Duck Fat Steak

Location & Hours

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187 SW Washington St

Peoria, IL 61602








Closed now

Amenities and More

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New Restaurant Ideas In Powerpoint And Google Slides Cpb

Presenting New Restaurant Ideas In Powerpoint And Google Slides Cpb slide which is completely adaptable. The graphics in this PowerPoint slide showcase four stages that will help you succinctly convey the information. In addition, you can alternate the color, font size, font type, and shapes of this PPT layout according to your content. This PPT presentation can be accessed with Google Slides and is available in both standard screen and widescreen aspect ratios. It is also a useful set to elucidate topics like New Restaurant Ideas. This well structured design can be downloaded in different formats like PDF, JPG, and PNG. So, without any delay, click on the download button now.

Google Reviews

Progressive Grocer desktop logo

Takeaways From 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show

Bridget, Progressive Grocer

The Specialty Food Association ’s (SFA) 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show, which took place June 23-25 at New York’s Javits Center, offered as usual a plethora of incredible products, but alongside the joy of experiencing new and unexpected items – freeze-dried chocolate ice cream, anyone? – the event offered valuable insights into the specialty food sector, thanks to two sessions held on its opening day.

From Restaurants to Grocery Retailers

The first session, “State of the Plate 2024: Outlook and Opportunity for Specialty Foods,” presented by Nancy Kruse, of The Kruse Co., specifically addressed restaurant trends, but since many foods and beverages first spotted at eateries eventually make their way to supermarket shelves, it proved to be a useful session for grocery retailers as well.

During her lively session, Kruse outlined the standout specialty food trends shaping the current restaurant scene: comfort, community, curiosity, vibrant veg, pedigreed protein and premium touches. For comfort fare, attendees were advised to look no further than cheese, as exemplified by Campbell’s first-ever limited-edition product, Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup, which debuted, appropriately enough, on National Grilled Cheese Day (April 12). On the restaurant front, this enthusiasm for gooey goodness was exemplified by the rise of the humble patty melt, although melts of all kinds “are everywhere,” Kruse affirmed. Other comfort staples embraced by restaurant operators included biscuits, Southern-style meals such as barbecue, and chicken pot pie, with “sensory appeal a major opportunity, so think texture.” In fact, Kruse pointed out that U.S. operators have much to learn from Japan, where there are “400 words to describe texture.”

In the realm of community, she described the “primal notion of breaking bread together” and characterized food as “analog, tactile and shareable” in an increasingly digital world. To that end, items created for group consumption, like wings, are currently popular at restaurants, along with fondue and sheet pan presentations enabling people to take their own portion from a shared platter. Kruse suggested promotions against such social phenomena as pickleball, whose fastest-growing cohort is players under 24, by creating a post-game menu enabling players to continue their interaction after the game has ended. Ideally, in the food world, despite the addition of digital enhancements to the customer experience, Kruse urged attendees to remember that “the higher the tech, the higher the touch.”

With restaurants a key point of entry for global flavor and food exploration, including lavender, shakshuka, crispy rice, paneer and more, Kruse noted that fusion cuisine was alive and well in this channel, encompassing mashups of compatible elements of various cooking styles. The keys to winning with these types of offerings are authentic ingredients and techniques, versatility, and accessibility – the last item especially important, she pointed out, since Americans hate to be intimidated by menus.

In regard to her other points, Kruse told attendees think across meal and snack opportunities with vegetables, merchandise them like proteins to drive greater consumer interest, and bear in mind that the largest percentage of vegetarians live on college campuses; cited consumers’ health-based interest in eating high-quality animal proteins like Wagyu beef, which could be promoted by brands, breeds, clean claims and sustainable production methods, as well as sold in premium cuts at reasonable prices; and consider adding to dishes “dollops” of such luxurious foodstuffs as caviar (or less expensive paddlefish roe) and white truffles. 

David Lockwood Summer Fancy Food Show Main Image

Inside Specialty Sales

The second session was “State of the Specialty Food Industry 2024-25,” presented by David Lockwood, of Lockwood Consulting, who shared key data points from the forthcoming exclusive report he regularly produces with New York-based SFA.

According to Lockwood’s research, foodservice is the fastest-growing segment within specialty food, at 6.9%, and will continue to be as it recovers from the pandemic, with specialty items more likely to be adopted by that channel. Additionally, although specialty food is a maturing industry experiencing slower growth, it’s still the area where much invention and discovery take place, particularly within the conventional sphere.

In looking at the top 10 categories, Lockwood pointed out that for the first time, condiments were included, due to consumers’ increased interest in cooking at home and re-creating restaurant-style dishes in their own kitchens. This trend, alongside snacking and indulgence, was a major concern for consumers. Regarding indulgence, which exists in every popular category, from snacks to cheese to meat, poultry and seafood, Lockwood made an observation that he joked he was famous for: “We are a treat society.”

Among the other effects on the specialty food category are the rise of Millennial and especially Gen Z consumers as Baby Boomers decline; e-commerce driving growth, and the particular needs of shoppers taking GLP-1 weight loss drugs, including smaller portions, high quality and clean ingredient labels.

Discussing the economy and the industry’s ongoing resilience, Lockwood noted that although inflation was moderating, most consumers weren’t feeling it, since prices were still 20% to 25% higher than they used to be – a state of affairs that we would all “have to learn to live with,” he counseled. Lockwood also pointed out, in response to a question from an audience member about whether higher-income consumers tended to buy more specialty foods, “Not as much as you’d think,” adding that “interest in food transcends income,” with the biggest skew toward households with kids.

Paul Abbot Giant Eagle SFA Awards Gala Main Image

A Night to Celebrate

Away from the show floor, SFA presented its first-ever Awards Gala on the evening of June 24 at Lavan Midtown in New York.

Emceed with gusto by culinary star Kristen Kish, host of Bravo TV’s “Top Chef,” the celebratory event featured the presentation of various recognitions: Leadership Awards, including one to Giant Eagle’s Paul Abbott; Hall of Fame inductions; Lifetime Achievement Awards; and the Grand Honors of its 52nd annual sofi Awards in the following five new or reimagined categories:

Outstanding Package Design: Fanci Freez Strawberry Soft-Serve Milkshake

Outstanding Classic: Alef Sausage Uncured Wagyu Beef Salami

Outstanding New Product: Jane Foodie Flash Frozen Guinness Beef Stew

Product of the Year Beverage: Bloody Mary Barcoop Bevy

 Product of the Year Food: Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop Molasses Spice Cookies

“Congratulations to the 2024 sofi Grand Honors Award winners, who showcase the immense innovation and potential of today’s specialty food manufacturers,” said Phil Robinson, SFA’s SVP of member development. “The Outstanding Packaging Award is a new category we're really excited about, celebrating a critical component of successful specialty food products. For the four other Grand Honors winners, their incredible products were favorites through three distinct rounds of judging — with food experts, an influencer and buyer panel, and buyers at the Fancy Food Show — an amazing achievement.”

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Crookies, banh mi boards and muhammara.


Unwrapping Trends at KeHE’s 2024 Holiday Show

KeHE holiday show

UNFI Wraps Up Winter & Holiday Selling Show


Taking the Temperature of the Frozen Foods Market

Frozen IQ teaser

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    6. Management team. Write a brief overview of yourself and the team you have established so far. You want to show that your experience has provided you with the necessary skills to run a successful restaurant and act as a restaurant business owner.

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    Sourcing and Presentation. Restaurants are prioritizing locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, enhancing both the freshness and sustainability of their dishes. ... The event launched successfully in 2019 in the U.S. at the Javits Convention Center in New York City and is currently onto the 2024 Edition. Ben's mission is to make delicious ...

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    Restaurant Business Plan Presentation. 1. Business Plan. 2. Mission Statement The mission will be to exceed the customers' expectations in every sense by providing ambiance for every sensory perception. The atmosphere and food will please the customers hearing, taste, smell, touch and sight, and provide an exciting creative environment.

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    Noginsk. Warm comfort with smoldering birch fires. Отличная атмосфера, нам помогли с организацией сложного мероприятия и со звуком, видео было все в порядке. 4. Sloboda Cafe. 21 reviews Closed Now. European, Russian $$ - $$$. 6.1 mi. Pavlovsky Posad.

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    A restaurant and bar with unique cocktails and a shareable menu featuring a blend of Latin and Asian cuisine. Location: 130 W. Bland St., in South End. Photo: Laura Barrero/Axios. New York Old School Bagel & Deli. The new spot makes all its bagels New York-style (crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside) in-house daily.


    32 reviews and 42 photos of SAFFRON SOCIAL "A new and exciting restaurant in Peoria! This is my second time going, and I definitely enjoy the new and upscale dining in Peoria. The cocktails were delicious! The alchemy margarita has a great presentation, but it is not the best margarita I ever had. The Mezcal cocktail was delicious and spicy but not too spicy.

  25. New Restaurant Ideas PowerPoint Presentation and Slides

    This PPT presentation can be accessed with Google Slides and is available in both standard screen and widescreen aspect ratios. It is also a useful set to elucidate topics like New Restaurant Ideas. This well structured design can be downloaded in different formats like PDF, JPG, and PNG. So, without any delay, click on the download button now.

  26. Takeaways From 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show

    2 presentations provide valuable insights into specialty food sector, while 1st-ever awards gala celebrates industry standouts ... (SFA) 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show, which took place June 23-25 at New York's Javits Center, offered as usual a plethora of incredible products, but alongside the joy of experiencing new and unexpected items ...

  27. BARHAT, Elektrostal

    Save. Share. 29 reviews #11 of 28 Restaurants in Elektrostal $$ - $$$ European Eastern European Caucasian. Zhuravlyova St., 5, Elektrostal 144010 Russia +7 926 572-63-75 + Add website Menu. Closed now : See all hours.

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