Online Gaming Essay | Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Gaming

Online gaming is the most talked about fun topic among the teenagers of the 21st century. At the same time, it is the most talked about serious topic among the parents and teachers. Everyone has their own reasons to discuss online gaming. Our reason today is to help you write an Essay on Online Gaming so that you are exposed to the unseen side of online gaming addiction.

Long Essay on Online Gaming Addiction in 500 words | Argumentative Essay on Online Games Good or Bad

How online gaming started.

The Internet has changed the way we live, we eat, we dress, we work and we play. It has become a preferred and comfortable mode which has made our lives way too easy. Today almost everything is available at the click of a button. You ask for a thing and it reaches your doorstep within days. Amidst these gratifying moments, when we are saved from the daily hustle-bustle, another trend of online gaming has emerged. 

Advantages of Online Games

Online gaming is a huge platform today. A platform that has broken all barriers and boundaries amidst countries around the world. In online gaming, you can connect to anyone anywhere in the world and play. Sometimes you don’t even know with whom you are playing and this mystery makes the experience even more thrilling. It also gives the player an opportunity to make new friends from other countries and get a chance to showcase their talent worldwide.

Nowadays, many online gaming championships are organized where gamers get a platform to compete with the best of the best and enhance their skills. It has gained much popularity over the years because one can play an online game on even a basic smartphone. What one requires is a consistent internet connection. Developing, designing and marketing online games has turned into a full-fledged profession and many are earning their bread and butter through it. 

Disadvantages of Online Gaming

But then there is always the other side of a coin which is often dark and dingy. The other side of online gaming is not only dark but dreadful too. Many tend to become addicted to online gaming and it takes away all of their productive time. When money gets involved in it through betting, families are ruined. It pulls an individual into isolation as mostly online gamers play alone. Their social interaction becomes nil which leads to depression and loneliness.

Online harassment through many gaming sites is not a new thing. Children can easily be trapped in this way. Long hours spent in front of the computer can harm their posture and eyes too. These games, through their catchy visuals, entice young children and they become addicted to them to such an extent that they forget to eat or sleep and prefer to sit in front of the screen all the time. Such addiction not only harms the individual but the whole family suffers due to it. Besides social effects, there are many psychological symptoms like anxiety, irritability and uncontrollable mood swings which take a toll on the health of an individual due to addiction.  

Ways to Control Online Gaming Addiction

Self-control, time management and focus can serve as the three pillars for fighting the addiction to online gaming. The external prohibitions from the government in the form of laws, certain regulations and even a ban on a few of them are not going to solve the problem. Good parenting, positive family time and socializing with friends can prove to be helpful.  In some severe cases, guidance from a counsellor could become necessary. Positive reinforcement & support from loved ones is required for an individual to come out of this addiction. 

‘Nothing can be more exciting and thrilling than a victory in real life’. So, let’s look forward to a win in real life than online.

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a essay on online games

Publishing since 1995

How to Write an Essay about Online Games


Online games are a distinctive way of recreation and interacting with other people in the virtual world. Many gamers reveal that playing online is about creating bonds and coordination. These games are a useful social network because gamers are attentive in cooperation. Online games are social that allows players to band together in the same environment to complete missions on various storylines. The games provide a unique way of how people interact with one another through the internet. Online games give a sense of satisfaction that we can only dream about in real life. You can also write my essay for me !

Choose the game you like

When you want to write an essay about online gaming, choose an exciting game that is relevant. The most suitable game will give you a chance to describe and draw as many facts as possible from it. If you select an online game that is complicated and annoying, you will struggle to describe it, and your content will not be original from your thinking. You should choose a popular game, which you have played and completed missions in it before to draw the attention of many readers.

a essay on online games

Prepare a strong statement.

 After choosing the game, prepare a statement about the game, which will hook the mind of the readers. The topic you will create should be catchy and exciting, and it must provide you with ideas for your article. Your introduction will have to produce the most robust thesis from the online game you choose. If you start with a clear thesis, your essay will allow readers to be interested in going through the entire document. Your thesis statement should be clear, simple, and direct for better understanding. In case of difficulties in developing a good thesis, contact custom essay writing provider to get tips on writing a thesis statement.

Discover the online world. Create a conducive environment and conceptualize yourself thoroughly with the game in question. Discover the aspects of the game by playing it once more so that you develop reliable facts and evidence of your claim about the online game. Understand well every mission of the game as you play to get points for your writing. Getting yourself in the virtual world prepares you for online games essay. Playing the online game before writing an essay will give you the mood and motivation to provide an in-depth explanation.  WriteMyEssayForMe   

a essay on online games

Make topic research

 Conducting topic research is more crucial in essay writing since you can only develop ideas through in-depth studying. Although you already know about the game, ensure you explore more things to come up with essential and new facts. Find facts from various sources, including publications, magazines, and other online sources such as videos and websites. Put down the points you capture from the sources in a notebook for easy understanding. Ensure there is a clear flow of ideas by writing points in order so that a point leads to the other. Also, you can buy essay from online writing services for your hometask. 

Make a writing plan

 After doing topic research, the next thing is to get your ideas into a writing plan. A writing schedule is vital since you need to plan your time. You can use essay writing service reviews . Ensure that your writing plan takes into account the submission deadlines for the essay. As a writer, give every section enough time to discuss the ideas in detail. Also, set enough time to review and proofread your work to correct the errors you have made. Set writing goals for every session that you should achieve in writing. The working plan will give you a guide throughout the process and act as a reminder for important deadlines within the writing process.

a essay on online games

Start writing in advance

 With your plan ready, you can start working on your essay by writing short notes on a notebook. Try to explain each point you generated from your research topic. Make enough notes in your notebook that can help you produce an interesting essay about online games. You can write an outline of the article with all sub-topics to give you a rough idea of how your essay will look. Writing in advance helps you to use minimum time in the actual writing of the article since you already have the ideas.

Write and proofread. Now you need to make the actual writing of the article with the research notes, writing plan and outline of the ideas ready. Start by providing a clear introductory statement with your thesis. Use the research facts to support your claims in the paragraphs; every paragraph should contain a single idea. You should provide valid information to make your essay excellent and informative. You can make an order for your paper at to ensure you produce quality work. Before you submit your work, take enough time to proofread the article. A thorough proofreading will ensure your work have no common mistakes. Check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes and correct them, eliminate all language mistakes.

Online games are a representation of an entertaining virtual environment. Writing an essay on online games is interesting if you are a good gamer or you played before. You should choose an online game that is exciting and popular to get enough information from many players. The essay can be informative if you do thorough research from various sources. Plan for your writing to meet the deadline and avoid spending a lot of time in one section. Ensure to check on mistakes in misused words, punctuation, and grammar to correct them.


Essay on Online Games Addiction

Students are often asked to write an essay on Online Games Addiction in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on Online Games Addiction

Understanding online games addiction.

Online games addiction means playing games on the internet too much. This happens when someone spends more time playing games than doing other important things. This can cause problems like poor grades in school, less time with friends and family, and even health issues.

Reasons for Addiction

There are many reasons why people get addicted to online games. Some people play to escape from real-world problems. Others find the games exciting and challenging. Some people even play to feel a sense of achievement.

Effects of Addiction

Playing games too much can cause many problems. It can lead to poor performance in school or at work. It can also cause health problems like eye strain and lack of sleep. It can even hurt relationships with friends and family.

Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming online games addiction can be tough, but it’s possible. It’s important to set limits on how much time you spend playing games. It can also help to find other hobbies or activities to do instead of playing games. It might also be helpful to talk to a counselor or therapist.

Online games can be fun, but it’s important not to let them take over your life. If you think you might be addicted, it’s important to seek help. Remember, there’s a lot more to life than just playing games!

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250 Words Essay on Online Games Addiction

What is online games addiction.

Online games addiction is when a person cannot stop playing games on the internet. They spend too much time playing these games and ignore other important things in life. This can harm their studies, health, and relationships.

Why Do People Get Addicted?

People get addicted to online games for many reasons. Some find these games fun and exciting. They enjoy the challenges and rewards that these games offer. Others use these games to escape from stress or problems in real life.

Effects of Online Games Addiction

Online games addiction can have many bad effects. It can cause poor grades in school because students spend too much time playing games instead of studying. It can also lead to health problems like eye strain and lack of sleep. Moreover, it can harm relationships with family and friends because the person is always busy with the games.

How to Overcome Online Games Addiction

Overcoming online games addiction is not easy, but it is possible. One way is to set a limit on how much time you can spend on games each day. Another way is to find other fun activities to do, like playing sports or reading books. It can also help to talk to a trusted adult about the problem.

In conclusion, online games addiction is a serious issue. It can harm a person’s studies, health, and relationships. But with the right help and effort, it can be overcome. It is important to balance online gaming with other activities and responsibilities in life.

500 Words Essay on Online Games Addiction

Online games addiction is when a person spends too much time playing games on the internet and finds it hard to stop. This can lead to problems in other parts of life like school, work, or relationships. It’s a bit like when someone can’t stop eating sweets, even though they know it’s bad for them. They might want to stop, but they find it very hard to do so.

There are many reasons why people get addicted to online games. Some people play games to escape from real-life problems or to feel good about themselves. Games can make people feel like they’re winning or achieving something, which can be very satisfying. Other people might get addicted because the games are so much fun and they lose track of time. Sometimes, people get addicted because they’re trying to be the best at the game and can’t stop until they are.

The Impact of Online Games Addiction

Online games addiction can cause many problems. Firstly, it can lead to poor performance in school or work. This is because people who are addicted to games often spend so much time playing that they don’t have time for anything else. They might also lose sleep because they stay up late to play games.

Secondly, addiction can harm relationships. If a person spends too much time playing games, they might not spend enough time with their friends and family. This can make people feel lonely and isolated.

Lastly, spending too much time playing games can also be bad for health. It can lead to problems like poor posture, eye strain, and lack of physical activity.

How to Prevent and Overcome Online Games Addiction

Preventing online games addiction starts with setting limits. It’s fine to play games, but it’s important to have a balance. This means making time for other activities like studying, playing sports, or spending time with friends and family.

If someone is already addicted to online games, it might be hard for them to stop on their own. In this case, it can be helpful to seek help from a professional, like a counselor or a psychologist. They can provide guidance and support to help the person overcome their addiction.

In conclusion, online games addiction is a serious problem that can affect a person’s school, work, relationships, and health. It’s important to balance time spent on gaming with other activities and seek professional help if needed. Remember, games are meant to be fun, not something that takes over your life.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

Happy studying!

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a essay on online games

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Essays About Video Games: Top 12 Examples and Prompts

Video games have revolutionized the way we have fun today. If you are writing essays about video games, check out our guide to inspire your writing.  

Few can contest the fact that video games have taken over the world. From the basic, almost “primitive” games of the 1970s like Pong to the mind-bending virtual reality games of the 2020s, they have been a source of entertainment for all. Moreover, they have proven quite profitable; countries like Japan and the United States have made tens of billions of dollars solely from the video game market.

Despite their popularity, much has been debated over the potentially harmful side effects that video games may have, particularly on children. One side argues that playing certain video games can lead to people exhibiting violence in the future, while others believe that video games teach players essential life skills. Regardless, they will continue to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. 

For engaging essays about video games, read the essay examples featured below for inspiration.

1. What electronic games can teach us by Kendall Powell

2. designers are imagining video games without guns by keith stuart, 3. playing video games all summer won’t make you feel worse by nicole wetsman, 4.  violent video games bad by andrea newman.

  • 5. ​​The health effects of too much gaming by Peter Grinspoon

Writing Prompts For Essays About Video Games

1. video games: good or bad, 2. the benefits of video games, 3. what is your favorite video game, 4. do video games cause people to become violent, 5. video games in your life, 6. video games vs. traditional games, 7. is the video game rating system enough.

“In other studies, researchers found that gamers who trained on Tetris were better at mentally rotating two-dimensional shapes than those who played a control game. Students who played two hours of All You Can E.T., an educational game designed to enhance the executive function of switching between tasks, improved their focus-shifting skills compared with students who played a word search game.”

Powell explains a few possibilities of applying video games to education. As it turns out, certain video games can improve players’ skills, depending on the mechanics. Researchers are inspired by this and hope to take advantage of the competitive, motivational nature of gaming to encourage children to learn. New games are designed to help kids improve their focus, coordination, and resilience, and game designers hope they will succeed. 

“Imagine a game where you’re a war reporter seeking to capture the most iconic, representative images in a battle environment: You’d still get the sense of peril that audiences expect from action adventures, but your relationship with the environment would be more profound. It would be Call of Duty from the perspective of a creative participant rather than a violent interloper.”

The graphic nature of some video games is said to make kids violent, so it is only natural that some creators try to change this. Stuart writes that it is possible to maintain the fun that shooter-type games induce without using guns. He gives examples of games where you do not kill your enemy, simply stunning or capturing them instead. He also suggests photography as an alternative to killing in a “shooting” game. Finally, he suggests basing video games around helping others, making friends, and doing more peaceful, creative tasks.

“Any role video games play in skewing well-being that did pop up in the study was too small to have a real-world impact on how people feel, the authors said. People would have to play games for 10 more hours per day than their baseline to notice changes in their well-being, the study found.”

Wetsman counters the widespread belief that video games “destroy your brain.” Research done with a sample of 39,000 players over six weeks has shown that whether one plays video games for long or short periods, their mental health is not impacted much. There are some exceptions; however, there are not enough to conclude that video games are, in fact, harmful.

“Some people believe that the connection between violent games, and real violence is also fairly intuitive. In playing the games kids are likely to become desensitized to gory images;which could make them less disturbing, and perhaps easier to deal with in real life. While video games aren’t about violence their capacity to teach can be a good thing.”

In her essay, Newman writes about the supposed promotion of violence in some video games. However, she believes this violence does not cause people to be more aggressive later. Instead, she believes these games expose children to certain atrocities so they will not be traumatized if they see them in real life. In addition, these games supposedly promote connections and friendships. Finally, Newman believes that these “harmful” can make you a better person.

5. ​​ The health effects of too much gaming by Peter Grinspoon

“Gamers need to be educated on how to protect their thumbs, wrists, and elbows, their waistlines, their emotional state, their sleep, and their eyes. Simple education around taking breaks, stretching, eating healthy snacks, and resting and icing your thumb, wrist, or elbow when it starts hurting can address injuries early, before they become significant. For the eyes, gamers can try the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, try to look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.”

Grinspoon discusses both the benefits and the health risks of gaming. Video games allow people to interact with each other remotely and bond over specific missions or tasks, and some research shows that they have cognitive benefits. However, some gamers may develop vision problems and hand and wrist injuries. Gaming and “staring in front of a screen the whole day” is also associated with obesity. Overall, Grinspoon believes that gaming is best done in moderation.

Looking for more? Check out these essays about hobbies .

Many parents believe that their children’s “bad behavior” is because of video games. Based on your experience and others, decide: are video games good or bad for you? Make sure to read viewpoints from both sides and write an essay based on your position. Would you encourage others to play video games? Discuss these pros and cons for an interesting argumentative essay.

Like anything else, video games have both positive and negative aspects. Explain the good that video games can do for you: the skills they can equip you with, the lessons they can teach, and anything else. Also, include whether you believe their benefits outweigh the disadvantages they may pose. 

For your essay, write about your favorite video game and why you chose it. What is its meaning to you, and how has it affected your life? Describe the gameplay mechanics, characters, storyline, and general impact on the gaming community or society. You can write about any game you want, even if you have not played it; just ensure the content is sufficient.

Many claim that playing violent video games can make you violent in the future. Research this phenomenon and conclude whether it is true or not. Is the evidence sufficient? There are many resources on this topic; support your argument by citing credible sources, such as news articles, statistics, and scientific research.

Video games have been a part of almost all our lives. Recall a treasured experience with video games and explain why it is significant. How old were you? Why do you remember it fondly? How did this experience make you feel? Answer these questions in your own words for an exciting essay.

Essays About Video Games: Video games vs. Traditional games

There are stark differences between video and traditional games, such as board games and card games. For an engaging essay, compare and contrast them and write about which is more entertaining, in your opinion. Be creative; this should be based on your own opinions and ideas.

The video game content rating system is used to classify video games based on their appropriateness for specific ages. However, parents complain that they are not strict enough and allow the display of violent content to children. Explore the criteria behind the rating system, decide whether it needs to be changed or not, and give examples to support your argument.

If you are interested in learning more, check out our essay writing tips !

Tip: If writing an essay sounds like a lot of work, simplify it. Write a simple 5 paragraph essay instead.

a essay on online games

Martin is an avid writer specializing in editing and proofreading. He also enjoys literary analysis and writing about food and travel.

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Argument Games! Play These Fun Games to Practice Analyzing Arguments and Writing Arguments

Copy of Copy of 5.png

I absolutely LOVE teaching argument writing because of its natural ability to engage students, and the amazing life skills (21st century skills) naturally taught within the unit. What teenager does not love an opportunity to argue their opinion? I have long since allowed my students the opportunity to choose their topic for the final assessment piece. It is wonderful to see their truest passion sprawled across the page. Teenagers are nothing if not passionate about their beliefs. When this passion is coupled with a new, greater understanding of the larger world around them, the product is truly amazing. Teenagers naturally begin to leave to security of their family and search for greater meaning, and their greater purpose in the world. They begin to understand and question like never before. When given an opportunity to explore a new topic with vigor and excitement, their argument papers are the better for it.

Yet, I found that even with this passionate topic, students still struggled with the essential argument writing skills. I yearned for a way to practice skills such as evaluating the sufficiency of evidence and seeing multiple perspectives on a topic. I wished to help them in creating rich and effective arguments with elements of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Finally, I needed to find a way to help students in creating effective counter-arguments that actually refute the argument as opposed to simply changing the subject.  

I spent some time over the summer wracking my brain for ideas on improving these skills without removing the natural engagement my students have with this unit. In fact, the question I repeatedly posed to myself was: how can I increase engagement? How can I get students as passionate about argument writing as I am?

The answer came within a professional development course taken during workshop week. Though I was desperate to get into my classroom, I, rather begrudgingly, attended one of the mandatory sessions. This session was on “Gaming in the Classroom: Increasing Student Engagement”. As I listened to gaming options for other subjects, as few were English relevant, I began to think about this particular argument unit. How could I gamify argument writing? Pencil hit paper, and I was able to created several games for my own classroom. I have since been able to add to, and perfect this list.

Game # 1- The Musical Debaters

As its name may suggest, this game is a play on the musical chairs game. To set up your classroom, simply place your chairs in two circles- one outer circle and one inner circle. Face these chairs towards each other so opponents can argue face-to-face. Those students within the inner circle will argue FOR the topic (regardless of personal opinion) and those in the outer circle will argue AGAINST the topic. Then, simply pose a debatable topic that students will be passionate about and allow them to argue. Set a time limit for each side to pose arguments. After the time is up, ask students to stand and switch places with their partner. Those within the inner circle are now in the outer circle and vice versa! Play some music that your teenagers will enjoy and ask them to move within their current circle (I encourage them to dance, but some may not choose this!) When the music stops, students sit in their new chair and face a new partner. Pose the same topic, and ask students to argue again- this time arguing from a new perspective- the opposite side.

Game #2- Perspective is Key

Click here to grab a free printable version of this game!

Click here to grab a free printable version of this game!

For this kinesthetic game, ask students to find a partner to work with. Ask each partner to freeze in a different position, for example, students can pose in a kneeling position, superman stance, sitting, etc. Pose a debatable question/topic to the class and allow students one minute to justify their position/opinions. After a few minutes, ask students to switch positions- figuratively and literally! Ask students to state additional ideas, reasons, or supports for their partner’s claim (from this new perspective). Students may need more time to create arguments, as it can be a challenge for students to create reasoning for an alternative perspective. Then, allow students to move again, this time to find a new partner. Pose a new question and continue the game play!

The Argument Games.png

Looking for even more argument games? The Argument Games bundle will provide you with five collaborative, active games that will have students creating arguments, counter-arguments, evaluating perspectives and sufficiency of evidence! A list of interesting and unique arguable topics can be found within this unit, as well as classroom signs for the games!

These games are also included in the units below! Click on the image to learn more!

Close (1).jpg

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Creative Activities and Games for Citing and Embedding Quotations!

Grammar Games for the Secondary Classroom

About the Author

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Teach (2).png

Liz is a collaborator on  and the founder of Teach BeTween the Lines . She has been teaching for over ten years; she has loved growing young minds through literature and the art of crafting the written word. She is currently working on her doctorate in Education from the University of Minnesota, and holds an M.A. in Education from St. Mary’s University, Minnesota. She loves to write short stories in her free time, especially in those cold Minnesota winters. She is supported by a wonderful family made better by the addition of her two beautiful children.

Related Resource

Copy of Copy of Copy of 5 copy.png

Addiction to Online Gaming: A Review of Literature Essay

  • To find inspiration for your paper and overcome writer’s block
  • As a source of information (ensure proper referencing)
  • As a template for you assignment


The problem of interest, the qualitative research method to be used, the review of literature.

The rapid development of technologies has led not only to numerous breakthroughs in various spheres of people’s lives but also to significant issues related to the inability of some individuals to limit their time spent on gadget use. Whereas the Internet has presented ample opportunity for communication and research, it has also become the reason why too many users have become dependent on it. The selected topic of research is the addiction to online gaming among adults. This specific kind of addiction does not produce such a devastating effect on one’s health as the excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs. However, online gaming addiction poses other threats, which are no less severe both for the addicts and their close ones.

Researchers have presented evidence on the severity of online gaming addiction (Marino & Spada, 2017). Still, too many people continue to neglect the issue’s potential adverse outcomes. Therefore, more research is needed to investigate the problem from different angles, which will suggest viable solutions to it. The present paper is an overview of scholarly sources on online gaming addiction and the analysis of narrative inquiry as the most suitable qualitative research method to use for the investigation of this problem.

Despite the constant development and enhancement of community resources and entertainment opportunities, the number of individuals addicted to online gaming is growing annually. What previously used to be viewed merely as a leisure activity has now come to be considered as a serious threat due to its potential to provoke addiction in users. Online gaming is related to social and psychological problems by facilitating self-regulation deficiency (Gong et al., 2019). Furthermore, the age of gamers has increased considerably, and the activity is no longer regarded as a teenage male hobby (Pietersen et al., 2018). Whereas, in the past, playing video games online, was considered as a useless pastime, at present, it has become an important part of many people’s lifeworlds. The increasing popularity of online gaming is associated with the idea that video games are “richly expressive and creative,” and they grant people much more immersive experience than other media forms do (Pietersen et al., 2018, p. 123). Therefore, one of the core aims in performing current research is to enhance the understanding of people’s likelihood to become addicted to online gaming.

Another rationale for selecting the problem is the need to analyze the possible ways of mitigating a growing issue of online game addiction among the population. Typically, game addicts are male individuals who report unique experiences related to their gaming activity and a high rate of engagement as the triggers of addiction (Tang et al., 2017). However, it is evident that the problem affects not only those directly involved in it but also anyone they interact with within their personal, professional, social, and family lives. Specifically, as Tang et al. (2017) mention, addiction to online gaming can cause a range of social and family problems that present a significant public health concern.

With the increasing interest of researchers in the question of problematic use of the Internet by gamers, a new clinical definition has been suggested to characterize the issue: Internet gaming disorder (Marino & Spada, 2017). Other terms utilized to denote the problem include ‘online gaming addiction,’ ‘problematic online gaming,’ ‘pathological gaming,’ and ‘video gaming dependence’ (Marino & Spada, 2017). The prevalence of Internet gaming disorder is reported to vary from 1.6 to 8.5% among Western youths. Furthermore, the disorder is frequently accompanied by other psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and social phobia (Marino & Spada, 2017). Thus, it is crucial to analyze the available research in order to synthesize what has already been found and single out questions for further detailed research.

The main focus of the study will be the development of online gaming addiction and individuals’ feelings about it. According to Monacis et al. (2017), excessive use of technology has become an emerging issue of concern in the past few decades. The most common symptoms of online gaming addiction are unpleasant feelings when there is no access to the Internet (emptiness and depression), excessive investment of time spent on playing online games, and the refusal to admit a problem (Monacis et al., 2017). One of the major motives for engaging in online gaming is seeking sensation (Hu et al., 2017).

Other common reasons for developing online gaming addiction are concerned with coping, escape, competition, fantasy, and social motives (Šporčić & Glavak-Tkalić, 2018). Hence, it is crucial to investigate why individuals develop an addiction to online gaming and how they feel about it at the stage when they are only starting to engage in excessive Internet use and at the point when online games begin to take up too much time and initiate psychological problems. Personal stories of online gamers will serve as a solid ground for identifying the principal problems and suggesting solutions to them.

Taking into consideration the nature of the problem under investigation, the most suitable qualitative research method to employ in the study is narrative inquiry. This method involves the process of collecting data from respondents through storytelling. The study of the narrative becomes the means of understanding the ways people perceive the world and various situations in their lives. The self-narrative construction is manifested both in the content and form of narratives (Androutsopoulou & Stefanoua, 2018). According to Lieblich et al., there are two core dimensions for interpreting and scrutinizing narratives: “holistic versus categorical” and “content versus form” (as cited in Androutsopoulou & Stefanoua, 2018, p. 130).

According to Androutsopoulou and Stefanoua (2018), the most beneficial approach to employing a narrative inquiry analysis is a holistic one. The holistic-content dimension implies that the researcher should use the whole life story of an individual, which allows focusing on emerging topics. Meanwhile, the holistic-content mode presupposes that researchers look inside the structure of a respondent’s life story (Androutsopoulou & Stefanoua, 2018). As a result, the use of narrative inquiry helps to understand people’s attitudes toward the events happening in their lives and the ways they feel about them.

The selected research method enables scholars to focus on respondents’ thoughts about their lives rather than on events happening. By using this holistic approach, an individual is able to construct a coherent story of their life with the past, present, and future (James, 2018; McAlpine, 2016). When one tells a researcher about their experiences, the latter becomes “narratives as part of inquiry” and makes the audience “vicarious” participants of these experiences (Chen, 2019, p. 382). Narrative inquiry is composed of three dimensions: temporality, sociality, and space (Kovinthan, 2016). These presuppose a transitional movement of people and places in the story, the revelation of the person’s emotions and feelings, and the possibility of the physical space of inquiry to change (Kovinthan, 2016). Overall, narrative inquiry allows for receiving valuable and reliable first-hand information about the researched issues and problems.

Benefits and Limitations of the Selected Research Design

As a research design, a narrative inquiry has a number of advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before utilizing it. The major benefit is undoubtedly the possibility to receive information from the respondent openly, honestly, and without bias. Narrative inquiry is considered to be the most suitable way of uncovering and understanding people’s complex problems (James, 2018). The next advantage of the selected research design is placing the respondent’s self in the central part of the story (Gordon et al., 2015). As a result, the narrator is able to present and construct events, identities, and realities in close synergy with others (Gordon et al., 2015). With the help of narrative research, individuals find it easier to story and re-story their lives in various problematic contexts (Sheilds et al., 2015). Another strength of the narrative inquiry is the likelihood of improving people’s well-being by allowing them to express their thoughts and apprehensions (Ho et al., 2020). When an individual receives an opportunity to express their problems out loud, the chances of coping with these issues increase.

What is more, narrating personal experience equals making sense of it (Ho et al., 2020). In the case of online gamers, the use of narrative inquiry enables researchers to understand “what it means to be a gamer” (Pietersen et al., 2018, p. 123). With this information available, scholars can understand the mechanisms of addiction better since unique personal data allows for a thorough analysis of how people develop an addiction to online gaming and how they feel about it. The next benefit of the selected research design is that it incorporates not only inward but also outward analysis. According to Law and Chan (2015), narrative inquirers consider both the participants’ and researchers’ identities, feelings, hopes, moral tendencies, the environment, conditions, and people affecting the forces and factors from respondents’ contexts. Kovinthan (2016) reports that narrative inquiry helps researchers to cross the boundary between themselves and participants. Additionally, the selected research design enables scholars to investigate the issues faced by respondents and draw out the implicit beliefs and values of researchers (Kovinthan, 2016).

One more advantage of narrative inquiry is the possibility of this approach to unite not only participants and researchers but also the readers of results obtained. As Martinie et al. (2016) note, the audience is likely to reevaluate their own experiences and views on the problem investigated in a study. According to Clandinin and Murphy, narrative inquiry gives knowledge about the experiences of people “composing lives within complex storied landscapes” (as cited in Martinie et al., 2016, p. 659). Finally, as McAlpine (2016) notes, narrative research is a beneficial research design due to creating the opportunity to value different ways of learning about people’s problems and experiences. Therefore, narrative inquiry offers numerous advantages to researchers and, consequently, to research participants.


What concerns the research design’s limitations is that it must be acknowledged that personal narratives cannot be void of subjectivity without the opportunity to check the information given by respondents (Bruce et al., 2016). Another problem is that the selected research design is not suitable for investigations involving a large number of participants. As James (2018) remarks, since narrative inquiry requires an in-depth and holistic approach to each participant, this method is not appropriate for the studies covering large samples. A limitation closely related to this one is the lack of the possibility to generalize findings due to the uniqueness of each participant’s story (Sheilds et al., 2015). One more difficulty is the fact that narrative inquiry is interpreted and implemented differently by various scholars (James, 2018). Due to this aspect, some researchers argue for the need to draw a firmer line between what narrative inquiry is and what it is not (James, 2018). A disadvantage is also presented by the potentially lacking understanding and trust between participants and researchers or researchers and ethics review boards (Bruce et al., 2016).

The next limitation is concerned with the fact that identity construction that is described in the narrative constitutes only one of the features presented by identity-in-action (McAlpine, 2016). Also, according to Taylor, the narratives’ innate structure frequently leads to the problem of overlooking the “overarching sense of indeterminacy, partiality, and complexity” (as cited in McAlpine, 2016, p. 46). Hence, researchers should be cautious of the information that is left out from respondents’ stories and mind the inconsistencies in narrations. Along with this difficulty, there is a challenge of the researcher’s wrong interpretation of the data given by respondents. Finally, there is a limitation concerned with narrowing the focus of research and ignoring the broader structural problems (McAlpine, 2016). Thus, despite the variety of benefits presented by narrative inquiry, researchers utilizing this approach should be highly attentive to avoid possible mistakes in the process of collecting and analyzing data.

The Evaluation of the Selected Software Analysis Program

Electronic analysis of research data has been commonly associated with quantitative methods. However, one must admit the presence of a sufficient amount of software for qualitative data analysis. Still, despite their availability, these tools are not favored by qualitative research specialists, and the most probable reason for it is the difficulty mastering the software (Zamawe, 2015). In the present study, the software analysis program to be utilized is NVivo. This program is aimed not so much at analyzing the collected data but at aiding the process of analysis (Zamawe, 2015). NVivo is a popular data management program that has such features as multimedia functions, rich text capabilities, and character-based coding. Furthermore, the program incorporates built-in facilities enabling individuals from different geographical areas to operate the same information files simultaneously via a network.

Another benefit of NVivo is in its high level of compatibility of the program with research designs. Since NVivo is not “methodological-specific,” it can be utilized with a variety of qualitative research designs and data analysis methods, including ethnography, grounded theory, literature reviews, discourse analysis, phenomenology, conversation analysis, and mixed methods (Zamawe, 2015, p. 13). NVivo has been available since the 1980s, but only a small amount of researchers have utilized it. Zamawe (2015) notes that despite some limitations, the program is rather useful, and, hence, underestimated. For instance, an evident advantage of NVivo is “easy, effective and efficient coding,” making the retrieval process easier (Zamawe, 2015, p. 14). The program also enables scholars to gather information across sources to group the material that is related (Dollah et al., 2017). Apart from easy data management, NVivo offers such advantages as simplicity in finding topics, the opportunity to save time, and the simplification of data classification.

At the same time, it is necessary to admit some drawbacks of the system. For instance, researchers admit that NVivo may present difficulty processing audio files (Zamawe, 2015). What is more, the program requires much time to master (Dollah et al., 2017). Also, NVivo may be expensive for researchers, as well as it may present complications when attempting to interpret data (Dollah et al., 2017). Still, taking into consideration all advantages and disadvantages of NVivo and bearing in mind the purpose of the present research, it is relevant to use the selected software for the simplification of data analysis in the process of work on the research problem.

Validity Threats in the Selected Qualitative Design

As with any qualitative research design, narrative inquiry meets threats to validity. There are two major dimensions in which the selected method’s validity may be undermined. Firstly, there may arise the problem of a disparity between individuals’ experiences and the stories they tell about these experiences (Wang & Geale, 2015). Secondly, there may emerge wrong connections between the stories told and the interpretations of these stories. In case any of these two issues appear, the validity of research will inevitably suffer. To avoid these common problems, the researcher has to make sure that participants understand the purpose of the study and are aware of the need to be precise and objective about their narratives. On the other hand, the researcher also should do their best to remain impartial and help respondents to uncover their stories in a logical and untwisted way.

Validity in qualitative research is established through such qualities as confirmability, credibility, trustworthiness, and dependability. Apart from that, rigorous data collection and analysis are required, as is member checking (Byrne, 2015). There may also emerge some validity threats of narrative inquiry as a research design in connection with these issues. Confirmability is related to the establishment of trustworthiness and the level of confidence that the study is based on respondents’ narratives rather than on the researcher’s biased opinions (Abkhezr et al., 2020; Heilmann, 2018). In order to make sure that the study focuses on participants’ narratives solely, the researcher has to reflect on their choice of the topic and the attitudes toward data collection and interpretation.

Another important aspect that can pose a threat to validity is credibility. According to Haydon et al. (2018), researchers have to consider whether narrative inquiry has the potential to answer the research question. One of the ways of overcoming this threat is long-term communication between the researcher and the participant, which allows for the confirmation of data collection, thus leading to a higher level of rigor and credibility (Haydon et al., 2018; Nolan et al., 2017).

To mitigate threats to dependability and trustworthiness, narrative inquirers need to be highly attentive when listening to individuals’ stories. Furthermore, as Nolan et al. (2017) mention, it is of utmost importance to respond to critics’ notes. Without a sober reaction to criticism, a researcher risks making the study biased, which can lead to a lack of trustworthiness and dependability. It is a good idea to let participants check the final interpretation of their narratives to evaluate whether it coincides with the experience they described in their stories (Nolan et al., 2017). Harfitt (2015) also emphasizes the significance of validating the field notes with participants as a crucial prerequisite of maintaining trustworthiness. The process of data analysis is no less essential than that of data collection when it comes to maintaining the study’s validity. As Wang and Geale (2015) remark, it is necessary to perform validation checks throughout collecting and analyzing data. Furthermore, the researcher should maintain a close connection with the participants at all stages of the study to ensure its dependability and trustworthiness.

Potential Ethical Issues

When considering narrative inquiry as a research design, ethical issues are probably the most significant ones to be addressed. The main problem that may arise is that sharing one’s experiences may turn into something more personal than mere information exchange (Caine et al., 2019). As a result, by the end of the study, investigators may develop too friendly relationship with their respondents. Another potential ethical issue is that researchers place the narratives of the participants within a larger narrative, which means that scholars are imposing meaning on respondents’ experiences. Consequently, there may arise the problem of the misinterpretation of data.

The next ambiguous issue is the subjectivity of the study on the part of a researcher (Caine et al., 2019). Because some of the personal narratives are ambiguous, it is impossible to rule out researchers’ personal assessment of the situations, through the prism of which respondents’ narrations may be altered from what they were meant to uncover initially. Narrative inquirers should also bear in mind that their relationships with the participants can affect the final result of the study (Law & Chan, 2015). Therefore, researchers should be cautious of their own interpretations of the respondents’ narratives, as well as they should make sure that their interactions do not influence the final result.

In order to minimize the risk of the mentioned ethical issues in the current research, the following steps will be taken. Firstly, the researchers will make it a rule not to become too close or friendly with the participants in order to remain as objective as possible throughout the whole process of the study. Secondly, the researcher will listen to the narratives attentively and ask clarifying questions if needed, which will enable avoiding misinterpretations. Finally, at all stages of the research project, the researcher will refrain from offering a personal assessment of situations described by participants. By following these steps, it will become possible to avoid the most viable ethical concerns.

Summary of Research

Research on the topic of online gaming addiction available so far is rich in directions of investigation. Scholars have analyzed individuals’ disposition toward engaging in online gaming (Balakrishnan & Griffiths, 2018; Pietersen et al., 2018; Tang et al., 2017), the desire for online group gaming (Gong et al., 2019), and dysfunctional cognitions associated with Internet gaming disorder (Marino & Spada, 2017). These and other topics of research allowed for an in-depth understanding of the research question, but they have not answered all the questions related to online gaming addiction.

A connection between individuals’ loyalty toward online gaming and developing online gaming addiction has been found. Research findings reveal that addiction to online mobile games is associated with game loyalty (Balakrishnan & Griffiths, 2018). Furthermore, scholars report a positive relationship between online gaming addiction and the tendency to purchase mobile in-game applications. Finally, researchers have investigated that online gaming loyalty boosts players’ desire to buy online game applications. However, researchers failed to provide a discussion of how these processes evolve.

A study by Gong et al. (2019) has resulted in finding a positive correlation between the desire for playing online games and addiction to this activity. Additionally, the authors have found that the desire for group gaming is connected with people’s social identities, expected enjoyment, and specific attitudes. However, the research lacks generalizability since Gong et al. (2019) have analyzed only one type of social game played online. Meanwhile, each online game has its own unique features aimed at supporting specific social ties, which can have different effects on players’ predisposition toward becoming addicted to playing.

Marino and Spada (2017) have examined the peculiarities of the gaming disorder with the help of a narrative review, which makes this study especially valuable in light of the selected topic and research design. Scholars report that online gaming-associated dysfunctional conditions are numerous, and their quantity increases with the growth of the industry. Marino and Spada (2017) remark that it is crucial to differentiate between dysfunctional cognitions and metacognitions in Internet gaming disorder. Implications for future research based on these findings include the comparison between dysfunctional cognitions and metacognitions with the aim of finding effective evidence-based treatment for online gaming addictive individuals.

Findings of Tang et al.’s (2017) research suggest that males are usually more addicted to online games than women, whereas females are more predisposed to online social networking addiction. Pietersen et al.’s (2018) study has resulted in valuable insights into what it is to be a gamer based on online gaming addicts’ personal narratives. Whereas these studies have addressed some of the aspects of online gaming and the development of addiction to it, more thorough research is needed in various dimensions of the research topic. Specifically, it is important to focus research on understanding the development of online gaming addiction and people’s feelings about it.

Abkhezr, P., McMahon, M., Campbell, M., & Glasheen, K. (2020). Exploring the boundary between narrative research and narrative intervention: Implications of participating in narrative inquiry for young people with refugee backgrounds. Narrative Inquiry, 30 (2), 316-342. Web.

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IvyPanda. (2022, September 27). Addiction to Online Gaming: A Review of Literature.

"Addiction to Online Gaming: A Review of Literature." IvyPanda , 27 Sept. 2022,

IvyPanda . (2022) 'Addiction to Online Gaming: A Review of Literature'. 27 September.

IvyPanda . 2022. "Addiction to Online Gaming: A Review of Literature." September 27, 2022.

1. IvyPanda . "Addiction to Online Gaming: A Review of Literature." September 27, 2022.


IvyPanda . "Addiction to Online Gaming: A Review of Literature." September 27, 2022.

Game On! The Newest Way to Socialize

Works cited.

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Online gaming: Advantages and Challenges Essay

Essay on online gaming: advantages and challenges for class 10, 12, mains exam (upsc, psc, ssc).

Online gaming: Advantages and Challenges Essay : Online games refers to the games that is played on a computer system with the help of an efficient network system.  The evolution of online games dates back to 1970s when it was based on a packet-based networking.  An early example of online games is MUD that was established in the year 1978 and in the beginning, it was restricted to an internal network before getting connected to ARPANET in 1980.  The increased availability of the internet in the 1990s led to the popularity of online games having remarkable titles such as Nexus, Quake world, Lineage, StarCraft, and PlayStation. During the 2020s technology and internet server became cost effective due to which the use of online gaming has increased.


Online gaming has become a trend among the young generations with the advancement of the global internet. The gamers connect and interact with one another while playing online games. The gamers use gaming consoles, computers and smart phones with the internet connection to play online games. The advantages of online gaming are discussed below:

1.) There is always a tendency to socialize while playing online games as it enables communication to take place between the games who are located at different regions of the world.  This helps to develop team spirit and cooperation.

2.) Online gaming helps to boost the concentration power of the individuals and develop the memory power. Some online games demand preparation and planning to complete the levels. The gamers therefore can develop a tendency to win to reach the extreme levels.

3.) Online gaming helps in developing the analytical skills and so the gamers can response to any actions very quickly.  The analytical skills help them to anticipate a success or a failure.

4.) Certain online games generate a source of revenue for the gamers. Play Rummy, Swagbucks and Exodus 3000 helps some gamers to earn from online gaming.

5.) It serves as a source of entertainment and relaxation for the gamers and keeps them stress free.


The challenges of online gaming are discussed below as follows:

1.) The  Internet Service provider is getting expensive day by day due to which online games are getting expensive. Besides this, some online gaming accounts needed paid subscription.

2.) Online gaming always pose a risk of hacking. The gaming sites require the personal information of the players which may be hacked for illegal activities.

3.) Online gaming has turned out to be an addiction for the young gamers who spend much time on gaming rather than studying.

4.) Cyber bullying is another such activity of online gaming wherein the gamers are taken advantage of. Certain gamers are also charged with money which is at times unethical.

5.) Prolonged period of online gaming affects the physical and mental health of the online gamers. Some might develop spondylitis while others end up having blurred vision.


To conclude it can be said that the use of online gaming should be limited. Excessive use may land the online games in difficulties. Nevertheless, in order to lessen the stress online games can be played while keeping parity with the other important activities of the day.

For more Essay like Online gaming: Advantages and Challenges essay Students and Children can click this Essay link – Click here

a essay on online games

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Persuasive Essay: Video Games

Teenagers today often spend a great deal of time playing video games. These games are fun and engaging and young people often feel like playing games is a great thing to do in their spare time. However, you shouldn’t spend too much time gaming and there are a number of reasons for this: it’s unhealthy, you should spend more time studying, and you need to socialize more.

The primary reason to cut down on gaming time has to be that youths that spend a long time on computers and games consoles are often not getting enough exercise. With high obesity rates, it’s very important for young people to spend as much time being active as possible, especially since studies show that people who are overweight during childhood and adolescence are far more likely to become overweight adults than those of a healthy weight when they’re young. There is just as much, if not more, fun to be had in getting out and about and being active. This doesn’t have to mean going for long runs if that’s not your thing; team sports are both fun and great exercise. Dance or fitness classes are also a good option for those not into sports.

Secondly, getting a good education is that best thing that you can do for your future. If every teenager cut down on their gaming time by 30 minutes per day and used this time to study, the whole of that generation would achieve better results and be more likely to have the career that they want. With education, you get out what you put in, so it’s really up to you to put in the additional effort. If you want to go to a good college, extra study in your own time will be completely vital, but gaming can reduce your concentration span and make this more difficult.

The third main reason that playing video games too often is that it’s no good for your social skills. Some teenagers may argue that because they can now play their games online with friends, they are socializing in their own way. However, you can’t beat face-to-face contact, and if you want to succeed in interviews and build good relationships in later life, you need to develop some proper communication skills. This shouldn’t be a chore, or difficult, because hanging out with friends is far more fun than sitting indoors playing on games all day anyway!

In conclusion, there can be no doubt that spending too much time gaming isn’t good for you. You don’t have to stop all together, but it’s all about moderation. Cut down and allocate your additional free time to doing things that are good for you, and you definitely won’t regret it in later life.

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a essay on online games

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a essay on online games

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a essay on online games

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Online Games Good or Bad Speech


  • Updated on  
  • Sep 15, 2022

Online Games Good or Bad Speech

Online Gaming is a new fad amongst all age groups today especially amongst teenagers which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Online Games Good or Bad Speech is among the ASL Topics and we have composed two sample speeches that can help you prepare for your English assessment.  

Online Game: Good Or Bad Speech Sample 1 [400-500 words]

Good morning everyone! I am ABC and today I stand before you to present an insightful and informative speech on whether Online games are good or bad? Online gaming is a double-edged sword that has its own share of merits and demerits. Post pandemic most of our life has become virtual and hence, being completely cut off from online gaming is impossible and even if possible, it will do more harm than good as children and teenagers will be deprived of leisure. Coming on to the bright side of online gaming, there are a plethora of benefits of online gaming as they hone our Analytical thinking, inculcate the importance of Goal-oriented Behaviour as a lot of online Games involve missions and levels which requires really good gaming skills, and online gaming makes teenagers more prudent and alert. India has witnessed a huge boom in the gaming market because the majority of our population is young, mobile phones are available at low cost, and easily available on the Internet. India is among the top 5 online mobile gaming industries and as per research which shows 30 percent of people believe playing online games enhances cognitive skills. Playing online games helps teenagers connect with their peers as most of the teenagers play online games and also if played within limits then it is a really good leisure activity. Now after exploring the merits, we will now understand the dark side of online Gaming. Playing excessive online games reduces our interest in other important activities like academics, outdoor sports. Moreover, all day of sitting and playing online games is detrimental for physical and mental health. Also at times, kids can download games from unsafe sources which may bring viruses to their mobile phone or PC. Also, these games are highly addictive in nature which not only distorts focus but also inhibits delayed gratification among children. Playing action games frequently makes children impulsive and aggressive. The research found that gaming addiction is correlated with low-self esteem, negative beliefs about one’s self, and poor social relationships. Be careful while playing online games, as the most attractive game can be the biggest distraction that can hinder you from achieving your goals and dreams. Now after taking both merits and demerits of online gaming into consideration it is safe to say that online games are beneficial as well as harmful depending completely on us whether we allow these games to overpower our willpower or not. Otherwise if played in limit playing games can be a rewarding experience as well.

Online Game: Good Or Bad Speech Sample 2 [200-300 Words]

Good morning everyone! I am ABC and today I stand before you to present an insightful and informative speech on Online games: good or bad? Just like a coin, online gaming has two sides that must be understood comprehensively. First, we will explore the bright side of online gaming and some of the benefits of online gaming can’t be ignored as it helps us in improving our critical thinking skills as games with tough missions and levels require us to think critically, encourage out of the box and solution-oriented manner of thinking as some missions in a particular game may require spontaneity and smartness in order to crack those missions. Also if played within limits, online gaming, especially with friends, can be a rewarding experience indeed after a tiresome and hectic day at work or College and it improves the presence of mind and alertness. Now further, let’s explore the dark side of online gaming. Some of its demerits are that it takes up a lot of our time, if we get addicted to it and it also deviates us from our main goals and work. Playing violent and action games can definitely instill violence and aggression in our behavior. Thus, we must be cautious of online gaming and play these games within the limit as playing them excessively can hinder our social relationships and affect our health. After taking both the pros and cons of online gaming into account, it is advisable to play online games but only within a limit so that it does not overpower our willpower.

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Glad you liked it, Harin! You can also check: Harvard’s 5 New Free Online Courses for Programmers How to Make a Career in Online Gaming? Reach us at 1800 57 2000 for study-abroad related matters!

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Very good app is this I want to study with this class

If you liked the blog o speech on the online game good or bad, you must read our blog on speech on Procrastination- .

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This article posts a lot of information on online games that help us have different strategies, critical thinking, multitasking, problem-solving, quicker decision making, relaxation, better memory, and more concentration.

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Literacy Ideas

10 Fun Classroom Writing Games to Improve Literacy Skills

' data-src=

The best writing games to engage students

A colleague of mine recently shared these ten great writing game ideas to improve literacy skills in the classroom.  They are simple to play and can be applied to nearly all year levels. 

These are some of the best writing games that require minimal or no setup time and are an excellent option for substitute teachers looking to quickly break the ice with students or English teachers just seeking fresh ideas to brighten up their lessons. Enjoy.


Remember that if you are looking for more excellent free resources and structured guides to teaching all aspects of English, especially writing, be sure to visit .

Sentence Stretching

Start with a short sentence or group of words.  Pass it around to about 6 people, with the rule that each person must add (a word or a group of words) or change ONE word ( to another word or a group of words) to make the sentence more specific and more enjoyable.

Rebus writing

Students write sentences or longer texts and substitute drawings for nouns.

Fun Writing Tasks

25 Fun Daily Writing Tasks

Quick Write and JOURNAL Activities for ALL TEXT TYPES in DIGITAL & PDF PRINT to engage RELUCTANT WRITERS .

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ( 18 reviews )

It’s in the bag

Place an object in a bag- ensure the students don’t see it. Students feel the object in the bag and use words to describe how it feels. They take it out and add /alter their adjectives.

Touch and tell

An object is passed around a group of students. Each student suggests an adjective to describe it.


Students provide an adjectival phrase or clause to describe the object

Students randomly select from a box a picture of an animal, person or object that moves. They brainstorm action verbs for the chosen object.

The students can supply verbs and adverbs

They can supply adjectives or adjectival groups

Read a text ( this case narrative ), and at a particular point, stop and ask students to select a character and suggest, for example:

  • What the character is doing, thinking, and feeling ( focus on processes)

Change the meaning- change one word

Students locate and change one word that will alter the sentence’s meaning.

They share their alterations and discuss which part of speech was the most important in changing the meaning .

Locate and classify

Read a text and ask students to write nouns on cards ( red), adjectives (blue), and articles in orange. Rearrange words to create different noun groups. Students can also locate verbs ( green card) and adverbs (yellow). Rearrange all the words to create new sentences.

Students can locate adjectival phrases, clauses, or adverbial phrases and write these on other coloured cards.

Grammar toss- Sentence making

Players must throw a 1 before they can begin. The winner is the first person to make a sentence that includes all of the following:

  • A group of words that tell what or who ( singular)
  • A group of words that tell when
  • A verb in the past tense
  • An adverb telling how
  • A group of words telling where

They can then rearrange the sentence parts to see how many ways they can make another meaningful sentence. 

Other parts of speech can be used for each number thrown.

Toss and write

Before the activity, a cube is prepared. Upon each face of the cube, a task is written that requires specific grammar knowledge. For example:

Make a sentence

Make a question

Provide two adjectives

Provide two verbs

Create a noun group (e.g. article, adjective/s noun)

Provide a noun and an adverb

Students select a subject ( noun) from a tin. They throw the cube, and whichever side of the cube faces up is the task they must attempt.


Writing Games | 2 fun writing activities | 10 fun writing activities for the reluctant writer |

10 fun writing activities for the reluctant writer

Writing Games | how to write a scary horror story | How to Write a Scary Story |

How to Write a Scary Story

Writing Games | substituteteacherwriting | 7 Fun Writing Sub Plans for Substitute Teachers |

7 Fun Writing Sub Plans for Substitute Teachers


Essay About Online Games

What people think about online games? Introduction Online heroic is do not so awful thing, and it is more good than bad. And the 1st perspective is that one type of people think that online games is worst thing ever in the world and there another people, and they introducing 2nd perspective, who think that online games is good, because they play online games or have some connection to online games. And my thesis statement is that online games is good and most of people think like me. Aims The aim of my research is to find information to know what people think about the online games, so find the answer to the question: “What people think about online games in Kazakhstan”. Moreover the question will be discussed from two different perspectives, …show more content…

The first reason why people think so is that online games are helps people to communicate to each other. You cannot play online game without anyone, so you speak to them, what is, of course, improving your communicate skills. At all, you this is good reason to think that online games are good and helpful. The second reason is that online games are improving the motor skills and reaction, because when you playing online games you need to do all fast and good (Nauchpok, 2014; Rodion, 2014). And to do this fast and good you need good reaction, to, for example, press button in an accurate moment to win the game, as it is in DOTA 2. In addition, online games improving motor skills because you need to, for example, press different buttons on your keyboard, so you must know where is that button, when you need to press it, or another example, game with mouse, you must move your hand fast and accurate to be a good player in most online games. In addition the role-play games, and most of role-play games can be played by the internet so they online games, improving problem solving skills of a children (Nauert,2013). At all there is many good reason to say that online games are helps people improve something, as a reaction and motor skills, etc. However, there is also counter argument to the good reasons, and they are in the second

Super Mario Research Paper

Now days video games can help someone to connect with other people, when you connect online you find out that you are not the only one having a problem passing a level. By connecting with other this creates a bond with another person, this helps you meet new friends and helps a person to work as a team. Working as a team makes a difficult task easy, the other part that helps when working as team expands on communication. Also, half of the video games are multiplayer this way you can play with more than one person at a time, by doing this helps it to be easy to share opinions on how to pass a level

Persuasive Essay On Video Games

Some of the first video games ever made like Pac Man, Mario Bros.,Sonic the Hedgehog and Street Fighter never helped someone learn their ABC’s and 123’s which caused video games to develop a bad name like it’s “rotting kids’ brains” or distract them from more important studies but over time things change and become better and based off this website it says that “A number of recent studies have indicated that video games, even violent ones, can help kids develop essential emotional and intellectual skills that support academic achievement. These findings led many innovative teachers around the globe to recognize the benefits of gaming and include game-based learning in their curricula. However, it’s not just in-school gaming that reaps benefits. New research shows that all gaming can be positive.”

College Essay About Video Games

Everyone enjoys the sweet taste of victory and the feeling of accomplishing a goal, especially in a video game. However, video games are not just about winning. Video games are a good method to enhance our educational experience and create a career pathway for us to take. By creating a video game course within schools around the world, we are able to create a whole new generation and future that incorporates the advanced technology that is constantly improving.

Journal Of Mental Health Summary

I disagree there are some positive outcomes of using the internet such a building a meaningful relationship within their virtual world because their lonely in the real world online gamers can also building meaningful social relationship and become part of a gaming

Gaming Observations Essay

center with the pool tables and a line of arcades in front of me. At least nine to twelve players are gathered around 2 gaming arcade machines in front of me. The two main popular ones that are of interest would be the Street Fighter 3rd Strike and the Marvel vs Capcom 2 machines. The gamers are heavily immerse in watching the players and cheering them on. I am observing four players playing on two separate machines. The two players who are on MVC2 are wearing both hooded jackets and baggy jeans with tennis shoes. It seems they were here for quite a while. Backpacks are off to the side of the machines or lying around randomly near them on the ground and some

Essay on Video Games: Good or Bad?

  • 6 Works Cited

Many young children and teenagers have heard their mother’s incessant plead to get away from the screen and to go outside or pick up a book for once instead. The urge to play “just one more level” before starting that homework or doing those chores can be quite distracting. But are video games really as awful as Mom exclaims or as brutal as those TV ads depict? It turns out that video games can have a strong impact on participants’ lives in both positive as well as negative ways.

Exploring Different Types of Video Games Essay

Video games in today’s society have become very popular. Every new game that comes out to be played and conquered by the average gamer has its own category. There are several other types of genres of games that people play but because of big hit titles and the new popular game systems like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, people become more interested in a game that is well known than a game they have never even heard of before. Every game has its own storyline and own way of how it unfolds and where the game ends according to game play. Some of the biggest reasons people sway to certain genres of games is because of the game titles released under them and the demand of people who want a good game under that category. The top three most

Pc Gaming Essay

PC gaming is having its golden era right now. New titles are dropping up like candy and previous titles have provided us with stunning gameplay and gripping stories. If you want a good gaming experience, you not only have to get yourself a good PC to do it, but you also need to play the following eight titles. These are the eight PC games you can’t miss out on or you’d be missing out on an adventure of a lifetime.

The Mental Effects Of Gaming Essay

Beside the mental effects of gaming, lay the physical effects. Another belief of gaming is that it is physically threatening, and if not taken in moderation, that may be true, but at face value, some video games can be a very useful tool for physical fitness. “Serious” games, as mentioned previously, are games that are designed for personal improvement, but as stated by Mark Baxter, “serious” games are just a subgenre of a more encompassing genre known as lifestyle games. According to Baxter, these games lack the more academic focus typically associated with “serious” games, yet still focus primarily on improvement through tier one gaming experiences. An example he gives of a successful lifestyle game is Wii Fit, which is a game that consists of exercise activities. He also claims that games like these have been adopted in several physiotherapy rehabilitation centers (Brain Health and Online Gaming). Baxter is right on this claim. These lifestyle games, also known as fitness games, contain a variety of physical benefits, including rehabilitation, and thankfully, several console designers are attempting to embrace these positives. In 2006, Nintendo released the Wii console, which is the console Baxter’s example was played on. It saw large commercial success due to its ability to provide gamers with an entertaining and physically stimulating experience, selling over one-hundred million units worldwide. This console allowed players to exercise in a unique way that entertaining,

Essay Video Games in Education

Since the Early 70’s video games have been giving a bad name. Parents state that video games rot the minds of children and are influencing them do be violent. These accusations are far from the truth. In my research I found that there are many positive effects of gaming. Some of these effects are increased skills, creativity, general knowledge, and also help those in need. Parents can also take proper precautions and look into a game before buying it to see if it meets the criteria discussed in this paper.

Essay On Gaming Trends

Gaming is becoming mainstream and it’s generating a lot of buzz. It’s not just that we like to spend more time playing games, gaming itself is becoming increasingly lucrative and competitive. This kind of rise in popularity is bound to mean one thing: changes in the industry. New gaming trends are popping up and they will change the future of gaming once more. What to expect?

Effects of Online Games on Teenagers

Playing online games, according to some research is beneficial. It enables the mind of the players to be more active, especially those puzzle-based games. It helps the player to come up with decisions in tight situations, especially those adventure

An Article On Video Games Online

In this article the author says that some men who play video games online make sexually harassing comments to women who also enjoy playing games online. The author describes these young men as “bizarrely embittered.” He takes issue with research that claims men harass women online because they are poorly skilled. His conclusion and his idea for a solution are quite simple.

Online Gaming : Online Bingo Essay

If you’re playing online bingo, then you obviously want to play smart and safely in order to get the best out of the experience. You don’t want to have to worry about who is going to have access to your personal information. You need to play on a website where you know that you’re going to be entertained and you want to play on a website where you stand to win some pretty big prizes. Those are the key things that every bingo player hopes to get out of their chosen online platform. If you don’t stick to those then you’re left with a pretty boring bingo-based gambling experience. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to everything you need to look for when choosing an online bingo brand to stand by.

Online Gaming Issues

Online gaming is affecting people’s health and physical ability. It is also causing negative affects in the gamers’ mental state of mind, both socially and emotionally. These are just a few of the negative psychological affects that online

Related Topics

  • Online games
  • Massively multiplayer online game
  • Historiography

Free tools to make your students better writers and readers ., a non-profit, provides free literacy activities that build reading comprehension, writing, and language skills for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Writing Across the Curriculum: Quill's nonprofit mission is to now build both reading and writing skills through free, OER content across the curriculum. Over the coming years, we will be building a library of free ELA, social studies, and science activities that engage students in deeper thinking through writing prompts that provide immediate feedback.

9 million students have written 2 billion sentences on Quill.

Quill Reading for Evidence

Provide your students with nonfiction texts paired with AI-powered writing prompts, instead of multiple-choice questions, to enable deeper thinking.

Students read a nonfiction text and build their comprehension through writing prompts, supporting a series of claims with evidence sourced from the text. Quill challenges students to write responses that are precise, logical, and based on textual evidence, with Quill coaching the student through custom, targeted feedback on each revision so that students strengthen their reading comprehension and hone their writing skills.

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Culture & Society Topics

photograph of a football

"Should Schools Have Grade Requirements for Student Athletes?"

Science Topics

photograph of a cow

"How Does Eating Meat Impact Global Warming?"

Social Studies Topics

photograph of the Statue of Liberty

U.S. History

World History

Under Development, Coming 2023

Quill Connect

Help your students advance from fragmented and run-on sentences to complex and well structured ones.

Using the evidence-based strategy of sentence combining, students combine multiple ideas into a single sentence. They then receive instant feedback designed to help them improve their clarity and precision.

Quill Lessons

The Quill Lessons tool enables teachers to lead whole-class and small-group writing instruction.

Teachers control interactive slides that contain writing prompts, and the entire class responds to each prompt. Each Quill Lessons activity provides a lesson plan, writing prompts, discussion topics, and a follow up independent practice activity.

Quill Diagnostic

Quickly determine which skills your students need to work on with our diagnostics.

The diagnostics cover vital sentence construction skills and generate personalized learning plans based on the student’s performance.

Flag of Spain

Quill Proofreader

Proofreader teaches your students editing skills by having them proofread passages.

Students edit passages and receive personalized exercises based on their results. With over 100 expository passages, Proofreader gives students the practice they need to spot common grammatical errors.

Quill Grammar

Students practice basic grammar skills, from comma placement to parallel structure.

Quill Grammar has over 150 sentence writing activities to help your students. Our activities are designed to be completed in 10 minutes so you have the freedom to use them in the way that works best for your classroom.

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Set up your classroom, without it.

You can quickly and easily set up your classroom in Quill by inputting student names or providing students with a unique code. If you use Google Classroom or Clever, you can automatically set up your classroom with one click.

Choose activities

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Use easy-to-consume reporting

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Get immediate feedback for your students

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Intervene where students struggle

See exactly where your students need intervention with our comprehensive reports.

Differentiate learning to meet the needs of all students

Assign specific activities for ELLs and students with learning differences.

Engage students with adaptive activities

Challenge students with questions that automatically adapt based on their previous responses.

Align with the Common Core Standards

Easily meet Common Core language standards with our aligned activities.

Easily sign up with Google Classroom

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Over 100 concepts totaling 50 hours of quality curriculum.

Teacher stories

Quill in the classroom.





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Join over 2,000 schools using Quill to advance student writing.

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Quill Premium

Quill Premium's advanced reporting features are the best way to support teachers at the school or district level.

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A Grade Ahead Blog

5 Free Online Writing Games for Students

Free Online Writing Games for Kids

Much like my previous post on free online reading resources for students, I am here once again to save the day with another list of…wait for it… FREE online writing GAMES for students. Not only will these sites supplement your child’s writing practice, but I also believe that your student will like doing them, won’t be bored, and won’t notice how long the games take (I can hope, anyway!).

Free Online Writing Games for Kids

  • Fun English Games : “Fun English Games” has a variety of games and activities for students that go beyond simply writing, but their writing games are perfect for middle elementary school students, English language learners, or ESL students. These games include debate practice, story writing, and even an advertising activity!
  • Read Write Think : “Read Write Think” is a great writing resource for all ages. The site contains student interactives that can be filtered by preferred grade level and activity, giving you a range of free options to choose from. Activities include poetry writing, summarizing, and publishing!
  • Quill : “ Quill” is another awesome resource for students, parents, and teachers alike. Set up a class (even from home – you do not have to be a teacher to participate!), choose a grade level for your student, and assign activities to him or her chosen from a range of writing exercises designed by other teachers!
  • Learning Games for Kids : Much like “Fun English Games,” “Learning Games for Kids” has games for students in a variety of subjects beyond writing; however, visit their specific writing section for games such as “Paragraph Burger,” “Sentence Stems,” and “Comic Strip.”
  • Language is a Virus : “Language is a Virus” is a great writing resource for any writer or anyone who has an interest in improving his or her writing – especially creative writing! The site contains various text generators , writing prompts and exercises , and even an area to post your writing (Can you tell that I am really excited about this site?)! However, I know this is a post about writing games, and this site has you covered in that area as well , allowing you to create a visual poem, a poem collage, or even complete a mad lib! I don’t think that anyone with an interest in writing would be disappointed in visiting this site, and I also think that for those who think writing is “boring” that this site might just make it a little more interesting. Do check it out!

What do you think? Does your child struggle with writing? Love it? Have you visited any of these sites to supplement your child’s writing practice? Do you have your own favorite resources that were not mentioned on this list? Let us hear from you in the comments!

Author: Emily Karth, Writer and Teacher at A Grade Ahead

One response to “ 5 Free Online Writing Games for Students ”

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Essay on Games

Games are an essential part of everyone’s childhood. Games are a fun way to keep kids entertained. They provide an interactive and engaging way to learn something new while considering themselves and others. They give children a break from daily study routines. Playing games improves kids’ immunity and helps them stay strong. BYJU’S essay on games allows the little ones to understand the difference between indoor and outdoor games and the importance of playing games.

Essay on Games

Table of Contents

Indoor games, outdoor games, importance of playing games.

The essay on games is an article that explains why playing indoor games is vital for the development of kids in their early years. Indoor games are essential for kids who spend a lot of time indoors. There are many benefits to playing these games, like improving a child’s vision and developing memory skills. These skills help them in academics. While playing indoor games, kids can have a friendly competition.

The importance of indoor games is something that many people have probably not thought about. Indoor games can teach children how to move a coin, improve coordination, and use their imaginations. Examples of indoor games are carrom board, table tennis, chess, scrabble, charades, paper games, ludo, etc.

Outdoor games are essential to children’s health and development. Children who play outdoors experience nature, which is good for their physical, social, and mental health. Outdoor games are a fun way to get out of the house, meet new people, and take an opportunity to bond with new friends.

The little ones need to engage in physical activities to stay healthy. They help children develop problem-solving, teamwork, communication, cooperation, flexibility, and physical activity skills. Outdoor activities can be more beneficial than indoor activities because they provide more exposure to sunlight. Examples of outdoor games are kabaddi, cricket, football, kho kho , etc.

Playing games is an excellent way for kids to learn about the world and make new friends. Games improve kids’ learning experience and interest in studies, which helps them score better grades. Experts say playing games has cognitive benefits and can help increase social skills.

When playing games, kids’ brains grow stronger and wiser. Games teach children how to interact with others and think strategically while they are still young and learning new things. They also provide a safe place for kids to learn and explore without fear of judgement. You can also use games to teach your child how to communicate using a game board or cards.

To conclude, games are an essential part of early childhood, and an essay on games helps children understand the value of playing games. When kids soak in the sun while playing, they become strong, improving their vitamin D levels. In addition, playing games keep the kids engaged and entertained. For more kid-friendly activities, stories , GK questions and other games visit, BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Essay on Games

What are the benefits of playing indoor games.

Indoor games provide kids with a way to exercise their minds while playing. Solving puzzles or educational games help children learn new skills, strengthen maths skills and improve memory. Research is also being conducted to see how playing indoor board games can improve children’s literacy skills.

Why are outdoor games important for children?

Parents should encourage their children to participate in outdoor games to teach them the importance of teamwork and cooperation. Games like kabaddi, cricket, and hockey are fun ways for children to stay active during the summer. They also help children build their physical strength.

Why is BYJU’S essay on games vital for kids?

BYJU’S essay on games is essential for children because it explains the significance of playing and how games allow them to release stress, have fun, and learn valuable skills.

a essay on online games

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Could a video game developer win the Nobel Prize for Literature?

a essay on online games

Profesor de Humanidades, IE University

Disclosure statement

Andrés Porras Chaves does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.

IE University provides funding as a founding partner of The Conversation ES.

IE University provides funding as a member of The Conversation EUROPE.

View all partners

In October 2016, the Swedish Academy announced that it was awarding the Nobel prize for Literature to the singer-songwriter Bob Dylan for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”. The decision sent out shockwaves: for the first time, a musician had received the most prestigious literary award on the planet. It sparked debate , with many questioning the decision and even sarcastic suggestions that novelists could aspire to winning a Grammy.

The controversy fed into much needed debates on the boundary between poetry and song, but the question of what constitutes literature is much broader. Does it mean the same as it did in 1901, when the first Nobel prize for literature was awarded?

High and low culture

These questions date back far beyond 2016. In the late 1950s, a group of professors from the University of Birmingham founded a new interdisciplinary area of study, called cultural studies , in order to ask new questions: What was the role of TV and other mass media in cultural development? Is there a justification for distinguishing high and low culture? What is the relationship between culture and power?

These questions are all still relevant to current debates around literature. Often, the word “literary” is a status symbol, a seal of approval to distinguish “high” culture from more vulgar or less valuable “low” forms of culture. Comics, for example, were not invited to join the club until recently, thanks in part to a rebranding under the more respectable guise of “graphic novels”.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, literature displays “excellence of form or expression and expressing ideas of permanent or universal interest”. It seems that an artist like Bob Dylan can take home the Nobel prize thanks to literature’s defining feature of “excellence of form or expression”, which is not strictly limited to the written word.

But how do we account for other language-based forms of expression? If performed works such as theatre or songwriting can be considered literature, where is the limit?

Word play: text-based video games

According to data from video game data consultancy Newzoo , more than 3 billion people play video games worldwide – almost half of the world’s population. In Spain alone, 77% of young people play videogames , making them a massively relevant form of culture. But what does this have to do with “excellence of form or expression”? To answer this question we have to look back several decades.

When the first video games were developed in the 1950s, two distinct genres emerged: one was action oriented (such as the pioneering 1958 game Tennis for Two ), and the other more text based. The original written games, known as “ interactive fiction ”, were made up exclusively of text, and the player’s job was to read and make decisions that would determine the game’s outcome using a keyboard.

Screenshot of the game _Mystery House_ on Apple II. The colour white was created by combining green and purple, producing white in the centre, but into the other two colours at the edges.

The inclusion of images in adventure games would not arrive until 1980, when Mystery House became the first “graphic adventure” game. These would reach their heyday in the 1990s: famous examples include the first two Monkey Island games (1990, 1991), Day of the Tentacle (1993), Full Throttle (1995), and Grim Fandango (1998), though there were many others. Despite technological advances, these games inherited several features from interactive fiction, including the predominant role of text.

The experience of playing one of these titles is not so different from that of a book: reading, pauses, the possibility of backtracking, and so on. The player spends most of their time in dialogue with various characters in search of information, stories, or even banter and jokes that are irrelevant to the game’s progress, much like footnotes or subplots.

Several classic adventure games even have direct links to literature: The Abbey of Crime (1987) is a Spanish adaptation of Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose , while the legendary insult sword fighting of The Secret of Monkey Island was written by science fiction author Orson Scott Card . In Myst (1993), the gameplay itself revolves around two books.

Literature on the screen: “story-rich” games

In more recent years, a new sub-genre of adventure games – known as “story-rich” games – has become popular thanks to independent creators and producers. In Papers, Please (2013), a border policeman in a fictional dictatorial regime deals with terrible moral dilemmas on a daily basis. In Firewatch (2016), players take the role of a forest ranger who investigates a conspiracy by walkie-talkie. In Return of the Obra Dinn (2018), the player must reconstruct a tragedy on the high seas with the help of an incomplete book and a peculiar compass. In all these cases, gameplay and visuals take a back seat to strong narratives.

Screenshot from the video game _Papers, Please_.

A quintessential example is The Stanley Parable (2011), where the player takes the role of a worker in a strangely deserted office. They have to explore several corridors while trying unsuccessfully to interact with their surroundings, accompanied by the voice of an enigmatic narrator. Upon reaching a room with two open doors, the voiceover states that Stanley “entered the door on his left”.

The player can choose to follow the instructions or disobey, provoking the wrath of the narrator much like in the denouement of Miguel de Unamuno’s 1914 novel Fog , where the main character speaks directly to the author.

Each decision then opens up new paths leading to dozens of possible endings, similar to a “choose your own adventure” book. Its fragmentary and disordered story – as well as its playful spirit – is reminiscent of Julio Cortázar’s 1963 novel Hopscotch . The experience of playing the game is marked by postmodern literary features – as described by critics like Mikhail Bakhtin or Linda Hutcheon – including metafiction, intertextuality and parody.

One of its creators – Davey Wreden, a critical studies graduate – also created The Beginner’s Guide (2015), a game in which the player moves through levels of failed video games to learn more about their mysterious creator. In one, the player’s task consists solely of wandering through a virtual cave reading the countless comments left there by other frustrated players.

Screenshot from the videogame _The Beginner's Guide_.

In recent years, the genre of digital or electronic literature has emerged, including books with QR codes, works that can only be read with virtual reality headsets, poetry collections published as apps, and so on. These works are fundamentally based on language, begging the question of why video games cannot also fit into this category.

This debate takes on added relevance today, as digital formats are having an undeniable impact on our reading habits. Just as today we accept oral cultures or popular music as literature, perhaps one day we will do the same with interactive stories like The Stanley Parable . Writing has always tried to break away from established ideas, and we know that literature is not limited to words on paper. Sometimes it pays to disobey the voice in our heads and walk through the door on the right, the one that leads to new, unexplored possibilities.

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Narrative About Video Games

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Published: Mar 20, 2024

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a essay on online games

Mavericks-Timberwolves free livestream online: How to watch NBA Conference Finals game 5, schedule

  • Updated: May. 30, 2024, 3:28 p.m. |
  • Published: May. 30, 2024, 3:28 p.m.

A photo of P.J. Washington.

Dallas Mavericks forward P.J. Washington (25) drives to the basket against Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert, right, during the second half in Game 4 of the NBA basketball Western Conference finals, Tuesday, May 28, 2024, in Dallas. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez) AP Photo/Julio Cortez

The Dallas Mavericks face the Minnesota Timberwolves in what could be a decisive Game 5 tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET on TNT/truTV. The game is accessible for free with DirecTV Stream’s free trial , or fans can purchase a Sling subscription and receive a $20 discount during their first month. The rest of the series schedule, as well as the upcoming NBA Finals , can be accessed via the same methods.

Karl-Anthony Towns scored 20 of his 25 points in the second half and the Minnesota Timberwolves held off the Dallas Mavericks 105-100 to avoid a sweep in the Western Conference finals , and force Game 5. Anthony Edwards had 29 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists for the double-double. Now the third-seeded Timberwolves will try to keep the series going in front of the home crowd at Target Center against the No. 5 Mavericks.

Luka Doncic had 28 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists for his sixth triple-double of these playoffs for Dallas, but he and co-star Kyrie Irving were just 13 of 39 from the field. The Dallas Mavericks were without center Dereck Lively II due to a sprained neck, after he was accidentally kneed in the back of the head by Towns in Game 3.

This will be the ninth meeting between Dallas and Minnesota this season. The Timberwolves are 37-15 against the Western Conference, while Dallas is 31-21 vs. the conference.

Fans can check out all the action for free by utilizing DirecTV Stream’s free trial , or fans can purchase a Sling subscription and receive a $20 discount during their first month. The rest of the series schedule, as well as the upcoming NBA Finals , can be accessed via the same methods.

Watch your favorite teams

  • Best NBA Playoffs streaming options: How to watch 2024 Conference Finals live for FREE without cable
  • Best WNBA streaming options: How to watch Caitlin Clark, 2024 WNBA season live for FREE without cable
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Puzzle solutions for Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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USA TODAY crossword

Play the USA TODAY Crossword Puzzle .

Los Angeles Times crossword

Today’s crossword (mcmeel), daily commuter crossword.

Play the USA TODAY Sudoku Game .

Jumbles: GROUP      WHISK      CHOSEN      INNING     

Answer: They reached the summit of the mountain at exactly 12 p.m., which was — HIGH NOON

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Celebrity cipher.

"If all I do in my life is soothe someone's spirit with a song, then let me do that and I'm happy." − Gladys Knight

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7 little words.


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Beautiful Arthur's Vale

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Timberwolves logo

How Timberwolves, led by Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards, defeated Mavericks in Game 4 to extend West finals

a essay on online games

Behind Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns , the Minnesota Timberwolves salvaged their season with a 105-100 Game 4 win over the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday.

Edwards nearly had a triple-double, leading the Timberwolves with a game-high 29 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists. Towns topped the 20-point mark for the first time this series, adding 25 points and five boards before fouling out late in the fourth quarter.

Luka Dončić posted his sixth triple-double of this postseason in the loss, with 28 points, 15 rebounds and 10 rebounds. Kyrie Irving fell to 14-1 in closeout games, scoring just 16 points and dishing out four assists on 6-of-18 shooting.

Dallas still holds a 3-1 series lead entering Game 5 on Thursday in Minnesota.

Postgame reading

  • Jon Krawczynski: Karl-Anthony Towns ‘came through big time’ to help Timberwolves stave off elimination
  • Key takeaways: How Anthony Edwards, Timberwolves forced the series to a Game 5

Find the best deals on tickets to see your favorite teams.

How Anthony Edwards led Timberwolves to Game 4 win over Mavericks to extend series

How Anthony Edwards led Timberwolves to Game 4 win over Mavericks to extend series

Tim Cato

Dončić, Irving both take ownership for loss

Dončić, Irving both take ownership for loss

(Photo: Tim Heitman / Getty Images)

DALLAS — There aren’t gimmes in the conference finals.

The Dallas Mavericks, a professional basketball team, knew that. What happened in Tuesday’s 105-100 Game 4 defeat to the Timberwolves was just a reminder with a hefty consequence, given that its chance at a series sweep has now been exchanged for another trip north to Minnesota. The team’s margin for error, always slim at this point of the postseason, had grown slimmer still due to center Dereck Lively II’s absence with a neck sprain. Without the rookie, the team had no real chance to overcome an abnormally poor evening from its superstar duo, Luka Dončić and Kyrie Irving, who both took blame for the defeat.

“I think that game’s on me,” Dončić said. “I just didn’t give enough energy.”

Dončić still managed 28 points while tallying up a 15-rebound, 10-assist triple-double, but he was inefficient (7-of-21 shooting) and occasionally looked bothered by Minnesota’s team-defining defensive physicality in a manner he hadn’t in the prior three games. (While Minnesota’s most notable adjustment was tasking Anthony Edwards as Dončić’s primary defender, reserve Kyle Anderson seemed to get under Dončić’s skin most often. Anderson has been the most effective defender on the star for most of the series.) Typical of his night, even when he hit a magical shot — a 30-foot and-one 3-pointer that could’ve cut the lead to two points with 12 seconds remaining — Dončić missed the ensuing free throw.

Irving was affected more by the ramifications of Minnesota’s defensive switch-up, which turned Jaden McDaniels into his primary defender.

“It has a huge impact,” Irving said. “He’s a 6-9 wing defender who I’m seeing now from the first time from the start of the game, but I love it. I relish in these types of battles.”

With McDaniels guarding him more frequently, Irving finished with 16 points on 6-of-18 shooting. He seized some of the blame that Dončić had claimed for himself.

“A lot of this is on me,” said Irving, specifically indicating he needed to start the game better. “I had spurts, we had spurts, but I’ve got to put a full 48 minutes of a game together.”

Continue reading.

Mavericks can’t quite overcome Luka Dončić and Kyrie Irving finally having off games

Mavericks can’t quite overcome Luka Dončić and Kyrie Irving finally having off games

The Athletic Staff

Kyrie Irving's perfect closeout record ends

Tuesday's Minnesota Timberwolves win meant that, for the first time, Kyrie Irving lost a game with the opportunity to advance to the next round of the playoffs.

Irving was an incredible 14-0 in closeout games before the Wolves staved off elimination in Game 4. And he was typically pretty good in those games, too.

  • Cavaliers 101, Celtics 93, 2015 first round: 24 points, 11 rebounds
  • Cavaliers 94, Bulls 73, 2015 conference semifinals: 6 points
  • Cavaliers 118, Hawks 88, 2015 conference finals: 16 points, 5 assists
  • Cavaliers 100, Pistons 98, 2016 first round: 31 points, 5 assists
  • Cavaliers 100, Hawks 99, 2016 conference semifinals: 21 points, 8 assists
  • Cavaliers 113, Raptors 87, 2016 conference finals: 30 points, 9 assists
  • Cavaliers 93, Warriors 89, 2016 NBA Finals: 26 points, 6 rebounds
  • Cavaliers 106, Pacers 102, 2017 first round: 28 points, 3 blocks
  • Cavaliers 109, Raptors 102, 2017 conference semifinals: 27 points, 9 assists
  • Cavaliers 135, Celtics 102, 2017 conference finals: 24 points, 7 assists
  • Celtics 110, Pacers 106, 2019 first round: 14 points, 7 assists
  • Nets 123, Celtics 109, 2021 first round: 25 points
  • Mavericks 114, Clippers 101, 2024 first round: 30 points, 6 rebounds
  • Mavericks 117, Thunder 116, 2024 conference semifinals: 22 points

Jon Krawczynski

Karl-Anthony Towns shakes off difficult stretch to extend series

DALLAS — Here the Minnesota Timberwolves were again, holding a small lead in the fourth quarter of these Western Conference finals, just like they had in each of the first three games against the Dallas Mavericks. The score was 92-90 with a little more than five minutes to play. With the way this series had played out in the first three games, the Timberwolves might as well have been down 10.

The Wolves had the ball in the frontcourt as the shot clock ticked down, and that’s when Kyle Anderson started to orchestrate. The ball was in Anthony Edwards’ hands, and Anderson motioned for Karl-Anthony Towns, the Wolves All-Star whose jumper has been broken this series, to get to the corner.

As Edwards drove to the paint, he rose and could have easily taken a tough, but makeable, pull-up jumper. But Anderson pointed emphatically at Towns in the corner, and Edwards obliged. It did not matter that Towns had struggled so mightily shooting the ball in the first three games, including going 0 of 8 from 3-point range in Game 3. Anderson trusted him and so did Edwards, who zipped a pass to him.

Towns was in foul trouble all game, and much of that was his doing with some ill-advised reach-in fouls. He had just five points in the first half, not helping his cause after going 15 of 54 from the field and 3 of 22 from 3 in the first three games. But he had started to catch a rhythm in the third quarter, and the show of faith from his teammates in the fourth seemed to embolden him. He rose and drilled the 3, his second of the quarter, for a 95-90 lead.

He added another 3 a few minutes later to help the Timberwolves avoid a sweep with a 105-100 victory over the Mavericks. Towns finished with 25 points on 9-of-13 shooting, including four 3s, and five rebounds before fouling out. There were still some head-scratching decisions and ill-advised fouls, but this is the shotmaking form Towns the Wolves have been missing in three very close losses to start this series.

“Everything came together for him,” said Edwards, who had 29 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists. “He was super confident. He wasn’t worried about any of the shots previous to the shots he hit tonight. He played exceptionally well, and he came through big time. He was the reason we won tonight.”

Karl-Anthony Towns ‘came through big time’ to help Timberwolves stave off elimination

Karl-Anthony Towns ‘came through big time’ to help Timberwolves stave off elimination

The Athletic NBA Staff

When is Game 5?

The next game in the Timberwolves-Mavericks series will tip at 8:30 p.m. ET on Thursday.

The game will be broadcast on TNT.

John Hollinger

This early play stood out to me in this game. Some real "We're not ready for Cancun yet" vibes from the Timberwolves.

Jaden McDaniels arm-wrestles Derrick Jones Jr. to deny the wing entry pass. Meanwhile, Mike Conley switches onto Kyrie Irving, Rudy Gobert switches onto Jones on the dribble handoff, Conley denies the pass to Kyrie and then deflects it for a turnover.

Tyler Batiste

Winning relaxes these Timberwolves

These Timberwolves are loose after getting a win.

To end his postgame news conference, Anthony Edwards mentioned how he complimented Cowboys pass rusher Micah Parsons' wardrobe ... and told him he'd bring him a pair of shoes when he returns for Game 6.

Edwards also welcomed backcourt mate Mike Conley to the interview room while reminding reporters Conley is his "OG" and "old as f---."

All in jest, of course. Edwards exited with a "Thank you, Mike Conley."

"They're keeping me young, honestly," Conley said of his younger teammates. "I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else."

Funny exchange after the game between Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns during their joint news conference:

"What'd I tell you about fouling?" Edwards asked with Towns sitting to his right.

" You had five! " Towns replied.

"I didn't foul out, " Edwards countered.

Good points all around. Edwards had a ton of praise for his teammate too.

"He was the reason we won tonight."

Without Dereck Lively II, Dallas didn't get quite enough from its stars

Without Dereck Lively II, Dallas didn't get quite enough from its stars

Glenn James / NBAE via Getty Images

Dereck Lively II, even as a 20-year-old rookie, is the Dallas Mavericks' third-most important player. (I'm comfortable saying that definitively even if there are reasonable arguments others could make for the team's starting wings.) With the youngster wearing street clothes on the team’s bench after a brutal head collision last game , Dallas’ closeout effort in Game 4 was always going to require other players stepping up from unexpected places.

Maxi Kleber, cleared to play for the first time since suffering a shoulder injury in the final game of the first round, was the first one. With a backup center void needing to be filled, Kleber stepped in quietly but capably . Dallas needed a player with more size than Dwight Powell who could be trusted to properly make rotations, which Kleber did.

There were bench guards who stepped up, too. Jaden Hardy, a second-year guard who hadn't been in the team’s rotation until Game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals, contributed 13 points off the bench . Dante Exum scored five more in a four-minute stint, his first points in the series.

These were the type of contributions Dallas needed to make up for Lively's crucial absence — if, alongside it, Dallas received the type of luxury shotmaking from its superstar duo that it's come to expect throughout this series.

Heading into the fourth quarter down five, it sure felt like that familiar formula was ready to be repeated.

But Luka Dončić (28 points) and Kyrie Irving (16 points) weren't as brilliant as they had been all series, combining to shoot 13-of-40 from the field. Dončić briefly restored that potential feeling of magic, nailing a 30-foot jumper with a foul with 13 seconds remaining. Typical of the duo's night, however, Dončić missed the free throw that would've cut the lead to two.

Dallas now heads back to Minnesota with an atypical chance to close out this series in a gentleman's sweep in a road arena. Dallas can win without Lively, but his return would surely make it easier.

Zach Harper

For once, the Wolves were the team thriving down the stretch

For once, the Wolves were the team thriving down the stretch

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. So naturally, the Wolves found themselves in a one-possession game against the Mavericks with Minnesota's season on the line.

This time, however, the Wolves did something unfathomable in comparison to the other games of this series: They protected a lead in the final minutes and matched Dallas point-for-point in the clutch.

The Wolves held a five-point game with five minutes left. Multiple times, Dallas knocked it down to a one-possession game, but the Wolves attacked intelligently to win Game 4. Anthony Edwards made great decisions on offense, setting up Karl-Anthony Towns for a big 3-pointer. He made his own pivoting whirlwind of moves in the paint to knock down a short shot. He pulled up for a long 2-point jumper to keep the Mavs at bay. The Wolves may have held their lead together with band-aids and thread, but it held it together nonetheless.

This was the Edwards we've been waiting to see in the clutch. Intentional. Calm. Cool. Collected (outside of fouling Luka Dončić on a 3-pointer while up six). While he still works on convincing the refs to give him the star calls, he closed like the star player he is and the one he's projected to become.

Now... can they do it again in Game 5? Or better yet... avoid a clutch game altogether with a big win? Sounds insane, but ...

'We gotta win again'

The Timberwolves "played well right out of the gate" en route to their Game 4 win against the Mavs, Wolves coach Chris Finch said in his postgame news conference.

"We weathered a lot of foul trouble out there, which was frustrating to say the least, but all credit to our guys," Finch said.

Karl-Anthony Towns fouled out late against the Mavs, while Rudy Gobert collected five fouls of his own. They combined for 38 points and 15 rebounds.

Minnesota still trails the series 3-1. When asked out the Game 4 win changed the complexion of the series, Finch was direct.

"It doesn't; we gotta win again."

David Aldridge

Chris Finch gambled his team's season on his two bigs, Rudy Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns, in the fourth quarter of Game 4, rather than playing Naz Reid, who’s been Minnesota's best player throughout the series. It worked. Gobert and Towns played most of the last nine minutes Tuesday, while Reid only played the last 13 seconds. If Jason Kidd had the edge for most of the first three games in rotation and substitution decisions, Finch made the right calls in Game 4. And his team lives to play at least one more day.

Timberwolves survive as only they can

Timberwolves survive as only they can

Tim Heitman / Getty Images

The Timberwolves are on the board, in the most Timberwolves way possible. Nothing is easy for them, and this one wasn't either. They fought foul trouble all game and seemed to have the game iced with a six-point lead with 15 seconds to play. But they got some luck when Luka Dončić missed the free throw on a potential four-point play, allowing the Wolves to extend the series.

It was a redemption game of sorts for Karl-Anthony Towns. He has had a nightmare series, but hit 9 of 13 shots, including 4 of 5 3s, on his way to 25 points before fouling out.

This is the Towns the Wolves need in this series, minus the fouls. If they got shooting like that from him in the first three games (he was 3 for 22 from 3), this series would look entirely different.

Anthony Edwards was terrific as well, attacking the paint relentlessly and putting up 29 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists.

The Wolves now head back home for Game 5. They are still in a deep hole, but they fought like crazy to get this one, and may have revived Towns in the process. They have a chance, and that's all they wanted.

Mike Prada

And that'll do it — once this pointless review of a clock malfunction is complete. The Minnesota Timberwolves have defeated the Dallas Mavericks 105-100 to force a Game 5 back in Minnesota on Thursday. Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns made the big plays late to give Minnesota its first West finals win in 20 years.

OK, now it really might be over. The Timberwolves nearly broke their fans' hearts by taking forever to get the ball inbounds, but Kyle Anderson eventually found Naz Reid with a risky over-the-top pass that the Sixth Man of the Year put down with a (possibly ill-advised) layup to extend Minnesota's lead to five. Good thing Naz made it!

Belay that! Just when it looked like this thing was over, Luka Dončić just hit a pull-up 3 with 13.2 seconds left ... and got fouled by Anthony Edwards!

But Dončić missed the free throw, and Minnesota called timeout while clinging to a 103-100 lead.

And that might do it. The Wolves surprise Dallas by trapping Kyrie Irving with Rudy Gobert, and it leads to a turnover and a foul. Barring a miracle, the Timberwolves are going to force a Game 5.

With Karl-Anthony Towns out, Anthony Edwards needs to take over. And that's exactly what he did, hitting a pull-up midrange jumper to put Minnesota back up five with 38.8 seconds left after Dallas cut the Wolves' lead to 3.

And ... there's Karl-Anthony Towns' sixth foul trying to go for a Luka Dončić pump fake. The Timberwolves have no challenges left, so they're stuck. No more KAT tonight.

Can you have a redemptive arc when your team is down 3-0 in a series? Karl-Anthony Towns is having the closest thing to one in this game. Another 3, plus an Anthony Edwards layup, has Minnesota up eight with 1:38 left.


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    The essay on games is an article that explains why playing indoor games is vital for the development of kids in their early years. Indoor games are essential for kids who spend a lot of time indoors. There are many benefits to playing these games, like improving a child's vision and developing memory skills. These skills help them in academics.

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    Screenshot from the video game Papers, Please. Papers, Please. A quintessential example is The Stanley Parable (2011), where the player takes the role of a worker in a strangely deserted office ...

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    In this article, we'll delve into the ways in which skill and strategy can impact your success in online slots, from choosing the right games to optimizing your gameplay techniques. Role of Skill in Online Slots 1. Game Selection The first step in leveraging skill in online slots is choosing the right games to play.

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    Get custom essay. In conclusion, video games have played a significant role in shaping my identity and overall well-being. They have provided me with a means of escape, a platform for personal growth, and a space for social interaction. Through my experiences with video games, I have learned valuable lessons about perseverance, problem-solving ...

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    The Mavericks and Timberwolves play tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET on TNT for game 5 of their Eastern Conference series. Fans can watch this game and other NBA action tonight for free online.

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    The best online casinos provide various secure, accessible, and dependable payment methods to cater to different preferences. Some popular gateways are : - Debit cards—Visa, MasterCard. - e-wallets—PayPal, Skrill, Neteller. - Prepaid cards—Paysafecard. - Local bank transfers. - Mobile apps—Google Pay, Apple Pay.

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    Irving was an incredible 14-0 in closeout games before the Wolves staved off elimination in Game 4. And he was typically pretty good in those games, too. Cavaliers 101, Celtics 93, 2015 first ...