case study on deforestation in india

  2. (PDF) Analysing the gross and net deforestation rates in India

    case study on deforestation in india

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    case study on deforestation in india

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    case study on deforestation in india

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    case study on deforestation in india

  6. (PDF) Long term deforestation assessment in Jharkhand state, India: A

    case study on deforestation in india


  1. Deforestation and timber extraction By Dr Ira Khan

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  5. Redemption: a REDD+ Story from India

  6. Corbett Deforestation Case: CBI जांच से मचेगी खलबली। Pakhro Range। Harak Singh Rawat। Ramesh Bhatt



    DEFORESTATION IN INDIA OVERVIEW AND PROPOSED CASE STUDIES Pankaj SEKHSARIA Kalpavriksh - Environment Action Group, India I. INTRODUCTION India is a vast country - encompassing a large canvas of habitats, and ecological niches; rich in bio-diversity and simultaneously supporting a rich, and vibrant diversity of human cultures.

  2. Deforestation in India: Consequences and Sustainable Solutions

    Deforestation is one of the most pressing environmental issues that the world is facing currently. It is the conversion of forested land to non-forested land by humans. Deforestation occurs when a land dominated by naturally occurring trees is converted to provide certain services in response to the human demand. The indiscriminate felling of trees has resulted in a reduction of 3.16% in the ...

  3. Indian forests have deteriorated in the past two years [Analysis]

    On January 13, the Indian government released the India State of Forest Report (ISFR) 2021 claiming a marginal (0.22 percent) increase in the country's forest cover - a net increase of 1,540 square kilometres - from its previous assessment in 2019. However, a closer analysis of the report shows that, in two years, between 2019 and 2021, the quality of India's forests deteriorated ...

  4. Deforestation : A Case study in Behali Reserved Forest, Assam, India

    From the year 1984 to 2021, a total of 80 sq. km forest cover was lost in the Behali Reserve Forest. The main causes of deforestation in Behali are found to be Illegal logging, Hunting Fuel wood ...

  5. Severe decline in large farmland trees in India over the past decade

    Here we map 0.6 billion farmland trees, excluding block plantations, in India and track them over the past decade. We show that around 11 ± 2% of the large trees (about 96 m 2 crown size) mapped ...

  6. Indian forest loss 'worse than feared' due to climate change

    The new study, published in Global Change Biology, looked at forest loss between 2001 and 2018 -- a period where little data exists. The authors calculated the velocity of changes to India's ...

  7. (Pdf) Deforestation in Social Context: a Case Study of Puruliya

    deforestation in social context: a case study of puruliya district in west bengal, india introduction January 2014 Researchers World - Journal of Arts Science & Commerce 5(1):114 - 120

  8. Deforestation in India

    Deforestation in Arunachal Pradesh.. Deforestation in India is the widespread destruction of major forests in India.It is mainly caused by environmental degradation by stakeholders such as farmers, ranches, loggers and plantation corporations. In 2009, India ranked 10th worldwide in the amount of forest loss, where world annual deforestation is estimated as 13.7 million hectares (34 × 10 ^ 6 ...

  9. [Commentary] Forest restoration: challenges and opportunities for India

    Identification and availability of area is one of the major challenges. In India, 41% of forests are already degraded as per the National Forest Commission report from 2006. The open forests of the country with a density between 10% and 40% have been increased from 2,49,930 sq. km (1991) to 3,07,120 sq. km (2021).

  10. India lost 668,400 ha of forest cover in the last 30 years

    India ranked the second highest for the rate of deforestation after losing 668,400 hectares of forest cover in the last 30 years, a report by UK-based Utility Bidder said. Brazil and Indonesia ...

  11. Quantification and monitoring of deforestation in India over eight

    Deforestation trends. This study has analysed spatial forest cover changes and deforestation rates in India during 1930-1975, 1975-1985, 1985-1995, 1995-2005 and 2005-2013. All the five study periods that were investigated showed evidence of significant trends in forest change associated with the loss of forest cover.

  12. PDF Harnessing the Power of India's Forests for Climate Change Mitigation

    the past two decades, India has witnessed an ever-increasing rate of deforestation and unsustainable exploitation of forest resources, leading to overall degradation at an alarming rate.4 At the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties (COP, 2015), India, under the

  13. Effect of Deforestation and Climate Change in India: a Case Study on

    Deforestation is associated with increased atmospheric CO2 and alterations to the surface energy and mass balances that can lead to climate change. The forest protected our environment. It has a ...

  14. Deforestation in Social Context: a Case Study of Puruliya District in

    Thus deforestation in a particular forest land may be defined and should be dealt with close connection to its social context, with particular reference to its different stakeholders residing within, in the vicinity of and far away from the forests.Puruliya district, where the present study is nestled in, is an economically backward district ...

  15. Tropical Deforestation and Forest Degradation: A Case Study from India

    Introduction. Deforestation has occurred in the tropics throughout history. 29,40,39 Accelerating recently, particularly in areas of seasonally deciduous tropical forests. 13,31,16,8 From 11,600Mha, the tropical rain forest reduced to 938 Mha by 1975 amounting to a reduction of 41.4%. 28 India with a national territory of 329Mha in South Asia contains 63.73 Mha of forest cover. 11 The forest ...

  16. Evaluation of large-scale deforestation ...

    @article{OngmuBhutia2024EvaluationOL, title={Evaluation of large-scale deforestation susceptibility mapping in the mountainous region of the Himalayas: A case study of the Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve, India}, author={Karma Detsen Ongmu Bhutia and Manoranjan Mishra and Rajkumar Guria and Biswaranjan Baraj and Arun Kumar Naik and Richarde ...

  17. The state of India's forests: Losing forests, gaining plantations

    The Indian government recently came out with the India State of Forest Report (ISFR 2021), the biennial national forest cover report, claiming a marginal increase of 2,261 square kilometres in the country's total forest and tree cover but unlike the previous years, the sector experts this time are vocal against the claims.They question the methodology with the report that counts even trees ...

  18. India lost 668,400 ha forests in 5 years, 2nd highest globally: Report

    India has seen the highest rise in deforestation in the last 30 years, with a stark surge recorded between 2015 and 2020, according to a new report. ... Amazon deforestation heats up Tibet, says new study. The study further revealed that cattle rearing was the leading cause of global deforestation, leading to a loss of 2,105,753 ha annually.

  19. PDF Community Forest Management: A Case Study of Nagaland,India

    1. Community Forest Management: A Case Study of Nagaland,India. Jacob George, Khrietuo Yhome. Abstract: Nagaland, a tribal state located in the North-eastern part of India is comprised of eighteen tribes with almost 80% of the natural resources under the control of the communities. It has a rich biodiversity with abundant forest resources.

  20. A Study of Deforestation In India

    DEFORESTATION AND ITS IMPACT -A CASE STUDY ON BANGLADESH. Nafisa Takia Afrin. ... 2395-6011 | Online ISSN: 2395-602X Themed Section: Science and Technology A Study of Deforestation In India Dr. Sunita Kalra Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Indira Gandhi University, Meerpur, Rewari, Haryana, India ABSTRACT Deforestation is major ...

  21. PDF Deforestation and its Impacts inthe Case-Study Areas

    our case-studies are discussed in separate sections. This is done in order better to suggest inte.ractions and linkages among processes, policies and more stable relationships influen. ing deforestation and its consequences in each area.Brief background information is provided for each case-study region and coun.

  22. Deforestation in India: Consequences and Sustainable Solutions

    Joint F orest Management in In dia: a case study Fore st manageme nt and prot ection by the local communities is an age-o ld practice in India which can be tra ced back t o the protectiv e nature ...

  23. Deforestation and Forest Loss

    Global deforestation peaked in the 1980s. Can we bring it to an end? Since the end of the last ice age — 10,000 years ago — the world has lost one-third of its forests. 2 Two billion hectares of forest — an area twice the size of the United States — has been cleared to grow crops, raise livestock, and for use as fuelwood. Previously, we looked at this change in global forests over the ...

  24. PDF Deforestation in India: Consequences and Sustainable Solutions

    of deforestation. Keywords: deforestation, forest cover, sustainable solutions 1. Background Forest is a conditional renewable resource which can be regenerated but needs a certain period of time to maintain its sustainable functioning. In India, the forest resources have been found to be depleting at a pace which is much high [1]. Rapid

  25. Deforestation-free oil: Sustainable food production beyond "palm oil

    Oil crops significantly impact global land use, with palm oil being particularly criticized for contributing to the loss of tropical forests. A recent study by CMCC and Politecnico di Milano suggests an alternative to the simplistic substitution of palm oil with other vegetable oils, focusing instead on oils certified as "deforestation-free." This approach, in the case of palm oil, could cut ...

  26. Analyzing the impact of AI on India's sustainable development

    A group of researchers, including researchers from the University of Aligarh, studied the impact of AI on the environment and sustainable development in India. The study explored how AI is utilized in various aspects such as remote sensing, wildlife protection and climate change prediction and adaptation, highlighting its potential to bring ...

  27. 'Miracle' in miniature as rare new plant defies deforestation in Ecuador

    The tiny plant, only 5 cm (2 in) tall, was found growing on a boulder in an area that has lost 70-97% of its original forest cover due to agricultural expansion and past government policies ...

  28. A look at stampedes and crowd disasters in India over the years

    An injured arrives in an ambulance at the Sikandrarao hospital in Hathras district about 350 kilometers (217 miles) southwest of Lucknow, India, Tuesday, July 2, 2024. Thousands of people at a religious gathering in India rushed to leave a makeshift tent, setting off a stampede Tuesday that killed more than hundred people and injured scores.

  29. Role of Post Glacial Maximum on Gas Hydrate Dissociation: A case study

    Numerous submarine landslides have been reported in the last two decades due to Gas hydrate dissociation and fluid migration. In various basins across the globe, the dissociation of hydrates into free gas and water has been observed due to a rise in sea surface temperature over the course of the last century. In order to have an insight into the process, we have studied the effect of ...